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Pearl Times 09

Pearl Times 09

OCTOBER, 2019 VOL. 9

Where the heart of Uganda lives..

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OCTOBER, 2019 VOL. 9

How This African Nairobi, he proceeded to Kagumo
Entrepreneur Silently Built A High School for his A’ levels. But
Business Worth Over $100 while undergoing his education,
Million Dollars Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa, 19 years
old at the time, experienced a break
by of 8 months, during which he got a
job with the help of some members
Some of the most inspiring success stories are borne of his family to work for the Central
from entrepreneurs who had no idea they would Bank of Kenya.
someday find themselves starting, running, and
growing an enterprise that wouldn’t just succeed in His first job role was that of a
its home country, but would spread its tentacles to clerical staff, after which he went
other places around the world.This is the success on to work for several other
story of Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa, a Kenyan departments like the Export
entrepreneur who first started his career in the department, the Foreign Exchange
corporate world, rose in the ranks, but finally came department, and the Imports
to the realisation that he wasn’t cut out for paid department. All in the Central Bank
employment, causing him to eventually quit his job to of Kenya.
start a business that would someday grow to be
worth over $100 million dollars. While working for the Central Bank
of Kenya provided a comfortable
lifestyle for Humphrey Kariuki
Ndegwa, it didn’t take him too long
to figure out that he never liked
been subservient to other people.
And this realization caused him to
chart a new course towards

The Early Life And Education Of Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa

Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa was born on August 28th, 1957, in Nyeri County in the central
highlands of Kenya to a family of 10 children and was one of his father’s six sons who had a
modest lifestyle growing up in the rural areas.In his early life, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa would
wake up early in the morning with his siblings to milk the cattle and feed the animals before
getting set to go to school. Despite the location of his school being 3 kilometers away,
Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa would usually run to and from school, without using any form of
public transportation.After finishing his O’ Levels 

AUGUST 22, 2019 VOL. 29

His First Venture.

During a break from work with the Central Bank of Kenya, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa took a trip
to the United Kingdom to visit his sister. She had been trying to sell a car she owned in Norwich
for a while to no success. Seeing an opportunity, Humphrey offered to help her sell it back in
Kenya only if she would allow him to travel back with it, which she did.Upon returning to Kenya
with the car, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa would drive around with it in search of a buyer. One
day, someone left a note on the car asking to be called. After he dialed the phone number, he
realized it was a British who made the inquiry and thought it was a co-British in Nairobi that was
trying to sell the car, since it had a sticker with the “City of Norwich” written on it.After the
inquiry and a settled transaction, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa was able to sell the car to the
British national for 200% of the price his sister was trying to sell the car at.His successful sale
drove him into the automobile business and kept him there for a long time.

The Start & Growth Of A Successful Group Of Companies.

After successfully trading automobiles for many years and having saved a lot of money,
Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa went on to found the famous Green Corner restaurant in Kenya,
which even former American President Barrack Obama referenced in his memoirs. The
restaurant was founded with a bank loan of $15,000 which was repaid quickly within a short
period of eight months.With the success of the restaurant, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa went on
to start importing wines and beverages, leading to him found another very successful company
then called Wines of The World, which is now widely known as WOW Beverages.His company
was the sole distributor in Kenya for many popular wines, whiskeys, and brands from Europe and
America.But relying on being the sole distributor of the various wines wasn’t safe, as the
companies could enter the Kenyan market by themselves in the future, which would inevitably
ruin his business in the process. To avoid this, Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa registered a company
called African Spirits, moved into the beverage production business, and launched his first
flagship product, which was called Blue Moon Vodka, the current fastest-selling local alcoholic
brand in Kenya today (2017).

Moving further, African Spirits launched yet another product, Legend, which is also the fastest
selling brandy in Kenya today (2017).The success of the local wines wasn’t just a remarkable
sense of achievement for Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa, but was also a motivation for the company,
as it is today (2017) known as the most successful local alcoholic beverage company in
Kenya.After a streak of successful businesses in the restaurant and alcohol niches, Humphrey
Kariuki Ndegwa moved into the oil business by becoming an agent of the National Oil Company
of Kenya (NOCK). He founded the oil company called Dalbit Petroleum, and with this, he used
the opportunity as an agent to purchase oil from the NOCK for delivery to other parts of Kenya.

OCTOBER, 2019 VOL. 9

Top Celebrities In Uganda

by Monica Nabimanya.

Stacy Amito. 
This young lady changed the fashion industry when she participated and won the first season of
Africa’s Next Top model. She has since become a fashion icon and inspiration to many young aspiring
models. She has worked with several agencies such as DNA model Management based in New York,
Viva Model Management in Europe and Why Not Model Management in Milan from which she has
worked on high-end gigs such as Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, Spanish Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vanity
Fair and many others. Some people believe she changed at how ordinary Ugandans perceive modelling
as a career and she will forever be praised for that.

Anne Kansime. 
She is a multiple award winning comedian whose background roots from way back in the days of a
group called Theatre factory. She was known for always acting as the child in most of their plays but
when the group split, she went solo and started making video clips that bought her a large online
following. She has even been named as the Queen of Comedy by some African media outlets, a title
that has later helped her scoop several awards such as; the 2015 African Oscar award for favourite
comedian, Airtel women of substance awards 2014, Social Media Awards(Favorite Celebrity) and many
more others. Kansime is mostly known for skits about an arrogantMukiga woman who never looses a
fight and you can watch most of them on youtube and facebook when you search for her.

OCTOBER, 2019 VOL. 9

Eddy Kenzo.

He is the first and only Uganda Musician to win a BET award and is credited for raising the platform
for the now famous Ghetto Kids in the song “Sitya Loss”, a song that won him the award. Eddy Kenzo
has gone ahead and won several awards including the most gifted East African at the channel O Music
Video Awards, Viewer’s Choice Award and many others. He is also famous for his relationship with
songstress RemaNamakula one of Uganda’s best vocalists whom he has sired a child with.

Bobi wine. 

Robert Kyagulanyi best known by his stage name Bobi wine is a musician viewed as a ray of hope
especially among the low income earners of Uganda. This once former ghetto boy used his music to
become one of the wealthiest Ugandans alive. He is commonly referred to as the Ghetto President
among very many other names. Among many things, he is a married, family man who is also currently
involved in active politics and has participated in humanitarian work that are documented by several

Stephen Kiprotich. He came in the limelight when he won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics in
London. After this win, he was received with so much prestige by several Ugandans because it had
taken several decades before any National brought home a gold Olympics medal. Kiprotich is known
for being a long distance runner and has won several medals like; the gold at the World Championships
in Athletics. In modern times, whenever there is a mention of cross country competitions, Kiprotich is
the name that will come to mind.

Dennis Onyango. 

He is the goal keeper of Uganda Cranes, the country’s National football team. Onyango is best known
and praised for keeping balls out of the Ugandan nets and the most popular being the game that saw
Ugandans make an appearance at the Africa Cup of Nations after a period of 38years.Onyango brought
home the 2017 CAF’s player of the year among other accolades.

Bad Black aka Shanita Namuyimbwa.
 She is a socialite and came to the limelight as the most extravagant money spender throwing constant
lavish black-themed parties for kampala’s crème de la crème. Meddlers then started inquiring about
the source of her wealth and it was then the court sessions of her and a white wealthy man known as
David Greenhalgh. She was sent to prison but after her release she decided to give a try at music. Bad
black is a lady of seasons, she once started a church and promised to give up her party life but word
has it that she decided to change her limelight name to Snail baby.

AUGUST 22, 2019 VOL. 29

Rema Pregnant with Hamza’s Baby

Aamal will finally have another
sibling. Today, Rema confirmed
results from a scan that she is
indeed pregnant with her second
child.We don’t know how Kenzo will
receive this news but he can
prepare to play the role of Step-
Dad.Rema left Kenzo for Dr. Hamza
recently. The two staged a lavish
party that was the talk of many in
town and online. The news of her
pregnancy cements her relationship
with Hamza a professional
gynecologist. We will keep you in
the know

“Towooma!” Amanda Tells Sheilah
Why Her Marriage is Failing

In a freshly leaked convo, city slayqueen, Amanda straight outta Kigali has launched a fresh attack
on Sheilah Gashumba.Amanda among other things accuses Sheilah on lacking bedroom skills. She

keeps saying that as any other good munyarwanda, Sheilah should have gone through simple
bedroom lessons of Okunyaza. Amanda also says that she has no intention of stealing God’s Plan

because he is an adult and can decide for himself.

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