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Online Newsletter - 20 December 2016

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Online Newsletter - 20 December 2016

Newsletter–December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays!

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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

December 20, 2016


THers' News — page 4


page 17 — Favorite Finds


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2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-20-16

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

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http://www.lost Newsletter 12-20-16 3

THers' News

The Odin amulet was called a “rare and exciting
discovery” [Credit: Museum Lolland-Falster] Photo
courtesy of https://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.


Rare Amulet Found pieces of silver. Courtesy of https://archae-
A local treasure hunter named Their finds are on display at the ologynewsnetwork.blogspot.
Carsten Helm, along with his 10 and com/2016/12/rare-1500-year-
12-year-old sons, discovered a trove Maribo County Museum. old-odin-amulet-found-in.
of gold on the island of Lolland that The Odin amulet is merely the html#APaofZXzPyCxFHl0.97
dates back 1,500 years.
Among the gold discovered was latest in a long line of signifi- 1947 Gold Coins Dropped
a so-called bracteate, a thin gold cant archaeological finds made in in Salvation Army Bucket
medallion worn as jewellery during Denmark this year. In Pompano Beach, Florida, the
the Germanic Iron Age. Salvation Army has discovered
Archaeologists at Museum Just earlier this week, a team of two very unusual coins in its one
Lolland-Falster believe that the archaeologists digging in a field east of its collection kettles, the  Sun
image on the amulet depicts Nordic of Ribe found what appeared to be Sentinelreports.
god Odin. part of a Viking gold bracelet on the Among the quarters, dimes, and
Their conclusion was based on same site that in June produced the dollars, they found two 50-peso
other finds of similar bracteates that largest ever discovery of Viking gold Mexico coins, made of gold and
include a rune inscription reading in Denmark. dated to 1947.
‘The High One’, one of Odin’s nick- Each one of these gold coin is
names. Other notable 2016 discoveries worth $1,400, according to the Sun
“It is a very exciting find,” muse- have included an 1,100-year-old cru- Sentinel.
um spokeswoman Marie Brinch said. cifix that may change the under- What’s most amazing about this
“Even though it is a previously- standing of when Christianity came find, though, is that this is the third
known type, it is a rare and excit- to Denmark, an amulet depicting year in a row that it’s happened.
ing discovery. Throughout history Odin’s ravens, a hoard of 700 year- Since 2014, gold coins have been
there have only been three found on old coins, and a ‘lost’ rune stone that turning up in Salvation Army col-
Lolland, the latest in 1906, and in all turned up in a farmer’s backyard, to lection kettles stationed at Walmarts
of Northern Europe there are only name just a few. around Pompano Beach.
around 1,000 of them.” Last year there were five gold
Helm and his sons also found an And in summer 2015, 2,000 gold coins found in total. The year before,
additional gold pendant, three gold spirals used by sun-worshiping there are three gold Mexican coins
pieces that were likely parts of a priest-kings during the Bronze Age and two American ones.
necklace, a gold ring and assorted were found in a field in Zealand. Whoever left the coins wrapped

All of the recent finds have cre-
ated such a backlog at the National
Museum of Denmark that the muse-
um simply cannot process them in a
timely manner.

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-20-16

THers' News continued...
Secretary of the Treasury to mint
Gold special commemorative coins to cel-
coins ebrate the 50th anniversary of the
turn up in historic Apollo 11 Moon landing,
Salvation which occurred on July 20th, 1969.
buckets The next stop for the bill is the
across the Senate, where it needs a unanimous
country. vote in order to pass and move on to
Courtesy the president to get signed into law.
of http://
www.atla- If that happens, we can expect
sobscura. some pretty unique coins from the
com/ Treasury that will put your average
articles/ quarter to shame.

The bill wants the coins to have

them in $1 bills to conceal the dona-

The Broward County Salvation
Army isn’t the only one to receive
gold coin donations, though.

In Horseheads, New York, volun-
teers found a gold coin worth $100.

In North Carolina, volun-
teers  found a U.S. Gold Eagle $5
coin from 1881, which could be worth
thousands of dollars.  In Springfield,
Ohio, the gold coin came from South

In Spokane, Wash., gold coins
have been found for the past seven
years—and this year the coin was
wrapped in an $100 bill and a letter
from the donor saying that, because
of his age, this might the last year
he could drop a special coin in the

Courtesy of http://www.atla-

Bill Passes House To
Create Special Coins
For Apollo 11 Moon Landing
The US may be getting some new
legal tender soon that will showcase
the most famous space event in his-
The House of Representatives just
passed a bill that would require the Newsletter 12-20-16 5

THers' News continued...

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon NASA/Neil Armstrong. Courtesy of


a convex/concave shape, similar to play the design on the concave side the  famous ‘‘Buzz Aldrin on the
the curved coins that were made a of each coin and also “more closely Moon’’ photo — in which you can
couple years ago to commemorate resemble the visor of the astronaut’s see NASA’s lunar lander and the
the 75th anniversary of the National helmet of the time” on the other side. American flag reflected in Aldrin’s
Baseball Hall of Fame. helmet visor.
That’s because the convex side
The shape is meant to better dis- of the coins will be a close-up of Meanwhile, the design for the
concave side hasn’t been decided
STANDARD DIGGING TOOL yet. The bill says that the Treasury
TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!! secretary will hold a competition to
pick a design that is “emblematic of
UMa.Sde.Ain the United States space program”
leading up to the Moon landing.
Click this ad This Fine Digging
to order Tool is Made of Once that’s settled, the bill calls
Aircraft Quality for a specific number of coin denom-
* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated inations to be made, including no
* Digs through and Tempered. more than 50,000 $5 gold coins,
400,000 $1 silver coins, and 750,000
any type of ground half-dollar clad coins.
* Ideally suited for Metal
There’s even a stipulation for
Detecting, Camping, 100,000 $1 coins that will be about
Nursery and Landscaping 3 inches wide and made of almost
completely fine silver.
Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with
plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool. All of these coins will be legal
tender, too, though you probably
The belt loop is 3 1/2” won’t want to go spending them at
the grocery store.

Not only will there be a limited
amount, but you’ll have to pay a
little extra to purchase them. For
instance, one $5 coin will cost the
face value of the coin, the cost of
designing and making the coin, and
a surcharge of $35.

Those surcharge fees are sup-

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-20-16

THers' News continued...
posed to go to the Smithsonian, the medium=social&utm_ “There are copies of 1895 Morgan
Astronauts Memorial Foundation, Silver Dollars and other rare date
and the Astronaut Scholarship campaign=buffer coins, and I would be happy to
Foundation. search for them for a customer who
New Federal Rules To is interested in filling that difficult
The bill also says the coins should Help Collectors Keep It Real slot in their collections,” said Blaine
not result in any net cost to the US The one coin that collectors are Shiff, co-owner of,
government, so hopefully the Senate typically missing from the complete based outside Pittsburgh.
will pass the bill without too much 95-coin set of Morgan Silver Dollars
drama. is the one minted in 1895 and now He’s well aware of the need to be
valued at more than $20,000. careful in finding such items.
Courtesy of http://www.thev- More often than not, anyone with a collection of those coins has prob- The Federal Trade Commission in
apollo-11-50th-anniversa- ably filled the 1895 slot with a copy. October issued final rules regarding
ry-coins-approved-house- coins and political items — rules
of-representatives?utm_ intended to protect consumers who
content=buffer20a30&utm_ buy copies of valuable collectors

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THers' News continued...
items. The standards under the FTC’s see holes or gaps in their album ‘I like Ike’ button, it all depends
Hobby Protection Act detail how pages. Replicas, however, are a nov- on the scarcity of the item and the
imitation coins and political items elty market. Many legitimate coin demand,” Shiff said. “If they made a
must be clearly marked as copies. dealers do not stock or sell them gazillion and a half of something, it
unless by specific request. won’t have as much value as an item
There is demand for copies they made only five or that is in great
because when collectors have an “When it comes to items like demand.”
album of specific coin types and coins or even political buttons, such
sequential dates, they don’t like to as a Teddy Roosevelt item or an The hobby protection rules regu-
late sellers of imitation numismatic
Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the items, such as replica coins and
paper money. The recently updated
Treasure Hunter’s Logbook rules also bar anyone from giving
substantial aid and support to manu-
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2 facturers, importers and sellers of
imitation items who they know or
8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-20-16 should have known are violating the
marking requirements.

“The Hobby Protection Act
requires items be marked plainly and
permanently with the calendar year
they were manufactured,” said Josh
Millard, an attorney with the FTC
in Washington, D.C. “That way if
you buy a campaign button marked
‘Hoover’ on it, you can flip it over or
look at it and see if it’s a replica from
2016 or not.

“The act also requires manufac-
turers and importers of imitation
numismatic items to mark those
items plainly and permanently with
the word ‘copy,’ ” he said. “If you
buy something that appears to be a
rare coin, you can look at it to see if
it’s been marked as a copy.”

Millard said the objective of the
Hobby Protection Act is to target
counterfeiting of popular collectible
items not covered by the counterfeit-
ing statutes. Those statues apply to
fake government currency that is
immediately usable for cash pur-

The original Hobby Protection
Act was signed in 1973 by President
Richard Nixon. President Barack
Obama signed an amended act in
2014, which strengthened the rules
by addressing not only the distri-
bution and manufacture of replica
coins and other collectible items, but
also the sale and commerce of those
items. The new rules can punish any-
one connected with bringing unlaw-

THers' News continued...
ful replica coins to the marketplace convincing and the

that are not clearly marked as copies. quality of counterfeit-

For his part, Shiff said he would ing appears to be get-

help a customer looking to find a ting better.

particular copy of a coin, but any “Those are not cop-

copies of rare coins would need to be ies,” he said. “They are

clearly marked. counterfeit. They are

“We are obviously not going to not indicated as copies

supply anything that is counterfeit,” and some people will

he said. try to sell them as the

His business typically handles real thing and they are

genuine rare coins. “In general, we not.

do not deal in copies of any coins,” “You have to be

he said. careful where you

Shiff said the real danger to con- buy any kind of coins,

sumers right now is replica coins especially when you

coming from China that are not buy online.” Blaine Shiff holds a group of ancient coins, some of

marked as copies. Courtesy of http:// 1 which date back to 400 B.C., at his shop in Dormont,
essful THTerhse Gmuiodree BpWo1p_u2laprg bcoogluosr.cqoxidns 2/7w/2w0w12.co1l1u:m17biaAMn.coPamg/e PA. The Federal Trade Commission has issued final

coming into the country are Morgan n e w s / 2 0 1 6 / n o v / 0 2 / rules regarding copies of collectors items. (Darrell
and Peace silver dollars and any of n e w - f e d e r a l - r u l e s - Sapp/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Courtesy of http://www.
the U.S. gold coins. aim-to-help-collectors-

He said some replica coins look keep-it-real/ aim-to-help-collectors-keep-it-real/


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

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By Bill Gallagher How To Maximize
Treasure Value
Creating shadow box presentations with your found
items will increase your sales and help maximize the
value of your finds.

A lot of good advice has been have to spend in onerous tasks, and
written about selling your treasure the more time you can spend trea-
hunting finds, and a careful search sure hunting and successfully selling
of treasure related sources of infor- your finds for good profit.
mation will reveal a great number of
marketing ideas, even time proven One of the first things any trea-
secrets, to anyone who will look. sure hunter will quickly see is that
cleaning of finds is a necessity, and
This article is yet another to be even more so when the items are to
added to that corpus of information, be offered for sale.
my take on the situation if you will,
and I do hope you find it valuable Very few people like to buy dirty
and perhaps even good reason to goods, and even if it’s just improving
search further along these lines. the overall appearance, most of the
time a water-rinse cleaning, at least,
The selling of your finds is a lot is a good idea.
of what treasure hunting is all about.
Turning your time into a construc- A lot of treasure cleaning entails
tive endeavor with a cash return is good scrubbing with fiber/plastic
the way of the world we live in. (not metal) brushes and soap and
water, though it can and many times
Supply, demand, and the fluc- means specialty processes like ultra-
tuating markets affect us all with sonic cleaning, chemicals, and elec-
rewards, and also with unwanted trolytic stripping.
baggage which must be dealt with.
There is a wealth of information
The better you deal with the over- online and in libraries concerning the
all situation, the less time you will many ways to treat and clean histori-

wwwww.Lwo.LstoTsrteTaresuarseu.rceo.mcomNewSselpettetemr b1e2r-2200-1166 1111

Electroforming is just one way to create jewelry from your I like to work a particular flea
finds. market in St. Petersburg, Florida,
when I am in that area because of its
cal artifacts and metals. crafted jewelry and, by boxing or buying crowd.
Be especially aware that when it encasing my items so that they are
easily visible and easily retrievable, That market is heavily saturat-
comes to patinaed metals, and some ed with produce and other edibles,
other things, a lot of collectors actu- I have made a first good impres- along with imported stuff galore, but
ally like the “dug” look and do not sion and can present a good cross it is also a gathering place for collec-
want the patina of age taken from section of my line in just a minute tors in the know.
a find. or two.
A savvy seller will watch the
Cleaning in that situation means Many vintage found items are snack and rest areas in such a place
soap and water and that’s it; let it dry sought after by artists doing abstract to see what kind of business is hap-
and let the buyer take it from there if and/or time period sculptures, like pening on the side, as it were.
they so desire. shadow boxes, and it is not hard for
the treasure hunter to embrace this Many of the collectors who fre-
The up side of this is that you can form of presentation. quent that Wagon Wheel Flea Market
usually charge a premium for a dug on Park Boulevard in St. Pete have
artifact that is in good shape, but It can mean the difference between told me that they do better just buy-
with its age showing. mediocre money and the kind of ing and selling among themselves,
sales that make you smile broadly. rather than setting up a booth. This
After cleaning comes the all- is always good news.
important presentation. It is possible Shadow boxes are just old wood-
to take loose items and put them en crates sanded and varnished to be Myself, I like to set up a table
on a table at a fleamarket and to do attractive, then dressed up in differ- whenever possible with my collect-
well monetarily, but success is much ent ways. ibles for sale, because it’s easier to
more probable if the items are cor- present more and do it in a more
rectly attributed and encased. Boxes constructed from scrap professional manner.
wood that has aged well also fits
Table showcases are also good the bill. My track record has been very
security for your small, high value good there: that Wagon Wheel Flea
items. A lot of my miscellaneous metal Market has presented me with my
finds end up presented this way, as four highest sales days in a row, and
There are many ways to be cre- art, and the prices realized are a lot we aren’t talking peanuts.
ative with your presentations, and a higher than if the pieces were in a
lot depends on where and what you box of odds and ends for 50 cents or It was all stuff I had found or
are selling. $1each. traded for with my found objects.

Check out artists’ displays at craft Many found items also lend them- One of the main reasons I like to
fairs and visit display dealers at selves well to jewelry, and a lot of set up a table where I am selling is
trade shows for more ideas. And, larger metal scrap can be welded into because I can visit with people in a
of course, use that tool of tools, the attractive configurations which are more relaxed way.
Internet. modern sculptures (with an antique
twist) in every sense of the word. This visiting serves several pur-
If you are cold selling your items, poses, not least of which being my
which means you are doing a door to The market where you are going sales pitch!
door like sales presentation, then you to be presenting your wares for sale
will want to be able to carry a good is a very important aspect of selling Also I have found out a lot of
selection of goods without making it your finds and, though markets are very valuable information by talk-
too cumbersome for people to look actually quite numerous, they differ ing to specialty collectors who are
at quickly. greatly, as do the crowds who fre- almost to a one extremely generous
quent them. with information concerning their
I occasionally cold sell my hand- particular area of collecting.

Many are the times I have identi-
fied something by having it out on
the table so specialist collectors can
see it and remark.

Once I had come across a bunch
of old lightbulbs in a dump and I
knew they were old, they looked old
and the rest of the dump was 1890’s
through the 1920’s, but I had no clue
about the fine points of them (this
was before the Internet) until meet-
ing with collectors as just mentioned
at the market.

The first person to help just looked

12 LOST TREASURE NSepwtselmetbteerr 1220-1260-16

Shadow box presentations (shown at
right) made with your found items will
help maximize the value of your finds
and increase your sales.

at one of the light bulbs and said,
“That bulb goes to such and such a
car, it’s the light that...” he contin-
ued on with a full and very detailed

I was astounded and, after thank-
ing him for the information, I asked
him how he had become so familiar
with the little thing.

He stated that he restored antique
cars and said, with a smile, that if I
had ever tried to find one of those
to restore early cars I would never
forget what one looked like either!

Another time I had a box of old
porcelain doll parts out on my table
with no price on the box.

I had actually forgotten to mark
them. I did not really know much
about them, but that was about to

A nice older lady came by and
spied the doll parts. She asked how
much they were and I, being at a loss
and trying not to show it, said I was
open to her offer.

She offered about 10 times what
I thought they were worth, so I said
sure, and thanks!

Our conversation after the sale
led me to new vistas of information
concerning those rare collectibles.

This particular collector was an
avid doll collector and she collected
the old porcelain parts.

When she got two legs and two
arms and a head that looked good
together, she hand painted them back
to their original look, then created a
hand sewn and stuffed body to make
a full doll. The full dolls are very
valuable I found out.

Upon future investigation I also
discerned that the lady’s offer had
been in the ballpark, but was really
kind of low for the type I had, so she
was a super shopper, too, and very

That was a great day for more
than one reason, and this happens

I have many other good reports
concerning consignment shops,

wwwww.Lwo.LsotTsrteTaresausreu.rceo.cmomNewSeslpettetemrb1e2r-20-1166 13

One way to create jewelry from your finds where a small fee is paid by the
is with electroforming. seller for a space or a shelf in a shop
where a general proprietor oversees
Questions About Your the sales and collection of money.
Digital Subscription?
E-mail webmaster The consignment shop does almost all the work and presents
you, the dealer, with a check every
SECURITY so often on pre-agreed terms.
The fees are usually quite reason-
Protect Yourself and able and some of these shops get
Your Belongings! major traffic. I think this is one of the
best ways to sell your found objects.
Protect Your Detectors
and Your Property! Some antique shops will handle
your items on consignment as well,
• Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” and it pays to ask.
• Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s
As in any endeavor, your success
$3.00 includes s&h is largely dependent on how much
and how well you communicate.
Yes! Send me_____ pkg of Security Warning Decals
The best way to sell your number
Please check method of payment: one material is on the Internet, which
has brought serious collectors and
qPayment Enclosed ..... You may charge my q Visa q MasterCard q Discover dealers together across the entire
Card No.____________________________________ Exp Date____________ world, and there are no limits to
what you can make happen this way.
Diligence and persistence are a
Name_________________________ Phone #_________________ must here, as well as the realization
Address_______________________________________________ that this is all about communication,
City__________________________ State______ Zip___________ too; you must never shirk your duties
at communicating with your buyers,
Make check payable to: Lost Treasure P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345 no matter how silly some of their
questions may seem.
1144 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE SNeepwtselmetbteerr 1220-1260-16
The customer may not always be
right, but they are always the cus-
tomer. Don’t blow it. Take the time
to do your work and you will be

One of the best ways to sell your
finds is by using them to create
something - a product, like jewelry,
which is always a good seller.

I have learned to electroform non-
conductive items like stones, and I
can get 10 or 20 times the money
for a stone that has been turned into
jewelry this way.

The possibilities are truly endless
as to making art with your finds, so
explore and experiment. You can do
good work.

Best of luck always, and I hope
this has helped you maximize the
value of your finds.

Lapidary Journal, Various issues
Basic Electronics, Grob, 1959
“The Complete Metal Smith,”
Tim McCreight

Treasure Facts

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Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

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Winter DaysTip From the Pros
By Jay Pastor

Like the Eskimos of of the year to dread. An ambitious
the last century, who When the mud detectorist, with the
viewed winter as the proper tools, a cer-
Good season (solid freezes or hardens tain amount of care,
ground, no mosqui- around lakes, aban- and some decent
toes, easier hunting, doned buildings, and research, might dis-
swampy terrain, a cover that the most
better sledding), a coinshooter has the unpopular THing sea-
THer would do well opportunity to explore son makes large areas
to consider nice win- places that would be of virgin territory
ter days as something virtually inaccessible available for produc-
to look forward to, when the temperature tive exploration.
rather than that time gets above freezing.

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-20-16

Favorite Finds

Reader Bradford Haynes shares ingly difficult to find. several years ago.
a nice find he made. He said: Modern research is especially "Its size is 9, American scale.

(Here is all the info on my find lacking, as most of what is known One of these tokens, for it is
from) the Internet that I have today was discovered in the 19th not a coin, was presented to the
been able to find. It has just century. Boston Numismatic Society, at
been released from NGC as certi- a recent meeting, by Gen. G.P.
fied and graded. News of various Confederate Thruston of Nashville, Tenn."
issues surfaced in the 1870s, and
I metal detected on Wilkerson the existence of a half dime first This account was apparently
Pike in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, appeared in numismatic pub- picked up by the AJN from The
and belong to the Murfreesboro lications in 1878, in the April Coin Collector›s Journal from
Metal Detecting Club. issue of the American Journal of the previous month.
Numismatics, which reported:
They call it a half dime, but Both accounts are identical,
it is considered a token. This is "Mr. P.S. Jones of Memphis except the CCJ identifies P.S.
from the Heritage auctions web- writes us, saying that he has Jones as “P. Sid Jones of the
site. in his possession a silver five- Millburn Wagon Company.”
cent piece, which he got the day
1861-Dated CSA - A after the battle of Perryville, Ky., No more than a dozen exam-
United South Half October 9, 1862, when he was ples exist of the so-called CSA
Dime(Medal) -- AU55 NGC commanding a company in the half dime.
Ex: Donald G. Partrick Kentucky cavalry service.
Collection. Plain Edge. 13 mm. One Uncirculated piece is
86% silver, 13% copper. "...We are informed that the believed known, and all others
Information about the so-called latter piece was struck by A.O.P. show some degree of contact,
Confederate half dime is surpris- Sehorn of Murfreesboro, Tenn., indicating they may indeed have
and that the dies were destroyed served as a circulating medium in
the wartime South. Newsletter 12-20-16 17

2 Mike Reiter 10k Class ring (returned to ow
3rd Jorge Gonzales Gold Class ring

More Favorite Finds
Some Favorite Finds Made By MembersSilver
1st Shawn Kelly
.925 Silver Christmas orname
of the Lone Star Treasure Hunters ClubSeSpeStpeetpmetSmebemSebpeSrebtpeeFretpimreFntimFdenbimsednbSrsdoeebsFprfoeittFfornehitfdFnmehtisdnehMbsodeeMfoosrMtfnooFhttno32fRiehhnrntnteddehdMhltHiWshceMeo-eo-rMn-somfNltenoatohynthnhCeeDtlnahetMrnrkizeolesnr th
.925 Charm Bracelet
.925 Sterling Bracelet

CdsnriS123oCtnddhEsnrWiSotdanldhEiWiSweznalhEsaiWnwez123laCblesiasrnwKneez132yotlCbdedsatesnrnKiSehClyotb132nldCedhEtlelWKeiSsnryChCyaanotlldthEelidorlWwheCCyziSalaklxnslailohrEnwyCWezalbkxaelsaoriKnewyelkzbxet123eCsaKehCnysllnrbtloeteldyChdCKaeyliSlortlneyChaEhCkWxloralllCyikaxwezorsankxlb111eKe988y111te472hC988l111702ll724yC898a-WS0273o274re-k0x270SW3aae-lB0111tWS3kaaee898r0liB111tdaakna724e889rlBzitgHd270111kane247ir-li889zLadgHWS207ian3ia472lie-zlfLg0abHSWni3a072aialieelLalfB0bt-icnkSWara3ealieortfblieBtdn0cakynriea111aeorntzigHdlcBtH889raynikieotnlzLr742agHaiiHydianali072nlTlfLabfzaHnigH-aloiWSiel3fblafLacnerik0leaoliataffebcyrnilBtonknteeHryciirdnanotaHzygiHlnifalHLailfaliafbnlefcrotyinHalf Token
1st Wesley Clark
2nd Roy Harston
3rd Ray Martin

1st 312WRRsrnodtadeyyWRsRlHMoeaeyayyasrlrHCMsetltayiaaonrrrCnsktltiaonrnk 1WG9oW5o121WG5dsnI9otIdWDf5oSoWR5dotIroIgeSDfOySoseTontlHrbeageSaOayxeTsFrnCDbtsaaeiltaaxaraosFlenrDlntaakiTTaarsoleonlkakTTeseoonnkkeenn W
2nd 1

Gold JeGwoeldlryJewelry 3rd Ray Martin G

GsrnJl321MdododHtsnrJlrMiddetodHkJgJrMrieeeeoHmkJgrwriRG312eeeGekmgasrnreoweReGen312dodmtianlsrnteoJeRrlGMDndez321dodHtGaiynleotarJersnrrnMiDeezodHoikdlnJygtntearrerDiJeelezeMzmsklogdHnaerlrewRGeereizlmesankJgeroleRrGnezeeseianml321GlterorwDneRezGsnriynadordtarteeoDeeznlJlnMinleaordHetrDzeszlrniyeelkaJrgeezrsleeenrlmeewzRGsr1G1aleoeen40o1G1irnltkklrD40odez1G1yNCkkarle40oCdllnukkNCelaldCazgssluNCalsgsCeag1G1lssuearlrsgs40oatrgi1G1ssenikkslrgsR40nodtrsige1G1nNiCrikklgRnntCdr40io(PgluniiNCgargRlkkilnnCacg(desluitggarslNCgstnuPa(gCesuserlgruirsgeatslcrtreiasus123gWtesnniru1G1Rtscgnrsrnstriuerg312dtos40dnonieeiigRrdnrlnmrsns123kk(lWteDrgdditSndJdigrgncpisrntdonRhaNCcnedt(eoWRdolRigCregrvielmdtaltguoDnmgdaaeSouloJe(rerpagyoetsgyhrarecwrsdlosouTgserneinvelaHGMsemngwteertoeorresruonaeytretLreiaddwnoTnnzirrneirRorGfCneesnktgotzndtsipEilgtoroeieanntLaeo(ovnetnzdligrroroafonezNnkzkepEwitAseaootnNoveuglnwraezouNorweAsinrnwnorawgeaerMinuygrdnwaia)eniyetNnraa)ogmyioCNan)orPboowwNircenLCSnotawrtuuagy1WGreer312nafrewn)123r9rWotLCSnrsays123aWWwldtsnrd5tioeuaai)tdcdtnsrndeniud5tWRwdnoyfadRlIiirDtgdlmSaIN)lfJaoDwldaDfStsaoJeihnacSdopSyooynhactsrBoavletaripirerCgvgleHaafgMereoSemgrwoOteeernrrlSdaeyneTToreatnBidnaGpTrbeniCsnaroCGBteyeestoooatexstLltl)oouiostLanFztnonooDnzcntkrnoazfBntipkkzkaeaarpEuteelalelnhevelcezlaaezeTksTsAsloonegkkeueeiwnnnagjaob W

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Calendar of Events

This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

FEBRUARY Baker, President and Hunt Master, Fairgrounds, 4 miles west of Sapulpa
11th – Galveston, Texas. The at [email protected] or log onto the on HW 66. Eight different hunts
Houston Archaeology & Recovery club’s website at available. Reduced entry fee for
Club’s (ARC) 35th Annual main hunt this year. All entry fees go
Open Beach Hunt, and the Texas 26th – 30th – New Hampshire. back into the hunt as coins and priz-
Association of Metal Detecting Best O’ North East (BONE) Treasure es. One metal detector will be given
Club’s (TAMDC) “All Tokens” Week #24. Five days sponsored by for each 25 main entries plus addi-
Hunt at the Stewart Beach volleyball the Professional Treasure Hunters tional prizes. We gave away eight
courts area. There’s will be a free Historical Society, Treasure Hunter’s metal detectors last year. Concession
Kids Hunt and a TAMDC meet- Gazette, and Streeter’s Treasure stand will be open. RV hookups
ing, too. These are separate hunt Hunting. April 26 - 8:30 a.m. - available. For entry form, check
registrations, see http://www.tamdc. Natural Hunt at Dublin Christian
org and the TAMDC Faceboook Academy cosponsored by White›s or contact Larry Koch at (918) 348-
page at of New England with free chili and 6780 or Gary Young at (918) 869-
TAMDC2012 for updates and more dogs. April 27 -8:30 a.m. (1700 set- 5778.
information. tlement land) cosponsored by Garrett
Metal Detectors. April 28 - Natural MAY
MARCH Hunt and Friday night get together 5th – 7th – Cortez, Colorado.
11th – 12th – Turlock, California. banquet cosponsored by Minelab. WWATS’ (World Wide Association
51st Annual Rock & Gem show at April 28 – 5 p.m. - All you can eat of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) first
the Stanislaus Fairgrounds, 900 N. roast pork get together supper (loca- Ultimate Treasure and Gold Show at
Broadway. 10 a.m. -5 p.m. daily. This tion to be announced) sponsored the Montezuma Fairgrounds, 30100
is a family event and will include by Streeters & Minelab. April 29 US Hwy. 160. A fun-filled weekend
rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry, - 8:30 -3:30 - Hobby Show - booths, of treasure and new equipment view-
beads, fluorescents and more! Learn contests, eight workshops, and fund- ing, special speakers, a banquet, and
to make beautiful jewelry out of nat- raising Chinese Auction with a seminars daily for the entire fam-
ural rocks and gemstones from our Minelab Excalibur II for St. Jude›s ily! This three-day event with both
demonstrators. Children’s Activities Children›s Research Hospital. April inside and outside booths will be
including making your own bracelet, 29 - 5 p.m. - Hall of Fame prime rib the “Largest Show of Its Kind In the
and carving soapstone. Will also banquet. April 30 - 9:30 a.m. - Meet Four Corners.” General admission
have a newly expanded huge fluo- for $6,000 hunt with a $1,000 trea- is $5 each day. Vendor, manufac-
rescent display room. There will sure chest drawing. Natural Hunts turer, distributor and dealer booth
be over 40 dealers selling rocks, $60 each, Thur. & Fri. meals $25 space available. Also this week-
minerals, fossils, jewelry, beads & each, Prime Rib Awards banquet end will be the Ultimate Outdoor
supplies, and much more. For more $30, Hobby Show & workshops $10 & Gun Show in another build-
information, contact Bud & Terry each, $6,000 seeded hunt $125, or ing. Historical Attractions nearby
McMillin at (209) 524 3494, e-mail  all events $300 until 12/31/16. From include: Mesa Verde, Durango, &
[email protected] 1/1/17 to 4/1/17 all events will be Telluride, Colorado, including the
or log onto www.turlockgemshow. $360. For more information, contact Durango Silverton Train Ride! For
com George Streeter at gfs41@yahoo. more information, log onto www.
com or log onto or contact Keith Wills,
APRIL V.P. WWATS, via e-mail at kwills@
8th – Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 29th – 30th – Sapulpa,
The Lancaster Research and Oklahoma. The Three Forks Treasure
Recovery Club’s Open Hunt. For Hunters Club’s 30th National Open E-mail upcoming events to manag
more information, contact Ted Treasure Hunt at the Creek County [email protected] Newsletter 12-20-16 19

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