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FEBRUARY 2020 | No. 01

Bye bye

And it’s a wrap, EOY 2019.
SRG shook its coconuts
at Ile des deux cocos.

Business Behscinednethe Cshualtruirnagl

Zoom in Rank interactive Loading the new face of SRG! Doing what we do best

Sun’s up, cameras rolling… we’re ready for some action! For
once we took a break from bingo balls and started shaking
coconuts! SRG celebrated their End Of Year party on a cosy
island tucked away in the south of Mauritius, Ile Aux Deux
Cocos. We were a big crowd to make it to the party, dressed
in our Island Chic outfits. From the sunset photo shoots to the
moves on the dancefloor, our people know how to party! The
pictures speak for themselves. Catch more of SRG under the
tropical sunset here!

Business in sight

Rank Releases Interim Results

We’re halfway through the financial year and evaluating
progress towards objectives is all the more important. Rank
Group released their interim results on 30 January 2020,
which were shared the next day with all other offices during
the internal interim meeting. Thanks to the successful and
positive trade in both Digital and Retail businesses, the group
expect itself to deliver more than the commercial targets set.
Rank Group forecasts to reach £105-115M in revenues instead
of £93-103M. Way to go!

Source: January 2020 ebene Rank Round Up by Liam Smith

People Exchange

We welcomed Liam Smith and David Grieve in late
January for five days of exchange. Unfortunately, David
missed the beautiful Mauritian sun but did get the most
out of SRG’s hospitality! Lauren Noble and Chris Norton
had it all during their three weeks stay. Not only did
they share a lot with many of the SRG people but they
also took part in local festivals. Lauren dressed for the
occasion, sporting a gorgeous saree!

All Eyes on Compliance - We are ready for the challenge...
Are you?

Another Level In Safer Rank Interactive In The
Gaming! Transformation Phase!

Rank comes up with a major step in Safer Gaming This is the phase where processes start to change,
area through a live customer transfer to Gamcare offices begin to restructure. Basically, it’s the time
in case of gambling problems. As from 31 January when we start to shape and mould the business
2020, the Safer Gaming team holds a license to the way we want it to be in the future before
direct players to the safer gaming institution. integration. The transformation team is working on
We expect a Gamcare audit by April 2020. The aim a series of projects aimed at uplifting our services.
is to evaluate if the business manages to abide by The team is currently working predominantly on
the protocols and policies in accordance with The the CS stream. Rank Interactive’s Transformation
Safer Gambling Standard. Phase is expected to lapse in April.

Source: January 2020 ebene Rank Round Up by Liam Smith

First STARS Awards
Winner In SRG!

Meet Owen Khodabocus, the first from Mauritius
Office to win a Service badge in the STARS Awards.
Friendly yet reserved, Owen was not expecting this
award at all!
A surprise he won’t be forgetting so soon. Owen shared
his secret about making every interaction special
for players; “It all comes down to being empathic.
Welcoming the player, creating a warm connection
and really listening to understand what the issue is. My
aim is to try to deliver them a positive experience and
leave with a smile.”
Congratulations once again Owen and keep it up!!

Customer review from trust pilot

Great customer feedback “Fantastic customer service. Owen handled
my query very well and went out of his way to help with an old
problem. He was very polite and lovely to talk to, I’m very happy as
I used other sites for slots and not once have I been happy with the
customer service and my complaints are unresolved. I will be sticking
to spin and win from now onward”.


To Excite and to Entertain.

We bring excitement and entertainment to the customers and communities we serve.

Services Teamwork Ambition Responsibility Solutions

Getting to know...
landed his first job at SRG after completing his bachelor degree
Luke Pugin in graphic design and animation. From what we saw at the
EOY party, our Harry Potter fan is hard to get off the dance
“Junior Graphic Designer” floor! He joined the SRG Family on the 4th November 2019 and
already sees himself leaving the company at the age of 65.
Lou alias Lucky Luke loves fried rice and burgers. Friendly and
cheerful, our Junior Graphic Designer has 4 doggies. When
he is not designing, he is sleeping or drawing portraits to the
beat of Suncats by Hazzlet. He values family just like the other
members of his creative team who he describes as supportive
and friendly.

Karlee, sweet and friendly. She’s only 22 and already making Karlee Leckram
an impact. She has a heart of gold and a love for teaching
children that struggle with reading and writing. So, during her “CS Facilitator”
spare time, she swaps her keyboard for copybooks, helping
elementary kids with their studies. To recharge her batteries, she
goes jogging and camping. In between, she is either watching
a Marvel movie or reading Milk and Honey. Bring her to new
places, give her rasgulla and a piece of cheesecake, Karlee finds
happiness in the small pleasures of life. We can’t wait to see you

Vicki Rumbally Lovely Vicki joined us in October 2019 and within those 5
months, she has been a sponge soaking up knowledge.
“Customer Service Facilitator” When Vicki isn’t working, she’s living life to the fullest. Known
as “Vandu” or” Tipti” to her close friends, she has always been
a horse lover. Catch her on a Catamaran with the CS girls or
having fun at a tea party.

She describes her team as ONE. “ We all come from different
backgrounds, upbringing and even schooling but we all share
the same common goal. My sister also works for the company.
She is not just a friend, but a soulmate and together we feel
like we can conquer anything!”

Welfare club coming soon...

Scott spilling
the tea!

By Scott Aubeeluck


Okay… this has to be just between you and me. Can you believe that four couples welcomed babies in the
last five months …Estelle, Sailand and Aurelie welcomed baby girls. James was blessed with a little boy.
Speaking of marriage… choco boy Ralph tied the knot with his sweetheart in January. Yes, I was invited… and
yes, I ate two plates of biryani!
The darling of SRG, Grace celebrated her birthday on the 11th of February. Sandra turned 25 once again on
the 8th of February. Evan, Lucas and Laura from CS Team are blowing their birthday candles as well this
Among all, Cecillia is the most pampered one! She celebrates her birthday on Valentine’s Day.
Congratulations to all!

Shreya Daughter of Abbygail Elize Daughter of Sianna Daughter of Ralph Ramputh
Sailand Bholah Aurelie Castagnette Estelle Soophin on his wedding day

Behind the scenes


In progress soon


The offices on the ground floor and 5th floor in Ebene are currently being renovated!

The renovations have already started on the 5th floor. Many of you are asking what to expect when it’s done? The aim of
the renovation is to make the customer more visible in our centre and to create a more fun and dynamic environment.

The rebranding of our offices will further drive our performance culture and contribute to a greater sense of engagement
as well as a more lively atmosphere. This is only one of the first steps as we embark on the transformation phase with
Rank Group and there is still a lot more amazing things to come.

Cultural Share

One of the things that sets Mauritius apart,
other than its fascinating landscape, is
the melting pot of cultures with influences
from India, Africa, China and Europe. Across
the island, you’ll find phenomenal Hindu
temples, stunning mosques, colourful
pagodas and gorgeous cathedrals.

Picture Amidst recitation of prayers, flowers and

Chinese New Year, also known as the sandalwood are offered in adoration
Spring Festival, is celebrated amongst
family members to mark the beginning of Lord Muruga. Thus begins a ten-day
of the Lunar New Year. It’s also a
tradition for families to thoroughly clean purifying period of fasting, prayers,
their house in order to sweep away
any ill-fortune and to make way for the penitence and atonement for those
incoming good luck of the New Year. devotees participating in the Cavadee

The festivities of Maha Shivratri actually
last a few days and allow devotees to
make the pilgrimage with their Kanwar
to the sacred lake, Ganga Talao (Grand
Bassin). During this time, many devotees
worship, light incense, chant, pray and
make offerings to Lord Shiva.


We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all for contributing to our community throughout 2019!
During the year you have contributed to the happiness of so many people. From the smiling faces of the
children in St. Benoit School when they got back from school holidays in August, to find a cleaner and safer
ICT classroom to spreading the Christmas cheer over lunch for the homeless at Lakaz A in December.
We’re proud to say that 2019 was a huge success! Be proud that you have contributed to the happiness of
someone else. There’s no big or small contribution… what matters is that you’ve showed that you cared.


If you have any tips and tricks on how we can improve our newsletter, feel free to drop us your feedback and
suggestions on:
[email protected]
If you’d like to share any news or events in our newsletter, we’d be happy to accept any pictures and stories from
charity events or achievements and even fun-filled department events like afternoon tea parties and delicious lunches!

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