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this will tell you almost everything about polycythemia

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Published by Gaberiel Cummens, 2019-03-14 14:42:22


this will tell you almost everything about polycythemia




Picture of an example of polycythemia 


What is polycythemia 

​Polycythemia is a cell disease that affects the blood cells in your body. What 

happens inside your body is that the red blood cells inside your body duplicates 
and the new blood cells are thicker and slower and they may clot together and 
block the other blood cells from transferring oxygen and blood inside your body, 
This may lead to heart issues. With the research from doctors they found out that 
Polycythemia effects people 60 years and up 


Healthy blood cells infected blood cells 


There are two ways people can get this disease. 1, you can get them in mutations 

with your body (if they are mutated with the JAK2 gene.) 2, people can get this 

disease if they don't get enough oxygen running through their blood for a while 

they will get this disease.  










Did you know that... 

1. Polycythemia can also be called PV witch is short for 
polycythemia vera. 

2. Polycythemia also affects the heart because of the new 
cells that are being made when you have this disease 
block the blood ways and it will stop the flow of o2 and 
blood throughout the body,this can cause heart attacks 
and heart failures 

3. You can avoid this by avoiding tobacco and other types of 




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