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Published by BWI, 2017-12-12 15:13:14

BWI Design Brochure

BWI Design Brochure


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Cover-P3.indd 1 9/6/17 4:04 PM

BWI Fine Finish proudly offers the All products that are pre-finished are carefully prepped, inspected,
finest quality pre-finished door sanded, cleaned, finished, and shipped completely ready to install.
products in the Eastern USA. We pride ourselves on green practices. All of our standard process
stains utilize water-based stains and UV blocking top coats. These
Our pre-finish facility in Selinsgrove, products produce almost no harmful emissions (no VOCs), and
PA is a dust controlled environment our coatings are among the most durable finishes available.
that is outfitted with the latest
equipment to provide a durable, The BWI Fine Finish program features 15 standard stains and 28
consistent, and even finish every time. stock paint colors. If you do not find the color you are looking for
in our stock colors, we can custom-blend any color to specifically
match your home. Simply submit a color sample, and we will
create your custom color! We use only the highest quality primers,

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 2-3

paints, stains, and glazes that are specifically formulated for the MASONITE GUIDES YOU THROUGH THE
environment they will be applied in and for the material they TOP INDUSTRY TRENDS HAPPENING NOW
will be applied to so that the durability and quality of our finish
cannot be duplicated with typical off-the-shelf stains or paints. We compiled the most sought after trends and styles of our industry.
Each speaks to what’s hot now and what we expect to see coming up next.
We are not new to pre-finishing. For over 15 years, we have
been offering premium quality and extraordinary customer From exterior to interior doors, Masonite helps you create a
service on our pre-finish services. All our finishes on fiberglass story that flows throughout your home by looking at the latest
doors are backed by a 10 year limited warranty.
trend insights and pairing complementary door styles.
Let BWI Fine Finish eliminate your risk of contamination and save you
the hassle of fighting job-site issues. By choosing BWI Fine Finish,
your millwork is completely ready for installation when it arrives. 3

9/6/17 3:56 PM

Top Industry Trends


p5 p9 p13 p17

uu Style meets function when you uu Modern farmhouse blends uu Transitional style represents the uu Embrace the rich history and wnehxatt?’s
combine the raw, unfinished rustic charm with contemporary new “classic” in American homes. distinct look of Craftsman style.
structures in your home with design to add a modern twist to Modern meets traditional for an Vintage details, unique accents uu Find out what trends
the warmth of natural elements. farmhouse nostalgia. eclectic look with mass appeal. and warm colors create a are on the horizon.
welcoming environment.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 4-5


p21 p25 p29 create an

uu Classic homes are filled with uu Clean lines and sleek finishes set uu Sophisticated and well traveled, STORYextraordinary
rich details and elegant touches the tone for modern design – a style urban eclectic style draws
that radiate an unmistakable air that craves wide-open, clutter-free inspiration from around the world
of refinement. spaces that make every piece count. to deliver a refined look packed
with visual interest.

Every home has a story to tell and the front door is an important part
of that story, but it doesn’t end there. Interior doors will continue to

pique your interest throughout the home. Achieve a sense of harmony
in the home by using these trends to convey a personal style. 5

9/6/17 3:57 PM


Uncover what was once concealed to bring an industrial edge to your home. Pair exposed pipes, metal
surfaces, brick walls, distressed wood, concrete floors and industrial lighting with the warmth of natural
elements to create that sought-after “unfinished” look.

A vintage key lock brings instant
charm to storage trunks that can
double as your edgy side-table.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 6-7

uu LeChateau Fir Exterior Door uu HD Steel Exterior Door uu LeChateau 4 Panel Exterior Door, uu HD Steel 3 Panel uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door 7
with White Laminate Glass with Optimus™ Glass Primed White Exterior Door with Chord Glass

9/6/17 3:57 PM

Sis CwhIEerNe CE
+ ARTbevreeank.

Robin Mathews

Evening Shadow Iron Ore Different Gold Marooned Choose colors that complement
SW 7662 SW 7069 SW 6396 SW 6020 the unfinished structures and warm
natural elements in your home.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

8 INDUSTRIAL uu Melrose® Molded Panel uu LeChateau Interior Door,
Interior Door Primed Gray

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 8-9

uu Knotty Alder Interior Door with Chalkboard Insert

uu LeChateau Interior Door, uu LeChateau Fir Interior Door uu LinPcoalnnePl aInrtke™rioMroDldoeodr 9
Primed White with White Laminate Glass

9/6/17 3:57 PM

chase your dream


Modern Farmhouse embraces rustic touches that create a “lived-in” feel, while incorporating elements
of modern design. Farmhouse sinks, mason jars, distressed wood, bead board, repurposed accents and
antique decor add nostalgia and put the focus on the true meaning of home.

The versatility of mason jars in a
modern farmhouse is limitless –
from the table to overhead lighting.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 10-11

uu Artisan Maple Exterior Door uu Artisan Cherry Exterior Door uu Artisan Primed Exterior Door uu Artisan Mahogany Exterior Door uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door 11
9 Lite Prairie with Clear Glass

9/6/17 3:58 PM

VtheISreUarAe nLo

rules to balance &


Patrick Ege – Masonite Lead Industrial Designer

Essential Gray Raisin Hearty Orange Inkwell Blend warm rustic tones with cool
SW 6002 SW 7630 SW 6622 SW 6992 contemporary hues to create a
modern farmhouse with a twist.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

12 MODERN FARMHOUSE uu Wood Le Chateau 3 Panel uu French Primed Interior Door
Mission Interior Door
BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 12-13

uu Z Wood Barn Door

uu Le Chateau Mahogany uu Cheyenne® Interior Door uu Le Chateau Knotty Alder 13
Interior Door Shaker Interior Door

9/6/17 3:58 PM


versatile and chic

Soft color palettes, classic lines and comfortable style define Transitional design. This new
timeless style intertwines the sleek edge of modern design with the warmth of traditional
elements, creating a sense of harmony.

Unclutter your home and add a
few modern touches to create the
versatile transitional design.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 14-15

uu Bellewviiltlhe®CEhxetleseriao®r Door uu HD Steel Exterior Door uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door uu Steel Exterior Door uu V3is-t1a/G2"raSnDdLeb®aErxstearniodrCDleoaorrGwlaitshs 15
Glass with Element® Glass with Textured Glass with Kordella® Glass

9/6/17 3:59 PM

mix modern style
while rooting it with



Jason Walsh – Masonite Senior Industrial Designer

Creamy Drizzle Truly Taupe Gale Force Mix soft neutrals with blue
SW 7012 SW 6479 SW 6038 SW 7605 undertones for a new classic feel
with a modern, mass appeal.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

16 TRANSITIONAL uu Heritage® Logan™ Interior Door uu West End CollectiIonnte®rBioerrkDloeyo®r

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 16-17

uu HeritageIn®tWeriinosrlDowoo™r uu Wood LeChateau Primed uu French Lite Gray Shaker Interior uu Heritage® Logan™ Interior Door 17
Shaker Interior Door Door with Frosted Glass

9/6/17 3:59 PM

reveal your inner


Celebrate the rich heritage of American workmanship that is evident in authentic
Craftsman design. Classic lines, handcrafted accents and subtle Earth tones provide
the perfect backdrop for your design vision.

Dress up your door with an oversized
speakeasy, wrought-iron grill or
clavos for that authentic rustic charm.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 18-19

uu HweritithaHgee®arEtxlatenrdio™r Door uu Belleville® Oak Exterior Door uu Knotty Alder Exterior Door uu BEaxrrtienrgiotronD®oCorrawftistmh aMnarMcaoh™oGglaansys uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door
Glass with Chord Glass with Clear Glass with Craftsman SDL Grids and Clear Glass 19

9/6/17 4:00 PM

CtheAwNorVldAisSbut a

Henry David Thoreau

Bolero Paradise Pale Moss Dark Clove Create a welcoming home with rich,
SW 7600 SW 6720 SW 9027 SW 9183 warm tones or a pop of red for that
classic Americana style.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

20 CRAFTSMAN uu Riverside® Interior Door uu Oak Artisan Interior Door
with Clear Glass

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 20-21

uu Heritage® Winslow™ Interior Door

uu Heritage® Winslow™ Interior Door uu LeChateau Knotty Alder uu Cheyenne® Interior Door 21
Interior Door

9/6/17 4:00 PM


welcome iconic elegance

While casual and rustic have been in vogue recently, many are returning to the refined
elegance of Classic design. Combine rich fabrics, natural colors and a focus on symmetry
to create a look that will stand the test of time.

Make a good first impression with
a classic door knocker that radiates
that unmistakable air of refinement.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 22-23

uu BarriEnxgtteornio®rMDaohoorgwanityh Fiberglass uu Le Chateau Wood Mahogany uu BellevilleD®oAovrawnittGhuAalrsdt®onEx®tGelraiossr uEuxBteelrlieovrilDleo®oMr wahitohgSaonnynFeibt™erGgllaassss uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door 23
BR4 Glass Exterior Door with Internal Grids and Clear Glass

9/6/17 4:01 PM

elegance is

BtheEoAnlUy TY

that never fades

Audrey Hepburn

Anchors Aweigh Rice Grain Restrained Gold Storm Cloud Choose elegant, classic tones
SW 9179 SW 6155 SW 6129 SW 6249 such as navy or tan for a rich,
timeless look.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

24 CLASSIC uu Palazzo® Capri® Interior Door uu Bolection® Designer Interior Door

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 24-25

uu Palazzo® Bellagio® Interior Door

uu Wood Plantation Louver uu Classic Molded Panel uu French Primed Interior 25
Interior Door Interior Door Door with Clear Glass

9/6/17 4:01 PM


for the minimalist at heart

Strong lines, geometric shapes and dynamic proportions characterize the bold simplicity
of modern style. Less is more in this design approach that favors smooth profiles and
sparse furnishings for a crisp, uncluttered feel.

Oversized metal door handles
make a bold statement against the
simplistic style of a modern door.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 26-27

uu Modern Exterior Door Vertical Lite uu Modern Exterior Door Centered uu Belleville® Smooth Exterior Door uu Modern Exterior Door Diamond uu VistaGrande® Exterior Door 27
with Pear Glass 5-Lite with Clear Glass with Cuzco® Glass Lite with Pearl Glass with Clear Glass

9/6/17 4:02 PM


and clean lines

High contrast between trim, walls, and doors helps to define a space
and give it strong visual interest and emphasize architectural details.

Patrick Ege – Masonite Lead Industrial Designer

Center Stage Tricorn Black Morning Glory Pure White Combine the stark contrast
SW 6920 SW 6258 SW 6971 SW 7005 of clean lines with bold colors
that are sure to stand out.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

28 MODERN uu West End™ Berkley® Interior Door uu West End™ Hamel™ Interior Door

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 28-29

uu West End™ Melrose® Interior Door

uu Flush Interior Hardboard uu Wood French Primed Interior uu Wood French Primed Interior 29
Door with Clear Glass Door with Frosted Glass

9/6/17 4:02 PM


welcome the world into your home

From unique statement pieces to romantic touches you have collected along your life
journey, the Urban Eclectic home reflects your wanderlust. Recreate a well-traveled look that
incorporates bold textures, cultural influences and cherished mementos.

Create visual interest with an authentic
wrought-iron handle that represents
your favorite corner of the world.


BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 30-31

uu HD Steel Exterior Door uu LeChateau Mahogany Double uu Belleville® Oak Fiberglass Exterior Door uu BellevilPlea®rlMiaamheongtaEnxyteFirbioerrgDloaossr 31
with Chelsea® Glass Half-Round Top Exterior Doors with Tanglewood™ Glass

9/6/17 4:03 PM


Paul McCartney

Gulfstream Invigorate Framboise Sturdy Brown Incorporate rich colors from
SW 6768 SW 6886 SW 6566 SW 6097 your travels – anything goes
for that coveted eclectic look.
Create any color with Sherwin-Williams paint.

32 URBAN ECLECTIC uu Le Chateau Mahogany Interior Door uu Bolection® Designer Interior Door

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 32-33

uu Bolection® Designer Interior Door

uu VistaGrandCee®nEtxetnenriioalr Door with uu Flush Oak Interior Door uu Bolection® Traditions Interior Door 33
10™ Glass

9/6/17 4:03 PM


wNhatE’s XT? uu Unique details create visual
Why wait for inspiration interest in increasingly small
when you can go after it! spaces. Barn doors offer the
Masonite guides you through perfect space-saving option to
some of the new trends on add both privacy and character.
the horizon so you can
stay one step ahead of
the latest styles.

By 2025, most American homes will have downsized uu Lincoln Park™ Interior Barn Door
tremendously. This means more multipurpose furniture, 9/6/17 4:03 PM
space-saving decorations, and a mix of neutrals and
pops of color.

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Book-P3.indd 34


uu Embrace patterns and textures
inspired by the unique organic
materials found in nature.

uu Flush Oak Interior Door Discover the eclectic mix of patterns, shapes and materials
with an unexpected, organic twist that is gaining popularity
in the UK. Mix and match natural elements to add a sense
of drama.

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Cover-P3.indd 38

9/6/17 4:04 PM


uu Take your cues from the
rich, masculine vibe found in
boutique hotels in the heart of
the big city. Pair deep colors
with subtle mood lighting and
comfortable seating to create
a warm, inviting atmosphere.

uu Le Chateau Maple Exterior Door Bohemian Revival breaks away from traditional, feminine-
inspired design by mixing equal parts funky and classic to
deliver a decidedly masculine feel. Rich colors and plush
seating invite you to sit and stay awhile.

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Cover-P3.indd 34 9/6/17 4:05 PM


uu This style is beachy, with a modern
twist. Think unfinished wood, neutral
colors paired with dark contrasts,
and clean geometric lines.

uu VistDaoGorarsnwdeit®h4C-lLeiater Patio

From Instagram models, to blogs, to the latest restaurant trends, 35
Australian influence is dominating popular design today. This trend
draws upon the clean lines of modern design with a nod to the 9/6/17 4:05 PM
beach-inspired aesthetic of the American Hamptons.

BWI-17303-2017-Design+Inspiration-Cover-P3.indd 35

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