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Jump UP TOEFL Primary Step 2

Jump Up

TOEFL Primary


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Table of Contents

TOEFL Primary Step 2

Introduction to the TOEFL Primary Test

Brief Introduction to the TOEFL Primary Test 4

Understanding Question Types 6

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1 19

Practice Test 2 35

Actual Tests

Actual Test 1 51

Actual Test 2 87

Actual Test 3 123

Answer Key 별책

Contents 3

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Introduction to the TOEFL Primary Test

▶ About TOEFL Primary

The ETS TOEFL Primary Tests are designed to measure young students’ ability to use English
in three areas; reading, listening, and speaking. Specifically, the TOEFL Primary Tests evaluate
young students’ ability to use English for finding and interpreting information. Another purpose
of the TOEFL Primary Tests is to gauge young students’ command of English for general-
purpose communication. The kind of information you are expected to find in the TOEFL Primary
Tests is exactly what you usually use in your daily life. In addition, you are also expected to use
some level of analytical or inference skills to find information you need. In sum, the ability to
use English to find information you need from various textual media is the core element of the
TOEFL Primary Tests.

▶ The TOEFL Primary Tests have three tests:

• TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening – Step 1 Tests
• TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening – Step 2 Tests
• TOEFL Primary Speaking Tests

TOEFL Primary Step 1 Tests are designed for young students at the beginning levels
of learning English. TOEFL Primary Step 2 Tests, on the other hand, are designed for
young students with some level of communicative skills in English. The TOEFL Primary
Speaking Test is suitable for young students with some level of competency and fluency
in speaking English for general purposes such as asking questions or expressing basic
emotions and opinions.

The table below is a summary of the test format.
▶ TOEFL Primary Test Format:

Total Number
Number of Number of
Test Section of Time Score Level
Questions Examples
Reading 36 3 39 100-109 1-4
Step 1 Stars
About 30
Listening 36 5 41 100-109 (☆)

4 TOEFL Primary Step 2

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Total Number
Number of Number of
Test Section of Time Score Level
Questions Examples
Reading 36 1 37 100-115 1-5
Step 2 minutes Badges
Listening 36 3 39 About 35 100-115 ( )
About 20
Speaking Speaking 7-10 Ribbons
( )

For detailed and up-to-date information on the TOEFL Primary Tests, you can visit the
ETS TOEFL Primary website at:

Jump Up TOEFL Primary offers a comprehensive range of study materials for the TOEFL
Primary Tests. Each book contains two sets of Practice Tests and three full - length Actual
Tests in addition to the overviews and explanations on the question types presented
in the TOEFL Primary Tests. The Practice Tests are designed to help students become
familiar with the formats and contents of the actual TOEFL Primary Tests. The three
full - length Actual Tests in each book will help students a firm grip on the real standards
of the TOEFL Primary Tests.

Introduction 5

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Understanding Question Types

STEP 2 Reading Part 1
In Reading Part 1, you read sentences describing a certain word and find a correct match for
the description among three choices. The description sentences are usually about things or
concepts familiar to young learners in everyday contexts such as the names of things, states,
and actions. The best way to study for Reading Part 1 is to make a habit of using an English-
English dictionary. For example, you can look up a word in an English-English dictionary and
study how the word is explained in the dictionary.

Sample Question

1. You cannot do something or meet a deadline as planned. This thing
will still happen eventually but a bit later. Not this time.

You need to ________.

(A) cancel

(B) postpone
(C) prepay

Answer and comment
The first sentence of the description tells that you planned to do something but you cannot
do it in the end. The second and third sentences collectively tell that the thing will happen
eventually but at a later time or date. Thus, the answer is “(B) postpone”. It cannot be “(A)
cancel” because “cancel” means that a planned event cannot continue and has to stop either
by decision or by external conditions.

6 TOEFL Primary Step 2

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STEP 2 Reading Part 2
Broadly speaking, there are two types of texts in Reading Part 2. The first type of text is
information contained in various forms of visual media such as invitation cards, schedules,
charts, posters, graphs, and instructions and diagrams. With the first type of question, you are
asked to find and interpret information contained in such media. The second type of question
requires you to answer questions after reading different types of standard reading materials
such as letters, stories, and paragraphs on academic topics. For the second type of question,
you need the ability to locate information throughout the text. For example, a single piece of
information may be spread over multiple sentences. Moreover, you need the ability to find
information that is not directly mentioned in the text.
In the overview of Reading Part 2 below, we will look at two representative question types of
Reading Part 2: a poster and a long fictional story.

Read the poster. Answer questions 1 to 4.

Sample Question

Quiz Night

Riverside Elementary School

Who: Grade 6, 7, and 8 students and friends

When: Friday 24th November, Quiz starts at 7:00 PM
Where: School Cafeteria

Why: To raise money for buying new books for the library
Entry: 2 dollars per person

Team: A maximum of 5 players per team
Questions: Music, Sport, TV & Movie, History

Prizes for the winners!

Please contact Robert at 012-345-6789 between 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM

Introduction 7

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Understanding Question Types

1. When does the quiz night start?

(A) 10:00 AM
(B) 7:00 PM

(C) 11:00 PM

Answer and comment
The Quiz Night starts at 7:00 PM. The answer is (B). 10:00 AM in (A) and 11:00 PM in (C) are the
earliest and the latest times you can contact Robert.

2. How much will the entry fee be for 3 people?

(A) 2 dollars
(B) 4 dollars

(C) 6 dollars

Answer and comment
The entry fee for each person is 2 dollars. Thus, the entry fee for three people is 6 dollars.
The answer is (C).

8 TOEFL Primary Step 2

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3. What would be a possible question of the quiz night?

(A) How is glacier formed?
(B) Which is the highest mountain in Europe?

(C) Which baseball team won last year’s World Series?

Answer and comment
The topics set for the quiz night are music, sport, TV & Movie, and History. The question in (A)
belongs to the topic of science and the question in (B) belongs to the topic of Geography or
General Knowledge. The answer is (C) because the question is of a baseball team’s winning
records and it clearly belongs to the topic about sport.

4. Who can enter the quiz night?

(A) A Grade 7 student
(B) A teacher

(C) A parent

Answer and comment
According to the poster, any student in Grade 6, 7, and 8 and their friends can enter the quiz
night. On the other hand, teachers and parents are not listed as eligible to participate in the quiz
night. The answer is (A).

Introduction 9

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Understanding Question Types

Read a story about Howard. Answer questions 5 to 8.

Sample Questions

Last Sunday, our soccer team played in the finals of the regional

championship game. It was a very difficult game. It was really cold. It was
snowing all day. The ball felt as hard as rock. It was painful for my feet to

kick or catch the ball. The field was solid white, and the ball was escaping
my feet.

All the players had to wear long pants instead of short pants, which made

it difficult to move. Both teams somehow finished the regular time. It was
a very close match. Neither team was better. Players kept on playing until

they got very tired. However, nobody could score a goal. The game was

Then, extra time was given but the game ended without a goal again. The

snow was getting heavier. We could hardly see the field. Finally, the whistle
was blown and then penalty shootouts came.

Both teams made the first four penalty shots. However, the other team’s

goalkeeper saved our fifth shot. The last kicker of the other team stepped
forward to take his turn. He ran up to the ball and gave it a very soft kick

but slipped and fell.

When the ball rolled forward very slowly, we began celebrating our victory.
However, it was too quick to celebrate. Our team’s goalkeeper also slipped

when he dived to catch the ball. The ball finally rolled into our team’s goal
net. What bad luck it was.

10 TOEFL Primary Step 2

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4. Things in this form appear to be in one piece. They are not like water. And
they are not like steam. They are hard. A table is like this. So too is a tree.

It is ________.

(A) gas
(B) liquid

(C) solid

5. Combine blue and red and you can make this color that looks similar to
violet. Some cabbages are this color. So is eggplant.

It is ________.

(A) pink
(B) magenta

(C) purple

6. When you do this, you are not feeling happy. You are sad. You do this
because you have lost someone close. Or maybe a pet has passed away.

You ________.

(A) growl
(B) grieve

(C) grunt


y Step 2
54 TOEFL Primary Step 2
TOEFL Primar

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Reading Part 1
R ea ding P ar t 1

7. When you do this you are breaking something. It will be hard for the thing
to return to the way it was before. It happens to sunglasses if you step on
them, or a phone if you drop it in water.

You are ________.
Test 1
(A) ruining
(B) ruling

(C) creating

8. You don't feel totally happy. You see someone who is better than you. Or
luckier than you. You wish you were that person.

You feel ________.

(A) jealousy

(B) greed
(C) peace


Actual Test 1 55

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Part 2 Reading

Read the graph. Answer questions 9 to 12.

Average Monthly Temperature Las Vegas







Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

9. What is the hottest month?

(A) May
(B) July

(C) December

10. What are the coldest 2 months?

(A) January and February

(B) January and October
(C) January and December


56 TOEFL Primary Step 2

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Reading Part 2

11. How many months of the year is the average temperature greater
than 30 degrees?

(A) 5
(B) 4
Test 1
(C) 6

12. In which month is the average temperature closest to 25 degrees?

(A) November
(B) September

(C) April


Actual Test 1 57

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Listening Part 1

Fill in the correct circles on your answer sheet.


Test 1

(A) (B) (C)


(A) (B) (C)


(A) (B) (C)


Actual Test 1 75

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