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LESSON 1: On leadership

The Bible is clear that all
leadership comes from
God.I am a strong believer
in interfaith and so my
higher power is God but it
might be Allah, Budha, or
anything else for you.

Whichever high power
that leads you, always
know you are guided and
you can always ask for
wisdom to be able to be a
better leader.


LESSON 2: On leadership

Start using the word
“please” Would you please
pass that plate.

Please humbles you and
honors others.

You will get so much
accomplished and inspire
more people by just using
the word please.


LESSON3: On leadership:

"Most leaders don’t need to learn what to do.
They need to learn what to stop.” Peter Drucker.

We get tricked into thinking leaders know it all.
Leadership involves learning and most of us
could learn more on stopping some of the
things we do.

We need mentors and mint more leaders rather
than creating followers.


LESSON 4 on leadership.

Humility. It means the quality of being
humble. If you meet one of your heroes and
feel nervous and in awe for him or her, you

are experiencing humility.

Humility comes from the Latin word
humilis, which literally means low. Someone

who spends his life taking care of others
shows humility.Dig deep and self examine
or ask others who care enough to tell you

the truth. You will know or learn to be


LESSON 5 on leadership

Be authentic. Harvard business review publishes
articles on leadership. Quote, “No one can be
authentic by trying to imitate someone else.

You can learn from others experiences, but there is
no way you can be successful when you are trying

to be like them. People trust you when you are
genuine and authentic , not a replica of someone


Authentic leaders demonstrate passion for their
purpose , they practice their values consistently,
and lead with their heads. They establish long term

meaningful relationships and get results. They
know who they are!!!

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

LESSON 6 on leadership.

Find a mentor, be a mentor, and encourage
your mentee to mentor others. That makes

a ladder of leadership.

This quote summaries it, “The rung of a
ladder was never meant to rest upon, but
only to hold a man’s and (woman’s) foot
long enough to enable him/her to put the
other foot somewhat higher” Thomas Henry



LESSON 7 on leadership.

Leaders must continue learning and
reading. I read an average of four books a
month. Start by reading one a month and

learn more.

Reading is like travel those who don’t read
are stuck in one place. Turn those pages
and travel in your mind to places you

cannot even imagine. I am blessed because
I get to do both; travel and read!


LESSON 8 on leadership.

Great leadership comes from the heart. A
leader with a true passion for inspiring
others to take action is able to squeeze
every ounce of potential out of their

employees/followers (
Empower people, lead change, share vision

and inspire.


LESSON 9 on leadership.

Great leaders inspire people.Your deep level
of knowledge got you to where you are today

but are you sharing that wealth with your
team? Great leaders want to inspire others to

be just as great, if not better than them.

Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it
generously. Always be willing to teach your
team members as much as they are willing to
learn. You won’t have to worry about how to
motivate others because they will be inspired
by your personal investment in their growth.


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