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Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire - 1895

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Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire - 1895










Head Office: 186 Strand, LONDON~ W.C.2.




BIRMINGHAM I· 118 Colmore Row LIVERPOOL, 100.. South Castle Street

GLASGOW: 219 St. Vincent Street MANCHESTER: 11 Albert Square

LEEDS I 7 King Street . SHEFFIELD: 1 HOYlU'd Street

Agencies: ~

Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Rotterdam; Bombay, Kobe: Capetown; Buenos Aires. Rio de 1aneiro.
Santiago de Chile; Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington







Abbey Crofts, see Tar- Benville, see Corscombe 65 Broadwindsor 44 Chaldon Down, see 0001-

rant Rushton ...•... ..• 174 Bere Heath,see BereRegis 24 Brockhampton, see Buck- don Herring .••....•...• S4-

Abbotsbury ......•... 17 Bereknap, see Compton land Newton ..........•• 46 Chaldon Herring or COOI-

Ackling Dyke, see Gus- Abbas 61 Bromhill, see Winfrith don East ...•.....•.••..• 54-

sage All Saints .....•..• 84 Bere Regis or Beer Regis 24 Newburgh ........•...... 210 Chaldon West, see Ohal-

Acton, see Langton Ma- Bestwell-North& South, Broome Bill, see Moreton Il7 don Berring •••••••••.•• 54-

travers . .............•..... 98 see Wareham...••......• 182 Brownsea, see Branksea 33 Chalmington, see Cattis-

Admiston, see Athel- Bettiscombe 25 Bryanston or Bryanstone 45 tock... ......•••..• 50

hampton .................• 20 Bexington, see Punc- Bryants Puddle, see At!- Chapelhay,see Weymouth 191

At!puddle, or Affpiddle 17 knowle...•.•..•.••.••..•••• 142 puddle .••.••..........•.... 18 Chapmau's Pool, see

Agglestone, see Studland 1fi4 Bincombe .....•••• ... ..• .•.. 25 Buccombe, see Buckland Swanage ................•• 169'

Alcester, see Shaftesbury 145 Hindon-Great, see Wool 214 Newton. ..•... 46 Charborough, see Morden n6·

Alderholt. ••...•.. ..........•• 18 Bindon Bill, see West Buckham,see Beaminster 21 Chardstock 54-

Alexandra gardens, see Lulworth 103 Buckhorn Weston 46 Chardstock All Saints,

Weymouth 187 Bingham's Melcombe, see BucklandNewtonorBuck- see Chardstock 54-

Allington & Allington- Melcombe Bingham JI3 land Abbas 46 Charlestown, see West

North, see Bridport... 37 Binnegar, see East Stoke 162 Buckland Ripers 47 Chickerell ........ .•..•.• S9

Allington - West, see Birdsmoor - Gate, see Buckshaw - Higher & Charlton Marshall :...... 55

Bridport................... 40 Broadwindsor............ 45 Lower, see Bolwell 92 Charminster 55

Almer.................. ...... 18 Bishop Caundle,seeCaun- Hugley, see Gillingham 83 Charmouth.................. 56

Alston, see Chardstock... 54 dIe Bishop ..• 51 Bulbarrow Hill,see Hilton 90 Chaston, see Buckland

Alton Pancras.. ...•• 18 Bishopsdown,see Caundle Burlestone ..•... ..•....•• 47 Newton.... .••.•.• 47

Alweston, see Folke 79 Bishop .••....•••......••... 51 Burngate, see West Lul- Chebbard, see Dewlish... 67

Anderson •••. .•.. ..• 19 Blackdown, see Broad- worth 103 Cheddington ••• 57

Ansty, see Hilton......... 90 windsor 4S Burstock 47 Chelborough-Esst ••.••• 57

Anvil Point, see Swanage 169 Blackrow, see Lydlinch 103 Burton, see Charminster 56 Chelborough-West •••.•• SS

Arched Rock, see West Black Ven Hills, see Burton Bradstock.......... 48 Cheshil & Cheshil Bank,

Lulworth 103 Charmouth............... 56 Burton-East & West,see see Portland 135

Arne........................... 19 Bladen Heath, see At!- Winfrith ~ewburgh ••• 210 Cheshil Beach, see West

Ash, sec Stourpaine....... 162 puddle......... .•••••....•• 18 Burton-Long ... ... ..•.•• 48 Chickerell •.•.••.•••....• 59-

Ashley, see Longbredy 100 Blagdon, see Cranborne 65 Bushes, see Godmanstone 84 Chesilborne.................. 58

Ashmore .•.••. 19 BIandford or BIandford- ButtPond,seeSturminster Chetnole ...••• ..••••.•••...•• SS

Ashton, see Winterborne Forum •••.. ....•....•.• .•. 25 Newton •.•.••...........• 166 Chettle... 58

St. Martin 212 BIandford Down, see Buzbury, see Tarrant Chickerell-- East, see

Askerswell................... 20 Shapwick ....•.•••..•..• 149 Keynston 173 West Chickerell......... 59

Athelhampton 20 Blandford St. Mary....... 31 Bye, see Kington Magna 96 Chickerell-West ..••••..• 59-

Axe Knoll-East, see Blocksworth, see Blox- Cain's Folly, see Char- Chideock 59-

Beaminster 20 worth ..•.••.•••.. ...••. 31 mouth 56 Chideock - North, see

Babylon Hill, see Over Bloxworth .••..• •••• 31 Came-Middle & Higher, Chideock 6()

Oompton.................. 62 Bockhampton-Higher & seeWinterbourne Came 211 Chilcombe 60

Badbury,seeWimborne... 204 Lower, see Stinsford... 160 Canford Cliffs, see Park- Childhay, see Broadwind-

Badbury Rings,see Shap- Bohmston, see Stinsford 160 stone 122 sor 45

wick 149 Bothenhampton............ 31 Canford-Little,seeHam- Child Okeford II9

Bagber, see Sturminster Bourne Valley,see Brank- 65 preston..................... 86 Chilfrome 6()

Newton...... 166 some... 34 Canford Magna 48 Cholbury, see Bincombe 25

Baiter, see Poole 131 Bourton 32 Cann........................... 49 Chorlock Bill, see Nether

Ball Barrow, see Sydling Boveridge, see Cranborne 65 CalfHill,seeBroadwindsor 45 Compton 6z

St. Nicholas 171 Bovington, see WooL 214 Cashmoor, see Handley 87 Church Knowle 61

Baltington, see Tyneham 179 Bowdens Hill, see Mel- Castle Eve, see Parkstone 123 Clandon, see Winter-

Barford, see Wimborne... 204 bury Abbas... ...... ...... II2 Castle Hill, see Buckland borne St. Martin ...... 212

Barnsley, see Wimborne 204 Bowdere, see Kington Newton 46 Clatcomb, see Sherborne IS!:

Barrow - Great, see Magna 96 Castle Hill, see Cranborn 65 Clenstone Winterborne,

Hampreston 86 Bowood, see Netherbury II9 Castle Hill, see East Chel- see Winterborne Olen-

Barrow Hill, see Bere Bowood-North &South, borough 58 stone 2U

Regis 24 see Netherbury JI9 Castle MIll,seePowerstock 139 Clifton Maybank 61

Barrow Land, see Toller Bradford Abbas 32 Castleton, see Sherborne 149 Clouds Hill, see At!-

Porcorum....... 177 Bradford Peverell.... 33 Castletown, see Portland 135 puddle IS

Batcombe .....• 20 Bradpole 33 Caswell, see Ryme In- Clyt!e, see Tincleton 17(,

Baunton, see Bothen- Branksea 33 trinsica 143 Coaxdon, see Chardsliock

hampton .....• 3I Branksome & Branksome Catherstone Leweston .•• 50 All Saints...... 55

Beaminster.................. 20 Park........................ 34 Cattistock 50 Cobb, see Lyme Regis 104-

Beaulieu Wood, see Buck- Bredy-Little 99 Caundle Bishop SI Cogdon, see Burton

land Newton 47 Bredy-Long 100 Caundle Marsh 51 Bradstock 48

Bedchester, see FontmeIl Brianston, see Bryanston 45 Caundle Purse SI Coker's Frome, see Dor-

Magna..................... 80 Bridport 36 Caundle Stonrton SI chester..................... 69

Beer Backett... ..• 23 Broadmayne 43 Caundle Wake. see Caun- Cole Hill, see Holt 92-

Beerhall,see Thorncombe 175 Broad Oak, see Sturmin- dIe Bishop 51 Colliton Row, see Dor-

Belchalwell 23 ster Newton 165 Cerne Abbas 52 chester.. 69

Belhuish, see West Lul- Broad Oak, see Symonds- Cerne Nether & Upper S3 Comb Keines, seeCoombe

worth 103 bury 172 Chat!eymoor, see Bourton 32 Keynes..................... 63

Bell Bill, see Belchalwell 23 Broadstone, see Canford Chalbury..................... 53 Compton Abbas 6:1

Bell View Barrow, see Magna 49 Chaldon Boys, see Chal- Compton Abbas or West 6~

Hampreston 86 Broadway or Broadwey 44 don Herring 54 Compton




uompton-Nether .•••••••• 62 Eastbury, see Tarraut Flower's Barrow, see East Halstock with Halstock

Compton-Over 62 Gunville 173 Lulworth .......•.......... 103 Leigh... 85

Compton Valence, or East Chaldon, see Chal- Folke 79 Ham, see Gillingham ••• 83

Compton-East 62 don Herring 54 Fontleroi Marsh, see HambIedon Hill, see

Conig Castle Hill, see East Chelborough 57 Folke .•• 79 I werne Courtnay 94

Whitchurch Canoni- East Chickerell, see West Fontmell Down, see Font- Ham Chamberlayne, see

corum 202 Chickerell ~........... 59 mell Magna 80 Hampreston 86

Conquer Barrow, see Dor- East Compton, see Comp- Fontmell Magna............ 80 Hamilton Hill, see Child

chester..................... 69 ton Valence............... 62 Fordington-East, see Okeford 120

ConstitutionHill,see Poole 128 East Creech, see Church Dorchester 69 Ham-Long, see Ham-

Conygore Hill, see Win- Knowle 61 Fordington-West, see preston..................... 86

terborne Came 211 EastElworth, see Abbots- Dorchester 68 Hammerdon Hill, see

Coombe, see Sherborne 152 bury..................... 17 Fordington, see Dor- Shipton Gorge 156

Coombe Almer, see Stur- EastEnd,seeCorfeMullen 64 chester..................... 67 Hammoon 85

minster Marshall 165 EastFleet,see Abbotsbury 17 Fordwater, see Chard- Hampreston 86

Coombe Keynes 63 East Fordington, see stock........................ 55 Hamworthy 86

Corfe Castle 63 Dorchester 69 Forked Down End, see Handfast Point, See

Corfe Gate,see Portesham 134 East Fossil, see Winfrith Studland 165 Swanage 168

Code Mullen 64 Newburgh 210 Forston, see Charminster 56 Handley 87

Corscombe 64 East Holme.................. 91 Fortune's Well, see Pur~- Hanford 87

Corton, see Portesham 134 East Howe, see Kinson... 97 land 135 Harncombe, see Monkton

Coryates, see Portesham 134 East Knighton, see Win- Fossil-East, see Winfrith Wyld lIS

Court Ash, see Nether frith Newburgh 210 Newburgh 210 Hardown Hill, see Whit-

Compton 62 East Langton, see Lang- Fossil Hill, see Chaldon church Canonicorum 202

Court Hill, see Ryme ton Matravers............ 98 Herring 54 Harely, see Fifehead

Intrinsica 143 East Lulworth 102 Four Barrow Hill, see Neville 79

Cowgrove, see Pamphill 122 East Morden II6 Winterborne St. Martn 212 Hareley Down, see Gus-

Cowherd's Shute, see Easton, see Portland 135 Frampton 80 sage All Saints ....•. '" 84

Motcombe 117 East Orchard 121 Friar Mayne, see Knigh- Hartgrove, see Fontmell

Cow Hill, see Broad- East Ringstead, see Os- ton West......... 97 Magna 80

windsor 45 mington 121 Frogmoor, see ToIler Hartley, see Minterne

Crackmore,see Sherborne 151 East Stoke 161 Porcorum 177 Magna lIS

Cranborne 65 East Stower or Stour 163 Frome, see Charminster 56 Hartmoor, see Kington 96

Crawford Castle, see East Woodyates 214 Frome Billet, see West Magna

Spetisbury 157 Edmondsham 77 Stafford ...••• 158 Haselbury Bryan 83

CreechBarrow,see Steeple 160 Eggardon-Higher, see Frome Down, see Char- Hats Barn, see Ashmore. 19

Creech-East & Creech Askerswell 20 minster 56 Haven Southf see Stud-

Hill,see Church Knowle 61 Eggardon Hill, seePower- Frome Hill, see Dorchestr 69 land. 165

Creech-West,see Steeple 160 stock 139 Frome Saint Quintin or Hawkchurch 88

Creekmoor, see Canford Egliston, see Tyneham 179 Frome-Little............ 81 Hawkesbury Barrow, see

Magna 49 Ellston Hill, see Sydling Frome Vauchurch......... 81 Canford Magna 49

Crendell, see Alderholt 18 St. Nicholas 171 Frome Whitfield, see Haydon 89

Crichel-Long & More '" 66 Elsford, see Ryme In- Dorchester 69 Hayes, see Marnhull III

Cripplestyle, see Alderholt 18 trinsica 143 Furzebrook, see Church Heatherlands, see Brank-

Cripton, see Winterborne Elwell, see Upway 179 Knowle 61 some........................ 34

Came 211 Elworth-East & West, Gainsborough Hill, see Heedless Williams' Pond,

Crockway, see Frampton 80 see Abbotsbury 17 Sherborne , 151 see Puddletown 141

Crouch Hill, see Holwell 92 Emmit Hill, see Worth Gainscross, see Shilling- Hellstone, see Portesham l34

Crowley, see Chardstock 54 Matravers 217 stone 156 Hellyer's Close,see Hawk-

Cruxton, see Maiden Enmore Green, see Mot- Galton, see Owermoigne 122 church '" 89

Newton log combe II7 Gaunt's Common, see Hemsworth,see Shapwick 149

Codnell, see Kinson 96 Ensbury, see Kinson...... 96 Holt 92 Hemsworth - Lower &

Cut Mill, see Hinton St. Evershot 78 Gillingham................... 81 West,see Witchampton 214

Mary 91 Ewerne Courtnay, see Glanvilles IWootton, see Henbury - Higher &

Daggons, see Alderholt... 18 Iwerne Courtnay ...... 93 Wootton Glanville...... 216 Lower, see Sturmin-

Dean, see Handley 87 Ewerne Minster, see Glynville, see Hamprestn 86 ster Marshall 165

Denland, see Handley 87 IwerneMinster 94 Goathorn, see Studland 165 Henley, see Buckland

Dewlish 67 Eype Down Hill, see Godmanstone 84 Newton 47

Dibberford, see Broad- Chideock ... ...... ......... 59 Gold hill, see Child Henning Hill, see Mel-

windsor 45 Eype Higher & Lower, Okeford 120 combe Bingham 113

Dorchester 67 see Symondsbury 172 Golden Cap &Golden Cap Hermitage 89

Dottery, see Loders 100 Farnham..................... 78 Hill, see Charmouth... 56 Herston, see Swanage 168

Dottery, see Netherbury 119 Farnham Tollard, see Gomershay, see Stal- Hewood, see Thorncombe 175

Down - Little, see Farnham 78 bridge 158 Hewstock, see Hinton

Shaftesbury 145 Farringdon, see Iwerne Gorewood, see Minterne St. Mary.................. 91

Down South, see Ower- Courtnay.................. 94 Magna 115 Highdon, see Melcombe

moigne......... 122 Fern Down, see Ham- Gorwell, see Longbredy 100 Hingham 113

Drakenorth, see North preston . .•• 86 Grange, see Holt 92 Higher Bockhampton,

Poorton 134 Fiddleford, see Okeford Graston, see Burton see Stinsford 160

Drimpton St. Mary, see Fitzpaine 120 Bradstock 48 Higher Buckshaw, see

Broadwindsor 4S Fifehead, or Fifehide Great Barrow, see Ham- Holwell 92

Drive End, see Melbury Magdalen.................. 78 preston....... 86 Higher Came, see Win-

Osmond 112 Fifehead, or Fifehide Great Bindon, see Wool 214 terborne Came 211

Droop, see Haselbury Neville 79 Great Hinton or Hinton Higher Eggardon, see

Bryan 88 Fifehead St. Qointin or Marte!.. 90 Askerswell 20

Dudsbury,see WestParley 125 Fifehead-Lower, see Great ToIler.... 177 Higher Eype, see Sy-

Dungeon, see Buckland Belchalwell 23 Greenhill, see Sherbome 153 mondsbury 172

Newton 46 Fifehead Sydling, see Greenhill' gardens, see Higher Henbury, see

Dunster, see Buckhorn Sydling St. Nicholas 171 Weymouth 187 Sturminster Marshall. 165

Weston..................... 46 Fig-bury Barrow, see Gribb, see Thorncombe 175 Higher Kingcombe, see

Duntish, see Buckland Canford Magna 49 Grimston, see Stratton 164 Rampisham 143

Newton 46 Fish Pond Bottom, see Ground - North, see Higher Kingcombe, see

Durdle Door, see West Whitchurch Canoni- Chaldon Herring 54 ToIler Porcorum ...... 177

Lulworth 103 corurn 202 Grove, see Portland 135 Higher Nyland,see King-

Durlston Head, see Five Mary Barrow, see Gussage All Saints 84 ton Magna 96

Swanage 169 ChaldonHerring......... 54 Gussage St. Andrew. see Higher Wraxall, see

Dnrweston 77 Fleet 79 Handley 87 Rampisham 143

East Axe Knoll, see Bea- Fleet-East & West, see Gussage St Michael, or High Moor, see Kinson... 97

minster 20 Abbotsbury·............... 17 Gussage Middle 85 Highwood see East Stoke 162
Eas~ Burton, see Win- Ha~don Hill, seeChideock 59 Hilfield ..'.............. ...... 89
Fleet's Cross, see Long-

inth Newburgh 210 fleet 101 Hail, see Sherborne 15' ·Hill Butts, see Pamphill. 122



Hill "Ram, see Sydling Knowles Hill, see Church Low. Loders, or Lothers 100 Mool'bath, see Symonds- )

St. Nicholas •••.••..•••• 171 Knowle •.•.•• H. ••• ••• ••• 61 Lower Lytchett, see Lyt- bury.••••••" 1 17la

·Hilton ••. ••....•• 90 Knowle Barrow., see chett Minster 108 Moorside, see Marnhull III

Hiuton Martel or Hin- Moreton 1I7 Lulworth Cove, see West Moors-Little, see Ham-

. ton-Great go Knowlton, see Woodlands 214 Lulworth 103 preston 86

Hinton Parva or Hin- Lackington, see Pydel- Lulworth-East 102 Moors-West, see Ver-

ton-Little 90 Trenthide 142 Lulworth-West 103 wood ••••••••••••••••••••• 180

Hinton St. Mary 91 La Lee, see Winterborne Lush Barrow, see Can- Moors-West, see West

Hod Hill, see Stourpaine 162 Whitchurch 214 ford Magna 49 Parley 125

Hog Hill, see MeIcombe Lambert's Castle, see Lydlinch 103 Morden-East & West .•• u6

Bingham II3 Hawkchurch 89 Lyme Regis 104 Morecombelake, see

Holcombe, see Alton Lamb's Green, see Corfe Lyon's Gate, see Min- Whitchurch Canoni-

Pancras •..•••..•.•......• 19 Mullen ..........•....•.... 64 terne Magna •••.......•. 115 corum ...•••••••••••••••••• 202-

Holcombe, see Puddle- Langdon, see Beaminster 21 Lypscombe, see Chesil- More Crichel 66

hinton 140 Langford, see Frampton. 80 borne 58 Moreton u6

Holditch, seeThorncombe 175 Langton Herring 98 Lytchett Beacon, see Moretown, see Canford

Holes Bay, see Canford Langton, or Langton- Lytchett Minster. 108 Magna 49

Magna 49&CorfeMullen 64 Long-Blandford 97 Lytchett Matravers 108 Mosterton .•.•. II1

Holme East 91 Langton Wallis, or Lang- Lytchett Minster-Lower Motcombe II1

Holme-West, see East ton-West, see Lang- or South Lytchett....... 108 Mount Pleasant, see

Stoke 162 ton Matravers 98 Mageston, see Frampton 80 Ibberton 93

Bolnest 91 Langton Matravers, or Maiden Castle, see Win- Mowlom's Barrow, see

Holt 92 East Langton 98 terborne St. Martin 212 Owermoigne 122

Holwell 92 Lawrence Barrow, see Maiden Newton 109 Muckleford, see Bradford

HolweIl, see Cranborne .. 65 Dorchester 69 Maidenwell, see Portland 135 Peverell 33

·.Holworth, see Ower- Lawrences, see Buckland Mambury Rings, see Muston,see Puddlehinton 140

moigne 122 Newton 46 Dorchester 68 Muston, see Winterborne

Holywell, see Evershot... 78 Leigh 98 Mangerton, see Melplash Il3 Kingston 212

Hooke or Hook 92 Leigh, see Ibberton 93 Mannington, see Gussage Netherbury u8

Horn Hill, see Mosterton II7 Leigh, see Wimborne 204 All Saints 84 Nether Cerne 53

Horsecastles, see Sher- Lenthay, see Sherborne 151 Manston log Nether Combe, see Litton

borne ISO Lewcombe, see East Manswood, see Gussage Cheney 99

Horse Park, see Gussage Chelborough 57 St. Michael, 85 & More Nethercombe, see Sher-

All Saints.................. 84 Lewell, see Knighton- Crichel..... 67 borne _............. 151

Horton........................ 93 West........................ 97 Mapperton, see Almer... 18 Nether Compton 62

Hound Hill,seeWimborne 204 Lewesdown Hill, see Mapperton or Mapper- Netherhay, see Broad-

Howe East, see Kinson. 97 Broadwindsor............ 45 ton-South IlO windsor...... 45

Hunger Hill, see Poole 128 Leweston, see Lillington 98 Mappowder IIO Nettlecombe, see Power-

Huntingford, see Gil- Lillington 98 Margaret Marsh IIO stock 139

lingham 82 Limburghs, see Marnhnll III Marnhull IIO Newbury, see Gillingham 82

Hursey, see Burstock..... 47 Littlebredy.................. 99 Marsh, see Ibberton 93 Newland, see Sherborne 153

Hurst, see Moreton II7 Little CanfM'd, see Ham- Marshwood III Newland, see Wootton

Hyde, see Frampton...... 80 preston 86 Martinstown,see Winter- Glanville 216

Hyde, see Lydlinch ...... 103 Little Down,see Shaftes- borne St. Martin ...... 212 Newton, see Coombe

.Hyde Hill,see Chesilborne 58 burr 145 Marwood, see Winter- Keynes... 63

Ibberton 93 Little Frome, see Frome borne Zelstone 214 Newton, see Hturminster

llsington, see Puddletwn 141 Saint Quintin 81 Mayne Little,seeKbigh- Newton 166

Iwerne Courtnay 93 Little Hinton, or Hinton ton West 97 Newtown, see Beaminster 21

Iwerne Minster 94 Parva. 90 Meers Barrow, see ehal- Newtown, see Branksome 34

Jerusalem Hill, see Sher- Little Mayne, see Knigh- don Herring 54 Newyeate, see Stower

borne ..•..•.......••.....• 151 ton-West ........•.•.... 97 Melbury Abbas III Provost ••••••.......•••.• 163

Kentcombe, see ToIler Lit. Moor, flee Broadway 44 Melbury Bubb U2 Nine Stones, see Winter-

Porcornm 177 Little Moors; see Ham- Melbury Osmond II2 borne Abbas 210

Kershay, see Netherbury U9 preston..................... 86 Melbury Sampford, or North Allington, seeBrid-

Kilford, see Ibbetton.... 93 Littleton, see Langton... 97 Upper Melbury II2 port 31

Kimmeridge 95 Lit. Windsor, see Broad- Melcombe Bingham,' or North Bestwell, see

Kingcombe - Higher & windsor 45 Melcombe Horsey II3 Wareham 182

Lower, see Rampisham 143 Littlewood, seeFrampton 80 Melcombe Regis, see NorthBowood,seeNether-

Kingcombe - Higher & Litton Cheney 99 Weymouth 185 bury JIg

Lower, see ToIler Por- Loders-Upper & Lower 100 Melplash lIg Northbrook, see Puddle-

• corum 177 Loders Land, see Askers- MiddleCame, see Winter- town 141

Kingsdown, see Shapwick 149 well 20 borne Came 2II Northbrook, see Swanage 163

King Stag, see Lydlinch. log Loders West End, see Middle Gussage, or Gus- North Chideock, see

Kingston •.• .•. ....•. ..• 95 Bridport ..••.....••... .•.•. 37 sage St. l\'Iichael... 85 Chideock .-... .....• 60

Kingston, see Haselbury Longbredy too MiddleHill, see Hampres- North Egliston, see

Bryan ... .... ... .•..•• ... .•• 88 Long Burton •..... ..•..•... 48 ton.... ••••••••• ••..••••....• 86 Tyneham ..•••.....•.. ..• 179

Kingston Lacey, see Long Crichel or Critchell 66 Middlemarsh, see Min- North Ground, see Cbal-

Pamphill 122 Longfieet 100 terne Magna I IS don Herring 54

Kingston Marwood & Long Ham, see Ham- Milborne St. Andrew & North Poorton 134

Kingston-Upper, see preston 86 Milborne Stileham II3 Northport, see Wareham 183

Stinsford 160 Look, see Abbotsbury 17 MilesCro&s, see Symonds- North Trigon, see Ware-

Kingston Russell 96 Lord's Banow, see Ower- bury .-.- 172 ham ~ 182

KingstonWinterborne,see moigne 122 Milton, see Gillingham... 82 North Wootton 216

Winterborne Kingston 212 Loscombe, see Melplash IIg Milton Abbas 114 Norwood, see West Chel-

Kington Magna 96 Lothers, see Loders 100 Milton-West, see Power- borough 58

Kinson 96 Lower Bockhampton, see stock 139 Nothe & Look-out. see

Knap, see Wotton Fitz- Stinsford 160 Minchington, see Hand- Weymouth 181

paine 217 Lower Buckshaw, see ley........................... 87 NotheFort,seeWeymouth 186

Knighton, see Beer HolweIl.................... 92 Minterne Magna IIS Nottington, see Buck-

Hackett 23 Lower Eype, see Sy- MinterneParva,see Buck- land Ripers _..~........ 47

Knighton, see Canford mondsbury 172 land Newton 46 Nottington & Nottington

Magna ... .......... ........ 49 Lower Fifehead, see Bel- Mohun Castle, see South Spa, see Broadway... 44

Knighton, see Durweston 77 chalwell 23 Perrott 125 ~otton, see Maiden New-

Knighton-East, seeWin- Lower Hemsworth, see Monkton, see Winter- ton log

frith Newburgh 210 Witchampton 214 borne Monkton 212 Nutford, see Pimpeme.•• 126

Knighton-West 97 Lower Henbury, seeStur... Monkton-up - Wimborne, Nyland&Nyland-.Higher,

KnightsBottom,seeHooke 93 minster MarshaIl ...... 165 see Wimborne St. Giles 209 see Kington Magna... 96

Knitson, see Langton Lower Kingcombe, see MonktoD Wyld IIS Oakers Wood, see Aff-

Matravers 98 Rampisham 143 Moor-Little, see Broad- puddle 18

Knowle, see Buckland Lower Kingcombe, see way......... 440akley, see Canford

. Newton 46 ToIler Porcorum 177 Moore CritcheIl 66 Magna 49

~~ ~.


Oakley, see Wimborne St. Quar Hill, see Chideock 59 South Bowood. sea Tarrant Crawford w 172

Giles 209 Radipole 142 Netherbury" ~. JI9 Tarrant Gunvi.lle , t72

Oakley Down, s~ Hand- Rampisham ••J •••• ~ •••••• 143 South Down,. sefl Ower.. Tarrant Hinton t19

ley 87 Rawles, see Fifehead moigne 122 T.arrant Keyn81lon 173

Oborne 119 Neville w ".......... 79 South Egliston, see Tyne..' Tarrant Launceston.J 173

Okeford Fitzpaiue 120 Rawlesbury, see Stoke ham T J79 Tarrant Monkton••• , 174

Oldbury see Hloxworth 31 Wake 162 SouthHaven,S96 Studiand 165 Ta.rrant Ra..wston .. J 174-

Orchard-East & West 121 Redhorn, see Studland 165 South Lytchett, see Tarrant RU8hton.·.•. ~ 174
108 Thorncomb, see Langton 97
Organ Ford. see Lytchett Reforne, see Portland 135 Lytchett Minster

Minster 108 Revels, see Buckland South Mapperton, see Thorncombe 174

Osmington 121 Newton 47 MappertQn 110 Thornoombe Hill, see
Over Compton d... 59
62 Rew, see Buckland New- Southover, see Frampton 80 Chideock

Overcoombe,seeSherbrne 151 ton 47 South Perrott 125 Thornford 175

Owermoigne 122 Rew, seeWinterborne St. South Poorton, see ThornhiU1 soo Stalbridge 158

Oxbridge, see Melplash Il3 Martin 212 Powerstock 139 Tho:rnicombe, see Bland-

Painsmoor Copse, see Ridge Hill, see Portes- South Trigon, see Ware- ford St. Mary"....... ,.. 3I

Edmondsh!tm... 77 ham 134 ham 182 Thorny Down, see Hand..

Pallington, see Affpuddle 18 Ridgeway, see Upway 172 Southwell, see Portland 135 ley 87

Pamphill 122 Ring's Hill, SE'.e East Lnl. Spetisbnry 157 Throop, see Maiden New-

Parkgate, see Haselbury worth 103 Spetisbnry Ring, 800 ton 109

Bryan 88 Ringstead Bay, see Os- Spetisbury 157 Thorton, see Marnhull..• III

Park Gate, see Stoke mington .. 121 Spyway, see Langton Three Legged Cross, see

Wake 162 Ringstead--East, see Os- Matrnvers 98 Verwood I80

Parkstone 122 mington 121 Stafford~West 158 Tilly Whim, see Swanage 169

Parley West 125 Rodden, see Abbotsbury. 17 Stalbridge 158 Tincleton 176

Parson Poole,see Shaftes· Rodwell, see Weymouth. 191 Stalen, see Nether Comp- Todber or Todbere ,~ 176
ton ~.................. 62 ToIler Down, .see Col'S-
bury 144 Rogers Hill, see Afl'-

Peace Marsh, seeGilling- puddle 18 Stanbridge, soo Hinton combe 65

ham 82 Round Pond Barrow, see Parva. go Tollerford, see Frame

Penn Hill, see Bradford Chaldon Herring 54 Stancombe, see Litton Vauchurch 81

Peverell .•. 33 Rousdon, see Lyme Regis 105 Cheney 99 Toller }<'ratrum •.~... 177

Pentridge 125 Rushton, see Tarrant Stanton St. Gabriel 159 Toiler Porcorum or Great

Perrott-South 125 Rushton 174 Stape Hill, see Ham- Toner, "" 177

PeverelPoint,seeSwanage 168 Rushton, see East Stoke. 162 preston ....... ........ ...... 86 Toller Whelme, see Cors-

Piddle Burleston,seeBur- Russon, see Haydon 89 Staple Barrow, see Mil- combe 65

lestone. 47 Ryal, see Whitchurch borne St. Andrew JI4 Tolpuddle, Tolpuddell or

Piddlehinton, see Puddle- Canonicorum 202 Steep Hill, see Ham- Tolpiddle... 177

hinton 140 Rye Hill, see Bere Regis. 24 preston 86 Tomson, see Winterborne

Piddletown, see Puddle- Ryme Intrinsica, or Steeele 159 Thompson. 213

town 140 Ryme 143 Steepleton Iwerne, or Toner's Puddle 178

Piddletrenthide,seePydel. St. Albans, or St. Ald- Steepleton Preston...... 160 Totnell, see Leigh 98

Trenthide 142 helm's Head, see Worth Stickland Winterborne, Trigon-North & South,

Pilford, see Hampreston 86 Matravers 217 see Winterborne Stick- see Wareham 182

Pillesdon, see Pilsdon 125 St. Andrew's, see West land 213 Trigon Hill, see Wareham 183

Pillesdown Hill,seeBroad- Lnlworth 103 Stinsford 160 Turner's Puddle, see

windsor 45 St. Andrew's Well, see Stoborough, see Ware- Toner's Puddle 178

Pilsdon :125 Bradpole 33 ham 182 Tumworth 178

Pilsdon Pen, see Pilsdon 126 St. James', see Shaftes- Stockbridge, see Lilling- Twyford, see Compton

Pim perne 126 bury 144 ton... 99 Abbas 61

Pinford, see Sherborne ISI St. John's Spring, see Stock Gaylard (or Stoke) 160 Tyneham 178

Pinnys, see Corscombe... 65 Evershot 78 Stockwood (or Stoke) 161 Tytherleigh, see Chard-

Plush,see Buckland New- Salway Ash, see Nether- Stoke, see Stock Gaylard 160 stock 54

ton. 46 bury 118 Stoke Abbott 161 Uddens, see Wimborne 204

Pokeswell 226 Sandbanks, see Parkstone 122 Stoke East 161 Up Ceme 53

Poole 126 Sandford, see Morden 116 Stokeford, see East Stoke 162 Uphall, see Rampisham 143

Poorstock, see Power- & Wareham 182 Stoke Wake 162 Upper Kingston, see

stock 139 Sandhills, see Cattistock. 50 Stone, see Pamphill 122 Stinsford 160

Poorton-North 134 Sandley, see Gillingham. 82 Stourpaine 162 Upper Loders or Lothers 100

Poorton - South, see Seabarrow, see Bradford Stower Row, see Stower Upper Melbury, see Mel-

Powerstock " 139 Peverell 33 Provost...... 163 bury Sampford JI2

Portesham, or Portisham 134 Seatown. see Chideock... 60 Stower, or Stour-East.. 163 Upper Sydling, see Syd-

Portland 135 Seldown, see Longfleet 101 Stower, or Stour Provost 163 ling St. Nicholas 171

Portway, see Winfrith Shaftesbury 143 Stower, or Stour-West. 164 Upton,seeCanfordMagna,

Newburgh 210 Shapwick 149 Straits, see Portland 135 49; & Code Mullen... 64

Poundbury, see Dorches- Sharnell Green, see Buck- Stratton 164 Upton, see Osmington 121

tar 68 land Newton 47 Strawbarrow, see Shap- Upway 179

Povington, see Tyneham 178 Shaston St. Rumbold, wick 149 Venn, see Pilsdon 126

Powerstock 139 see Cann 49 Stroud, see Lydlynch 103 Verne, see Portland 135

Preston 139 Sherborne 149 Stubhampton, see Tar- Verwood 180

"Preston, see Iwerne Min- Sherborne Causeway, see rant Gunville 173 Victoria Park, see Park-

ster 94 Motcombe 117 Studland 164 stone 122

Preston Crawford, see Shillingstone, or Shilling Sturminster Marshall 165 Waddock, see Affpuddle 18

Tarrant Crawford 172 Okeford 156 Sturminster Newton Waddon, see Portesham 134

Prout Bridge, see Bea- Shilvinghampton, see (Castle) 165 Wakeham, see Portland 135

minster 22 Portesham 134 Sutton, see Wimborne Wallditch 180

Puckstone, see Studland 164 Shipton Gorge 156 St. Giles 209 Wallisdown, see Kinson 96

Puddlehinton 140 Shipton Hill, see Shipton Sutton Waldron 167 Wambrook 180

Puddletown 140 Gorge 156 Sutton Poyntz, see Prestn 140 Wanderwell, see Bothen-

Puddletrenthide, see Py- Shitterton, see Bere Regis 24 Swan Island, see Ware- hampton 32

del-Trenthide 142 Shroton, see Iwerne ham 186 Wardstone Barrow, see

Pnlham 141 Courtnay 93 Swanage 168 Chaldon HelTing. 54

Puncknowle 141 Silton 157 Swineham, see Wareham 182 Wareham ISI

Purbeck Island 142 Sixpenny Handley, see Swine's Toiler, see Toiler Warmwell 185

Purse Caundle, see Handley 87 Porcorum 177 Watercombe, see Warm-

Caundle Purse 51 Skippet, see Warmwell .. 185 Swyre 171 well 185

Putton, see West Chick- Smallbridge, see Chard- Sydling St. Nicholas & Waterston,see Puddletwn 141

erell 59 stock 54 Upper Sydling 171 Watton, see Symondsbry 172

Puxey, see Sturminster Smallsford, see Buckhorn Symondsbury 172 Waytown,see Netherbury JI9

Newton 167 Weston 46 Tadnoll Barrow, see West Bay, see Bothen-

Pydel-Trenthide 142 South Bestwell, see Ware Moreton Il7 hampton, 31; & Brid-

Pymore, see Loders 100 ham............. I~2 Talbot Village, see Kinson 96 port.. 36



West Allington, see Brid- Weston, see Portland ..••• 135 Winterborne Ashton, see Woodsford 214

port 40 Weston, see Stalbridge 158 Winterborne St.Martin 212 Wood Street, see Wool... 214

West Burton, see Win- West Orchard I:H Winterborne Came 210 Woodyates-East & West 214

frith Newburgh 210 West Parley 125 Winterborne Clenstone 211 Woo!.. 214

Westbury, see Sherborne 151 Westport, see Wareham 183 Winterborne FarringdQn 2II Woolbarrow, see BIox-

West Chaldon, see COOl- West Stafford 158 WinterborneHerringston 211 worth 31

don Herring 54 West Stower or Stour 164 Winterborne Houghton 211 Wool Bridge, see Wool 214

West Chelborough......... 58 West Wood, see Coombe Winterborne Kingston 212 Woolcombe, see Melbury

West Chickerell............ 59 Keynes..................... 63 Winterborne Monkton 212 Bubb II2

West Compton,seeComp- West Woodyates 214 Winterborne Quarleston, Woolcombe,seeTollerPor-

ton Abbas 62 Weymouth 185 see Winterborne Stick- corum 177

West Creech, see Steeple 160 Whatcombe, see Winter- land 213 Woolland 216

West Elworth,seeAbbots- borne Whitchurch...... 214 Wtnterborne St. Martin 212 Wootton Fitzpaine, see

bury 17 WhitchurchCanonicorum 202 Winterborne Steepleton 213 Wotton Fitzpaine 217

West Fleet, see Abbots- Whitcombe 203 Winterborne Stickland 213 Wootton Glanville 216

bury 17 Whitechurch, see Winter- Winterborne Thompson 213 Wootton-North 216

West Fordington, see borne Whitchurch ...... 213 Winterborne Whitchurch 213 Worbarrow, see Handley 87

Dorchester 68 White Rill, see Shilling- Winterborne 214 Worbarrow, see TJ'Deham 179

Westham,see Wyke Regis 218 stone 156 Winterhays, see Yetmin- Worth Matravers 217

West Hemsworth, see White Hill,seeStokeWake 162 ster 219 Wotton l"itzpaine 217

Witchampton 214 White Nothe or White Winyard's Gap,see Ched- Wraxall 217

WestHolme,seeEa. Stoke 162 Nose, see Chaldron dington 57 Wraxall - Higher, see

West Knighton 97 Herring 54 Witchampton 214 Rampisham ~ 143

West Langton, see Lang- Whiteway, see Tyneham 179 Wolveton, see Charmin- Wroxhall, see Wraxall 217

ton Matravers 98 WhitfieId,seeCharminster 56 ster 56 Wyke,seeBradford Abbas 32

Westley, see Sturminster Wimborne St. GHes ...... 209 Wonston, see Haselbury Wyke, see Gillingham... 82

Marshall 165 Wimborne or Wimborne Bryan 88 Wyke Regis 218

West Lulworth 103 Minster 203 Wood Bridge, see Holwell 92 Wynford Eagle 219

West Milton, see Power- Windsbatch Hill, see Up- Woodbury Hill, see Bere Wytherstone, see Power-

stock 139 way 179 Regis ~4 stiock 139

West Moors, see Verwood 180 Windsor - Little, see Woodcutte, see Handley 87 Yetman'sBarn,see Chesil-

West Moors, see West Broadwindsor 45 Woodcutts, see Hinton borne 58

Parley 125 Winfrith Newburgh 210 Martel..................... 90 Yetminster,orYatminster 219

West Morden Il6 Winterborne Abbas 210 Woodlands 214 Yondover, see Lower

Weston, see Buckhorn Winterborue Anderstone, Woodrow, see Haselbury Loders 100

Weston 46 see Anderson 19 Bryan 88



With Reference to the Places under which they will be found in this Volume.



Abbotsbury castle, Right Hon. Earl of Ilchester P.C. Clyffe, Edwd. Leigh Kindersleigh esq. J. P. see Tincleton 176

see Abbotsbury .....• ....•. .•. .••.................. ....•. 17 Compton house, Colonel John Robert Phelips Goodden

Alderholt pk. Geo. O. Churchill eS1. J.P. see Alderholt 18 D. L., J. P. see Over Compton •.•...• .•.•......•....... ••..•. 62

Ashmore cottage, Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Lloyd Coneygar, Thomas Alfred Colfox esq. J.P. see Bridport 40

Howard C.R, D.L., J.P. see Ashmore 19 Corfe Castle Manor house, William Angustus Rixon esq.

Athelhampton hall, Alfred C. de Lafontaine esq. see & Lady Bolton, see Code Castle.............. 63

Athelhampton ..........•............•......... .•• •.• 20 Code hill, John Thresher esq. J.P. see Radipole 143

Beaminster Manor house, Mrs. Cox, see Beaminster.... 21 Court house, Mrs. Legge, see Litton Cheney............... 99

,Beeches (The), Geo. Hy. Gordon esq. J.P. see Sherborne 153 Court house, Reginald Chandos Pole esq. J.P., M.F.H.

Belfield house, Samuel Ashton Pretor, esq. J.P. see see Sydling St. Nicholas .•.....•..•.........•.....•..•.•••.•.•• 171

Wyke Regis ..........•.....•....•••.•...........•..•..•.••.•••••• 218 Cranborne lodge, Mrs. Tregonwell, see Cranborne....... 66

Belfield park. Charles Holland esq. see Wyke Regis ...... 218 Cranborne Manor house, James C. Colvin esq. see

BeUair, Albert Thompson Adams esq. J.P. see Whit- Cranborne...... •.. .•• .•. 66

church Canonicorum .............•. ... .•. ..• .•. .•. ... .•• .•. .•• 202 Creech grange, Nathaniel Bond esq. D.L., J.P. see

Beryth, Capt. Thomas Russell J.P. see Beaminster ..... 22 Steeple .•. ... ..•...........•.••..•.......•. .•. •••.•...•....•. .....• 160

Bincleaves, Geo. Edward Eliot esq. J. P. see Weymouth 192 Crichel house, Lord Alillgton M.A., D.L., J.P. see More

Bingham Melcombe house, Col. Richard Charles William Crichel ....•..............................•..............., 66

Bingham, see Melcombe Bingham 113 Culeaze, Wm. Frederick Radclyffe esq. see Bere Regis 24

Binnegar hall, Mrs. Farrer, see East Stoke 162 CulIiford house, Reginald Douglas Thornton esq. J.P.

Birkin house, Reginald Thornton esq. J.P. see Stinsford 160 see Dorchester .......•..•..••....•..•.•••......••..•.•.•••••••.•• 73
Blackdown house, Edwd.Pinneyesq: J.P. see Blackdown 45 Dewlish house, Lady Michel, see Dewlish ~....... 67

Blandford St. Mary Manor house, Lieut.-Col. Franeis Down house (The), Sir WilIiam Henry Smith-Marriott

James Stuart-Gray J.P. see Blandford St. Mary ...... 31 bart. J.P. !ree Blalldford St. Mary 31

Bloxworth house, Col. Jocelyn Pickard-Cambridge J.P. Down wood, Major-Gen. Lambert Henry Denne D.L.

see Bloxworth ........•.......••................................• 31 J. P. see Langton ....••..•.•...•..•.••....•........•..••....•..•• 97

Boveridge house, Dudley Hy. Ryder esq. see Cranborne 66 Downe hall, Alfred William Hounsell Dammers esq. J.P.

Bowditch house, Capt. WilJiam King J.P. see Chardstock SS see Bridport ••..•....... .•............. 40

Bradford Peverill house, Hastings Nathaniel Middleton Eastbrook, Maurice William Portman esq. see Upway 179

esq. D.L., J.P. see Bradford Peverill 33 Eastbury ho. Mrs. Farquharson, see Tarrant GunvilIe.. 173

Branksea castle, Captain Kenneth Robert Balfour, see Edmondsham Manor house, Hector Monro esq. D.L.,

Branksea ...........................•..............•..............,. 34 J.P. see Edmondsham '" 77

Bressingham, Arthur Pontifex esq. J.P. see Parkstone 123 Encombe, Earl of Eldon D.L., J.P. see Kingston......... 95

Bridehead, Colonel Robert WilliamsM.P., D.L., J. p. see Fairfield, Capt. Campbell Munro J.P. see Lyme Regis Ic6

Littlebredy ...•......••... .•••....•.....•.•• •••. ••...•.••.•• ••• .•• 99 Fifehead house, Sir Harold Pelly bart. J.P. see Fife-

Brookdale, Wilham Waterman esq. J.P. see Broadstone 49 head Magdalen .••.•.....••..•..• 79

Brooklands, George Frederick Pinney esq. J.P. see Fleet house, Sir Henry Peto bart. see Fleet ...... ......... 79

Beaminster ...•............................................•.....• 22 Fontmell, Henry Syndercome Bower esq. J.P. see

Bryanston house, Right Hon. Viscount Portman J.P. Child Okeford ....•..•.......•••....•...........•..•..•......•..• 120

see Bry-anston •••.•..•...•..•.•..•••••.••..........••.••..••••.•• 4S Forde abbey, William Herbert Evans esq. M.A.,

Buckshawe house, Colonel the Hon. Everard Charles F.R.G.S., D.'L., J.P. see Thorncombe 175

Digby, see Holwell .••..•..•.••..•.•..••.••..•..•.••....•••••.•• 92 Frampton court, Algernon Thomas Brinsley Sheridan
esq. D.L., J.P. see Frampton r .•.....•.•••.••.•......•.••.•• 80
Came house, Earl of Portarlington D.L., J.P. see

Winterborne Came......... ... ...........•............ ....•. .... 211 Frome Whitfield house, Lieut.-Gen.j Shurlock Henning

Canford manor, Lord Wimbome M.A., D.L., J.P. see C.B., J.P. see Dorchester ..•..•.•..........•••.••......•••... 73

Canford Magna •....•............•............ .....• 49 Furzebrook, Laurence Warburton iPike esq. J.P. see

Castle hilI, Thomas Holford esq. D.L., J.P. see Buck- Church Knowle .•• ••••..... .••.•..•.••...• .•• ••• ••• ••• ••• •.•.•• 61

laIld ~e~Il...................................................... ~7 Gaunts house, Sir Richard George Glrn bart. D.L.,J.P. go
Catherstone house, Lieut.-Col. John Bullen Symes
see Hinton Martel.............................................

Bullen J.P. see Catherstone Leweston . So Glendon, Major-Gen. Charles Powlett Lane D.L., J.P.

Cattistock lodge, Henry Hamilton Palairet esq. J.P. see see Corfe Mullen .....•..........................•...., . 64

Cattistock ... ..•.......................•....•• ..•...........•..•..• 50 Graston, John Husseyesq. J.P. see Burton Bradstock 48

Caundle Purse Manor house, Lionel Grant Henshaw Greenhill house, Major James John Loudon McAdam
I see Caundle Purse
. 51 J. P. see Sherborne .••.••. " •••.••.•.. '" " .••... 153

Chalmington house, Geo. Hugh Digby esq. see Cattistock 50 Grosvenor lodge, Major-Gen. William Noel Waller
Charborough park, Mrs. Erle-Drax, see Morden ......... II6 R.A., J.P. see Sherborn.e •......•..............•......•....•• 154

Chardstock house, Edward Stanhope Rodd esq. J.P. Haddon lodge, Dalton Haskoll Serrall esq. J.P. see

S~ (JllarCls~lt.•.........•..•.•..••.•..•.•.•.••.....••••.••.•..•• 55 Caundle Soonrton .••..... , '" ..•.•....... ..•..• ..• 52

CharleUlont, In.Roberts Furmedge esq. see Broadmayne 43 Handford house, Mrs. Livingstone-Learmonth, see

Charlton manor, Thomas Horlock Bastard esq. see Hanford .•...•..•....•.....••.•. '........ .•• .•. 88

Charlton Marshall ..•......•••......•.•...•...••..•......•..•..• 55 Haselbury Bryan Manor house, Rev. Richard BUl'don

Cheddington court, Sir Hy. Peto bart. see Cheddington 57 M.A. see Haselbury Bryan 88

Chetnole honse, Major William George Digby Wing~ Henbury house, Mrs. Parke, see Sturminster Marshall 165

field-Digby J. P. see Chetnole . 58 Herringston house, Edward Wilmot Williams esq. RA.,

Chettle house, Edward Cay Adams esq. see Chettle .. 59 D.L.,J.P.& theHon. Mrs. see Winterborne Herringston 2II

Chideock Manor house, Humphrey Frederick Weld esq. Hethfelton, John William Townsend Fyler esq. D.L.,

J.P. see Chideock ...• ......•... .......•••••.••..•.•••••.•••••... 60 J.P. see East Stoke .......................•.......•...•....••..• 161

Child Okeford house, Nathaniel Surtees esq. see Child High cliff, Arthur Lister esq. J.P. seeLyme Regis ...... 106

Okeford .•.... ... .•. .... ••... ..•..........•••.• ... .... .•...... .•. .•• 120 Hinton Manor house, Lieut.-Col. John Mansel J.P. see

Child Okeford Manor house, Hon. Claud Berkeley Port- Hin'ton St. Mary .•......•.••..••.. .•. .•.... ... ....•...•..• .•. ..• 91

man, see Child Okeford ••• ••••••••• ••• ••••• •••..••..• .••.•• ••• 120 Holme priory, Dowager Lady Meysey-Thompson, see

Chilfrome house, John Hargreaves esq. see Chilfrome... 61 East Holme .................•........•..•..•.......•...•......... 9 I

Christowell,H. K. Hitchcock esq. M.D.• J.P. seeBrank- Holnest park, Wanley Ellis Sawbridge-Erle-Drax esq.

some park ..•..•..........•..., ..• ..•... ..• 35 J. P. see Holnest .•.•••... .•• .••.••. .••••.••.••.•••••.•.••• .••.•• 91

Cliff house, John Wm. Preston esq. J.P. see Lyme Regis 106 Holwell Manor house, Edmund Henry Gadesden esq.

Cluny, Kenneth L. M. Anderson esq. J.P. see Swanage 169 see Holwell ••• ..•...... .•• •• .•• ••• ••• .•• •••.• •••....•• 92




Hooke court, Earl of Sandwich J .P. see Hooke ••. ...... 93 Sandford, Mrs. Rodgett, see Wareham 182

Hyde (The), Joseph Gundry esq. J.P. see Bothen- Sandley, Capt. Geoffrey Phipps-Hornby J.P. see Gil·

hampton... 32 lingham... .•• .•. ••..•. ••.... .••...•...•.......•...•........•• 82

Hyde house, Charles James Radclyffe esq. J.P. see Sherborne castle, John Kenelm Digby Wingfield-Digby

J3ere Itegis .••.•..•..••.••.......•••....•......••••••••.•••.•......, 2~ esq. M.P., J.P. see Sherborne 15]

Ilsington house, William Ernest Brymer esq. M.P., Sherborne house, Gen. Sir Julius Richard Glyn K.C.B.

M.A., J. P. see Puddletown •.. .....•... .•• 141 see Sherborne ...........• .•........•. ..•......... ... .•• •••....•• J53

Iwerne Mmster house, Right Hon. Lord Wolverton Slape house, Fredk. WalterGundryesq. see Netherbury II8

D.L., J.P. see Iwerne Minster ............•.•............... 94 Smedmore, Col. George Pleydell Mansel D.L., J.P. see

Kendals (The), George B. Matthews esq. see Gillingham 82 Kimmeridge .••.•.••...•.....•.•.•...•••...•.....•.....••••.••.•.• 95

Kingston house, Mrs. Fellowes, see Stinsford. 160 Somerleigh,Sir Edward Robert Pearce-Edgcumbe LL.D.,

Kingston Lacy, Waiter Balph Bankes esq. D.L., J.P. J. P. see Dorchester ... .•. ...•...•..•.••. ... ... .•..•. ... •.• ... .. . 73

see Pamphill 122 South Lytchett house, Elliott Lees esq. M.P., M.A.,J.P.

Knap (The), Mrs. Broadley, see Bradpole 33 see Lytchett Minster .•...• 108

Knighton, W. A. Heber Percy esq. see Durweston 77 Southover hl,)use, Mrs. Crane, see 'folpuddle ,. 178

Knoll (The), Henry John Mills esq. see Code Mullen 64 Stafford honse, George William Floyer esq. RA., J.P.

Langton house, James John :Farquharson esq. D.L., see West Stafford.•.........•....••.•..•........•..••.•••...•...• 158

J.P. see Langt.on •.......•..................................•..•• 97 Steepleton house, The Hon. Misses Pitt, see Steepleton

Langton lodge, Alexander Edward Lane Fox-Pitt esq. Iwerne....•••••.•........•.........•...•.............•...•.•..••••.• lOO
J.P. see Langton ...•.•.......••.................•.... 4.......... 97 Steepleton manor, Henry Stilwell esq. J.P. see Winter-
Langton Herring Manor house, William Sparkes, esq. boume Steepleton 213

D.L., J.P., M.S.A. see Langton Herring 98 Sterte house, William Douglas Dugdale esq. see .

Lewcombe house, Charles Crew, see East Chelborough 57 Longfleet ••....... ..•...... .•.............••.••.... ..• ]01

LeweU lodge, Col. Albert Williams R.A. see West Stinsford house, Llewellyn England Sidney Parry esq.

]8(Ili~lI~Il .•...•.....•.••.••.......•••••.•.........••....•.•••••.•• ~" see 8tinsford..................... 160

Leweston house, Robert Whitehead esq. see Lillington 99 Stock Hill house, Alfred Thomas Manger esq. J.P. see

Longthorns, Colonel Edmund Morton Mansel-Pleydell Gillingham.. .•................ •••.•...• 82

J.P. see Milborne St. Andrew II4 Stock house, Major Arthur George Dugdale R.A., J.P.

Lorton, Rev. John Moore Bridge, see Broadway......... 44 see Stock Gaylard......... ....•.............. .•. ••.... 161

Lulworth castle, Williaml Dalglish Bellasis esq. see Stokeford, Maj. John William Bain Hawkesworth J.P.

~aust ~1l1lVortll •.••••••••••••••••.•••••••••.•••••••••••••••••••••• !C>3 see East Stoke....... .•. .....• ....•.... .•....•.......•... ..•... •.• 162

Lytchett Heath house, Lord Eustace Brownlow Henry Sutton Waldron house, Hon. Fredk. Canning Lascelles,

Gascoigne Cecil J. P. see Lytchett Maltravers ......... 108 see Button Waldron.................. .•................... .•...• 168

Mainsail haul, Countess of Shaftesbury, see Wimborne Symondsbury Manor house, Arthur Bond esq. see

~t. <riles.....•...........•.....•....•..•.....••..•.•......•.•.....•• 2~ Symondsbury .......•............•....••...........•...........• ]72

Mangerton house, Campbell Fortescue. Stapleton Sanc- Tarrant Gunville Manor house, Francis Hughes-Gibb

tuary esq. J.P. see Melplash II3 esq. J.P. see Tarrant (iunviUe 173

Manston house, Lord Magheramorne. see Manston 109 Thorngrove, James :Frederick Ray esq. J.P. see

Mapperton house, Rev. Paulet IMildmay Compton RA. Gillingham................ ...... ... ...•... ... ..... .... ... ..•......• 82

see Mapperton ........•.••...........•..•.............••......... 110 Thornhill house, Gen. Sir William Parke K.C.B., J.P.

Marshwood Manor house, In. Bullen Tatchell Tatchell- see Stalbridge • ..• 158

Bullen esq. J.P. see Mal'shwood III Tillworth house, Thomas Barnes esq. J.P. see Hawk-
#......Melbury house, Right Hon. Earl of Ilchester P.C. see
church 89

Melbnry Sampford................ .....•........................ I I 2 Totnell, Thomas Ffooks esq. see Leigh 99

Merly hall, Miss Wienholt & Miss Ellen Wienholt, see Turnworth house, Lieut.-Col. Uvedale Edward Parry-

Canford Magna ..............•..•.........................•.....• 49 Okeden J.P see Turnworth 178

Milton lodge, William Kaye, esq. see Gillingham......... 82 Tyneham house, Rev. John Bond M.A. see Tyneham 178

Minterne house, Lord Digby J. P. see Minterne Magna... 115 Up Cerne house, The Hon. Mary T. Digby, see Up

Moreton hoose, Rupert Pennefather Featherstonhaugh- Ceme 53

Frampton esq. D.L., J.P. see Moreton I17 Upway house, Bruno Butler Bowdon esq. see Upway 179

Motcombe house, Right Hon. Lord Stalbridge P.C., J.P. Upwood, Capt. Henry Aubrey Cartwright J.P. see

see Motcombe... .•. .. .. . •. ••••.. . .. .•. ..• ... . .• I 17 Handley " .. . .•• 87

Nash court, Capt. Edwin Greenwood Hardy, see Marn- Verwood Manor house, William RoUes Fryer esq. J.P.

hull...•..........•.•....•..............................•...........•• 110 see Verwood " " "............................ 180

Newlands, Major-Gen. Sir Charles WaIters D'Oyly bart. Walton Elm, R. Bouchier James esq. see Marnhul1 III

J.P. see Charlton Marshall . 55 Warmwell house, Henry Jephson esq. see WarmweU...• 185

Newton manor, Sir John Charles Robinson F.S.A. see West lodge, Major-Gen. Charles Edward Astell J.P. see

Swanage.......... ..............•............................ 169 Puddlehinton .....•..........•....•.•....................". .....• 140

Nordons, Abraham Rooke James esq. J.P. see Bothen- West Blagdon, Henry Francis Brouncker esq. J.P. see

hampton.......... .........•.•..••........• ...........•...... 32 Cranborne................... 66

Nottington house, Col. Richard OliveI' Francis Steward Westbrook, Arthur Ilbert esq. see Upway 179

J.P. see R-adipole•.••.•.•••..••..••..•••••.••..•••...•••..•...••. 143 We~tfield, Col. Augustus Berkeley Portman J.P. see

Old Manor house, Miss Tuck, see Dewlish 67 Wimborne....•............•......................................• 206

Onslow, Major-Gen. Bobert Holt Truell C.B., J.P. see Westhall, Norman McLean esq. see Folke 79

Wimborne........................... 207 Westhaye, William Charlesworth esq. J.P. see Hawk.

Osmington house, George Montgomery Archdale esq. see chuTch " •.•.•. .•• 89

Osmington . ..... ..• ..• .••• ... .... ... •.• .••... .••. ..•.• ..• ... .•...• 121 Westmead,William Colfox esq. RA., J.P. see Bridport.. 40

Osmington lodge, Lieut.·Col. Charles Thomas Hall, see Westmead, Richard ffolliott Eliot esq. J.P., D.L. see

Osmington 121 Radipole ............•....••........".......................... I43

Park Homer, ::Mrs. Paget, see Hampreston.~............... 86 Westrow, MrlY. Warry, see Holwell........................... 9:1

Parnham house, Vice-Adml. Robert O'Brien FitzRoy Whatcombe house, John ClaveU Mansel-Pleydell esq.
_.... 21 RA., D.L., J.P. see Winterborn Whitchurch ......... 214
C.B. see Beaminster

Pennsylvania castle, J. Merrick Head esq. see Portland 136 White house, Lieut.-Col. John Moont Batten J.P. see

Post Green house, Henry Pomeroy Bond esq. see Up CeJIle......•....••.•.....•••.......................•..,. 53

Lytchett Minster J08 WinterborneClenstone Manor house, Major.Gen. Edwd.

Puncknowlemanor, GeorgeMorton Mansel esq. J.P. see Musgrave Beadon, see Winterborne Clenstone 2II

Puncknowle.... ..• .•• ..• .••... .... •.... ..•... .•• ..•...... .••.•.••• 142 Winterborne St. Martin Manor house, Major Charles

Purbeck house, The Misses Burt, see Swanage............ 169 Sinclair Shephard, see Winterborne St. Martin In:l

Pydel-Trenthide Manor house, Mrs. Bridge, see Pydel- Wolfeton hoose, Wynne Albert Bankes esq. D.L., J.P.

Trenthide.....,...•......................................•......... see Charminster...•.... ".•.....................•.... "."......... 56

Rampisham manor, Arthur Martin esq. J.P. see Ram- Woodlands, Joseph Alfred Hardcastle esq. J.P. see

pisham .............................•..•...•......................•. 143 Beaminst,er ".......... ... ... 22

Ranston, Rev. Canon Sir Talbot Hastings Bendall Baker Woodleaze, Capt. Csrr Stuart Glyn J.P. see Wimborne 206

bart. M.A. see Iwerne Courtnay............................ 94 Woolland house, Montague Scott Willlams esq. J .P. see
Rempstone hall, William Montagu Calcraft esq. J.P. see 216
Corfe Castle....................................................... 63 Wrackleford house, Alfred Pope esq. see Stratton

Sadborow, Capt. John Arthur Bragge J.P. see Wyke hall, Mrs. Whitehead, see Gillingham............... 82

Thorncombe ...........•.................•.................. '" .•. 175 Wyke house, Rev. Fredk. Tufnell M.A. seeWyke Regis 218

St. Giles's house, Earl of Shaftesbury, see Wimborne Wykes court, WilIiam Hounsell esq. J.P. see Bridport.. 40

St. Giles........•....................-...............•..•..••..•..... 209 Yarrells (The), Frederick Styringesq. J.P. see Lytchett

St. Martins, Dr. Allan McLean J.P. see Weymouth...... 193 Min.s'ter••••... , _ Jo8

----.---- •

DORSETSHIRE takes its name from the shire town, or Bride, 7 miles long, falling into the sea near Bridport
from the tribe of the Dorsrettas, and lies on the llQuth Htirl){lUr; the Brit, or Bride, rising at :Beam:inster,
coast of England, being in the west, between Hampshire flowing ,through Bridiport into the !Sea, and having the

and Devonshire. On the north-east it is bounded by Asker and other smaN streams as afHuent-s; the Char,
'Wiltshire, on the east by Hampshire, on the south by
falling in at Charmouth; and the Lyme at LYllle Regis.
the English Channel, on the we-st by Devonshire, and on
the north-west by Somersetshire. The shore line is the In the north-westt parts the Parret, Ivel and theh'
headsprings rise, but their course in DOI'lSetshire is.
only natural boundary; its is something like a short. Near Broadway is a sulphureous spring named
N{)btington Spa.
pyramid, with the head to the west, but having a spur
on the south side, which forms the Isle of Portland. The land is hilly, but wen w8itered. Th& vale of

The breadJth, from east t() west, is 54 miles;. and the Blackmore, or that of the Frame and Piddle, is a fruit-

length, from north to south, varies from 5 to 40 miles; ful goozing ground, nearly 20 miles long and 14 broad;

its area is 632,272 acres. In 1700 the population was 001 the Downs sheep are fed. The oSOils are of many
kmds, from rich loam to hard stone. The chalk forma-
9°,000; in 1801, II4,452; in 185 I, 184,2°7; in 1861, tion covers the greater part of the 'Shire, the n1lrth
188,789; in 11871, 195,537; in t88I, 191,028; and in
downs beginning a,t Cranb:ourne and running to Bee~
1891, 194,517, viz. male's, 94,73'5; females, 99,782. The
number of houses were, inhalbited, 4°,9°4; uninhabited, minster, and the south downs ronning from Beaminster
3,081; and building, 221. Dorset lies between 50~ 30'
to Melcomhe and Swanage. Between these are the
and 5IQ 5' north latitude, and between IQ 48' and 3° 7' west upper formation of pla'sHc, pO'tters' and pipe clay, and
sand, called the "Poole Trough." Here a light earthy
coal is found, like Rovey cool; in <the ,south, chalk, marl..
The south .shQre is in two linelS, a wide sweep trend- green-sand, wellid clay and iron-sand are found, and in

ing sourth-easterly from Lyme Regis to the Bill or Beel Purbeck and Portland the oo1i:te forma'tiollS; westward
of Portland, and the wes1tern part, which forIns a deep
of Weymouth Bay are the oo11tes, Wlhich form a.
bay within the Isle of Portland, called WeymoUII:h Bay,
and then runs easterly to St. Alban's Head and Durles- "saddle," and are repeatted; in the north the green~
ton Head, having in it Lulwor't1h Oove and Kimmeridge sand is found. Dorsetshire yields Portland stone, Pur-
Bay. From Durlest-on Head the shore runs northward beck marble, lime, founders' sand, ir<Jn-sand, copperas,

along the east of the Isle of Purb8{lk, and forms Swanage alum, p()ottery clay, pipeclay, firebricks, bituminous.
Bay and Studhmd Bay, and then the mouth of Poole
Harbour. shales, salt, sheep and cattle, wool, corn, hay, potatoes
and cider. It is best known for its Dorset. Portland
The Ls1e of Portland is a long narrow headland, ex-
and South Down sheep; it ha,s a1s'O a small breed of
tending south-ea,sterly into the sea, and joined to the
ponies. The dairy is much looked to, &, ~rge proportion of
mainland by a spit 10 miles long, called the Chesil-thlrt
the land being in pasture, and the butter·and cheese of
is to say, the Shingle Bank. The Lsle of Pur'beck is a DOl"setshire are much esteemed. In Cranborne ChaslI
and in Sellwood, to the north of Sha,ftesbury, some tim-
large tract joined to the mainland on the west, but on
the other side bounded by the river Frome, Wareham ber is grown; but most of the woods have been cleared.
and Poole Havens, and the sea. Poole Haven is a large
inlet in the, 'sQu'th-e~st of Dorset-shire, having many Lime, sea-weed, and fish are to be had in most parts.
arms running up into the land; {)n one is Wareham, at
for manures, and for meadows the catchwater plan is
the mouth of the Frome and Piddle, and on another, used. Barley is more grown than whea.t; hemp and
flax are likewise grown.
The rainfall of Dors~t is about 30 inches in the year, The railways aTe the Southampton and Dorche,ster,
but raither less in the norbhern part. Daily measure-
menis are taken by means of rain-gauges at 13 places. belonging to the London and Soutlh Western .Company;

The climate is mild, especially along the c{)ast. the Somerset and Dorset line from Burnham, Somel\Set,
The great rivers run across from north-west to south- to Wimborne and Poole, passing through S'taLbridge..

east; they are the Stour, P[ddle and Frome. The Stl()ur Sturminster Newton and Blandrford. The London and
SoU!th Western Extension 1:10 Exalter and North DeVO'Il
comes in at the north, passes Gillingham, take.s the has s'tat:ions at Gillingham and Sherborne, and skirts
Shreen water, t'hen the Cale from Wincanton, and tlhe
Lyd, or Lyddon, from t'he south, wind,s through Stur- ihe north of the county. The Dorse'tismre line enters
minster Newton (taking the Ewern), to BI.andford from Ringwood, in Hampshire, and passes Wimborne

Forum, below which fall in the '!'arrant Bourne from the (wiJtlb. a branch to Poole and West Bournemouth), WaN-
north, and the North Winlter Hourne from the west; the
course ~s then to Wimbourne, where the Wim, or Alien, ham (with a branch t-o Swanage),' Wool and Moreton
join's, and the river then runs south-ea~erly to Christ- to Dorche-ster, thence t(} Weym-ourth and Portland. The
church, in Hampshire; it is more likety that the Wlim,
or Alien, was the Alauna of the Romans, than thalt the Great Western Company have a branch t{) Dorchester
and Weymouth, conneoted with thmr line at Yeovlil, and
Stour was.
from thence to Bristol; another branch from Ma[den
The Wim is the only considerabJe stream; it works a
Nemon to Bridport; and a shol"t line from Upway, on
paper mill. The Piddfe, Puddle, or Trentt, lies between
the Stour and the :Frome, and is a small .stream run- ilhe Weym(}uth branch of the South Western line to
ning in a paraHel direction with the Frome, about 4
miles off, and falling imo Poole Harbour; it give's its Abootsbury.
name as an affix to m'clny villages. The Frame, anciently
The manufactures are sail-eloth, -sacking, nets, shoe-
named the Varia, rises in the north-west, and flows to
makers' thread, paper, silk and agricultural implements,
D{)rchester, where the Churn B{)urne comes in from carried on at Bridport, Beamintster, Blandford, B1lurton,
GilLingham, Sherborne, W'imborne and Dorehesier; with
Ceme or Churn Abbas; the South Winterhourne is
moaltting and brewing. The potteries are of some imJ
another feeder; from Dorchester the Frome Tuns portance. In some of the large towns are iron foundries.
easterly to Wareham; it is in tUlese western shires we
Ships and yachts. are built at PooIe. The chief fisheries
meet with the class of streams called" winterbournes," are those of mackerel; oyJSlterbeds are likewise kept
because they flow chiefly in the winter. Other stre'ams up. In the riveTS, salmon, tront, and eel}s aro
are-the Wey, 5 miles long, falling int{) the sea at
Weymouth; the Purbeck, 7 miles long, running from caught. The fishing towns axe Poole, Swan'llge, LuI-
Corfe Castle to Swanage; the Fleet, flowing be-tween worth, Weymouth, Bridport and Lyme.

the Chesil Bank and the main land; the Breedy, or The import trade is in th& ,supply (}f coal-s, timber

and wine, with some Newfoundland trade. The exporh

are Purbeck and Portland stone, clay, many thQusand
tons of which aTe annually lSent to the potteries, Porrt-
land cement, bricks, sheep, wool, butter, poultry, chee€e,

ale, cider and mackerel.



The inhabitants on the coast depend on the fisheries, Charmouth, many fight,s to'ok place with the Danish

quarries and vi:sitors to the watering places. These last rovers. In the Parliamentary War ,the gentry took part

are Weymouth, Swanage, Lyme Regis and Parkstone. with the King, and held out in many sieges and fights,

The havens are Poole, Warehiam, Swanage, Weymouth, in which their castles were ruined; the townsmen sided

BrddpOllt, Lyme and Studl'and Bay; but Lyme has much with the Parliament; but the country people held aIoof

fullen off. A breakwater has been made in Portland from both King and Parliament, and formed companies

Bay, 'so as to form a great harbour of refuge over of "olubmen" to keep them off.

agains't Cherbourg, capable of shel,tering 200 vesseLs in Dorseotshire had formerly many rich. and old abbeys

safety; it extends 21 miles out to s,ea, and forms a of Benedictine,s and Oistercians; among those were
Shailtesbury, S'herborne, Cerne, Abbo'tsbury, Bindon,
l"oadstead 4 miles long.

The county contaans 292 civil parishes. Cranbome, Horton and Mitton; likewise priories at

Dorset-shire is in the Wes'tern Circuit, province o-f Dorchester, Bridport, Wareham, Loders, Frampton and

o.mterbury, Salisbury diocese, and forms an archdea- Spettisbury. Slherborne was the see of a bishop from

conry, subdivided into the rural deaneries of Bridport, 705 to 107$. The-re are still some Catholic nunneries

comprised in ·the AbbotS/bury, Bridport, Lyme and Bea- and chapels well endowed by the wealthy memlbel'6 of

min'ster portions; Dorchester, in the Dorchester, Wey- tha.t commumon.
mouth and Purbeck portions; Pimperne, in the Bland- The objects (If interest are many; the fvssils of the

ford and Wimbome portions; ShaJfteSlbury, arranged in bles of PU1"beck and Pm'ltland and of Lyme Regis; the

ShaJltesbury, Stallbl'lidge, Sherborne and Sturminster shore scenery, Lulworth Cove, and Chesil Bank (the

Newton porti'Ons; and Wh~tchurch (Bere Regill, Pooole, curious spit wihich joins the Isle of Portland to the; the amphitheatre al; Dorchester; Agglestone,
Cerne and Milton) portions.-
The ,town of Poole is a cou.nJf:y of itself. DOl'sebsih~re Puckstone, He][gtone, B6dbury Rings, Maumbury; the
has one Court of Quarter Sessions, h8Jld at DorcheSiter pits on Bladen Hooth; the eartthworks surrounding
and Poole, and forms nine pet!ty sessional divis~ol1Js­ Wareham; the figure OIll the GUant's Hill, near Ceme,
Blandlford' (N'Orth and ,South), Bridport, Cerne, Dor- which is an ancient figure cut in outline on the chalk,
chester, Shaftesbury, Sherborne, Sturminster, Wareham 180 feet long; at Osmingtton is 8. f!imilar figure of a
and Wimbom'e. The Poor-law Unions are twelve Boo- horse and rider covering an acre of ground, representing
minSlter, Blandford, Bridpol't, Ceme, Dorchester, Poole, George Ill. on horseback; the churches at Shaftesbury,
Sh"<lJftesbury, Sherbome, ,Stul'IllJiDJs'ter, Wareham and Sherborne and Wimlbome; and the remlIIins ()f the
abbeys and priories.
Pnrbeck, Weymouth and Wtimborne.

The municipal boroughs are, Blandford, population in The Registration districts are: --

1891, 3,974; Bridport, 6,611; DorcheSlter, 7,946; Lyme

Regis, 2,365; Poole, 15,438; Shaftesbury, 2,122; Wey- No. Name. Area. Pop. 18gl.
m~:mth and Melcombe Regis, 13,866; and Wareham,

2,14I. Other towns are, Beamin8lter, population in 1891,

1,915; Bere Regis, 1,144; Ceme Abbas, 834; Corfe 258 Sbaftesbury 37,247 u,840
Cas·tle, 1,7°8; Cl'llmbome, 2,395; Gillipgham, 3,3°3; 259 Sturminster
Sherborne, 5,690; S'ta1bnidge, 1,70.5; S'turminSlter New- 260 Blandford 39,342 9,583
261 Wimborne
ton, 1,863; 8Jld Swanage, 2,674' 262 60,582 13,375
Dor,setshire .seems to have been taken from the 263 Poole 17,886
264 Wareham 82,911
Britons by the Belgian Durotriges, likewise cailed 25, 284 25,831
Morini, which WOI'ds are .said to mean "dwellers by the 265 Weymouth 92,521 16,580
sea." Of the Brit'On's and Belgians there seem to be Dorchester 32,629
many remains 90'S Ag-g(Iesltone and Puckstone, near 266 33, 803 24,484
267 Sherborne 12,383
Studland, in the Isle of Pur'beck; POl'tishiam Cromlech, 268 Beaminster U6,I59 10,366
called HellsOOne, a. circle of stones near Winterbome St. Bridport 40,01 3 14,°38
Martin; another noor PokesweU, and another at Lit'tile 54,638


Breedy; perhaps Bad'bury Rings and Maumbury belong --

to this period. The following is a list of the several poor law unions with

Under the Romans it was a part of Britannli'll Prima, the parishes contained in them :-
and they had many ,settlemenlts, as Durnovaria (Dor-
chester), MoriIrio (Wareham), Vindio Gladia (Wim-

borne). Canes Ar[sta (Oharm'Outh), Londinis (Lyme Beaminster Melbnry Sampford

Regis), Bolclanio (P.oole), and Clavin[o (Weymouih). Bettiscombe Misterton (Somerset)

Other settlement,s were A~<:e'ster, Stoborough, Char- Broadwinsor Mosterton

borough, Chelborough, Gainslborough, Bedcister, Hor- Burstock N etherbury

chesier, Hogcheslter. A great road, named by the Cheddington North Poorton

English the Ikening, or Ikenield way (Vtia. Iceniana), Corscombe Pilsdon

comes in by Woodyates, passes through Durnovaria, East Chelborough Poorstock

and goes to the weS't. At Durn'O'V'llria, the most famous Evershot Rampisham

remain is the amphiJthe'll'tre. The part of IkeDiing way, Halstock Seaborough (Somerset)

near Dorcheslfier, called Ackling Dike, is in fair pre· Hook South Perrott

..erv-ation. Mapperton Stoke Abbot, or Stoke Abbas

On the downs and cliffs are many camps and barrows, Marshwood West Chelborough

Bci.tish, Belgian, Roman or Engl[.sh; among these are Melbury Osmond Wraxall

Badbury oand M1aumbury, those on the Stour between UNION OF BLA.NDFORD.
SturmiusJ'ter and (Bradford, Wea'therbury, Eggardon,
Loosebarrow, Rowbarrow, Shaftesbury, Me~bury, Hazel- Mmer Stourpaine

bury, Sp~tisbury, Chalbury, Abbatsbury, Ne'thel'bnry, Anderson, or Winterborne Tarrant Crawford
Symond.sbury, Hamilton Hin, Worbarrow, Woolbarrow, Anderson . Tarrant Gunville

Churchfbiarrow, FlowerS'oor11Ow, W:ard'Stonebarrow, Black- Blandford Forum Tarrant Hinton

barrow, Woodbury, Bo1tonbarrow, Banbury, We!lltbury, Blandfol'd St. Mary Tarrant Keynston

Fj~ury, Lushbarrow, Conquerbarrow, Laurenceibarrow, Hryanstone Tarrant Launceston
Churchbarrows, Seabarrow, Poundbury, Knapbarrow, Charlton Marshall Tarrant Monckton

Bullbarrow, DOOsbury, Broodfordlbiarrow, Barrow Hill, Durweston Tarrant Rawston
Henbury, Strawbarr()w, Kingbarrow, Ballbarrow, Great-
barrow, EgertoIlibarrow, Boors'bllrrow, Longbarrow,Stable. Hilton Tarrant Rushton
barrow, Powbarrow, BridweHoorrow, Ml8werbury, Buz-
bury, Eastbury and Westbury, near Tarrant Gunville, Iwerne Courtnay, or Shroton Turnworth

Thorncombe, Bee.lon, Mowmmsharrow, Tadnollbarrow, Langton, Long Blandford Winterborne Clenstone
l.k>l"dslbarrow, Endbarrow, Youbarrow. Cernebarrow,
Stonebarrow, Swyrselbar1"Ow, Oholbury, Hakebury, Swan Milborne St. Andrew Winterborne Houghton
Knoll, Round Pound, Five M'eersbarrow, and Mawerbury.
:Many te&sel6lted p6vements, dso pottery and Roman Milbome Stileham (hamlet) Winterborne Kingston
coins, have been found. The whole number of Roman
Milton Abbas Winterbome Stickland.

Pimperne Winterborne Thomson

Spetisbury Winterborne Whitchurch

SteepletonIwerne, or Steeple- Winterborne Zelstone

ton Preston

camps hals been reckoned at 25. UNION OF BRIDPORT.

After the tall of the Bomans and Britons this shire Allington Burton Bradstock

became parI; of the kingdom of the West Saxons, and Akerswell Catherstone Leweston

the 'See of & bishop; the kings dwelt here lilt Corfe Bothenhampton Chideock

Castle and Kingslton, and in the minsters many of theJID Bradpole Chilcombe

are buried. On the shore near Wareham, Portland and Bridport Litton Cheney


Loders Symondsbury East Holme Shitterton tything
Puncknowle Wallditch East Lulworth Steeple
East Stoke Studland
Shipton Gorge Whitchurch Canonicorum Holy Trinity (Wareham) Swanage
Stanton St. Gabriel Wootton Fitzpaine

Swyre UNION OF CERNE. Kimmeridge Turners Puddle
Lady St. iiary (Wareham) Tyneham
Alton Pancras Mappowder Langton Matravers West Lulworth
Batcombe Melbury Bubb
Buckland Newton Melcombe Horsey ~ Winfrith Newburgh
Cottistock Minterne Magna Wool
CerneAbbas Nether Cerne Morden
Chesilborne Pudletrenthide Moreton Worth Matravers
Frome St. Quintin Pulham
Godmanstone Sydling St. Nicholas St. Martin (Wareham)
Gore Wood UplCerne
Hermitage Wootton Glanville UNION OF WEYMOUTH.
Abbotsbury Portisham
UNION OF DORCHESTER. Bincombe Portland
Broadway Poxwell
Athelhampstone St. Peter (Dorchester) Buckland Ripers Preston
Stinsford Fleet Radipole
All Saints (Dorchester) Stratton Langton Herring Upway
Bradford Peverell Melcombe Regis West Chickerell
Osmington Weymouth
Owermoigne Wyke Regis

Burlestone ToIler Fratrum
Charminster ToIler Porcorum Chalbury Horton

Chilfrome Tolpuddle Chettle Long Critchell
Compton Abbas Warmwell Corfe Mullen Moore Critchell
Compton Vallence Cranborne Pentridge
Dewlish Watercombe
Fordington West Knighton East Woodyates Shapwick
Frampton Edmonsham Sturminster Marshall
Frome Vauchurch West Stafford
Holy Trinity (Dorchester) Whitcombe Farnham Tollard Farnham tything
Kingston Russell Winterborne Abbas Gussage All Saints Verwood

Little Bredy Winterborne Came Gussage St. Michael West Parley
Long Bredy Winterborne Herringstone
Maiden Newton Winterborne Monkton Hampreston West Woodyates
Winterborne St. Martin
Winterborne Steepleton Handley, or Sixpenny Hand- Wimborne Minster

ley Wimborne St. Giles

Hinton Marten Witchampton

Hinton Parva, or Stanbridge Woodlands
Holt .
Puddlehinton Woodsford
Puddletown Wynford Eagle There are 33 Hundreds and 21 Liberties, besides the

UNION OF POOLE. county of Poole.

Branksome Lytchett Matravers THE AREA OF THE HUNDREDS AND LIBERTms ARE:-
Canford Magna
Hamworthy Lytchett Minster Area.
Kinson Parkstone tything Alcester Liberty (area included in Sixpenny Handley
Hundred) .
Longfleet tything
Alton Pancras Liberty.... .•. 2,243
Badbury Hundred 26,880
Alcester Iwerne Minster
Ashmore Kington Magna Reaminster .
n. :Forum & Redborne Hundred........•.....••..........• 31,922
Buckhorn Weston Margaret Marsh
Cann, or Shaston St. Rum- Melbury Abbas Bere Regis 11,402
bold Shaftesbury Bindon Liberty .., ,.. 5,53x
Compton Abbas Stower Provost
East Orchard Sutton Waldron Blandford Borough (area included in Coombs Ditch
East Stower Todbere
Fontmell Magna West Orchard Hundred) , ..
West Stower Bridport Borongh ,. 654
Hartgrove tything
Broadwinsor Liberty.......................................... 6, 214

Brownshall Hundred...... 10,861

Bucknall Newton Hundred 11,940

Ceme, Totcombe & Modbury Hundred .•. ..•..•..•..•..• 10,501

Beer Hackett Long Burton Coombs Ditch Hundred 10,748

Bradford Abbas Marston Magna (Somerset) Corfe Castle Hundred 9,884

Castleton Nether Compton Cranborne Hundred .........................................• 34,188
Caundle Bishop North Wootton 12,285
Culliford-Tree Hundred 2,090

Caundle Marsh Oborne Dewlish Liberty.........

Caundle Purse Over Compton Dorchester Borough 635

Chetnole Pointington, or Poyntington Eggerton Hundred......... 11,045

Clifton Maybank (Somerset) Fordington Liberty... 75 1
Folke Rimpton (Somerset)
Frampton I I ,<>98

Goathill (Somerset) Ryme Intrinsica George Hundred .., 16,520
Baydon Sandford Oreas (Somerset) Gillingham Liberty 13,196

Bolnest Sherborne Godderthorne Hundred "......................... 2,407

Bolwell Stockwood Halstock Liberty................................................ 3,18I
Leigh chapelry Thornford 16, 163
Hasilor Hundred...

Leweston Trent (Somerset) Hewdesbarrow Hundred 5,801

Lillington Yetminster Isle of Portland Liberty...... •.. ..• .•.. .•..•..•... 2,890

UNION OF STURMINSTER. Knowlwn Hundred " 7,337

Caundle Stourton Manston Loosebarrow Hundred 9,883
Lothers & Bothenhampton Liberty........................ 4.363
Child Okeford Mamhull
Lyme Regis Borough , 200
Fifehead Magdalen Okeford Fitzpaine
Monckton-Up-Wimborne Hundred.....•..•.••.•..••.••.•• lI,n5
Fifehead Neville Shillingstone, or Shilling Oke- Owermoigne Liberty............
Hammoon ford
Pimperne Hundred 24,698
Hanford Stalbridge
Poole Borough................................................... 5,I I 1
Haselbury Bryan Stock Gayland
Poorstock Liberty (area included in Eggerton
Hinton St. Mary Stoke Wake
Hundred) .
Ibberton Sturminster Newton Castle Puddle Linton Liberty
. 2,264
Lydlinch W oolland
Puddletown Hundred . 13,139

UNION OF WAREHAM AND PURBECE. Puddletrenthide Liberty '" .. 6,551

Aff Puddle Chaldon Herring Redlane Hundred . 15,331
Arne Church Knowle
Bere Regis Rowbarron Hundroo . 15,87z
Coombe Keynes
Bloxworth Corfe Castle Rllshmore Hundred . 823

R~rlne Intrinsica Liberty . 1,003


• Puddlehinton liberty I PiddIehinton or PuddIehinwn•
Puddletown :-Admiston or Athelhampstone, Burle-
Shaftesbury Borough .... ,, ... I ••••••••••• 11 •• 1 •• " ••••••••• '"

stone, ;Milborne St. Andrew, Piddletiown or PuddletoWD,

Tincleton, Tolpuddle.

Pydeltrenthide liberty :-Mintern Magna,Pydeltrenthide

Redlane :-Buckhorn Weston.. Child Okeford, East

Stower, Fifehead Magdalen, Iwerne Courtnay or Shroton,
Kington Magna, Manston, SilOOn, Sutton WaldroD. ~p4.-
bere, West Stower. .
Rowbarrow:-AfHington, Herst<}lL and Langton Ma-

travers, Kings-ton, Langton Wallis, OweI', Rempstonll,

Rollington, Studland, Swanage. Whitecliff, Worth


Rushmore :-West Morden., Winterborne ZeIstone.

Ryme Intrinsica. Liberty:-Ryme Intrinsica.

Sherborne :-Beer Hackett, Bradford Abbas, Castle-

ton, Caundle Bishop, CaundIe Marsh, Caundle Purse,

Folke, Haydon, Holnest. Lillington, Long Burton, Lyd-

linch, :Nether Compton, North Woolwn, Oborne, Over

Compton, Sherborne, Thornford, Up Cerne.

The following is a list of the hundreds and liberties, Sixpenny Handley:-Cann or Shaston St. Rumbold,

with the parishes contained in them:- Compton Abbas, East Orchard, Fontmell Magna, Hand-

Alton PancrllJs liberty:-Alton Pancras. ley, or Sixpenny Handley, Iwerne Minster, Melbury

Badbury:-Chalbury, Gussage St. Michael, Hint{)n Abbas, Motcombe, West Orchard.

Martell, Hinton Parva, or Stambridge, Holt, Horton, Stoborough liberty:-Stoborough.

Moore Critchell, Shapwick, Tarrant Crawford, Wim- Stower Provost liberty:-Stower Provost.

borne l\finster. Sturminster Newton Oastle: Hinton St. Mary, Mar-

Beaminster. Forum and Redborne :-Beaminster, Brad- garet Marsh, Mar:nhull, Okeford Fitzpaine, Sturminster

'Pole, Chardstock, Cheddington, Corscombe, Mapperton, Newton Castle.

Mosterton, Netherbury, North Poorton. South Perrot~, Sutton Poyntz liberty:-Preston, Stockwood.
Sydling St. Nicholas liberty:-Sydling St. Nicholas.
Stoke Abbott, Toller Porcorum (part of), Wambrook

Bere Regis :~Bere Regis-, Kingshold, Winterborne Tollerford :-Chilfrome, Frome St, Quinton, Frome

.Kingston. Vauchurch, East Chelborough, Evershot, Maiden New-

Bindon liberty:-Chaldon Herring, Creech Grange, ton, Melbury Sampford, Rampisham, ToIler Fratrum,

West Lulworth, Longcotts, Wool. ToIler Porcorum (part of), West; Chelborough, Wynford

Broadwinsor liberty:-Broadwinsor. Eagle.

Brownshall :-Caundle Stourton, Holwell, Stalbridge, Uggscombe :-Abbotsbury, Chilcombe, Fleet, Hawk-

Stock. Gayland. church, Kingston Russell, LangOOn Herring, Little Bredy,

Buckland Newton :-Buckland Newton, Mappowder, Litton Cheney, Portisham, Puncknowle, Swyre, Winter-

Pulham, Wootton Glanville. bourne Steepleton.

Cerne, Totcombe and Modbury:-Cattistock, Cerne Wabyhouse Liberty :~Upway.

Abbas, Compton Abbas, Godmanstone, Hilfield, Nether Whitchurch Canonicorum :-Burstock, Catherstone,

Cerne. Leweston, Charmouth, Chideock, Marshwood, PiIsdon,

Cogdean.:-Branksome, Canford Magna, Charlton Mar- Stanton St. Gabriel, Symondsbury, Whitchurch Canoni-

shall, Corfe Mullen, Hamworthy, Kinson or Kingstone, corum, Wotton Fitzpain~.

Longfleet, Lytchett Matravers, Lytchett Minster, Park. Whiteway:-Chesilborne, Hilton; Ibberton., Melcombe

stone, Sturminster Marshall. Horsey, Milton Abbas, Stoke Wake, WooIland.

Coombs Direh :-Anderson, Blandford St. Mary, B:and- Wimborne St. Giles :-Hampreston, Wimborne St.

ford Forum, Bloxworth, Winterborne Clenstone, Winter- illles.

borne Thompson, Winterborn~ Whitechurch. Winfrith :-East Burton, Coombe Keynes, East Chal-

Corfe Castle :-Corfe Castle. don, Holworth, East Lulworth, East Stoke, Moreton,

Cranborne :-Ashmore, Bellchalwell, Cranborne. Ed- PoxweIl, Warmwell, Winfrith Newburgh, Woodsford.

monsham, Farnham Tollard, Pentridge, Shillingstone Wyke Regis and Elwell liberty:-Wyke Regis.

()r Shilling Okeford, Tarran't Gunville, Tarrant Rushton, Yetminstel'l :-Batcombe, Chetnole, Clifton, Maybank,

Turnworth, Verwood, · Parley, Witchampton. Leigh, Me:bury Bubb, Melbury Osmond, Yetminster.

Culliford Tree :-Broadway, Buckland Ripers, Os- Bridport borough :-Bridport.

mingtoI1, Radipole, West Chickerell, West Knighton, Dorchester borough :-All Saints (Dorchester), Holy

West Stafford, Whitcombe, Winterbourne Came, Winter- TriDJity (Dorchester), St. Peter (Dorchester).

bourne Herringstone, Winterbourne Monckton. Lyme Regis borough.

Dewlish liberty:-Dewlish. Poole Town and County:-St. James (Poole).

Eggerton :-Askerswell, Hook, Long Bredy, Poorstock, Wareham borough :-Lady St. Mary (Wareham), St.

Winterbourne Abbas, Wraxall. Martin (Wareham), The Holy Trinity (Wareham).

Fordington liberty: Fordingwn, Frampton,Hermitage. Weymouth borough :-Melcombe Regis (Weymouth),

Frampton liberty:-Bettiscombe, Binscombe, Burton, The County Asylum is a~ extensive range of buildings,

Brad&tock, Compton Vallence.

George: tBradford Peverell, Broadmayne,Charminster, one mile from Charminster-, it was opened in 1864 for

Stinsford, Stratton, Winterbourne St. Martin. 320 patients'; the cost, including 56 acres of land, was

Gillingham liberty: -Gillingham Bourton. about £44,000; in 1894 an. additional block of buildings

Godderthorne :-Allington, Shipton George, Walditch. was added at a cost, including 94 extra acres of land,

Halstock liberty:-Halstock. of nearly £70,000; it will now hold 750 patients; pri-

Hasilor :-Arne, Blatchenwell, Bradle, East Creech, vate patients are received at a charge of 14s. and up·
Church Knowle, Egglestone. Earlsmead, &; Haymoor, ward.s' weekly. Peter William Macdonald M.D. medical
Encombe, East Holme, West Holme, Kimmeridge. Pov- superintendent; John Alfred Ewan M.A., M.D., C.M.
George Burton Robinson M.B. assistant medical officers;
ington. Swborough, Steeple Tyneham.
Hundredsbarrow:-Aff Puddle, Briants Puddle, Hyde, Rev. J. C. Prior, chaplain.; Thomas Coombs, clerk to
the asylum and the committee of visitors
Shitterton, Worgrett, Turners Puddle.
The Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, was built in
Isle of Portland liberty:-Portland.

Knowlton;-Gussage All Saints, Long Critchell, Wood- 1841, in the Tudor style, and a wing added in 1866: at

lands. . present it has beds for 50 patients, but possesses ample, East M:orden, Spetisbury. room for a larger number. Robert Williams, treasurer;

Lothera .and Bothe:tiliampton liberty:-Bothenhamp- William George Vawdrey Lush M.D. physician; John

ton, Loders, Lyme Regis. Tudor, consulting surgeon; George Aldridge George

Mon.ekt()n-up-Wimborne :-Alcester, Chettle, Shaftes- L.R.C.P.Lond. Frederick Bazley Fisher L.B.C.P.Lond.

bury, :l'arrant .Monckton. and William Erne&t Good L.R.C.P.Edin. surgeons;

Owermoigne liberty: -Owermoigne. Samuel Weslev Wilson L.R.C.P. &; S.Irel. house sur~

Pimpeme;-Rryanstone, Durweston; Fifehead Neville, geon; Rev. Rimdolph CblLrle.s Marriott M.A. chaplain;

Hammoon, Haselbury Bryan, Langton, Long Blandford, George M. Archdale, auditor; C. HansfOl'd and G. J. G.

Pimpern8y Steepleton Iwerne or Steepleton Pooston, Stom- Gregory, financial secretllories; Miss Frances Ward,

paine. Tarrant Hint-on,. Tarrant Keynston, Tsrrant Laun- matron; WaIter E. Groves, clerk; C. T. Carter, dis-

ceston, Tarrant Rawston, Winterhourne Houghton, Win. penser.
terbourne Stickland.
The We~'mouth and Dorset County Royal Eye In..


firmary, Weymouth, was established in 1836, the pre- Squadrol1s-A, Capt. T. K. Wingfield Digby M.P. com-

sent building was erected in 1872, and contains 20 beds; manding; Capt. J. Gundry, second in command ; - Eng-
the yearly average number of in-patients is about 180, lish, quarter master; - Lnckham, sergeant-major. B,

and the out-patients about 970; Christopher Childs Lieut.-Col. E. M. Pleydell, commanding; Capt. Elliot Lees
M.A., M.D. and Rowland Wimburn Carter M.D. and M.P. second in command; E. W. Cave, quarter-master;

Hubert Houssemayne Du Boulay M.R.C.S. surgeons; - Smith, sergeant-major

John Laws L.D.S.Irel. dental surgeon; Edward Fooks, VOLUNTEERS.

secretary. , Artillery.
Dor,set County School, Chartnin,ster, near Dorch-es~l', .1st p<*'~tsbire, Sotitl),ern phris{on, Royal Artillery (10
is eo large brick building with stone dressings, on the batteries) Alliin McLean V:D. lieut.-col. commanding;
brow of a hill, for 80 boarders, with chapel; Rev. G. E. Andrews V.D. major; Capt. Edward Walter Comyn
William S. Watson M.A. head master.
R.A. adjutant; C. F. Hawker, quarter-master, head
Her Majesty's Prison, Dorchester. is situate on the quarters, St. Albans street, Weymouth. Batteries:-
site of the ancient castle, and was originally erected in Nos. 1- &:; 2, Bournemouth, Hants; No. 3, Capt. J. R. C.
1793, on the plan of Mr. Howard, at an expense of Talbot, Lyme Regis; 'No. 4, Bridport; No. 5, Capt. R. G.
£,16,179; since the transfer from the County Authorities Pinder, Swanage; No. 6, Capt. F. Reynolds, Poole; No. 7,
it halL been entirely rebuilt, now containing 161 cells. . Capt;. G. P. 8ymes, Surg.-Lieut. H. H. Du Boulay, medical

a,Edwin Witheford, chief warder in charge; Rev. Thomas officer, Rev. R.· E. Tanner M.A. cbaplain, Weymouth;

Kingdon Allen M.A. chaplain; William Ernest· Good No. Capt. J. E. Crickmay, Rev. J. A.,Beazor V.D.
L.R. O. P .Edin. medical officer; Mis s Bazell, matron chaplain, Poole; No. 9, Capt. J. El Crickllllty, Portland;

PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATION OF No. 10, Capt. J, H. Bowen, Portland ' ) f


The County of Dorset formerly returned. three mem- Dorsetshire Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Cal. R.
bers to Parliament! but under the provisioJ1S) {)f the Williams V. D. lieut.-col. commandant; Ho~. Lieu~..Cols.
~l Redistribution of Seats Act. 1885" it now returns
foul" members, in four dJivisions. J. F, Hodges V.D. &:; W. A. Stone V.D. majors; Major

w. A. Campbell, adjutant; Capt, T. R. Cross V.D. quarter
(1) The Northern division comprises the petty sessional master; Surg.-Major W. A. E. Hay & Surg.-Lieut. H. F.
divi.&.ions of Blandford, Shaftesbury, Sherborne (except T. Chambers, surgeons; E. M. Spooner, hon. assistant
so much as comprised in division No. 3) and Stur- surgeon j Rev. W. O. Parish. Rev. W. H. Lyon &:; Rev. H.
Everett, acting chaplains, head qrtrs. Prince's st. Dorchstr
(2) The Eastern division comprises the sessional divi- Companies ;-A, Major William Townley Whetham, head
sions of Wareham (except g.() much as is comprised quarters, Drill hall, St. Michael's lane, Bridport; E,
in division No. 3), Wimborne and the municipal Capt. Gerald D. Bond, Sergt.. William Briers, drill in-
structor, South street, Wareham; C, Capt. H. S.Williams,
borough of Poole.
(3) The Southern division comprises the sessional divi- Henry Grant, drill instructor, Prince's street, Dorchester ;
sion of Dorchester (except so much as is comprised D, Capt. Francis G. Wheatley, Sergt.-Major Charles
in division No. 4). and the municipal boroughs of Davies, drill instructor, Hunger hill,Poole ; E, Major H. T.
Dorchester, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. and the George, Victoria hall, Weymouth; F, Capt. Henry WaIt.
parishes of M-Puddle, Ohaldon-Hemng, Coombe King Rawlins, Thomas Cox, drill instructor, Armoury,
Keynes; East Lulworth, Moreton, Turner's Puddle, West Borough, Wimborne; G, Major W. IL Williams, Lulworth, Winfrith and Wool, in the sessional Arthur McAvitt, drill instructor., DrilJ hall, Acreman st.
Sherborne; H, Lieut. :1". D. Woodhouse, George Thomas
division of Wareham. Knigh~ drill instructor, Blandford & Sturminster Newton

(4) The Western division comprises the sessional divi. S. o. ; I, Color-Sergt. George Hacker, Sergt. William Bd-
sions of Bridport and Cerne,and the municipal boroughs
of Bridport and Lyme Regis and the parishes of ward Mozley,drill instructor,Armoury, EeU street, Shaftes-
Abbotsbury, Chilfrome, Compton Abbas, Compton
bury; L, Capt. R. E. :Freame, Gillingham '

Vallence, Evershot, Frampton, Frome Vauchurch, :1"AIRS &; MARKETS. •

Kingston Russell' LangtoIl! Herring, Littlebredy, Litton Beaminster, Sept. 19, for cattle; market day, thurs. for
Cheney, Longbredy, Maiden Newton, Melbury, Samp- butchers' meat & provisions
ford, Portisham, Puncknowle, Rampisham, Swyre, Bere Regis, September 21 &:; 22, on Woodbury hill
Toller Fratruni, Toller Porcorum, Wintel"borne Abtlas, Blandford, March 7, principally for sheep, horses &:; horned
Winterborne Steepleton and Wynford Eagle. in the cattle; September 9, November 8 & the sat. next before
sessional division of Dorchester, and the parishes of July 10 for wool: market day, sat
Ohetnole, Leigh, Melbury OsmOOld, Ryme Intrinsica, Bridport, April 6, for cattle & cheese; & October 11 ; market
Stockwood and Yetminster, in the sessional division of days, wed. &:; sat
Corfe Castle, May 12 &:; October 29
Under the provisions of the above-mentioned Act, the Cranborne, December 6, for pleasure
Boroughs of 'Weymouth, Bridport, Dorchester, Poole, Dorchester, February 14, July 6, August 6 &:; October 25,
for horses, sheep &:; cattle; & one at Poundbury the last
Shaftesbury and Wareham were disfranchised.
thurs. in September, principally for homewes, market

EaSit.ern Division, lIon, Humphrey Napier Sturt D.L., Gillingham, Trinity mono for cattle; & September 12, for
J.P. Crichel, Wimborne; &:; 38 Portman square W. &:; pleasure; market day, every alternate mon
Carlton club, London S. W.
Iwerne Courtnay, Sept. 25 & 26, for horses, cattle & cheese
Northern Division, John Kenelm Digby Wingfield-Digby Lyme Regis, first tues. after Candlemas'Se- Michaelmas ;
J.P. Shel'iborne castle, Sherborne, Dorset; &:; Arthur's, market days, tues. & fri. for butchers' meat, poultry &;

White's & Carlton clubs, London S W vegetables

Southern Division, William Ernest Brymer M.A., J.P., 11- Maiden Newton, March 9 & May 4
sington house, Puq.dletown, DOl'chester, 8 St. James's st. Milborne St. Andrew, November 30, for cattle, sheep, corn
&:; Carlton club, London S W
&:; cheese
Western Division, Col. Robert WiHiams D.L., J.P. Bride- Poale, St. Philip & St. James' fair, May 1st; &:; All Saints,

head, Dorchester; I Hyde Park street W. &:; National November 2, each for 8 days; market day, thurs

Liberal club, London S W Portland, November 5, for pleasure

. MILITARY. Puddleton, October 29

Dorchester is the depot of Regimental District No. 39, the Shaftesbury, sat. before Palm sun. last sat. in August &
Dorsetshire Regiment, which is comprised of the 1st
Battalion (39th Foot); 2nd Battalion (54th Foot) ; the November 23, for .sheep, cattle, cheese &:; agricultural
Dorset Militia. being its 3rd Battalion; the head quarters of
the latter are at Dorchester. Full particulars will be produce &:; pleasure; market day, sat
found at p. 71 Sherborne, May 8, July 18 & 26, for cattle &:; sheep; & a

YEOMANRY CAVALRY. large fair, well known as Pack Monday faiT, on the first
mono after October 10; market days, thurs. &:; sat
Stalbridge, May 6 &:; September 4, for cattle; marke~ day,

(Portsmouth Brigade.) every alternate thurs

Sturminster Newton, May 12 & October 24; market day,

DOTset (Queen's Own), head quarters &:; stores, Lower alternate mono chiefly for cattle
Bond street; Hon. Col. J. R. P. Goodden, command- ToIler Down, May 18 & September 7

iing; Hon. Lieut.-Col. W. E. Brymer, major: Capt. Wareham, tues. nearest April 17 &:; September 11, for cattle
K. R. Balfour, 1St Royal Dragoons, brigade adjutant; market day, tues
n Surg.-Lieut.-Col. G. W. Daniel &:; Surg.-Lieut. W. Ren- Weymouth, market held daily'
dell, medical officers; :Rev. J. L. G. Hadow, honorary Wimborne, market day, fri
chaplain; Veterinary-Lieut. D. G. Barrow M.R.C.V.s. Wool, May 14, for cattl.e

veterinary officer Yetminster, April 2].& October 5 •




Local Government Act, 1888, 51 & S2 Vic. C. 41.

Under the above Act the county of Dorset after the 1St April, joint committee of the Quarter Sessions and the COUDty

1889, became for the purposes of this Act an administra- Council appointed as therein mentioned (sec. 9). .......

tive county (sec. 46), govemed by a County Council, The Coroners for the county are elected by the County

consisting of chairman, alderman &; councIllors (the Council and the clerk of the peace appointed by sucb

number of 'councillors being determined by the Local joint committee and may be removed by them (sec.

Government Board) and elected in manner prescribed by 83-2 ).

the Act (sec. 2). The clerk of the peace for the county is also the clerk of the

The chairman is, by virtue of his office, a justice of the County Council (sec. 83-1).
peace for the county without qualification (sec. 46). The administrative business of the county (which would, if

this Act had not been passed, have been transacted by

The police for the county is under the control of a standing the justices) is transacted by the County Council.

Meet at Dorchester.
Chairman, Rt. Hon. Viscount Portman.

Vice·Chairman, Lord Stalbridge.


Retire in 1898. Retire in 1901.
CecH Lord Eustace Brownlow Henry Gascoigne J.P. Lyt..
Batten John esq. J.P. The White house, Up Cerne & Aldon,
Yeovil chett heath, Poole & 32 Eccleston square, London SW
F)'ler John William Townsend esq.J.P.Hethfelton,Wareham
Digby Lord J.P. Minteme, Dorchester Glyn Carr Stuart esq. J.P. Woodleaze, Furzhill, Wimbome
Homer John Thomas, Hemsworth, Witchampton, Wimborna
Dingley Alfred, Long street, Sherborne Ilchester Earl of P.C., J.P. Melbury house, Dorchester
Duke Henry, jun. High West street, Dorchester Portman Viscount J.P. Bryanston, Blandford & 22 Portman

Ensor Frederick Vemon. Dorchester square, London
Goodden Rev. Edward Wyndham, The Rectory, Nether Thomton Reginald Douglas J.P. Shirley house, Dorchester
Watts Richard Cains, Weymouth
Compton Woods Theophilus, Gillingham

Homer George Wood, Islington lodge, Dorchester
Mercer Charles, Lansdowne, Weymouth

Pope Frank Ezekiel, Chilfrome, Dorchester
Wimborne Lord J.P. Canford manor, Wimbome


Electorial Division. Names & Addresses. Electoral Division. Names & .Addresses.

Abbotsbury John Bagg J.P. Antwerp lodge, Dorchester ::-

Radipole, Weymouth No. I, West Sir Edward Robert Pearce.Edg.

Beaminster Edward Gapper Legg, Melplash cumbe J.P. Somerleigh court,

court, Netherbury, Melplash Dorchester

R.S.O No. 2, East Lord Alington J.P. Crichel hl>.

Bere Regis Henry Robert Jesty, Roke farm, Wimbome

Bere Regis Fontmell Sir Richard Geo. GIyn bart. J.P.

Blandford George Edward Woodhouse, Gaunts house, Wimbome

Ansty, Dorchester Gillingham Robert Sadler Freame, The

Bourton WilliamEdwardTerreIl,Highfield Chantry, Gillingham

house, Bourton Hampreston George Salisbury, Femdown,

Broadmayne Robert Burrough White, Winter- Hampreston

boume Herringstone, Dorchstr Handley The Hon.HnmphreyNapierSturt

Broadway Charles Scutt, Preston, Weymth J.P., M.P. Crichel house, Wim-

Broadwindsor Sir Henry Peto, bart. Fleet hOe borne

Weymouth Haselbury Philip CharlesAdams,Fiddleford.

Bridport :- Sturminster Newton

North Thomas Alfred ColfoxJ.P.Coney- Kinson Hy. Thos. Trevanion,Lostwithiel~

gar, Bridport Alumburst rd.BournemouthW

South.................. ...... Alfred William Hounsell Dam- Loders Campbell Fortescue Stapleton

mers J.P. Down hall,Bridport Sanctuary J.P. Mangerton,

Buckland Newton Charles Brook Stiby, Bradford Netherbury, Melplash R.S.O

Peverell, Dorchester Longburton John Kenelm Digby Wingfield-

Canford Daniel Ballam,Granville cottage, Digby J.P., M.P. Sherbome

Lytchett Minster, Poola Castle
Horace Whitehead Chatterton~
Ceme John Wyatt, Sydling, Dorchestr Lyme Regis

Chardstock William Salter Beviss J.P. Lin- Little High Cliff, Lyme Regis
Robert Williams J.P. Bridehead~
nington, Wambrook, Chard Maiden Newton

Charlton Ma.rshall ......... Francis James Stuart J.P. The Dorchester

Manor house, Blandford St. Melcombe Regis-Southrn Alfred Dennis J.P. Wyke Regis,

Mary Weymouth

Charminster Hastings Burton Middleton J.P. Melcombe Regis-Northrn James Macpherson Lawrie M.D.,

Bradford Peverell, Dorchester J.P. Greenhill, Weymouth

Charmouth AlbertThompson AdamsJ.P.Bel- Milton'Abbas JohnClavellMansel-PleydellJ.r.

lair, Whitchurch Canonicorum Whatcombe, Blandford

CorfeCastle Nathaniel Bond J.P. Creech Motcombe Lord Stalbridge J.P. Mofic(lmbe

grange. Steeple house, Shaftesbury

Cranborne Samuel Thomas Pike, West Pimperne The Hon. Henry Berkeley Port-

Borough, Wimborne man, Durweston, Blandford


Electoral Division. Names & Addresses. Electoral Division. Names & Addresses.

Poole :- Steeple Col. George Pleydell Mansel J.P.

Southern ••..••..•..•.••••• Philip Edward Lionel Budge, Smedmore, Kimmeridge

Beech hurst, High street, Poole Sturminster Marshall...... Edward William Cave,Shapwick,

Northern •.••••.••.••.••.•• Robert Edward Walmesley, New- BIandford

ton Foxhall, Wimborne road, Sturminster Newton ...... Alexander Edward Fox-Pitt,

Bournemouth • Langton lodge, Blandford

Eastern William Douglas Dugdale J.P. Swanage JohnErnest Mowlem, I De Moul-

Sterte, Longfleet, Poole ham villas, Swanage

Poorstock Arthur Martin J.P. Manor hOe Symondsbury Joseph Gundry J.P. The Hyde,

Rampisham Bridport

Portland Underhill Frederick James Barnes, 4 Down Wareham Wm.MontaguCalcraftJ.P.Remp-

villas, Rodwell, Weymouth stone hOe Code Castle, Ware-

Portland Uphill Henry Sansom, 29 Easton square, ham

Portland Weymouth John Groyes J.P. Rodwell villa,

PuddIetown Wm. Ernest Brymer J.P., M.P. Rodwell, Weymouth

llsington house, Puddletown, Wimborne Robert EIcock, Stourfield, Poola

Dorchester road, Wimborne

Shaftesbury Alfred Thomas, Carpenter, Winfrith William Dugdale Kent, Winfrith,

Sherborne J Shaf teJsobhunr•v Loud on McAdam Wyke Regis Wareham
ames Thomas Lynes, Sandesfort hOe

J.P. Greenhill, Sherborne Wyke Regis

Stalbridge ..•. William AIcock Whitbeck Parke Yetminster John Robert Phelips Goodden

J.P. Thornhill house, Stal- J.P. Compton house, Over

bridge Compton, Sherborne


Name. Electoral Divisions. Name. Electoral Divisions.

Adams A. T Charmouth Lawrie J. M Melcombe Regis Northern

Adams P. C HDaosrcehlbeustre•vr East Legg E. G BeaminsteT
Alington Lord
Lynes T Wyke Regis

Hagg J. . Abootsbury McAdam J. J. L. Sherborne

Ballam D Canford Mansel Col. G. P.... Steeple

Barnes F. J Portland Underhill Mansel-PIeydell J. C Milton Abbas

Beviss W. S Chardstock Martin A. Poorstock

Bond N. Corfe Castle MiddIeton H B Charminster

Brymer W. K, M.P Puddletown Mowlem J. E Swanage

Budge P. E. L Poole Southern Parke W. A. W Stalbridge

Calcraft W. M Wareham Pearce-Edgcumbe Sir E. R Dorchester West

Carpenter A. T.................. Shaftesbury Peto Sir H. bart Broadwindsor

Cave E. W........................ Sturminster Marshall Pike S. T Cranborne

Chatterton H. W Lyme Regis Portman The Hon. H. B... ..• Pimperne

Colfox T. A Bridport North Salisbury G Hampreston

Dammers A. W.................. Bridport South I Sanctuary C. F. S Loders
I Sansom H......................... Portland Uphill
Dennis A........................... Melcombe Regis Southern I Scutt C

Digby-Wingtield J. K. Digby II Stalbridge Lord Broadway
Stiby C. B.......
M. P...... Long Burton Motcombe
Buckland Newton
Dugdale W. D Poole Eastern

Elcock R Wimborne Stuart F. J Charlton Marshall

Fox-Pitt A. E Sturminster Newton Sturt The Hon. H. N., M.P.. Handley

Freame R. S...................... Gillingham Terrell W. H Bourton

Glyn Sir R. G. bart Fontmell Trevanion H. T............... .•• Kinson

Goodden J. R. P. Yetminster Walmesley R. E Poole Northern

Groves J............ Weymouth White R. B... Broadmayne

Gundry J. Symondsbury Williams R Maiden Newton

Jesty H. R Bere Regis Woodhouse G. E Blandford

Kent W. D ~ Winfrith Wyatt J.... Cerne

County offices, Sherborne.


Clerk to the Council, E. Archdall Ffooks, Greenhill, County Surveyor, WaIter J. Fletcher F.R.I.B.A. The

Sherborne Chantry, Wimborne

County Treasurer, Charles Keats, Shire hall, Dorchester Inspector of Weights & Measures, Richard Churchill,

County Analyst, John Comyns Leach M.D., RSc., F.C.S. Sherborne

The Lindens, Sturminster Newton


Northern district, John Comyns Leach M.D., RSc., F.C.S. George Nantes, Bridport; Cogdean & Bradbu ry
The Lindens, Sturminster Newton; deputy, Frank Horace hundreds, Henry Oakley Chislett, Wimborne; Cran-
Hudson L.R.C.P.Lond. Sturminster Newton; Eastern borne hundred, Francis Arthur Johns, Ringwood, Han ts ;
district, Charles Henry Watts M.R.C.S.Eng., D.Ph.
Wimborne; Southern district, Sir Richard Nicholas Gillingham liberty, John Williams Bell, Gillingha m ;
Howard, Weymouth; deputy, Gustavus Phelps Symes Sherborne & Yetminster hundred, Horace Nutt, Ch eap
M.A., RC.L. Weymouth; Western district, Charles street, Sherborne





SOME portions of Dorsetshire-tnore especially the coast in length, and are of types unlike any now living; they

offer such unrivalled opportunities for geological study, probably inhabited shallow seas and estuaries, preying

that they early attracted the attention of writers on that chiefly on fishes, as we may': judge from the numerous-

science. The papers by Berger, Cumberland, De la Beche, remains, scales, &c., of the latter found in and near the

Webster;' Lyell, Buckland, Fitton, Clarke, and 'Xhomson, skeletons of the great saurians. The upper portion of thpt

published some forty years ago in the" Transactions, &c., of Lower Lias is composed of marls and clays, and the thick·

the Geological Society," may stilol be usefully referred to. nass of this division is about 700 feet; it extends eastwards

Later on, in the" Journal" of the same society, we have along the valley of the Char, past Marshwood to Pillesdon

the results of the work of the Revs. P. B. Brodie, Dennis, and Bettiscombe. The most characteristic fossils are the

'Fisher, and Blake, Dr. Falconer, Professors Phinips and Ammonites, difierent species of which characterize different

Buckman, and Messrs. Day, Whitaker, HuIke and Hudle- beds forming" zones" in the following order from below

ston. upwards :-(1), Ammonites planorbis,· (2), angulatus; (3),

The maps and sections of the Government Geological Bucklandi,' (4), Turneri,' (S), obtusus,' (6), oxynotus,' (7),

Survey, executed about 1850 by Mr. H. W. Bristow, are raricostatus. The fossil fishes, for which Lyme Regis is

simply indispensable to every student of the rocks. famous, are believed to occur chiefly in the dark marls of

• The Dorset Natural History and Antiqual'ian Field Club the Bucklandi and Turneri beds.

has lately published the first two volumes of its" Trans- A sman oyster, Ostrea liassica, occurs in great numbers

actions," edited by Professor Buckman, and containing just at the junction of the Lower Lias with the Rhretic Beds.

valuable geological papers by Messrs. Mausel.Pleydell, Jmddle Lias.-This division is, according to Mr. Day,

Thomas Davidson, Rev H. H. Wood, S. Buckman, and the thicker on the coast of Dorset than anywhere else in Eng-

Editor. Hutchin's" History of Dorset" may be consulted land, as he estimates it at SOO feet. The lower part is

with advantage, and for the Weymouth district Mr. Damon's marly, the upper sandy, and of the well-known irony lime-

little work is useful; in tohe" Proceedings of the Geologists' stone, which, under the name of marlstone, usually forms

Association of London" we find papers by Mr. H. G. the top of the Middle Lias, th~e is only a very imperfect
Fordham on the '~WealdeninSwanage Bay," and by Mr. J. representative. The characteristic ammonites areA. Jame~

S. Gardner on the" Eocene Strata"; for nwnerous other soni, Henleyi, marflaritatus, spinatus. Fine sections are

facts we are indebted to scattered notices in the" Geological exposed at Black Ven, Stoneoarrow Hill, Westhay CHit,

Magazine. 'f Golden Cap, Down Cliffs, &C. The fossils lie very much in

GENERAL. STRUCTURE OF THE CoUNTY.-The surface of particular beds, and unless these are iound the chance of

Dorsetshire may be divided into four regions, which owe conecting good specimens is not great; in the ledges of the

their characteristics to the rocks of which they are composed. lower part of the beach at Golden Cap immense numbers

(I). In the north, north-west and west we have the Vale of Belemnitel!' occur; a beautiful s.tar-fisn, Ophioderma

country, consisting of much clay land formed of liassic and Egertoni, is common at the base of a thick bed of sandstone

oolitic strata and extending to the foot of the chalk hills i about half way up Golden Cap and Down Cliffs. Inland

this is a fertile region and is one of the many parts of our the Middle Lias extends past Bridport to Netherbury, and

Isle for which the term" Garden of England" has been thenOO'westwards by Hawkchurch into Devon.

Iclaimed. Upper Lias.-ThlS division includes 90 feet of clays sur-
~2). The chalk forms a "!tract of country in the centre of mounted by sahds whose exact position in the geological
the county, and east of it we have (3) sands (with some clay serie~ is 'rather doubtful; they are above 100 feet in thick-

beds) of Tertiary age, forming a rather barren region. ness, and were mapped by the Geological Survey as belong-

Lastly (4), a band of oolitic and cretaceous rocks forms a ing to the Upper Lias, but it now seems probable that they

fringe along the coast, .producing beautiful scenery and of belong in part or altogether to the inferior oolite; it will be'

high geological interest best perhaps to adopt the views of Professor Ramsay and

In the main the beds of rock have an incnnation, or dip, consider them, like the Rhretic Beds, to be beds of passage

towards the south-east; it results from this, that the oldest linking together the great liassic and oolitic formations; we

or lowest rocks are thpse which rise to the surface, or crop . can trace these sands east of Bridport, past Milton to Bear

out, on the west and north-west of the county. In our minster and Burstock, and thence curving round by Crew-

description of the beds we shall commence with these older kerne and Yeovil to Nether Compton. The fossils include

strata and gradually advance eastwards, rising in the geolo- Rhynchonella cynocephala, Ammonites JUJ"'!nsis, A. aalensis,

gical series to newer and newer formations. ~c.

The heights of a few points above sea-level are Pillesdon THE OOLITE.-Dorsetshire offers a filie opportunity for

Pen, 934 feet; Lewesdon Pen, 927 feet; Lyme Regis G\1ild.. the study of the beds of thIs- epoch; they occur in two

hall, 28 feet; Charmouth Church, 92 feet; Stantoll St. distinct sets, viz., in the north-west of the county, and has

Gabriel Church, 4U feet;' Chideock Ghuych, 102 feet; a narrow tract along the south coast. J

:Bridport Market House, SI feet; Winterborne Church, 323 The Inferior Oolite can be traced from Oborne through

feet; Dorchester Church, 224 feet; Wareham Old Church, Bradford Abbas to Berwick, and thence by Wayford and

38 feet; Poole Guildhall, 13 feet; these are taken from the Boominster to Burton Bradstock; at the latter point it

to Abstract of the Levelling by the Ordnance Survey." consists of ferruginous limestones, but further north, at

THE RHlETIC BEDs.-Until 1860 these beds were classed Powerstock and at Ham Hill, near Sherborne, we get thick

with the Lias by English geologists, but the;r fossils on being beds of shelly oolite, which yield an excellent building

closely examined proved to be of different species to those stone: one stratum at Bradford Abbas, about three feet

of the Lias, a fact wliich lea to the separation oHhese Rhretic I thick, is so charged with ammonites as to be called the

deposits from the great mass of the Lias above. Toey con- I Cephalopoda Bed, but Professor Buckman has lately shown

sist· of greenish mad, - black shales and compact whitish I that it does not correspond with the bed of the same name

limestones, ·the latter known as th~" White Lias"; the in the Cotteswold Hills, with which it had been confounded,

total thickness is only about 100'feet. These beds just enter but that its true position is at least 100 feet higher in the

the county near Lyme Regis their"fossils include the shells strata. The fossils of the Inferior Oolite of this district
IAvicul~ contorta and Pecten Valoniensis, while in the black include Ammonites Humphriesianus, A. Parkinsoni, Tel'ebra-

shales there are one or two sandy lay~rs containing such tula Phillipsii, several species of Astarte, Triflonia, &c.;
numbers of scales and bones of fishes ana saurians as to be j the soil is of a reddish tinge and brashy.

-entitled" bone-beds." I The Fuller's Earth-This division consists of blue and

THE LIAS.-This well-known formation is I yellow marls and clays about 400 feet thick, divided about

exposed at Lyme Regis, and extends eastwards along the the middle by a bed of rubbly limeston61 called the Fuller's

coast past Charmouth and Seatown to Burton Bradstock. I Earth Rock, which is largely quarried fOr lime-burning;

The middle and upper beds of this grand coast section this bed only occurs in the northern or vale portion of the

have been well described by Mr. Day, but of the Lower county. We can trace the Fuller's Earth running east of

Lias here no detailed account has yet been made public. Sherborne in a long narrow strip south-west to Clifton

The Lower Lias contains in its lower part, where it sur- Wood; after heing interrupted by faults it spreads widely

mounts the Rhretic beds, many layers of limestone, and between Halstock and South Perrotf" and then cunes round
these yield tha nne specimens of saurians and fishes for I by Mi!;terton, and runs north of Beaminster to Taller Por-

which Lyme Regis has always been noted; the grand skele· corum, whence it passes southwards, although interrupted

tons of Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus extracted by Miss by several faults, until it forms the coast for four (11' five

Mary Anning, Mr. J. W. Marder, and Mr. Hawkins, are miles east of Burton Bradstock. The Fuller's Earth is

now depuslted in our national museums; the.'le remarkable chiefly under pasturage; it does not contain man:)' fossils,

reptiles must have heen when full grown from 9 to 2S feet but a small o)'ster, Ostrea acuminata, is pretty common.


'fhe Great Oalite, which, further north, near Bath, turnishes about 400 feet of blue sandy Clays, with nodular limestone

such excellent stone, does not occur in Dorsetshire, being concretions, constitute the Lower Kimmeridge ; the common

found tl) thin out ami disappear as it. is followed southwards. shells are Exogyra 'lJirgula, Thracia depressa, Ammonites

The POl'e,~1 ll1m·ble.-The beds of this name consist of biplex, &C. The Upper Kimmeridge beds are 650 feet thick

clays containing layers of thin fissile limestones, altogether in Kimmeridge Bay, and consist of bituminous shales and

450 feet thick; it is possible, however, that the lower portion eement-stones; these contain many fossils, as Discina

may represent the Great Oolite of Gloucestershire. The latissima, Cardium striatulum, &c., and all the large bones Marble forms a poor, wet soil, mostly in pasture; we of saurians, which have been described by Professor Owen,

(~n trace it. between Stalbridge Park and Holt Hill, again Mr. Hulke, and others, have come from this division; one

between Sherborne Park and Lillington, and at Melbury paddle of a Pliosaurus, now in the Dorchester Museum,

Wood and West Chelbot'ough; in the southern region It measures 6 feet 9 inches in length. Some of the shales are

extends from Radipole to Langton Herring, and also along so bituminous as to be used in the neighbourhood instead of

the 'Valley of the Bredy. The limestone layers are quarried coal, when the latter substance is dear; attempts, too, have

for flagstones, and at Brotherhampton near Bridpol"t are been made to distil mineral ()ils, and to make aluin and gas,

burnt into lime; at Long Burton near Sherborne, the lime- from these shales, but not, hitherto, with any great success.

stone has been polished for chimney pieces, and is called There is a good deal, tOOl of the yellow mineral called iron

.. Yeovil M~rble." Of the fossils which occur such as pyrites, and the spontaneous decomposition of this substance

Terebratula ma.rillata, Rhynchonella concinna, &c., hardly at Ringstead Bay, in 1826, produced so much heat as to

any are peculiar to this formation. infiame the shales, which continued to smoulder for several

Cornbrash.-This name implies a rock breaking up, under years. From the same cause similar ignitions have occurred

the influence of the weather, into small irregnlar fragments, in the lias beds at Charmouth, usually after heavy rains, or

producing- a " brashy" soil on which. corn grows well: it is When the sea has dashed over the cliffs.

a bed of cream-coloured limestone, varying in Dorset from The P01'tland Beds are called after t.he isle. -or rathel'

20 to 40 feet in thickness, and everywhere present in its peninsula, of that name: they consist of 70 feet of grey and

proper position beneath the Oxford clay, not only in this yellow sands, suMnounted by an equal thickness of shelly

county but across' England to Yorkshire. Entering on the and oolitic limestone, containing nodules and bands of

north at Stalbridge, it forms a band half-a-mile wide, chert, an impure variety of flint: besides the locality from

through Swurton Caundle to Bishop's Caundle; nere it is which they take t.heir name, we find these beds in the Isle

displaced by a fault, and we find it again between Haydon of Purbeck, circling round from St. Alban's Head by West

and Long Burton, and again round Yetminster, Ryme, Hill to Gad Cliff: they fringe the coast from Mewp's Bay

Closeworth and Melbury: in the coast tract it occurs at to Durdle Door, and are also traceable between Osmington

Puncknowl, and between Radipole and West Chickerel. and Portisham: they are not visible in North Dorset, being

The fossils are not in fine condition, but the Rev. H. H. overlapped and concealed by cretaceous strata, but they

Wood has obtained about I80 species from the neighbour- peep out again at Tisbury, in Wiltshire. The upper lime-

hood of Closeworth, including Ameula echinata, Ammonites stone bands yield some of the best building stone in Eng-

Herveyi, &c. ; and Mr. Darell Stephens here found a great land: the roach bed lies near the top; it is shelly and not

rarity-the skull of a crocodile-Steneosaurus Stephani. A suitable for fine work: the best stone is that of the whit

remarkable point about the fossils is, that many of them bed, lower down, though it is not so thick. St. Paul's

are Inferior Oolite species, which are wanting in the inter- Cathedral and many of the churches and other public build-

mediate beds, thus giving an example of a recurrent fauna, ings of London, especially those erected in the reign of

which is of great interest. According to Professor Buckman, Queen Anne, are built of Portland oolite.

the Cornbrash contains more phosphate of lime than the The fossils mostly occur as casts; Cerithium Portlandieum

other oolitic strata, a fact which would account for its (the" Portland screw"), Ammonites .qiganteus, and Cardium

greater fertility. dissimile may be mentioned; yellow crystals of sulphate of

The Oxford Clay.-This is a very thick bed of bluish clay, ba...jtes are not uncommon.

containing rounded masses (septaria) of limestone, called The Purbeck Beds.-These consist of limestones, clays.

pudding· stones, which have been cut and polished at Wey- and marls, altogether 300 feet thick: in the Isle of Purbeck

mouth, Melbury, &c. A .common fossil is a large broad they extend from Swanage to Worth Matravers, aud thence

oyster, called Grypht£a dilatata. The Oxford clay forms in a narrow band through Kingston to Worbarrow Bay: as

the low gronnd on each side of the river Lidden, between a narrow contorted band they are visible between Mewp's
Stalbridge and Marnhull, and thence extends in a strip two ~ay and Man-of-War Cove: in the Weymouth district they
or three miles wide by Lidlinch, Pulham and Holnest to cap the Isle of Portland on the south, and are found OIl the

Chetnole; this is its westward termination, but on the north between Osmington and Poxwell, and west of Upway.

south we find it again in the upper part of the Bredy Valley, In I850 Professor E. Forbes divided the Purbecks into

and also between Melcombe Regis and East Fleet: its Lbwer, Middle, and Upper: the Lower Pnrbeck contains

thickness ilil perhaps 700 feet: being heavy, and difficult to .. Dirt Beds," which are the remains of old land surfaces

cultivate, the land is mostly in permanent pasture. The composed of vegetable soil, and containing stumps of trees,

hard bed found elsewhere at the base of the Oxford Clay, named Mantellia, which are allied to the living Cycads: in

and known as the Kellaway's Rock, has not been noted in the Middle Purbecks we have" Cinder Beds," composed of

Dorsetshire. vast masses of oysters: the upper beds are freshwater

Coral Rag.-In North Dorset, we see, above the Oxford limestones full of Paludina and other freshwater shells:

Clay~ some beds of oolitic and rubbly limestone, associated these limestones were formerly polished and used, under

at the top and bottom with sands and marls, altogether the name of "Pnrbeck Marble," to make the slender shafts
about Ioo feet thick. They stretch from Silton, by Stower, in Gothic churches. Remains of insects are frequent in

Marnhull, Sturminster Newton, Fifehead Neville, Haselbury the Purbecks, and Cypride.~ (small freshwater crustaceans)

Bryant, to Mappowder, Gla~ville Wooton and Hermitage, are also veryabnndant. In 1854 Mr. W. R Brodie found
whence they are overlapped by the cretaceous rocks. There remains of small mammals in the Middle Pnrbecks, at

is a fine section of the strata shown by the Sturminster Durlston Bay, and in 1856 the energetic researches of Mr.

railway cutting, and the lower beds yield a good oolitic S. H. Heckles exhumed fragments (chiefly lower jaws) of 25

building stone at Marnhull and Todbere species from the same bed in the suburbs of Swanage.

At Weymouth the Coral R'tg is finely exposed on the These have been described by Professor Owen as marsupials

coast, and stretches across to W~'ke Regis: it also runs as a of small size, resembling the Kangaroo Rat of Australia.

long narrow band from Ringstead Bar and Radcliff Point, The Purbeck strata close the great Jurassic series, as the

by Jordon Hill and Broadway, to Abbotsbury. At the Lias and Oolites are termed when considered as a whole;

latter place is a thick local deposit of iron-ore (hydrated the nature of the sediment and the fossils they contain show

peroxide). them all to be of marine origin, until we come to the very

The characteristic fossils are spines of a sea-urchin- top, where in the Purbeck Beds we have evidence of fresh-

Cidaris ilorigemma-with sl1ch shells as Tri,gonia clavellata, water, probably estuarine, conditions.

Ammonites cordatus, &c. ; corals are frequent in Ringstead NEOCO:M:IAN, OR LoWER CRETACEOUS PERIOD.-The grits

Bay only. and sandy clays which lie conformably on the Purbeck

Kimmeridge Clay.-This formation takes its name from a series, are also of freshwater origin, and are known, the

little Dorsetshire village on the south-we3t side of the isle lower part as the Ha$tings Beds, and the upper division as

of Purbeck; beds of the same age cap the Coral Rag in the TVeald Cla.v: they occupy the whole recess of Swanage

Ringstead Bay and extend thence westwards by Up\vay Bay and extend due west to Worbarrow Bay, which is also

Street to Portisham; they also occur in the northern part excavated in them: their dip is due north at 8. high angle:

of the Isle of Portl:md. In North Dorset the Kimmeridge they thin westwards in a remarkable manner from 1,800

Clay has, an outorop four miles wide at Gillingham and feet at Swanage Bay to 725 feet at Worbarrow Bay, 660 feet

MotcQmbe, and thence passes southwards by West Orchard, at Mewp's Bay, 462 feet at Lulworth Cove, and 172 at ~bn­
Ham'noon and Shilling Okeford to Melcombe Park. South of-War Cove' inland they can be traced from the north ~ide

of We}wouth, about 20 feet of sandy clavs and grits are of East Chaldon to Osming'ton. In Swanage Day of
seen,' containin~ Ostrea deltoidea, Trigon;a .iJferiani, &c. : two gigantic reptiles, the Iguanodon and iJ-fe,qalosaurus, have

theg~ a::e the r .lS3a~~ Beds of Mr. Blake; in Rin~stead Ba~' been found. and here, too, Mr. Beckles ha.s found /liguutip


footprints, 15 inches long, of these or some other huge On the soutb coast the chalk has been upheaved so as to

monsters. stand nearly vertically from Durdle Cove by Bindon Hill,

The Punfield Series was named by Professor Judd from Purbeck Down, and above Corie Castle to Ballard Down,

the place of that name, 011 th.e north side of l:'wanage Bay. I where the Foreland marks its present termination, althoug-o

Here we have nbout 200 feet of laminated shales and sands originally it stretched right across tu the Ncedles in the

('ontaining bands of limestone and Ironstone: these contain Isle of Wight.

brackish water and marine fossils, showing & depression of In Dorset the chalk presents its usual characteristics-

the Wealden area which admitted the waters of the open high, bare, and rounded hills covered with short herbage,

sea. but possessing little or no soil, dry valleys and few trees.

l'lle Lowel' Greensand consists of grey clays and sands On the southern slope of the Down at Owermoigne, facing

about 60 feet thick, resting on the Punfield bed, and con- Weymouth, a gigantic figure of George 1II..on horseback,

taining Exogyra sinuata, &C. 174 feet in height, has been made by cutting away the

CRETACEOUS FORMATION.-Of the lowest division of this turf: near ('..erne there is a similar figure of a giant holding

series the Gault-there is a poor representative seen a club. More than half a million sheep still feed on the

in Punfield Cove: it is a dark sandy clay with few fossils, Dorset Downs, but a good deal of the land has of late

and is about 40 feet thick: it has been traced westward to years been brought under plough. The chalk may be

Lyme Regis, where. at Black Ven, it rests upon the Lias. examined in many pits where it is quarried for lime burn-

On the west side of Shaftesbury the Gault again crops out: ing: the flints are use d for road mending. The fossils of

here it is thicker and assumes its normal character of a the lower chalk include the brachiopod shell, Rhynchonella

blue micaceous clay. Cuvieri, and several species of Inoceramus; in the Upper

The Upper G-reensand varies from 100 to 200 feet in Chalk we find the rounded bodies of many sea-urchins, the

thickness: it is a yellowish-brown sand, containing beds of commonest species being ifficraster coranguinum and

sandstone and layers of chert, and near the base is speckled Ananchytes ovatus with the shell Spondylus spinosus, Rhyn-

green by silicate of iron: it runs everywhere at the base of chonella octoplicata, fish teeth, &c. The chemical composi

the chalk hills, except where cut off by faults i from Pun- tion of the chalk is nearly pure carbonate of lime, and the

field it passes westwards "through East Chaldon, Abbotsbury microscope shows it to be composed in large part of the

Castle and Askerswell to Cheddington, then curves north- shells of microscopic animals, called foraminifera, belonging

east by Maiden Newton, Evershot. Melcombe, Bingham, to the lowest scale of animal life.

and Sutton Waldron to ShaftesbUTy, east of which town it Land-slips.-Along the Dorset coast, near Lyme Regis,

has a broad outcrop reaching to Berwick St.. John i generally the chalk and Upper Greensand rest on Rhretic and Liassic
its outcrop is less than half-a-mile wide. Many outlying clays, and dip slightly towards the sea, while numerous

Upper Surface of Micrastl!T" coranguinum, a sea-urchin from Lower surface (shOWing the mouth and vent) of '&nanchute,
the chalk.
omtus, a sea.-urchin from the chalk.

-• • ,

patches of the Upper Greensand form the capping of the springs issue at the junction of the sands and clays. Here

hills in West Dorset; among these are Eype Down, Golden are all the conditions favourable to the production of land-

Cap, Stonebarrow Hill, Haddon Hill, Lewsdon Hill, Pilles- slips, and they frequently occur, and are sometimes of

don Pen, Conic Castle, Thorncomb, &c. The great uncon- great magnitude. In 1839, about 22 acres of land at

formity of'the cretaceous series to the underlying strata is Bindon sJipped down towards the sea,producing a chasm 1,000

well shown by this overlap of the Upper Greensand upon yards in length, by 300 in breadth: a model illustrating

bed after bed of the lower rocks. The Upper Greensand is this may be seen in the Jermyn Street Museum, London.

an excellent water-bearing stratum, the rain which has TERTIARY EPOCH: THE EOCENE FORMATION. - The

percolated through the chalk being arrested by the clayey Eocene beds of Dorset rest on an eroded surface of chalk.

base of the sands: hence springs issue all along its outcrop, They occur in the eastern portion of the county, and form

and the sites of villages and towns have been determined part of the "Hampshire Basin," which includes the strata of

by it. Near Shaftesbury a bed of sandstone is qual'ried for the same age in Hants and the Isle of Wight.

building purposes. Fossils are not numerous, but a branch- Woolwich and Reading Beds.-These consist of sands,

ing sponge and the shells Pecten asper, P. quaari('ostatus, pebble-beds, and clays, with sometimes a layer of green-

I&c., show the strata to be of marine origin. coated flints at the base where they rest on the Chalk.

The Chalk.-All the ordinary subdivisions are recognisable They form a narrow band from the south side of Studland

in Dorsetshire. First we have the Chalk Marl, about 60 I Bay through Lulworth, Wool, Winfritb, Warmwell, Piddle-

feet thick, greyer than ordinary chalk, and containing a I town Heath, Bloxworth, Corfe Mullen, and Edmonsham,

slight admixture of clay; at its base is a. bed about 18 their outcrop being from half-a-mile to a mile wide, and it

inches thick, containing phosphatic nodules and many can be often traced by the oak trees which grow well o~,

fossils; this layer is known as the Chloritic Marl; next this formation. The old name for this division was t1Y

comes the Lower Chalk, or chalk without flints, from 50 to "Plastic Clay," and red and mottled clays are of frequer:~

150 feet thick; its top is the chalk-rock, a hal'd thin band occurrence; at Crendle Common, near Cranborne, coarse

of cream-coloured chalk i the Upper Chalk, or chalk-with- pottery is made from a bed of this kind; fossils are wanting,

flints, is 600 feet thick on the east of Dorset, but it thins except that leaves are found in a pale grey sandy pipe-cla~'

westward. near East Bloxworth.

As a whole the chalk forms a broad band 10 miles in OutHers of the Reading Beds occur on the chalk at Bin-

width, extending from Cranborne and Cranborne Chase to combe Down, and on Black Down above Portisham, &c

the south-west, past Blandford, Sturminster Marshall, Bere On Affpuddle Heath and Piddletown Heath, east of Dol"

RegIS, Piddleto,m; Hilton, Cerne Abbas, and Dorchester. chester, large natural pits occur, like inverted cunCE.

The Downs abm·e Beaminster are sf'parated from the main measuring from 30 to 100 feet in diameter i these have bear..

mass, and othf'r ontliers occur further west near Mosterton. formed by the removal of the underlymg chalk by water

Cricket St. Thomas, &c.: along all the line now mentioned char.ged with carbonic acid gas ; the upper sands, &c., havft

t1.le dip is gentle and to the south-east. then fallen in.


'The London Clay (or Bo.qnor Beds)' forms a similar surface the well-known raised beach at the southern end of the Isle

feature to its Reading Beds, which it closely accompanies of Portland; it is composed Qf sea-worn pebbles, at its

along the line just noted: the outcrop between Wimborne highest point is 53 feet above sea level, and contains shells

Minster and Fordingbridge is rather wider, occupying from such as inhabit the shores of the English Channel; in Port-

one to two miles at the surface; it consists of brown sandy land, too, many bones have been found in caverns and

clays containing irony concretions and flint pebbles. fissures in the limestone. At many places great masses of

The Lower Bagshot Beds form all the land round Poole a coarse sandstone, called Druid or Sarsen stones, or g;rey

Harbour, leaching westwards through Wareham and wether!!!, are found lying on the surface; one called the

Moreton to Woodsford, and stretching east and north-east Agglestone, near Studland, is computed to weigh 400 tons ;

across the boundary of the county by Kingston and Wool- these are now believed to be the remnants of some hard

bridge; they are finely exposed in cliffs along the coast bed of the tertiary series, probably m the Bagshot Beds,

from Studland to Bournemouth and eastwards. Thel con- which formerly extended far to the west of their present

sist of sands of varied colours, containing beds of pipe-day I limits. Of glacial action, no undoubted signs have yet been

and brick-clay. Mr. Gardner estimates the total thickness observed in Dorsetshire.

at 1,000 feet. The clays are largely dug at Wareham, Masses of blown sand, forming low mounds, occur on the

Poole, and elsewhere. In 1877 there were exported from coast in Portland Roads, and at the entrance of Poole

Poole Harbour 56,345 tons of clay, most of it for British Harbour; a famous mass of pebbles--the ChesH Beach-

potteries in Staffordshire, &c., but 4,971 tons went to stretches for 16 miles between Portland and Burton Brad-

foreign ports; 16,570 tons of clay were also used at works stock, the stone diminishing regularly in size from four

in the district, where ornamental tiles, tesselated pave- inches in diameter at Portland to little more than sand at

ments, &c., are largely made; in 1879 the quantity of clay Bradstock.

exported from Poole had risen to 67,019 tons. The clays PREHISTORIC MAN.-Of the earliest kind of stone imple-

contain many remains of plants. leaves, &c., indicating a ments which are assigned to the Palf£olithic Stone Age only

rather warm climate. two epecimens have yet been found in Dorsetshire, one from

It is not known when the Poole"Play was first worked, but the gravels at Wimborne Minster, and another at Dewlish,

there is an "Order in Council," as far back as 1666, three miles north of Piddletown; both are of flint. Of the

directing that no dues were to be paid on "tobacco pipe- later or Neolithic Period many specimens have'been found;

clay" at Poole. these are mostly chipped out of flint and include celts or

SURFACE DEPOSITs.-The chalk is in many places thickly axe-heads, arrow-heads, flakes or knives, hammers, scrapers,

covered by flints, the debris of higher beds of chalk which &c. They occur in the surface soil, or in the mounds which

have been denuded by weathering- agencies. There are are the burial places of the early tribes who inhabited this

thick gravels, too, on the table land between Poole and country. Many are found in and near the famous en-

Bournemouth, containing many pebbles of quartz, granite, trenched camps on the chalk hills at Badbury Rings, Hod

&c., which have probably been bronght from the old Cornish Hill, Maiden Castle, &c., and at Affiington, Bradford Abbas,

rocks of the west; these are the high-level gravels of Mr. Poundbury, Ridgeway Hill, &c. In a barrow at Affiington

Codrington, and he considers that they were formed in the a ring of Kimmeridge shale was found with a,bronze ring,

valley of a river running from west to east, and previous to flint-flakes and arrow-heads, a perforated whetstone, and

the separation of the Isle of Wight from the mainland. glass and bone beads ; at Porrington a shallow one-handled

Low-level gravels-i.e., such as are not more than 40 or saucer or stand of Kimmeridge shale was found; at Winter-

50 feet above the existing rivers, occur in most of the deep bourne Steepleton a perforated axe-head, made of green-

combes and along the sides of the valleys. In these remains stone, was found in a barrow with some burnt bones. All

of the extinct mammoth (Elephas primigenius) and of these relics belong to a period which closed some thousands

Rhinoceros tichorhinus have been found, especially in the of years before the Christian era, for when Cresar landed in

gravels of the Stour, the Piddle and the Avon. Britain the inhabitants had long been acquainted with the

. Evidence of an elevation of the coast line is afforded by use of iron.

W. J. H.



The following Table shows the acreage under each kind of crop, and the number of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs in

the County of Dorset, as taken from the Agricultural returns, 1894:-

,, -

- -c


.< , , 16,438

Corn and cereals ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 89,953 Horses for agriculture, brood mares, and un- 51,152
Roots, artificial grasses, cabbage, and rape..• broken horses ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Clover and grasses •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 52 ,616 28,803
Permanent pasture ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Cows in milk or calf................................. 242,7°8
45,946 14°,985
Bare fallow ............................................. 298,634 Other cattle • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Sheep, 1 year old •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 53,769
Orchards ................................................ 3,087 Ditto, under I year •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Market gardens ....................................... Pigs ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Nursery grounds .....•.....:........................
Woods and plantations.....•........................ 31 ,457


Dorset8hire contained in 1891 inhabited houses •.••.••....•..•.....••.••.••....•..••..•.••.••..•

l?arisll~ ••••...••.••..•...•.......••••.•............•........•.............................................

In x874 owners of land below I acre 7,494

Owners of land of 1 acre and upwards •••.••••••••.••... .•. .•• .••.•• .••••• •.•.•• ...... 3,409

Total acreage of rated lands 593,3 88

Rateable value........................................................................................... £995,231
Heath land for grazing, acres
632 ,272
Total acreage of the county ~




The force consists of I Chief Constable, I Deputy Chief Constable, 6 Superintendents, 3 Inspectors, 14 Sergeants,
124 Constables

Chief Constable, Captain Amyatt E. Am~·att
Deputy Chief Constable, John Haines, PooIe

Chief Clerk, Superintendent William P. Plummer, Dorchester

Bridport DiVlision, George Brooms, superintend'Elnt, Be,a- ShaftelSibury Division, George Louis Elford, in~pector,

miIliSt&'. Sta,ti()Ds-*Askerswell, Beaminstecr, Bradpole, Shaftesbbury. Sttations-Bourton, Fontmell Magna,

*Bridpovt, Bridport Harbour, BroadwindwT, Burton Giillingham, Kington Magna, Melbury A.bbas, Shaftes-

Brads-rock, Chla;rdstock, Oharmouth, Cheddoington, bury, Stower West

Ohideock, Corscombe, Hook, *Lyme Regis, *Mars'hall- This includes Borough of Shafltes'bury.
sea, ~ethel'lb1lJ1'Y, Poorstock, Thorncombe, Whitchurch
Sherborne Divisi'On, John Simpson, superiDJtendent, Sher-

Th!its include's Borouglhs of Bl'<idport &; Lyme Regis borne. Sba'tions-Caundle Bishop, Compton Nether,
Leigh, Longburton, Sherborne, Y~minster
Bllandford DiV!ision, George Brown, inspector, BIandford.
Stations. *Blandford, Farnham, *Melborne St. An- SturminSiter Division, George Burden, inspector, Stur-
drew, Milton Abba,g" Spetisbury, Stickland, Stour- miDls.ter Newton. Stamons-Ohlild Okeford, Hra.se1bury
paine, Thrrant Gunville, Winterborne. White-hUTch Bryan, M~rnhull, Okeford Fitzp1iine, St'lllbridge, Sturr-
minster Newton
Thits inc-ludes Borough of Blandford.
Wareham Division, Henry Carter, superintendent, Ware-

Cern.e Dlivision, AJired Hazzard, superintendent, Cerne. ham. Stations-Bere Regis, Ohuroh. Knowle, *Oorfe

SlrotioDlS-Buckland Ne.wton, Ceme .Abba.s, Chesilborne, OaJstle, Langton Matravel"s, LulwOI'lth East, Morden,

Hillfield, Pydeltrenthide, Pulham, Sydling St. Nicholas Moret<ln, Swanage, Wareham, *WiDJfrith, WO<lI, Win-

Dorohes.ter DiviJsion, William P. Plummer, superiruten- t,erborne Kingston
dent, DorcheSlliecr. StartiQIlJs-AbbotJslbury, Broadmayne, This includes Borough of W~reham.

Broadway OhiaI"IDlinster, Ohicke.rell, Dorchester, Ever- WilIDborne Division, Joseph Marsh, superintendent, Pool
shot, Frampton, Mlilbury Sampford, Maiden Newton, rood, Wimborne. S,te,ti'oDls-AlderiholJt, Bourne Valley,
Osmington, *PoI"tland, Puddlehinton, Puddletown, Constitution Hill, Corfe Hills, *Cranborne" Gussage
Puncknowle, *Radipole, Reforne, ToIler, Westlham, All Slllints, Hampreston, Hanley, Holt, Horton, KiDison,
Win'terb()rne Abbas, Wyke Regis
Lytchett Minster, Shapwick, Sturminster M1arslhaIl,

This includes the Borough of Dorchester. Verwood, Wallis Down, Wimborne, Witchampton

* Serjeants' Stations.



RIGHT HONOURA.BLE THE EARL OF ILCHESTER P.C. ~Ielbury House & Abbotsbury Castle, Dorchester.


HA.STI~GS BURTON MIDDLETON ESQ., Bradford Peverell, Dorchester.



Marked thus • are also Deputy Lieutena.nts.

Adams Albert ThompSDn esq. Bellair, Charmouth D'Oyly ~IajOJ;-Gen. Sir Charles WaIters bart. Newlands,

*Alington :Lord M.A. Crichel house, Wimborne; & Charlton Marshall, Blandford

Alington nouse, South Audley street, London W *du-Boulay John esq. Donhead hall, Salisbury

.Anderson Kenneth Lockwood Morrison esq. Cluny house, Dugdale ~fajor Arthur George R.A. Stock house. Stur-

Swanage S.O minster Newton

Ashley Rt. Hon. AnthDny Evelyn Melbourne P.C., ~LA. Dugdale James Boardman esg. Sandford, Wareham

Broadlands, Romsey DugmoreHoraceRadclyfIe esq.M.A.TheMnt.Prkstne.R.S. 0

Astell Major-Gen. Charles Edward, West lodge, Puddle- Eldon Earl of, Stowell park.. Northleach. Gloucester

hinton, Dorehester Eliot George Edward esq. Bincleaves, Weymouth

*Bankes Walter Ralph esq. Kingston Lacy, Wimborne *Eliot Richard ffolliott esq. Westmead, Radipole, Weymth

*Rankes Wynne AIbert esq. Wolfeton house, Dorchester *Evans William Herbert esq. F.RG.S., M.A. Forde

BlU'kworth Edmund esq. South house, Piddletrenthide, abpey, Chard
F'arquharson Edward GeoiI'ge esq. Langton cottage, Lang-

Batten. Hierbert Butler esq. RA. Hollands, Yeovil ton, Blandford

*Batten John esq. F.S.A. AIdon, Yeovil *Farguharson James John esq. Langton house, Blandford

B3Itten Lieut.-Col. John Mount, The White house, Up Farrer Oliver Cooke esg. Binnegar hall, Wareham

Carnet Dorcbester *Fellowes James Herbert esq.Mortimer lodge, Stratfield

Benett-Stanford John Montague esq. Pyt house. Ti,sbury Mortimer, Mortimer RS.O
Bentinck William George Frederick Cavendish esq. M.A. Fethel'stonhaugh-Frampton Harry Rupert esq. Moreton.
50 Allison road, Streatham common, London S W

Best Lieut.-Col. George Charlton house, Donhead St. *Fetherstonhaugh-Frampton Rupert Pennefather esq.

Mary. Salisbury Moreton. Dorchester

Bingham 001. Rd. C. W. Bingham'.s Melcombe. Dorchstr Ffooks Thomas esq. Totnell, Leigh, Sherborne

Bond Gel'6ld Denis esq. Creech grange, Wareham Fife Capt.William Henry. Langton hall,N()rthallerton,Yrks

*Bond In.Wentworth Garneys esq.Creech grange,Warehm Floyer Ge.o. Wm. esq. RA. Stafford house, D()rchester

*Bond Nathaniel esq. Creech grange, Wareham Forbes Major Lachlan, Shillingstone, Blandford

Bond Thomas esq Fox-Pitt Alexander Edward Lane esq. F.S.A. 4 Grosvenor

Bower Henry Syndercombe esq. Fontmell, Child Okeford. gardens. London S W .

Blandford Fryer William Rolles esq. RA. Verwood mnr. Salisbury

Bragge Capt. John Arthur. Sadborow, Chard, Somerset; *FyIer John Wm. Townsend esq. Hethfelto~~ Wareham

Brouncker Henry Fra'PCis esll.. West Blagdon, Oran- Garland Rev. Geo. Valis M.A. Stone cottage, Boscombe

borne, Salisbury *GIyn Sir Richard Geo. bart. Gaunts house, Wimborne

Brymer Wm.Emest M.P. Dsington ho. near Dorche·ster GIyn Rev. Carr In. M.A. Recrory,Witchampton,Wimborne

Bullen Lt.-Col. In. Bullen Symes, Catherston. Charmouth Glyn Capt. Carr Stuart, Woodleaze, Wimborne

Burt John Mowlem, esq. Purbeck house, Swanage. *Goodden Col. In. Robt. Phelips, Compton ho. Sherborne

Calcraft Wm. Montagu esq. Rempstone hall. Wareham Gordon Charles: William esq. Wincombe park,Shaftesbury

Cartwright Capt. Hy.Aubrey. UpwDod,Handley. Salisbury Gordon George Henry esg. The Beeches. Sherborne

Cecil Lord Eustace Brownlow Hy. Gascoigne-, Lychett Grove Sir Thomas Fraser bart. M.P. F0rne ho. Salisbury

Heath house, Poole; & 32 Eccleston sq. London SW Grove Wltr.Jn. esq.:Manor ho.Berwick St. John. Salisbury

Charlesworth Wm. esq. Westhaye, Hawkchurch,Axminster Groves Major John, Bridge house, Beaminster

Churchill Lieut.-Col. Ohas.Morant,Holmwood pk.Wimbrne Guest Arthur Edward esq. 40 Halfmoon st. London W

Churchill Georget Onslow, Alderholt park, Salisbury *Guest Montague John' esq. Devonshire house, Devon-

Clay-Ker-Seymer Harry Ernest esq. St. James' club, shire buildings, Weymouth

106 Piccadilly, London W Guest Thos.Merthyr esq.RA.lnwood,Henstridge,Blandfrd

Clayton Albert esq. Bradford Abbas, Sherborne Gundry Edlward Pearkes esq

Colfox Thomas Alfred esg. Coneyga-r, Bridport Gundry Joseph esq.The Hyde, Bothenhampton, Bridport

Colfox William esg. RA. Westmead, Bridport Hanham Sir John Alex. bart. M.A

Colman Robt. esq. Wadenhoe, Marlboro' rd. Boumemouth Hardcastle J.sph.Alfd. esq. M.A.Woodlnds.Beaminstr.R S. 0

Cox In. Russell esq. Ty Issa, LlanfarianR.S.O.Ordgnshre Hardy Thomas esg. ~Iax-Gate house, Dorchester
Dammers Alfd. Wm. Hounsell esq. Downe hall, Bridport Harvey Robt.Rideout esq. The Priory,Gt.Milton,Tetswrth

Denne Maj.-Gen. Lambert Hy. The Down Wood,Blandford Hawkesworth Major In.Wm.BainR.A.Stokeford, Wareham

Digby Lord, Minterne house, Dorchester; & 39 Belgrave Head John Merrick esg. Pennsylvania castle, Portland

square, London SW Henley Col. Henry Cornish, Leigh house, near Chard

Digby John Kenelm Digby Wingfield- esq. M.P. Sher- Henning Lieut.-Gen. Shurlock (lB. Frome Whitfield

borne castle, Sherborne house, DOTChester

Digby Major William George Digby Wingfield-, Chetnole Hitehcock Henry Knight :M.D. Christowell, Branksome

house, Sherborne park, Bournemouth


IIody William Trevelyan esq *Portman Viscount, Bryanston house, Blandford; &; 22

Hody Capt. William Tre.V'elyan Portman square, London W

*Holford Hill,BucklandNewton,Dorchester Portman Col. Augustus Berkeley, Westfield, Wimbo1'll8

Hoskins Henry William esq. M.A. North Perrott manor, Portman Hon. Claud Berkeley, Manor house, Child

Crewkerne, Somerset Okeford, Blandford

Hounsoell William esq. Wykes court, Bridport Portman Hon. Edwd. Wm.Berkeley, Heswrcombe,Taunton

Howard Col. Samuel Lloyd, Ashmore manor, Salisbury Preston John William esq. Cliff cottage, Lyme Begis
Hughes Gibb FTancis esq. The Manor house, Tarrant Pretor Samuel Ashton esq. Be~eld house,near Weymouth

Gunville, Blandford Badclyffe Charles James esq. Hyde house, Wareham

*Ilchester Right Hon. Earl of, P.C. Melbury house, Dor- Ray James Frederick esq. Thorngrove, Gillingham

chester; & Holland house, Kensington W Rood Edward Stanhope esq. Chardstock house, Chard

Jaml's Allrahftm Rooke esq. Bothenhampton, Bridport Russell Capt. Thomas, Beaminster

Kindersley Edward Leigh esq. Clyffe, Dorchester Sanctuary Campbell Fortescue Stapleton esq. Mangerton

*Lane Major-Gen. Charles Powlett, Glendon, Corfe house, Melplash R.S.O

Mullen, Wimborne Sandwich Earl of, Hooke court, Beaminster

Langdon John Churchill Stuckey esq. Parrocks 10. Chard Saunders Bt. Erasmus esq.Alton Pancras,Cerne,Dorchestr

Lawrie James Macpherson M.D. Greenhill, Weymouth Sawbridge-Erle-Drax Wanley Ellis esq. Holnest park,

Leas ENiott esq. 1'IJl.P., M.A. South Lytchet' Minste.r, Sherborne; & Qlantigh Towers,Wye,near Ashford,Kent
Poole; & 14 Queen Anne'~ gate, London SW
Scutt Chas. esq. Wyke Oliver, Preston, Weymouth

:McAdam Major Jas.John Loudon,GreenhilI ho.Sherborne Serren Dalton Haskoll esq. Haddon lodge, Stalbridge S.O

McLean Allan esq. M.D. St. Martin's, Rodwe1l, Weymouth *Sneridan AIgernon Thomas Brinsley esq. Frampton

:Malmesbury Earl of, Heron court,Ohristchurch,Wimbome court, Dorchester

Manger Alfred Thomas esq. Stock hill, Gillingham Smith-Marriott Sir Wm.Hy.bart. The Down ho.Blandford
~ransel Arthur Edmund esq. Grove house, Dorchester Spal'Ks William esq. M.S.A. Manor house, Langton, Her-
ring, Weymouth; & Crewkerne
*Mansel Col. George Pleydell, Smedmore. Warebam

:Mansel George Morton esq. Puncknowle manor, Dorcheste~ Speke Hugh esq. Elwell lodge, Weymouth

:'dansel John Delulynde esq. Smedmore, Wareham Stalbridge Lord P.C. MoteDmbe house, Shaftesbury; &

Mansel-Pleydell Lieut.-Col. Edmund Morton, Longthorns, 12 Upper Brook street, London W

Blandford Steward Col. Richd.Oliver Fras.Nottingham ho.Dorchestr

*Mansel-Pleydell John Clavell esq. B.A. Whatcombe Still Capt. James Charles, The Hyde, Bridport

house. Blandford Stilwell Henry esq. Steepleton manor, Dorchester
Stua~Gray Lieut.-Col. Francis James, Manor house,
:Marker Richard esq. Combe, Honiton, Devon

:'d:artin Arthur esq. Rampisham manor, Dorchester Blandford St. Mory, Blandford

:Middleton Hastings 13urton esg.Bradford Peverell,Dorchstr *Sturt Hon. Humphrey Napier M.P. Crichel house,

*MiddIeton Hastings Nathaniel esq. Bradford Peverell Wimborne; &; 38 Portman iSqua1'l6, London W

house, Dorchester Swinburne-Hanllam John Castleman esq. 18a, Goldhurst

*Monro Hector esq. Edmondsham house, Salisbury terrace, South Hampstead NW

Monro Hector Edmond esq. Bazzleways, Milborne Port, Sykes Major Oam. Q Belvidere, Esplanade, Weymouth

Sherborne Talbot John Reginald Oharles esq

Munro Campbell esq. Fairfield, Lyme Regis Talbot John ReginaJd Francis George esq

Noel Gel'llld Thomas esq Tatchell-Bullen John Bullen Tatchell esq. Manor house,
Palairet Hy. Hamilton esq. M.A. Cattistock 10. Dorchester Marshwood, Charmcm.t~ Whitehurch

Parka Charles Ethelston esq. Vine's Close, Wimborne Tennant Major-Gen. Thomas Boone Everest, 8 Belvidel"e,

Parke Gen. Sir Wm. K.C.B. Thornhill ho.Stalbridge S.O Esplanade, Weymouth

Parke Wm. Alcock, Whilbeck esq. Thornhill, Stalbridge Thornhill Mark Bensley esq. 10 Waterloo cr~scent, Dover

Parry-Okeden Lieut.-Col. Uvedale Edward, Turnworth Thornton Reginald esq. Birkin ho. Stinsford, DOl'ohester

house, Blandford Thornton Regina.ld Douglas esq. OulJiford ho. Dorchester

Poorce-Edgcumbe Sir Edward Robert LL.D. Somer- Thresher John esq. Corfe hill, Badipole, Weymouth

!I.eigh, Dorchester *Troyte-Chafyn-Grove Geo. esq. North Oroker ho. Yeovil

Pelly Sir Harold bart. Fifelh·ead. house, BllIth Truell Major-Gen. Bobert Holt C.B. Onslow, Wimborne

Philpot Thomas Embray Davenport esq. Holme Cleve, Udal John Symonds esq. Conservative club, 74 S~.

Lyme Regis I James' street, London SW

PhipPsl-Hornby Oapt. Geoffrey esq. Sandley, Gillingham WaIler Major-Gen. Wm.Noel R.A. Grosvenor lo.Sherborne

Pickard-Cambridge Col. Jocelyn, Bloxworth house, Ware- Webber Felix Sta.nley Henry esq. 25 Tedworth square,

ham; &; Stanton court, Weymouth Ohelsea, London S W

Pike Lau.rence Warbuxton esq. Furzebrook, QlUrch Weld Humphrey Fredk. esq. Chideock manor, Bridport

Knowle, Wareham Williams Arbhur Scott, Hill house, Yetminster

Pinney Edward esq. Blackdown house, Beammster *Williams Edwd.Wilmotesq.B.A.Herringstone ho. Drehstr

Pinney George Fredk. esq. Brooklands, Beaminster R.S.O Williamlll Herbert Scott esq. M.A. Botheaay ho. Dorchstr

Pinney Col. William F.R.G.S. Somerton-Erleigh, Somer- *WiIIiams Montague Scott esq. Woolland ho. Blandford

ton S.O. Somerset; &; 30 Berkeley equare, London W *Wllliam Col. Robert M.P. Bridehead house, Dorchester

PlowdeDi Sir William Chichme K.O.S.I. 5 Park crescent, *Wimbo1'lle Lord M.A. Cword Manor, Wimborne; &

Portland place, London W Wimborne house, 22 Arlington street, London SW

Pope Alfred esq. SoutJh Walk house, Dorcheilter *Wolverton Lord, Iweme Minster house, BIandford; &

"Porta.rlington Earl of, Came house, Dorchester 17 ArJington street, London W

Clerk of the Peace, E. .A.rchdall Frooks, Sherbome

Deputy Lieutenants (Not Magistrates).

Ashley The Hon. Anthony Cooil Hawkins F. B. esq

!Hambro Everard Alex. esq. Hayes Plaoe,Beckenham,Kent Balli Pandeli eaq. B.A. Alderbrook, Cranleigh, Guild·

Hambro P. esq. Abbey Milton ford; & 17 Belgrave square, London S W


ABBOTSBURY is a large village and parish near the to be part cif the ruins of a mansion built on the site of
and out ot the remains of the abbey, by Sir Giles
West Fleet, pleasantly ,situated in a deep valley open to Strangeways, and in which he resrided: the conventual
church, traces of which still exist, stood a little to the
the sea at the oSouth-west and sheltered by lofty hills to north of the abbey: the old tithe-'barn of the monastery
is stiIJ in good preservation; it is 105 yards in length,
the north, and terminus of the Abbotsbury branch of with large porch and buttresses on the north side; ad-
joining thereto is an hexagonal towex. On an eminence
the Great Western railway from Weymouth, 9 miles south-west of the village are situated the ruins of St.
Catharine's chapel, supposed to have been erected in the
south-west from Dorchester, 9 north-west from Wey- reign of Edward IV.; it was of stone, strengthened by
buttreslses on the north and south sides; at the north- .
mouth, in the Western division of the county, Uggescombe west angle is a tower; the roof is finely arched and a
few of the ornaments still remain: from its altitude it
hundred, Dorchester petty sessional division, Weymouth serves for a landmark at sea, being visible at a great
distance. Henry VIII. granted the manor to Sir Giles
union and county court district, rural deanery of Bridport Strangeways knt. and it was confirmed by Elizabeth,
with the fishery, water, and soil of East Fleet, also the
(.ibbotsbury portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and swannery ann site of the monastery of West Fleet: from
this family it desoended to the Earl oil Ilchester P.C.
of Salisbury. The church of St. Nichola,s is a "ery whose seat is Abbotsbury CaS'tle, a Gothic residence
commanding a beautiful view of the West Bay. Nearly
ancient Gothic fabric of stone, consisting of chancel, nave a mile to the south of the village are the swannery,
decoy and keeper's house, where as many as 1,057 swans
and aisles, separated by piers and Pointed arches, antique are kept, together with all kinds of wild fowl. The
inhabitants' are chiefly employed in the maekerel fishery
porch and a fine square embattled western tower, with 6 and agriculture. The Right Hon. the Earl of llchester
P.C. is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The
be mellbsl' eamn da tci cl o cokf: over the we,stern door is a curious figure soil is red clay chiefly; a seam of iron ore runs through
the Trinity-an old man in a sitting
the village, extentJ about 3 miles and from one-eighth to
posture, with a crucifix between his knees and a dove at
half a mile in breadth. The chief crops are wheat,
his right ear: on the north side the windows are Gothic, barley and potatoes, but most of the land is in pasture.
the walls being surmounted by pinnacles; the windows The area is 5,616 acres, of which 545 are water; rateable
value, £5,500; the population in 1881 was 979 and in
on the south side are Debased English, 166o: it has an 1891 was g03.

antique font: in the pulpit, which is beautifully carved, Rodden is a hamlet 2! miles south-east; East and

are two holes from bullets \Said to have been fired in at West Elworth, other hamlets, I! miles south-east; Look
is another hamlet 2! miles north-west.
the windows by Cromwell's soldiers: the chancel lias a
Deputy Parish Clerk, George W. Ford.
handsome altar-piece having the Ten Commandments in
Po,st, M O. &; T. 0., S. B., Express- Delivery &; Annuity
gold letters on a black ground; the remains of Orc the &; Insurance Office.-Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Gibbons, sub-
postmistress. Letters received \from Dorchester at
founder are deposited under the chancel: the church was 6.30 a.m. ,&; 3.0 p.m.; dispatched at 9·35 a.m·&;7· IOp.m

reseated in 1886, when a new organ was presented: Parochial Schools (mixed &; infants) (endowed with £20
yearly) &; a master's house were erected by the late
there are 450 sittings of panelled oak: in the graveyard Earl of Ilchester, at, a cast of about £1,5°0, for 200
children; average attendance, 130 ; principally sup-
are two large stone coffins; one found under the north ported by Lord Ilchester; Henry Charles Robt. Bucke;
master; :Miss Peel, infants' mistressl
porch and the other in the churchyard. The register
Railway Station, James Wills, statipn master
dates 'from the year 1574. The living is a vicarage, rent-

charge £9, net yearly value £138, with 60 aeres of glebe

and residence, in the gift of. the Earl of Ilchester, and

held since 1892 by the Rev. John Harvie Douglas M.A.

of Downing College, Cambridge. Here are Congrega-

tional and Primitive Methodist chapels. Charities pro-
ducin~ £17 19s. 6d. yearly, arising principally from a
rent-charge on the manor, left in 1754 ,by Mrs. Susannah

Strangways Hormer, are distributed in money. Mr.
William Jennings, by will dated 1852, gave £500 in
trust for the benefit of the Sunday school. This place is

of great antiquity: Canute, the Danish King, gave it

together with several others, to Ore, his favourite

steward: in early ages BertuU had built a church here

which he dedicated to St. Peter; that having gone to

decay, Orc founded a monaste'l'Y in the year 1044, and
filled it with monks from Cerne Abbey; he also endowed

it with eight of the neighbouring manors: the abbey

stood on rising ground south of the village: the ruins
of the gateway still remain in tolerable preservation:

near this gateway is a gable covered with ivy, supposed

r..chester The Right Hon. the Earl of'Dunford Richard, shopkeeper Hodder JOf)€ph, farmer, Abbey farm

P.C. (Lord Lieut.), Abbotsbury Dunford William, basket maker Hodder William Charles, butcher

castle &; Melbury house; &; Holland Ford Charles, grocer Hurden Thos.&;;coal mers

house, London SW Ford Geo. Hebditch, farmer, East frm Hutchings James, clerk of the works

Douglas Rev. In. Harvie M.A. (vicar), Gee Susan (Mrs.), baker, tea, coffee to the Earl of Ilchester

The Manor house &; refreshment rooms; refreshments Kellaway Jsph. dairyman, Bridge la

Hawkins William, The Vicarage at moderate charges Kellaway Thomas, farmer, Elworth

trundy John Nicholas, ,"Yest end Gibbons Jane Elizabeth (Mrs.), iron- Knight Elizabeth (Mrs.), Swan P.R.

Poynter John, Hare monger, fancy stationer &; patent &; blacksmith

COMMERCIAL. medicine vendor, Post office Limm Joseph John, shopkeeper

Adams John, farmer Gibbons Jsph. farmer &; rate collector Mundy Samuel, cooper &; wheelwright

Bag~ Joseph, farmer Gill Henry, boot maker Rendall In. Bartlett, miller (water)

Benbow Joseph, head gardener to Green John, hair dresser Roper John, blacksmith

Earl of Ilchester Green Louisa (Mrs.), apartments Toms Charles, baker

Blig-don Edwin, b:acksmith Hawkins William, surgeon, &; medical Vincent Emanuel, farmer, Rodden

Brodby Wm. dairymn. AbbeyFarm dairy officer, Abbotsbury district, Wey- Vincent Phoobe (Mrs.), market gardnr

Burden Walter, grooer &; draper mouth union &; Longbredy district, Vine Stephen, farmer, Look farm

Carter Joseph, grocer &; farmer Dorchester union; also publio vac- Vivian Richard, saddler

Cooper Tom, Ilchester Arms P.R cinator, The Vicarag-e White James. fa,rmer, New Barn

Critchell Elizabeth (MiSlS), refresh- Hayne Charles, wheelwright White John Ford, farmer

ment rooms Hayward John Westmacot &; George, Williams Samuel, farmer, Rodden

Dark Henry, basket maker farmers, West farm Wood Sarah (Mrs.), farmer

AFFPUDDLE (or Affpiddle) , formerly called Aspun- 1 bells; it ~as originally appropriated to the Abbey of

dell, is a parish on the river Trent or Piddle, 3£ miles Cerne, and at the dissolution of that house the vicarage
north from the Moreton station on the Bournemouth was given to Thomas Lyllyngton, one of the monks of
and Dorchester section of the London and South-Western that body, who caused the beautiful carved oak pUlpit
I'ailway, 8 east-by-north from Dorchester and 10 north-- and seats to be erected in the church; on the end of one
west from Wareham, in the Southern division of the of the seats is a carved inscription bearing date 1547:
county, hundred of Hundredsbarrow, Wareham petty there is also a Norman font: 1he trefoil arch of the
sessional division and county court district, union of south entrance to the church is of the date 1220: tIle
Wareham and Purbeck, rural deanery of Whit{)hurch west window is stained and was inserted in 1880 by the
(Bere Regis portion), archde.aconry of Dorset and diocese late ~frs Frampton, to the memory of Henry Frampton
of Salisbury. The church of St. Laurence is an ancient esq. of Moreton House: the church was restored in 1878,
oStrncture of stone and flint, chiefly in the Perpendicular and has 220 sitting'S The register dates from the year
style, consisting- of chancel, nave and north aisle, south 1731. The living- in 1547 was a. vicarage, but in 1849
porch and a Decorated £'mbattled western tower with the rectory of Toners Puddle and the vicarage of Aff-

pinnacles of the reign of Edward IV. containing 4 large puddle were united by order in COuncil; a.verage tithe



rent-charge £160, net income £185, ",ith 4 acres of east; Rogers Hill, I mile north-east; and Waddock, li

glebe and residence in the gift of the representatives of miles south.

the· late MrS'. Frampton, and held since 1869 by the Rev. Parish Clerk, Thomas Legg.
Henry Peere Williams-l"reeman M.A. of Brasenose Col- Pos,t k Telegraph Office.-J ohn Clarke, sub-postmaster.
lege, Oxford. Children of this parish are apprenticed
Letters< arrive through Dorchester, via l'uddletown,
from Frampton's charit1", of Moreton. Mrs. Fetherswn-
haugh-Frampton is lady of the manor and the principal which is the nearest money order office, at 7.30 a.m.;
landowner. The soil is light loam; subsoil, chalk. The dispatched 5.30 p.m.; dispatched on sundays 9.45
chief crops are wheat, barley and roots. The area is a.m. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid
Wall Letter Box, BIJ"1lnts Puddle, cleared &t 5.15 p.m.;

3,818 acres; rateable value, [,2,750; the population in sundaY'S, 9.30 p.m
1891 was 434. School, Bryants Puddle, was built at the cost o'f the late

On Bladen Heath and the other heaths are many R. Frampton esq. in 1870, for the children of Toners

curious pits and ·barrows. At Clouds Hill are barrows. Puddle & those of this parish, for 100 children;

The hamlebs in this parish-which is intersected by the average attendance, 66; Miss Eleanor James, mistre'SS
Piddl~ are Pallington hamlet, I~ mile~ south; Bryants Carrier to Dorcpester. James Joiner, from Minterns
Puddle tithing, 1 mile east; Oakers Wood, I mile south-
Ferry, Bere Regis, passes through every wed. & sat

Williams-Freeman Rev. Henry Peere Dibben Charles, dairyman Jeffery Robt.shoe ma. Bryant's puddle

M.A. (vicar) Fooks Henry, blacksmith & shop- Kingman Thomas, dairyman, Bryant'.

Billey Wm.Geo.miller (water) &; baker keeper, Bryant's puddle puddle

Cake Emanuel, dairyman Foot Geo. Leonard, farmer, Pallington Mitchell George, farmer, Roger's hill

Clarke John, shopkeeper, Post office House Wm. dairy frmr.Bryant's puddle Norton Wm.Brooks,frmr.Waddock frm Charles, carpenter Jaokson Wm. Pitt, farmer, Affpuddle Pope John, estate carpenter

Courtney Chas.shpkpr.Bryants puddle west & Throop farms SpiceI' Henry, farmer, East farm

ALDERHOLT is a parish, formed in 1894, and a the seat ot George O. Churchill esq. J.P. is an estate.
village, I mile north from Daggons Road station on the
Salisbury and Dorset branch of the London and South- granted to Anthony Gooche in the reign of Jame~ I. and
Western railway, 16 miles from Salisbury, 14 from once stocked with deer, but these were destroyed o~
Wimborne and 96 from London, in the Eastern division removed previous to this grant. The principal land-
of the county, petty sessional division and county court owners are the. Marquess of Salisbury K. G. who is lord
of the manor, and G. O. Churchill esq. J.P. The area
district of Wimborne, hundred of Cranborne, union of
Wimborne and Cranborne, rural deanery of Pimperne is 4,002 acres; rateable value, £1,917; population in
(Wimborne portion), archdea.conry of Dorset and diocese 1891 was' 696.
of Salisbury; the river Blackwater flows through the
parish. Alderholt, Daggons, Crendell and Cripplestyle, Parish Clerk, Ge.orge Mann.
Sexton, Frederick Manstone.
formerly hamlets of Crall'borne, were formed November Post Office.-Tom Brewer, sub-postmaster. Letters
14, 1849, into a, dist·rict for ecclesiastical purposes.
The church ()If St. James was erected by the through Salisbury, via Fordingbridge, by rural post-
Marquess of Salisbury, and endowed by the Marqu{'ss man, at 9 a.m. & dispatched at 5.30 p.m. week days
and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, the former con- i& II a.m. on sundays. The nearest money order office
is' at Fordingbridge. Telegrams are received &; dis-
tributing £25 yearly, and the latter now nearly ['125 a patched at Daggons Road stilltion for this place. Postal
year; the church, a building of local sandswne in the
Early English style, consist~ of small chancel and nave, orders are issued here, but not paid
western porch and turret containing 1 bell: there are Wall Letter Box, Alderholt, cleared at 5.45 p.m.;
200 sit.tings. The register dates from the year 1849.
sundays, I'I.IS a.m
The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value about £150, Wall Box, Cripplemyle, cleared at 4.45 p.m
net [,123, with xesidence, in the gift of the 'vicar of County Police, Samuel Woodman, constable

Cranborne, and held since 1890 by the Rev. J ames School (mixed), built in 1847 &; enlarged abont 1874-
Richard Sanderson. There is a Congregational chapel for 156 children; average attendance, 109; &; is sup-
ported in part by the Marquess of Salisbury; George
at Cripplestyle and one ab Alderholt. Alderholt Park, Mann, master

Railway Station,-Daggons Road,Francis Clarke,stnmstr

(Marked thuS! * to be addressed Rayter Alex.&Benj.frmrs.Warren farm Read Wm. brick ma. &; coal merchant

Cranborne, Salisbury.) *Hibberd Aram, farmer &; beer re- Read Augustus, farmer, Daggons fnn

Churchill Geo. O. J.P. Alderholt park tailer, Hare lane, Cripplestyle Rose Henry, blacksmith

Cochrane Mrs. Alderholt lodge Hibberd Josiah, farmer, Goatham Scammel Frank, farmer, Manor farm

Lush :Miss, Heather bank. Hibberd Silus,frmr.Hart's fm.Daggons Shearing James, farmer, Daggons

Sanderson Rev. Jas. Richd. Vicarage Hood Albert, farmer, Bull hill Shearing James, jun. carpenter

COMMERCIAL. Hood Henry, farmer, Bull hill Sherring Love (Mrs.), farmer

Bailey John, shoe maker Inkpen WaIter, farmer & farm bailiff *Sims Henry, blacksmith, Crendell

*Brewer Geo. shopkeeper, Crendell toG.O.Churchill e~q.J.P.Cross road8 *Sims Wm. fagot dealer, Cripplestyle

Bt'ewer Lot, woodman to the Marquess James Joseph, farmer, Hill farm Thorn Frank, farmer, Starvington

of Salisbury Jung Fdk. H. brick ma. Daggons rd Thorner Tom, coal dealer

Butler Edwin, baker & grocer Lush Henry, general dealer West William, tailor

C:arke Francis, station master Mann Geo. asstnt. overseer & schlmstr *Williams Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper,

Cutler Edward, miller (water) Nicklen Charles, farmer Cripplestyle

Foster James, beer retailer Philpott Oharles, Churchill Arms P.R. Woodvine Jas. yeoman, Blackwater fro

*Fry George, farmer, Crendell & shopkeeper, Daggons

ALLINGTON is a parish within the borough of Bridport, which see.

ALMER is a. parish and village on the Winterbourne since 1887 by the Rev. Vernon Robert Carter M.A. of

and on the road from Dorchester to Wimborne, 6 miles Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Mrs. Erle-Drax is lady
west from Wimborne, 6 south-south-ea.stl from Blandford of the manor and the sole landowner. The soil is gravel;
and 3 west from Bailey Gate station on the Somerset and subsoil, chalk. The chief CTOPS are wheat and barley.
Dorset section of the London and South-Western rail- The area is 1,161 acres; rateable value, [,1,213; the
way, in the Eastern division of the county, Loosebarrow population in 1891 (including Mapperton, half a. mile

hundred, Wimborne petty sessional division, Bland'ford west) was 133.
union and county court district, rural deanery of Whit- Post Office.-Robert Manuel, sub-postmaster. Letters
church (Poole portion), fll'chdeaconry of Dorset and dio-
recehoed through Blanrlford at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched
cese of Salisbury. The church of St. Mary is an ancient
building of stone, consisting of chancel, nave and south ab 5.10 p.m.; sundays at 11.30 a.m. The nearest
money ordpr &; telegraph office is aji Spettisbury
porch, with a. lofty western tower surmounted by
battlements and pinnacles and containing 4 bells: there Wall Letter Box, Mapperton, cleared at 5 p.m.; sun-
are 60 sitting-so The register dates from the year 1539. days at 11.20 a.m

The living is a rectory, aveTage tithe rent-charge £218, This place is included in the Winterborne, Zelstone &
gross yearly value £241, net £145, with residence and 33
acres of glebe, in the gift of Mrs. Erle-Drax, and held Almer United School Board district
Board School, erected in 1882, for 80 children; average

attendance, 60; :Mrs. Edith L. A. Martin, mistress

Carter Rev. Vernon Robt.M.A.(rector) Dominey John, Red Lion P.R. & Lawrence Albert, farmer, Almer farm

Dennett 'Walter, dairyman, Mapperton farmer, World's end Taylar Jesse, farmer, Mapperton

ALTON P ANCRAS is II parish and small village, 9 county, hundred of Cerne, petty sessional division and
miles north from Dorchester railway stations on the
union of Cerne, Dorchester county court district, rural
2,London and South-Western and Great Western railways
deanery of Whitchurch (Cerne portion), archdeaconry of
and ellS! from Oerne, in the Western division of the Dorset and diocese of Sali~bury. The church of St.


Fancras was rebuilt in 1875 from the design of Mr. and flint. The chief crops are corn and turnips. The
Crickmay, of Weymouth: it is a building of stone in the
Early English .style, and consists of chancel, nave, north area is about 2,243 acres; rateable value, £1,472; the
porch and square western em;battled tower with pinna-
cles, and containing 4 bells: there are 150 sittings. The population in 1891 was 229.
register dates from the year 1673. The living is a Holcombe is half a mile nOTth-west.
rectory, gross yearly value from tithe rent-charge £300,
Sexton, Mrs. Elizabeth Lovelace.
average £224, net 1)91, with 10 acres of glebe and resi- Post Office.-Charles Kellaway, sub-postmaster. Letters
dence, in the gift o'f the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury,
and held since 1886 by the Rev. George Bull Southwell from Dorchester arrive at 6.10 a.m. &. via Cerne 4.30
B..!.. oil Trinity College, Cambridge. Robert Erasmus
Saunders J.P. is lord of the manor and the principal land- p.m. (callers only); dispatched 9.35 a.m. &; 6.45 p.m.
owner. The soil is chalky, with stones; subsoil, chalk Postal orders are issued here, but not paid. The

nearest money order &. telegraph offices are at Piddle-

trenthide &:, Buckland Newton
~ational School (mixed), built for 60 children; average

attendance, 24; Mrs. Payne, mistress

Saunders Robert Erasmus J.P Elworthy 1Villiam, farmer Masters Alfred, shopkeeper
Waterman Harold Ro'bert. farmer
Southwell Rev. Geo. Bull RA. (rector) Gale George, dairyman

Draper Lydia Ann (Mrs.), dairy

ANDERSON (or Winterborne Anderstone) is a muted for £120 yearly, average £91, net income £75,

parish watered by the Winterbourne, 4 miles south-west with 3 acres of glebe, in· the gift of Edward Markland

from Bailey Gate station on the Somerset and Dorset esq. and held since 1891 by the Rev. Richard Askew

section of the London and South-Western railway and RA. of Je§ College, Cambridge, who is> also rector of

6 south from Blandford, in the Northern division of the and resides at Winterborne Zelstone. Edward Mark-

county, hundred of Coombs-Ditch, Blandford petty ses- land esq. is lord of the manor and principal landowner.

sional division, uniqn and county court district, rural The soil i~ gravel; subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are

deanery of Whitchurch (Poole portion), archdeaconry of wheat and barley. The area is 570 acres; rateable value,

Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The church of St. £616; the population in 1891 was 66.

~Iichael, having fallen into decay, was rebuilt 1889 in the
later Early English style in accordance with the original Letters through Blandford arrive at 8 a.m. &; at 4 p.m. ;

design. It consistSJ of chancel, nave, south transept and dispatched at 4·45 p.m. The nearest money order &.

western turret containing 2 bells. The register dates telegraph office is at Bere Regis

from the year 1650. The living is a rectory, tithes com- The chilclx~ attend school at Wintel'borne Kingston

Walker Misses, The Rectory I House Fredcrick James (~rs.), faTmer, The Manor house-

ARNE is a parish about 4 miles east from Wareham £375, net income (Arne) £100, with 10 acres of glebe,
station on the Bournemouth and Dorchester line of the in the gift of W. Calcraft esq. and held since 1887 by-
London and South-Western railway, in the Eastern the Rev. Selwyn Blackett, who is a surrogate, and
division o'f the county, hundred of Hasilor, \Yareham resides at Wareham. The Earl of Eldon is lord of the-
petty sessional division and county court district. union manor and owner of the parish. The soil is sand;
of Wareham and Purbeck, rural deanery of. Dorchester subsoil, sand and clay, valuable beds of which are worked
(Purbeck portion), archdeaconry of Dorset, and diocese of in this neighbourhood and exported to all parts: a great
Salisbury. The parish lies between Wareham and Poole port,ion of, the land is heath. The parish comprises about
harbours; on an eminence there is a large barrow, which 4,196 acres, of which 1,580 are water; rateable value,
has been used as a beacon. The church of St. Nicholas £2,858; the. population in 1,891 was> 123.
is a small ancient structure of sandstone, situated on a
.,light eminence in the village: it is in the Early English Sexton, JaIDes Northover.
style, and consists of chancel, nave, south porch with bell .
cote at west end and I bell: there are 60 sittings. The
Lette,rs received through 1Vareham, which IS also the
nearest money order &; telegraph office

register dat<es' from the year 1762. The living is a per- School, with re'sidence for mistress, erected in 1874, at
petual curacy, annexed to the rectory of Wareham, joint the expense of the' Earl of Eldon, for 40 children ;.-;

gross yearly value from tithe rent-charge £508, average average attendance, 26; Miss Emily Downs, mistress

Pinney Richard Edward, Arne house Candy George, jun. farm bailiff to the of the Warehilm &. Isle of PurbecR-

Pinney Thomas William, Arne house Earl of Eldon board of guardians, Arne house

COMMERCIAL. Grant George, farmer, Slepe farm Pinney Thos. Wm. ship pwnr.Arne ho

Bird Thomas, dairyman to Mr. C. Pinney Richard Edward, clay mer- Smith Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairy

Yearsley, Ridge farm chant, sLoom ship owner &. chairman

AlSHMORE is a small parish on the borders of Wilt- Here is a. Wesleyan chapel, erected in 1855. Lieut.-Col.
shire, 9 miles south from Semley station on the Salisbury
and Yeovil line of the London and South-Western rail- Samuel Lloyd Howard C.B., D.L., J.P. of Goldings,
way, 6 'south-east from Shaftesbury and 9~ north of
Blandford, in the Northern division of the county, Loughton, Essex and of The Cottage, is lord of the
hundred of Cranborne, petty sessional division of Shaftes-
manor and principal landowner. The soil is chalk and
bury, union and county' court district of Shaftes-
bury, rural deanery of Pimperne (Blandford portion), loam; subsoil, chalk and gravel. The chief crops are
archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The
wheat, oats, barley and beans. There is a large portion of
church of St. Nicholas (built on the site of the old
church) is of stone, in the Early English style, and con- woodland which gives a considerable employment in the

sists of chancel, nave and north aisle: vestry en the production of faggots and hurdles; a large quantity of
north side of the chancel, and south porch: the aisle is
flint for road making is also dbtained !from this parish.

The area is 2,301a. or. 32P.; rateable value, £1,318; and

the population in 1891 was 228.

Hats Barn is I mile north-west. On the downs are

barrows. .

divided from the nave by two arches resting on a circular Parish Clerk and Sexton Charles Rabbets
pier; the chancel flooring is, of Devonshire marble; there Pahl~',er . .
is a font of Beer stone, and a pulpit of oak, elaborately Post Office.-:Charles Stmner, sub-postmaster.
carved: there are four stained windows, one at the south Letters arrlv~ from Salisbury 7.30 a.m. sunday9 &
side of the nave of two lights, representing Christ week day~; dlspatched 5·5 p:m. week days &:, 2.!j p.~.
Feeding His Sheep and Restoring Sight to the Blind, and sundays. Postal orders' are l/>sued here, but .not pald.
is the gift of E H. Howard esq.; the church will seat The nearest money order &:, telegpaph office IS' at Tol~
l~ Royal
160 people and wag opened October 2nd, 1874' The . .. .
register dates f om the year 1654. The living is a Nah~na~ School (mlXed~, WIth reslden mlst
r e rent-charge £2 40 , gross y bU;l1t III ,1840 for 95 chlldr~n; average ce for r ess,
rectory, average tith early attend ance, 50;
value £300, net £200, including 40 acres of glebe, with ~flss Martha Plowman, mIstress

residence, in the gift of Lieut.-Ool. Samuel Lloyd Howard Carriers to:

C.B. and David Howard esq. J.P.of Essex, and held since Blandford-Isaac White, wed. fri. & sat

1894 by the Rev. Thomas Williamson,Peile of St. Aidan's. Shaftesbury-Stephen Bealing, on sat

Howard Lieut.-Col. Samuel Lloyd Davidge Eliza,beth (Mrs.), laundress Hare James, haulier

C.R, D.L., J.P. The Cottage Davidge John, barm dealer Hare Sarah (Mrs.), farmer

Peile Rev. Tbos. Williamson, Rectory Dean Samuel, farmer, North farm Joyner Gideon, blaoksmith

COMMERCIAL. Fancy Ann (Mrs.), dress maker Taylor Geo. &:, Edwin,frmrs.South frm

Bealing Stephen, farmer & carrier Fry Stephen, shopkeeper & woodman Taylor David, dairyman

Burrow Wm. farmer, Manor farm Gifford Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper Tuffin Henry, shoe maker

Butt Meshach & Geo. farmrs.Gore frm Gifford William,gamekeeper to Lieut.- WhiteI:::aac, farmer &; carrier

Davidge David, haulier Col. Lloyd HO'W!1rd Wilkins George, shoe maker



ASKERSWELL is a small village and parish, on the residence, in the gift of H. S. Bower esq. and held since
Asker brook and near the road from Bridport to Dor- 1894 by the Rev. Henry Percival Bryan, Theo.As·soc.K.C.L.
chester, 4 miles east from Bridport terminal station on
the branch of the Great Western railway, in the Western There is no manor. The principal landowners are H. S.
division of the county, union, petty sessional division and
county court district of Bridport, hundred of Eggerton, Bower esq. of Fontmen Parva, Miss Taunton, of Ashley,
lI.'ural deanery of Bridport (Bridport portion), arch- Winchester, and Henry Helyer esq. of Hardington Mande-
deaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The church ville, near Yeovil. The SQil is chalk and sand; subsoil,
rock. The chief crops are wheat and barley, with some
of St. Michael is a stone edifice in the Perpendicular land in pasture. The area is 1,724 acres; rateable value,
£1,663; the parish contained 230 inhabitants in 1891.
@tyle, and consists of chancel, nave, north aisle, south
porch, embattled weste,rn tower with pinnacles, contain- Higher Eggardon, where there are the remains of an
ing 5 bells: one was added in 1747, two were re-cast in extensive Roman encompment, and Loders Land were
1886: with the exception of the tower the whole structure transferred' to this parish from Litton Cheney by Local
was rebuilt in 1858, architecturally in accordance with Government Board Order, in 1884.

the ancient handsome tower: the east window is small Parish Clerk, Mark White.
and is said to Be an adaptation from a window in West-
minster Aboey: upon the underside of the beam in the Post Office.-Mark White, sub-postmaster. Letters re-
tower which supports the belfry floor a crozier and a ceived throug-h Bridport at 10.20 a.m.; dispatched at
beadroll are sculptured: the font is Norman and ancient: 4.45 pom. Bridport is the nearest money order &;
there are 200 sittings. The register dates from the year
telegraph office
1558. The living is a rectQry, average tithe rent-charge Connty Police Station, John Shield, sergeant
£128, net yearly value £101, with 23 acres of glebe and
National Scliool, built in 1871, for 50 children; average
attendance, 40; Mrs. Newman. mistress

Eryan Rev. Henry Percival, Theo. Ohilcott Wilfred Harold, farmer, Marsh Leah (Mrs.), farmer, Court pI

.Assoc. K.OoL. Rectory Hembury Samway Benjamin, baker

Gurtis Fras.Geo.miller (water) &; frmr White Mark, shopkeeper &; parish

COMMERCIAL. Foolrs George, road contractor clerk, Post office

Eishop John, farmer House William George, baker Williams WaIter, Three Horse Shoes

-Cousins Wm. farmer, South Eggardon Marsh Oharles, dairyman P.H. &; blacksmith

ATHELHAMPTON (or .Admiston) is a parish on restored the house as nearly as possible on the original

the river Trent, or Piddle, nearly 6 miles north-east lines; there are numerous stained windows displaying the

from Dorchester station, on the London and South arms of theMartin family, whGresided here throug-h eight
Western and Great Westeru railways, in the Southern generations, and some good stone carving, including the
~ivision of the county, hundred of Puddletown, Dorche~ Martin arms; the old oak staircase is also in good
ter petty sessional division, union and county court preservation, and the house now forms one of the most
,district, rural deanery of Whitchurch (Bere Regis por- Tudor mansions in the county; the grounds
tion), archdeaconry o~ Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. consist of 5 acres, tastefully laid out, and containing
'The church of St. John is a Gothic structure, built in three-walled gardens with terraces. Alfred C. de La'-

1862 on a site presented by J. Wadham Floyer esg. and fontaine eoq. is lord of the ma!lor, who, with W. E.

-consists of a chancel, nave and north porch, and has Brymer esq. James Crane esq. and E. L. Kindersley esq.

western turret with 2 bells; the east window and those are the principal landowners. The soil is light loam and
on each side of the chancel are stained; the original excellent water meadows; subsoil, gravel on chalk. The
church was situated near the hall, and was formerly a chief crops are wheat, barley and roots. The area is

chapel of ease to Burleston: there are 120 sittings. The 469 acres; rateable value, £576; the population in 1891
registers date from the beginning of the present century. was 71.

The living is a rectory with that of Burleston annexed, Parish Clerk, Thomas Drake.
joint yearly gross value of commuted tithe ['226, aver-
age £168, net income £138, in the gift of .Alfred C. de Letters from Dorchester through Puddletown, which is
Lafontaine esq. and held since 1881 by the Rev. John the nearest money order &; telegraph office; arrive at
Woolley, of St. Bees, who resides at Burleston. 6.30 a.m. Wall Box cleared at 6.25 p.m. week days;

.Athelhampton Hall, one of the most ancient seats in the sundays at 10·40 a.m

county, is the residence of Alfred C. de Lafontaine esq. The children attend the schools at Puddleto'wn &

who purchased the property in 1890 and has completely Tolpuddle

Lafont'aine Alfred C. de, Athelhamp- Hand Hy. farmer, South Admiston North William, head gardener to A.

ton hall Whittle James, farmer C. de Lafontaine esq

Lock John

:BATCOMBE is a parish and a small straggling village the Earl of Sandwich, and held by the Rev. Frederick
'2~ miles east from Evershot station on the Weymouth Phipps B.A. of Pembroke College, Cambridge, who re-
branch of the Great Western railway, about 12 north. sides at Frome Vauchurch. The Earl of Sandwich is
lord of the manor and principal landowner. The soil
west from DOl'chester and 4 north-west from Cerne and subsoil are chalk and clay. The land is mostly in
.Abbas, in the Western division of the county, hundred pasture. The area is 1,109 acres, inclusive of 33 acres
of glebe; rateable value £914; the population in 1891
.()f Yetminster, Cerne union and petty sessional division, was 123.
Dorchester county court district, rural deanery o!
'Shaftesbury (Sherborne portion), archdeaconry of Dorset P;tIish Clerk, John Chubb.
Wall Letter Box cleared at 4.30 p.m
and diocese of Salisbury. The church of St. Mary is Letters through Dorchester; arrive at 9.10 aom. The
a small Gothic structure of stone, restored in 1864, and
consisting of chancel and nave, liorth porch, with em· nearest money order office is at Evershot; &; telegraph
battled western tower with pinnacles and containing 2 office at Evershot station
National School (mixed), with residence for mistress,
bells: there are 130 sittings. The register dates from built in 1873, for 50 children; average attendance, 25;
the year 1813. The living is a rectory, annexed to that Miss Kate Minterne, mistress

of Frome Vauchurch; average tithe rent charge £223,

joint gross yearly value [,320, net £260, in the gift of

COMMERCIAL. Crocker Frederick, farmer Hedges Alfred, farmer
Crocker Isa'hella, (Mrs.), farmer Hodges WaIter, farmer
Bridge Thomas, farmer Everett Geor'ge, farmer Wightmoo Alfred, carpenter
Chubb John J. basket maker Foot Ro1>ert, shopke'eper
Crabb James, New inn

'bEAMINSTER is 1\ market and union town and bends of his cathedral: it is pleasantly seated in a fertile
and beautiful valley, through which runs the river Brit,
parish. 18 miles west-by-north from Dorcheste.r, 6 north which issues from several springs about one mile north
from Bridport terminllJl ~tation on 0. branch of the Great from the town and flows into the English Channel at
Western railway, 6 south from Crewkerne S'tation on the Bridport harbour. .At East Axe Knoll, one of the highest
London and South Western railway, and 133 by road hills in this county, two rivers take their source-the Axe
from London, in the Western division of tIll' county, and the Brit. The town is paved and is lig-hted with gas
by a company and supplied with water from wells and
petty sessional division and connty court district of springs. There are many good residences, and the
Bridport, hundred of Beaminster Forum, rural deanery modern appearance of the town may be attributed to
the destrnction of the old town by fire, which took place
of Bridport (Beaminster portion), archdeaconry of Dor-
set and diocese of Salisbury. The town is of considerable in the civil wars of Charles I. In the parish register it
antiquity: in "Domesday Book:' it is classed amongst states that-CC On the 14th of April, 1644, it was all

lands belonl?ing- to the Bishopric of Saro.m: it was given
in 10g1 to Bishop Osmund to augment two of the prs-


consumed by a terrible fire, except the East streete and (with 200 sittings) and Congregationalists (with 300
part of the Church streete, Prince Maurice and his army sittings). Petty sessions for the Bridport petty sessional
lying then in the towne;" it was rebuilt with the assist. division are held here at the Police station every aUer-
ance of Parliament, but again, with the Market house, nate month on a Monday at II a.m. alternately with
destroyed by the fire of June 28th, 1684; and again on Bridport and Thorncombe; for list of magistrates and
the 31st of March, !Jal, at about 5 a.m. a fire broke out places in the division see Bridport. The Market house
in the back premises of the King's Arms inn, in the and other buildings were bought from the Ecclesiastical

Market place, destroying in a few hours the whole of Commissioners by a local committee and pulled down in

the houses (two only excepted) on the west side of the 1886, leaving the market place clear. The markets are
street leading to the church, also the houses in Church held on Thursday for butchers' meat and provisions; and

street and Little street. In 1849 Beaminster was separ- the fair on September the 19th annually, for cattle.
ated from the mother-parish of Netherbury, to which it I Adjacent to the churchyard is an almshouse, built and

was formerly subject, and made a separate vicarage. I endowed by Sir John Strode, for the support of six poor

IThe church of the Virgin Mary is a large handsome stone I people; the inmates are chosen by Admiral Fitz Roy CoB.

building, standing on an eminence on the southern side the representative of the donor. There ar~ other chari-

Iof the town: it is principally of PerpendiCUlar character, ties of the annual value of £85, derived from land and

of about the end of the fifteenth century, consisting of a Consols. This town was the native place of Thomas

chancel, nave of 5 bays, aisles, north porch and em- i Sprat, Bishop of Rochester, born 1635, consecrated bishop

battled western tower nearly IOO feet high, which con- 1684. Parnham House, the seat of Vice-Admiral Robert
tains a clock and a peal of 8 bells, with chimes, which O'Brien Fitz Roy C.B. is a large old structure: the hall
play every three hours: the bells were rehung at con- is a noble room, having in its windows and on its walls
siderable expense in 1887: the tower is, well proportioned all the marriages> of the family, and a. pane of stained
and enriched with figures representing the Virgin Mary, glass having the arms of Strode inscribed" John Strode,
the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension: it was 1449 :" in the withdra:wing room is an original portrait
anciently ornamented with pinnacles, but these having of Thomas Lord Cromwell, vicar-general of Henry VIII.

been entirely destroyed, the tower in 1878 was restored and another of Gregory Lord Cromwell, his son: in the
and the pinnacles replaced at a cost of £·1,100; the aisles gallery are various portraits of the Strodes, some of

were newly roofed in 1889 at a cost of £4°0: there are which are of the age of Queen Elizabeth: the capiml
two monuments of the Strode family, several mural tab- mansion house was rebuilt and enlarged by Robert Strode
lets, one brass and fine memorial stained windows, the I esq. in the ~eign of Henry VIII.; ~anyo Qf the chambers
principal being to Sir Henry Oglander, Sir William are hung WIth tapestry: on the extmctlOn of the Strode
Oglander, Colonel Cox and Edward Fox esq.: in re- family (to whom it originally belonged) by the death of
moving one of the monuments some years ago the Thomas Strode esq. the last of that name, the estate

ancient steps and doorway to the rood-loft were exposed: devolved on the late Sir John Oglander bart. of Nun-

the church has sittings for 750. The parish register well, in the Isle of Wight, and since then it has passed
dates from the year 1684, the previous one having been to the present owner. 'The Manor House is the seat of
destroyed by the fire of that year. The living is a Mrs. Cox. John Rnssell Cox esq. JoP. is lord of the

vicarage, average tithe rent charge £247. gross yearly manor of Beaminster Prima and Secunda. The principal
value £314, net £239, with residence, in the gift of the ,landowIlers are Vice-Admiral Fitz Roy CoB. John Russell
Bishop of Salisbury, and held since 1890 by the Rev. Cox esq. Miss Frances Cox, the Ecclesiastical Commis-
Arthur AlIen Leonard M.A. of Oriel College, Oxford. sioners, Capt. Thomas Russell, Peter Meech esq. William
Holy Trinity chapel of ease, at the north-western ex- James Daniel esq. and Henry Francis Compton esq.
ilremity of the town, IS a building of stone in the Early The area is 4,916 acres; rateable value £IO,880; the
English style, consisting of chancel, nave of five bays. population in 1891 was 1,915.

aisles, south porch and bell turret at the intersection of Langdon is a tithing I! miles north-east; Newtown.

chancel and nave, containing onet bell: the east and west I half It mile north; and Buckham, 2 miles north-west,
windows are stained: consecrated and opened in 1851: ' are hamlets.

it has 400 sittings. There are chapels for Wesleyans Parish Clerk, William B. Newman.


Post, M. O. & 'f. 0., S. R, Express Delivery & Insurance Clerk to Guardians & Assessment Committee, llobert

& Annuity Office (Railway Sub-Office. Letters should Leigh, Beaminster .

have R.S.O. Dorset added).-Jeremiah Peter Stem- Treasurer, Robert Williams, jun. Old Bank, DOI'chester

bridge, postmaster Collectors to tlie Guardians, Relieving & Vaccination

Delivery.-London & all parts of England & foreign Officers, Beaminster district, Jonathan Pine, Cors-

countries, by letter carriers & to callers; 7 aom.; Lon- combe; Netherbury district, Nathaniel Meech,

don &; all parts of England & foreign countries (day Broadwindsor

mail), by letter carriers' & to callers, 5.30 p.m. Medical Officers & Public Vaccinators, Beaminster dis-

Dispatch.-Bridport, Yeovil, Vmdon &:, foreign countries, trict, 'Villiam James Daniel. Beaminster; Evershot

5055 aom.; Crewkerne, Taunton, Rnst;ll, Dath & 'Vest district, Charle3 Chapman Skardon, Evershot; Marsh~

of England, 7 p.m. (extra stamp, 705 pom.); London, wood & Netherbury districts, .John Staines Webb,

Bridport, Dorchester, 'Veymouth, North of England, Church street, Beaminster; Misterton district, Cbarles

Ireland, Scotland & foraign countries, 6045 p.m. (extra Edward Alford, Crewkerne
Superintendent Registrar, Robert Leigh, Bl·aminster
stamp, 6.50 p.m)
Money orders are granted &:, paid from 9 a.m. to 6 pom. ; Registrars of Births &, Deaths, Beaminst~r sub-district,
saturdays, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Postal u:"ders are issued Joseph Keech, St. Mary street, Beaminster; deputy,
from 7 a.m. to 8 pomo; paid from 9 aom. to 8 p.m. OEver Mullins Beament, Ea·st street, Beaminster;

This office is on week days open to the public for Ever"hot sub-district, Jonathan Pine. Corscombe;
ordinary business from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m.; ff,r telegraph deputy, Henry Conway, Evershot; Ketherbury sub-
bnsiness from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.; on snndays, open di!"trict, N athaniel Meech, Rroadwilldsor
from 8 till IO a.m. Letters can he registered up to IS Registrar of Marri.1ges, OliveI"' Mullins neament, East st.
Bf.aminster; deputy,Albt.Hann,Hogshill st.Beaminster
minutes before the box closes
Workhouse i!l one mile from the town, in the adjoining
Public Establishments.
parish of Stoke Abbott; it is capable of holding 230

County Police Station, George Brooks, superintendent, 4 inmates; Ambrose Crosland, master; Rev. William
Gildea, chaplain; John Staines Webb, medical officer;
sergeants & 21 constables
Mrs. Crosland, matron
Beaminster Union.
School Attendance Committee.
Board day, every alternate thursday at the workhouse, Meetg at Board room, Workhouse, as often as
at II a.m.
business requires.

Beaminster is the head of a union of 26 parishes, com- Clerk, Robert Leigh

prising Beaminster, Bettiscombe, Broadwindsor, Bur- Attendance &; Inquiry Officers. J. Pine, Corscombe &;

stock, Oheddington, Chelborough (East), Cheloorough Randolph Meech, Broadwindsor

(West), Corscombe, Evershot, Halstock, Hooke, Map-

perton, Marshwood, Melbury Osmond, Melbul"Y Samp- Rural District Council.

ford, Mosterton, Netherbury, Perrott (South), Pil!"don, Meets at Board room,Workhouse, every month at II aom.

Poorstock, Poorton (North), Rampisham, Stoke Abhott Clerk, Robert Leigh

& Wraxall & Misterton &; Seaborough in Somei:'!"E'to The Treasurer, Robert Williams, jun. Old Bank, Dorchester

area of the union is 54,638 acres, i-a~aable ,"alue in ~iedical Officer of Health, John Staines Webb. Church st

1894 £84,696. The population in 1891 was 10,366 Surveyor &, Sanitary Inspector, Chas. Ilann,Prout brdgo


Public Officers. Schools.

Asses'sor &; Collector of Queen's Taxes, 'William Macey, The Beaminster &: Netherbury school, f(,unded by Mrs.

Clenham 'rucker in 1684, for 20 pool' boys of the parish. has
Certifying Factory Surgeon, John St·aines Webb been amalgamated with the Nethorhnry Grammar

Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, Hobert L£:igh school, which has been lemoved here, as 8 day &
Surveyor of Roads, Richard Rendall, Stoke Ahbott
Assistant Overseer &; Collector of Poor Rates, Alhert boarding school for boys &. ca:led the B£'aminster &;

Hann, East street Netherbury Grammar school: the nllmbe:' of s(;h(·l~rs
is now about 25 &; the endowme~t amounts to [,280
Places of worship, with times of services. yearly; the Rev. Samuel Hood. f-1t~pr of Lords Hood
Church of the Virgin Mary, Rev. Arthur Allen Le(lnard
&; Bridport, was master of this !l.::hool i'l 171~. This
school is temporarily closed to amass fundi

l\f.A.vicar; Rev.BasilWyatt Bradford B.A.curate; holy National (girls), built in 1870, for 130 children; 8yeruge
communion at 8 a.m.; morning prayer, II a.m.; attendance, 6o; Miss Mary Freeman, miilt,ress
afternoon ,service, 3 p.m.; evening serviee, 6.30 p.m. ;
Boys' Elementary, built in 1875, for 130 children; aver-
mono tues. thurs. & sat. morning prayer in SUITLml:'r, age attendance, 70; William Oxley, mast&r
7.30 a.m.; morning prayer in winter, 10 a.m.: wett.
&; fri. morning prayer at II a.m.; Raints' days, rele- Infant, built in 1870, for ISO children; average at1end-
bration 8 a.m.; morning prayer at 1I a.m.; e\'ening ancel 100; Miss Mary 'Wills, mistress

service at 6 p.m. summer &; 4.30 p.m. winter; sermon Conveyance to Crewkerne.-Ommbus leaves BrieIport
every friday evening at 7.30
Chapel of the Holy Trinity; morning prayer at II a.m ab 8.40 a.m. &; Beaminster at 9.40 1:\.'.11. for Crewkorne
daily &; starts from Crewkerne nt 12.40 p.m &; Bea-
Congregational, Rev. WIlliam .Akehurst Pevan; II a.m. minster at I.45p.m.&; arrives at Bridport about 2.4~p.m
&; 6.30 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m Carrier to Bridport.-Alfred Woodbury. daily at 9.45
Agent for Goods &; Parcels for the Great Western Rail-

Wesleyan; II a.m. &; 6.30 p.m way Company, William Andress &; Son

PRIVA.TE RESIDENTS. Elliott William, Myrtle cottage Leonard Rev. Arthur AlIen :M.A.

Fitz Roy Vice-Admiral Robert O'Brien Vicarage

And.rewJS James C.R Parnham house Lloyd Mrs. Park cottage

Bevan Rev. William AkC'hurst (Con- Fll'ssell In. Hounsell, Dannemora cot Macey Mrs. Woodswater house

gregational), Fleet street Gardner Mrs OliveI' Mis'S, BartQn end

Bradford Rev. Basil Wyatt RA. Groves Major John, Bridge hQuse OliveI' Mrs. Fleet street

(curate) Hardca'Stle Jsph. AIfd. J.P. Woodlands Pinney Geo. Fredk. J.P. Brooklands

Burnsid-e M1'Is Hine' Miss, White Hart street RUlssell Capt. Thomas J.P. Beryth

cox Mrs. Manor house Keddle The l\oIisses, The Elms SherriDig' Henry James, Ohurch skeet

Cox Miss KitsOIlJ Fras. Pa1'lsQns, Prout bridge Slade Edwin

Cox Tom, !'Tout bridge Kitson John Lane, ElliStcot Toleman Mrs. Hamilton lodge

Daniel Thoms·s Palmer, Bank hill Lawrence Charles, Fleet street Trl>tman. Fiennes

Damel William Jnmes, White Hart st Leigh Robert, The Yews

COMMERCIAL. Daniel Thomas Palmer M.R.C.S.Engl., L.S.A. surgeon.

AlIen Edwin, insurance agent, White Hart strc.1t et !redical officer &; public vaccinator to the Beaminster
Allen William, hair dresser, Fore place
AndressWilliam &; Son,cooper &; basket ma.White Hart rl district of the union of Beaminster, Bank hill

Andrews IIerbert, photographer, Fleet street Denner James, boot &; shoe maker, Shadrack street
Andrews James, manager of the Dorsetshire Bank
A88embly RQOm8, licensed for theatricals, Red Dorsetshire Bank (branch) (R &; R. Williams, Thorntcn

Lion P.H Sykes &; Co.) (James Andrews, managel'j; open daily
Barrett Augusta (Miss), photographer, Fleet street
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; draw on Williams Deacon &;
Beament Oliver Mullins, carpenter &; deputy registrar
of births &; deaths &; registrar of lUarria~e~, East st Co. London

Beaminster Gas &; Coke Co. (William J3ugler Newman, Dunell J. &; B. farmers, Buckham farm
manager; E. AlIen, sec)
Dunn Geol'ge, farmer, Barrow fipld
Bellamy John, gardener to Mrs. CO.1:
Boon Ann (Mrs.), laundress Dunn John Barratt, leatner sel!f)r, White Hart street
Boon Isaac, haulier
Boon John, butcher &; beer retailer, I"leeb ~treet Ebdon Charles, coal dealer, :Kewtuwn
Bridle George, cooper, &1 Eight :Qells inn, Chureh street
Brook House Ladles' School (principal,Mi:>s Wair; ; }<'rampton Giles, butcher, l~ore place

extensive grounds &; tennis lawn Frampton Thomas, far:ner, 'Yhi:,c·)Illbe farm

Brooka Goorge, supt. of police &; inspector cattle disease Freemasons' Manor Lodge, Xo. q67, meeting bouse,
&; food &; drugs
White Hart hotel
Brooks Josiah, tailor, Church street
Bugler William Henry &; George, saw mills &; timber Froome BenJamln. wholesale butcher &; exporter of

merchants, North street live k dead stock, White Harb strep,t
Bugler Elizabetli M. (:\:l:rs.), dress mat lVbHd Hart 8t
Bugler John Henry, butcher, Church s~reet- Galpin Ephraim, farmer
Bugler Robert, farmer, Knowle farm
Bugler Thomas, timber haulier, East str~ot Garland Thomas R. Swan P.H. Fleeb streeb
Bugler William, baker, Church street
Gibbs Thomas, boot &; shoo maker, Fore place
Bugler William (Mrs.), boot &; shoe maker, Church st
Bugler William Henry, Red Lion P.ll. &. impl'lJDenb Gibbs William John, confectioner, I,'rout Bridge

&; general agent GilLingham Henry, farmer, Axno]er
Burt Emmanuel, beer retailer, Denmim;~er hottum
Caddey Hannah (Mrs.), farmer, Chapel marsh Groves William, Crown P.H. North street
Chambers Benjamin B. builder, Fleet
Chambers Samuel .lames. builder, groenhr.uses, Guppy ChTistabel (Miss), dre5s maker, Church street

melon frames, garden lights &c. ~ol'th stre('1; Guy Thomas (')Irs.), farmer, Storridge farm

Chard Thomas Norman, boot maker, White Hart street Hallett Amy (Miss), ladies' school, Wilite Hart street

Clare Charles, fuI'Illiture dealer, :Fleet st.reet Hallet,t Thirza (~frs.), fancy reposit'Ory, White Hart st
Cook Samuel, farmer, Cherry Cottage farm
Coombs Hcrbert S. baker .~ ('unfm:tioner, East ~treet Hann Charles &. Albert, builders, contractors, stone

Coombs William, shopkeeper, East street masons &; lime merchants, Prout bridge
Cox Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker &; nulliner
Cox John Paul, farmer, Stonecombe farm Hann Albel't, a's5istant overseer &; deputy registrar of
Cox Samuel, auction·~er, surveyor &; estate agent,
marriages, East street
Hogshill street
Cox T. manager of the Wilts & Dorset Bank Hann Charles, surveyor &; sanitary inspector of nuisances
Cox WaIter Henry, butcher &; game dealer, ~(jrth street
Crocker Henry, draper, Fore place to rural district council, Prout bridge
Crossman Richd.gardener to Vice-Adm.R. O.Fitz Rey C.B
Dnwbney Arthur, farmer, Northfield farm Hawker Benjamin, timber haulier, Fleet street

Hill George, shopkeeper, NO'l'th street

Hine &; Son, chemists, Fore place

Hoare James (M~s.), slhopkeeper, Church street

Hooper Edwin, beer retailer &; timber haulier

Hull JQhn, blacksmith, Church street

Hunt John, carriage, wagon &; implement wks. South st

James Wil~~am, dairyman, Langdon &; Slhatcombe

"ames Wllllam Henry, saddler, harness maker &; boot

stores, Fore place .

KeC'Ch Joseph &; Son, monumental masons &; registrars

of births &; deaths, Hogshill street

Kitson &; Tl'()hman, SQlicitOT'S, Ea5t street

K'itlron Francis Pa·rsoIlls F.R. C.S.Eng., L.R. C.P.Lond.

(firm, Webb &; KitSQn), surgeon &; physician, Prout bdg

Kitson John Lane (firm, Kitson &; Trotman), solicitor &

commissioneor to administer oaths, &; steward of the



waLawrence A.lfred Cox, grocer &; dealer, Fore place Shiner \lames & Son, cart'iage builders & timber

Lawrence Oharles, gelder, Fleet street merchantlS, East street

Legg E. Gapper, farmer, Ooombe down Slade Edwin, estlllte, White Hart street

Leigh Robert, solicitor, commil;sioner fvr oaths, clerk to Stembridge Je-remiah Peter, trap proprietor, Post office

the rural distTict council, & clerk to the guardians &. SwaffieId Frederick, shopkeeper, St. Mary s-treet

aJssessment & 800001 at.tendance committees of Bea~ Swaffie'ld John, farmer, High'Br Meerhay

mins-te!" union, clerk to Governors of tfue Beaminster & Swatridge Richard, corn factor, Fore place

Netihel'bury Grammar School foundation, to the boy's Sydenham Jl3me.s, farmer, Sandhurst house

public elementary school, & to the trustees of the Symes Goorge, beer retailer, North street

iNetherbury charitlies, asls·istant magistrates' clerk, &, Tett WiIIiam, fa.rmer, Newtown

superintendent registrar, & land sbeward to Vice- Toleman A. .& E. betlhangers, ironmongers, lock"

Admiral FitzRoy C.B smiths, painters & glaziers, plumbers & tinplate wrkrs.

Legge WilIlam, boot &; shoe maker, Fleet street &; agricultural implement agents>, Fore place

Loxton Oharles, grocer, Whit.e Hart street Toleman Francis, farmer, Mapperton :Marsh farm

:Macey Thomas, hair dres's'er & tobacconist, White Hart st Travers Robert &; Son, coal merchantSt, Fleet street

:Marsih 'Oharity (Mrs.), stay make«', North ~treet Tr.a,vers El1en (Miss), milliner, Fleet street

Maunder Harry, watch maker, White Hart 'street Trotman FieIIDes (firm, Kit'son & Trotman), solicitor &;

Meech David (Mrs.), farmer, Hilts farm deputy ,steward of the manors, East street

:Meech John Hemy, Bell & Crown P.H. East stre,et Trump Thomas, chimney sweeper, Fleet street

Moor Stephen, White Hart hotel Tuck WilIiam, thatcher

Morey John !Marsh, agricultural eng1ine prop. East rd. oot Wakeley John Henry, farmer, Lower Meerhay

Newman Jdhn Henry, farmer, 'Vellwood farm Thomas Slade, saddler & harness ma. Fore pI

Newman Joseph T. beer re:taile,r, Wlhite Hart street Wea,ver William & Son, blacksmiths, White Hart streell

Newman William Bugler, manager of gas wOTks & iron- Weaver WiIIiam Henry, New inn, White Hart street

monger, St. Mary st'1'eet Webb &, Kitson, surgeons & physicians

Oliver Emma (Miss), fancy-repository, White Hart street Webb John Staines M.R.C.S.Eng. (firm, Webb & Kit.

Oxley William, plain & fancy stationer, toy dea:er, book- son), surgeon, medical officer of health to the rural

seller & printer district couDlcil, medicaJ. officer & public vaccinator to

Pile William Robert, iaTmer, Langdon & S'hatcombe frms the :M:iarshwood &; Netherbury districts of the union of

Pine. Alfred Vie, grooer, &; agent for W. & A. Gilbey, Be.aminster & the union house, the Dorset constabu-

Limited, wine & spirit merchants, Fleet street lary, Odd1ielIows & Foresters, &; certifying surgelOn

Podger Charles, farmer & miller (water), Buckham mil: under the :Factory Acts, Church street

Poole Charles, beer retailer, St. 11ary shree't, Whedon Mary (Miss), dress maker

Read George John, tailor, ,"Vhite Hart street Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Limited (branch) (T. Cox,

Reynolds ATtihur (exors. of), drapers & boot &; slhoe mer- manager); draw on London &; Westminster Bank Lim.

cers, Hogshill street &; 1l'1ore place London E C

Rorerts George, bake«' & grocer, St. Mary street 'Vinter Frederick, baker &; confectioner, East street

Rogells Jdhn, beer retailer, "'bite Hart stree-t Winter John, jun. boot maker, North street

Rogers Luke-, paperhanger, 'White Hart street Woodbury Alfred, carrier, East street

Savage Georg-e Barter, GreJ1hound P.H. Fore place 'Voodbury Samuel, farmer, Barrowfield farm

Sherrlng Wllllam Lane, painter, decorator, &; sign Woolmington John Henry, fairmer, East Axnoller farm

writer, Church street


BEER HACKE'IlT is a parislh, on a small stream which age tithe rent-charge £1I7, gross yearly value [,177, net

flow.s into the Yeo, I mile north from Yetminster station, £155, including 38 acres of g1e1be, an\:i held since 1891 by

on the "\Veymoutlh. branch of the Great Western railway, the Rev. "\Ylilfrid Roxby B.A. of Emmanuel college, Cam..

< 4 miles south-west from She~borne and 5 south-ea,st from bridge, who is 3o:so reooor of, and resides at, Thornford.

Yeovil, in the Northern division of the county, hundred, The principa.llandowner is John Kenelm Digby WiIlJgfi.eld-

. union and petty sessional division of Sherborne, Yeovil Digby esq. M.P., J.P. who is lord of the manor as suc-

county court district, rural deanery of Shaft·esbury (Sher- cessor /)of the abbots of 'Sherborue; he is owner of the

borne porti'On), arc'hdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of rectorial titihes, £6 yearly from tithes. The soil is clay;

Salis>bury. The church of St. Michael is a stone bUJild- subsoil, rock. The chief crops are pasture; the area. is

ing of bhe Early English style, consisting of chanoel, 918 acres; rateahle value, £1,472; the population in 1891

nave and south porch, with a western tower, containing including the t~thing of Knlighton, I mile south-ea-st,

4- be:ls: it was rebuilt in 18,82, with the exception of the was 85. .

tower, at a cost of about £I,roO, raised by sllJbscription: Parish Clerk, John Whitty.

the east window is s,tained and is a memorial to the Rev. mhe chi:dren lIittend the school a<t 'rh'ornford

Frank Newington RA. vicar 01 Osmington, who died Letters ,through. ISherborne. Yetminster is the nearesll

October ID, 1877: bhere are 100 sittin~s. The register money order office; &; telegTaph office lilt Yetminstel'

dateit from the yeM' 1549. The living is a rectory, aver- station

Farr Jane' &; Emma (Misses), farmers, HelIier Frederick, Olaypits l\foger Gell. Robt. dairyman,Trill frm .

Knight'on Knight Alban, farmer, Knighton Parlrid'g'e Peter, farmerr & landowner

Hal1'vey John, farmer, Knighton }Iasters Frederick, farmer Patch WiIIiam, farmer

BELCHALWELL is a parish and small village, 2~ of Ibbe:r.ton, average tithe rent-dharge- £341, joint gross
miles south-west from Shillingtstone statlion on the Mid- yearly value £345, net £330, with residence, in the gill;

land and South Westeorn Junction railw3y, 8 north-west of Lieut.-Gen. A. H. L. Fox-Piut-Bivers, and held since
from Bland'foxd and 4 south from St'llrminster Newton, 18-82 by the Rev. Joseph August-us Wix B.A. of Magda-

in the Northern diivision of ilie county, hundred. of Crau- lene College, Oambridge, who 1"esidels at Ibbert>Qn. Tha

borne, petty sessional division a,nd union of Sturminster Wesleyans have a, cfrlapel here. Lieut.-Gen. A. H. L.

Newton, Blandford county court disbrict, rural deanery ·Fox-Pitt-Rive1'ls, who is lord. of the manor, and Charles

of Wihi.lJchurch (iMJiIton poTtion), archdeaconry of Dorset Prideaux-B<rune esq. are the chief landowners. The soil

and dliocese of ,saIisJbury. This place has, under the is chie'fly clay. 'I1he Ifc100 is chiefly pasture. The area is
operation of the Divided Parishes Act, been divided, for 1,308 acres; rateable value is included with that of Oka-

civil purposes only, be,tween the parishes of Okeford ford Fitzpaline and' Fifehead Neville.
Fit~paline and Fifehead: Neville. The church (not dedi- Fifehead St. Quinbin (or Lower Fifehead) is a hamlet,
cated) is a platin 'building- of stone, consisting- of chancel, I~ miles west-by-north on the river Divelish. Bell Hill
nave of three bays, north aisle, and has a fine Korman is a. hig>h hilI t·o Hhe south.
south porch and a square embattled tower on the sout,b ,sexton, Jeremiah Spencer.
side, containing one bell: it was r.eseahed! in 1872, :md Wall Letter Box, cleared at 5.<::5. p.m. Letters from
restored recently by tlhe reotOT and friends: it has 100 BIMldlford, arrive at 7.30 a.m. The nearest money order

sittings. With tlle exception of a few fragments, the office is at OkeflOrd Fitzpa.ine; ShiJ.lingstone is the

e3rly regtisters were de5troyed by fire; the present one nearest telegrnph office

dates from 1842. The living is a rectory, united to th3Jt Children attend school a.t Ibberton

Andrews- Ja.~. John, farmer, Erls frm }feaden George, butcher Rose George, beer retailer
Andrews WiIIiam, farmer, Darknell ~Ieaden Richard (Ml'Is.), farmer Ross WilIiam, farmer, Lower Fifehead

Bracher Hy. Geo.shopkpr.& basket ma Miller Jasper, farmer Sherry Charle's James, dairyman,

Foot Ge>Orge, farmer, Lower Fifehead Roberts Robert, farmer, Brooks farm Lower Fifehead

Foot Herbert, farmeT, Low. Fifehearl Raberts Tom, dairyman Topp Herbert, farmer


BERE REGIS (or Beer Regis), which gives name to for two poor men and two women. Ber.e Regis is' sup.

th& hundred, is a parish and wa,s formerly a market town, posed by Dr. StukeJey to have been the Ibernnum of tha
6! miles north-west from "Vareham sta't.ion on the South Romans: it was ere'cted into a free borough by Edward

Wesrern railway, 8 soutfu-west from Blandford on tlhe I.: it has suffered severely by fire on three different

Somerseot and Dorset line and II north-east from Dorches- occasions; first in 1634, again in 1788, and on the lash

ter, in the Ea.stern dirision of the county, petty sessional occasoion in 1817. A fair, formerly much resorted to, is

divisioo of Wimborne, ulll10n of Wareham and Purbeck, he!ld here, on Woodibury hill, on the 21st and 22nd Sep-

county coW't district of 1VarehMn, rural deanery of Whit- tember. On Woodlbury H1ll which commands a fine view

church (Bere Reg'lis portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and 0If the surrounding country, is a large camp; and there

diocese of SaliSlbury. A small stream floWls througili the are several barrows in the vicinity. The kennels of the

pariJsh. The clhurdh O'f St. John the Baptist is a. large South Dorset HunD are situated about 1 mile north, on

flint and.tO'Ile structure, consistiing of chancel, nave, the road to Kingston. The build!ings were erected at

aisles, south porch and square emlbattled western tower the expense of Mrs. E. ErIe Drax ~n 1894: Aston Rad-

. with carved pinnacles and containing clock without dial, cliffe esq. of York, is master of the hounds. The manor
quarter chimes and 5 bells: the style is principally Per- of Bere Regis ibe:ongs to Mrs. ErIe Drax, that of Shit- and a littble NOTman in the interi()r: the roof ter-ban to J. C. Mansel-P,leydell esq. and tibat of Hyde to

o.f the nave, erected by Card'inal Morton in Henry VII.'s Charles James Radclyffe esq. J.P. who resides at Hyde

reign, is of richly-call'ved oak with fine hammer beam House; they are a~so the clhief landowners. The soil
figures, popu:a.rly supposed to represent the Twelve is partly chalk and, partly clay. The chief crops are

Apostles, which have been repaired and ,repain.tOO in their wheat and, barley, Wlitlh some pas.tUl'e. The number af

OTiginal colours: the seats are of oak with beautifully- acres is 8,894; rateable value, £6,OII; the popula.tion in
carved ends, copied from old ,patterns: the aisles and 1891 was 1,144.
chancel are laid wlith tessela,tOO pa.vement,s, some copied
Pari.h Clerk, Riclhard Barnes.
from remains dug uv in ilie church and neighbourhood:
l'>st, M. O. &i T. 0., S. B., Express Delivery &i Annuity
the remalinder of Vhe floor was re-laid with oak blocks in
&i Insurance Office. Hoory CI:1'll.rles Jehkin1s, sub-post-
1894: .the windows a,re all stained, pr-esented by Mrs.
ErIe Drax: hhere are two fine canQpied tom:bs in Pur- mas-ter. Letters received through Warelham; delivery
beck marble of the Turbervi:Ie fami1y, the ancient lQI'ds commences at 7.15 a.m. &; 3 p.m. &i dispatched at
of the manor, and one in ,the chancel to the memory of 10.45 a.m. &i 6.15 p.m.; sundays 10.25 a.m
John Skerne, with a curio1lJS inscription; also a small Pillar Box, Bere Heath, cleared at 5 p.m. week d'llys only

brass by the north door, with a Latin epit,aph to Andrew Public Officers.

Loup: tlhe church was thoroughly restored and resea'ted
in 1875, from designs by the late G. E. Street esq. R.A. Medacal Officer &; Public Vaccinator, No. 4 District,
a.t a ooS't Qf ()ver £5,000, mis.ed by subscription, the iBlandford UIl!ion &i Bere Regi'S, Wareham &i Purbeck
ch~ef cOO1ltri'butor being Mrs. ,ErIe Dr~x: there are sit- Union &; Medical Officer of Health, Wareham &; Pur-
tings for 428 persons. The regi.sters date from 1588, but beck Rural Sanitary District, Franciso Daniell Lys
the 18th centUJ'Y re'giste1'ls were burnt in a fire BIt the !Re~istrar of Births &; Deaths &i Relieving Officer for the
v~cal'age in 1788. The ,living i,s a vicara'ge, wi,th the Bere Regis district, William Bullen
chapelry of Winterlbourne Kingston annexed, avernge Assistant Overseer &; Collector of Rates &i Taxes, HeIlry
ti,the rent-charge £3°4, joont gross yearly value £4°9, net Charles J enkins

£162, with one aCTe of glebe and residence, in the giflt Schools.
of the Master and FeJ~ows of Ba[iol Col1e~e, Oxford, and
held !Since 1886 by the Rev. William Farrer M.A. of that National (boys), Barrow IEIl, founded in 1719 by Thomas
IWil1iams esq. &; placed under government limpection in
college: this living, with that of Cllarminster, formerly 1870 &; enlarged about ,the same time, for 98 cibildren;
average attendanoe, 44; partQy supported by Williams'
constituted the" golden prebend" in the catlhedral church charity; JQlb Bugby, master
of Sal1i&bury. Tb,a rent-Clhaorge, in lieu of the great
tithes, belongs to Mrs. ErIe Drax, J. O. MaIllse~-Pleydell ShiJtterton, for 150 childTen; average a1tJtendance, '}2;
esq. and Messrs' Spa,rkes, of Crewkerne. There,is an Miss Amy Cozens, mistress; Miss Mary Ann Sk\llSe,
infants' mistress
endowed Olngregatliona,l chapel and also two Wesleyan
Bere Heath (mixed), built in 1875, for 58 children; aver-
chape:ls, one on Ber,e heath. A Burial board of nine age .attend'ance, 36; Mis<s JaiDe D()bSlO'll, mlistoress

members was formed in Decemb€ll' 188o; the cemetery, Camien tQ

which coveDS an area of one a'Cre, was laid out and in-

dosed in 1881 aJt a cost of about £500, the land being

the gift of J. ,C. Mansel-Pleyde!l:l. esq.; there iJs no mor- Blandfard-Chas. Day, tues &i fri. leave Bere Regis 8 a.m

tuary chapel: it is now under the control of the Parish Bournemouth Chas. Day, mono in summer monrtilis

Council. There is a. charity, founded in the year 1719, DOI'chester-Ohas. Day, wed. &; sat. leave Here Regis

by Thomas Williams esq. of Slhitterton" for the clothing 8 a.m.; Toms, wed.; &; Joiner, from Mintern Ferry,

and teaching of s-ix boys, and one by Jane Williams, of wed. &i sat

£10 yea,rly, amsing wom money invested in the funds, Poole Chas. Day, mono &; thurs. leave Bere Regis 8 a.m

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Besent Wm.Jn.farmer,Shitterton farm Jesty Hy. Robert, farmer, Roke farm

Dibben Geoorg6 Boswell Annie (Miss), dress maker, John-son In. Josias, brewer &i maltster

North street Kellaway RichaJ'd Amos, shoeing &i
FalTeT Rev. William M.A. (vicar) Bullen Jameos, carpenter, Shitterton gen.eral smith
Galpin Mrs. West st,re'et
Bullen William, registrar of births &i Lane Jane (Miss) &i Kiddle Elizabeth
Guest Art'hur Edward J.P. We-st st deaths, vaccination officer &; reliev- (Mr,s.), grocers &i d.rapers
Howe Mr,s. West stree,t
ing officeJr for Bere Regis district, Lockyer James, thatcher, North st
Jesty Charles, Nortb street
Shitte'l'ton Lys Francis Daniell, surgeon &; IX!edical
Lys Fm,s. Daniell, White Lovlington Burt John, farmer &i miller (water), officer, No. 4 district, Blandford
Lys GeOTge, White Lovington
Chamberlain's mill (letters should union &; for the Bere Regis district,
Park AJtheTton Charles, Woodlands
be ad.dTessed Bere hth. Wa~eham)'ham &; Purbeck union, &i
Potter Rev. Edwa:rd M. (Congrega· Cobb Cha,rles, farmer
Honal), The Manse medical officer of health for the

Cobb Daniel, farmer, Court farm Wareham &i PUl"beck rural sanit8l'y
Radclyffe Charles Jame.s J.P. Hyde ho Constitutional C1U1b (Job Bugby, sec) authority
Radc1yffe William Frederick, Culeaze Daws James, estate bailiff for M'rs. Lyts George, surgeon
Spear MM. Rye hill
Ede Drax Mars'h Thomas, farmer, West street
SwitheThbank Rev. 8eth (Wesleyan) Day Oharles, farmer &; carrier
Miller Geo. machine owner &i shpkpr

Edmonds Fanny (Miss), dre.s>s maker, MiHer John, farmer &; machine owner

COMMERCIAL. Rye hill Miller Thomas, farmer, Rye hill

Applin Thomas Edward, butcher Edwards Wiiliam, tailor Moore Harriett (Miss), dress maker

Arnold J'ames, Drax's Arms P.H George William, Royal Oak P.H Nutbeen Alfred, butcher

Becking'ham WaIter, brick &; tile ma Henning Wm. Fredk. frmr. Doddings Nut'been James, dairyman, Stockiey

Bedford William, watercres,s grower Hibbs Geo. grocer, draper &; prvsn.dlr Paulley William, farmer, Woodbury hI

Bemister Samuel Edward (late Be- Hoare Henry, farmer, Lane end Ricketbs Frede-rick, boot &i shoe

minster &; Mundell), grocer, iron- HoU'se Harvey, carpenter maker, North street

monger, provision, corn &; flour House Robert, carpenter &i shopkpr Roe Alfred James, estate carpenter

dea.ler &C. &; agent for W. &; A. Janes James, ha~nes'8 ma. &i farmer RllJSsell Edward, farmer, Rye hill

Gilbey Limited. wine &; spirit mers J enkins Henry Oharles, grocer &; sta- Scutt Ellen E. (Miss),preparatory &ChI

Havercomb James, pork butcher &; tioner, as-sistffint overseer &; collector Shave Edwin, w'heelwt. timber dlr. &e

shopkeeper, West street of rates, Post office Sheppard Frank, mason

Biles George, gamekeeper to C. J. Joiner Jame's, farmer &; carrier, Sheppard Fredk. watch &i clock ma

Radclyffe esq )fintern ferry Sheppard GeQrge, buildeor


Sheppard William Clench, builder h11Stickley Richard, farmer,Woodbury TozeT He'llry, farmer
Smith Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Toms Ohar1ton, carrier, Rye hill Welch James, baker

:BETTISCOM:BE is a parish, 8 miles south-west from from the year 1780. The living is a rectory, average
Crewkerne station, and 5 miles east from Chard Road tithe rent-charge £96, gross yearly value £158, net
station, both on the London and South Western railway, £130, with 55 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift
6 miles west from Beaminster, 8 east from Axminster, of A. B. Sheridan esq. and held since 1867 by the Rev.
and 7 north-west from Bridport, in the Western division Frederick Williams M.A. of Jesus College, Oxford. A.
of the county, hundred of Whitchurch Canonicorum, B. Sheridan esq. of Frampton Court., is lord of the manor
liberty of Fram pton, Beaminster union, Bridport petty and sole landowner. The soil is sandy and strong sub.
sessional division and county court district, rural deanery soil. The land is principally used as dairy land. The

of BridpQlrt (Lyme portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and area is 644 acres; rateable value, £737; in 1891 the
diocese of Salisbury. The church off Saint Stephen was population was 59.

rebuilt in the year 1862: it is a building of stone in Parish Clerk, Samuel Phillips.
the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave of
three bays, north aisle and south porch, and embattled Letters through Charmouth R.S.O. arrive at 9. 1 5 a.m. ;
western tower containing one bell: there is a stained dispatched from Pillar Post at 3·55 p.m. on week
east window, erected in 1864 by the late J. Tatcheil- days only. The nearest money order ii telegraph
Builen esq. of Marshwood Manor; there are also three offices are at Broadwindsor & Thorncombe

small stained windows erected to the Rev. James Wood- Parochial School, erected by the late R. B. Sheridan esq.

ward Scott, formerly rector, and Mrs. Scott and their in 1863, for 60 children; average attendance, 44; Mrs.

Itwo children: there are 200 sittings. The register dates Annie Summerhays, mistress

Williams Rev. Fredk. M.A. Rectory Collier -, farmer, Revelshay farm ]Hedditch Robert, dairy
Bugl~,r SlIiIDtfanner,Lower HQuse frm Forsey Jo. farmer, Bettiscombe farm Miller Abra'ham, farmer, Spence farm

:BINCOM:BE is a parish, I! miles from Upwey sta-l Broadway. Large camps of observation were fonned on

tion on the Great Western and London and South the hills in this parish in the reign of George Ill. and
Western railways, 5 miles south from Dorchester and 5 two deserters, in trying to escape with details of the
north from Weymouth, in the Southern division of the different camps, were captured in the. Channel, tried by
county, petty sessional division of Dorchester, hundred of court martial and shot on Bincombe Down, and their
Culliford Tree, liberty of Frampton, Weymouth union remains interred in the churchyard. The Master and
and county court district, rural deanery of Dorchester Fello"Ns of Caius College, Cambridge, are lords of the
(Weymouth portion), archdeaconryof Dorset and diocese manor and principal landowners. The soil is heavy
of Salisbury. The church of the Holy Trinity is a small clay; subsoil, chalk and clay. The chief crops are
building of stone in the Early English style, having grass, barley and oats. The area is 977 acres; rateable
chancel, nave, south porch and square western tower value, £I,183; the population in 1891 was 202.
containing 2 bells, and has a memorial window to the On the downs are many barrows, among which is
late Mrs. Howship: there are 80 sittings. The register Cholbury.
dates from the year 1658. The living is a rectory, Parish Clerk, James Palmer.
average tithe rent-charge £357, with that of Eroadway Wall Letter Box, cleared at 8.50 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
annexed, joint gross yearly value £437, net £3°5, with Letters received through Dorchester at 9 a.m. The
42 acres of glebe, in the gift of Caius College, Cam- nearest money order & telegraph office is at Upwey
bridge, and held since 1890 by the Rev. David Long National School, built in 1873, for 40 children; average
M.A. formerly fellow of that college, who resides at attendance, 28; Miss Amy Hand, mistress

COMMERCIA.L. Haines Edw'ard, blacksmith PaSlhen Robed, carpenter
Virgin Frederick, dairy
Cake Hester (Mrs.), farmer Hounsell John, dari.ryman Watters Mary (Miss), beer retailer

Foot Wm. Samson, farrmer, East frm Pashen John, farmer


BLANDFORD (or BLANDFORD-FORUM) is a municipal paved and lighted with gas by a company; the houses
borough, parish, market and union town, head of a uniformly built of brick: there is a plentiful supply of
county court district and petty sessional division and well water.
station on the South-Western and Midland Companies' The old church named SS. Peter and Paul having
Somerset and Dorset joint line of railway, 16 miles been consumed in the fire of 1731, the present church

north-east from Dorchester, IQ! north-west from Wim- was built in 1732, and is in the style introduced by Wren:

borne Minster, 14 north-west from Poole and 104 by it consists of a. chancel, nave of six arches supported by
road and I23! by rail from London, in the Northern Greek pillars, aisles 2nd a western tower, and was built
division of the county, hundred of Pimperne, rural at a. cost of £3,200: the tower is IOO feet high, snr-
deanery of Pimperne (Blandford portion), archdeaconry mounted by a cupola, and ornamented with a balustrade
of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The place derived and urns, and contains 8 bells, whioh were recast in
its name from being situated near an ancient ford on the 1883 by Taylor, of Loughborough: the church contains
river Stour: it was nearly destroyed by fire in the year several handsome monuments, and was in 1879 tho-
1579, but was soon afterwards rebuilt: in 1644 it was roughly restored, at a cost of about £2,000, and has
plundered by the Parliamentary forces under Major 1,45° sittings. The register dates from the year 1732.
Sydenham; in 1677 and in 1713 it again suffered from The living is a rectorf and vicarage, average tithe rent-
fire; and in 1731 was, with the exception of six houses, charge £206, gross yearly value £198, net £160, with
consumed by a conflagration, which destroyed the parish residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Salisbury, and held
of Blandford St. Mary and the hamlet of Bryanston; since 1876 by the Rev. Charles Henry Fynes-ClintoD
about fourteen aged persons, who were forgotten in the M.A. of St. .John's College, Cambridge, and chaplain
confusion, perished, and several others died afterwards to Blandford union.
through fatigue and terror; the damage was computed The Congregational chapel, Salisbury street, founded
at £100,000: the deplorable situation of the inhabitants in 1662 and rebuilt in 1867, has 420 sittings: it was re-
was increased by the small-pox, which raged at the stored and renovated in I894, at a cost of £340, when
time in about sixty families: but very few, however, the roof was renewed and the interior rearranged: the
died from it: the town was rebuilt under the provisions Primitive Methodist chapel, Albert street, erected in
of the Act of Parliament in 1732: it has a modern ap- 1877, seats 3°0; a Sunday school was erected in 1894:
pearance and is pleasantly situated in a fertile district the Wesleyan chapel, The Close, built in 1830 and re-
on a bend of the river Stour, over which is a substantial stored at subsequent periods, has 120 seats: the Open
bridge of six arches. The local government, by the Brethren have a meeting room in East street, erected
"Municipal Reform Act," is vested in a mayor, four in 1882, and has 250 sittings.
aldermen and twelve councillors: it is watched by the A cemetery of 4 acres, in the Salisbury road, was
county police: the boundary of the borough was ex- formed in 1855 at a cost of £2,600; there are two
tended by Local Government Order P. 621, confirmed mortuary chapels, and it is under the control of a burial
by Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Con- board of 9 mElmbers.
firmation (No. 9) Act, which came into operation 9 The Town Hall is of Portland stone, supported by
November, 1889. The streets are regularly formed, well columns, with a carved entablature of the Doric order;


in the rear a commodious Corn Exchange has been endowment for. curate and a like sum to the CoUag~
erected, in which is a clock, presented by Mr. Wyatt, Hospital.

clock and watch maker, of this town. This town gives the title of Marquess to the eldest
The market, which is well attended, is held on Satur- son of the Duke of Marlborough: many distinguished
persons have been born in Blandtord, among whom may
day; and the fairs, principally for sheep, horses and be noticed Sir Thomas Ryves LL.D. a learned antiquary
and civili!ln; the Rev. Bruno Ryves D.D. dean of Wind·
horned cattle, are held on the 7th of March, 9th of sor; the Rev. Thomas Creech M.A. poet, and translator
September and 8th of November, and for wool the Satur- of Lucretius; Thomas Bastard A.B. a divine and poet;
day next befOTe the loth of July. William Wake, archbishop of Canterbury; I Dr. Lindsay,
archbishop of Armagh; Dr. Samuel Lisle, bishop of
The head quarters and the B Squadron of the Queen's Norwich; and the Rev. Christopher Pitt, translator of
Own Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry and R Company of the
1St Volunteer Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment, are sta- Virgil's ".1Eneid."
tioned here.
The neighbourhood is very rich in Roman and British
The Conservative Club, established in 1892, is in West remains. In the vicinity are some extensive fortified
street, and has about 500 members. camps and numerous barrows in which sword blades,
axe and spear heads, fibulre, coins, ornaments. urns, and
There is a literary institution, which is well sup- a variety of ancient remains have been discovered;
ported; also an industrial school for the training of many have been preserved, and interesting collections
young women of good character for domestic service,
and Young Women's Christian Association. exist in private hands. Fossils are also numerous in

The cottage hospital, opened 1889, is supported by the chalk and greensand of the district.
voluntary contributions and an endowment of £1,000
given. by R. Lock esq. in 1892: the building is the Viscount Portman is lord of the manor.
gift of the Hon. Miss Portman, who also provides the
matron and nurses. The parish contains about 363 acres; rateable value
£14,559 in 1894. The population in 1881 was-parish,
The charitable bequests to Blandford have been nume- 3,791, and in 1891, 3,985, including 56 officers and in-
rous: there are almsh()llses, situate in Salisbury mates in the workhouse. T'he area of the municipal
street, for ihe maintenance of 10 poor persons, founded
and endowed by George Ryves esq. in 1682, and who in borough i9 145 acres; the population in 1891 was 3,974-
Nutford, a. hamlet, was by Local Government Board
1685 bequeathed the residue of his estate for apprentic-
- ing poor boys, natives of Blandford and Pimperne : the Order transferred to Pimpern6 in 1886.

entire annual income is about £200: in the churchyard Undet' the" Local Government Act, 1894," about 204
are almshouses for six aged persons, which were re- acres of this parish has been transferred to Pimperne
built by the ·Corporation in 1736: chariti~s, excluding
Williams' above, to the amount of £350, are distributed and 147 acres to Bryanston.
yearly: R. Lock esq. in 1892 gave £1,000 a9 an
Parish Clerk. Francis Essex.


Post, M. O. & T. 0., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity & Corporation.
Insurance Office, Market place, James William Flacke,
postmaster Mayor-Councillor Charles Henry Curtis.

Town l;>eliveries :-lst, 7 a.m.; 2nd, It a.m.; srd, 3.30 tJames John BaU Aldermen.
p.m.; 4th, 8.20 p.m tJoseph Stewart
"PbiJip Abrabam Bames
Outward Mails :-London & North, 9.50 a.m.; Bath, I11 Edgar Bennett Smith
9.50 p.m.; London (2nd), Southampton & Yeovil, &c. ICouncillors.
12.20 p.m.; London (night) & all parts, 8.45 p.m. The tCharles Henry Curtis tRobert Norman
last mail only on sundays, 5 minutes longer with late ItEdwin Rideout
fee for all mails except the 8,45 p.m. which is avail- tEdward Derham *John Carmichael
able till 9.15 p.m. Money orders are granted & paid tJohn Lewis Marsh
from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Savings bank business
transacted from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.; saturday, deposits tCharles S. Roe I *Alfred Dean
till 8 p.m. Postal orders are paid & issued from 7 tGeor/!,e Dyke *John Durden
a.m. till 9 p.m. Telegraph office open from 8 a.m. I *Charles Henry Green
till 8 p.m.; sunday, 8 till 10 a.m tTom Nesbitt

County Magistrates for Blandford Petty Sessional Marked thus t retire in 1895
Division. t
Marked thus retire in 1896.
Portmsn Viscount, Bryanston, Blandford, chairman Marked thus * retire in 1897
Portman Hon. Edward William Berkeley, Hestercombe,
Marked thus 11 retire in 18g8
D'Oyly Major-Gen. Sir Charles WaIters bart. Newlands, Mayor's Auditor, J. Stewart

Blandford Elective Auditors, C. Hunt & William W. Stickland
Smith-Maniott Sir William Henry bart. The Dt.wn
The ordinary meetings of the Corporation are held
house, Blandford
every 9th of November yearly, & three other times
L Denne Major-Gen. Lambert Henry, The Down wood,
Blandford during the year, the times of holding being fixed at the

Farquharson Edward George esq. Langton, Blandford annual meetings. Monthly meetings, 3rd tuesday
Farquharson Jas. In. esq. D.L. Langton house, Blandford
Fox-Pitt Alexander Edwa,rd' Lane esq Officers of the Corporation & Urban Sanitary Authority.
Mansel-Pleydell Lieut.-Col. Edmund Morton, Longthorns,
Town Clerk & Clerk to the 'C'rban Sanitary Anthority,
Milborne St. Andrew, BlandfOTd Edward Castleman Smith, Church lane
Mansel-Pleydell John Clavell esq. RA., D.L. Whatcombe
Treasurer, Henry Shipp, Market place
house, Blandford
Parry-Okeden Lieut.-Col. Uvedale Edward, Turnworth, Medical Officer of Health, George 'Yilliamson Daniell,
St. Leonards house, Langton
Stuarl-Gmy Lt.-Ool. FranciSl J:aIII1eS, Manor house, Bland- Borough Surveyor, Sanitary Inspector & Collector of

ford St. Mary, Blandford District Rates, J onas Crocker; office, Bryanston street
Clerk to the Magistrat~s, Sinclair Traill, The Plocks
Petty Sessions are held at the Town hall on saturday at Clerk of Markets & Fairs & Sergeant-at-Mace, Frank
It a.m.: the following places are included in the Goddard, 2 The Tabernacle
petty sessional division :-Anderson, Blandford Forum,
Blandford St. Mary, Bryanstone, Charlton Marshall, Town Crier, Tom Bartlett, Victoria road
ChettIe, Durweston, Farnham, Hilton, Langton, Mil-
borne St. Andrew, Milborne Styleham, Pimperne, Borough Magistrates.
Milton Abbas, Spetisbury, Steepleton Preston, Stour-
paine, Tarrant Gnnville, Tarrant Hinton, Tarrant The l\Iayor & ex-Mayor.
Keynston, Tarrant Launceston, Tarrant Monkton, Tar- They meet at the Town Hall as occasion requires.
rant Rawston, Turnworth, Winterborne Clenston, Win-
terborne Houghton, Winterborne Stickland, Winter- Clerk, Sinclair Traill, The Plocks.
borne Thompson, Winterborne Whitchurch, Winter'
Dorne Zelston Public Establishments.

Almshouses, Salisbury street & The Churchyard
A~sembly Rooms, West street, WaIter Strange, keeper
Cemetery, Salisbury road; )Iontagu Luff, clerk to the

-burial hoard
Cottage Hospital, Salisbury st. Edward Monro Spooner

M.D. Geo. Williamson Daniell, W. Watson M.B. &i
Chas. Beyer Humphrys L.R.C.P.&S.Edin. hon sur-
geons; Edward Lock, hon. treasurer; Miss Denne,

hon. sec.; Miss Fox, matron
Corn Exchange, Market place., Frank Goddard, keeper
County Police Station, Salisbury road., George Brown.

inspector; 2 sergeants & 10 constables


County Court; office, The Square. His Honor J. J. Registrar of ~farriaO'es, WaIter Lance Alexandra street,

IHooper, ju~ge; Sinclair Traill, registrar & high baliiff. Blandford; deputy, James Payne, 2' Eton villas

~he .court IS held at the Town hall every month. The Workhouse, Salisbury road, is a building of red brick,
following places are within its jurisdiction :-Almer, builb in 1858 at a cost of £8,000, ta hold 220 inmates,

Anderson, Belchalwell, Bland1ford :Forum, Blandford St. Rev. Charles Henry Fynes-Clinton ~I.A. chaplain;

~Iary, Bryanstone, Charlton ~Iarshall, Chettle, Child Edward Monro Spooner M.D. Coupar house, medical

Okeford, Durweston, Farnham, Fifehead Neville, officer; Charles AIDey, master; Mrs. M. K. Amey,

Handley, Hanford, Hazlebury, Bryan, Hilton, Ibberton, mH .a tBr•oens s; e ~iss E. Swaffield, children's caretaker; Ohas.
Iwerne Courtnay (except Farrm• gton), Langton, Lyd- nt, porter

linch, Milborne St. .A.ndrew, Milborne Styleham, Miltort School Attendance Committee

Abbas, Fitzpaine, Pimperne, Shilling Okeford, ~eet81 a·t T• ' ••
JSaketei,sbSutroy~rpSatieneep,leStotnu~iSntosctkerGNaeywltaord~, Preston Stoke wTohrekh~olu~scekswhen
Tarrant Craw- Umon reqmsIte.

Clerk, Sinclair Traill,

ford Tarrant GLuanuvnicllee;toTna,rrTanatrrHanint to~nI~nTktaornra,nTt aKreryann-t Attendance Officers, The Rehevmg Officers
ston: Tarrant
Inquiry Officers, the Relieving Officers

Raw;;ton, Tarrant Rushton, Tollard Farnham, Turn- Rural District Council.

worth, Winterborne Clenston, Winterborne Houghton, Meets at Union workhouse monthly.

Wbbooirrnnnteee rZbTeoblrsontmoe npKesoi&nng"Ws t o"o'inVom,'l l aWt enrdibnot errnbeo rWn ehSI' ttcihcuk lraenhd, , .'".Y..I7i·lnltt e r- TClreearks,urSeI'rn, cHla'ullg' hT rKaI''1Il1l,gsTmhI'Iel PI k ~atI'OnaI P rOV.IllC.laI
e r- ThQuCrsSt on,

For Bankruptcy purposes t hI·S' court I.S m. cIu d ed ' I that om~IBdainkI of EnglafndH, }1IatlrkeG't placeWilli D ' 11 St

of Dorchester; Fredk. Aston Dawes, City chambers, - e ca ICeI' 0 ea I, eorge amson aDle, •
L~onards hous,e, Langton
Salisbury, official receiver .
Sasltary J~spe~lord~ S;rveyor, RlChd. Francis Dampney,
, Certified Bailiff under the" Law of Dis,tress Amendment

Act," J. J. Lamperd, Eton villas, Alexandra street unny a e, aD or

Fire Engine Station, East street, A. Conyers, captain Public Officers.

Inland l}e,enue Office, Sali'sbury I'd: J. W. Lyle, offic~r CCClleMeerrrtikkfDytitonoOCt't~h~eFpBaa~Ccrotiomharmloyi~s:Ssaiurordg~ee~orInso'notf'EaldauwnLadru,df :Momo Spooner
Her M~maiJtehs,ty'sdi'sCtroiucrtt of Probate, SalIsbury street, Edwm
A. registrar; Hy.Jn. Coward,chief clerk f The Tabernacle
Assessed & pro-
Masomc Rooms', West street .. ..

Stamp Office-, West street, Jas. WIllIam Flacke, dlstrlbtr perty Taxes, Edwin AugustuS! Smith, Church lane
. Town Hall, ~Iarket place, Frank Goddard, keeper
Collector of Land, Assessed, Property & Income Taxes,

, Yeomanry Cavalry. James Payne, 2 Eton villas, Alexandra street

(Portsmouth Bri ade.) Collector of Poor Rates, Wm. Harvey Pl>rter, East sb
g. Inspector of Corn Returns & Inland Revenue Officer,
Dorset (Queen'S! Own), B Squad,ru,n; LIeut.-Col. E. M.
~leydell, commander; Capt. ElllOtt Lees M.P. second J. W. Lyle, SaJ.isbury road
III command; E. W. Cave, quarter ma.ster; Sergt.- Inspector of Weights & Measures for Blandford Division,

Major Yictor L. Gordon, drill instructor Richard Churchill Sherborne
Registrar of,office, Salisbury st

Volunteers. Stamp Distributor, Jas. Wm. Flacke, Post office, West st

ISt Volunteer Batt.alion Dorsetshire Regiment (H Co.), Places (jf Worship. with times of Services.

Drill hall, Cmn exchange, Lieut. F. D. Woodhouse, SS..Peter & Paul Church,. Rev. Charles Henry Fynes-
commanding; Edward Monro Spooner :M. D. Coupar Clinton M.A. rector & vIcar; sun. II a.~. 3 p.m. &

house, hon. surgeon; Geo. Thos. KIight drill instrctr 6.30 p.m.; wed. II a.m. & 7.30 p.m.; fl'l. II a.m
Congregational, Salisbury street, Rev. William Fry,

Elandford Umon. minister; II a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 8 p.m

Board day, every alternate saturday at Union house at Primitive Methodist, Albert street, Rev. W. Sheppard,

11.30 a.m. minister; II a.m. & 6 p.m.; mono tues. & thurs.

The Union of Blandford comprises the following places :_ 7·45 winter, g p.m. summer
Anderson, Blandford Forum, Blandford St. Mary, Open Brethren, East street; II a.m. &; 6.30 p.m

Bryanstone, Charlton Marshall, Ohettle, Durweston, Wes,l~yan, The Close; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs. 8 p.m

Farnham, Hilton, Iwerne Courtenay or Shroton, Lang- Schools. .
ton Long Blandford, ~Iilborne St. Andrew, ~Iilborne
Styleham, Milton Abbas, Pimperne, Spetisbury,Steeple- Boroug-h School Attendance CommIttee, clerk, E. C.
ton Iwerne, or Steepleton Preston, Stourpaine, Tarrant Smith, Church lane; attendance o:~cer, Charles Green,
Crawford, Tarrant GunvilIe, Tarrant Binton, Tarrant White Cliff ~Iil1 street

T~e Grammar School was founded & endowed in 1521 as

• ]\eynston, Tarrant Launceston, Tarrant Monkton, the" :Milton Abbas School" by William :Middleton

Tarrant Rawston, Tarrant Rushton, Turnworth,Winter- Abbot. of Milton, & held under the' shadow of his

borne Clenstone, Winterborne Houg-hton, Winterborne magnificent abbey church until 1775. when it was re-
Kingston, Winterborne Stickland, Winterborne Thomp- moved by Act of Parliament to Illandford. The school

son, Winterborne Whitchurch & Winterborne Zelstone. is classical with strong- modern side & has good dor-

The population in 1891 was 13>366; area, 60,582 acres; mitories for 50 boarders, good play-ground & asphalted
fives-court, suitable sanitorium & convalescent room &
rateable value (1894), £70,085. gymnasium. Trustees :-Viscount Portman. John
Clerk to the Guardiaus, Sinclair Traill, The Plocks

Treasurer, Hugh Kirtg'smill Thurston, National Provincial ClavelI Mansel-Pleydell esq. B.A., D.L., J.P. Rev. Chas.

Bank of! England, :Market place Henry Fynes-Clinton :M.A. J. J. Farquharson esq. D.L.,

Relieving Officers, No. I district, George Edwd. Turner, J.P. Sir William Henry Smith-Marriott bart. J.P. Col.

5 Alfl:8d st. Blandford; No. 2 district, Thomas Cock, R. H. lliugham. Head master, Rev. l·'rederick Thomas

Winterborne Stickland Harrison M.A

Vaccination Officers, No. I district, Edward F. Hood, Here is a. school called the 'Milldown School, endowed

East st. Blandford; No. 2 district, Thomas Cock, with £25 a year, erected 1873; W. Greenhalgh, head

Winterborne Stickland master

~Iedical Omcers, No. I district. George Herbert S, Daniell National School, Park road (boys & girls), supported by

:M.B. St. Leonards, B:andfoxd; No. 2 district, Edwa;rd a. voluntary rate, with an endowment for clothing & in-

:\fonro Spooner M.D. Coupar house, Blandford; No. 3 structing 12 poor boys, founded & endowed by Arch-
district, Thomas Fieldin~ M.D., C.M. Milton Abbas; bishop Wake in 1729 with £5 yearly: in 1621 William

No. 4 district, Francis Daniel Lys, Bere Reg-is Williams esq. gave £3,000 (since laid out in land &

Public Vaccinators, No. I dist. Chas. Beyer Humphrys producing about £646 a year) for teaching poor

L.R.C.P.Edin. Eagle hOt White Cliff :Mill st. Blandford; children & for other charitable purposes. The school

No. 2 dillt. Edwd. Monro Spooner M.D. Coupar house, will hold 230 boys & 180 girls; average attendance,

Blandford; No. 3 dist. Thoe. Fioelding M.D.,C.M. Milton' ISO boys & 130 girls; Charles McKinnon, master; Mrs.

Abbas; :N O. 4 district, Francis Daniel Lys, Bere Regis Ada L. Hicks, mistress

Superintendent Registrar, Sinclair Traill, The Plocks, Infant, Damory street, built Ior 250; average attendance,

Blandford; deputy, J. W. Traill, The Plocks, Blandford 145; MisS! Jlary Heritage. mistress

Reg:strar of Births & Deaths, Blandford sub-district, Ragged, Bryanstone street (sunday)

George E. Turner, .r:; Alfred street, Blandford; deputy, 1'l

John C. Turner, Salisbury road. Illandford; Jiilton, ewspaper.

Abbas sub-district, Thomas Cock, Winterborne Stick- B;andford Express & District Newsman; office, 19 Salis-

land; deputy, Thomas White, Winterborne Stickland, bury. street, Jam~s Henry Bartlett, publisher for the

near Blandford I proprIetors; pubhshed saturday, Id


Railway Station. Handley-Finch Day, Temperance hotel, White Cliff
}IiU street, S'llt
Frederick Barrett, station agent
Ibberton-Solomon EISIWorth, 'Oorner Ooffee hOuse!
Railway Carrierss-- wed. & sat

Sutton & Co. (small parcels), Thomas Hammond, White Iwerne-Kail, 'Greyhound,' tues. thurs. & sat.; Isaae
White, 'Three Chough's,' West st. wed.; Tufiin,
Cliff Mill street, agent . tues. & fri

GeneraL-Thomas Hammond, Temperance hotel, White :\JIilborne Thomas Hammond, Temperance hotel, mono
wed. & sat.; George Corbin, 'Star,' East st. tue&
Cliff Mill street
Milton Abbas Thomas Fiander, 'Greyhound,' Marke_
Thomas Foyle, Damory street place, mono & thurs.; George Guy, wed. & sat

Frank Best, Oakfield street Monkton (Tarrant)-James Tanswell, 'Star,' wed. &; sa_
~Iorden-John BarUett, 'Three Choughs.' West st. sa_
Carriers. More Critchell-Gubbins, 'Greyhound,' Market plac&

With the places they go to, inns they go from & days sat.; Mrs. Srone, 'Antelope,' Salisbury st. wed. &; sa.
Okeford Fitzpaine Pope, 'Antelope,' Salisbury sbeet,
of starting.
wed. & sat
Almer John Bartlett, 'Three Choughs,' West street, sat Shapwick-Frampton, 'Star,' East street, wed. & sat
Ashmore-Isaac White, Temperance hotel, White Cliff Shroton-Kail, 'Greyhound,' Market pI. tues. thurs.&sa_
Spetisbury-Thomas Foyle, Damory street, daily; John
~!iU street, wed. fri. & alternate sat
Bere Regis-Chas. Day, 'Greyhound/Market pI. tues.&fri Bartlett, 'Three Choughs,' sat.; Rowland, 'Crown &;
Charlton Marshall-ThomaSl Foyle, daily; John Bartlett, Anchor,' daily

'Three Choughs,' West street, sat Stepleton-See Iwerne· & Shroton
Chettle-Richard Adams, 'King's Arms,' we.d. & sat.;
Stickland-:Mrs. Hustings, 'Three Choughs,' West street,
Steel, 'Antelope,' Salisbury street, wed. & sat wed. & sat
Child! Okeford-Savory, tues. thurs. & sat. ' Greyhound.'
Stourpain-WiUiam Haine, occasionally
Market place Sturminster Marshall-Thos. Foyle, Damory st. daily
Corfe Mullen-Thomas Foyle, DamQry street, daily
Crichel-Carter, 'Star,' Eal>t street, wed & sat Tarrant Gunville Frederick Ridout, 'Greyhound,' Mar-
Dorchester-Thomas Hammond, from his house, White ket place, wed. & sat

Cliff Mill street, mono wed. & sat Tollard-Royal-Neal, 'Greyhound,' Market pLtues.&thurs
Farnham-Richard Adams, 'King's· Arms,' White Cliff Wareham-John Bartlett, 'Three Choughs,' West st. sat
Whitchurch-Thoma.s Hammond, Temperance hotel, mon,
}!ill street, wed. & sat.; Steel, 'Antelope,' Salisbury
street, wed. & sat.; Harris, 'Greyhound.' wed. & sat wed. & sat.; Foster, 'Three Choughs,' West street,
wed. fri. & sat
Fontmell-Isaac White, Temperance hotel, wed.; Tuffin, Wimborne-Thomas Foyle, Damory street, daily
tues. & fri Witchampton-See Crichel

Gunville Frederick Ridout, 'Greyhound,' wed. & sat

Gussage-Gubbins, 'Greyhound,' wed. & sat.; Mrs.

Stone, 'Antelope,' wed . & sat
Houghton-Albert Joyce, 'Crown &; Anchor,' West st. sat

PRIVATE RESIDE~rs. George Thomas, The Lanrels 8.Porter Charles Edward, 3 Alexandra

Gill .AJl'thur John, Fairfield lodge, Porter William Harvey, East street

Abbott MIIs. 5 West street road Reed Cecil Orchard, Market place

Ainsworth James, Laurel villa Gillingham Mrs. 3 Dorset place Reed Fredk. Charles, 63 Saiisbury st

Ainsworth Miss, Salisbury road Green Oharles Henry, 81 Salisbury st Richard,s Edward Owen, 2 Park pllllC0

Alexander William B. SaliS'bury street Groves Mrs. 12 The Close Rlicharos Jenkins,3IWhite Cliff Mill si

Andrew,s Albert, Mayfield villa Groves Richard Henry, Macr'ket place Robbirus Goorge, The Olose

Arscott WaIter, Maisonnette, Park rd Ramer Miss, 23 Wlite Cliff Mill st Roe ClHIil'le'S Samuel, 32 East street

Atkinson Miss, 4 Albert street Harrison Rev. Frederick Thomas M.A. Rowell J. W. 2 East street

Backway Arthur, The Ploc'ks (head master of Grammar school), Russell - , Damory Court villa

Baker ATthurr Henry, Market place street Salkeld WilLiam James, 41 East st

Ba.lil. Frederick, Albert street Hicks John James, 20 Victoria road Sheoppard Rev. W. (Primitive Metho-

B'a.rnes- John lIe,s, Summer Hayes, RicklS Ro~, Damory street. Gist), Damory street

.A1bert street Hicks William, 47 Damory street Shopland John Rew, 29 White Cliff

Bartlett Oharles Cox, Park house HiUyer AJ!bert Henry, Oakfield street Mill street

Bishop William Sidney, 23 Market pI Rillyer William Henrry, .A.Jshburton ho Short Edmund, Edwaa'd street

Blandford Ernest Winter,Salisbury rd Hobbs Alfred, 5 Salisbury street Short Mr,s. I Dorset street

Boyland Charle,s Edward, SaliSlbury ·st Hodges Henry, 3 Plocks Skivington Wlilliam, I Oak villa!

BrickeIl Fra.nk Wm. 20 Alexandrn st Hookey Steplhen, Lion villa, Albert st Smart Geo. Prirrm'ose viLAlexa.ndra s_

Cherry .Alfred', 27 White Cliff Mill st Houghoon MI1s. Salisbury road Smart George Ernest, Edward street

Oole·s Fredetrick, 5 East street Hump'hrys Charles Beyer L.R.C.P. & Smith Mrs. William, Salisbury house,

Coombs John, 3 East street S. Edin.Eagle ho.White Clriff Millst Salisbury street

Courtney George Dalton, Berwick Johns Mrs.Brya.IlIston cot.Bryaruston st Spooner Edwd. Monro M.D. Couparho

house, Park road Kent Miss, 4 Park road Steel David, 18 Edward street

Coward Henry John, Salisbnry street King Frands, The Cottage, Oakfield st Symonds Henry, SaLisbury road

Crocker Jonas, The Close Kn[ght Miss, 86 Salisbury stTeet Thurston Hugh K. Market place

Dalrymple James, I Market place Lawrence He<nry, 2 Valencia villas, Traili S[nclair, 19 East street

Daniel Miss, 34 East street Sal[sibury road Turner John Chappell, Salisbury road

Daniell Geo. Herbt. S., M.B. St. Leach William Pardy, Sunny villa Underwood Mrs. 2 Albert street

Le0IJ3rd's Leigh Ch·arles John Wilson, Field Wan.os-trocht Mrs. Wanostrocht villa,

Dans Mrs. Field·s oak, Salisbury st ihouse, Albert street Albert street

Day Miss, The Plocks Lock Miss, 13 Bryanston street Wareham William, 12 The Plocks

Docker Wiilliam Edward, 3 Park road Ma,rsh In. Lems, White Oliff Mill st Wheele,r Mrs. Victoria. road

Dudde;ridge Henry, 43 DamoTy street Marshall James, Market place Wyatt Arthur Lithgon, 39 Damory .\

Durden John, Ma.rket place Norman MI1s. 16 E!lJst street Wyatt Mrs. 49 Damory street

Flacke James WiUiam, 4 West street Norman RQbert D. Park road Ye.atmaIll Mrs. 84 Salisbury street

Fry Rev. Wm. (Cong.),61 Salisbury st Park Mrs. Tudor house, Oakfield st Yeatman Joseph, 82 Salisbury street

Fyne.s-Clinton Rev. Gha.rlels Henry Payne James,2 Elton vils.Alexandra st Yeatman Mrs. 46 Wihite Cliff Mill st

M.A. Rectory Pond Mrs. The Plocks

COMMERCIA.L. Arscott WaIter, grocer, see Wareham & Arscott
Ashford Charles, linen draper, 25 Market place
Alexander & Cherry, wholesale & retail drapers & Assembly Rooms (WaIter Strange, keeper), West street
Aubrey Benj.BileSl M.R.C.V.S. vet. surgeon, West stree\
gentlemen's outfitters, silk mercers, costumiers & mil- Backhouse Frederick John, shopkeeper, 3 Dorset street
liners, 8, ro, loa, & 12 Salisbury street Backway James, general draper, Salisbury street
Baker Arlh.Hy.mangr.of Wilts & Dorset Bank, Market pI
Alner Mark, wheelwright, Charles street
Alsford JameS' J. monumental mason, 10 Victoria Toad Ball James &; Son, coach builders', West street
Alsford John James, boot & -shoe maker, 37 Dorset street Ball Edmund, Robert, fishmonger, 19 West street
Ames E. &; C. (.Misses), dress makers,38 'White Cliff Mill st Barnes John lIes, wool stapler, 50 East street
Amey Charles, master of the wOTkhouse Barnes Philip A. wool stapler & manure mer. 50 East .\
Barrett Frederick, station master, Railway station
Applin Wm. professor of music &music seller,1I Dorset st Bartlett Charles, carpenter, Orchard street
Bartlett James Henry, printer. 19 Salisbury street.
Archer .John WlIllam & Son, builders, contractors,
monumental k statuary masons; estimates given, 21
White Cliff Mill street

Arkell Samuel, greengrocer, 29 East street



Bartlett Tom, town crier, Victoria road Domoney Henry, hair dresser, 25 Salisbury street
BarneSl T. road contractor, 20 Albert street Domoney Henry, jun. hair dresser, I West street

Batt William, sexton & keeper, The Oemetery Dorset Building Society (Jas. Payne, sec.),Alexandra st

Ba.verstock George, whitesmith, 67 Salisbury street Dorset &; Southern Counties Temperance Association (E.

Beer Thomas John, currier & leather seller, Market place G. Coombes, hon. sec.), 34 White Cliff Mill street

Belbin Henry, Three Choughs inn, West street Dorset (Queen's' Own Yeomanry Cavalry: B Squadron-

BelIamy Frederick Richard, butcher, II Market place Lieut.-Col. E. M. Pleydell, captain; Capt. Elliott Lees

Bennett Jane (Mrs.),boot&shoe warehouse, 29 Salisbury st M.P. second in command; Sergt.-:Vlajor Victor L. Gor-

Best Charles, jun. fishmonger, 5 Oakfield street don, sergeant-inSltructor

Best Frank, mail contractor, Rose cot. Salisbury road Dove Daniel, bricklayer, 22 Dorset street

Bishop George Augustus, boot &; shoe maker, 12 West st Dowding &; Son, saddlers &; harness mkrs.33 Salisbury st

Blallchard Frank, auctioneer &c. Salisbury street Durden Henry, grocer &; wine :& spirit agent, Market pI

Blandford C()nstitutiona~ Club (H. England, hon. sec.), Dyke George, watch maker &; jeweller, 30 Salisbury st

West street Easton J,sph.F dk.Blanchard,outfitte;rs' tr.aiVllr.25 Orchard st

Blandford Cricket Club (Ronald Smart, hon. sec) Elphinstone Mary Ann (Mrs.), apartments, II Victoria I'd

Blandford Cycling Club (E. F. :Barrett, hon. sec) England Mrs. apartments, 78 Salisbury street

Blandford Express &; District Newsman (James Henry Essex Francis, tailor, 62 Salisbury street

Bartlett, publisher for the proprietors; published sat.), Eyers George, beer retailer, 6 Albert street

19 Salisbury street Eyers Hy. fruiterer, 6 Salisbury st.&;corn dlr.Salisbury I'd

Blandford Farmers' Club (Edward Owen Richard, sec.), Fire Engine Station (A. Conyers, capt.), East street

Crown hotel, West street Flacke Jas.Wm.postmaster&stamp distributor, 4 West st

Blandford Gas & Coke Co. Limited (Chas. Hunt, Bee. &; Foot Alfred Henry, engineer &; machinist, Orchard street

manager). The Close, Damory street Ford Sidney, taxidermist, 16 The Close

Blandford Literary Institution (Charles E. Porter, sec.; Foyle Thomas, coal &; coke merchant, briquettes,

Mrs. Ranc!alI, manageress), 73 East street 1ValIsend &; Dean Forest coalS' &c. Damory street

Blandford Waterwork9 Co. Limited (Charles E. Porter, Freke Fred, baker, 71 Salisbury street

sec.); registered offices, 3 Alexandra. street Freke George (Mrs'.), grocer, 39 East street

Blandford Young Men's Christian Association (A. W. Fry Sarah (Miss), furniture dealer, 24 Salisbury street

Backway, sec.), C{)rner coffee house, Salisbury street Garrett Jessie (Miss), dress maker, 10 Market place

Blandford Albert Edwin, shoeing smi~h, East street GealI William FoweII, cutler, 43 Salisbury street

Blandford Henry (exors. of), nursaryman & seedsman, George Thomas, wholesale & retail gTocer, provision mer-

Salisbury road chant &; cheese· & bacon factor, East street

Blandford Henry, shoe maker, 32 Salisbury street Gibbs Albert, tailor, 38 East street

Blandford In.Wm. upholsterer&auctioneer,45 Salisbury st Gibbs Frank, New Inn P.H. 30 East street

Brennand William Ernest, solicitor &; commissioner for Gill Henry & Co. tea dealers &; tobacconists, 12 Market pI

taking oaths, East street Gill &; Co. chemists, 6 West street

Brine Ann (~Irs.), confectioner, 14 Salisbury street Goddard Frank, town hall keeper &; clerk of fairs &;

Brooks Edward, Half Moon P.R. 16 White Cliff Mill st markets, Tabernacle

BrJwn Caroiine (Miss), Greyhound P.H. Market place GOI'don Sergt.-~ajor Victor L. drill instructor to Queen's

Brown George, inspector of county police, Salisbury I'd Own Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry, I Alexandra street

Bunce Louis Bodley, boot maker, I Salisbury street Grammar School, Rev. Frederick Thomas Harrison,

Burpitt Mary ElIen (Mrs.), Railway hotel, Oakfield st head master, East street

Carmichael John, plumber &c. 8 .Alexandra street Grant Je,sse, Red Lion P.R. Market place

Carter Thomas, boot maker, 13 Orchard street Green Augustine Henry, builder &; contractor, North pI

Cemetery (Montague Luff, clerk to the burial board), Green Chas. school attendance officer,White Cliff Mill st

Salisbury road Greyhound inn (:Miss Caroline Brown, proprietress),

Chamen i& Richards, wine merchants, 9 The Close Market place

Champion -, Crown family & commer0ial hotel, West st Groves Gilbert Ironside, farmer, Damory Court farm &

Cherry Alfred, draper, see Alexander &; Cherry saddler & harness maker, West street

Coates Charle-s, hay & straw dealer, Tabernacle Groves Richard Henry, pharmaceutical &; agricultural

Oonyer& Arth. gun maker 59, &; cycle dlr. 67 East street chemist (established 1824), Market place
Corn Exchange (Frank Goddard, keeper), Market place Hall & Wood house. brewers &; maltsters &; wine &;

Corner Coffee House(Mrs. Hoskins, proprs.), Salisbury st spirit merchants & mineral water manufacturers of

Cottag-e Hospital (Edward Monro Spooner M.D. Georg-e Ansty & Blandford St. -Mary. See advertisement

Williams'on Daniel & Charles :Beyer Humphrys L.R.C.P. facing commencement of Dorsetshire

& S.Edin. hon. surgeoM; Edward Lock, hon. treas.; Hall Georg-e, chimney sweeper, 10 Bryanston street

Miss Denne, hon. sec.; J\-Iis's Fox, matron) Hamilton Julins, chemist, East street

Coulston Geo. Hy. tailor & woollen draper, 4 Salisbury st Hammond James, teacher of music, 77 Salisbury streeli

County Court (Sinclair Traill,registrar); oflice,TheSquare Hammond Louisa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 77 Salisbury street

County Police Station (Goo. Brown, inspctr. ),Salisbury rd Hammond Thomas, pasting 1& job master; landaus,

County Training Home for Cottage Nurses (Miss M. broughams, victorias &; well-appointed four-in-hand;

DanielI. hon. sec.; Miss E. Haywood, nurse), White nacks & harness horses for any period; improved

Cliff Mill street funeral g-lass car; teles:raphic address, "Hammond,

Coward Charles, marine store dealer, 32 Bryanstone st Blandford," Temperance hotel, White Cliff Mill street.

Cox George, boot & shoe maker, 53 Salisbury street See advertisement

Cozens Edwin, agent for the Wesleyan &; General Assur- Hansford John Alfred, boot maker, 44' Orchard street

ance Co. 9 Dorset street Hardiman William Henry, boot &:; shoe mkr.28Salisbury st

Crocker Jonas, borough surveyor, sanitary inspector & Hardy Frederick, jun. horse dealer, 43 East street

district rate collector; office, Bryanston street Hardy Walter, coffee rooms, East street

Cro~s Giles, shopkeeper, 2 Damory street Hayward Edward, oilman, Albert street

Cullen Thomas Barsham, painter, Market place Hayward James, chimney sweeper, Bryanston street

CurUs Charles Henry, tailor, 18 Market place Heizman William, jun. ironmonger, 3 Salisbury street

Cutler Albert Henley, Prince of Wales P.H. &; plumber, Heizman Wm. watch maker &; jeweller, 20 Salisbury st

15 Oakfield street Hicks John James, clothier &; outfitter, 17 West street

1)alrymple Jas. ironmonger &c. see Lindsay & Dalrymple Hi!!nman Cnarles. beer retailer, 12 Damory street

Dalrymple Mary IsabelIa (Miss),iboarding school, Bank ho Hinver William Henry, wool merchant, Ashburton house

Dampney Richard Fraucis, road surveyor & sanitary in- Hobbs John James, stationer, 7 Salisbury street

spector for Blandford Rural District Council, Sunny- Hodg-es Eliza (Mrs.), tobacconist, 27 East street

dale, Albert street Hood Edward Francis, vaccination officer, No. I district,

Daniell Geo. Herbert S., M.B. wrgn. & med. officer, No. Blandford union. 31 East street

I district, Blandford union, St. Leonards Hood R. J. &:; E. F. watch makers &; jewellers, 31 East st

Davis Albert, groce,r, Dorset street Hookey Stephen, iron &; brass founder, Orchard street

Davis Robert L. millwright, Edward street Hooper Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 43 Dvrset street

Dean Alfred, shopkeeper, Post office, Albert street & Hopkins Joseph Chas. Railway inn, 12 Damory Court st

butcher, East street Horlock Levi, boot & shoe maker, 17 White Cliff Mill st

Dean Frederick, jun. baker. East street Humphrys Charles Beyer L.R.C.P.&S.Edin. physician &;

Derham Charles, beer retailer, Damory Court stred surgeon & public vaccinator. No. I district, l31andford

Derham Edward, printer, 65 East street union, Eagle house, White Cliff :Mill street!;

Derham Fanny (~frs.), fruiterer, 65 East street Hunt Charles. architect &; surveyor, &; sec. & manager of

Dibben Herbt. Wm. solicitor, 6 Salisbury st.; & Wimbrne Blandford Gas & Coke Co.Lim. EImfield cots. The Close

Dominy John, pork butcher, 42 Salisbury street Hunt G€orge, baker, Orchard street


Hunt Hehry Joseph, estate carpenter, 10 Alexandra street Raymond Montague James, solicitor, 6 The Tabernacle

Hunt Thomas, pork butcher, 52 Salisbury street Reed & Son. upholsterers, cabinet makers, under-

Ingram I&i Co. agricultural smiths, White Cliff Mill st takers, house agents, valuers &; appraisers, 17 Market pI

In:1and Reveruue Offioo (J. W. Lyle~ officer), Salisbury I'd Reed Frederick Charles, wine &; spirit merchant, 63

James George, sh~ing smith, Red Lion yard, Market pI Salisbury street

Jay John, shoeing smith, 6 East street Reeks Mary Ruth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 59 Dorset street

Jeffery Mary Ann {Mrs.), baker, 28 VictDria road Rice Hy. In. commercial traveller,32 White Oliff Mill st
Johns .& Traill, solicitors &; commis.sioners for adminis- Rideout Edwin, plumber, 22 Alexandra street

tering oaths, The Plocks Riggs In. Thos. grocer, Salisbury st.&;9White Oliff Mill st

Jolliffe WaIter Robert, hair dresser, 38 Salisbury street Roe Chas. &; Son, saddlers &; harness makers, 55 East st

KaiI George, jobbing gardener, 16 Albert street Roe Richard R. engraver &; ornamental writer, East st

Keech John Thomas M.R.O.V.S. veterinary surgeon, & Rose Tom French, George P.H. 26 Salisbury street

veterinary inspector for Sturminster Newton &; Stal- Rutley Alfred Hugh, pork butcher, 40 Salisbury street

bridge, Edward street Samways Henry, laundry, 12 Alexandra road

Kendall Edwin Geo. baker &; confectioner, 13 Salisbury st Saunders WilliHm, Blue Boar P.H. .East street

Keynes Brothers, butchers, 21 Salisbury street Savago Alfred, boot &; shoe warehouse, 9 Salisbury street

King Charles T. painter, 36 East street Scutt &; Sons, corn &; seed merchants; offices, opposite

King George, assistant superintendent Prudential As- the Railway station

surance Co. 45 Damory street Seaman Hannah (Mrs.), day school, 3 Alfred street

Knight Geo. T. musketry instrctr. Damory Oourt street Shipp Henry, bookseller, stationer &; printer, 4 Market pI

Lamperd Joseph John, certified bailiff under the" Law Short Isabella A. (Mrs.), dress maker, Edward street

of Distress Amendment Act," I Eton viIs. Alexandra st Short ·Wm. In. corn dlr. &; seedsman, 27 Salisbury street

Lance John Charles, fancy repository, 57 Salisbury st Shorto In. Solomon, bldr. &; statuary mason,Salisbury I'd

Lance WaIter, registrar of marriages for Blandford Simor-ds James, baker, 57 East street

union, Alexandra street Sims George Henry, Star inn, East street

Legg S. butcher, Sal~sbury street Singer ManUfacturing Co. (G. Elford,agent) ,64

Llndeay & Dalrymple, tinners, gas & hot water Skivington William &; Son, pianoforte &; organ ware-

fitters, whitesmiths, oil & color men &; furnishing &; house, 22 Salisbury street

general ironm-ongers, I Market place Smart George &; Son., coal, coke &; salt merchants

Lovell Benjamin, White Hart P.H. 42 East street &; cartage contractors, Railway Station yard; office,

Loyal Blandford Lodge (No. 4,680) Independent Order of Edward street

Oddfe1lows (J. Seamen, sec. ),Greyhound P.H.Market pI Smith Edgar Bennett &; Son, hosiers, breeches makers &

Luff Montagu M.A. solicitor, &; clerk to the burial board tailors, 28 Market place

&; agent to the Oommercial Union &; Scottish Equitable Smith Edward Oastleman, solicitor, town clerk, &; clerk

Life Assurance Oos. 6 The Tabernacle to urban sanitary authority &; school attendance com-

Lyle J. W. ins'pector of corn returns & inland revenue mittee, & commissioner for oaths, Ohurch lane

officer, Salisbury 'l"oad Smith Edwin Augustus, solicitor, clerk to the commis-

Malton Robert, shopkeeper, 20 Bryanston street sioners of taxes &; district registrar of the probate

eo':Markwell & Co. wholesale &; retail grocers, provision court, JJhvrch lane
dealers &; tallow chandlers, 23 Market place Snow &; coal merchants, Railway station. See advt

Marsh John Lewis, King's Arms hotel, White Oliff Mill Spooner Edward Monro M.D. physician &; surgeon, &

street &; brewer &; maltster, Town brewery medical officer umon workhouse &; medical officer No.

Marsh Nehemiah Hy. pork butcher, 6 White cliff, Mill st 2 district &; public vaccinator No. I district Blandford

Marshall & 00. linen drapers &; silk mercers, West street union & certifying factory surgeon &; hon. surgeon H

Marshall James, silk mercer, tailor, ladies' outfitter, Co. of Volunteers &; to the cottage hospital, Coupar ho

general drapery &; furnishing stores, 14 Market place Stayner Robt. Castle inn&;marine store dlr. Bryanston st

Masters Lucy (Miss), shopkeeper, I Sheep Market hilI Stewart Joseph, linen draper, 33 East street

Meatyard Unity Rose (Mrs.), private school (boys' & Stlckland H. & Son, plumbers, painters, house deeD-

girls'), 18 East street ratJrs &; paperhangers, 10 Market place; &; at Pud-

Meech William George, cabinet maker, 31 West street dletown

Millard Mary Ann (Mrs.), fancy repository, 17 East st Stickland William W china, glass &; earthenware dealer,

Milldown School (W.Greenhalgh,head master),Damory st 20 Market place

Milton Abbas Grammar School (Rev. Frederick Thomas Strange -, hair dresser, 16 Salisbury street

Harrisan M.A. master), East street . Sutton &; Co. carriers (Thomas Hammond, agent), Tem-

Mitchell Simeon, pork butcher, 17 Salisbury street peranee hotel, White Oliff Mill street

Monckton Clara (Mrs.), Crown &; Anchor P.H. II West st Tanner & 00. coal dealers, Station yard

Morris David, shopkeeper, 16 Edward street Tanner John, plumber, 13 West street

National Provincial Bank of England Limited (Hugh Tanner S. (Mrs.), confectioner, IS West street

Kingsmill Thurston, manager), Market place; draw on Temperance Hotel (Thomas Hammond, proprietor),

head office, 112 Bishopsgate street within, London White Cliff Mill str-eet

Nesbitt Tom, photographer, 7 Market place Thick John, plumber, 80 Salisbury street

Norman &; Sons, builders, contractors &; undertakers; Thurston Hugh Kingsmill, manager of National Pro-
office, 16 East street; steam eaw mills, The Clooe
vincial Bank &; treasurer to the union &; rural sanitary
North IJorset Conservative Association (Gen. Sir William authority, Market place
Parke K.C.B. president; H. Syndercombe esq. hon. Town Hall (Frank Goddard, keeper)
sec.; Henry W. Parker, chief agent), West street
Traill Sinclair (firm, Johns &; Traill) , solicitor, com-
OliveI' Elias, tailor, 14 Alexandra. street
missioner for oaths &; taking acknowledgments of deeds
Orchard Nathaniel, shopkeeper, 40 East street
by married women, clerk to the magistrates of Bland-
Paddock Ann (Mrs.), butcher, 11 Salisbury street
ford petty sessional division &; rural district council, &
Paine Jannett (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Alexandra street
highway board &; registrar of county court &; clerk to

Parker Henry W. solicitor, &; comInissioner :for oaths &; the guardians & school attendance committee, &; super-

registratioll agent for North Dorset Conservatin As- intendent registrar of Blandford union, The Plocks

sociation, West street Tucker James, chimney sweeper,s The Plocks

Payne James, deputy registrar of births, deaths & mar- Tuffin Edmund, buildeJ' & whiting manuftr. Alfred street

riages &; collector of land, assessed, property &; in- Turner George Edward, relieving officer No. I: district

come taxes, 2 Eton villas, Alexandra street Blandford union &; registrar of births &; deaths for

Pearman Emily Mary (Miss), day school, 2 Alexandra st Blandford sub-district, 5 Alfred street

Pirangley Albert Henry, baker, 21 BRst street Turner John O. deputy registrar of births & deaths for

Phelps Chas. wood turner &; basket maker, 69 East street Blandford sub-district, Salisbury road

Pizer Susan (Mrs.), apartments, 41 Dorset street Vanner Charlotte (Miss), dress maker, Damory street

Pond Samuel, ironmonger, Market place Vanner Frederick Oharles, builder, 7 East street

PooIe Rhoda (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Oak viIs. The Olose Volunteer Battalion (1st) Dorsetshire Regiment (H Co.

Poore Oharles, greengrocer, 18 Albert street Lieut. F. D. Woodhouse, commanding; Henry Momo

Praed &; Brown, drapers, 3 West street Spooner M.D. hon. assistant surgeon; George Thomas

Porter Oharles Edward, auctioneer, valuer &; general Knight, drill instructor), Drill hall, Oorn Exchange

agent, secretary to the Blandford Waterworks Co. Walberton William, carriage builder, 8 &; 9 Oakfield st

Lim. & Blandford Literary Institution, &; collector to Wareham &; Arscott, grocers & agents for W. &; A.

the Gas 00. 3 Alexandra street Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit merchants, Salisbury street

Porter William Harvey, assistant overseer &; collector of Wareham Henry, shopkeeper,22 Orchard street

poor's rates, I East street Wareham Henry George, grocer, 34 Salisbury street

Randall Brothers, painters, 36 Orchard Iltreet Wareham John Elias, timb~r dealer, 17 Albert str~t


Wells Rose (Mrs.), greengrocer, 44 East street Baker, manager), Market place; draw on Glyn, Mills
Watts John & Son, fellmongers & rope & twine mer- & Co. London
Wright David, Antelope P.H. 59 Salisbury street
chants, 61 East street Wright Henry William, glass & china dlr. 15 Salisbury st
Yeatman Joseph, boot maker, 54 East street
Westcott Edward, watch maker, 5 Market place Young' Women's Christian Association (Miss Bartlett,
Wheeler Annie (Miss), dress maker, 51 Salisbury street
Wheeler Harry, watch maker, 22 Market place matron), 75 Salisbury street
Wilkins 'fhomas, Fleur-de-Lis P.H. 13 East street
Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Lim. (branch) (Arthur Henry

BLANDFORD ST. MARY is a parish, connected The manor formerly belonged to the family of Thomas

with the town of Blandford by a bridge of six arches Pitt, grandfather to the great Lord Ch.atham; several

over the Stour, in the Northern division of the county, of the family are buried ilL a vault under the north aisle

hundred of Coombs Ditch, Blandford petty sessional of the church. Sir William Henry Smith-Marriott

division, union and county court district, rural deanery bart. J.P. is lord of the manor and principal landowner

of Whitchurch (Milton portion), archdeaconry of Dorset I and resides at The Down House. The soil is light loam;

and diocese of Salisbury. The church of St. Mary, a subsoil, chalk. The chief crops are wheat, barley and
building of flint and stone in the Perpendicular style, oats. The area is 1,873 acres; rateable value, £2,665;

consists of chancel, nave of three bays, aisles, north the population in 1891 was 375.

transept, south porch, square embattled western tower Parish Clerk, David Miles.
I . .and 3 bells: it was repaired, resented, and a north aisle

and vestry erected and east window inserted in 1862,
Letters through Blandford, whic~ IS the nearest money
and the chancel was restored in 1886: there are 200 order & telegraph office, arrIve at 7 a.m. 12 noon

sittings. The register dates from the year 1581 . The & 7 p.m
living is a rectory, gross yearly value £350, net £190, Wall Letter Box, near the Brewery, cleared at 9.30 a.m.

with residence, in the gift of 'Worcester College, Oxford, & 12.10, 7 & 8 p.m.; sundays, 8 p.m

and held since 1881 by the Rev. William Chambers M.A. School (mixed), erected in 1846, for 70 children; average

late fellow and tutor of that college. Browne Willis attendance, 52; supported by Lady Smith-Marriott;

LL.D. the celebrated antiquary, was born here in 1682. Miss McLean, mistress .

. PRIVATB RESIDENTS. Woodhouse Alfred Charles Hall & Woodhouse, brewers &

Blanchal'd Robert maltsters & wine & spirit merchants
& mineral water manufacturers; &
Chambers Rev. William M.A. (rector) COMMERCIAL.
at Ansty, Dorchester. See advert.
Martin Charles, Bridge view Arnold WaIter, shoe maker facing commencement ofDorsetshire
Hunt William, farmer
Polden Henry Charles Blandford Henry, New inn & tent ma
Sharp Richard, seedsman
PaIden James Charles, Bridge view Boyt Richard, farmer Steele Jane (Mrs.), laundress
Woodhouse Alfred Charles, brewer &
Smith-Marriott Sir William Henry Brine Elizabeth (Mrs.), cooper
maltster, see Hall & Woodhouse
bart. J.P. The Down house Cross William, wheelwright & smith

Stuart-Gray Lieut Col. Francis Jas. Ford William, shopkeeper

J.P. Manor house Freak Annie (Mrs.), dress maker

Upshall Charles James, Hillside cottage Hare George, tailor

:BLOXWORTH (or Blocksworth) is a parish, about 6 ' sermon was regulated, still exists: at the restoration of

miles north-by-west from Wareham station on the Lon- the chancel in 1870 all that was possible of the old
don and South Western railway, in the Eastern division 'I bnilding was retained: there are 125 sittings. The re-
of the county, hundred of Coombs Ditch, Wareham petty gister dates from the year 1579. The living is a. rec-
sessional division and county court district, union of I tory, average tithe rent-charge £213, gross yearly value

Wareham and Purbeck, rural deanery of Whitchurch £280, net £180, including 48 acres of glebe, with resi-
(Poole portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of dence, in the gift of Col. J. Pickard-Cambridge, and
Salisbury. The church of St. Andrew was originally held since 1868 by the Rev. Octavius Pickard-Cambridge
a. Norman structnre, of which the only portion now M.A. of University College, Durham, F.R.S. who is also

existing is the entrance doorway: it was rebuilt in the rector of Winterborne Thompson. On the heath are
14th century, partly in the Pointed, partly in the Deco- Woolbarrow, or Oldbury, an ancient British camp; and

rated style; subsequently-probably towards the end of other barrows. Col. Jocelyn Pickard-Cambridge J.P.
the 17th centnry, or perhaps earlier-it was again rebuilt who resides at BlDxworth House, is lord of the manor
in its present substantial though debased Gothic form; and chief landowner. The parish comprises a strip of

portions of the l:'arlier rebuilding are here cnriously land, about 3! miles by li, between the parishes of

mixed in and utilized: at that time also the chancel Morden and Bere Regis, running north and south; the
app~:trs to hava been rebuilt, out of (at any rate in soil if the northern portion is chalk, of the middle, clay.
part) the materials of the body of the church: it con- and of the southern part gravel and sand. The chief
sists of chancel, nave and south porch: it has a square crops are wheat and barley; the extent is 2,776 acres of

embattled western tower, with pinnacles, containing 2 cultivated, wood and heath lands; rateable value,
bells, one of which is of the 14th century, and around £1,608; the population in 1891 was 260.
the rim is an inscription which consists of the words SextJn, Henry Short.

Sancta Maria in capital letters separated by crosses: it Post Office.-John Spencer, sub-postmaster. Letters
contains several memorials to the Trenchard and Pickard throngh Wareham, arrive at 7 a.m. & dispatched at
families, and the manorial pew has fresco armorial 7 a.m. & 6.45 p.m.; sundays, arrive 7.30 a.m.; dis-
designs belonging to the Savages, lords of the manor pat~hed at 11 a.m. Postal orders are issued here,
previous to the year 1700: the chancel was rebuilt in but hot paid. The nearest money order & telegnph
1870; and the nave was reseated and a new pulpit office is at Bere Regis
erected in 1887 by the present rector: this is one of the School (mixed), with house for mistress, built in 1874,
very few churches where the original hour glass and for 60 children; average attendance, 45; Miss Ellen

stand by which, after the Reformation, the length of the Hatten, mistress

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Young Miss . James Robert & Thomas, wood dealers

Cunliffe Maj.-Gen. G.Gordon,TheLdge . COMMERCIAL. James John, woodman

Pickard-Cambridge Col. Jocelyn J.P. Bartlett Charles, farmer, Marsh farm Saunders William, farmer

B:oxworth house (Letters through Blandford) Spencer John, post office

Pickard-Cambridge Rev. Octavius Bemister Saml. Edwd. grocr. & draper Swyer Charles, blacksmith

M.A., F.R.S. (reetor) Burden George, cowkeeper, Woodlake Young GeOI:ge Thomas, farmer

BOTHENHAMPTON (otherwise Baunton) is a of the Holy Trinity is an edifice standing on an emi-
parish, forming a suburb of Bridport, which it adjoins, nence, about a mile from the sea at West Bay, and
and bounded on the west by Bridport harbour, in the erected in 1889, in the Early English style: it consists

Western division of the county, liberty of Loders, Brid- of chancel and nave, built under the direction of Mr.
port union, petty sessional division and county court Edward S. Prior, architect, London: there are sittings
district, and chiefly in the Bridport municipal borough,
rural deanery of Bridport (Bridport portion), arch- for 225. The register dates from the year 1722. The
deaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The church
of the Holy Trinity is a small and ancient stone struc- living is a vicarage, average tithe rent-charge £71, gross
ture in the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel,
nave, south aisle and square em battled tower; it is yearly value £96, net £85, with residence and 8 acres
now used only as a mortuary chapel: the new church of glebe, added in 1863 by the Ecclesiastical Com-
missioners, in the gift of the Rev. Sir Evan Yorke

Nepean bart. and held since 1894 by the Rev. Charles
Octavius Watson M.A. of Qu~en's College, Oxford,. The


Rev. Sir E. Y. Nepean bart. is lord of the manor. The Sexton, Joseph Meech.
principal landowner is Joseph Gundry J.P. of the Hyde.
The soil is clay, loam and fox mould; subsoil, rocky. Letter Box, cleared at 6.15 p.m. on week days only.
The geological formation consists largely of forest mar- Letters through Bridport, 1 mile distant, which is the
ble. The chief crops are wheat, barley, flax and grass. nearEllst money order &; telegraph office, arrive
The area is 823 acres; rateable value £3,760; the popu- at 8.15 a.m
lation in 1891 was 490, of which 121 are included in the
municipal borough of Bridport. A School Board of 5 members was formed 6 Nov. 1872
for the extra municipal portion of the parish; S.
Wanderwell is ! mile south. Wanderwell House is Ackerman, clerk to the board &; attendance officer

the residence of Joseph Thompson Stephens esq. and Board School (mixed), built in 1868, for 80 children;
is within the borough of Bridport. average attendance, 72; Mrs. Rowson, mistress

Ackerman Mrs Watson Rev. Chas. 0., M.A. Vicarage Denziloe William Robt. jun. dairyman

Cosser Henry, Hill side Werninck Rev. John Wynn (vicar of Hawkins R. Waldron, The George P.R

de Lantour Col. Edward J., RA. Wallditch), Westlands Jeffery Joshua, boot &; shoe maker

Jacolines COMMERCIAL. Kingman George, bailiff to Messrs. E.

Gundry Joseph J.P. The Hyde BridportBrick, Tile, Pipe, Terra Cotta CIent &; Sons, Wych farm

Honeyburne Robert & Pottery Works Lim. Miller Charles, farmer

James Abraham Rooke J.P. Nordons Conway Charles, carpenter Smith Amos, dairyman, Hyde

May James RN DenziIoe Frederick, farmer Swaffield Hy. stone mason &; shopkpr

Powell Daniel, Hyde corner Denziloe William, tax. collector Zealley John, farmer, Hyde farm

BOURTON is a parish on the river Stour, 3 miles widely known engineering works of Mr. E. S. Hindley,
south-west from Mere, 4 north-west from Gillingham which give employment to a great number of hands;
station on the London and South Western railway, 4 also two quoarries, yielding blue and sand stone, suitable
east from Winca.nton station on tIle Midland and South for building purposes. Formerly there were large
WeJS1tern junction railway and 9 north-west from silk cloth factories in the village, but now all are
Shaftesbury, in the Northern division of the county, closed. The Right Ron. Lord Stalbridge is lord of the
liberty of Gillingham, Gillingham petty sessional sub- manor. Oharles HllJlllJ8m and E. S. Hindley esqrs. are
division and county court district, Mere union, rural the principal landowners. . The soil is clay; subsoil,
deanery of Shaftesbury (Shaftesbury portion), arah- olay. The land is chiefly in pasture. The a.roo i:;, 8go
deaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. At the acres; rateable value, £3,543; the population in 18g1
north end of Bourton, the counties of Dorset, Somerset was 782.
and Wilts meet; the pl~ce is marked by 81 boundllI'y
stone. The church of St. George was rebuilt in 1878-9; Palrish Clerk, Frederick Reeves.
it is in the Perpendicular style, and consists of chancel, Post, M. O. &; T. 0., S. B., Express Delivery & Annuity
nave, south porch and one bell: there is a good organ
with two manuaJs, and sittings for upwards of 300 &; Insurance Office. John Lush, postmaster. Letters
persons. The register dates from the year 1810. The through Bath Slhould be addressed Bourton (Dorset),
living, formerly a chapelry of Gillingham, is a vicarage, Ba,th, as there are other Bourtons in Somerset for
which Bath is the post town. Deliveries commence
average tithe rent-charge £260, gross Yet8lrly value at, week days, 7 a.m. &; 3.10 p.m.; sundays, 7 a.m.
£390, net £270, with residence in the gift of 12 trustees
but pro hac vice the vicar of Gillingham, and held since only; dispatched, week days 12.5 &; 7.40 p.m.; dis-
1871 by the Rev. George Glover M.A. of Christ's patched, sundays, 7.40 p.m. only
College, Cambridge. Here are chapels for Baptists Wall Letter Box, Chaffeymoor, cleared at 12.15 &; 6.5
and Wesleyans, the latter of which was rebuilt in 1888, p.m. on week days only. High street, cleared at
on the old site, at a cost of £5°0: it is a substantial 11.55 a.m &; 7.15 p.m. on week days
building of stone with red brick dressings. Here are the National School (mixed), built in 1872, &; since enlarged
for 150 children; average attendance, 100; Edward
Ezl'aI Marriott, master

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. medical officer of health, Mere rural Hiscock Edwin, farmer &; landowner

Ilartlett Benj. Pope, Brecknock house sanitary authority, Brecknock house Ings Emma (Miss), beer retailer

:Batley Mrs. Chaffeymoor grange Burpitt Edgar &; Clarence, carpenters Jukes James, farmer &; jobmaster

Butt Clement, Somerv:ille Burpitt Isaiah, farmer Knapton Jas. Geo. farmer & coal mer

Colquhoun William, Kiama house Butt Clement, timber merchant Knapton Samuel, farmer

Evance Devereux Alfred R., F.R.G.S. CharIton Hy. bricklayer &; stonemason Longman George, farmr.Marvin's fnn

Devereux house Collins Lawrence, blacksmith Lush John, boot maker & postmaster

Glover Rev. George M.A. Vicarage Collins WaIter, florist March Henry, farmer &; shopkeeper

Hannam Mrs Eavis Thomas, carpenter Meaden .A.nn(Mrs.),farmer & landowner

Hindley Edmund Samuel Edwards Charles, butcher Miles Thomas, accountant & assistant

Maggs Oliver, Bullpits Farthing WaIter, rope &; twine maker overseer for the parish of Bourton

MarrioU Ed. Ezra, Brunswick house Hannam Charles, farmer, Manor farm, Mitchell James, farmer

Miles Mrs. The Poplars 'Vest Bourton Pitman James, shoe maker

Millard Mrs Harris Andrew, brick maker Rabbitts Edmund, farmer

Moore Robert Hindley Edmund Samuel, engineer, Roberts Thomas, farmer

Roberts Thomas millwright,iron founder,boiler maker Taylor Harry, coal merchant

Terrell William Henry, Highfield ho & electrical engineer, Bourton Tucker Joseph, organ builder

Tucker Samuel foundry; show rooms, II Queen Vic- Walton In. &; Co. general &; furnishing

COMMERCIAL. toria street, London E C. ironmongers & general warehouse-

Bartlett Benjamin Pope M.RC.S sur- Holt John; good accommodation for men; &; at Mere; Maiden Bradley &

geon, &; medical officer & public vac- travellers; well aired beds; Red Sedgehill, Wilts. See advertisement

cinator, 2nd district, Mere union, & Lion hotel Willis Charles, farmer &; landowner

13RADFORD AB:BAS is a parish on the riveT Yea, There is a oharity of £2 12S. yearly for bread. Albert
-and the borders of Somersetshire, I mile east from Yeovil (la,yton esq. is lord of the manor and principal land-
.Junction station on the London and South Western owner. The soil is clay and sand; SIllbsoil, cIai}'". The

railway, 4 south-west from Sherborne and IIS from inferior oolite a.t Bradford Abba.s is very rich in gas-
London, in the Northern division of the county, petty teropods. The chief crops are oats, wherut and barley.
sessional division, hundred and union of Sherborne, The area is 1,216 acres; rateable value, £3,251; the
-county court district of Yeovil (Sherborne portion), population in 1891 'W'BIS 523.
1lll'chdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The
-church of St. Mary is an ancient structure (}f stone in Wyke is I mile
the Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave of Parish Olerk, Henry Arnold.
four bays, aiides and south porch, with an emba·ttled Post Office. Jacob Wills, lSub-p(}stmast.eT. Letters
western tower with pinnacleSl and a peal of 6 bells: arrive through Sherborne at 8.20 a.m. &; 4 p.m.;
the roof was entirely restored in 18go at g, cost of
dispatched 'lilt 9 a.m. &; 5.15 p.m. PostaJ ordeN are
£1,700: there are 300 sittings. The register dates issued here, but not paid. The nearest money order
from the year 1579. The livzng is a vicarage, with the
rectory of Clifton Maybank annexed, average tithe rent- office is at Yetminster & telegreph office is at Nether

charge £299, joint gross yearly value £424, net £282, Compton
with 38 acres of glebe and residence, in the gift of
Winchester College, and held since 1886 by the Rev. Here are two foundation schools, built in 1856, for 140
children; average attendance, 130; supported by
Gordo()n Bolles Wickham M.A. of New College, Oxford. distinct funds, arising from land &; railway funds,

but united in operation in one building; Walter

Walker, master


Clayton Albert J.P Dawe Joseph, Rose &; Crown P.B Paul Waiter, farmer

RidDut Mrs Jeans Rbt. carpenter to A. Clayton esq Paul WaIter Wyatt, farmer

Wickham Rev. G. Bolles M.A. (vicar) King J ames, farmer &; lime burner PiU John, shoe maker

COMMERCIAL. Lang Uriah & Sons, carpenters Walker Waiter, assistant overseer
Lush William, blacksmith Whittle T. J. farmer &; miller (water)

Arnold Hy. shoe maker &; parish clerk .'atch Joseph, baker Wills Jacob, shopkeeper, Post office

BRADFORD PEVERELL is a palI'ish and small sittings. The registe!l' dates' from the y,oor 1653. The
village, very prettily situated in a vaUley on the river living is a rectory, rent charge £145, net yearly value

Frome, I! miles south-east from GrimstDn station on about £100, including 47 acres of glebe, with residence.

the Weymouth branch of the Great Western railmuy in the gift of Winchester College, andl held since 1893
and 3 north-west from Dorchester, in the Southern by the Rev. Philip Loder Cother M.A. of Jesus College,
division of the county, hundred of St. George, petty Cambridge. Bradford PevereIl House is the residence of
sessional division, union and county court district of Hasting~ Nathanie:h Middleton esq. D.L., J.P. who is
Dorchester, ru:raJ. deanery of Dorchester (Dorchester lord of the manor, and with Alfred Pope esq. of Dor-

portion), arohdeaconry of Dorset alIld diocese of Salis- chester, Miss Ashley and .Algernon Brinsley Sheridan
bury. The church of St. Mary, standing in the centre esq. of Frampton Court, the principa[ landDwners. The
of the village, and rebuilt in 1850, in the Early English soil is chalk and graV'cl., The chief crops are corn.

style, is a building of stone, consisting of chancel and The area is 2,700 acres; rateaible va;lue, £2,092; the
mve, south porch, with western tower and s,pire con- population in 1891 was 368, employed chiefly in agri-

taining 3 bells: a :oorthern stained window bears the culture.

coat of arms and motto of Bishop William of Wykeham : Muckleford is a hamlet, I mile north-west. Here-
there is also some old gb,sSl in the chancel, and the is a. Mission Room built in 1.884. At Penn Hill, and on

east window of three lights was restored chiefly from all the downs, aife numerous barrows, including Sea-
ancient glwss from New College, Oxford: in the sDuth barrow.

wall are two memarial windows to members of the Parish Clerk, Arthur Barrett.

Middleton :liamily: In the tower is a marble tablet to Post Office.-Mrs. M.ary Butt, sub-postmistress. Letters··

the Rev. Middleton Onslow, and in the chancel one to illlI'rive from DorcheSlter at 5 a.m. &; 2.35 p.m. (callers

the Rev. H. Blackstone Williams, former, rectors; there only); dispatched at 8.5 p.m. week days &; sundays.
1I1l"e two ta,blets, also to members of the Onslow family, Po!>tal orders are issued here, but not paid. Char-.

under the tower at the west end of the church; a minster is the nearest money order &; telegraph...
&tained window on the north side in memory of Lieut. office
Edward WiIlliams, who feH in the SDudan war: an National School. (mixed), built in 1836 fOT 60 children;.

organ wa,s erected in the yeal1' 1888: there are 150 average attendance, 30; Miss Kata Little, mistress

PRIVATE RESIDEKTS. COMMERCIAL. Hicks Thomas, gamekeeper to H. N..
:Middleton esq
Cother Rev. P. Loder M.A. Rectory Barrett Arthur, blacksmith
Northover Henry, grocer, Muckleford
Hawkins Mrs Brett Fanny (Mrs.), carpenter i:3tily Charles, farmer
N. Tod Thos. Ford, farmer, Muckleford
Hussey John Fraser, Quatrebras Foot Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper Travel'S Henry, farm bailiff to H. N•.

~iddleton Hastings Burton J.P Gallop William, gardener to H. Middleton esq

~Iiddleton Hastings Nathaniel D.L., Middleton esq

J.P. Bradford Peverell house Hansford William, dairyman

BRADPOLE is a parish, partly within the borough vicarage, given by the late vicar, a reading room

of Bridport, situated between the rivers Brit and Asker, and libr:alrY, in memory of the late W. E. Forster, was.

5 miles south from Beaminster, in the Western division built in 1889 by public subscription. In the village,.
of the county, hundred of Beaminster Forum, Bridport at St. Andrew's Well, there is a, substantia~ building, .
union, petty oossional division and county court dis.trict, used for parochial purposes, and called St. Andrew's
rural deanery of Bridport (Bridport portion), arch- house. There is no manor. The principal !landowners

dOOJConry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The are Mrs. Way ond Mr. Compton. The Knap, a hand-
church of the Holy Trinity is a building of stone, rebuilt some house, built after designs by C. V. Johnson esq.

in 1845-6, in the Early English style, consisting of architect, and situate on an eminence near the church, is
chancel, nave, north aLsle, south porch, with tower the residence of Mrs. BrDadley and A. M. Broadley esq.

and !lIl spire containing a peal of 5 bells: there is a The soil is SIlndy; subsoil, C:ay. The chief crops are·

carved stone pulpit, given by .Alexander A. M. Broadley wheat, oa.ts and some land in pasture. The area is.

esq. in 1888 to commemorat-e the jubilee of the late 998 acreS'; rateable value, £7,773; and the population.

OalIlon Braadley's ordination: there are also in the in 1891 was 1,641, including 131 officers and inmates

challlcel two handsome stained windows to the late Canon af the Bridport workhouSle; the population included
Broadley and a memorial brass recording the rebuilding in the municipal borough of Bridport in 1891 was 864.
of the church md the chapel of ease of St. Andrew (The names of the residents in the borough are in.....
and the erection of the vicarage house, the schools se,rted under Bridport.)
and the Forster institute; during- his incumbency Sexton, George Crew.

1844-94: there are 400 sittings. The register dates Post Office, William Gibbs Forsey, sub-postmaster
from the year 1695. The living is 181 discharged Letters are received through Bridport, which is the.

viC'llil'age, average tithe rent-charge £198, gross yearly nearest money IOrder &; telegraph office, at 8.30 a.m.
value £264, net £196, including IS acres of glebe, with &; 5 p.m.; and dispatched 61t 6.15 p.m. daily, sundays.
residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, Bnd held excepted. Postal orders are issued here, but not paid

since 1894 by the Rev. Henry Cromwell Beckwith Field County Police Station, Herbert Vacher, constable
M.A. of Trinity Coillege, Cambridge. In the church- National School (boy.s &; girls), built in 1849 since.

yard wall is a white marble tablet, erected in 1888 by then enlail'ged for about ISO children; aVelfage attend-

.A.•. M. Broadley esq. to call to remembralllce the birth ance,. 100; Mark Edwin J ohnson, master

in thiJs village, in 1818, of the late Right Hon. W. E. Church of England School, Pymore (mixed), built in

Forster; the cottage in which he VfaoSl born is still 1870 for 80 children; average attendance, SI; :Miss
standing and bears his name. On a site adjoining the .Alice F. Garner. mistres>s

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. COMMERCIAL. Legg .A1bert, farmpr, Pymore

Chard S. C. &; Sons, bakers &; grocers Legg William, boot &; shoe maker

BroodJey A. M. (barrister at law), Conway Henry Samuel, butcher Locock William, farmer

The Koo.p Cook Jas. landscape gardnr. &; florist Marsh Henry, farmer, Watford farm.

Broadley Mrs. The Knap Crabb H. &; A.thatchers,Beaminster rd Marsh John, farmer

Field Rev. Henry Cromwell Beekwith Farnham rtlr.&; shpkpr.Pymore Marsh Thomas, farmer

M.A. The Vicarage Follett Wm. G. J. farmer, Pymore Marsh Thomas, jun. farmer

Greening John Foord Anna (Miss), grocer Norman James, King's Head p.H

Harris Richard Forsey W. G. machine Etter, Post off Parsons Thomas, shoe maker

Hodder Mrs George Alfred, grocer & baker Patten Isaac, farmer, Forster cottage-

Martin Mrs. Minie villa Gibbs Houlton, farmer Reading Room &; Library

Paul Mrs. Gore house Hansford George, dairy farmer, New Rendall Charles William, farmer

Peach George house, Mang-erton lane Samways George, butcher

RaIls Richard Cobden, Fern vi:la Hansford J.dairy frmr.Whitehouse frm Stone Thomas, carpenter &; joiner

Suttill Henry Squire, Pymore house Hoare William John, boot &; shoe ma Way John William, farmer

Titball Mrs Lacey Frederick, Boot &; Shoe inn

BRANKSEA, an ecclesiastical parish formed in 1855 diviSlion of the county, petty sessional division, county

from the parish of Studland, is a piobure5que island COUT't distIuot and union of Wareiham, rural deanery of
situated a~ the entramce of PooIe harbour, in the Eastern Whitchurch (Poole portion), archdeaconry of Dorset ar,d




doiocese Off S'aM~bury, and is the pr()pert,y of Caop'J:, Ken- Sir Ohristoplher Ratton, w>ho ca.used greaJt BnDoyan'Ce to

neth R. Ballifour; it is about 5 miles, in cireumference the inha'biltlmts of Poole by ,searehing and levying dues

and c-on:t'aoiIl!s valuaible clay beds (one, of wlhite clay, being from pass<ingships; during the OiVlil wars the P,arlia.-
nearly 50 fe~ thick). The commum.ioat~on wi,th the moent gave the command of the casl\!le to the gov,emor of
i.sland is by 'St:ealn launch from Poo~e harbour. The Poole; in 1722 the calS,ble ceased ilio be a fortreSls, as

c'hureh .of St. Mlary is a buildling 0[ stone, in tfue Early Auditor Bemon boq,ght ,the island and made i,t his resi-

Decorated: st,y'le and fitbed up entirely with old oak, the dence, tlhe people of Poole oomplalinJing to King George

roof being the ancient one fu'iom OrO's!by HMI, formerly H. of the ross of thoor defence. 001 Waugh, who pur-

t'he counoil chamber ood ch'<lpel 0[ lliiClhard n.: it con- chased the island in 18:;2, added the Tudor Gothic froIJIt

siSlts of o'hanceil, nave and nor:th transept, with lofty em- in Portland stone and other ibU!ildcilngs on the north side,
battled wes'bero tower contlaiining 4 btils: the nave ~s includ'ing -the tower,s Ilmd turrebs. rrhe castle was in
seated with carved oak ,benches WIitlh poppy head ends: 1888 thoroughly restored by the llalte owner, the Rt.

the windows are all staoined: an elegant screen at the Hon. G. A. F. Oavendish BeIlltrinJck P.C., M.P. who also

west end 'separaltes the nave from the tower e1ltm'11ce: em'bel1lished. the place with & 'Profusion of Ita.lian s,culpture
tlhere are 100 s~t1Jin:gs. 'I1he register dates from the yeM' and other workis of art ooEected fuom fOTeign lands.
185'5. The living ~s & vicarage, g-ross yearly value £110, Onut landed on the island in 1015, and in the reign of
net £40, in the gift of /the Rev. John Prior Farm'er M.A. Henry H. Q chapel and hermJiltage were built here by the

The village clUlb was started in '1893 !by Capt. K. R. .AJbbot 'Of Ceme. The area. of the parish is 1,000 acres;

Balfour, ~or the ,convenrl.e«lJCe of the inhlllbiltan'tts of the the population in 1,891 was 122.

istand. Branksea Casl1Jle, which is the seat of Captlaiin Pal"ish Clerk, .A1fu'ed Barnard.
Kennehh R. BaUour, amd the dhuroh are c,t the easte:rn
extl'oouity of the i!iamd, 'Surrounded by plantatlions of Wall Letter Box cleared at 12·30 p.m. &; 5.30 p.m
pines. The massUV'e ,sqU8Il'Ie brick toWel' of the casilile with Lertters through Poole, whiclh is the nearest money order
some lower wings wa.s built in! the reign of Henry VIII. & telegraph ()ffice, arrtive at 8.30 a.m. &; 2·30 &;
~I'54!5), arnd the castile for,tified two yeam later; in Eliza- 6·30 p.m
blllth'sreign it WIllIS repaired ami t'he defenoes NaJtional School, for 40 children; average albtendance, 36;

-strengthened, the Ma)"OT Olf Poole 'being '<iw'Ointed· keeper; ,supported in part by Capt. K. R. BaLfour; Mrs. Marsh,

in 1576 the Queen grmteid the of the castle to mi,stress

.Abbott Rev. William Martin (curate) Branksea cB,stle; & NavM &; Military Fall James, gamekeeper

..llalfour Kenneth Robert (C8ipt. Royal & Ca,valry clubs, London W Fyfe David, head gardener

Dragoons & Adjt. Dorset &; Hamp- Barnard Alfred, steward to Capt. K. Rogers A. estate carpenter

shire (C'<ixabineers) Yeomanry), R. Balfour


~ BRANKSOME, a civil parish, constituted in 1894, out of Bodley and Garner, and at present consists of chancel,

Kinson, comprising part of Branksome Park, and the dis- with south chapel, four bays of the nave, aisles, organ

tricts of Heatherlands and Newtown, chiefly on the Ashley chamber, and vestries; the tracery of the windows is very

.- and Poole roads,adjoining Westbourne and Parksoone, and fine, that of the large east window being especially elabor-

in the Eastern division of the county, Cogdean hundred, ate; there is a carved oak chancel screen extending across

· Poole union and county couTt district, Wimborne petty the end of the side chapel; the church at present

sessional division, rural d'eanery of Whitchurch (Poole affords about 600 ,sittings. The population of .All Saints in

portion), ,archdelllconry of Dorset and dlocese of SaJiSlbury. 1'891 was 2,158.

· The Branksome Urbll.lIl Disbuct Council, of 12 membeT's, Post &; M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity 0& Insurance Office,

was 'COIlJS'tJituited under the "LO'Cal Government Act, .AJslhJey road. Henry J. Hug'hes, ,sulb-postmaslter. Let-

· 31894." ters arrive from Parksoone R.S.O. at 8 a.m. 2 &; 8
REAffiERLANnS eoclesiasticoo parish was formed
p.m. &; dispaJbched aJt 8 & 11.30 a.ID. & 2.15 & 8
The nearest telegraplh. office is at Parkstooe

· ,January 22, 1,886, out of Gr.elllt Canford; the church of Post, M. O. &; T. 0., S. B. & AImuity &; Insurance Office,

· '8't. John the Evamgelist, !in .AJshley road, erected in 1881, Poole 1'10ad, Bl'alIlksome.--lWestOlll Seymour, sub-posi-

'is a pladn brick buildJing in the Early English sbyle, master. iLetiters armve from Bournemouth at 8 a.m.

. consisting of dhMliOOl alI1d nave: there are 300 sitbtings. 2 &; 7 p.m.; dQSlpaJtched at 8.55 &; 11.55 a.m. 3.35 &

· 'Th'e register dates from the year 1'881. The living is a 7.55 p.m. Wall LEYtter Box, coNecbion 8.30 a..m. &;

"VJcarage, [lfeJt yearly value £100, !in the gili of Lord Wim- 7.30 p.m.; ,sundays, 8.30 p.m

bOmle, and held since 1886 by the Rev. Chrisitopher Post, M. O. &; T. 0., S. B. & Anmuity &; Insurance Office,

· Harmer BousdieJd 'M.A. of Que,en's eoUege, Oxford. Heatherlands. Edward Godwin, sub-pOlsit'ma:ster. L~-

The church· of St. Olement's, Newtown, a ch,a,pel 0If ibers arrive from Parrkstone at 7 a.m. 1.45 & 8.30 p.m.

'.ease, was !buEt in 1,889 by LoT'd Wim1:>orne, ait a cost of &; dispa.tlChed at 8.30 a.m. 12 noon, 2.30, 7 &; 8.30 p.m

£2,000: iit is of ,gt00li8 in the Early English style and Posit, M. O. O. &; S. B. &; Annuity & InsuraIllCe Office,
· 'ConsiSlts of chancel, [lfav,e and turret oonltaining one bell: Newtown.-Arthur William Head, sub-posltmaster. ~-

· 'illler,e ar,e siltmn,g-s for 250. The Rev. J,osep'h Duncan ters arrive at 8.30 &; 3 p.m. from Parkstone R.S.O.;

- Dathan M.A. of Cavendislh OOllIege, Orumfbridg-e, has been dispatched at 12 noon &; 6.45; sundays, deiJJivery only,
, cnralte-in-chaI'lge siIllce 1892. At Branm!rome, ~s a 8.30. N ea,rest wlegraph office is aJt Parkstone

· chapel, al00 a haN !for Plymouth Brethren and Salvat,ion Wall Letter Boxes cleared 31t:-

Army Barr'aJcks. At Newtown is ,the Pool~ Rural Dist·rict AlbeTlt road, A:shley road, 8 &; 11.35 a.m. & 2.55, 7.20

'<Oouncil SaruiJtary Hos'Pit11l1, opened in 1'889, wit,h beds for & 8.5 p.m

7 pl1ltuernts. Drain pipe,s and bricks aTe extensively ml1lde Albert road, RooltheTl1:andis, 8.30 &; n.45 a.m. & 2 &;

in Ithe parish. The populatlion of Hoo!therlamds in 1891 7.10 p.m.; Isund/alys, 8.30 a.m

· was 2,513, and of Brwsome UIlb1a.n Distmct 6,572. .'Branksome Park (avenue), 9.10 a.m. 12.10 DJopn, 4.10

BRANKSOME PARK is a rising residential neighbour- I&i 7.50 p.m.; sundays, '8·55 a.m

!fhood,in the parishes of Parkstone and Branksome(formerly Klinso!ll: P,ot1:lery, 8 & n·30 a.m. 6.40 p.m.; sundays,

Kinson), adjoining Bournemouth, Hants, of which it is 9 a.m

· virtually an extension on the west, having a station called Branksome Urban District Gouncil.

Branksome on the direct Bournemouth branch of the l\Iee1ls at 3 Tennyson buildings, Branksome, on 1st tues.

London and South Western railway. The ecclesiastical in every month, 7 p.m

parish of All Saints was formed out of the above parishes Clerk, W. iH. Curtis, High street, Poole

in 1878. The church of .All Saints, erected in 1867, is a Treasurer, H. Meredith, Nat. Provincial Bank, Poole

plain building of stone in the Early English style, con- ,Medlicall Offioer of Heatth, Jlames Slhuckibnrgh Stewart
sisti ng of ch ance l m.nam.veg aonndeorbgea11n; c hthame bceors,t wifth bwueilsdtme' rgn SuLrv.Rey.Co.rP.& &Sa.Sni.ItI.JaPryarIrDk,ssplteocnteor, S. J. Newman, 2 Tenny-
b e11 t urr et , con t j

church and vicarage and. of the endowment was defrayed SOD 'bUJildin'gs, .AJsihley road, Brarnktsome
by the late Henry Bury esq. of Branksome Tower and 0 11 J Fin.dla
others; there are 300 sittings, all free. The register 0 ector, ames

dates from the year 1877. The living is a vicarage, net Board Schools.

yearly value £290, with residence, in the gift of the Bury Under Kinson School Board.

family, and held since 1881 by the Rev. Charles Goddard IDnson iROOltIh, IbUlilt in 1874, for 104 c1hildren; in 1880
ilihe ~c'hooQ wa:s transfeT'l'ed to the School board, when
Doyne M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge.

Boume Valley, adjoining Branksome Park, has the Illddlitional space WlllS provided !for 164 children, aJt Q

Church of St. Aldhelm (a chapel of ease to All Saints), cost of £1,670, & in 1'889 it was enlarged & will now hold

erected in 189:1-4, a structure of ashlar work in bath stone 500 children; average a1l:JtendJance, 150 iboy;s, 140 girls

in the later Decorated style, the architects being Messrs. &; 200 inlfants; Frank Adams, master; Miss \fane New-


row. linistress; Miss Caroline A. Arnold, infan'ts' mis- rNational, :Bourne Valley (mixed), 1880, for 170 children
average attendance, 200; Infants', opened 1886, for 100;
tress average attendance, 130; Miss Eliz-abeth 'Barker,
mistress; Miss Harriett Lever, infants' mistress
Healtlherlarrllds, Ibut in 11891-3, !for 500 oehlildren; average
attendlance, 120 rboY'S, I 10 ~'1"ls &; 190 infants; Oharleos Branksome Railway Station, , station mas-ter
Soutlhwick, maiiter; Miss- Elizabeth Leaver, mistre~;
Mrs. Mary .A.nnie S.oulthwick, infants' mistress

ERANKSOME PARK. Hadow Misses, StreatJey Wells Robert, Babbicomb

(Marked t Letters through Parkstone Halford John W. Sunny lawn Wheaton A. W. Larkbere

R.S.O.) Halls Rev. George M.A. Kilbride Whittle Wm. A. Eaglehurst, PooIe rd

t h ~s dt l. ~ P a~k t Hands Mrs. Foleshill Wickham :Miss, Gresford, The Avenue
sBone Harris James, !sea villa Williams Daniel,Brandon lea,Poole rd
k(M. t~kd ar~

e remam er emg m ran some tHarrison Capt. Horace S. Aston Grays Willis George, Florida

parish.) tHayward R Cambermere, Ashley rd Wilson Mrs. Isca, Poole road

. PRIVATE RESlDEXTS. tHeysham. George William Mounsey, Windsor Miss~s, Gatcombe

Aldndge Thos. A. Rowley, Poole road Grata quils Wyatt Mrs. Slmrole, Tower road

Andrew J., M.D. Rahere, The Avenue tHicks George Tempest, Camelot tYoung Rev. Fredk. B.A. CoombePyne

Andrews .Tames R. (chief paymaster tHinder Mrs. Arlington, Ashley road Young George W. Branksome manor

RN.), Wivenhoe Hiscock George, builder Young William, Eversleigh,TheAvenue

tAshton Charles, Redlands Hitchcock H. K., M.D.,J.P.Christowell COMMERCIAL.
Atfield Miss, Cranford Howard Joshua Elsinore

Banks Robert Y. Foxhayes tHyde Mrs. Wiiderton (Marked thus t receive their letters

Bartram George N. Woodlyn Jackson Mrs. Goothland, Tower road through Bournemouth.)

Bassill Frederick W. Aynill Jakeman Miss, Lassington, Tower rd tAitken Thomas G.chemist, CashPrice

tBelben Thomas, Hoo Meavey Johnstone John, Branksome court pharmacy; all goods sold at store
Bell T. G., M.D. Carfax, Poole road tKellaway F.Jas. Daisymoor, Ashley rd prices; 4 Colonnade, Ashl~y road
Blackley Percival~ ~ibernia, Poole rd Kemp-Welch Mrs. Dinmore, Westbrne Alien E. Fredk. builder, Ashley road
Blake Thomas Wilham, Hurstbourne tKershaw Wm. Bowden ho. Ashley rd Allner Alice (Miss), draper, Ashley rd

Boeslager Baron Von, Nazdar, The tKirk Mrs. Woodlands, Constitution hI Allner Edward J. builder, Ashley

Avenue Laidman :Mrs. Bonallie tower house, Ashley road

tBoniface Miss, Melton Lancey Edwin, Teneriffe, Poole road Andrews Martha (Mrs.), laundress,

Boodle Rev. R. Geo. M.A. Ashford Langden George, Branksome gate The Crescent, Newtown

Boraston Mrs. Traumere Leach George, Amesbury Archer Frederick, grocer, Newtown
Bourne Saml. John, Be~grano, Poole rd Leach :Mrs. Kingston
Baggs F. C. jobbing grdnr. Ashley rd
tBrock Alexander Melville,Glendronach tLeeston-Smith Mrs. Perran lodge
Barnes H. F. J. house agnt.Ashley rd

Brook Alfred B. Langdenholme LeO'h Mrs. Pennington, Gladwyn, Bastable H. boot mak€r,Constitution hI

Brook Miss, Millias Tower road Bell Elizabeth (Miss), apartments,

Brook William D. Rosebank Lonnen Edwin BOylil, Glen Ormond, Sunny bank, Ashley road

Buckley James, Tintern Branksome park tBell T. G., M.D. surg.Carfax,PooIe rd
Lorry David, Catmas Bird J. Sea View hotel, Constitution hI
Burrows William H. Eisentein

tBurton Edgar, New hall Mangin R A. Ashton court Blackaller William &; cider mer.

tButler Wm. Chas. Elm vil. Ashley rd tManley Mrs. The Grove 6 Tennyson bULdings, Ashley road

Chadwick Mrs. Sweden How Mannell John, Thanet Blake Thomas William, surgeon,

tChild Mrs. Therapia May Mrs. Dilkusha Hurstbourne, Avenue road

tCholmondeley Lady Marcie, Holly 10 Mayo Henry, Madeley, Poole road Bond Charles, bricklayer, Sea View rd

Clark Mrs. Coombehurst, The Avenue Morgan Richard Cope, Llanover Budden John, brick maker

Close Mrs. J. W. St. Malo tMorres Mrs. Yaverlands Budden John, farmer

tCopeman Edward., Albany house Newell Miss, 2 Elsie villas tBunday William, florist, Ashley road
Cornish Vaughan, Branksome cliff Oakley John, Riversleigh Burton W.marine store dlr.SeaView rd

Corser George, Cossmore OsIer Frank, Avonbourne, Poole road Bush Tom, butcher, Ashley road

tCreedon Miss, Gowrie Parham Mrs. Chupra 10. Poole road tCaws Henry, carpenter, Ashley road

Crowther Henry, Swinton Petch William, Western house Chaldecot Geo. blacksmith, Ashley rd

tCurtis Alfd. Glen cot. Sea. View road Phibbs Major R R. Brackloonagh Chesterton Eros. grocers &; drapers,
tDavis Alfred Isaac, Kormansfield Phillips Miss, Park view, Poole road Ashley road'

tDenny Charles, Berkeley towers tPike Mrs. Sandalwood Chitty John, newsagent, The Lilacs,
tDenny Miss, Sea View road
Poole Eenjamin, Haselmere, Poole rd Ashley road

tDickinson Charles A. W. Westlands tPowys :Miss, Yaverlands Clark W. &; Son, furn. dlrs. Ashley rd

Dobson Charles, Dromonby Princess Misses, Norland Clark 'William, tailor, 3 Victoria ter.
Ashley road
Doyle Capt.B. W.Montreux,The Avenue tRichlll'dson Noble, Bramley dene

tDoyne Rev. Clliarles Goddard M.A. tRogers Rev. Gerlll'd Salton M.A. The Collins B. & Son, grocers, provision

All Saints Vicarage Old Ride merchants &; dealers in corn, meal,

Drury Mrs. Rennock grnge.TbeAvenue Rogers Rev. Wm. Moyle, Pine dene flour &c.Sea View rd.Constitution hI

Drysdale Mrs. St. Catherine's, Poole rd Roker M. J. Snowdenham, The Avenue Constitution Hill & Newtown Liberal

Dyson Rev. J. Walbrook Sanctuary Mrs. Vernon Club (Robert Bishop. sec.; Jesse

Elbershaw R. J.Headinglen,TheAvenue Scott' Arthur, Sunnyside Rose, manager), Sea View road

Elliott Thos. Maisonette, The Avenue Shakespeare W. Mylor house Cornelius- William John, blacksmith &;

Evans The Misses, Lingfield grange, tShand :Mrs. Coombe wood wheelwright, Ashley road

The Avenue Sharp William L. Heatberdene Cornutt' Raymond W. grocer, Ashley
Sibley Miss, Gortlee house, Ashley road
Fasnacht George E. Caxton

tFellowes Gen. P. Hy. RM. Harwood Slade Phillip, Treberrie Cox Alice (Miss), fruiterer, Ashley rd
Fellowes Rev.Henry (rector of Wallop), Smith Arthur, The Whare CoxE.nurseryma~Reathfield,Ashleyrd

Torridon tStocker Miss, Forest road Cox F.W. dairy,s Colonnade, Ashley rd
Fenn William, 1 Elsie villas
tStrachey Lieut.-Col. Hy. Basing ho tCox Hiram,Woodman tav~rn,Poolerd

tFinlayson J.Heatherland vil.Ashley rd tSturdy Thomas, The Wick tCribbF.haulier &coal mer.frincess rd

tFlamsteed Mrs. Wyle Swan Mrs. Westerkirk Diamond Joseph, musical instrument

tFletcher Charles, Tower house tTarleton Miss, Holly lodge dealer. Ashley road .

Forfar William Bentinck, Trelawne Telford William, Kenilworth Direct Meat Supply Co. (Edwm H.

Fowler William, Silverdale Terry Edward, Cerne Abba9 Hann, mangr.), butchers, I Tenny.

tFox Daniel Makinson C.E. Birkdale tThompson Arthur BaBy, Sumatra son buildings, Ashley road
tFrampton Albt. Tom, Balcombe hurst Tite John. Montagoue house Draper .Wi~iam .Henry, .stone mason,

Giller Frands, Ingomar tTollemache Hon.R Ranulph Carteret, ConshtutlOn hill .

Goddard Rev. William Ward M.A. Glen wood Dunster &; Co. butchers, dealers In

(curate of St. Peter's), San Salvador, Townsend Mrs. Regnum Canterbury mutton &; beef, 2 Colon-

Tower road Tucker St.. G. Goschen, The Avenue nadJe,.A.sWey rd. ; &; o,tEase1eigh,Hnts

Gold Mrs. Heslington, Poole road Turner Mrs. Merivold, The Avenue Frampt:<)ll A1bert' merchant

tGrantham-Hill Stanley Grantham, Turner Mrs. Stanley glen! PooIe road & brICk maker, Ashl~y road.
Forest lodge tTuthill A., M.B. Montpelier,Ashley rd Furber James, blacksmlth,SeaVlew rd

Grew Samuel Valescure tVivianS.E.Channel vil.Constitution hl tGeorgeCharles,nurseryman,Ashley rd

GriffithsMrs. TempleDinsley,Avenue rd Warmington E. Dunsley Good Geo. carpenter, Granville road



tHarris Thomas H. grocer & china & Smith Emily (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Wheeler In.& Hy.gasfitters,Victoria rd

glass dealer, Poole road Ashley road Wilkes Elijah, coach builder; light

Harvey R.& Son, grcrs. Constitutn.hl Smith Emma (Miss), draper,S Tenny- carts & vans built to order &; re-

Head M. (Miss), shopkpr. Sea View rd son buildings, Ashley road paired, Glencoe road

Hoare Charles, shopkeeper, Rossmore Stacey Albert,chimney swpr.Ashley rd Working Men's Conservative Club (J.

tHoare M. A. (Mrs.), shopkpr.Poole rd Stembridge &; Sons, house painters, W. Street, secretary &; manager).

Hughes Henry John, chemist, zTenny- Ashley road Victoria road

son buildings, Ashley road Tilley Jas. watchmaker, Ashley road Yeatman Sidney, carpenter, Albert rd

tHunt John, contractor, Poole road Tucker Philip, gasfitter, Plaxtol, NEWT OWN

tHutchings William, grocer, 3 Colon- Ashley road ..
nade, Ashley road Tuthill Alfred M.B. surgeon, Mont- Budden George Thos. Hawarden VIlla
Ind~pendent Order of Foresters(Brank- pellier, Ashley road
Coates :Mrs. The Crescent
some Court) (Wm. Martin, sec.), Ware Georgina (Mrs.), coffee house, Dathan ~ev. Joseph Duncan ~.A.
Zion Coffee house, Ashley road Ashley roa,d (curate/n.charge of St. Clement s)

Johnston Peter, chimney sweeper, Watkins ehas. refreshment rooms, 7 Rogers 1hlham Henry, The Crescent

Brook road, Ashley road Tennyson buildings, Ashley road Wheadon John, The Crescent

Jones Sidney, stationer &; tobacconist, Watkins John, boot ma. Ashley road Young James, The Crescent

7 Tennyson buildings, Ashley road tWay Thomas John, livery stables, COMMERCIAL.

Jones W. E. & Son, blacksmiths, Ashley road Abbott Wm. farmer, Alderney cottage

Ashley road Webber Joseph, shopkpr. Ashley rd Andrews Martha (Mrs.), laundress,

Kempster R. pork butcher, Ashley rd Young George, stationer, Bristol ho. The Crescent

Kerley Hy. corn dealer, AsWey road Ashley road Archer Frederick, grocer

Kerley Henry, tobacconist & hair Young William, draper, 6 Colonnade, Banten Charles, contractor &; brick &

dresser, Ashley road Ashley road tile manufacturer

Kinson Technical Committee & School Brown Samuel James, Pottery hotel

of Art (Charles Southwick, sec.), HEATHERLANDS. Budden George Thomas, contractor &;

Tennyson buildings, Ashley road Barnes Richard, Hawksworth gravel merchant, Hawarden viila

Knight Fredk. Chas. grocer, Newtown Bousfield Rev. Chrstphr. Harker M.A. Burridge Edward G. baker

Lawrence George, oil &; colourman, (vicar of St. John the Evangelist) Carter William, proprietor of Kinson

Cleveland terrace Mothersole Alner, White Colne pottery & the Brick & Tile works,

Lawrence Richard, beer retailer,Cleve- ~Iothersole Charles, Livermore Hamworthy junction

land terrace, Ashley road Vanner Isaac Thomas, Eton villa Davis George, grocer

Lee George, haulier, The Crescent COMMERCIAL. Fancy Gideon, farmer

Lucas In. W. builder, Princess road Allner Robert, builder, Victoria road Head Arthur William, grocer

Lucas Mary (Mrs.), refreshment rros. Booker Rchd. nurserymn.The Vineries Hibberd Job, brick maker

1 Colonnade, AsWey road Brompton Robert, shopkeeper Kinson Pottery Co. & the Brick &; Tile

Kewman S. J. surveyor &; sanitary Bug\len George, watchmaker works, Hamworthy Junction; Wm.

inspector to Branksome urban dis- Cake Edward J. carpenter Carter, proprietor

trict council, 3 Tennyson buildings, Cole Elizabeth P. (Mrs.), laundry Phillips Freeland, general dealer

Ashley road Cole Henry, coal dealer Poole Rural District Council Sanitary

Norrish Edward, grocer, 4 Tennyson Cutland W. &:, Son, boot makers Hospital (Hy. Geo. Nippord, supt)

buildings, Ashley road Drysdale Alfd.Edwd.fruitr.Victoiia rd Rabbetts George, boot maker

tOsment George, butcher, Poole road Hennington Wm. gardener &; nrsrymn Rogers George, tea dealer, grocer &;

Osment John, boot & shoe dealer, 6 Fort Benjamin, boot & shoe maker provision merchant

Tennyson buildings, Ashley road Godwin Edwin, grocer &; ironmonger, Skinner Samuel, beer retailer

Ould Samuel H. grocer, Ashley road Post office BOURNE VALLEY.

Powell John, brick maker Grabb Rchd.baker & grocr.Victoria rd

Price Geo. Joseph, outfitter,Ashley rd Jobbing & Sons, house painters COMMERCIAL.

Roberts Frank, china & glass ware- Knight William Charles, tobacconist, tBaggs Felix Charles, beer retailer

house, Victoria terrace, Ashley rd Victoria road tCross Herbert, grocer

Robeson Geo. house painter, Ashley rd Mansell Charles, laundry tFoster John, coffee tavern

Rose Bros. postmasters, Ashley rd.; Milledge Alfd. grocer &; beer retailer tHallett Henry, refreshment house

& at Westbourne Newberry Edward, blacksmith tHardy Frederick, horse dealer

Rose WaIter, estate agent, Ashley rd Orchard James, shopkeeper tHouse Geo. Jas. grocer &; beer retlr

Saunders Alfd. J. R. dairy, Ashley rd Phillips Ernest, baker tJames Albert, grocer &; beer retailer

Selby Emily (Mrs.), baker &; confec- Rohetter Aug. hair dresser,Victoria rd tKing Frederick, dairyman

tioner, Cleveland terrace, Ashley rd Rogers Robert C. bricklar.:er t:;\Ierrett Elizabeth T. (Mrs.), dairy

Sharp Henry Jones &; Co. Limited, Rose Henry, haulier tSt. Aldhelm's Coffee Tavern (G.

Bourne Valley Pottery Co. Ashley rd Squire Henry Thomas, shopkeeper King, manager)
twSheppard Wm.Arth.baker, Sea View rd Squires George, baker & beer retailer oolfrey George, grocer & beer retlr

LITTLE EREDY, see Lit'tle'bredy. LONG EREDY, see Longbredy.


BroDOORT is a seaport, m'llnD.cipaJ ib<Jrough and market panance in the time of Ed'ward rtlh-e Confessor, and is

1Wd woo town,. bead! of So COU'llty court distriC't, and mentioned in Domesday Bo'Ok as having a. mint and ec-

railwtay statlion, in t1he Western divillsion of the ooun:l:!y. clesiastical establishment: it was made a borough in the

hundred of SlturmrinElter, though locally in the hundred of reign of lffelllI'y Ill.: its c1harter underwent various altera-

Wllli'tc'hurch Oalllonicorum, rural deanery of Bridiport m<ms during subsequent reigns. The governing cha~!ter,

(Brid'poI"t pol'tiO'll!), lU1dhdeaooo.ry ()If Dorset allld diooese ()If prior to the Municipal Act, was thalt granted by

SaJi,Sbury, 1'5 mliles west from DOl'clhes'ter, 34 from Taun.' Oharlas ll.: ist now comprises, m add~tion to the ancient

ron, 6 'south from Beaminster, 9 east from Lyme Regis, borough, par-moos of tlhe parishes 0If Allington, Bradilole,

2r nortJh-west from WeymoUlth, r35 by road and r63 by Waldtiilch, Botlhenhamilton, ~urto!ll-Brad!stbock and Sy-
'l."Mlway from London: the Grelalt W,eSlte'r,n railway has a mondslbury. '.m1e t.own is dividedJ !into ,two wards, the

brandh IfrOllll Maliden Newton to tJhis town and the West North and Sout1h, and< governed by a mayor, six atdermen

bay, which gives acceSls to Dorohester I()n the Lond'On and and eigthteeen councillors, wlho aJso ac1J as the urban sani-

South Western railway and Yoovil OIl! the Great Western, tary authority. The borough has a commission of the

tlhus $!'ivmg ttwO' distinct H'Il1eS of communicatioo. with peace, several justices of the peace and formerly re-

the metropollis and other rparts of the kingdom: tJhere are turned 'two mem(bel's to Parliament, !but these by "The

three stJarlJions, viz. Brlidrpo:rttJ, <the Ea,st ,street 'stalbion and iRepresentaticm of !tlhe People Ad, 1867," were reduced

one ait the haTlbour caJled West bay. to one and ,by" The Redistribution of Seats Act, r885,"

Th'is place takes its name f'l'om the river Brit, on t'he the borough was dlisttflalllchri.sed.
bank of which it stands. This was a place of some im- The town ~s situated in a felI'tiLe vaJe, !Surrounded by


biHs, having on tJhe weS'D the river Bride or Brit, and on 1633 by diflerent pel'Sons consists of four closes and
the east the river Asker, over w:hi'ch are several bri<1ges; two orchard~ at Broad Oak; the proceeds are annually

tlhese rivers unite a liittle below the town, which chiefly given to the poor. The malthouse are brewhouse :-In

oonsi'sts of three Spa.cri.OUiS streets, cOnltainin'g handsome 1650 the corporation of Bridport laid out £180 in the

modern houses, lighted with gas 'by a. company and we] purchase of certain premises comprising a malthouse and

paved. Water is supplied to the ~nha'bitants by a. com- brewhouse ; a portion of this money was the gift of Mrs.

pany from works -situated at Litton Oheney. Jane Napper; in 1865 these premises were sold, the

The church of Sit. Mal1'y, ,enlarged and thoroughly re- purchase money invested in Oonsols and the proceeds

stored ~!ll 1859-60, is a spacious cruciform structure ot are annually given in Christmas donations to the poor

stone, chiefly in the very Ear~y Perpendicular style of The higher and lower almshouses' are under the control
architectJure, cOIlisis·ting of c'hail1Jcel, nave with: north and o~ nine trustees. Jessope's gift IS a sm:111 annuity ldt

souJth transepts partly Early English, aisles, and soulth In the tim .. of James I. PitAield's charIty was giv('n In

oha.pel with a. square em'battled tower rising from the 1675 by Charles Pitfield, and consists of a parcel of land

centre and crown-ed: with pinnacles, and oontainJing 8 called Thorncombe: from the proc'eeds of this charity

bells: within. are some inteil"elSting monumMlts; one, a a number of penny loaves are distrihuted every SUl1day

cross-legged effigy of a knight, siUppos'ed to represent one in Rrirlport church: a sermon is annually preached on

of the De Ohideock fiaIDJily: th8l1'e tis a small mural tablet 'March 2nd, :llld !J. number of petticoats given to old

in memory 0'£ Lieut. Coker, ()If 1J\oIappowder, killed at the ......omen and coats to old Il,en at that time: the total

Bull hotel by one VenueI', an officer oIf tlhe Duke of Mon- income is £15 a year, as the estate was sold in 1763

mouth, .in the [Monmouth rabe'llion, 1685: the church subject to that rent~charge. A. charity of £100 invesLed

oonltains 1,017 seats, Which aH become free at the final in Consols i81 the proceeds of the sale of a house left in

ringiIlJg of ·the !bell. The register dates from the year the time of James I. for a widower and widow, and the

1660. !The liv::ing is a disclharged rectory, gross yearly dividend is dispensed by the churchwardens and over-

value £250, net £220, with ,reside.nce, in tlhe gift of the seers. Daniel Tayhr, in the time of Charles H. left. the

Bishop of Salisbury, and held ,since 189'5 by the Rev. Bull inn, in East street, for the purpose of providing an

Geo. Francis 'Hooper M.A. ()f Brasenose College, Oxford. efficient schoolmaster IoI'! the poor children of the town:

ChriSlt Chure'h is an dron structure, in the Eas1t road, in 1859 the inn was sold, with the consent of the OhariLy

and is served! from Wald'iteh, erected in 1,880, and has Commissioners, for £2,45°, and the net produce,

400 seats. £2,083 13s. 3d. now iruvested in Consols, the annual divi-

There is a Crutholic church in Vlictoria s'treet, d·edicated dend~ of which, £65 12S. 4d. ara devoted to th~ use of

to SS. Mary and' Oatherine, ","hiclh ,seats: 150. the general school in the town. Daniel Taylor's alms-

The meelting house for the Soociety .of Friends, South houses opposite the church! in South street, are ()ccupied

street, erected Iin 1700, will hold 200 persons; the Oon- by deserving persons appointed by the trustees. The

gregatiouall cha.pel, East street, erecteru in 1,8591 has eoo l\Iagdalen charity consists of almshouses in .Allington;

seats; tlhe Baptist chapeil, Victoria streEfu, built 1841, eight deserving women nre here found a dwelling, and

has sittings for 3'5°; rthe Unitarian chapel, Ealst street, some trifling charity derived from a third portion of the

erected tin 1790, will selllt 500 persons'; the 1Vesleyans proceeds of the Cattlebarrow estate at Whitchnrch.

have a chapel in West !bay, built in 1849, with 70 seats, I Bull's- charity, Bishop Hall's charity, Bernard Micbel's

and OIlle in South street, e'rected in 1839, seaMll'g 800 charity and Napper's charity are very trifling'. The

persons. Sunday school charity was a gift of a Sunday school for

The Oem81te-ry, of 4 a.cres, 1 mile from the centre of the the parish of Bridport, for the instruction of children

town, on the road to Dorchester, was formed in 1856, belonging to the established church, by the late Henry

at a cost of £2,500, with the usual mortuary ohapels, Chlirles Sturt, father of the present Lord Alington: the

and ,is governed 'by a Burial Board of nine mem'be;s. original school and land have been sold and the pro-

The Town Hall is a handsome !brick !building, faced ceeds devoted towardS! the erection of the capaci;ms and

with PortLand ,soone: ~t was erected in 1786, on tlhe site com enient new schools erect~d on the glebe land opposite

of the ancient chaopel ()of St. .Andrew, in t~e centre of the the former school.

town, containing in the upper sJ:.ory a court for the The population within the municipal limits, in 1891,

borough ,ses'sians, a room for the grand jury, and a was 6.6n, as follows :-Allington (part of), 1,490;

ooumcil chamlber, underneath which is· held the general Bothenhampton (part of), 121; Bradpole (part of), 864;

market iorbutchers' meat. TU:1e marke.t days are Wed- Bridport, 3,768; Burton Bradstock (part of), 165;

nesd1ay and 'Saturday. Tihe fairs are held 001 tlhe nth ()f Symondsbury (part of), 136; and Walditch (part of), 67.

Ocrober and the 6th of April, '£01' cattle and' cheese: the The population of Bridport parish 'was ,,768, and the

former date 'being the festlival day of St. Michael old I area is 62 acres; rateable value of Bridport, £12,500;

style, to whom a chureh, wl1ic'h formerly stood at the and Allington, £7,049. The population of the wards in

corner of 1St. :Midhael's lane, wals dedicated: the laMer 1891 was: North, 3,142; south, 3,469.

date is 1Ihe festival of 1St. iMary tihe Virgin, toO whom the Allill!;ton parish forms part of the borough, and under

parish church was orliginally dedicated. the" Local Government Act of 1894" thoso portions of

The head quarters of A Company, ISIt Volunteer Bat- the surrounding parishes within tJ:e borough aTe al~o

talion Dorsetshire Regiment, are situated at the V.olun- now included in the civil parish of Bridport.

teer Hall, St. M1iciJJ.ael's lalne. The parish church of St. Swithin, erected in 1827, is a
rrhe. tTlade of the town con~Slbs prin'Cipa~ly in fue im- plain rectangular building of stone in the Greek style,
pOl'!OO:tion of hemp and flax ohtiefl.y from RIga and Arch- consisting of chancel (at the west end of the church),

angel. Tihere was form·erly a oonsideralble coasting trade, nave, aisles and east gallery: it contaim 800 seats, of

by WlhiciJJ. the adjacent towns were supplied with wal frOlIIl which 400 are fr:le. The register dates from the year

Wales and' the col:1ieries in the North of Eng-:rand, and: 1600 and earlier, but the earliest are milinly illegible.

with; miher 8:,rtiioles of general consumption., but t:he ex- i The living is a viearage, gross yearly value £210. with

ten5ILon of raIlways has almost destroyed this trade. The house, in the gift of the Bishop of Salisbury, and held
~arbour, :wmch is. oonnected with the town ~y .~ short' since 187q by the Rev. Samuel Shering Keddle M.A. of
¥ne of ral1, and Will take vessels of 250 tons, as s[tuated . Corpus Christi college, Oxford.
m il:he bay wIh'ich is formed: .by the headlands near ~or!-I At North Allington is a. Dispensary and Cottage Hospi-
land ()n tJhe ealst and TO'r Pmnt {)n :tlhe west. 'Fhe prmeI- I tal, with beds for nine patients, ~mpported by sub scrip-

tJal manufactures are those of fishing-nets, twmes, shoe- ,tion: the site and former house were o-iven by the late
thread and sail Cl~oth, made Iargely bolJh for home and: Thomas Hannan.
iforeign. consumpt4on; former~y m~clJ. f1.~ was grown in There are some endowed almshouses here, which were
the adJacent panshes, 'b1lJt lItJlJle II.S now produced. On p:irtly rebuilt in 1877 by public sub!'lcription.
the rive~ Brit. there are thr~e l~rge fla~ mills. I St. Andrew's, a chapel of ease to Bradpole, was erected
~e~e as ~ LItera~y and SCIentIfi:c InSltltute, a hand'some ' in the rear 1860 in the Early English style, and comists
of chaI~cel nave and north aisle with a wes~ern bell
bUllding SItuated m the Ea,st street.
The WorkhoUise, a buildling of sltone, is sHuated on the I turret containing 3 bells: th~ Yi~ar of Bradpole or hiOl

Bradpole road. " . . curate officiates: it contaiD'! 320 seats, all of which He

Bndport has the followm!5 chantIes: the eIght-acre free. The area is 594 acres; the population in 1891 'Was
tenement,. partly bought WIth the. proceed~ of money 1,771,
collected m ~619 to.war.ds the repaIrs of Bndport Har- By a Local GavE'rnment Ordl'r dated March 25, 1884, a
bour, but bemg qUlte madeq:uate for the purpose, was detached part of Loders' known as Loders 'West End ~as
added to some other money gIven by Henry H~dy, and a amalgamated with Allington.

small estate- purchased at Broad Oak; a portIOn of the p . I Cl k St l\f B'd t S 1 K h
Tent is given to the general school and the remainder to'l al'lS 1 er., . -' ary, r~ por , ... ~mue eec.

the National schools. The fourteen-acre tenement given in S~xton, St. Swithin, .A.llington, William Wocdland.



Post, M. O. &, T. 0., S. B., ExpreslSJ Delivery & Annuity Talbot John hill,Lyme Regis

&; Insurance Office, East street; Miss M. Prince, Weld Humphrey Frederick esq. Manor house, Chideock

postmist,ress Clerk to the Magistr.ttes, :Frederick WaIter Gundry,

Dispatch of Letters. Parcel Downes street, Bridport

Letters &c. can be posted Post.* Petty Sessions are held every alternate month on mon-

. Parcels re- day at the Town Hall, at II tI..m. The following places

Mails. Until with esx~trmap ceived at are included in the Petty Sessional Division :-Alling-
the coun- ton, Askerswell, Beaminster, Bradpole, BurstoCk,
t d.

until ter up to Broadwindsor, Bettiscombe, Bothenhampton, Burton

London(night)&aIl parts 7.30 p.m. 8.0 p.m. 7.15 p.m Bradstock, Beerhall, Cheddington, Chardstock, Cors..
.. 9.55 a.m. ... 9.50 a.m combe, Chelborough East & West, Chilcombe,
London (day)

London (day) & West & Chideock, Charmouth, Catherston, Leweston, Hook,

S. West of England... 11.20 a.m. 11.25 a.m. 11.15 a.m Halstock, Hawkchurch, Loders, Lyme Regis, Mapper-

North of England, Ire- ton, ~Iosterton, Marshwood, Netherbury, Poorton

land & Scotland ...... 2.10 p.m. 2.15 p.m. 2.0 p.m North, Perrott South, Pilsdon, Poorstock, Stoke
West of England(night) 6.0 p.m. 6.25 p.m. 5.30 p.m Abbott, Stanton St. Gabriel, Symondsbury, Shipton

Dorchester&Weymouth 4· 15p·m. 4.20 p.m. 4.15 p.m Gorge, Thorncombe, Wambrook. Walditch, Whit-
Beaminster & Melplash
church Canonicorum, Wootton, Fitzpaine, 'Vraxall.
(day)..................... 4.15 p.m. 4.20 p.m
Beaminster &Melplash, ••• Borough Magistrates.

Charmouth & Lyme The Mayor & Ex-Mayor

(night) 10.30 p.m ••• 8.0 p.m Cox Elias, West bay

Bridport rural deliveries 6.50 a.m. ... 8.0 p.m GUIldry Edward Pearkes, Hyde

*No dispatch sundays. Hay William Alfred Edward M.D. West Allington

Bridport Town Deliveries include all letters posted in James William, West Allington
Rendall Henry, West Allington
head office half an hour before commencing next
Roper John James, East street
delivery Stephens Joseph Thompson, Wanderwell house

Delivery. Letters from Suttill Henry Squire, Pymore
Suttill John Pickard, West street
1St......... 7.0 8. m. All parts . Tucker Richard, Fullbrooks

2nd •.•.•• 8.45 a.m. West of England........... 8.45 a.m Turner Frederick, Melrose, Bradpole road
Whetham Stephen, Bradpole road
North of England, Scot-
'Vhe1ham William Townley, West street
land & London (1st Clerk, Frederick WaIter Gundry, Downes street

day).....•................. 10.30 a.m Borough Petty Session~ are held! at the Town Hall every
three weeks on tuesday, at II a.m
3rd 10.30 a.m. Dorchester &Weymouth 2.15 p.m.

4th......... 4.30 p.m. London (2nd day) 4.30 p.m.

On sundays the 7.35 a.m. delivery is only made.

Post & Telegraph Office, West Bay.- Corporation 1894-5.

sub-postmaster. Letters arrive at 8 a.m. & 5 p.m.;

dispatched at 9 a.m. &, 6 p.m. Postal orders are Mayor-Conncillor James Guppy.

issued here, but not paid . Deputy Mayor-Councillor Frederick Jones.

Wall & Pillar Letter Boxes in various parts of the town . Elected 1889 to 1895.IAldermen. Elected 1892 to 1898•

County Magistrates

For Bridport Petty Sessional Division, sitting alternately Elias Cox A. W. H. Dammeri:l
at Bridport & Beaminster, & at Thorncombe every John Hounsell
r D. Eo Biddlecombe

two months. Joseph Thompson Stephens Charles G. Xantes

The senior magistrate present acts as chairman. Councillors.

Sandwich The Earl of, Hooke court, Beaminster North Ward. South Ward.

Bridport Viscount G. C.B. Cricket lodge, Cricket St. Presiding Alderman atWard Presiding Alderman at Ward

Thomas, Chard Elections. Elias Cox. Elections, A.W.H.Dammers.

Adams Albert Thomp,;on esq. iBellair, Whitchul'ch tWo H. E. Biddlecombe tStephen Champ

Canonicol'um, Bridporli tJohn W. Hounsell tJobll James Roper

Bragge Capt. John A. Sadhorow, Thorncombe, Chard t William J amcs tFredel'ick Turner

Bullen Lieut.-Col. John Bullen Symes, Catherston nouse, tT. A. Colfox tJohn WiIliam Hartgill

Charmouth tJames Guppy tEdward Clent

Charlesworth·Wm. esq.Westhay ho.Hawkchul'ch,Axminstr tFrederick Jones *Arthur "\Valdie Temple

Colfox Thomas Alfred esq. Coneygar. Bridport *Richard Tucker, jun *Henry Tucker
Colfo:!: Williijm esq. B.A. Westmead, Bridport *William A. E. Hay *George WilIiam Read

Cox John Russell esq. Manor house, Beaminster *Abraham Meech

Dammers Alfred William Houngell esq. Downe hall, Marked thus t retire in 1895.
Bridport Marked thus retire in 1896.
Evans William Herbert esq. F.R.G.S., ~I.A., D.L. Forde Marked thus, * retire! in 1897.

abbey, Thorncomhe-. Chard Mayor's Auditor, Stephen Champ
Gundry Edward Pearkes, Bridport Elective Auditors, Thomas White & Edwin Smith
Gundry Jc~eph esq. The Hyde, Bridport
Hardcastle J oseph Alfred esq. M.A. Beaminster Officers of the Corporatiolll & Urban District Council.
Henley Col. Henry Cornish, Leigh house, Chard Town Clerk & Clerk to Urban District Council & Borough
HOOy Capt. William Trevelyan, Bath
Hody William Trevelyan esq. Bath School Attendance Committee, Frederick WaIter
Gundry, Downes street
Hoskins Henry William esq. M.A. :North Perrott manor, Treasurer !t) Vrban District Council, Reginal~ Thornton,
Crewkerne Dorchester
Medical Officer of Health, William Clibborn M.D. East st
Hounsell William esq. Mountfield, Bridport Public Analyst, Eo C. Day F.C.L. Dorchestel'

James Abraham Rooke, Bothenha'npton, Bridport Borough. Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, F. Cooper,
Langdon In. Churchill Stuckey esq.Parrocks 10. Chard
Lowndes Samuel esq. Parklands, Merrow, Surrey Municipal Office~
Philpot Thomas Embray Davenport. Holme cleve, Sid- Collector, J. H. Ewens, Bedford place
School Attendance Officer, J. H. Ewens, Bedford place
mouth road, Lyme Regis Town Crier, Thomas Taylor, North Allington

Pinney Edward esq. Blackdown house, Crewkerne Town Hall Keeper, Mrs. Norman, 86 East street
Pinney George Frederick, Beaminster
Preston John William esg. Cliff house, Lyme Regis Public Establishments.

Rodd Edward Stanhope, Chardstock house, Chard Cemetery, East road, Henry Nobbs Cox, clerk to burial

Russell Captain Thomas, Beaminster board; William Elliott, curator

Sanctuary Campbell Fortescue Stapleton esq. Manger- County Court Office, 36 East street; His Honol' J o11n
Hooper Mackonochie, judg-e; Charles George Nantes,
ton, Melplash
registrar & high bailiff; Robertl Gilchrist, clerk. '1'he
Sparks Major William, East street, Crewkerne
court is held at the Town hall every month. The
Still Capt. James Charles, The Hyde, BridporiJ
ITalbot John Reginald Charles esq. Rhode 11l1l,Lyme Regis district comprises the following places, viz. :-Alling-

Tatchell-Bullen Capt. John Bullen TatcheIl, Marshwood ton, Askerswell, Beaminster, Bettiscombe, Bothen-
manor, Crewkerne hampton, Bradpole. Bridport, Broadwindsor, Burstock,


Burton, B1'I3:dstock, Chideock, Ohilcomb€, Evershiot, Clerk (Hignway & other purposes), Richard Tucker, jnn.

Heok, Litton, Cheney, Loders, ~lapperton, Marshwood, Chancery lane

Xetherbury, Pilsdon, Powerstock, North Poorton, Surv;eyor of High'WiaYs & Inspector of Nuisances, Richard

Pucknowle, Rampisham, Shipton Gorge, Stanton St. Rendell, Stoke Abbot, B~aIDJinster
Gabriel, Stoke Abbott, Swyre, Symondsbury, Wal. Treasurer, Robert Williams, jun. Old Bank, Dorchester

ditch, Whitchurch Canonicorum & WraxalI ::\Iedical Officer of Health, WiIIiam Alfred Edward Hay,

For Bankruptcy purposes this Court is, included in that West Allington

of Dorchester; Frederick' Aston Dowes, City chambers, Sanitary Inspectors, W. Tucker, for Burton Bradstock,

Salisbury, official receiver & E. RendeIl, for Whitchurch Canonicorum

Certified Bailiffs under the" Law o~ Distress Amendment Public Officers.

Act," George Alfred Morey, West street, Bridport; Admiralty Surgeon &, Agent, WilIiam Clibborn M.D., RA

Abraham Meech, West Allington, Bridport American Vice-Consul, Fredk. Walter Gundry,Downes st

Coast Guard St':ltion, West bay, William Bellingham, Chief Officer of Coast Guard Station, WiIIiam BeIling-

chief officer ham, West bay

Custom House, "Vest bay, R. Cecil Warren Merrick, Clerk t~ the Bridport Highway Board, Richard Tucker,

principal coast officer jun. East street

Dispensary & Cottage Hospital, North Allington, 'Wo A. E. Clerk to the Commission,~rsof Bridport Harbour, Charles

Hay & William Clibborn M.D., RA., C. W. Wilson, Gecrge Nantes, 36 East street

F. 1. D. Reid, D. A. MacCarthy & S. J. Allden, medical Certifying Factory Surgeon, WilIiam Clibborn M.D.

officers; Miss Rose Pettinger, matron East street

Fire Brigade, Municipal Offices, F. Cooper, superinten- Collector of Taxes for AIIington, Edward Milverton.

dent & 12 men West AlIington

Harbour Master's Office, West bay, Martin J sph. Briggs Coroner for Bridport & West Division districts. Charles

Inland Revenue Office, 17 Downes street, Anthony George Nantes, 36 East street

Burrows, officer Curator O'f Cemetery, William EEi<lbt, East road

Literary & Scientific Institution, East street, Frederick Lloyd's Agent, iHenry Good, West /bay

W. Matterface, hon. sec Surveyor of [Elighwa,ys, iR. RendelI, is'toke AiJJbobt

Police Station (County), South street, Charles Chaffey, Places of Worship, with times of services.

sergeant & 4 men Sit. ~Iary's Ohurch, !Rew. 'Gool'ge F. Hooper M.A. rector;

Public Baths, Downes street, Frederick Loveless, mangr 8 0& II a.m. 3 &; 6.30 p.m.; wed. 0& fri. II a.m.; &.

Post Office & Stamp Office, East street, Miss Prince, wed. 7.30 p.m

postmistress St. Swithiin'S' Church, Allington, Rev. Samuel Shering

Volunteers. Keddle M.A. vicar; 10 a.m. daily, 0& II a.m. & 6.3~
1st Dorsetshire Volunteer Artillery, Southern Division, p.m
St. Andrews 'Ohureh, Bradpole road; the rooOOr of Brad-
Royal Artillery (No. 4 Battery) pole or his curate officaat,es; III a.m. &; 6.30 p.m
1St Volunteer Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment (A Co.),
Christ -ChurclJ., -East road, served lfrom Wa.Iditch, II
Drill hall, St. Michael's lane; Hon. Maj. William
Townley Whetham, commandant a.m. & 6.30 p.m
SS. Mary & OaIi:lherine Catholic Church, Vic'tol"ia street,
Bridport. Union.
Very Rev. Canon iRemigius Delbbaudt, priest ~ mass,
Board day, wednesday (fortnightly), at the Workhouse, TO.30 a.m.; devot'iCJ.ns, sermonsl & bened~OOi,(}n, 6.30

at II a.m. p.m.; Ih-OIly da.ys, ma-ss, 8.30 a.m. ;&; daily mass, & a.m

The following parishes are within the union :-Allington, Society ,m Fl'Iiends' Meeting House, 'Southstreet, II a.m

AskerswelI, Bothenhampton, Bradpole, Bridport, Bur- Congregational, Eas't street, Rev. Ja.mes Moozies, mws-

ton Bradstock, Catherstone-Le-;veston., Chideock, Chil- ter; II 'l,.m. 0& 6 p.m.; wed. 7.30 p.m

combe, Litton Cheney, Loders, l'unckn~wle, Shipton Baptist, Victoria street, Rev. W. Evans Foot, mlinister;

Gorge, Stanton St. Gabriel, Swyre, Symondsbury, II a.m. &, 6 p.m.; wed-. 7.30 p.m

Walditch, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Wootton Fitz- Unita,rian, East ,g,treet, Rev. Henry 'ShaeD! 'Sally M.A.

paine. The population of ihe union in 1891 was m~nis'ter i II a.m. & 6 p.m

14,°38; area 33,103 acres; rateable value in 1894, Wesleyan, West bay, 2.30 & 6 p.m Rev. Thomas Dicken

£73,999 Wesleyan, South street, IO.30 a.m. & Rev. Ernest C.

Clerk to the Guardians &; Assessment Committee, .Tohn & 6p.m.; mon.&wed. 7.I5p.m. Harris

James Roper, 74 East street Schools.

Treasurer, Robert WiIliams, jun. Old Bank, Dorchester There is a school ailitendance committee for the borough,

Relie,ing Officers, Bridport district, J. G. Smith, Brad- who meet the H;t tlhuI"sday in each quanter at the

pole; Burton Bradstock district, C. D. Cousins, Burton Burv,eyor's office

Bradstock; Whitchurch Canonicorum district, R. T. A School of Art was established in 1865; it lis well sup-

Rendall, Whitchurch, Canonicorum ported 'by the inlhrubitants. Government assli:st-ed in the

Vaccination Officers, the RegistrarS! of BirthS/ & Deaths formation, !bUlt the current expenses are defrayed: by

Medical Officers, Nos. I, 2 & 6 districts, William Clibborn subslCriptQon; Faraday H. Ohristie, master

M.D., B.A. East street;_ :Ko. 3 district, C. W. Wilson Church, Gundry lane, built in 1876, at a cost of £2,000,

M.B. West street, Bridport; No. 4 district, WilIiam for 360 children; average attend:a~e,98 tbO)'S, 102 gir~s &;
Alfred Edward Hay, West Allington, Bridport; No. 5 II8 ~nfants; Hemy Salouay, master i Miss N. M. W.
district, Wm. Holman Kerbey, The Elms, Charmouth Reed, mistress; fJ\rIllslS Annie Stickland, infants' mist

Public Vaccinators, Nos. I, 2, 4 & 6 districts, 'WilIiam In[ant (Mis's Gundry's), 'West street, 'Originally pawn

Alfred Edward Hay, Wel't Allington; Nos. 3 & 5 Sit·ores, a'fte'rwards weaving shops & now transformed

districts, same as Medical Officers into an irufant scihool, with residence for t-he mistress

Superintendent Registrar, John James Roper, 74 East close to the s-chool, f().f 130 chmdren; average attend-

street, Bridport; deputy, J. Swaffield, Bridporb ance, 90; iMiss Travers, mist1:'ess

Registrars of Marriages, Duncan Monteith, Victoril;t st.; National, North AlliugJton, ibuilt in 1,873, for 276 children;

deputy, S. Champ, Bradpole road & W. Frost, West aV6rage attendance, 120 boys, 90 girls & I1I0 infants;

Allington; deputy, G. FrQtEt, West street J'ames Blarney, maSter; Miss 'Swain, imaults' mnsiress

Registrars of Births & Deaths, Burton Bradstock sub- SS. Mary ;&; Catlherine, CavllQlic (mixed), built in 1882,

district, C. D. Cousins, Burton Bradstock; deputy, for 40 children; average attendance, 16; Miss Hut-

Daniel Cousins, Burton Bradstock; Bridport 8ub-dis- chins, mistress •

trict, John G. Smith, Victoria street, Bridport; deputy, General, King S1treet, built 1855, with reSlidence, for 670

F. lV. Hallett, Victoria street, Bridport; Whitchurch children; average ,wttendance, 270 !boys, 148 glirls &

Canonicorum sub-district, R. T. Rendall, Whitchurch 170 infants; Wlifliam E. Bates, master; Miss A. Ren-

Canonicorum; deputy, W. T. Hennett, Symondsbury dell, mistress; !Mrs. E. ISe-adden, infants' mJistress

Workhouse, Bradpole, a building of stone, built in 1836, Newspaper.

for 250 inmates; Rev. Henry C. R Field M.A. chap- Bridport News & DOl'lset, Devon & Somerset Adivertiser

lain; William Clibborn M.D. medical officer; .T. Swaf- (pulblished every frid'ay; William & E. Frost, pro-

field, master; Mrs. Swaffield, matron prietors 1& pulblishers), West Sltreet

School Attendance COlhmittee. Railway Stations.

Clerk, John .T. Raper, 74 East street Bradpole road, George Peach, strution master

Attendance Officers, C. D. Cousins & R. T. Rendall East street, Thomas Tuck, stallion master

West Bay, William Chidsey, strubion master

Rural District Council. Conveyance.

Meets at Bridport Union Workhouse last Monday in the Omnibus to Lyme Regis, through Charmouth, leaves the

month. Bull hotel daRy (sun. ex-cepted) at 4 p.m.; returns

Clerk (Sanitary), John J. Roper, 74 East street from the Cups hotel, Lyme, 10 a.m


Coach to Beaminster &; Crewkerne, 'leaves the Bull hotel Fishpond Powell, C Cross Keys,' wed. &; sat

at 8.40 a.m.; returns to Bridpont at 2.45 p.m Litton Cheney Gale, Bligdtm &; Pitcher &; We1>ber, 'Cross

Van to Lyme Regis, on wed. &; sat. from ilia Star ioo at Keys,' wed. & sat

3 p.m Loders BUl"ba,ge Star, wed. &; sat

Omnibus from the Greyhound hotel to meet all trains· Lyme &; ,Oharmouth Hodder, 'Star,' WeSlt M. wed. &; sat

Omnibus from the Bull hotel:to meet all trains Marshrwood Fowler,' Packhorse,' wed. 1& sat

ll\'Iorecomibe Lake Pitman,' South Mills,' wed. &; sat

Carriers. PUIlICknowle Thomas Ohur~hill, 'Cross Keys,' wed. &; sat

Shipton Gorge-Saunders, .south st. wed. &; sat.; Han-

Beaminster Woodibury, daily from 'Globe,' East street kins &; Gale, 'Pa~khoorse,' wed. &; sat

Burton Bradsrock oSymes, from 'Cross Keys,' mono Swyre ~fanuel

wed. & sat Whitchurch ICanonicorum-Powell &; Giffard, 'Cross

Chidoock-PiUUl'l, wed. & sat !Keys,' wed. &; sat

PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Grainger Miss, North Allington Powell George, The Retreat, East road
Guppy Alfred, 24 :Bedford place Powell Waltr. Asker cottage, East rd
Allden Sidney James M.D., M.R.C.S. Hallam William, West Allington
Raddon Mrs. 13 Victoria street

32 West .A.llington Hallett Frederick W. 99 Victoria street Randall Wm. Edward. 12 South st

Baker Alfred, 39 Victoria street Harris Rev. Ernest C. (Wesleyan), Read Rev.ConstantineEdwd.McDonald

Bartlett MrS: 34 West Allington Bradpole road M.A. (curate of Bradpole) ,108 Brad-

Batten Henry Butler, West bay Hart Mrs. 30 South street pole road

Beard John, 4 East road Harvey Mrs. 43 Bradpole road Reader Mrs. Ann, 35 Victoria street

Bennett Mrs. 8 West Allington Harvey William, 106 Bradpole road Reader Mrs. Thorneloe, Victoria street

Biddlecombe Wm.Hy.18 West .A.llngtn Hawkins Job, 68 Bradpole road Reid Fras. Jas. David,6 West Allngtn

Bishop Enos, 61 West Bay road Hay Wm. .A.lfd. Edwd.22 West Allngtn Reid William, 12 East road

Bonfield Edwin, 41 Victoria street Haycraft James, 69 South street Rendall Edward Pratt, Avalon, West

Bonfield Lewis, 19 Victoria street Hoare John, 4 West Allington Allington

Brodie Miss, 76a, West Bay road Hodder John, 55 Victoria street Rendall Henry, 2 West Allington

Brown Miss, 53 Victoria street Holmewood Mrs. 43 Bradpole road Reynolds Silvanius A. 3 Pier terrace,

Brown Wm.Keridge,.'i8 West Bay road Hooper Rev. Geo. Fras.M.A. Rectory West Bay

Buckpitt James, 65 East street Hortnell Thomas, 66a, 'Vest Bay road Roberts Joseph, 30 West Allington

Caines Mrs. 27 Victoria street Hounsell James, 72 West Bay road RobinsonOctavius,TheCottage,East I'd

Champ Stephen, 45 Bradpole road Hounsell Mrs. 22 Bedford place Roper John James, East street

Chard Fredk. G. 88 Bradpole road· Hounsell William J.P. Wykes court Round Mrs. 49 Bradpole road

Christie Faraday H. The Chantry, Hudson Augustus, 68 West Bay road Rugg Mrs. 8 East road

South street Hussey Alfred, 67 South street Russell WaIter, 21 Victoria street

Churchill Mrs. 2 East road Hussey Mrs. 91 South street Saunders Mrs. 33 Bradpole road

Cole Mrs. West bay Hussey Robert, 6 East road Seymour :Mrs. 41 Bradpole road

.colfox Mrs. Rax house Huxster Mrs. Beech vil.West Allingtn Solly Rev. Hy.Shaen M.A.(Unitarian),

Colfox Thomas Alfd. J.P. Coneygar Isaacs Daniel Wm. 31 Victoria street West .A.llington

Colfox William RA., J.P. Westmead James William, Magdalen villa, West Stephens Hans, Wanderwell house,

Compton Mrs. 6 West Allington Allington West Bay road

Cooper Frederick, 77 East street Jarvis Mrs. 14 West Allington Stephens Jsph. Thompson, Wander-

Cox Edward, 20 West Allington Johnston John, 124 North Allington well house, West Bay road

Cox Elias, West bay Jones Frederick, ID West Allinglion Stevens Miss, Woodford vl.W..Allingtn

Cox Hy.· Nobbs, Bridge ho. East st Jones Samuel Hy. 63 Victoria street Stickland John, 56 West Bay road

Cox Mrs. 39 Bradpole road Keddle Rev. Samuel S., M.A. (vicar Stickland Mrs. 108 Bradpole road

Dalton Mrs. 72 Bradpole road of Allington), The Vicarage, North Stradling Mrs. 31 Bradpole road

Dammers Alfred William HounsellJ.P. Allington Suttill John Pickard. 24 West street

Downe hall Kemble Mrs. 19 Downes street Temple Arth. Waldie, Warburton ho

Davies Rev. John M.A. (Unitarian), Kendall Mrs. 64 West Bay road Templer Mrs. Mountfield

18 Bedford place Knight Thomas, 65 Victoria street Timms George William, East street

Debbaudt Very Rev. Canon Remigim Larcombe In. Case, 25 Victoria street Travel'S Absalom, 95 Victoria street

(Catholic), Victoria street Legge Miss, .A.llington villa Tucker George John, Hope lodge

de Lautour Col. Edwd.Jsph.Jacolines Lucas Radnor, 26 East street Tucker Henry, '"Vest bay

Diplock Miss, 74 Bradpole road MacCarthy Denis Augustus M.D.West Tucker Richard, Fulbrooks

Edwards Wm. 68 St. Michael's bne Allington Tucker R. jun. 84 Bradpole road

Edwards Wm. S. 66 St. Michael's la Male Thos. sen. 35 Bradpole road Tucker Robt. Conway, 76 South street

Elmes William, East street Marshall Miss, Magdalen,WestAllngtn Tucker WaIter, East street

Ewens John Henry, 20 Bedford place Marshallsay Wm. Henry, West street Turner The Misses, 81 South street

Field Edwin George, Effingham lodge, Martin Thos. Clement, II Victoria st Turner Frdk. Melrose, 86 Bradpole I'd

Victoria street Matterface Fredk. WaIT, 37 Victoria st Turner Mrs. 17 Downes street

Fookes Mrs. Allington 10.West Allngtn Matthews Thos. 24 West Allington Udal Geo. Magdalen vils.WestAllngtn

Fooks Mrs. vVest Bay road Meech Abraham, 81 West Allington Walkey Rev. J. C. J. E., M..A..Alphing-

Foot Rev. W. Evans (Baptist), 51 Menzies Rev. James (Congregatnl.), ton, North Allington

Victoria street 70 West Bay road Ward MrS'. 6 Barraek street

Freeman Frank, 18 Victoria street Morey William, Cordova, Bradpole rd Ward Samuel, 47 Bradpole road

Frost Wm. Charles, 12 West Allington Nantes Charles George, Delapre Way Mrs. 81 East street

Fry William, North Allington Northover Miss,West Bay vil.WestBay ·Wellington Geo. Hy. 16 Victoria street

Furlonge Rev. Alex. MontgomeryM..A.. Northover Mrs. Sea view, 76 West Whetham Maj. Wm. Townley,West st

(rector of Chilcombe),82Bradpole rd Bay road Whetham Miss, 32 South street

Gale Emanuel, 6 Victoria street Payne Thomas Groves, Rosemount, Whetham Mrs. 29 South street

Gale Mrs. M.A. 22 Victoria street Victoria street Whetham Stephen, 78 Bradpole road

Gale Waiter, 59 Victoria street Pearce Joseph, I4 Victoria street White James Butler, Dresden house,

Garner Geo. Robt. 73 South street Pearce Mrs. 176 North Allington 33 Victoria street

Good Miss, ID Victoria street Powell Charles, 100 Bradpole road White George E. 29 Victoria street

Gordon Henry, 48 West Bay road Powell Daniel, Hyde corner, East road White Samuel, 97 Victoria street

COMMERCIAL. Baker Thomas Brown, linen &; woollen draper, agent for

Aiblbott Alfred, baker, 56 South street Pelican Life &; Phoonix Fire offices, 5 East street

Ackerman S-teplb.en, clerk to Bothenhampton school board, Balson Richard &; S'Ons, !butchers, 9 West Allingt'On

14 Castle square, SoutJh street BaJson Fo:.orence (Miss), dTess maker, 21 North Allingtoo

.A.kerman William George, watch maker, 56 East street Barrett & Son•• decoraJtors, picture frame mak~rs &;

Alford Geo. coal mer. (Monteith i& Alfurd), South street gilders; estimates &; designs free, 50 East street

Allden Sidney James M.D., M.R.C.S. surgeon (firm, Hay Barrett &; Son, photographers, 71 South. street

&; Allden), 32 West Allington Barre'tt Richard, !beer retailer i& mineral water manu-

Allen Goorge, gTocer, 126 North Allington facturer, 14 Barrack street

Allen Samuel; furniture & china &; dlr. 59 South st Bartlett Edmund, refreshment rooms, West bay

ATIan Samuel George, baker, 121 South street BaTtlett Frederick Charles, tinplate worker &; beer re-

Andress William J. cooper, 18 South street ta.iler, 47 South .street

Ash Thomas, apartments, 7 Pier terralCe Beach Jamllls, pharmaceutioal chemist, 9 East street


Bartlett Th'omas Francis (manager, Walter Mills), corn Crocker &; Son, coopen. West street

& manure mereha:nt, 'Vest Ibay stores; & at Ha.el- Croft Er. plumber, 35 North Al:.ington

bury, Crewkerne Crofts Oharles John., grocer, 52 West street

Beer Henry, Ship P.H. & harness maker, 37 South street CuI1tis GeoI1ge, confectioner. 67 East street

Bellingham Wm. ohief officer of ooa.Sltgua,rds, W~st ba)" Oustom IHouse (R. C. W. Merrick, principal ooast officer),

Berry George, shopkeeper, 22 N ortJh Allingt-on West bay

Best George Henry, cabinet maker &; watch ma. West lit Dark Catherine (Mrs.), Seven Stars P.H. Barrack st

BidcLlecombe Daniel Ewens, farmer, North Allington Davey Frances (,Mrs.), shopkeeper. 64 West street

Biddlecomlbe Wm. Hy. Ewens, tanner, West. End tannery Day Thomas, draper, tailor, hatter k outfitter. 12 We&t st

Bi}by Cake Sbores (Barrtle Page, agent), West bay Dick R. & J. boot & 9hoe makers, 44 East street

Biles Henry, Old inn, 17 West Allington Diller Emily (~Iiss). linell dra.per, 90 :West street

Baucher Mary Jane (iMrs.), The George P.H. West bay Dinnent Joel, baker, 120 South &treet

Bradford & Sons, coal, corn, ,salt, timber & lime mer· Dinlham Edwin. tailor, 87 South street

chants, bri'Cks & ,tiles &; slates, growers &:; dealers in Diplock ElizaJbeth (Miss), school (private & lcindergar-

osiers &c. Railway station & West bay ten), 'Vest 'street

Bl'adley Marg-aret (Miss), distTict nurse, 8 Vict.oria street Dorehester Old! Bank & Dorsel:,shire Bank (R. & R.
Bridle Frederlck Charles. practicad plumiber, sani- Wil'iams &; 'OJ.) (William HeIIl.ry Marshallsay, manager).
tary, heating &; ventilating engineer &; house decol'atar. West street; draw on Williams Deacon &; MaIliChester

31 West street &; Salford Bank Lim. London E C

Bridport Brick &; Terra Cotta 00. Ltd. 23 Somh street Dorsetshire (1St) Volunteer Artillery, Southern Division.

Bridport Coffee House Co. Limited & temperance hotel Royal Artillery (No. 4 Battery)
(Frank Odei.l, manager). 3 East street
Draper Emanuel Guppy. grocer. 43 Ea:st street
Bllidport Omservative Club & Reading Room (S. .AIlen. Drayton John James, 'b()ot &; ,shoe warehouse, 31 East st
sec.), South street
Dumord Oharles, Pack HOl"se inn. 35 Ea'St street
Bridport Dispensary & Cottage Hospital (sec. S. A. Rey- Dunn George. chemist &; druggist, 24 East s,treat
noMs; treas. J. T. iStephens; W. A. E. Hay. William Dunn John Barrett, leather mereihant. 17 South .stTaet
Cliblbom, C. W. Wilron, F. J. D. Reid. D. A. Mac- Ebdron !Rd. auctioneer. valuer & house agt. 9 Downes st
Oarthy & S. J. Allden, medicall officers; Mis's Rose Pet- Edmund's >Chal"les (exors. of), tanner, sad<Eer & harness
tinger, matTon), North .A.llington
maker. currtier. wool merchaIllt, ,fellmonger i& wholesale
Brldport Gas Co. Limited (Thomas Giles. sec. &; legging & ,g-love maker, 22 South st. See advertisement

man.). gas. hot water &; eleoctric bell fitters, &; Edwards William & Son. rope &; twine manufacturers.

heating stoves' supplied on hire St. Michael's net works

Bridport News & Dorset, Devon &; Somerset Advertiser Elliott George Gerard, grocer & corn dealer, 34 East st

(Wiliam &; E. Frost. proprietors & publishers; pub- Elmes William, general draper, milliner, ladies' &; gen-

lished friday), 34 WetSt iStreet tlemen's outfitter, 21 East street

Bridiport Public Baths (Frederick Loveless. ma,nager), Emery William, watch maker, 3 West .Allington

5 Downes street Eves John. Bridport Arms P.H. West bay
Bridport Wruter Works Co. (Henry Gordon, "ec. &; man.). Ewens &; Turner. manufacturers of hemp &; cotton fish-

75 South street ing nets, trawls & trammels; all kinds of netting.

Briggs Ma,rmn Joseph. harbour master, West bay lines. twines, shoe threads & tarpaulins.St. Michael's la

Brooks Richard, 'bUJiIder, 46 South stTeet Ewens John Henry, school attendance officer &; collector

Brooks William. ca,rpenter, North Allington to urban district council. 20 Bedford place

Brownsdon Dan!. plm1br. paint€r &; g:azier, 34 South st Ewins William Tucker. farmer. North .Allington

Browl11sdion J ames, coal merchant, North Allington Felstone Charles, boot &; shoe maker. 18 East street

Brownsdon Joih:n, grocer. 36 South 'Street Fisher Gregory. confectioner, 29 East street

Bucknole Josia'h, tailor. 39 West Mlingt()n Follett George. shopkeeper. 42 St. Michael's lane

Budden RoIbert, rope '& twine maker, 22 West street Follett James Male. tailor &i outfitter, 10 Barrack street

Burrows Anthony, inland revenue officer, 17 Downes st Fooks & Son, tailors. 25 East street

Campbell Peter. travelling draper. 57 Victoria street Fooks Thomas Henry. accountant. 20 Barrack street

Case Ma,ria (Mrs.), toy &; fan'Cy dealer. 131 South street Foot Henry. Sailors' Home P.H. 135 South street
Cast ~rederick, house painter, 99 East street
Foote William. shopkeeper. 80 West street

Cemetery (H. N. Cox, clerk 00 the burial board; Wm. Foss James, Lily inn, West street

Elliott, curator), East road Fowler John. miller (wate!). East & West mills

Champ Artn'llr Edwin, s'Chool. 'Coruiston. Vidoria street Frampton M. A. (Mrs.), grocer. 52 South street & St.

Chard Henry George. glass & provi'sion mer. 16 West st Michael's lane

Cheney Mary (MJ's.). 'Crown P.H. 59 West Bay road Frost W. &; E. stationers, printers. booksellers &; book-

Chidsey William, station master. West bay binders, & proprietors & publishers of the "Bridport

G:arke iMarian (Mrs.). greengrocer, 12 Barrack street News &; Dorset. Devon &; Somerset Advertiser." 34

Cleal James, baker. 84 North Allington West street

Cleal J'ames, shopkeeper, 55 'West Allington Frost George, deputy registrar of marriages, 34 West st

Cleal John Frederick George, confectioner. 94 South st Frost W. registrar of marriages, 34 West street

OlenlJ Edward &; Sons, family butchers. 3 South street Fry Charles. stone mason. 131 North Allington
ClilJborn William .M.D., RA.. phyS'ician &; surgeon, ad- Fry William. statuary &; mason. West street

miralty 'surgeon ,& agent, & medic811 officer for Nos. I, Gale Albert J. beer retailer. 53 South street

2 & 6 districts Bl"idport union. & medical officer to the Gale Charles .Albert. beer retailer, 23 West street

workhouse, mediiCal officer of health. Brid'Port urban Gale Levi Richard. beer retailer, Westbay road

district council. ,& cerrtifying factory sUl\geon, 63 East st Gale Richard. pilot. West bay

Coas,t Guard Stabion, CWilliam Be.:lingham. chief officer, Gale William, twine maker. 38 St. Michael's lane

West bay Gale William John. beer retailer, II Folly Mill lane

Oole Elias, furniture dealer. 105 South street Gange Ellen (Mrs.). fishmonger &; game dlr. 19 West st

Collins John Alderton, gracer &; italian warehouseman. &; Gange Frank William, general smith, cycle agent &; im-

proprietor of Collins' family sauce, 19 Eas't street &; tlemen's outfitter. 21 East street

West ba.y Gange Robert, boot maker. 128 South street

Coombs James Walter. Sun P.H. West st.reet & farmer. Garner William George. shopkeeper. Bradpole road

Gore farm. Bl"adpole George Hotel (WaIter Trump. jun. proprietor),

Cooper Frederick. architect & ,surveyor, &; borough sur- South street

veyor & sanitary inspector. 77 'East street George Charles, confectioner. 42 East street

Cooper Wllllam .Joseph. builder & cantractor. North Good Henry. coal merchant &; Lloyd's agent, West bay

Allington. See advertisement Gundry Joseph & Co. manufacturers of fishing &; other

Cornick James Powell, hair dresser, 39 East street nets. lines & twines, West street

Cornick Walter, builder. North .A.1lington Gundry Fredk. WaIter. solicitor &; town clerk. &; clerk to

Cornick Wm. G. grocer &; jam manUJfact'llrer. 16 East st urban district council &; to the county & borough

Cosens & Co. Limited (Weymouth. Bournemouth, Swan- magistrates &; borough school attendance committee &;

age ,& Torquay Steam Packet Co.), local agent, W. American vice-consul

Kniglht, BuN hotel Guppy John & Son, bakers &; grocers. 93 South street

Oox H. N. & Son. iron merchants. general & furnishing Guppy James. wholesale &; retail grocer, tea dealer &

. ironmongers. agricultural implement agents & sewing provision merchant. SI East street

machines of every description, II East street Gurd John, shopkeeper &; fruiterer. lIO South street

Cox Charles. saddler, East street Haines Isaac. Star P.H. 14 West street

Cralbib Thomas Lock, tiIllpllllte wrkr. & oil dlr. 68 East st Haines Thomas, shopkeeper. 168 North Allington

Cralbb William, 'butcher, 41 South street Hallett Barnett, cutler &; bicycle dealer, 39 South street


Hann Daniel, baker & shopkeeper, 15 St. Michael's lan& Marshallsay William Henry, manager of the Dorsetshire

Hann William Frampton, White Lion P.H. West Allington Bank, West street

Hansford Henry Richard, shopkeepe,r &:; corn dealer, Matthews Henry & Son, butchers, 6 West street

West Allington & 10 South street Matthews William Laugher, watch maker & silversmith,

Hansfo-rd Job, butcher, 4 East street. See advertisement 14 East street

Hardy Annie (Miss), dress &:; mantle ma. 20 Victoria st Medway WaIter, currier &:; leather cutter, 40 East street

Hardy Edmund, basket maker, 65 South street Meech Brothers, grocers. tea dealers & provision mer-

Harris Henry W. West Bay hotel, West bay chants, agents for the Anglo - Bavarian ales & stout,

Barris Herbert Nelson, mechanical engineer, iron &:; 20 South street

brass founder, St. Michael's foundry Merrick R. Cecil Warren, principal coast officer,West bay

Harris John, refreshment rooms, West bay Miller Riehard, Railway Terminus P.H. Bradpole road

Harris William Herbert, clothier, 20 East street Miller Richard, dairyman, I Magdalen la. West Allington'

Hartgill John William, linen &:; woollen draper, tailor, Miller Harry, grocer. 10 West street

outfitter &:; carpet warehouseman, linoleum reviver &:; Mills Henry George, boot &:; shoe ma. 17 Bedford place

furniture cream manufacturer, Stag ho. 3 & 5 West st Milverton Arthur Geo. statuary & mason, 128 East st

Harvey Waiter, hair dresser, 94 West street Milverton Edward, tax collector, West Allington

Hawker Alfred James, general machinist &:; miller Milverton George, jobmaster, West Allington
Monteith Duncan, registr. of marriages, 103 Victoria st
(water), Folly grist mills
Hawkins Job, builder, Belgrave terrace, Bradpole road Moorman George, grocer, 10 King street
Morey '\Villiam &:; Sons, auctioneers, Sale yard, West
Hay &:; Allden, surgeons, West Allington

Hay William Alfred Edward (Hay &:; Allden) , surgeon, street; cattle sales every wednesday at Beaminster

medical officer of health to the rural district council Morgan Joseph Edwin, tailor, 6 King street

&:; medical officer No. 4 &:; public vaccinator Nos. I. a, Morris Henry, tailor, 27 Barrack street

4 &:; 6 districts. Bridport union, West Allington Munden Eliza (Mrs.), laundress, Lee cottages, East road

Helyear Thomas, engineer, West street Nantes Charles George, solicitor, registrar of county

Hewlett &:; Son, tailors, 48 East street court, clerk to the commissioners of Bridport harbour,

Hill Hy. Hutchinson, tailor &:; photographer,29 Barrack st public notary & commissioner for oaths &:; coroner &;

Hitchcock George Margrie, shopkeeper,43 South street clerk to the Bridport Railway Company, 36 East street

Hoare Alfred S. butcher, 7 West .Allington Nantes & Sanctuary, land agents, 36 East street

Hoare John, grocer, tea, coffee &:; provision dealer, &; Newberry Henrietta (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Pier terrace

agent for W. &:; A. Gilbey Lim. wine &; spirit mer- Newberry James, fruiterer &:; greengrocer, 60 South st

chants, West Allington &; Market place Newman John Rumley, bill poster, 26 St. Michael's lane

Hoare John, coal &:; oil dealer, South street Nicholls John King, ironmonger, 22 East street

Hoare Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 100 South street Norman Albert, grocer, cricket &:; tennis net manufac-

Hobbs Ernest Benj. draper &:; milliner, 68 South street turer, East street

Hockey Robert, violet grower, 60 West Bay road Norman Tom Hockey, Dolphin P.R. & glass & china

Hodder George, beer retailer, 61 West Allington warehouse, 60 East street

Hodder William, chimney sweeper, 12 North Allington Northover &:; Sons, carriage & wagon builders, East st

Hodder William C. tailor, 28 West street Northover WaIter Baker, cabinet maker, upholsterer,

Holley Edward, linen draper, 6 &:; 8 South street undertaker & house agent, London house, West street

Hollins C. &:; S. (Misses), dress makers, 9 Victoria street Northover William, baker, 48 South street

Holmwood &:; Son, grocers &:; patent medicine vendors, Ousley Matilda (Miss), shopkeeper, 21 St. Michael's lane

15 West street Owen Margaret Ellen (Mrs.), ladies' hair dresser &;

Holt Thomas, boot &:; shoe maker, 70 South street umbrella maker, 5 Downes street

Hood George, shopkeeper, 129 South street Oxenbury William Joseph, wheelwright &:; beer retailer,

Hounsell William &:; Co. manufacturers of fishing nets, 28 St. Michael's lane

North mill & Wykes co-urt Palk William L.D.S.Irel. dentist, The Cedars, East road

HOUilsell Herbert E. Lim. manufacturers of twines, nets, Patten Thomas, builder, 62 East street

lines, seines &c. Pelican works (Jas. Buckpitt, sec) Pavey Thomas, beer ratla-. & lunohoon rms. I West street

HounseU David, shopkeeper, Post office, West bay Pearce Emily (Mrs.), beer retailer, 172 North Allington

Hounsell John, miller (water), South mill Pearce George, beer retailer, 106 North Allington

Hounsell Robert, twine manufacturer, North Allington Peckham Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, Bradpole road

Hussey Robert, oil cake, corn &:; seed dealer, 6 East road Phillips In. Prudential Insurance supt. 102 Bradpole road

Hyde John, plumber, 18 Bradpole road Phillips Richard Wm. furniture dlr. 62 South street

Inland Revenue Office (Anthony Burrows, officer). 17 Podger George, beer retailer, 141 South street

Do wnes street Police Station (Chas. Chaffey, sergeant), South street

J ames Elizbth. Maj or (Mrs.), ladies' sch!. 7 Barrack st Pomeroy Charles, boot & shoe maker, 26 South street
Pow William, hardware dealer, 19 South street
J ames William, manufacturer of nets, twines &c
Powell & Sons, twine makers, Asker mills, East road
Kendall John, silversmith & fancy dealer, 2 West street
Pratt Edward, wardrobe dealer, I St. Michael's lane
Kenway George, shoethread, twine, line &:; net manu-
facturer, 42 South street Prince E. E. (Miss), stationer & printer, 17 East street

Kinghman William George, beer retail~r & refreshment Pye Bartle, agent for J. Bibby &:; Son, West bay

rooms, 98 West street Pymore Mill Co. flax merchants &:; spinners, manufac-
Kitcher John, beer retailer, 109 South street turers of twine, shoe thread & fishing nets (John
Knight &:; Son, tailors, 32 West street Pickard Suttill, managing partner), Pymore mill
Knight Alfred, tailor, 28 East street
Knight Ellen (Miss), milliner & dress ma. 44 West street Quarrell James, baker, 124 North Allington
Quarrell John, baker, 22 Bradpole road

Knight William, Bull hotel, East street Rails dames, ironmonger, 18 & 20 West street
Lankashear Thomas, Masons' Arms P.R. North street
RaIls Richard .c. agent to West of England Sack Co.
Railway station
Lawrence Alexander, cabinet maker, 86 West street
Randall Wllllam Edward (late W. H. Chick), wine
Lee Joseph, ironmonger, 82 West street

Legg James, coffee rooms, 8 Barrack street &:; spirit merchant, 14 South street

Legg Job (exors. of), brewers, spirit merchants &:; Read George William, boot &:; shoe ma. 32 East street

maltsters, Old Brewery Re:tder Elizabeth (Mrs.), high schI. Thorneloe,Victoria st

Lewis .Arthur, butcher, 15 South street Rees Alexander, boot &:; shoe maker, 34 St. M:ichael's la

Lewis John William, clothier, 7 South street Rees William, beer retailer, 99 South street

Literary &:; Scientific Institute (F. W. Matterface, hon. Reid Francis James David L.K.Q.C.P.lrel. physician &

sec.), East street surgeon, 6 West Allington

Loveless Samuel, Three Mariners P.H. 120 East street Rendall &:; Coombs, twin-e, shoe thread & net manufac-

Loxton Chas. grcr. cheesemngr. & pork butchr.30East st turers, West Allington

J,ucas Radnor, mgr. of the Wilts&:;Dorset Bank, 26East st Rendall Job, shoeing smith, South street

MacCarthy Denis Augustus M.D., F.R.C.S.E. surgeon, Rendall William, farmer, 19 Rax lane

26 West Allington Reynolds Arthur (exors. of), linen & woollen drapers,

Macey John, hair dresser, 104 North Allington tailors, outfitters, hosiers, millinNS &:; dress makers,

MacMullen Oatherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, West bay &:; agents for Pullar & 00. East street

Major Arthur, woollen draper, 4 &; 60 West street Reynolds Sylvanus A. accountant, Downes street

Major William, assistant overseer, 90 South street Rice Elizabeth (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse & ladies'

Male William Ward, boot &:; shoe ma. 15a, South street outfitter, 39 East street

Marsh John, King's Arms P.R. North Allington Richards Frederick George, baker, East street

Marsh John, farmer, North Allington Riehards George, greengrocer, West stret

Matterface William, tailor, II2 North Allington Richards George, tinplate worker, 92 North Allington


Richards John, basket maker, 30 West street S)-mes Charles, beer retailer, II Folly Mill lane

Richardson Frederick Geo. refreshment rms. 5 South st Svmes John OliveI', coach maker, Church lane

Roberts Dan, baket', II West .AllingtQn SymeSl John Oij.ver (Mrs.), dress maker, 14 Ohurch st.

Robins William, chimney sweeper, 3 Castle sq. South st Symes Rob..Jrt (Mrs.), dresil maker, Folly Mill lane

Robinson Fredk. teacher of music, 76 Bradpole road Taylor Thomas, town crier, North Allington

Rockett John, Five Bells P.H. 85 South street Temple Arthur Waldie, solicitor &; commissioner for

Rocket\it John, shopkeeper, West Bay road oaths, 53 East street

Rood .A.lbert, manufacturer of sheepskiu rugs, furrier & Thorne Thomas, musical instrument dealer, 59 East st

renovator, South street Timms George William M.R. C. V. S. veterinary sur·

RopeI' John James, solicitor &; notary &; clerk to the geen, 88 East stre3t

rural district council & clerk to the guardians &; Tompkins Henry, sand merchant &; haulier, West bay

assessment &; school attendance committees &; super- Travel'S Absolom, boot &; shoe dealer, 78 Wes-t street

intendent registrar of Bridport union, East street Travel'S Alfred Joseph, boot maker, 80 West street

Rous~ll FredeTick, White Bull P.H. East road Trevett Louis, hairdresser &; tobacconist, 46 East street

Rowe ~saa(l,hair dresser,to'bacconist&seedsman,3ISouth st Trump WaIter, Cross Keys' P.H. South street

Rumbold WaIter W. watch ma. &; jeweller, 10 East st Tuck Thomas, station master, East Street station

Russell Miss, apartments, 8 Pier terrace, West bay Tucker Richard .& Sons, rranufacturers of shoe

Russ'ell Mary Anua (Mrs.), Globe inn, 27 East street threads, sail cloth, twines, nets, lines &c. Fulbrooks

Russell WaIter, mineral water manufacturer,Gundry la Tucker Thomas &; Co. twine manufacturers, South st

Sampson John Turner, nurseryman, florist &; seedsman, Tucker's Greyhound family & commercial hotel &; post·

32 Barrack street ing house; omnibus to meet all trains; agent fo..

Samson Helah (Mrs.), grocer, wine &; spirit merchant,. L. & S.W.R. &; booking office for the Crewkerne coach,

7 West street East street

Samson Gerard Alexander, ironmonger, East street Tucker Harry, coach &; wagon bldr.Folly Mill la. South sI

Samson Richard Robert, engineer &; millwright &; cotton Tucker Richard,jun. solicitor, clerk to the highway board
net manufacturer, Grove Iron works
&; commissioner for oaths &; agent to the West Dorset

Scadden Chas. Alfd. furniture dealer, 88a, South street Conservative Association, East street

Scadden Henry George, builder, King street Tucker WaIter, manufacturer of twine, net, seine rope &

Scadding William, beer ret. smith &; farrier, 44 South st line, 'Vest street

School of Art (Faraday H. Ghristie, master) Turner Francis Alfred, corn, seed, flour &; oilcake mer..

Seward William, insurance agent, Bay villa, West bay chant, 54 South street!

Shackel John, pilot, West bay Turner Frederick, county court bailiff, 19 Barrack street

SheaJman Matthew beel.' retailer, II9 South street Turner Henry,agent for Bradford &Sons Lim.Railway stn

Shephard John J. brash maker, 47 East street. Turner Miss, apartments·, 9 Pier terrace, West bay

Shephard William, photographer, 45 East street Vine William Henry, jobmaster, 15 Rax lane

Sheppeck William George, boot &; shoe ma. nr West st Volunteer Battalion (1St) Dorsetshire Regiment (A Co.)

Simmcnds George E. brush, mop &; basket. manufac- (Hon. Maj. William Townley Wetham, commandant),

turer, 21 'Vest street Drill hall, St. Michael's lane

Singer Manufacturing Co. (Albert Reed, manager), 29 Wadham Henry, boot maker, 92 West street

Barrack street Wadham Joseph, iron &; brass founder, Rax lane _

Sisters of The Visitation, boarding school for boys, Wallsend Coal Co. (Monteith &; Alford,prprtrs. ),South st

Victoria street Wartin Ann ·(~rs.), beer retailer &; shopkeeper, 14

Slader Eleazer, sand mer.~hant &; bathing machiue North Allington

proprietor, West bay Warr John, carpenter, 24 South street

Slader Samuel, painter &; decorator, 33 East street 'Yarren Wm. In.china &; glass dlr.&; fancy repos.West st

Smith E:dwin, tailor, I I South street Weeks George, cowkeeper, Folly Mill lane

Smith George, Royal Oak P.H. West street Welch Benjamin Ward, baker, Church street

Smith James, King of Prussi31 P.H. East street West Dorset Club (Gentlemen) (Charles G. :Kantes, hon.
Smith Thomas James, registrar 0: births & deaths, re- sec.), East street

lieving &J school attendance officer, III Victoria street Westlake Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 70 Bradpole rd

Somerset Trading Co. coal, timber &; tile mers. (Rd. C. Wheatley James Henry, tailor, 38 King street

RaIls, mngr.), Railway stn. &; West bay. See advert 'Wheeler WaIter, Plymoubhl inn, 59 West Allington

Spencer James, builder & contractor, 48 Victoria street Whetham Stephen &; Sj?ns, rope manufctrs, Gundry'lane

Spencer Jesse, farmer, North .A.llington Whicker GeorgEli Francis, boys' school, 7 Downes street

Spencer Josiah, tailor, 174 North .A.llington White Thomas, china &; glass dealer, also agent foJ'

Spencer Robert, general ironmonger, gas & water fitter, Sutton's Parcel Delivery Co. 22 West street

smith, bellhanger &; electric bells, 66 South street 'Whorlow Thos.Edwd.draper,milliner &; costumier,East at

Spiller Andrew, beer re,tailer & bill poster, 70 West st Williams (R. &; R.), Thornton, Sykes &; Co. see Dol'.

Spiller vYilliam Stevens, confectioner, West street chester Old Bank

Stagg Leonard, watchi ma. glass &; china dlr. 16 South st Wilson Charles W., M.B., M.R.C.S. surgeon, medical

Stembridge Dan, coal, fish, potato &; rabbit mer. South st officer &; public vaccinator for No. 3 district &; medical

Stembridge Eli, jobmaster, hearse &; funeral coach pro- officer to the Post office, Bridport district, 33 West st

prietor, horses &; carriages of every description on Wilts &; Dorset Banking Co. Limited (branch) (Rl'.dnor

hire, 4 Folly Mill lane Lucas, manager), East stre€t; draw on London &

Stokell John, beer retailer, 61 South street Westminster Bank, London E C

Stone Albert, professor of music, Fairview, Victoria st Working Men's Temperance Club (W. J. Brown, sec.),

Stone Alexander, teacher of music, 23 Victoria street Old School, Gundry lane

Stone Robert, piano tuuer, Lee cottages, East road Young Men's Christian Association (E. B. Edmunds &;

Strar:gway Henry, Hape &; Anchor P.H. St.Michael's lane E. G. Field, secs.), Barrack street

Studley John, shopkeeper, 74 West street

BROADMAYNE (anciently called :Maine Martel) is and held since 1879 by the Rev. George William Butler

a parish on the road from Dorches'ter to 'Vareham, 4 M.A. of University College, Oxford. Here is a place of

miles south-east from Dorchester station on the Great "Worship for Wesleyans. John Roberts Furmedge esq.

Western and London and South 'Western railways, in of Charlemont, is lord of the manor and the principal

the Sc-uthern division of the county, hundred of St. landowner. The soil is loam; subsoil, chalk; the chief

George, petty sessional division, union and cocmty court crops are wheat, oats and barley. The area is 997 acres;

district of Dorchester, rural deanery of Dorchester rateable value, [1,624; the! population in 1891 was 479.

(Dorchester portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese Parish Clerk, George Bowring.

of Salisbury. The church of St. Martin, standing in the Post &; :M. O. 0., S. B. &; Annuity &; Insurance Office.-
centre of the village, i!l a small stone bnilding, in the
Early English style, l'!.nd consists of chancel, nave, north George Bushrod, sub-postmaster. Letters through
Dorchester arrive at 6 a.m. &; 3 p.m. &; dispatched at
aisle and square south tower with: one bell: the entrance 10 a.m. & 7.35 p.m.; sundays, dispatched at 7.35 p.m.
is through the base of the tower: there are 120 sittings. Dorchester is' the nearest telegraph office
The register dates from the yea~ 1664. The living is a
rectory, annexea to() that of 'West Knighton; average Parochial School (mixed), built in 1844 & enlarged in
1894, for 90 children; average attendance, 78; Miss
tithe rent-charge £I09, joint yearly gross value about: Hannah Salisbury, mistress

£430, net £ IqO, including residence and 245 acres of
I Iglebe in Broadmayne, i:l the gift of Edwin Burnett esg. Carrier, Alfred Watts; wed. &; sat. to Dorchester
Butler Rev. George Wm. M.A. Rectory COMMERCIAL. Brown Stephen, plumber

Furmedge John Roberts, Charlemont Bowring George, shue maker Bryant Edwd. Chas. grocer & baker


Bushrod Robert, mason &c Keynton Geo. E. S. Black Dog P.H Taylor Catherine (Mrs.), machine
owner, farmer, carpenter &; blcksmth
Christopher Henry, pig dealer Manels William, shopkeeper
Voss George, blacksmith
Coleman .Alfred, farmer, Manor farm Pjl.ul Frederic, thatcher Watts Alfred, grocer &; pork butcher

Davis Richard &; Son, brick &; tile Paul John, butcher &; carrier .

mas. builders kc.; &; at Dorchester Riggs Levi, farmer Wills William, carpenter

&; Moreton. See advert Samways James, brick &" tile maker

Drake Thomas, Compasses P.H Selby James, mason

.BROADWAY (or Bro:ldwey) is so named because net £3°5, with 42 acre3 of glebe and residN.ce, in the

here the river Wey, rising at Upway, broadens: it is gift of the :Master and Fellows of Caius College, Cam-

s pleasant village, 3 miles ~orth from Weymouth stations bridge, and held since 1890 by the Rev. David Long M.A.

on the Great Western and London and South Western formerly fellow of that college. Here is a Wesleyan

railways, 5 south from Dorchester, in the Southern chapel, erected in 1839, to hold 120: al8> a very fine

division of the county, hundred of Culliford Tree, petty temperance hall, erected in 1879; it will seat 500 people,

sessional division of Dorchester, union and county court and has reading and coffee rooms attached. A reading

district of Weymouth, rural deanery of Dorchester (Wey- room and institute was opened in 1893. The principal

mouth portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese 01 landowners are the Rev. J. M. Bridge and Dr. Goodden;

Salisbury. The Great Western and South Western rail- subsoil, clay and gravel. Th!! chief crop!l are hay, wheat

ways pass through the parish; there being two stations, the latter is lord of the manor. The soil is heavy clay;

one for Upway; the Broadway one is on the Abbotsbury and barley. The area IS 1,029 acres; rateable value,

branch. The mineral spring, the Nottington Spa, is £4,480; the population in 1891 was 774.

situated here; it rises at Nottington on the margin 01 Little :Moor, a quarter of a mile east, is a hamlet;

the river Wey; the water is of that quality termed NottiI.gton hamlet, It miles south-west, is partly in

hepatic or sulphureous, but it has fallen into disuse as Buckland Ripers parish.

a medicinal spring. Roman remains have been found in Parish Clerk, George Dowditch.

~everal :parts of the p.arish. The. ch.urch of St. Nicholas Post &; M. O. 0., S. R &; Annuity &; Insurance Office.-
IS an edIfice of stone. J? the style, and .was John Richard Luckh3m Rogers, sub-postmaster.
enlarged by the addItlOn of a. chancel aIsle, and ~artla~ly Ldters arrive from Dorchester ab 7 a.m. &" 2.50 p.m. ;
re-se~ted, an ?rgan er~cted, and ~n east memorIal wm- dispatched at 9.50 a.m. &; 7.50 p.m. The nearest tele.
d?w msertcd, I? I874: It n?w conSIsts .of chancel, chancel graph. office is at Upway for delivery and the railway
al~le, clerestoned naye,. WIth nor~h .alsle, a. south porch station for the collection of telegrams
~Ith Norman arch m~Ide, ~nd It IS remarkable for a Letter Boxes at Railway inn, Nottington
!oiorman door and ~nclent ~lmber roof, also a Nor~an
font and oak pUlpIt of. ~hzabethan date: ther~ 1.S a Parish school, built in 1871 &; infant class room added
western. b~ll turret contalmng.2 bells: there are Slt~lI!gS in 1894, will now accommodate 180 children; average
attendance, 140; boys', John Pegler, master; girls',
for 450. l~ the ch~rchyard IS a monument contammg Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Lewis assistant mistress
two portraIt medallIOns by the celebrated sculptor, F. C. .. ' ..
Burnard esq. in memory of his daughter and brother- Broad.way RaIlway StatIOn (G.W.R.), WIlham Moore,

in-law. The register dates from the year 1661. The statlOn master

living is a rectory, annexed to that of Bincombe; average Upway Railway Station (G. W. It), Richard Harry Dyke,

tithe rent-charge £357, joint gross yearly value £437, station master

PRIVA.TE RESIDENTS. Bowditch Thomas, l:aker' , Weymouth rural district, & publi~

Barter John, Retreat BUl'd~n Robert 'Vm. .lairyman vaccinator, Hillfield
.Beck Miss ()hristGph~r James, market gardener Read Sarah &; Clara (Misses),aprtmnts

Bowditch Mrs. Nap house Clarke Wm. Charles, coal merchant Reading Room & Institute

Bridge Rev. John Moore, Lorton Delicate William, Railway inn Robins Waiter, band master

Eridge Robert Moore, Lorton house Dubben Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper Robins William, market gardener
Caulfeild Rev. Reginald Montgamerie Ellett 'Villiam, Rhopk.~eper
Rogers James, dairyman

RA. (curate) Gale Bros. farmers, Manor farm Satchell George Henry, shoe maker

Dunbar Richard Taylor Gale Charles Whittle, dairyman Snook Edwin,builder,grocer,stationer,

Furmedge Misses, Broadway hou"e Gillingham John, Swan inn ironmonger &; general dealer

Gold Mrs. Hill house Hardy Calvin, saddler; &; atWeymouth Spicer Charles Randall, buildp,r &

Long Rev. David M.A. Rectory Hounsell Thomas, monumental mason contractor; estimates for all kinds

Oliver Mrs. The View Jesty William, farmer, NottingtoiJ. &; of building work

Pashen Mrs East Chickerell; &; butcher, Market Stevens John Luckham, registrar of

Penny Misses, 2 Hadleigh villas house, Weymouth births &; deaths, relieving offie'er &;

Pridham John Williams, Hillfield Luckham Rchd. Harry &; Frank,millers school attend.&" school inquiry officr

Read John (water &; steam), Broadway mills Strange George, builder, ~arpenter,

Robinson William Mayo Elias, apartments, Shrubland wheelwright &; undertaker; pai::lter,

Rogers Charles, Bridge buildings Middle John, basket maker paperhanger &" house def"Corator;

Samways John, The Yiew Otter John, market gardener estimates for all kinds of building

Vine Mrs Otter Thomas, carpenter, Ely house work, Station road

'Winzar Robert, Hill view Parsons William, market gardener Symonds Bros. dairymen

Peters John, stonemason Symonds Alfred, dairyman, Thornhill

COMMERCIAL. Pouncey Alfred, draper, Victoria villa Symonds Elizh. (Mrs.), market grdnr

Ayles Samuel, grocer &; balwr Pridham In. Williams L.n.C.P.Lond. Symonds Thos. beer retlr. Littlemool'

Baunton Edward, farmer 1862. surgeon, &; medical officer,Up- Tavender Wyndham, baker

Eowditch George, tailor, & ll:'lsistant way &;Checkerell district,Weymouth Way John William, corn dealer

overseer & collector of rates union, &; medical officer of health, Winzar Charles, blackimith

:BROADWINDSOR is a parish and liberty divided aisle is Norman: there is a. Pointed ogee-headed piscina:
into 5 tithings, each having a way-warden, 7 miles north the tower has a plain Pointed arch of Early English
from Bridport terminal station on a branch of the Great date, without imposts, but the greater portion is of the
Western railway and 6 south from Crewkerne station, Perpendicular period: the pulpit is a beautiful and
London and South Western railway, 3 north-west from curious structure of wood, of polygonal form, with a
Beaminster and 10 north-east from Axminster, in the double row of panels, divided by a horizontal roll en-
Western division of the county, Beaminster petty ses- riched with arabesque work of carved foliage; at the
sional divi8ion, union and county courll district of Brid- angles dividing the panels are Perpendicular crocketed
port, rural deaneryof Bridport(Be:lminster portion), arch- buttresses which below the roll are continued by 8j round

deaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. The church moulding, enriclied with foliage of a. semi-classic charae-
of St. John the Baptist is an ancient Gothic structure ter; this is the original pulpit used by the celebrated
'Of stone, consisting of chan'~el, nave of five bays with
clerestory, aisles and south porch, with square embattled Thomas Fuller: the font is Norman, with base of Pur-
western tower containing a peal of 5 bells and clock:
the pillars which support the roof are cylindrical, with- beck marble: in 1868 the church was restored and almost
out any ornaments: the arches are so~ewhat pointed: entirely rebuilt by the late Major Charles H. Malan, 75th
at the east end of the north aisle is a fine piscina: the Regt. at a cost of upwards of £3,000, to whom the
chancel is of equal width with the nave: on the south is stained east window is a memorial: there are 320
a priest's doorway, with a cinque-foil head, and the
sittings. Mr. Pinney gave some ground for the enlarge-
external edge of the jambs chamfered and stopped: the ment of the churchyard in 1878. The parish register
dates from the year 1558, but there are some previouS
north &isle is in the Early English style and the south
entries which are much decayed. The living is a vicar-

age, average tithe rent-charge £573, gross yearly value

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