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Published by Yeshiva of Central Queens, 2016-10-05 10:34:36

The VIEW 21, Vol. 12

The VIEW 21, Vol. 12

VOLUME 12 NUMBER 21 FEBRUARY 28, 2014 28 ADAR I 5774

UPCOMING Parshat Pekudei/Shabbat Shekalim By: Rabbi Landsman

EVENTS The Book of Shemot concludes with the basic lesson in Jewish life - accountability.

Candle Lighting: 5:27 According to Rabbi Berel Wein, the Torah spends a great deal of space recording what
amounts of materials and money actually went into the construction of the Mishkan.
Havdallah: 6:29 Moshe himself had to present an accounting for all of the work that was done and the ex-

Tues., March 4 penditures entailed in the mammoth undertaking of the Mishkan. The Torah teaches us
Parent-Teacher that there can be no loose ends in Jewish life - not in public projects nor in personal affairs.
The rule of the Torah is adam mooad lolam - humans are always responsible and account-
Conferences able for their actions and behavior. At the end of everything, an accounting will certainly

be demanded of us. That is why everything we do in life, no matter how slight and unim-

YCQ Family News portant it may appear to be at the moment, is ultimately important and vital. We will
have to account for those words, actions and behavior.
Mazel Tov to
Abigail Aranbaev on her The Torah concludes the Book of Shemot by recording how the Divine Presence, so
to speak, was seen and felt within the encampment of Israel in the desert. Ramban teaches
Bat Mitzvah us that, the conclusion of the Book of Shemot describes the restoration of Israel to the sta-

Mazel Tov to tus of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Israel, in whose homes Hashem was recognized as

Morah Sharon Korn on being present. The Divine is only experienced where there is a sense of accountability and
the birth of a grand- responsibility. For accountability and responsibility are constant and permanent attitudes.
They are not a once in a while spiritual high, a moment of seeming ecstasy for the soul.

Mazel Tov to Those moments in life are rare, fleeting and usually illusory. However, the tough daily grind

Mrs. Esther Lowinger on of being a responsible, loyal person is the true way to experiencing spirituality in its normal,

the engagement of her natural and most desirable state.

son Steven That is the reason, according to Rabbi Wein, why the Jewish people were bidden to

(YCQ class of 2005) construct the Mishkan in the desert through their own efforts and labor. The Mishkan had

Mazal Tov to many miraculous and supernatural events in its construction. The Menorah, Briach Hat-
Mr. Yaakov ichon and other artifacts were impossible for humans to construct alone. So, why wasn't the
Kakuriev (Chef) on the whole Mishkan itself just deposited on earth from heaven directly? Why did Bezalel and

birth of a grandson Aholiov and the rest of the Jewish artisans have to labor so diligently to create what in the

Mazal Tov to end would be a miraculous structure anyway? The answer lies in the sense of responsibility
Morah Silverstein (4-307) and accountability that human effort brings to any endeavor. Man cannot accomplish
on the engagement of her anything alone. God demands that we apply our efforts and dedication to the task and
we are held accountable for those efforts and costs. If we discharge them correctly and
daughter, Ahuva
(Assistant 2-204) morally then a Mishkan can be achieved through our efforts, talents and time. If we feel
that we are not accountable and that our efforts are unnecessary, or even worse, unim-
Mazal Tov to
Aunt Sharon Korn portant, then the entire experience of the building of the Mishkan is wasted. That is a
tragic and sad thing. Therefore, Chazak, Chazak, V‘Nitchazek, let us strengthen our-
Mazel Tov to Mrs. selves in our sense of Godly service and responsibility to rebuild the Mikdash once again in
Caryn Kramer (Business
Office) on the birth of a our lives and times. SHABBAT SHALOM!


Parent Teacher Conference Schedule  REMINDER!!
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 ‐ 3:45 Dismissal K‐8 
    1‐200, 1‐201, 1‐202 ‐ 5:30 ‐ 9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment   Please remember to submit your
    2‐204, 2‐206 ‐ 5:30 ‐ 9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment   Miss Chocolate order forms by
    3‐209, 3‐210, 3‐211 ‐ 5:30‐9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment   March 12th.
    5‐302, 5‐303‐ 5:30 ‐ 9:30PM in your child’s classroom by appointment  
    JHS Girls ‐ 6:00—9:00PM in the lunchroom, first come, first serve   Reach out to your friends, fami-
There will be NO a erschool ac vi es including 4:30 room!   lies and associates and make
this Pesach chocolaty delicious!!

Playoffs Here We Come!

By: Hillel Golubtchik and Oren Betesh
With a 7 - 3 record , the Junior Varsity Wildcats are heading to the playoffs. For the past 5 out of 6
games we have won by a spread of at least 10 points. Our coach Justin Schussheim has been do-
ing an incredible job leading us to this position. Our starting five have been amazing, and just
when they need a break, our supporting players are right there to back them up. The season has
ended and we have won the third seed in the playoffs. A huge part of our success is our fans com-
ing out to support us, thank you and keep it up. See you at the playoffs this coming Monday March
3rd, 7:15PM at HAFTR.

Fourth Grade Girls Mishmar

In conjunction with the last couple of parshiot, the fourth grade girls Mishmar put on a fashion
show. The class was divided into two teams: the Kohen Gadol and Kohen Hedyot. Each team con-
sisted of a manager, assistant manager, design-
ers, coordinators, and a model. The girls
worked beautifully together and were awarded
with tickets and raf le prizes for creativity, ac-
curacy, and team work. Team Kohen Gadol cre-
ated its own exquisite choshen among other
priestly garments and the model for team Ko-
hen Hedyot wore a special hat and even grew
her own beard! Kudos to the girls for an amaz-
ing production and to their teacher Ms. Michali
Wiener, LMSW for her support and guidance.

YCQ Sunday Learning Program

This past Sunday, Rabbi Pearl led our parents and children in analyzing the texts and commentary dealing
with the story of Moshe Rabbeinu hitting the rock to bring forth water and being punished by losing the op-
portunity to lead B'nai Yisrael into Eretz Yisrael. The question that needed answering was, "what exactly was
Moshe's sin and why was it so harshly punished?" They explored numerous answers and some of the chal-
lenges and difficulties with those answers. A lesson learned is that even small actions can result in tremen-
dous ramifications in the future, for ourselves and all of Klal Yisrael.

The 100th Day of School Has Arrived

With a vast array of projects incorporating the number 100, YCQ students have successfully reached the
100th day of school. Celebrations of arriving at this milestone were seen all around the halls of YCQ.
Keeping track of the days leading to the 100th day, teaches not only a multitude of math fundamentals, it
encourages the children to be engaged in the education process and incorporates fun into learning, one of
our goals here at YCQ.

Bracha Bee

Since winter vacation our first through fifth grade students have been eagerly
practicing their brachot. This practice culminated with a very exciting bracha
bee. Contestants from each class were called up to win points for their class. The
students chanted enthusiastically each time a new contestant competed. A won-
derful time was had by all. Although some classes answered more than others,
everyone who learned their brachot were the true winners. Thank you to the fol-
lowing teachers for making the program so successful: Morah Fendel, Morah
Reut, Morah Kadosh, Rabbi Soffer and Rabbi Finkelstein.


Once again our YCQ chess players dominated, bringing home multiple trophies.
It looks like YCQ has several future Grandmasters in the making. The children
had a great time and are looking forward to the next meet.

Class 3-210 is Wild About Writing!

Ms. Laffer’s second graders became safari explorers! During their Informative Writing Unit,
the students researched an animal that they were interested in learning more about. They used
non-fiction books and the internet and worked diligently to create their animal reports. They
learned how to take notes and paraphrase. The class, also learned about the important features
non-fiction books often have, such as a table of contents, captions, headings, diagrams, labels, a
glossary page and more, then incorporated these features into their reports. Their animal re-
ports depicted their abundant knowledge on their chosen animal, by including facts such as
what their animal looks like, where they live, problems they face and other fascinating infor-
mation. The students then created animal riddles that demonstrated their knowledge and exper-
tise on the animal they researched, as well as their
creativity and higher order thinking skills. Each
student presented their riddle to the class and had
the class guess which animal it was, based on the
clues given. Finally, the children created creative
and informative poems about their animal in the
form of cinquains, five line poems. The third
graders in Ms. Laffer’s class are truly experts
about the animal they researched!


“You are what you eat,” was the theme for this month’s Healthy & Wise program. The first
graders made fruit and vegetable men to hang on their bulletin board. This shows the im-
portance of eating fruits and vegetables in many colors to get lots of different vitamins. The
students also learned the process of making wheat into flour to make some of the foods in the
grain food group. The nursery and kindergarten students spoke about people who help us stay
healthy. They got to “visit” the doctor, nurse, eye doctor, and the grocery store. They also
learned what a dietitian and nutritionist is and how they can help us.


Dear Parents:

Monday, March 3rd and Tuesday, March 4th in the J.H.S. building multi-purpose room.

The Book Fair will have a large selection of Scholastic English and Judaica books. There will be a variety of
computer software, videos, and cookbooks available. All purchases benefit our school and our library.

All classes, nursery through grade 8, are scheduled for visits to the Book Fair. Parents of children in nursery,
kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades are welcome to come and shop with their children. All parents are wel-
come to come to browse and shop each day. Please remember to send money along with your child on the day
of his/her scheduled visit. Books range in price from approximately $7.00 to $15.00. In accordance with on
all purchases new NYS tax law, sales tax will now be charged.

Please note that the Book Fair will also be open during Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tuesday,
March 4th.


Mon. 3/3 Tues. 3/4

9:30-9:50 4-304, 4-307 3-209, 1-102 THIS WEEK 
9:50-10:10 K-102, K-105 K-100, K-101
10:10-10:30 2-204 3-210, 1-203
10:30-10:50 3-211, 3,212 N-109, N-208
10:50-11:10 5-302, 5-303 2-205, 2-206
11:10-11:30 4-306, 4-305 5-300, 5-301
11:30-11:50 1-202, 2-207 1-200, 1-201
11:50-12:50 LUNCH LUNCH
12:50- 1:10
1:10- 1:30 7G2, 6G2 7G1, YESS
1:30- 1:50 6B1, 6B2 8G1, 8G2
1:50- 2:10 7B1, 7B2
2:10-2:30 6G1
2:30- 2:50 8B1, 8B2

CALL MARJORIE WEIN AT Tel. # (718) 544-5675 or email [email protected] WE NEED




March 2, 2014

30th Adar I 5774
Rosh Chodesh Tefillah

9 AM - 11 AM
11-11:20 3-on-3 Basketball



Rabbi Yaakov Finestone,


Kabbalah 101:
How Our Actions Affect The

World Around Us

Parent Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, March 4, 2014  

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on of Conference  
1‐200, 1‐201,   5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

1‐202  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

2‐206 (Berkowitz, Rosenblum)  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
3‐209, 3‐210,  

3‐211 (Chubak, Stemp )  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
5‐302, 5‐303 

(Finkelstein, Rosen, Orlanski,  6:00‐9:00  No Sign In   Lunchroom 

JHS Girls 

First come first serve 

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday, March 10, 2014 

Class  Time  Sign In  Loca on & Conference 
N‐109 & N‐208  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐100, K‐101  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 

K‐102, K‐105  5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
1‐203  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
(Blass, Greenwald)  5:30‐9:30  Classroom 
5:30‐9:30  Sign in Online  Classroom 
2‐205, 2‐207  6:00‐9:00  Lunchroom 
(Kupferman, Berkowitz)  Sign in Online 
Sign in Online 
(Borochoff, Chubak)  No Sign In  
First come first serve 
Fourth Grade 

5‐300, 5‐301 
(Fried, Rohr,  Hoffman, Kahn ) 

JHS Boys 

The YCQ Social Work Department invites you to attend another
parenting workshop entitled:

My Child Says


Now What???

Monday, March 10, 2014
11:30am‐12:30pm prompt at YCQ

$15 per person

By: Harriet Cabelly, LCSW

Harriet Cabelly has been a social worker for 20 years, in the school system and in private practice.  She is 
currently involved in coaching, blogging, facilitating parenting and coaching workshops, and interviewing 

people.  Four years ago she added life coaching to her repertoire of skills. In her private practice as a 
therapist, she worked with clients around issues of grief and loss, from people who lost loved ones in 
9/11 to people going through divorce and illness. Her specific area of interest is helping people create 

good and meaningful lives beyond their challenges.  

Please contact Marcy Davidovics, LCSW or Michali Wiener, LMSW of the

Social Work department at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

Tomchei Shabbos of Queens
will once again be selling Purim Cards

$3.00 per card
Cards will be available at these convenient locations:

Kew Gardens: 718-847-5016, [email protected]
Brandie Geizhals:

Kew Gardens Hills:

Aron's Kissena Farms 72-15 Kissena Boulevard see Customer Service Desk

Bee Healthy 71-30A Main Street, 718-575-8070

Brach's 72-51 Main Street see Shauli @Fish Department

Meal Mart 72-10 Main Street

Seasons 68-18 Main Street

Jamaica Estates: 189-09 Union Turnpike
Violet's Bake Shop

To order these cards or for any additional information, please contact:

Karen Silverman 718-520-8631

Lenore Szrolovits 718-268-3962

We thank these stores for so generously donating their time and services

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,l fireupthegrill getinonflrestir-fryinfugn

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mushroomsc,anots,pepperso, r potatoeson a kabob
carrots,sugarsnappeas,mushroomso,r green
skewer.Brush with c$lto keep them frorn dryins out. Grilled bean*-for a guhk-and-easyadditionto any meal

fruitslikepeachesp, ineappleo, r mangosaddgreatflavor

to a cookout.

expandtheflavorof yourcasseroles Tryslicedtomatoesr,omaineleftuce,or
avocadoon youreverdaysandwichor
Mixvegetables uchas sauteed wrapfor extraflavor.
tomatoesintoyourfavoritedishfor that be creativewithyourbakedgoods
Add apples,bananasb, lueberrieso,r pearsto your
planningsomethingltalian? favoritemuffinrecipefor a treat.

Add extravegetablesto your pastadish.Slipsome
peppers,spinach,red beans,onions,or cherry
providetextureandlow-caloriebutkthat satisfies.

get creativewith yoursalad ,l n livenupanomelet

Tossin shreddedcarrots,strawberriess,pinach, I U "ffifIfi?j;,*J:HTJH:IT[:andaddthemto theeggasit cooks.Trycombiningdifferent
watercress,orangesegments,or sweetpeasfor a salad. vegetabless,uchas mushroomss,pinacho, nions,or bell
saladbarsaren'tiust for salads

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