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Published by Trinity Miller, 2019-05-09 10:53:11




By:Hannah Edmondson and Trinity MIller

Weather and climates in the desert

Many deserts can quickly get cold once the sun sets.Some
desert can reach a temperature of over 100 degrees F during
the day and then drop below freezing (32 degrees F)during
the night.

Animals and plants in the desert

Some animals that live in the desert is a sand cat they do
not leave footprints because of their furry paws,they are
carnivores and they are active during the night to avoid
high temperatures (above 52 degrees celsius).One type of
plant in the desert in a cactus they can store large amount
of water and can survive in extremely hot weather.There are
around 2000 different species of cactus.

Where the desert is located

Most large deserts are found away from coasts,where moisture
from the oceans rarely reach.Some deserts,however, are
located on the west of continents such as Africa,and Nambi.

Animal adaptations

Sand cats have very large,triangular ears to detect the movement of small prey
underground and at a distance.Hairy foot pads help with traction on the loose sand and
to insulate it from the extreme hot weather and cold temperatures.

Fun Facts

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the desert biome.It covers over 300 million
square miles.The vegetation does not grow very tall so the desert biome can only
accommodate small animals,rodents,and reptiles.


1.What adaptations do sand cats have answer:They have very large,triangular ears to
detect movement of small prey underground and at a distance.
2.What is the biggest desert in the desert biome? answer:Sahara Desert
3.H ow many different types of cacti are there? Answer:about 2000


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