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Published by Brad Thies, 2018-12-13 10:45:25



The Story of Lego


Some rights reserved by hyku

Table of Contents

1 -Introduction

2 -History
3 -Glossary
4 -Types/Themes
5 -Conclusion

Fun Introduction

Fact! In August, the LEGO Group holds the first PLAY DAY
where all of the company's employees at all LEGO locations
Lego has leave their desks and play for four hours. Legos are little
Been plastic bricks that stick together with pressure from your
Around hands. With that in mind you can build amazing things like
For 50 spaceships,houses,and lots more! Lego has been around for
years! awhile now, but how long? Let's find out more about Lego.

Make sure
You can
A Lego


Lego is a family owned business. It started in 1932 and is still going today! Lego almost went
bankrupt in 1932 because of the great depression. But then out of nowhere the founder's wife died
right after. Years later the family got on its feet and started business again. The three sons of the
founder saved up money for a plastic molding machine and they made a new discovery. They
made the first ever Lego brick ,and things were great! The company started off with wooden toys
and now they had plastic! The company started making new sets like Lego star wars,mindstorms,
and bionicles.


In the 80’s, the first ever themed box set made in Lego was Lego This represents the near
City. It was the golden ages for Lego and its success! But then Death of Lego.
came some other fails with Lego like dollhouses and pets. It was
still amazing, but disaster stuck. In 2003, Lego was 800 million By pasukkaru76
dollars in debt and all because of the CEO who reduced the types
of bricks from 12,000 to 9000. He was fired shortly after in 2015.
However, the two things that brought Lego back were Mindstorms
and Bionicles. Mindstorms for once were buildable action figures,
and back then they were the bomb, which brought back the
popularity to Lego. Mindstorms was first a robotics competition, but
then became a series that kids could do at home. This brought back
the engineering to Lego. Now, kids and adults really only know
Lego as themed box sets.


Today, Lego has eight Legoland theme parks which, according to Lego, hosts over 15.7 million
people every year. Lego factories are in Mexico, China, and Denmark, which is still the
headquarters of Lego. Furthermore, Lego has been voted “Toy of the Century” twice. So clearly,
Lego is one of the most well-known, best toy ever manufactured.

Lego has been Toy of
the century twice.


Lego - Pretty easy to know right?

Theme - Like Lego star wars or Lego City, There themes.

Building - The process or business of constructing something.

Death - The action of dying or demise.

C.E.O - The boss or supervisor of the company. Fun fact!
History - The past of a topic.
The molding
machine that was
was in the house
fire never burned!


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