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Published by Maryam Hamza, 2019-03-14 21:31:41

Untitled presentation (1)

Untitled presentation (1)

Civil Rights and Modern Georgia
Maryam Hamza
2nd period
Social Studies


March on Washington

❏ The March on Washington began in 1963. It had more than 200000
activist that came and heard martin luther king jr speech.

❏ This marches purpose for activist to promote their cause and push for civil
rights legislation.

❏ This march encouraged the passage of the civil rights
acts in 1964.

❏ In the March on Washington Martin Luther King Jr
gave his famous speech “I have a Dream.”

Martin Luther King Jr

❏ Martin Luther king Jr won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his work and
his loyalty to non-violent protest.

❏ He was the spokesperson for the Montgomery bus boycott.
❏ MLK gave his speech “I have a dream” in 1963 . Its purpose was to make

citizens accept all race and to end discrimination with African American.
❏ Kings technique to combat civil inequalities is

by non-violent protest.
❏ Some of his victories is the SCLC--March on



❏ “Southern Christian Leadership Conference”(SCLC). MLK created it and it
was created to advance the cause of civil rights in America but in a
non-violent way/organized protest and opportunities for the economic
improvement of african american or blacks.

❏ The SCLC moved the headquarters --in filed lawsuits
against federal government.

❏ Today it focuses on causes such as health care,
prison reform, fair treatment of refugees, and
jobs site safely


❏ Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC)was a major civil
rights organization of the 1960’s.

❏ The purpose of this organization was to protest civil rights in a
nonviolent way.

❏ John Lewis was the chairman of the Sncc .

Lester Maddox

❏ Lester Maddox was one of the people who didn't want to follow the law as to
not integrate.

❏ He was running as mayor of atlanta but he lost
because he supported segregation.

❏ In the end Maddox died because of cancer at the
age of 87.

Modern Georgia

Ivan Allen

❏ Ivan Allen was a mayor in atlanta from 1962-1970.
❏ He fought for civil rights , his first day in mayor he had all the black and

white signs removed from city hall ,so from this he was against
❏ He helped build the interstate 285. He also helped bring the olympics of
1996 to atlanta and the professional
sports including men's hockey,
the Hawks , Atlanta Falcons.

1996 Olympics

❏ The Olympics gave Atlanta a international name recognition.
❏ It also was the reason for the economy to grow. And it brought more

money to atlanta and the population increased because more people
started to come.

Jimmy Carter

❏ Carter was born in the plains, Georgia.
❏ He was the second person after Martin luther king to win the nobel prize.
❏ Carter was a state senator, governor, president and past president. In my

opinion I think that he was better at being the past president because it
brought the carter center and it had a lot
of useful things.

Andrew Young

❏ Andrew young served in georgia as a congressman, united nation
ambassador and the mayor of atlanta.

❏ He helped organize desegregation campaigns
throughout the south and also he helped organize voter

❏ He was the first african american to be elected in
congress since reconstruction in 1972.

❏ His career brought the 1996 olympic games to
atlanta and georgia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

❏ Franklin D. Roosevelt was refered by his initials

❏ He was the states man and political leader,
He was the 32nd president of the united states .

❏ He built the “little white house” in warm
stream georgia.

❏ He also made “new deals” / laws to help

Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deals

❏ Civilian Conservation Corps

❏ The purpose of this program is that it allowed young men to work.

❏ Agricultural Adjustment Act

❏ The AAA was that the government offered money to farmers to not plant

❏ Rural ElEctrification Act

❏ They provided electricity to rural areas(area like farms and
agriculture places).

❏ Social Security Act

❏ The social security program was mostly known for
helping elderly , orphans and people over the age of 65.

Maynard Jackson

❏ Maynard Jackson was the first black mayor of Atlanta.
❏ He was a member of the democratic party.
❏ He was also a American politician and lawyer

from Georgia.

Georgia In The National And International

❏ During the 1970s the businesses became to come in to georgia.
❏ There was a big role to globalization which means trade and when it

increases the economy increases.
❏ Tourism is a big business in georgia and is the 5th largest industry in

❏ These brought so much money to georgia and made a lot of changes.

Hope You Liked It

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