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Online Newsletter - 18 April 2017

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Online Newsletter - 18 April 2017


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

April 18, 2017


Feature Club — page 4


page 7 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Tips From the Pros
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Lost Treasure Magazine

14 THers' News
22 Good Hunting!
23 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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Feature Club


Arizona Treasures Unlimited All adults in a family membership and the difficulties of life in the early
(ATU), Inc. has been serving the have voting rights in all club matters. days.
Phoenix area since 1970 and is a
nonprofit corporation registered in Regular club meetings of the Members enjoy presentations on
the state of Arizona to promote the Arizona Treasures Unlimited are topics like railroading and mining as
safe and lawful recovery of lost and held on the third Monday of the well as practical topics like cleaning
abandoned objects through the pro- month at 364 N. 7th Ave. (American coins.
cesses of research, education, and Legion Post #1) at 7 p.m.
the distribution of information. Finds of the Month Contest:
Lighted parking is available The “Finds of the Month” contest
Membership is limited to adults and everyone should use the main at each meeting allows the club to
18 or older although children are entrance. Family and visitors wel- show off their latest finds.
welcome at club functions under the come. After the second visit, you Look for the trays of goodies
direction of their parents. will be asked to join the club. along the side wall. You will be sur-
prised at the amount of coins, jew-
Dues are $30/year for and individ- Club meetings are a great place elry and other wonders found in their
ual, or $40/year for a family payable to learn about metal detecting, dump parks, playgrounds and vacant lots.
in January and are prorated for half digging, and treasure hunting. Prizes are awarded for the old-
year in July.
You will also develop an appre-
ciation for the history of Arizona

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

Feature Club cont'd...


Treasures Unlimited

est U.S. coin, best coin, best club Monthly Outings: the recovery of evidence and indi-
trip find, best jewelry, and miscel- The club has monthly outings that viduals also assist in the recovery of
laneous. take place the weekend following lost personal items such as wedding
the regular club meeting. Trip details and class rings.
Raffle: are given out to members only at the
The club raises money through a meeting. Officers:
raffle at each meeting with several Members and family are welcome President - Paul Taylor
prizes, usually collectible coins. at all club functions; high-clearance Vice President - Dennis Martin
The prizes are on display at the vehicles and/or 4x4 may be needed Secretary - Vic Mathis
front of the meeting room for inspec- to attend the monthly outing. Treasurer - Bob Wierzal
tion. Editor - Paul Taylor
From each raffle the club spends Community Support: Board Members - Tim Harden,
half of the proceeds on prizes for the The club supports the commu- Russell Page, John Moody, Dave
next month’s raffle. nity through contributions to select- Matthiessen and Rick Kempf
The more tickets bought, the bet- ed charities and through volunteer
ter the prizes for the next meeting. efforts in support of government For more information, e-mail
Visitors are allowed, even encour- agencies. [email protected] or log onto
aged, to buy raffle tickets. The club is available to assist with Newsletter 4-18-17 5

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Favorite Finds

TreasuBigrTicekets/ SmUall Pnotatoleis mited

John Moody - Gold John Moody - Woman’s
Bridge 1960 Class Ring

John Moody - 1886 $5 John Moody - 1889 V
Gold Piece Nickel

Ron Fink - Jelly Knife Scott Kane - 1902 V Nickel
Roy Nixon - Padlock Charm

Scott Kane - WWI Enlisted Scott Stewart - Vic Mathis - 1942 Walking Liberty
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Ron Fink - Sterling Silver
Wedding Band

Norm Collins - 1907 Dennis Martin - 1963 D
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Seth Carroll - Sacred
Heart Medallion

Vic Mathis - 1916 S Scott Stewart -
Wheat Cent American Legion


Scott Stewart - Homemade Copper Bracelet Scott Stewart - Hotel Key Fob Newsletter 4-18-17 7

Tip From the Pros

Graphics courtesy of

Google Earth an excellent aid in from space to street
streams the world treasure hunting). level instantly and
This is a 3D model then pan or jump
over wired and of the real world, from place to place,
wireless networks based on real satel- city to city, and even
enabling users to lite images com- country to country.
virtually go any- bined with maps, Get Google Earth.
where on the planet guides to restaurants, Put the world in
and see places in hotels, entertain- perspective. (http://
photographic detail. ment, businesses
This is not like any
map you have ever and more. Submittted by
seen (and could be You can zoom George Streeter.

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

TGSteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.


Throughout the years many of us Some artifacts that can be found in dumps.
have heard negative things concern-
ing treasure hunting and collecting, in the 1990’s that I witnessed the fact regularly!
with a lot of that negativity directed for myself. The problem with the lead is, like
toward metal detector enthusiasts.
Since writing that article many most metals, it corrodes when sub-
A lot of this disparagement can divers have told me they, too, have mersed over long periods of time,
be attributed to the usual hoots from seen the happenstance. and particles are thereby taken up
the peanut gallery, who, for some by the plants and other undersea life,
reason, have been led to believe, or While diving and metal detecting sometimes in hazardous amounts,
perhaps were taught, that adventure around old fishing areas, I retrieved and literally enter the human food
and freedom and a good life is not on the average of 10 pounds of lead chain.
their lot in this world. daily, and that was without even try-
ing. Before massive environmen-
A lot of these misconceptions can tal awareness took root in Tampa,
be cured with information though, At many places, like bottom Florida, there were yearly incidences
and some of the positive media tak- obstructions, I could collect as much of lead poisoning from eating tainted
ing place in the treasure hunting lead as I wanted all day every day seafood, and some of these vic-
world now is cancelling out all the because the spots were replenished
old misconceptions that some people
held concerning treasure hunting and
metal detecting, and that’s of course
an excellent thing.

During the 1990’s, I wrote an
article called "Lead Alert," which
was the beginning of my program to

Lead Alert addressed the issue
of lead accumulations at all fishing
areas; any bottom obstruction near a
heavily fished area is totally mound-
ed with lead sinkers and, though this
was reported to me during the 80’s, it
was not until I started diving myself

1106 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NDeewcselmetbteerr 42-01186-17

Mexico and Arizona, there are many
hazardous sites and waste areas from
old mining and railroad businesses.

Along with all that left over waste
there comes many historical artifacts
of high interest, which lend them-
selves well to museum display.

Some of the better finds can be
used to finance these efforts. I am
thinking mining screens and a small
bucket loader.

There is one place I know of
locally where the Corp of Army

Sites like this litter America and the world. And they are not just skin deep, either. Contribute to
LT Magazine via
tims died. Not an isolated occurrence ever long it takes to happen. Like
either. environmental cleanup, truth is a e-mail at
rare but valuable commodity in the managingeditor@
So…here we are. Corporate world today, even more valuable
media, which is basically advertis- because of its rarity.
ing for special interests, has blamed ++++++++++
detectorists for everything from It is my feeling that this is an Submit stories
holes dug by dogs, to littering, when idea whose time has come, though. and photos, your
in fact 99.9% of all detectorists I Finally. favorite finds,
know actually engage in regular and a Guest Editorial,
quite effective environmental clean- I believe environmental clean-up
up! is a good thing, and I also believe a TH’ing
that metal detectorists should be rec- question, or
This in itself proves the low qual- ognized as doing good versus bad. stories and
ity of information purveyed to the photos about
masses by the majority of the media. And so comes the next level of TH’ing good
effort. deeds. You
Whenever anyone furnishes you
with a whole lot of information for Metal detectorists actually iden- can also
free, suspect it, because it is prob- tify many waste sites and some of suggest a TH’ing
ably just a slick form of advertising these, if not most, also possess arti-
for their own agenda. facts of historical note. club for us to
spotlight and
If the agenda was above board One way to begin comprehensive send us your
there would be no need for subter- environmental cleanup at the grass upcoming event
fuge and half-truths. roots level is to organize community for our Calendar.
collecting to begin a local museum.
Here is to the whole truth, how-
Here in the great Southwest, New

Dumps are great places to find artifacts like this. 117

metal detectors.

Multiply in your mind your daily

amount of trash by the number of

people you can imagine metal detect-

ing around the world, and then begin

to see some of the power we wield

concerning the environment and its

state of well-being.

Underwater sites are disgusting a

lot of times, because it’s always been

"out of sight out of mind" concerning

our trash and dumps, so wherever

people have had access with vehicles

to water there has been illegal dump-

ing going on in the water itself.

Many old adobe structures can be identified in the desert as mounds This causes hazards galore and
of dirt surrounded by large amounts of metal trash. the cleanup of sites like these, which
are everywhere, is something to be

considered very carefully, especially

Engineers built a landing strip back It was discovered that a small the safety factor.

in the 1930's. financial incentive does wonders Many water dumps are still

It had initially been a dump, for cleanup operations, and I really unidentified, although I personally

which stands true for almost all the noticed a major cleanup across the have seen enough roofing debris and

surrounding area within a half mile whole United States during the time bags of garbage in swimming holes

of town. when scrap metal prices rose to to know the mindset of the illegal

These builders of the airport had record levels in 2014. dumpers, and they are many.

to clear the land and scrape it clean This in itself is an opportunity These people rationalize their

before they could begin work. for every treasure hunter, and many, actions by thinking it will never get

All the trash dumps in that area, many people have truly gotten rich noticed and will rot away in time.

from the late 1800’s, got pushed to by obtaining scrap metals at low We all know the fallacy in that so

the south end of the new landing prices, then selling when the market take care, and if you get into a real

strip just outside the area where the is up. trashy site make note of it and maybe

fence was planned. Take pictures and make good even report it.

Now there are piles of this dump records of all the trash you pick up In really trashy areas the plan is to

material along the whole fence for a and dispose of properly. determine the depth of the pollution

mile, containing what most dumps One good day of trash collecting and then methodically scrape that

do: some good things, some bad, a creates an awesome and impressive surface down to clean dirt.

lot of scrap metal and, occasionally, pile, and this is true anywhere you Then metal detectors are used to

something to make your eyes spin look, especially into the ground with go through this scraped up material,

round and round while smoke comes

out your ears.

As well, areas like these that are

disturbed and/or redistributed usu-

ally have zero archaeological value

and are good only for salvage/clean-


I have begun my community

organizing efforts by donating sev-

eral permanent displays to the public

library in Deming, New Mexico,

with more planned as they happen.

Other places are being actively

sought out where museum quality

displays of local artifacts can be


I have heard of some cleanup

efforts in the north of this state that

offered a bounty on glass that was

then crushed and reused. Some artifacts that can be found in dumps.

128 LOST TREASURE NDeewcselmetbteerr42-01186-17

Mounds of dirt surrounded by large amounts of metal trash could E-mail
signal the site of old adobe structures. upcoming
events to
and it can be pushed during these A lot of scrap iron from days of managing
activities to heighten retrieval. old is very rare because of its manu- editor@
facture and carbon content, and a
After as much metal is taken with premium is available for it from lost
the detectors as possible, the dirt is blacksmiths and other iron oriented treasure.
then screened with large vibrating artists.
mining screens. com
Whole bottles and other artifacts
Almost everything retrieved is will be found in profusion, enough "Today's the Day!"
salable or collectible, even the old so that a museum can be built and TM
broken glass, which, when tumbled the project can pay for itself. FamousMetal detectors have been
can be sold for as much as $10 per our full-time business &
pound. I do it regularly in fact. This is also something that will passion since 1983.
catch the eye of the crowd funders,
After screening, the dirt is to so have at it, and good luck. • TEiSnOsRpOirational
be turned and exposed to the sun
over an interval of 6 months, then I will look for you in the field.
replaced where it was taken from,
minus all its bad baggage. Sources:
“Lead Alert,” By Bill Gallagher,
Plans have been written and sub- 1995
mitted for this project locally, and I “Toxic Metal Syndrome,” Walker
know of few places that could use
this treatment more than the mining
ghost towns of the Southwest.


•wXPorDdEsTEsCTpOoRkSen by

• Fisher Research

• DBioenuttenecttyronrHPaurnotitoernally

• DTkeenkpnotehwtMicnasstterreasure

hunting legend• Garrett Security

• Accessories
Mel Fisher, andWholesale - Retail

Detector Electronics Corp.

the motto of23 Turnpike Rd.

Southborough, MA 01772


Lost TreasureVisit Us On The Web:

Artifacts like the one shown above can be Magazine.TOLL FREE 800-446-0244
found at dump sites. For More Data Circle 59 139

THers' News

Karate & Kobudo Grandmaster ing articles to the Prospecting and
Mining Journal.
& Treasure Hunter Recognized for
So, this Grandmaster and Geologist
Outstanding Achievement has been selected for the Cambridge
Certificate for Outstanding Scientific
A karate and kobudo instructor, Achievement by the International
Biographical Institute.
and treasure hunter, has selected
IBC is associated with the City
for an award for science. Does that of Cambridge and with Cambridge
University in Great Britain.
sound strange? Actually, it is com-
Fascinating Artifacts
mon place for one person.  Unearthed In Newly
Discovered Neighboring Sites
Grandmaster Dan Hausel is a A fine collection of precious orna-
mental items and weaponry from
polymath - a person who reached the Anglo-Saxon times and rare Roman
era domestic artifacts have been dis-
highest level of achievement in more covered during preparations for two
new Cambridgeshire housing devel-
than one discipline. opment projects.
The finds provide new insight
In fact, twice in the past while on the fashion and lifestyle of the
wealthy who lived in the area during
at the University of Wyoming and the 5th-7th centuries AD.
The discoveries were made in
working for the Wyoming Geological Cambridge and near Soham in
Cambridgeshire, England. Heritage
Survey, he was inducted into Halls- Daily reports that the Anglo-Saxon
objects were likely owned by nobles
of-Fame for contributions to martial and include several well-preserved
arts and geological sciences in the The jewelry they found at the sites
includes beaded items made of glass,
same year. amber, jet, and amethyst, silver wrist
clasps, bone pins, and rings.
And several years, Marquis Who’s Cambridge News says that one
of the brooches found at the Soham
Who recognized him for accom- Author and Geologist Dan Hausel at site holds special importance for
the Resolution mine, Superior, Arizona researchers as it still has textile frag-
plishments in martial arts, geologi- ments, which they can use to recre-
(courtesy of ate Anglo-Saxon clothing.
cal sciences, writing, art and public Some of the Anglo-Saxon domes-
Some of the Anglo-Saxon beads found tic artifacts of the Soham site are
speaking. at the Cambridge site. (Archeology by a decorative bone comb, tweezers,
buckets, and buckles.
As a martial artist, Hausel Weston Homes) Photos courtesy of As for the weaponry, the team of archaeologists from the University
reached the highest level in 1999, history-archaeology/fascinating-arti- College London (UCL) discovered a
facts-unearthed-two-newly-discovered- dagger, iron shield bosses, and spear
when appointed the Grandmaster of heads at the Soham site.
neighboring-anglo-021171 A final discovery of importance at
Seiyo Kai Shorin-Ryu Karate and the site near Soham was an Iron Age

KofobWudyoo(mTMin)gwahfitleerat the University
more than 3

decades in martial arts. Today, he

continues to teach martial arts in

Mesa, Arizona.

As a geo-scientist, he authored

hundreds of papers and books on

geology and mineral deposits, iden-

tified hundreds of gold, diamond and

gemstone deposits and anomalies

while at the Wyoming Geological


In 2009, he and six of his col-

leagues were recognized for dis-

covery of one of the largest gold

deposits on earth found at Donlin

Creek, Alaska in 1988. At the time,

he was on leave from the Wyoming

Geological Survey and consulting for

West Gold, a subsidiary of DeBeers.

Today, he continues writing

books on prospecting and geology,

is a geologist for the Ferris-Haggarty

Mining Corp, and consults for other

mining companies while contribut-

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

THers' News continued...

enclosure which measured at least for CgMs discussed some of the of 8th century Middle Saxon activity
50m (164 ft.) by 20m (65.6 ft.) and Anglo-Saxon structures and features including post-built structures, pos-
was 2 m (6.6 ft.) deep. The archae- discovered during the Cambridge sibly workshops and livestock pens.
ologists believe “The enclosures excavations: Pits dug in this attest to local indus-
form part of a productive agricul- trial activity and further processing
tural landscape with finds of quern- “The site fell out of use in the 7th of soil samples should help us under-
stones for processing grain, animal century but we discovered evidence
bones and other domestic refuse, and
pits possibly used for grain storage.
Although no buildings were identi-
fied, it is likely a settlement focus
was located nearby.”

Assistant director of UCL’s
Archaeology South-East, Louise
Rayner, told Cambridge News that
the archaeologists were expecting
to find something at the Soham site,
though they were surprised to find as
much as they did:

“The site was expected to con-
tain archaeological remains after a
large excavation immediately to the
south-east had previously uncov-
ered extensive evidence for the Late
Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman
periods, but it was great to discover
such a range of artefacts.”

Following the Roman departure
from the area, Anglo-Saxons arrived
in Soham and surrounding areas
around 411 AD. It is believed they
probably re-used the Roman villas
they found.

In contrast, pottery vessels were
found at the Cambridge housing
development site, such as a rare
glass claw beaker (named due to
the claw-shaped handles which were
attached to the conical walls near the
stem of the vessel).

The History blog states these
“vases were very highly prized,
probably imported from Germany,
and have mainly been found as grave
goods in 5th and 6th century Anglo-
Saxon burials.” 

Cambridge News adds that
“These elaborate drinking vessels
are normally found further south east
such as in Kent, northern France, the
Netherlands and Germany.”

Duncan Hawkins, Head of
Archaeology and Build Heritage Newsletter 4-18-17 15

THers' News continued...

stand what these were used for.” Photo courtesy of http://thechive. the Cambridgeshire sites, the build-
Archaeologists were also delight- com/2015/05/18/19-real-life-lost- ers have been given the go-ahead for
treasures-that-have-yet-to-be-found- their work. As development of the
ed with the discovery of a Roman era area continues, David Ivell, techni-
pottery kiln and some plates, as well 19-photos/ cal director at the Bovis Homes site,
as a ditch delignating a field from the said:
Late Iron Age and Roman times (all Book shows that it was known as
found at the Cambridge site). Hintona by 1086. “We’re delighted that it uncov-
ered items of interest that will help
As Hawkins told Heritage Daily: Now that the artifacts have been future generations to understand
“Evidence of the time period 5th recorded and removed from both of how the land here has changed over
to 7th century AD is almost non- many centuries, from an agricultural
existent so this gives us a highly settlement for Roman families, right
important window into understand- through to becoming the modern
ing how people lived in that era, new homes site we are building here
their trade activities and behaviors. today.”
"The academic value of this col-
lection is therefore immeasurable." Heritage Daily reports that the
The Cambridge site is located on fascinating collection of Anglo-
the western edge of a Middle Saxon Saxon and Roman artifacts will be
settlement previously found near housed in local museums.
Church End.
It formed part of a 9th to 10th Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
century manor. The Domesday

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

THers' News continued...

two-newly-discovered-neighboring- been between two and three-years- broaches worn by the woman and the
anglo-021171 old. child suggest that there may have
been a familial relationship between
Submitted by Len Myers. The woman was buried with gold, the woman and child, archaeologists
bronze, jet and amber jewelry and have reported in a paper published in
The Golden Owl armor for a horse’s head. the journal Antiquity.
Someone going by the pseud-
onym “Max Valentin” supposedly Close similarities between the gold
hid a golden owl in the French coun-
tryside in April 1993, promising to SECURITY
offer 1 million francs to whoever WARNING DECALS
found it.
Valentin gave 11 clues as to the Protect Yourself and
owl’s whereabouts, but it still hasn’t Your Belongings!
been found.
Over the years, a few especially Protect Your Detectors
crazy treasure hunters have emerged, and Your Property!
busting up concrete and burning
down a chapel in the pursuit of the • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
golden owl. property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
Sadly, Valentin died in 2009 and ALARM SYSTEM.
it’s unclear whether the owl is still • Frighten burglars away.
definitively hidden, but during an • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
interview in 1997, Valentin respond- • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
ed to treasure hunters’ inquiries and house, equipment, store or boats.
assured those still looking that he • Great low-cost security system.
had periodically checked on the • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
whereabouts of the owl to make sure • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
it was still there.
Apparently, someone had in fact Click on this ad to order OnLine
come close, as Valentin saw dis-
turbed ground near the true sight, or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
but as of now, that appears to be the
closest anyone has come.
Courtesy of http://thechive.
Submitted by Len Myers.

2,600-Year-Old Treasures
Reveal Their Secrets
The grave of an aristocratic woman
and child in the south of Germany
has been dated to 583 BCE, making
it 2,600-years-old.
The grave site, which was moved
to a lab in Stuttgart in its entirety
in order for the burial chamber to
be studied, contains the remains of
a woman adorned in gold, bronze,
amber and jet jewelry, and about
half a meter away from her, the
remains of a girl thought to have Newsletter 4-18-17 17

THers' News continued...
“The broaches are very simi- for the preservation of the remains
and the absence of looting.
lar in decoration and style,” study
Mounted boars’ tusks with tulip-
author Dirk Krausse of the State shaped bronze pendants mounted
on a trapezoid pendant and two
Office for Cultural Heritage, Baden- transverse bronze strips found at
the Hueneberg site.
Wuerttemberg, told IB Times UK.
The length of the teeth are approx-
“By typology and ornamentation imately 20cm. Dirk said, "We were
quite surprised that this grave of this
decoration, they are from the same woman was not robbed. It is close to
a small river or creek and it is very
period – probably from the same wet there, so it›s a kind of bog.

goldsmiths.” "The other graves which were
robbed in antiquity lay on drier
"They are very special. We have ground. Most of the time there was
water in this grave chamber, so it›s
no parallels to compare from the not easy to loot."

other graves. They›re only known up The waterlogged, low-oxy-
gen conditions also preserved the
to now from these two graves." Two golden broaches found at grave from degradation. Biological
remains have been retrieved from the
The burial mound is of Celtic the Hueneberg grave. The woman woman›s skeleton, but there are not

origin, from the Iron Age period and child found in the grave, dating
from Iron Age Europe, were buried
when the Celts occupied present- with very similar broaches thought
day Germany and traded with the 2/7/2to01b2e m1a1d:e17byAtMhe sPaamgee g1oldsmith,
essfulreTsHtersofGuiEdueroBpWe.1_2Tphge ceoxlocra.vqaxtded Dirk Krausse, et al/Antiquity. Photos
site was transported to the State courtesy of
Office for Cultural Heritage, Baden-

Wuerttemberg in 2011. treasures-2600-year-old-grave-celtic-

The location of this particular princess-germany-reveal-their-

grave is likely to be the reason both secrets-1602047


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

THers' News continued...

enough remains from the child to do A Viking ship. (The-Wanderling) Photo courtesy of http://www.ancient-origins.
a DNA test, Krausse said. Only the net/ancient-places-americas/ship-desert-searching-lost-viking-ship-california-
enamel from the child’s teeth now
remains. 007539?nopaging=1

At the moment, DNA sequencing STANDARD DIGGING TOOL
technology is not advanced enough TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!!
to work on the fragments of biologi-
cal remains from the child›s grave. UMa.Sde.Ain

"But in 10 years, 20 years, Click this ad This Fine Digging
maybe we will have the technol- to order Tool is Made of
ogy," Krausse said. Aircraft Quality
* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated
Courtesy of http://www.ibtimes. * Digs through and Tempered.
grave-celtic-princess-germany- any type of ground
reveal-their-secrets-1602047 * Ideally suited for Metal

Submitted by Len Myers. Detecting, Camping,
Nursery and Landscaping
Searching for a Lost
Ship in California Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with
Explorers would follow any plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool.
waterway in the hopes of finding
the next great passage back in the The belt loop is 3 1/2”
days when much of the map was still
blank. Yet some rivers can be deceiv-
ing, especially those in the volatile
region west of the Rocky Mountains.
According to local lore, a great
ship is stranded in California’s Salton
Sea Basin on the edge of the Sonora
Desert. Despite having no concrete
proof that such a ship actually exists,
there is a great deal of debate over its
possible origins.
Some say it is a Spanish galleon
that was searching for an alternative
way around “California Island” (a
common misconception in the 16th
century). This ship would naturally
be filled with treasure.
Others claim that the ship
belonged to early Viking explorers
who managed to navigate a Medieval
Northwest Passage and come down
the western coast of North America
before being stranded. The only way
we will ever know for certain is to
find the ship.
Rumors about a desert ship have
circulated for years. For this particu-
lar ship, the most concrete verifica-
tion of those rumors came in 1933.
Local librarian and nature enthu-
siast Myrtle Botts was out hiking in Newsletter 4-18-17 19

THers' News continued...

the Anza-Borrego desert ers roaming these lands

with her husband. centuries before history

It was early March and would suggest.

the desert was alive with As one example, he

the vibrant colors of wild- cites a 1939 book by

flower blooms. Dane Coolidge called The

They set up camp near Last of the Seris, which

Agua Caliente and were is devoted to the Native

greeted by a passing pros- Americans who lived

pector. around the Gulf of

The man had not struck California.

gold but he claimed to Coolidge relates a

have found “a ship legend of the Seri peo-

lodged in the rocky face ple: “Came From Afar

of Canebrake Canyon. Men—the strange whal-

The vessel was made of The bronze sword discovered during excavations at ers who cooked whale

wood, and there was a Carnoustie. Photo credit: GUARD Archaeology. Photos cour- meat in an enormous iron
tesy of
serpentine figure carved ogy/construction-site-scotland-yields-3000-year-old-bronze- pot, ate it and drank the
into its prow. oil.” This is, according
sword-and-golden-021236 to Coolidge, “a record of
There were also impres-

sions on its flanks where shields had the old Norsemen who visited the

been attached—all the hallmarks of a The flood would have then retreated, west coast of Mexico long before the

Viking craft” (Nazaryan, 2017). leaving the vessel stranded” (Difley, Spanish came” (Coolidge quoted in

The Botts went to see if the 2017). Nazaryan, 2017).

prospector’s tale was true and sure This sequence of events is not as Grasson does not claim to know

enough they saw what appeared to improbable as it at first may seem. for certain whether it is a Viking ship

be the stern of a ship. The Salton Sea Basin, which sits 270 or a Spanish galleon stranded out in

However, it was too high up the feet (82.3 meters) below sea level, the desert, but he is adamant that

canyon and the Botts did not have appears to have been a naturally there is indeed a ship somewhere

the necessary means for such a rug- made receptacle for floodwaters. out there.

ged hike. This would have also contributed “I know this is kind of weird, and

So they left and decided to come to the notion that California was an a lot of people look at me like I’m

back in a few days. Unfortunately, island. nuts,” said Grasson.

that very day, a 6.4 magnitude earth- One of the leading experts on the “But I really think this ship is

quake struck Southern California. desert ship is John Grasson, a self- there” (Nazaryan, 2017).

The Canyon collapsed and the ship declared "explorer of legends and Grasson does reject some of

was buried in the rubble. lore." the wilder claims about the desert

There are many places to cast Grasson and the desert ghost ship, for instance, those that say it

doubt on the Botts’ story. Most nota- ship have recently been featured belonged to King Solomon or one of

bly, how would a ship get into the on “Myth Hunters […] the History the lost tribes of Israel.

middle of the desert? Channel filmed an episode for a Yet he also rejects some that seem

There are many explanations but show about unexplained phenome- probable as well.

one with some plausibility “holds na (he isn’t sure when it will air), and In a guide to California published

that an exceptionally large tide from he recently shot a pilot for American during the Great Depression by the

the Gulf of California may have col- Legends, an Icon Films production Works Progress Administration,

lided with an exceptionally heavy for the Travel Channel” (Nazaryan, author Kane Springs writes about

runoff from the Colorado River at 2017). a "shipwreck" on the edge of the

the delta, producing a flood which Some contend that people may Salton Sea, saying that there was

broke through the land barrier to the have thought to see a ship but it was “a boat built in 1862 by a Colorado

Salton Sea. really just a mirage caused by the River mining company, transported

The cresting waters could have desert heat. part way across the desert by ox

carried a ship over the natural dam Grasson maintains that there team, and then abandoned because

and down into the Salton Sea basin. is genuine evidence of foreign- of the difficulty of the journey from

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

THers' News continued...

San Gorgonio Pass to the Colorado recover such artefacts in a modern Blair in an interview with the BBC.
River” (Springs quoted in Nazaryan, archaeological excavation, which “Gold decoration was probably
2017). can reveal so much about the con-
text of its burial. Owing to the frag- added to this bronze spearhead to
After a century of weathering in ile nature of these remains when exalt it both through the material’s
the desert, the vessel would come to we first discovered them, our team rarity and its visual impact.”
resemble something more ancient. removed the entire pit, and the sur-
rounding subsoil which it was cut The finds include a leather and
“I don’t think that has anything to into, as a single 80 kg block of soil.” wooden sheath – now considered to
do with the lost ship of the desert,” be the best preserved Late Bronze
said Grasson (Nazaryan, 2017). He added, “This was then deliv- Age sheath ever found in Britain –
ered to our Finds Lab where it was that enveloped the sword.
And so the search continues, the assessed by a specialist finds con-
legend being neither completely servator to plan how it could be The archaeologists also found fur
proven nor disproven until more evi- carefully excavated and the artefacts skin wrapped around the spearhead,
dence is found. conserved.” and textile around the pin and sheath,
which makes the finds more interest-
Courtesy of http://www.ancient- Just like Homer’s Iliad, as Alan ing due to the fact that organic items Hunter Blair rightfully mentions, the rarely survive so long in the ground.
ship-desert-searching-lost-viking- earliest Celtic myths often highlight
ship-california-007539?nopaging=1 and worship the brilliance of heroic “Organic evidence like Bronze
weapons as well. The spearhead was Age wooden scabbards rarely sur-
Submitted by Len Myers. found next to a bronze sword, a pin, vive on dryland sites so this just
and sheath fittings. underlines how extraordinary these
Site Yields Ancient finds are,” said GUARD Project
Sword and Spearhead All objects date to around 1,000 Officer Beth Spence, in a statement. 
A bronze sword and a rare gold- BC to 800 BC, and have delighted
decorated spearhead, part of a pre- archaeologists who consider them to Angus Council communities’ con-
cious hoard of amazing ancient arti- be particularly significant from an vener Donald Morrison added: “It is
facts, have been found in Scotland. archaeological point of view, even clear that Carnoustie was as much a
From preliminary examination, though they all agree that the gold- hive of activity in Neolithic times as
archaeologists estimate that the valu- decorated spearhead is the one that it is now... I look forward to learning
able artifacts could be 3,000-years- stands out the most. more about our local prehistory.”
GUARD Archaeologists, who led “The earliest Celtic myths often In other words, Morrison clearly
the excavation on behalf of Angus highlight the reflectivity and bril- implies that the hoard is not an iso-
Council, described the discovery as liance of heroic weapons,” explained lated find as some might originally
the “find of a lifetime.” thought, but was buried within a
The hoard of Late Bronze Age The gold spearhead found in the Late Bronze Age settlement, which
weapons, which was unearthed at a Bronze Age hoard. Photo credit: means that it will be possible to
Scottish construction site, includes examine the archaeological context
a gold-decorated spearhead, and a GUARD Archaeology. of the hoard, revealing new infor-
bronze sword in extremely good mation about the local Bronze Age
condition. people that buried it.
The artifacts were spotted dur-
ing an archaeological evaluation in The Carnoustie Bronze Age
a field in Carnoustie ahead of the hoard is now undergoing further
construction of two football pitches. examination by a group of experts
The valuable artifacts were from across Britain, led by GUARD
found in a pit close to a Bronze Age Archaeology, to unlock more infor-
Settlement currently being excavated mation about the rare artifacts and
by the archaeologists, which GUARD the context of their burial, which
Archaeology describes as a “rare may explain why this hoard was
and internationally significant dis- buried here.
GUARD Project Officer Alan Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
Hunter Blair, who directed the exca-
vation, said, “It is very unusual to gy/construction-site-scotland-yields-

Submitted by Len Myers. Newsletter 4-18-17 21

Good Hunting!

Russell Page Has The 2016 ATU Find of The Year

The 2016 Key Date Bill Coin of the Year

While John Moody swept all four of the February Find of the Month categories, Russell Page walked
away with the top prize in the Annual Find of the Year competition with his gold 1945 Iranian 1 Pahlavi coin
found in December as well as first place in the 2016 Key Date Bill competition for the best key date or semi-
key date coin. He won the latter with his 1912 S V nickel. And having won, he promptly insisted that John
Amato accept the Macayo’s Gift Certificate that comes with the Key Date Bill honor and have a meal himself
in memory of Bill Vidrine.

Second place in the 2016 ATU Find of The Year competition went to Albert Wilhelm for the Louis XIIII
and Louis XV coins that he found while on vacation out of state and which he also showed at the December

Rounding out the list of Find of The Year prize winners was Vic Mathis who claimed third place with
the 1858 Flying Eagle cent first displayed at the August meeting.

Other entries competing for the coveted ATU Find of the Year award were, a 14 kt gold religious
medallion found by Ed Mabie, an 1875 Mexican Eight Reale piece entered by Scott Stewart, a 1 ounce gold
bracelet entered by John Dziegelewski, a Dial and Barr Saloon Token found by Dave Matthiessen, a 1952
Globe-Miami Mine Rescue Badge entered by Seth Carroll, a 2001 American Eagle silver coin found by Ron
Fink, a drone that John Amato found during our year end hunt, and a 14 kt yellow and white gold wedding
band entered by Dennis Martin.

Russell’s Iranian 1 Pahlavi Albert’s French Kings Vic’s Flying Eagle
Gold Coin Cent

The Key Date Bill Award is an annual award presented by John Russell Page Receiving His Key Date
Amato on behalf of the Arizona Treasures Unlimited club and the fam- Bill Award From John Amato
ily of Bill Vidrine.
The Winning Entry In the 2016 Key
The award is given to the finder of the “best” key date or semi- Date Bill Competition
key date US coin based on book values during the previous year. The
award is named for “Key Date” Bill Vidrine, a former president and
long time member of ATU who passed away in 2011. Bill, who had
been a good friend and long time hunting partner of John, was known
for his ability to find those elusive key date and semi-key date coins.
So when John was looking for a way to keep Bill’s memory alive, the
idea of offering an annual award for the best key date coin was a win-
ner. When John approached Bill’s family, which owns Macayo’s Mexi-
can Restaurant, with the idea, they insisted on including a gift certifi-
cate to Macayo’s as part of the prize....And this year’s winner, Russell
Page, decided that as much as he likes Macayo’s the real recipient of
the gift certificate should be John Amato (still not sure whether that’s
just because that’s the way Russell is (and he is) or because of John’s
emotional award presentation, or both.

For the record, according to CoinTrackers, there were 238,000
1912 S Liberty Head V nickels produced. The 1912 nickel was the only
Liberty Head V nickel to carry an S mint mark. A coin in average condi-
tion is valued at around $177 while a mint state coin could bring closer
to $2,000 at auction.

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

APRIL Admission $5, children under 12 entries plus additional prizes. We
21st – 23rd – Temple, Texas. The free. Contact Tom Little at (509) gave away eight metal detectors
TMADC “Texas Treasure Show” at 884-3269 or e-mail telittle1@hot- last year. Concession stand will be
the Mayburn Convention & Activity open. RV hookups available. For
Center, 3303 North 3rd Street. Metal entry form, check www.threefork-
Detecting, Artifacts, Relics & Coin 26th – 30th – New Hampshire. or contact Larry
Show. Admission: $3 at the door Best O’ North East (BONE) Treasure Koch at (918) 348-6780 or Gary
/Kids 12 & under free, TAMDC Week #24. Five days sponsored by Young at (918) 869-5778.
members ($2 if prepaid). Door fees the Professional Treasure Hunters
will be donated to Kerrville Lions Historical Society, Treasure Hunter’s MAY
Club and a local charity. Show will Gazette, and Streeter’s Treasure 5th – 7th – Cortez, Colorado.
be open to the public Saturday & Hunting. April 26 - Natural Hunt at WWATS’ (World Wide Association
Sunday for viewing interesting trea- Dublin Christian Academy cospon- of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) first
sures including coins, jewelry, rel- sored byWhite’s of New England with Ultimate Treasure and Gold Show at
ics, bottles, and more. See the lat- free chili and dogs. April 27 - Hunt the Montezuma Fairgrounds, 30100
est metal detectors and visit with on 1700 settlement land cosponsored US Hwy. 160. A fun-filled weekend
the manufacturers, exhibitors, and by Garrett Metal Detectors. April of treasure and equipment viewing,
dealers. Admission includes your 28 - Natural Hunt and Friday night speakers, a banquet, and seminars
choice of educational seminars held banquet cosponsored by Minelab. daily for the entire family! With both
throughout the day. For more infor- April 28 - All you can eat roast pork inside and outside booths this will
mation visit or con- get together sponsored by Streeters be the “Largest Show of Its Kind In
tact Michael Heim (President) at & Minelab. April 29 - Hobby Show the Four Corners.” General admis-
(903) 241-4723 or Bobby Sullivan - booths, contests, workshops, and sion is $5/day. Vendor, manufac-
(Huntmaster) at (903) 576-2707. Chinese Auction with a Minelab turer, distributor and dealer booth
Excalibur II for St. Jude’s Children’s space available. Also this week-
22nd – 23rd – Blacksburg, South Research Hospital. April 29 - Hall end will be the Ultimate Outdoor
Carolina. 15th Annual Treasure of Fame prime rib banquet. April & Gun Show in another build-
Hunt of the Carolinas at Ed Brown’s 30 - Meet for $6,000 hunt with ing. Historical Attractions nearby
Rodeo Grounds, sponsored by Joyce a $1,000 treasure chest drawing. include: Mesa Verde, Durango, &
and Randy Gatchel. For more infor- Natural Hunts $60 each, Thur. & Fri. Telluride, Colorado, including the
mation, contact Randy Gatchel, meals $25 each, Prime Rib banquet Durango Silverton Train Ride! For
1536 W. Cherokee St., Blacksburg, $30, Hobby Show & workshops $10 more info, log onto
SC 29702. Please send a large SASE each, $6,000 seeded hunt $125, or all or contact Keith Wills, V.P. WWATS,
or call (864) 839-3598 or (864) 812- events $360. For more info, contact via e-mail at [email protected]
0475, or e-mail [email protected] George Streeter at gfs41@yahoo.
for more information. com or log onto 6th – Virginia Beach, Virginia.
30th Annual Open Hunt sponsored
22nd – 23rd – Cashmere, 29th – 30th – Sapulpa, by the Tidewater Coin and Relic
Washington. The North Central Oklahoma. The Three Forks Club at the oceanfront. Information
Washington Prospectors’ Gold Treasure Hunters Club’s 30th will be posted on or
Treasure and More Show at the National Open Treasure Hunt at the e-mail [email protected] for
Cashmere Fairgrounds, 5700 Creek County Fairgrounds, 4 miles info.
Westcott Drive. Bigger metal detect- west of Sapulpa on HW 66. Eight
ing hunt this year. Haystack hunt different hunts available. Reduced 20th – 21st – Grand Rapids,
for kids. Lots of vendors. Pay dirt entry fee for main hunt this year. All North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact
for sale. Jewelry, rocks, gems, entry fees go back into the hunt as Recovery Group’s 18th Annual Hunt
metal detectors, and dredge equip- coins and prizes. One metal detec- at Memorial Park. Five large hunt
ment. Tons of raffles. Great food. tor will be given for each 25 main over two days. This year’s theme Newsletter 4-18-17 23

Calendar Cont'd
is Las Vegas. All hunts and activi- JUNE with punch and cookies and Dingo
ties will be Vegas themed. Buffet 3rd – Shawsville, Virginia. Bingo! Hunts begin on Saturday
dinner served on Saturday and Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s – all are planted and include Old
lunch will be provided on Sunday. 26th Annual Open Hunt at Camp and Gold, Kids, Boomerang and
For more information, contact Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs the Night Hunt! For information,
Jeff Kehl at jkehl1963@yahoo. Road. One day event includes two call Clay Soliday at (509) 999-0692,
com or phone (320) 845-7814. Coin Hunts and one Optional Silver e-mail [email protected] or
Hunt. Many great prizes, includ- Sherry Bell at (208) 660-1053. A
26th – 28th – Stanwood, ing high-quality detectors, assorted flyer is available on the club website
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure gear and cash. Concession stand and at
Hunting Club’s (PTHC) 36th camping will be available. For regis-
Annual Hunt “Mayfest 2017” at tration information contact Marilyn 24th – Lakewood, Washington.
the Stanwood Fair Grounds, 6431 Epperly at (540) 342-0153. The Outlaws Metal Detecting Group
Pioneer Hwy. The PTHC is hosting of Tacoma’s 4th Annual Hunt at Fort
Casino Royale Themed Treasured 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado. Steilacoom Park 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.,
Hunts (kid friendly). This event will The 5th Annual Silver Seekers Open 8717 87th Ave. W. This year they
open on Friday for camping and reg- Treasure Hunt will be held at Fox welcome their new South Sound
istrations. Dry camping with limited Den Acres Campground with three Chapter of the Outlaws. There will
power $10 a night. No cash machines hunts each day and other fun activi- be a hunt from 8 to 11 a.m., fol-
on site. Hall will open Friday at 6 ties for everyone. Contact Don lowed by a potluck picnic and hot-
p.m. for all raffles and registrations, Hayes at [email protected] dogs. Family fun, games and prizes
cookies & coffee. Raffles: Main, or phone (740)252-1322 or Ed Burke throughout. Free drawings will be
Metal Detector, Treasure Wheel, at [email protected] or phone held for prizes. Come out have fun
50/50 and Silver Dollars Raffles (570) 310-1530. and enjoy! For more about the groups,
all weekend. There will be a silent log onto https://www.facebook.
auction table set up and a display 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado. com/Outlaws-Metal-Detecting-
area to show your finds. The hall WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the Group-682338455110491/ or
will close at 9 p.m. Registrations Four Corners Christian Camp with
open up, Sat. at 8 a.m. Coffee, Tea, beautiful mountain surroundings on soundmetaldetecting/
Donuts and Pastries, etc. Opening a lake. For more information, log
Ceremonies at 8:45 a.m. Potluck onto JULY
Lunch Sat. 12:15-1:15 p.m., bring a 8th – 15th – New Stanton,
dish or two to share. Silent Auction: 17th – 18th – Hastings, Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2017
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday - bring in Nebraska. Nebraskaland Treasure at the Fox Den Acres Campground.
an item or two to sell. Auction will Hunters’ 43rd Treasure Hunt, one Eight fun filled days of treasure
close at 6:30 p.m. Big Breakfast free and seven paid entry hunts with hunting and crafts, free kid’s hunts,
Fundraiser Sunday 8 – 8:45 a.m., 100% plus payback, gold and silver and novice hunts, as well as evening
$5 donations or while supplies last. prizes for entrants. There will also activities like bingo, horse races,
Closing Ceremonies Sunday at 2 be gold and silver raffles. Treasure and auctions. Just minutes from
p.m. Cleanup party afterwards. hunting suppliers, demonstrators and motels and restaurants and only 2
Check www.pilchucktreasurehunts. flea markets are welcome. For more miles from the PA Turnpike and I70.
org for updates or e-mail lorahet- information, contact Roy Richters This fun filled week is sponsored by
[email protected] at (402) 534-2019 or mail P.O. Box many manufacturers. Come and stay
194, Utica, NE 68456. for the week or attend for a day or
27th – 28th – Sapulpa, two. For more information, contact
Oklahoma. The 46th Annual Indian 17th – 18th – North Idaho. Ed Davis at [email protected]  or
Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek The Northwest Treasure Hunters phone (317) 908-8165 or Don Hayes
County Fairgrounds. For more Club’s 45th Annual Hunt at beauti- at [email protected] or
information or a hunt flyer, contact ful Farragut State Park! This year’s phone (740) 252-1322.
I.T.T.H.C.  Inc., P. O. Box 580961, Idaho Outback Hunt will have two
Tulsa, OK 74158-0961, or e-mail days of hunting and fun for the whole E-mail upcoming events to man-
[email protected] family. Friday night welcome social [email protected]

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-18-17 Newsletter 4-18-17 25

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