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Annual Campaign 2017

Annual Campaign 2017

Annual Fall Giving Campaign | 2017 “

“ Acknowledging the inherent dignity and immeasurable worth
of every family in the community regardless of circumstances.
Catholic Charities San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

Welcome to “Dignity & Hope”—Catholic Charities’
2017 Annual Fall Appeal. This is our major fundraising
activity of the year for our most faithful and
committed donors. In advance, I thank you for your
serious consideration of using this campaign for a
special, year-end contribution to help us, so we can
help the poor in our local communities that
desperately need our care and attention.

It is a foundational principle of the staff, board, and the many volunteers at Catholic
Charities that all people have a sacred and inherent value. We honor the dignity of
others in our care for the poor and those suffering through an unexpected crisis. By
acknowledging their dignity through service, we ignite the flame of hope.

The funds raised through your generosity will directly We honor the
support our programs and services that create new dignity of
opportunities and changed futures for poor families, others in our
children, and seniors in crisis in our local communities. care…

I ask that you invite your family, friends, and colleagues
to join with Catholic Charities and expand our circle of
support as we continue to offer Dignity & Hope to
thousands of needy families each year.

I cannot thank you enough for your past support of our noble
cause, for your friendship, and for your eagerness to help those
most in need in our Inland Counties. Your generosity allows us to
be your heart and hands in the community as we “Provide Help,
Create Hope” for those in our communities with the greatest

Most Gratefully,

Ken F. Sawa, MSW, LCSW
CEO/Executive Vice President


Catholic Charities is one of the few non-profit organizations in the
Inland Counties that fights poverty. We do this with a range of crisis
intervention services and by strengthening families. As a result of
our help, it is our aim to create new opportunities and changed
futures for those enduring the harshness of poverty every day.


The need for our services is unfathomable. There are over 750,000
children, adults, and seniors living below the poverty threshold in
our two-county area. That is 18% of the region’s total population,
representing over 235,000 families. These are individuals suffering
through a daily existence marred by the relentless need for help
from others in our community including Catholic Charities.


Catholic Charities provides compassionate social services that
respond to the suffering of the vulnerable and those in crisis in our
local communities. Our approach is to help by any means possible
so poor families in crisis can move forward with their lives.


In 2017, Catholic Charities provided critically necessary social
16,517services to
households throughout our two-county

region. A few highlights include:

439 Families avoided becoming homeless
5,451 Families received emergency food assistance
1,990 Families did not have utilities shut-off
1,656 Families obtained necessary immigration

education and legal assistance

1,101 Families received crisis intervention based
counseling services

285 Families with youth enrolled in our special
youth programs

77 Families were assisted with the burial of a
loved one


The impact of our work is best understood in the words of those we help. We invite
you to meet some of the people that were helped by Catholic Charities during a
devastating time in their lives.
Short videos of those we have recently helped are posted on our website for your
viewing. In their own voices, discover the enormous power of Dignity & Hope that
results in new opportunities and changed futures because of the work of Catholic
Charities. You will see exactly why Dignity & Hope matter.

See These Videos at\dignityandhope


“I was very devastated and scared about my
immigration status. Then Catholic Charities
helped me put my life together one step at a
time. All I received was nothing but love from
Catholic Charities.”


“I take care of a man that’s on oxygen 24/7, and
we were living in my car. Catholic Charities has
helped immensely, and I am so grateful. They
were able to put us in a hotel so we could find
someplace to live.”


“I never had any support from my home when it
came to school. The Catholic Charities’ Homework
Center had a big impact on me. I wanted to give
up school. They helped me. I graduated from high
school and was ranked 23rd with honors.”

View Videos at www.ccsb


Kim Jones Established in 2009 and in partnership with the Micah Carlson
CSUSB School of Social Work, the Catholic
Charities’ Non-Profit Fellowship Program accepts
four MSW students each year and provides 50%
tuition scholarships, senior staff mentorship, and
60 hours of direct exposure to the mission,
operations, and programs of Catholic Charities as a
premiere multi-service non-profit organization that
serves the most vulnerable in our communities.

Preparing the next generation of master’s degree-level
social workers as leaders in the non-profit sector.


“They were helping me with electricity and rental
assistance and I let them know that I had an
even greater need. Catholic Charities has
encouraged me and provided resources while I
look for a night job … and now I will be going
back to school as well.”


“My daughter was taken from me by CPS. I was
recommended to counseling and a parenting class
at Catholic Charities. I didn’t think I needed it, but

I was actually wrong. It increased my parenting
skills with my daughter. I changed as a mom and

my daughter is home with me again.”


“We left Syria because of the war. When Catholic
Charities came, for the first time since I left my
country I felt secure. They treated us with
kindness, and they were interested in every


Celebrate with us the inherent worth and dignity of all families in our local communities

We ask that you continue to invest in our efforts to maintain and expand our mission in
"Providing Help, Creating Hope" for poor families, children, and seniors by supporting our major
programs and services.

You may designate your generous special year-end
contribution to support the work of Catholic
Charities… $100, $250, $500 or more!


Supporting the most immediate program and operational
needs of the organization where funding is needed most.


Fighting poverty and stabilizing poor families at-risk of losing
access to basic needs such as housing, food, utilities,
transportation, and healthcare.


Providing essential legal consultation, assistance, and support
to eligible immigrants and refugees, including citizenship
classes for soon-to-be new Americans.


Strengthening parents, children and youth suffering from
emotional and behavioral problems through individual and

family counseling and psycho-education groups.


Training and scholarships for the next generation of selected
social workers that will carry on the fight against poverty in our

two-county region.


Mail enclosed card and envelope
Go to Click
“Dignity & Hope” Fall Campaign
Call our Donation Phone Line at:
(909) 763-5920


Become a SOWEr OF HOPE with a
commitment of $500 or more during the
annual campaign. Your donor designation as a
SOWEr OF HOPE distinguishes you as an
honored supporter of Dignity and Hope.

Angel of Hope


Grantor of Hope


Patron of Hope


Bearer of Hope

$5,000 or more

Annual Fall Giving Campaign | 2017


We fight poverty in our local
communities through crisis
intervention services and by
strengthening families resulting
in new opportunities and

changed futures.

1450 North D St.
San Bernardino, CA 92405
Administration Office Phone: (909) 388-1239 ccsbriv @ccsbriv

Catholic Charities San Bernardino & riverside Counties is
a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID #95-3516461

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