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The Chemist & Druggist Trade Journal - 19151225

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The Chemist & Druggist Trade Journal - 19151225

THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, December 25, 1915.

Published Weekly at 42 CANNON STREET,
Established in LONDON, E.C. [Charged as two words only.]

ENGLAND, 1859."] Established in

No. 1,874. Vol. LXXXVII. DECEMBER 25, 1915. IAUSTRALASIA, 1885.

For Annual Subscription Rate see page 39,
Single Copies, 6d. each. Winter and Summer
Issues. Is. each. Post Free

&Allen Hanburys Ltd.,

Take this opportunity of wishing
their friends the Compliments
of the Season, and increased pros-
perity during the Coming Year.


Norwegian Cod-Liver Oil WRITE FOR
Chemical Food SAMPLES and TERMS.
Extract of Malt and Cod-Liver Oil
Cod-Liver Oil Emulsion Jl Distinct Style of
Extract of Malt Label can be reserved
for a Chemist in his
Compound Syrup of Figs
Locality. Special Prices

to buyers in Quantities
forwarded on request.

Allen & Hanburys Ltd., Bethnal Green.

Index and Buyers' Guide, pp. S, 6 aad 7.


No. 46. Allies Cut-or.t Showcard.
(Size 10 in. by 17J in.)

New Year 1916.

Your Strongest Ally

during the forthcoming year will be

Wright's Coal Tar Soap.

It brings you repeat sales, regular
protected profits and window shows
to attract new customers. Order

regularly every week.

3XCay all Chemists have 'Prosperity

in the New Year.




NEW YEAR 1916.

The necessary munitions

for a vigorous assault on
bad trade during the

forthcoming year may

be obtained on demand from the


There is no red tape to

restrict supplies.

Just send in your orders
and reap the reward in


SEE PAGES 149. 243, 263. 383,
"C. & D'' DIARY. 1916.

&Evans Sons Lescher Webb, Ltd.,



{MB IB fa fn)- t!l_(BLmifij 1

Factory :
Britannia Row, Islington, N.

89, 91, 93 and 95 City Road, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33 Berners St.,
NearFinsburySq., London, E.G.
Oxford Street, London, W.

Old-established, but up-to-date

with a re for good quality and best service,

make e house of Hovenden invaluable for the


Prosperity of all Chemists.



Brushes. Perfumery.

Combs. Photo Goods.

Cricket&Tennis Goods. Proprietary Medicines.

Cutlery. Theatrical Grease Paints.

Druggists' Sundries. Tobacconists' Sundries.

Essential Oils. Toilet Articles.

Fancy Leather Goods. Walking Sticks.

&Fancy Shaving Soaps. &c. &c.

December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST 6


Page Page Page Page Page

lexandre, L xix Cooper, Son ft Oo.. Ltd xviii Ho'landsche Mclksuikcrfabrick vii May, Roberts ft Co., Ltd xxiii Sister Lauras FoodCo.. Ld xvii
xxi Cox. Arthur H.. A Co., Ltd 15
—lloook's Manufacturing Co Hommel's. Dr., Hiematogen ii Meade-King, Robinson & Co. .. xxiii Smith T * II Lui 2
Ouxion. Gerrard A Co.. Ltd xxi
lien & Hanburys, Ltd Covr Hopkin ft Williams. Ltd i Melin, C, ft Oo xv inlazzl ; xxiii

Ulanoe Drug-* nhemioal 'io. xiii Hospitals & General Contracts Mendit. Ltd xxvi Solport Bros., Ltd xxvi

Utrinoham Rubber Co., Ltd. .. xxii Daisy, Ltd 30 Co.. Ltd xix Millar. A . ft Co.. Ltd xv Somervllle, G 32

Ctrmour A Co., Ltd 36 Davies. Sons & Co 7 Hovenden, It.. & Sons. Ltd 4 Millard. Bros., Ltd xxii Sparks, White & Co., Ltd vii
xi Howards & Sons, Ltd
mfleld, J. & Sons, Ltd DeVilMss Manufacturing Co. xviii i HMills. 25 Standard 1 iptical Co.. Ltd 27
irtft Medical Bruah Mfg. Oo. .. xv Duncan. Flockbart ft Co i Huisking, 0 ix WMltohell, N. „ A Sons. Ltd xii StandardTablet&PillCo..Ltd Cover

itklnson A Barker xiv Monsanto Obemioal Works Stevenson, H. E., & Co.. Ltd 35

Edwards' " Harlene "Co 32 Mumford, G. S.. ft Co Text 816 Stevenson, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd. xxvii

lalss Bros. ft Stevenson, Ltd. .. 13 Edwards. W..& Sons xxii Aisaaos. I.. Oo Col. Supp. Stipendum Stopper Oo xxv

iaker. Parson i .Col. Supp. Elfs College 25 Swales, T 25

}etb * West of England School xxi Erasmio Co.. Ltd 19 Nicholson. J., & Sons, Ld ix

Jeoker, Sblllan & Co xii Evans Suns Lescber & Webb, Jackson & Co 32 Nitsche&GunilieiOhticalCoLd.xxxi
JervllI ft Co.. Ltd
leecham. T x Ltd 3 Job Bros iii Telma Manufacturing Oo xviii

Senger's Food, Ltd 38 Ewen, J., & Sons Col. Supp. 34 Tbomson-Knox Co . xxix
lerrtoe A Fish Exohange Column Col. Supp.
Col. Supv Oakey, J., & Sons, Ltd xv Thornley, S., Ltd 10
Orme, Evans & Co., Ltd xx
lerton, Arthur Ltd 23 Orridge A Co Col. Supp. Totnlinson. T a Son Col. Ate*.
tetts & < o., Ltd xxv Kay Bros., Ltd xxx Orrocks, Ltd xxii ..
Kent. G. B.. A Sons. Ltd ixiv
tdwell, Bidweli A n.,.. I.M xxiv Fahra Co.. Ltd., The viii Kldston. W. M.. & Co Tommv's Cooker Co., Ltd xvli
Farmer. F.. A Oo xviii Kirby, H.& T„ & Co., Ltd xxiii
Irmlngham & Midland College xxx Townsend & Son xxx
Farris, Cbas 38
Jackie, It X in Tyrer, T., A Co., Ltd xiv
ix Paulding, F H.&Oo vi
&lytlie, W.. Co., Ltd iv Paine ft Co.. Ltd 17
Ferber, R., & Co xviii
oehm, K., Ltd Pindar, J. W., A Co
vlii Ferris, J. ft E xxii Laporte. B., Ltd iv Van Horn A Sawtell xix
owley. s., & Son
vii Field C. w..Ltd.l xiv Lea A Son Polak & Scbwarz, N. V 20 Venesta, Ltd xxviii
radley A Bourdas xxvi ixil
rand & Co., Ltd xvii F.nk, F., & Oo xviii xiv Potter A Clarke. Ltd Vernon A Co.. Ltd

reslllon, M„ & Co 34 Fletober, Fletcher & Oo., Ltd. Lesool Perfumery Co xxiii It
Levermore, A., & Co., Ltd xviii
&rett < vol. Sup- Text 816 Preston'sLiverpoolDist. Co. Ld xxvii Vernon, W., A Sons xviii

Frame Food Co xvli Levers xix Vinolia Co., Ltd 18

ritlsh Milk Products Co 21 Fuerst Bros xi Liverpool Lint Co.. Ltd xxi CQuelch. H. & Co Visoose Development Oo., ltl. xxv

rltlsh Optical Insti ute, Ltd. xxx Liverpool Sobool of Pharmacy .. 25 xxviii

British Organotherapy Co.,lLtd. vi Gardner. W., & Son xxix 'iOfthouse A Saltmer, Ltd xvii
Gimher, W., & Son xi
Britisb Pasteur Chamherlano Glew, F.Harrison London College of Chemistry .. 25 Bandal' & Son. Ltd.. 10 Waide, T.. ft Sons „ 28
Goldberg. 1. L xxx
Filter Oo xvi v Lorimer, John 20 Raworth. J. H xviii Warne, W., A Co., Ltd xxii
RHreeff. W.. A Oo xix
Brooks. Peel A Co.. Ltd xxv 9 WItendell, J Washington Chemical Oo.. I,t1. 32
Orlffln, J. J.. ft Sons. Ltd xxit
Browning, W., & Oo 28 Resinol Chemical Co Westminster Coll. of Pharmacy 24
Guest, T..& Co., Ltd 33
Brunnnr. Mond & On,, Ltd ..Cover Maofarlan, J. F . ft Co 12 iii WhiPfen ft Sons, Ltd vii

Bnrge. Warren & Rldgley, Ltd. . 22 Maonatr. A., A Co xviii Renter, R. J 31 Whltaker & Oo xxvi
Wbitaker, A., A Co xxiv
Burrough, J., Ltd Text 816 Mallock-Armstrong Ear Defender IlileyBros. (l£>14).Ltd xx

Rnrreuglis Welloome * oo Oo xx Robinson, B., & Co., Ltd xvi White, Alfred, & Sons ii
Bush, H.W , & Co.. Ltd
37 Hair. B. W., & Son xviii M'Glashan, i) xvi Robinson A Sons, Ltd 16 White, A. J., Ltd xiv
30 Haider, E. 0 xviii
Hall Forster & Co., Ltd McKesson ft Robbins xxiv Rudduck A Oo Col. Supp White Sea. & Baltic Co
CCalvert. F. & Co Harlev T xx vit

xxvi Harrington Bros.. Ltd 28 Magnus, Mabee & Reynard Inc. ix Wiener, R. O., ft Oo viii
lionlte Co xi Harvey ft Oo. (Dublin). Ltd 32 Madoery, Horm xix Willows, Francis, Butler A
Oeltol Supply Agency ....xxix Haynes. G.. ft Co vii Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Sanitas Oo. Ltd Text 816 Thompson. Ltd xi
Oharity. W.. & Sons Soheller, Emil, & Oo
iil Henry, T. & H li (Canada) Ltd vi vi Wood, Vincent .. xx
Hewlett, O. J., A Son, Ltd xxii Schutze, F., St Co.. Ltd xxvii
Ohatelaln.J. I, v xix Manson. R Scott ft Bowne, Ltd Wright, Layman ft Umney, Ld.
Heymann, Harry xii
Cheltenham Natural Water Co. xvi Mascarenhas, J. C xix Sim, Ltd vi Cover

Chesehrough Manfg. Co 8 Mason Bros. A Ohapman xxii Singleton * Cole, Ltd xviii
Maw, S., Son A Sons
Christy, T., ft Oo xix, 38 1 Youldon, E., Ltd. .xx


Abaelate alcohol Ammonia A Salts Lane-Hall, R . A Oo. Camphor Howards ft Sons, Ltd. Combs
May A Baker, Ltd. Lane-Hall, R . ft Oo.
Burrougk, J., Ltd. Brunner. Xond A Oo., Ltd. Tyrer, T., A Oo., Ltd. Alliance Drug ft Chemical Oo. Malllnokrodt Chem. Works Hovenden, R., ft Sons, Ltd.
Howards ft Sons, Ltd. Martindale, W.
Acetanlllde Ampoale Flies White. Alfred, A Sons Kay ft Baker, Ltd. Mav * Baker. Ltd. Condensers
Bnrgoyne. Burbldges A Oo. Reitmsyer, Callmrn &
81m, Ltd. Body Belts Cantbarldln gennett. Sons ft Shears, Ltl
Kindersley, Ltd.
Acetic Anhydride Ampoules Berton, Arthnr. Ltd. Smith, T. ft H.. Ltd. Saccharin Corporation, Ltd. Confectionery,
Soheller, Emil, ft Oo., A. G. Medicated
Oelloniu Co., Dreyfus & Co. ABreslllon, 11., Oo. Maw, S., Son A Sons Oaps for Bottles, Ac.
Lang, Jules, * Son Sout hall Bros. & Barclay, Ltd Guest, Thos.. A Oo.
Aeetyl-Sallcylle Maw, S.. Son A Sons Schutze, F.. Jk Oo., Ltd. Betts ft Co.. Ltd.
Acid Melin, 0., A Co. Wood, Vincent Gates, Leslie Sturge.John ft E., Ltd. Pascall, James, Ltd.
Visoose Development Co., Ld. Tyrer, T. ft Co., Ltd.
Bosk. W.J., AOo„ Ltd. Oppenkelmer, Son, Jk Co., Ltd. Books. Washington Chemical Oo.,Ld. Continental Pro^s.
(Self-tliing and Airtight) White, A., ft Sons
Fabra Oo., Ltd. Anaesthetics Christy's "Monthly" Zimmermann, O., ft Oo. Amerloan Drug Supply Oo.
Mart in. tale's " Extra Pharm" Capsuled Pills
Lane-Hall R. A Ce. Duncan, Flookhart A Oo. (Chemicals), Ltd.
Lorimer, John Howards A Sons, Ltd. Potter's *' COyocmlpoapnsiedolna"" McKesson ft Robbins M„Breslllon, ft Oo.
Macfarlan, J. P., A Oo. Squire's Chloralamlde
" Capsules (various) Roberts ft Oo.
Saccharin Corporation, Ltd. Burgoyne, Burbidges ft Co.
Advertising Smith T AH.. Ltd. Botanic Dragglsts BritishOrganotherapyOo.,Ld. Wilcox, Jozeau ft Co.
Denoual, Jules, ft Oo. Chloride of jbluie
Degen, F. A. Aniline Dyes Brook, Parker & Oo. Ltd. Cookers
Newhall & Mason Evans Sons Lesoher ft Webb Brunner. Mond 4 Oo., Ltd.
Aerated Water Orawshaw. K.. A Oo. RFerber, , ft Oo., Ld. Tommy's Cooker Co., Ltd.
Hoyle. J. A T., * Oo. Potter A Clarke, Ltd. Mawson & Co Cblorodyne
Machinery Lane-Hall. R.. A Oo. Smith, Martin H„ Oo. Corks
Bottles, Jars, As>> Davenport, J. T., Ltd.
Barnett * Foster Annatto Stevenson, H. E., ft Oo. Freeman's Ohlorodyne, Ltd Ardwick Cork Depot
Glass Tye. John, ft Son Mltohell, N. W.. ft Sons, Ltd.
Pars Aeration Supply, Ltd. Fullwood. R. J., A Bland Warrick Bros. Ltd. Chloroform
Tomllnson It Havnard, Ltd. Barnett A Foster Corn Plasters, Aa.
Cartons Burroughs Welloome ft Oo.
Aerated Waters Artlflclal jUaabs Ferry, T., ft Son. Ltd. Duncan, Flookhart ft Oo. Solport Bros.
Globe Box Co. Macfarlan, J. F., ft Oo.
Oamwal, Ltd. Ferris, J. A E. Isaaos, 1., ft Oo. Robinson & Sons, Ltd. May ft Baker, Ltd. Swales. Thomas
Haywood, J. H., Ltd. Smith T. ft H., Ltd.
Idrli * Oo., Ltd. ater Man H„ Son A Sons Lang, Jules, & Son Snttley ft Silverlook, Ltd. Southall Bros, ft Barclay, Ld. Counter Adjuncts
Maw, S., Son ft Sons
WAerated- Assayers Catarrh Remedy Cigars A Cigarettes BvansSonsLescherftWebb.LA
Material! Melln.C, ft Oo. Orrocks, Ltd
Johnson, Mattliey & Co., Ltd I Dr. Mackenzie's Laboratories Singleton ft Cole. Ltd. Counter
Barnett a Foster
Aatbaua Remedies Swales, T. catheters Citric Acid and Specialities
Boake Roberts A Co., Ltd. WHair. B. ., A Son
Bush,W. J., * Co., Ltd. Thompson, J. L. t & Oo. Manson, R, Citrates Allen ft Hanburys. Ltd.
Lofthonse A Saltmer, Ltd. British DrugHouses, Ld., Tk*
Hay, WiUlam. Ltd. Potter A Clarke, Ltd. Dniv Bottle Or. MMason Bros, ft Ohapman BrltlshDrugHouses.Ltd.,The Burgoyne, Burbldges ft Oo.
Bnrgoyne, Burbidges ft Go. Hewlett, 0. J., ft Sons, Ltd.
Atomizers Youldon. E., Ltd. Porges Howards ft Sons, Ltd. Southall Bros, ft Barclay, Ltd.
Warne. Wm.. ft Co.- Ltd. Wright, Layman & Umney, Ld.
Stevenson Jk Howell, Ltd. DeVllhiss Mnfg. Oo. Bougies Pelliot, Henri, ft Ole
MBreslllon, . ft Oo. Caustic Soda Sturge, John ft E.. Ltd. o sttla and
Agencies Atropine Pilling Machine
Boxes Brunner. Mond ft Co., Ltd. Clinical
Hulsklng, Ohas. L. Roqnes. Ferdinand Forgrove Machinery Oo..Lt».
Lennon, Ltd. Ayrton, Saunders ft Oo., Ltd. Cellulose Acetate Thermometers
Bacterial Vaccines
Air Cuabiona Davidson, J., ft Co. Oellonite Co., Dreyfus ft Oo._ Burge.Warren ft Rldgley, Ld.
Burroughs Welloome A Oo. Bush, H. W., ft Co.. Ltd.
Barge, Warren A Rldgley, Ld. Christy, Thos., A Co. Estes, E. B., ft Sons, Ltd. Cements Maw, S., Son ft Sons
Dunoan, Flockhart & Oo. Ford, Shapland ft Oo. Perken. Son ft Co., Ltd.
Alkaloid* Evans Sons Lesoher A Webb Globe Box Oo. Kay Bros., Ltd. Court Platter
Martlndale. Wm. Robinson ft Sons. Ltd. Mendit, Ltd. Pillisoher, J.
Bnrrongki Wellcome a Oo. Parke, Davis A Oo. Solport Bros.
OarnegieBros. Shirley Bros., Ltd. Cbalk, Precipitated Powell, J. T„ ft Oo.
Howards & Sons, Ltd. Baking Specialities Cream of Tartar
Mac far lan. J. F., A Co. Stevenson, Hugh, ft Sons, Ltd. Levermore, Ay ft Oo., Ltd. Zeal, G. H.
tseoi ee, Ferdinand Britlsk Wheat Salts Oo. Stipendum Stopper Oo. Mumford, G. S„ ft Sons Fuerst Bros.
Smith T » K. Ltd Walde. T.. ft Sons Nichols Chemical Oo., Ltd. Clotb Balls Pelliot, Henri, ft Ols
Whiften & Sons. Ltd. Balsam* Sturge. John ft E., Ltd.
Bromides O'Nell, Zetts ft Oo. Creosote
All ond OH Dodsre A Oloott On. Chemical Plant
Dub. A. Coal Tar Balss Bros, ft Stevenson Lti
Allen, Stafford, A Sons, Ltd. Barium Salts Blair, Campbell ft McLean, Ld
Fuerst Bros, *Oo Forshaw, E., ft Son, Ltd. Specialities
Nicholson. J., & Sons, Ltd. Wright, LaymanS Umney, Ld.
i-'—" li Chemicals
Barometers Cocoa
Whiffen ft Sons, Ltd. Balss Bros, ft Stevenson. Ltd.
Darton, F . A Oo. Boake Roberts ft Oo., Ltd. Oadbnry Bros.. Ltd.
Barrels Roehm F Ltd Cod Liver OH
Alaminiom Art ft Medical Brush Mfg.Oo. Bonaventura. F., & Co. Crepe Bandages
Venesta, Ltl Bramwell, E., ft Sou, Ltd. Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.
Articles mi. .veil, Bidweli ft Oo., Ltd. British DrugHouses Ltd.,Tks British Drug Houses. Ld.,Tks Barge, WarrenARldgley.Lta.
Bunoker A Haieler, Ltd. Bath Cabinets Brunner, Mond A Co., Ltd. EvansSonsLesoherft Webb.Ld Gimber, W., ft Son
ley Bros.. Ltd. Hovenden, R., A Sons, Ltd. Burgoyne, Burbldges ft Oo. Jervell A Co., Ltd. NorwlchCrepe Oo.(lS56), Ltt.
Riley Bros.. Ltd Burroughs Welloome ft Oo. Job Bros. Wood, Vlnesni
Venesta. Ld. Kent, G. B., ft Sons, Ltd. Oarnegie Bros.
Bed-warmers Southall Bros, ft Barclay, Ltd Cyanides
Maw, S., Son ft Sons Oorbjro Staoey ft Co.. Ltd. Wright, Layman ft Umney, Ld
ttndd & Co , Ltd. Titterton ft Howard May ft Baker, Ltd.
Crampton, J., & Co., Ltd. Collapsible Boxes
Beeswax Batter Colouring De Roubaix & Cassiers
EvansSonsLeBcherft Webb.Ld Globe Box Co.
Ambulance Oatlti Farris, Charles Fullwood, R. J., ft Bland Fabra Co., Ltd. Balry Specialities
Oldfleld, Pattlnson ft Oo. Collapsible Tubes
Burroughs W elloome A Oo. Bichromates Greeff. R. W..ft Oo. Fullwood, R. J., ft Bland
Hall Forster A Co., Ltd. Cachets Hopkin ft Williams, Ltd. Betts ft Co., Ltd.
White, John & James Old&eld, Pattlnson ft Oo.
Toogood. William, Ltd. Clark, C. S. Brooks, Peel ft Oo., Ltd. Tomllnson ft Hay ward, Ltl.
BlologloalProdaets Cooper, Son ft Co., Ltd.
Venesta. Ltd.
Christ! Thos.. A Co. Cachoas

American Blsmatb Salts Crosse & Blaokwell
Chemicals, A*.
Alliance Drug A Chem. Oo. Cacodylates Deafness
Hulsklng, Ohas L. Bnrgoyne, Burbldges A Oo. Preventive
Xalllnokrodt oh em. Works Howards A Sons, Ltd. Roques, Ferdinand
Harbutt's Plasticine Oo.
American Calf JUympb

Proprietaries Hetnemann, W.

Ajoertean Drug Supply Co. CamelHalr Brushes Dental Meehasrlsa
Roherts A Oo.
Art ft Medical Brush Mfg.Co. Fen tl man A. Q.

camera* Haider, B. O.

Bntoher, W., ft Sons, Ltd. Wardale ft Oo.

6 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915

Dentifrices Emulsions, C.L.O., Glycerin Lltbla Salts Oils, Mineral, Potter A Clarke, Ltd

Beecham, T. fee. Price's Paten t Candle Co. .Ltd. British Drug Houses, Ld.,Tae Fatty, fee. Price's Co., Ltd.
Bell .John), Hllli A Lnoas.Ld. Howards A Sons, Ltd. Allen, Stafford, A Sons Ltd.
Blaokle, Robert Ayrton, Saunders A Oo„ Ltd. Glyceropbospbates Macfarlan, J. F., A Oo. Quelch, H. 0., A Co.
Balss Bros. A St evenson, Ltd. May A Baker, Ltd. Boehm. P., Ltd. Rigaud
Christy, T., ft Oo. Monsanto Chemical Works
Blackle, Robert Reitmeyer Calburn A Kin- Loofah Socks Price's Patent Candle Co. Ld. Shirley Bros., Ltd.
Cook, £., * Co., Ltd. Stem Sonne horn Oil Co. , Ltd.
Cox, Arthur EL, A Co., Ltd Browning, Wm„* Co. deraley, Ltd. Davis, J. M., A Sons So nt hall Bros. A Barclay, Ld.
ucryl, Ltd. Ointments
McKesson A Bobbins Cupal, Ltd. Gold Beateis' Skin Loofahs Vinolia Co , Ltd.
Maw. S., Son * 8otu Blackie Robert Warriok Bros., Ltd.
Parke. Davis * Co. Paulding, F. H.,A Oo. Grease Paints Hall Forster A Co., Ltd
angers Parke, Davis A Co. Intern! Sponge Importers, Ld West, T., A Son
Itandard Tablet * Pill Co.,Ld. Hovenden. R. A Sons Ltd.
Woolley, J.. Soni A Co., Ltd. leott A Bowne, Ltd., Queleh, Henry 0., A Oo. Solport Bros., Ltd. Burgess. E. Perles
H E., A Tye, John, A Son
Develop ers(Pboto.) Stevenson, . Go. Grinders, Drag, fee. Losenges Charleston A Co.
Mentholatum Co. Pessaries (Soluble)
Ivans Sons Lescher A Webb Wyleys, Ltd. Allen, Stafford, A Sons, Ltd. Cox, Arthur H.. A Co., Ltd. Oldfleld. Pattinson A Oo. Bulge, Warren A Ridgley, Ld.
Goodall, Backhouse A Oo. Crosse A Blackwell
Fr»re»RT)eveloping Co. Bnamelled Hos- Willows. Franois. B. A T .Ltd. Denoual, Jules, A Co. Feat Products (Sphagnol)Ltd. Rendell, W. J.
Fuerst Bros. pital Reqolsites Guest, Thos., A Co.
Orlne Water Jaokson, Ernest. A Oo. Olive Oil
Orme. Evans A Oo.. Ltd. Parke, Davis A Co.
Woodward, W., Ltd. Potter A Clarke, Ltd. Farris, Charles Petroleum Jelly
Bndolytlc Tabes Raimes A Oo.
Fletcher. Fletcher A Co. Ltd Gams Warrick Bros.. Ltd. Fuerst Bros. Ohesehrough Manfg. Co.
Kidston, W. M., A Co.
Enemas Pink, F.,AOo. Lycopodium Guillevic, E., A Oo. Meade-King, Robinson A Co.
Kldston, W. M., A Oo.
Lambert, Saml., A Oo. White Sea A .Baltic Co. Opium
Welch & Horner
Dextrin Burge.Warren A Ridgley.Ltd. Lysols Preparations Stern Sonneborn Oil Co., Ltd.
Ingram, J. G., A Son Hair Dyes
Pink, P., A Oo. Maw, S., Son A Sons Burt, Boulton A Haywood, Ld Ferris A Co., Ltd. Wiener, R. O., A Oo.
Wame, W., A Co., Ltd Harker, C.R.,StaggAMorgan Euoryl Ltd. Oldfleld. Pattinson A Oo.
Digestive Products Blackie, Robert EvansSonsLescherAWebb, Ld Phenacetln
Epsom Salts
Armour A Co., Ltd. Hair Preparations Lysol, Ltd. Optical Goods Greeff, R. W., A Co.
Digestive Ferments Co. B'ythe, Wm., & Co., Ltd. Monsanto Chemical Works
Falrchild Bros. & Foster Howards A Sons, Ltd. Alexandre, L. Machinery, Darton, F., A Oo.
Parke, Davis & Co. **»v A Baker. Ltd. Anzora Perfumery Co. Pharmacal Maw, 8., Son A Sons Phosphorus and
Stearns, Fredk., A Co. Mumford, G S., A Sens Blackie Robert Nitsche A Guuther Optical Preps.
Edwards' " Harlene " Oo. Alien A Hanburys, Ltd.
Disinfectants Essences, Franklin Co. Bennett, Sons A Shears, Ltd. Co., Ltd. May A Baker, Ltd.
Balss Bros. A Stevenson, Ltd Sol. and Fruit Blair.Campbell AMcLean.Ld. Tyrer, T., A Co., Ltd.
Burgoyne, Burbidges A Co. Ni-Verre Chemical Co. Standard Optical Co., Ltd.
Bnrt. Boulton A Haywood, 16 Alliance Drug A Chem. Bangers Porgrove Machinery Co., Ltd. Photo. Chemicals
Barnett A Foster Optical Tuition
Oeltol Supply Agency Boake Roberts & Co., Ltd. Hand Carts, Gardner Wm., A Sons, Ltd. Fuerst Bros,
Oook. E., A Co.. Ltd. Bosh,W. J. A Co., Ltd. Griffin. John J„ A Sons. Ltd. British Optical Institute ureeff, K. W., A Oo.
Harker. Stagg A Morgan, Ltd. Hay, Wm., Ltd. Tracks, sic. Pindar, J. W., A Oo. Lane-Hall, R., A Oo.
• eyes' Sanitary Oompds. Ltd London Essence Co. 8tokes, F. J., Maohine Oo. College of Optios
!anltas Co.. Ltd. Polak & Schwarz Crewe A Oo. Thompson A Capper, Ltd. Photo. Goads
*t evenson, H. B., A Co. f.evenson A Howell. Ltd Wilkinson. S. W.. A Oo. Orange and
Willows, Francis. B. A T.,Ltd. Hat Cleaners Ayrton, Saunders AOo , Ltd.
Wright. Layman A Umney.Ld. Whittaker, Arthur Magnesia and Quinine Wine Burroughs Wellcome * Oo.
Cox, Arthur H., A Co., Ltd. Butcher, W., A Sons^Ltd.
Drngg-ists'Sundrles Etbers Milner's Chemical Oo. Preps. Idris A Co., Ltd. EvansSonsLesoherAWebb.Li
Ayrton, Saunders A Co., Ltd. Henry, T. AW. Millar, A., A Co., Ltd. Kent, G. B., A Sons, Ltd.
B»ts« Bros. A Stevenson, Ltd. Balss Bros. A Stevenson, Ltd. Hat Dyes Robinson, B„ A Co., Ltd. Lennon, Ltd.
Duncan, Flockhart A Oo. Howards A Sons, Ltd. May, Roberts A Co., Ltd.
Berton. Arthur, Ltd. Howards A Sons, Ltd. Whitaker A Co. Phillips, Ohas. H., Chem. Co. Organic Solvents Newbery, F., A 8ons. Ltd,
Macfarlan, J. F., A Oo. Washington Chemical Oo.,Ld.
Bnrtre, Warren A Ridgley, Ld. May & Baker, Ltd. Heating- Apparatus Hopkin A Williams, Ltd. Rajar, Ltd.
Burgoyne, Burbidges A Oo. Tyrer, T., A Co., Ltd. Malt Extract and Sangers
Hn«h. H AW.. Co., T,td White. A.. A Sons Little Kitchener Co. Or gano -Thera- Wyleys, Ltd.
Cuxsnn, Gerrard & Co.. Ltd, Wright, John, & Co. Preps. peutic Preps.
fvansSons LescberAWebb.Ld Encalyptus Oil Allen A Hanburys. Ltd. Photo. Postcards
Hovenden, R., A Sons, Ltd. Herbs Armour A Co., Ltd.
Lo'iuoroft. H. M. British Drug Honses.Ltd..The Blackie, Robert
Waw. S.. Son A Sons Stevenson, H. E., A Co. Brook, Parker & Co., Ltd. British DrugHouses, Ll^The BntishOrganotherapy Co.,Ld
Tasmanian Eucalyptus Oil Oo. Potter A Clarke, Ltd. Digestive Ferments Co.
Roberts A Co., Ltd. Burroughs Wellcome A Co.
National Drug Co., Ltd. Evaporators Homoeopatble Calder, James, A Co.. Ltd. Ttuncan. Tlockhart A Co.
siewhery, F., A Sons, Ltd. Medicines Stearns, Fredk., A Co.
Porshaw, E., A Son, Ltd. Calder's Yeast Co., Ltd.
Renter, R. J. | langers Ashton A Parsons, Ltd. Otto Rose Rajar, Ltd.
Extract of Herbs Keene & Ashwell, Ltd. Corbyn, Stacey A Co., Ltd.
sobutze, F., A Co., Ltd. Davies, Sons A Co. Guillevio. E., A Co. Pile Powders
Newball A Mason Horse Remedies EvansSonsLescherAWebb.Ld Zimmermann, 0., A Oo., Ltd.
Bolport Bros. Potter A Clarke, Ltd. Fletcher, Fletoher A Co.,Ltd. Mumford, G. S„ A Sons
Harvey A Co. (Dublin), Ltd. May, Roberts A Co., Ltd. Otto Rose (Synth.)
Bouthall Bros. A Barclay, :l,td Extracts Oppeuheimer, Son A Co., Ltd. Pill Makers
Swales, Tbomas Hot Water Bottles Paine A Co., Ltd. Bush, W. J., A Co., Ltd.
Telma Manufacturing Co. (IK edlclnal) Guillevio, E., A Co. Cox, A. H., A Co., Ltd.
Alien, Stafford, A Sons, Ltd. Bailey, W. H„ A Son Pascall, James, Ltd ' Kerfoot, Thos., A Co. Davies, Sons A Oo.
Toogood, W., Ltd. Burroughs Wellcome' A 0©. BertomArtbur, Ltd. Polak A Schwarz Howard Lloyd A Co., Ltd
Burge.Warren A Ridgley.Ltd. Tolkein, 0., A Oo. Stevenson A Howell, Ltd Kirby, H. A T., A Co., Ltd.
Wooilev, J„ Sons A Co.. Ltd EvansSonsLesoherAWebb.Ld. Wander, A., Ltd. Stevenson, H. E., A Co. McKesson A Robbins
Galen Manfg. Co., Ltd. Warriok Bros., Ltd. Standard Tablet A Pill Oo.,Ld.
iJrmsTS, Crude Gathergood's Exor. Wyleys, Ltd. Wright , Lay mai i A Umney.Ld. Wand Manufacturing Oo.
Ingram. J. G., A Son
Dodge A Olcott Co Hewlett. C. J., A Son, Ltd. Maw, S., Son A Sons Marking ink Oxygen Baths Plasters
Parke, Davis A Co.
Gatbergood's Exor. Ransom. W. A Son. Ltd. ToogoooVWilliam, Ltd. John Bond ("Crystal Palace') Wright A Oo. Allcock Manufacturing Co.
Warne Wm., A Co., Ltd.
Grodall. Backhouse A Oo. Factory, fee, Sites Wood, Vincent Measures, Oxygen Gas Daimas, A. de Aat.,
Lambert, 8am]., A Oo. Graduated
McKesson A Robbins Great Western Railway Hot WaterBottle (in Cylinders) Galen Manufotg. Co.. Ltd
Potter A Clarke. Ltd. Stoppers Bush, H. W., A Co., Ltd.
4alP-es A Oo. Feeding Bottles Lea A Son Pocket Spitting
Welch & Horner Rowe, T. Wilfrid Meat Extracts
Bush, H. W., A Co., Ltd. Palatinolds Flasks
Ban de Cologne Maw, S.. Son A Sons Hotels Armour A Co., Ltd.
Sobutze. F., A Co., Ltd. Brand A Co., Ltd. Oppeuheimer. Son A Oo., Ltd. Beatson, Clark A Co., Ltd.
Sronoley, H., A Co., Ltd. Klngsley Hotel
Bosh W. J., A Co., Ltd. Filling machines Thaokeray Hotel Mercurials Paper Polishes (Various)
Clhrnty, Thos., A Co.
Forgrove Machinery Co.. Ltd Hydrogen Peroxide Alliance Drug A Chemical Oo. Handkerchiefs Bradley A Bonrdas
lra»mlo Co.. Ltd. Roberts' Pat. Filling Maoh Co Howards A Sons, Ltd. Holiday A Co.
Lucol Perfumery Oo. Laporte, B., Ltd. May A Baker, Ltd. Toinoco Handkerchief Co., Ld Oakey, J., A Sons, Ltd.
Filters Tyrer, T., A Co., Ltd.
Maw. S., Son A Sons May A Baker, Ltd. Parafflnum Postal Boa p
«av Roberts A Co., Ltd. BritishPasteur-Chamberland Llcjaldam i
Newbery, F., A Sons, Ltd. Sanitas Co., Ltd.
Filter Co. Browning, Wm. A Oo Globe Box Oo.
dangers' Tyrer, T., A Co. Ltd. Robinson A Sons Ltd.
Flycatchers Cbesebrough Mnfg. Co.
Jehntze. F., A Co., Ltd Hypopbospbltes
Kay Bros., Ltd. Methylated Spirit Farris, CharleB Powder Paper
Vinolia Co.. Ltd. Smith, Jno. H„ A Oo. May A Baker, Ltd. Produce Bnkors Co. Ltd.
Tyrer, T., A Co., Ltd. Burrough, J., Ltd. Papier PoudriS Ltd.
Ban de Cologne Foods, Invalid, fee. Snowdon, Sons A Co., Ltd.
Ink, Dlchrole Preston's Liverpool Distillery Stern Souneaorn Oil Co. Ltd. Printers
(solid Allen A Hanburys, Ltd. Bewley A Draper, Ltd. Wiener, R. O., A Oo. Cartwright A Rattray, Ltd.
Demuth's Laboratories Bell (John), Hills A Lucas.Ltd. Randall A Son, Ltd. [Co.,Ld. Ford, Shapland A oo.
Insecticides Tnomley, Samuel, Ltd. Pastilles Suttley A Silverlook, LtS.
Bducatlonal Benger's Food, Ltd. Christy, T., A Oo. Allen A Hanburys, Ltd. Townsend, J., A Sons
Instltntlons Oook, E., A Co.. Ltd. Mineral Waters Burroughs Wellcome A Oo. Waide, T., A Sons
Brand A Co.. Ltd. Demuth s Laboratories
Hat > AWestofEnglandOollege Insect Powder Oamwal, Ltd. Evans Sons, Lesoher A Webb Wilkinson, James P.
Birmingham & Midland Coll. British Milk Products Co., Ld Cheltenham Mineral Water Guest. Thos., A Co.
BritlshOpttoal Institute Deans, Logan A Co., Ltd. Potter A Clarke. Ltd. Del Mar, E. Kerfoot, Thomas, A Co. Palis
College of Preoeptor* Falrcbild Bros. A Foster Ralmes A Oo. Idris A Co., Ltd. Sohutxe, P.. A Co., Ltd.
Liverpool School of Pharmacy Frame Food Co. Ingram A RoyJe, Ltd. Wander, A., Ltd.
London College of Pharmacy Harker, Stagg A Morgan, Ltd Iodides Warriok Bios., Ltd. Solport Bros.
North of Englard School Lorimer, Jonn Vichy -Otlestins
Nort hemCollege of Pharmacy Lofthouse A Saltmer, Ltd. Tyrer, T.. A Co., Ltd. Patent Agents Pyro£BlH« A«14
South of England College Natural Food Co., Ltd. WliiHen & Sons, Ltd. Mixers and Sifters
Westminster College Barker, R. W. Greeff. R. W., A Oo.
Sister Lauras Infant Food Oo. Xianollnes Gardner. Wm.ASons(Glos.)Ld Raworth, John E.
•Mastic Cum Insts. Soathall Bros. A Barolay.Ltd Bona ventura, F., & Co. Stokes, F. J., Machine Co. Qainlne and Salts
Wander, A., Ltd. Corbyn, Stacey A ou., Ltd. Peppermint OH
taton Bros. A Chapman White. A. J„ Ltd. Alliance Drug A Ckem. Oo.
Willows, Francis.B. A T., Ltd HUlcrest Oil Co., Ltd. Allen, Stafford, A Sons Ltd.
Woolley ,Jas., Sons A Co., Ltd Bush, W. J., A Co., Ltd. Bandoeng Quinine Factory
Howard Lloyd A Co.. Ltd. Dodge A Oloott Co.
Foot Appliances Ransom, W., A Son, Ltd. Corbyn stacey A Oo., Ltd.
lard Rudd, F. M. Greeff, R. W.,AOo.
Soholl Mnfg. Co.. Ltd. Stevenson A Howell, Ltd. Howards A Sons, Ltd
Ewen, J., A Sons
Foot Warmers Radio-active
Lavender Oil Minerals
Swales. Thos.
Allen, Stafford, A Sons, Ltd. Naphthalene Pepslne Harrington Bros., Ltd.
Fo> maldebyde Guillevic, E., A Co.
Ransom. W.. A Son. Ltd. Burt Bo u 1 1 on A Haywood, Ld Digestive Ferments Oo. Radium
, Compounds
Lavender Water nreeff. R W.. A Co
Stearns, Fredk., & Co. Glew, F. H.
Bush. W. J., A Co., Ltd.
Nebulizers Peptone Razors
Bcuter R. J. Armour A Co.. Ltd. Hovenden, R., A Sons, Ltd.
Vinolia Co., Ltd. Digestive Ferments Oo. Kelland, W. P.
Hlastlc Hosiery Fuerst Bros. NlKht Lights Fairchild Bros. A Foster Maw, S„ Sou A Sons
Heymann, Harry Lime Juice and Stearns, Fredk., A Co.
vyrton, Saunders A Co., Ltd Price's Patent Candle Oo.,Ld, Reagents
Uailey, W. H., A Son Fralt Drink Cordial Perfume Materials
<urge, Warren A Ridgley, Ld. Oils, Essential Hopkin A Williams, Ltd.
Haywood, J. H., Ltd. McGlashan, D. EvansSonsLesoherAWebb.Ld Bneh, W. J., A Co., Ltd.
taw, 8., Son A Sens Idris A Co.. Ltd. Allen, Stafford, A Sons, Ltd. Guillevic, E.. A Oo. Resins, Retinoids
Fuller's Eartb Ailianoe Drug A Chemical Oo. Kerloot, T., A Co. Allen, Stafford. A Sons, Ltd.
food, Vincent Iilnseed, Crashed Laae-Hall. R . A Oo. Haofarlan, J. P.. A Oo.
Mumford, G. S., & Sons Boake Roberts A Co., Ltd. Naef, M ., A Co., Suocn.
Mumford. G. S.. A Sons Polak A Schwarz liansom, W..A Son, Ltd.
Fumlgators Boehm, P., Ltd. Stevenson A Howell, Ltd. Imlfh. T. A H„ Ltd.
Lints Wright. Layman AUmney,Ld.
Blectrical Sanltas Oo.. Ltd. Bush, W. J„ A Co., Ltd. Zimmermann, C, A Oo. Ltd. V aspirators
Novelties Liverpool Lint Co.
Gallic Acid Dodge A Oloott Oo. Perfumes Brown, J. M. D A Go.
Millard Bros., Ltd. Maw, S., Son A Sons
<i.„nt, Arohd. J., Ltd. Malllnckrodt Chem. Works Robinson A Sons, Ltd. Etna Essential Oil Co. Allen A Hanburys, Ltd. Solport Bros., Ltd.
Taylor. W. G. Baiss Bros. A Stevenson, Ltd.
Causes Vernon A Co., Ltd. EvansSonsLesoherAWebb.Ld British Drug Houses.Ld., The B* bber Goods
Bronnley, H., A Co., Ltd.
Liquorice Juice Guillevio, E., A Co. Bush, W. J., A Co., Ltd. Altrlncham Rubber Oo.
Lambert, Sam]., A Oo. Christy, T., A Co. Berton. Arthur, Ltd.
Bailey, R., A Son Boehm, P., Ltd. Demuth's Laboratories «">i" w.-.,- ARidglttr.Ltd.
Imery and Clotb Jackson. Ernest. A Co. Lane-Hall, R., A Oo.
Carnegie Pros. Mumfoid, G. S., & Sons Erasmio Co., Ltd. Davol Rubber Co.
iai ey, J., A Sons, Ltd. Taylor, W. G. London Essence Oo. EvansSonsLescherAWebb.Ld n«j»o u, j. a., Ltd.
Bolazzl Ingram, J. <?., A Son
metlne Baits Gelatines Magnus, MabeeAReynardlnc. Lescol Perfumery Oo. Maw, I., Son A Sons
Crampton, J., & Co., Ltd. Liquors, Cone. Tompkins, J., Ltd.
lactarlan, J. F., A Oo. Naef, M..A Co. Warn*, W., AOo., Ltd.
1 linen A Sons, Ltd Glassware, Fletcher, Fletoher A Oo. Polak A Sobwarz
Chemical WRansom, A Son, Ltd.
jeunett. Sons A Shears, Ltd. De Roubaix & f assiers ,
WWilkinson. S. A.. Co. Lang, Jules, A : on
Thompson, J. L., & Co. Stevenson A Howell, Ltd.
Welch A Horner
Wiener, R O., A Oo.
Wright, LaymanAUmney.Ld.
Zimmermanu, 0., A Co., Ltd,


December 25, 1915

Rubber Stamps Soaps. 'Medicated Stoppers Burgoyne, Burbldges a Go. Toilet Paper " Vet. Bern edits.

liohford, 0. D. Mldgley, Cbas., Ltd. Eowe, T. Wilfrid Oox. A. H., a Co., Ltd. Ayrton, Saunders a Co ., Ltd Obesebrongh Manlg. Oi.
Davies, 8ons a Co. Burgoyne, Burbldges a Co.
aocbarlD Soaps, Toilet, ao, Sttpendum Stopper Co. Ford, Shapland a Co. Christy, Thos., a Go.
Townsend, J., a Sons Day a Sons (Crewe)
laeobarln Corporation, Ltd. Allen A Hanbnrys, Ltd. Suppositories Duncan, Flockhart a Go Edwards, W., a Son
Bell (John), Hills a Lnoai Ld EvanaSonsLesoherAWebb.Ld Trade-Marks Harvey a Co. (Dublin), 1 la
Salicylic Add and Bronnley, H., a Co., Ltd. PeatProducts(Sphagnol),Ltd. Agents Tomlinson a Hayward, 1 is
Salicylates Guest, Thos., a Co.
Bn«h, W. J., & Co., Ltd. Chesebrongh Manlg. Co. Surgical Appli- Howards & Sons, Ltd. Barker, R. W. Wyleys, Ltd.
ances 4l Dressings Jackson Erneat, a Co. Ford, Shapland a Co.
Central ExDort Bureau Christy, Thos., a Co. Kirby, H. a T., a Co., Ltd. Rawoith, John E. Water Beds, A •
Cook, K , a Co., Ltd.
Fuerat Bro8. Allen a Hanburys, Ltd. Parke, Davis a Co. Trade Protection Warne, Wm., a Co., Ltd
Erasmlc Co., Ltd.
Salvarsan, &c, EuoryL Ltd. Bailey, E., a Son Scheller, Emil, a Co. Assoc of Mnfg. Cliumiats, Ld. Water Glass

Substitutes EvansSoDsLescberaWebb.Ld Balss Bros. & Stevenson, Ltd Shirley Bros., Ltd. Translations Goodall, Backhouse A Co.
Ewen. James, a Bona Tomlinson a Hayward, Its
aBrealllon, M Go. Fauldlng. F. H., & Co. Berton, Arthur, Ltd. Southall Bros & Barolay.Ltd. Mascarenhas, Dr.
, Water Stills
Field, J. 0. a J., Ltd. Burgoyne, Burbldges a Go. Standard Tablet a PillOo.,Ld. Trusses
Sanitary Towels Hovenden, K.. a Sons, Ltd. Burroughs Wellcome a Go. Thompson a Capper, Brown a Sons
Bush, Henry W., a Co., Ltd. Wand Manfg. Co. Ltd. Bailey, W. H. a Son Stokes, F. J., Machlna a Oo.
Bush, H. W„ a Co., Ltd.
louthall Brut. A Barolay. Ltd. Lesool Perfumery Co. Wlgglesworth a Go. Davis, J. M., a Sons. Ltd. Waters, Conies
Pears, A. & F., Ltd.
Bantomne Peat Produots (Sphagnol)Ltd. Carnegie Bros. "Tabloid" Pro- Haywood. J. H., Ltd. trated
ducts Maw, S., Son a Sons Robinson, B., a Go., Ltd
Oarnegle Brog. Price's Patent Candle Oo.,Ld. Christy, Thos., a Co. Sangers
Goldberg, I. L. Schutze, F , a Co., Ltd. Waxes
Cuzson, Gerrard a Co., Ltd. Wood, Vincent
Dalmas, A. de St., a Co. Woolley, J., Sons & Co., Ltd. Asiatic Petroleum Oo.
Boehm P., Ltd.
Saponin Besinol Chemical Co. Galen Manfg. Co., Ltd. Burroughs Welloome a Go. Tubes, Glass Farris, Charles
Price's Pat. Candle Co.
Field, 0. W., Ltd. Spratt's Patent, Ltd. Gimber, W.. a Son Talc, Powdered Melln, C., a Co. Wiener, K. O., a Oo.
VlnoUa Go., Ltd. Haynes, G., a Co.
•Ientlfl« Levermore, Aug., a Co. Turned Wood Weed Killers
Wright, Layman A I' mney Ld Liverpool Lint Go.
Apparatus , Tea Boxes Tomlinson a Hayward, Lta
Macfarlan, J. P.. a Go.
Psrksn, Ion A Co., Ltd. Sodlam Maw, S.. Son & Sons Christy, Thos., a Go Estea, E. B. . a Sons White Oils
Bicarbonate Mav. Roberts & Co., Ltd.
PUllstkar, 1. Tea Tablets Wright, Arch. J., Ltd. Farris, Charles
Bninner, Mond & Co., Ltd. Mulford, II. K., Co.
llsmolds * Branson Ltd. Howards * Sms, Ltd. Ayrton, Saunders & Co., Ltd. Turpentine Snowdon, Sona a Co., Ltd.
Robinson a Sons, Ltd.
Sea Salt Sodium Taylor, W. G. Teats Lambert. Saml., a Co. Window Fitting *

TUiua * Sod, Ltd. Hyposulphite Tbermogene Co., Ltd. Ingram, J. G., a Son Vacuum Flasks Ayrton-Graham, Ltd.
Van Horn a Sawtell
Scad Dr. sslnt; Nicholson. .1., ,t Sous, Ltd. Vernon a Co., Ltd. Terpeneless Oils Aerators. Ltd. Southall Bros, a Barclay .Ltd.
Vernon, Will, & Sons
flawksr, Arthur 1. Soothers Naef, M., & Co. Boy ton, Cbas., a Son Window Tickets
Quelch, H. 0.. A Oo.
rmollniPL a Hayfiard, Ltd. Sohntie, P., a Co., Ltd. Warne.W., a Co., Ltd. Polak & Schwarz Merten, F„ a Oo.
Wood, Vincent Zimmermann, 0., a Co., Ltd. Valuers
Itrair and Spectacles Woolley, J. , Sons a Co., Ltd Wines, Medicated
Antitoxins Darton, P., a Co. Theobromine Baker, P. 0.
Maw, S., Son a Sens Suspensories Burrongh, J., Ltd.
allsn a HaDborys, Ltd. Scheller, Emil, a Co. Berdoe a Fish
Burroughs WeIloomeACo.,Ld. Nitsche & Gunther Optical Bailey. W. H.. a Sons Smith, T. a H., Ltd. Brett a Go. Burroughs Welloom* a Oe.
Christj, T.,*Oo. Societeit voor Chemische In- Orridge a Go. Coleman a Co., Ltd.
IranjIonsLescherAWebb.Ld Co., Ltd. Synthetic Prods. Tomlinson, T., a Son Fletcher, Fletcher a Co., Ltd
Naef, M„ a Co. dustrie Katwijk Hobson, Joseph, a Son
Spermaceti Vanilla Beans Idris a Co., Ltd.
Stevenson a Howell, Ltd Robinson, B., a Co., Ltd,
Park*, Dans a Go. Farris, Charles Tin Box Makers Magnus. Mabee&Reynard Ins.
Wtllsox, Joieao a Go. Wrapplnr
Price's Patent Candle Co., Ld. Syphons Goodall, Backhouse a Go. Vanillin Machinery
Spices (Ground) Bainett a Foster LiverpoolTinCanisterOo-.Ltd. Bnsh^ W. J., a Co., Ltd. Forgrove Ifacnisary Co. .Ltd.
Greeff, R. W., a Co.
MeAdam a Tuckniss Allen, Stafford, a Sons, Ltd. Camwal, Ltd. Tinctures in Bond Zimmermann, C, a Co., Ltd. Wrist Straps
Goodall, Backhouse a Go. Idris a Co., Ltd.
• Sheep Sips Vaseline Solport Bros.
Spirit of Wine Pure Aeration Supply, Ltd. Allen, Stafford, a Sons, Ltd.
Burt. Bo ul ton a Ha> woodLd Macfarlan, J. F a Co. Ohesebrough Manfg. Oo. Zlne oxide
Bnrrough, J., Ltd. Syringes Bansom, W., a Son, Ltd.
Hawker, Artbnr E. Vermin Killers Hnbbnok, T., a Son Ltd
Oalder, James, a Co., Ltd. Breslllon, M., a Co. Tinfoil Stevenson, H . E.. a Oo.
Tomlinson a Hayward, Ltd. Bush, H. W., A Co., Ltd. Bowley, S., & Son
Preston's Liverpool Distillery Lang, Jules, a Co. Venesta Ltd. Christy, T., a Oo. Zinc Sulphate
Shop Fitting* Cox, Arthur H., a Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd. Syrups, Medicinal Tobacco Blythe, Wm., &Co., Ltd.
Ayrton-Graham, Ltd. Cupal, Ltd.
Cook, George Sponges Anglo-American Pharmaceu- Singleton a Cole, Ltd. Danysz Virus, Ltd.
EvansBunsLeseherAWebb.Ld. EvansSonaLescheraWebb.Ld
Internl.Spongelmporters.Ld tical Co., Ltd.
Fellows' Med. Mnfg. Co. Farmer, F.. a Co.
Sprays Harley. Thomas
Table Waters
Grant, D. Burge.Warrena ttidgley.Ltd. Toilet miner's ^hftirical Co.
AHaakini, 8., Bros., Ltd. Christy, Thos., a Co.
Joaeplii.Fhilip, a Sons. Ltd. Hovenden, K.. a Sons, Ltd.

Man, B, Son a Soni Maw, Sa Son a Sons Burrow, W. a J. Christy, T., a Co.

unit. h. Parke, Davis a Co. Tablet Machinery Cuxson, Gerrard a Co.
Allen a Hanburys Ltd.
Pamall a Bona Bangers t Fulford, C. E., Ltd.
Buddook a Go. Bennett. Sons a
Toogood, Wm., Ltd. Shears. Ltd. Goodall, Backhouse a Co.
Sangeri Griffin, John J., a Sons, Ltd. Hall Forster a Co., Ltd.
Sprinkler Corks
Betts a Go., Ltd. Knox-Walker, J., a Go., Ltd.
Shoalder Straps Thompson a Capper, Ltd.
Stareh Wilkinson. S. W., a Co. 1 evera
Wood. Vtnoent
Mumiord, G. B., a Sons Tablets, Com- Lloyd, Aimee, a Co.
Silver Nitrate
Stills pressed Papier Poudre, Ltd.
Bennett, Sons a Shears, Ltd.
Johnson, Matthey & Co., Ltd. Forshaw. E., a Son, Ltd. Allen a Hanburys, Ltd. Quelch, H. C, a Co.
Rosmarine Mnfg. Co.
Soap Plant Stokes, P. J., Maohine Go. British Drug Houses, Ld. The Stevenson a Howell, Ltd.
Brook, Parker a Go., Ltd.
Fershaw, B., a Son, Ltd Vinoiia Co., Ltd.


By ordering Stock of YOUR OWN

UNG P. J. Form., therefore no
stamps required. Known,
admitted, and approved.

TONIC Profit over 100% and nothing to
do but hand it over the counter.
FREE Window Siips Makes an effective Window Show.
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NAME on Label
NAME on Carton @3 dozen 48 - @3 dozen 78

@6 dozen 46 - @6 dozen 76

@1 gross 44 - @1 gross 74

Manufacturing Chemists, THE BRIDGE STREET, DERBY.

Apply for Prices for


s THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915




"VASELINE" when used in Ointments contains

more of the desired elements necessary for a universal
base than any other known substance, It has
emollient, antiseptic, healing and protective qualities
in itself, is not easily acted on by chemicals, and,
where properly protected from air and light, does not
change. Also, when incorporated with other medica-
ments, they are not injured by the action of the base.
These conditions have long been recognised by the
leading Physicians, Surgeons and Pharmacists
throughout the world. Animal and vegetable fats, on

the other hand, are subject to change, forming various
compounds, which destroy the end for which they
were intended.

The word " Vaseline " is the Registered Trade Mark of the

Chesebrough Mfg. Co. (Cons'd.)

42 Holborn Viaduct, London, E.C.

Complete Price List of all the " Vaseline" Preparations will be sent post free on application.


MHmMM u H nm mi»i i>>> !
iiMfHimmiiiinimmmiiiiHiniiiiM M »> Mi t»>iiiiiiiiiiitii> » i»rf>ii>i H >rry!7



§jj| R.W: Co.. ISE5

\ 2mJ offer at lowest prices the rnimrnnrm

following products manufactured

in the United Kingdom. Allied
and Neutral' Countries


Barbitone Isarol (best Icii thy ol substitute)
Lithia Carbonate
Bromide of Ammonium

Bromide of Potassium Lithol (Ichthyol sub.)

Bromide of Sodium Mercurials

Chloral Hydrate Methyl Salicylate

Cinchonine Sulphate and Muriate Peppermint Oil

Cinchonidine Sulphate Pepsine

Citric Acid Phenacetin

Cocain Hydrochlor and Puriss Phenazone

Cream of Tartar Pyrogallic Acid

Creosote Carbonate Potassium Sulpho-Guaiacolate

Formaldehyde Quinine

Gallic Acid Salicylate of Soda

7r Glycerophosphates Sugar of Milk
Tannic Acid
Guaiacol Carbonate

Heliotropin Tannin Albuminate

Hexamine Terpineol

Homatropine Theobromine

Hydroquinone Vanillin

A A2

THE CHEMIST AND DRTTfKlTST December 25, 1915





Celebrated for excellence and purity—nearly three quarters of a century.


The on,y actual Manufacturing Wax Chandler in the

City of London.

CHARLES FARMS, ti bishopscate, LONDON, E.C.


Telephones: LONDON WALL, 9397 and 9398 Telegrams: " WAXINESS (LED) LONDON."


Buy from one of the Oldest Houses in the Trade.

Write for Prices. ESTABLISHED 1794.




Wholesale and

ShIhB1 wm Export Druggists,

Best Quality Only. SOUTHAMPTON

Decembee 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST 11
NUMB1R 219



In tins. 8/6 dozen. 14 sizes. 2/8 to 6/2 each.

'PAREX' LIQUID 1913, 5 'Parex' lines 'PAREX' ENEMA
1914, 6 'Parex' lines In dome-top card boxes.
In bottles. 8/6 dozen. 35/- dozen.
1915, 7 'Parex' lines
This is the history
• of 'Parex' progress. ENEMA

In glass jars. 7/8 dozen, In 3 years we have In tin with clips. 36/- dozen.
produced twenty
'PAREX' BATH POWDER popular and profit- 'PAREX' BREAST
In wooden drums. able toilet prepara-
7/9 and 13/6 dozen. tions and invalid In dome-top card boxes.
requisites bearing 24/- dozen.
this well -known 'PAREX' SPRAY
(White Rose and Violet)
In tins. 7/2 dozen. brand. Every line For Throat. 20/- dozen.

'PAREX' ESR1LLIANTINE bears our name in For Nose. 23/6 ,,

(Crystallised ). addition. A double Each in box.
In glass jars. 7/8 dozer. guarantee of super-
'PAREX' SHAMPOO POWDER lative value.
In leather case, with 6 blades.
In triangular packets. Everything ' Parex ' Silver plated 7/- each.
8/6 dozen. Gold plated 8/3 each.
is perfect.
On card. 9/- dozen.
In metal cases. 3/9 dozen.
(All above with bonus offer).

In delf jars. 10/5 dozen. Brass, 1 pint, 11/- each.

'PAREX' .CREME DE LUXE 2 „ 14/6 „
3 „ 23/- „
In delf jars. 10/5 dozen.

This is not the result of censor- far, we will ask you to read a little We feel that we have gripped

Weship. could have headed tin- Wefurther. want you to imagine your hand, and further consolidated

article " Christmas Greetings," that we are standing in your Weour friendship. have together

because it frankly deals with Yule- Pharmacy. It is more than probable brought the good ship Business

tide ideas and notions. Wethat we have often been there. Wethrough a storm-tossed year.

But an oft-repeated phrase be- are not going to tell you all about have made every effort to give you

comes meaningless. There are Weour new lines. do not intend satisfaction, to surmount unusual

enough "Hearty Greetings" and to show you samples. difficulties, and to uphold the

"Happy New Years" being ex- quality bearing our name.

changed at the present time to make

our existence an ambrosial elysiafor We are going to remember that A new traveller will introduce
Wethe duration of the war.
prefer it is Christmas. himself to you next week. What-
ever surprises maybe hidden in his
to set down our season's felicita-
cases, one thing is certain : he
tions in a few simple words. So we
will display: fresh triumphs
thought it best to leave the title to
" Maw " produc-
your imagination.
tions. His name
Having got you to peruse this so
is Nineteen-hun-




1780 ^m4M^ 19/6


this mark has been a guarantee of
purity and stability.

Xmas 1915 New Year 1916

&/. F. Macfarlan Co.

&Edinburgh London,

greet all their friends in the

Trade at home and abroad.

By mutual assistance let us

bring %)ictory and Peace and

Prosperity to all.

Opium Alkaloids. Fine Chemicals. Anaesthetics.
Surgical Requisites.

December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST 13



products take the place
of continental supplies.

They therefore help

&British Trade so help to

win the War.

Realising this, we make

no apology for once more

wishing all our friends

in the Trade

Prosperity in the New Year.

T)rugs, Fine Chemicals, Galenicals,

Packed Specialities, Surgical Requisites,



Manufacturine Chemists and Wholesale Drugsrists.

174, 175, 176 Grange Road, Bermondsey, S.E.

Established 1833.


To bring Peace

we must maintain our

commercial supremacy*

&Potter Clarke, Ltd*,

will help by furnishing

supplies for Export and

Home Trade, thus assist*

ing in the great struggle*

Best Wishes to all Chemists

for Prosperity in 1916.

&Potter Clarke, Ltd.,

60-64 Jlrtillery Lane, E.C.
& 24 Luna St., Qreai Ancoats, Manchester.

Herbs, Roots, Barks, Extracts, Packed Goods, Cacbous,

Jujubes, Pastilles. Potter's Asthma Cure, Five Barks

&Jubes, Arnaud Cie's Perfumes, &c.


We are busy

but not too busy

to wish all our friends

a Year of Brightness

and Prosperity, and our
Country and our Allies
a Victorious One.





TLhc Season's (Sreetings

anb tbe Best of (Boob

Wishes for a JSrigbter

anb /Iftore prosperous
IRew |)ear

1830 =1916


Manufacturers of

Surcjical ©rcssuuis


CarM)oai^ Bo rcs






1901 1915

HAS GROWN. Full capacity again reached
Further extensions in 1916.
When ordering, specify

"JOHN BULL" BRAND, which, as

the diagrams show, is continually
growing in popularity amongst the 'Public,
and so ensure a continuation of
'Prosperity during 1916.


&Wholesale Export

Trade only supplied.





e it

Mills, Malt Extract Refinery and Laboratories.

18 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST Decembeb 25, 1915

Jff BV APPOINT""' 1915-16





send their best Christmas Greetings

and New Year Good Wishes to

their many friends.




kept well to the front during 1916 will

ensure a continuance of your prosperity.

The Popular Profit-Bringers at all Season
All Vinolia Products are True British.


R V 2H- -A



quickly by dealing only in Genuine
British Products. That is a patriotic

duty, and with SANAPHOS it has

the additional merit that it pays.

SANAPHOS sales mean increased


ish Milk Products Co., Ltd.

Mark Lane, London, E.C.


1915. FOR OUR


send their best Christmas Greetings

and New Year Good Wishes to

their many friends.




kept well to the front during 1916 *


ensure a continuance of your pros

^H§^>x DEX

The Popular Profit-Bringers st is always
orks he uses,
All Vinolia Products are
please your
Useful List

a stcard

l^S, LTD.

Limehouse^ E.




quickly by dealing only in Genuine
British Products. That is a patriotic

duty, and with SANAPHOS it has

the additional merit that it pays.

SANAPHOS sales mean increased


British Milk Products Co., Ltd.

69 Mark Lane, London, E.C.


The Comforts of Peace

will be enjoyed the sooner

if we support our country's

Weexport trade. shall thus

secure a year of

Prosperity to Chemists

as well as other trades.

&Burge, Warren Ridgley, Ltd.

&9/ 92 Great Saffron Hill, London, g.C.




December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DEUGGIST 23



Trade Conditions are Abnormal

but we are always ready
to supply anything in

Surgical Dressings &

Druggists' Sundries.

Turn to page 432 of the

"Chemist & Druggist " Diary

1916 when in doubt, then
with our co-operation
you will realise

Prosperity in the New Year

To our Friends at Home and Abroad we

send Cordial Good Wishes of the Season.


&&Registered Office Warehouse - 15 17 WORSHIP ST., LONDON, E.C.

&Worlds Factories : GOLD MEDAL telegrams :


Waterfold Mills J LANCS. telephones :

&2a 1 02\4 Tabernacle St , LONDON WALL - 507.



The Educational Motto for 1916.

— —"Any Student male or female

who WILLS it, may become M.P.S.,

or a Fully Qualified Dispenser 1 Hall)."






Westminster College

of Pharmacy,

402 Clapham Rd., London, S.Wo



XMAS 1915.

To "London" Men &" Cyanides"

who are doing their bit at home and abroad

Greetings and Best Wishes

for success from

&The Principal, London College of Chemistry, Pharmacy Botany

henry woot'tS'nT'b-sc. iLOND.) 361 Clapham Road, London, S.W.


of the




Sends his greetings and offers his best
wishes to all Past, Present and
Future Students at Home, on the
Continent of Europe, and all over
the World.

May they be protected whilst fighting
for Our King and Country, and

experience Success and Prosperity
in Study and in Business during

the coming year 191 6.

The School will


To all our Students at SHOP FRONTS

Home or ivith the Colours and

ELT'S Modern Improvements.

wish a H. MILLS, the Chemists' practical Shop Fitter,

Brighter and Happier New Year. Shop Front Builder with the latest designs and

largest experience. Plans submitted for structural

Alterations. Estimates free.

Steam Works :


—On hand a large stock of 'Drug Fillings,
—Counters, Dispensing Screens, Wall Case),

etc., equal to new. Bargains I



many other maladies

besides headache.

It cures the bad trade

sometimes found among
Chemists at various

seasons of the year by

attracting new customers.

It helps to make the



QrTlCAE nn

form a staple and

profitable side-line for
handling bv Chemists.


at regular intervals

and order therefrom.

This procedure will
help to bring



IN 1916.

Standard Optical Co., Ltd.,

59-62 Hatton Garden, London, E.C.

28 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915

Ul m




British Pharmacopoeia 1914.

yOU can rely on the Liquid Paraffin we supply. Its

specific gravity is right, its viscosity is right, and its price

is right. It answers every B.P. test to the

most exacting detail. Your customers will 1916

appreciate its excellence. It is a pure

Russian oil, not a mixture. Send for prices. May it bring

Wm. BROWNING S contentment
Manufacturing Chemists,
4 Lambeth Palace Rd., London, S.E. to all


II telegrams : " Semprolin, Lamb. London ' W. B. r<£> Co.

Vclephone : Hop 3217. Illllllllllllllllllllliilllllllilllllllllililillllllllll

Wish all ...

Pharmacists and
Drug Stores

The Compliments of

the Season,

A Very Happy

and Prosperous

New Year.

Chemists' Printers, —Export Jlgenls

000Kirkstall Road, 0 &Tozer, Kemsley Fisher, Ltd.

Leeds. 84 Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.

December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DEUGGIST —






C C Cn^8J Cg, 10 , ALMONDS, BITTER, S.A.P.









30 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915


Lavender Water




9d. size, 6/6 doz ^4 FLASKS,
1/6 „ 13/- ,
2/6 „ 22/- 9/-
3/9 „ 33/- pr per doz.
6/6 „ 54/-
12/6 „ 96/- Hater]


W. J. BUSH & CO., LTD.




High-Class Druggist SUNDRIES and Toilet REQUISITES.





32 THE CHEMTST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915









(/am fillers


GREAT REMEDIES ?!R HORSE Manufacturing Chemists.

(Protected Prices.)
For Cbronic Cough, Broken Wind, Roaring, &c.
and makers of
THE ORIGINAL cushion-shaped
Curb Bottle.
Sis* CREDITON, devon.
LONDON Plantain Place, ELEPHONE : CREDITON, No. 10.
For Wounds.

HARVEY'S EDOS. or Tasteless Purging —Telephone: HOP 2668
Thousands in use at the front.

For Lymphangitis, or Weed, and Inflammations Asiatic Body Cords
generally. In Tins, 5/- and 10/- each.
exterminate all body vermin and prevent them lodging on
HARVEY'S THRUSH SPECIFIC. the person or underclothing.

In Tins 1/9 and 3/- each. Retail 1/- each. 8/6 per doz. carriage paid.


In Tins, 3/- and 6/- each.



A successful modification of the Veterinary Prepara-

tion. In Pots. 2/- each.

The REMEDIES may be obtained of all the leading Druggists' Special Terms to Win hsale Trade.

g, Sundries Houses. f





EDWARDS' HARLENE CO. beg to give notice that in spite of the great

Wardifficulties raised by conditions they are still able to complete at the shortest

notice all trade orders for:

HARLENE the Hair" " for (Harlene Hair Drill)

" ASTOL for Grey Hair


CREAM"ASTINE " VANISHING (for the complexion)


"ASTINOL 95 Aromatic Fluid Extract ( Pine Baths at Home)

and all other of their well-known preparations.

As heretofore, an extremely

generous and bold advertising
campaign has been carefully
thought out, and distributing
wholesa'e houses and retaii
chemists would be well advised
to keep stocks fully replenished.

A feature of the new Season's Advertising is an addition to the

Harlene Hair Drill Free Gift which now includes :

A1. bottle of " Harlene," a true liquid food A3. bottle of " Uzon " Brilliantine which

for the hair, which stimulates it to new growth, gives a final touch of beauty to the hair.

building up the very substance of the hair itself. 4. The secret " Hair-Drill " Manual giving
complete instructions for carrying out this
It is tonic, food, and dressing in one. world-famous hair-growing exercise.

2. A packet of the marvellous hair and

scalp cleansing " Cremex " Shampoo which
prepares the head for " Hair Drill."

Demands for the Harlene products will be still further increased

by this Four-Fold Gift.

Jill correspondence should be addressed lo

20-26 Lambs* Conduit Street, London, W.C.

34 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915






OF 1915 MAKE.

Highest possible quality in smell, taste and colour, comparing
V most favourably with the finest Norwegian. Manufactured

from the finest fresh Cod Liver on same day as fish caught.


Kindly write for sample to

JOB BROS., Manufacturers, Tower Building, LIVERPOOL.

Telesraphic Address : " JOB LIVERPOOL." Tel. 1039 CENTRAL.

And of ST. JOHN'S, N.F. Established 1780.




Any Principle.

In boxes of 12 Ampoules of 1 c.c. ; and also in boxes of 50, 100, or 1000.


^ &Auto-lnjecteur VIEL I

Physiological Serums in Ampoules of 250 and 500 c.c.



Gam age Buildings London, E.C.

Tcirsofionc : Holtjorn 1311. Telegrams : " Ampsalvas London."


Awards London, 188! Vienna, 1883 Calcutta, 1884 Chicago, 1893
: ;; ;


Zinc Oxide " 93


The whitest and lightest made, and the extreme purity of this Zinc may
be judged from the fact that it tests 99'8'Y, ZnO, a degree of purity not
claimed, we believe, in any other quarter. It has been known and

appreciated in all parts of the world for one-third of a century.

Eucalyptus Oil, B.P. (72/75%) «3v

Agents for the Largest Exporters
and Distillers in ^Australia.

Pure Natural Oil, packed in new tins and cases, quite
bright, and not an admixture of Amygdalina and

other commercial qualities, fractionally rectified to
enable the B.P. tests to be complied with.

Xysol " " Ekiips " Brand.

A LYSOL,substitute for of British Manufacture and absolutely equal

in strength and efficiency.




COD LIVER OIL, etc. etc.


Manufacturing Chemists and Wholeseh Druggists,

» 11 »BBMBMWBE»BB«B»BgPBB BaaaDBI* aPSO '3glB' B' BEBMllaWe'* If flWBBI

Mr. STEVENSON was for many years a Director ct BA1SS BROTHERS & STEVEWSOH, Limited.

THE CHEMIST AND DKUUU1ST December zo, lyio



Many Pharmacists have reported that they are pleased

GHYMOLwith as a business bringer.

CHYMOLSome have written to say that is being used in

their own homes with excellent effect. These Pharmacists

also tell us that a bland product with a natural flavour,

due solely to the ingredients, is going to please the

average palate much better than if the product carries an

artificial flavour.

GHYMOL is as pleasant to eat as cream or the finest

fresh butter, and it contains "all classes of ford material"

together with "active enzymes, the role of which in

nutrition is now known to be important." (Sec the

"Lancet," September 25, 1915.)

CHYMOL is packed in hermetically sealed, unbreakable

vessels, packed in attractive cartons.

Window displays on special terms. Ask

our representatives or write to us direct.

P.A.T.A. Prices. Thoo

P.A.T.A. Prices - 1/-, 2/6, 10/- hat
Trade Prices - - 9/- 24/-, 96/-

Armour & Company, Ltd.






Builds J

December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST 27

Why you should dispense

Trade t.'avk Jv cie Mark


They reduce your locked-up capital They are prepared from exceptionally

in alcohol. fine materials.

Diluted they correspond to freshly They are standardised, in every pos-
prepared B.P. Tinctures.
sible instance, to represent definite
They effect a saving on the cost of strengths of the active principles of
your specialities when alcohol can be the respective drugs.

omitted. B.P. Extracts are prepared strictly
according- to the official methods.
They economise storage space.

Write for Quotations

Burroughs Wellcome & Co., London
/ ,X New York Montreal Capetown
Sydney Milan

Shanghai Buenos Aires Bombay

/// communication 3 intended for the Head Office shou.'d be addressed to

r-'i^v Hill u n n gl13 ii *5 London. r.C

London exhibition Room: 54, Wigmora Street, \V.


38 THE CHEMIST AND DEUGGIST December 25, 1915

TABLETS Contra ctors to H.IW. War O ffice.

Close Prices Write:=

for H.&T. Kirby&Co. Ltd.,

Quantity. Newman House, Belton Road,

PILLS Willesden Green, London. N.W,


Kirby Limited Willroad London

(3 words only.)


Willesden. 1412.

Established 1866

The Lancet de- The British Medi-
cal Journal says
scribes it as
" Mr. Benger's "Benger's Food'
hat by its excel-
admirable pre- lence established a
paration." reputation of its
Wholesale of all Wholesale Houses and Shippers INVALIDS
INFANTS or from the Manufacturers

Branch Offices at : 117. Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia ; 92, William Street. Nevy York, U.S.As
Canadian Agents : The National Drug and Chemical Co.. Ltd.. Montreal and Branches.

ON The p.a.t.a. showcards and handbills on application

are welcome words " T.M." 100 0/
to you and to us,
and we know that SMOKEES' It is also wel- P.A.T.A. Then, again, it's
you must get thorn TOOTH welcome to find
frequently because come to us all PROFIT that every package
we do from you. POWDEE.
This is the natural ON THE opened contains
order of things 2/3 PER DOZ. to receive an POWDER.
when a good line adequate remu- some really good
^P.A.T.A. 21Au « ON THE
is well advertised /t neration from TUBE OP adverlising material
V in suitable media CREAM for window display
and that line has " T.M." our labours, and NO LESS and counter orna-
fully the virtues mentation, some of
ascribed toit. This SMOKEES' in the above THAN it being of an ex-
is so to a marked tremely novel cha-
degree in our DENTAL specialities the 71 racter. For example,
profit end has om- tricky little
not been neg- "Toothbrush Seller,"
that enables our
lected. They chemist friends to

7/- PER DOZ. show you these sell a toothbrush
P.A.T.A. TUBE 1/- with everv tin of
"T.M." We would
welcome a trial or-
66 HP TkJE 99 der, and you would
appreciate its easy






Head Office: Telegraphic Address:
42 Cannon Street, "Chemicus Cannon
London. E.C.
Telephone Number:
Central 3617 (3 lines).

A Weekly Journal of the Chemical and Drug Trades. Established 1 85°.
Subscription, I2s. 6d. a year in advance, including a copy of "The Chemist and Druggist Diary" next published,

post free to any part of the world.

CONTENTS. European War.

Vol. LXXXVII., No. 26 (Series No. 1874). A Year Ago To-day.

PAGE PAGE (War News in " C. <£• D.," December 2G, 191/,.)

Associations' Winter Session 58 Information Department 48 We published an illustrated account of the American

Bicentenary Celebration ... 53 Insurance Act Dispensing ... 56 Ambulance in Paris, and also the narrative of Mr. W. E.

Births 47 Irish News 43 Hodson, of the Transvaal Pharmaceutical Society, detail-
ing his experiences in the South-West Africa campaign.
Business Changes 16 Legal Keports 44
The treatment of wounds in war was becoming increasingly
Coming Events 55 Limited Companies 46 of interest, and the recommendations of Sir Anthony

Correspondence Marriages 47 Bowlby and Dr. Lissaman were summarised. An outline,
was given of the Government scheme for the establishment
Letters to the Kilitor ... 62 Mistletoe 52 of a subsidised dye-industry in this country. An important
provision is that the undertaking must remain British.
Subscribers' Symposium ... 63 Observations and Reflections 49
The condition of the heavy-chemical industry was dealt with
Legal Queries" , 63 Personalities Col. Supp.
editorially. Illustrations were given of the effect of the
Miscellaneous Inouiries ... 64 Pharmaceutical Society of
bombardment of Scarborough by the Germans.
Deaths 47 Ireland 52

Deed of Arrangement 57 Retrospect 64

Editorial Articles : Scottish News 44

A Tear of Trial 50 South African News Col. Supp.

Jamaica Logwood 50 Things Worth Knowing- 52

Greetings 51 Trade Marks Col. Supp.

Notes 51 Trade Notes 48 Pharmaceutical Roll of Honour. x 3s
English News 41 Trade Report : 48 —JYcin sibi sed patrice. Ciceho.
European War
39 Westminster Wisdom

Gazette 46 Wills Col. Supp.

Sixty-sixth List.

Andrews, H. N., assistant pharmacist, St. Bartholomew's

The " C. & D." Annual Subscription. Hospital, Army Reserve.
F., assistant pharmacist, St. Bartholomew's

Hospital, Army Reserve.

Dennis, William (late with Ellis & Co., Ecclesall Road,

OwInq to the changes in the newspaper postal rates, Sheffield), 12th Battalion York and Lanes.
which came into force on Monday, November 1, the
cost of delivering The Chemist and Druggist has been Farquhae, R. T., pharmacist, Insch. Faequhar, Wm.
much augmented, and it has become necessary to increase
Alan K., pharmacist, Strichcn, and Fabquhae. Douglas G.,
the annual subscription rate from 10.s. to 12s. 6d. Changes
of this nature are contemplated by the Post Office and pharmacist, Torphins (sons of Mr. D. G. Farquhar, phar-
Telegraph Act, 1915 (which creates the new rates),
macist, Torphins), Army Reserve B.
Section 2 (1) being as follows :
Feance, James H., pharmacist, City of Westminster Union,
" Any contract for the supply or delivery to subscribers
Army Reserve.
of newspapers, periodicals, or other publications at rates
including postage, so far as the contract includes the Fry, J. G., pharmacist. West Ham Union, Army Reserve.
supply or delivery of publications the rate of postage on
which is increased after the passing of this Act, and Gibson, Geoege W.s chemist and druggist, St. Pancras
before the first day of January, nineteen hundred and Infirmary, Army Reserve.

sixteen, may be determined by any party to the contract Goodbich, Cybil (late with Ellis & Co., Ecclesall Road,

as from the date on which the rate is raised by notice Sheffield), 12th Battalion York and Lanes.
given to the other party to the contract not later than
fourteen days after the increase of rate takes effect." Hammond, H. W., assistant pharmacist, St. Bartholo-
mew's Hospital, Army Reserve.
Notwithstanding this provision, and that the postage on
each issue will never be less than double the old rate, all Heney, Second-Lieutenant Claude (son of Mr. Claude

that is proposed in the case of The Chemist and Henry, Ph.C, Edinburgh), Argyll and Sutherland High-
Druggist is to charge the 12s. 6d. rate for all new sub-
scriptions dating from December 1, 1915, and the same landers. Lieutenant Henry has served for a year in the
for new and renewal subscriptions dating from January 1,
1915, and thereafter. The increase of 2s. 6d. represents Scots Greys.

part only of the outlay incurred at this time, as it is not Hill, Thomas, chemist and druggist, Islington Dispensary,

proposed to diminish the interest and utility of the Army Reserve.

&C. D., but to maintain it as a weekly publication of J uleff, J., chemist and druggist, Islington Infirmary,

unimpaired value. Subscribers who Teceive from the Army Reserve.

Publisher notice that their subscriptions expire at Lamb, A^ M. (lately apprentice with Mr. J. M. Wilkie,
the end of December are particularly requested to
chemist, Kirriemuir), R.A.M.C.
renew promptly, as our subscription department
Laweence, C. O., chemist and druggist (lately with Brady
is exceptionally pressed with work at this season,
and war conditions are increasing the work & Martin, chemists, Newcastle), R.A.M.C.

greatly. Leighton, G. F., chemist and druggist, 485 Glossop

Road, Sheffield, Army Reserve B.

Mooee, F. W., chemist and druggist, St. Pancras Dis-

pensarv, Army Reserve.

Prior, E. C. (with R. W. Greeff & Co., London), 3/16
London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles).

Seaele, F. W., chief assistant pharmacist. St. Bartholo-

mew's Hospital, Army Reserve.

Sharp, E. G., assistant pharmacist. St. Bartholomew's

Hospital, Army Reserve.

Speechly, R. E., assistant pharmacist, St. Bartholo-

mew's Hospital, Army Reserve.

Todd. T. H., assistant pharmacist, St. Bartholo-

mew's Hospital, Army Reserve.

40 THE CHEMIST AND DEUGGIST December 25, 19'25>

Export Notices. Recruiting Notice.

Denmark. — The exportation of all fats and acids has been An official notice explaining tho procedure to be adopted!
in the case of " men in special occupations " who have
prohibited. enlisted under tho group system has been issued. Men who-
have been attested for Army Reserve B will be called up
Netherlands.—The exportation of graphite and graphite- for service in their age-groups, except in the case of men
products from the Netherlands is prohibited, according to a
Royal Decree of December 10. Exceptions are made -of (rtl Whose National Register pink forms have (by reason of the
articles where graphite is not the principal ingredient. occupation in which the men are engaged) been starred.

—Norway. The export of sodium nitrate, egg-albumen, ('/) Who are authorised to wear a badge issued by the Govern-

and egg-yolks has been prohibited. ment denoting that they are engaged upon essential work for the
Spain, under a decree of November 30, has prohibited
(c) Who are actually engaged in a reserved occupation, lists
the export of acetylsalicylic acid, salicylic acid, and
salicylates; antipyrin; aspirin; atropine and its salts; of which have been published in the Press, and are also in the
possession of local tribunals and recruiting officers. .

benzonaphthol ; b'romural ; luminal; phenacetin potash Against the name of any man coming within (a), (b), or (c)>
; a mark should be placed on the Army Register, indicating,
that so long as the man continues to come within any of
and its salts (except bromide) ; bichromate and cyanide of
those categories he is not to be called up for actual mili-
potash; salophenol sulphur; and tartar emetic.
; tary service unless it has been decided, after due inquiry

Sweden.—Egg-yolk and liquid white, putty, Turkey red by the competent authority., that, it is no longer necessary

oil (liquid or solid), substances for dressing textiles con- in the national interest to retain him in his civil employ-
taining soap (solid or liquid), dextrin, liquid glue and gum,
Owing to the pressure in recruiting-offices during the
and albumen have been added to the list of prohibited past few weeks, it is not unlikely that in some cases the
exports. "The Times" announces that a modus yivendi necessary mark may have been omitted. The Director-

has for some time been arranged between the Swedish and General of Recruiting is desirous of avoiding mistakes in

British Governments whereby licences for goods on the respect of men who are within the above categories
If any man within the above categories receives a notic©
British prohibited export list are granted by the British
calling him up for service (Army Form W.3195), he shoul<>
Government in favour of Sweden in return for licencej at once see his employer, who should forward the notice
granted by the Swedish Government for the transit of goods forthwith to the recruiting officer who has issued it, together
on the Swedish prohibited export list through Sweden for
Russia or Great Britain. By this means it is hoped to re- with a certificate signed by the employer, stating the pre-
establish the necessary exchange of goods between the
cise occupation in which the man is actually engaged, and-
respective countries. In order to establish that the goods
the name, address, and business of the firm by which he is
in transit through Scandinavia actually arrive at their employed.

destination, the British and Russian Legations have made On receipt of these particulars the recruiting officer will

arrangements with a Swedish firm, the Transito Company, provisionally cancel the notice calling up the man. and if,
on investigation, it is found that the statements made by
which will be responsible for seeing that these goods sent the employer are correct, a mark will be placed in the
in transit are delivered in Russia and Great Britain. The Army Register against the name of the man. If the recruit-
ing officer has reason to doubt whether the man is entitled
exportation of the following articles has been prohibited to have a mark placed against his name in the Army

from December 10 : Borax, crude or purified ; carbon sul- Register, he will take steps to have the matter investigated'
phide carnauba wax sulphate of ammonia, and turpentine
by the Home Office, the Ministry of Munitions, or the local'
;; tribunal, as the caso may require.


Switzerland.—War Bulletin 61 of the British Chamber Reserved Occupations.

of Commerce, Paris, states that the commencement of A supplementary list of reserved occunations has been
operations of the Societe Suisse de Surveillance Econo-
inique at Berne came into force on December 15. After that issued (see ( & D., November 27, p. 38) which includes-
date it will only be possible to consider applications for
the following groups :
licences for export of certain classes of goods when they
are to be consigned to the Society in question and are Chemists : Analytical, consulting and research chemists (not to,
accompanied by the Society's certificate of acceptance. As be accepted for immediate enlistment or called up for service with
regards goods destined to Switzerland from France, the
Society has commenced operations, and has already given the Colours without the consent of the Royal Society in each case).
its written consent for gocds to be consigned to it. Chemical Laboratories : Head laboratory attendants.
Among the goods which may be consigned to the Society
are aceto-cellulose, acetone, acetic acid and acetates, Personalia.
hydrobromic, hydrochloric, lactic, nitric, salicylic, stearic,
Private H E. Prichard. 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment,
sulphuric, and tartaric acids, cream of tartar, tartrates,
aconite and its preparations and alkaloids, alcohol, aniline son of Mr. T. H. Pilchard, chemist, Abertillery, has been,
and its combinations, aspirin, atropine, belladonna and its
preparations and alkaloids, bichromate of soda, bismuth seriously wounded and is in the Red Cross Hospital at
and its salts, bromine and bromides, caffeine, camphor,
c'antharides and its preparations, carbonate of soda, casein, Etaples.
chemical preparations for pharmacv. ergot, eucaine hydro-
Mr. W. F. Waide, son of Mr. Thomas Waide, chemist's
chlor., glycerin, hyposulphite of soda, etc.
printer. Leeds, has been gazetted Second-Lieutenant
United Kingdom.—The War Trade Department has attached to the 3/1 North Midland Brigade, R.F.A. Mr.
issued a new memorandum setting forth the present export E. Waide, another son, is corporal and range-finder in
the R.F.A., 1/2 Brigade, stationed at Newcastle.
regulations regarding wool and woollen goods and hair
goods. Makers of chest-protectors, body-belts, and similar Lionel S. P. Green, only son of Mr. Sydney Green, The

articles should obtain a copy of these regulations from Pavement Pharmacy, Reigate, Surrey, has been gazetted

4" Central Buildings. Westminster, S.W. An Order in second-lieutenant in " The Queen's," R.W.S.R. He was

Council has been issued prohibiting the exportation of formerly in the 2/4th Queen's, and took part in the fighting,

magnesite, caustic or lightly' calcined, and dead burnt at Suvla Bay, from whence he was invalided home last
magnesite, magnesium and its alloys to all destinations.
Beeswax has been added to the list of articles prohibited autumn. •

to all destinations abroad other than British Possessions Corporal Arthur F. Hollingworth. 1/6 Battery 1/2
Brigade West Riding R.F.A. , son of Mr. F. W. Holling-
and Protectorates. A now Order in Council prohibits the
worth (Boots, Ltd., .Bond Street, Leeds), has been awarded-
exportation of cblchicum and its preparations and sodium
bichromate to all destinations other than British Posses a commission on the field for meritorious services in

sions. Flanders. He has been attached to the 3/2 Battery W.R.
R.F.A.. now at Valley Parade, Bradford.

Trading with the Enemy. Miscellaneous.

The Board of Trade direct the particular attention of all Private George Keeping—There is still rcom for hoping
manufacturers and traders concerned to the need for that Private George Keeping may be alive despite the
official reports to the contrary which have been made
scrupulous care in the transaction of their business abroad, (see C. & D., November 27. p. 44).
in view of the fact that some traders in some neutral
A Varnish Patent.—At the Patent Office last week the
countries are making themselves agents for the supply of
good.< to and from enemy countries. Especial care should Comptroller heard an application by the Societe Chimiquo
be taken in opening new accounts in neutral countries, and des Usines du Rhone, Paris, for the suspension or
in relation to any orders or inquiries of an abnormal
character. In any case of doubt as to particular firms revocation of patent 10706 of 1912, "Cellulose esters of
abroad, business should be suspended pending reference to organic acid," belonging to the Aktien Gesellschaft fur
the Chairman, Trade Clearing House. Broadway House,
Tot hi II Street, Westminster, London, S.W Anilin Fabrikation. These esters are used as varnish for

aeroplane-wings, and although it was not proposed to-
establish works in this country for the manufacture of the
esters, it was desired to import the varnish made in France.

Index Folio 806


December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DEUGGIST 41

Fletcher; A. Gallenkamp & Co., Ltd.; Goldschmidt,

English and Welsh News. Sohmerl & Co. ; G. Goodman, Ltd. F. Harris & Co. (1915),
Subscribers are invited to send to the Editor newspapers con-
taining; matters of trade interest. The items should be indicated. Ltd. ; G. A. Harvey & Co. (London), Ltd. ; J. L. Hatrick

& Co., Ltd. G. Haynes & Co. Imperial Patent Wadding
; ;

Co., Ltd. India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph

Works Co., Ltd.; J. G. Ingram & Son; Jules Lang &

Christmas Holidays. Son; H. Knuck & Co. H. Lewis; Leyland and Birmingham
The Chemist and Druggist offices, 42 Cannon Street, ;
ILondon, E.C., will be closed from 12.45 p.m. on Friday,
December 24, until 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning, December 28. Rubber Co., Ltd. Liverpool Lint Co. ; Luke & Bailey
The following announcements of the closing of London ;
houses are additional to those mentioned in last week's
S. Maw, Son & Sons; Medical Supply Association; Medi-
issue (p. 41) :
cated Cotton Wool Co. ; North British Rubber Co., Ltd.
Arthur Berton, Ltd.. 15-17 Worship Street. London. ;
E.C., from Thursday evening, December 23, to Tuesday
wiorning, December 28; also for stocktaking on December 30 G. Nutter; J. & R. Oldfield, Ltd.; Phipson & Warden,

and 31. Ltd. ; J. Rattray, jun. ; Robinson & Sons, Ltd. Rylanco
Burgoyne, Burbidges & Co., East Ham, December 25 ;

& Sons; T. J. Smith & Nephew, Ltd.; Southall Bros. &

Barclay. Ltd. ; G. Spiller, Ltd. Surgical Manufacturing

Co. ; Townson & Mercer, Ltd. ; S. F. Turner, Ltd. ; Vernon

& Co. W. Warne & Co., Ltd. Westhorpes, Ltd. Surgical
; ;

Materials (term contract) : C. Newsome.


and 27; also for stocktaking on December 31 and January 1. Pharmacists must brush up their French. There are
many Belgians in the city, and they are good customers.
C. J. Hewlett & Son, Ltd., 35-42 Charlotte Street and
G3-85 Curtain Road, London, E.C., will close on Decem- Sir Henry Roscoe used to visit Birmingham in his prime,

ber 25 and 27 ; also for stocktaking on December 29 and 30. and was wont to deliver brilliant lectures at the Town
Hall. He was interested in the first alkali-works esta-
T. & H. Smith. Ltd., 22 City Road, London, E.C., will
blished at Oldbury.
close on December 25 and 27 and New Year's Day, Satur-

day, January 1. The new ambulance-train which has been built by the

British Industries Fair. London and North-Western Railway has been on view at

The Board of Trade has now completed the arrangements New Street Station, Birmingham. It has a compartment

For the holding of a British Industries Fair at the called a " pharmacy car."
beginning of next year on lines similar to those which At the recent meeting of the local Branch of the Society
characterised the fair organised by them at the Royal
Agricultural Hall, London, last May. The fair, which will of Chemical Industry Dr. T. S. Price read a paper on the
be opened on Monday, February 21, and remain open manufacture of diethylamine on a large scale. This amine

until Friday, March 3. will be held in the buildings of is used in the production of novocaine.
the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington,
London, S.W. Only British manufacturers engaged in the A paper on eucalyptus oils and their chemistry was read
following trades—viz., china and earthenware, glass, fancy
recently before the Midland Scientific Society of Birming-
—goods, toys and games, stationery and printing will be
ham by Mr. J. W. Cotterill, F.I.C. The botanical part
permitted to exhibit. As before, admission to the fair will was taken by Mr. Bloomer, F.L.S., who had spent some
be by invitation of the Board of Trade alone, and will be
time in Australia studying the habits of the eucalyptus-
restricted to bona-fidc buyers for the trades concerned.
Alderman Clayton, Ph.C, in his interesting lecture
—Brighton Guardians. Corbyn, Stacey & Co., Ltd.,_ for before the Birmingham Pharmacists' Association, gave a

drugs and druggists' sundries at 27^ per cent, off list prices. valuable hint in the manufacture of citric acid. It is neces-
sary, he said, to ensure the absence of Mg. from the chalk
—Chichester Guardians. The following tenders have been
used to neutralise the acid-juice, or there will be a loss of

acid. Magnesium citrate, which would be formed, is soluble

in water.

accepted : Mr. Sidney Bastow, Ph.C, cod-liver oil, 2s. 6d. Channel Islands.

per pint : boracic powder, 8(7. ; zinc powder, Is. 6d. Mr. F. H. de la Rue, States Arcade, St. Peter Port, is
one of the Vice-Presidents of the Guernsey Photographic
Timothy White Co., Ltd.. white lint, 22s. 6d. per 12 lb.;
Society, and officiated as judge in a recent lantern-slide
boric lint, 8s. 6(7. per 6 lb. ; cotton-wool, 10s. per 12 lb.
; competition.

vaseline. Is. 5d. per 2 lb. : glycerin, 4s. • per 2-pint bottle At a recent meeting of the Guernsey States (the " Home
Rule" Parliament of that island), the Assembly was asked
castor oil, Is. lid. per quart : tow, 2s. 3(7. per 12 rolls
(1) to approve the proposals of the Supervisor regarding
of a lb. each cyanide. 10s. 6(7. per 12 packets ; Condy's
: the apportionment of the cost of the States' disinfectant,
known as "Thalassol," among the Departments of the
fluid. 2s. 10(7. per quart; strapping, 12s. per 6 yards. Mr. States ; or (2) t;> adopt any other means to secure the use
of the disinfectant, and to provide the necessary funds for
F. J. French, bovril. Is. 10(7. per 4 oz. the purpose. Deputy H. H. Randell suggested that to
obtain a greater use of " Thala-ssol " by the Guernsey
—Derby Guardians. R. Daniel & Son, for drugs. public it should be provided free. The annual cost
—Hull Corporation. Metcalfe & Son, for drugs to the appeared to be 757. . and the expenditure of that amount
would be a premium paid for the health of the community.
He proposed an amendment to that effect, and, on a
—West Bronrwich Guardians. Southall Bros. & Barclay,
division, this was adopted by twenty-six votes to nineteen.
LtfS., for drugs.

The following new Government contracts have been

notified during November 1915:

War Office.—Bisulphatc-of-Soda Tablets: Boots' Pure

Drug Co., Ltd. ; British Drug Houses. Ltd. W. B. Cart-

wright, Ltd. ; Johnson & Sons Reynolds & Branson, Ltd.

Slack & Brownlow Southall Bros. & Barclay. Ltd.;

Standard Tablet and Pill Co., Ltd. Brushes :' Bidwell, Liverpool.

Bidwell & Co., Ltd.; G. B. Kent & Sons, Ltd.; Rigby The small cardboard lanterns designed for covering

Battock, Ltd.; Titterton & Howard. Chloride of Lime: electric filament lamps in windows during a period of statu-
Adcocks; United Alkali Co.. Ltd.; A. C. Young & Co. tory semi-darkness find much favour among chemists and

Dental Outfits: C. Ash. Sons & Co.. Ltd. ; Dental Manufactur- druggists. Perhaps the good example of the pharmacists

ing Co., Ltd.; F. Lepper, Ltd. Disinfectants : J. Bell, in darkening their frontages will be copied by a section of
dealers in toffee, whose displays seem much too brilliant.
Hills & Lucas. Ltd. F. "W. Berk & Co., Ltd. ; Fabra Co.,
; The well-catalogued and nicely kept library of the Liver-

Ltd. ; P. Hecker & Co. Newton, Chambers & Co.. Ltd. pool Chemists' Association at the Royal Institute, Colquitt

Formaldehyde (term eonfraet) : A. Ashworth. Medicines:

J. Bell & Croyden. Ltd. : Boots' Pure Dru ff Co.. Ltd. Street, contains but two volumes of the Association's annual

Brook. Parker & Co.. Ltd.; Burgoyne, Burbidges k Co.; Reports, these dating from 1850 to 1881. As the Reports
since the latter date have become more full and illustrated,
Burroughs Wellcome & Co.; G. Curling, Wyman & Co.; it may be hoped that the two volumes may be supplemented
by several more. Some few names happily run through
Evans Sons Lescher & Webb. Ltd. ; Howards & Sons, Ltd. ;
May & Baker. Ltd.; T. Morson & Son. Ltd.: Standard

Tablet and Pill Co.. Ltd. T. Tvrer & Co.. Ltd. ; Whiffen the whole series, and many no longer continuous have
fragrant memories.'
ft Sons, Ltd. Methylated Spirit: J. & D. Macnair
In Bootle and the contiguous urban districts north of
& Co. : Vauxhall Methvlating Co. Sonp (term
ALiverpool the panel list has been very slightly changed.
contract): J. Knight, Ltd.; J. R. Peace .'ft
_ Great Crosby pharmacist, when his experience was sought,

Co. Svrri'cal Instruments and Materials: Allen & Han-

burys. Ltd.; Arnold & Sons; Ash & Lacev. Ltd.: Baiss replied. " I do not find that the amount of panel business

Bros. ft Stevenson. Ltd. ; J. Bell ft Croyden, Ltd. ; A. which comes to my counter is enough to disturb my other
customers, and so. although I am not satisfied with either
Berton, Ltd. Britannia Rubber and Kamptulicon Co.. the past or the prospective remuneration, I am remaining
on the list for the present." This reflects an almost general
Ltd.; A. Browne. Ltd.; Burtles. Tate ft Co.; J. Bury &
Co.. Ltd.; H. W. Bush & Co.. Ltd.: Carnegie Bros.: inclination to "wait and see" what the craft at largo
P. B. Cow ft Co.; F. H. Critchlev: Cuxson. Gerravd ft
Co., Ltd.; Down Bros.. Ltd.x J. Elwell, Ltd.; W. T. can accomplish in the way of improvement.

Index Folio 807

42 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 2o, 1915

Manchester. M. T. Miner, Ph.C. ; Presentation perfume-cases and toilet-


Mr. Frederick William Bates, chemist and druggist, G-. T. W. Ne.vsholme, Ltd., High Sheet : A grand displav, draped

Chorlton Road, Brook's Bar, has been appointed a Justice entirely in white with shaded lights. In one window the more

of the Peace for Lancashire. expensive Parisian perfumes are exhibited ; in the other their own
specialities, including Eau de Cologne up to 20s. per flagon.
"Pharmacy in its Relation to the War" was the title
printed by the " Courier " J. S. Oswald, Chesterfield Road : The centre of the large window
of a special interview Manchester
is devoted to perfumes and the usual chemist's presents, and
on December 16, in which the work of Charles Midgley,
at the side are shown wines and other goods.

Ltd., was described. The x-ray and electrical departments S. Paddon, Attercliffe Perfumes, toilet-articles,' presentation

of the company's business, as well as the soap and per- cases of brushes, with a large show of Ayrton's milk, sugar, and

fumery departments, came in for exceptional remark. tea tablets.

A. R. Powell, tlpwell Street : One window is devoted to

Sheffield. Wright's coal-tar soap; the other is most attractively draped with

Mr. A. J. Appleton, Darnall, and Mr. Xeno Jepson, red foreground and white background, presentation cases of

Rockingham Street, pharmacists, and Mr. Wm. Garner, perfumes being displayed.

Chesterfield Road, and Mr. E. Waterhouse, drug-con- J. Preston, Barker's Pool One part of the window is draped
tractors, have retired from the chemists' panel.
in old gold and white, as a setting for a selection of procelairt

A novel way of keeping his customers content until he and glassware for fine-chemical work. The other side of the
window is given up to perfumes and toilet-articles.
is able to get through the work this Christmas-time has
been adopted by an enterprising chemist, who offers cigars J. G. Roebuck, Abbeydale and Millhouscs : Zenobia and own
to his male customers to smoke while waiting. Trade
perfumes, h.w. bottles, and toilet-articles.
should be good in this quarter.
H. Sagar, Darnall; E. S. Seaborne, Woodseats Staniforth Phar-

macy, Ltd., and W. B. Stathers, Infirmary Road, show perfumes,

shaving-soaps, and the like.

G. Squire, Haymarket The windows are draped in red anc?

About one hundred and thirty chemists and assistants white, one being devoted to Mola preparation and the other

have joined the Army in this district. Roughly, half are to Christmas perfumes.

with the Colours, the others coming under Lord Derby's Thompson & Capper, Ltd., Church Street : A fine show of per-
scheme. Our correspondent has been informed that all
chemists and assistants employed in the dispensing of Insur- fumes, cork goods, h.w. bottles, etc.
ance medicines need not make application for postpone-
ment of group, as they will be considered exempt. If a Watson & Co., High Street : A most expensive display of
notice should be sent them they need only return it, giving
their occupation, but all assistants in any wholesale depart- Christmas presents in the shape of cameras, high-class mechanical
ment should make application for their case to be con-
toys, and every form of flashlight.
sidered by the local tribunal.
H. G. Williams, The Moor : A grand display of perfumes, the

more expensive being shown in half of the front window, the

smaller ones in door-windows. The second half of the main

window is taken up with better-elass brushes and shaving-

requisites ; the second window is wholly given up to photographic


Most of the seasonable window-displays by Sheffield Miscellaneous.

chemists include articles suitable for sending to sailors and Mr. Robert Cocks, 100 Market Hall, Bradford, has

soldiers, and an extra display of flashlights, owing to the applied for a licence to sell agricultural and horticultural

restricted lighting order. It is reported that sales of wines

are much below the average. The following notes were poisons.

made on a tour of the district by our correspondent —Adulterated Tea. At Nottingham a grocer was this

J. T. Appleton, South Road, Walkley: A very pretty window week fined 51. for selling tea adulterated with 15 per cent,
of a starchy substance called " Roka."
of Keystone wines, with the usual show of perfumes and hair-

brushes, etc. At the Hillsborough shop a very neat exhibition A Slight Fire occurred last week in a store-room belong-

of perfumes and allied goods. ing to Mr. W. S. Blinkhorn, chemist and druggist, The

W. H. Becley, 298 Attercliffe : Most of the window is devoted Canal, Salisbury, but little damage was done.

to a dental display and stock perfumes. —ABottle-collection.

Boots Cash Chemists, Ltd. : Some elaborate shows of presenta- house-to-house collection of bottles

tion goods in the larger branches, and on the whole they have a is being made in Islington. The bottles obtained are to

much larger display of bottled perfumes. be sold and the proceeds devoted to the purchase of motor-
Henry Bown, Cemetery Road : A nice window of cut-glass ware
with perfumes and toilet-articles.
—Medical Officer's Salary. The Uckfield Guardians last
P. Burdekin, Bellhouse Road : A very artistic window draped in
week asked their medical officer to prepare a statement as
dark red and frosted wool, with miniature ponds and ducks.

Besides a nice selection of perfumes, a tempting display of to the increase in cost of drugs with a view to separating

toffee is a feature. his salary from the supply of drugs.

J. S. Burnell, Glossop Road; P. Carr, Ecclesall Road; and J. —Analysts' Reports. The Bermondsey analyst reports that
Chadwiok, Langsett Road, make perfumes and toilet-articles their
a sample of eucalyptus oil which he examined was genuine.

E. A. Craven, 18 Bridgohouses : The two windows have three All drug-samples examined by the Southend-on-Sea .and the
displays, (1) Erasmic soaps and perfumes, (2) Heal goods, and
<3) a neat display of perfumes, shaving-cases (complete), and Hampshire analysts were certified as correct.

toilet-articles. —Dispenser's Salary. The Local Government Board has

J. Dale, Commonside : In one window are Christmas wines and sanctioned the proposal of the Paddington Guardians to

in the other a very nice show of perfumes. raiso the salary of Miss I. Robertson, assistant dispenser,
Rowland Dixon. Hunter's Bar : Perfumes of all classes, I.R. and
from 901. to 120?. a year for a period of twelve months.
other hot-water bottles, and a selection of flashlamps. The
Ecclesall branch has a fine selection of perfumes attractively set —Collecting Sphagnum. The Scalby (near Scarborough)

out. platoon of the North Riding Regiment of Volunteers spent
the whole of Sunday, December 19, collecting sphagnum-
Eardlcy & Furnival, Glossop Road : A special show of their own moss for use as a wound-dressing. There is plenty of the
perfume, Azara, lavender-water, and eau de Cologne. A second moss on the Whitby Moors, and over half a ton was
window is devoted entirely to Horlick's malted milk.
Ellis & Co., Eccleshall Road : Perfumes, toilet-articles, etc.
—PoisoN'-LiCENCES. The Richmond-on-Thames Town Council
Exell Bros., Ellesmere Road : A very neat display of perfumes.
has granted licences, under the Poisons and Pharmacy Act,
J. 0. Gibson, Nottingham Street : Perfumes, brushes, etc.
H. H. Greenfield, Ecclesall Road : Perfumes and a selection of to Wm. Ralph Reynolds and John Edward Scantlebury,
presentation flashlamps. ,

J. II. Holt.on, Grimesthorpc Road : Perfumes and toilet-articles. 12 George Street Sydney Flowers and Ernest Court.
J. Gilbert Jackson, Ltd., Abbeydale Road : A Kodak display in
one window, and the second one contains a fine show of t>er- 67 and 67a Kew Road; and Louis Russell, Richmond
fumes and cut-glass bottles exhibited on special glass pedestals.
Nurseries, Sheen Road.
J. & A. Johnson, Barber Road : An attractive window draped in
—Boots' Wholesale Employes. The National Amalga-
blue, with perfumes of every description, backed by toilet-brushes
and h.w. bottlc9. mated Union of Shop-assistants, Warehousemen, and Clerks

states that for some time past members of the wholesale

A. Knowles, 708 Chesterfield Road : A pine-prcparation window staff of Boots, Nottingham, have joined the Union.
Negotiations with respect to a minimum-wage scale have
nicely 'rimmed with red streamers.

G. F. Lciffhton, Glossop Road A very showy window, draped resulted, and Sir Jesse Boot has intimated that he is looking

with white and Royal blue, devoted to high-class perfumes, Eau de into the matter.

Cologne, and toilet-articles. —Vitriol-substitute. Supplies of sulphuric acid for the

J. W. Lofthouse, 641 London Road : Perfumes and toilet-articles, manufacture of aerated waters may be short. Experiments

T. Marples, Attercliffe Common Perfumes and toilet-articles.

J. H. Meadowcroft, 3 Abbey Lane : A showy window of Christ- undertaken at the suggestion of Mr. A. E. Moorhouse, of
mas goods. Bottles suspended by the neck attract the eye of the
Liverpool, and others have proved that nitre-cake (crude
sodium bisulphate) will under special treatment yield car-
Fred Medley. Page Hall : A good display of Zcnobia perfumes and bonic-acid gas in sufficient quantities at a cost much below
h.w. bottles. The Firvale branch window is draped, with red and
white, and draws public attention to a fine display of perfumes, that entailed when sulphuric acid at the present price is

manicure-sets, etc. used.

Index Folio 808


December 25, 1915 THE CHEMIST AND DRDGGIST 43

—An Opium Transaction. At tho Mansion House on Decem- Irish News.

ber 22, Alfred iLavino and George Percy Edward Keun, Subscribers are invited to send to the Editor newspapers con»
trading as Lavino, Keun & Co., Fenchurch Street, London, taining- matters of trade interest. The items should be indicated.
E.C., were charged under tho Trading with the Enemy Act
with attempting to purchase opium of Turkish origin. Brevities.
Defendants suggested that the opium should be sent via
Port Said to Japan, but no business appears to have Mr. A. H. Jones, Ph.C., Doneraile, has been appointed
resulted from the correspondence. Defendants were com- to the Commission of tho Peace for the county of Cork.
mitted for trial, and admitted to bail on their own recog-
The death occurred on December 20 of Mr. Thomas Power,
nisances. for many years manager of Murphy's Medical Hall,

—Closing Hoi;hs. The Southend-on-Sea Pharmacists' Carrick-on-Suir.

Association has complained to the Town Council of infringe- Mr. J. R. Mahoney, L.P.S.I., on his departure from
ments of the Shops Closing Order in the borough. The Ballyhaunis, co. Mayo, to his native town of Tipperary,
received a gift from his friends in Ballyhaunis.
medical officer of health reported to tho Council that he
lias communicated with two of the firms, who, it was The Committee of Management of the Royal Hospital for
alleged, had sold goods after the hours of closing pre- Incurables, Dublin, has awarded tho contract for drugs,
etc., for the coming year to the Apothecaries' Hall and for
scribed by tho order. Ho has now been further directed surgical appliancos, etc., to Fannin & Co., Dublin.

to call the attention of the proprietors of all businesses of Captain Horace R. Haslett, 9th (Service) Battalion Royal

the same class that in future the Order will be strictly Irish Rifles, has \>een wounded in France. He is a son of
tho late Sir James Haslett, M.P., ex-President of the*
Chemist and Druggists' Society of Ireland, and is connected
—Paint and Varnish Empties. The National Federation with J. & J. Haslett, Ltd., chemists and druggists, North.

of Associated Paint, Colour, and Varnish Manufacturers, Street, Belfast.
Exchange Buildings, Bowl Alley Lane, Hull, call atten-
tion to the delay by tho railway companies in forwarding The Local Government Board for Ireland have informed
empties. Some stationmasters are refusing to accept tho Lisburn Board of Guardians that they are not prepared
empties, contrary to an arrangement arrived at by the to sanction a bulk sum as an increase of salary (as pro-
National Federation with tho Railway Executive Com- posed) to the drug-analyst, but that as an alternative they
would approve of payment to him of a fee for each samplo
mittee. Such cases should be reported to the National analysed instead of the annual salary.

Federation or the Railway Executive Committee, 35 Parlia- Sale of Pood and Drugs Acts.

ment Street, London, S.W. Traders returning empties At the Cork Police Court on December 16, before Mr.
would assist the companies by, delivering the empties to Starkie, R.M., and several other Magistrates, Mr.
George A. Webb, registered druggist, 19 George's Quay,
the railway stations. Cork, was summoned for having sold 10 oz. of ipecacu-

—Northampton Polytechnic. The annual prize-distribution anha-wino not of the nature, quality, and substance

of tho Northampton Polytechnic Institute, Clerkenwell, demanded. The defence was that the sergeant who mado
E.G., on December 18, was made by Mrs. R. Mullineux
Walmsley, tho wife of tho Principal. It was preceded the purchase blustered and intimidated the defendant; that

by an organ-recital. In his report of the year's work, Dr. the stuff was not for sale, but that the sergeant forced tho
Walmsley gave particulars of the effect of the war on the defendant to give him a sample of a thing that was not
ipecacuanha-wine, but a mixture of hippo wine and other
Institute. He stated that the whole of the resources were ingredients which were in course of preparation for a cough-

placed at the disposal of the Government, and that highly mixture. Mr. Galvin, for the prosecution, pointed out that
important work connected with the conduct of tho war is
the bottle was labelled as ipecacuanha-wine. Mr. Starkio
being carried on. Tho plight of the country in tho matter
of optical instruments was referred to as justifying the per- said the majority of the Magistrates were of opinion that
sistent endeavours which had been made for years to found the stuff was sold as ipecacuanha-wine, and imposed a fine-

an optical institute in connection with the Polytechnic. The. of 10s.
Roll of Honour contains the names of 267 persons connected
Mr. T. O'Sullivan. registered druggist, 105 George's
with the Institute who have joined the Forces in various
Street, Cork, was summoned on December 16 for selling
10 oz. of camphorated oil not. of the nature, substance, and
—Theft-charge. Tyrrell Curtis (30), described as a clork,
quality demanded. Mr. Galvin said the analyst's certificato
of Hunter Road, Thornton Heath, was, on December 22,
charged before Mr. Denman at the Marlborough Street Ashowed only a slight deficiency. fine of 2s. 6cZ., and costs,

Police Court with stealing from 143 New Bond Street the was imposed.

sum of 23/. in Treasury notes, the property of his employer, "War Prices.
Mr. Arthur Ledsom Savory, pharmaceutical chemist. At the meeting of the Committee of Management of
Prisoner had been in the employ of the prosecutor since Belfast and District Lunatic Asylum last week, the Local
August 4 as clerk in tho counting-house, and last Saturday Government Board forwarded a copy of a letter received
from J. & J. Haslett, Ltd., chemists and druggists, in refer-
afternoon, in tho ordinary course of his duties, collected
ence to their application for the refunding of losses sus-
from the i-etail department 23?. which was handed to him tained on their contracts owing to the war. Messrs. Haslett
by Mr. Wilkes. The money was, however, misappropriated. wrote that they had furnished to the Purdysburn Fever
Prisoner pleaded guilty. In giving evidence, Mr. Savory Hospital and the Asylum Committee their claim for tho
enhanced cost of certain articles, but the City Council
said he hoped his Worship would deal as leniently as pos- informed them that they would have to furnish particulars
sible with tho prisoner in view of his previous record. Mr.
Denman sentenced the prisoner, who pleaded that he was of all goods supplied under their contracts since the war
tho sole support of his widowed mother, to three months' started, although they had not made any claim except for
sugar and barley. It would be almost impossible to make
imprisonment in the second division. up such a statement representing several hundred items
which they had duly supplied at contract prices. To this
—Poisonings. The deaths from poisoning which have been communication the Local Government Board replied that
they were not prepared to interfere in tho direction sug-
reported during the week are from belladonna liniment, gested. They had already conveyed their views to the
veronal, potassium chlorate, ringworm application, Corporation as to the general conditions which would in-
fluence them in dealing with any such payments as might
vapourising fluid, carbolic acid, and cocaine. A Balham come, before them. The Board qualified their opinion as

engineer, who was a heavy drinker, took belladonna lini- follows
ment with suicidal intent. The veronal death was that of
a young Scottish officer at Ripon, who committed suicide " Tho Board wish to make it clear that it is not to be taken
as establishing any right on the part of contractors aeainst local
with this poison while temporarily insane. A Reading authorities. It is merely an indication of the limits within which
local authorites may, in so far as the Board are concerned,
infant named Sheldon was given potassium chlorate in mis-
take for milk-sugar. The parents had purchased milk- entertain such applications; and, of course, the question of making*
sugar from Bradley & Bliss, Ltd., Reading, but Mr. Frasor, any extra payments remains primarily with the local authority."
tho managing director, Mr. MeCollum, and Edward Dufiin
gave evidence for the company that milk-sugar was sup- Councillor Squire said he thought the communication from
plied and not potassium chlorate. The jury returned a the Local Government Board an extremely important one.
verdict of accidental death. Tho ringworm application, It appears perfectly clear that in considering the losses they
must take the entire contract, and not only one or two
supposed to contain copper sulphate or mercury per-
items. No action was taken in the matter.
chloride, was taken by a farmer at Dullaghan, co. Tyrone,
in mistake for rum. The vapourising fluid was given to a
four-year-old child at Crook, co. Durham, in mistake for

whooping-cough mixture. The carbolic acid was taken by
a soldier at Newcastle, co. Down. The cocaine was taken
in overdose by a medical man named Lewis, who lived at

St. Leonards. He had developed the cocaine-habit.

fktlex -Folio- 809

44 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December ,25, 1915

Scottish News. Legal Reports,

o-^Ascribers are invited to send to the Editor newspapers con- Trade Law.
taining matters of trade interest. The items should be indicated.

Aberdeen. Studor's Sentence Confirmed.— In the Court of
Criminal Appeal on December 20, the Lord Chief Justice-
Professor Soddy, -Professor of Chemistry at the Aber- and Justices Ridley and Avory heard the appeal of Hans
deen University, lectured on " The Spontaneous Transmu- Paul Studor. who at the Central Criminal Court received
tation of the Elements " on December 16. There was a a sentence of three years' penal servitude for demanding,
very largo attendance. Professor Alexander Findlay, for money by menaces from his employer Mr. Frederick
the eighth of the course of Thomson lectures, dealt with the Schutze, Caledonian Market, London^ N. The facts are
•'colloidal state." In the course of the lecture he dealt familiar to our readers. After argument on appellant's
behalf by Mr. Hayes, the Court dismissed the appeal, tho
with dialysed iron and Achesqn's artificial graphite. Lord Chief Justice remarking that there was ample evi-
dence on which tho appellant could be convicted. Dealing-
with the sentence, his Lordship said it was quite fair, and
Sir James Leishmah, speaking at a recruiting-meeting the offence was no less serious because appellant was the-
on December 18. said ho hoped there would not be many prosecutor's manager and confidential servant.

appeals to the local tribunal. Platinum Needles. -The case of Bossut v. Arnold &
DSons (<7. d- ., December 18, p. 45) again came before
The Committee of the Leith Pharmacists' Association
recommend members to keep onen their shops all day on Sir John Paget, Bart,, K.C.. in the City of London Court
Wednesday. December 22 and 29, and to close all day on on December 20. The plaintiff was cross-examined, and
Samuel Peeling, defendants' buyer, gave evidence for them,
Christmas Day and New Year's Day. at the conclusion of which the Deputy Judge summed up
and said with firms like the defendants' it would not be
A portrait of Mr. Thomas Stephenson. F.C.S., Secretary worth their while to get themselves disliked by doing a
shady thing. The jjury answered the following questions
of the Rotary Club, was published in the " Evening Dis-
patch " on December 21 in connection with a scheme which —put to them : Did Bossut believe he was selling at 33s. per
the club has evolved for entertaining at the local theatres
the children of those serving with the Forces. dozen ? A. Yes. Did Arnolds believe that Bossut believed

Mr. G. F. Merson, Ph.C, F.C.S., has recovered from the —that Arnolds had contracted to pay 33s. per dozen? A.
illness which caused his complete severance from business —Yes. What was a reasonable price per dozen for these
some months ago. and will open in a few weeks a factory
at 7 Mouse Lane. South St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh, for needles? A. 29s. per dozen. The Deputy Judge said the
the production of " loci- Aseptic " surgical catgut and other legal arguments on the effect of those answers would have
to be taken on a subsequent occasion, and the further hear-
ligatures and surgical specialities. ing was adjourned.

Glasgow and the West. Noxious-drug- Conviction Appeal.—Tho Court of
Mr. John Aitken, M.R.C.V.S., Dalkeith, who died on Criminal Appeal dealt on December 20 with the appeal of
Saturday, December 18, was the oldest member of the
College in Britain. He was ninety-six years of age. Georg»o Wm. Bowerman, described as a druggist, who

Next week-end being New Year, the wholesale and retail carried on business in the neighbourhood of Kentish Town,
and who at the Central Criminal Court was sentenced
establishments in Glasgow will recognise Saturday as a
holiday. The usual restrictions regarding closing-hours of lecently to six months' hard labour for unlawfully supply-
shops will be suspended during this week and next.
ing a woman with a noxious drug, consisting of sulphate of
Mr. M. F. Thomson, The Central Pharmacy, Gordon
Street, Glasgow, has a fine display of perfumery. Artificial iron and aloes and myrrh, for the purpose of procuring a
flowers are used with good effect. The windows in the miscarriage. Mr. Walter Frampton appeared for the
appellant, and narrated the circumstances of the case: the
principal establishments in the city cater for gifts either
woman died after an illegal operation (not done by the
for soldiers or for those at home. appellant, who merely supplied the drug). Mr. Bodkin

Business generally is very good, and already Christmas replied for the Crown, and the Court dismissed the appeal/
purchases been made. It is anticipated that the usual tho Lord Chief Justice remarking that the whole question
volume of business will bo got through. Girls are much depended on whether or not this concoction, administered
in evidence in shops as saleswomen, but the public do not in the quantity it was proved to have been administered in
this case, was capable of producing the miscarriage. Dr.
care to address women assistants for dispensing and other
Spilsbury's evidence showed that the elements necessary to
establish that the crime had been committed were present in
A lecture on ''Intensive and Extensive Advertising"
this case.
was delivered to the Scottish Advertising Association by
SuIphate-of-Ammonia Contract.— In the King's Bench
Mr. D. C. Cuthbertson last week. He pointed out that Division, before Mr. Justice Shearman, on December 17,
S. F. Waters & Co., general merchants, 85 Gracechurcb
the advertiser must see that he places his advertisement Street, E.C., sued Cochrane & Co., Ltd., Ormesbury Works.
in the journal most likelv to appeal to purchasers.
Advertising must be followed up by effective organisatio Middlesbrough, for an alleged breach of contract. Plain-

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce has appointed a com- tiffs alleged that they entered into a contract for defen-
mittee to act in the interests of national commerce and to dants to supply them with 300 tons of sulphate of
combat the proposed Central Customs Union. The com- ammonia, at the rate of 50 tons a month, at 11/. 6s. bd. per
mittee hope with others to aid the Government when the
commercial campaign starts after the war. It is realised ton. Defendants had refused to deliver more than 150 tons.
that only commercial organisations can at present conduct The defence raised was a denial of the breach. Defendants

such propaganda. alleged that the contract was for 150 tons. The
contract note specifying this amount had been accepted
A fire broke out on Sunday morning. December 19. at by the plaintiffs. Mr. Neilson. for the plaintiffs, stated

the bonded stores of the Distillers' Co.. Ltd., Port Dundas, that the contract was fixed up between the parties by letters
involving a loss to tho extent of 150,000/. Enormous
quantities of alcohol on fire flowed into tho Forth and and telegrams. When the contract note, specifying 150
Clyde Canal, converting tho waterway into a sheet of
(lame. The chemical-works of Alexander Cross & Sons, tons, was sent to plaintiffs by an error a clerk wrote that
it was all in order. Mr. Raeburn, for the defence, sub-
Ltd., close by were dangerouslv threatened, but the fire-
brigado prevented any serious damage there. mitted that the plaintiffs were bound by their letter of

Kirkcaldy. acceptance of the contract note, which specified 150 tons.
Mr. Justice Shearman held that the nlaintiffs had failed to
Christmas windows in Kirkcaldy are quite attractive.
Mr. James B. McLaren, Pathead Pharmacy, shows a selec- make out their case, and dismissed the action, with costs.
tion of perfumes, manicure and dressing cases, and toilet-
requisites tastefully displayed. His shop-window at Exportation of Opium. - At the Mansion House,
66 Glebe Park is decked out. with similar articles. Mr. London, on December 17. David Ernest Ellis (39), merchant,
A. H. Forrester, St. Clair Street, has a. good show of residing at Westdown Road, Catford, was fined 200/. on
Health Food Co.'s Joybells and Somerland honey. Black charges of depositing onium at 122 Leadenhall Street, the
Diamond cough-syrup, liquorice-juice, and cough-lozenges. offices of the P. & 0. Company, for exportation to Hong-
Mr. F. Stewart, Commercial Street, gives a window-show Kong, in contravention of the Customs Regulations. It
was stated that on August. 10 and 18 defendant drove up
to malt extract and malt with oil. Boots, Ltd., have a to the offices of the P. & 0. Company with oackages for
handsome window-display which attracts much attention. exportation to Hong-Kong, handing in a declaration that
It has the virtue of " priced goods." every article being they contained books and pictorial postcards. The packages

distinctly marked. Palmolive soap is the chief feature in wore shipped, but on September 6 defendant went before a
commissioner of oaths and made a declaration asking for
the window of Mr. Charles Stewart's pharmacy.
the return of the packages as he had not been paid for

Index Folio 810


their contents. Accordingly the cases were brought back- ter resumed the hearing of the summonses against EL JL
some from Colombo and others from Gibraltar. On their Herson Prorik and Alfred Ed. Davis, trading as Proaiy
Davis & Co., Haydon Street, Minories, on a charge of
arrival in London the Customs discovered that the cases trading with the enemy by obtaining chemicals from Ger-
contained opium of the value of 550/. Had the drug been many. The first hearing was reported in the C. tie l).,
November 27, p. 43, when it was mentioned that one sum-
delivered at Hong-Kong a profit of something like 2,000/. mons was in respect to an order for 1,000 kilos, of per-
manganate of potash, a second in regard to 110 in. of
would have been made. In addition to the two fines of
vanillin, a third also for a consignment of vanillin, and it
100/. each the opium was forfeited to the Customs.
fourth related to soluble Vandyke brown. It was .alJeged!
Tbe Law as to Notice. —In the City of London
that these were ordered from a Dutch firm and that they
Court on December 1. in the case of Simpkins v. Edkins, were to be obtained from Germany. At last week's hearing
the first witness for the prosecution was Mr. H. S. Marshall,,
the plaintiffs sued one of their former assistants for
clerk in charge of the War Registry Secretary's office, Board
7/. 6s. 8</., a month's wages in lieu of notice. The defen-
of Customs and Excise, wh<3 produced a letter from Pronk.
dant had worked for the plaintiffs as an assistant for
Davis & Co., dated September 29, 1914, stating that five
fifteen years, and according to their case he was a monthly cases of vanillin detained by the Customs were received in
servant during the whole of the time. Some years ago he Rotterdam before the outbreak of war, and asking for the
goods to be released. The letter enclosed a declaration and!
and others asked bo bo paid weekly, and that was done, some invoices. The Board replied on October 3, 1914, that
they had issued directions for the release of the five cases.
but plaintiffs reserved the right to monthly notiee._ In
Mr. Bullock, senior Excise officer at Customs Quay, proveil
October defendant left without giving notice, and plaintiffs examining the five cases of vanillin. Labels on them were
marked " Holzmunden 26-3-15." It was an absolute im-
now claimed a month's wages in lieu. They employed 600
possibility for that date to have been put on in England.
hands, and proceedings had been brought as a matter of
The consignors were Haartmer, Reiner & Co. He opened
discipline-. The defendant said he was under the impres- the cases, which each contained ten tins of vanillin. He

sion that he was a weekly servant, as he was paid weekly, detained the goods pending the decision of the Board, an<£

and ho had no recollection of a month's notice being they were now in the King's warehouse. Mr. G. J. Stanley,
late Assistant-Secretary, Commercial Department, Board of
arranged for. The Deputy-Judge (Sir John Paget, Bart., Trade, and Mr. P. L. Laurence, a Board of Trade clerk,
also gave evidence in regard to matters bearing upon the
K.C.) said the plaintiff's were not entitled to a month's shipment of the vanillin. Mr. O. W. Williams, C.A., wh*
had been appointed by the Home Secretary on June 7 6a
wages necessarily. If they had been put to a great deal inspect books and documents belonging to Pronk, Davie

of expense in getting the defendant's work done, they & Co., stated that the books showed that prior to the-
outbreak of war the firm imported a large quantity of
would have been entitled to recover that sum but if they
; goods from Germany. He produced a copy of a letter
dated September 19, 1914, from Pronk, Davis & Co. to
could have got an equally efficient man the next morning Mocades & Stheemen, Nettel, Holland, asking the

to do the same work for the same wages, they would not latter to send them 1 cwt. of vanillin crystals, which they

bo entitled to recover anything if a man left suddenly. would have to show were bought before the war. After
some correspondence Mocades & Stheemen were requested
Equally so, if a worker was suddenly dismissed and ob- to send the crystals to Rotterdam at 87s. per 100 kilos.
Another letter from the defendants requested the forwarding
tained employment elsewhere at the same wages, he, too, agents to remove all marks from the casks. Witness als«'
deposed to other documents in regard to permanganate,
could recover no damages. He thought the plaintiffs ought
vanillin, and Vandyke brown, the letters showing in the last
to have found another man within a week, and he gave
case that the defendants ordered the goods before they
them judgment for 30s., and costs. obtained a licence to import them. The hearing was agaiic
adjourned till December 20, when defendants were com-
Dr. Cassell's Tablets.— A motion by Dr. R. M. Leslie,
mitted for trial.
152 Harley Street, London, W., against Dr. Cassell's Medi-
A Surcharged Panel Doctor. — In the Kind's Bcnck
cine Co., Ltd., Manchester, was mentioned to Mr. Justice
Sargant in the Chancery Division on December 28. Mr. Division of the High Court, London, on December 20, Dr.
Romer, K.C, said the plaintiff asked for an injunction Bernard O'Neill, Duke's Avenue, Chiswick, applied for
restraining the defendants from issuing advertisements sug- an injunction to restrain the Middlesex Insurance Com-
mittee from deducting 323/. from the amount payable to
gesting that he approved of or recommended certain tablets him for medical services rendered under the National
Health Insurance Act. Defendants alleged that they were
sold by them. The plaintiff was a heart specialist, and the entitled to make the deduction under Regulation 40, dealing
association was not one of which he was proud. Counsel with Medical Benefits. Mr. Rigby Swift, K.C, for the
plaintiff, stated that Dr. O'Neill was put on the panel ol
said he had, however, to ask for an adjournment of the
medical practitioners for the county of Middlesex at th«
hearing, the defendants having given an undertaking in the beginning of 1913, and he had between 1.500 and 1.70G
insured persons on his list. At the end of 1914 the defen-
terms of the notice of motion. It was understood that any dants found that the amount allocated for division betweeic
the doctors and druggists was not sufficient to pay their
advertisement ordered which the defendants could not stop respective claims. The Panel Committee commenced am

—would not be considered a breach of the undertaking. His investigation by the Prescription-checking Sub-Committee,

Lordship assented to an adjournment. The motion was and on October 23, 1914, the Secretary wrote to Dr. O'Neill,
mentioned to his Lordship on December 21, when Mr. inviting him to attend a meeting of the latter Committee in
order to explain certain of his prescriptions, which appeared
Romer, K.C, said he would not be troubled with it, as
the defendant company were willing to submit to a per- to be excessive and extravagant. Dr. O'Neill attended ths
petual injunction. But considerable harm had been done meeting, and was informed that, while the average cost per

by the wide publicity given to the defendant company's prescription for the whole county was 9(/., the average cost

advertisements, and he would like to mention the facts. of his prescriptions was 3s. 4d. Afterwards Dr. O'Neil)
Dr. Murray Leslie was a well-known heart specialist of
Harley Street. On October 20 he delivered a lecture en- was told that the average cost of his prescriptions was
2s. 4i<Z. There was a deficiency in the Drusr Fund of about
titled " War Strain and its Prevention." A report of it 7,000/. for the year. In March Dr. O'Neill heard that lie
had been surcharged the sum of 323/. Counsel contended
appeared in the papers, and it occurred to the defendant that Article 40 of the Medical Benefit Regulations was
company to utilise it for advertising their medicines, and ultra vires. Mr. Clavell Salter, K.C. reolied for th*
an article accordingly appeared in some of the provincial defendants, and evidence was given by Dr. H. B. Bracken-
bury. Chairman of the Middlesex Panel Committee. Mr.
papers headed " A Doctor on War Strain." The first part Justice Rowlatt, in givinsr judgment for t^e defendants,
stated that he was not called upon to decide whether Dr.
of it was a more or less accurate report of the lecture,
O'Neill had been extravagant or not. He was asked to
but it gradually developed into a record of the defendant prevent his being surcharged, on the ground that those who

company's tablets in such a way as to lead the uninitiated Durported to surcharge him had no authority, and if thes
to believe that Dr. Leslie was recommending the tablets.
had any authority they had not properly proceeded in
That could not be tolerated, esoeciallv as Dr. Leslie had
received a letter from an old patient asking him whether the the matter. The surcharge attached was justified under
tablets were any good. What made it worse was that Regulation 40 of the National Insurance Act. The Panel

the papers containing the article also contained one of
the defendant company's advertisements. The article itself
was not headed or ended with the word " advertisement."

and there was no indication that it was an advertisement.

Counsel pointed out that it would be a serious matter for
Dr. Leslie if he had really recommended the defendant
company's medicines, and he would have laid himself open
to serious censure from the medical authorities. The
defendants, however, had seen the error of their ways and
were willing to give the undertaking he had mentioned,
and they had also agreed to pay a nominal sum for
damages and costs. Counsel for the defendant company
said they regretted having caused the plaintiff any annoy-
ance, but. they did not admit that the true construction of
the article was that which the plaintiff had put upon it.
His Lordship said he was glad that the matter had been
settled. Everybody knew how very careful the medical
profession had to b« in regard to anything that savoured

of advertisement. He gave his assent to the arrangement.

Alleged Trarline with Itae Enemy.— At the Tower

Bridge Police Court, London, on December 17, Mr. Leyees-

Index Folio 811

46 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST December 25, 1915

Gaaosnittjjc was a .'judicial body with initiative, and had to make some contracts of importance. Referring to the
increased prices of mineral waters, Mr. Idris expressed the
1 investigation with regard to drugs and hope that these prices will be maintained, and that they
will to some extent make up for the diminished returns
power' tp ' malii? and expensive production of the past few years. Referring

applisbecs. The investigation need not be attended at all to the exceptional purity of the Idris productions, he said

siags^ by the, person .concerned. He did not suppose that all their customers should fully realise this fact, and should

ihe Aci desired' that there should be a stinting as to the emphasise the fact that the best is always the cheapest.
High standard of quality cannot be obtained in a factory
medicine prescribe^. There was a duty placed on the that is not specially built and designed for the observance

>&ocioT prescribing not to be extravagant or reckless. In of strict hygienic conditions with constant scientific super-

nrder to carry out the Act it was necessary that there vision. A simple method of comparing the Idris waters
with others is to place a glass of both waters on a sheet
siwnM be some provision for preventing the Drug Fund
of white paper, when the difference in colour is easily
Tjeing wasted by extravagance. This was what the rule seen by looking down through the water moreover, the
had been drafted -to secure. In effect the Act stated that
difference in taste is so unmistakable that every consumer
jf tfie doctor prescribed what was extravagant he must pay who has had the comparison made under proper conditions

for ft himself, and it set up machinery for doing this. He will take care to obtain waters of reliable quality. Mr.
E. K. Bishop seconded the resolution, which was carried
Sad come to the conclusion that the making of these unanimously. Sir James Bradford proposed the re-election
of the retiring directors, Mr. T. H. W. Idris and Mr.
regulations was well within the powers conferred by the W. T. W. Idris. This was seconded by Mr. E. K. Bishop
and carried unanimously.
_ac!<. He gave judgment for the defendants, with costs.

Limited Companies,

New Companies Registered.

P.C means Private Company and R.O. Registered Office,

E. C." Sandersons, Ltd. (P.C.).—Capital 300/. Objects Gazette.

To take over the business of Campion Sanderson, Partnerships Dissolved.

jtemist, druggist, and dealer in photographic apparatus,

sic.,, 220 Fore Street, Edmonton. N. The" first directors
are E. C. Sanderson (managing director) and Mrs. J. E.

Sand'cTson. ' LlLWALL-CORMAC, J., and Roberts, R. E.. 160 City Road.
Huhne, Manchester, surgeons and general medical
Bee sard di Booy's Shipping and Trading Co., Ltd. practitioners, under the style of Drs. Lilwall-Cormac
ee.Q.)'.—Capital 1.200/. Objects: To carry on the business and Roberts.
indicated by the title and that of chemists, druggists, chemi-
Wilkins, J. C, and Lane, F. H., 49 Water Lane. Brixton,
(jaj-rntcnuf acturers, etc., and to adopt an agreement with medical practitioners, under the style of Wilkins &
B. 80 Booy. Solicitor : L. Mager, Bank Chambers, 70-71
iSraer'cliurch Street, E.C.
Bankruptcy Acts.
Cocosepts and Tropical Produce Co., Ltd.—Capital

4O,G0(M. in 2s. sh.ares. Objects: To cultivate, prepare for

marker, and deal in coconuts, copra, coconut and other Receiving Orders.

3bre, ^eg-etable and other oils, spices, tea, cinchona, opium, Symes, E.. Abbotswood. Cinderford, Gloucester, lately at The
Hermitage, Box, Wilts, surgeon and medical practi-
^rairs, silk, pepper, soya beans, etc. R.O.. 52 and 53
.Brown's Buildings, Exchange, Liverpool.
Tocher, J. W., Lieutenant R.A.M.C., Washington Station,
Metsol, Ltd. (P.C.).—Capital 1,000/., in 1/. shares. Ob- Durham, and Biby Camp, Lincolnshire, medical practi-

_ tioner.

jects: To cany on the business of chemists, druggists, dry- Whitmarsh, R. P. H, 37 Walbrook. London, surgeon.

salters, oil and colour men, importers and manufacturers of

and dealers in pharmaceutical compounds, oils, drugs, gums,

tryes, essences, and dyowares paint and colour grinders, Adjudication.
Tocher, J. W., as above.
.^aqufactiirers of and dealers in proprietary articles, disin-

fectants, preservative compounds, antiseptic preparations,

Jtid Iocuf and other anaesthetics, etc. R.O., 4 City Road, Joint-stock Companies.

JTinsbury Square, London, E.C.

W"iL, Dodge, Ltd. (P.C.).—Capital 1,000/., in 1/. shares, Notice is given in the " London Gazette," December 17.
tflbjects : To carry on in England or any other part of the
world (except North or South America) the business of that pursuant to Section 242 (5) of the Companies (Consoli-

iiWifsts, druggists, drysalters, oil and colour men, im- dation) Act, 1903, the names of the undermentioned com-
porters and manufacturers of and dealers in all kinds of
merchandise, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, and panies have been struck oft the Register, such companies
-»tfaer preparations and articles, compounds, cements, oils,
paints, and drugs, manufacturers of and dealers in pro- thus being dissolved : Barium Compounds, Ltd. ; Copra
Syndicate, Ltd. ; Creme Peltzer, Ltd. ; Homer Earphone
prietary articles, and electrical, chemical, photographic,
Co., Ltd. Hvsienic Treatments, Ltd. : London Electric
.surgical, and scientific apparatus and materials, etc. R.O., ;
30 Coleman Street, London, E.C.
Treatment Co.,' Ltd.

Company News. Business Changes.

Authenticated notes are inserted without charge if not in the
nature of advertisement, and subject to Editorial approval.

&. .T. White, Ltd.—The directors have paid an interim

iiyidond' at the rate of 2 per cent, per annum, less income- Boots. Ltd., are rebuilding the premises 61 and 61a George

lax, <lu tlio' ordinary shares for the half-year. Street, Hastings.

3b;RTS &. Co.. Ltd.—The annual general meeting of the Extirmo, Ltd.. have removed to larger premises at School
shareholders of this company was held at. the Midland Street Works, Waltham Street, Hull.
Grand Hotel, St. Pancras, London, N.W., on December 21.
Mr. T. H. W. Idris, who presided, was supported by his Allen, Harding & Co., Ltd., chemical-manufacturers and
jo-directors, Mr. E. K. Bishon, F.C.A.. Sir James Bradford, merchants, have removed their offices to 1 Leadenhall
.LP./ Mr. W. T. W. Idris, and Mr. W. H. W. Idris. The
C&^irnian, in moving the adoption of the report (C. <£• J)., Street, London, E.C.

D«ce-n)feer 18, p. 46), referred to the difliculties under which Mr. William Hull Wickham retired from the firm of
she eompany had worked during the past year, and stated McKesson & Robbins. wholesale druggists. New York, on
ibai! myi only have wages increased to aii unprecedented December 1. Mr. Wickham had been associated with the

extent but it is very difficult to obtain workers. Over 150 business for almost half-a-century. The remaining partners
of'their best hands have joined the Array and Navy, and
are Messrs. John McKesson, jun., George C. McKesson.
•others hare been taken on by tho War Office. New men
Herbert D. Robbins, Irving McKesson, and Donald
-svere taken on to, fill the gaps thus caused, but as soon as McKesson.

ihey' became, fairly proficient these men also joined the We have been informed this week by the partners in
Army. .^Materials also havo increased in price, sugar,
the late firm of Bourne, Johnson & Latimer, 34-35 Furnival
that a dissolution of the partnership by

7r«>tafe, \giriger, citric acid, essenco of lemon, fodder, coal! effluxion of time took place as from December 31, 1914, and

7>OTe?» etc., haying b'een exceptionally dear, and bottles that the business is being continued by Messrs. Johnson,

v?ifSeuIt to obtain even at high prices." He was glad to be trading as Bourne, Johnson & Co. Letters for Mr. Latimer

ible to report^ however, that the directors have been able may be addressed to Furnival Street.

^nfcx Folio 812


aged eighty-two. There is thus removed by death one o£

Births. I In' most interesting figures in the British chemical \vor)<L

Authenticated notices are inserted without charge. Sir Henry was born in

Powis Place, Great

—Barclay. At Glencraig, Cowdenbeath, on December 9, Ormond Street, London,

the wife of Charles Barclay, chemist and druggist, of a son. in 1833. his father being

—Faull. Henry Roscoe, a barrister,

At Parow7 Cape Province, on November 24, the and his grandfather

wife of Chas A. Faull, of a daughter. William Roscoe, of Liver-

pool, author of the Life of

Lorenzo di Medici and

Marriages. friend of W. E. Gladstone.

Authenticated notices are inserted without charge. Sir Henry Roseoe's father

—Davies--Timothy. At the Tabernacle Church, New Quay, died three years after-

recently, C. J. Davies, chemist and druggist, Glyn, to wards, the- family being

— —Lily Timothy, Penygraig, Glanmor Terrace, New Quay. at that time living at

Shaw Agnew. At 41 Brisbane Street, Greenock, on Gateacre, Liverpool, and
December 15, William Shaw, chemist and druggist, to Mar-
garet Muir McAusland, younger daughter of the late Mr. being left in poor circum-
and Mrs. Andrew Agnew, Greenock.
Hestances. was sent, to

the Liverpool High

School, where he first

learnt chemistry under

Balmain, the discoverer of

luminous paint and of

boron nitride. At the age Sib H. E. Eoscoc

Deaths. of seventeen Sir Henry
returned to London and entered University College. Br
Authenticated notices are inserted without charge.
studied chemistry under Graham and Williamson, of the
—Appleyard. At 62 Kingswood Street, Bradford (the resi-
Birkbeck Laboratory. Graham offered him the post of
dence of his son, Mr. Frederick W. Appleyard, pharmacist),
on December 15, Mr. William Appleyard, chemist and assayer at the newly established Mint at Sydney, Ne\r
druggist, aged seventy-four. Mr. Appleyard passed the
South Wales, which, however, he could not accept for
Modilied examination in April 1874, and was formerly in
family reasons. Sir Henry obtained the London degree of
business in Manchester Road, Bradford, retiring some
B.A. in 1852, there being at that time no degrees ir.
twenty years ago.
science, and then went to Heidelberg University and
—Ferrier. At 2 East Somerville Place, Dundee, on
became a pupil of Bunsen. Ho was set to work on the
December 20. Isabella Low, widow of David H. Ferrier,
chemist, aged seventj'-four. solubility of chlorine in water when mixed with hydrogen,

—Gallop. At 36 Dumbarton Road, Brixton Hill, London, which developed into a joint research on photo-ehemicaS

S.W., on December 12. Mr. Robert Allbut Gallop, chemist action published between 1855 and 1863. When WilliamsoE
and druggist, aged eighty-three.
suceeeded to Graham's chair at University College, be
—Hart. At 10 Albion Street, Dowanhill, Glasgow, on
invited Roscoe to be his official assistant in the winter
December 10, Mr. Thomas Hart, chemist and druggist, aged
session of 1855-56. Roscoe accepted, but returned to Heidel-
seventy-three. berg for some months in 1856, and in tho autumn of thai,

Joint.—At 34 Wellington Hill. Horfield, on December 11, year began independent teaching as a lecturer in a mili-
Elizabeth, wife of Mr. R. J. Joint, chemist and druggist,
formerly of Chulmleigh, North Devon. tary school at Eltham, and started a consulting practice

—Massey. Mr. William H. Massey, formerly of Caswell, with W. Dittmar. In 1857 ho was appointed Professor

Massoy & Co., pharmacists, New York, died in England of Chemistry in Owens College, Manchester, and for the

on December 1, aged seventy-four. Mr. Massey was the next thirty years his fortunes and those of the College were
son of the Rev. Samuel Massey, Wilton, Cheshire, in which
closely bound together. When he was elected member of
place ho was born. When he was thirteen his father got
Parliament for South Manchester in 1885 he resigned his
an appointment in Montreal, where William Massey's
education was completed, and he was apprenticed to a professorship, but retained the title Emeritus Professor,

pharmacist in that city. Thence he went to New York and became a Governor. He remained in Parliament for
ten years. One of his associates at Manchester wjf
and joined the staff of Mr. John R. Caswell (Caswell,
Hazard & Co., Fifth Avenue), with whom, in 1875, he Carl Schorlemmer, who went to Manchester in 1861 and.
entered into partnership as Caswell, Massey & Co., the
pharmacy under the Fifth Avenue Hotel being one of the afterwards held the first Chair of Organic Chemistry
most select in the city. They opened others in Hoffman
House, Forty-seventh Street, and in Newport, which were in this country. Roscoe and Schorlommer's "Treatise
transferred at the end of 1906 to the Caswell-Massey Co.,
and shortly thereafter Mr. Massey returned to England. on Chemistry," in six volumes, was a result of their
joint labours, but Roscoe also published the " Primer
Mr. Massey was for many years a trustee of the New York of Chemistry " and " Lessons in Elementary Chemistry."
< 'ollege of Pharmacy, and was held in high respect. When
He was a member of the Royal Commissions on Noxious
he was leaving the city for England in 1907 he was enter-
tained to dinner by Mr. S. W. Fairchild and such pro- Vapours, Technical Instruction, Scottish Universities,
minent citizens as Dr. Chandler and Mr. W. H. Wickham.
In this country his most intimate friend was the late Mr. Secondary Education, and Exhibition of 1851. He was the

Barratt, of Pears, with whom he was accustomed to spend first President in 1881 of the Society of Chemical Industry.

some time when on his annual visits here. President of the Chemical Society in 1882, President of

— WMilner. At 12 T aterhouse Lane. Hull, on December 12, the British Association in 1887, and Vice-Chancellor of the

Mr. John George Milner, chemist and druggist, aged University of London from 1896 to 1902. His most impor-

seventy-nine. tant chemical-work is agreed to be his research on vana-

—Painter. At 56 Cricklade Road. Swindon, on Decem- dium, tho chemistry of which he placed on its present

ber 5, Mr. John Painter, chemist and druggist, aged basis. It was for this and his photo-chemical researches

eighty-four. that he received tho Royal Medal of the Roval Society

—Pirie. Mr. James Crichton Pirie, chemist and druggist, in 1873. He had been elected F.R.S. in 1863. He receives

69 President Street Germiston, Transvaal, is dead. He Knighthood in 1884, and was made a Privy Councillor in

was a native of Arbroath and served his apprenticeship, 1909. In addition to the works mentioned above, he alsc
passing the Minor examination in April 1887, shortly after published a Life of John Dalton and " Lectures on Spec-

which he went out to South Africa. He is survived by a trum Analyses." He maintained his interest in chemistry

widowT and two children. until the end. Since the outbreak of war he had joined

Prichard.—At 1 High Street, Llangefni, Anglesey, on vigorously in the search for the reason of tho backward
December 4. Mr. Thomas John Prichard, chemist and drug-
gist, aged forty-four. state ot chemistry in this country, and it is to be .hoped
that his memory will be honoured by a renaissance of
Roscoe.—At Woodcote Lodge, West Horsley. Leather-
head. Surrey, on December 18, Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, chemical industry which will restore the former ascendancy

of this country in chemistry.

Killed In Action. i

—Rogers. In Flanders, on December 19, Rifleman Harold

Dakin Rogers (Queen's Westminster Rifles), M.P.S., dearly

loved second son of Mr. Frank A. Rogers, 327 Oxford

Street, London, W., aged twenty-three.

—Trinidad Exports. During the year ended March 31.

JSHK. the exrjorts from Trinidad and Tobago included

5.874 gals, lime-juice. 3,952 lb. kola. 2,520 lb. honev.

7,276 lb. nutmegs, 339 lb. mace, and 3,560 gals, coconut oH.

Index Folio 813

48 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST Deceiibek 25. 191o

Westminster Wisdom. Trade Notes.

&By the " C. D.'' Parliamentary Representative. —Waterproof Paper. Jules Lang & Son, Charlton Works.

The Parliamentary Recess. Charlton Place, Islington. London, N., send us a sample
The House of Commons has adjourned for the Christmas
tcccss until January 4. of waterproof paper which finds many uses in surgery as

Dentists at the Front. a substitute for oiled silk. It is free of smell, impervious
Mi. Tennant informed Sir Arthur Markham, M.P., on
to water, and comparatively inexpensive.
Monday that there are forty-three qualified British dentists
low with the Expeditionary Force in France exclusive of —Colton's Tablet-machines. Referring to the advertise-
ihose employed with the Canadian Contingent.
ment of John J. Griffin & Sons, Ltd., Kingsway, London,

W.C.. in the & D., last week, and also in the C. D.

Diary, we shall be glad if our readers will note that the

prices there given of Colton's tablet-machines are incorrect.

The revised prices at present in force will be sent on

The Postal Changes. receipt of a postcard request.

The Postmaster-Ceneral announced on Wednesday that Compound Menthol Sncff, in watch-shaped, screwed-
2ie was unable to adopt the suggestion that, in view of
ihe fact that many letters are only slightly over one ounce capped bottles for the vest-poCket, is now supplied for
ltd freight, there should be a new rate of postage of l£d.
ior lg ounces. Over 90 per cent, of the letters posted are export by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. The snuff is the
mnder one ounce, and the loss to the revenue would be composition of menthol, ammonium chloride, " Epinine,"

(pDnsiderable. bismuth oxychloridc, lycopodium. and eucaine lactate
(0.3 per cent.), with which the public is familiar as put up
Experiments with Chlorine Gas. in black-and-gold boxes. The new form of export packing

Questioned by Mr. G. Greenwood, M.P., as to whether ensures the stability of the snuff in all climates, however
2>e granted a certificate to Mr. Leonard Hill under which
Ae performed a number of experiments upon living animals moist.

with c-blorinc gas, the Home Secretary replied the research —Atropine of British Make. In spite of the fact that

-was conducted by Mr. Hill and Dr. Flack, but all the supplies of foreign-made atropine are exhausted, the alka-
experiments were performed by Dr. Flack in the laboratory
of the Medical Research Committee at the London Hospital loid manufactured ob initio at the Wellcome Chemical- .
Medical College. Six were done under licence alone and
twelve under certificate A. Under licence alone six animals works. Dartford. by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. is obtain-

—were used —five cats and one rabbit Aand under certificate able from them and through the usual business-channels.

Atwelve guinea-pigs. Dr. Flack's certificate was given by The firm have an undertaking with the Government which

She President of the Royal Society and the Professor of gives the latter first call upon the product ; nevertheless
Physiology, London University.
they are able to supply their other customers, although

not ail libitum, at prices which may be obtained on


—The Edinburgh Antiseptic " Eusol." Duncan. Flock-

National School of Technical Optics. hart & Co.. 104 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, have brought
the compounding of the new hypochlorite solution " Eusol
Dr. Addison informed Sir P. Magnus on December 20
within the ability of the merest tyro and in the minimum
ihat the resolution of the British Science Guild urging
ibe Government to establish a National School of Technical of time. Our readers are aware that "Eusol" is made

Optics deals with a subject which appears to be of the by mixing a definite quantity of boric acid with an
greatest importance. The Minister of Munitions has had equivalent of chlorinated lime in so much water. What
before him for some time the necessity for increasing the
ausober of skilled workmen for the manufacture of optical Duncan, Flockhart & Co. have done is to provide in a

instruments for war purposes. A considerable number are carton enough of the acid and enough of chlorinated lime

icing trained at various works engaged on Government —to make a pint of " Eusol," and twelve of .these cartons

contracts. Ho could not hold out any hope of a grant, for are packed in an outer costing 18s. per doz. which is
cheap considering the fact that each powder is in a carton,
the School of Technical Optics at the Northampton Insti-
tute at Clerkenwell, but he understands that the matter is the lime one saturated with paraffin wax, so that thirty-seven
sudor the consideration of the Board of Education and the
London County Council. cartons are represented in the complete packet and 12

Dyestuffs from Germany. Apints of effective antiseptic. pint of "Eusol " is suffi-

Commander Bellairs asked the Foreign Secretary on cient for any operation or dressing, and the solution thus
December 22 whether the Government have modified, or
prepared is always fresh and in good condition. It is
contemplate modifying, the Orders in Council so as to allow
|hc United States of America to get a supply of dyestuffs thought bv some that the solution must be clear before
irom Germany; and, if so, on what grounds' is this being
being used. This, we understand, is erroneous; all that
Worte. Lord Robert Cecil replied that in April last H.M.
Crovemment expressed their willingness, on the urgent is necessary being to shake the powders well up with the
representations of the U.S. Government, not to interfere
with the shipment to the United States on certain conditions water, allow the gritty particles to subside, then use.

£ cargoes of German dyestuffs already paid for by ^Information department

the American importers. The German Government have, Postal Address

iiowever, apparently been unwilling so far to allow the C. & D. INFORMATION DEPARTMENT, 42 Cannon Street, London. E.C.
«xport of these cargoes, and so far as he is aware they Telegraphic Address: "CHEMICUS, CANNON, LONDON " (twowOiis).
nave not yet been shipped. The arrangements involved Telephone Number: 3617 CENTRAL (three lines).
3io modification of the Order in Council.

Pricing Insurance Prescriptions.

In reply to a question regarding the duty of pricing INFORMATION WANTED.
insurance prescriptions, Mr. Roberts said this has been
Irarretk'rred to Insurance Committees bv regulations recently Postal or telephone information with respect to makers or first-
rarned in accordance with the recommendations of the hand suppliers of the undermentioned articles will be appreciated.
Departmental Please address us as above :
the statutory
Committee on the Drug Tariff, and it is 71/57. Glycerol lactate (Bavlis 75/8. Page's French preparation.
duty of Committees to make administrative '
No. lj. 75/7. Skatol.

jiTOYisjon for the purpose of calculating the payments due 69/44. C'aseara aromatic 73/13. Crown portable home Tur-

™J ™^ISnDe -I he VC,ommiers-stiho?neargsreheamdenbtesenalirneacdoymmeunntierceadtiionntowiftohr ( PScarsis) kish baths.
Committee as to the arrangements necessitated bv this
75/47. "Darwinius pills."

jfuty which they understand are in course of preparation INFORMATION SUPPLIED.
fty the Committee. Committees
formed that special provision will have already been in- Agmel, 70 60 Paraffin wax, 42/23
be made for meeting ' Arctic " foot-warmers, 70/52
additional expenditure properly incurred any Camphorated chalk. 33/6 Pearl starch. 35/60
work out of sums released in consequence Capping-skins, 56/31
by them on this Boger & Gallett (London ad-
arrangements. Any such estimate as is of the new Tariff Praser's corn-plane, 68/38
suggested and the Johnson's soothing syrup, 59/49 dress). 73/64
additional' cost involved would appear, however to be " Kangaroo Island "' brand oil " Sanmetto." 72/68
greaJIy in excess of any reasonable anticipation. " Sargol," 75/6
of eucalyptus, 52/65 Transparent teats, 11 '39

Vacuum flasks, 73/58

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