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Published by PEARL TIMES, 2019-11-17 06:01:21

Pearl Spice

Pearl Spice





Pearl Magazine


Spice Diana is a Ugandan music artist,
singer, songwriter and a fine artist who
has become very popular and famous for
her song “Anti kale” that is being played
almost everywhere around Uganda
especially on television stations and radio
stations. She started singing while still a
student at school.

According to an interview that she had

on NTV one of the biggest television

stations in Uganda owned by Nation Her relatives took care of

Media group, she said she used to escape her school fees and with

from school and go to bars around her other siblings.  She

Kampala and beg the bar owners and wrote her first song while

Djs to give her a chance to  perform her in secondary school and

one and only song at the time. She grew recorded it and later kept

up with a single mother and life was a bit it.  She could perform the

tough in the early days of her life since song whenever she got a

her mother and father had separated. chance to perform in bars

When her song became popular in Monalisa Pub, she moved to
another bar and performed the same song.  She then started
distributing her song to different places around Kampala by using
flash disks. Then one day as she was walking she heard her song
being played in more than one place and she knew that she had
arrived but at that time, her music did not have any videos. 

She decided to first complete her Advanced Level exams and then
go on to shoot the videos for her songs. Spice Diana had her primary
education at Valeria primary school and then went to St. Peters
secondary school Nsambya for her secondary school education
before heading to Makerere University where she studied industrial
Fine Art. After completing her degree, she decided to concentrate
on her music career.


As the campaign aimed at as she is seen vending bananas,
saving popular Ugandan dance trying to make ends meet.
group The Triplets Ghetto Kids’
house is ongoing, Spice Diana The song was produced by
linked up with Alimpa Ronald Nessim Pan Production and the
to drop a new track dubbed video was shot and directed by
‘Abafuna’. Centuriz Montage/ Tana.

‘Abafuna‘ is a song where Spice
and Alimpa express how the
poor work for the rich to gain
more and more while asking
the Lord to bless the poor so
that they can also gain from
their hard work.

In the video, Triplets Ghetto
Kids’ Patricia Nabakooza stars


Intro Chorus
Nampa rukundo atekire Amaju Mbwine omusheshe sikyali single
Ahamutima akankwataho nka tatoo Bala bala onsasule ontwale
Ray G Ebyangye biri so simple
Antutura tu tu tu ekyana tututu Mbwine omuganda sikyali single
Spice Diana Ngu mbale mushashule mutwale
Akiri so simple
Verse 1
Omukwano gw'omusheshe gwankute Verse 3
Negunkutula omutima alali He give love in abundance
Ate Oba ndi ku kagali A full bucket of Roses
Omutima nsota nga'kagali Ampereza rukundo ati
--Sabula-- I love the way he do dat
He give me love in abundance Webare kuruga eka
A full bucket of Roses We go straight to masengere
Ampereza rukundo ati, Muhara wa kintu kaine ebintu
I love the way he do dat Omukwano gw'omusheshe gwankute
Nafunye ono omurungi anyumira esuti Negunkutura omutima alari
Ate nze nyumiranyo bodingi Ate oba ndi ku kagali
Oh wano you belong to me Omutima nsota ngakagali
Reeba color ni black
Chorus Nokiteba buteba ndi fine fine
Mbwine omusheshe sikyali single Kandi owitu ni wakanda
Bala bala onsasule ontwale Neibourhood ni Rwanda
Ebyangye biri so simple
Mbwine omuganda sikyali single Chorus
Ngu mbale mushashule mutwale Mbwine omusheshe sikyali single
Akiri so simple Bala bala onsasule ontwale
Yee Ebyangye biri so simple
Hook Mbwine omuganda sikyali single
Nampa Rukundo atekire Amaju Ngu mbale mushashule mutwale
Ahamutima akankwataho nka tattoo Akiri so simple
Anturura tu tu tu ekyana tu tu Mbwine omusheshe sikyali single
Ehh Bala bala onsasule ontwale
Verse 2 Ebyangye biri so simple
Wija olija ombere queen Mbwine omuganda sikyali single
Nashasha obe quinine Ngu mbale mushashule mutwale
Sharamu ombere queen Akiri so simple
Washasha mbe quinine Outro
Nobwokuhunama ogamba nanyee Yese Oman Rafiki woman rafiki
Nimpurira omubiri nigwija owaweee Nampa rukundo atekire Amaju
Reba color ni black Baur on Da beat
N'okiteba buteba ni fine fine Ahamutima akankwataho nka tattoo
Kandi owitu ni Wakanda Yeah yeah
Neighborhood ni Rwanda a Anturura tu tu tu ekyana tu tu tu
Nsasula ontwale.

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