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Destiny Deandrea Darden
3230 Teakwood Circle, Dickinson, TX 77539

[email protected]
(832) 951-6500

SUMMARY Highly organized individual with a strong customer service and marketing
background. My ultimate goal in my career is to provide the best service to each and every customer I
come in contact with. I have a comprehensive background in both product and service with strengths
in team leadership, communication and project management.


 Business Development skills and training
 Phone Etiquette training certification
 Admirable leadership, interpersonal, planning and communication abilities
 Willing to learn and grow; Passionate about achieving a demanding position that allows

significant contributions to the company’s success
 Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Publisher, Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
 NOVA LASH certified eyelash extensionist
 Application of eyelash extensions


05/2012 – 12/2014

01/2015 - 01/2018

01/2018 - CURRENT


Pasadena, TX - 08/2018 until 12/2018

Houston, TX - 08/2010 until 05/2015

Pasadena, TX – 08/2008 until 05/2010

Dickinson, TX – 08/2004 until 06/2008

Our Mission
Our mission at Fill ‘em & Kill ‘em is to always provide 5-star service to any and all
clients. We see every face as a blank canvas to create a beautiful masterpiece to call
the new you. With high quality service, we ensure that your time spent with us is full
on relaxation. High self-esteem and feeling beautiful is something our clients will
always feel before leaving the salon.

Letters of Recommendations

To whom this may concern,
I have been acquainted with Destiny Darden for five plus years in the banking and financial industry. She
started with our company as a teller and worked her way up to a lending officer. Destiny required very
minimal supervision and completed all assignments in a timely manner. She has such a great personality
and knows how to make her customers feel at ease. She is extremely easy to work with, thinks outside the box
and knows how to easily find a solution for everything.
If anything else is needed please do not hesitate to call.
Shanna Criss
AMOCO FCU – Department Manager
(409) 948-8541

To whom this may concern,

As a marketing director for the past 10 years, I have definitely not met anyone like Destiny, she is one of a
kind. From the day she interviewed with our company, I knew we had to have someone like her around.
Even though she had recently graduated with her marketing degree and was fresh out of school, you would
think she had been in this field for years. When it came to products and company knowledge she retained it
like a sponge. We allowed her to be on her own with little to no supervision immediately after her 90-day
probation period. She immediately went out and promoted our physicians in a way that I probably
couldn’t have done myself. She organized many meeting and events all by herself like it was nothing. I
highly recommend her if you’re looking for an all-around great employee. She will go far in her career and
make many people smile along the way.

Shahed Shobaki – Marketing Director
Clear Lake Specialties
(281) 724-1860

Destiny was quick and great company. I love my results from my services today and I am excited about my
morning routine becoming a lot easier and faster. I highly recommend her if you are wanting quality work
done in the permanent makeup and eyelash field.

-Rachel Wheeler

Destiny made me feel so at ease with all of the questions I had for her considering I did not do my
homework on the services I was getting done. The end result was better than I expected, I highly
recommend her work.

-Gicela VelaDeleon

Business Policy

We would like to ensure that you and all other guests are provided with exceptional service
which is both timely and professional. To make sure this happens, please be aware of the

following booking and appointment policies.

 24 Hour Cancellation Policy or Changes:
If you are needing to cancel or make changes to your appointment, please notify us at
least 24 hours in advance to avoid any additional charges. This allows us enough time
to offer that spot to another client and notify our artist of a change in their schedule.
Missed appointments will result in 50% of the service charged to the card that is on file.
If the credit card that is on file cannot be charged, we will not be able to book any
future appointments for you.

 Please Arrive Early:
Every appointment is allotted additional time for you to get relaxed and ask any
questions before your service begins. If this is your first visit, please arrive 10-15 minutes
early before your appointment starts to fill out any necessary paperwork. For all
returning guests, please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment to check in.

 Late Arrivals:
Arriving late will affect your session time and may result in additional charges if your
appointment has to be cancelled. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your
appointment will need to be rescheduled and a 50% service charge will be accessed. As
respect for other guests, we cannot cut into their appointment times.

 Additional guests:
For relaxation and safety purposes, we cannot allow any other guests into the salon
room while your service is being conducted. Fill ‘em & Kill ‘em is also a children free
environment. Please make arrangements for your children before your appointment.
If a child is brought to your appointment, you will be rescheduled and charged a 50%
fee of the cost of your service.

Policies Continued…

 Cell Phones:
Cell phones should be on silent and put away in order to minimize distractions and
injury. We reserve the right to refuse service if you choose to use your cell phone.

 Deposits:
There is a $50 upfront deposit fee for all services. The deposit is non-refundable, and
will be applied towards your service. If you no call or no show, your deposit will be

$20 Makeup Removal Fee
Please arrive without any eye makeup and do not curl your lashes prior to your appointment.
If at all possible, please avoid applying mascara the day of your appointment.

Contacts: If you wear contacts, please bring a contact case, as contacts should not be worn

during lash application process.


 If at any time you have less than 50% of your lashes on each eye, the purchase will
become a full set.

 If it has been more than a month since your last appointment, the purchase will
become a full set.

 We cannot guarantee the work from other salons; if you already have eyelash
extensions they will need to be evaluated prior to your appointment or even possibly

General Health & After Care Instructions

Now that you have the luxury of having eyelash extensions, please take note of
these tips to maintain them. With proper care and fills your eyelashes will
last indefinitely.

 You may get your eyelash extensions wet immediately after your
appointment. This adhesive that is used during your applications
allows you to do so.

 Avoid pulling or rubbing on your eyes.
 Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions. With

proper application you will not need them.
 ONLY use oil free makeup remover.
 If your eyelashes get tangled or twisted, use the brush that was

provided to you at your appointment to brush them out.
 Proper hygiene is extremely important. Please wash your extensions

 Do not use any waterproof mascaras. Only apply mascara at the tips

of your lashes, not the base.
 After showering avoid rubbing lashes, it is best to blot them with a dry

 Fill ‘em & Kill ‘em recommends touch ups every 2-4 weeks.

Eyelash Application Consent Form

Fill ‘Em & Kill ‘Em Eyelash Extensions
Client Consent Form

I_______________ authorize_______________ to apply eyelash extensions to my
natural eyelashes. On this ______ day of ___________ 20____ and future eyelash
extension services.
By signing below, I am agreeing to the following:
I understand that because of the natural eyelash cycle and normal wear and tear, I will need
to maintain my extensions with refill appointments that are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
I understand the aftercare instructions. I understand that I must keep my eyes closed
throughout the entire application process as eye watering can cause the lashes to bond
together. I hereby release any and all persons representing the salon from all claims,
demands, damages and cause of action arising out of the performance of the service.

I give consent for photographs to be taken of my lashes only and used for salon and
marketing purposes. Y or N
Is this your first time to have eyelash extensions? Y or N
Do you have any known allergies? _____________________________________
Do you wear contacts? Y or N
Are you able to keep your eyes closed and lie still for up to 2 hours? Y or N

I certify that I completely understand and comply with the above as stated.
Print Name: _____________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Date: _________________

Eyelash Removal Consent Form

Fill ‘Em & Kill ‘Em Eyelash Extensions
Client Eyelash Removal Consent Form

The lash removal process can take approximately 10-15 minutes. The lash removal is done
with care to make sure the natural lash remains as healthy as possible. We remove lashes
with a professional remover and do it carefully to ensure the safety of the natural lashes. The
client will lay down during this process. The client will be provided a wet towel to rinse
immediately after to ensure no significant burning from the remover or product in the eye.

Please initial and sign the following:

_____ I understand that today I am agreeing to have my eyelash extensions removed from
my natural eyelash.
_____ I understand that there is a risk of a slight burning sensation during the removal
_____ I understand after this removal appointment; my next application appointment will
be considered a FULL SET.

Print Name: _____________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Date: _________________

Before & After

Fill ‘em & Kill ‘em Menu of Services

Eyelash Extensions – Classic Set $80

Eyelash Extensions – Hybrid Set $120

Eyelash Extensions – Volume Set $140

Eyelash Extensions – Mega Volume Set $160

Bottom Eyelash Extensions $30


(Client must have at least 50% of previous lash extensions remaining. Otherwise this will be considered a FULL SET)

Classic Set Refill - $60
Hybrid Set Refill - $90
Volume Set Refill - $100

Eyelash Extension Removal - $30

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