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Online Newsletter - 20 September 2016

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Online Newsletter - 20 September 2016

Newsletter–September 20, 2016

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September 20, 2016


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2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

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Feature Club

The Lone Star
Treasure Hunters Club

The Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club of Irving, Texas, will hold their annual hunt on October 22nd in Irving,
Texas. The Club’s 42nd Annual Open Hunt will be held at the Mountain Creek Preserve at the corner of Nursery

and Hunter Ferrell Road.
Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold coins and much more was awarded. Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-

[email protected] or call (972) 839-6647 for more information or go to
The Lone Star Club’s Executive Officers shown are:
Bill Stanford, President
Herman Denzler, Vice-President
Janet Hall, Secretary
Rechey Davidson, Treasurer.

For more about the club and their upcoming hunt, log onto
4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
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Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
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GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
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Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

BBeByWteilliatmceGrooHchrowamlsukTi nirnetegarsAure

Example of a coin spill. leave behind. He also told me about
the new signs that are going to be
A few days ago I went to a local keeper approached me with his usual installed and the fines that are going
park only to find that the entire play friendly greeting. to be assessed.
area had been left in poor condition.
It was a disgusting sight. He asked me how I had been and if They are also going to install new
I found my pot of gold yet. I always hidden cameras that should help stop
There were holes left that were talk to him and we have developed a or at least control the vandalism.
quite deep and uncovered, trash cans friendship over the years.
turned over, mats kept under the As he explained to me, all the
swings were slung all over, and holes He looked at the damage that damage is done after hours when the
cut through the protective lining used was left and was visibly upset. I park is unoccupied.
to keep the wood chips clean. helped him straighten the mats and
covered the holes and then we began He said that he could not under-
About that time the park’s grounds to talk about the mess that some stand why I never make a mess and
always seem to find items after oth-
ers have been there!

I am going to try to help the new
treasure hunters with my past experi-
ences about how to be more success-
ful without being run off from the

The first step is getting permis-
sion from the owner of the property
or grounds keepers.

Let them know who you are and
that you are not going to cause any
damage; some people need a little
reassuring that you are not going
leave holes in their lawns.

The first step is to convince them
by showing them you are a skilled
hole digger.

Explain how you are going bury a
coin and retrieve it without leaving
any sign the hole was dug. Here is
how to do this.

Slide your knife or digging tool
into the ground at about 60 degrees

68 LOST TREASURE NJeuwlys2le0t1te6r 9-20-16

Air testing example to find the “sweet spot” on the coil. When you purchase your first
metal detector I would suggest you
then place the coin on the knife When you are detecting in the visit a metal detecting shop if at all
or tool and let it slide two to three park’s play area you will find it a possible, as they will help you get
inches into the hole. waste of time and energy to pull started.
the mats out from under the swings,
It is best to use a bright shiny because those areas are searched I have been out metal detecting
quarter; most people are likely to let frequently and the signals are false and have met other treasure hunt-
you look for quarters than pennies, from trash under the liner; these are ers who had no idea how to tune or
as you just planted the idea that their signs of a newbie treasure hunter. what the different functions of their
yard is full of quarters. machines were.
Do not dig through the lining
The next step is to use a little when you see holes in it because you I would suggest playing with your
showmanship on finding the target could be fined for destroying park detector, learning the programs and
and explaining how your detector property and you will most likely not settings before adventuring out for
can discriminate a good target from find treasure. your first day of treasure hunting.
the trash.
When you see a big area torn Here is a good idea: make a list of
Retrieve the coin by finding the up run your coil over it. You will the different setting and the different
slit, slip your tool in the slit, lift find that an inexperienced treasure coin readings on your detector, then
up and remove your coin and then hunter will often leave a big coin keep them on your person so that you
stomp the hole. spill because of their inability to, or will have a quick reference.
difficulty with, pinpointing targets.
After they can see that you have Here are the most likely places to
not damaged the lawn you should be When searching a coin spill (a lot find treasure that most other treasure
able to get permission to hunt. of coins covering an area that might hunters miss.
make it hard to pinpoint a single
You may ask, “Why would I target because they are so close I usually find coins in tot lots after
need the permission of a public park together) move your detector coil to someone has already been detecting
grounds keeper?” the edge and work your way from there.
there to pinpoint each coin.
I always make it a point to stop I have always taken the time to
and talk to whoever is in charge, if A spill will cause your coil to watch and observe the play patterns
possible, for several good reasons. pick several signals at once off the of the kids and adults, which is most
sides of the coil, not allowing you important.
One - if someone else has dam- to use the sweet spot (the sweet spot
aged or left holes you will not get is usually under the rod of your of You will usually see that the
the blame. your coil). adults will follow the kids around
and either stand or sit when there is
Two - they can tell you all the Practice pinpointing by placing a bench available.
pertinent information about the park, several coins on the ground until you
such as when the park was first can determine how your detector coil The benches and picnic tables are
started, where all the expansion and functions. the next place; you will see where
any improvements have been made jackets and other outer clothing
from the original location, and when When I purchased my first metal items are thrown on a heap. These
and where any special events such detector many years ago the shop are where a lot of items are lost when
as parties, carnivals, or picnics have owner took the time to educate me they fall out of the pockets.
taken place. on proper ways to practice before
going out metal detecting. Search behind and under the
They can also tell where and when benches - move the picnic tables
items have been lost, such as rings around and search there, too, as most
and jewelry. treasure hunters won’t make the
effort. In the parks where fast food
is available coins are lost constantly.

The next place to search is under
the any of the structures where the
kids climb.

Here is a good way to get next to
the iron post and especially swings
and under slides where kids will
store their jackets when they play.

Place your metal detector coil
next to the post then adjust your
discriminate until it blocks out the
iron post.

I will then hunt all the posts and
then return back to the normal or
regular setting.

www.LoswtTwrwea.LsousrteT.rceoamsuNree.wcoslmetteJrul9y-2200-1166 79

Retrieving coins. “Where is a good place to search
for jewelry?” you ask. I always have
"Today's the Day!" Mel the best luck in a tot lot where moth-
Fisher's Famous Line and the motto ers are with the infants either lifting
them or pushing them in the small,
of Lost Treasure Magazine! enclosed swings. Search thoroughly
in back and in the front of the swing.
Subscribe to the Free Online
Newsletter at There are several parks I know of
that have groups of mother who meet mostly every day in the summer
For the Latest in Treasure wearing jewelry. Costume jewelry
usually, but every now and then I do
News, Favorite Finds find real gold in the form of a charm
and More! or pendant that has fallen from a
broken chain.
810 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREENeJwulsyle2t0te1r69-20-16
Picking up trash is a good thing
to do when treasure hunting. I have
seen people with metal detectors
who don’t have pouches; they will
dig a target and if it is not worth
keeping will rebury it.

That’s all well and good for them,
but the next time they come by they
will just dig it up again. And in all
reality they could have lost a good
target that was lying next to it.

I have found treasure burried
under a peace of trash many times,
especially in an older park. A trash
pouch is a must have item.

A special pouch for your coins is
a good idea, too.

Several years ago I just threw
coins I had found in my regular
pouch and separated them from the
trash at the end of the day’s hunt like
most everyone else did.

I found a standing liberty and
threw it in my pouch, but it wasn’t
there (with my trash) at the end of
the day. I lost it. After that I made a
pouch just for coins.

Recently I was in a hurry and
made the same mistake of not using
a pouch for coins and, sure enough, I
lost another find, but this time it was
only a Chucky Cheese token.

Keep your coins safe - use a spe-
cial pouch just for them.

Have you ever gone to a soccer
tournament or other alethic event
where everyone piles their stuff in
one area?

Or have you gone to a mara-
thon run where all of the contestants
gather at starting line or finish line,
or in the area of refreshment stands
or where the picnic tables are set up?

In your mind you know where

you are going to come back to and Leaving no “footprints” - hole covered (invisible).
treasure hunt the next chance you
have. But when you do it is all dif- small suitcase to carry all my extras Do You Have
ferent. in. A Treasure
My suggestion is make a sketch Check your metal detector to be Related
of all the places that you will want to sure batteries are good, headphones Question?
hunt; use land marks to section off or are working properly, and that coil
grid the area. nuts are tight.

Next take pictures with your cell Keep a well organized plan and
phone or digital camera using land- your equipment ready and you will
marks. be sure to fill your pouch with booty.

They are so important because Sources:
everything changes when you are Author’s personal experiences.
staring at an empty field.

Pay attention where porta potties
were placed, because in front of
these places is where people will line
up and be in a hurry. This is always a
good place to hunt.

Being prepared is an important
part of the hunt. Including knowing
where you will be hunting and let-
ting your family know where you are
going to be in case of an emergency
and you are needed.

Get your equipment ready a day
ahead of time and make a small
“must have” list.

Maps of the area, permission
to hunt on private property forms,
gloves, extra batteries, pouches, rain
covers, digging tools, a magnifying
glass for identifying special finds,
water for wash up and to drink, rags,
toilet paper, a trash container, baby
wipes, a first-aid kit, knee pads, and
a piece of cloth or canvas for keep-
ing lawns nice when digging. I use a

Send It To
and We
Will Try
To Answer It
For You!
Torn up playground mats. Photos are by the author.

www.LowswtTwre.LaossutrTer.ecaosmurNe.ecwosmletJteurly92-2001-616 191

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Tip From the Pros

Still Out There

By Jay Pastor

Two good reasons to pay waiting for you to receive between them and other coins
smaller bills with cash rather and identify them. of the same denominations
in their cash registers.
than with plastic: The six coins shown here
Reason 1: You save money came (this year) from various The four Wheat cents were a
by making fewer frivolous nice surprise. The Washington
purchases. When you see that stores and eateries in a city
you are actually handing out of about 300,000 people. silver quarter was a more
real dollars of your hard-earned unexpected treat. But the
income, you become a lot more They serve as good examples.
careful about exchanging them I had made no effort to find Standing Liberty 25-cent piece
for impulse items that you was a shock. How could a coin
them – they’re simply change I like that have remained active
don’t need or want. got from small financial trans-
Reason 2: The change you actions (e.g. a meal, some new on its job in our monetary
socks, gasoline, detector batter- system for almost 90-years?
get at a market sometimes My guess is that it came from
contains a few interesting, ies, a few groceries) - and a cache or collection spent
and even valuable, coins. was alert enough to pull
It may seem hard to believe, by some indifferent or
but there are plenty of classi- them out of circulation imme- unappreciative heir.
cal coins still out there, rubbing diately for my collection.
and bumping against each other, Luckily, the cashiers who gave We’ll never know. But it’s
them to me were numismatical- always fun to make such
ly-challenged to the point where discoveries. And I imagine
they didn’t notice the differences that you feel that way, too. Newsletter 9-20-16 11

THers' News

A Roman gold coin depicting the Emperor Nero, dated to
56 CE was discovered in summer, 2016, at UNC Charlotte’s
archaeological excavation at Jerusalem’s Mt. Zion. Credit:
Shimon Gibson. Photo courtesy of https://www.sciencedaily.


Rare Roman Gold ing the letters “EX S C,” with the and aristocratic quarter located in
Coin Found Mt. Zion Dig surrounding inscription “PONTIF the Upper City of Jerusalem. Finds
The discovery of a rare gold coin MAX TR P III.” include the well-preserved rooms of
bearing the image of the Roman a very large mansion, a Jewish ritual
Emperor Nero at the University of Importantly, these inscriptions pool (mikveh) and a bathroom, both
North Carolina at Charlotte’s archae- help to work out the date when the with their ceilings intact.”
ological excavations on Mount coin was struck as 56/57 AD.
Zion in Jerusalem, has just been This mansion and other like it,
announced by the archaeologists in Identification of the coin was were utterly destroyed by Titus and
charge of the project, Drs. Shimon made by the historian and numis- the Roman legions, when Jerusalem
Gibson, James Tabor, and Rafael matist, Dr. David Jacobson from was razed to the ground.
Lewis. London.
“The coin is exceptional,” said It is likely, owing to the intrinsic
Gibson, “because this is the first The coin dates to a little more value of the gold coin, it was hidden
time that a coin of this kind has than a decade before the destruc- away ahead of the destruction of the
turned up in Jerusalem in a scientific tion of Jerusalem by the Romans city, and was missed by the maraud-
dig. Coins of this type are usually in 70 AD, and was found in rubble ing and looting Roman soldiers.
only found in private collections, material outside the ruins of the 1st
where we don’t have clear evidence Century Jewish villas the team has “It’s a valuable piece of personal
as to place of origin.” been excavating. property and wouldn’t have been
The gold coin (aureus) bears the cast away like rubbish or casual-
bare-headed portrait of the young The team has hypothesized that ly dropped. It’s conceivable that it
Nero as Caesar. the large houses may have belonged ended up outside these structures in
The lettering around the edge of to wealthy members of the priestly the chaos that happened as this area
the coin reads: NERO CAESAR caste, and it may have come from was destroyed.”
AVG IMP. one of their stores of wealth.
On the reverse of the coin is a The image of Nero is significant
depiction of an oak wreath contain- “The coin probably came from in that it shows the presence of the
one of the rich 2000-year old Jewish Roman occupation and provides a
dwellings which the UNC Charlotte clear late date for the occupation of
team have been uncovering at the the residences.
site,” said Gibson.
There is no historical evidence
“These belonged to the priestly

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

THers' News continued...
met its fate when it got caught in a
One of the beau- storm.
tifully designed
plates that has He said: “The region where the
been broken. (DHA ship wreckage was found looks like
a harbor in which to shelter dur-
Photo) ing storms. These harbors are called
false harbors because when you look
at these harbors, you would think it
would protect you from the storm.

that Nero ever visited Jerusalem. SECURITY
Tabor pointed out that the coin WARNING DECALS

is dated “to the same year of St. Protect Yourself and
Paul’s last visit to Jerusalem, which Your Belongings!
resulted in his arrest (on the charge
of taking Gentiles into the Temple) Protect Your Detectors
and incarceration in Caesarea.” and Your Property!

Last of the Julio-Claudian line,
Nero was Roman emperor for four-
teen years (54-68 AD).

He had the reputation for being
a tyrant, and some believed he was
responsible for the devastating fire
of 64 AD, which resulted in the
burning of much of Rome.

The archaeological project has
brought to light many other signifi-
cant finds during the 2016 summer
season, and work at the site will be
resumed next year.

Courtesy of https://www.

Submitted by Len Myers.

Researchers Surprised By • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
Rich and Rare Find Underwater property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
A collection of Byzantine (Eastern ALARM SYSTEM.
Roman Empire) plates bearing beau- • Frighten burglars away.
tiful designs has been found under- • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
water near Antayla, Turkey. • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
The find is one of the richest of its house, equipment, store or boats.
kind and exceedingly rare. • Great low-cost security system.
Hurriyet Daily News reports that • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
the team of researchers has removed • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
100 unbroken and 300 broken plates
from the depths. Click on this ad to order OnLine
The plates were found scattered
over an area of 15-20 meters (49.21- or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
65.62 ft.).
Selçuk University Archaeology
Department academic Hakan Öniz
told the Hurriyet Daily News the
ship carrying the plates may have Newsletter 9-20-16 13

THers' News continued...
The captain of the ship thought it ers, we were surprised by the motifs
on each plate. There are fish and
was a safe place and anchored there, flower motifs unique to the era. The
workmanship was very good. All of
but even though the wind stopped, them were 800-900 years old.”

the current did not, and the ship hit For conservation purposes, the
plates are being cleaned of salt at
a rock and was broken into pieces.”  the Antalya Museum’s laboratory
before they will go on display.
Öniz also believes that the ship
“The materials like amphora and
must have been loaded with goods ceramic plates have micro holes, and
salt piles up in these holes.” Öniz
from two different factories before explained.  

it set out. Work is expected to continue at
the site until next year. But research-
This was determined by looking ers are hesitant about hopes for other
major finds due to suspicions of ille-
at the two techniques used on the gal diving in the area.

recovered plates. Although diving was banned
around the site for the last 10 years
They are decorated with a vari- by the Culture and Tourism Ministry,
Öniz suggested to the Hurriyet Daily
ety of rare designs and researchers News that divers may have contin-

were surprised when they made the


As Hakan Öniz said:

“We were not hopeful of finding
essful aTnHyetrhsinGguciodensiBdWer1a_b2lpeg. Jucsotltohre.nq,xwd e 2/7/2012 11:17 AM Page 1

found a solid, very beautiful plate

with its own colors. It made us Photo of some of the plates found

very happy. We were amazed by the underwater near Antalya, Turkey.

designs on it. As we found the oth- (arkeolojihaber)


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

THers' News continued...
the region in a large shipyard. tems, and a lifter in the 2015 under-
“These shipyards were established water archaeological works.

on natural-slope rocky grounds. Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
Underwater work unearthed some
parts of the shipyards that remained gy/researchers-surprised-rich-and-
underwater after earthquakes.” rare-roman-plate-set-found-under-
The 10-person team used seven
underwater scanners, the sonar sys- Submitted by Len Myers.

A researcher examining some of
the plates found underwater near
Antalya, Turkey. Source: arkeofili.
Photos courtesy of http://www.ancient-


ued diving in the cove anyway.

This may explain the broken plates

found on the surface, which Öniz

suggested could have been broken

with a hammer when people tried to

remove them from the rocks.

In September 2015, Mark Miller

wrote for Ancient Origins about how

Professor Hakan Öniz and his team

began determining the location of

ancient wrecks and found “traces of

the world’s first maritime route and

earlier harbors.”

Öniz said:

“With the technology of using four

different sonar systems at the same

time, we mapped the bottom of the

sea. Divers made scientific work on

wreckages, which were taken into

the inventory of the Culture and

Tourism Ministry. Scientific work

has been continuing to present the

results during international sympo-

siums. Anchors and wreckages have

already showed us the sea route on

the coasts of Silifke has been used

for at least 5,000 years with vessels

traveling between Cyprus, Egypt, Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the

Rhodes, Knidos, Italy and all the Treasure Hunter’s Logbook

coasts of the Eastern Mediterranean.” or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2

Furthermore, they discovered that Newsletter 9-20-16 15

at least 100 vessels were produced in

THers' News continued...
Ancient Snowshoe Find the Italian border with Austria at
Is Oldest in the World The birch and twine snowshoe about 3,134 meters or 10,280 feet.
A crude snowshoe dating back would have helped Neolithic people It will be put on display in the South
about 5,800 years has been turned Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in
over to authorities after an Italian navigate the snowy terrain in Bolzano, the capital of German-
cartographer found it near where the Italian Alps more than speaking South Tyrol.
the ice mummy of Otzi the Iceman, 5,000 years ago.
a Neolithic hunter slain some 500 Dr. Bartolini of Florence found
years later, was discovered in the the snowshoe in 2003 but apparently
Italian Dolemite Alps. did not immediately recognize its
Researchers at a press conference significance.
called it an exceptional find.
The snowshoe is made of birch The Telegraph reports that he kept
wood and twine, and experts say it the snowshoe in his office as a keep-
was preserved in the icy environs sake. He announced in a press con-
of the South Tyrolean Alps, where ference recently in Bolzano that he
Simone Bartolini was mapping turned it over to archaeologists for
Italy’s border with Austria in 2003, study in 2015.
says the Telegraph in a story about
the snowshoe. “At first I thought it was maybe
Dr. Bartolini found the snowshoe 100-years-old and was a snowshoe
on the Gurgler Eisjoch glacier near that belonged to a farmer who lost it
while driving cattle. I kept it in my
office as a keepsake,” Dr. Bartolini
said during the press conference

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

THers' News continued...
Otzi was killed after someone hit
This photo of Ötzi’s clothing, which included materials from five animal species, him with a blunt implement, pos-
was taken by Niall O Sullivan of the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman. sibly a club, and shot him with an
Photos courtesy of
year-old-snowshoe-kept-office-keepsake-its-finder-oldest-world-006646 Otzi dates to about 5,300 years
ago, while the snowshoe is even
recently, according to the Telegraph. named after the mountain range in older at about 5,800 years, carbon
The Telegraph story says Dr. which two German hikers found dating has shown.
him. The corpse has helped shed
Bartolini did not realize the signifi- light on what Otzi’s people ate and Dr. Catrin Marzoli of the prov-
cance of the find until 2015, when wore, their weapons and how they ince’s cultural heritage department
he turned it over to archaeologists hunted and traveled, the Telegraph said the shoe provides further evi-
for study. story says. dence that people of the Neolithic, or
Late Stone Age, lived in this area of
Otzi, also spelled as Oetzi, is the Alps and equipped themselves to
travel on snow.

Researchers are unsure why any-
one was traveling through such
tough, barren terrain at an altitude of
10,000 feet, said Dr. Marzoli.

Speculation has included that they
were fleeing enemies, hunting or
even visiting pagan worship or ritual

As Ancient Origins reported in

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THers' News continued...
January 2015, in an article titled a seven-page article about the phe-
‘Ancient Artifacts and Human nomenon that says the pressure to Ancient gold plates are found in a
Remains Surface as Glaciers Melt,’ find, document, and conserve the stone box in Ringinlarik village in
archaeologists and hikers are finding exposed artifacts is tremendous. Musuk district, Boyolali, on Sept.
artifacts and remains of humans and 7.(JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi). Photos
animals from hundreds or thousands “The next 50 years will be deci- courtesy of http://www.thejakartapost.
of years ago. sive,’ says Albert Hafner, an archae- com/news/2016/09/08/ancient-gold-
ologist at the University of Bern who
The topic is so prevalent that has excavated melting sites in the plates-found-in-boyolali.html
Equinox Publishing has estab- Alps. ‘If you don’t do it now they
lished the online Journal of Glacial will be lost.” At the end of July, the structure of
Archaeology, which will report on a candi (Buddhist or Hindu temple)
archaeological discoveries from Courtesy of http://www. was also found at the same location.
glacial, permafrost, polar and high- Sumardi, 42, one of the workers, said
altitude frozen contexts around the archaeology/5800-year-old-snow- the box had a lid and looked like
world. shoe-kept-office-keepsake-its-finder- jewelry box.
“The main themes will include Gutomo, an official with the
archaeological analyses of recovered Submitted by Len Myers. Central Java Heritage Conservation
frozen artifacts, interpretations of Agency (BPCB) confirmed the gold
frozen finds in relation to past and Ancient Gold Plates Found found was 18 carats. Each plate has
present climates, problems and solu- Construction workers have found an inscription in ancient Javanese
tions related to managing, monitor- 22 small gold plates estimated to letters. The inscriptions are names
ing and rescuing frozen deposits as date back to the eighth century, in of cardinal and ordinal directions of
well as social, political and ethical Ringilarik village, Musuk district, Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods.
issues related to these discoveries Boyolali in Central Java.
… from Europe, North and South The workers were digging as part “We recorded eight names of wind
America, Asia and Antarctica,” the of activities of a water aquifer project Gods. We have also declared the
journal says. when they hit a box made of stone. location as a heritage site,” Gutomo
The stone box was found among said. He said the BPCB would give
In 2013 did rocks piled up after digging. compensation to those who found the
plates, as well as the landowner.  
has seen three findings. In April,
UMa.Sde.Ain a brick maker found a Mahakala
statue and a candi foundation when
Click this ad This Fine Digging he was digging in Giriroto village in
to order Tool is Made of Ngemplak district.
Aircraft Quality
* Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated The statue was estimated to be
* Digs through and Tempered. from the Shiva Hindu period in the
ninth century. It was found at a depth
any type of ground of 30 centimeters.
* Ideally suited for Metal
In March, at the same location,
Detecting, Camping, a Nandeswara statue was found.
Nursery and Landscaping At separate places in Nepen village,
four stupas were found. One mea-
Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with sured 1.5 meters in height with a
plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool. diameter of 1 meter. (evi)

The belt loop is 3 1/2” Courtesy of http://www.thejakarta-

Submitted by Len Myers.

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

Favorite Finds

Shown Are Some Favorite Finds Made By
Members of The Metal Detectives Group


For more information on the group, visit or log onto Newsletter 9-20-16 19

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

SEPTEMBER John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane, Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd
24th – Waynesville, Ohio. The Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@ Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain
Ohio Detectorists Association’s Big Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
Fall Hunt at the park at 4966 North and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
SR 42, rain or shine. For more OCTOBER Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold
information, visit the club’s website 1st – Fort Worth, Texas. The coins and much more was awarded.
at or Cowtown Treasure Hunters’ Club’s Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-
contact Jeff Filaseta, President, at 32nd Annual Hunt & Picnic at the [email protected] or call (972) 839-
(937) 716-7160) or e-mail jfilas- YMCA Camp Carter, 6200 Sand 6647 for more information or go to
[email protected] Springs Rd. Registration begins at
8 a.m. and the first hunt, the Dollar
24th – Grapeview, Washington. Hunt, is at 9. There is a Free Kids’ NOVEMBER
The 2016 MDAW Membership Hunt at 10 a.m. followed by the Ring 12th – Grand Bay, Alabama. The
Picnic Hunt at Green Diamond (for- Hunt at 10:45 and Lunch at 11:30, Sahrara Shoot-Out 2016, sponsored
merly Simpson) Recreation, 1052 E provided for registered hunters. The by the South Alabama Historical
Mason Lake Dr. W, Grapeview, will Main Hunt begins at 1 p.m. which Research and Recovery Association
be attended by resident members will include thousands of old coins (Sahrara), will be held rain or shine
as well as metal detectorists from plus tokens for silver, gold, metal at Grand Bay Middle School in
communities across the state. Gates detectors, and other prizes. For more southwest Mobile County, 1 mile
open at 9 a.m., meet at 10. Will be information, contact President Dave south of I-10 Exit 4. Two big events
to the left at the last covered picnic Totzke at [email protected] or begin with a Poker Hunt (highest
area near the baseball field. The call (214) 320-2986. hand wins a gold coin) followed by
cost is $25 a person entry fee, Visa the Main Hunt (tokens redeemed for
and MasterCard accepted. $25.70 8th – Cullman, Alabama. The prizes). Prizes will include metal
swiped card, $26 by phone or online. 43rd Annual Deep South Treasure detectors, accessories, silver and
There will be silver halves, quarters, Hunt sponsored by the Warrior gold coins, Lortone Tumblers and
dimes, and coin sets along with Basin Treasure Hunters Association. more. For more information, contact
additional manufacturer and donated Main hunt entry fees received before Stanley Norris, Sahrara President,
prizes. For more information, con- August 31 will get a prize token at (251) 716-3282, e-mail s.norris@
tact Hunt Chairman Ron Sharer at from the main prize board. For more or log onto http://www.
[email protected] or call information, contact David Scales at
(360) 275-6123. (205) 529-8955 or Joe Box at (205)
451-7693, or log onto www.wbtha. E-mail
24th – 25th – Java Center, New com events to
York. The 18th Annual International managing
Hunt sponsored by the Genesee 15th – 16th – Deadwood, South
Valley Treasure Seekers at Beaver Dakota. The Deadwood Gold Show editor
Meadows Family Campgrounds. 2016, sponsored by the Northern @lost
There will be plenty of silver and Hills Prospectors, a GPAA chapter, treasure.
tokens planted for each hunt and will be held at the SpringHill Suites com
prizes include detectors, gold coins, in Deadwood at 322 Main Street
silver coins and many other items of beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday and
interest to metal detectorists. In addi- ending at 5 p.m. Sunday. Entry Fee
tion to the hunts there will be raffles, is $5. For more information, contact
drawings and an amazing magic James Van Hout at bhprospector1@
show Saturday evening. The hunt
application is available for down-
load at or contact 22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-20-16

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