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Published by Briannahunter19, 2019-05-08 12:08:41

final color project

final color project

Welcome to The

Brianna Hunter
Color project /Color & related theory
Brown, 2501.101

Hair cut inspiration picture
Graduated forward layered bob
I started in the back and directed the
hair the opposite side it hung, kept my
points and texturized to get the

layers and edginess

Hair color inspiration picture
I included the blues and purple and
added some pink to make it a little

I started from the bottom
sectioning out squares and painting
the color on in an ununiformed
pattern to give it more dimension

Before I started with anything
I sectioned the 4 different
quads out to make sure that
when I apply any product or
chemical it only gets on the
section im working on.

The first section I did was the
back right. I added some

highlights, leaving the bleach on
for 30 minutes to only give it
that caramel tone.

The second section I did was the grey
coverage. Back left. I did a 5NN with 20
developer. I did a double N because it covers

the grey.

The next section was the lightest
section, front right. It was a platinum
blonde so I mixed a 5N with a little bit
of 3RV as a filler so that it did not turn
green. I used a little to much of the

3RV and it gave it more of a


This section was the front left.
It was about a level 8 dark

blonde. I put a 7N to darken it to
a natural brown. I think results
would’ve been better with a 6n.

After finishing those steps, I
styled and took pictures to
show off my haircut. I did a
Graduated forward bob, with
layers in the back.

Back picture of haircut

I started my hair
coloring in the back 2
quads I did a platinum
card and then a soap
cap to make it a little
brighter without
fully bleaching it
again and causing

I then did a soap cap on
the front left section
that was already light
underneath the color
that was put on. It stayed
a little pink but light
enough to do my final

My final look! I took ion
brightes semi- permanent
and color melted in a
zigzag pattern to make
the colors lay softly. I
left for 35 minutes on the
hair and then lightly

Table of contents

Paige 1 – inspiration
Page 2 – quad
Page 3 – quad section 1 and 2
Page 4 – quad section 3 and 4
Page 5 – haircut

Page 6 – hair color
Page 7 – Final results

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