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Remember & Rejoice 2021

Remember & Rejoice 2021

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TRIO is an independent nonprofit organization
committed to improving the quality of life for people
touched by the miracle of organ donation: transplant
candidates, recipients, their families and the families

of organ and tissue donors.

Our mission is to promote AWARENESS, offer
SUPPORT, provide EDUCATION and participate

in ADVOCACY in our community.

Remember and Rejoice


A Tribute to Our Donor Families

A Non-Denominational Celebration
Transplant Recipients

International Organization
TRIO Manhattan Chapter

Saturday, April 17, 2021

2:00 in the afternoon
Virtual Event

available for viewing on
Facebook: TRIO Manhattan Chapter & LiveOnNY




April 17, 2021

Dear Friends:
An anticipated event for donor families and recipients alike, ‘Remember and Rejoice’ is where
we are accustomed to gathering together to honor organ, eye and tissue donors every April
during Donate Life month. The candlelit service brings us together annually in remembrance
of loved ones, grateful for the gifts of life they gave and in celebration of their legacies.
As a 32-year liver recipient, Fran Dillon shared with us in the prologue to this year’s virtual
service, ‘Remember & Rejoice’ has customarily been held at the magnificent St. Patrick’s
Cathedral on 5th Avenue in New York City, since 1995.
There have been three exceptions to this tradition. The first was in 2005, the community, and
the world, was in mourning for Pope John Paul II who died earlier during the same week.
The second was last year in 2020, as COVID-19 took New York City as well as scientists,
doctors and infectious disease experts across the globe by surprise. The third is this year, 2021.
The resilience and strength of all of us in the transplant and donation community over the
last year simply amazes me in the face of the pandemic. Donor families, many who are
working through their grief; transplant recipients, many who are more vulnerable to be
infected due to their immunosuppression medications; and the heroic health care providers
who have given selflessly to save the lives of others in our community.
I hope you found TRIO’s virtual Remember & Rejoice service meaningful. This program
booklet further memorializes your tributes to your loved ones, and conveys heartfelt thanks
and appreciation from recipients who received these precious gifts. The virtual service
will remain available for you and your family to access at any time on our website or our
Facebook page.
My personal gratitude is extended to LiveOnNY and their staff, our area transplant centers
and volunteers who make ‘Remember and Rejoice’ possible. I would also like to express the
thanks on behalf of all of us, to Fran Dillon who tirelessly works to bring this memorable
service to fruition for us every year.
I am exuberant and hopeful about next year, ready to be together with all of you in person
next April for the 25th Anniversary of ‘Remember & Rejoice’ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, at
2:30 PM on Saturday, April 23, 2022.



Behind the Scenes of Remember & Rejoice
Bethany Stout-Davie, President, TRIO Manhattan

Fran Dillon, Liver Recipient, 1989
Past-President, TRIO Manhattan

Procession of NYPD Bagpipers – “Amazing Grace”
Filmed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 2019

We have gathered together to give praise, to offer thanks, to remember prayerfully
those who have generously donated of their bodies for the well-being of others,
As it is so often in life, this celebration is one which highlights both a joy and a
harsh love.

Presider: Rev. Jennifer Bailey
Let us pray:
O God, we thank you for the gift of love and life. We thank you for bringing us
here together in this special worship service to celebrate those gifts of love and life
with one another. As we take time now to reflect on your goodness, we ask for
your blessings upon us so that as we remember and rejoice in your love, we may
in turn strengthen one another with the bonds of affection and gratitude that give
glory to your Holy Name.


Laura Linton

Living Donor to sister, TinaMarie
Tinamarie Sammon

Kidney and Pancreas Recipient, 2010 & 2011
Helen M. Irving, RN, MBA

President & CEO, LiveOnNY
Rawle Inniss

Heart Recipient, 2018

Song: “One Moment In Time” music by Whitney Houston
Sung by: Jerrod Sanders
Pianist: Thomas DeFrancesco
Holy Cross – St. John the Baptist, New York, NY

Ronnie Schwartz
Liver Recipient, 1993

Lizbeth Waddell
Director, Hospital Services, LiveOnNY

Ellen Alexis
Husband Frank received kidney from sister

Marsha-Ann Hay
Double Cornea Recipient, 1998 & 2018


Names of Donors read by
Fran Dillon, Liver Recipient, 1989
Past President, TRIO Manhattan Chapter

Song: “One Moment In Time” music by Eric Clapton & Will Jennings
Sung by: Jerrod Sanders
Pianist: Thomas DeFrancesco
Holy Cross – St. John the Baptist, New York, NY

Presider: Rev. Jennifer Bailey
Gracious God, our confidence in You leads us to love and respect the dignity of all
life. We beg you to continue to strengthen our desire to work faithfully for good.
We ask this of You, our God, forever and ever.
Let us bow our heads and pray for God’s Blessing.
May the Lord Bless you. May the Lord give you His peace. And may Almighty
God Bless you now and for all times.






Words of Thanks, Joy and Blessings


To My Donor Family . . .

It has been over 14 years since I received your loved one’s kidney. I think about my
Donor and her family every day. I am so grateful for this “gift of life.”

I have been given a wonderful life with my family & friends, especially my grandsons
Max & Ollie. This miracle is greatly appreciated!

With Love,
Joan Galkin

This is the 22nd anniversary of Glenda’s gift from our selfless donor and donor
family. We continue to honor our donor every day by working to eliminate the waiting
list for anyone in need of a life-saving transplant. Thank you for your gift.

Ira & Glenda Copperman

To My Donor Family
I will always be grateful to my donor family for your generous gift. I received a
precious kidney, after almost 5 years on dialysis. When your heart was full of so much
grief, you put your grief aside and made the most kindest decision anyone could make.
I will always treasure my gift from an Angel, and my new life.
With Gratitude Always,

Iris H. Resto

Dear Donor Family,

It is with a heavy heart and much gratitude that I send this letter. I can’t believe that
it has been over 12 years since I received the gift of life as a result of your decision to
donate your loved one’s organs. Prior to my transplant, I was on thrice-weekly dialysis
treatments which left me drained and impacted my daily life. Now I am able to live life
to a much fuller degree. Also, I am now able to eat and drink with far fewer restrictions.
For bequeathing me this normal life that many people take for granted, I am extremely
grateful to you and your loved one. My family and I will always remember your act
of kindness and generosity. I was even able to celebrate my 50th birthday this year!

May you know what a huge difference your altruistic decision to donate has made
in my and my family’s life; and may your loved one rest in peace.




To My Donor Family . . .

I am celebrating thirteen years after my liver transplant. I am so lucky to have been
able to have these years with my three children and John. My life has been a true gift!
I have to thank my doctors and nurses with whom I’m still in touch for everything
they did for me.

I am so grateful for everything and everyone every day of my life!
Shelley Blye

For Linda Shatzer:
Thank you, donor family, for allowing your loved one’s liver to be donated so that
my mother could live. Mom recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of her transplant.
She is happy and healthy and thriving. A gift beyond words.

There are no words to express my gratitude to TRIO Manhattan Chapter for
these yearly remembrance services, but most importantly to my donor and his family
members. You have given me the gift of a second chance at life. This summer, I will
become a grandmother for the very first time in my life. Thank You for providing me
with all I am able to see in my view. Please understand the words I write to give my

Mara Martinez

Thank you seems so inadequate. I will be celebrating my 28th rebirthday of my
liver transplant in July.

Because of you, I have been lucky enough to give back just a bit for the gift of life I
received by working for twelve years at LiveOnNY as Quilt Coordinator. Retirement has
finally shown its face and I now have time to spend it with my great niece and nephew.

How lucky can one person be.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Ronnie Schwartz

I would not be here today without the love and selflessness of my amazing big sister
and a thoughtful stranger who saved and forever changed my life. Because of their
gifts, I am able to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

-Tinamarie Sammon


To My Donor Family . . .

Thanks very much for your priceless gift of organ donation.

It’s a joy to have more time with friends and family, for which I am eternally grate-
ful. May God bless you and bring you comfort for the loss you suffered to make this

Sincerely yours,

Rawle Inniss

Tina Marie Sammon and I have been friends for over 30 years. When it was dis-
covered that she needed a transplant her sister Laura immediately stepped up, like a
hero and saved her life as a living donor.

I am so grateful for Laura Linton and all that she has done to keep my best friend,
her sister, healthy and happy. She saved her life and there is no greater gift than that.

Thank you for all you do.

Amy F. Lovaglio

Dear Donor Family,

It has been over 30 years since you made the heroic decision of organ donation,
ultimately saving my mom’s life. Through this time, my awe and gratitude for your
selfless action has only grown stronger.

Thank you for giving me decades more with my Mom!
Danielle Dillon

Dear Donor Family x 2,
I am a double cornea transplant recipient-1998, 2018. I wanted to write to you
both to express how truly grateful I am for your selfless sacrifice to help me have a
better quality of life and to be a success in the things I want to do! I will continue to
make both my donor families PROUD knowing that the memory of your loved one,
lives on in me. Loving Life and Living their Legacy! May your loved ones continue to
RIP! My donors and donor families, YOU are my real HEROES and I THANK YOU!
“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself
that you truly give. “~Kahlil Gibran
Eternally Grateful,

Marsha-Ann Hay


To My Donor Family . . .

In 1999, I became the recipient of a new kidney. Your unselfish decision to donate,
after losing your loved one so tragically, made it possible for me to enjoy so many bless-
ings through the years. Not a day passes without the thought of my donor and my
donor family. Thank you from a grateful heart for the precious “gift of life” I received.

To my devoted husband and my caring children, thank you for your strength when
I needed it, and most of all, your love. To my grandchildren, your hugs and kisses are
what makes it all worthwhile.

Eileen Vento

To my donor Karry Rosado,
I am forever grateful to my brave brother and living donor, Karry Rosado. You
have saved my life. Love you. Words cannot describe how special you are to me. With
the support of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, TRIO Manhattan and my family, I
continue to lead a healthy, fulfilling life today.
God bless and keep my family strong in faith.
Your sister,


To My Donor Family,
It’s been 28 years since my liver transplant at Mt. Sinai in April, 1993. Your family
lost a son; my family welcomed me home again.
I am forever grateful.

Kallyn Krash

To my Donor and her family,
Thank you for your Gift which has granted me nearly 10 years of a new life that I
continue to flourish in. My prayers are with you and your family.

Jared Alechman


To My Donor Family . . .

Dear Donor Family,
It has been 32 years since you made the very difficult decision to share your much
loved daughter and saved my life. My family and I think of her often. We pray for
all of you and know that we can never thank you with just words. I try to honor her
memory by living my life to the fullest. I will be forever in your debt.

Fran Dillon & Family

Thank you to my donor angel Matthew Mcyintyre for my gift of life.
Heart Transplant Recipient,

Love, Jen

Thank you to my donor family for your precious gift. I have been able to enjoy
playing my steel guitar, reading self-help/personal growth books and practicing karate,
Thanks to you.

Michael J. Pfeifer

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame
within us.”

Albert Schweitzer

I thank all donors, living/passed, for making the decision to rekindle the spark
of life in others.

Glenn Mondry

To My Donor Family,
Twelve years ago, I was 49 years old when I received the gift of life. I am a mother

of 39-year old daughter and a 23-year old son. I am married to my loving and sup-
portive husband, Larry. I would like to extend my gratitude to my donor family for
their generosity in giving me a second chance in life. I want you to know that I pray
for you and my donor daily. May God bless you,

Jacinta Stanley Bickford


In honor of all the

Family Members

with us today.
Thank you for your love,
your patience, your guidance
and your strength.
We love you!


In Loving


In Loving Memory of . . .
Amrith Anandakrishnan

Amrith, our only treasure. You grew up to be a fine young man personally and profes-
sionally but taken away from us suddenly. We continue to rejoice in your short but
exemplary life.
May you attain Supreme Bliss!

Mom & Dad

Victoria Kristen Argentino

You will always be in our hearts because there you are still alive. Your heart lives on,
and we have a special angel watching over us. You are our warrior. Miss you and love
you forever. XOXO

Richard Arnold

Beloved husband and grandfather who thought of others, even in death.

Twan Ashley

Twan Ashley would have been happy that he was able to save someone’s life or better
someone’s life. We love and miss him, but he still lives on in a special way....

Vincent Sanchez Badana

Beloved one and only son who took care of his aging parents. Loving and caring brother
to his four sisters, doting uncle to Kayla and Franklin, well-loved by his cousins and
friends, hardworking dedicated health care worker, sports enthusiast, health conscious,
nature lover, fun-loving.

Jazmin Bermudez

When you came into this world, our life was filled with joy and happiness. As time
went on, you became a beautiful person and surprised us with our granddaughters, your
accomplishments and your cheerful personality filled every empty space with laughter.
But destiny had its own surprises, you departed to a place where there is no pain or
suffering, only God. Forever in our hearts.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Jaime Anthony Binns

“Those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor give with
mindfulness of virtue; Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind
their eyes He smiles upon the earth.”

Khahlil Gibran

Scott Boegle

Sleep on, fly on. We love you so much, Scott.

John Bongiorno

From the standpoint of eternity, there is hardly any difference between a long and short
life. It is not whether one’s life is long or short, but how one lives that is important. It
is what we accomplish, the degree to which we develop our state of life, the number of
people we help become happy – that is what matters.

Miguel Angel Bonilla

Six years without you and I’m still missing you mucho. You were my best friend and
my other half. Thanks for always being there for me. You will Always and Forever be
in my heart.

Love always, your wife, Haydee

Robert Bosalavage

Bobby, we love you, we miss you, we will never let you be forgotten. You are in our
hearts and in our minds every minute of every day. Until we meet again...Love You

Forever & Always, Mom

Brian Joseph Boyle

Brian was an amazing person who loved his family, friends, Catholic faith, heritage
and his country. He was a dedicated, giving person whether taking care of his elderly
mother, his job, helping friends and neighbors or sending Girl Scout cookies to the
troops abroad. He became an organ donor after the death of a close friend. Brian was
dearly loved and is greatly missed by all.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Richard John Brown

You are forever in our hearts, miss you and love you and are happy you live on in others
who received your donor gifts. We are so proud you are our brother.

Hugs & kisses, Ginny, Lynne & Laura

Zachary T. J. Carey

You made this world a beautiful place Zachary. Your kindness was never-ending. We
miss everything about you; your kindness, your beauty, your gift of always giving.
You’re missed every day and loved for all eternity. Until we meet again.

Barry Steven Chait

Barry, we miss you terribly, three and a half years later. Your children are making a
difference in our world. They possess everything good about you. You helped others
selflessly with your donation. We love you always.

Christina Jeneen Claudio

How beautiful you are inside and out, how heroic you have become. Your beauty
continues to sparkle in the lives of others. There’s not a day that goes by that you’re
not thought of with cherished memories of laughter. My world has totally changed
without you.

I loved so much then and so much now. Mom

Robert J. Conkling

Bobby was a devoted father, husband, and son who dedicated his life to caring for his
sick and injured daughter, wife, and parents. He had a huge heart and put his family
and friends first in everything he did.

Bhakti Datta

Ma, it’s been 14 years since you left us. Still think of you daily. You made me proud
in your life, and your gift of life makes me proud after death. Glad you have Baba’s
company now. Miss you both.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Kirkland J’Narvis Dawson

He was such a wonderful person. He was an AWESOME son, brother, grandson, nephew,
uncle and friend. He is missed so very much.

Efrain Jason Delgado

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although
I smile and seem carefree, there is no one who misses you more than me.

Love You Always, My Angel

Michael Patrick Durnin Jr.

Michael, We love and miss you incessantly dear son, brother, grandson. We remember
your sweet face, beautiful smile and contagious laughter. You live on and that means

Mom, Dad, Stephen, Joni, Gramis and Satchu Puppy

Juan Kike Figueroa

Loving, giving, accepting and energetic person. Phenomenal father, exceptional husband,
all around soul that we carry in our hearts and memories eternally.

Toni Marmo Fiorello

Happy 60th Birthday in Heaven. You are missed greatly each and every single day. You
will never be forgotten. Love you forever and a day.

Your loving family.

Nicole Maria Flora

My dear daughter, this July you would have been 40. The memories we shared are
savored as special treasures. Twenty years have passed since God called you home. I
continue to unwrap the treasures and hold them close to my heart.

Love, Mom


In Loving Memory of . . .
Nancy Foley

Nancy recently passed away 2 weeks after her 60th birthday. Being an organ donor fit
her perfectly. She would be so happy to know that she helped someone. This helps ease
the pain of losing her suddenly.

Rory Anthony Forehand, Sr.

Remembering our beloved Rory Anthony Forehand, Sr. We miss you more and more
each day and hold on to your precious memories. We honor you today and every day.
Stay sharp until we meet again.

Love you Always, Mom & Dad & Family

Rigobertha Fuentes

You were an inspiration to so many of us. Your resiliency, faithfulness, kindness, com-
mitment is missed. Not a day goes by we don’t think of you. Rest in eternal peace. We
love you so much. God bless your soul.

Paula Rizzo Funaro

My wife was not only beautiful outside, but also inside. She loved people, family and
friends. She could cook up a storm, especially her apple pie and at Easter time her
pizza rustica. She was also the best dresser.

Russell Gabay

In loving memory of Russell Gabay. We miss you every day.
Xoxo Liz, Syd and Sam

James Edward Gallagher

Jim was a loving husband and father to two daughters. He was a financial planner who
helped many people throughout his 30-year career. He loved playing softball, his bass
guitar and golfing. We love and miss you Gator!

Marco A. Gaudin

Marco was a bright, funny man who loved life and loved to laugh above all else. His
gift was the last selfless thing he could have done to save lives, including that of his
cousin who received a kidney.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Paul Grammatico, Jr.

In memory of my donor hero son who gave “life after life” to 12 people. Your heart
still beats.

Raquel Gutierrez

Raquel, it’s been about 12 years since we last saw you! After all these years you still
live in our hearts. There is not one day that passes by that you are not mentioned or
thought about. Your presence will forever stand strong with us.

Camille Jessica Hanchard

Camille, we miss you every second of the day. We will forever love you and miss you.
Until we meet again, Dad & Mom

Clarence C. Hanchard, Jr.

He will remain our silent hero. A loving, giving soul, gave love to all. Lives in our
hearts, made us who we are today. Missing your smile.

Your Mom, Daughters & Family

Jane Lee Harbaugh

I know we are doing the best we can right now. But until we’re together again, know
I’m wanting and waiting for you . . . and loving you with all I am.

Nicolas Andres Hernandez

My son, of all the precious gifts in life, however great or small, to have you as my son
was the greatest gift of all. I miss you with every beat of my broken heart.

Grant Eric Hodgdon

Grant means Great. You were always a great person with a great personality, your
ability to make us laugh, to draw people in. Unintentionally, but always, the center of
attention. A man of many talents & friends. We feel so very broken without you. You
remain in our hearts.

Love always, Mom & Dad


In Loving Memory of . . .

Andrew Joensen

Andrew loved sports, playing cards, listening to music and watching movies. He was
a man of strength, with a great sense of humor and had a compassionate soul. He will
forever be missed by his family and his friends.

Maryanne Kennedy

My beautiful wife Maryanne was a mother, grandmother and nurse. She was my best
friend and soulmate. She left us all way too soon. Her family and friends miss her so
very much. She was such a fun person and full of life.

Diana Marie Kress

My beautiful daughter Diana, my Brown Eyed Girl, we miss you every day. We love
you to the moon and back. I am so proud of the gifts you gave, even in death.

Until we meet again, XOXO Mommy

Shaun Michael Leo

My beautiful son: Shaun Michael Leo

Joaquin Lopera

El frio y la soledad golpea con mi corazon. Te fuistes sin decir adios. Tu ausencia es
muy dura y dificil, pero me hace feliz saber que estas en un lugar muy especial. Te
extraño mucho. Emilce.

Silvano Saverio Loria

A kind, loving, family man who made people laugh wherever he travelled in life. Always
the entertainer, he lived life to the fullest and would be overjoyed to know he ultimately
gave others life. Heaven awaits his loved ones. Sorely Missed.

Stephen Marini

Dear Son and Brother, Little that we knew that day God was calling your name. In life
we loved you and in death we do the same. You did not go alone, for part of us went
with you that day. God took you home. You left us your love as our guide. Our family
chain is broken, but in God’s love, our chain will be linked together again in harmony
and peace.


In Loving Memory of . . .
John Marsden

John Marsden will be remembered as a caring, loving and selfless man. He loved all
that life had to offer. He gave the gift of sight so his beautiful eyes will see again. He
will forever be loved and remembered.

Theo Mateiko

Mom, you were always a caring and giving person, even in the end when you gave the
Gift of Life. We love you and miss you always.

James, Beth, Stefany, Jimmy

Edward McGuire

Our beautiful boy left this earth much too soon. We all miss you, God put you and your
cousin Kirsten here for one reason: to make all you came in contact with better people,
and you both did that.

Wayne Juice McLaughlin

I thought of you today but that is nothing new, I thought of you yesterday and days
before that too. I think of you in silence I often speak your name. All I have is memories
and your pictures in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake of which I will never part.
God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heart.

Steven A. Mende

You were a husband, father and grandfather. The memories we will always cherish
keep us laughing and crying. You will forever be a part of us and never fade away. You
are our forever angel.

Kim Patricia Mollo

May the winds of Heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear how much we love you.
Until we meet again. Always and forever in our hearts.

Love your Sunshine


In Loving Memory of . . .
Angel Gallardo Moran

Querido hijo, No sabes cuánta falta me haces, te extraño. Estraño tu sonrisa, tus
bromas, siempre nos hacías reír. Pero siempre recordaremos los momentos felices que
pasamos y vivirás en nuestros corazones. Tú fuiste un hijo muy bueno. Te amo hijo,
un beso hasta el cielo.

Andrew O.Morrison

“In Loving Memory” Your presence we miss, Your memory we treasure. Loving you
always, forgetting you never.

Love, Mom, Dad, Gabby, Keanna, Paris and Giavanna.

Lucy Mounier

Oh Mom, how I miss you. Miss our daily phone calls throughout the day. So much I wish
to share with you. Although you are gone, the Love & Memory of you will never pass.

Forever & Always, your Daughter, Emily

Nicholas Joseph Mytko

Always in our hearts and on our minds. We will forever love you. Your wings were
ready, but our hearts were not.

Caitlin Mary Nelson

In Memory of Caitlin Mary Nelson. The Gift that keeps on Giving. We love & miss
you today and every day, sending you butterfly kisses. Love you to the moon & back.
Your wings were ready but our hearts were not.

Love, Mom & Anne

Joseph “Giuseppe” Oppedisano

A brightest star. Live & Love Always

Andrew J Panken

Son, Brother, Friend, Volunteer Fireman. You left your mark on this earth! Your smile
will live on in our hearts. Gone too soon at 27, yet still helping others through life-
giving organ donation.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Margarita Perez

Although nothing eases the pain we feel for your absence. We are comforted know-
ing that you’re with God. It also comforts us to know that you’ve generously helped
someone in need with the donation of your organs. We love you.

Beverly Ann Persaud

Most beloved Mommy and Baby Sister, truly nothing gold can stay. Your genuinely
sweet smile, endless heart, and boundless talent brightened the lives of all you touched.
Rest in happiness and peace until we meet again for eternity.

Diane Marie Petillo

To my little sister. For you Diane, I pray you are at Peace. For me, the pain of your
passing is endless. . .
I love you Diane for eternity. I will always hold you close in my heart.

Joseph Pipia

Not a moment goes by that myself, Anthony and Ilissa don’t miss your voice, laugh,
great smile, music and warm embrace. The world is very different without you. You
touched so many lives and are forever with us!

Dylan Plakstis

He was a kind and gentle soul. His love of music and faith in Jesus Christ helps his
family deal with this terrible loss. Sharing our hero with 3 other families also gives us
comfort. Dylan gave the gift of life with his heart going to a 23-year old female, his
liver to a 64-year old male and both his lungs to a 61-year old male.

Daniel M. Pope

When we look at the stars in the sky, we see your smiling face and know that you are
happy. That smile is what keeps us going. We miss you and will love you forever.

Mom & Dad


In Loving Memory of . . .
Dharam Raghubir

He was a prince among us. A loving son to his dear mom. He loved Jesus Christ, his
family and helping others. Even after his final breath, his love and generosity was
boundless. He is deeply loved and missed.

John A. Reyes

Dear John, Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you. You are missed and loved
beyond words.

Love you mom, Melissa and family.

Colleen Jean Robinson

A life short lived

Thomas Runge

We lost you unexpectedly and think of you constantly - sometimes in laughter and
sometimes in tears.
We honor your humble gift of life to another, a gift that allows you to live on. We love
you always.

Susan, Colleen, and Tommy

Alejo Santa

Papa Tito, A big Love for Family! A Pillar! Wonderful Dad to All! Loved jokes, loved
music, animals & dancing with his bride, A Selfless Angel!

Pascual H. Santiago

Not a day goes by without thoughts of you. We miss you, we mourn you, we celebrate
you, we are proud of you. Always and forever.

Obdulio Serrano

We miss you so much. Thank you for teaching us work ethics and that hard work pays
off. You were a dependable, responsible father and an amazing grandfather. We love
you. God bless your soul in eternal peace.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Earl W. Seymore

A truly beloved father, fiancé, son, brother & friend. We miss you just as much today,
as we did the day you left. You are forever in our hearts.

John Allen Sisco

(Boliver Shagnasty) OUR HERO in life and death: BLIND yet...corneas gave two people
sight. SKIN hurt yet... It healed burn victims. Tired BONES yet…they helped cancer
patients. Your wings were ready, our hearts were not ready to let you fly to infinity and
beyond. Love you more, NOT POSSIBLE!

Adam Jerome Slomin

Adam Jerome Slomin is smiling down on his loved ones. We know it. We feel it. His
lifelong kindness and compassion fuel us every day. We miss his presence every day
and hold his spirit in our heart until we meet again.

Nicholas Michael Soto

Nicholas was our beloved son who was our bond in life and was loved by many. Nicho-
las loved wrestling and basketball, as well as academics. Nicholas is gone but never
forgotten, may you rest in peace.

Kingston Spencer

Forever in my heart, forever in my soul, forever Kingston, forever my phenomenal son.
You may be gone but your gifts of life will forever live on.

Richard Joseph Urban

You were the light of our lives. No words could ever be enough for the love you showed
to everyone you met or for the love we all have for you. Forever Loved, Forever Missed,
Forever in Our Thoughts.

Luis Angel Vargas

Luis leaves behind a legacy. He was loving, kind and smart. Luis will always be re-
membered for his love of people and animals. He helped those in need and cared for
stray animals. Luis had a heart of gold. He is missed by many, loved by all.

Raul Vasquez Jr.


In Loving Memory of . . .
Quadir Ny’ron Washington

To my dear son Quadir, I miss you so much. Not a day goes by that Mommy doesn’t
think of you. The day I lost you, I lost myself. You will never be forgotten.

Mommy and the family love and miss you.

Kather Charles-Boo Werts

My son was full of love, loyalty, and a caring spirit. He was intelligent and had a bright
future ahead of him. He loved his family and friends. He is loved and sorely missed.

Jason Wilkison

We donated Jay’s loving heart to save a gentleman for his family. I’m hoping with my
son’s loving heart, his family will have their Dad for a long time. I miss my son deeply,
but I know he’s in a better place and his heart lives on.

Joseph Williams

To Joey, the best husband, dad and friend. He looked at life with such joy and always
had a smile on his face. Joey loved his wife, daughters and dog, Brody, more than
anything. He is missed so much by everyone!

Peter F. Zuzzolo

Not a day goes by Dad that we don’t think of you and the kindness and laughter you
brought to us all. Happy Birthday, April 17th.

Love your family

Pete Prudente

His kindness, love for his fellow man-in-need, makes Pete a very special man.
Thank you for all you do for others!



The UNOS national patient waiting list for organ transplant
as of May 21, 2021 were:

 98,145 patients waiting for a kidney transplant
 12,129 patients waiting for a liver transplant
 901 patients waiting for a pancreas transplant
 1,774 patients waiting for a kidney-pancreas transplant
 237 patients waiting for an intestine transplant
 3,661 patients waiting for a heart transplant
 45 patients waiting for a heart-lung transplant
 1,028 patients waiting for a lung transplant

117,920 TOTAL

*All candidates will be less than the sum due to candidates waiting for multiple organs.

“Give the Gift of Life”
Be an Organ and Tissue Donor

For More Information on
Organ & Tissue Donation




We would like to thank the following
individuals and organizations who made this service possible.

Andy McEvoy and Dan Sprague, NYPD Bagpipers
(Filmed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 2019)

Reverend Jen Bailey
Jerrod Sanders, Soloist
Thomas DeFrancisco, Pianist
Helen Irving, President & CEO, LiveOnNY
Lizbeth Wadell, Director, Hospital Services, LiveOnNY
Geri Sciortino, The Bronx Design Group and Staff
Rawle Inniss, Heart Transplant Recipient
Ronnie Schwartz, Liver Transplant Recipient
Laura Linton, Living Kidney Donor
Tinamarie Sammon, Kidney & Pancreas Recipient
Ellen Alexis, TRIO Board Member
Marsha-Ann Hay, Double Cornea Transplant

Bethany Stout-Davie, President, TRIO Manhattan Chapter
Fran Dillon, Liver Transplant Recipient



Ellen Alexis Vito Iacobellis
Patricia Maher-Brisen & Henry Brisen Paula Ligori & Marianne Bradley
Natalie Lessinger
Laura P. Cotter Ray Niebling
Robert Crane & Susan Chodorov Richard Roth
Glenda Daggert & Ira Copperman Joseph Raneri
Susan Senk
Danielle Dillon The Feuerring Foundation
Fran Dillon Eileen & Richard Vento

Carolyn Friedman


LiveOnNY and their very dedicated staff
Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation
Northwell Health Transplant Center
New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical
Center, Weill Cornell Medical College
Stony Brook University Hospital Transplant Center
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
The New York University Langone Transplant Institute
The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration
The Rogosin Institute with New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell
The Recanati / Miller Transplantation Institute, Mt. Sinai
Medical Center
The New York Firefighters Skin Bank
Transplant Support Organization (TSO)
TRIO Long Island
Westchester Medical Center


Transplant Recipients International Organization, Inc.
Manhattan Chapter

P.O. Box 53, Lenox Hill Station
New York, NY 10021
Tel: (212) 472-2516
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: TRIO Manhattan Chapter

Bethany Stout-Davie, President
Vice President: Ronnie Schwartz
Special Events Coordinator: Joan Galkin
Social Media Coordinator: Tinamarie Sammon

Ellen Alexis, Fran Dillon, Iris Resto & Linda Strappazon

Larraine DePasquale

Fran Dillon
Tinamarie Sammon





Larraine DePasquale

TRIO Manhattan Chapter President


God saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be
So he put His arms around you

And whispered,
“Come to Me”
With tearful eyes we watched you
And saw you pass away
And although we love you dearly
We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating
Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.



April 23, 2022

at 2:30 pm
for the

25th Anniversary
of the Annual

Remember & Rejoice
Service at

St. Patrick’s Cathedral


“Give the Gift of Life”
Be an Organ and Tissue Donor

For More Information on
Organ & Tissue Donation



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