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Online Newsletter - 4 October 2016

Newsletter – October 4, 2016

Lost Treasure The Metal
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

October 4, 2016


Feature Club — page 4


page 17 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
11 THers' News

18 Tips From the Pros
19 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

PUBLISHER Lee Harris Could Your Site
[email protected] Hold a Gold Coin?
[email protected]
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
[email protected]

Coy Harris (1964-1996)
Kevin Harris (1965-2013)

PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One Finding a rare gold coin is on the south of the Confederate main line
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two bucket list of almost every detec- in Nashville, Tennessee.
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: torist, including many expert coin
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). shooters with years of experience. Civil War soldiers carried Spanish
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first Reales and gold coins and they are
issue. (Printed in the USA.) While there is no substitute for found with fair frequency.
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- luck, knowing the signs a site could
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address hold a gold coin could prove invalu- Pre-1940 Silver Coins
change or correction (enclosing latest able. If you find several silver coins
address label) eight weeks in advance to scattered around the front yard of
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, Following are five finds that often a house, and the coins are from the
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. accompany the recovery of a highly same period as gold coins, you stand
E-mail [email protected] valued gold coin. a chance of also finding a gold coin
among the silver.  
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK Silver Dollars or Halves If someone was well off enough
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct Earlier Than 1935 to lose silver repeatedly in their yard,
Gold coins were minted in the they could have also lost a gold coin. 
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost U.S. until 1933. Prior to 1935, a Parks and church yards full of
silver half dollar or dollar coin was pre-1940 silver that hasn’t been
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this worth far more than the same face hunted often by detectorists may
value amount today. secret away a nice double eagle.
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire People that carried silver of the
larger denominations often also car- Pocket Watches
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the ried gold coins they also could have For some reason sites that pro-
lost. duced a gold coin sometimes also
expressed written permission of the publisher. held a pocket watch.
Vintage Jewelry If you find a nice silver or gold-
© 2016 Lost Treasure, Inc.® Many detectorists that have found plated pocket watch, or any portion
gold coins report that silver or gold of one, you could be in the right spot
LostTreasure OnLine jewelry items were found on the to join the happy detectorists that
same site. have discovered a gold coin years
http://www.lost Parks, picnic grounds, swimming after it was accidentally lost. 
holes, and the home sites of afflu- Some of the above info is cour-
ent people can produce gold coins tesy of
along with jewelry and silver coins
because of the people who often
visited them.

Heavy Civil War Camp Items [email protected]
An 1863 $20 gold piece was
recovered in 2013 in a yard just Newsletter 10-4-16 3

Feature Club

The Metal Detecting

Association of Washington

The Metal DetectingAssociation of call (360) 275-6123. 23081 NE State Route 3, Belfair,
Washington (MDAW) Membership The Metal Detecting Association Washington. 
Picnic Hunt was held September
24th at Green Diamond (formerly of Washington was started to pro- Officers:
Simpson) Recreation, 1052 E Mason mote, protect and preserve recre- Ron Sharer, President 
Lake Dr. W, Grapeview, Washington. ational metal detecting in the State Terry Wright, VP and
of Washington. Communications 
The hunt was attended by resident Chuck Swanson, Treasurer 
members as well as metal detector- Some of the concerns related to Dee Sperling, Secretary 
ists from communities across the detecting in this state are unique to Board members: Jim Redfearn,
state. the Pacific Northwest. Bob Hinchcliffe, Jim Curtiss, Bev
Sharer, Donna Swanson, and Mark
Gates opened at 9 a.m., and the As a group they strive to work Jenkins
meet started at 10. There were silver with hobbyists, in clubs or not, who Past President: Rick Sperling
halves, quarters, dimes, and coin sets want to enjoy metal detecting, fol- E WA representative - Tim Hockett
along with additional manufacturer low the rules set down about the
and donated prizes. hobby and, in some cases, help to For more information, log onto the
change those rules. club’s website at
The photos from the event shown com/site/metaldetectwa/home.
are courtesy of the Puget Sound The MDAW works in coopera-
Treasure Hunters and the MDAW’s tion with the Office of Historical You can also visit their Facebook
Facebook page. and Archaeological Preservation of page at
Washington State and Washington pages/Metal-Detecting-Association-
For more information about the State Parks. of-Washington/163815603782572
club and future hunts, contact Hunt
Chairman Ron Sharer via e-mail The next meeting of the club
at  [email protected]  or is November 13th at the
North Mason Timberland Library,

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 10-4-16 5

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Tr–eOafsfutrheeHBuenattienBy Sngcott Goss


very own solid gold Rolex!
I have lived on Oahu for a little

over three years. Because of my day
job and the tides, I have not been
able to treasure hunt as much as I
would have liked – I’m sure that’s
true for most of us.

Though I am not without the finds
that keep one coming back for more,
I am always looking for places that
have the possibility to surprise.

I am relocating soon and my Dad
made a suggestion that seemed to
hold the possibility for a few good

Besides beaches, Hawaii is known
for its outdoor lifestyle and beautiful
hiking trails; there are over 100 hikes
on Oahu alone. The state has one of
the highest rainfalls on the planet, so
there are a lot of waterfalls.

Dad suggested that I take my
detector to one of them and see what

Enjoying a rest after a chance to treasure hunt in

When people think of treasure stumble across the right place that Scott working a hopeful collection
hunting Hawaii, tropical breezes, is secretly hiding a Rolex watch or point for finds.
warm golden sunshine and beautiful diamond encrusted engagement ring.
sandy beaches come to mind.
For me, part of the inspiration to
It’s only fair, after all. There is a hunt the beaches of Hawaii was an
beach named “Sandy Beach” on the article my Dad sent me.
island of Oahu.
It was the December 1980 issue
On any given afternoon, and any of Lost Treasure and tells of John
given beach, one may find someone Eulgem’s finds while on vacation to
swinging a detector. the very same shores. After reading
that story I couldn’t wait to find my
All of these people are hoping to

wwww.Lwows.tLTorestaTsrueraes.ucorem.cNomewAsluegttuesr t1200-41-616 273

people lost while jumping from the Equipment hiked in a mile and a half to the falls.
nearby cliffs or while simply wad-
ing in the tempting fresh water.

The suggestion came about
because many years ago a fam-
ily friend was on honeymoon and,
while the couple was enjoying a
secluded waterfall, the husband lost
his wedding band.

I knew that I would need to
carry a fair amount of gear to the
waterfall, so I didn’t want to pick a
particularly lengthy hike that would
wear me out before I got to swing
the detector.

The author's finds after dreams of gold rings and coins. There is a waterfall that is only
a 1.5 mile hike away from the trail-
Does Your Club Have head.
An Upcoming Event You
This waterfall has a 15-foot cliff
Would Like To Share from which people can jump into
With Our Readers, the deep pool below, as well as a
Both In the rope swing and a rope that stretches
across the top of the pool to allow
Magazine and Online? one to hang over the pool before
E-mail the Details to dropping into cold dark water.

managing I have done this hike a few times
[email protected] and knew the pool was fairly deep
and, if I got a reading, I would need
For More Data Circle 68 to stay down long enough to recover
the object.
824 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREENeAwusgluesttte2r 01106-4-16
This would require me to be
weighted enough to stay submerged
and have an air source.

Instead of trying to drag an entire
set of scuba gear to the waterfall and
pool, I opted for the small reserve
system sold by SpareAir.

This system is not meant for pro-
longed time spent underwater; it is
made for emergency situations and
provides enough air for one to make
it safely to the surface.

I brought 6 pounds of weight,
only enough to provide some con-
trol while looking for any readings.

Most importantly, I broke down
my MineLab Excalibur underwater
detector into its smallest dimensions
so that all of my equipment would
fit nicely in a backpack.

Once I arrived at the waterfall it
was time to set up my equipment
and get to work.

I started by walking around the
perimeter of the pool and worked in
a circular pattern to the center.

Shortly after entering the water I Questions About YourLost Treasure
thought of a few things that would OnLine
help improve results for the next www.lost
Digital Subscription?
First, I did not bring my scoop; E-mail webmasterWIN A NEW DETECTOR!
because of the volcanic rock, I didn’t
think it would be very useful nor Enter Lost Treasure’s July Hunt Sweepstakes for a
worth the effort of hiking it to the
waterfall, but after some reflection @losttreasure.comchance at the New ACE 300 from Garrett Metal Detectors
I realized it would have been help-
ful since every time I had a reading Garrett has placed big features into the ACE
I had to grab a fistful of sediment 300—Digital Target ID, better detection
and scan that handful before I could
isolate the target. abilities, a new audio system, and more—for
a price that can’t be beat.
Second, the reserve air supply
provided by the SpareAir system Key Features
was not nearly sufficient enough to • New Digital Target ID
provide much “bottom time” in the • New 7” x 10” PROformance™
small pool.
submersible searchcoil
Last, protective clothing would • New higher frequency (8 kHz)
have been most beneficial. • New Increased Iron Resolution
• New Adjustable Frequency
An entire wetsuit is not neces- • New Camlocks
sary, but anything that can trap some • New Includes Pulse-Width
body heat would help; the beaches
are warm and pleasant, but the inter- Modulation audio
nal water system is often shaded and
very cold for prolonged exposure. If you do not have access to the Lost Treasure OnLine web site, you may enter
by mailing a post card or 3” x 5” piece of paper in an envelope no larger than
The readings were few and far 9.5” x 4.5” with your name and full address, including zip code, along with the
between. Perhaps a more frequented answer to these questions: The ACE 300 is powered by four AA batteries &
waterfall would produce more finds. provides how many hours of use? (Answer can be found in the ACE 300 Field
Test. Mail to: Garrett, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345-1589. Entries must
The main item of note was an have a postmark between July 1st - July 31st and must be received by August
earring; it was only about 6 to 8 3rd, 2016. You may enter as often as once per day, either by mail or the internet,
inches down, but took some time to but not both. Multiple daily entries will be discarded. No purchase necessary to
recover because I did not bring my enter sweepstakes void where prohibited. Complete rules and a list of winners
can be found on the sweepstakes page at:
Unfortunately, this earring
showed signs of rust, but it does Lost Treasure respects your right to privacy. As part of the registration process, you will be added to our
lead credence to the fact that trying list to receive special Lost Treasure mailings & special offers from other companies in the industry.
one’s luck at local waterfalls is not
a foolhardy endeavor. Congratulations: Fred Liebl of Belle Vernon, PA winner of the
Garrett ACE 400 metal detector in the (May LTOL Hunt Sweepstakes)
The other items recovered were
all about the same depth. The read- wwww.Lwows.tLToresatTsrueraes.cuorem.cNomewsAleutgteurst1200-41-616 295
ings that were deeper in the pool
were a struggle to recover after the
small amount of air in the cylinder

With better luck and a bit more
research I believe treasure hunting
Hawaii off the beaten path could
lead to a lot of interesting finds.

Author’s personal experience
“The Hikers Guide to the O’ahu,”
Rev. Ed., by Stuart M. Ball Jr
“Oahu Trails: Walks, Strolls And
Treks on the Capital Isle” by Kathy

Treasure Facts

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THers' News

Tennessee Visitor anniversary. Deborah was wearing morning, she knew that she had
Finds 1.05-Carat the jewelry set one day in a local accomplished her goal. She quickly
White Diamond restaurant with her husband when placed the gem in a plastic bag and
By Betty Coors the building’s ceiling suddenly col- rushed to the Diamond Discovery
Ripley, Tennessee resident lapsed, burying them both under a Center to have it identified.
Deborah Miller was on a special pile of rubble.
mission when she traveled to Crater Not only did Deborah find a
of Diamonds State Park on Labor They were both rescued, but replacement for her lost diamond
Day. She fulfilled her mission when Deborah learned later that she had necklace, but her new diamond is
she discovered a 1.05-carat white lost her cherished diamond necklace about twice as big as the one she
diamond after surface searching only in the accident. lost!
10 minutes.
According to Deborah Miller, her Although understandably heart- Crater of Diamonds State Park,
mission began in 2011 when her broken, Deborah soon learned about 209 State Park Rd., Murfreesboro,
husband, Thomas Miller II, gave her Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State AR 71958, www.craterofdia-
a special diamond necklace and ear- Park, where she set out to replace
ring set to celebrate their wedding her lost gem. When Deborah saw
the English pea-sized gem sparkling Forgotten 200-year-old
on top of the soil on Labor Day Pub and Artifacts Discovered

A glass milk bottle marked “Ardwick,” a porcelain sink unearthed on the dig,
and a glass bottle from “John Dyson, Clayton.” Photos courtesy of http://www.
news/port-street-pub-building-site-11221280 Newsletter 10-4-16 11

THers' News continued...
Under Building Site Archaeologists made the discov-
Untouched bottles of brandy are ery of untouched bottles of booze
among the haul from the former and personalized crockery contain-
Astley Arms - which is set to be ing the former landlord’s name.
the site of a 13-story skyscraper
A 200-year-old underground pub has The find came during work to
been discovered in Manchester city prepare for the building of a 13-sto-
center - along with bottles of brandy. rey skyscraper on the corner of Port
Street and Great Ancoats Street.

SECURITY Archaeologist Rosie Banens with a full
WARNING DECALS bottle of alcohol found on the site.

Protect Yourself and As part of the planning process,
Your Belongings! archaeologists had to be brought in
to dig underneath the proposed site.
Protect Your Detectors
and Your Property! They discovered the hidden pub
and as well as the remains of several
• Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your houses.
property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
ALARM SYSTEM. Personalized plates of the land-
• Frighten burglars away. lord Thomas Evans - who owned
• Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood. the Astley Arms pub in 1821 - were
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- recovered alongside including keys,
house, equipment, store or boats. pots for quills and pipes.
• Great low-cost security system.
• Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” Builders say they are stunned to
• 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h discover the buildings dating back
to the early 1800's, just a few years
Click on this ad to order OnLine after Napoleon’s forces had swept
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2 Europe and when Manchester was
still a modest market town.

James Alderson, site developer of
Mulbury City which is carrying out
the build, told the M.E.N.:

“A lot of bottles have been found,
maybe around 20. And three or four
of them are full of brandy.

“We opened the cork on a few and
you can still smell it. It’s amazing
knowing there’s so much history at
this site and it’s really exciting.

"I never expected this kind of
thing to be found but we are really
fascinated by it all.

"Part of Manchester’s vast history
is being captured in these findings,
which is really interesting.”

“It really takes you back to the
time when they would have been
outside of the pub drinking.”

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16

THers' News continued...
Historians say The Astley Arms his descendants now lives in Texas.
pub was renamed to the Paganini Some of the finds on the building site: “It’s nice to be able to connect it
Tavern in 1840 by Thomas Inglesent. From left, a stoneware bottle from J
Moorhouse & Co, Hulme; a crockery directly to living people and their
By the 1850’s it was back as the set bearing the name of the Astley families.”
Astley Arms, remaining open until Arms and its first landlord, Thomas
1928 as a Cornbrook house. Evans; and a glass bottle with the logo He said pottery dated back to the
early 1800s and several of the bottles
The building was partially rebuilt of a workman’s arm. would have been later towards the
in 1986, but later demolished. 1900’s.
Aidan Turner, supervisor at the site
and senior archeologist, said it was The development will create 135
exciting to be able to link the find- apartments and shops on the site
ings to living people today. just at the junction of Great Ancoats
Street and Port Street. It is expected
He said: “We found pottery and to be finished by the end of 2017.
bottle from the Astley Arms which
actually has the name of the propri- Some of the items recovered from
etor Thomas Evans, and the name the site will be put on display in the
of the pub written on it, so it must Museum of Science and Industry.
have been a commissioned piece for But it’s not yet known what will hap-
the pub. pen to the bottled brandy.

“It’s brilliant because you can Courtesy of http://www.manches-
suddenly connect it to the local peo-
ple in the area. We looked online manchester-news/port-street-pub-
about his family history and one of building-site-11221280

Submitted by Len Myers. Newsletter 10-4-16 13

THers' News continued...
Pagan God ‘Caught’ 55, made the remarkable Bronze
In River By Fisherman Age “catch” when he dipped his net
The “very distinctive expression in the Dudet River near his home in
of ferocity and rage” has never been Tisul, Kemerovo region, on a fishing
seen before among ancient Siberian expedition for tench and carp. 
statuettes, say experts.
Fisherman Nikolay Tarasov, Instead of a fish, he netted a
strangely shaped stone - a fossilized

Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the Likely from the Okunev culture, might
this mysterious ancient figurine with
Treasure Hunter’s Logbook the angry face be a child’s “rattle,” to
ward off evil spirits? Experts say the
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2 figurine is unique, as nothing identical

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16 has been found so far. 

figurine - the catch of a lifetime.
“I was about to throw it back in

the water - but at the last second I
looked at it more closely,” he said. 

“And I saw a face. I stopped and
washed the thing in the river - and
realized it wasn’t a stone of an
unusual shape, as I thought earlier -
but a statuette.”

It has almond shaped eyes, a large
mouth with full lips, and a ferocious
facial expression. 

“On the reverse side on the head
the carver had etched plaited hair
with wave like lines. Below the
plait there are lines looking like fish
scales,” he said.

“I went to the local museum - and
experts there quite literally jumped
for joy, and quite high.”

Speaking exclusively to The
Siberian Times, Dr. Pavel German,
researcher at the Institute of Human
Ecology, Kemerovo, who investigat-
ed the find with colleague Professor
Vladimir Bobrov, said: “We can say
that this figurine is unique, as noth-

THers' News continued...
ing identical has been found so far. been described as akin to modern-
day children›s rattles but with the
“It is interesting that the face purpose of fending off evil spirits.
They were discovered in the grave of
depicted on this figurine has a very a baby less than a year old at death. 

distinctive expression of ferocity and While far from identical, they
are said to be stylistically similar to
rage. Usually the ancient - Neolithic the fisherman›s pagan god, which
is now on display at Tisul History
and Bronze Age - anthropomorphic Museum.

sculptures do not have any distinc- “Our figurine shows a resem-
blance to those found in child buri-
tive expression. als at Itkol Lake,” said Dr. German.

“This is the other reason, why the “When we undertook our research
we did not know about the Itkol
figurine is unique. We argue that is figurines. Yet while there is a resem-
blance between them, they are not
was a god or a spirit. It is interesting completely similar.”

that the face depicted on this figurine For now it remains a mystery how
the ferocious find came to be in the
has a very distinctive expression of river.

ferocity and rage.”  “The find could have gotten into
the water due to different circum-
Experts believe the figurine is Fisherman Nikolay Tarasov, 55, made
the Bronze Age “catch” when he
essful from the ancient Okunev culture dipped his net in the Dudet River
“judging by the style.” B
sTitHeuetrssroemcGeuenit3dde0i0sBcWkoivl1oe_mr2ipeegstraetscaonnlooOrrtk.hquwxnedesvt 2/7/2n0e1a2r h1is1:h1o7meAMin TPiasguel, K1 emerovo
region. Photos courtesy of http://sibe-
have led to a new theory about this
river find.
Eight horn figurines were found at er-by-fisherman-confirmed-as-being-

Lake Itkol in Khakassia which have up-to-4200-years-old-and-unique/


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 10-4-16 15

THers' News continued...
stances, among them - the destruc- that it depicts a cape or mantle made “It is one of the most significant
tion of an ancient child›s burial,” of scale.” archaeological exhibit in our col-
said Dr German. lection. It is on display now and we
It is unclear if it is fish or snake welcome people to come to us and
“The figurine was found in a local scale, possibly relating to the Lower see it.
river, and we went to the site, hoping World in the belief system of this
there would be more (archeological ancient culture. "We think that this figurine may
items), but sadly we had no luck.” depict one of the gods or sprits in
The Kemerovo object also shows which Okunevs believed. It looks a
He added: “It is hard to tie this signs that it might have been attached little scary but fascinating, and our
figurine to specific Okunev settle- to a tree or perhaps to a baby's cot. visitors love to see it. 
ments or burials.
“There is a hole drilled in the “We heard that the scientists from
"The closest known settlement figurine,” he said. “We found a small St Petersburg have found some simi-
from the Okunev culture is  locat- wooden stick, a twig, inside it. lar figurines in the grave of the baby
ed (underwater) in the modern (at Lake Itkol) possibly adorning the
Tambarskoye Reservoir, 10 kilome- "So another theory is that the cradle. So perhaps our figurine was
ters from where the figurine was figurine was fixed on a tree branch also this kind of such an adornment.”
found.” and at some point it broke, with the
small twig left embedded in it.” Courtesy of http://siberiantimes.
The find was made upstream of com/science/casestudy/features/
this submerged archeological site.  Museum guide Ekaterina f0256-pagan-god-caught-in-river-
Vambrikova said: “It is true miracle by-fisherman-confirmed-as-being-
The figurine is made of antler and that Nikolay Tarasov found it. We up-to-4200-years-old-and-unique/
“lines on its head depict the hairs. are very proud that the figurine made
And on the back there is an ornament by legendary Okunevs is in the col- Submitted by Len Myers.
which resembles scale. We suppose lection of our museum. 

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16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16

Favorite Finds

Here is a unique item I found this Not until two days later did I something so personnel as this; I
recently. realize what I had found. I came imagine the person that lost it was
home from work and decided to very sad because it was probably a
It is a homemade wed- take a closer look at the items I had set of rings that he or she had made
ding band fashioned out of a unearthed from the weekend’s trea- for each other. 
1944 Washington silver quarter. sure hunting trip. 
I found it with my Garrett AT Pro Still, I think who made it and how
using the stock coil. I picked the ring up first, brushed long did they ware it before it was
it off with a toothbrush, pulled out a lost and where are they now. 
The visual ID displayed 84-85-86 magnifying glass and did not believe
with a high tone at about 8” deep. I what i saw!  They could be someone in their
was very excited, thinking that I was 80’s or 90’s now.
going to land another silver quarter Just as plain as day a big 1944 and,
for the day!  when I flipped it over, I could see Anyway I think it is a great, very
United States of America! How neat! unique and valuable find, maybe not
When I dug it out of the ground That is another one for the books. monetary, but as for love...yes.
and saw that it was a silver ring I
was kind of let down, but still it was I had been in this area before and Thanks for your time,
silver! had found silver there, but never Ronny Barber
Via e-mail Newsletter 10-4-16 17

Tip From the Pros

Food For Thought

By Jay Pastor

In 1858, the uncle of R.U. digging and drilling. knowledge of fault lines,
Darby of Williamsburg, But after filling three carloads and was advised that contin-
Maryland, took off to get the well ran dry and no more ued digging for three more
rich in Colorado…and he feet would get him back to the
did find a large gold vein. gold turned up.
After inspecting several There were several additional gold - and that’s what
carloads of diggings, an futile attempts made before happened. The junk dealer
became a multi-millionaire,
appraiser informed him that the uncle convinced his
his finds were of high quality. nephew that there was no and the engineer didn’t
point in throwing good do badly either.
The entrepreneurial uncle
then notified his nephew to money after bad. R.U. was man enough to
start collecting cash from So they sold the equipment pay back the debts eventually.
friends and relatives who for cents on the dollar to a
junk dealer, who turned out There are no records of
felt like getting rich. what happened to his
Nephew R.U. accomplished to be shrewder than they
this task, joined his uncle, were, and returned for insolvent uncle.
and purchased the equipment There are all sorts of lessons
good to Maryland.
needed for further The dealer called in a in this true story for an
mining engineer who had ambitious treasure hunter to

think about.

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 10-4-16

Calendar of Events
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OCTOBER Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
8th – Cullman, Alabama. The and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
43rd Annual Deep South Treasure Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold MAY 2017
Hunt sponsored by the Warrior coins and much more was awarded. 5th – 7th – Cortez, Colorado.
Basin Treasure Hunters Association. Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor- WWATS’ (World Wide Association
Main hunt entry fees received before [email protected] or call (972) 839- of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) first
August 31 will get a prize token 6647 for more information or go to Ultimate Treasure and Gold Show at
from the main prize board. For more the Montezuma Fairgrounds, 30100
information, contact David Scales at US Hwy. 160. A fun-filled weekend
(205) 529-8955 or Joe Box at (205) NOVEMBER of treasure and new equipment view-
451-7693, or log onto www.wbtha. 12th – Grand Bay, Alabama. The ing, special speakers, a banquet, and
com Sahrara Shoot-Out 2016, sponsored seminars daily for the entire fam-
by the South Alabama Historical ily! This three-day event with both
15th – 16th – Deadwood, South Research and Recovery Association inside and outside booths will be
Dakota. The Deadwood Gold Show (Sahrara), will be held rain or shine the “Largest Show of Its Kind In the
2016, sponsored by the Northern at Grand Bay Middle School in Four Corners.” General admission is
Hills Prospectors, a GPAA chapter, southwest Mobile County, 1 mile $5 each day. Vendor, manufacturer,
will be held at the SpringHill Suites south of I-10 Exit 4. Two big events distributor and dealer booth space
in Deadwood at 322 Main Street begin with a Poker Hunt (highest available. Also this weekend will
beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday and hand wins a gold coin) followed by be the Ultimate Outdoor & Gun
ending at 5 p.m. Sunday. Entry Fee the Main Hunt (tokens redeemed for Show in another building. Historical
is $5. For more information, contact prizes). Prizes will include metal Attractions nearby include: Mesa
James Van Hout at bhprospector1@ detectors, accessories, silver and Verde, Durango, & Telluride, gold coins, Lortone Tumblers and Colorado, including the Durango
more. For more information, contact Silverton Train Ride! For more info,
22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone Stanley Norris, Sahrara President, log onto or con-
Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd at (251) 716-3282, e-mail s.norris@ tact Keith Wills, V.P. WWATS, via
Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain or log onto http://www. e-mail at [email protected]

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