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Online Newsletter - 5 July 2016

Newsletter – July 5, 2016


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

July 5, 2016


Feature Club — page 4


page 17 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
7 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
11 THers' News

16 Tips From the Pros
18 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase
By Carla Nielsen

[email protected]
VP/ ADVERTISING John Housley I recently visited historic St. around the rooms and even seeming
Augustine, Florida, and the fort, to interact with people. It was a very
[email protected]
[email protected] lighthouse and Pirate Museum there, interesting experience!
which prompted me to share a little From the breathtaking views to
WEBMASTER webmaster@ the artifacts recovered from our about the trip I took.
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected] The oldest masonry fort in the ancestors’ vessels, the St. Augustine
continental U.S. and a National Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
CUSTOMER SERVICE Lawrence Harris Monument, the Castillo de San covers centuries of history. The
[email protected]

IN MEMORIAM Marcos is a large Spanish stone Lighthouse rises 165 feet above sea
Coy Harris (1964-1996) fortress built to protect and defend level and contains 219 steps, and I
Kevin Harris (1965-2013) Spain’s claims in the New World, climbed each and every one all the

and is the focal point of historical St. way to the top and back down again.
Augustine and its oldest structure. It was breathtaking…literally!
St. Augustine celebrated its 450th The very interesting and excit-
birthday in 2015 and is home to the ing St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure
Museum overlooks the historic
nation’s oldest port.
Standing at the top of the fort and Matanzas River and the magnifi-
viewing the breathtaking vista of cent Castillo de San Marcos directly
the bay and ocean beyond definitely across the street on the bayfront.
gives you an idea of how this fort The museum spans about 5,000
maintained such a stronghold for sq. ft. and is filled with history and
over 350 years. And being in the gun very interesting historical artifacts
powder room, the living quarters, and information that will keep you
the jail and various other rooms busy for hours.
gives you an eerie feeling. You can If you ever get to take a trip
almost hear the past being played out to the area you won’t be disap-
pointed. There is so much history
around you.
to be celebrated there and it was
truly a remarkable experience. And
who knows what treasure may still
be hidden there just waiting to be
LostTreasure The Coined PhraseWe took numerous photos and

VyPeROaIrNLC(UT1E2LMMEisAEBsuRG4eAAs1)TZ$II3NN3EG.95SO,USUBR&SC5HR0tIihPncTYlIuIOESdANeSdUR:, OEtwn6oe some of them, we discovered after
PyUeaBrLsIS(H24ERissues) $59.95, S & HLeiencHluadrerdis: reviewing them later, showed very
VCA.Pall.n/oAawdDa6V, EtaoRddT8I$wSI1eN5epGkpusebrfloiysrheaedrre@l(iUvloeJ.Ssoryt.htrfoneufanHsyduosorueuor.nscflloiyerms)yt. visible orbs. And in the videos we
PAWCMSfBcaoisrRhduURUsoAeEOaurdTxSeNBBneTrDsMDA.gSueO41UeGIsbCA6(-MRsCP8sI9SRENcrm6TE0ToliCraG6InIR9riEaOPTpb-t1RneE4StONeT,-dicEDa6lowRoI)RgE9IainO/eTrnVi-dsernb6lOdcvIeNatimg2ChgoeewRce2ephrnEtardibt4atdsUeoiierstintSnwetdcSioPmncrEkoArele@gie,e@Re(@@.@aen)kCVlsnlltLlslooo:eooAcIasssCBssLiClwttttntsotttoteta9errrErsrrscree2eenaeietSlknanaa0dadaasTss:csi4gsvuuuuNuer6aHarerrrrn-dHeieeeale9aecTd.a...s.cca0cclcrertuosoorooo9reererlmmimstmm1selinoss-st., took you can see the orbs zooming
By Carla Nielsen
CEO-mLUaiMl lNoIsSttTrSea/[email protected]
One of our writers has a story interesting experience!
LLoosstt TTrreeaassuurree, SItnacf.f, 25q1u00estNio. nHs@wylo. s5t9tr,eGasruorvee.,coOmK
7C4a3r4la4.N(i9e1ls8e)n 786m-2a1n8a2gin• geFdAiXtor(9@18lo) s7tt8r6e-2a1s9u2r.e.Dcioremct in this issue about MmSaut.nseaAugumingguetshdtieintroeer,,@lothstetFrreaoarmstuifraethc.cetsombrreecaothvtearkeidng views to
aCllhardisveGrtihsiongls,omnanuscricphtsr,isagndhoglesnoenra@l ilnofsotrtmraetaiosnurteo:.cLoomst Florida, the Pirate from our
TArenadsuyreS, aPb.Oi.scBhox 45158a9n, dGyrosvaeb, iOsKch7@43l4o5s. tAtrllecaosnuternet.icnotmhis
pJoubeliPcaatitorniciks copyrighted. jAolel priagthrtiscakr@e rleossertvterdeaosnutrhee.ceontmire aconrdsaiinrsf.amThoautsprloamdyptepdiramtees,tocswahlwlaerwde.LosaLtnTigcreehsathtsoourusre’se.vceos&mseNlMse, wathrsielteiSmtttee.rA7Mu-5gu-us1se6tuinm3e

cEoDnIteTnOtsR: nIAotLhi:ng may be reprinted in whole or in part without the
expreLsossetdTwreriattseunrepewrmillisbsuioynaorftitchleesp,upbhliosthoegr.raphs and cartoons
©th2a0t1m6 Leoestt Toruearsuered,iItnocr.®ial approval. Manuscripts, photographs,
and artwork will be handled with care, but their safety cannot
be guaranteed. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope

L o s t T r e a s u r e OnLinewith all editorial submissions.We reserve the right to edit all

http://www.lost treasure.comcorrespondence. Although we take every possible measure to

ensure validity, Lost Treasure, Inc. assumes no liability for
information shared in editorial content.
Note: All advertisements are accepted and published on the
representation that the agency and/or advertiser is properly

Feature Club

The Tidewater Coin
And Relic Club

The Tidewater Coin The next meeting will Librarian:  Ron Ratcliff 
& Relic Club (TC&RC)
was established in 1973. be Tuesday, July 12, 2016. Webmaster:  Ron

Club meetings are held Bring your Finds For The Ratcliff, Kelley Rea.
the second Tuesday of
the month at the Mary Month!! 
Pretlow Library, 111 W
Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, For more about the club,

Virginia. Club Officers: log onto
Doors Open at 6:30
p.m., and the meeting President: John LeFevre  com/

starts at 7 p.m. Vice President:  Eric You can also visit

Walker  the club's Facebook

Secretary:  Ina Finn  page at at https://

Treasurer:  David Main

PR:  Betty Ward  groups/141109545958462/

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16

Feature Club cont'd...


from the

of the
Monkey.” Newsletter 7-5-16 5

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted CCeleabraltiinfgo50rYenarsia

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$ave time &Page
Proof that persistence GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of

can pay off. hundreds of thousands of men and women.

14On behalf of past and present Lost Page 16 extend our

Treasure staff, we
Howg-rTatiotu:de & appreciation to our many loyal subscribers over the

money...Mine For Dyieaamrs;ownedcsouldn’t have made it this far without you.
in New York?

Page 56We would also like to thank our Advertisers, some of them have
Coinshbeoenowtitihn&gs:upported us from the very first issue in 1966.


MamaWe can’t forget to thank our countless Writers & Field Editors

Click this adPage 11that have submitted those thrilling, keep you on the edge of your
Colonial Fseiant, dversy helpful articles for the past 50 years.

Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

TSGteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

How To Find
More When

Surface Hunting

By Bill Gallagher

I have written often about search- which preclude the use of metal and, after a rain, are visited quickly
ing the surface of the planet for items detectors or other treasure hunting and frequently by regular searchers.
of value and that’s because it is one tools for one reason or another, not If you are not one of those types of
of my favorite ways to hunt, and the least of which being legality, searchers, you should be.
also because it is such a productive though hiking and surface collecting
activity when done regularly with of rocks is many times allowed. Then there are the types of trea-
purpose. sure other than metal that cannot be
Some sites that are strictly off found by metal detecting.
Treasure hunting with the eyes limits have border lands that can be
is a time honored and many-facet- searched by hiking and scanning the These are many and some are
ed activity and, though it may be surface visually. quite valuable. Stone, glass, porce-
ignored by some treasure hunters, I lain, and more must be searched for
assure you there is not a professional And a good way to see if any area in novel ways, and surface hunting is
treasure hunter out there who does is worth further hunting is by prac- one great way to do it.
not engage regularly in the practice, ticing this craft.
as often as possible in fact. In truth, this type of treasure hunt-
There are certain sites or, rather, ing falls under the definition of hik-
There are all kinds of treasure and characteristics of sites, that naturally ing, and one never knows what one
just about all of them manifest as lend themselves to surface hunting. will find if enough distance is cov-
surface finds at one time or another. ered and a sharp lookout is kept at all
This includes coins and precious Ditches, river beds, and hillsides times. Hiking is good for the body
metals, too. can all be good if erosion has hap- and spirit, too.
pened, and it usually does on a regu-
As well, there are some sites lar basis. Many times in New Mexico,
where I live now, old railroad lines
Some sites are watched carefully

A nice railroad relic recovered from a roadside near El Paso, Texas, during a hike.
Notice the color of the brass.

www.LwowswtT.LreoasstTurea.csoumre.NceowmslAetpterirl 270-51-616 175

sand being a much faster mover than

clay, although there are places of

sandy constituency in every area,

around water usually, so the variety

of factors really is large and takes

some getting used to.

It’s well worth the time to do it,

though. Well worth it.

Many treasure hunters start as

surface hunters, being introduced

to it by a relative or friend or even


Many a grandpa has passed his

knowledge on in this way, showing

his grandkids how to hunt for arrow-

heads or other relics, especially in

farming areas.

One of my aunts first showed

me how to dowse when I was about

8 and I found my first spearpoint

A railroad relic recovered from a roadside near El Paso, Texas, during a hike. by accident while walking across a
ditch when I was about 20-years-old.

I also remember once when a

became roads and I love to just park not be disappointed. surface hunter challenged me to a

and walk along the roads out there Each geographical area has its contest at the beach.

because there is a plethora of good own unique forms of erosion and He said he could find more coins

stuff lying around to be collected. other factors which contribute to with his eyes by searching the active

My latest good metal find was an surface hunting, and it is your job to tide line than I could find by metal

old railroad steam faucet off a train learn them so that you will be well detecting. There had been a lot of

that was so old the brass was almost rewarded in the field. erosion and rough weather at the

black. The makeup of the soil is a large beach.

This was along Highway 9 near El factor in how quickly it erodes, with I said OK and winked inwardly,

Paso where an old railroad once ran,

and evidence of this can be seen in

many places along that route.

My best recent find took place

while I was out searching near an old

road for stone meteorites.

I didn’t find any of those, but

caught a flash of a large moonstone

and dutifully collected it, though


I picked it up I saw it had been

worked into a dome shape with a

perfectly flat bottom and a groove

running across its upper width.

It had been laying dome down and

all I saw was part of the flat bottom


Tentative identification has taken

place and I am told it is an atlatl

weight of known type, archaic

period, some five- or six-thousand-


A nice surface find…my best in An ancient hand polished atlatl weight made
fact. That happened recently and I from a very large moonstone found along a
have been walking on clouds since. roadside in New Mexico while hunting for

Take the time to develop your sur- rocks. This is from the Archaic Period, c. 4000

face hunting methods and you will BC.

186 LOLOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREENeAwpsrille2tt0e1r 67-5-16

Contribute to

LT Magazine via TM

Metalede-tmectaorislhaavte been
moaunr faulgl-tiinmegbeudsiinteossr&@
losptatsrsieoan ssiuncre e19.8c3o. m

• T+ES+O+R+O ++++++

• GSAuRbRmETTit stories
•anXPdDpEThEoCTtOoRsS, your
• Ffiashveor rReitseeafrcihnds,
a• DGeuteectsotrPEroditorial,
• BounatyTHHun’tienr g
• Teqknueeticsstion, or
• DGApceaWTcsdprherhHtteeshoootsMle’toteriadoSrsniisaeeesstglcsees.urag-rYaibtoRyonoeotuduaditl
The bottom of an ancient hand polished •
atlatl weight made from a very large moon- •
stone found along a roadside in New

but he had the last laugh because he Develop your patterns certainly, DetectocraEnlecatrlosnoics Corp.
beat me soundly! but also do not be afraid to try new TswuO5uwLpScsVsL0ogwiplecusuF.g8tiotoMnhR2ebbU-3emEtodss4rtlTEoafuitOuiru6olg8ngDnnahp0hrs0ei,T0kgtMTeth--yueA4eRe6cHaosd4tW0v.o2n6u1’tree7-.i4dorb0c7nn2o:24mgt44
things, too, because it is very impor- for our Calendar.
I learned a lot that day. He was my tant to think outside the box…to do
father-in-law, too, which just made it things others have not thought of. For More Data Circle 59
that much worse.
To be successful in treasure hunt- Subscription
He’d grown up in Canada, near ing creative thinking is a must. Questions?
beaches, and had learned this tech-
nique at a young age. Good luck and I will look for you Call
in the field. Toll-free
Over time, with practice, he
became very good at it. A lesson Sources: (866)
there. One of many. Various BLM maps 469-6224
Sherman Locating Services, ID
Finally, when surface hunting, of artifact or e-mail
you may find that certain times of “The Mechanics of Surface lost
day work better for you because of Hunting,” Bill Gallagher.
shadows, or the lack thereof. This is treasure@
information to keep and hold dear. pcspublink

Detector Elec 1_6 pg. 2013.indd 1 .com

A typical roadside in New Mexico. These types of areas are great places to hunt the
surface for many types of treasure.

www.LwowswtT.LreoasstTurreea.csoumre.NcoemwslAepttreilr 270-51-616179

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THers' News

Main: Outline of the 1000-year-old tomb. Inset: Reconstruction shows how the woman
may have looked in Viking times

1,000-Year-Old Viking ‘House’ Archaeologists found a large axe bur- According to excavation leader
Reveals Stunning Artifacts ied in one of the men’s graves. Kirsten Nelleman Nielsen, who
A rare Viking tomb known as a described the finding in an article
“death house,” that revealed an elite Two silver coins found at the site came called ‘Dead and buried in the Viking
burial containing the remains of two from as far away as Afghanistan. Age’ published by Saxo Institute
noblemen and a woman, along with Photos: Museum Silkeborg, cour- at the University of Copenhagen, it
impressive artifacts including a large tesy of http://www.ancient-origins. seems that one man and a woman
battle axe, is being examined by a net/news-history-archaeology/ were buried together in the main part
team of researchers. examination-1000-year-old-viking- of the tomb, while another man was
The initial discovery of the grave buried in the back.
took place in south west Denmark in death-house-reveals-elite-burial-stun-
2012, during construction work to ning-020880 The third grave in the tomb had
create a new highway. been added later.
The burial was identified as a rare
Viking tomb known as a “d’ødehus,” Science Nordic reports that the
meaning ‘’death house.’’ man in the main part of the tomb was
Since the beginning, it has been buried with an impressive battle axe.
obvious that the tomb belonged to a
highly distinguished person or peo- “It’s a very large axe and would
ple. have been a formidable weapon.
The tomb measures 4m by 13m People across Europe feared this
and contained three burials dating type of axe, which at the time was
back to 950 AD. known as the Dane Axe - something
Unfortunately, the soil conditions like the ‘machine gun’ of the Viking
at the site affected the preservation Age,” says Nielsen.
of the human remains.
However, an analysis of the burial The woman was buried with two
finds allowed the researchers to con- keys. One of them was a symbol
firm that it is a grave of two men and of her status and power as a noble
a woman. woman, while the second one fits
a small square shrine that was also
buried with her.

Moreover, she was buried in a
wagon, which was typically used by Newsletter 7-5-16 11

women of noble birth. THers' News continued...
local rulers, while the third man may

Other grave goods included a have been a successor.

_2 pagsmemaSantl’alsenrgdarabrvdaett,Dliecgegraeaxrme iccoisnl,oartn.hdqextdwseoc3o/sn1ild9-/201fi2nTdi1hn1eg:3m7isoAstMthautnPaibqgoueteh1 fathcet about the
man and

ver coins that came from as far away woman are buried in the same elabo-

as Afghanistan. rate tomb, which suggests that they

The researchers suggest that the held equal positions in society.

man and woman may have been While it is not as common to find



This Fine Digging Tool $51.00
is Made of Aircraft
Quality Steel, Heat
Treated and Tempered.

Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder A German tankard recovered from
with plastic insert to carry the standard a privy highlights the cosmopolitan
digging tool. The belt loop is 3 1/2” tastes of American colonists, as well as
their love of beer. Photographs cour-
TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T tesy of the Museum of the American
MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!! Revolution and http://news.nation-
Made in U.S.A. revolution-independence-philadelphia-
* Cuts through
any roots graves of such high status women,
some female burials with rich grave
* Digs through goods have been found.
any type of ground
* Ideally suited for Metal Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
Detecting, Camping,
Nursery and Landscaping ogy/examination-1000-year-old-
12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16 burial-stunning-020880

Submitted by Len Myers.

Can A Privy Tell Us About
Life During the
American Revolution?
Researchers are flush with excite-
ment over the finds from an 18th-
century Philadelphia privy.
It was a toilet that witnessed
the birth of America: a humble pit
latrine, or privy pit, dug deep into the
ground behind a small Philadelphia
house in the late 18th century.
Latrines don’t generally stir
excitement, but archaeologists were

THers' News continued...
thrilled to find the brick-lined cir- The contents of this privy, and
11 others found on the future site
cular shaft while excavating a site of the Museum of the American
Revolution, are detailed in a recent
at the corner of South Third and report by the Commonwealth
Heritage Group, which was con-
Chestnut Streets in the summer of tracted to excavate the site before the
museum’s construction.
The earliest pits located by the
When German tankards were archaeologists are dated to the first
decades of the 18th century, just as
broken and fine Chinese porcelain Philadelphia was growing as a major
trading and manufacturing hub of
dropped on the floor, they were colonial America.

tossed into the privies for archaeolo- Ships arriving at the city’s busy
harbor brought goods from around
gists to recover centuries later. the world.

Privy pits are an unusual treasure When German tankards were
broken and fine Chinese porcelain
trove for archaeologists. Along with dropped on the floor, they were
tossed into the privies for archaeolo-
their primary purpose, they often gists to recover centuries later.

served as mini-garbage dumps in Researchers then cross-examined

urban areas before community trash

collection was developed. This punchbowl, found in a privy pit

And the garbage from this privy behind an illegal tavern, celebrates the
essfulpTitH,erdsugGuiidne 1BW7716_2p(tghe coyleoarr.qtxhdat 2/7v/e2ss0e1l2Try1p1h:e1n7a.AIMn 1P7a6g5e, t1he ship car-
American colonists declared their ried a message to Britain urging the
repeal of the loathed Stamp Act.
independence from Britain) and

filled in 1786 (the year before the

Constitution was written) provides first tumultuous years of the United

a unique snapshot of life in the States.


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 7-5-16 13

THers' News continued...
the artifacts with information cob- the privy pit prosaically labeled by few blocks away.
bled from sources such as historic archaeologists as Feature 16 was The contents of the Humphrey’s
deeds, insurance maps, and Quaker most likely dug around the time
meeting notes. that Benjamin and Mary Humphreys privy stumped archaeologists.
bought a house at 30 Carter’s Alley Instead of standard colonial house-
Taverns were a social center of on July 10, 1776—two days after the hold garbage—broken tea sets,
colonial life and often the venue for Declaration of Independence was- kitchenware, wig rollers—they were
heated political discussions. read aloud in a public square just a finding dozens and dozens of drink-
ing glasses and tankards, several
This is how they learned that punch bowls, serving dishes, broken
smoking pipes, and nearly a hun-
"Today's the Day!" dred bottles that once contained beer,
Famous inspirational words spoken wine, or hard alcohol.

by internationally known treasure They had the rubbish of a tav-
hunting legend Mel Fisher, and the ern, but there was no tavern license
motto of Lost Treasure Magazine. issued for 30 Carter’s Alley.

There was, however, a record of
the arrest of Mary Humphreys in
July 1783 for running a “disorderly
house”—essentially, an illegal tav-
ern that often included prostitutes
among its clientele.

Taverns were a social center of
colonial life and often the venue
for heated political discussions, and
the politics of the day were literally
etched into the Humphreys’ speak-

One of the 619 artifacts recovered
from the Humphreys’ privy was a
fragile shard of window glass etched
with the word “love.”

“When we first saw that word we
thought, ‘Oh, it’s just some lovesick
guy who’s drinking too much and
writing a message on the window',”
recalls Rebecca Yamin, the excava-
tion’s principal archaeologist.

But then more fragments of the
windowpane were recovered from
the privy, and researchers were able
to piece together the phrase “We
admire riches and are in love with

“And we know the last word is
idleness,” explains Yamin.

Instead of the graffiti of a lovelorn
drunk, the archaeologists had recov-
ered a quote from the ancient Roman
senator Cato the Younger, featured
in an 18th-century play depicting
Cato’s resistance to the tyranny of
Julius Caesar.

The play had become popular
among American colonists seek-

14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16

THers' News continued...

The Humphreys’ Revolutionary War-era privy pit (right), was dug in 1776 and filled in 1786.
Archaeologists excavated 12 brick-lined privy pits on the Philadelphia site, which contained

tens of thousands of artifacts from daily life in the city. 

ing independence from Britain, and Research revealed that a vessel recovered from the Humphreys'
George Washington even had it per- called the Tryphena regularly sailed privy will be on display when the
formed for his troops during their between Philadelphia and Liverpool, museum opens in April 2017, includ-
difficult winter in Valley Forge in and a newspaper advertisement ing the "Success to the Triphena"
1777. appeared in the Pennsylvania punchbowl.
Gazette on November 28, 1765,
A political statement from the announcing that the Tryphena would "Often in urban sites we dig this
Humphreys’ illegal tavern may have carry a message from Philadelphia’s stuff up and it just goes into the
come in the form of a punchbowl merchants to their colleagues in basement of some state institution,
recovered from the privy. Great Britian, asking them to put never to be seen again," says Yamin,
pressure on the British parliament to "but in this case it's really going to
“This quote would have been repeal the Stamp Act. be seen. We're really excited about
known to people who were think- that."
ing politically in 18th-century The act, passed in March of that
Philadelphia,” says Yamin. year, enforced a tax to pay for British Courtesy of http://news.national-
troops and was loathed by indepen-
“This man was writing a political dence-minded colonists. revolution-independence-philadel-
message, which is so consistent with phia-colony-archaeology-garbage-
what we know was going on in the While it's impossible to say history/
taverns at the time.” whether the punchbowl was a reflec-
tion of the Humphreys' political sen- Submitted by Len Myers.
Another political statement from sibilities, it was obviously important
the Humphreys’ illegal tavern may enough to be repaired after it was Lost Treasure
have come in the form of a punch- broken during some point in its use.
bowl recovered from the privy. OnLine
"It's amazing that an artifact like www.lost
The glazed bowl depicts a two- this came out of the site where
masted ship flying the British flag they're building a museum about
with the phrase “Success to the the American Revolution," exclaims
Triphena.” Yamin.

Such punchbowls were made to In fact, several of the artifacts
commemorate a vessel’s launch or
mark a particular voyage. Newsletter 7-5-16 15

Tip From the Pros



By Jay Pastor

The advent of powerful LED not a new pursuit, but the bright, wide- operation before recharge is needed
lamps driven by rechargeable beam coverage, low power drain, and - and higher power mode: 1800
batteries has made night-time recharge capability of LED lighting lumens, 196-foot beam, up to two
metal detecting a practical real- is superior and cheaper than anything continuous hours of operation before
ity for the weekend coin shooter. available to the hobbyist before. recharge is needed.) Maximum
Although (considering the current As an example of the many styles of recharge time is eight hours.
state of the art) coinshooting of lamps on sale by diverse manufactur- Either beam is capable of lighting
this sort cannot equal the advan- ers at various prices, consider the $87 up a room or a construction site.
tages of treasure hunting in broad Maxxeon Workstar 5000 Lumenator Why not check out some of the
daylight, the use of these lamps Work Light shown in the center lamps offered on the market.
can nevertheless add a couple of the accompanying illustration. Most are priced under $100 for
hours of fun and interesting finds It offers a switchable selection of even the really elaborate devices.
a day to the crowded schedule of two operating modes (lower power You may find something that
a dectorist with a full-time job. mode: 800 lumens, 111-foot long seems tailor-made for your needs.
Coinshooting under artificial light is beam, up to 8 continuous hours of I know that I did.

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16

Favorite Finds

Some Favorite Finds
Made By the Tidewater

Coin & Relic Club Newsletter 7-5-16 17

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

JULY $95. Registration form and flyer on 24th – 25th – Java Center, New
29th – 31st – Nekoosa,Wisconsin. the website at York. The 18th Annual International
The MidState Metal Detector Club’s php. For more information, e-mail Hunt sponsored by the Genesee
20th Annual Open Hunt and State Chairperson Joanne Birch at okana- Valley Treasure Seekers at Beaver
Championship at the Deer Trails [email protected] Meadows Family Campgrounds.
Park Campground, 13846 County or Ken Dewerson kdewerson@shaw. There will be plenty of silver and
Road Z. Contact Steven Miller, ca tokens planted for each hunt and
N3091 CTY RD B, Hancock, WI prizes include detectors, gold coins,
54943 or e-mail [email protected] 10th – Berne, New York. silver coins and many other items of
for more information. You can also The Empire State Metal Detector interest to metal detectorists. In addi-
log onto the club website at http:// Association’s 46th Annual Club tion to the hunts there will be raffles, Hunt and Picnic will be held at the drawings and an amazing magic
Berne Town Park. The club will show Saturday evening. The hunt
AUGUST again have over $6,000 in coins application is available for download
20th – 21st – Sonora, California. and token prizes to be given away, at the club's website at www.gvts.
Grab your sense of adventure and including 1,000 coins (all Barber org or by contacting John Howard
your gold pans and head for the Gold coins or older except for a few at 34 Bayberry Lane, Rochester,
and Outdoor Festival at the Mother silver dollars). Last year the club NY 14616 or e-mailing jwhoward@
Lode Fairgrounds 10 a.m. -5 p.m. gave away five metal detectors as
both days. Presented by the Delta some of their token prizes. All mem-
Gold Diggers and sponsored by Gold bers and families are invited to the OCTOBER
Prospectors Association of America. picnic for free, so don't forget to 8th – Cullman, Alabama. The
Bring the family for an old-fash- bring a dish. For more information, 43rd Annual Deep South Treasure
ioned good time and the chance to e-mail [email protected] or call Hunt sponsored by the Warrior
bring home gold and prizes. Events (518) 449-2911. To view a hunt Basin Treasure Hunters Association
will include panning for real gold, form, log onto Saturday. Main hunt entry fees
equipment demonstrations, claim ugd/7e8ab9_b786c40e506344f0ae- received before August 31 will get
jumper detecting hunt, prospecting 879ce6372cee1e.pdf a prize token from the main prize
seminars, a chance to win buried board. For more information, contact
treasure and in door prizes. There 18th – Lathrop, Missouri. The David Scales at (205) 529-8955 or
will be vendors, information on how 40th Annual Open Hunt sponsored Joe Box at (205) 451-7693, or log
and where to go gold mining, and by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery onto
plenty of family fun. Admission is Club at the Lathrop Antique Show
$7 for adults; children 12 and under Grounds. For more information, 22nd – Irving, Texas. The Lone
are free. For more information, go to e-mail Terry Theiss at outboundace@ Star Treasure Hunters Club’s 42nd, call Chuck Clevenger Annual Open Hunt at the Mountain
at (816) 436-0697, or visit the club Creek Preserve, corner of Nursery
SEPTEMBER website at and Hunter Ferrell Road in Irving.
9th – 10th – Penticton, BC, Last year 14 metal detectors, 25 gold
Canada. The Okanagan Treasure 24th – Waynesville, Ohio. The coins and much more was awarded.
Hunters’ Annual Treasures in the Ohio Detectorists Association’s Big Contact Robert Jordan at bobby.jor-
Sand Open Treasure Hunt sponsored Fall Hunt at the park at 4966 North [email protected] or call (972) 839-
by Minelab, Garrett, Tesoro, White’s SR 42, rain or shine. For more infor- 6647 for more information or go to
and Westjet Airlines. 100% of pro- mation, visit the club’s website at
ceeds go to Pediatric section of the or con-
Regional Hospital. Free breakfast tact Jeff Filaseta, President, at (937) NOVEMBER
and lunch will be provided for all 716-7160) or e-mail jfilaseta@hot- 12th – Grand Bay, Alabama. The
paid participants. Registration fee is Sahrara Shoot-Out 2016, sponsored

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 7-5-16

Calendar Cont'd
by the South Alabama Historical events include two big hunts that gold coins, Lortone Tumblers and
Research and Recovery Association begin with a Poker Hunt (highest more. For more information, contact
(Sahrara), will be held rain or shine hand wins a gold coin) followed by Stanley Norris, Sahrara President,
at the Grand Bay Middle School in the Main Hunt (tokens redeemed for at (251) 716-3282, e-mail s.norris@
southwest Mobile County, 1 mile prizes). Prizes will include metal or log onto http://www.
south of the I-10 Exit 4. The day's detectors, accessories, silver and

E-mail upcoming events
to managingeditor@

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