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Booklet SISB - Subjects offered

Booklet SISB - Subjects offered




MOTTO Spirit of Excellence

VISION Every student will aspire to be a Scholar, a

Leader and a Global Citizen

MISSION To be a World Class School that provides the
MAXIM students with holistic education to make the world
a better place.
Dare to Reach the Highest

VALUES Independence, Respect, Resilience, Responsibility


SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY 6. Our students and staff are imbued with
the passion to nurture every student to his
1. Our commitment is to achieve or her full potential.
excellence in all aspects of education
offered by the school. 7. We provide educational programmes of
2. We have educational programmes to high international standards to enable our
develop all-rounded individuals who have a students to be the best that they can be.
passion for learning.
3. We enable our students to develop a 8. We nurture the 21st Century Skills and
“heart of service” and a caring attitude to Competencies amongst staff and students
the community. in our school.
4. We believe that our students have a
serious intent to pursue excellence in their 9. Our faculty is ably led by Dr. Ong Teck
learning journey. Chin, an Oxford graduate and an
5. We endeavor to nurture sterling outstanding educationist to enable our
character attributes in our students so that school to be a top school nationally and
they will be responsible and good citizens. internationally.

SCHOOL OBJECTIVES 10. We are approved and supported by the
Thai government, the Education Ministry
1. To nurture students to be the best they and the School Board to achieve our
can be. endeavours.
2. To enable students to achieve their full
potential in their educational experience. 7. To develop in our students a heart of
3. To develop all-rounded individuals with service so that they will be responsible
a zest for life. citizens in the community.
4. To help students achieve excellence in
their academic and non-academic pursuits. 8. To facilitate students’ understanding of
5. To provide students with opportunities cross cultural distinctive, internationalism
to develop fine leadership qualities. and to have an international outlook.

6. To enable our students to develop 9. To work with parents and our
exemplary character. supporters to enable our students to
maximize their potential.

10. To establish and manage an effective
boarding school to support students’


Grade 7, 8

Language Arts Geography Pastoral Care &
Thai Language History Career Guidance
Chinese Language Art
Mathematics ICT Project Work
Science Music Physical Education

Grade 9, 10 Core AS & A Level

English as a Subjects English aCnshyuobFojIesVectE
First/Second Language
Thai/Chinese Language Physics
International Mathematics

Additional Mathematics


Physics aCsnhuyoboOjesNecEt Economics
Biology Business Studies

Geography aCsnhuyobjoTeWscetOs Geography
History Art
Economics Music
Business Studies
ICT ICT Quick tips!
Music For Cambridge A Levels,
students can choose
to study up to FIVE
different subjects
in Grade 11 & 12



For IBDP, which will be offered after the school
passes 2nd authorization, students study
up to SIX different subjects besides the core subjects.

Studies in Group 1 Language Group 2 Group 3

language and acquisition Individuals
Literature and societies
Language B
Language and Language ab initio Geography
Literature History
Group 5 Business Management
Group 4 Economics
Experimental The Arts Group 6
Sciences Mathematics :
Analysis and Visual Arts
Biology, approaches
Physics Mathematics :
Applications and

CoreRequirements Extended Essay (EE)

4000 word essay, on a topic of student interest
Provides excellent preparation for independent study at university level

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Critical reflection on how we know and what we know
Develops awareness of cultural perspectives and biases
Allows for connections to be established between disciplines

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

A framework for experiential learning, involving students in new and active roles
Develops awareness and a sense of responsibility towards the community

Foundation Sixth Form
General International
Certificate of General
Secondary Certificate of
Educaton Secondary
Based on the
Integrated Cambridge
Singapore International
International Examinations
Curriculum G10
Grades 7 & 8 Course

Grades 9 & 10

(Age 12 - 18)

Cambridge University
A Levels Placement
Baccalaureate University
Diploma placement and
Programme careers
Cambridge support
International provided by
Examinations two full-time
Full IB University
Diploma/ Counsellors
IB Courses

Grades 11 &12

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