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Featuring 4 of our interior designers and their projects!

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i-Chapter Mobile Magazine

Featuring 4 of our interior designers and their projects!



Featuring our top Interior Designers:
· Tues · Jonathan · Eddie · Rey



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A brief look at the interior
designers and their featured

02 Designer Tues
07 Designer Jonathan
12 Designer Eddie
16 Designer Rey


Tues’ positive and happy-go-lucky attitude naturally brings
a smile to his clients’ faces. He loves being an interior
designer because he is able to meet individuals from all
walks of life and impacting their lives by turning their

dream home ideas into reality. He looks forward to working
together with you on designing the perfect home for you
and your loved ones.

02 Designer_Tues


Design theme: Modern Scandinavian
This design theme emphasises mainly
on practicality and cosiness, hence the
inclination towards pale-coloured
walls, flooring, and furniture to create
a comfortable and peaceful ambience.
According to the client’s request, Tues
also incorporated “feng shui” elements
into this modern Scandinavian
concept, therefore combining Western
aesthetics with Eastern beliefs.

The focus on craftsmanship and love
for clean lines – signature features of
modern Scandinavian themes – are
also apparent throughout this home.
Tues incorporated these features
through the décor on the cabinets and
the walls, giving the space a
contemporary look and feel.

Designer_Tues 03

For a unique and
exclusive design,
Tues gave the
home a bold
interpretation of
the Scandinavian
concept by adding
a pop of colour to
the space.
Therefore, the
walls are partially
painted with a
vibrant blue tone,
giving the interior
a fresh and
modern appeal.

04 Designer_Tues

Scandinavian themes are also
designed to maximize light at
every turn. Therefore, Tues
ensured that the home is
well-illuminated by not only
installing several light fixtures
at appropriate locations, but
also aptly utilising natural
light. Moreover, several light
fixtures are used to provide
ample illumination to the
living space, rather than
relying on one central source.

White is the main colour scheme used for this interior – another signature
feature of the modern Scandinavian concept. Minimal furniture is used to ensure
that the space remains uncluttered, yet practical enough for everyday living.

Designer_Tues 05

In the bedroom, Tues added
in wooden furniture as well
as a small plant at the
bedside table to provide a
natural feel to the space.
The marble wall at the back
of the bed headboard adds
a sense of luxury and
grandeur to the room.

06 Designer_Tues


Having 13 years’ worth of experience under his belt,
Jonathan is one of the most experienced interior designers
in the i-Chapter team. As an interior designer, he believes
that being passionate is important to serve his clients and

take on projects wholeheartedly. For Jonathan, he feels
proudest when his clients are happy with the outcome of

his interior designs. With the support of the i-Chapter
team, Jonathan aims to continue renovating beautiful

homes that his clients can be proud of.

Designer_Jonathan 07


Design theme: Modern Contemporary
For the dining area and kitchen,
Jonathan utilised cold colours to
accentuate the modern contemporary
look and feel. Black is used generously
to give off a chic and sophisticated
finish to the living space.

08 Designer_Jonathan

The main highlight of the living room is feature wall behind the television set.
Comprised of rectangular shapes of various shapes and illuminated by LED lighting,
the feature wall serve as both a lighting fixture and a decorative piece.

Designer_Jonathan 09

The usage of light colours and the textured wall behind the bedhead add a hint of
luxury to the bedroom.

Light colours are used throughout the living space to create an aesthetic balance for
the home. Jonathan also used the combination of mirrors and natural light to make the
home look more spacious and luxurious.

10 Designer_Tues


Eddie has been in the interior design industry since 2012,
giving him more than 6 years of experience to date. His

interior design philosophy is always to emphasise on
practicality as he believes that a home with a functional
design enables homeowners to live more conveniently. He
feels most satisfied when he is able to create the perfect

home for his clients. With Eddie onboard, you can be
assured that your home is in safe hands.

Designer_Eddie 11


Design theme: Modern Contemporary
For this project, Eddie uses black to give
the home a classy and modern appearance.
The addition of wooden flooring give the
space a more refined look.

12 Designer_Eddie

In the master bedroom, the
feature wall behind the
bedhead – consisting of black
and gold triangles – gives the
room a modern spin.

The use of earthly tones also
gives the bedroom a warm
and natural feel, creating a
relaxing ambience perfect for
promoting restful sleep.

Designer_Eddie 13

14 Designer_Eddie

The elegant interior style continues to
the kitchen as well, with Eddie opting
for a black and white colour

Designer_Eddie 15


As an interior designer for the past 7 years, Rey gets a
sense of achievement when he designs everything from
scratch and clients love the outcome. When it comes to his
design philosophy, he aims to achieve the “Wow” effect for
every project he takes on. Humble yet filled with youthful

exuberance, he aspires to one day be known as a top
designer and lead his own team.

16 Designer_Rey


Design theme: European
This design project is a bold
reinterpretation of the European
theme, where marble, gold, rose gold,
and geometric designs are
incorporated as key elements to bring
a fresh look and feel to the interior.

Designer_Rey 17

18 Designer_Rey

Staying true to the
European colonial
design concept,
the main colour
theme used
throughout the
home is white
which gives the
space a grand and
luxurious appeal.

Designer_Rey 19

The usage of pendant lights and chandeliers add a hint of grandeur and
sophistication to the space, which matches a modern take on this design concept.

By adding in marble elements,
Rey has managed to give this
home a classy look which befits
the European-centric theme.

20 Designer_Rey


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