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Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) was established in 1984 as an
autonomous Telecom R&D centre of DOT, Govt. of India. Hailed as the progenitor of
the indigenous Telecom revolution in the nation, C-DOT, with more than 3 decades of
its relentless R&D efforts in the indigenous design, development and production of
telecom technologies typically suited to the Indian landscape, have been in the
technology forefront and has significantly contributed to the Indian Telecom
Network’s Digitization.

In the initial years, C-DOT triggered a telecom revolution in the rural India that was
responsible for all-round socio-economic development. As part of its development
process, C-DOT has spawned a wide base of equipment manufacturers and
component vendors for the industry. Moreover, it has been instrumental in the
evolution of a Telecom Manufacturing Ecosystem based on its Technology Transfer
model to facilitate manufacturers in the bulk production of high quality Telecom
products and solutions.

C-DOT, over the years, has evolved into a full-fledged telecom R&D institution, that
complies with level-5 maturity on CMMI Model, and has capabilities to undertake
large-scale state-of- the-art telecom technologies development programs. C-
DOT’s commitment to the cause of nation building continues with development of
products of national and strategic importance. C-DOT as a torch bearer of indigenous
telecom R&D continues to develop latest technology products in areas like Optical,
Switching, Wireless, Security, Network Management while also working on futuristic
technologies like M2M/IOT, 5G, AI, Smart Cities etc.

C-DOT reiterates its unequivocal commitment towards realizing the objectives of
various flagship programs of the Government of India that include “Digital-India”,
“Make in India”, “Bharat Net”, “Skill India”, “Startup India” and “Smart Cities”.

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

ifj;kstuk cksMZ@Project Board

uke@Name nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@ QSDl@Fax
Phone (O) Mobile E-mail 011-26598490
dk;Zdkjh funs”kd@Executive Director 080-25119047

fofiu R;kxh 011-26598118 9560192600 [email protected] QSDl@Fax
Vipin Tyagi -


izohu dqekj ekFkqj 011-26598724 9810824431 [email protected]
Praveen Kumar Mathur


t;ar HkVukxj 011-26598354 9810998056 [email protected]
Jayant Bhatnagar


lkSUnjdqekj ,e 080-25119043 9591413435 [email protected]
Soundarakumar M
nkf;Ro@Role nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@
Phone (O) Mobile E-mail

lrdZrk vf/kdkjh@ Vigilance Officers

lanhi tSu Chief Vigilance Officer 011-26598147 8527576729 [email protected]
Sandeep Jain


th eqdqUnu Chief Finance Officer 011-26598130 9560234433 [email protected] 011-26802861
G Mukundan 011-26598158

jktho Hklhu iz”kklu@dkuwuh@ekuo lalk/ku
Rajiv Bhasin
ds vkatus;qyw Administration / Legal / Human Resource
K Anjaneyulu
Registrar 011-26598272 9560554409 [email protected] 011-26598188
9449062952 [email protected] 080-25119626
Chief Administrative Officer 080-25119616

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

uke@Name nkf;Ro@Role nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@ QSDl@Fax

Phone (O) Mobile E-mail

vkj Vh vkbZ vf/kdkjh@RTI Officers

ds ds nkl First Appellate 011-26598479 9810998053 [email protected] 011-26598480
K K Das Authority (FAA) - Delhi
dqythr flag
Kuljit Singh Central Public Information 011-26598221 9871771206 [email protected] 011-26598116
vuqjkx xqIrk Officer (CPIO) - Delhi 011-26598223
Anurag Gupta
lEir dqekj ,e Assistant Public Information 011-26598102 9342704422 [email protected] -
Sampath Kumar M Officer (APIO) - Delhi

Assistant Public Information 080-25119521 9448360085 [email protected] 080-25119521
Officer (APIO) - Bengaluru

ikjnf”kZrk vf/kdkjh@Transparency Officer

dqythr flag Head-HR, Legal,PMG, 011-26598221 9871771206 [email protected] 011-26598116
Kuljit Singh MIS/ERP

izkSn~;ksfxdhs gLrkarj.k@ Transfer Of Technology

MkW JhukFk lsRrwj Head 080-25119575 9448988749 [email protected] 080-25119047
Dr.Sreenath Settur

foi.ku vkSj dkWikZsjsV lapkj@vkbZ ih vkj
Marketing / Corporate Communications / IPR

ru; d`’.k Head-Marketing & 011-26598791 9650702377 [email protected] 011-26598556
Corporate Communications 7259947733 [email protected] 011-25119601
Tanay Krishna
MkW okbZ oh ,l y{eh GL-IPR ,Marketing and 080-25119592
Dr.Y V S Lakshmi Knowledge Mgmt.(Blr)

ofj’B vf/kdkjh ¼fnYyh½@Senior Officers (Delhi)

ofj’B rduhdh fo”ks’kK@ Senior Technical Experts

ds ds nkl Process / Material Mgmt., 011-26598479 9810998053 [email protected] 011-26598480
K K Das Central Stores Campus

rduhdh fo”ks’kK@ Technical Experts

feUuh Hkkacjh Knowledge Management 011-26598629 9818491670 [email protected] 011-26598629
Minni Bhambri
xzqi yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ @ Group Leaders Delhi
lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@
vYiuk lsBh
Alpna Sethi Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
vfuy dqekj
Anil Kumar Validation (MAX-NG,LTE,NGN,IMS) 011-26598835 9810619668 [email protected]
vuqie diwj
Anupam Kapur Switching & Routing Software 011-26598288 9911020511 [email protected]
vuqiek pksiM+k
Anupama Chopra Process management 011-26598837 9999291506 [email protected]
vuqjkx xqIrk
Anurag Gupta Operations Support System (OSS) 011-26598393 9891174739 [email protected]

5G Test Bed 011-26598102 9342704422 [email protected]

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

xzqi yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ @ Group Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

v”kksd xqIrk Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
[email protected]
Ashok Gupta Optical Core Network (OCN) H/W 011-26598847 9313572233 [email protected]
[email protected]
v”kksd feRry CMS Roll Out 011-26598444 9811546246 [email protected]
Ashok Mittal [email protected]
vrqy dqekj xqIrk Optical Technologies 011-26598823 9891261276 [email protected]
Atul Kumar Gupta [email protected]
Technical Services 011-26598828 9971224309 [email protected]
vkSfjUne HkV~Vkpk;kZ [email protected]
Aurindam Bhattacharya CMS 011-26598474 9868024736 [email protected]
[email protected]
chjsu deZdkj TWDM PON S/W 011-26598268 9968381256 [email protected]
Biren Karmakar [email protected]
pUnu MaXk ATM for Defence 011-26598417 9871048610 [email protected]
Chandan Dung [email protected]
Optical Core Network (OCN) S/W 011-26598830 9891723026 [email protected]
nhfidk ukxiky [email protected]
Deepika Nagpal CMS (North & East) 011-26598726 9811587248 [email protected]
[email protected]
XkqIrs'oj ek>h Optical Validation & Field Support 011-26598333 9868449261 [email protected]
Gupteswar Majhi [email protected]
MAX Fieild Support-2 011-26598529 9810609668 [email protected]
gjh”k dqekj “kekZ [email protected]
Harish Kumar Sharma Technical Services 011-26598838 9810471882 [email protected]
t; çdk'k
Jai Prakash NGN 011-26598423 9911317317

yfyr uanu NGEMS 011-26598792 9818760331
Lalit Nandan
,e ds xqIrk Field Support-1 011-26598484 9871302198
M K Gupta
Knowledge Management 011-26598759 9968307935
euh’k “kekZ
Manish Sharma HR,PMG,ERP/MIS 011-26598753 9871183220
ehuw xqIrk
Meenu Gupta DSA & CAD 011-26598771 9873002765

eksgEen vkQrkc vkye Call Processing 011-26598581 9818144318
Mohd. Aftab Alam
Fault Tolerance 011-26598618 9818150862
ujs”k enku
Naresh Madan TWDM PON H/W 011-26598774 9818493576
iadt dqekj
Pankaj Kumar Optical Technical Interface 011-26598889 9810974556

iadt dqekj nysyk ¼MkW½ Signalling 011-26598555 9811161763
Pankaj Kumar Dalela (Dr.)
iwtk xqIrk SDCN & COELI, WiFi Enhancements 011-26598760 9899403476
Pooja Gupta

iz”kkar pq?k
Prashant Chugh

izoh.k dqekj
Praveen Kumar

jfoanj vEckjnkj
Ravinder Ambardar
jsuw xqIrk
Renu Gupta

vkj jek
R Rama

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

xzqi yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ @ Group Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

lanhi dqekj [kqjkuk Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Sandeep Kumar Khurana
MAX-NG,Tools & Lab Infrastructure 011-26598447 9810385342 [email protected]
lkSjo ljdkj
Saurav Sarkar Service Router 011-26598431 9873555774 [email protected]
f”k[kk jkW;
Shikha Roy IN 011-26598394 9717179199 [email protected]

f”k[kk JhokLro COELI 011-26598448 9810583833 [email protected]
Shikha Srivastava
Vhe yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ /Team Leaders Delhi
vfHk"ksd JhokLro
Abhishek Srivastava Technical Services(CMS) 011-26598226 9555039440 [email protected]
vkfnR; ohj flag
Aditya Veer Singh Optical Core Network (OCN) S/W 011-26598318 9971795888 [email protected]
vQt+y Qlhg
Afzal Fasih Switching & Routing Software 011-26598591 9810459144 [email protected]
vt; dqekj
Ajay Kumar CMS 011-26598476 9871515577 [email protected]
011-26598777 9868512473 [email protected]
vt; ehuk Clearing House (Operation & 011-26598881 9013484632 [email protected]
Ajay Meena Maintenance)

vt; çrki 'kqDyk TWDM PON S/W
Ajay Pratap Shukla
COELI 011-26598705 9818833864 [email protected]
vydk dqekj
Alka Kumar CMS 011-26598290 9891297954 [email protected]

vfer pkSgku Marketing & Corporate Communications 011-26598808 9818400677 [email protected]
Amit Chauhan
vfer daly Validation & FS1 011-26598386 9968070112 [email protected]
Amit Kansal
vfuy dqekj DSA 011-26598269 9968070370 [email protected]
Anil Kumar
vfuy dqekj 'kekZ Call Processing 011-26598871 9811477355 [email protected]
Anil Kumar Sharma
vatfy caly Call Processing 011-26598650 9911139158 [email protected]
Anjali Bansal
Technical Services 011-26598361 9654325412 [email protected]
vafdr tSu
Ankit Jain DSA 011-26598225 9868182230 [email protected]
vuwi xqIrk
Anoop Gupta COELI 011-26598470 9711350701 [email protected]
vuqjkx ;kno
Anurag Yadav IN 011-26598378 9650553232 [email protected]
vUo;k jk;
Anvaya Rai Switching & Routing Software 011-26598708 9717700542 [email protected]

vpZuk oyspk MAX-NG 011-26598311 9899842731 [email protected]
Archna Walecha
v#.k dqekj
Arun Kumar

Hkqou ik.Ms
Bhuwan Pande

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ /Team Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

pk# ekFkqj Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Charu Mathur [email protected]
Marketing & Corporate Communications 011-26598803 9811699880 [email protected]
nhfidk vEcokuh [email protected]
Deepika Ambwani TWDM PON H/W 011-26598851 9811264700 [email protected]
[email protected]
fnxEcj ;kno Optical Core Network (OCN) H/W 011-26598108 9818407501 [email protected]
Digamber Yadav [email protected]
Field Support-1 011-26598607 9868271904 [email protected]
fnus'k xqIrk [email protected]
Dinesh Gupta NGEMS 011-26598409 7065713452 [email protected]
[email protected]
M‚-tqxy fd'kksj 'kjek Switching & Routing Software 011-26598821 9716034411 [email protected]
Dr. Jugal Kishore Sharma [email protected]
nq";ar dqekj Field Support-2 011-26598520 9868275579 [email protected]
Dushyant Kumar [email protected]
Technical Services 011-26598664 9999388704 [email protected]
xkSre dnZe [email protected]
Gautam Kardam Switching & Routing Software 011-26598342 9999766030 [email protected]
xqIrk ih;w"k dqekj [email protected]
Fault Tolerance 011-26598612 9899161308 [email protected]
Gupta Piyush Kumar [email protected]
gsear flaxyk Optical Validation-F. Support 011-26598768 9899841801 [email protected]
Hament Singla [email protected]
fgekuh xk¡/kh xxZ NGEMS 011-26598442 9810366574 [email protected]
Himani Gandhi Garg
fgEer yky veksndj Field Support -New Technology 011-26598585 9868270044
Himmat Lal Amodkar
NGN 011-26598604 9999915088
banw c=k
Indu Batra MAX-PI 011-26598606 9899522345
t;ar ukFk eaMy
Jayanta Nath Mandal NGEMS 011-26598155 9868271947

thr cgknqj flag Documentation 011-26598327 9868447897
Jit Bahadur Singh
Call Processing 011-26598647 9871352732
dey fd'kksj
Kamal Kishore Optical Core Network (OCN) H/W 011-26598882 9899101232
dey dqekj
Kamal Kumar CMS 011-26598469 9810258594

dUgS;k yky lksuh Lab Infrastructure 011-26598734 9868479274
Kanhaiya Lal Soni
OSS 011-26598334 9810132430
dfiyk vjksjk
Kapila Arora SDCN 011-26598414 9868358200

df'k'k vkuan Validation & FS1 011-26598730 8010787299
Kashish Anand

fdj.k ok/kok
Kiran Wadhwa
—".k rustk
Krishan Taneja
dqekj ç.kc
Kumar Pranab

dq'kokgk çeksn dqekj
Kushwaha Pramod Kumar
yfyr dqekj
Lalit Kumar

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ /Team Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

yhuk , vkj Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Leena A R
yhuk vEcokuh Validation-MAX-NG-ATM 011-26598525 9868188657 [email protected]
Leena Ambwani
5G Test Bed 011-26598807 9871891019 [email protected]
euh"kk fyVksfj;k IN 011-26598313 - [email protected]
Manisha Litoria
eukst dqekj Call Processing 011-26598648 9958417405 [email protected]
Manoj Kumar
eukst dqekj 'kekZ NGN 011-26598343 9910072289 [email protected]
Manoj Kumar Sharma
Field Support-1 011-26598577 9650015537 [email protected]
eukst uank
Manoj Nanda Lab Infrastructure 011-26598582 9868132424 [email protected]

uanu flUgk MAX-NG 011-26598146 9871125836 [email protected]
Nandan Sinha SDCN 011-26598710 9818188562 [email protected]
uohu Mady OSS 011-26598363 9953110247 [email protected]
Naveen Dankal
iadt ckcjs ATM For Defense 011-26598463 9868281334 [email protected]
Pankaj Babrey
iwf.kZek 'kkafMY;k TWDM PON H/W 011-26598776 9818494466 [email protected]
DSA & CAD 011-26598269 9650109910 [email protected]
Poornima Shandilya
çHkkr xqIrk Technical Services(D)-CSG-2 011-26598662 9868162572 [email protected]
Prabhat Gupta
Optical Core Network (OCN) H/W 011-26598816 9818394476 [email protected]
çdk'k paæk
Prakash Chandra ATM For Defense 011-26598464 9910939879 [email protected]

çeksn Hkkos CMS 011-26598466 9999600206 [email protected]
Pramod Bhave
çeksn dqekj TWDM PON S/W 011-26598879 9899683341 [email protected]
Pramod Kumar 5G Test Bed 011-26598617 9868170010 [email protected]

ç'kkar dqekj jkBkSj Tools 011-26598433 9810043551 [email protected]
Prashant Kumar Rathore
çhfr tks'kh dkaMiky Fault Tolerance 011-26598621 9811669979 [email protected]
Preeti Joshi Kandpal
Optical Core Network (OCN) S/W 011-26598240 9818885129 [email protected]
jktsaæ dqekj
Rajendra Kumar TWDM PON H/W 011-26598819 9810825690 [email protected]

jkts'k dqekj eh.kk Call Processing 011-26598373 9899640269 [email protected]
Rajesh Kumar Meena

jktqy JhokLro
Rajul Srivastava
jkds'k dqekj xqIrk
Rakesh Kumar Gupta
jkds'k flag jkor
Rakesh Singh Rawat

jke paæ eqewZ
Ram Chandra Murmu

jke psr
Ram Chet
jeu dqekj
Raman Kumar

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ /Team Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

js[kk tSu Signaling Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Rekha Jain MAX FS & Repair Center 011-26598542 9891585338 [email protected]
lfyy vxzoky Technical Services 011-26598605 8800742266 [email protected]
Salil Agrawal Switching & Routing Software 011-26598860 9811544203 [email protected]
Optical Core Network (OCN) S/W 011-26598304 9871112783 [email protected]
lehmíhu Fault Tolerance 011-26598544 9818010290 [email protected]
Samiuddin Knowledge Management 011-26598626 9310017077 [email protected]
Validation MAX-NG-ATM 011-26598574 9818212667 [email protected]
lanhi dkSf'kd IN 011-26598534 9212286647 [email protected]
Sandeep Kaushik Signaling 011-26598392 9810170854 [email protected]
Technical Services 011-26598512 9560701915 [email protected]
ljcjh uLdj 011-26598475 9871675460 [email protected]
Sarbari Naskar 9899096066 [email protected]
9810435099 [email protected]
lkfjdk enku 9810604401 [email protected]
Sarika Madan 9871216136 [email protected]
9210207902 [email protected]
lkSjHk dqekj 9868819925 [email protected]
Saurabh Kumar 9818500856 [email protected]
'kSys'k tksjoky 9868100039 [email protected]
Shailesh Jaurwal 9013427091 [email protected]
f'kYik xqIrk 9899236569 [email protected]
Shilpa Gupta 9810780192 [email protected]
9899842615 [email protected]
f'ko 'kadj çlkn xqIrk
Shiv Shankar Prasad Gupta

f'ko ukjk;.k
Shive Narayan

lksek nkl MAX-NG 011-26598415
Soma Das Validation MAX-NG-ATM 011-26598524
lqczr Ms OSS 011-26598369
Subrata Dey Signaling 011-26598514
lqeu flag Clearing House (Operation & 011-26598728
Suman Singh Maintenance) 011-26598473
CMS 011-26598502
lqes/kk dkyjk Signaling 011-26598302
Sumedha Kalra Technical Services 011-26598810
lwjr çdk'k 011-26598732
Surat Prakash NGN 011-26598523
lq"kek cuksf/k;k Validation & FS1 011-26598893
Sushma Banodhiya Validation MAX-NG-ATM

rkfu;k cuthZ Optical Validation-F.Support
Tania Banerjee

f=yksd pk¡n
Trilok Chand
fo'othr dey
Vishwajeet Kamal

fo'oukFk nsokaxu
Vishwanath Dewangan

foosd dqekj flag
Vivek Kr Singh

foosd dqekj 'kjek
Vivek Kumar Sharma

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼fnYyh½ /Team Leaders Delhi

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

;ksxsaæ flag Optical Validation-F.Support Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Yogendra Singh Optical Core Network (OCN) S/W 011-26598745
;ksxs'k dqekj 9868888940 [email protected]
Yogesh Kumar 011-26598783
9958599881 [email protected]

eSustlZ ¼fnYyh½ / Managers Delhi

veu fla?kkfu;k Marketing & Corporate Communications 011-26598805 9990918880 [email protected]
Aman Singhania
fMaiy ljdkj Finance & Accounts 011-26598173 9810499634 [email protected]
Dimple Sarkar
banw çdk'k Hkkj)okt Central Stores 011-26598236 9810543014 [email protected]
Indu Prakash Bhardwaj 011-26598815
Equipment, Component, Product and 011-26598323 9953884308 [email protected]
deys'k tksuoky Admin Store
Kamlesh Jonwal 9810540207 [email protected]
enu eksgu Purchase
Madan Mohan
fufru lkxj Corporate Planning & Monitoring 011-26598573 9968395956 [email protected]
Nitin Sagar
jkt dqekj Administration & Personnel 011-26598184 9871899189 [email protected]
Raj Kumar
Finance & Accounts 011-26598139 9811379097 [email protected]
laxhrk vczksy
Sangeeta Abrol Purchase 011-26598170 - [email protected]

'osrk >k Marketing & Corporate Communications 011-26598206 9818400616 [email protected]
Shweta Jha
Campus 011-26598200 9891287544 [email protected]
lksfu;k rksykuh
Sonia Tolani Corporate Planning &Monitoring 011-26598572 9868255764 [email protected]
foosd f=ikBh
Vivek Tripathi nkf;Ro@Role nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@ QSDl@Fax

;klhu 'kkg Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Yaseen Shah


jktHkk’kk / Official Language

jktho Hklhu Registrar 011-26598272 9560554409 [email protected] 011-26598188
Rajiv Bhasin 9449062952 [email protected] 080-25119626
ds vkatus;qyw Chief Administrative Officer 080-25119616
K Anjaneyulu (Bengaluru) bZ&esy@

uke@Name ofj’B vf/kdkjh ¼csaxyq:½ @ Senior Officers (Bengaluru) E-mail

lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@

Phone (O) Mobile

rduhdh fo”ks’kK@Technical Experts

ch vkj lqjs”k NGN Access 080-25119399 9845208430 [email protected]
B R Suresh 080-25119578 9880033525 [email protected]
izdk”k vkj Next Generation Mobile Technology -
Prakash R 5G & LTE Enhancements Coordination

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

xzqi yhMlZ (csaxyq:) @ Group Leaders (Bengaluru)

uke@Name lewg@Group nwjHkk’k ¼dk½@ eksckby@ bZ&esy@

Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
[email protected]
vczge lkE;qvy ATM-NIU H/W (Defence & Computg.) 080-25119429 9880217684 [email protected]
Abraham Samuel Processor & Controller [email protected]
[email protected]
cnjhukFk Mh ,u Central Stores 080-25119246 9845680977 [email protected]
Badrinath D N Validation & FS2 080-25119180 9449595898 [email protected]
HkkLdj jko ,l [email protected]
[email protected]
Bhaskara Rao S [email protected]
[email protected]
CY;weSDl LVhQu Application S/W 080-25119307 9449708891 [email protected]
Bluemax Stephen [email protected]
[email protected]
pk#efr ih Platform S/W 080-25119652 9900070303 [email protected]
Charumati P [email protected]
[email protected]
nsonkl ch Analog & RF 080-25119127 9449815416 [email protected]
5G-RAN 080-25119121 9448084773 [email protected]
Devdas B [email protected]
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Gokulraj P
[email protected]
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Kannan R

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Manogya Lahiri

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N Arul Babu (MAX/RAX/MAX-NG)

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Rajkumar K J

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Saurabh Sah

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Digital & Modem 080-25119240 9945119215
Savitha R Platform Hardware 080-25119859 8762226110
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S V Hari Prasad
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Shivashenkreppa A Deginal

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Technical Services 080-25119467 9845379325
Sridharan B
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Umakanth V S

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EPG 080-25119640 9880890526
Venkataraman K
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V M Sathianarayanan

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Yanamadala Leela

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Zaheer Ahmad Khan Support

Vhe yhMlZ ¼csaxyq:½ / Team Leaders (Bengaluru)

vfHk"ksd JhokLro Application Software 080-25119296 9448366963
Abhishek Srivastava Equipment & Admin Stores 080-25119148 9844040897

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Anantha K

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vfuy ch Project Monitoring Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Anil B Platform Hardware 080-25119718 9632594638 [email protected]
,uh foDVksfj;k fMlwtk NGN [email protected]
Annie Victoria Dsouza 080-25119877 9740333003 [email protected]
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Asha S 080-25119314 9845617408 [email protected]
[email protected]
ckyef.kdaMu ds IPR & KPG 080-25119598 9739175123 [email protected]
Balamanikandan K Analog & RF 080-25119104 9845780607 [email protected]
NMS 080-25119330 9945207000 [email protected]
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Chaitanya Kumar V [email protected]
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Digambar Sangavkar [email protected]
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Dipanka Sarmah [email protected]
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Gauraw Kumar Srivastava CMS PI & FS 080-25119080 9108025442 [email protected]
xksi dqekj ds vkj 5G-RAN 080-25119295 9686185389 [email protected]
Gopa Kumar K R Marketing 080-25119596 9448382998 [email protected]
5G-RAN 080-25119248 9742101690 [email protected]
g"kZ o/kZu e;usuh Packet Hardware 080-25119384 9916182580 [email protected]
Harsha Vardhan Myneni Pilot Production & Manufacturing 080-25119136 9483583489
Technical Services 080-25119458 9448511250
tkuk mek osadV ukxHkq" Transfer Of Technology 080-25119579 9448201783
Pilot Production & Manufacturing 080-25119271 9886153325
Jana Uma Venkata Nagabhushanam NMS 080-25119327 9980554793
Enabling H/W (RAX-MAX-MAXNG) 080-25119428 9880236292
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Jaya Krishna L V D-RAX 080-25119703 9343795475
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Krishna Karthik Lakkimsetty Technical Services 080-25119466 9449085413
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Krishnamurthy R

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Pandiri Vishnu Sankar
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Parag Saikia

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼csaxyq:½ / Team Leaders (Bengaluru)

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ikjksferk eq[kthZ NMS Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Paromita Mukherjee 080-25119733 9845775723 [email protected]
080-25119106 9901403222 [email protected]
çnhi xkSre Digital and Modem 080-25119331 8123264715 [email protected]
Pradeep Goutam 080-25119422 9741726685 [email protected]
080-25119395 9880029857 [email protected]
çlkn cks#xMMk NMS 080-25119643 9945780304 [email protected]
Prasad Borugadda 080-25119131 9481802319 [email protected]
080-25119340 9845756887 [email protected]
fç;adk pk¡n Switching and Routing S/W 080-25119850 9008787186 [email protected]
Priyanka Chand 080-25119430 9880003424 [email protected]
080-25119281 8088316396 [email protected]
jktdqekj vkj 'ksaMs Switch and Router H/W 080-25119254 9448202285 [email protected]
Rajkumar R Shende 080-25119115 9448853554 [email protected]
080-25119440 9663705677 [email protected]
jfo , ,u EPG 080-25119308 9739001027 [email protected]
Ravi A N 080-25119195 9448340811 [email protected]
080-25119644 9845117809 [email protected]
jsek Vh Analog and RF 080-25119141 9900191697 [email protected]
Rema T NMS 080-25119376 9880119680 [email protected]
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Roopa C 080-25119432 9449612750 [email protected]
080-25119439 9845247944 [email protected]
lanhi vxzoky Platform Software 080-25119181 9449023189 [email protected]
Sandeep Agrawal 080-25119891 9449595886 [email protected]

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Sarang Sureshrao Bhute
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Sathesh Kumar P
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Shilpa Jain

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Shubhra Surolia
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Srinivas K

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Packet Hardware
Subramanian K V Application Software
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Sutar Deelip Dattatray

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Swapnil Parate

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Talari Subrahmanyeswara Swamy

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Tankala Kiran Kumar

laidZ lwpuk@Contact Information

Vhe yhMlZ ¼csaxyq:½ / Team Leaders (Bengaluru)

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rsaeksTgh ,l Phone (O) Mobile E-mail
Thenmozhi S
mn; dqekj ,l- Technical Services 080-25119118 9449820672 [email protected]
Udaya Kumar S
Enabling H/W (NGN Access) 080-25119421 9448368421 [email protected]
Umesha ATM-NIU H/W (Defence & Computg.) 080-25119388 9448469735 [email protected]
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Venkata Murali P Validation & FS2 080-25119212 9483515194 [email protected]
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Vikas Navati NMS 080-25119342 9448578014 [email protected]
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Vinaymurthi K K Digital and Modem 080-25119113 9742620644 [email protected]
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Vishnu Murthy N V Platform Hardware 080-25119892 9632533955 [email protected]
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Yedla Rajendar Enabling H/W (RAX-MAX-MAXNG) 080-25119389 8105568326 [email protected]

vuqiek , eSustlZ ¼csaxyq:½ / Managers (Bengaluru)
Anupama A
cUnuk lsBh Documentation 080-25119559 9945052828 [email protected]
Bandna Sethi Process 080-25119327 9902001738 [email protected]
lair dqekj ,e Finance 080-25119521 9448360085 [email protected]
Sampath Kumar M HR 080-25119574 9538993306 [email protected]
lrh'k uk;j Component Stores 080-25119542 9845587276 [email protected]
Satish Nair Personnel & Administration 080-25119537 9448325008 [email protected]
f'kokuUn ,l PMG 080-25119655 9880261566 [email protected]
Shivanand S Purchase 080-25119590 9483962927 [email protected]
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Sivaramakrishnan P
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Sulakshna Kulshreshtha
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Vijayashree G

Three Year Calendars

“ The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

“ An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words.”

“ Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it.”

“ A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.”

“ The future depends on what you do today.”

“ Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

“ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

“Be the change that you want to see in the world."

“ Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

“ Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served.”

“ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

“ If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it in the beginning.”

“ I cannot conceive of a greater los than the loss of one’s self-respect.”

“ Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

“ Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

“ You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results..”

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