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Online Newsletter 19 July 2016

Newsletter – July 19, 2016

Lost Treasure The Ohio
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

July 19, 2016


Feature Club — page 4


page 7 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Tips From the Pros
10 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

15 THers' News
21 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR Guest EditorialByCarlaNielsen

PUBLISHER Lee Harris Could Drones Be Used
[email protected] For Treasure Hunting?
[email protected]
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
[email protected]

Coy Harris (1964-1996)
Kevin Harris (1965-2013)

This photo of an AltiGator civil drone OnyxStar Fox-C8 XT in flight is
courtesy of ZullyC3P at

PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One Today I was talking to my girl’s (had) Google maps that overlay the
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two son who loves to go fishing. area they are looking at and you can
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: pin point areas of interest.
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). So he was telling us that this fel-
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first low fisherman takes a Drone with He said the Drone ran about
issue. (Printed in the USA.) him. $1,800. You have to follow rules on
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- how high and where you look.
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address They get to where they are going
change or correction (enclosing latest and set the Drone free. The Drone Can’t wait to read an article about
address label) eight weeks in advance to scouts and finds good areas to fish. someone using this technique.
our subscription department: Lost Treasure,
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. So I was thinking, wow. What a Than you,
E-mail [email protected] great idea.
Art Rodriguez
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK I’m old school…open to new Semper Fi
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct ideas. But it got me thinking, what a
way to find abandoned home sites or [email protected]
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost good places to detect, after reading
your article on the Dutchman’s Gold
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this Mine and how he mapped the area
(June 2016 issue of Lost Treasure
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire Magazine).

contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the The drone the fisherman used

expressed written permission of the publisher.

© 2016 Lost Treasure, Inc.®

LostTreasure OnLine

http://www.lost Newsletter 7-19-16 3

Feature Club

The Ohio
Detectorists Association

The Ohio Detectorists Phone 513-445-9806 or e-mail: Preservation Project of Ohio,
Association (ODA - Ohio’s Premier [email protected] featuring Ohio’s Only Metal
Metal  Detecting Organization) is a The interests of the club members Detecting Artifact Museum.
local club in Southwest Ohio with span the entire range of metal detect-
over 60 members and growing at a ing, including coin shooting, park Once a year the Ohio Detectorists
phenomenal rate. hunting, relic hunting, and every- Association (ODA) holds a large
thing in between. fall treasure hunt where members
The ODA is located in Southwest They are all about saving history and non-members can participate in
Ohio and hold their meetings at the through the use of metal detectors.  metal detecting activities.
Upstairs Sports Bar & Grill at Holly Some of the members are novices,
Hills centrally located between and some are experts, but all are They also invited a couple of bor-
Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. willing to share their experiences dering clubs in the Indiana area to
and metal detecting tips, and help this year’s event and fully expect the
ODA meetings include Finds of out others who are just starting out event to draw anywhere from 100 to
the Month, metal detecting, prizes, in the hobby. 125 detectorists.
Club Business, food and more. The Ohio Detectorists Association
(ODA) is heavily involved with This year’s event will be held
You are more than welcome join the community finding lost valu- September 24th in Waynesville,
the club. Simply contact one of the ables for folks in their area, offer- Ohio, at the park at 4966 North SR
club officers to get a welcome kit ing metal detecting services to Law 42, rain or shine.
and invite to the next meeting: Enforcement, and working with
Historical Societies and local muse- For more info, visit www.odam-
Jeff Filaseta, President  ums through their exclusive partner- or contact Jeff
Phone: 937-716-7160 or ship with “In Search of History.”  Filaseta, President, at jfilaseta@hot-
e-mail [email protected] The Ohio Detectorists Association
Gary Fishman, Vice President is a sponsor of the Civil War
Phone 513-702-0200 or Find out more about the club
e-mail [email protected] by visiting www.odametaldetect-
Haven Fletcher, Director or their Facebook page at
of Public Relations

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 7-19-16 5

Treasure Facts

Back Issues
Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

1995 Sold Out If you have missed one 2005 _______
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Favorite Finds

1861 $2.50 Gold Coin

Reader Carter 1898 so everything we "Seeing this, I
Pennington made an have found over knew we were going
amazing “bucket list” the years was dated to hit targets, but I
in the 1800’s. was not expecting to
find recently.
He said, "Since "Ocean currents move see the pinnacle
starting metal the bottom; subsequently of my bucket list.
detecting in 1973, “It’s hard to put the
the one find that had every year some new feeling into words,
eluded me was a targets are exposed. but luckily I was
US gold coin. recording the dive.”
"We were diving an "We went back for You can see the gold
old dock site that I first our yearly dive and, coin being recovered
detected back in 1984. when we first went in at https://wwwyou-
"The dock site was the water, I noticed
destroyed in the storm of many more rocks in =PLZ94_GeR-M
areas that were very

sandy last year. Newsletter 7-19-16 7

Tip From the Pros

Avoided Spots
By Jay Pastor

After searching an area, Although, sometimes, such more physical discomfort in
make a note of the spots conditions have to be lived order to reach-out for possi-
you deliberately didn’t ble undiscovered valuables.
with, others may be cor- Throughout the history of
bother with because rectible enough to provide
they were too wet, too dry, new relatively-untouched treasure hunting, a lot of
ground too hard, covered wonderful things have been
with snow or ice, too many areas for you to search. found in some of the most
It may simply be a mat- inhospitable places. It’s your
insects, no one around ter of returning in another choice to decide just how
to give you permission, season when the ground is far you’re willing to go to
too many bushes or low tree drier, when the leaves are test the limits. No one will
branches, trashy, or off the trees, when harvest condemn you if you don’t,
had structures that got time is over, when some-
one is around to give you or even possibly admire
in the way, etc. permission, when the bugs you if you do. Your primary
These are spots many other are gone, or when you’d be rewards are the finds them-
detectorists have also avoid- willing to experience a bit
selves. Good luck!
ed for the same reasons.

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

How To Hunt
Ghost Towns

By Bill Gallagher

The 1903-S Barber dime found on the

The rare 1907-S Barber Dime. surface at a New Mexico ghost town. A find from the virgin dump site.

The number of ghost towns in munity that has long since disap- 5,000 residents. Now there are 30
America number in the many thou- peared. people or less.
sands, and it is probable that ghost
towns actually outnumber living My personal experience with Broken down adobe buildings and
towns across the world. ghost towns comes from living in burned out buildings litter the land-
New Mexico. scape.
Many larger cities are built upon
the remains of earlier habitation sites I own a small mining camp near The only real original building
and, even though the evidence of the boot heel, about 5 miles from the left operating is the community cen-
earlier life is plentiful in places like Mexican border. This town was once ter, which was once a mercantile
that, these do not really qualify as a thriving mining area with over store.
ghost towns.
A picture of the surface at the newly The town got a big boost when
A real ghost town is one that found military dump site. This is what the railroad put a line through during
thrived at one time and is now aban- you look for in the desert. Almost every the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, and
doned, or just a vague shadow of site like this is well worth metal detect- there was even a fairly well estab-
what it once was. ing. lished military outpost here, Camp
Shannon, which was used to train
The thousands of ruins hidden troops for WW1,and was also used
in the forests of the world, such as an exploration outpost during the
as in South America or Thailand Pancho Villa incursion early in the
and Vietnam/Cambodia, attest to the 1900’s.
number of ghost towns worldwide,
and most have not even been discov- I had been absent for some years
ered, not to mention explored. from my New Mexico mining camp,
because of a treasure hunt in New
Many times ghost towns are only York and Florida from 2010 to 2015.
evident because of the trash left
behind by the early inhabitants. Upon my return I noticed that a
Indian mounds and other "tell" type lot of land changes had taken place
formations are good indicators that from rain and wind.
there had once been a thriving com-
Many of the places I liked to look
for treasure had been left unsearched

160 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEMNaeyw2sl0e1tt6er 7-19-16

for five years. It was new territory, Various finds from the dump site.
most certainly.
Subscription Questions?
I made my way through my old Call Toll-free
haunts and found a few interesting
things. There was a lot of rain dur- 1-866-469-6224
ing the summer of 2015, too, and
that always creates new conditions, or e-mail
especially in the west. losttreasure@
Some of my favorite places to
hunt in the west are the many dumps www.LostwTwrewa.sLuorset.TcroemasNureew.csolemtteMr 7a-y192-01166 117
that surround all landmarks, espe-
cially ghost towns.

One has but to walk through the
desert to find these areas where
people of old deposited trash, and
many other things.

Whatever came to the desert in
those days generally stayed there, at
least as far as bottles and other arti-
facts are concerned.

The desert sun turned many of the
early bottles a deep purple, and that
is a telltale indicator of an old dump
worth searching.

Metal detecting, screening and
even (or especially) surface hunt-
ing, can be very productive in these

Many times it is not even possible
to see the old building foundations or
other indicators of habitation, but the
dumps remain.

Many were burn piles, though
the burning was incomplete and a
lot of the antiques in the burn piles
remained intact, or nearly so.

I have it on good authority and
experience that in the old days
dumping areas were also used as
stash places for currency or other
hidden valuables.

Traffic to and from a dump site
would not be questioned, so a per-
son could keep an eye on their cache
and take from it or add to it without
being suspected.

Sometimes it is possible to see the
glitter of glass in the sun from a road
while driving, and quick explora-
tion of that has led me to some good

I have found that telegraph poles
or any other indication of travel/
communication, like defunct roads
and paths, will also help the searcher
when looking for these old dumps in
the desert ghost towns.

Finally, many odd features mani-
fest in aerial photos and satellite

sentable Barber dime, a 1907-S… three-mile hike, but apparently in
nice! my absence some others had found
it, too, because the area was pretty
The military had been paid in well dug and screened. I did find a
coinage brought in on rail, and I few interesting things, but no buttons
have found more than my share of or coins.
Barber dimes nearby.
Because it had taken me a lot of
This event clued me to the idea walking to find this place again, I re-
that a lot of the areas I had been over oriented it in my memory by hiking
were now worth searching again. out of it with landmarks in mind.

I remembered an old dump on I saw a telephone pole well off in
BLM land that had been shown to the distance, so I sighted on it and
me in 2003. I had not been back walked straight in that direction. I
there for a long time, and I thought it also used other landmarks and feel
was a worthy place to search again. sure I can find the old military dump
again whenever I need to.
It had been a military dump and
was burned, but at one time there As I was walking out from the old
were a lot of buttons and even a military dump I still remained in the
Barber coin or two from the piles. general vicinity of the old military

I finally found it again after a

views that are now available online, The bottles recovered from the surface of the unexplored dump site in New Mexico.
at your local library or on your home

Every day more satellite discov-
eries are made, and the number of
ruins and unrecorded dumps will
keep a savvy treasure hunter busy

There just aren't enough hours in
the day to search all the prospects
that technology has laid at our door-

My most recent treasure hunting
success occurred over a week’s time
on three separate days, and the suc-
cess has only begun!

I had been waiting for an associ-
ate at the old community center in
town, because I was to assist in some
cleanup from a meeting the previous

The person I was waiting for had
the key to the building and they were
running late.

Never one to waste an oppor-
tunity, I began a slow methodical
surface search of the empty lot next
door between the community center
and the basketball courts.

There had been a lot of early traf-
fic here and the old glass that was
littered everywhere told me so.

There were little washes eroded
out of a small hill where anoth-
er building had once stood, and I
thought it was a prime place for a
coin on the surface.

Sure enough, it was just minutes
before I located a burned, but pre-

182 LLOOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEMNaeyw2sl0e1tt6er 7-19-16

encampment site.

Staying on a straight path to

the telephone pole in the distance,

I walked for about 3/4 of a mile

through desert brush and flat.

It was cool weather and the many

rattlesnakes that inhabit the area

were all sleeping…nice thing.

I had to remove seven rather large

rattlers from my camp during the

summer, and I am not very fond of


As I walked I looked about and,

all of a sudden, noticed that I had

come into an area where there were

six or seven small dump piles I had

never seen before.

It was a pure accident that I came

across them, serendipity, and it

appeared I was the first person to

see them in a long, long time. Once

again the importance of random

exploration was impressed upon me.

The area was just a tiny speck in

the desert, but the glass was all very

purple and there were many other

interesting things.

I was pretty worn out, though I

still explored and was glad I did, A close-up of the buttons found in one day’s searching.
because within minutes I had locat-

ed a US Army 4-hole button from

around 1910, and a 1903-S Barber The sun was setting and the eve- with my trusty White's, and I imme-

dime that was damaged, but proved ning chill was setting in, so I made diately started getting signals.

to be the rarest dime I have ever plans to return the next day with the The very first signal was what I

found, with a total mintage of only detector. thought was a molten blob of metal,

613,300. Both were surface finds. The next morning found me there but upon later discovery proved to be

a high grade metallic specimen from

one of the local mines.

It felt like lead, but when I

scratched off some verdigris patina

it revealed a bright gold color!

It did not test 12K, but I believe

it is a high grade copper from the

local Apache Mine, with a high gold


This is a fact of prime importance

when searching around old mining


There was always a lot of high-

grading going on, and sometimes

those molten blobs of metal in the

dirt are fantastically valuable. Lots

and lots of silver, too.

My second target was a small cuff

button with a nice eagle on it, circa

1910, that’s pre-WWI, and it just got

better as I went.

I found quite a few whole late

Buckle finds from the virgin dump site. 1890’s and early 1900’s bottles lay-

www.LostwTwrewa.sLuorset.TcroemasNuerew.csolemtterM7a-y192-01166 139

How To Hunt
Ghost Towns

do you have ing on the surface, mostly purple your finds and your health?
a story & but some green, which is another Keep it fun, and I will look for
photos you'd indication that this was a virgin site,
like to because even the most casual collec- you in the field.
share with tor will always pick up old bottles on
the surface. Sources:
lost Handbook of United States Coins
treasure My best find was a sliding buckle (Red Book), Yeoman
readers? for horse leather or cartridge belt “The Uncommon Sense,” Earl
send them to with an awesome eagle. Webb
Author’s personal experience.
us at I had never found one like it Old Bottles: They're Waiting To
managing before and it made my day, to say Be Found, Bill Gallagher, Western
editor@ the least. and Eastern Treasures Magazine
Bureau of Land Management
lost The profusion of horse-type metal, Maps
treasure. like horseshoes, made me think this Google Earth.
was a dump used by the stables of
com the military encampment, separate
from the dump proper, and this is
another aspect of desert ghost town
hunting that is worth remembering:
many times the trash itself will let
you know who might have dumped,
and the commercial dumps are usu-
ally richer.

If you find a lot of bottle caps
or whiskey-type bottles, it is pos-
sible that it was a cantina dump,
and it pays to remember that many
bars of olden days used sawdust on
the floors that was swept out and
dumped on occasion. That’s a great
place to find coins.

Here are just a few things that
should come in handy whenever
hunting ghost towns.

There are as many special circum-
stances as there are ghost towns, and
that’s a lot!

Always remember to keep your
curiosity honed and your walking
shoes with you.

Treasure hunting is about explora-
tion, and what better way to increase

1104 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NMeawysl2e0tt1e6r 7-19-16

THers' News

Fun at Crater of Diamonds’ Wilson, Harrison, AR 2nd place – Hayley Ryan, Lake

Prospectors’ Gemboree 3rd place – Taylor, Blanchard, LA Charles, LA

By Waymon Cox Ages 10-12 3rd place – Nathan Bryant,

On June 18 more than 900 people 1st place – Autumn Carthage, MO
Trevaisisteud rthee CCraatecrhfoer /oTurre6tah sAnunrueal FacWtsils2on0, 1H6arrwisoinl,lAbRe publishedAignesD10I-G12ITAL format only
Prospectors’ Gemboree. 2nd place – Jorian 1st place – Brieland Green,
Dozens of children and families

Get your copy today at: www.LostTreasure.comcompeted in fun games to win great
Jackson, Adairville, KY Wilmer, AL

3rd place – Everett Smith, 2nd place – Eric Decoq, Moore,

Treasure Cacheprizes during the event. The winners Nashville, TN OK
Treasure Factswere:
Diamond Toss, sponsored by 3rd place – Autumn Wilson,

*a*thMPbauoatPsbunholatyiarsr1ADtekrvhosedegi,eftaaeKdtbpmnshsylSeufeao5ovrcPnersee&adttrocwr–ebaDruAniaecenivshegsKdueengecirrsirnyeorn.gengWhsvtuaeCeniabnotleeenlrirdtt,setOlbsewtev,kh feonsorproleaeown,nnnduj-oncytliulrAWeeosauRedA21rosisntrntgetedgecrpanslulmsa5Apetcosloeu&raiftce–oeusConfdh–erNirsatAsiahnnvdiWrlelTt*eiowLproeesdaa, ,srtSrnCuimcrnoekiovstFhtea,,aoncndtlsyMHDhwhiainoeia1Rrltawlmrssdoigtsoftociroounkropnd,dmgl,eCsaeAcuptyOReRsorsolehtudafli–eanrtWotsyges,D,emd isOoeowtnrKsrCraieptihlcaoftkbiranniesndma&osssreuaetradfKetleadhrdeurbeetneynatcedtroisnr.g,
rt*heTesheemaory3J2cnsohnrtlydheednrrtypshs,loipoanntlfcrga,eetchHam–eesoiusEutsrrsmee–itnaomhgsnuua,CinsrTKeatYeXracrtOsteaeUrcahnaedEnsdvwaaryninotdesu,rfrsinaddbiKNsiylciaaotoy3nsuhvrsrtdeavowsriplesaloldeCyal,vcittTtheeoyeN,(mtKi.eS) ;–KGaasbobnb*yRuHetJahaadocrrkwitssipootosnn,,otwnehaCokrwoi32tcrnyadkodneupdt,ltpa,stlocThaeocaim,e–rpcpTea–srnnoancyhF,eoaeTuvr&rerXosMtnkhieall&tst".MMiKdoaargistalTinno,uch"
treaIsnudreepaennddefnocrteu,nMe.O *Learn how to sSetailrlcwhahteurn, tOeKd out sites.
Dallas, TX
*Even Aif gyeosu6a-r9e unable to look for the caches Ayoguerss6e-lf9,
you wi1llsetnpjloayceth–e Hinateyrdeesnting stories for their hi1sstot ricpallace *Take the advice oEfgagnTeoxspse, rstpoonnshoorwedtobymFaikrset dSetatetecting
– Haydemn orWe pilrsoofinta, bleBaan1ndskteopnfljoaPcyieakbe–leCM.oautnt t&y Trace Morgan,

value aWloinlseo.n, Harrison, AR Harrison, AR

2nd place – Hannah Stillwater, OK
Treasure Cache / Treasure Facts 2016 is the 22nd edition of this

one-of-a-kind, collector's edition, treasure hunting magazine.

Get yours today!

Treasure Cache Annual offers you full color stories complete with

documented treasure caches and the authors’ TIPS ON HOW-TO Start Your Hunt.

Plus you will have the good, solid, how-to articles of Treasure Facts.

Half of this extra large 100 page book is loaded with valuable information and entertaining

stories, released for the first time for your enjoyment and as a source of leads to many trea-

sure caches. The other half is filled with tried and true tips and techniques from some of the

world’s most experienced treasure hunters, to help mwwawk.eLoysotTureratsruerea.scoumreNhewusnletttaers7u-1c9c-1e6ss1.5

Order today: - click on the "Subscribe" link by the Treasure Cache photo

THers' News continued...

2nd place – Ande & Lea Terrell, Watermelon Seed Spitting 1st place – Tyson Meador,
Cushing, OK (15’ 1”)
Murfreesboro, AR Contest, sponsored by York Gary
2nd place – Danielle Miller,
3rd place – Derrick & Kaden Autoplex Louisville, KY (4’ 4”)

Meador, Cushing, OK Ages 6 & under 3rd place – Logan Robak, Black
Falls, Alberta, Canada (4’ 3.5”)
Treasure $4.95
Hunters Ages 7-12
Logbook 1st place – Faith Hill, San Antonio,
TX (19’ 10.5”)
From LostTreasure magazine 2nd place – Zane Smith, Wheaton,
MO (19’ 6”)
INCLUDES: 3rd place – Reyann Lozano, San
• LANDOWNERS AGREEMENT Antonio, TX (16’ 4.5”)
Ages 13 & up
• EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST 1st place – Jenny Wilson,
• PERSONALIZED MAP SPACE Harrison, AR (29’ 8”)
2nd place – Dennis Wilson, Harrison,
• MEMORY JOGGER AR (24’ 8.5”)
• SAFETY CHECKLIST 3rd place – Trace Morgan,
Stillwater, OK (27’ 7”)
• PLANNING GUIDE Paul Mayer, of Sanford, NC, found
• DIARY Bottle #1 in the park’s 22nd Annual
Prospectors’ Treasure Hunt. He won
• TREASURE SYMBOLS prizes from Home Improvement
Fits in your pocket 4” x 5.5” Center of Nashville, Swaha Lodge
& Marina on Lake Greeson, Western
Sizzlin’ of Nashville, D&R Marine
& RV Service, Miner’s Camping &
Rock Shop, and New Orleans Style
Snow Balls.
Christian, Maria, and Lilly Butler,
and Dalton Colyer, of Waynesville,
MO, discovered Bottle #2 and
won prizes from Morning Glory
Retreat, Queen of Diamonds Inn,
Rattler’s Den Restaurant, Southern
Specialties, D&R Marine & RV
Service, Miner’s Camping & Rock
Shop, and New Orleans Style Snow
Bridgett Giriepentrog, of
Nashville, TN, located Bottle #3
and won prizes from Futrell Marine
of Nashville, D&R Marine &

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

THers' News continued...

RV Service, Western Sizzlin’ of Bronze and silver jewelry has been Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria in a
Nashville, Miner’s Camping & Rock unearthed along with the remains rock tomb.
Shop, and New Orleans Style Snow of an ancient Thracian noblewoman
Balls. that was ritually dismembered in the Researchers are speculating the
“Thracian princess,” as she is being
Four orange-painted bottles were
hidden throughout the search area on
June 18, redeemable for prize pack-
ages sponsored by local businesses.

One bottle remains hidden in our
22nd Annual Prospectors’ Treasure

The lucky finder of our final prize
bottle this year will win an LED
spotlight from D&R Marine & RV
Service, a Grill Daddy Pro from
Murfreesboro Hardware, a gemstone
box from Ka Do Ha Indian Village,
lunch buffet and drinks for two from
Rattler’s Den Restaurant, free admis-
sion to Dino Dig, a necklace from
Miner’s Camping & Rock Shop, and
a free medium snow cone from New
Orleans Style Snow Balls.

We’ll post clues to the bottle’s
location in each article this summer
until it is found.

This week’s clue is: near, but not
on, Prospector Trail.

We appreciate everyone who
attended this year’s Prospectors’
Gemboree. Mark your calendars to
attend the 7th Annual Prospectors’
Gemboree on June 17, 2017!

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Princess’ Grave Rich with
Jewelry and Mythic Meaning Newsletter 7-19-16 17

THers' News continued...

Grave goods from the Thracian noblewoman’s burial included silver and bronze jewelry (right).
Archaeologists Lyuben Leshtakov (left) and Nikolay Ovcharov (right) are seen showing the newly found Thracian noble-
woman’s rock grave to reporters. Photos:  24 Chasa  daily, courtesy of
essful THers Guide BW 1o_l2opggy/arccohlaoero.loqgxidsts-2u/n7e/a2r0th12-thr1a1c:ia1n7-pArMincPesasg-egra1ve-rich-jewelry-and-mythic-020896

called, was torn apart after death dur- of disfavor but rather an honor coin that was possibly placed under
ing ceremonies linked to the Orphic accorded to Thracian nobility and her tongue as an obol or offering
mysteries about 2,300 years ago. clerics. to Charon, the mythical figure of
Greece, Rome and Thrace who fer-
Dismemberment was not a mark The woman had a Greek silver


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18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

THers' News continued...
the altar plus the dismemberment als. We know that Orpheus was ripped
have led archaeologists to speculate apart by the bacchantes,” Leshtakov
that the site was a center for Orphic was quoted as saying by the 24
cultic or ritual celebrations then in Chasa daily.
vogue in Thrace.
Another archaeologist consulting
“It is interesting that the body was on the dig, Nikolay Ovcharov, said
dismembered which corresponds to dismembering of the dead was com-
some information about Orphic ritu- mon among ancient Thracian nobil-

João da Nova, 1460 - 1509, Spanish- SECURITY
Portuguese explorer. (Public Domain) WARNING DECALS

ried the dead across the rivers Styx Protect Yourself and
and Acheron into their afterlife in Your Belongings!
Protect Your Detectors
The body of the woman was in and Your Property!
five pieces with her skull propped up
on two rocks and sitting on a silver • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
tiara, says the blog Archaeology in property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
• Frighten burglars away.
The ancient people hewed her • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
grave into the rock of the mountains. • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
house, equipment, store or boats.
The archaeologist who discovered • Great low-cost security system.
the burial, Assistant Professor Lyubin • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
Leshtakov of the National Institute • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
and Museum of Archaeology in
Sofia, speculates there may be a Click on this ad to order OnLine
necropolis or rock mausoleum there or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
and hopes to find more graves, the
blog states. Newsletter 7-19-16 19

The grave contains almost 60
bronze and silver pieces, including
the tiara, earrings, rings, necklaces
and beads.

It dates to the 4th century BC,
around the time of Alexander the
Great, who ruled an empire stretch-
ing from Macedonia and Greece
to Afghanistan and India.His reign
lasted from 336 to 323.

The grave goods are among the
richest of any found in Bulgarian
burials from the era.

The grave is just 4 meters (13.1234
feet) away from a rock altar found
by Alexander Mitushev, an archaeo-
logical hobbyist who is financing
the dig.

The proximity of the grave and

THers' News continued...
ity or priests before they were buried. to Lisbon. The Flor de la Mar left
“When Orpheus started the Orphic Illustration of the Flor do Mar. (CC Malacca in November 1511, and
BY-SA 3.0) Photos courtesy of http:// probably sank a month later.
societies, women were not allowed
in them, and began resenting him. According to a contemporary
We know that Orpheus died when he lost-treasure-flor-de-la-mar-flower- report, it was whilst sailing along the
was ripped to pieces by bacchantes coast of Sumatra that the ship was
(maenads). He was dismembered and sea-006236 caught in a storm.
his body parts were thrown in the
Maritsa River," said Ovcharov . was one of the largest and most beau- An attempt was made to seek
tiful carracks of its day. refuge on the coast, but the ship was
The researchers are going to ana- wrecked on a beach.
lyze the remains to ascertain whether In the same year, the Flor de la
more than one person was buried Mar made its maiden voyage by sail- As a result, the ship broke into
with the woman. ing from Lisbon to India under the two, and its back demolished by the
command of Estêvão da Gama. waves.
They will also examine her body
closely to verify that she was female. In 1511, the Portuguese set their Along with the ship, the treasure
sights on the Sultanate of Malacca, was also lost.
They have tentatively identified whose capital (also called Malacca)
her as female because of the presence was one of the richest cities in the Another report, however, claims
of the tiara. world at that point of time. that most of the treasure was
later recovered by the surviving
The tiara, fashioned from a very It was from their new colony in Portuguese.
thin sheet of silver, is in very bad con- Goa that the Portuguese ships, one
dition, but Leshkatov hopes experts of which was the Flor de la Mar, Regardless of whether the treasure
will be able to restore the artifact. began their voyage of conquest is still in the wreck or not, attempts
led by Afonso de Albuquerque, the have been made to find the remains
Courtesy of http://www.ancient- Governor of Portuguese India. of the Flor de la Mar over the years.
gy/archaeologists-unearth-thracian- The Portuguese expedition was Several claims have been made
princess-grave-rich-jewelry-and- successful, and Malacca became part regarding the discovery of its remains,
mythic-020896 of their overseas empire. though none of these have really been
Submitted by Len Myers. Much booty was gained from this
undertaking which was placed in the In 1992, for instance, a treasure
Lost Treasure of Flor de la Mar, as it had a large capac- hunter by the name of Bob Marx is
Flower of the Sea ity for the transport of goods, to be said to have announced his discovery
The Flor de la Mar or Flor do Mar brought back to the court of King of the ship after 3 days of survey.
(meaning Flower of the Sea) was a Manuel I in Lisbon.
Portuguese carrack of 400 tons that According to the story, the proj-
sailed the seas during the early 1500s. However, the ship’s design made ect had to be halted, as word of the
This ship was carrying a great it difficult to maneuver when it was ship’s discovery leaked out (presum-
amount of treasure when it sank filled to its maximum capacity. ably prior to the announcement).
somewhere off the coast of Sumatra,
possibly at the northern end of the Apart from the treasures of The ship is unlikely to have sur-
Strait of Malacca, during its voyage Malacca, the Flor de la Mar is said to vived at all, given the rough condi-
back to Portugal. have been transporting an impressive tions of the sea in that region.
Attempts to find this ship have tribute from the King of Siam to the
been made over the years, though Portuguese king, as well as all of de Additionally, it is entirely possible
they have not been met with success. Albuquerque’s personal fortune. The that the ship’s cargo was salvaged by
Whilst some have claimed that largest treasure ever assembled by the the survivors / locals after the storm,
the ship has been found, these have Portuguese navy. as the ship is recorded to have not
not been supported with irrefutable been wrecked in the middle of the
evidence. Unfortunately for them, their sea, but on a beach.
Thus, the wreck of the Flor de la treasure ship never made it back
Mar, along with the treasure it was Whilst some of the treasure would
transporting, is still considered to be have almost certainly sunk to the
lost. bottom of the sea, this area is said to
The Flor de la Mar is recorded to be a zero visibility diving area, with
have been built in Lisbon in 1502. a muddy bottom and high currents,
When it was constructed, this ship thus making it extremely difficult to
locate these precious objects.

Courtesy of http://www.ancient-

Submitted by Len Myers.

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-19-16

Calendar of Events

This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

JULY Joanne Birch at okanagantreasure- or con-
29th – 31st – Nekoosa, Wisconsin. [email protected] or Ken tact Jeff Filaseta, President, at (937)
The MidState Metal Detector Club’s Dewerson [email protected] 716-7160) or e-mail jfilaseta@hot-
20th Annual Open Hunt and State
Championship at the Deer Trails Park 10th – Berne, New York.
Campground, 13846 County Road Z. The Empire State Metal Detector 24th – 25th – Java Center, New
Contact Steven Miller, N3091 CTY Association’s 46th Annual Club Hunt York. The 18th Annual International
RD B, Hancock, WI 54943 or e-mail and Picnic will be held at the Berne Hunt sponsored by the Genesee Valley
[email protected] for more infor- Town Park. The club will again have Treasure Seekers at Beaver Meadows
mation. You can also log onto the over $6,000 in coins and token prizes Family Campgrounds. There will be
club website at http://midstatemdc. to be given away, including 1,000 plenty of silver and tokens planted for
com/ coins (all Barber coins or older except each hunt and prizes include detec-
for a few silver dollars). Last year the tors, gold coins, silver coins and
AUGUST club gave away five metal detectors many other items of interest to metal
20th – 21st – Sonora, California. as some of their token prizes. All detectorists. In addition to the hunts
Grab your sense of adventure and members and families are invited to there will be raffles, drawings and
your gold pans and head for the Gold the picnic for free, so don't forget an amazing magic show Saturday
and Outdoor Festival at the Mother to bring a dish. For more informa- evening. The hunt application is
Lode Fairgrounds 10 a.m. -5 p.m. tion, e-mail [email protected] or available for download at www.gvts.
both days. Presented by the Delta call (518) 449-2911. To view a hunt org or contact John Howard at 34
Gold Diggers and sponsored by Gold form, log onto Bayberry Lane, Rochester, NY 14616
Prospectors Association of America. ugd/7e8ab9_b786c40e506344f0ae- or [email protected]
Bring the family for an old-fashioned 879ce6372cee1e.pdf
good time and the chance to bring OCTOBER
home gold and prizes. Events will 17th – Long Branch, New 8th – Cullman, Alabama. The
include panning for real gold, equip- Jersey. Deep Search Metal Detecting 43rd Annual Deep South Treasure
ment demonstrations, claim jumper Club’s 25th Silver Anniversary Open Hunt sponsored by the Warrior
detecting hunt, prospecting seminars, Beach Treasure Hunt at the Seven Basin Treasure Hunters Association
a chance to win buried treasure and Presidents’ Oceanfront Park. Silver, Saturday. Main hunt entry fees
in door prizes. There will be vendors, gold, jewelry and coins from the received before August 31 will get
information on how and where to go 1700 and 1800’s. For more informa- a prize token from the main prize
gold mining, and plenty of family tion, log onto board. For more information, contact
fun. Admission is $7 for adults; chil- or contact DSMDC President Donna David Scales at (205) 529-8955 or
dren 12 and under are free. For more Funk at (973) 219-5833 or eemail Joe Box at (205) 451-7693, or log
information, go to www.deltagold- [email protected]. onto
18th – Lathrop, Missouri. The 22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone
SEPTEMBER 40th Annual Open Hunt sponsored Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd
9th – 10th – Penticton, BC, by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain
Canada. The Okanagan Treasure Club at the Lathrop Antique Show Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
Hunters’ Annual Treasures in the Grounds. For more information, and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
Sand Open Treasure Hunt sponsored e-mail Terry Theiss at outboundace@ Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold
by Minelab, Garrett, Tesoro, White’s, call Chuck Clevenger coins and much more was awarded.
and Westjet Airlines. 100% of pro- at (816) 436-0697, or visit the club Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-
ceeds go to Pediatric section of the website at [email protected] or call (972) 839-
Regional Hospital. Free breakfast 6647 for more information or go to
and lunch for all paid participants. 24th – Waynesville, Ohio. The
Registration fee is $95. Registration Ohio Detectorists Association’s Big
form and flyer on the website at Fall Hunt at the park at 4966 North E-mail upcoming events For more SR 42, rain or shine. For more infor- to managingeditor
information, e-mail Chairperson mation, visit the club’s website at Newsletter 7-19-16 21

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