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Online Newsletter - 19 September 2017

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Online Newsletter - 19 September 2017



The Coil & DiggersDIGGER
Club of Lane

• Precision Milled Screw Cap County, Oregon
• Cuts Through Any Roots
• Handy Cordura Sheath

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ging Tool I’ve
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Lost Treasure


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

September 19, 2017


Feature Club — page 4


page 24 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
12 Industry Press

14 Tips From the Pros
16 THers' News

25 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla NielseGn uest Editorial


ADVERTISING [email protected] The following Guest Editorial is been seeded properly, there should
(918) 786-2182, ext. 0 from Ina Finn of Suffolk, Virginia. be no single area holding more tar-
MANAGING EDITOR Carla Nielsen gets. This is where the luck fac-
A club that has been around for a tor comes in. I’ve seen experienced
[email protected] long time will have experienced seed- hunters walk off the field with hun-
ers who understand the importance dreds of coins and no tokens, and
WEBMASTER webmaster@ of evenly distributing targets. Our I’ve seen novice hunters find several
club usually breaks the hunt field up tokens and only a handful of coins. into 4 or 6 quadrants, and each seed- Fresh or charged batteries are a must,
er gets a quadrant. An official of the of course. Always check your detec-
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris club or someone who is not hunting tor at least a half-hour before the
will seed the prize tokens, usually. hunt to make sure it’s in good work-
PRODUCTION [email protected] In a competition hunt success ing order. It’s also a good idea to
depends on two things - speed and mark your equipment with fluores-
CUSTOMER SERVICE Lawrence Harris luck. First, you must completely cent tape or a nametag so it’s eas-
embrace the concept that every sec- ily distinguishable from the piles
[email protected] ond counts! When the whistle blows, of detectors, scoops and baskets.
everyone has an equal chance, but Arrive early enough to register and
IN MEMORIAM it’s the fastest competitors who will get yourself situated before the start-
Coy Harris (1964-1996) walk off the field with the most coins ing signal.
Kevin Harris (1965-2013) and tokens. Do NOT spend time
inspecting your targets. Just dump Are your directions clear, is your
PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One them in your waste basket and move car gassed up, and have you listened
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two on (you do have a waste basket, to weather and traffic reports to
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: don’t you?) adjust your departure time? These
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). questions may seem rudimentary,
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first It’s too deep and probably isn’t but I’ve seen people miss hunts for
issue. (Printed in the USA.) a seeded target if it takes more than those reasons.
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- three scoops. Also, don’t try and
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address analyze every target because some Other incidentals would include
change or correction (enclosing latest clubs will hide a coin or token inside rain gear or sunblock, a folding
address label) eight weeks in advance to a bottle cap or tape it to a pull-tab. chair, a cooler with food and drinks
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, if there are no concessions and, if
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. At the beginning of the hunt, you have one, a back-up detector.
E-mail [email protected] targets will be plentiful, so you may I was overwhelmed by the frenzy
have to play a little “Twister.” If you of activity around me the first time
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK get into an area with multiple sig- I entered a hunt. I found it different
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct nals, while you’re digging the first from the peace and solitude I usually
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost one, plant your feet on the others. In enjoy while detecting. I also found it
other words, try to spread yourself fun, exciting and a terrific opportu-
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this out to protect your nest of signals. A nity to meet other detectorists. Since
sturdy, medium-size handheld scoop then I’ve entered many hunts, made
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire is best. With a long-handled scoop, a lot of friends along the way, and
you’ll spend too much time reach- have won a fair share of top prizes.
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the ing into the basket for the target, as
opposed to just dumping the con- You’ll probably be disappointed
expressed written permission of the publisher. tents in your waist basket. if you go with the attitude of trying
to make your entry fee back. But
© 2016 Lost Treasure, Inc.® Regarding field position...try to if your intention is to have fun and
avoid the corners because you will meet great people, you’ll have a
LostTreasure OnLine converge with other participants in BLAST!
a matter of seconds. Some people
http://www.lost like to race to the center of the field Ina Finn
immediately, and some will remain Tidewater Coin and Relic Club
along the sidelines. If the field has Newsletter 9-19-17 3

Feature Club

The Coil & Diggers Club of
Lane County, Oregon

The purpose of the Coil & Diggers display great finds; to be a resource Meetings are held on the third
Club of Lane County, Oregon, is to to local law enforcement agencies Tuesday of every month from 7 – 9
bring people together who enjoy all for the search and recovery of crime p.m. at the Eugene Elks Lodge, 2470
aspects of the hobby of metal detect- scene evidence; to be a resource West 11th Ave Eugene, Oregon.
ing. to archaeological organizations for
the search and recovery of histori- Membership is open to anyone
To provide a monthly gathering cal artifacts; to be a resource to the interested in the hobby of metal
place for members and a monthly general public for the search and detecting.
outing to enjoy the sport of metal recovery of lost personal items; to be
detecting. a leader among other similar clubs, The club recently held their annual
pursuing programs that benefit the hunt and, according to club President
To teach about the Metal Detecting hobby and protect our image, as well Larry Orr, “Our club's picnic/hunt
Code of Ethics; the proper use of as benefit our public parks and lands, was a great success!”
equipment, and techniques for recov- i.e., Park Steward Program or Adopt
ering targets; rules and regulations a Park, etc., and to have fun, enjoy For more information, log onto
that affect our hobby, such as where the outdoors, and meet other people the club website at http://www.cdclc.
one can and cannot hunt, and how to with similar interests. org/
obtain permission for hunting on pri-
vate property; how to preserve and You can also visit their Facebook
page at

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

Feature Club cont'd...

The Coil & Diggers Club of Lane County, Oregon

Club President
Larry Orr. Newsletter 9-19-17 5

LT Get MARCH 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaxoMtaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

How To Use Water When
Treasure Hunting

By Will Gall

Some jewelry and silver coins were found by the author at the
Dania Pier in Dania, Florida.

Besides being the ultimate sol- with water when gold mining to good things can be found…just don’t
vent, water is probably the most understand the power and erosive get killed looking for them.
powerful force on the world. force achievable with it; it is highly
employable in many ways and pretty I have been out during storms,
As for the roles of H2O in trea- available. on ocean beaches with waterproof
sure hunting, they are many, not least detectors, and I have seen pier pil-
of which being hydration, to put in I am amused by water shortages, ings as large as telephone poles
your body so that your tissues are on a planet whose surface is com- washed about in the immediate surf
revivified and can better operate. prised of at least 70% water, a lot of like little twigs.
it quite deep.
Drink water, the purest you can Those types of natural forces can
get, though not distilled, because Yet another case of faulty infor- be deceptively misleading, even
clean, pure water is the best medi- mation. They mean local water fatally misleading. Beware.
cine when used liberally. shortages.
On the great Mississippi, whole
Don’t leave it in your canteen or Anyone who has seen a river fields have been taken into the river
your jug, it does no good there and or ocean current at work knows overnight, and early in that river’s
is cumbersome. Try hard not to mess about the power of water, sometimes recorded history, unscrupulous land-
it up with things like sugar. passive and huge, sometimes mon- owners could start a ditch with a
strously active. shovel and divert just a small trickle
Any treasure hunter need only of the river in the right place, thereby
consider the jobs accomplished During monstrously active times

www.LowstwTrwe.aLsousrteT.rceoamsuNree.wcosmlettAerpr9il-1290-1177 75

Books about mining (shown above and below) illustrate many machines using Lake bottoms usually remain stat-
water to process ore. From “The Chemical Engineer’s Handbook,” 1941. ic because there are no currents of
any magnitude in lakes, except in
washing a neighbor’s land away - storms, high tides, and more. the Great Lakes and places like that,
many, many acres in a very short which are more inland seas as far as
time…a day or two. Acts of Water water conditions on the shoreline go.
Huge underwater sand bars are
This nefarious activity became moved about just by the power of In smaller lakes and ponds, things
known as “ditching” and heavy pen- the tide. When other forces collude, that get dropped usually go straight
alties were enacted for people con- watch out. to the bottom and stay there, slowly
victed of ditching. The actions of the ocean are the sinking over time.
most violent I have ever person-
To be a competent riverboat ally witnessed and there is forever My favorite and most rewarding
captain in the days of the early change - nothing stays the same in treasure hunting trips anymore are
Mississippi was to be able to read the water. in waist deep water with a floating
and sense the movements of the river screen attached to my ample weight
bottom, and to avoid getting hung up belt by three or four feet of heavy
on a sand bar that wasn’t there dur- nylon cord.
ing the last trip.
You can float screens with four
When water is high it does crazy empty two liter bottles, one on each
things, but it can be directed. That is side of the box, taped well to avoid
the basis for the channels and sluices punctures and abrasions. Fasten to
of the gold miners, which are used to the screen box with wire.
erode hillsides and creek banks, and
to wash paydirt. I use a regular shovel with a float
on the handle so I don’t lose it, and
Diversion of water to dig and I shovel up the bottom and run it
move lots of media is a highly effec- through the screen.
tive mining technique - blasting
banks with fire hoses, things like I clean up trash and treasure
that. around old piers, and even many
beaches after weather extremes. All
A good gas powered high veloc- kinds of goodies await there.
ity pump, with a bountiful and clean
water source, is a tool of fine type in I can move a lot of bottom with a
many situations, even underwater. regular concrete shovel, once again,
Jets can wash mining screens full of with a floated handle. That bears
material…quickly, too. When done repeating, ok?
right there is a certain rare beauty
to it. I cut a small piece off a cheap
foam tube used by kids in pools
Oceans exhibit many interesting
erosion circumstances, profitable,
too, and blameless, because of wind,

86 LOST TREASURE NAepwrisl l2e0tt1e7r 9-19-17

and slide the piece onto the shovel The Dania Pier, Dania, Florida. On the other side of the bait house out in the
handle, taping it in place well. water is the buried wreck of the old pier, the pier before Andrew. It is exceptionally
rich in trash and treasure. Some jewelry and silver coins were found by the author
There are such things as “Rice at that old pier site.
Shovels,” heavy duty because they
are reinforced in several places, but able to acquire. During, and right after a storm or
they are high dollar and I personally And the deepest stuff, on the bed- odd tide, a beach will form what’s
get just as good results with the big- called a cut, a straight up and down
gest, lightest round nosed blade I can rock, still gets kicked around occa- wall created by erosion, and it can
find. In water fiberglass handles on sionally; that’s how the ocean is. run for miles.
your shovel can be a plus.
Along east coast beaches it is When waves carrying objects hit
My shoes are heavy, even boots, accepted practice to spiral outward the cuts, these walls, all the items
because bottom trash can be brutal. from a coin find when near the water being carried along by the water lose
And advise long heavy pants...jeans at low tide. their energy and drop.
at least. And pockets are good.
A detectorist will many times dis- That’s why a lot of old coins are
I have gloves and a spare shovel cover a coin wash there; where there found along these cut beaches after
and usually am in use of a canoe in is one there is sometimes many. heavy weather.
these situations. There will always
be as heavy a prybar as I can lay Aggregation in the surf concen- Detect the wall at its base and,
hands on in there, too, along with trates certain things and, coupled if you find anything, stay there and
any other tools I might need. with high tide and some force like work outward, kicking seaweed and
wind, a further aggregation will take trash out of the way; get while the
After you clean out an old place place as objects of a weight and gettin’s good. Listen carefully…you
like this that has been rich in other shape, especially round flat things, know what I mean.
things along with the trash, like get flung out of the water during
jewelry and coins, even real old heavy high tides, while all others are A gold pan is one of the most
bottles, get my article on creating left behind. Aggregation. To aggre- simple small scale aggregators, and
mailboxes for your outboards and gate. A primary sorting. sluice boxes are many times ridged
trolling motors. Stir things up…it to aggregate media.
will never end. Sometimes another type of aggre-
gation takes place, noted on the metal Rivers and creeks make aggre-
Old pier pilings in rows can be detecting beaches around Wabasso, gated deposits in long runs and on
good in the water around and below Florida, where there are a lot of early curves, if the conditions are right…
the walking surface area. Real old Spanish galleons wrecked. think gravels.
railroad piers can be extensive and
good. In truth this happens all up and Henry David Thoreau mentioned
down the coasts everywhere. orderly and recurring water activity
Salvage all the metal, dispose of
the trash, and cash in the good stuff;
save the best for your collection if
you can.

A main use of water in mining and
in water drainage comes from devel-
oping a property known as aggrega-

It is the aggregating of media, a
sorting that occurs naturally when-
ever water and gravity are in the
right relation.

Many specialty mining tools
exploit this physical phenomenon as
a separation process, and it happens
in nature, too, like at the beach in the
wet sand out in the water.

The bottom in the water is a flow-
ing mass, with heavy things eventu-
ally falling downward to the rock.

All along the way to that ulti-
mate deposit on bedrock, small uni-
form things like coins and rings, due
to weight, density and even shape,
become sorted and occasionally
tossed onto land for the knowledge-

www.LowstwTrwe.aLsousrteT.rceoamsuNree.wcosmlettAerpr9il-1290-1177 97

The gold pan…an aggregator extraordinaire. treasure hunting is as a safety device.
A bottle sprayer or dedicated

pump sprayer can be used to keep
dust down during digs, and some
archaeological processes now incor-
porates sprinkler systems to wear
layers off a site, do less damage - a
great technique where dusty condi-
tions prevail.

Facemask breathers or bandanas
like the outlaws wore are a must in
some situations, especially if screen-
ing is involved.

Spray bottles can also mist the
skin and, in desert conditions, that
can be welcome respite and even a
life saver.

Keep your breathing cover moist
and it will better filter dust.

So, there are a few ideas on how
to use water productively in treasure

Best of luck in your adventures.
Be safe always and I will look for
you on the beach.

on Walden Pond, as a result of the separation always happening there, Sources:
yearly ice melt. No doubt another “An Introduction to College
aggregation of natural type, even if you can see it in the pictures. Physics”
it is just grading sands. “Methods of Placer Mining,” by
Aggregation is a natural property Garnet Basque, Montreal
Aggregation happens naturally in of this physical cosm (the matrix, “The Beach Combers Handbook”
space, too; in debris rings around the reality of the physical world “The Chemical Engineer’s
planets there is a slow but steady 24-7 where we live). There are many Handbook”
other cool things here, too. Author’s personal experience.

Another good use for water while

events to
An ore processing plant utilizing water extensively. Colorado School of Mines

810 LLOOSSTTTTRREEAASSUURREEANperwil s2l0e1tt7er 9-19-17

Industry Press

New TV Series “Diggin with KG and
Ringy” Featuring Garrett Products

Debuts on Pursuit Channel®

Garland, Texas — Garrett Metal Channel. Our fans have been anx- also available to all HD homes via
Detectors, a worldwide leading man- ious for KG and I to get back to Century Link and Verizon FiOS.
ufacturer of security, sport and coun- making treasure hunting episodes.”
termine metal detection products, is Pursuit Channel is the only out-
proud to announce that its consumer Wyant adds, “The cool thing door network with “live” full HD
hobby products will soon be promi- about Diggin with KG and Ringy is online streaming, making “Diggin
nently featured in a new reality TV that younger viewers can really pick with KG and Ringy” available free
series. The show “Diggin with KG up on some history as we describe to everyone worldwide with any
and Ringy” stars two well-known the awesome coins and artifacts we Internet-connected device.
treasure hunters and will begin a find. We were fortunate to detect on
14-week run on Pursuit Channel on some incredible sites the past couple Connected worldwide devices
Monday, September 25. years.” that provide Pursuit Channel include
Roku, Amazon Fire, Android and
Tim “Ringmaster” Saylor and Saylor and Wyant traveled around Apple phones.
George “King George” Wyant are the world to film all new “Diggin
best known for their previous four- with KG and Ringy” episodes in “The avid outdoor enthusiasts
season run on National Geographic locations that include France, who enjoy Pursuit’s programs will
Channel’s “Diggers” program. England, Germany, the Netherlands, experience a different kind of sport
Russia, Canada, and Australia. that is both exciting and competi-
The new Pursuit Channel series tive,” said Rusty Faulk, CEO of
“Diggin with KG and Ringy” will “No matter where we hunt, we try Pursuit Channel.
feature Saylor and Wyant using to have fun while we’re recovering
Garrett metal detectors at various history,” says Saylor. “KG and Ringy explore the fields,
historic sites around the world in forests and mountains, digging for
their quest to find gold, silver, jew- “We usually make a little bet that history, and have a lot of fun in the
elry, rare coins, military artifacts, the loser has to do something crazy. process.”
and various other lost treasures. So, you can expect to see KG and
I really going at it to make the best Each week’s episode of “Diggin
“I’m super pumped about our new finds.” with KG and Ringy” will air four
detecting series,” says Saylor. times:
Pursuit Channel is distributed to
“Now, we can be streamed live 45 million U.S. households, includ- Monday 11:30 am ET/8:30 am PT
anywhere in the world, even if your ing HD packages on DIRECTV and Tuesday 9:30 pm ET/6:30 pm PT
cable provider doesn’t carry Pursuit AT&T, along with basic tier car- Thursday 2 pm ET/11 am PT
riage on DISH Network. Pursuit is Friday 1 am ET/10 pm PT
To learn more about Tim Saylor,

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

Industry Press cont'd...

George Wyant, their Team ATC, and
their metal detecting adventures,

Garrett Metal Detectors, found-
ed in 1964 and headquartered in
Garland, TX, has proudly manu-
factured its complete line of metal
detection products for more than five
decades in the United States.

For a complete listing of Garrett
Metal Detectors’ products and ser-
vices, visit Newsletter 9-19-17 13

Tip From the Pros

For Everyone

By Jay Pastor

New detectorists that. I’ve hunted and silver ever mined
often tell me they’ve many beaches over has been hidden near,
always found some- three decades, and
thing interesting or have never returned or lost to, the sea -
valuable when they without rescuing at and that all the lost
searched the beach, least one memorable treasure that has not
item of historical,
even when they artistic, scientific, been found
went there on or financial worth, significantly
regardless of the age exceeds the amount
impulse, with only or condition of the that has already been
their detector, shovel, discovered.
and a tube of Broad terrain. Try it out and
In addition, experts see what you can
Spectrum SPF55 estimate that one- retrieve? You might
sun blocker. tenth of all the gold be pleasantly
I wasn’t at all
surprised to hear

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

Treasure Facts

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Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

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THers' News

Victoria Brodski found a 2.65-carat diamond at the
Crater of Diamonds State Park.

2.65-Carat Diamond had found a beautiful brown dia- my mom and said, ‘Michelangelo.’”
Found at Crater of mond. When asked about her plans for
Diamonds State Park
Victoria Brodski visited Park Interpreter Waymon Cox the Michelangelo Diamond, Brodski
Arkansas’s Crater of Diamonds State pointed out, “Mrs. Brodski was said that she will sell it and split the
Park for a special birthday celebra- searching where running water money with her family.
tion. had deposited lots of gravel in the
The 25-year-old had known about plowed field. According to her, “We made a
the unique park for years and finally contract before we came, that we
decided to visit after hearing about a Diamonds are a bit heavy for their would split anything we found
7.44-carat diamond found in March. size, so they are often found near among the four of us.”
Brodski and her family drove in other heavy rocks and minerals.”
from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and bought Her advice for other first-time
tickets to enter the diamond field at Brodski’s diamond was one of visitors? Brodski suggested, “Prior
9 a.m. three found on the surface. It is the to looking for diamonds, find out
A few minutes later, she was sit- second-largest diamond found so far what a diamond looks like. I would
ting with her daughter and brother in 2017, topped only by the 7.44- have been a lot more excited if I
by a culvert near the mine entrance carat brown diamond found by a 14 had known it was a diamond when I
when she picked up what she thought year old. picked it up!”
was a pretty piece of glass.
Noting its shine, she put it in a According to Cox, “Mrs. Brodski’s In total, over 75,000 diamonds
plastic bag and continued searching. diamond is one of the more beautiful have been unearthed at the Crater of
A couple hours later, Brodski brown diamonds I’ve seen from the Diamonds since the first diamonds
walked to the park’s Diamond park. It’s about the size of a bead, were found here in 1906 by John
Discovery Center to see what real with a dark brown color, like raw Huddleston, a farmer who owned
uncut diamonds look like. honey. It has a smooth, rounded sur- the land long before it became an
It was there that she first realized face and appears free of blemishes, Arkansas State Park in 1972.
she may have found more than just inside and out.”
glass. Crater of Diamonds State Park is
“I was looking at pictures of dia- It is a tradition at Crater of located on Arkansas Highway 301 in
monds on display and noticed their Diamonds State Park for visitors to Murfreesboro.
similarity to what I had found,” name their finds.
Brodski said. It is one of 52 state parks admin-
She quickly showed her find to Brodski dubbed her gem the istered by the State Parks Division
park staff, who confirmed that she Michelangelo Diamond, because her of the Arkansas Department of Parks
family decided to use the names of and Tourism.
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
as code words, in case any of them For more information, contact
found anything. Crater of Diamonds State Park at
870-285-3113, emailCraterofDia-
Brodski noted, “When I learned [email protected], or visit www.
that I had found a diamond, I called

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

THers' News continued...

National Museum for display, “We are honored and feel privileged
provided it can pay Mr. McLennan to have saved this internationally
£1.98m to acquire the treasure. significant treasure and we look for-
ward to the many exciting discover-
Sharon McKee, Mr. McLennan’s ies that will be further revealed.
partner, who is also involved in the
treasure hunting, wrote on Facebook: “We cannot wait for its even-

An early medieval cross, part WIN! A NEW DETECTOR!

of a hoard of Viking treasure EntEenrtLeroLstoTstreTarseuarseu’rseS’seAputegmubsteHr HunutnStwSeweepesptastkaeksefsorfoar a
chchanancecetotowwininaaTeTkenkenteitciscsMMiniuntuetmemananMMeteatlaDl Deteetcetcotror
* which has been unearthed
Buil(tDinerZe-kLyMnkc™LWeninrealens/sPTAecAhnrcohl-ive/PA Teknetics Minuteman
ogy Images).
* NEW Garrett MS-3™ Z-Lynk Wire- from our new Ameritek line

less Metal Detectorist Rewarded • Turn-on-and-go, well balanced
and lightweight
* HeadpAhfotneersUinnceluadretdhing Britain’s
* IncreaBAseigdmgDeeestattelVctdiiokenitneDcgteoTprtrihestashuarse learned • Pinpoint mode with depth indicator
(CM or IN)
he has hit a £2m jackpot after
• Motion discrimination mode
uncovering Britain’s biggest ever • Variable tone breakpoint
• Large 2-digit numeric target-ID numbers,
Viking treasure.
from 1-99
Derek McLennan unearthed the • Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination
• Fe-Tone - Adjustable Iron Audio
10th-century collection of rare Viking • 8-inch concentric waterproof searchcoil

ALLPTOEWGiaRnraRtE2ellAfR0oa1wFIc4NtUas.yLPin,EinWaRFSfIiRcOeolEdRtlLaMiEnndSAD’SsNu, mCsoEfur.tihes-waensdt If you do not have access to the Lost Treasure OnLine web site, you may enter
Built Tfohrethheauplroofef ssaiboonuatl 100 items by mailing a post card or 3” x 5” piece of paper in an envelope no larger than
9.5” x 4.5” with your name and full address, inclu ding zip code, along with the
intcrleuadseudrseilhveurnbtrearc.elets and brooch- answer to this question: What is the size of the Teknetics Minuteman searchcoil?
(Answer can be found in the ad above.) Mail to: Teknetics , P.O. Box 451589, Grove,
es, a gold ring, an enameled Christian OK 74345-1589. Entries must have a postmark between Sept. 1st - Sept. 30th and
must be received by Oct. 4th, 2017. You may enter as o en as once per day, either
cross and a bird-shaped gold pin. by mail or online at, but not both. Multiple daily entries will be
discarded. No purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes void where prohibited.
The bulk of it is silver jewelry, Complete rules and a list of winners can be found on the sweepstakes page at:

but it also contains textiles and a

range of precious metal and jeweled Lost Treasure respects your right to privacy. As part of the registration process, you will be added to our
list to receive special Lost Treasure mailings & special o ers puls our FREE email Newsletter.
items described as “outstanding and Newsletter 9-19-17 17
exceptional” by experts, including a

rare gold ingot, beads, crystals and a

decorated silver-gilt cup thought to

be of Byzantine origin.

Mr. McLennan passed on the

treasure to the Queen’s and Lord

Treasurer›s Remembrancer (QLTR),

which rules on found goods and

property without an owner.

David Harvie, from QLTR,

described the hoard as of “outstand-

ing international significance” and

“one of the most important finds

ever discovered in Scotland”.

QLTR ruled the collection

should be handed over to Scotland’s

THers' News continued...

Derek McLennan found the Viking treasure in
a field. Derek McLennan/PA. Photos courtesy


tual display in Scotland›s National the awards are split between the to keep the full amount of the award.

Museum.” finder and the landowner, in Scotland The National Museum of Scotland

Unlike the rest of the UK, where rules on discoveries allow the finder said the haul was “unique” because it

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

THers' News continued...

wanted to search for diamonds in the of Diamonds State Park for the first
Natural State. time.

Now retired and living in Joliet, On their second day at the park,
Montana, the 70-year-old got the couple were surface search-
his chance when he and his wife ing in the East Drain of the dia-
Jennifer visited Arkansas’s Crater mond search area when Wendell


This is the diamond found by Protect Yourself and
Wendell Fox at the Crater Your Belongings!
of Diamonds.
Protect Your Detectors
brought together a variety of objects and Your Property!
“hinting at previously unknown con-
nections” between people across • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
Europe in the 10th century. property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
Director of National Museums • Frighten burglars away.
Scotland, Dr. Gordon Rintoul, said • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
he was “delighted” the treasure had • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
been allocated to the museums. house, equipment, store or boats.
• Great low-cost security system.
“We now have six months to • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
raise £1.98m to acquire this unique • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
treasure for the nation and ensure it
can be enjoyed by future generations Click on this ad to order OnLine
both at home and abroad,” he said. or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2

The Galloway Viking Hoard cam- Newsletter 9-19-17 19
paign group has called for the items
to be displayed in the south-west of
Scotland close to where they were

National Museums Scotland said
it will work with Dumfries and
Galloway Council to display some
of the hoard in the region.

Courtesy of http://www.indepen-

Visitor Finds 2.78-
Carat Diamond
Ever since he was a child grow-
ing up in Arkansas, Wendell Fox has

THers' News continued...

Fox spotted a large brown a champagne brown color.
It contains a few inclu-
gem near a marker that
sions, like most diamonds
indicates where one of the from the park, but it also
has an unmistakable spar-
park’s many well-known kling, metallic shine.”

diamonds, the Strawn- Park personnel plow the
diamond search area peri-
Wagner, was found in 1990. odically to loosen the soil
and assist with natural ero-
According to Fox, “I was sion.

80 to 90 percent sure that Diamonds are a bit heavy
for their size and lack static
it was a diamond when I electricity, so dirt doesn’t
stick to them. When rainfall
saw it.” uncovers larger diamonds near the
surface and the sun comes out, they
Grinning with excite- sparkle and are often easier to see.
It is a tradition for visitors to
ment, he put the gem in a Crater of Diamonds State Park to
name their diamonds. Wendell and
vial and carried it to the Jennifer Fox chose to name their

park’s Diamond Discovery

Center, where staff con-
firmed that he had found a 2.78-carat Photo courtesy of
diamond. 2/7/20s1t2one1s1-:u1s7edA-M112P0a1ge90138.html
cessful THAerssaGumiedme eBnWto1_o2fpgthicsoloonre.-qoxf-da-

kind experience with his wife, Fox

registered the diamond in both of Johnson says, “Mr. and Mrs. Fox’s

their names. diamond is about the size of an

Park Retail Specialist Amanda English pea, with an oval shape and


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

THers' News continued...

gem the Way Out Yonder, as a tribute covered the Celts, in a paper in the in the central plaza of the settlement.
to their home in Montana. journal of antiquity. They were placed close to large cer-
emonial structures, hinting that they
The Way Out Yonder is the sec- The color of the stones is thought held a ritual or ceremonial role in the
ond-largest gem registered at the to have spiritual significance for the culture.
park so far this year. early Mayans, as green was associ-
ated with the center of the world. Fine-scale analysis of the Celts’
The Fox’s note that that they plan surface has shown that they weren’t
to keep their diamond as a souvenir The Celts were buried in caches
and may have it mounted in jewelry.

“All in all it was a great experi-
ence,” Wendell Fox says of his time
at the park, “finding a diamond was
just icing on the cake.”

For more information, con-
tact Crater of Diamonds
State Park at 870-285-3113,
e-mail CraterofDiamonds@, or visit www.

Treasure Trove of Jade Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the
Stones Used In Mayan
Rituals Discovered Treasure Hunter’s Logbook
Polished greenstone objects made
of jade and serpentine were discov- or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
ered in Ceibal, Guatemala, dating
from about 1000 to 450 BCE.
The artifacts are elongated objects
called Celts, thought to have been
used in public ceremonies.
The early years of the Mayan civi-
lization are relatively poorly under-
stood. Many of the archaeological
remains from this time have been
buried by those of the later Mayans
and by modern developments.
A rare find in Ceibal, Guatemala,
has led to new insights into the early
Mayan culture.
A total of 18 cross-shaped holes
in the ground called caches were dis-
covered, with a total of 72 polished
greenstone Celts. This is the largest
single find of Celts in the Mayan
lowlands dating from the era.
“Among the items highly prized
by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican
people were objects carved in hard
greenstone. The polished greenstone
Celts from Ceibal were manufac-
tured from jade, metagabbro, serpen-
tine and other metamorphic green-
stone,” writes Kazuo Aoyama of
Ibaraki University, Japan, who dis- Newsletter 9-19-17 21

THers' News continued...

Photo courtesy of Roman gold since the 19th century.
archives/category/treasures At least twice in the 1840's gold

systematically worn down by fab- rituals and public ceremonial struc- coins had been found on the field
rics, suggesting that they weren’t tures, played a significant role in the in Lienden which then belonged to
worn as an ornament. development of Maya rulership.” Baron van Brakell, and more were
found in 1905 and 1916.
Instead, they’re thought to have Courtesy of
been used in ceremonies to establish While the whereabouts of the coins
the elites of the pre-classical Mayan stones-used-112019038.html from the 19th century are no longer
society. known, extant records mention three
Submitted by Len Myers. gold solidi of Valentinianus, three of
“Many of the Celts were made spe- Constantine, two of Honorius and
cifically for ritual purposes, although Gold Coins Found From one of Majorianus.
a smaller number of them were used Last Days of Roman Empire
for wood carving,” Aoyama writes. Last summer, De Vrije University Not counting the long-lost ones
asked that people who had made that can’t be tracked down anymore,
A majority of the Celts were bur- archaeological discoveries under the study found a total of 42 pieces
ied in a public plaza, suggesting their the Portable Antiquities of the unearthed from the orchard site over
ceremonial role. It’s thought that Netherlands (PAN) scheme report the years.
they played a role in integrating the their finds to university researchers
community and political negotiation as part of a new study of such finds. They are all solidi, a pure gold
among the society’s newly forming One of the reports came from coin issued in the late Roman
elite class. metal detectorist Mark Volleberg Empire, first by Constantine and
who unearthed 23 Roman gold then by subsequent emperors.
“The emerging elite probably coins in an orchard in the village of
played a primary role in these ritu- Lienden on the outskirts of Buren The coins found in Leinden were
als, setting a template for later public in the central Dutch province of minted over the course of more than
events centered on rulers.” Gelderland. 80 years. Most of them, 29 of the
Metal detectorists Dik van solidi, date to the late 4th, early 5th
Many of the Celts were bur- Ommeren and Cees-Jan van de Pol century: five of Valentinian II; 10 of
ied aligned with the points of the reported that they had discovered Honorius; 13 of Constantine III and
compass. This becomes more pro- eight gold coins in the same place one of Jovinus.
nounced in the later burials, sug- in 2012 when the field was cleared
gesting a growing importance of the to make way for the planting of the A group from the mid-5th century
movement of the Sun among the orchard. consists of eight solidi of Valentinian
Mayas. Researchers sought out more III, one of the usurpers Johannes and
information about this exception- the most recent of them all, a solidus
“The emerging elites at Ceibal ally productive property. Archival of Majorianus.
were probably actively engaging research revealed that the field has
with concepts associated with car- been parturient (and you thought The variety of time periods and
dinal directions and the Maya cos- “ensorcelled” was a good one) with emperors is not unusual for late
mos during the Middle pre-classic Roman solidus hoards.
period,” Aoyama writes.
These coins were so valuable,
“Ideology, expressed in material they weren’t in common circulation.
form and through aspects of public They were worth years of pay for
most people, and were collected and
hoarded for years, even generations.

It’s almost certain that they were
buried in a single hoard in the very
last years of the Western Roman

These coins, scattered as they are
in multiple finds over centuries, are
of great historical significance.

For one thing, taken all together,
they constitute the largest solidus
hoard ever found in the Netherlands.

They also include the last known
Roman coin tax from the Netherlands

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-19-17

THers' News continued...

and environs: the one solidus minted to around 1800 B.C., the Middle gested Rome’s last spate of interest
by Emperor Majorianus (r. 457-461). Bronze Age, so way earlier than the in the Low Countries was the early
Archaeologists believe the hoard coins. The cremains probably date 5th century, but the new discoveries
was buried around 460 A.D., a mere to the Iron Age, but can’t be pinned suggest there was one last injection
16 years before Odoacer deposed down with any more precision. of Roman gold in the area during the
the last Roman Emperor Romulus reign of Emperor Majorianus.
Augustulus marking the convention- While the burials don’t appear
al end date of the Western Empire to have a direct link to the hoard, Archaeologists think the gold
and the beginning of the Middle archaeologists suspect the tomb, per- payoffs were likely sent by General
Ages. haps on what was then a hill, was Aegidius, Majorianus’ man in Gaul,
used in the 5th century as a handy who in the late 450's was desperate
With the discovery of the 23 gold place marker for the hoard. to get the Frankish kings to send him
coins in 2016, Dik van Ommeren soldiers to help fend off the increas-
and Cees-Jan van de Pol, who up It would have been a recognizable ingly successful Germanic invasions
until then had kept their 2012 dis- spot on the landscape, the kind of of Gaul.
covery of gold coins secret, alerted place you’d pick to bury a treasure
researchers to their 2012 finds. you intended to come back for. It worked (for a while). With
Frankish support, Majorianus and
When the archives confirmed the The hill was likely flattened in the Aegidius reconquered much of
field’s long history of producing 1840’s so it could be used as farm- Gaul, booting out the Visigoths and
Roman solidi, archaeologists Stijn land. That’s when the coins started Burgundians.
Heeren and Nico Roymans of the turning up.
Free University and the National When his general Ricimer
Service for Cultural Heritage deter- A notable number of late Roman betrayed and killed Majorianus in
mined that the site must be profes- gold coin hoards have been found in 461, Aegidius established his own
sionally excavated. the Netherlands and Low Countries, independent kingdomlet in northern
27 of them, most of which date to the Gaul. Again the Franks were integral
It was a small excavation, just beginning of the 5th century. This to his military success.
three trenches, and no new coins timing is not a coincidence.
were unearthed. Frankish leader Childeric and his
Usurper Constantine III’s was men fought by Aegidius’ side against
The team had also hoped to find fighting against Emperor Honorius the Visigoths at the Battle of Orléans
remnants of a container - a pouch or while Germanic incursions crossed in 463, ensuring his victory.
box or jar or any other vessel used the Rhine into Gaul, inflicting a blow
to hold the hoard when it was still against the empire’s border defenses It was short-lived, as wasAegidius.
intact - but there was no joy there from which it never recovered. He was poisoned in 464, leaving
either. Childeric positioned to found the
Desperate for aid from the Franks Merovingian dynasty that would rule
The last item on the agenda was centered in Germany with a his- France for three centuries.
determining the larger context of the tory of serving as mercenaries in
hoard. Was it buried in a house or the Roman army, Constantine and It’s purely speculative, of course,
settlement? Maybe a temple or in a Honorius tried to buy them some but, given the dates, it’s within the
grave? Frankish troops. realm of possibility that the Lienden
solidi were payment dispensed by
Mark Volleberg said he’d seen Because solidi were pure gold and Childeric to one of his Frankish fol-
what looked like human bone frag- not subject to the vagaries of debase- lowers.
ments where he found the gold coins ment, when Roman emperors, rebels
in 2016. He didn’t touch or disturb and usurpers had cash transactions to The modern finders of the gold
them, so archaeologists were hopeful make, they used solidi. coins and the landowner have given
they might be able to find them. the solidi on permanent loan to
This was an official payment from the Museum Valkhof in Nijmegen,
They did indeed discover human government to government. Roman which contains the largest collection
skeletal remains. Testing determined officials would give the Frank lead- of Roman finds in the Netherlands,
they belonged to four individuals, ers gold coins and they would then where they are now on display,
three inhumation burials and one cre- distribute them as they saw fit. together again for the first time in
mation grave in an urn. Radiocarbon decades, maybe even centuries.
dating results dashed any hopes that The Lienden hoard doesn’t quite
they might be connected to the soli- fit this pattern, however, because it Courtesy of http://www.thehisto-
dus hoard. was buried more than 50 years later
than most of the other gold coin sures
The inhumation burials date hoards.
Submitted by Len Myers.
Until now, the hoard evidence sug- Newsletter 9-19-17 23

Favorite Finds

Shown are some Favorite Finds made by members of the
Lancaster Research and Recovery Club.

For more information about the club, log onto

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Calendar of Events
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SEPTEMBER WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the or contact
23rd – 24th – Java Center, New K River Camp Grounds on the Treasurer John Howard at (585) 663-
York. 19th Annual International Kiamichi River under tall, beautiful 7368, [email protected],
Hunt sponsored by the Genesee trees. This will be another exciting President Mark Schuessler at (585)
Valley Treasure Seekers at the Beaver event and lots of tokens for prizes, 591-0010, [email protected]
Meadows Family Campgrounds. mostly gold, silver and copper. For
Plenty of silver and tokens planted more information, log onto www. NOVEMBER
for each hunt and prizes include or e-mail Keith Wills, VP 11th – Round Rock, Texas.
detectors, gold and silver coins and WWATS, at [email protected] The Austin Metal Detecting Club’s
many other items. There will be raf- Veterans Day Open Hunt at the Old
fles, drawings and a gift basket and 15th – Epsom, New Hampshire. Settler’s RV Park. Will include three
merchandise auction. Hunt applica- The Granite State Treasure Hunters hunts, including two silver. Tokens
tion available for download at www. Octoberfest Open Event. Estimated will be planted for silver dollars and or contact John Howard at $5,000 in cash and merchandise. other prizes. In addition, the Texas
34 Bayberry Lane, Rochester, NY Treasure Chest valued at $1,000. Association of Metal Detecting
14616 or e-mail jwhoward@roches- Raffles include metal detectors, Clubs (TAMDC) is sponsoring a 50/50, and Scratch Tree. Picnic hunt that afternoon on site. For a
lunch provided. Go to www.gsthc. hunt flyer and more information, see
30th – Gadsden, Alabama. org for detailed information and an the club website at www.amdcon-
Southeast Treasure Hunters’ (SETH) event application. or contact Jim Lawhon at
10th Annual Open Hunt at Alabama [email protected] or (512) 632-
Prospecting Supply, 789 Brentwood 28th – Irving, Texas. 43rd Annual 3139.
Drive, Gadsden. Entry fee is $50 Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club
until the day of the Hunt. This is a Open Hunt, rain or shine. Last FEBRUARY 2018
seeded hunt with coins, relics and year 18 metal detectors, 35 gold 9th - 11th – Round Rock, Texas.
tokens for prizes. Prizes include sil- coins, many other great prizes were The Quartzsite, Arizona, Gold Show
ver rounds, silver dollars, and a metal awarded, and 3,759 silver coins were at the QIA Bldg., 235 N Ironwood,
detector. For more information, con- seeded. For more information, con- Quartzsite, Arizona, Friday –
tact Joe Box at (205) 451-7693 or tact Robert Jordan at (972) 839-6647 Saturday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Sun.
e-mail [email protected] or bobby.[email protected] or visit 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. $5 Admission good
the club’s website at www.lonestar- for all three days. Vendors inside
OCTOBER for information. and out selling and demonstrat-
7th – Cullman, Alabama. The ing gold prospecting equipment,
44th Annual Deep South Treasure 28th – 29th – Gettysburg, nuggets, jewelry, coins and more.
Hunt sponsored by Warrior Basin Pennsylvania. The Federation of Speakers demonstrations, questions
Treasure Hunters Association Metal Detector and Archaeological and answers for metal detectors
(WBTHA) at Smith Lake Park, 416 Club’s (FMDAC) Convention & and other prospecting equipment.
County Road 385, Cullman. There Hunt in Gettysburg, in conjunction Door Prizes, including gold nuggets,
will be four hunts, Silver Bonanza, with the Autumn Civil War Show, metal detectors and more. For more
Dollar Bill Hunt, Relic Hunt, and at the AllStar Events Center with information, contact Richard Trusty
Main Hunt, plus a Hula Hoop Hunt over 300 tables of Civil War and at QuartzsiteAZGoldShow@gmail.
for between hunts. Also raffles and Military Collectibles. Saturday will com or (651) 587-6136 or (928)
many prizes. For more information be the Open Hunt and Sunday fea- 927-5479. You can also log onto the
and a hunt flyer, visit www.wbtha. tures two hunts, open meeting, semi- website at QuartzsiteAZGoldshow.
com or contact David Scales (205) nars, and raffles. Tour the Gettysburg com
529-8955 or e-mail Battlefield. See Little Round Top,
Devil’s Den, and Pickett’s Charge. E-mail upcoming events to manag
14th – 15th –Antlers, Oklahoma. For more information, log onto [email protected] Newsletter 9-19-17 25

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