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Online Newsletter - 20 March 2018

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Online Newsletter - 20 March 2018

Newsletter – March 20, 2018

Lost Treasure Houston Archaeology
and Recovery Club
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–Lost Treasure–
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

March 20, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 15 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
6 Tips From the Pros
8 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

17 THers' News
28 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

ADVERTISING [email protected]
(918) 786-2182, ext. 0 Early Spring
MANAGING EDITOR Carla Nielsen Treasure Hunting
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
[email protected]

IN MEMORIAM When it’s not practical to go out for next season. It’s a good time to
Coy Harris (1964-1996) treasure hunting in the first days of make a list of places to explore when
Kevin Harris (1965-2013) spring, with some in our country the temperatures rise. How you go
still under a blanket of snow, trea- about finding these places is your
PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One sure hunting-related indoor activities choice (although libraries, museums,
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two exist that can still keep you amused civic records, and the Internet offer a
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: and feeling production. lot). Such a list of potential sites gets
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). you off to a good start in the spring,
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first It’s a good time of the year to increasing the number of nice finds.
issue. (Printed in the USA.) investigate the graveled floors of
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- abandoned drive-in movie theaters This is also a good time to clean
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address or the wooded areas of older city and classify your discoveries, and to
change or correction (enclosing latest parks. Visibility and access are much maintain and add to your equipment.
address label) eight weeks in advance to better after the leaves have fallen
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, and these same leaves insulate the It’s also an ideal time to write
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. ground, preventing it from freezing. an article or two for Lost Treasure.
E-mail [email protected] With that in mind, ask yourself why
Some other spots that are rela- you read the articles in your treasure
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK tively impervious to early light frosts hunting magazines. Chances are it’s
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct and snowfalls include beaches, play- for the same reasons as the detector-
ground sandboxes, and areas paved ists, etc., who wrote the articles. You
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost with bark or shredded rubber. As want to find good, new hunting plac-
long as you’re comfortable and can es and productive ways of searching
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this dig, you’re all right. The ground is them, to mention a couple.
not messy; there are few weeds, no
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire insects, and no helpful observers. You can offer similar benefits
Sometimes a light dusting of snow in your writing to other treasure
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the makes your finds more visible as you hunters, particularly beginners not
turn over your shovel to examine entirely familiar with the equipment
expressed written permission of the publisher. them. or with conventional coinshooting
methods. As an experienced detec-
© 2018 Lost Treasure, Inc.® Be sure to dress appropriately and torist, you’ve made some interesting
to take precautions to protect equip- finds and developed a few tech-
LostTreasure OnLine ment. A few treasure hunters are not niques. These are things other detec-
deterred by frozen or nearly frozen torists would like to hear about.
http://www.lost ground, using picks and specially-
sharpened digging tools to penetrate Treasure hunters just like you
the concrete-like soil, properly plug- have discovered not only that they
ging holes along the way. like to write, but, surprisingly, that
they’re pretty good at it. So why
When the weather totally takes don’t you give it a try? Nothing ven-
one more spin back to winter you can tured, nothing gained!
go through Lost Treasure Magazine’s
back issues, re-reading the articles [email protected]
you skimmed over before and clip-
ping out useful items to place in a
folder or scrapbook.

This is also the time to make plans Newsletter 3-20-18 3

Feature Club

The Houston Archaeology
and Recovery Club

Founded in 1980, the Houston the hobby. Learn how to best use of new metal detecting equipment.
Archaeology and Recovery Club your machines. Show your finds and The club’s showcase event is the
(HARC) is a group of metal detector see what others have found.
enthusiasts in the Houston area that Galveston seeded hunt they do every
love the hobby and to share it with At the meetings bring finds and February. 
others. earn a chance to win a door prize.
This is a fabulous hunt in every
They meet monthly at the Jax There is a fundraiser every meet- way, and is recommended to any
Grill on Shepherd on the second ing with prizes usually being large metal detecting enthusiast. 
Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. silver coins.
and are open to all that are interested There are several hunts through-
in the metal detecting hobby. Visitors Get tips on detector techniques out the day with the main hunt being
are welcome. and hunt sites. Discuss plans for last. 
upcoming group hunts.
Come and meet others who share Targets are silver coins or tokens
Sometimes they have speakers on redeemable for prizes. Prizes are
treasure hunting or demonstrations metal detectors and accessories, and

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

Feature Club cont'd...

gold and silver coins.  they will be going to a proven site

This is a family oriented event, to hunt then award prizes afterward

there is a free kids’ hunt and metal for best finds in the scavenger hunt

detectors are some of the prizes.  categories. 

This year they had 78 sign up for the The club does other impromptu

adult hunt.  hunts during the year if promising

For the last two years they have sites become available.  Turn on Durham (one-way street).
Go 3 blocks south, turn into the
done the hunt in conjunction with the They will also have a table at the
parking lot on the backside of Jax
TAMDC - who also run a nice hunt.   Texas Treasure Show in Temple in Grill. The club meets in the meeting
room in the back.
During the rest of the year they April.
Club President – Fred Meek.
have several seeded hunts for the Annual dues: $20 for individual, For more information, visit
the club’s Facebook page at
members; targets will be silver $25 for family membership. Includes
dimes planted at a park or sand vol- membership in the Texas Association

leyball courts.  of Metal Detecting Clubs.

They also do scavenger hunts, To attend a meeting, take the

with one coming up in April where Shepherd/Durham exit from I-10. Newsletter 3-20-18 5

Tip From the Pros

Vintage Automobile Emblems

By Jay Pastor

Emblems on old automobiles American Motors, Peerless Motor rent market prices.
are exciting to find, interesting to Car, Pierce-Arrow, Mercury, Willys, It’s a whole new world for a trea-
research, fun to keep for your own Marmon, Jeep, Stutz, Franklin,
collections, and financially reward- Stanley Steamer, Hupmobile, and a sure hunter who has never paid much
ing to sell. list of other historic manufacturers attention to these nicely-designed,
long enough to fill the rest of this metallic labels - someone who is
Looking at them is like taking a page. interested in finding new items to
trip through 20th Century America hunt for and new places to search.
– and not just to antique-auto -res- Check the Internet and your
toration buffs who are transfixed library to learn more about these Surprisingly, although they’re
by names like LaSalle, Rambler, colorful and entertaining logos from getting scarcer, they’re still around.
Nash, Chrysler, Auburn, Dodge, cars that delighted our grandfathers. Every so often, I meet a THer who’s as
Cord, REO, Duesenberg, Auburn, Then scan eBay for an appreciation pleased as punch about having come
Studebaker, Chandler, Hudson, Cord, of their diversity and a feel for cur- across one. But, not surprisingly, more
often than not he doesn’t want to sell it.

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

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Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Underwater Treasure
Hunting Tools
of the Trade

By John Christopher Fine

Mel Fisher was an engineer. the invention of the “mailbox” on

When he began his dive opera- my friend, the late Mel Fisher.

tion in California he became an How do you dig down through

innovator. 10, 20, even 30 feet of sand that

Diving was at its infancy. Mel covers treasure underwater? Hand

married a landlocked Montana girl fanning will never get down that

and together they started a fam- deep. The deepest I had patience

ily. They all became accomplished The fun is evident on the faces of the late Bob to dig by hand on a shipwreck site
divers and eventually participated Weller and Burt Killbride (in the hat) as they was three feet. By that time I was
in Mel’s dream to find sunken hold treasure recovered underwater. exhausted and the sand kept col-
treasure. lapsing into the hole.

During it all, Mel used his skills I sometimes use my SeaDoo

as an innovator to adapt tools for is partially true. underwater scooter to blow sand

underwater work. Great civilizations before ours in away. It works when I turn the

It is always difficult to say a cer- Egypt, Persia, in the Americas under propeller downward and brace the

tain person was the first to invent Maya, Aztec and Inca cultures, and scooter against my chest, but I still

something. The old Russians joked throughout the Asian world saw cannot dig very deep.

and always bragged about their amazing progress in invention. Mel Fisher and his dive teams had

claim to an invention no matter its Science, astronomy, medicine and to move sand. Spanish galleons, lost

rightful heir. The Russians did it first industry advanced far beyond the at sea in hurricanes during their colo-

and always better. We laugh since it European Dark Ages. I prefer to pin nial conquests that lasted 350 years,

68 LOST TREASURE NOecwtosblertte2r0137-20-18

Divers were often enough sucked

up and thrown against the mailboxes

to a point where safety devices had

to be installed. Mel had iron bars

welded around the mailbox to keep

people and objects away from the


It was impossible to communicate

with divers working below in those

days so it was imperative that these

safety screens be installed. They are

in common use today by underwater

treasure hunters.

Another method of moving sand

is by the use of an air lift. This

device is simple to build and is noth-

Spanish coins found underwater on a shipwreck site. ing but a long pipe, the diameter of
which depends on the operation.

A fitting is welded to the work-
settled into the sand. Heavy objects photographers to cover Mel Fisher’s ing end of the pipe and an air hose
sank down to the coral substrate and operations and treasure recovery on goes from the fitting to a shipboard
were covered by sand. the Nuestra Señora de Atocha and compressor. Compressed air is sent

Getting to them would either have Santa Margarita sites he brought into the hose which creates a ven-
to wait until ocean storms pushed along his young son.
turi system that turns the operating
sand away and uncovered cannons In a tragic accident, the boy decid- end of the pipe into an underwater
or you would have to move the sand. ed to take a swim while the mailbox- vacuum cleaner.
Mel moved sand. Lots of it. He es were engaged. The water coursing Handles welded onto the pipe
did it by creating an elbow that back along the ship’s hull drew him enable it to be handled by a diver
could be lowered over the stern of into the unprotected mailbox and he working underwater. The diver uses
his treasure hunting vessels. The was killed by the ship’s propeller.
this vacuum cleaner to remove sand.
large elbow would be bolted in place

over the ship’s propeller. Once in

place the vessel could be anchored

fore and aft so it would not move

when the propeller was engaged.

The invention was called a mailbox.

Not only was visibility improved

by sending clearer surface water

down below, the force of the down-

draft of water from the churning

propeller dug neat, round holes in

the bottom clear down to the coral


Divers heavily weighted down

could work under the propeller wash

and see clearly as treasures were


Once you see it in operation, the

mailbox is relatively simple. Ships

with two engines and two propellers

had two mailboxes fixed on the stern


Mel’s mailboxes beat out the

previous innovation of a flat metal

plate lowered over the stern that

deflected the prop wash downward.

Dangerous? Yes, very dangerous. Diver Myriam Moran with a Garrett under-
When National Geographic water treasure detector. It can be used above

Magazine assigned one of their top water and underwater to depths up to 200 feet.

wwww.Lwows.tLToresatTsrueraes.cuorem.cNoemwsOlecttoebr e3r-2200-1178 97

Author John Christopher Fine’s early Garrett under- Key West using air lifts. One diver
water treasure detector with Spanish coins found had his arm sucked into the pipe.
underwater on a shipwreck site. Since the operation of the compres-
sor was aboard ship, and he was
working alone without any ability
to communicate, he remained with
his arm stuck in the vacuum until he
was rescued.

The diver’s arm had swelled as
blood and fluids filled his arm from
the force of the suction and he had
to have the arm sliced open by sur-
geons to relieve the pressure from
the fluids.

Arms, hands and fingers must
be kept away from the operating
end of air lifts, and care must be
used to operate them in a manner so
that valuable smaller objects are not
sucked into the pipe and lost again
out the open end.

Underwater treasure hunters all
have their favorite metal detectors.
In the early days metal detector tech-
nology was from the mine detectors
of World War II vintage. Adaptations
had to be made to accommodate
their use underwater.

Inventors like Tony Spooner
began working with Mel Fisher to
develop effective underwater metal
detectors that were practical and

Working under a mailbox people
and things get tossed around and

He must watch carefully to grab any Author John Christopher Fine with the dean of underwater treasure hunters, the
object uncovered before it is sucked late Bob “Frogfoot” Weller (wearing glasses). Photo by Myriam Moran.
up the pipe and thrown out the open

When Mel Fisher and his team
of divers uncovered uncut emeralds
on the Atocha site the air lift sucked
them up and spewed them out the
open end. Divers had to grab the
cascading green stones as they fell
back onto the sand.

Mel’s solution was to have the
open end of the air lift attached to
a longer flexible pipe that jetted the
finds into a metal screen on board
the ship for sorting.

Also dangerous? Yes. Not only
can the pipe get away from a diver
and thrash around underwater, a div-
er’s hand and arm can be caught in it.

I was working with a group of
divers salvaging ore from a ship
torpedoed during World War II off

180 LLOOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEONcetowbseler t2te0r137-20-18

earphones are not practical while

working in a prop wash. The power

of surge pulls them off.

A vibrating device was created

that fitted under a diver’s mask

against the bone behind the ear.

Instead of beeping, and rather than

trying to look at a meter in lim-

ited visibility without having the

inconvenience of ear phones, whose

cables can tangle and be washed

away, the device would vibrate when

a hit occurred.

I have used my Garrett underwa-

ter metal detectors successfully over

many years. The late Charles Garrett

was an avid diver and he invented A mailbox hauled up on the stern of John McSherry’s treasure hunting ves-
metal detector technology. sel “Tailhook.” Photos by John Christopher Fine except as otherwise noted.

When he saw the need for a

waterproof detector that could with-
stand pressure up to 200 feet and be Metal detectors have various con- and bomb explosions, resulted in a
practical underwater, Charles came trols. One sets sensitivity or discrim- lot of trash. Nevertheless the patient
up with a state of the art underwater ination. I never use discrimination and methodical treasure hunter was
metal detector and was able to sell underwater. I do not care if I recover always rewarded.
enough of them to make them eco- 100 lead sinkers to one coin. I want I watched with amazement as one

nomically feasible for the average it all. I do not want to pass up a thin of Mel’s pioneer divers and close
gold chain or small coin hoping not friend, Mo Molinar, went below.
Garrett now produces a water- to gather in more pop tops or alumi- There was nothing elegant about his
proof detector that can be submerged num cans. dress. Usually a mix of jeans, over-

in up to 10 feet of water with water- Working on Mel’s 1622 shipwreck alls and a wet suit top. Mo usually
proof headphones. Divers that seek sites in the quicksand it became never took a metal detector below
treasure on shipwrecks find Garrett’s immediately apparent that genera- yet he always came up with a coin or
underwater detector, waterproof to tions of fishermen and war activi- two even on the worst of days.
ties, including naval target practice “You got good eyes,” Mo told me
200 feet, an important tool.
once. That was a high compliment

from this veteran treasure finder that

could locate coins where no one else

could find them.

Like Mel and Deo Fisher, Mo

Molinar has passed on now. He was

a good poker player and many a

diver lost their pokes to him aboard

“Virgalona” on lazy nights anchored

over a treasure site.

Modern technology has advanced

search techniques. Magnetometers

will detect ferrous objects underwa-

ter. The objects have to be iron like

anchors or cannons. Magnetometers

will not detect bronze cannons, the

kind the Atocha carried. There must

be significant amounts of ferrous

metal on a shipwreck for a “mag” to

pick it up.

Simply put it is a magnet dragged

underwater connected to shipboard

computers. Iron shipwrecks are

Veteran treasure diver John McSherry aboard the Tailhook with the mailbox found even when buried under sand,
as are anchors and anchor chains.
hauled up.

www.wLowswtT.LreoasstTurreea.csoumre.NcoemwslOetctetorb3e-r202-01187 119

Diver Myriam Moran with a Garrett scoop tant in locating shipwrecks. Veteran
and underwater scooter that can be adapted diver and shipwreck historian Dr.
to blow sand away from a working site to E. Lee Spence began flying lessons
reveal coins. to locate Confederate blockade run-
ners off the coast of his native South

“When I saw a boil I knew
there was a shipwreck below,” Lee
explained. The boil was caused
when the current sent plumes of silt
up over a shipwreck, thus revealing
the location of a sunken vessel.

Today the use of drones has made
aerial photography relatively inex-
pensive. In the hands of a skilled
operator, a drone can hover over a
suspected shipwreck site returning
images to a shipboard computer.
This is especially valuable in clear
and relatively shallow water.

Even with the best innovations
and inventions, the most important

Side scan sonar has become one for Fryboys, although magging in
of the latest innovations that treasure summer from a search boat is still
hunters use to locate shipwrecks. a tedious job that requires toil and
The sonar sensor is inside a “tow great patience.
fish” that is suspended by cables
from the search vessel. Sonic pulses Aerial observations are impor-
are emitted from the head. When
they strike an object the signal is Treasure diver John McSherry with a silver tumbaga bar. Tumbaga is a Native
returned and interpreted by a com- American word for mixed. The bar contains mixed contents of precious metals. It
puter. When a hit is obtained the site was rough cast and sent back to Spain before silver and gold were properly refined
is marked. in the New World. The tumbaga bars were recovered by John McSherry on an
unidentified shipwreck site.
Today it is unnecessary to
throw over marker buoys. Global
Positioning Systems (GPS) as part of
the computerized location technolo-
gy mark the place automatically. The
ship’s operator can then return to the
exact spot where an anomaly was
indicated without having to interrupt
the search pattern.

In the old days Mel Fisher put an
observer on a platform set on pilings
in mid-ocean. It was an unpleasant
job in the brutal Florida summer sun.
Divers called the observer “Fryboy.”

With binoculars and a positioning
device he would radio the search
vessel to keep it on course as it
worked patterns underwater, mag-
ging for anything that might indicate
a shipwreck below.

Side scan technology hooked to
the GPS has eliminated the need

1102 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE ONectwosbleertte2r0137-20-18

ers that first they must gain experi-

ence and be comfortable underwater

before taking on another burden.

Too often I have seen novice

divers immediately take cameras

below. When the difficulty of the

dive is more than their skill level can

accommodate the camera only adds

another burden. I have had to help

rescue overburdened divers.

Until skill and experience brings

divers to a point where they can

handle other tasks beyond diving,

Author John Christopher Fine with treasure recovered it is best not to carry extra gear
from shipwreck sites using underwater detection tech- below. Do not exceed your limita-

nology. Photo by Myriam Moran. tions. Learn to dive from experi-

enced instructors and dive safely.

element that successful shipwreck on my project. Safety is paramount in any underwa-

hunters agree on is the need for care- Buy the best underwater metal ter treasure exploration.
Have fun and remember Mel
ful research. detector the first time. If you don’t
The study of the accounts of sink- you will quickly outgrow it and have Fisher’s optimistic call to his div-
ings from early newspapers and to upgrade to a better one. Leave ers (and the motto of Lost Treasure
archive materials provides eyewit- fabrication to experts. I no longer Magazine): “Today’s the day.”

ness reports. In many cases locations try to improvise or make my own Sources:

are indicated. Early books can be experimental underwater detection Author’s diving experience, use

misleading as to shipwreck loca- gear in plastic housings. I rely on the
tions, although the research may technology Charles Garrett devel- and testing of equipment described.
prove helpful as a beginning point. oped. It has been tested and refined John Christopher Fine is a marine
biologist and Master Scuba Instructor
Lakes and libraries go together. over many years.
Local historical societies maintain Underwater treasure hunting and Instructor Trainer. He has dived
records of early settlements. People requires skill and patience. Like on shipwreck projects all over the
created their communities along underwater photography, I teach div- world.

rivers, lakes, and bodies of water.

It provided transportation avenues,

food resources and irrigation.

Towns and cities may be gone

now - settlements long ago removed

by progress. River banks may have

shifted, lakes drained, and creeks

dammed. Ocean storms may have

covered or uncovered beaches where

once ships foundered and were

washed up on shore.

Research is key to finding trea-

sure. Once on location, having good

tools is tantamount to success.

The real cost is mounting an

underwater treasure hunting expedi-

tion. Getting there only to have an

underwater metal detector fail to

operate is a grave disappointment.

On one expedition I checked my

detector on the airplane and my bag- Diver Myriam Moran after a successful find
gage was lost. The delay was impos- in shallow water off the Florida Keys. An
sible. I was able to call the Charles underwater scooter can be turned around
Garrett company in Texas and, with- and its propeller wash used to move sand.
out hesitation, a replacement detec- The Garrett scoop digs in sand letting it

tor was on its way to me and I was slide through revealing objects not screened

able to successfully complete work out.

wwww.Lwowst.TLroesatTsrueraes.cuorme.cNoemwsOlecttoebr e3r-2200-1178 1131


Treasure Cache /Treasure Facts

Treasure Cache / Treasure Facts 2018 is the
24th edition of this one-of-a-kind, collector's

edition, treasure hunting, book.
Don’t miss out – Download yours today!

Treasure Cache Annual offers you stories complete with
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source of leads to many treasure caches. The other half is filled with tried
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Download Treasure Cache Treasure Facts
your copy
*Published for treasure Treasure Facts will giude
Today! hunters who enjoy read- you to more finds after
ing stories about trea- reading tips, tricks and hints
Treasure Cache / Treasure Facts sure caches. from professional treasure
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contain little known *Learn not only how to get
Place your order now! clues or clues that have started with a metal detec-
Go to never been revealed tor, but how to tweak it and
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the treasure caches and *Learn how to search
find your way to trea- hunted out sites.
sure and fortune.

*Even if you are unable *Take the advice of an
to look for the caches expert on how to make de-
yourself, you will enjoy tecting more profitable and
the interesting stories enjoyable.
for their historical value

Favorite Finds

A Few Favorite Finds Made By
Members of the The Houston
Archaeology & Recovery Club

Rick Henry said this about his find,
“This was almost my favorite and only
Walking Liberty half, if it hadn’t been

a counterfeit one from the late 20’s.
Found at a home that was built in the

early 40’s.”

Larry Yates found this Texas Centennial badge last year. Made of brass with
lettering, “In commemoration of the Texas Centennial 1936”. Has a pat. #
and “Made by American Badge Co.” on back. It is currently on display at a
Pasadena Library and from there will be going on loan to the Baytown Historical

Preservation Association. Newsletter 3-20-18 15


* Cuts through any roots UMa.Sde.Ain
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The belt loop is 3 1/2”

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wowr wpu.rLchoassetyTourrenaeswudrigeg.ecroatm

THers' News

A turquoise artifact linked to Canyon Creek. Credit: Saul Hedquist. Courtesy of

Research Sheds New Light and his colleagues visited the now study co-author and UA geosciences
On Early Turquoise Mining essentially exhausted Canyon Creek alumna Alyson Thibodeau.
In the Southwest source—which has been known to
Turquoise is an icon of the desert archaeologists since the 1930s—to Now an assistant professor at
Southwest, with enduring cultural remap the area and collect new sam- Dickinson College in Pennsylvania,
significance, especially for Native ples. Thibodeau did her UA dissertation
American communities. Yet, rela- on isotopic fingerprinting of geolog-
tively little is known about the early There, they found evidence of ical sources of turquoise throughout
history of turquoise procurement and previously undocumented mining the Southwest.
exchange in the region. areas, which suggest the output of
University of Arizona researchers the mine may have been 25 percent “If you pick up a piece of tur-
are starting to change that by blend- higher than past surveys indicated. quoise from an archaeological site
ing archaeology and geochemistry to and say ‘where does it come from?’
get a more complete picture of the “Pre-Hispanic workings at you have to have some means of
mineral’s mining and distribution in Canyon Creek were much larger than telling the different turquoise depos-
the region prior to the 16th-century previously estimated, so the mine its apart,” said David Killick, UA
arrival of the Spanish. was clearly an important source of professor of anthropology, who co-
In a new paper, published in the turquoise while it was active,” said authored the paper with Hedquist,
November issue of the Journal of Hedquist, lead author of the paper, Thibodeau and John Welch, a UA
Archaeological Science, UA anthro- who earned his doctorate from the alumnus now on the faculty at Simon
pology alumnus Saul Hedquist UA School of Anthropology in the Fraser University.
and his collaborators revisit what College of Social and Behavioral
once was believed to be a rela- Sciences in May. “Alyson’s work shows that the
tively small turquoisemine in eastern major mining areas can be distin-
Arizona. In addition, the researchers mea- guished by measurement of major
Their findings suggest that the sured ratios of lead and strontium lead and strontium isotopic ratios.”
Canyon Creek mine, located on isotopes in samples they collect-
the White Mountain Apache Indian ed from the mine, and determined Based on the isotopic analysis,
Reservation, was actually a much that Canyon Creek turquoise has researchers were able to confidently
more significant source of turquoise a unique isotopic fingerprint that match turquoise samples they col-
than previously thought. distinguishes it from other known lected at Canyon Creek to several
With permission from the White turquoise sources in the Southwest. archaeological artifacts housed in
Mountain Apache Tribe, Hedquist museums.
The isotopic analysis was con-
ducted in the lab of UA College Their samples matched artifacts
of Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz in that had been uncovered at sites
the Department of Geosciences by throughout much of east-central
Arizona—some more than 100 kilo- Newsletter 3-20-18 17

THers' News continued...
meters from the mine—suggesting He works as an archaeologist and intensely it was mined and how its
that distribution of Canyon Creek ethnographer for Logan Simpson product moved about the landscape,”
turquoise was broader than previ- Inc., a cultural resources consulting Hedquist said. “Researchers have
ously thought, and that the mine firm. only recently developed a reliable
was a significant source of turquoise means of sourcing the mineral, so
for pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the “We used both archaeology and there’s plenty of potential for future
Mogollon Rim area. geochemistry to document the extent research.”
of workings at the mine, estimate the
The researchers also were able to amount of labor spent at the mine Similar work involving the UA
pinpoint when the mine was most and identify turquoise from the mine is already underway to explore the
active. Their samples matched arti- in archaeological assemblages.” origin of turquoise artifacts found at
facts found at sites occupied between the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in
A.D. 1250-1400, suggesting the Turquoise is a copper mineral, Mexico.
mine was primarily used in the late found only immediately adjacent to
13th and/or 14th centuries. copper ore deposits. “Canyon Creek is but one of many
ancient turquoise mines,” Hedquist
“Archaeologists have struggled While detailed documentation said.
for decades to find reliable means of of pre-Hispanic turquoise mines is
sourcing archaeological turquoise— limited, the work at Canyon Creek “This study provides a standard
linking turquoise artifacts to their could pave the way for future inves- for the detailed documentation of
geologic origin—and exploring how tigations. ancient mineral procurement and a
turquoise was mined and traded framework for linking archaeologi-
throughout the greater pre-Hispanic “I think our study raises the bar cal turquoise to specific geologic
Southwest,” said Hedquist, who now a bit by combining archaeological locations. Building on other archaeo-
lives in Tempe, Arizona. and geochemical analyses to gain a logical patterns—the circulation of
more complete picture of operations pottery and flaked stone artifacts, for
at one mine: when it was active, how

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

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atfNUasvtllphiohuatrrekeneeeevnioreERTdwiyedfsBvliixchreynetateruBospesdvCarEedfressoCrsiolcabenrioenelptotr nynv.glyosrdclideteeilpnhttardpohaasfeintbofrtnetrofidorweronttaJItmhhtrasiJaawteliii.anphlsnnvepmaUetbMaseEahnileAnnupnezegucisresuyahvCtoeehtaUspaeuajiatenentorgnmrnnscddanoadfinit,levnatv,,iyvdredataewwahmarn,rooseenrihdgefitixvmTitherrcypNeUaottehyreahdkten.rnheuoStawititdnoesss-f.i. tsanEsRfwaMhreht-onooaelcaiani“g““msmkopfbsWIIleedn-eathaat.ePhddnneioIlwDpmlasldtchydtadw,aowhelaomesidtndennfaoafo-iocraielnsoaftenudrgrhcfleiwd4torf-rieFhtjeoo.0eoiuhto,aoundhtdsemxdeDnneitanbayidtNeeaMdamlImtvbefbeeedo,’ooinaowroskuunausourernsa,tndtti[t,idbn5tsir1ecanhutoage3eoomgaieufpd1dnti.tteesho:ehtfasthhweneeetoeearcerhrroddsetfcma]uiti-[a.nwvtin1uannaeid6pno--lt,
feet] from the line, something about

The cannonball believed to be from SECURITY
the wreck of the Spanish Galleon WARNING DECALS
“San Francisco” (Ian McCann) and
an illustration of a galleon (iStock/ Protect Yourself and
Hnuincdoroeladys)o. fPRhomtoasncoduerntaesryii ohfahvettpb:e/e/ n Your Belongings!
wfwowun.fdoxbnyeMwsi.kceomSc/ascleiednucrei/n2g01a7/m11e/t1a4l /
dweitlel-cctaonrsnoevnebnatll(-Idmisacgoev:erSyW-leNaSd)-tPoh-lotsot-s Protect Your Detectors
cougratellseyoonfs-hstutpn:k/e/wnw-trwe.apslyumreo.hutmhhl er- and Your Property!
eoxuatmh-pmlea—n-fwinedsc-a2n00p0i0e0c-ecotoingse-t5h5e3r2t4h9e • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
social networks that facilitated the property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
aBnrcitiiesnht acrcirhcaueloaltoiogny.”of turquoise in ALARM SYSTEM.
diffTehreenetxtaimctesloacnadtiopnlaocefst.h”e discov- • Frighten burglars away.
eryAis bneotttebreinugnddeisrcsltoanseddin. g of the • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
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iomf portawntwnwo.tthonelgyuatordairacnh.aceoomlo/gsicstis- house, equipment, store or boats.
aenndcem/2i0n1in7g/sehpis/2to7r/imanestabl-udtettoecmtoordisetrsn- • Great low-cost security system.
NunaetiavrethA-muneriiqcuanes-, • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
arte“fIat’cstso#fimgrge-a1t interest to modern- • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
daySuAbpmacithteed, ZbyunLieannMd yHeorps.i, whose
ancestors lived in this area, because Click on this ad to order OnLine
turPqulyomiseoucthonMtinaunesFintodsbe ritually or calwlww8ww0w.L0.Lo-os4tsT2tTr3erea-0asus0ur2ere.9c.ocEommxNtNe2ewwslselettteter r132--2109--1187 1199
“ATFheayrmreearl’lsyFhiaevlde shown a great
deaAl nofaminatteeruersthiisntotrhiaisn wdiogrgki,nganidn
tahefya’rvmeeern’scofuieraldgedhaist.”told how he
n2,e0w00s-/y2e0a1r-7o-ld10R-oemaralnys-itluvreqr ucooiinsse--
SMuibkme iSttmedalbey, 3L5e,nfoMuynedrst.he hoard
of 600 rare denarii in a farmer’s field
in WBriildl pCoartnnwohniblealhl uDnitsicnogvewriyth his
palLs efarodmTothSeuSnokuetnheTrnreDaseutercet?orists
cluUb.nderwater archaeologists in
JapAanshinagvlee foonuendcaancasenlnlofnobralul pthtaot
c£o9u0l0d lseoadthtoe thfieshsuernmkeann rewmaasinasstoofna-
tirsehaesdurwe-hleandehneSupnancoisvhergeadlleoonne. pris-
f3r2oBmCt.hSeowmreecokfothf ethme eStaanl dFirsaknscwisecroe,
amiSntpeadnidshurignaglltehoen etrhaatRosmanakn ignena-
setroarlmMoafrfktAhentcoonaystwoafsJaalpliaend iwn i1th60h9is,

THers' News continued...
it looked a little different so I quickly dotite and feldspar.

swam across to it, scooped it up and “This matches the rock type

headed up the line,” he explained via used for other cannonballs found

email. “As soon as I felt the weight, on Spanish vessels involved in this

I knew it was something important.” trade,” said McCann.

The San Francisco was on a jour- “More scientific tests need to be

ney from the Philippines to Mexico conducted but so far we are feeling

when it sank, but, up until the dis- quite confident it’s from the San

covery of the cannonball, no items Francisco.”

have been recovered from the lost The cannonball could provide a

ship. vital clue as to the remains of the

bfMfieareals“llCtnsI aiqolrwiuwatniiasfetesarGfceoahtauwoflcnlrpaaedoZerromreiefnniueesutlttdhh hwteaehsabtSanwmytsadrtanetotrhchnFikisteesritmaoawncfrSetactpaemhnisadsenuncooRoZisnut,Eoho”-roEsuwmijk/P.IAPalenhUaodMnteoivrcgeCDrraasrpni.thnyJM:u((clnceCefKnat)tin.emnP(rCu).e)rwrwaetidetohirtf:spTpIroaooknojaencist San Francisco, which may have been
carrying cargo with a 2017 value of
found$d8u0rinmgilelxiocanv, aaticocnorwdoirnkg. PtohotthoegraBpBhC:
Lreapuorernt. Hurley/PA

“If it’s from the San Francisco
ssaeiadbMedcC10an0n.meters from the 18th- afteTrhdeayshwipe ihsaavne otoffkiceieapllydipvriontgecatnedd ifti’rsstqtuoitbeesisgcnieifnitciafincta,”llysaeixdcMavcaCteadn.n,
essful cTeHnTetrhuseryrGetushierdaeerec-BhmWears1at_ed2rd.pegd tchoaltohri.sqfxidrst 2/7lwo/2or0ek1cin2kg.s”1it1e:1b7eAcMausPeagoef 1its historic notTinhge etxhcaatvathtieonJwapaasnjeusdegegdouvregrenn-t
emoTthioenevoindedniscceofvreormingthtehewrceacnknosint-e imApoftretarnictse.recovery from the ocean mbeecnatusheasthebedeenepsseialtrychsianngd fthoart thhaes
bisallthwatasthoenehoefavreillyiefl.aden ship sank depOthfst,heth2e50baDllutwchasEaisntsIpnedcitaedshibpys epvriodtenctceedotfhteherewmraeicnkssfionrcesothleomngidi-s
lik“eTahisstoisneo,uwr isthectohnedloysesarofloeovkeirnyg- akngoewonlotgoishtafvreombeeTnowkariecUkendiv, eornsliytya, 1s9htihft icnegntnuoryw. due to changing tidal
foonrethoen sbiotea,r”dh. e said. “The visibility wthhirodihdaesntbifeiend ltohceateydpeanodf trhoicskisatnhde paTttehrensc,halellaevnigneg, htiomwbeevresr,eixspothseadt
can be poor, currents strong, and day the mineral elements pyroxene, peri- the stretch of coastline where the San


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
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- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
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2106 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NNeewwsslleetttteerr 31-22-01-91-817

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ologist at Historic England, said
Francisco sank has been ravaged by ictrewwaasndina dgiosocudsdsioosnesofwliuthck Ditomveary, toretahseuruen-kannodw-ninntraitguuree-osfcieeanchtisstiste-
tsunamis over the centuries, which abnedpothsosiubglhe ttohefinRdoothswe imjkorleieshissotomrie- uandratvheld-siftfoicryu-ltoyf-o1f7w4o0r-kkienngt-usnhdiepr-
means that any potential information dcaisltlaynicme pforrotmantthaendprvoapluoasebdle ditreemdgs-. wraetecrk.”.
on the wreck that may have been iBnugt ahroean,esittlyw,otuhlids bise umnoknniotowrinn,”g ihtes
held in coastal communities has been caodnddedit.ion and the other protected SCuobumrteitstyedobfyhLttepn://Mwywewrs.f.oxnews.
lost. wre“cAkslo. t of people invest in treasure com/science/2017/11/14/will-can-
hunCtoerusrtsecshyemoefs ohntltypst:o//wlowsew.tthheei-r nonMbaeltla-ldiDsceotevcetroyr-ilsetasd-to-lost-galle-
Inevitably, the find has sparked money, very few are successful, due onsU-snuenakretnh-tUrenaisquure.html
interest in the San Francisco’s cargo.
Submitted by David Hyde.
“These galleons are a target for
treasure hunters who spend a lot of Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the
time and money looking for them
because of the valuable cargo they Treasure Hunter’s Logbook
carPryh,o”tosacioduMrtecsCy aonf nw.ww.theguard-
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
fdirestet cotonreisftos-uunndeathrtaht-uhnasiqnuoe-thboeaernd-poifl-- 1271
laged anrodmwaen-caarnteflaecatrsn#iemxga-c1tly what
the manifested cargo and the hidden
acnardgodewcaasy.”ing – and vulnerable to
treaTshuere hreusnetaercsh. er explained that
saiIlot rms aywonuevlder sboempeotismsiebsle,somruegvgelne
dtheesiraobwlen, tocaorgpoenotnhebmoayrsdtertoy cmhaekste.
Csoomneveenxtitoranaml oxn-eryayasndofsteonmetdiomne’st
ocabrjgecotsw. ould lie about its quantity
andAvnagleulea tMo iadvdoliedtopna,yaincgontasxerevsa. tion
exp“eTrht easteHvisetsosreilcs Ernepgrlaensedn, theodpewshtaot
pcoerusludadbe theermceudstoasmsthaeufthirosrtitmieosdteol
bforirngloabloanligzaotnioeno, ftrtuhe swcoanrlndertsratdhee,y”
uhseesaaitd.the port to check for people
and“Fgorodms ahriidtdimene inarLcohrareioeslo, gaynd tsheies
iwf iiltl shboewas uspiganniyfitchaingt . find, a site
[fro“mWewmhigichht]finwdeouctaint isleimarpnosasiblolet
tmooorpeeanbothuet cthheesttrawdiet,hwouhtadt ecsoturonytriinegs
iwt.eOrer iwnveomlviegdhtafnidndexoaucttlwyhwathiast iwnaist
atrnaddedde.”cide it’s just not worth even
tryMingcCtoanonpeanckitn,”owshledsgaeisd,. however,
thaMt aitn’sdegrsoindgesctroibbeed athne eGxtoroedmweilny
Stoaungdhs ajosb“alotrceaatisnugreottrhoevreiftoermasrcfhroaem-

TSthreorneg chuarvrentbse,etynphporontessatsndotvsuer-
pnlaamnsis,byfotrheexDaomvperlep, ohrtavaeuthdorarimtyatio-
dcarelldygcehtahnegreedtothime purnodveerwthaetesrhtieprprianign
cwhhaenrneetlheangdallaelosno seaxntkra. ct sand and
gra“vLeal rfgoer sdloacbkssodfervoeclko,pumpetnot w4 otorkn.s
eacThh, ehasavnedscoallasposebdecianmtoe tthhee glausl-t
rlieesstinwghpelraecearotiffamcatsnyardeowlikneeldy Btoattble
olofdBgreidta, inmaikrincgrewit, dainfdficouthltertos ldoesteirn-
tmheinSeeicfotnhderWe there,” he
addSeidr .Mark Rylance, who starred in
the“rAelcseon,t tbhleocakrbeuastiesr fciolmveDreudnkwiritkh,
dkeslpcr,ibmedakthinegprospeoasrcahl iansgdisfroerspeacnty-
fituelmasn,deivnesnencsaintinvoen. s, a bit tricky.”

A“WlisitohnaJgaomoeds,plaanm, aarniteimxpeearirecnhcaeed-

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Jared Hadaway. Courtesy of

Detectorist Donates One outside, I used to get really excited. myself a well-deserved vacation. I
This is how our internal reward sys- will also put my metal detector on
Million To Charity tem works. standby for a while. I always loved
gardening, so maybe I will extend
After Finding Treasure "It's fascinating how something my garden and make it look amaz-
such as a neurotransmitter can do; ing. Investing them is not a bad idea,
S A N TA MONICA, sometimes I wonder if it's emotions maybe a gardening business or a
or just chemicals in our brain. furniture store?
CALIFORNIA - You’ve probably
"Having to search for something "There's enough time for me to
heard before about treasure hunters in order to get the reward, excites the think about it. As for 1 million dol-
willpower and when you find it, you lars, I will donate them to charity.
who use metal detectors, but how get a small dose of dopamine. This
is exactly how I felt when I found "I grew in poverty; I know what it
many of them did they actually find the gold."  means to struggle. This is why I was
so excited when my parents used to
something valuable? During one of his many walks on give me presents.
the beach with a metal detector, he
Jared Hadaway not only struck found something that many spend "Not only because they had me
their entire lives searching for. search for it, but because it was such
gold using his metal detector, but a rare event. I want to help the poor
He found a large number of families.
he donated one million dollars after ancient coins worth two million dol-
lars. "Those kids deserve better. Maybe
becoming rich overnight. I deserved better, too, or maybe this
The coins he found appeared to be is why I had to struggle for – to help
Jared Hadaway worked as a from Catalunya, and they are thought everyone else."
to be stolen by pirates and hidden on
young gardener in Santa Monica, one of the beaches in California. The treasure hunter now intends
to raise awareness of the poor neigh-
California, but gardening wasn’t his While nobody knows how the borhoods in Santa Monica and con-
foreign coins actually ended up on vince the authorities to provide free
only passion. He was also a “treasure the beaches of Santa Monica, find- medical services to those in need,
ing them changed Hadaway’s life especially to children and elderly
hunter” during his free time. by making him more involved in his who have weaker immune systems.
Hadaway speaks about how he As for the million he donated, the
When asked what he will do with money will be used to renovate some
developed an interest in using a his money, the young gardener spoke apartments and pay for the medi-
about a well-deserved vacation and cal bills of children suffering from
metal detector since he was a child, giving half of his newly found trea- leukemia.
sure to charity.
and his parents sparked his curios- Hadaway’s efforts to improve the
"Well, first things first, I will give
ity for games that included finding

things that are lost.

"I used to do it for a long time.

When I was young, my parents used

to have some kind of a ritual if they

were to give me a present: I had to

search for it.

"You might find it interesting;

some people smoke, some people

do drugs, some people drink, I just

search for treasure.

"My family did a great job

because whenever I had to search

and find my present in my house or

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

THers' News continued...
lives of impoverished families in possessions. years before this was accomplished. 
Santa Monica makes it apparent that Unlike other colonial powers the From 1903 through the first half
the pirate's coins are in good hands.
U.S. always had intentions of giving of 1920, all United States coinage
Courtesy of https://www.ein- the Philippine Islands full indepen- for the Philippine Islands were pro- dence once the basis for good gov- duced at either the San Francisco or
jared-hadaway-donates-one-million- ernment was established. Philadelphia mints.
treasure-on-the-beach The U.S. Manila Mint can best be The San Francisco mint was the
understood in the historical context exclusive provider of U.S. Philippine
Submitted by David Hyde. of America’s half century of “Nation business strikes from 1908 through
Building” in the Philippines. mid 1920. 
America’s Forgotten Mint
Ask the average man on the street Although regular U.S. coins and On February 8, 1918, the
to name all of the past and present paper money were used in Puerto Philippine legislature passed a bill
United States mints and the one most Rico and other U.S. territories, the appropriating 100,000 pesos for
likely to be missing from their list is economy of the Philippines was too the construction of machinery for
the U.S. Mint in Manila. poor to use the U.S. dollar.  a new mint.This bill was signed
Although most collectors of U.S. by Governor-General Harrison eight
coins are vaguely aware that the In 1902, a bill was signed by days later.
United States operated a mint in the President Theodore Roosevelt,
Philippine Islands, while they were authorizing a new and distinct coin- The machinery was designed and
under U.S. sovereignty, most lack age to be struck for use in the United built in Philadelphia under the super-
a full understanding of the mint’s States Territory of the Philippines. vision of Clifford Hewitt, then chief
historical context and its important engineer of the United States mint.
place in our nation’s numismatic The bill provided that the coins
history. should be struck at Manila if, prac- In June 1919, it was assembled,
The goal of this Custom Registry ticable, (or in U.S. mints at a charge tested and found satisfactory. It
Set is to tell the story of this impor- covering the reasonable cost of the was then shipped to the Philippine
tant, but often forgotten U.S. Mint work) and that subsidiary and minor Islands via the Panama Canal, arriv-
and its place in our nation’s numis- coinage should bear devices and ing at Manila in November.
matic heritage. inscriptions expressing a dual con-
After the United States defeated cept - the sovereignty of the United Mr. Hewitt supervised the instal-
Spain in the Spanish-American war States, and the fact that the coins lation of the machinery and trained
of 1898, the Philippines, along with were for circulation in the Philippine the Filipino employees of the mint.
Puerto Rico, became United States Islands. (Shafer, 1961)  The mint was formally opened on
Thursday morning, July 15, 1920.
Despite the intent of the 1902 (Perez, 1921)
legislation that coins be struck at
Manila, it would be nearly twenty The Manila Mint was the only
United States mint ever established

The United States Mint in Manila. Photo courtesy of https://coins.www.collec- Newsletter 3-20-18 23

THers' News continued...

outside the continental limits of the held in reserve in the Philippine were struck anywhere during 1923
U.S.A. Treasury as backing for the paper or 1924.
money issued by the Territory of the
In 1920, the Manila Mint struck a Philippines and, after November 15, The Manila mint re-opened in
special medal to commemorate the 1935, The Commonwealth of the 1925; from then through 1941, all
opening of the Mint. Philippines. U.S.- Philippine regular and com-
memorative issue were struck there
The medal struck in Bronze Since an adequate supply of and all bore the mint-mark M.”
(2,200), Silver (3,700), and Gold Silver Pesos had been struck for this (Shafer, 1961, p. 17)
(estimate mintage of 5 to 10) is com- purpose at the San Francisco Mint
monly referred to as the So-Called between 1907 and 1912 there was no By 1935 “Nation Building” had
Wilson Dollar. need for the Manila Mint to produce progressed to the point where the
additional regular issue One Peso Philippines were ready to make
The obverse presents a well- coins. the important transition from a
executed portrait of U.S. President U.S. Territory to a self-governing
Woodrow Wilson. The reverse shows The only One Peso coins struck at Commonwealth.
a representation of “Juno Moneta” the Manila Mint were the two 1936
(the goddess of money and minting) Commemorative Pesos, and special A Constitution for the Philippines
kneeling and watching over a nude One Peso Leper coins produced for was approved, and on November 15,
youth who is pouring planchets (coin the Philippine Health Service. 1935, the Philippines were granted
blanks) into a coining press. Commonwealth status, with a prom-
The regular issue denominations ise of full independence by 1946.
The design used is a modification produced at the Manila Mint were
of a much earlier Morgan design the One Centavo, Five Centavos, To commemorate this important
that was used on several of the U.S. Ten Centavos, Twenty Centavos, and event, a three coin commemorative
Assay Commissions Annual Medals Fifty Centavos. set was struck by the Manila mint
in the 1880's and 1890's. in 1936.
By far, the most numerous coin
With the exception of the 1920 produced by the Manila Mint was The set consisted of a Fifty
San Francisco One Centavo, which the One Centavo. Centavos, and two One Peso Coins.
was produced prior to the opening of In addition to providing all of the
the Manila Mint, all U.S. coinage for Between July 1920 and December regular issue and commemorative
the Philippines from 1920 through 1941 the Manila Mint produced coinage for the Philippines from
1941 were produced at the Manila 142,317,095 regular issue One 1920 - 1941 the Manila Mint was
Mint. Centavo coins. More One Centavo also responsible for providing Leper
coins were produced than all the Colony coinage for the Philippine
The mint had a daily output of other denominations combined. Health Service.
85,000 pieces and an annual capacity
of 25,000,000 coins. This work horse of the Philippine Between 1920 and 1930 five
economy accounted for 69.14% of issues of Leper Colony coins were
Between July 1920 and December the regular issue coins produced by struck at the Manila Mint.
1941 the Manila Mint produced the Manila Mint.
205.83 million regular issue U.S. The 1920 issue (10 Centavos,
Philippine business strikes.  Mintages for the other four 20 Centavos and 1 Peso) have no
denominations of regular issue coins mint mark. The 1922 issue (20
Not every denomination was pro- struck at the Manila Mint and their Centavos and 1 Peso) were stamped
duced every year. In fact, regular percentages of the Manila Mints with the encircled initials “PM” (for
issue business strikes of two denom- 1920 – 1941 production are as fol- Philippine Mint).
inations, the Half Centavo (which lows:
had been withdrawn from circulation The 1925 (1 Peso) and 1927 (One
in 1906) and the silver One Peso Five Centavos: 32,242,041 coins Centavo and Five Centavos) issues
were never produced at the Manila (15.66%) have the Mint Marks “P” and “M”
Mint.  on the reverse to the right and left of
Ten Centavos: 16,413,038 coins the value.
Like its contemporary, the U.S. (7.98%)
Morgan Silver Dollar, the Silver The 1930 issue (One Centavo and
Philippine Peso saw very limited Twenty Centavos: 12,123,046 10 Centavos) have no mint marks.
circulation as merchants and the coins (5.89%) Production at the Manila mint
general public preferred the conve- was discontinued during World
nience of paper money to carrying Fifty Centavos: 2,736,763 coins War ll. 1944 and 1945 dated U.S./
pockets full of large heavy coins. (1.33%) Philippine coins were produced at
the Philadelphia, Denver, and San
Almost all One Peso coins were “The Manila mint did not use a
mint-mark on its coinage of 1920,
1921, and 1922. No Philippine coins

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

THers' News continued...

Francisco Mints. The carved crystal head that around the mint building. 
During WWII Manila was occu- was found at the site of the The important task of neutral-
wrecks. (Image: Egyptian Ministry of
pied by the Japanese from January Antiquities). Photos courtesy of http:// izing the Japanese strong point in
1942 until March 1945. the government mint was assigned
archaeology/three-roman-shipwrecks- to the biggest and most powerful
On January 9, 1944 U.S. forc- hoard-treasures-discovered-alexan- field guns in the allied arsenal the
es under the command of General dria-009175 (story on next page) 240-mm. (9.4 inch) “Black Dragon”
Douglas MacArthur landed at howitzers.
Lingayen Gulf on the Island of yards away from the only gap in the
Luzon and proceeded to fight their forty foot wide, 20-feet-high stone- The “Black Dragon” fired a mas-
way south to liberate Manila. block walls of the ancient walled sive 360 pound artillery shell which
fortress of the Intramuros. was incredibly effective against
As the forces of liberation neared fortifications. On the morning of
Manila the Japanese general in com- “The great wall ended at the February 22, 1945 “the 240-mm.
mand of the Philippines ordered all Intendencia building, or Government howitzers of Battery C, 544 Field
of his forces to withdraw from the Mint, so that a gap like an open door Artillery, began bombardment to
city. led through into the enclosed city.” breach the north wall (of Intramuros)
(Connaugton, 1995, p. 163) and knock out a Japanese strong
Unfortunately the commander of point at the government mint.”
the Japanese Naval Defense Force This placed the mint building (Smith, 1963, p295)
in Manila disobeyed his orders and directly on the Allied main axis
fortified the city. of attack during the month long “The number of artillery pieces
(February 3, 1945 - March 3, 1945) used in support of the assault on
The key to the cities defenses was Battle of Manila.  Intramuros exceeded 140...Also in
the Intramuros, an ancient walled support, and interspersed among
fortress built by the Spanish, and The final allied attack on the the big guns, were 105mm self-
the strongly-built public buildings Intramuros was an amphibious propelled howitzers, tank destroyers
constructed by the Spanish and assault, by the 3rd Battalion, 129th and medium tanks...At 7:30 a.m. on
American administrations.  Regiment, across the Pasig River, February 23 (1945) the order Fire!
past the government mint, and was given. The corps and divisional
"A defensive plan centered on through the gap in the walls of the artillery, tanks, tank destroyers, mor-
the inner stronghold of the ancient Intramuros. tars and machine-guns...belched out
walled city of Intramuros. Beyond volley after volley in what has been
the walls was a semicircle of public In order to prevent heavy allied described as the most coordinated
buildings prepared for defense to the casualties during the attack, it was and devastating (artillery) prepa-
last man. necessary for U.S. artillery to knock ration of the entire Luzon opera-
out the Japanese strongholds in and tion...The missions of the direct-fire
"Streets and structures were weapons were oriented around the
mined, and each building was ade- Government Mint.” (Connaughton,
quately victualled to be self-suffi- 1995, p 164-166)
cient. Intermixed with and beyond
the public buildings was a cat’s cra- In the fierce fighting to liberate
dle of mutually supporting antitank, Manila from the Japanese much of
machine-gun and rifle fire covering the city, including the grand old
existing obstacles." (Connaughton, Manila Mint, was destroyed. 
1995, p. 108)\
“The Battle for Manila occupies
The Mint of the Philippine Islands a unique place in the history of the
was located in the Intendencia Pacific War. It was the only occasion
Building which was constructed by on which American and Japanese
the Spanish in 1876 to earthquake- forces fought each other in a city and
proof specifications. it was the largest battle of its kind
yet fought by either the American or
This made the mint building Japanese armies. The destruction of
extremely strong and a natural Manila was on the same scale as the
fortress for the Japanese garrison destruction of Warsaw...and smaller
of Manila which deployed strong only than the battles of Berlin...and
defenses in and around the mint

The mint's location on the south
bank of the Pasig River was only Newsletter 3-20-18 25

THers' News continued...

Ancient Egyptian statues found beneath the waves of Alexandria’s Eastern Harbor.
(Credit: The Hilti Foundation)

Stalingrad.” (Connaughton, 1995, p that the archaeological mission also coast shed light on the pharaonic
15). discovered a Roman head carved in nature of ancient Alexandria.
crystal that could possibly belong
Courtesy of https://coins.www. to the commander of the Roman As previously reported in Ancient armies of “Antonio,” in addition to Origins, Ptolemaic Alexandria has
CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=16164 three gold coins dating back to the been regarded, in academic circles,
Emperor “Octavius.” not as part of Egypt, but as a sepa-
Submitted by David Hyde. rate Greek polis, or city-state, by the
The discoveries took place at borders of Egypt.
Three Roman Shipwrecks With the coast of the northern city of
Hoard of Treasures Discovered Alexandria, specifically in its Abu However, in 1998, an important
A team of archaeologists in Egypt Qir Bay. archaeological discovery was made
has recently announced the discov- in Alexandria which confirmed
ery of three underwater shipwrecks Alexandria, located on the the pharaonic nature of Egyptian
full of treasure and other valuable Mediterranean coast in Egypt, has Alexandria.
objects that date back to the Roman seen many changes in its 2,300 year
Era in Abu Qir Bay, Alexandria. history. Under the heading “Sea gives up
The three shipwrecks were Cleopatra’s treasures”, the London
unearthed during excavations in the Founded by Greek general Sunday Times reported the story on
Mediterranean Sea carried out by the Alexander the Great in 331 BC, 25 October 1998:
European Institute of Underwater at its height it rivalled Rome in its
Archaeology and the Supreme wealth and size, and was the seat for “Secrets of Cleopatra’s fabled
Council of Antiquities, as Secretary the Ptolemaic dynasty. royal palace, in which she wooed
General of the Supreme Council Julius Caesar, have been retrieved
of Antiquities, Mostafa al-Waziry, However, through history not from beneath the waves of the
announced. all agreed on how to regard the Mediterranean sea, where they have
According to Egypt Independent, Hellenistic city with a royal Egyptian lain for more than 1,600 years.”
Waziry added in a press statement past.
This remarkable discovery came
An underwater temple discovered about after the European Institute of
by marine divers off the eastern Underwater Archaeology (IEASM)

26 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-20-18

THers' News continued...
had been given permission in the where they had disappeared for 17 that likely represent the ships’ hull
1990's to work in the east part of the centuries. and cargo.
Eastern Harbor, where the Ptolemaic
royal quarter was situated. The divers reported seeing col- Dr. Ayman Ashmawy, Head of the
umns and capitals in disorder, kilns Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector,
After years of mapping and and basins - some of which were informed the press that the archaeo-
searching the area, Frank Goddio, described as the so-called ‘Baths of logical team launched its excavation
French leader of the underwater Cleopatra’; great blocks of dressed works last September.
team of archaeologists, was able to limestone, statues of Egyptian divin-
announce before the end of 1998 that ities, and even walls. Ultimately, Egypt Independent
he had discovered the royal palace of reports that underwater explora-
Cleopatra (51-30 BC), the last of the Almost two decades later, tion by both projects have included
Ptolemaic rulers. Alexandria keeps delivering research of the soil in the eastern
extremely significant archaeological port and the Abu Qir Bay, under-
Goddio’s divers found marble treasures and will most likely contin- water excavations at the Heraklion
floors on the seabed he believes ue to do so for many years to come. sunken city in Abu Qir Bay, which
established for the first time the pre- includes the discovery of a votive
cise location of Cleopatra’s palace. Dr. Osama Alnahas, Head bark of the god Osiris, as well as the
of the Central Department of the completion of the conservation and
They also found lumps of red Underwater Antiquities, stated documentation works.
granite and broken columns on the as Egypt Independent reported, "The
submerged island of Antirhodos, initial excavations indicate that a Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
which provided further evidence of fourth shipwreck remains could be
the site of the royal quarters. unearthed very soon." ology/three-roman-shipwrecks-
Remains of Cleopatra’s royal pal- According to Dr. Alnahas the team dria-009175
ace were retrieved from beneath the has unearthed large wooden planks,
waters of the Mediterranean Sea as well as pieces of pottery vessels Submitted by Len Myers.

One of the Roman coins found in the shipwrecks (Image: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities) Newsletter 3-20-18 27

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24th – 25th – Jefferson, Texas. for updates.
Diggin’ Texas 2018, the Charles 25th – 27th – Stanwood,
Garrett Memorial Hunt 2018 (rain 21st – Virginia Beach, Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure
or shine) at the Diamond Don’s RV Virginia. The Tidewater Coin & Hunting Club’s 37th Annual Hunt
Park, 1602 Highway 49 East. This Relic Club’s 31st Annual Open – Mayfest – at the Stanwood
will be a fun weekend of detecting Hunt, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., at 5700 Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy.
to honor the company’s founder. Atlantic Avenue. For more infor- This kid friendly event opens on
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tokens will be seeded throughout the Silver Dollar all weekend. Saturday
park grounds that offer the finders a MAY - Registrations open at 7:30 a.m.
chance at winning metal detectors 5th – 6th – Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 before
and other prizes. They also plan to The Three Forks Treasure Hunters the day’s hunts. There will also be
excavate fresh areas of the historic Club’s 32nd National Open a Silent Auction (bring an item)
town dump site, from which diggers Treasure Hunt at the Creek County and a Potluck Lunch (bring a dish).
unearthed many old bottles and rel- Fairgrounds, 4 miles west of Sapulpa Sunday - Big Breakfast Fundraiser
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for ages 12 and under. All prizes will entry fees go back into the hunt as p.m. Check www.pilchucktreasure-
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detecting stars at the hunt for people stand open. RV hookups avail-
to meet. For more information, log able. For more, check the Three Forks 26th – 27th – Sapulpa,
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869-5778. hunt flyer contact: I.T.T.H.C.  Inc.,
APRIL P. O. Box 580961, Tulsa, OK 74158-
20th – 22nd – Temple, Texas. 11th – 13th – Richland, 0961 or e-mail [email protected]. You
The Texas AMDC Texas Treasure Washington. The Southeast can also log onto the club’s website
Show & Open silver hunt at the Washington Association of Treasure at
Mayborn Convention Center, 3303 Hunters (SWATH) presents their
North 3rd Street. Metal Detecting, 30th Annual Treasure Hunt. For hunt JUNE
Artifacts, Relics, & Coin Show. flier, send SASE to Kim Leverett, 2nd – Shawsville, Virginia. The
Free Friday night hunt (members 551 Decker Road, Pasco, WA 99301 Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s
only). Sunday morning open silver or call (509) 545-8375 or e-mail 27th Annual Open Hunt at Camp
and tokens hunt. Guest speakers: [email protected] Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs
Captain Carl Fismer, World famous Road. This event includes two
treasure diver, and W.C. Jameson, 19th – 20th – Ocean City, New Coin Hunts and one optional Silver
treasure hunter and author. See the Jersey. The East Coast Research and Hunt with many prizes, including
latest in equipment, how to seminars, Discovery Association’s 9th Annual detectors, assorted gear and cash.
and detecting finds displays from Open Hunt, “On Cloud Nine,” at the Concession stand and camping
Texas treasure hunters. For details, Music Pier. Registration is limited available. For info, contact Marilyn
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[email protected] You can also Carolina. Common Dig “Dirt Party” entry to receive a $10 discount on
visit them on Facebook. hosted by the Gold Prospectors the event. But you don’t need to be
Association of America (GPAA) a member of WWATS to participate
2nd – 3rd – Springfield, and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining in this event! No charge for kids
Missouri. Springfield’s Annual Association (LDMA) at the LDMA under the age of 11years; 1/2 price
Rock & Gem Fair at 2327 W. Farm Vein Mountain Camp, 3216 Vein for 11-15 with paid adult. Before
Road 190, hosted by Springfield’s Mountain Rd. Open to all that want April 30: Fri Sat. & Sun. Hunts
Annual Gem Fair and the Ozark to find gold. Register by calling - $150 per person. After April 30:
Mountain Gem & Mineral Society. GPAA headquarters at (800) 551- $170 P/P. Lots of other activates
Rocks, gems, fossils, geodes, unique 9707 no later than 06/07/18. All planned – including a bike track and
jewelry, free rock & cut gem ID, fam- participants will work for their gold an arrowhead hunt. Limited to the
ily fun, books and more, including a split at the end of the outing. There first 140 entries only. For more info,
public rock auction Saturday at 5:30 will be both hands on training and contact Wayne Peterson, President
p.m. For more info, log onto www. a “classroom” setting. Subjects of WWATS, e-mail nuggetbrain1@ or their Facebook include: basic prospecting, geology, or call (970) 946-3735.
pages – Ozark Mountain Gem & panning, GPS, and detecting. There
Mineral Society or Springfield’s will also be daily fun activities that JULY
Annual Gem Fair. help benefit the camps. For more 6th – 8th – Black Hawk,
info, log onto https://www.facebook. Colorado. Rush To The Rockies
2nd – 3rd – Grand Rapids, com/events/173558333231940/ or 2018, a national open metal detect-
North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact call (800) 551-9707. ing event, at the Pickle Gulch
Recovery Group’s 19th Annual Campground in Black Hawk,
Treasure Hunt at Memorial Park 16th – 17th – Hastings, Nebraska. Colorado. 100% of hunt fees go in
rain or shine. Cost of Hunts all 5 The Nebraskaland Treasure Hunters’ the ground! Hunts held rain or shine.
hunts (adult age 16+) $130. 100% of 44th Annual Treasure Hunt at Dyer Natural forest setting that includes
hunt fees are planted as coins and/ Park south of Hastings. There will uneven ground, rocks and downed
or tokens. Friday Night Social and be Gold and Silver buried as well trees. Coin Drawings. Early Bird
Bingo at 6:30 p.m. for those arriving as Gold and Silver raffles. For more Drawing. Two days, five spectacu-
early. Saturday 3 hunts; Sunday 2 information, contact Roy Richters, lar hunts, one price. For more info,
hunts; Junior Hunters’ Total entry fee P.O Box 194, Utica, NE 68456, or visit, or send e-mail to
- all 5 hunts - 15 & under $65, 10 & call (402) 534-2019. [email protected]
under $30. Saturday - MARG’s din-
ner provided for $5/adult, $3/10 and 29th – July 1 – Mancos, 14th – 21st – New Stanton,
under (payable at registration). Prize Colorado. The 2018 WWATS Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2018
distributions Sunday at 2:15. For (World Wide Association of Treasure at the Fox Den Acres Campground.
info, contact Corey Staloch (701) Seekers) Rendezvous, a 3-day Open Eight days of treasure hunting and
320-7107 or email coreystaloch@ Treasure Hunt at the Four Corners crafts, free kid’s hunts and novice Christian Camp, 14051 County hunts, as well as activities like bingo,
Rd. 37. Open to the public and all horse races, and auctions sponsored
9th – 10th – New Stanton, treasure hunters. Metal Detecting by many manufacturers. Minutes
Pennsylvania. The 6th Annual Hunts, Gold Prospecting, and many from motels and restaurants and only
Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt Special events & Seminars! You and 2 miles from the PA Turnpike and
at the Fox Den Acres Campground your family are invited to 3 days of I70. Stay for the week or attend a day
with four hunts Saturday and three fun daily - seminars, metal detect- or two. For more information, con-
hunts Sunday. Contact Don Hayes at ing, gold prospecting and gold pan- tact Ed Davis at [email protected]
[email protected] or phone ning, coin hunting, and hidden trea- or phone (317) 908-8165 or Don
(740) 252-1322 or Ed Burke at poto- sure hunting. Join WWATS today Hayes at [email protected]
[email protected] or phone (570) at – 3-year mem- or (740) 252-1322.
310-1530. for more info bership available for $35. Be sure
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