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잼스 브로셔 최신(eng)

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JEM S brochure(eng)

잼스 브로셔 최신(eng)

3D-based role-playing game block coding


Educational content
development company


We teach you how to read and write
code, which is an essential ability in
the digital age.

We train talented people in various
field to lead digital innovation.

We reach and develop various
educational resources for easy access
to AI.

We provide an opportunity to
experience technologies that lead
to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



3D-based role-playing-based
block coding

What is Robogram's
educational content?

We are always thinking about

Coding education must satisfy both "students" who receive training,
"teachers" who teach, and "parents" who pay for it.

Although it is fun, you must check the result quickly.
The content should be easy and rich in teaching, so that various
applications and extensions can be systematically managed.
You should be able to check your learning status,
present your vision, and be able to connect with the entrance exam.


You can make 3D games through
non-face-to-face online classes.

You can make 3D games through
non-face-to-face online classes.

A game is produced by applying
various physical effects such as
gravity, friction, and elasticity.

You can communicate with people
across the world through selling
a game and multi-play as well as
a game production.

The educational content of Robogram was developed to make the results
intuitively (according to the flow of thought) by coding with blocks like Scratch
so that you can easily learn algorithms without knowing a programming language.

Robogram does not want every student to become a developer.
We want to show you how to actively integrate modern high-tech
technologies into your work by cultivating the ability to read and utilize code.




JEM S is a 3D game production method with a high degree of freedom
that is different from the 2D game production method can contain.
Through online non-face-to-face lectures, you can learn JEM S regardless of time and place.

3D game production JEM S coding education platform

Thinking power




You can create 3D games using block codes that are more intuitive than directly entering
the code. Set up the game by stacking blocks of characters and objects, such as motion,
size, and color. Immediate feedback is possible because you can directly run the game
created through the block code.

Trap block Block code Block code result

Thinking power




You can create dynamic scenes through various physical effects such as explosions, collisions,
inertia, centrifugal force, and gravity.

Explosion Various physical effects

Collision Inertia

Centrifugal force Gravity
Thinking power
Concentration ROBOGRAM



In addition to making games, you can invite players to the game to play multiplayer and sell
your own creations. You can communicate with people all over the world through various
activities within Jams like this. In addition, it is an open-cross platform, so you can enjoy games
created on your computer as well as your mobile phone.

Sale of Products

Open cross platform


Thinking power



Developed based on Roblox, a role-playing game
popular among young people in English-speaking countries,
it can be expanded to the global coding education market.
Resolving the difference in difficulty that occurs when
moving from block coding to text coding,
providing educational homes.

Create your own game without the additional burden
of using tools and conduct fun coding education.

Motivate your coding education by playing
bedding games in your 3D handcrafted gaming app.

Inducing active participation of many students
participating in non-face-to-face multi-coding education.

In the post-corona era, we present the direction of the
online coding education method to the educational field
suffering from the lack of video education contents.


Graphic Minecraft code builder ROBOGRAM JEM S
Popularity The characters are bulky Variety of game characters
Accessibility and the graphics are clunky and excellent graphics

fixed story board Collaborate with friends to create games
The game story is set and
Low computer specs to use the engine
cannot be created Simple cloud-based installation

You can't create a game and sell it Developed as an open cross platform
Results created by others cannot (Chrome Android PC)

be used in my game

Local-Based Main
Computer Specifications Important
desktop only (extended to chrome)

minecraft code builder Block Coding JEM S

You can develop 3D games without knowing any programming language!
I can sell my game to users all over the world!
Learn to code while making sandbox 3D games!
It is a non-face-to-face educational content
that allows coding education at home!
Collaborate with friends to build our own metaverse empire!



JEM S can create 3D games without knowing any programming.
It is a coding education content using game development that allows you to
make games without a teacher and provide non-face-to-face coding education,
and to sell products created in collaboration with friends through the store.

JEM S has significantly lowered the barriers to entry for education consumers.

No need to find a teacher to learn JEM S, an AI-animated coding teacher is always on standby
to guide students to aneducational platform designed just for JEM S.

JEM S is not just for making games.

With JEM S, you can design scientific phenomena such as orbiting the solar system,
design eco-friendly products, and reproduce a scene in the history of the
construction of Suwonseong.

Code literacy Code expert


Learning how
to use JEM S

3D engine

Fun and Effective Coding Education 게게 게 임으로배우는코딩 딩딩 Game production
재미있고 효과적인코딩교육 example learning
Arcade game
2 produce

Game 2 게임제작으로 시작하는 코딩
게임 제작

Fun and Effective Coding Education 임으로배우는 코
재미있고 효과적인코딩교육
Implement ideas
Makers animation production

2 게임제작으로 시작하는 코딩


Fun and Effective Coding Education 임으로배우는 코 Creating
재미있고 효과적인코딩교육 multiplayer games
3 Game Algorithms

In-depth 3 게임제작으로 시작하는 코딩
게임 제작 심화

Fun and Effective Coding Education 게 임으로배우는 코딩
재미있고 효과적인코딩교육
1 works on a variety
of subjects to make
Makers 3 게임제작으로 시작하는 코딩 of collaborative
Deep works for competitions
메이커스 심화



Grade 1


2021.09 Grade 1 Certification

Selected as a small business technology
development project
Selected as a non-face-to-face
startup nurturing business

Selected as a global accelerator rating business

Best Graduation in Initial Startup Package
Selected as a continuous high-performance
computing support business
Gyeonggi Tech Startup Excellent Graduation

Establishment of an affiliated research institute


JEM S 1.0 launched JEMJESM2.S02la.0unlacuhnecdhed JEM S 3.0 launched

English version launched Developed LMS for JEM S 1000 school contracts for
200 school contracts for 500 school contracts for elementary, middle,
and high schools
elementary,middle, elementary, middle,
and high schools and high schools Advance into Asia and
1st JEM S Makers JEM S advances to non-English speaking countries

Competition launched North America, Europe, Online education market launch
and Southwest Asia

Entered the JEM S school business

2 patents registered · 2 domestic patent applications · 2 overseas patent applications
3 trademark regist특ra허tio등n록s ·25건o·ve국r내se특as허a출pp원lic2a건tio·n해s 외·5특c허op출yr원ig2h건t r·e상gis표tr등at록io3n건s · 해외출원 5건 · 저작권등록 5

Patent Design Brand


Field test University Elementary, Coding school
300 Students from 3 schools middle and high school 6 Schools 400 people
1200 Students from 12 schools

Semyung Soon Chun Hyang Ajou University Mirae Industrial
University On-line University High School off-line

Yeongdeungpo Suwon Information Osan Information Coding Academy off-line
Girls' High School High School High School

1) Appearance in various media

Money today New Time Main Korea Daily
Education Award

2) Information Specialized High School MOU

Osan Information future industrial Korea Digital Suwon Information
Science High School science high school Media High School Science High School


Anyang Gangneung
GS Caltex Suzy,Bundang
Osan World Cup Gyeonggi Academy
Stadium of Economic Sciences
Ajou University

Singal, Yongin

Suwon City Hall

Suwon: #103, Gyeonggi Venture Business
Incubation Center, 1F, 107 Gwanggyo-ro,
Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Palho Square Intersection
Kangwon National
University Hospital

Chuncheon Cultur Gangwon
and Arts Center University
Engineering Hall 6
District Court

Chuncheon: Room 116, Engineering
Building 6, 1 Gangwon University-gil,
Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

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