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06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 93 Rajib Gangopadhyay’s professional journey started from Bangalore where he started as a tuition teacher. This experience taught him valuable lessons about the importance of hard work, resilience, and adaptability in the face of challenges. Handling the overseas sales and distribution of an EV company in China and travelling to European countries and other places around the world, paved the way for him to get into selling electric cycles as a product, the first time he decided to import an electric cycle for the Indian market right when Covid-19 held the world down. However, every milestone achieved has been accompanied by its THE ELECTRIC ODYSSEY Rajneesh Singh embarked on his professional journey after completing his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and post-graduation in Project Management from NICMAR Pune. His career began as a Project Coordinator and Quantity Surveyor at Sobha Developers. Transitioning to the Mahindra Group, Singh spent 11 years contributing to various projects, notably leading Project Harmony. In 2018, Singh joined Rays Power Infra and its diversified business, HOP Electric Mobility, where he played a pivotal role in their growth. Armed with a deeprooted understanding of engineering principles, Singh embarked on a mission to revolutionise electric mobility in India. ENERGISING ELECTRIC MOBILITY share of challenges. Establishing Emotorad posed one of the most daunting hurdles. Breaking into the market where the EV segment is still rising required a combination of innovative thinking, strategic planning, and relentless effort. The task of securing funding to scale the business was equally formidable. Convincing investors of the untapped potential in the electric mobility sector required not just a compelling vision but also tangible proof of early successes. Yet, with each challenge, Emotorad emerged stronger and more agile. Securing Series B funding of Rs 164 crore marked a significant turning point, propelling Emotorad into the forefront of the EV revolution. Also, generating over Rs 400 crore in revenue returns and selling more than 80,000 electric cycles within a span of three years showcased the tangible difference Emotorad was making in the electric mobility landscape of India. Faced with challenges ranging from regulatory hurdles to consumer skepticism, he spearheaded a paradigm shift in the industry. Singh’s strategy was simple yet profound: to innovate where others hesitated. At HOP Electric, he championed the development of two-wheeler platforms with swappable batteries, challenging the status quo of conventional e-vehicles. Through relentless research and rigorous testing, he ensured that every product adhered to the highest standards of performance and safety. Yet, amidst accolades and achievements, Singh remains grounded, attributing success to the collective efforts of his team. His mantra of “One Team, One Dream” reflects not just a management philosophy but a guiding principle that fuels the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Rajib Gangopadhyay Founder and Director Emotorad Age: 31 Rajneesh Kushwaha Singh Chief Marketing Officer HOP Electric Mobility Age: 37

Profiles 94 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 WORLD BW AUTO 40/40 With an experience of over 16 years in the electric mobility and advanced energy storage sectors, Randheer Singh, CEO of ForeSee Advisors, has successfully navigated the transition from traditional automotive and energy systems to sustainable solutions. Establishing ForeSee entailed leveraging Singh’s expertise to drive global innovation in electric mobility, confronting c h a l l e n g e s l i k e t e c h n o l o g y commercialisation, cross-border partnerships, and securing essential f inancing in a nascent industr y. Singh’s leadership philosophy is anchored in the principles of vision, innovation, and collaboration. At ForeSee, he cultivates a culture that mirrors these values by encouraging open dialogue, fostering an environment of continuous learning and driving toward collective goals. “This culture is instrumental in our pursuit of excellence, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the electric mobility landscape. By instilling a sense of purpose and dedication, we ensure that our organisation not only adapts to but also shapes the future of sustainable transportation,” said Singh. He has also led the development and implementation of the world’s firstever battery swapping policy with NITI Aayog, significantly contributing to India’s green mobility transition. This initiative not only showcased his ability to drive sustainable innovation but also his skill in influencing policy at the highest levels. STRESS ON SUSTAINABILITY Randheer Singh CEO ForeSee Advisors Age: 37 Her friends and colleagues call her a multipotentialite — somebody who loves to dive into different domains. From being a state-level badminton professional to a recognised artist to a gold medallist in computer engineering and now being at the forefront of Mahindra’s electric SUV revolution – Reeti Nageshri’s journey is a testament to dreams that don’t believe in boundaries. As she reminisced about her journey, Nageshri spoke of the hurdles she encountered. With resilience as her co-passenger, Nageshri has embraced each challenge as a stepping stone in her ascent. Diverse interests, she acknowledged, often invited skepticism. Yet, she saw her multifaceted nature not as a weakness but as a convergence of expertise. With resilience as her constant companion, she embraced challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth. Amidst the sea of challenges, Nageshri found solace in her support system — her husband, her parents, coaches, friends, and mentors, who have been her guiding lights. Throughout her career journey, she’s undergone significant transitions and taken on diverse roles. From being a tech leader to working as EA with the ED & CEO office. However, it was in her current role at M&M that Nageshri found her true calling. Spearheading the creation of an entire portfolio of electric SUVs was no ordinary feat—it was akin to building a ship while sailing it. BREAKING THE BOUNDARIES Reeti Nageshri Head of Product & Strategy – Electric SUVs Mahindra & Mahindra Age: 35

06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 95 Born and raised in Ranchi, a city known for its academic excellence, Sankalp Sinha’s upbringing instilled in him a thirst for knowledge from an early age. His father was a Professor and mother was a scholar, hence education was of prime importance during his childhood. Even today he spends an hour minimum, reading and learning about new age technology and innovation. Sinha had aspirations to pursue MBBS and accordingly chose his subjects, both Maths and Science in 12th class. However, due to sudden change of circumstances he opted for engineering. It was there that he fell EMBRACING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Shalabh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, CASE Construction Equipment – India and SAARC is known for his diverse leadership roles across global teams. Chaturvedi is a result-oriented leader with nearly a decade of multifaceted exposure in the construction equipment sector. Under his leadership, Chaturvedi created the strategic business plan for the region which contributed US$ 1 billion in net sales with a fast growth trajectory. While working as a manager and acquisition professional, Chaturvedi independently led critical work streams, including the acquisition of an European firm, Sampierana. Besides, he also supportAN EPITOME OF DIVERSE LEADERSHIP in love with machines and decided to pursue a career in manufacturing industry. Moving to IT industry from manufacturing industry was challenging for him. Globe-trotting, he landed an opportunity with Ford Motors at Detroit, the motor capital of the world. However, he chose to work in India and joined IBM. But as destiny decides, he has been aligned to Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Manufacturing industry domain only so the linearity is continued. At the initial stage of his career when India was heavily dependent on importing technologies, he was privileged to lead large-scale technology transfer and ‘India-led-development’ programmes. He has also led an end-to-end digital transformation of New Product Development process at IBM which provided him an in-depth idea of the entire value chain and its working in the product-based industry. ed alliance management with original equipment partner (OEM) for the road building segment in North America. While working as a Managing Director for CASE, Chaturvedi advocated the environmental sustainability roadmap creation for construction equipment segment products with executive commitment towards science-based targets initiative (SBTi). Moreover, Chaturvedi affected nearly 2000 employees, 60 dealers, 300 vendors, and allied workforce associated with the organisation while delivering a profit and loss (P&L) turnaround story in India. He changed management approach from functional to P&L view and took new product development investment share from 39 per cent to 56 per cent. Besides, he is also expanding the Make in India mission with increasing new product localisation, expansion of footprint and component business for global markets. Sankalp Sinha Business Development Executive - Automotive Industry IBM Age: 37 Shalabh Chaturvedi Managing Director, CASE Construction Equipment – India and SAARC CASE Construction Equipment (India) Age: 39

Profiles WORLD BW AUTO 40/40 Avisionary leader at the forefront of automotive innovation, Shreedhar F P is the Founder and CEO of Serviceplug Technology, a pioneering venture dedicated to revolutionising the automotive industry through digital solutions. The innovative platform empowers partners to seamlessly transition their operations online, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to enhance their visibility and reach in the digital marketplace. Under Shreedhar’s leadership, Serviceplug Technology is spearheading the development of the largest automobile sale, service, and aftermarket network platform. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, the platform has successfully onboarded over 2000 partners, providing a seamless ecosystem for automotive businesses to thrive. With over 16 years of experience in sales and business operations across various sectors, including automobiles, IT hardware, and software solutions, Shreedhar brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His strategic vision and dedication to excellence have propelled Serviceplug Technology to the forefront of automotive innovation. A true pioneer in the field, Shreedhar is credited with introducing the world’s first hyperlocal exclusive automobile connecting platforms. This groundbreaking initiative brings together cycles, twowheelers, three-wheelers, cars, and commercial vehicles into a single, user-friendly application, revolutionising the way consumers interact with automotive services. LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY Born into a middle-class family, Gandhi’s early exposure to financial constraints fueled his drive to seek additional income through entrepreneurial ventures. While he was one of the fortunate ones to get monthly pocket money, however, it wasn’t sufficient for his aspirations. That’s when he started his first business. He later got into IIT Delhi (2006 batch) and stayed in a hostel which gave him the exposure outside the secured environment of being at home. It was during this time, Gandhi started his second business which was for a very short stint. But that’s when and where he realised that he wants to create something that impacts lives, be it a brand, product, service, anything. The founding of GarageWorks in 2016 marked a pivotal moment in Gandhi’s career, as he sought to revolutionise the automobile aftermarket segment with a techdriven, customer-centric approach. But his journey at arageWorks has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Despite facing challenges like demonetisation, GST implementation, and the Covid-19 pandemic, Gandhi’s leadership and strategic decisions steered GarageWorks towards growth and success. Under his guidance, GarageWorks secured funding, expanded its service network, and achieved significant revenue growth. As GarageWorks continues to thrive, Gandhi remains committed to his vision of global expansion and transforming the way two-wheeler services are delivered worldwide. A TECH-DRIVEN APPROACH Shishir Age: 39 Gandhi Co-founder GarageWorks Shreedhar F P Founder & CEO Serviceplug Technology Age: 38

06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 97 Shreyas Krishna’s journey as a Business Head has been marked by various challenges as his team strives to maintain the company’s position as a leading CRM vendor for numerous auto dealers and OEMs in India. During the Covid pandemic, when tele-callers in dealerships transitioned to remote work, the company, under his leadership took the task of completely redesigning the CRM to ensure mobile responsiveness. Subsequently, this endeavour ensured that all dealers continued to utilise the firm’s CRM, reaping the benefits it provides. Krishna prioritises transparency, integrity, innovation, collaboration, empowerment, and SAILING THROUGH CHALLENGES As a first-generation graduate from a weaving community of a remote village near Kanchipuram district, where silk sarees whispered tales of tradition, T P Sivasankari embodies perseverance and innovation. Armed with a computer science degree and an unwavering spirit, she embarked on a journey that would redefine the landscape of mobility. Shivsankari is also a first-gen woman entrepreneur who has executed and driven an electric vehicle component manufacturing unit at Coimbatore, said to be the first manufacturing unit in India for hub motors used in Electric REDEFINING MOBILITY customer-centricity. By fostering these values, he strives to cultivate a culture that drives growth and excellence, ensuring the organisation remains agile, customer-focused, and forward-thinking in a rapidly evolving market. Khrishna takes pride in the milestone of helping dealers reach and nurture 5 million customers, resulting in a total revenue generation of over Rs 2000 crore. Krishna believes innovation involves gathering ideas and implementing them. One significant innovation implemented under his leadership was the introduction of an ‘INSIGHTS Meet,’ aimed at inspiring young individuals to brainstorm and propose new ideas that benefit customers. Another innovation involves creating a learning organisation with a target of 100 hours of learning for each employee annually. This initiative promotes continuous learning and development among employees. Vehicles (Powertrains for EV). Overcoming hurdles, she founded AR4 Tech, which focuses on conversion of gasoline vehicles into EVs. Initially, it was difficult for her to understand the terminologies in the core industry. But from spending hours on the production floor to deciphering the intricacies of motors and batteries, her determination knew no bounds. It was a boon and a curse for her being an early entrant in a field. G et ting approval from each state transport commissioner was a difficult task for her. Despite challenges, AR4 Tech became the first company to get dual power vehicle approval, setting a precedent in the industry. But Sivasankari’s vision extended beyond mere innovation; it embraced empowerment. Recognising the potential of rural women, she initiated training programmes, empowering them to convert ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) scooters into EVs. Shreyas Krishna Business Head AUTOSherpa (A product of WyzMindz Solution) Age: 26 T P Sivasankari Founder & MD AR4 Tech Age: 40

Profiles 98 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 WORLD BW AUTO 40/40 Vishal Muralidharan serves as the Head of Innovation and Adaptation at Motion Technologies and Services, Continental Automotive Components India, where he plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and shaping the future of mobility solutions. Having navigated through the intricacies of the auto industry, Muralidharan’s journey is characterised by a deep understanding of the challenges and transformations shaping the landscape. He acknowledges the industry’s transition from a manufacturer’s and regulation-driven paradigm to one that is increasingly end-user centric. This shift has influenced how products are envisioned, developed, and marketed, ultimately shaping the company’s position as a provider of comprehensive mobility solutions. At the core of Muralidharan’s leadership philosophy lies the belief that innovators are paramount in driving progress. He emphasises the importance of cultivating a culture that fosters innovation and nurtures talent. For Muralidharan, the focus is not solely on innovations but on empowering individuals to become innovators. By establishing systems that cultivate innovators, Muralidharan ensures that the organisation remains on a trajectory of growth and excellence. Muralidharan’s exceptional contributions to the automotive industry have been recognised through prestigious awards, which he views not as a culmination but as a catalyst for further advancement. SHAPING THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY Tarkeshwar Rao brings a wealth of experience and strategic acumen to his role as Director of Customer Services & Digital Ecosystem at Quantron AG. With a proven track record of developing business plans and spearheading digital initiatives, Rao has played a pivotal role in realising the potential of various projects. His strong leadership skills and attention to detail foster a culture of teamwork and empowerment. Rao is adept at navigating diverse environments and effectively presenting ideas. He has successfully led numerous DRIVING INNOVATION AND EXCELLENCE Tarkeshwar Rao Director Customer Services & Digital Ecosystem Quantron AG projects, including setting up the global after-sales business for the fully electric & connected Hypercar “Battista” at Automobili Pininfarina. Additionally, he was instrumental in establishing a Joint Venture project between Goldstone Technology & Quantron AG, bolstering Indo-German business relations. Rao’s commitment to innovation extends beyond his professional endeavours. As a member of advisory boards and academic institutions, he has contributed to shaping the future of the automotive industry. His guidance to organisations like ETO Motors and Nova Anglia College reflects his dedication to driving industry-relevant education. Leading an international team, Rao navigates the challenges of developing electric vehicles and pioneering fuel cell technology in Europe. His leadership style emphasises open communication, result-oriented arguments, and empathy, ensuring alignment and motivation amidst complex technological challenges. Age: 39 Vishal Muralidharan Head of Innovation & Adaptation, Motion Technologies and Services Continental Automotive Components India Age: 29

Yuvraj Sarda is a dynamic leader and Business Development Head for eMobility Solutions at Volvo CE India, bringing extensive experience and expertise in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. As a key member of the SUN Mobility leadership team, he spearheaded the business strategy and planning for deploying India’s widest battery swap network for EVs. Under his leadership, the swap station network expanded significantly, reaching over 650 stations across India and supporting more than 22,000 electric two and three-wheelers. Sarda played a pivotal role in advocating for EV battery swapping at various public and policy forums, contributing to the ADVOCATING FOR SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY formulation of supportive policies for battery swapping in India. Joining SUN Mobility as the first functional employee in 2017, Sarda has served in multifaceted roles ranging from business development and strategy to corporate communications and policy advocacy. He was recognised for his key contributions, including partnerships with Piaggio and Indian Oil, as well as successful fund-raising initiatives. With a career spanning over a decade, Sarda’s journey began with an internship at Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles, where he worked on incubating new business models for electric mobility. His efforts led to significant milestones, such as securing large orders for EVs and deploying India’s first DC fast charging network for commercial fleets. Sarda’s active involvement in policy advocacy has made a meaningful impact on national and state-level EV policies. Yuvraj Sarda Business Development Head - eMobility Solutions Volvo CE India Age: 36 BW Auto World 40 under 40 winner interviews done by Utkarsh Agarwal, Tarannum Manjul, Himanshu Ojha, Sheikh Rishad, Krishankant Chourasia & Pratyaksh Dutta Partner with us: [email protected] vkidh bdkWueh vkidh Hkk"kk

From electric highways to circular economy initiatives, NITIN GADKARI, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, charts a sustainable course for India’s automotive future By Utkarsh Agarwal I n a recent address at the BW Auto World 40 Under 40 Summit & Awards, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, articulated a compelling vision for India’s future, encapsulating the essence of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Emphasising the pivotal role of exports and the imperative to curtail imports, Gadkari delineated a roadmap aimed at bolstering India’s economy. However, beyond economic resilience, Gadkari underscored a holistic approach, identifying ethics, economy, ecology, and environment as the cornerstones of a sustainable society. He said that just three months ago, India has surpassed Japan to become the country with the highest number of automobiles. “Our dream is to make the Indian automobile industry the number one in the world. All reputed automobile brands in the world are present in the country,” said the minister. Gadkari also pointed out that when he took charge as the minister, the size of the industry was Rs 7.5 lakh crore, but now the size of the industry is Rs 12.5 lakh crore. Delhi-Jaipur Highway Central to Gadkari’s discourse was the ambitious project of an electric cable highway between Delhi and Jaipur, poised to revolutionise intercity travel. Envisioned as a conduit for progress, this highway promises to reduce the travel time to a mere two hours, heralding a new era of connectivity and efficiency. He said, “We will run three buses with the electric cable and these buses will have similar facilities that one gets in an airplane like food, air hostess and everything. Similarly, the cost of Delhi to Jaipur will be 30 per cent less than the cost of diesel engines.” Ropeway Cable Funicular and Sky Buses Gadkari’s strategic initiatives extend beyond the realm of Focus 100 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 TRANSFORMING MOBILITY: SUSTAINABILITY TAKES THE WHEEL Photograph by Naval Kishor WORLD BW AUTO 40/40

150 per kilowatt per hour. But now the cost is coming down to US$ 115 per kilowatt per hour. He assured that within one year, it is going to come down to US$ 100, then the price of petrol vehicle, diesel vehicle and electric vehicle will be the same. Sustainable Development Emphasising the imperative of waste utilisation and circular economy principles, Gadkari outlined initiatives aimed at recycling automotive components, thereby enhancing competitiveness while minimising environmental footprint. The minister’s vision transcends conventional paradigms, encompassing diverse initiatives ranging from ethanol blending programmes to the utilisation of alternative fuels such as methanol. By harnessing indigenous resources and fostering technological innovation, Gadkari aims to catalyse a paradigm shift in India’s energy landscape, augmenting energy security while mitigating environmental degradation. His emphasis on the potential of biofuels and hydrogen underscores a commitment to sustainable development, encapsulating the ethos of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The minister also suggested adding methanol in trucks, since the rate of methanol is Rs 22 per litre whereas one litre of diesel costs approximately Rs 100 per litre (depending on the state). Gadkari also pointed out the challenges faced in the transportation of hydrogen and how they are trying to make hydrogen cost-effective, stating, “We can make hydrogen from water and biomass. But the problem is that by electrolysis process, the cost is at least US$ 5 per kg. We have a lot of technology by which we can get hydrogen with US$ 1 per kg. We need to develop the storage system, transport system and particularly distribution centres for hydrogen.” However, Gadkari’s vision is not without challenges. As he acknowledges, the transition to electric and alternative fuels necessitates concerted efforts in research, infrastructure development, and policy formulation. Yet, buoyed by India’s rich reservoir of talent and resources, Gadkari exudes confidence in the nation’s capacity to deal with these obstacles and emerge as a global leader in sustainable transportation. In conclusion, Gadkari’s visionary approach exemplifies the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat, blending economic pragmatism with ecological consciousness. As India embarks on a transformative journey towards energy independence and environmental sustainability, Gadkari’s stewardship serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a brighter, greener future. transportation, encompassing innovative solutions such as ropeway cable funiculars and Sky buses. By diversifying transportation modalities and leveraging cuttingedge technologies, he seeks to alleviate congestion in urban centres and enhance mobility, thereby enhancing the quality of life for millions of citizens. Gadkari said the government is going to start ten projects on ropeway cable funicular. Also, the government is planning for Sky bus and has already received 200 projects for ropeway cable car funicular railway. “The idea is that we can take 200 or 250 people from one point to another in a double-decker bus. This will be a mass rapid transport system based on electricity, which is going to resolve the traffic jam problem in the cities like Bengaluru,” he added. The integration of electric trolley buses within this infrastructure represents Gadkari’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, with an eye toward reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener future. Knowledge-driven Entrepreneurship Furthermore, Gadkari delineated a multifaceted strategy to propel India’s automotive industry to the forefront of global innovation. Extolling the transformative potential of startups and the ethos of knowledge-driven entrepreneurship, he explained the convergence of technological prowess and environmental stewardship. The Minister of Road Transport and Highways, quoted, “The young talented engineers who have just passed out from IIT are doing an excellent job. We are working already on lithium-ion batteries, at the same time aluminium ion, iron ion, zinc ion and sodium ion research is going on.” Gadkari mentioned that when the discussions on electric vehicles started, the lithium-ion batteries used to cost US$ 06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 101 “WE WILL RUN THREE BUSES WITH THE ELECTRIC CABLE BETWEEN DELHI AND JAIPUR AND THESE BUSES WILL HAVE SIMILAR FACILITIES THAT ONE GETS IN AN AIRPLANE” Photograph by aa-w

102 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 Paving The Path To An Emission-free Transportation Through Design Thinking HE “Road to Zero” car design is on the cusp of evolution, from changing the shape to shaping the change. A rich mix of multidisciplinary creative disciplines and professional expertise are needed to create indelible mobility experiences. Furthermore, the evolution of technology has profoundly influenced both the intricacy of product development and the creative process of car design, transforming it into a specialised, multi-disciplinary profession. Traditional artistry, draughtsmanship, and craftsmanship have been enriched by the widespread adoption of digital tools for visualisation and design realisation, ushering in a new era of innovation. As we stand on the precipice of another revolution, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and immersive hardware technologies are further enhancing the way we shape the future, adding complexity and expertise to established disciplines. Car design has transcended mere styling to become a discourse about shaping the future of mobility. It encompasses a multitude of disciplines and considerations to create a cohesive brand image that resonates with people, allowing every brand and designer to carve their own unique path. This diversity promises an exciting and innovative future for transportation design. As automobile designers, we are not merely crafting vehicles; we are shaping the future of mobility. In today’s ever-evolving landscape of automotive design, the imperative to prioritise sustainability has never been more crucial. At the intersection of creativity and responsibility, we are tasked with charting a course towards a future where zero emissions are not just a goal but a fundamental design philosophy. This future presents an urgent challenge: COLUMN By Ajay Jain T The author is Head, India Studio & Global Design Strategy, Tata Motors THROUGH INNOVATIVE MATERIALS, ENERGY-EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGIES, LIFE-CYCLE DESIGN THINKING, HUMAN-CENTRIC DESIGN, AND COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS, WE PAVE THE WAY TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 103 simplicity, functionality, and the seamless integration of sustainable features into the driving experience. Collaboration with like-minded partners, researchers, and stakeholders is essential to pushing the boundaries of sustainable design. In conclusion, the pursuit of sustainability in automotive design is not merely a choice; it is an imperative that defines our responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. Through innovative materials, energy-efficient technologies, life-cycle design thinking, human-centric design, and collaborative efforts, we pave the way towards a sustainable future—a future where our designs echo a commitment to the planet without compromising on performance or aesthetics. This is our vision, and this is the path we tread as stewards of a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. achieving the “Road to Zero,” a transportation system with net-zero emissions. This endeavour represents not only an environmental imperative but also an opportunity to redefine the entire design space, pushing the boundaries of creativity and responsibility. We must adopt a holistic, cradle-to-grave perspective, considering the entire lifecycle of a car. Through strategies such as creating timeless designs and embracing the concept of “New Forever,” we aim to continually update and enhance the car’s features, performance, materials, and electronics throughout its lifespan. Sustainable design demands the exploration of innovative, eco-friendly materials with minimal environmental impact. Our responsibility extends beyond aesthetics to encompass the careful consideration of materials and manufacturing processes that consume less energy. Efficient energy use is pivotal in our pursuit of zero emissions. By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as lightweight materials and energy-efficient propulsion systems, we strive to enhance the efficiency of our vehicles, ultimately paving the way for a more sustainable driving experience. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the showroom floor, encompassing the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. From manufacturing processes to end-of-life recycling, every phase is meticulously examined for its environmental impact, ensuring our vehicles contribute to a circular economy. The road to zero emissions requires a fundamental shift in design philosophy towards human-centric design, emphasising Tata Safari Facelift FROM MANUFACTURING PROCESSES TO END-OF-LIFE RECYCLING, EVERY PHASE IS METICULOUSLY EXAMINED FOR ITS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, ENSURING OUR VEHICLES CONTRIBUTE TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY Photographs by Utkarsh Agarwal

104 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 From paid internship opportunities and sensitising the hiring managers to inviting them to their offices, organisations are using all sorts of ways to encourage women to get back to the workforce By Madhura DasGupta Sinha L ET US CALL HER Myra. A topper in a reputed engineering college, she starts working in an MNC — a world leader in the segment. She starts doing well and then gets married. Her husband is supportive of her career. But she soon has to move to a new city as he gets a promotion. Myra and her husband both have what Claudia Goldin (winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics last year) calls a ‘greedy job.’ Goldin, in her book Career and Family – Women’s Century-long Journey Toward Equality, says, OPINION WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE RETURNING WOMEN: THE UNSEEN ECONOMIC LEVER ‘greedy’ job. One day she comes back home early from office and finds the door locked from outside. Her daughter is inside and crying, as she has hurt herself. That day, she decides to resign and spend her time bringing up her child. When the daughter starts going to middle school, Myra tries to get back into the workforce. But suddenly it seems incredibly difficult to do so. There are many stories like Myra’s. There are three main reasons “As aspirations for both career and family have increased, an important part of most careers has become apparent, visible, and central. Work, for many on the career track, is greedy. The individual who puts in overtime, weekend time, or evening time will earn a lot more.” Work is Greedy As they begin a family, they hire a caregiver to take care of their child and Myra continues to pursue her Madhura DasGupta Sinha, Founder & CEO, Aspire For Her Photograph by Indiapicturebudget

06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 105 for an unseen barrier which women have to navigate as they want to get back. The first is external. It is often difficult for women to digest the fact that their batchmates and ex-colleagues have gone farther ahead in their careers. It is also not easy to accept the fact that their bosses maybe several years younger to them. India is hyper-conscious about position and status. Confidence Deficit The second reason is internal. After having been out of a corporate career for a reasonably long time, there is a huge confidence deficit that builds up inside. In the corporate world, the worth of a professional is measured largely in economic terms. Her skills are dated and she needs help in simple tasks. So she ends up seeing herself as a ‘failure’ all too quickly and this reflects in her conversation and body language. The third reason, however, is completely organisational. Given the low labour force participation of women in India, organisational ecosystems are full of men whose wives are taking care of their homes. They are often unsure of how to treat women returning to the workforce. They end up being too harsh or too kind – both of which do not help. Return to the Economy We believe strongly that the returning women need to be brought back to the economy – they are talented and eager to prove themselves. If the organisation is welcoming, they are usually fiercely loyal to those who took the risk on them. All that they need is a gentle slope to acclimatise themselves back to work. And, a family which encourages them every day. Many organisations are today encouraging women to get back to the workforce. Some are opting for paid internship opportunities which offer a few months of a ‘trial period’ for both the returnee and the organisation. Some organisations are sensitising the hiring managers, recruitment teams and business leaders to ensure empathy for this talent pool. Yet others are inviting them over to their offices through unique day-in-the-life of options. Forward-looking organisations are also taking a ‘talent-first-role-later’ strategy where they are laying little emphasis on the earlier roles and compensation structure and crafting the ‘best possible role’ around the talent. As for Myra, she joins a community of returning women, finds herself an amazing mentor and burns the midnight oil in getting herself a global certification in cloud technology. The community opens up placement opportunities through a job fair and she finds herself struggling. This time it is different though. Her struggle is to choose between the three job offers she has got! Given the low labour force participation of women in India, organisational ecosystems are full of men whose wives are taking care of their homes. They are often unsure of how to treat women returning to the workforce. They end up being too harsh or too kind — both of which do not help Photograph by Hay Dmitriy

106 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 WORLD AUTO 40/40 REVVING UP SUCCESS 106 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 Photographs by Naval Kishor BW PHOTO ES SAY

06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 107 BW Auto World, the leading community of BW Businessworld Group, organised the 40 Under 40 Summit & Awards on February 7, 2024, in association with BW Businessworld. The day started with insightful panel discussions on the future of automotive industry in India and concluded with the awards felicitation ceremony, celebrating the outstanding accomplishments in the automotive industry, followed by the address of the Chief Guest, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. The awards recognised and applauded the achievements and contributions of young visionaries who are shaping the future of the automotive industry. The event brought together industry leaders, founders, innovators, enthusiasts and game changers By Utkarsh Agarwal 06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 107 BW AUTO WORLD 40 UNDER 40 SUMMIT & AWARDS 2024

108 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 In his opening address, Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld & Founder, exchange4media shared his insights on how the Indian automobile industry is growing and there is a dire need for a sustainable world L-R: Utkarsh Agarwal (Moderator), Editorial Lead, BW Auto World tried to decode questions like is the Indian auto industry ready for green fuel revolution? Is enough happening on the policies & infrastructure front? with Anil Srivastava, Professor of Practice, IIT Kanpur, Director, Epsilon Advanced Materials and Former Principal Advisor & Director General, NITI Aayog; Nirmal N.R., CEO – 3 wheeler Business, Greaves Electric Mobility; Tanuj Jain, Co-founder and Director, ElectroRide; H. S. Bhatia, MD, Kelwon Electronics & Appliances (DAEWOO INDIA) and Nikhil Bhatia, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, HOP Electric Mobility 108 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 WORLD BW AUTO 40/40 PHOTO ES SAY

06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 109 L-R: Deep Majumdar (Moderator), Senior Correspondent, BW Businessworld discussed with Sushant Kumar, Founder & Managing Director, AMO Electric Bikes; Jit Shankar Banerjee, Senior Manager – Public Affairs, FlixBus India; Siddhartha Bagri, Founder & CEO, Pravaig and Harry Bajaj, Founder & CEO, Mobec about the stories and motivation behind the Indian auto sector’s trailblazers L-R: Jayant Gupta (Moderator), Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Alt Mobility deep dived into the challenges faced by OEMs in India’s EV (Electric Vehicle) landscape with Pragya Goyal, Co-founder & CEO, Vegh Automobiles; Pratik Kamdar, Co-founder & CEO, Neuron Energy; Prassann Daphal, CEO, Recyclekaro and Rahul Gupta, Strategy & Investor Relations Head, Magenta Mobility L-R: Ravi Chandarana (Moderator), Co-founder & CEO, Kwik Fix Auto discussed the new opportunities and trends in the Indian automotive sector with Arindam Lahiri, CEO, Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC); Sankalp Sinha, Business Development Executive – Automotive Industry, IBM; Reeti Nageshri, Head of Product & Strategy – Electric SUVs, Mahindra & Mahindra and Amit S Kumar, Sr. Director – Marketing, Netradyne Technology 06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 109 BW AUTO WORLD 40 UNDER 40 SUMMIT & AWARDS 2024

110 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 L-R: Vinkesh Gulati (Moderator), Vice President, ASDC discussed the changing dynamics of customer preferences with focus on new technology, design, safety & aftermarket customisations with Jayapradeep Vasudevan, Chief Business Officer (CBO), Raptee; Apeksha Jain, Research Director & AMD Service Line Head, Ipsos; Vihaan Pratik Malkan, Founder of DYD (Drive Your Dream) & Director, Arpanna Group; Mohammed Zulfiquar Khanu, Digital Portfolio Lead – Service Exp, Mahindra & Mahindra; Ravi Chandarana, Co-founder & CEO, Kwik Fix Auto and Hyder Khan, CEO, Godawari Electric Motors Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director of Volvo Car India, shared his experience being a Jury Chair of BW Auto World 40 Under 40 Awards 2024, in his keynote speech PHOTO ES SAY110 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 WORLD BW AUTO 40/40

06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 111 Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, delivered his keynote speech at BW Auto World 40 Under 40 Summit & Awards 2024 The Jury Panel addressed the BW Auto World 40 Under 40 Winners. L-R: Vinkesh Gulati, Vice President, ASDC; Balaji Pandiaraj, Country Service Line Leader & Executive Director – Customer Experience, Ipsos India; Rashmi Urdhwareshe, Former President, SAE India (Society of Automotive Engineers India); Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Car India; Anil Srivastava, Professor of Practice, IIT Kanpur, Director, Epsilon Advanced Materials and Former Principal Advisor & Director General, NITI Aayog and Vikas Aggarwal, Founder & MD, IPower Batteries BW AUTO WORLD 40 UNDER 40 SUMMIT & AWARDS 2024 06 April 2024 | B W BUSINESSWORLD | 111

112 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 06 April 2024 In his third book, ANKUR WARIKOO, an internet entrepreneur and a content creator, dives deep into the complex world of money to provide the ultimate personalfinance blueprint. Warikoo explains to ASHISH SINHA how and why it is necessary to start investing early. Excerpts: BOOKMARK REVIEW ‘I STARTED INVESTING AT 39… KEY IS TO START’ How important do you think it is to understand money and the relationship one has with money? Extremely! Even more so since there is abundance of information around money and hardly any conversation at home or school/college around it. So, a lot of the youth is either misguided or illiterate when it comes to money. Unfortunately, the mistakes made with money can be quite challenging to overcome. What would be your advice to the readers to help them prevent one major financial mistake that you made in your life? My advice will be to tell everyone/anyone not wait to invest, because you think that investing is complicated or risky. What is your advice for young entrepreneurs investment and personal finance. If you had to highlight three myths, what would they be? Myth 1. You need to be an expert with numbers, to invest. Myth 2. You need a lot of money to start investing. Myth 3. Investing in the stock market is extremely risky and you can lose all your money if you invest there. The book highlights how crucial is to set up multiple income streams. How do you go about starting and maintaining it? Step 1: Find a source of stable income. For most it will be their job. Step 2: Take out time from your job – your nights, your weekends, your holidays and spend it exploring and honing your passion. Step 3: Once your passion unlocks capital (it will take time for this), when it comes to financial growth? Do not depend on your business outcome for your financial outcome. Do you see GenZ taking better financial decisions than millennials or boomers? They are definitely more risk-friendly. But they are not necessarily taking better financial decisions. I see them taking a lot more decisions out of FOMO – driven by comparison and status games. Make Epic Money busts a lot of myths about Book: Make Epic Money Author: Ankur Warikoo Publisher: Penguin Random House India Pages: 340 Price: 399 think of how you convert it into a passive income source where you do not spend your time to make money. Is it too late to start investing if you are in late 30s? Not at all. I started at 39 and have done well for myself. The key is to start. This is the third book that you have written. From an entrepreneur to a finance content creator to being author, which role do you enjoy the most? That of an entrepreneur. I am an entrepreneur at heart and solving problems is my passion. [email protected]

06 April 2024 | BW BUSINESSWORLD | 113 DEBADATTA CHAND talks to Ashish Sinha about the importance of climate change and how the bank is pushing for ways of financing renewable and sustainable projects. Excerpts Augmenting Green Financing Portfolio LAST WORD DEBADATTA CHAND, MD & CEO, Bank of Baroda introduced a range of tenors starting from 1 year to 2,201 days, offering interest rates up to 7.15 per cent p.a. The BoB Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme offers depositors the opportunity to contribute to a greener future while also giving them stable and secure returns. Also, do explain the thought behind the numerous ‘green initiatives’ under the BoB Earth banner. On Bank of Baroda’s 116th foundation day last year, welaunched a number of green initiatives under the name of “bob Earth”, with the aim to promote sustainable practices in banking through the implementation of energy-efficient infrastructure and adoption of digital initiatives. The bank has significantly digitised customer processes, introduced video KYC, customer acquisition through tablet banking etc., which not only has a positive impact on the environment but also improves the overall customer experience. Another initiative was the introduction of the paperless office at the bank. All internal approvals are routed through this system, thereby reducing consumption of paper substantially. Further, 171 Bank of Baroda branches operate on solar power today. We also undertake stringent segregation of dry and wet waste, with wet waste being used to produce biogas. Could you highlight any significant recent initiatives undertaken by BoB to enhance its digital capabilities and improve customer experience? We have introduced a number of digital initiatives like the bank’s digital lending platform, a one-stop destination for loans in retail, MSME and agriculture. We were the first PSU to launch UPI ATMs, through which customers can withdraw cash using any UPI-enabled mobile app without having to use their debit card. And there are several more. [email protected] Give us insights into Bank of Baroda’s approach to sustainability financing. Bank of Baroda recognises the importance of climate change as a global systemic risk and is financing renewable energy and other sustainable projects as India transitions to a low-carbon economy. The bank is also in the process of developing a sustainability framework that will help us in augmenting our green financing portfolio by lending to environment-friendly sectors/projects as well as aligning our business and operations with the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). What are the objectives behind BoB’s Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme? We launched the BoB Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme with the aim to raise deposits that will be used to finance eligible green projects/sectors. To cater to the requirements of a wider set of environmentally-conscious customers, we have The bank has significantly digitised customer processes, introduced video KYC, customer acquisition through tablet banking, etc.

THINK BUSINESS. THINK BW BUSINESSWORLD. Name: Mr/Mrs: Designation: Organization: Address: City: State: Pin: Email: Mobile No.: Amount Rs.: Transaction No.: Date: NEFT Details: BW BUSINESSWORLD MEDIA PVT LTD A/c No. : 50200003029707; Bank: HDFC Bank Limited; IFSC Code: HDFC0001236 Please send scanned copy of form on below address OR Whatsapp to Vinod Kumar - Circulation & Subscription BW BUSINESSWORLD MEDIA PVT LTD; 74 -75, Ist Floor, Amrit Chamber, Scindia House, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001 Phone / Whatsapp: +91 9810961195 /9873826570; Email: [email protected] ` Magazine Name: Term: Amount: businessworld111.123@hdfcbank fifffflffiflflffl October 2022 „ PRICE ` 300 SATYA PAL SINGH BAGHEL Union Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Justice INDIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM REQUIRES A REVISIT INDIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM REQUIRES A REVISIT INSIDE Law School Rankings 2022 30 Under 30 Best Lawyers and Legal Influencers 2021 PRIME RNI Code No. DELENG19762 | Sept-Oct 2023 | Rs.300/ Volume 3 Issue 3 | Bi-Monthly | Published from Delhi in English RUCHI SHARMA KALRA HARSHVENDRA SOIN FARZANA ADENWALLA ARCHANA CHADHA PREETHI RAMNARAYAN KAPIL TAKKALAPALLY SOURABH DEORAH ADITI MUKHERJEE DILLIP KUMAR PATEL MANU WADHWA BIPLAB BAKSHI AARTI SRIVASTAVA SHOBANA PRIYA VINAY RAZDAN As HR role evolves to encompass more sensitive responsibilities, CHROs steer their teams with agility, compassion and empathy 8th 2023 PREM SINGH SY SIDDIQUI ANDLEEB JAIN ROLI SINGH DEEPSHIKHA MUKERJI PRIYANKA MOHANTY BHAVYA MISRA w w w.bweducat i o Rs 300 AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2023 PB Sharma Vice Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram, describes how the institution strives to convert every student into a multitasker and future-ready ALSO: ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE IN THE TIMES OF How are leading IITs and NITs grooming their students to thrive amid disruptive technologies and challenges of the 21st Century RANGAN BANERJEE DIRECTOR IIT DELHI V KAMAKOTI DIRECTOR IIT MADRAS K UMAMAHESHWAR RAO DIRECTOR NIT ROURKELA LAXMIDHAR BEHERA DIRECTOR IIT MANDI PARAMESWAR K IYER OFFICIATING DIRECTOR IIT GUWAHATI KAMAL KISHORE PANT DIRECTOR IIT ROORKEE ABHAY KARANDIKAR DIRECTOR IIT KANPUR BWHOTELIER.COM `300 A HOTELIER’S BIMONTHLY INSPIRATION - THE PEOPLE SPECIAL VOL. 09 ISSUE 04 JUL-AUG 2023 CULTIVATING, NURTURING AND ELEVATING HOSPITALITY STARS TALENT GREENHOUSE fiffffl ffiflffl ffi ffiffffl fiffffl OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2023 | Rs 300 LEADING WITH THE HEART LEADING DR. DEVI SHETTY Founder, Chairman, and Executive Director of Narayana Health on Ʃardiac care in India and advancements in heart treatment HEALTHCARE WORLD 30 UNDER INSIDE 30 DR. ASHOK SETH Chairman Fortis Escorts Heart Institute on quality stents SANJEEV PANCHAL Country President & MD AstraZeneca India on Innovative Medicine Oct-Nov2023 I `300 fifffflffifl ffiffffff fifffffiff fifffflffifflflffi flfflflfflfiffffi fl ffi fiffl flfflffl fl fififfi fflfl fl  ffiffffl fl flffl fflff  ffi ffifflffffifl  flffiflffl fl ffi fflffifffiff   fflff fflffiflffi   flfflflfl ffi fflfl ffl fflflffl LAST WORD INSIDE COLUMN BY Spiritual teacher and practitioner Sister BK Shivani speaks about Karma, leadership and more fifffflffiflfflffiflffi fflffiffi flffi SUBSCRIBE & SAVE 40% + A MARKETING WHITE BOOK FREE To Subscribe online Please scan the QR code BW BW BW BW BW BW TERM BUSINESSWORLD EDUCATION PEOPLE HEALTHCARE WELLBEING HOTELIER 26 Issue 6 Issue 6 Issue 6 Issue 6 Issue 6 Issues 1 YEAR ` 5200/- ` 1800/- ` 1800/- ` 1800/- ` 1800/- ` 1800/- ` 3499/- ` 1499/- ` 1499/- ` 1499/- ` 1499/- ` 1620/- 52 Issue 12 Issue 12 Issue 12 Issue 12 Issue 12 Issue 2 YEAR ` 10400/- ` 3600/- ` 3600/- ` 3600/- ` 3600/- ` 3600/- ` 6499/- ` 2699/- ` 2699/- ` 2699/- ` 2699/- ` 3060/- 78 Issue 18 Issue 18 Issue 18 Issue 18 Issue 18 Issue 3 YEAR ` 15400/- ` 5400/- ` 5400/- ` 5400/- ` 5400/- ` 5400/- ` 9499/- ` 3799/- ` 3799/- ` 3799/- ` 3799/- ` 4320/- MY MAGAZINE CHOICE (S)

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