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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2018-12-14 01:16:10

View 12, Vol. 17

View 12, Vol. 17

VOLUME 16 NUMBER 12 DECEMBER 14, 2018 6 TEVET 5779

UPCOMING Parshat Vayigash By: Rabbi Landsman
The apparent hero and victor in the epic narrative of the saga of Yosef and his brothers
that reaches its culmination in this week’s parsha is certainly Yosef. His dreams and ambitions are

Candle Lighting: 4:10 fulfilled. His brothers and father have bowed down before him as the prophecy of his dreams
Havdallah: 5:15 indicated. He takes no further revenge against his brothers. He houses them and Yaakov in security
and prosperity in Goshen and is assiduous in caring for all of their needs.

Sunday, December 16 Yosef certainly emerges from the entire bewildering and tragic events as a heroic and noble
Chumash Presentations figure, still the beloved son of his father and the heir to the double portion birthright of the

2-207– 9:00am first-born. Yet, in terms of the long range view of Jewish history, Yosef is not the vehicle of Jewish
2-204– 11:00am survival.

His kingdom of the northern ten tribes of Israel is relatively short-lived and riddled with

Monday, December 17 wicked kings and widespread idolatrous practice. The kingdom of Yosef is never restored and the
Parent Teacher remnants of the northern ten tribes are eventually absorbed into the kingdom and tribe of Judah.
Conferences Yosef’s triumph is seen in Jewish history as being legitimate but essentially temporary. It his
brother Yehudah who emerges as the ultimate hero and guarantor of Jewish survival and as the
3:45pm Dismissal N-8 true head of Yaakov’s family. The Jewish people are called upon his name and it is through his

Tuesday, December 18 descendants that legitimate royalty comes to Israel.
Asara B’Tevet The future salvation of Israel and the messianic vision of full and complete redemption and

1:30pm Dismissal N-8 a better world for all are assigned to the family and descendants of Yehudah. He is the ultimate
victor in the debate between Yosef and himself that this week’s parsha highlights.
Rabbi Wein asks an obvious question that presents itself, “Why should this be the case?
Sunday, December 23
UPK In Session After all it is Yosef who is the righteous one, the one who resisted physical temptation and who
Grades 5-8 Parent Child persevered in his loyalty to the ideals of the patriarchs of Israel under the most trying and difficult
Learning of circumstances.”

Yehuda on the other hand can be superficially judged and found wanting in his behavior
regarding Tamar and in his leadership role in the sale of his brother as a slave. So why, in historical

(see transportation terms, is he the hero and savior of Israel while Yosef is not?
Though HaShem’s will, so to speak, in all of these matters remains hidden and inscrutable
schedule for the week to us mere mortals, a glimmer of understanding can come to us from the words of Yaakov that will
of December 24- appear in next week’s parsha. Yaakov blesses Yehudah for his ability to rise from error and tragedy
January 1 in this and continue forward. It is Yehudah’s resilience that marks his character and behavior.

week’s edition of The He redeems himself from the error of his treatment of Yosef by his unconditional and self-
sacrificing defense of Binyamin. He admits his error in condemning Tamar and their children be-

come the bearers of Jewish royalty. The secret of Jewish survival lies in Jewish renewal and resili-

ence. It is the one national trait that outweighs all other factors in Jewish history. It certainly is the

YCQ Family News one most in demand in our current Jewish world today as well. Shabbat Shalom!

Mazel tov to Ariel Monday, December 17, 2018 Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Ariav on his Parent-Teacher Conference Asara B’Tevet

Mazel tov to Sarit (Nursery, Kindergarten, 1-203, Zmanim: Fast Begins at 5:45 AM
Adler on her 2-204, 2-206, 3-209, 3-212, Fast Ends at 5:08 PM
Bat-Mitzvah! 5-300, 5-301, JHS Boys)

Mazel tov to 3:45 Dismissal for Grades N-8 1:30 Dismissal for Grades N-8
Leah Miriam No 4:30 Room No 4:30 Room
Borenstein No Afterschool Programs No Afterschool Programs
on her Bat-Mitzvah! Regular Bus Service Regular Bus Service

Fifth Grade— Shopping With Decimals

The fifth graders have been studying decimals, and this week they put their
skills to the test. Students were given a pretend budget of $400 to shop for
family, friends and teachers. After collecting circulars and catalogues for a
month, the fifth graders spent time "shopping" for the perfect Chanukah
presents, all while working on adding and subtracting decimals. After all
the shopping was done, students chose charities and donated the remaining
"money" to tzedakah. Thank you to all the math teachers for this fun
learning experience!

YCQ Torah Bowl Team

The YCQ Torah Bowl teams (boys and girls) both finished up the day a perfect 4-0! The
second meet of the Torah Bowl season was this past Tuesday as the students were asked
hundreds of questions on the Parshiot of Bishalach and Yitro and their respective Rashi’s.
Both teams swept a two game series with Manhattan Day School, and then went on to
easily handle Ramaz and the Yeshiva of Flatbush. The boys team has now won an
incredible twenty regular season games in a row (dating back a couple of years). The boys
were lead by Eli Dyckman, Eitan Canter, and Noam Traeger, who all turned in excellent
efforts. The girls team was lead by the Owadeyah twins, Chana and Sarah, who simply
could not be stopped as they answered any and all questions sent their way. We are looking
forward to continuing our incredible streak!

Names, Not Numbers

This week our eighth grade students who participated in Names, Not
Numbers, interviewed six Holocaust survivors, including grandparents of
the students. Students filmed the interviews with help from a renowned film
maker and are working towards the end goal of their film being archived in
Israel and at Yeshiva University. It was truly an amazing experience to see
Jewish history come alive.


This past Friday, our current E2K and Set³ students were treated to a special workshop by the
MTA Robotics Team. This award winning team includes YCQ Alumni Akiva Richman and
Binyamin Peretz. Our students were shown a PowerPoint presentation detailing aspects of the
city-wide challenge in which the MTA team had participated. The YCQ students were then
introduced to electric circuitry and allowed to try to maneuver the MTA robotic. We are so
proud of our alumnis' accomplishments and grateful that they were willing to come and share
their triumphs with us.

Bugging Out
This past week, the kindergarten was visited by two park rangers from Fort Totten Park.
They taught them about bugs and insects. The children learned about the different body
parts of the insects using a song to help them remember. The rangers used puppets, as
well as a live walking ‘stick bug’ to show the children what an insect looks like and
how they can hide in their surroundings. The children had the opportunity to hold the
bug. In the spring they will go to Fort Totten Park for a bug hunt. Bugging out is so
much fun!

Week of December 24th

Monday, December 24 NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs


- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Wednesday, December 26  NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs
- JV vs MDY @ YCQ game time 7pm

Thursday, December 27 NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs
- Hockey practice 3:40-5:30pm

Friday, December 28  NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- Long Island buses are running
- No First Shot Basketball

Monday, December 31 NO QUEENS BUS SERVICE

- All out 3:30pm dismissal grades N-8
- Long Island buses are all running at 3:30pm only
- No 4:30 Room or afterschool programs

Tuesday, January 1  NO SCHOOL


Week of December 24TH


Main Lobby



1st and 2nd Grade:


3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:


JHS Students:

Will be dismissed from their classrooms

Doors for pick up will be open from 3:15 pm-3:45 pm for grades N-5
JHS dismissal will begin at 3:30 pm

The yard will be open for parent parking.
Double parking is prohibited! Violators will be

ticketed by NYPD Officers!



Grab’n’Go Dinner available for
purchase in the main lobby during

Parent-Teacher Conferences!

12/12 and 12/17 [5:30-9:30 PM while supplies last]

Wraps – Regular or Whole Wheat $7

• Tuna Wrap Choice of Wrap
• Low Fat Veggie Tuna Wrap comes with a Side
• Egg Salad Wrap Salad and a Pickle

Tossed Salads $7

Beverages $2

Snapple Lemon/Peach Regular/Diet or Water Bottles

Parent Teacher Conferences, Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Class Time Sign In Location of Conference
1-200, 1-201, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
1-202 (Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-207, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
2-205 (Mrs. Chubak, Morah Reut)

3-211 (Morah Etty, Ms. Laffer)

Fourth Grade 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

5-302, 5-303 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Finkelstein, Rohr, Fried, Lunchroom
6:00-9:00 No Sign In
Orlanski, Hoffman) First Come First Serve

JHS Girls

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, December 17, 2018

Class Time Sign In Location & Conference
5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
Nursery & Kindergarten 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

(Mrs. Blass, Morah Leah)

2-204, 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
2-206 (Morah Reut, Mrs. Chubak) 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom

3-212 (Ms. Laffer, Morah Etty)

5-300, 5-301 5:30-9:30 Sign in Online Classroom
(Fried, Rohr, Hoffman, Lunchroom
6:00-9:00 No Sign In
Rosenblum ) First come first serve

JHS Boys






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