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Published by BWI, 2016-10-03 16:03:12

CDS Final Hi Res

CDS Final Hi Res

The ultimate door
system that never

stops working­
for you.

The ultimate door system from the ultimate allian

The ultimate door system that never
stops working for you.
The CastleGate™ Door System featuring
Masonite® combines the expertise, service
and technology from three industry leaders
into one expertly-crafted exterior door
system. With the CastleGate Door System,
you’ll save time, money and resources, and
deliver ultimate homeowner satisfaction.

Fabricated and delivered adhering to impeccably
high standards of consistent quality.

Beautifully-designed exterior door panels and
decorative glass made of next-generation
performance materials.

The most advanced high-performance exterior door
components in the industry.


Masonite® Door Panels and Glass
CastleGate™ Door Systems deliver an endless
portfolio of beautiful panel and decorative glass
options from Masonite to suit any style and give
homeowners the grand entrance they want for
their homes

Endura Weathersealing

Seal out air and water infiltration, and
increase your door system performance
with Endura’s PE650® Weatherstrip and
Simple Solution™ Corner Pad. Patented
technology delivers superior protection.

FrameSaver® Door Frame
Simply the best door frame on the market,
FrameSaver is so dependable it comes with
an unmatched fully-transferable limited lifetime
warranty. The patented composite bottom won’t
absorb water, won’t rot, won’t mold, resists
insects and even finishes and paints like wood.

Ultimate Multi-Point Astragal™
Endura’s Multi-Point Astragal provides three
secure locking points, preventing panel deflection
and putting an end to leaks, drafts and callbacks,
all while using standard hardware and at a
fraction of the cost of traditional multi-point locks.

Z-Articulating Cap Sill™ (Z-AC)

The real world is never perfect. With Z-AC, that’s
no longer your problem. Z-AC automatically
adjusts, forming a consistent tight seal, and
delivers protection against air and water, even
with wide margins and missing corner pads. No
more adjusting. No more service calls.

BWI® Quality and Service

All CastleGate Door Systems are precision-
assembled by Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc.®
(BWI) and backed by industry-leading customer
service, freeing you to quickly get the job done
without worrying about quality.

Built to a higher standard.

BWI® precision-assembles each door BWI® Advantage: At Your Service
unit, serving as your partner in delivering All CastleGate™ Door Systems are precision-assembled and delivered by BWI,
reliable lead times, service and adhering to impeccably high standards for consistent quality, accuracy, service
guaranteed performance. and speed, freeing you to quickly get the job done without sacrificing quality.

The Industry’s Best Service, Support and Quality:
Sophisticated Quality Control process

H a...n AUAdll-nllBisjtousililnislitntsaUcrlanueridtesseecbcFayuaurtTlekrBdeuodewyfIinotMhdruusulscllttPrimreyowasCtstesr,ansafttonsrtedmns2etga"ntphStleoiallsntD,

Industry-Leading Packaging

O n.- TSiemvee,nA-dcacyursatoteckDeinlivveenriteosry guarantee

Masonite® Panels & Glass

CastleGate™ Door Systems deliver an extensive portfolio of beautiful Fiberglass panel
and decorative glass options from Masonite to suit any style and give homeowners
the grand entrance they want for their home.

Door Options with More Door Value:

Masonite is consistently at the forefront of door design, offering superior

craftsmanship, durability and value in every CastleGate Door System panel.

. Textured Fiberglass for Real Wood Appearance: Premium variable depth

oak, fir and mahogany textures create the look of natural wood, and allow for

... eHETraniugseeyhrg-sSDytqa-euiEnfiafinnfriiegcti-ioaeEnnnddtgPCferinooCifsniolhsenitnrPsguta.crnutiecoltsnio: fnAo:drCdArdeviadstueeadsl depth and character. Decorative glass from Masonite® embraces
authentic wood door appearance natural light and transforms each CastleGate™
Energy Savings: Polyurethane Door System into a vision of beauty without
core insulates 5x better than real wood and is ENERGY STAR® eligible.

Raise Your Glass - Beautiful Glass Options, Lasting Value:

Masonite’s extensive selection of finely-crafted decorative glass harnesses the

beauty of natural light to instantly update any panel design.

.. WOvideer 25 decorative glass designs to choose from divided lites (SDLs),
array of options: decorative, clear, low-e, simulated

internal grids and miniblinds available

On trend, real-world designs.

Barrington® Traditional Barrington®, Sierra® & VistaGrande™ Fiberglass
Fiberglass Flagstaff ® Fiberglass Flush-glazed

Engineered to perform.

Powered By Endura™. Engineered to Perform.

Components Powered by Endura™ provide Let’s face it: the real world isn’t perfect. Whether imperfect site conditions, market
lasting performance that accounts for the real cost pressures and labor scarcity, or improper sill adjustment, many factors lead to
world so you can install and move on. time waste, performance issues and costly service calls for you.

The real world may never be perfect, but with the CastleGate™ Door System,

Powered By Endura™ it’s not your problem anymore. Each system is designed

with your challenges in mind.

. With Powered By Endura™ components, each system works to account for

. jRoobts-iPteroreoaf.liGtieusaaranndteweodr.kAilnl spite of them. feature FrameSaver®, the
CastleGate Systems

industry’s only rot-proof wood door frame and a fully-transferable limited lifetime

. wNoarSrailnl tAy.djustment Ever: Never adjust a sill again with Z-Articulating Cap Sill™’s

. uBnuiiqltu-ien spring-loaded cap. Z-AC seals with wide margins and without corner
sealing system within


The Result?
You get a door system that works with the labor you have, while doing the work of the
labor you don’t. With a door system Powered by Endura, service calls, extra installa-
tion steps and quick field fixes are a thing of the past.

US PATENTS: 5,661,943; 5,873,209; 5,950,391; 6,122,882; 5,857,291;6,941,326; 8,157298; 8,157,299; 5,611,173;6,789,358; 6,219,971; 8,413,383; 8,522,483;
8,991,100; 8,991,101; D638,142; D638,143; D638,958; D713,976; D722,387; 7,753,418; 8,182,002; AND US PATENTS PENDING.

Imperfect Conditions. Proven Performance. REAL-WORLD PERFORMANCE
CastleGate™ Door Systems have been tested and proven to outperform the
leading system competitor, even in severe weather conditions. During extensive DP 45 Competitor CastleGate™
water testing, the CastleGate Door System maintained leak-proof protection, DP 40 Door System Door System
even in conditions with gusts of 51 mph winds and 8 inches of rainfall per hour. DP 35
During the same test, the leading competitor system leaked immediately— ­failing DP 30
to perform in even marginal weather conditions. DP 25
DP 20
You put your name on the line with every home you build. That’s why you DP 15
invest in leading, trusted brands. But are you ready to hang your hat on a LIMITED
system that leaks at the first sign of a summer rainstorm? WATER

Stop putting your name behind a system designed, produced and built by one Put us to the test. CastleGate Door Systems
company with a broad focus in each area of door performance — trust your have been extensively tested and proven to out-
name with the power of three specialized industry leaders, coming together to perform the leading system competitor, delivering
bring you one status-quo-killing door system. trusted protection even in conditions with gusts of
51 mph winds and 8 inches of rainfall per hour.
But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself — the numbers don’t lie. The competitor system failed to perform, even in
moderate conditions.

Tested and proven.

Certified Third Party Testing 6/8 8/0 DP vs Wind Speed in
Inswing Performance Range Performance Range Miles Per Hour
Single, Sidelite, Hinged Patio DP40-DP50 DP25-DP50 Limited No Wind
French/Multi-Point Astragal DP45 DP35 Water
DP15 33.4 MPH
Outswing Performance Range Performance Range DP20 34.2 MPH
Single, Sidelite, Hinged Patio DP55-DP65 DP50-DP55 DP25 38.3 MPH
French/Multi-Point Astragal DP60 DP60 DP30 41.9 MPH
DP35 45.3 MPH
Each test is 23 minutes in duration. Doors are exposed to 8" of rainfall per hour and wind speeds DP40 48.4 MPH
corresponding with the DP vs. Wind Speed chart as shown. DP45 51.3 MPH
DP50 54.1 MPH

A lifetime of comfort and beauty

CastleGate™ Door Systems are backed by What does this mean for you? We’ve Got Your Back.
the industry’s best warranties, combining When you specify CastleGate™ Door Systems, you can rest assured knowing
superior protection and peace of mind. you’ve got the industry’s best door system, backed by the industry’s best

Solid Panels. Solid Warranty.
When you specify CastleGate Door Systems featuring Masonite® panels and glass,
we want you to be completely satisfied. Depending on its application, whether it is
a front door or an Entry System, including sidelites or a transom, Masonite offers its
one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Tested. Proven. Backed by Force 5®
The components in your CastleGate Door System are backed by Endura Products®’
Lifetime Limited Force 5® Warranty — meaning you get the highest-performing door
components backed by the industry’s best warranty.

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