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CP011 A48PP Brochure ONLINE

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CP011 A48PP Brochure ONLINE



8 APRIL 2020

Leadership & Strategy

People Tech & Analytics

Modern Organisational Learning


People Leaders



People Leaders 2020 is an inaugural event bringing together three
distinct conferences - Leadership & Strategy Conference, People Tech &
Analytics Conference and Modern Organisational Learning Conference.
This event is aimed at top-level HR leaders and other HR professionals to
be informed, inspired and prepared for the future of work.

Learn about the latest HR trends, meet with sponsors and exhibitors, and
have plenty of networking opportunities to connect with your peers.

Leadership & Strategy People Tech & Analytics
Conference Conference

Featuring high calibre, inspiring Offering insights into how to get the
leaders from both New Zealand and best out of human resources data
abroad to highlight trends in HR, and gather meaningful information
share stories of best practice and for supporting and enhancing
forecast the future of this leadership organisational productivity, employee
role. retention and wellbeing on any kind
of HR budget.

Modern Organisational FEATURING: XERO • NZME
Providing a platform for a national AUCKLAND COUNCIL • FONTERRA
conversation, focusing on the current MASSEY UNIVERSITY • WESTPAC
state of organisational learning in
New Zealand, and the impact that VICTORIA UNIVERSITY
tech advancements, as well as a large AUCKLAND TRANSPORT
culture shift, will have on the future. FISHER & PAYKEL HEALTHCARE

Your ticket allows you to attend any of
the three conferences. Delegates are
free to move between the conferences
throughout the day.



BrainCloud Recruiting (USA)

An award-winning technical recruiter who worked sourcing and attracting
Silicon Valley’s top talent for American Fortune 500 companies before leaving
to found his own company BrainCloud Recruiting.


Thomson Enterprises and Wise Advocate Enterprises (AUS)

A multi-award-winning executive coach who has pioneered the use of
neuroscience principles in working with business leaders around the globe.


Head of HR, Optimisation
Aesop (AUS)

A leader in talent acquisition, HR operations and HR system project
implementations who has lately been focusing on the global implementation of
HR systems along with process redesign.

Why Attend? EXHIBITOR:

• Gain new knowledge and keep up with upcoming HR trends
• Hear from HR experts as they share their best practice know-how
• Connect and network with like-minded professionals
• Meet with vendors and suppliers

What You Will Learn:

• HR trends for 2020 and beyond
• N ew technologies and their impact

on people functions
• Innovative recruitment strategies
• E mployee experience, engagement

& retention
• Diversity in the workplace
• V alue creation through learning

and development

Leadership & Strategy

8.30 Registration and coffee 12.30 QUICKFIRE 3: CASE STUDY: Managing virtual teams
• Benefits and pitfalls of having most of the staff
9.00 Welcome from the Chair
BETSY WANG, People & Culture Advisor, The Trusts working remotely
• H ow to set up for and transition from traditional
9.10 OPENING KEYNOTE: Reinventing organisations
to thrive in the modern world ways of working to managing virtual teams?

What are the questions leaders should be asking 12.45 Lunch break
about designing a future fit organisation?
1.45 CASE STUDY: Employee experience –
9.50 New Zealand in the 2020s – what do we know in making it all about people
order to plan for tomorrow?
• H ow to detect and capitalise on the most positive
• W hat will the future workforce in New Zealand look capabilities in people
like in the 2020s and beyond – the demographics of
the population and the workforce • M oving from performance appraisal to
performance development
• What will be important to people and what will be
different from today - how can the workplace and • T he value of company purpose at an individual level
leaders play a part in preparing for this different T ONY AITKEN, Organisation Development Manager,
demographic future?
Synlait Milk
PAUL SPOONLEY, Distinguished Professor,
Massey University 2.15 How might we apply behavioural science to tackle
unconscious bias so that we improve diversity in
10.20 TABLE TALKS: HR trends expected in 2020 and the workplace?
beyond: rethinking how work is done and by whom
• L earn how the brain works - understand why we
10.30 Morning break make irrational decisions and living with our biases

11.00 PEOPLE LEADERS’ PANEL DISCUSSION: • F rom explicit to implicit biases - discover how
Shaping the future of work unconscious bias influences workplace diversity
and research from ridesharing company Uber
• C ritical skills required to succeed in the world of
tomorrow and what separates individuals with VISHAL GEORGE, Chief Behavioural Officer,
these skills from anyone else? Behavioural by Design

• Leading transformation - how leaders can better 2.45 TABLE TALKS: The productivity paradox:
support and prepare people to be agile and thrive the employment rates are increasing while
in this new world that is unfolding? productivity is staggering or even decreasing -
What really motivates people in New Zealand?
R YAN GHISI, General Manager, Global People
Programs, Xero 3.00 Afternoon break

SINA WENDT, Chief Executive, Leadership New 3.30 Neurodiversity at work – including people with
Zealand neurodiverse conditions in your workforce

ESTHER LIVINGSTON, General Manager People and ADHD, dyslexia, high functioning ASD and Tourette’s
Capability, Callaghan Innovation are just some of the conditions people suffer from. In
this session hear about how we can embrace them
11.30 INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: Reinventing and help them succeed at workplaces.
recruitment strategies - competing for the
top talent in the Bay Area LIZ TIBBUTT, HR Consultant
NATASYA TUCKER, Director, Be The Change
• Strategic TA - improving the effectiveness of your
recruiting function when your time, budget and 4.05 CASE STUDY: Designing a peer network to address
headcount are limited mental health issues at workplace

• Piercing the noise - getting through to the best • V odafone’s Manaaki Support Network - created for
candidates when they have so many other options our people by our people

• Recruitment technology - new hacks, tools and • C ollaborating with internal stakeholders to
talent sources enable success of the network and ongoing
implementation of mental health & wellbeing
JOEL PETERSON, Founder, BrainCloud Recruiting strategy

12.00 QUICKFIRE 1: CASE STUDY: The importance of • T he role of leadership in supporting network &
employer branding and why it can no longer be normalising conversations around mental health
F RANA POTTER, Health, Safety & Wellbeing
• How to elevate your branding game? Manager, Vodafone New Zealand
• H ow to use the power of social media in the
TUIHANA OHIA, Wellbeing Consultant, Vodafone NZ
recruitment process and how to harness a positive
ROI from social media recruiting campaigns? 4.40 CLOSING KEYNOTE: New way of thinking - valuing
KYLIE TELFORD, Head of Culture & Performance the Human
Strategy and Employee Experience, NZME
Deliberately or not, the way we work and manage
12.15 QUICKFIRE 2: CASE STUDY: Fletcher Building & performance was not designed with humans in
Switch up - innovative ways of managing talent mind. What could a more human-centric workplace
shortages look like and what are the implications for all
• T he birth of Switch up - moving away from
traditional recruiting practices JOSIE THOMSON, CEO, Thomson Enterprises
and Wise Advocate Enterprises
• Key learnings from using the new recruitment
platform 5.20 Summary remarks from the Chair

• Pastoral care and ongoing engagement 5.30 End of conference and networking drinks
ROCHELLE GRANT, Senior Talent Acquisition

Business Partner – Emerging Talent,
Fletcher Building

People Tech & Analytics

8.30 Registration and coffee 1.45 Building digital cultures
• With the lines between the real and the digital
9.00 Welcome from the Chair
AMY ARCHER, Workforce Strategy & Analytics world getting blurred, brands and individuals are
increasingly becoming one – what employing
Manager, Strategy & Capability, People & ‘brandividuals’ means for an organisation?
Performance, Auckland Council • How can the organisation benefit from the
strong social media presence and followings
9.10 OPENING KEYNOTE: Understanding the potential of its employees?
of new technologies and their impact on HR • Tips to manage the reputational opportunities
analytics and its future trends and risks ‘brandividuals’ present
HILARY WALTON, Brandividual
• D ata on the current state of HR technology use in
New Zealand. 2.15 CASE STUDY: Measuring wellbeing – using
a wellbeing survey to drive transformation
• Challenges and drivers of people analytics in an programme objectives
evidence-based business world.
• U sing a wellbeing survey as a Trojan horse
• H ow will the future trends in technology and • L eadership development and valuable conversations
analytics impact HR processes? • L eading with wellbeing (and engagement) in mind
ANDY HEARN, Manager - Health & Wellbeing, People
• How will the future trends in technology and
analytics impact employees? & Culture, ARA Institute of Canterbury

DR MARY-ELLEN GORDON, Senior Lecturer,
Victoria University of Wellington

9.50 How can you use HR analytics to drive business 2.45 TABLE TALKS: Upcoming trends in HR technologies
optimisation & performance? & HR analytics - the use of gamification, automation,
AI and HR chatbots in the hiring process,
• Does good people & HR practice drive good performance reviews, upskilling of employees
organisational performance or does good
organisational performance drive good people & HR 3.00 Afternoon break
3.30 How to build a people analytics and data-centric
• C an the HR function be reduced to raw data or is culture within organisations
there an element of trusting your instincts that is
necessary? • U nderstanding that changing the culture of an
organisation takes more than just employing the
• How to quantify the value of people management right technology or hiring the best data scientists
and where do high performers stand out?
• How to bring employees on board to create and
T INA LUNDKVIST, Head of People Analytics, Fonterra store data from their actions and decisions?

10.20 TABLE TALKS: How to influence the executives when • The importance of the leadership asking the right
they have no adequate HR analytics skills to make questions
necessary changes and remain competitive?

10.30 Morning break 4.05 Protecting an organisation’s vital and sensitive
transformation – to AI or not to AI? • How to protect an organisation’s sensitive
information from misuse by current and former
• Will merging AI improve the people function employees?
improve or the overall employee experience?
• What options does the organisation have in
• D esign thinking in HR: evaluating where AI will fit in order to protect its information from (intentional
your organisation and people strategy? or unintentional) misuse on social media and
• What limitations of AI need to be considered?
KENT CABRERA, Head of HR Optimisation, Aesop • What will your obligations about cyber threats be
under the new data privacy legislation?
11.30 Turning data into action - using data-analytics to
inform HR decisions HILARY WALTON, Chief Information Security
Officer (CISO), Kordia
• T he impact of Power BI in improving data
integration 4.40 CLOSING KEYNOTE: Using tech and analytics for
building a talent advantage?
• Improving HR data literacy across teams to drive
action In this session hear about how to effectively
analyse the anticipated business needs to identify a
• ‘Paralysis by analysis’ - how to use the available data company’s future talent needs.
effectively and avoid confusion
5.20 Summary remarks from the Chair
• I nterpreting data in real time to provide the most
significant insights into people function and 5.30 End of conference and networking drinks
organisational performance

SHASTA WILSON, HR Analytics Manager, Westpac

12.00 QUICKFIRE SESSIONS: HR tech sessions

12.45 Lunch break


Modern Organisational
Learning Conference

8.30 Registration and coffee 12.45 Lunch break

9.00 Welcome from the Chair 1.45 PANEL DISCUSSION: The importance of soft and
MEL ROWSELL, CEO, Wisdom at Work transferable skills in a digitally dominated world

9.10 The changing scope of learning and development • Staying relevant in the shift of traditional roles
within the workplace and tasks

• What does L&D mean now and what will it look like • G rowing your people through up-skilling
in 10 years? • I ntegrating balanced technological and people skills

• Accommodating all types of learners in the for optimal productivity
workplace K AVITA KHANNA, Director - People & Capability,

• Increasing productivity through tailored L&D Tonkin + Taylor
SHYAMINI SZEKO, Organisational Development Lead, R OSE POWELL, General Manager People & Capability,

Auckland Transport Vitaco Health New Zealand
K SENIA ELISEEVA, Learning and Development
9.50 The future of the workforce isn’t uniformity -
it’s diversity Manager, Park Hyatt

• E xamining diversity experience, learning 2.15 Working beyond compliance - Bringing good
capabilities and learning preferences conduct into culture and employee experience

• A Q, the key to innovation, transformation and a • E xternal factors that impact organisational learning
competitive advantage • H ow you ensure that staff are sufficiently prepared

• How to build an adaptable and flexible workforce for regulation changes?
ANGELA VALE, CEO, Footprint • What changes in their L&D plan were made and

10.20 TABLE TALKS: Transparency vs Privacy: when how did that impact the different types of learners?
discussing development, which method works ANDREW BAKER, Compliance Learning Manager,

for workers Fonterra

2.45 TABLE TALKS: What actually motivates people?

10.30 Morning break 3.00 Afternoon break

11.00 Promoting positive team learning behaviours and 3.30 CASE STUDY: Case study: Vodafone’s digital focus
growing high performing teams and empowering their people

• A focus on cultivating positive team learning • Putting people at the centre of the strategy

behaviours • Focusing on digital-first principles to transform

• A ra’s wellbeing survey and the hidden team learning traditional HR

agenda • A dopting and tailored, agile outlook on work and

• P sychological safety and high performing teams what it means for learning

A NDY HEARN, Manager - Health & Wellbeing, People K ATIE WILLIAMS, Director of Human Resources,
& Culture, ARA Institute of Canterbury Vodafone New Zealand

11.30 Pillars of workplace culture - what’s required to 4.05 CASE STUDY: Zag - What happens when L&D
enable learning at an organisational level is given the time and resources?

• D iscussing the importance of an organisation’s • A look into the practical applications of strategy that
purpose, vision and values encourages learning

• Creating a strong foundation for people to thrive • How they evolved into a world class agency
• E xploring the critical link between healthy • Strategic investment into their future development

workplace culture and a positive learning by developing their people
environment SARAH MILLARD, Chief People Officer, Zag
MARIE JOHNSTON, Director, Culture by Design
4.40 CASE STUDY: Synlait’s transformation using
12.00 CASE STUDY: Micro-learning and Gamification - how personal development to drive engagement
Lion plans to bridge the generational gap in the
workforce • C reating a culture that allows for growth and
• A llowing for diverse learning through digitisation
• Practical applications of shorter training sessions in • Enabling people to meet their potential
• M oving from performance appraisal to performance
the workforce
• Planning for tomorrows 2021 workforce development
HELEN MURRAY, Ambassador Leader, Lion T ONY AITKEN, Organisation Development Manager,


12.15 QUICKFIRE 1: Futureproofing your workforce 5.00 CASE STUDY: F&P Healthcare’s experience with
through increased tech competency remote learning

• T he evolution of technology - how it will shift • L earning design and technology to facilitate a new
traditional expectations of work starter’s experience remotely

• Identifying the necessary technological capabilities • Practical ways to create layers of deep
as a requirement of survival understanding using technology and accepted
neuroscience findings
• Integrating change with everyday work for teams
• Taking learning out of the training room and
12.30 Shaking up compliance learning among contingent eliminating geographical restrictions
IAN MARTIN, Digital Learning Manager,
In this quickfire session we’ll be taken through a Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
journey from start to finish and understand the
challenges and successes while remodelling the 5.20 Summary remarks from the Chair
delivery of the necessary learning outcomes when
the rules change. 5.30 End of conference and networking drinks

KIMBLE VOWLESS, Founder, Be Outstanding

Meet Your Speakers

General Manager, Global People & Culture Advisor,

People Programs, The Trusts


Manager - Health & Senior Lecturer,

Wellbeing, People & Culture, Victoria University

ARA Institute of Canterbury

HR Analytics Manager, Chief Executive,

Westpac Leadership New Zealand

CEO, Footprint Chief Behavioural Officer,

Behavioural by Design

Head of People Analytics, Digital Learning Manager,

Fonterra Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Distinguished Professor, Director,

Massey University Culture by Design

Head of Culture & Chief People Officer,

Performance Strategy and Zag Limited

Employee Experience,


Senior Talent General Manager

Acquisition Business Partner People and Capability,

– Emerging Talent, Callaghan Innovation

Fletcher Building

People Leaders 2020

E: [email protected]
P: (09) 912 3616


Your ticket allows you to attend any of the three conferences.
Delegates are free to move between conferences throughout the day.


Pay just Pay just
$2700 + GST $3700 + GST
(save up to $2,397)* (save up to $4,795)*

*Delegates must be from the same organisation and book at the same time. Cannot be used with any other discount.

Register & Pay before 5pm Register & Pay before 5pm Register & Pay after 5pm

17/02/2020 12/03/2020 12/03/2020

$1,399 + GST $1,599 + GST $1,699 + GST

SAVE $300 SAVE $100


People Leaders 2020 sees the co-location of 3 events in one place
or maximum impact for sponsor and delegate experience:

• Leadership & Strategy
• People Tech & Analytics
• Modern Organisational Learning

With an expected audience of 250-300 HR professionals from SMEs, mid-market to corporates and
public sector organisations this is a not to be missed opportunity to target this market with your
services/solutions. Request a prospectus from the team at [email protected]

Agenda updates: Conferenz reserves the right to make any amendments deemed in the best interest of the conference. Agenda is correct at time of printing,
please check online for updates. Full terms and conditions online.

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