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Hall Park Academy Prospectus 21-22

Hall Park Academy Prospectus 21-22

Hall Park Academy
Prospectus 2021

Welcome to
Hall Park Academy

The academy is set in attractive grounds with high class facilities in all areas,
providing a welcoming physical environment. Consequently, we are able to
deliver quality teaching and learning in an academic and social environment
that both inspires and enthuses.

I believe that students have a right to attend a Alongside this focus on academic achievement,
school that is ambitious for them and will strive students are encouraged to embrace the wider
to ensure they achieve the very best that they aspects of school life and to participate in the
can. This is the core purpose of Hall Park many extra-curricular activities on o er.
Academy. A relentless focus in securing high A commitment to developing the whole child
academic outcomes for students is at the is very important to us. Feeling safe and secure
heart of everything we do at this school. at school is paramount and the support provided
by our experienced pastoral team will endeavour
Student outcomes at both GCSE and ‘A’ level to ensure that this happens. Developing a strong
are strong, enabling students to move onto relationship between home and school is
appropriate progression routes at the end of essential in ensuring that all parties are working
Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. together to secure the best outcomes for Hall
Park students.

Stephanie Dyce
Executive Headteacher

Hall Park Academy is a school with a strong ethos Finally, I would like to thank you for considering
based on raising the achievement of all students. Hall Park Academy for the next stage of your
We are very proud of our team of talented sta at child's education and we look forward to working
the academy who support, nurture and challenge with you to provide the best opportunities
our students. There are many exciting things in possible for your sons and daughters.
store for the students who come here, both in
lessons and in the range of extra-curricular David Crossley
activities on o er, which we would encourage Headteacher
them to embrace as much as they can.


A message from the
Redhill Academy Trust

Dear parents,

I would like to warmly welcome you to These four principles will guide the development
Hall Park Academy's prospectus for student of Hall Park Academy, alongside the Redhill
admission in 2021-22. Academy, for the coming years.

As Principal of the Redhill Academy Trust, Working with Stephanie Dyce and the whole sta
I believe strongly that successful academies at Hall Park Academy, our priority is to support
have four key characteristics: the students and ensure that academic
outcomes remain consistently high. I now believe
• High expectations of all students that the Academy has become the first choice for
• Valuing and celebrating academic achievement all parents and children in the local area.
• Consistently good and focused teaching
• Widening students’ experiences through a range Andrew Burns (OBE)
of extra-curricular activities, including sports, Trust Principal
music and the performing arts.


How does this benefit my child? As parents, you contribute to the partnership:

We believe that optimising students’ learning and • By ensuring your child’s regular attendance
development depends upon the strength of a to school on time, and to every lesson.
three-way partnership between you, your child
and their form tutor (usually the first point of • By checking that homework is done and
contact between home and school). working with us on systems to check this
We support the partnership through: such as Satchel One.

• Keeping in contact with parents through a • By supporting our ‘Home and Academy’
newsletter at the end of every half term. contract that can be found on our website.

• Providing you with assessments of your • By contacting the school if you have concerns
child's performance two times a year, about your child's progress. We have well-
commenting on attainment and progress. developed policies and procedures in place
to encourage positive and co-operative
• Holding an annual parents’ evening where you behaviour.
can discuss your child’s progress with individual
subject teachers, and monitor and review
individual targets set.

• Holding an annual ‘Review Week’ for all year
groups where you can discuss your child’s
progress with their form tutor.

• Year 7 information evening.


School Ethos

Your child’s learning and development is our most important goal, providing
them an education that will give them the best possible opportunities in life.

By o ering a wide range of education pathways – Code of Conduct
academic and vocational options and exciting We are committed to high standards in all we do,
extra-curricular activities – to each student, we and expect all students to show respect for sta ,
seek to accommodate many and varied talents for themselves and for each other, which means:
and aspirations.
• Not letting themselves down
This demands the provision of both high quality • Trying to see other people’s points of view
teaching and high quality opportunities. Through • Communicating calmly and clearly
continually improving our own teaching and • Helping to keep the classroom environment a
learning, and simultaneously developing our
students’ independent learning skills, we guide place for positive learning
young people on their journey to further and • Helping to make the school a pleasant
higher education or skilled employment.
Our active encouragement of independent thinking, • Moving about sensibly and co-operatively
self-reliance and social responsibility helps • Remembering that they represent the school
students grow in confidence and take responsibility
for their development as rounded individuals. whenever in uniform
• Dressing in a manner that will command

general respect – ‘making the best of themselves’
• Completing all work to the best of their ability

Through providing a secure and stimulating environment, we nurture the life skills
young people need in order to contribute positively to the wider community.

At Hall Park Academy, we are supporting the following Students will experience a range of
key values, easily remembered by the acronym DRIVE: opportunities to develop these values in
many areas of school life at Hall Park Academy.
• Democracy These include weekly house assemblies,
• Responsibility weekly tutor time, PSHE/citizenship sessions,
• Independence drop down days or special events,
• Tolerance of those of di erent faiths and beliefs = Value extra-curricular activities, trips and visits
• Equality and of course the everyday curriculum.


At Hall Park Academy our core purpose is raising the achievement
of all of our students. We have an ambitious curriculum that will:

• Engage students with a broad and balanced range of opportunities that are carefully sequenced and
structured to enable progression.

• Equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in education and participate fully in the modern world.
• Enrich students’ experiences through deep and challenging learning within and beyond the classroom.

We o er a curriculum that fosters enthusiasm for learning, recognises progress and achievement, and has been
developed to prepare students for their years ahead by o ering aspirational pathways within & beyond the academy.

During Key Stage 3 students will study:

• Art • French • Music
• Computing • Geography • Physical Education
• Design & Technology • German • Religious Education
• Drama • History • Science
• English • Mathematics

In addition to this, all students also study a wider curriculum involving PSHE (personal, social, health and economic
education), RSE (relationships and sex education) and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural education). These
important aspects of students’ education take place during tutor time, assemblies & other extra-curricular activities.

During Year 8 we advise students about their pathways for education for Key Stage 4 and beyond,
including career planning activities. We invite parents to be part of the decision-making process.

In Key Stage 4 the majority of our students will study a curriculum that is academic at its core:

• English (and English Literature) • Religious Education (GCSE Short Course)
• Mathematics • Physical Education
• Science

Students have the opportunity to select from this wide range of subjects:

• Art (GCSE) • Drama (GCSE) • German (GCSE)

• Business (GCSE) • Engineering (BTEC) • Health and Social Care (BTEC)

• Computer Science (GCSE) • Food Preparation & Nutrition • History (GCSE)
• Creative i-Media • Music (GCSE)
(Cambridge National) • French (GCSE)
• Physical Education (GCSE)
• Design & Technology (GCSE) • Geography (GCSE)
06 • Triple Science (GCSE)

“Pupils are keen to do well. They attend
and behave well and respond positively
to teachers’ high expectations.”

Appearance & Uniform

The academy takes great pride in the appearance of its students and we
welcome the co-operation of parents in this matter. We all need to work
together to maintain our high standards. This is extremely important to the
general discipline and ethos of the school. Students need to wear the uniform
correctly to reflect a smart, dignified appearance.

Uniform at Hall Park Academy • We expect hair styles to be neat and tidy.
We do not accept extreme hairstyles or colours.
• Boys navy (crested) blazer (Please check with the school if you need
• Girls navy (crested) blazer clarification or any advice on this matter.)
• Tie (Velcro)
• Pair of mid grey trousers (crested) • Make up and nail varnish are not allowed.
• Pleated Bedford Check skirt • The use of all electronic equipment, such as
• Belt, plain black
• School jumper (crested), V neck grey (optional) smartphones, are not permitted in school/on
• White shirt with top collar button the school site during the school day.
• Plain black leather shoes – no boots or trainers • Mobile phones must remain switched o and
• Plain black / grey / navy socks for boys kept in students’ bags until the students have
• Navy tights or navy socks in warm weather le the school site.
• Headwear - Baseball caps are not permitted to
for girls be worn in school or on the school premises.
• School coat, plain in colour – large logos, Sensible headwear may be worn in inclement
weather but must not be worn inside the
sports jackets, denim jackets, leather jackets, buildings. Headwear for religious reasons must
gilets & hoodies are all not permitted be plain black.
• One pair of small studs or sleeper earrings
(no other jewellery may be worn)

PE Uniform at Hall Park Academy Girls
• Outdoor PE top, long sleeved – navy / sky (crested)
Boys • Indoor PE top, short sleeved – navy / sky (crested)
• Outdoor PE top, long sleeved – navy / sky (crested) • Pair of black PE shorts (crested)
• Indoor PE top, short sleeved – navy / sky (crested) • Black leggings (crested)
• Pair of black PE shorts (crested) • Pair of black football socks
• Pair of black football socks • Trainers / football boots
• Trainers / football boots


“Pupils know that their school has
high standards.”

All schoolwear is available direct from our suppliers:
Just Schoolwear –
Liss Sport (black leggings only) – [email protected]

Admissions Policy

In the event of over-subscription we will apply the following criteria,
in priority order, to determine which applications we will grant:

Over-Subscription 8. Children who, at the closing date for
applications live outside the catchment area but
Where the number of applications for admission who are attending a linked Primary school on 31
exceeds the number of places available, the October preceding admission to secondary
following criteria will be applied in the order set school.
out below, to decide which children to admit:
9. Other children who live outside of the
1. Children who are looked a er and previously catchment area.
looked a er children.

2. Children, who, at the closing date for In the event of over-subscription within any of the
applications, live in the catchment area and who given criteria, we will give preference to children
attend a linked primary school and have a who live nearest to the school ‘as the crow flies.’
brother or sister attending the school. The distances we measure are from the entrance
of a child's home to the entrance of our
3. Children, who, at the closing date for reception building.
applications, live in the catchment area and have
a brother or sister attending the school. Parents have the right to appeal to the refusal
for a place.
4. Children, who, at the closing date for
applications, live in the catchment area and who Admissions to year groups other than
attend a linked primary school. intake year
We will normally consider applications for
5. Other children who, at the closing date for admission to other year groups in relation to the
applications, live in the catchment area. published admission limit which applied when
the year group was first admitted to the school.
6. Children who, at the closing date for If places are available within the year group,
applications, live outside the catchment area but we will consider applications on the basis of
who are attending a primary school linked to Hall the above admission criteria.
Park Academy on 31 October preceding
admission to secondary school and, who at the
time of admission, will have a brother or sister
attending the school.

7. Children, who, at the closing date for Sponsored by
applications who live outside the catchment area
and who, at the time of admission, will have a
brother or sister in the school.


Designed by “They enjoy striving to achieve ‘pledges’
for contributing to activities in school
and the local community. They take
pride in their work and achievements.”
T: 01773 786 212

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