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Online Newsletter - 17 April 2018

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Online Newsletter - 17 April 2018




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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

April 17, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 11 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
14 THers' News

22 Tips From the Pros
23 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

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Feature Club

The Alaska Treasure Seekers Society

Founded in 1976, the organiza- school grounds for gold, coins, and There are door prizes for members at
tion is dedicated to family outings jewelry, then this organization is for the meetings, competition for “finds
in search of lost or discarded items you. of the month,” and occasional guest
from the past. speakers.
Members are coin seekers, relic
They enjoy searching legally and hunters and gold prospectors. Some The club hosts a spring and fall
with permission for coins, relics, and are all the above! hunt and an annual treasure hunt,
artifacts. open to everyone from anywhere. It
They are located in Alaska and is a lot of fun!
Most use metal detectors in this welcome metal detecting enthusiasts
endeavor, but it helps to have a from everywhere. At the annual hunt you use your
“nose” for the past to make your out- metal detector to find coins and
ings more productive. The club has regular meetings tokens to trade for prizes ranging
every month through the summer anywhere from new hats to new
If you are a person interested in with the last meeting and elections metal detectors.
poking around old mine tailings, at the big year end party.
gold-bearing creeks, city parks and The Annual Hunt is held at the
Meetings resume again in April.

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

Feature Club cont'd...

Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer, is a way to encourage cleaning up This all-day event will feature 4
Alaska, in the horse arenas so there the parks. hunts for adults and includes a pot-
is good sand to bury coins and tokens luck lunch. Approximately 30 to 45
and fairly easy hunting. All hunts involve good food, a participants per hunt are anticipated.
friendly atmosphere and children are
They also have other events like welcome. For more information, e-mail
“X marks the spot” to hone pinpoint- [email protected]
ing skills, gold pan tossing and speed The club has a buddy list for peo-
panning. ple looking for like-minded hunters Membership dues:
to take to the field with. Single $22 Couple $25 Family
The spring and fall hunts are usu- $28. Dues are due as of January 1st.
ally at a local park involving woods If you don’t want to hunt alone
and grass instead of sand. you can join the club and add your For more information, e-mail
name to the list or find a buddy on it. [email protected] or
There are buried coins and tokens log onto http://www.alaskatreasure-
or a scavenger hunt where various The next event is on July 21st in or visit their Facebook
items of trash are randomly awarded Palmer, Alaska, the Alaska Treasure page at
points. Seekers Society’s 42nd Annual AlaskaTreasureSeekers/
Metal Detecting Hunt at the Alaska
High points are awarded prizes State Fairgrounds, France Equestrian
or split the entries with the club. It Center, 2075 Glenn Highway. Newsletter 4-17-18 5

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$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
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Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

TGSteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Ha6wLaOiSiT yTRoEAuSUcREaNnewselexttepr 4-e17c-1St8 waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

How To Clean
Old Bottles

By Bill Gallagher

There is one aspect of cleaning Before and after pictures of an applied- therefore, salable, but most of the
old bottles that everyone can appre- top soda bottle from the 1890’s. time that is not the case.
ciate, and that is money.
privy or trash pit the bottles retrieved Usually the bottles are so dirty
The better your bottle looks, the need just a washing with soap and and caked with crud that a bottle
more you can get for it, generally water to make them presentable and, cleaning person is tempted to use
speaking. hammer and chisel to remove the
encrustations, though that is NOT
Now if you have dug a few old the way to clean old bottles.
bottles and like them a lot and would
never sell them, congratulations. Cleaning old bottles takes a cer-
tain amount of finesse, but the effort
I suggest, though, you keep read- is well worth the time, because you
ing Lost Treasure Magazine because, can easily double or triple the value
if you do, you just might find direc- of many bottles with good cleaning
tion to dump truck loads of old techniques. That’s what this article
bottles, older than you ever thought is all about.
you would dig.
One of the most important things
A guy I know in Perry, Florida, to remember when cleaning old bot-
the so-called Coral King, got his tles is that you can damage them in
start in old bottles. the cleaning process.

He was walking the tidal flats This will almost always cause
around Port Tampa early in his trea- tantrums and even some loud noises
sure hunting career, a long time ago, to emanate from a bottle cleaner, and
and noticed a green round-bottomed those loud noises are never very nice
soda bottle with a blob top sticking to hear.
out of the mud.
It is a real shame to have a
When he pulled it out he saw 200+-year-old bottle survive the
more glass underneath it and then dumping, then the burying, then the
realized it was a buried pile. digging up, only to be broken by the
He and Joe Hines and Gary Bonar
blew the bottom with mailboxes Sometimes those bottles end up
on boats when the tide was high in little tiny pieces after the digger/
enough, and they got thousands of cleaner throws the article down in
the things, it’s how the Coral King disgust.
got his place in Perry.
Oh yes, things like this happen
And even I have found round bot- somewhere every day. Take it from
tomed soda bottles there, 40 years one who knows.
later. The actual site was where
workers had dumped the trash from Pretty, shiny whole bottles are
a busy restaurant over the side of a what we are after, and though that
huge railroad pier, now long gone, is sometimes just not possible, due
c.1880 or earlier. to the nature of glass itself, a lot of
times it is possible, even probable, if
So you never know. Keep your correct methods are employed.
eyes and mind open all the time.
Sometimes after digging a really old Glass is technically known as a e4r-1270-1178 75

A picture of an applied-top soda bottle go through when buried. roof can really be cleaned nicely by
from the 1890’s. Those round bottomed sodas from the elements sometimes, but the roof
needs to be slightly pitched and the
Viscous or Extremely Viscous Fluid. Port Tampa were very clean for the bottle mouths need to be pointed
It has all the physical characteristics most part, though many had bar- down the slope so they do not collect
of a fluid, but flows so slowly we are nacles attached in places. water while up there. Also they need
able to utilize it. to be flipped over regularly.
Those barnacles fell off when the
This causes odd accelerated reac- bottle dried and then the left over Weather will move them around
tions with chemicals and other fac- detritus could be scraped off the and in extreme cases can even dam-
tors when the bottle gets buried in a glass easily with a safety razor blade. age them, especially high winds.
dump and remains buried for a long
time. This is an important thing to Bill Decambra from South Tampa
remember when cleaning fragile old lost a lot of nice purple bottles to
Sometimes the reactions are actu- bottles and, believe me, they are all weather. He had left them on his
al corrosions of the glass, or places fragile. shed roof for over a year, mostly so
where the glass has been irretriev- the UV of sunlight would turn them
ably altered in its physical proper- Sometimes after the initial rinsing darker purple; some were as dark as
ties. it is a good idea to let the bottles dry amethyst, 1880’s stuff from the Port
well, even in the sun, because some Tampa dump, really fine bottles until
Some soils are worse than others of the odd things adhering to the a freak hail storm came through pre-
for buried glass; even types of depos- glass will just fall off. ceding a cold front.
it create different circumstances.
If the bottles are nice and dry I have met hard core bottle dig-
And if fire has been added to the inside you can mix rice and salt and gers who’ve purchased specialty
equation, as it often was at dumps, coarse corundum powder, along with machinery to clean their bottles,
then we have a true spectrum of anything else you can think of, to very expensive steam and chemical
reactions which glass can and does shake inside the bottle. machinery, and I am thinking it takes
a lot of good bottles to pay for that.
Hold your finger over the mouth
of the bottle or cork it. When filled a Others I know employ very pow-
quarter full with a dry abrasive mix, erful acids to do the trick, though
shaking can dis-adhere a lot of junk that is dangerous, especially when
inside the bottle, and it’s amazing mixing those concoctions, so to me
how this can be employed on certain that is not the way to go.
bottles to great end.
Some acids, like bleach and vin-
It may take a lot of shaking, egar, can be used without too much
sometimes in excess of an hour, but fuss and danger, but they have not
it’s not hard on you or the bottle in been very effective against most of
most cases. the build-up on the bottles I have
Turn the bottle in all different
directions as you shake it. Just don’t I have tried some of the real high
drop it.

Be aware that bottles left on a

Some homemade bottle cleaning tools.

86 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NNeowvselmetbteerr 42-01177-18

Nylon scrubbers (left) make good bottle cleaning tools. Piano wire
(above), and just about any other kind of wire, can come in very handy
when cleaning old bottles.

powered acids, like 50% sulfuric or the bottle not on the outside, which Do be careful when cutting and
worse, and the end was not worth the is relatively easy. bending spring steel stock; it can
means as far as I was concerned. snap you good in the knuckles or
The inside of the bottle takes worse. Try to use a bench vise when
One thing about all acid. Don’t TLC, and don’t get crazy because working with spring steel wire.
get it on you. Always keep fresh you can chip the top of a bottle doing
water around in the shop to douse this. Then it’s just time to put a mes- Keep in mind that anything harder
and swab and other things. sage or perhaps even a heartfelt plea than the glass will scratch the glass,
in the thing and chunk it in the sea. and this includes most sandpaper.
In fact, one of the very best ways
to clean old bottles is to immerse You want to use everything at The nylon scrubbing pads are
them in water for 90 or 120 days, your disposal to remove as much of good, though some of the coated
then let them dry for 30 days in the the bad stuff inside as possible Some ones will also scratch the glass.
sun, and then begin cleaning. can be scraped with spring steel
picks you make that are hooked on You want to look at each bottle
That makes everything easier, but the end. you clean as a work of art, or as close
due to circumstance we many times to it as you can get. Do not spare any
need to process our bottles more Also a good cloth for cleaning in time with it.
quickly; we are treasure hunters after bottles is the nylon scrubby things,
all. and even steel wool. I usually finish the inside of a
bottle with mineral oil, and even the
We need gas for our cars, so Sometimes metal tools will leave outside. A drop or two is all that’s
some bottles must get sold quickly to marks though, so go slowly - each needed; it is swabbed around the
finance greater endeavors; that is my bottle is a single creation. inside to coat it.
personal perspective at least.
Sometimes you will drop a piece The mineral oil will make the
We are not always blessed with of whatever - scrubber, toilet paper, glass harder to hold onto, but it will
the time and patience required to denim cloth - into the bottle, then also make those bothersome white or
make things easy on ourselves, I use a spring steel pick to swish it all scaly patches, also known as “Sick
guess. around in there and fish it out of the Glass,” become translucent again,
bottle with. and this can be desirable in many
I have found that the best way cases.
for me to clean bottles is slowly and You can use clothes hanger wire
with mechanical tools like bottle or even thick copper wire for your Take your time, good luck, and I
brushes and other swabbing/scrub- swabs and picks; I use both, but I will look for you in the field.
bing utensils that I make myself to like spring steel the best.
fit the occasion. Sources:
You can get spring steel from
These can be made from a variety handles off five-gallon buckets that Author’s personal experience.
of materials and you should have have gone beyond their usable state.
as many different types as you can “Webster ’s International
think of. You can also buy the heavy wire
stock fairly reasonably at a scrap or Dictionary,” 1902
The swabs and bottle brushes get metal dealer and even larger hard-
the really hard stuff, the stuff inside ware stores. Smith’s College Chemistry, 1935,

pages 42 and 528, “Glass as extreme-

ly viscous fluid.” e4r-1270-1178 97


Treasure Cache /Treasure Facts

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Favorite Finds

Some Favorite Finds Made By Members of the
Outlaws South Sound Metal Detecting Group

Dirk, John and Curtis from John dug a sweet vintage (Model Curtis scored a 1917 Mercury
the Outlaws South Sound Metal T?) Ford key plus a Wheatie. Dime, a 1909 Canadian Quarter,
Detecting Group of West Olympia, Dirk got a really cool 1932
a cool old Yellowstone
Washington, got out recently Langendorf Bakery Pin and some National Park pin, and five
for some site hopping. other vintage pin/badge of unknown Wheaties (two in the 50’s, two in
origin (plus 1st lucky Marble fty). the 40’s and one from 1928).
According to the detectorists, Newsletter 4-17-18 11

More Favorite Finds

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

Treasure Facts

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THers' News

Family Searched New as 100 tons of gold, which would be the gold. He supposedly told
Mexico’s Sands Following worth more than $1.25 billion today, his wife: “We can make John D.
Story of Buried Gold remains hidden in the cavern. Rockefeller look like a tramp.”
The mystery boils down to
a single question: Was Milton They believed that sophisticat- According to the family, Mr.
(Doc) Noss telling the truth, or ed equipment like devices to take Noss took some gold bars when
just a tall tale? soundings showing whether there he found the cavern in 1937,
The answer could be worth are underground caves will help this and planned to return for the
billions of dollars. search succeed where other ventures rest. But while trying to blast
It is one of the most celebrat- failed. his way to the gold in 1939, he
ed legends of buried treasure accidentally closed the hole.
in the history of the American The initial soundings appear to
West, a thriller that included a indicate a cavern precisely where Mr. Noss sought partners to
gunfight, nuclear weapons and Mr. Noss described. Under the direc- help him find the gold for the
the Watergate hearings. tion of Mr. Delonas, the searchers next few years. During World
It all started in 1937, when analyzed their findings in a tempo- War II, he divorced his wife,
Mr. Noss, who practiced as rary office at Las Cruces, about 25 Ova, and disappeared for sev-
a foot doctor though it was miles south of Victoria Peak. eral years.
never clear if he had a medical
license, returned from a hunting Searching with 15 people at a Ova Noss took up the search,
trip at New Mexico’s Victorio time to try to determine the size of without success. Mr. Noss
Peak with startling news: he the cave, the group planned to drill returned in the late 1940’s with
had glimpsed a hidden trove of 6-inch holes several hundred feet a new wife, and a business
riches, 16,000 gold bars. deep into the areas where the sound- partner. He remained steadfast
Ever since then, driven ings show the cave is. in his belief that the treasure
by a desire to become fabu- remained, according to family
lously wealthy, Mr. Noss himself, Mr. Noss, a traveling doctor who members.
his descendants, investors and sol- was known for a hot temper and an
diers at White Sands Missile Range, appetite for liquor, claimed that the But in a dispute over the
which includes Victorio Peak, have cache consisted of Spanish artifacts treasure in 1949, the business
gone in time after time searching for and Wells Fargo chests, along with partner, Charlie Ryan, shot Mr. Noss
treasure, but have always come up to death. A jury ruled that Mr. Ryan
empty. had acted in self-defense.
Cleared to go by an act of Mr. Noss’s ex-wife was barred
Congress, the best-equipped search from searching in the 1950’s, when
ever got under way in 1992 with $1 the Army extended the White Sands
million in backing from the descen- borders to include Victorio Peak.
dants and some investors. It could White Sands is the nation’s largest
finally solve the mystery. military installation, about the size
“We have always believed that of Delaware and Rhode Island com-
the gold was still there,” said Terry bined. The world’s first atomic bomb
Delonas, the then 43-year-old son of was detonated here on July 16, 1945.
one of Mr. Noss’s stepdaughters who After some airmen from a nearby
directed the search. air force base claimed they found
In a hunt that began in 1992, Mr. some gold at Victorio Peak, the
Delonas’s group was given one year Army and Secret Service began a
to search for the gold. secret search in 1961.
The Army, which runs the mis- Two local ranch workers stumbled
sile range, required the searchers to upon the search and notified Mrs.
put up $150,000 to cover the cost of Noss. She appealed to state officials,
environmental assessments, as well who forced the search to stop. The
as increased security forces. Army says the gold was never found.
The family believed that as much In 1963, the Army allowed a
group of searchers, including Mrs.
Noss, to search for the gold. But the
expedition soon went broke and the
Army declared that it would allow

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

THers' News continued...
Eckles, a spokesman for the White
Pennsylvania may be the final resting place of a lost cache of gold Sands range at the time.
dating back to the Civil War. (Photo: Shutterstock)
Mr. Delonas said the legend of the
buried treasure obsessed the family
for generations. As a child, he said
he remembered his grandmother,
Ova Noss, talking about it cease-

He said he often grew angry that
his grandmother was ignored or ridi-
culed for her efforts. In 1979, he sold
a small mail-order business to devote
full time to the search.

He recruited friends and inves-
tors to form the Ova Noss Family
Partnership, named for his late
grandmother, that financed the new
search. If nothing else, he said at the
time, an exhaustive search would lay

no more searches. The drawing for
But the legend of the hidden this Sweepstakes

gold was fueled again during the will be soon
Watergate hearings in 1973. after the end of

John Dean, the former lawyer for the month.
President Richard M. Nixon, men-
tioned that Attorney General John
Mitchell had been asked to pull
strings to allow some searchers to
look for the gold.

Suddenly, a host of people sur-
faced to lay claims on the legendary
gold treasure. Flamboyant lawyer F.
Lee Bailey once said he represent-
ed 50 unnamed clients. Mr. Bailey
claimed that given a helicopter and
a half-hour, he could find 292 gold

He later dropped the matter, but in
1977, the Army agreed to allow some
searchers with competing claims,
including Mrs. Noss, to search the
grounds. They found nothing.

Through the years, soldiers at
White Sands have spent weekends
looking for the gold.

Parts of White Sands are some-
times leased by private corporations
and foreign governments for experi-
ments. American and foreign car
makers have rented land at the instal-
lation to test new air bags.

“We’re treating the gold searchers
just like any other client,” said Jim Newsletter 4-17-18 15

ers' News cTonHtienrsu'eNd.e.w. s continued...
lover Cleopatra in Egypt and experts Mike. Dad-of-one Mike, a fisherman
tsoairdesat fainqdueosftitohnistshiaztehaansddvriavreientythies froIms tPhleyFmBoIuRthe,aDllyeLvoono,kisnagid:
fvaemryilyrafroer. more than 50 years.
“FIotrwLaosstinCcirveildWibaler,Gaotlrdu?e once-in-
CTohuertceosiynsofwhiltltpbse://hwanwdwed.nyotvimeretso. a-liAfebtiamckewfionodd. s legend about buried
cthoemc/o1r9o9ne2r/0fo7r/2v9a/luast/iofonllaonwd itnhgen- trea“sIuhraedina tghoeodruigdgeeadawboiludtswohfaEt likt
1li9k3e7ly-sstorldy-otof-baumriuedse-ugmol,d-wfaitmh itlhye- Cwoasun-tIy,haPdenanlrseyaldvyanfioau,nmd aoynetuorrntwouot
speraorfcihtses-pnleitwb-emtwexeiecno-tsh-esafnadrms.hertmalnd tRoobmeatnrudee.narii that morning.

SECURITY The densely wooded area in
WARNING DECALS Pennsylvania where the gold is
rumored to be buried. (Photo: Google
been Protect Yourself and Maps, courtesy of https://www.mnn.
etal Your Belongings! com/lifestyle/arts-culture/blogs/fbi-
otos hunt-lost-civil-war-gold-pennsylvania
her- Protect Your Detectors
ym- and Your Property! Recently state officials, and mem-
249 bers of a treasure hunting group
setting up a dig site within the state
cov- forest at Dents Run.

tesy Their target? A potential cache of
sci- gold bars worth tens of millions and
ists- dating back to the Civil War.
At least, that’s the specula-
g in • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your tion. FBI spokeswoman Carrie
w he Adamowski cryptically told WJAC-
d of property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC TV in Johnstown that agents were on
the scene “conducting court-autho-
ins - ALARM SYSTEM. rized law enforcement activity.”
Members of the treasure hunting
oard • Frighten burglars away. firm Finders Keepers would only say
field • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. they’re under FBI orders not to talk.
rists • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- The FBI later said it did not
house, equipment, store or boats. discover what it was looking for,
p to but that the search was part of an
ton- • Great low-cost security system. ongoing investigation.
pris- • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
As for the legend of the missing
ck to • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h gold, this is one story Hollywood —
and Nicholas Cage — could tackle
were next.

gen- Click on this ad to order OnLine According to the Post-Gazette,
h his or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2 which cited a 1983 article from Lost
Treasure Magazine, the legend says
16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 19 that in 1963, President Abraham
Lincoln tasked the Union Army with
a secret mission to transport 52 bars
of gold, each weighing 50 pounds, to
the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia.

The treasure, hidden within the
false bottoms of two wagons, report-
edly left Wheeling, West Virginia,
with eight cavalrymen, a civilian
guide by the name of Connors, and
a Union lieutenant named Castleton.

TTHHeerrss'' NNeewwss ccoonnttiinnuueedd......

Coins found in the wreck of the Rooswijk. Photograph: Pewter spoons found during excavation work. Photograph:

Zeeuws maritime m“uTZhEe EFuBmI /&PADCNR are actively digging at a site in LDaeunrtesn Hurley/PA

Run, Elk County. Our cameras also caught the owners

seabed 100 meters from the o1f8“thF-inders KTeheepesrhsi”poins asinteo—fficaiaglrloyupprtohtaetcsteeadrchefsirfsotrto be scientifically excavated.
essful color.qxd 2/7w/2r0e1c2kloss1tit1ter:e1ab7seuAcrMaeu.”sPe@aWgoefJA1iCtsTVhistoric
The excavation was judged urgent

The evidence from the wreck site importance. because the deep silty sand that has
OisntlhyaLt tt.hCeahstelaevtoilnyklnaedwenofshthipe msainsk- rouOtef tthoe a2v5o0idDuthtceh mEaasstsiInngdiaofshtihpes Epr.oLteecet,etdhetheexrpeemdiatiinosn froarn siontolontrgoui-s
sliikoen’as tsrtuoenep,urwpiothset.he loss of every- CknoonwfendetorahteavAerbmeyeninwrPeceknendsy, lovnalnyiaa bshleiftwinhgennoLwt. dCuaesttloetocnhanbgecinagmetidialll
oneTroanvebloianrgd. along a northeast uthnidrderhtahsebceoemn mloacnadtedofanGdenth.isRiosbtehret dpuarttienrgntsh, elneeaavrilnyg40ti0m-mbeilres joeuxrpnoesye.d


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 Newsletter 4-17-18 17

ers' News TcoHnteirnsu' eNde..w. s continued...
ologist at Historic England, said
it Rwuams oirn hdaiscuistsihoens dwiviuthlgeDdovthere, otrtheearsumren-asnudr-viinvetrdigtoueg-isvceiebnirttihsttso- went into the Civil War, but only
gaonlddethnousegchrettheofRtohoeswwiajkgolniess wsohmile tuhneramvyeslt-esrtyorsyu-rorof-u1n7d4in0g-ktehnet-gsohldip’s- Conners survived.
deislutasniocnealfrwomith tthyephporiodpfoesveedr. dredg- fwinreacl k.location. From the Courier He is said to have gotten drunk

ingAafrtear, iat wsotoulpd bien mSotn. itoMrianrgy’ists, ExpSruebsms:itted by Len Myers. on numerous occasions on his return

Pcoendnistyiolvnanainad, the olitehuetrenparnottecatned Legend has it that Conners from war and would tell others in the
mworesctkosf. the soldiers were never seen saidMethtaalt Deentdectwoarsist“sover Thunder bar — “I know where there’s gold
agaCino.uBrtuetsCy ononforshatntdpsp:/o/swsiwblwy.thweo- MoUunteaairntnheUarnHiqicukes Run.” All three back in the hills of Pennsylvania.”
Ultimately, he died while building

roads in California.

Unfortunately, there’s no official

record documenting either the mis-

sion, the gold-laden wagons, or the

d- existence of a man named Castleton.
al- This nonetheless hasn’t stopped
-of- a century’s worth of treasure hunt-

ers from scouring the forests of Elk

County for some trace of the lost
e to gold.

Over the last decade, Finders
ven Keepers has claimed they’ve dis-
hest. covered the location of the hoard,
on’t including artifacts dating back to the
eted Civil War, but they’ve been denied

permits to dig due to the site’s loca-
tion tion on state land.
s to “We found a bullet shell, knifes,
s to animal traps, zinc mason jar lid,
hey tin cans, bones (human or animal),
ople whiskey bottle, camp fire pit, and a
see lot more that the state now has and

wont return,” Dennis Prada, owner
ible of Finders Keepers, stated on the
ying group’s website.
in it “They say that they don’t have
ven the time or the money to go treasure

hunting, but if we can show them the
win gold, then they will look into it. They
hae- also stated that if anyone digs on

state land and remove artifacts they
over would go to jail and lose any rights
y to to a reward.”
ping A Department of Conservation
and and Natural Resources official told
ork. the AP that the group had requested
last to dig but had elected not to pay a
attle required $15,000 bond.
st in As for claims that there's nothing

of value buried in the hills of Elk
d in County, Prada remains steadfast that
ect- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the the legends are true.
"I told DCNR I'm not going to

hae- Treasure Hunter’s Logbook quit until it's dug up," he told the
Post-Gazette in 2008. "And if I die,
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 17

THers' News continued...

An abandoned pier stretches out toward the city skyline
along the shore of Treasure Island. (Jessica Christian/

S.F. Examiner). Courtesy of http://www.sfexaminer.

my kid's going to be around and The agency is required under The City are referred to as Parcels
make sure it›s dug up. 30, 30 north, 30 south and 31.
the federal Comprehensive
"There's something in there and “Site 30 was the day care center,
I'm not giving up." Environmental Response, and the building itself acts as a cap,”
Clark said. “If the building were
Courtesy of https://www.mnn. Compensation and Liability Act ever to be removed, The City would
com/lifestyle/arts-culture/blogs/fbi- remove the debris underneath the
hunt-lost-civil-war-gold-pennsylva- to clean it up, and that work is building. Site 31, there was no build-
nia ing. The debris has been removed
being overseen by San Francisco’s from Site 31.”
Navy Cleanup of
Treasure Island To Department of Public Health and Clark said the Navy is waiting to
Last Five More Years “receive a clean bill of health from
One of four remaining Treasure state agencies like the California the California Department of Public
Island areas from which the U.S. Health” for those sites this month
Navy is removing toxic material was Department of Public Health and and then would transfer them to The
expected to soon receive a clean bill City.
of health recently. the Department of Toxic Substances
The Navy, as part of its required “We are well underway to make
ongoing radioactive and chemical Control. that happen by the end of January,”
cleanup of the man-made island, Clark said.
was expected to transfer ownership The Navy has already cleaned up
of this area’s batch of parcels to San As for Site 24, a former dry-
Francisco, which plans to build thou- about half the island and transferred cleaning facility and one of the four
sands of new homes and commercial remaining areas, the Navy will con-
space there. it to The City in 2015, a milestone tinue monitoring the remediation
The remaining three areas are work there for two more years before
scheduled to be transferred in the celebrated by Mayor Ed Lee. the transfer.
coming years — the last is scheduled
for Dec. 31, 2021 — but the results “It’s taken almost two decades “We got about 80 percent of the
of a radioactive feasibility study next contamination removed,” Clark said.
year could shorten that time line. to get to this point, and we’re eager “We were effectively using biore-
The Navy used the island as a mediation to naturally break down
base from 1941 to 1997, and its to transform this former naval base the chlorinated solvents used in the
activities there — largely during dry-cleaning process.”
World War II — contaminated the into a vibrant community,” Lee said
island with radiological materials The scheduled date of this site’s
and other toxins. at the time. transfer to The City is Jan. 30, 2019.

The Treasure Island Development “I think we will be able to get full
cleanup of the site and, ultimately,
Authority’s Board of Directors when we transfer the property, there
will be no land use controls to moni-
praised the progress of the Navy

cleanup during a Nov. 15 hearing

when it received an update on the

cleanup effort by Dave Clark, lead

environmental project manager

for the Navy working on Treasure


“Even that, the 2021 [time line],

is still very impressive that we have

done all this work, just now get-

ting to that tail end,” said TIDA

board member Linda Richardson.

“Overall, I think this is great news.”

The first of the remaining four

areas expected to be transferred to Newsletter 4-17-18 19

THers' News continued...

The Anglo Saxon pendant found at a grave in Windfarthing, Norfolk CREDIT: THE BRITISH MUSEUM.

tor,” Clark said. Site 12, which includes residential that work at Bigelow and Bayside is
“That’s why the date of 2019 housing, will have the most activity complete.
moving forward and comprise both
gives us time to collect more data chemical and radioactive material “We have to go back to Northpoint
to represent statistically decreasing cleanup. in 2018 for another additional dig.
trends in both soil and soil gas.” But after that, we should be out of
The solid waste disposal areas, there,” he said.
A third area being cleaned up is where materials with radioactive
grouped together as Site 6, the his- Radium-226 were buried, is the Next year, the Navy will complete
torical fire-fighter training facility; source of “99 percent of all the a radiological feasibility study for
Site 32, a training and storage area; radiological contamination” on the Site 12.
and Parcel 2, the wastewater treat- island. The Navy used radioactive
ment plant, are slated for transfer by Radium-226 glow-in-the-dark paint “The feasibility study is key, real-
Dec. 31, 2020. for dials and gauges and deck mark- ly, to the open spaces because that is
ers. really the most challenging technical
“Site 32 was a storage facility, question that we have, ‘What is the
and in 2010, we did a large PCB “Less than 1 percent of anything final remedy to ultimately support
[Polychlorinated Biphenyls] clean- on Treasure Island from the solid property transfer’?” Clark said.
up,” Clark said. “The reason why we waste disposal areas has been found
haven’t transferred it is we use it as outside of the solid waste disposal On the chemical remediation
a lay down area, mainly for soil from areas,” Clark said. “But this presents front, Clark said, “We are going to
Site 12.” a unique challenge to figure out what go to the northern area of Site 12
is the ultimate remedy going to be for a lot of those small chemical
Clark said the former storage for Site 12.” digs. After this is done, we basi-
facility is used for testing and scan- cally should not be going back into
ning soil from Site 12 to determine There are four solid waste dispos- the neighborhoods for any remedial
whether it contains radioactive mate- al areas: Westside Drive, Bayside, action outside of the solid waste dis-
rial, which would be hauled away for Bigelow and Northpoint. Clark said posal area.”
Even as the remediation work

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

THers' News continued...

The pendant in the soil. It has now been valued at £145,000  CREDIT: JOHN FULCHER.
Photos courtesy of

draws to a close and state and local Thomas Lucking is in line for a est status, certainly aristocratic and
health agencies have said that the £145,000 pay-out after unearthing quite possibly royal.”
radiological material and other tox- an aristocratic burial site in a part of
ins don’t pose a health risk to the Norfolk overlooked by generations Mr. Lucking found the site in
nearly 2,000 residents currently liv- of archaeologists because of its poor 2015, aged 23, and now works as a
ing there, the island’s reputation may soil. full-time archeologist.
forever remain clouded.
The find of the female skeleton He said his share of the eventual
“I came to this area from New wearing a pendant of gold imported price would most likely go towards a
York about 30 or so years ago, and from Sri Lanka and coins bearing deposit on his first house.
when I came, word on the street the marks of a continental king is
was, ‘No, don’t ever go over to those prompting a fundamental reassess- “We could hear this large signal.
islands. They are radioactive.’ So I ment of the seats of power in Anglo We knew there was something large
haven’t spent much time here,” said Saxon England. but couldn’t predict it would be like
Ruthie Sakheim, who attended the that,” he of the discovery.
on-island TIDA meeting. A gold cross among the treasure
counts as one of the earliest “potent” "When it came out the atmosphere
“And I know a whole commu- symbols of Christianity ever found. changed."
nity has developed here, and I worry
about the health of the people here.” The Norwich Castle Museum One of the large pendants, found
is now raising the £145,000 need- lower down on the skeleton’s chest,
Courtesy of http://www.sfexam- ed to buy the trove, dubbed the was made of gold and inlaid with Winfarthing Woman, whose crafts- hundreds of tiny garnets and in itself
island-last-five-years/ manship is the “equal” of the famous is valued at £140,000.
Staffordshire Hoard, according to
Submitted by David Hyde. Senior Curator Dr. Tim Pestell. The Wayfarthing Woman was
highlighted recently in the annual
Student’s Treasure “It’s an exceptionally rich find report of the Portable Antiquities
Find ‘Rewrites’ History and completely rewrites our under- Scheme (PAS) as an example of best
The discovery of an “exquisite” standing of Anglo Saxon history practice by amateur metal detector-
gold pendant by a student metal in East Anglia,” he told The Daily ists.
detectorist is being credited with Telegraph.
rewriting the understanding of Courtesy of http://www.telegraph.
Anglo-Saxon history. “It shows that the person buried
in this grave was of the very high- treasure-find-rewrites-anglo-saxon-

Submitted by Len Myers. Newsletter 4-17-18 21

Tip From the Pros

Walk This Way?

By Jay Pastor

After you scan to the end scanning trip out. of us has his own individual
of a row in a field, turn Often targets sit at odd ingrained stride that he’s
around 180-degrees and angles beneath the soil, used most of his life.
work your way back to which causes you to miss Although greater care,
them when approaching in more even swings, and
the starting point. one direction, but readily overlapping scans can help
Why? allows you to spot them a lot, there’s still much
from a different approach. you’ll leave in the ground.
Because (and most Your gait might be another The best way to hit the
experienced detectorists reason for a swing and a miss. targets you didn’t snag the
would agree) you never And there’s no easy way to
change your walking to do first time is not to change your
find everything the away with this problem. walking style, but to approach
first time you scan a It happens because we
travel on two feet, and each the route from a different
stretch of ground. angle or direction.
Sometimes you find It’s worth the effort.
even more on the return
than you did on your initial

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 4-17-18

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

APRIL Gary Young at (918) 869-5778. hunt flyer contact: I.T.T.H.C.  Inc.,
20th – 22nd – Temple, Texas. P. O. Box 580961, Tulsa, OK 74158-
The Texas AMDC Texas Treasure 11th – 13th – Richland, 0961 or e-mail [email protected]. You
Show & Open silver hunt at the Washington. The Southeast can also log onto the club’s website
Mayborn Convention Center, 3303 Washington Association of Treasure at
North 3rd Street. Metal Detecting, Hunters (SWATH) presents their
Artifacts, Relics, & Coin Show. 30th Annual Treasure Hunt. For hunt JUNE
Free Friday night hunt (members flier, send SASE to Kim Leverett, 2nd – Shawsville, Virginia. The
only). Sunday morning open silver 551 Decker Road, Pasco, WA 99301 Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s
and tokens hunt. Guest speakers: or call (509) 545-8375 or e-mail 27th Annual Open Hunt at Camp
Captain Carl Fismer, World famous [email protected] Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs
treasure diver, and W.C. Jameson, Road. This event includes two
treasure hunter and author. See the 19th – 20th – Ocean City, New Coin Hunts and one optional Silver
latest in equipment, how to seminars, Jersey. The East Coast Research and Hunt with many prizes, including
and detecting finds displays from Discovery Association’s 9th Annual detectors, assorted gear and cash.
Texas treasure hunters. For details, Open Hunt, “On Cloud Nine,” at the Concession stand and camping
see and the Music Pier. Registration is limited available. For info, contact Marilyn
TAMDC Facebook page at https:// to 180 attendees. For more info, call Epperly at (540) 342-0153 or Ernie Joe at (973) 839-8031 or log onto Arnett at (540) 420-2866 or e-mail
for updates. [email protected] You can also
visit them on Facebook.
21st – Virginia Beach, 25th – 27th – Stanwood,
Virginia. The Tidewater Coin & Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure 2nd – 3rd – Springfield,
Relic Club’s 31st Annual Open Hunting Club’s 37th Annual Hunt Missouri. Springfield’s Annual
Hunt, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., at 5700 – Mayfest – at the Stanwood Rock & Gem Fair at 2327 W. Farm
Atlantic Avenue. For more infor- Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy. Road 190, hosted by Springfield’s
mation, log onto This kid friendly three-day event Annual Gem Fair and the Ozark
com/ or the club’s Facebook event opens on Friday at 6 p.m. for camp- Mountain Gem & Mineral Society.
page at ing, raffles, and registrations, and Rocks, gems, fossils, geodes, unique
events/314264055748746/?ti=cl will close at 9. Raffles: Main, Metal jewelry, free rock & cut gem ID, fam-
Detector, Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and ily fun, books and more, including a
MAY Silver Dollar all weekend. Saturday public rock auction Saturday at 5:30
5th – 6th – Sapulpa, Oklahoma. - Registrations open at 7:30 a.m. p.m. For more info, log onto www.
The Three Forks Treasure Hunters Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 before or their Facebook
Club’s 32nd National Open the day’s hunts. There will also be pages – Ozark Mountain Gem &
Treasure Hunt at the Creek County a Silent Auction (bring an item) Mineral Society or Springfield’s
Fairgrounds, 4 miles west of and a Potluck Lunch (bring a dish). Annual Gem Fair.
Sapulpa on HW 66. Eight differ- Sunday - Big Breakfast Fundraiser
ent hunts. Reduced entry fee for and hunts. Closing Ceremonies at 3 2nd – 3rd – Grand Rapids,
main hunt this year.  All entry fees p.m. Check www.pilchucktreasure- North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact
go back into the hunt as coins and for info or call (425) 308- Recovery Group’s 19th Annual
prizes. One detector will be given for 2255 Lora, or (425) 446-9232 Tracy, Treasure Hunt at Memorial Park
each 25 main entries plus additional or e-mail [email protected] rain or shine. Cost of Hunts all 5
prizes. Concession stand open. RV hunts (adult age 16+) $130. 100% of
hookups available. For more, check 26th – 27th – Sapulpa, hunt fees are planted as coins and/
the Three Forks Treasure Hunters Oklahoma. The 47th Annual Indian or tokens. Friday Night Social and
Club’s Facebook page or contact Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek Bingo at 6:30 p.m. for those arriving
Larry Koch at (918) 348-6780 or County Fairgrounds. For info or a early. Saturday 3 hunts; Sunday 2 Newsletter 4-17-18 23

hunts; Junior Hunters’ Entry fee -all Calendar Cont'd State Recreation Area, camping
5 hunts-15 & under $65, 10 & under available, just south of Brownstown,
$30. Saturday - MARG’s dinner for prizes throughout. Come out have Indiana, off Hwy. 135. Non-Profit
$5/adult, $3/10 and under (payable fun and enjoy! 6500 S. Sheridan Clubs and metal detecting related
at registration). Prize distributions/ Ave., Wapato Park Main Shelter, businesses. Numerous sponsors,
announcements Sunday at 2:15. For 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. For more informa- hundreds of prizes. 100% of entries
info, contact Corey Staloch (701) tion, contact Scott Hoover at scott- go back into the ground. Seven days
320-7107 or email coreystaloch@ [email protected] of Silver, Token, Beach, and Kids’ Hunts. Deadline for entries is July
JULY 1st. After the cutoff a $10 per day
9th – 10th – New Stanton, 6th – 8th – Black Hawk, late fee is added. For full flyer or
Pennsylvania. The 6th Annual Colorado. Rush To The Rockies more information, visit Southern
Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt 2018, a national open metal detect- Indiana Treasure Fest on Facebook
at the Fox Den Acres Campground ing event, at the Pickle Gulch or contact Rick Trout, (574) 848-
with four hunts Saturday and three Campground in Black Hawk, 9345 or e-mail treasurerick@com-
hunts Sunday. Contact Don Hayes at Colorado. 100% of hunt fees go in 
[email protected] or phone the ground! Hunts held rain or shine.
(740) 252-1322 or Ed Burke at poto- Natural forest setting that includes AUGUST
[email protected] or phone (570) uneven ground, rocks and downed 4th – Kent, Washington. The
310-1530. for more info trees. Coin Drawings. Early Bird Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club’s
Drawing. Two days, five spectacu- “Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt” at
12th – 17th – Nebo, North lar hunts, one price. For more info, Reber Ranch, 28606 132nd Ave. SE.
Carolina. Common Dig “Dirt Party” visit, or send e-mail to 3 main hunts (senior hunt included)
hosted by the Gold Prospectors [email protected] and a youth hunt. Main raffle prizes
Association of America (GPAA) are a XP Deus Metal Detector and a
and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining 14th – 21st – New Stanton, Treasure Chest. Silver dollar raffles
Association (LDMA) at the LDMA Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2018 throughout the day. A potluck lunch
Vein Mountain Camp, 3216 Vein at the Fox Den Acres Campground. is included. The cost of the day’s
Mountain Rd. Open to all. Register by Eight days of treasure hunting and hunts and lunch is $90. For more
calling GPAA headquarters at (800) crafts, free kid’s hunts and novice info, contact Jim Ratcliff at scout-
551-9707 no later than 06/07/18. All hunts, as well as activities like bingo, [email protected] or (360) 556-
participants work for their gold and horse races, and auctions sponsored 3914.  
receive a vial with a picker or two by many manufacturers. Only 2
and a PayDirt bag with their split miles from the PA Turnpike and I70. 11th – Tunkhannock,
of the gold recovered. There will be Stay for the week or attend a day Pennsylvania. The Black Diamond
both hands on training and a “class- or two. For more information, con- Treasure Hunters Club’s 34th Annual
room” setting: basic prospecting, tact Ed Davis at [email protected] Black Diamond Treasure Hunt at the
geology, panning, GPS, and detect- or phone (317) 908-8165 or Don Lazy Brook Park on Rt. 6. For info
ing. There will also be activities that Hayes at [email protected] send a SASE to B.D.T.H.C., P.O.
help benefit the camps. For more or (740) 252-1322. Box 1523, Kingston, PA 18704, or
info, log onto https://www.facebook. go to to download
com/events/173558333231940/ or 21st – Palmer, Alaska. The the flier or e-mail treasure1@com-
call (800) 551-9707. Alaska Treasure Seekers Society’s or phone Byard Derr (215)
42nd Annual Metal Detecting 536-0796.
16th – 17th – Hastings, Nebraska.
The Nebraskaland Treasure Hunters’ Hunt at the Alaska State 18th – 19th – New Concord,
44th Annual Treasure Hunt at Dyer Fairgrounds, France Equestrian Ohio. The 39th Annual Buckeye
Park south of Hastings. There will Center, 2075 Glenn Highway. This Championship Treasure Hunt spon-
be Gold and Silver buried as well all-day event will feature 4 hunts for sored by Don & Bill Hayes. Two
as Gold and Silver raffles. For more adults and includes a potluck lunch. all silver main hunts each day. On
information, contact Roy Richters, Approximately 30 to 45 participants separate entry fee is the Big Silver
P.O Box 194, Utica, NE 68456, or per hunt are anticipated. For more Bonanza Hunt with silver quarters
call (402) 534-2019. information, e-mail aktreasureseek- and half dollars. Fun hunts each day,
[email protected] night hunt on Saturday. Contact Don
24th – Tacoma, Washington. 5th Hayes at [email protected]
Annual Outlaws Round Up Picnic. 22nd – 28th – Vallonia, Indiana. or phone 740) 252-1322.
There will be a hunt from 8 to 11 Southern Indiana 10th Annual
a.m. followed by a potluck picnic Treasure Fest at the Starve Hollow E-mail upcoming events to manag
and hotdogs. Family fun, games and [email protected]

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