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Online Newsletter - 23 August 2016

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Online Newsletter - 23 August 2016

Newsletter–August 23, 2016

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Online Newsletter

August 23, 2016


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2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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Feature Club

The Cowtown
Treasure Hunters Club

The Cowtown Treasure Hunters interesting. Votes are then counted surer, and secretary, all elected once
Club of Ft. Worth, Texas, was estab- and silver coins awarded to the first a year. The program director and
lished in 1079 and is a group of hob- three places in each category. hunt chairman are appointed by the
byists who not only enjoy search- officers.
ing electronically for lost or buried The monthly meetings always
objects in the earth, but also enjoy include fund-raising raffles. Prizes The Cowtown Treasure
the outdoors. include old coins, old tokens, silver Hunters Club is a member of the
rounds, and other prizes. And for Texas Association of Metal Detecting
Members are outgoing individu- members there are always free draw- Clubs. The TAMDC sponsors dif-
als who, in Texas tradition, enjoy ings for door prizes. Sometimes they ferent events throughout the year,
bragging about and showing off have speakers who talk on topics including a gathering of all the mem-
their finds as well as encouraging, related to our hobby. ber clubs at the Treasure Expo and
instructing, and assisting newcom- treasure hunt in a selected Texas city.
ers to this rewarding and addictive Once a year, the club sponsors
hobby. one major hunt. It may be a two-day If you’re an area visitor, you are
hunt for which they send out fliers invited you to join! The club meets
The club meets once a month for and invite all, or it may be a one-day the third Thursday of the month at
fellowship and to show interesting hunt for members and invited guests 7 p.m. at the YMCA Camp Carter,
objects found since their last meet- only. For either hunt, an entry fee 6200 Sand Springs Road.
ing. Their most interesting finds are is charged and members bury such
displayed on what they call their items as silver coins, gold, jew- On October 1st the Cowtown
“find of the month board.” One item elry, and tokens for prizes (including Treasure Hunters Club will hold its
may be displayed in each of 10 cat- metal detectors) for everyone to find. 32nd Annual Hunt & Picnic at the
egories. It is a fun time for all. YMCA Camp Carter, 6200 Sand
Springs Rd. Registration begins at
During intermission, club mem- Like all well-organized clubs, the 8 a.m. and the first hunt, the Dollar
bers vote for the one item in each club has a governing body made up Hunt, is at 9. There is a Free Kids’
category that they find to be most of a president, vice-president, trea- Hunt at 10 a.m. followed by the Ring

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

Feature Club cont'd...

Hunt at 10:45 and Lunch at 11:30,
provided for registered hunters. The
Main Hunt begins at 1 p.m. which
will include thousands of old coins
plus tokens for silver, gold, metal
detectors, and other prizes. For more
information, contact President Dave
Totzke at [email protected] or
call (214) 320-2986.

Officers for 2016:
President: Dave Totzke
Vice-President: Robert Saldivar
Secretary: Stephanie Rush
Treasurer: George Retos
Newsletter: Herman Denzler
Finds Boards: Eric Whetstone,
Bill Freiley
Cook & Hostess: Pat Retos
Hunt Master: Kenny Jewell
For more information, contact
President Dave Totzke at Totzke4@ or call (214) 320-2986.
You can also log onto the club’s
website at http://www.cowtowntrea- Newsletter 8-23-16 5

Treasure Facts

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Favorite Finds

Some Favorite Finds Made
By Members of the Ohio
Detectorists Association

For more about the club, visit their website at or their Facebook page at Newsletter 8-23-16 7

Tip From the Pros

An Excellent Resource
With An Equally

Excellent Price (Free)

By Jay Pastor

From 1867 to 1977, the It’s no small-recommendation that Williamsburg section of Brooklyn,
Sanborn Map Company of the Library of Congress’s website New York, that documents the way
Pelham, New York produced the buildings were laid-out in 1890.
large-scale (50- feet to the inch) refers to the maps as:
color-coded maps of towns and probably the single most impor- Today the school is still where
cities across the United States. tant record of urban growth and it was, but there are many
They were developed to help development in the United States differences in the number,
fire insurance companies during the past one hundred years. kinds, and placements of
set their rates and terms. Many of these drawings are now the neighboring structures
The maps show the locations, available free for public viewing and vacant lots.
dimensions, heights, and uses
of buildings, the materials simply by accessing This is historic information of
employed in their construction, Sanborn, on the Internet. great value to serious detectorists
As a random example, the map
and segment displayed in the looking for new areas to hunt.
other pertinent facts. accompanying figure shows a For a list of details about map
local elementary-school area in the
contents and coding, check
Wikipedia Sanborn Maps.

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

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Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

SuHnokwenToTrFeiansdureBy John Christopher Fine
The man wanted Scuba equip-
ment. He offered that he was going Searching the shoreline off New Rochelle, New
to dive in New York’s East River to York. David’s Island is visible in the background
locate the sunken remains of a three- across Long Island Sound; barely visible in this
masted British frigate that ship- photograph is Execution Rocks.
wrecked in current riddled waters
below a place aptly named Hell inland passage. It was said that the British had
Gate. Captain Pole did not want to take a payroll aboard the HMS Hussar.
Troops were deserting; they had not
I listened as I, too, had many tales his 28-gun ship out through New been paid in months and there was
about the HMS Hussar. The frigate York Harbor, sail along the coast of low morale among the forces still
struck rocks when her stubborn mas- Long Island, more than 100 miles, occupying New York.
ter, Captain Charles Pole, refused then enter Long Island Sound to join
the advice of a black slave from the British Admiral Marriot Arbuthnot’s Captain Pole must have been
well-known Hunt family. protection at Gardiner’s Bay at the relieved when Pilot Hunt steered the
eastern end of Long Island. 114-foot long, 40-foot wide HMS
Captain Pole took Hunt on as Hussar past the Mill Rocks.
pilot to navigate from the pier at The passage through Hell Gate is
Beekman’s Wharf, what is now the narrow. Tides roil through. Modern Pot Rock was next. It extended
foot of Beekman Street in Manhattan, powerful diesel powered tug boats far out into the channel and was con-
through a narrow passage of the East pulling barges sometimes make lit- cealed under the surface, seen only
River into Long Island Sound. tle headway stemming them. Two at low water.
islands divide the passage.
Captain Pole’s insistence may The HMS Hussar struck Pot
have been due to his fear of French At the time they were called Rock broadside. The ship’s wooden
naval forces. Great and Little Barn. Today they hull was stove in and water gushed
are Welfare and Ward Islands. through a large gash in her side.
They were already in Newport
Harbor at Rhode Island and likely
lurking outside the port of New York
waiting to land troops.

There was also imminent dan-
ger from American patriots. It was
November 3, 1780.

The HMS Hussar held a cargo of
American prisoners of war chained
below decks.

The prisoners were to be
exchanged for British prisoners held
by the former colonists.

It is a treacherous passage then
and now. For a sailing vessel the peril
was evident from the pilot’s caution
that it was not wise to attempt the

160 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEJuNneew2s0le1tt6er 8-23-16

Unable to make the spit of land on Searching the beaches on Long Island Sound’s west-
the south side of the Bronx, at what ern shore with its many rock islands. The Garrett AT
is now Port Morris opposite Hallett’s Gold works well on the sandy shore.
Point on Long Island, the ship sank.
or his project again. Huntington Harbor at a place called
There was only one fatality among Some 10 miles into Long Island Sands Point on the Long Island side,
the HMS Hussar’s crew, although it the rock is exposed to storms and
was reported that all the American Sound from Mill Rock is a place hurricanes, high winds and harsh
prisoners chained below decks were called Execution Rocks. winter weather.
The history of the place is as The Sound can ice in during
There was no mistaking her posi- mysterious as it is fascinating. I severe cold winters. The rock itself
tion. The HMS Hussar’s three masts have made many dives off Execution has had many large boulders brought
stuck up in the channel above the Rocks, one of the places where I out and placed around it to strength-
place called Pot Cove where her trained hundreds of dive students. en and protect its granite tower and
rope cable was run ashore and tied granite house that served keepers of
to a tree. At high and slack tide visibility is the light. The tower is painted white
not bad. Long Island Sound’s usual with a brown band.
The ship’s position was clearly 6 to 18 inches of visibility can be as
marked for British salvagers. They much as 15 feet on a good day. While once manned and supplied
went to work. by boat, the lighthouse is unoccupied
When visibility is good, Execution now. The light is on automatic and
While admiralty authorities Rocks is an excellent dive site. I have still warns mariners off treacherous
declared no payroll had been aboard a favorite shipwreck off the rocks. rocks and shoals.
the HMS Hussar when she sank,
rumors and speculation circulated Perils of navigation here make it On clear nights the beacon can
for years, long after the wooden a treasure-trove of wreckage from be seen far up the Connecticut coast
wreck dissolved into the elements of earliest navigation to the present day. 15 miles away. A little cove of rocks
the river. Her spars and rigging were enabled boats to pull in to resupply
washed away with every tide. While it may not be gold, I have light keepers of yore and relieve
surfaced with propellers, rudders and crews.
This I knew as I knew many trea- outdrives found at the base of large
sure hunters dreamed of finding the boulders that lurk just under the sur- Diving around Execution Rocks
remains of the HMS Hussar and her face at high tide and protrude when always provoked questions from my
supposed treasure. Simple research the water is low. dive students about its extraordinary
would have revealed that the area name.
where the ship sank became a land Eighty years after the sinking of
fill that expanded the borders of the HMS Hussar a lighthouse was Legend, supported by chronicle
settlement. built at Execution Rocks by the from early British colonial occu-
Lighthouse Board. pation of New York, has it that
Contemporary British salvage American patriots were brought out
surely removed anything of value The tower is 62 feet tall. Water to the rock island to receive their
from the sunken hulk, lost in rela- around the lighthouse is relatively punishment.
tively shallow water, marked by its shallow, some eight to 15 feet.
masts and tied by a hawser to a tree. Rings were hammered into rocks
On the Long Island side the Sound at low water and the hapless prison-
There is always hope - aspiration drops off to about 40 feet. Ships nav- ers were chained to the rings and left
that British gold was aboard to pay igate in a deep channel between the to drown when the tide came in.
the troops and that it was not sal- lighthouse and Long Island.
vaged. The ship remains under the
muddy river. In the middle of the Sound, off
New Rochelle on the mainland past
Projects seeking real money from
investors have been mounted over
the centuries since the HMS Hussar
sank in the East River.

None have ever recovered any
treasure and none have surfaced with
artifacts that would be provenance
that they found the HMS Hussar.

The diver mentioned at the begin-
ning of this story was happy with
his Scuba purchases and went off to
seek fruition of his dream of recov-
ering treasure from the legendary

I never heard anything about him

www.LoswtTwrewa.LsousretT.creoamsuNrew.csolmetteJru8n-e232-01166 117

A U.S. Coast Guard aerial picture of Execution Rocks. The lighthouse and light not practical to float the ship intact
keeper’s stone house, along with a small cove where boats unloaded supplies for so anything of value was removed
the light keeper, are clearly shown. The light is on automatic now and no one before the hulk was burned.
mans it.
Explosives were placed aboard
The same gruesome fate awaited Access was easy for ports in and the Maine’s hull demolished to
criminals meted out capital punish- Connecticut and Rhode Island. There clear the area and prevent it becom-
ment for their evil deeds. Tides run were overnight accommodations ing a hazard to navigation.
about seven feet in the Sound. aboard some steamers and travelers
enjoyed fine meals and entertain- Underwater, huge steel beams and
Gruesome tales have been told ment. an iron hull remain. The twisted
about serial killer Carl Panzray, who metal points up toward the surface
was arrested in 1920 and allegedly One of those steamers that and is clearly a hazard to boats with
confessed to raping and killing 10 wrecked off Execution Rocks was substantial draft or protruding out-
sailors then dumping their bodies off the Maine. drives, especially at low tide.
Execution Rocks.
The steamboat was built in 1892 The outline of the hull remains in
The lighthouse was declared in the yards of Harlan and Hollings part in one area of the wreckage.
surplus by the U.S. Department of in Wilmington, Delaware. It was
Interior in 2007 and was named to a big ship, 302-feet long with a Before oxygen depletion, caused
the National Register of Historic 44-foot wide beam. The Maine’s by sewage waste high in nitrogen,
Places in 2009. gross tonnage was 2,395. It was created massive marine life kill-offs,
owned by the Bridgeport Line. the Maine was home to lobsters and
Many ships wrecked on the rocks crabs.
that protrude only at low tide. Their News reports indicate that the
vestiges remain for divers to discov- Maine was heading up Long Island While Long Island Sound con-
er. Vagaries of visibility leave many Sound from Manhattan on February ditions have improved with court
sunken treasures to be found after 4, 1920, when it passed Execution judgments and regulations closing
every winter when storms lash the Rocks and got caught in an ice flow. many municipal sewage operations
rocks with wind and waves, expos- into the water, lobsters have still not
ing the remains of ships that wrecked There were only three passengers returned to this part of the Sound.
and were lost to time. aboard with the ship’s crew of 70.
No injuries or deaths were reported. In season the Maine abounds with
During the era of grand river flounder and tautog or black fish. It
transportation, elegant ships made The Maine was simply wedged is a fishing haven.
the trip from Manhattan to Boston, in the ice with a damaged hull and
with stops in between, navigating could not break free. All aboard were Divers can usually see small
Long Island Sound. taken off by the U.S. Coast Guard. watercraft with people fishing on the
Salvage crews determined it was
On one dive on the Maine the cuff
of my wetsuit was hooked by a fish-
erman above. I tried to free the hook.

The fisherman must have thought
he had a big one on his line and
began to reel me in.

The more I tried to pull to get
slack in the monofilament fishing
line, the more he reeled me in.

I finally had to cut the line with
my dive knife only to wonder what
tales he told of the big one that got

The shipwreck remains are cov-
ered with ghost nets, fishing lines
and hooks.

Precautions must be taken to
avoid them and to have appropriate
cutting implements to be able to get
free if entangled.

The shipwreck’s remains are in 10
to 20 feet underwater. The wreckage
is spread out, a result of the demoli-
tion to remove the ship as an under-
water hazard.

Steel hull plates are covered with
mud and sand in places.

812 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEJuNneew2s0le1tt6er 8-23-16

SuHnokwenToTrFeiansdure Artifacts were left aboard since they
were of no interest to salvage crews
that likely only wanted copper and
brass for scrap and perhaps some

I recovered two round porcelain
sinks, the kind that would have been
in each cabin, along with assorted
The tangled wreckage has made from the days of gala dining aboard brass and copper artifacts.
it impossible for boaters to recover Long Island Sound steamers.
I still hope to find more ship’s
their anchors. These two anecdotes describe the china although the little butter dish is

I once dubbed the shipwreck key to finding relics and treasure all we found over many years diving
“Anchor City.” Anchors of all sorts, underwater.
on the shipwreck.
many brand new with their lines still Research can prevent wasted Underwater exploration, after
attached but cut some feet from the time and money. The computer age careful archive research, offers an
shaft to free the boat, can be found has made research available via the exciting way to discover history.
underwater. Internet at home or at libraries.
Working with historical societies
It is good salvage. Anchors in Vast volumes have been digi- can be rewarding.
good condition fetch a fair price. talized that make trips to large library Often municipal libraries and
Early navy anchors provide decor for depositories or archives unnecessary. museums, even City Hall, may show
gardens and dens. Over winters in the north many interest in displaying artifacts recov-

The first time I discovered a round, divers find historical research a ered from a local shipwreck.
white object underwater among the pleasant way to plan the next diving Treasure, after all, is what a per-
wreckage I could not determine what season.
son most appreciates.
it was. The tale of the HMS Hussar is It does not always fit the squawk

It took a lot of fanning and dig- intriguing. of Long John Silver’s parrot, Captain

ging to get it free. I finally got it Careful research will reveal the Flint.
free and turned it over I saw I had fact that it is not a viable shipwreck Your “Pieces of Eight” might only
recovered one of the porcelain sinks project, nor was there any likelihood be a butter dish or anchor; the real
from the ship. that a payroll in gold was left aboard reward is finding it.

On one dive with a friend I recov- since captain and crew escaped and

ered a large Danforth anchor with could aid recovery efforts in a wreck Sources:
considerable line attached. that protruded above the surface.
Author’s diving experience on
It was a new anchor and I didn’t The steamship Maine was sal- site, archive research and documen-
want to let it go for fear of not find- vaged, burned and demolished. tation.
ing it again.

Nor did I feel like surfacing,

swimming back to our Zodiac dive

boat and putting it aboard.

So I lugged it along, inflating my

buoyancy compensator to adjust for

the anchor’s heavy weight.

It was then that I spotted a small

round object sitting right on top of a

hull plate barely covered with sand.

I grunted into my regulator and

pointed to the object. My dive buddy

saw it and immediately grabbed it.

When we surfaced after the dive

we discovered the small butter dish

had the steamship company’s name

on it in red letters.

It was in perfect condition, stained

red from contact with the rusting

steel plate of the shipwreck.

The butter dish was soaked over Documentary photograph of a Manhattan pier with a steamboat at its dock. Luxury
months in fresh water to remove steamers made the run from New York City to Boston with stops in between. One
salt crystals then left as it was found such ship, the Maine, was trapped in ice off Execution Rocks and remains a popu-

without cleaning - a nice souvenir lar dive site today. Photos by John Christopher Fine.

www.LoswtTwrewa.LsousretT.creoamsuNrew.csolmetteJru8n-e232-01166 139

Industry Press

Now Casting Gold

Magilla Entertainment and a of prospecting and mining going If you want to be considered or are
major cable network are now casting back generations? Or have you only interested in learning more, e-mail
a new series about people searching recently become interested in strik- [email protected] as soon
for gold. ing it rich? as possible, along with your name,
age, location, occupation, a recent
They are looking for men and Have your friends been prospect- photo, phone number and any expe-
women of all ages with gold fever ing for years and you want in on the rience you have with prospecting
who have the knowledge and sur- action? and mining.  
vival skills to go out alone prospect-
ing in the few locations left that have Perhaps you are the only one in  
been untouched by big mining.   your family to search for a golden The Magilla Casting Team
payday and no one else in your life  
Do you have a family history seems to understand. 

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

THers' News

Young Hiker Discovers erts or areas with a lot of volcanic ered the rock formation at a favorite
A Spectacular Natural Geode materials. hiking spot in India.
The bounty of the natural world
is truly impressive, especially if you On the outside, geodes generally The only hitch? That was back
already know the best ways to har- appear as sturdy, beige, rather unat- in 2012, and she’s been waiting
ness it. tractive rocks. four years to try to figure out how
Maybe you have a knack for for- to open it.
aging for food, or maybe your talents One of their key identifying fea-
lie in unearthing fossils or pieces of tures is that they are generally rough- According to the post, she was
amber; no matter what your skill set ly spherical in shape, and often have waiting for “someone with a dia-
is, you’re bound to find a use for it! a distinctive pockmarked surface. mond plated saw to cut it open for
For one young woman living in me.”
Indiana, her particular talent seems Inside, it’s a very different matter;
to be for spotting and collecting the minerals borne inside by water When four long years passed
geodes — round rock formations can create exquisite crystal forma- without finding someone with the
that look dull on the outside but are tions that commonly include quartz means to cut open the geode, she
secretly hiding beautiful, colorful but may also feature chalcedony or decided to take matters into her own
crystals on the inside. amethyst. hands.
Geodes are naturally occurring
rock formations, but many of them Recently, a young woman who As she put it to the internet, “I
are so beautiful they look like they stumbled on a geode while hiking finally gave up and decided to use
could only have been made by a pro- jumped on to the popular image- my muscles to crack it open myself
fessional jeweler! sharing site Imgur to describe how today!”
According to DesertUSA, geodes she found her prize, and what she
form when a bubble is trapped deep plans to do about it! That’s exactly what she set about
under the earth or in a volcano. doing, albeit with a few mishaps
Over time, the minerals in trapped The young woman, who calls the along the way.
water will start to turn into crystals, geode a “big dude,” says she discov-
which grow into empty pockets at She used a screwdriver as a chisel
the middle of the bubble, while a to start hammering into the surface
hard shell of stone forms around the of the geode, but is quick to note
exterior. that she doesn’t recommend doing
Occasionally, these bubbles are the same, and that anyone trying this
spit up by the volcano or by the out should wear protective clothes
earth, and can often be found in des- and goggles.

She paid for the mistakes by get-
ting a rock chip in her arm and
bending the screwdriver, but did
manage to score a line all around the
circumference of the geode, giving it
a weak point for a more even break Newsletter 8-23-16 15

THers' News continued...
later on. Her next step? To lay the success in getting an even split, but completely solid crystal surrounded
by rough stone, but still qualifies as
scored geode out in the grass and she says her split is good enough, a geode because there is a cavity in
the center.
apply pressure — lots of it. and she’s happy with the results.
The mineral looks like it could
For this part of the task, she used a Up close, you can see that her be quartz, possibly with chalcedony
mixed in for some of the layers.
heavy hatchet to hit the geode along large geode was definitely a very No matter what gem it is, it sure is
the line and break it in half. cool find worthy of the four-year
Courtesy of http://www.lit-
If you had a proper stone chisel wait. It’s so packed with crystal that
and mallet, you might have more it’s almost more like a nodule, or a medium=Facebook&utm_
Treasure $4.95
Hunters Treasure Hunters Unveil Plan
Logbook To Find Nazi Gold Train
It’s been a year since two trea-
From LostTreasure magazine sure hunters claimed to have
found a Nazi gold train buried
INCLUDES: under Poland and yet no Nazi gold
• LANDOWNERS AGREEMENT train has actually been produced.
That isn’t stopping a team of 35
• EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST people, who plan to resume the hunt
• PERSONALIZED MAP SPACE Monday, Deutsche Welle reports.
Last August, Piotr Koper and
• MEMORY JOGGER Andreas Richter said they used radar
• SAFETY CHECKLIST to find a 320-foot train buried in a
tunnel nearly 30 feet underground
• PLANNING GUIDE near the city of Walbrzych.
• DIARY Their announcement made inter-
national headlines and brought an
• TREASURE SYMBOLS influx of treasure hunters to the area.
Fits in your pocket 4” x 5.5” But since then no scientific evidence
the train even exists has ever been
16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16 produced, according to AFP.
Geologists studying the area last
December said they were "100%
sure" there was no buried train,
though a tunnel was a possibili-
ty. That's good enough for Andrzej
Gaik, spokesperson for the new hunt:
"That’ll also be a success. The
train could be hidden in it." The
hunt, led by Koper and Richter, was
scheduled to start Monday with a
geo-radar sweep.
The digging of three 18-foot holes
will follow on Tuesday, and "it should
all be clear [as to whether the train
is there] by Thursday," says Gaik.
DPA reports the armored train was
supposedly used by the Nazis in an
attempt to smuggle valuables out of

THers' News continued...
Poland as the Soviet army arrived. covered the French artifacts in waters
It's rumored to contain jewels, off Cape Canaveral in the Atlantic
Ocean in May, says a story about the
gold, and art, though Koper and find on IBTimes UK.
Richter suspect it mostly holds
weapons. It’s possible the artifacts were
associated with Protestant Huguenots
Courtesy of http://www.foxnews. fleeing religious persecution in
com/science/2016/08/15/treasure- France in the mid-1500's, IBTimes
hunters-unveil-plan-to-find-nazi- UK says, but the ships may not have
gold-train.html been French in origin.

Submitted by Len Myers. Global Marine Explorations didn’t
announce the finds until recently
Artifacts and Weapons to avoid people flocking to the site
while company employees did the
Discovered in Wreckage survey and research.

off Florida Coast Divers found many artifacts in the
wrecks, including three highly ornate
An assortment of weapons and bronze cannons and an iron cannon,
munitions, ballast, 12 anchors and a
essful maritime equipment has been sal- The royal French emblem the fleur- grinding wheel.
vaged from shipwreck debris fields de-lis on a monument among the
oTfHetrhsreGeuivdeesBseWls1_2thpagt creosleoarr.cqhxedrs They also found a marble of the
believe may have foundered off the 2/7/2s0h1i2pwr1e1c:k1d7ebArMis. P(Gagloeba1l Marine French coat of arms of the era—the
Excavation photo) Courtesy of http:// early colonial period.
coast of Florida around the 16th or
17th century.
The marine archaeology company weapons-discovered-ship-wreckage-

Global Marine Exploration Inc. dis- florida-coast-006457


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 8-23-16 17

THers' News continued...
The researchers believe the subsequent physical evidence and the monument and cannons will
Huguenots may have taken the historical research has contradicted help shed light about the history
French emblem with them as a this theory,” the article states. of Spanish and French pioneers
memorial to their country and king. in 16th and 17th century Florida,
Mr. Pritchett said it’s unlikely the IBTimes UK says.
“We won’t be 100 percent sure names of the ships that the artifacts
these are French artefacts until they were on will ever be known. The Huguenot movement began
are removed from the water, but it in France in 1555, an offshoot of
is a strong possibility as we have He said he’s certain they’re not Protestantism based on Calvinism.
identified the coat of arms of the two French ships that were lost and
king of France and one of the cannon that his crew is trying to recover— “The number and influence of the
has markings liking it to the reign of Trinity and L’Emerillon. French Reformers (Huguenots) con-
King Henry II of France in 1548,” tinued to increase after this event,
Global Marine Exploration chief One reason they know it’s not the leading to an escalation in hostility
executive officer Robert H. Pritchett French ships is because the cannons and conflict between the Catholic
told IBTimes UK. don’t match the ships’ manifests’ Church/State and the Huguenots.
description of them. And also, the
The article explains that though anchors are too big for the Trinity Finally, in 1562, some 1200
the artifacts themselves are likely of and L’Emerillon. Huguenots were slain at Vassey,
French origin, they probably were France, thus igniting the French
not on French ships when they sank.  The team speculates that the three Wars of Religion which would dev-
“Although initial findings suggested ships were English or Spanish in astate France for the next thirty-five
the possibility that these were the origins and their crews had taken years,” says an article at the site The
remains of the lost French ships on this cargo that had earlier been National Huguenot Society.
commanded by Jean Ribault in 1565, brought to Florida by the French
settlers. In 1598, the Edict of Nantes ended
the religious wars, but they ignited
Of whatever origin or identity,

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

THers' News continued...

Two gold earrings were found beside Farong’s skull in Datong City, China. Credit: Photo courtesy of Chinese Cultural
Relics. Photos courtesy of

again in 1685, when hundreds of
thousands of the sect’s people fled
France. They went to other European
countries, the Americas and South

They were largely welcomed in
their new homelands because many
were artisans, crafters and other
types of professions that accrued
benefit to society.

“Their character and talents in
the arts, sciences, and industry were
such that they are generally felt to
have been a substantial loss to the
French society from which they had
been forced to withdraw, and a cor-
responding gain to the communities
and nations into which they settled,”
the article states.

Courtesy of http://www.ancient-

Submitted by Len Myers.

Ancient Bling Found
In Woman’s Tomb
Around 1,500 years ago, at a
time when China was divided, a
woman named Farong was laid to
rest wearing fantastic jewelry, which
included a necklace of 5,000 beads
and “exquisite” earrings, archaeolo-
gists report.
Her tomb was discovered in 2011 Newsletter 8-23-16 19

in Datong City, China,THers' News continued... "since the distribu-

by a team of archaeol- tion [of the beads]

ogists with the Datong was very concentrat-

Municipal Institute ed, it was possible to

of Archaeology who reconstruct it based

were surveying the upon the position of

area before a con- the pieces at the time

struction project. of excavation," the

The researchers archaeologists wrote.

excavated the tomb, The necklace "con-

conserved the artifacts sists of 10 large and

and reconstructed the small gold beads, nine

necklace. flat gold pieces, two

Farong’s tomb crystals, 42 pearls,

was dug into the and more than 4,800

ground, and her skel- small glass beads,"

eton (which is now in the archaeologists

poor condition) was wrote.

found lying in a coffin "The small beads

archaeologists said. are the size of mil-

“The skull rests on The excavation site at Xunantunich. Photograph: Jaime Awe. let grains, some black

a pillow of lime, and and some green, and
inside the pillow are Photograph: Jaime Awe. Photo courtesy of https://www.theguardian. all are oblate, each
two bricks with rope with a perforation in

patterns,” the archae- the middle."

ologists wrote recently in the jour- Made of gold, the earrings contain Courtesy of http://www.

nal Chinese Cultural Relics. Her age images of dragons and a human face.
"The human figure has curly hair, bling-found-in-chinese-tomb.html
at death is unknown.

Her epitaph, found by the tomb deep-set eyes and a high nose; wears Submitted by Len Myers.

entrance, reads simply, “Han Farong, a pendant with a sequin-bead pat-

the wife of Magistrate Cui Zhen” tern on its neck; and has invert- Mayan Tomb Uncovered

(as translated in the journal article). ed lotus flowers carved under its Holding Treasure

In China, the surname is tradition- shoulders,»"wrote archaeologists in Archaeologists have uncovered

ally written first and the given name the journal article. what may be the largest royal tomb

second. "The earrings are also decorated found in more than a century of

While no other burials were found with gold, teardrop-shaped designs work on Maya ruins in Belize, along
in Farong’s tomb, the archaeologists inlaid with gemstones, as well as gold with a puzzling set of hieroglyphic
did discover two other tombs nearby chains and amethysts that would have panels that provide clues to a “snake
that are in the process of being stud- hung down the sides of Farong's face. dynasty” that conquered many of its
ied. "In recent years, many gold ear- neighbors some 1,300 years ago.
Based on the design of Farong’s rings have been unearthed from
The tomb was unearthed at the
tomb, and the artifacts found inside Northern Wei dynasty tombs, but the ruins of Xunantunich, a city on the
it, the archaeologists determined she earrings unearthed from this tomb are Mopan river in western Belize that
lived around 1,500 years ago, a few surely some of the most exquisite,» served as a ceremonial center in the
decades before the collapse of the the archaeologists wrote.
final centuries of Maya dominance
Earrings with similar designs around 600 to 800AD.
Northern Wei dynasty (386-534),

which controlled part of northern were found in 1978 in northern Archaeologists found the chamber

China. Afghanistan, a sign that the Northern 16ft to 26ft below ground, where it

According to historical records, Wei dynasty had strong cultural had been hidden under more than a
Datong City, where the woman was ties with people in central Asia, the millennium of dirt and debris.
buried, was the dynasty’s capital until archaeologists said.
Researchers found the tomb as
494. Farong was laid to rest wearing a they excavated a central stairway
The two earrings the archaeolo- necklace made of about 5,000 beads. of a large structure: within were the
The thread that held the necklace remains of a male adult, somewhere
gists found are difficult to describe

in words. together had decomposed; however, between 20- and 30-years-old, lying

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

THers' News continued...
supine with his head to the south. for decades in the seventh century, contenders to the throne, both car-
The archaeologist Jaime Awe said and shifted capital cities over time. rying the same dynastic title, which
appears to have been read Kanu’l
preliminary analysis by osteologists Awe said the newly discovered Ajaw, ‘king of the place where snakes
found the man was athletic and “quite hieroglyphic panels could prove abound’,” he wrote in an email.
muscular” at his death, and that more “even more important than the tomb”,
analysis should provide clues about by providing clues to the dynasty’s The panels clarify what Helmke
his identity, health and cause of death. history. called a “tumultuous phase of the
In the grave, archaeologists also snake-head dynasty” and explain
found jaguar and deer bones, six jade The third hieroglyphic panel how it splintered between cities
beads, possibly from a necklace, 13 discovered at the Maya ruins in before dominating Maya politics in
obsidian blades and 36 ceramic ves- Xunantunich, with Jaime Awe hold- the region.
sels. ing a flashlight.
The panels identify the origin of
At the base of the stairway, they Epigraphers say the city’s ruler, the snake dynasty at Dzibanche, in
found two offering caches that had Lord K’an II, recorded his defeat of the Yucatan peninsula of modern
nine obsidian and 28 chert flints and another city, Naranjo, on the hiero- Mexico, and refer to the family’s
eccentrics – chipped artefactsthat are glyphic stair, to go with his many move to their capital of Calakmul.
carved into the shapes of animals, other self-commemorations.
leaves or other symbols. Awe said Lady Batz’ Ek’ “was
On another work, he recorded likely a native of Yakha, a site in
“It certainly has been a great field a ball game involving a captured neighboring Guatemala, who later
season for us,” said Awe, who led a Naranjo leader whom he eventually married the ruler of Caracol as part of
team from his own school, Northern sacrificed, according to the archae- a marriage alliance.”
Arizona University, and the Belize ologist Robert Sharer.
Institute of Archaeology. The researchers have had their
Naranjo apparently had its revenge work peer-reviewed for publication
The tomb represents an extraordi- some years later, in 680AD, having in the Journal of the Precolumbian
nary find, if only for its construction the panels dismantled and partially Art Research Institute.
reassembled at home with gaps and
At 4.5 meters by 2.4 meters, it is incorrect syntax – possibly delib- Awe said it was not clear why the
“one of the largest burial chambers erately, to obscure the story of the panels appeared in Xunantunich, but
ever discovered in Belize,” Awe said. snake dynasties’ success. the city may have allied itself with or
been a vassal state to Naranjo.
It appears to differ dramatically Fragments have been discovered
from other grave sites of the era. Most elsewhere in Caracol and at a fourth The cities both fell into decline,
Maya tombs were built “intrusively,” site along the Mopan river, but Awe around 800 to 1,000 AD, for reasons
as additions to existing structures, said the new panels could be “book- still mysterious, but possibly includ-
but the new tomb was built simulta- ends” to the story of war and sacrifice ing climate change, disease and war.
neously with the structure around it in the ancient Maya world.
– a common practice among cultures The city was called Xunantunich,
such as the ancient Egyptians, but According to the University of meaning “stone woman” in the
uncommon among the Mayas. Copenhagen’s Christophe Helmke, Yucatec Maya, long after its aban-
the research team’s epigrapher, the donment by original residents.
“In other words, it appears that panels provide a clue for K’an II’s
the temple was purposely erected for conquests – he appears to have dedi- The name derives from folklore
the primary purpose of enclosing the cated or commissioned the work in around the city about a hunter who
tomb,” Awe said. 642AD – and they note the death of saw a ghostly, statuesque woman,
K’an’s mother, Lady Batz’ Ek’. dressed in indigenous garb, standing
“Except for a very few rare cases, near an entrance to a temple called
this is not very typical in ancient The panels also identify a pre- El Castillo – a story touted by tour-
Maya architecture.” viously unknown ruler from the ist sites today.
Mexican site of Calakmul, Awe said.
The find is the first royal tomb The site was once called Mount
discovered at Xunantunich, and is Helmke said the panels “tell us of Maloney, after a British governor.
one of the largest in the country. the existence of a king of the dynasty The temple is impressive, a stone
Many Maya sites ruled through that was murky figure at best, who is structure that towers 130 ft. above the
dynastic families.  clearly named as Waxaklajuun Ubaah city’s plaza, adorned with a stucco
K’an.”  frieze that represents the gods of the
Tombs for male andfemale rulers sun and moon.
have been found, including those This ruler reigned sometime
of the so-called “snake dynasty,” between 630 and 640AD, and may Courtesy of https://www.theguard-
named for the snake-head emblem have been a half-brother related to
associated with its house. the dynasty. snake-dynasty-tomb-belize-ruins

The family dominated the region “This means that there were two Submitted by Len Myers. Newsletter 8-23-16 21

Calendar of Events
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free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

SEPTEMBER Donna Funk at (973) 219-5833 or merly Simpson) Recreation, 1052 E
9th – 10th – Penticton, BC, e-mail donna@moondoggiecoffee. Mason Lake Dr. W, Grapeview, will
Canada. The Okanagan Treasure com. be attended by resident members
Hunters’ Annual Treasures in the as well as metal detectorists from
Sand Open Treasure Hunt sponsored 17th – Taunton, Massachusetts. communities across the state. Gates
by Minelab, Garrett, Tesoro, White’s The Semi-Annual New England open at 9 a.m., meet at 10. Will be
and Westjet Airlines. 100% of pro- Treasure Show sponsored by the to the left at the last covered picnic
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Regional Hospital. Free breakfast Bristol-Plymouth Technical High is $25 a person entry fee, Visa and
and lunch for all paid participants. School at 940 County Street – Route MasterCard accepted. $25.70 swiped
Registration fee is $95. Registration 140. There will be prize raffles, card, $26 by phone or online. There
form and flyer on the website at guest speakers, special guests from will be silver halves, quarters, dimes, For more You Tube, TV and radio, top name and coin sets along with additional
information, e-mail Chairperson metal detector vendors/distributors, manufacturer and donated prizes.
Joanne Birch at okanagantreasure- food and a whole lot more. 10 a.m. For more information, contact Hunt
[email protected] or Ken – 4 p.m., adult admission $5, chil- Chairman Ron Sharer at mach9ron@
Dewerson [email protected] dren under 12 free. See a variety of or call (360) 275-
treasures, including Civil War relics, 6123.
10th – Berne, New York. thousands of coins, gold and silver
The Empire State Metal Detector jewelry, real shipwreck treasure, and 24th – 25th – Java Center, New
Association’s 46th Annual Club more. For more information, contact York. The 18th Annual International
Hunt and Picnic will be held at the David Iglehart at dwiglehart@aol. Hunt sponsored by the Genesee
Berne Town Park. The club will com or (781) 820-3929, or log onto Valley Treasure Seekers at Beaver
again have over $6,000 in coins Meadows Family Campgrounds.
and token prizes to be given away, There will be plenty of silver and
including 1,000 coins (all Barber 18th – Lathrop, Missouri. The tokens planted for each hunt and
coins or older except for a few sil- 40th Annual Open Hunt sponsored prizes include detectors, gold coins,
ver dollars). Last year the club gave by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery silver coins and many other items of
away five metal detectors as some Club at the Lathrop Antique Show interest to metal detectorists. In addi-
of their token prizes. All members Grounds. For more information, tion to the hunts there will be raffles,
and families are invited to the picnic e-mail Terry Theiss at outboundace@ drawings and an amazing magic
for free, so don't forget to bring a, call Chuck Clevenger show Saturday evening. The hunt
dish. For more information, e-mail at (816) 436-0697, or visit the club application is available for down-
[email protected] or call (518) website at load at or contact
449-2911. To view a hunt form, John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane,
log onto 24th – Waynesville, Ohio. The Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@
ugd/7e8ab9_b786c40e506344f0ae- Ohio Detectorists Association’s Big
879ce6372cee1e.pdf Fall Hunt at the park at 4966 North
SR 42, rain or shine. For more infor- OCTOBER
17th – Long Branch, New Jersey. mation, visit the club’s website at 1st – Fort Worth, Texas. The
Deep Search Metal Detecting Club’s or con- Cowtown Treasure Hunters’ Club’s
25th Silver Anniversary Open tact Jeff Filaseta, President, at (937) 32nd Annual Hunt & Picnic at the
Beach Treasure Hunt at the Seven 716-7160) or e-mail jfilaseta@hot- YMCA Camp Carter, 6200 Sand
Presidents’ Oceanfront Park. Silver, Springs Rd. Registration begins at
gold, jewelry and coins from the 8 a.m. and the first hunt, the Dollar
1700 and 1800’s. For more informa- 24th – Grapeview, Washington. Hunt, is at 9. There is a Free Kids’
tion, log onto http://www.dsmdc. The 2016 MDAW Membership Hunt at 10 a.m. followed by the Ring
org/ or contact DSMDC President Picnic Hunt at Green Diamond (for- Hunt at 10:45 and Lunch at 11:30,

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 8-23-16

Calendar Cont'd

provided for registered hunters. The at Grand Bay Middle School in detectors, accessories, silver and
Main Hunt begins at 1 p.m. which southwest Mobile County, 1 mile gold coins, Lortone Tumblers and
will include thousands of old coins south of I-10 Exit 4. Two big events more. For more information, contact
plus tokens for silver, gold, metal begin with a Poker Hunt (highest Stanley Norris, Sahrara President,
detectors, and other prizes. For more hand wins a gold coin) followed by at (251) 716-3282, e-mail s.norris@
information, contact President Dave the Main Hunt (tokens redeemed for or log onto http://www.
Totzke at [email protected] or prizes). Prizes will include metal
call (214) 320-2986.
E-mail upcoming events
8th – Cullman, Alabama. The to managingeditor@
43rd Annual Deep South Treasure
Hunt sponsored by the Warrior
Basin Treasure Hunters Association. STANDARD DIGGING TOOL
Main hunt entry fees received before TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!!
August 31 will get a prize token
from the main prize board. For more UMa.Sde.Ain
information, contact David Scales at
(205) 529-8955 or Joe Box at (205) Click this ad This Fine Digging
451-7693, or log onto www.wbtha. to order Tool is Made of
com Aircraft Quality
* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated
15th – 16th – Deadwood, South * Digs through and Tempered.
Dakota. The Deadwood Gold Show
2016, sponsored by the Northern any type of ground
Hills Prospectors, a GPAA chapter, * Ideally suited for Metal
will be held at the SpringHill Suites
in Deadwood at 322 Main Street Detecting, Camping,
beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday and Nursery and Landscaping
ending at 5 p.m. Sunday. Entry Fee
is $5. For more information, contact
James Van Hout at bhprospector1@

22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone
Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd
Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain
Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold
coins and much more was awarded.
Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-
[email protected] or call (972) 839-
6647 for more information or go to

NOVEMBER Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with
12th – Grand Bay, Alabama. The plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool.
Sahrara Shoot-Out 2016, sponsored
by the South Alabama Historical The belt loop is 3 1/2”
Research and Recovery Association
(Sahrara), will be held rain or shine Newsletter 8-23-16 23

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