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Published by Orbis Canada, 2019-11-01 14:30:38

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Strengthening the Pediatric Eye Care Network in Linyi, Shandong
in Linyi, Shandong Province. The aim of this project
services to the people of Linyi Prefecture by strengthening the region’s pediatric eye care network and referral system, particularly in rural areas.
This project in Linyi is especially necessary due to the incredibly high demand for pediatric eye care services, combined with a severe lack of capacity to provide eye care and treatment. There is a drastic shortage of quality pediatric ophthalmologists and nurses, as well as eye care professionals with the skills to perform routine screening for children with eye problems.
Thanks in part to your generous support, Phase of the three-phase project was successfully completed at the end of .
The Vision Centre of Excellence
As a key objective of Phase 1 of the project, Orbis partnered with the Lunan Eye Hospital in Linyi City to establish a Vision Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence plays an important role as the ‘headquarters’ and training hub, enhancing the impact made by the surrounding Branch Centres.
Now, at the end of Phase 1 of the project, the Vision Centre of Excellence is a high-capacity pediatric eye care centre operated by fully-trained ophthalmologists, optometrists and nurses using state-of-the-art equipment for both diagnosis and treatment. It has the capacity to treat a wide range of complex and complicated surgical cases including congenital cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, refractive error and eye trauma.
The Pediatric Eye Care Network
In addition to creating the new Vision Centre of Excellence, Orbis also established three smaller Branch Centres. The Branch Centres are not only equipped to screen, diagnose and treat children with various eye problems, but also serve as part of an integrated referral network. If a child cannot be treated locally
Changing the way the world sees.
The impact of Linyi’s Pediatric Eye Care Network over the past 12 months:
, children screened
, children medically treated

• ,
• eye care professionals trained in
surgeries performed on children
pediatric ophthalmology
• school teachers trained to screen
students for common eye problems • , children educated in eye health

Changing the way the world sees.
at the Branch Centre, he or she is referred to the Vision Centre of Excellence where more advanced treatment is available.
Spanning three counties, the new network of Branch Centres has greatly increased the availability of high-quality eye care services for the people of Linyi. Patients can now access the services they need much faster and without having to travel long distances into the city. Also, as the number of children examined and referred for surgery has increased, the number of
impairment has decreased.
Case Study: Dr. Fu Ying Li, Anesthesiologist, Lunan Eye Hospital
Last year, Dr. Fu Ying Li spent three months training at Linyi People’s Hospital, the largest and most advanced hospital in the Province. This amazing opportunity was fully funded by Orbis and gave Dr. Li a chance to train alongside some of the very best anesthesiologists in China. During the training, he studied both pediatric and adult anesthesiology for eye care. When he returned to the Vision Centre of Excellence at Lunan Eye Hospital, Dr. Li eagerly shared what he had learned with his colleagues, helping to enhance their knowledge and skills as well.
Project Achievements From the Past Months:
Orbis conducted a three-week Hospital Based Training program led by 19 Volunteer Faculty from the USA, UK and Mexico. The group included ophthalmologists, nurses, anesthetists and biomedical engineers who provided multispecialty, hands-on training to all members of the eye care team at the Vision Centre of Excellence.
and community health workers were trained in pediatric eye care.
Screening programs were also organized with the help of the newly-trained school teachers, resulting
tools for identifying children with eye problems, so they can get the treatment they need. Screening programs also serve to educate children, especially in remote communities, about the importance of good eye health.
As a result of the screening programs, more than , children were prescribed glasses or given medication and nearly 6,000 children we referred for sight-saving surgery at the Vision Centre of Excellence.

Thank you for your support. Together, we are changing the way the world sees.
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