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Annual Campaign 2018

Annual Campaign 2018

bUrninitgys Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

HOPE Annual Fall Giving Campaign 2018

Unity of heart and generosity make it possible to provide help and hope
to our brothers and sisters in need of our care and attention.

UnitybringsHOPE How to
Each year, our Annual Fall Campaign is dedicated to our most BE UNITED:
faithful and committed donors. Thank you for your past and
ongoing support of our mission and work!

As you well know, poverty is a significant and disconcerting Join Hands.
problem in our communities. It is through UNITY of heart and
generosity that together we provide help and HOPE to families Open Your heart.
in need.
Lend your muscle.
Your heart and generosity seriously
matter to the thousands of families find your voice.
in desperate need that we are able
to help each year. However, the GgivIeV10E%. 1Gi1ve010%0%..
truth is that we are only able to
serve a fraction of those that clearly
need our attention and care. We
simply need more resources, so we
can help more families.

United in love and giving, we can Give an hour.
and will do more.

Most gratefully, give a saturday.

think of we before me.
reach out a hand to one and
Ken F. Sawa, MSW, LCSW
CEO/Executive Vice President influence the condition of all.

The needs of the poor and vulnerable for the vitally
necessary social services provided by Catholic
Charities are truly unimaginable…

Over 750,000 children, adults, and seniors in our two-county

region are living below the federal poverty threshold and desperately need
help from others in our community including Catholic Charities.

18% of our two-county region’s total population are considered very poor
and 30% are considered very low-income.

Catholic Charities is the #1 private non-profit referred by the 211 social

service hotline in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Our offices receive over 2,000 phone calls each week from callers

seeking assistance from us.

Catholic Charities is one of the largest non-profit providers in our region that
fights poverty and its consequences. We provided tangible social services to

15,561 households in FY 2017-18...a big number, but not enough.

We can and must do more.

How You

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things √
I cannot; together we can do great things." UNRESTRICTED CONTRIBUTIONS

- St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Help with the most immediate and pressing
needs of Catholic Charities’ activities and

√ expenses that are often the most difficult to fund.


Help the next generation of social service providers in our Inland Counties. We recognize there will be an
ongoing need for educated and trained social workers and other helping professionals to fight poverty well into the
future. Catholic Charities addresses this need in the following ways:

Non-Profit Social Work Fellowship Program
In partnership with CSUSB, we accept four Social Work graduate students each year and provide 50% tuition scholarships,
senior staff mentorship, and 60 hours of direct exposure to the mission, operations, and programs of Catholic Charities.

"Providing Help, Creating Hope" Community College Scholarships
Catholic Charities provides a $500 scholarship to a selected student at each of the twelve community colleges in our region.
All selected students have financial need and are studying to work in a human service field upon graduation or after earning a
four-year degree.

Internships & Field Placements
Field experience and training is an ideal way to inspire and develop the social service providers of tomorrow. Catholic Charities
grants a number of graduate, undergraduate, and community college students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge,
values, and skills necessary to work in a non-profit setting while acquiring school credit.

Can Help


Maintain and expand our vitally necessary services and support our motto of “Providing Help, Creating
Hope” for the poor in our local communities.

The primary job of our caseworkers, therapists, and immigration specialists is to address an immediate, critical crisis
so poor and vulnerable families may move forward with their lives. It is daunting and serious work because these
families are in desperate need and often have nowhere else to turn for help.

By all means possible, staff address serious crises faced by families such as fear of becoming homeless, keeping food
on the table for their children, threat of utility shut-offs, harmful family dysfunction, youth emotional & behavioral
problems, and eligible immigrants intimidated by the very complicated process and applications required by US
Citizenship & Immigration Services.

We also have special programs for youth, family life skills classes, citizenship preparation classes, a spectrum of
holiday programs, group activities, and numerous informational workshops.


Insure the future of the mission and work of Catholic Charities.
Contributions of $2,500 or more may be designated by you for the Catholic Charities Endowment Fund. Your
contribution will be placed in our Endowment Fund whereby the corpus of the total fund generates investment
return. A percentage of the return on the investment may be withdrawn annually only as needed by the
organization. Questions? Please call (909) 388-1246.

Stories of UNITY & HOPE

The impact of our work is best understood in the words of those we help. Please visit to view videos and discover how because of your contributions

UnitybringsHOPE and results in new opportunities and changed futures.

Maria "The way that I see life is I would never have Watch these &
gotten to where I made it if it wouldn't have other inspiring
2:14 been for Catholic Charities because I know that
there's a lot of people out there who can say that videos at
I made a difference. And I know that I made a
difference because of Catholic Charities."

Bobby "If Catholic Charities was not here, I would still be living in my car. I’m
stronger and more sufficient to where I can get around a little better from
2:38 what I used to do, to now go out there and seek employment. I don’t know
what else I would do... I always have hope with Catholic Charities because
I know they're a good organization and they reach out to people that need
help. It’s a good thing."


"El impacto que ha tenido la ayuda de Caridades Católicas en mi vida ha sido 2:24
muy grande porque me ha ayudado a levantarme del abujeron donde estaba
porque estaba al punto de irme a la calle con mis hijos. Porque así, cuando
yo esté arriba, yo voy a ser una donante. Sé que mi dinero no se va ir a cualquier
lugar. Sé que mi dinero se va ir al lugar donde debe de ir...a la comunidad."

Catholic Charities’ staff are experts in crisis intervention and
family strengthening for those in need in our local communities.

"How Marvelous it would be if, at the end of How You Can Give Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties
the day, each of us could say: today I have
performed an act of charity toward others." Mail enclosed card Annual Fall Giving Campaign 2018

- Pope Francis Online
Call (909) 763-5920

Be a Sower of Hope

Become a SOWER OF HOPE with a commitment
of $500 or more. Your donor designation as
a SOWER OF HOPE distinguishes you as an
honored contributor of Catholic Charities.

Bearer of Hope


Patron of Hope


Grantor of Hope


Angel of Hope


Please remember Catholic Charities in your
will or by beneficiary designation, so we

can continue the fight against poverty well
into the future. Call (909) 388-1246.

Our Purpose

We fight poverty and its consequences through crisis
intervention services and by strengthening families resulting

in new opportunities and changed futures.


1450 N “D” Street • San Bernardino, CA 92405 ccsbriv @CCSBRIV
Administration Office Phone: (909) 388-1239

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