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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-09-30 09:20:39

VIEW 29, Vol. 13

VIEW 29, Vol. 13

VOLUME 13 NUMBER 29 MAY 22, 2015 4 SIVAN 5775

UPCOMING Parshat Bamidbar/Shavuot By: Rabbi Landsman

Friday, May 22: On Shavuot we read Megilat Rut. In the second chapter we are introduced to the main players.
No School History is about to occur. We are about to learn of the first meeting between Boaz and Rut, the
union that would eventually produce King David, from whom the Moshiach will descend.

Saturday-Monday Each pasuk is filled with great symbolism and significance. When Boaz first arrives we learn
May 23-25 "Behold, Boaz arrived from Bethlehem. He said to the harvesters, 'Hashem be with you!' And
Shavuot they answered him 'May Hashem bless you!' [Rut 2:4]". Why is this exchange of greetings
necessary to the plot? If we were writing a play about this great historical event, would it be so
Friday Night crucial to insert the line "And Boaz came in and greeted his workers and asked, 'How are you?'
Candlelighting: 7:54 and they responded 'Fine, How are you?'" This does not make for good script! And yet the Navi
found it necessary to include this exchange of "Shalom Aleichem" in this historic chapter.
Motzai Shabbat
Yom Tov The Talmud [Makkot 23b] adds significance to this event by telling us that they were performing
an enactment of the Court of Boaz. Early in Jewish history, it had not been the case that friends
Candlelighting: 8:55 would greet each other with the expression "May Hashem be with you," using the 'real' name
of Hashem. A specific judicial enactment was required to permit this form of greeting. Prior to
Sunday Night the time of Boaz people never greeted each other in this way, and subsequent to the time of
Yom Tov Boaz we no longer perform this enactment. This was a short- term "emergency" enactment.

Candlelighting : 8:56 What was the reason behind this enactment? At this particular time, the Jewish people were in
a sorry state. There was a terrible famine. The times were so bad that a leader of the people,
Monday Night Elimelech (husband of Naomi) left his people and went to, of all places, Moav. This was
Havdalah: 8:57 symptomatic of what was wrong with the Jewish people at the time.

May 27-28 What did the Rabbinic court of that era decide to do to remedy the situation? They decided that
Grade 8 everyone should greet other people with the actual name of Hashem. The import of this
enactment was that every single Jew is so important and so holy that it is worthy for him to be
Washington Trip greeted with none less than the actual name of Hashem. This is a whole different way of
greeting a person than merely saying "Hi".
Sunday, May 31
Celebrate This enactment changed the mood. It reestablished the easily forgotten concept that every
person is created in the Image of Hashem (B'Tzelem Elokim). This enactment emphasized, "All
Israel Parade Jews are princes and princesses" and they deserve to be treated as such. The psychological
impact of greeting someone with the Name of Hashem had an entirely different meaning than
that of just saying hello.

Rabbi Frand explains that the enactment hammered home the idea that we must be careful of
how we treat people. People are not merely intelligent animals. The recognition that people are
a B'Tzelem Elokim suggests an entirely different approach as to how to relate to others. This
was the enactment of the Court of Boaz.

YCQ Family News The Medrash tells us that when our time comes to move on to the next world (after 120 years,
b'ezrat Hashem), we will all be asked two questions: 'Did you make Hashem your King?' and
Mazel Tov to 'Did you make your friend your King?'
Aron Yunatanov on his
A new era was beginning. It called for a new standard regarding how we must deal with each
Bar Mitzvah! other. That is why this chapter is the introduction to the story of the Moshiach. The story of
Moshiach must begin with greeting our friends with the Name of Hashem, indicating their
importance and prestige that they deserve to be treated like Princes and Princesses.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Yom Yerushalayim Festivities
This past Monday, the eighth graders went around the entire school teaching the students
of grades K-7 all about Yom Yerushalayim and the history of Israel. The eighth graders
prepared a slideshow of the story of Yerushalayim from the creation of the world until
present day. After the eighth grade completed their presentations, they gave the students
various activities, from coloring sheets of the Kotel to an Israel-themed crossword puzzle.
Thank you to Mrs. Golubtchik and Mrs. Jaffe for all of their hard work in making this
program a success!

Grade 5 Transition Night

The fifth graders experienced a slice of Junior High school on Monday night, May 18th, at Transition Night!
They participated with their parent(s) in multiple short workshops detailing social emotional changes,
programming, logistics, and expectations. The students asked wonderful questions and became familiar with the
new building, their upcoming principals, and some of their potential teachers. Rabbi Landsman spoke about this
special milestone in their life and we are excited to welcome them at the end of the summer to the next phase
in their development! Thank you to Mrs. Marcy Davidovics and her social worker Ms. Michali Wiener, as well as
Mrs. Golubtchik, Rabbi Hamel, and Rabbi Landsman for their informative presentations.

Mishmar Game
On Wednesday, April 29th and Tuesday, May 19th the students of the Mishmar and Sunday
Learning programs went to a ball game! The students enjoyed watching the games as well as
the experience of being outside of the class with their Torah mentors! Many thanks to the
Rabbeim, Morot, and chaperones for running such amazing Torah programs for the students
outside of the classroom!

Nursery Aleph/Bet Siyum
The Nursery celebrated the completion of learning the aleph-bet with a
very special siyum. In the shul, Rabbi Landsman invited each child to
come up and choose a letter to read from a real Torah. The children
then danced and sang with the Torah. Upon reading from the Torah,
they received big rainbow lollypops. Later in the day, everyone got to
take home an aleph-bet box containing aleph bet cookies, a candy Torah,
and aleph bet stickers. Learning Torah is sweet!

We are so excited to inform you that the celebrate Israel Parade Committee has selected our
Yeshiva, YCQ to march amongst the first contingency in this year’s parade up 5th Ave.

We have been chosen as a direct result of our consistent excellence in both our artistic
presentation as well as our organized marching formation!!!

We are scheduled to step off at 11:15am

Please meet in the YCQ yard at 9:30am.

Buses departing at 10:00am

Please keep in mind the following:

1. If you have not already submitted your parade form, please do so by TODAY!!

RADE ROUTE! Keep in mind, that we have been informed by the parade committee
that last year we were chosen as the best school presentation, but the honor was taken
away from us as a result of strollers on our parade route at a loss of an approximate
$1000 gift to our yeshiva!

3. Please wear this year’s Parade t-shirt to the Parade. Girls must wear a navy blue or black
skirt and boys must wear navy blue or black pants.

4. Please wear your YCQ kippa if you have one.

5. Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers.

6. Please bring a snack and drink for the bus ride. No backpacks are permitted along the pa-
rade route.

7. Drinks will be provided for participants returning to YCQ by bus.

8. Don’t forget to apply sun screen.

9. Children may only be removed from the parade route after walking the entire parade
distance. No earlier pick up is allowed. (NYPD policy)Please notify a school adminis-
trator or bus representative before taking your child!!


Celebrate Israel Parade

Sunday May 31, 2015

13 Sivan 5775

Assembly Time 11:15 AM

Location: 55th St. Between 5th Ave. and 6th Ave.

9:30 AM Register and board assigned buses
10:00 AM Buses depart YCQ for Parade
11:15 AM Assemble at 55th St. between. 5th Ave. & 6th Ave.
along with those not traveling by bus from school
1:45 PM Estimated return time of arrival at school.

Reminder: All students must be wearing this years YCQ Parade T-
shirt in order to participate!

Yeshiva of Central Queens




You will be receiving a letter in the mail from the
New York City Board of Education.

If you have not received the letter please contact
Mrs. Debbie Bermish

at 718-793-8500 x326 and she will send one home.
In order to guarantee services for the

school year 2015-2016 this letter MUST be signed!

YeshivaofCentral Queens

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26-27 Thanksgiving (No Sessions) 26 27 31

December June 2016
2 & 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal Tue We Thu Fri
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MLK Day (No Bus Service) K-8 3:30 Dismissal
December 2015
21 21-31 Winter Vacation

28 15
President’s Day - No Sessions

17-18 5th Grade Western Hemis-Fair

19-20 JHS Girls Shabbaton

Su Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat March Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30 Dismissal
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YCQ 75th Annual Dinner
January 2016 April Grade 6 Science Fair 7 PM
3 Grades 3-7 Terra Nova Achievement Test
5 Pesach (No Sessions)


24 Grade 5 Transition Night
Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
Sun Mo Tue We Thu Fri Sat 25 Memorial Day (No Sessions)

1 2 June
678 1-2 Grade 8 Washington Trip
345 13 14 15 9 5 Celebrate Israel Parade
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17 18 19 27 28 29 6 Grade 6 Chagigat B’not Mitzvah 7 PM
24 25 26 Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 1 and 3
16 7
8 Literacy/Writing Festival Grades 2, 4, and 5

23 10-13 Shavuot (No Sessions)
14 Senior Awards Dinner
Grade 8 Graduation (Last Day Grade 8)
30 15
15 Nursery Moving Up Ceremony (Last day N Classes)

31 15 Kindergarten Graduation (Last day K Classes)
No Bus Service
16 Last day Grade 7, Trip Day Grades 1-6

17 Last Day of Classes (Grades 1-6) 12:00pm Dismissal

The YCQ Parents Association

our first annual pre-camp LABEL SALE

featuring the labels of

These are easy to use, stick on labels that last wash after wash.
No more hours of ironing on labels or writing in your child’s name

with a marker that will fade after a few washes.
Also available are bag tags and a large assortment of dishwasher-safe,

waterproof labels.

The following link will take you directly to the
YCQ Parents Association Campaign page

There you can place your order for all of your camp labels,
have them shipped directly to your house,

and the YCQ-PA will make 20% on each sale which will go
directly to programs for the children.

The sale will be running through June 21, 2015

Email us at [email protected] or

[email protected]


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


3 4 5 6 78
8G Halacha 6th Math-Lowinger
6th Math- Walz 8B Gemara 7B Gemara 7G Navi
7B Chumash 7G Chumash 6th Math-Cigan
7G Halacha 8G Chumash 8th Vocabulary

10 11 12 13 14 15
8B Ivrit 6G Ivrit 6G Chumash 6B Ivrit

Terra Nova Testing (6,7) 8th Social Studies 7G Navi 7th Social Studies

Terra Nova Testing (6,7) Terra Nova Testing (6,7)

17 18 19 20 21 22

6B Chumash 7th- Language Arts 6B Gemarah

7B Navi 8G Ivrit

7th Math- Cider 8B Ivrit

8th Science

24 25 26 27 28 29

6B Navi 7th Social Studies

6th Social Studies Test

The Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills
invites the community to our annual
Dr. Simon Lopata Shavuot Forum
Monday May 25, 2014
7 Sivan 5775
following Mincha
at 7:10pm

"What ‘Should’ Be on the Orthodox
Agenda: A Political, Religious, and

Social Perspective”

The Political Perspective:
Cynthia Zalisky, Executive Director, Queens Jewish Community Council

The Religious Perspective:
Rabbi Hayim Schwartz, Executive Vice President, Rabbinical Seminary of America,
Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim

The Social Perspective:
Rabbi Yaakov Adler, LCSW, Private Practice,
Kew Gardens Hills & Lawrence

Moderator: Rabbi Stuart Verstandig


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