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Volume 3 of J.W.Group's mobile magazine for 2020. Featuring about utilizing digital tools to communicate with clients and one another, our efforts to protect lives against Critical Illnesses, and our continuous dedication to provide the best service for our clients.

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JWG Mobile Magazine Vol.3

Volume 3 of J.W.Group's mobile magazine for 2020. Featuring about utilizing digital tools to communicate with clients and one another, our efforts to protect lives against Critical Illnesses, and our continuous dedication to provide the best service for our clients.

J.W.GROUP April 2019
Mobile Magazine

Featuring 3 of JWG's
superstar financial

Featured Agents
○ Priscilla Tay
○ Ryo Shu Jian Li
○ Ong Zhi Wei


01 Jaden Speaks 07 Ryo Shu Jian Li
03 Priscilla Tay 11 Ong Zhi Wei


When I founded APA with my partners, I wanted an agency
that is more like a family unit than a company.

I envisioned APA to be a place where financial consultants
can be motivated to give their best to their clients, a platform

for sharing and supporting, and an avenue where they can
realise their full potential and grow in this career path.

I am proud of what APA has grown to become. We have
more than 100 staff today and are continuously expanding!

01. Jaden Speaks

02. Jaden Speaks

What is more important sure that there is a strong
however, is that our core ethos support system where my
remains the same to this day – financial consultants can put
to provide comprehensive their full focus on their clients as
financial planning consultancy well as on self and personal
to our clients. We want our development.
clients to have peace of mind
knowing that they are in safe Last but not least, I want to
hands, and that we are with thank our clients for their
them every step of the way. never-ending trust and belief in
us. This is as cliché as it goes,
I have decided to come out but we won’t be here without
with this magazine because I you. Going forward, we’ll
want to show appreciation to continue to provide the best
my team members who have financial planning services to
worked tirelessly to provide the our clients and be a lifelong
best service to our clients. I companion that will
always believe that a team is accompany you throughout
strongest when the members your life journey.
support one another. Whether
it is for APA as a whole, or for Sincerely,
my own team, JWG, I make Jaden Wang

Featured Agent


Age: 27
Years of experience
so far: 1.5 years

Priscilla graduated from the National University of Singapore
(NUS) as a Political Science graduate in 2014.

Upon graduation, she served in a non-profit organisation –
specialising in Public Relations and Communications for 3 years.
This profession made her realise that she enjoyed meeting new
people and understanding their stories, rather than just sitting in

the office and facing the computer screen all-day long!

03. Priscilla Tay

“When I foresaw my first debt 04. Priscilla Tay
amounting to about S$20,000, I
took up numerous part-time and the best approaches that
jobs after my A-Levels , hoping they should undertake based
to save up money to pay off on their financial capacity. She
some debts and be financially strives to assist her clients to
independent.” muses Priscilla. achieve their financial vision,
“At that time, I was introduced be it insuring themselves to
to the importance of basic protect self and family from
financial planning from my financial liabilities,
friend. However, I brushed the accumulating wealth for
idea aside because I wasn't sustainable retirement needs, or
financially stable and unfamiliar even legacy planning for the
with these concepts.” generations to come!

Her journey as a financial
planner began when she
subsequently underwent a
Neuro Linguistic Programme
(NLP) in March 2017, where she
met her present mentor and
leader, Mr. Jaden Wang. He
shared with her on his exciting
journey in the industry and the
unique culture that he fosters in
his team. This sharing session
proved to be a turning point as
it inspired her to eventually
pursue financial planning and
join Jaden Wang Group (JWG).

As a financial consultant,
Priscilla always ensures that she
puts her clients’ best interest as
her top priority. She shares with
them on the importance of
sound long-term financial
planning, discuss various
aspects of financial instruments,

“I enjoy engaging in conversations with my clients. Not only am I
able to address any of their concerns and advise them on the best
financial instruments for them, this allows me to know them on a
more personal level. In fact, many of my “clients” and I have now
become good friends!” shares Priscilla.
When asked what she enjoys the most about being a financial
consultant, Priscilla mentions that it’s the sense of fulfillment,
purpose, and freedom that the career provides. Not only is she able
to help her clients financially, she is also able to reap the full rewards
of her hard work and have the flexibility to arrange her time to
make full use of her day.

05. Priscilla Tay

In her opinion, a good financial 06. Priscilla Tay
consultant should always have
the following qualities – Regarding her experience with
dedication, discipline, and JWG thus far, she shares that it is
drive – values which she more of a family than just a
personally practises. group of individuals. Jaden, the
Elaborating further, she shares, founder, mentor, and leader of
“As a financial consultant, my the group has managed to
role is to help my clients create a community that
achieve their financial goals. comes together to grow, learn,
Therefore, taking the effort to play, and work hard together.
learn and understand their The strong support team means
personalised needs is essential, that she and the other financial
as this enables me to come out consultants can spend more
with a sound financial plan time and effort on their clients.
based on their needs. This
sometimes means that I need When asked if she has any
to break out of my comfort advice for aspiring financial
zone, but I take this all into consultants, Priscilla sums it up
stride and continue to stay with one phrase – begin with
focused towards the finish line.” the end in mind. As she puts it,
“Have an end goal that is so
A good financial consultant strong, all the struggles and
should always have the challenges you may face along
following qualities – dedication, the way will be worth it.”
discipline, and drive. – Priscilla
Begin with the end in mind.
Despite her packed schedule, Have an end goal that is so
Priscilla makes it a point to read strong, all the struggles and
up regularly on current financial challenges faced along the
trends and actively participate way will be worth it. – Priscilla
in seminars organised by
Prudential and APA. This
practice keeps her constantly
updated with the latest
developments in the insurance
and financial sector, which in
turn, helps her to better advise
her clients.

Featured Agent


Age: 26
Years of experience
so far: 3years

Prior to becoming a financial consultant,
Ryo worked as a data analyst.

However, as time passed, he found out that he preferred a
career that enabled him to socialise and communicate with
others. This led him to change his profession to a banker and

eventually, a financial consultant.
To Ryo, he coins himself and his financial consultant colleagues

as “financial doctors”.

07. Ryo Shu Jian Li

He shares, “We are lucky to 08. Ryo Shu Jian Li
have the expertise and chance
to help people grow their help people protect their loved
savings, protect their families, ones through means of solid
and increase their financial financial planning. Therefore,
capability. Personally, it gives he always takes the extra effort
me great satisfaction being to listen to his clients’ stories and
able to listen to my clients’ experiences so that he will be
needs, 'diagnose' their current able to advise them with a
financial condition, and come more comprehensive yet
up with antidotes to resolve personal approach to achieve
their issues – just like a doctor their financial goals.
Ryo also believes that a
To me, we are like financial financial consultant should
doctors – we listen to our always stay up-to-date with
clients’ needs, diagnose their financial trends and economic
current financial condition, and developments, as this might
come up with solutions to directly or indirectly affect his
resolve it!” – Ryo clients. In his opinion, keeping
tabs with these constant
Ryo shares that as a financial developments also enables him
consultant, his primary role is to to maintain his professionalism
and service quality.

“As a financial consultant, we need to be kind and considerate.
There may be situations where the clients are not very familiar with
financial plans, insurance, or investments. As the experts, we need
to be understanding and patient when explaining the terms and
procedures to them,” Ryo explains. He also mentioned that being a
good listener is essential to fully gauge the personalised needs and
requirements of every client.

09. Ryo Shu Jian Li

10. Ryo Shu Jian Li

Ryo shared a memorable As for aspiring financial
experience which he had consultants, Ryo shares, “Just
encountered in his financial keep looking forward. Don’t
consultancy journey so far. “This forget your original intention
incident happened when I was when you entered this industry.
still working as a banker. A lady, The journey will not be easy;
working as a MOE English you’ll face objection and
teacher, came to my branch and failure, so you need to have a
declared that her husband died strong heart and be prepared
in his sleep. He had a CPFOA for the challenges that comes
investment, but since it was your way.”
closed, it was quite difficult to
withdraw the investment as cash. However, he reassures that he
It was also my first time and his JWG family members
encountering such a are always willing to help and
complicated situation. Thankfully, support the newbies in the
a week later, I managed to cash industry. “I believe that
out her husband's investment. everyone has their talent and
potential to succeed in this
During that period, I could feel her industry. What they need is to
sadness of losing her other half; I meet the right mentor. As our
spent time sharing and talking to mentor and leader, Jaden has
her like a friend, discussing many built a culture where all of us
personal issues including faith and are supportive of each other’s
religion. We continued to stay in career growth and personal
touch even after the investment development.”
was cashed out. 3 months later,
she bought 3 endowment plans
with me, two of which are for her
children. Even to this day, we
remain close and contact each
other frequently. This reaffirms my
belief that when you are kind and
considerate to others, they will
feel your sincerity.”

When you are kind and
considerate to others, they will
feel your sincerity. – Ryo

Featured Agent


Age: 27
Years of experience
so far: 4 years going into 5

Unlike the other two featured agents, Zhi Wei’s first job is as a
financial consultant.

He was interested to pursue this career path because he yearned
for a challenging career where he can not only help others, but
also test his own limits and go out of his comfort zone. He was also

drawn to the prospect of being rewarded based on his effort.
“What I like most about this career is giving my clients peace of
mind with sound financial planning. It’s a great feeling – to be

appreciated by clients when their finances are planned out
properly!” Zhi Wei shares.

11. Ong Zhi Wei

It’s a great feeling – to be 12. Ong Zhi Wei
appreciated by clients when
their finances are planned out For Zhi Wei, having no fixed
properly!” - Zhi Wei working hours is a boon which
has enabled him to instill
Zhi Wei also believes that self-growth and strong
sincerity and persistence goes a discipline in himself. The time
long way as a financial flexibility that this career offers
consultant. “A financial means that he is able to
consultant should be sincere in schedule his appointments
helping clients to grow their and follow up with his leads,
wealth and manage their ensuring that he does not miss
finances. I always place my anyone out.
clients’ needs above my own
to ensure that I provide the best The journey has been a
service and guidance I can.” In life-changing experience for
terms of persistence, Zhi Wei Zhi Wei so far. “I would never
shares that the path of a have thought that this career
financial consultant is often would change me this much
filled with skepticism, rejection, as a person. It is not easy
and disappointments, which is because it takes a lot of
why it’s important for a financial discipline, effort and time to
consultant to be driven and succeed. However, the
self-motivated despite the potential in this career is
challenges faced. endless. As long as you
persevere and put in your best
efforts, you'll be surprised to
know what you can actually
achieve. But fundamentally,
the most important thing is to
practice, practice and more
practice.” Zhi Wei muses.

As long as you persevere and
put in your best efforts, you'll be
surprised to know what you can
actually achieve. – Zhi Wei

Zhi Wei believes that the core ingredients needed to be an
excellent financial consultant are discipline in work, commitment to
clients, and the desire to do better every day. He takes the effort to
attend seminars and workshops organised by Prudential and APA as
well as participating actively in discussions with his peers. This
enables him to constantly improve himself so that he can continue
providing the best for his clients.

13. Ong Zhi Wei

14. Ong Zhi Wei

When asked about some of the
challenging aspects of being a
financial consultant, Zhi Wei shares,
“Ironically, it’s having no official
working hours! It requires you to
manage your time more
effectively, and it can cause you to
be complacent and procrastinate.
You’ll need to be driven and
disciplined to make this work.” That
is just part of the story though. “Also,
you’ll have to face getting
rejected, ignored, and scolded
from strangers, and even people
who you consider as friends,” Zhi
Wei continues.

After almost 3 years in this industry,
Zhi Wei eventually achieved his first
major milestone. Now, he leads his
own team of financial consultants
and he plans to lead by example.
“I always tell my team members to
challenge themselves. You’ll never
know how are you can go unless
you put in 101% effort! Even if things
don’t turn out well, you can still be
proud that you have done your
utmost best.”

Zhi Wei is also very proud and
appreciative of being a part of the
JWG team. The support system that
the team has and the strong bond
between the members to motivate
one another is one reason why he
has never looked back since
joining the industry.


Facebook: /JadenWangGroup
E-mail: [email protected]

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