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Published by Daisy Young, 2019-12-04 15:29:50




By Daisy Y.

Sue is a little girl.
She is 5 years old.
Today she is feeling lonely.
Sue has no friends to play with.
She used to have many friends.
But that was before she moved.

Her new house was bigger
And there was a playground nearby that she could play on.
Sue’s mom saw that she was sad.
So she took her to the playground
To cheer her up.

Sue was not amused.
There were no other kids at the playground.
Playing alone is no fun.
So she sat on the swing and waited.
Maybe some kids would come soon?

After what seemed like forever,
Sue saw another kid walking
With two men towards the park.
Sue was excited.
She sat still and waited for him to come closer.

The new kid spotted her.
He then asked the two men something
They smiled at him and nodded.
And the kid ran towards Sue.
Sue got up and met him halfway.

“Hi! I’m Danny, what’s your name?”
The kid, Danny said with a big smile
“Hi! I’m Sue!” Sue said excitedly
Sue was very happy to have
Someone to play with

“Want to be friends?” Danny asked
“Yeah!” Sue said, smiling even bigger.
“Let’s play, Danny!”
So they went to play on the

Sue and Danny played for a long time.
They played tag,
Pretended to be pirates,
Played on the swings,
Slid down the slide,
All while laughing and having a great time.

It looked like Sue’s mom was having fun too.
She was talking to the two guys that Danny had
Come to the park with and smiling.
“Who are those guys?” Sue asked Danny
“Those are my dads” Danny replied“Both of them?”
“That’s really cool, is it fun having two dads?” Sue

“Danny! It’s time to go home!” One of the guys said
“I have to go now, bye!”
“Okay bye!”
“Sue, we should probably go home too!” Sue’s mom
Sue was glad to have made a new friend
And she hoped they could play again soon.

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