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T fC

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In this book I will tell you about the history of the NBA the rules, the season
about how it’s


James Naismith made a huge invention in 1891. That invention was basketball. The NBA started when the Basketball Association of America merged with the National
Basketball League in 1949.

James Naismith

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The game is played on a court that has two baskets/hoops, one on each end. Your goal is to shoot the ball in the other teams basket, you also have to defend your basket
and not let the other team score. You have to dribble the ball or else the referee will call it a travel. You also can’t stop dribbling and then start dribbling again or else they will call it
a double dribble. A three-pointer is when you score from behind a certain line that counts as three points. Inside that line everything counts as two points. Fouls are when you either
hit the person or just bump them. A shooting foul is when someone is in the form of shooting and gets fouled. A charging foul is when the defender crosses his arms in front and
stands in the way of the person on offense. If the defender is moving during contact it’s a blocking foul and the offense keeps the ball, but if the defender doesn’t move than it’s a
charging foul and the defense gets the ball. When it’s a shooting foul you go to the free throw line. If you get fouled from behind the three point line you get three shots. Anything
inside that line you get two shots. Each free throw counts as one point.

Duke basketball court

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Each NBA game has 12 minutes in each quarter. But with the time in between each quarter, time outs, and halftime breaks, the game adds up to about 2 hours and a half.
In each NBA season there are eighty-two games. There is the Eastern and Western Conference. So, they each have their own playoffs and then the winner from each conference plays
each other in the NBA Finals Championship. Each round in the playoffs has seven games and you have to win four games of the seven. If you win the NBA championship your team
wins a trophy and you get a ring.


Summer Playoffs


Bill Russell (left)
Lebron James (right)

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A -O

The three point line was added after about eighteen years after the NBA started. One of the players back then that were good at shooting behind the three point line was
Jerry West.

Jerry West

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G Of A T (G.O.A.T)

The greatest player of all time was an absolute beast. His vertical jump was 40 inches. He won five M.V.P awards and six championships. After his first three championship
rings he left to play minor league baseball. But when that didn’t work out he returned to the NBA and won three more championships. Michael Jordan was without a question one of
the best players to ever live in the history of the sport.

Michael Jordan

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The game today is played much faster than players did a few decades ago because today’s players are generally bigger, stronger and faster. Also, the specific positions are
not utilized like they were originally. Previously there were specific roles (ball handler, shooters, post players), however, now all players are expected to be to handle and shoot the
ball well. For example, while centers were primarily meant to position themselves under the basket and score using post-up moves or grab rebounds. Most of all the biggest change
was the three pointer. Everyone wants to make that three at the last second to win the game for the team.

De’aaron Fox (left) Stephen
Curry (right)


Did you know that a NBA championship ring is worth 15 to 20 thousand dollars (USD)? Which brings me to my next fact. Did you know that a former NBA player that went
bankrupt sold his only championship ring and had no worries about money until the day he died? Did you also know that Anthony Bennett was pick number one in the NBA draft and
was dropped by a NBA team and picked up in the G league? What’s the G league? Exactly! Lebron James is supposedly the “king” of basketball, but people argue because they think
his “Airness” (Michael Jordan) is the better player. Therefore, if you want to be in the conversation about who better at basketball than you can search up some highlights on youtube
and have your own opinion.

Michael Jordan (left)
Lebron James (right)

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