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Bubbles Finds A Red Ball Chapter 2

Bubbles Finds A Red Ball Chapter 2

Bubbles Finds
A Red Ball
Chapter 2

Part 1

Oooh,look what I

have found!

Part 2

A littile Red ball!

Part 3

I will keep it for


Part 4

This is fun!

Part 5

Hey , who's that ? Why

is he crying?

Part 6

Hello little cat, I'm Bubbles.

Why are you crying?

Part 7

Hello...(sniff,sniff) I'm

Spark. I lost my ball!

Part 8

What sort of ball?

Part 9

It's a little red


Part 10

What should I do?
Should I return the ball?
Should I keep it for myself?
He won't know if I don't tell

him, but he looks so sad.

Part 11

Is This your


Oh yes!
Thank you!

Part 12

Come on Bubbles,
Let's play together!

Thank you!
very much.

Pengarang: S.Shivhen
penerbit: Sh

Tahun Terbit:2138

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