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Online Newsletter - 15 May 2018

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Online Newsletter - 15 May 2018

Newsletter – May 15, 2018

Lost Treasure The Charles Garrett
Memorial Hunt
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

May 15, 2018


Feature Club — page 4

Silver 1895-1910 Watch Fob
1st Bob Rigdon
2nd Bob Turner FAP.9Vo2c5kOeritRnWgIaTtcEh FINDS
3rd Wesley Clark
page 10 — Favorite Finds

1st Bob Ridgon
2nd Earl Hitt Infantry Insignia
3rd Bob Turner 3UnTihteedCCooinnfeeddePrhatreasVeeterans Button
9GaTsipLsamFrpoVmaltvhee Pros
14 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

20 THers' News
26 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

PUBLISHER Lee Harris Hang Onto These Rare Pennies
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wheat pennies. Courtesy of https://coins.thefun-
1877 Penny - The 1877 is consid- Newsletter 5-15-18 3

Feature Club

Charles Garrett
Memorial Hunt A

Huge Success!

Tim “Aquachigger,” Jocelyn
Vaughan, and Nugget George.

Jocelyn, Mrs. Garrett, Aquachigger. Kids learning to pan.

The recent Charles Garrett winning detectors and other prizes. Keith Wills (East Texas)
Memorial Hunt in Jefferson, Texas, There were also a number of Spyderco Knives
called Diggin’ Texas 2018, was a Lazy Heart Ranch
huge success! YouTube detecting stars at the hunt Outdoor Outfitters
for people to meet. Cathy Curry
The event was held at Diamond Lost Treasure Magazine
Don’s RV Park in Jefferson and TAMDC was the overall blanket American Digger Magazine
included a fun weekend of detecting co-sponsor of this event. All oth- Western & Eastern Treasures
to honor Charles Garrett, the Garrett ers listed below contributed prizes, Magazine
company’s founder. coins, merchandise, subscriptions, North / South Civil War Trader
and other items. Magazine
Hunters were free to search Kellyco Metal Detectors
throughout the park grounds for American Detector Distributors Reilly's Treasure Gold
native coins and relics that could be Tim “Ringmaster” Saylor Neptune Warrior
entered in the Best Finds contests. George “KG” Wyant Drew Waholek and Oldetyme
Texas Premium Neumismatics
In addition, special prize tokens John Bortscher
were seeded throughout the grounds Chuck Clevenger
that offered the finders a chance at Graphic Products

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

Feature Club cont'd...


Diggin’ Texas 2018

These four photos are by Jolene Cormier

Jocelyn Elizabeth (aka “Relic Tom Moss Cayenne Civil War Relics
Recoverist”) Diamond Don’s RV Park Mike and Sue Race
Classic Jewelry Terry Smith
Michael Bennett (aka “Nugget Dallas Rare Coins and Reggie Wayne Peterson and the
Noggin”) Cusick Worldwide Association of Treasure
Dave Harper Relics Seekers (WWATS)
Beau “Aquachigger” Ouimette
Warrior Basin Newsletter 5-15-18 5

Feature Club cont'd...

The photos on these two pages are by Jolene Cormier

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 5-15-18 7


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Tip From the Pros

Virgin Territory

By Jay Pastor

At times, you may find here has never seen the places, about a dozen
a number of shallow- underside of a search or so feet apart from
buried (near-surface, to each other, until you hit
about six inches deep) coil. another productive patch
It’s also likely that - and you probably will.
coins, jewelry, and there are other such Untouched areas like
pieces of trash in a small areas, here and there, these often appear after
within the confines of undergrowth is trimmed
area. the overall site. back, or buildings and
If so (particularly in a After you’ve com- large equipment are
park, fairground or other pleted coin-shooting moved or removed,
often-used grassy pub- your first successful I’ve had luck that way.
licly-frequented place), area, check a few more
it suggests that the soil Newsletter 5-15-18 9

Shown ArFeavthoreiteWFiinnndsers of the1111111122J599988899001111111122J2228990211T599988899002350000137a2228990211T--cPPPOOMSSSOt2350000137aiieeeill--cMcoMMvvPPPOOMSSMaaaSOtaeeriieeeicccolllMcgooooMMrvrveeeMaaaFararreerrEEcccgollggDDDngoogoarreeeaaaFaaraarrooosr1111111122JEEggDnglngngDDD5nnghalll9998889900lalaalllaaoeeaDloooaasaDD2228990211ggTDDninnlnhg111111122Jrrrlllol2l3l50000137aoolllo5oaeehDlaaa998889900DD--lcDillrllPPPOOMlSSgSOtrrrll228990211Toltlaooaaoaaiiheeei350000137allrlMcrrlloMMrrvvllMaaatll--claaaaeePPOrOMSSaSOccctorlgoorroiirrreeeeeillFMcraorrMMvvrMaaEEgalggDDDngeeraccaaaolaagooaooororseeggDnFrnnanrrhrlllEEllglgglllDDongeeaDlaaaaaDDaDiaaaloogsrrrggolDnoonnonahhlllllllolleerllDlaatllDDlDaiaalagrrolroorroarhlllrlltlllaaaarrrr LLLLLLLLLLWSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTeLLLLLLLLLLWHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSslTTTTTTTTTTeCCCCCCCCCCeHHHHHHHHHHsylCCCCCCCCCCeCylaCrlkarLLLLLLLLLLWkSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTeHHHHHHHHHHLLLLLLLLLWslSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCeTTTTTTTTTeyHHHHHHHHHslCCCCCCCCCCelyarCklMJBRIEFRMBRavorariiuoualcaeaakMJBRIEFRMBRrlsbsnhvonlurraSttiiuouHaylacaHeyyaakOrtrSlsbsnherenalurPaiSttCC’MHdtyaneHnDyykOrtnSetuuerenanfAPaiaantCC’MdrrotnenDoinryegrrtsWuugrnntfyyAsoaanutdrroioinryngrrrsiWgrntyiysoeudgiMJBRIEFRMBRanznrviohraniiuougiealcgaetaarlaasbsznhhnlurJBRIEFRMBRSttgHvyoaHtyykOrratiiuouSaalcaereeaarPlaisbsCC’MdnhtnnlernDSttnetHuuyaHyyknnOftASaantrroeraoiPairyCC’MgrrsdWgtnrnDtyynseotuuudinfAaanntnrirronoiirygerrsggrtyyasouzdhignnitnaeazga

Lone Star Treasure HuntersMMarabrlbeleDrDaMrwaaiMwrnbiagnlre:gb:DMlerMaaDrwayrraiyPnwegPinn:esgnMo:snaoMrny$a2rP$y0e2Pn0seonnso$n20$20
Club’s March Finds of the MonthMMaracrhch20210M71a7FMriFcnahidrncs2dh0so12fo70tfh1Fte7hineMFdiMonsndootsnfhtothhfethMeoMnothnth



1st Bob RigdSoinlver
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2nd Bob Turn1esrt Bob Rigdon .925 ring 1895-1910 Watch Fob
3rd Wesley C2lanrdkBob Turner Pocket Watc.h925 ring
3rd Wesley Clark Pocket Watch

10 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18


More Favorite Finds321S321srn321iSsrnddtlddtsnrvWiBddtWlBBevBWoBeoorBeeobosbbeosrblbTlsebTReRluyTeuyiRirguyCrgniCdnrgldCelaondeaolrr21SnearornksnirkrdntlvkBSBeoiorlbvbeTRruirgndeorn
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Colonial Finds
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Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
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Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Medicine bottles and insulators are so plentiful in dump sites on the farm that they DWuAhmapt
are now left since there is little room to store them. By J.C. Fine

One of the chores I had as a kid on was installed. Old habits do not fade where you find it.
the farm was to take a wheelbarrow away easily among people that grew A couple of months ago a pros-
of garbage through a stand of beech- up with them.
wood trees to the edge of a ravine perous looking man stopped by the
and dump it over. Even when farmers aged and the farm. I had put an ad in for 30 old
luxury of indoor plumbing saved farm windows with rolled glass.
The ravine was far away from them cold winter trips to the out-
the house and barn so that rotting house, the structures remained. They had been replaced long ago
garbage would not attract rodents and then simply stored in a shed. The
or insects near the home place. Out I remember going back to the kind of windows artists use to make
there no one would smell decay. farm 20 years later and the outhouse beautiful decorative panels.
was still standing.
There was no garbage pickup in The man drove a new utility vehi-
this rural area. Burning was a com- When I opened the door a pan cle and was polite, but his inquiry
mon practice that took time and of lime remained on a corner shelf showed he was not particularly inter-
supervision to insure the fire would along with a rusted coffee can. ested in the windows.
not spread. Dumping unwanted stuff
and refuse was traditional. There are modern treasure hunters “I locate and dig old outhouses.”
that specialize in old dump sites and That was it then.
An outhouse served as a privy and privies. In my view, while that does I smiled, knowing that he came
was used long after inside plumbing not seem to be the most glamorous to our historic pre-American Civil
part of an alluring hobby, treasure is War farm here in Gettysburg,

164 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEDNeecwesmlebteterr250-1175-18

Pennsylvania, to take a look. shoes, harness straps and buckles Ammunition was thrown away by
“I guarantee I can find them on that prove the farm was host to wounded soldiers who would have
Union artillery. no further use for them. There are
your place,” he proposed. “I’ve pieces of shrapnel about as well.
found gold rimmed eye glasses, “This is a cleaning shell. After
antique hand blown bottles, even firing regular rounds they would use During the battle intense cannon
guns in abandoned outhouses.” He one of these to clean the rifle bore. fire raged from fierce fighting on
tried to induce me to let him look Black powder fouled the gun. These Big Round Top and Little Round
around. bullets with the indentation rim here Top just over the hill. Many rounds
would clean it out when fired,” Mick hit the farm.
During those times at country McGlaughlin explained.
fairs when I used Porta Potties I Using my Garrett AT Gold on an
reckoned that I would never dig in Mick and his father, Bob, detected area, near our present day burn pile,
there, even if I lost a gold watch. But the area on their private land for half I got strong readings. This was and is
people did…and still do. a century and have an extraordinary a working farm.
collection of Civil War artifacts.
Guns thought to be too danger- All manner of junk is in the
ous for grandchildren to be around, “These are dropped bullets. They ground along with Civil War arti-
war souvenirs brought back from may have gotten wet and were dis- facts - pieces of machinery, tractor
the front, pistols that law required carded. They are heavy. You have to parts, chains, and tools.
to be registered and licensed, and figure that each soldier was issued
guns farmers had no real reason to 40 - maybe 60 rounds of ammunition Things lost or broken, unfound at
keep otherwise ended up in the place to carry. If they were wounded they the time then left to be covered over
where nobody would search. threw them away. These are fired by generations of plowing.
rounds,” Mick explained.
I haven’t seen the privy digger The signal meant iron. I had no
since, but I have seen lots of evi- He had an assortment of flattened real hope that it was any more than a
dence of dump sites and old privy lead slugs that had hit targets. We tractor part. I could trace it with my
locations on the farm. dug several unfired minie balls out Garrett detector. It was large.
of our front pasture.
There are even ruins of build- Large is not usually good, likely
ings that once served as dwellings Since the farm was a very active an old pipe, I thought. But there is
and outbuildings. The farm road Civil War hospital, many minie balls always hope that it could be a can-
has been moved 100 yards north of found here are dropped rounds. non tube.
where once was a wagon track lead-
ing to the main house. This was hot August. I got a long

Like most people on farms I Mick McGlaughlin found these buttons on the author’s farm. An expert at the
do not have enough time to metal Gettysburg detector electronics store identified them as probable Confederate but-
detect. When friends come to stay it tons. They are unmarked. Southern soldiers wore what they had. While some states
becomes a wonderful opportunity to issued uniforms, many troops simply wore what clothing they brought from home.
show them how to find minie balls It is likely that these buttons, that the expert said were much older than the Civil
that abound in fields here. War era, had been removed from some other garment and used on the Confederate
soldier’s uniform.
The farm is directly across from
the Gettysburg National Military
Park. It, along with every house and
farmstead hereabouts, was used as a
hospital after the first day of battle
on July 1, 1863.

Records indicate that 500 wounded
were brought here. Both Confederate
and Union soldiers wounded during
the Battle of Gettysburg were treated
here, accounting for relics from the
North and South.

“We used to follow Dad when he
plowed,” a former owner of the farm
told me. “Us kids would find lots of
musket balls and stuff,” she added.
The farm is on a spot called Artillery
Ridge. It is here where Union forces
mustered their cannons and caissons
before and during the momentous

We have found wagon trees, horse

wwww.Lwo.sLtTorsetTarseuarseu.croem.coNmewDselectetemr b5e-1r 52-01187 157

stir up the ground in every rain

storm. Among the rocks we have

found wagon trees, hand blown bot-

tles, and pieces of dishes. Another

dump site.

In one of the back pastures we

located old wooden utility poles with

glass insulators. They were taken

down and thrown away on rocks

among trees.

This was a place that could not be

plowed because of the huge boulders.

When new utility poles replaced the

old ones they were thrown away.

The old poles have been piled

there for a long time. Some of the

insulators were used for target prac-

tice by farm kids of yore. Many are


I took some and left the rest since

there is no more room on my work-

bench in the machine shed. Poles

and insulators are left where they
A few medicine bottles found on the farm. The house and barn became hospitals were dumped.
after the first day of battle on July 1, 1863.
More recent discards were dis-

covered in a place that would not

handled shovel and began digging carded machinery, is removed from interfere with mowing or prove haz-

but couldn’t unearth the whole thing. the hole. I still don’t know what the ardous to live stock. That is the key.

It was far too hot to continue on the chunk of iron is. Farmers wanted to get rid of their

huge chunk of metal. Further back into the woods we trash where it would not cause them

What I did find in the hole were came across lots of debris among problems later on.

bits of glass and pieces of ceramic boulders. There is a copse of trees While a neighbor lost his bull

wares. This was a dump site. surrounding this place. It provides between two huge boulders and

Lots of hand blown and mold- good shelter for the herd of horses needed to get his son’s big tractor

blown medicine bottles have been when it rains. with webbing to lift the huge ani-

dug on this farm. The horses run through there and mal out, most farm animals stay out

Not unexpected since it served

as a hospital. Doctors used up their

supplies rapidly and bottles were

thrown away.

I examined the pieces of glass

from the hole I made. The shards

revealed that they were hand blown

into molds.

I dated them to about the Civil War

period or later. One neck showed that

the seam did not go up into the neck.

The neck was attached by hand

by the glass blower. That meant an

earlier bottle.

By the shape of the neck I deduced

that it once contained medicine.

Perhaps an opiate like laudanum,

from its small shape.

The ceramic shards were bits of

porcelain dishes. I have left the site Large chunk of metal in a field. Digging around it revealed bits of hand blown
for future investigation. glass bottles and ceramic pieces. This is a likely dump site on the farm where
discards thrown away 100 and more years ago old lie buried. Photos by John
There is sure to be lots to find

once the huge metal piece, likely dis- Christopher Fine.

186 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEDNeecwesmlebteterr250-1175-18

of rocky areas unless there is easy


Trees are left to grow in fields

around these rock and boulder

strewn areas.

Small rocks were usually removed

and used to make stone walls and

property dividers.

Boulders thrown out eons ago,

when the Earth was formed, are left.

Fields and pastures are cultivated

around them.

When livestock use these places it

is only as shelter from storms or cold

winds in winter.

When I have time I put on heavy

work boots to protect my feet and

legs and climb into these rock piles. Horses graze on the author’s farm. Copse of trees seen in the background reveal
This is prime tick area so it is wise areas where large boulders make farming impractical. The rocks are too big to
remove and were left in the fields long ago. Trees grew up around them. The areas
to spray boots and clothing with a are productive places to look for dump sites.
good repellant.

Checking for ticks after any

excursion into the woods here is

paramount to preventing possible ago, it is a good spot to find relics. mule. The brass escutcheons bore

infection from Lyme disease. Farmers were notoriously frugal. the U.S. logo.

It is not always easy to get into “You never know when you might Discarded, put aside, and left to be

these rocky areas. Care must be used need that,” I heard often from farm- used one day if ever needed. Never

not to trip. The rewards provide evi- ers growing up. needed, then forgotten. Something

dence of dump sites. Sheds and barns became reposi- to be thrown away when the shed

If it looks like a place where a tories of unsorted, unordered piles needed clearing.

farmer could pull up his horse drawn of junk. Parts, tools, bullet casings, When owners died, were taken

wagon and dispose of old lumber, barbed wire and wire strands, har- into town to nursing homes, or when

building materials, household refuse, ness and tack. they sold out, stuff was left behind.

unwanted broken furniture and ele- I was on one farm and found old Lots and lots of stuff.

ments of life 100 and more years rotted leather from a U.S. Army pack New owners got rid of it. It

required tractor loaders full to cart it

away. This was, of course, before the

age of dumpsters.

What had to be disposed of was

thrown into the tractor’s scoop, driv-

en to a place no one cared about,

away from the home place and out

of harm’s way for farm animals, and

then dumped.

Nobody sorted through that stuff.

Grandma may have been the last

one that knew what was there and in

most scenarios she was on oxygen in

a nursing home. The kids had power

of attorney so sold out the home


A younger generation had no

interest in the hard work of farming

away from their new social struc-

tures in the big city.

Horseshoes from Union artillery wagon and caisson horses and mules abound New owners had no intention of

on the farm. There were so many found that farmers of old simply put them to farming. They might knock down
use, like this one. It is nailed on the wall of a shed. Horseshoes were used to hang the traditional farmstead and build a
dream log cabin in the woods.

wwww.Lwo.sLtTorsetTarseuarseu.croem.coNmewDselectetemr b5e-1r 52-01187 179

The stone bank barn was built circa 1820, perhaps earlier, with hand hewn on private land includes rare South
lumber. This wooden tree remains where a farmer of old used it to tie a Carolina Palmetto Tree buttons.
cable that supports a later built shed set next to the barn. Anything useful
was put into service, like this artillery wagon tree. Twine removed from hay The conclusion of the expert is
bales is strung on one end. This twine was saved by a frugal farmer. It is that the plain buttons were likely
early hemp used long before modern plastic bailing ties. from a wounded Confederate sol-
dier’s uniform. Removed, saved, and
Junk of long ago is now col- find is isolated, it can be dug around then sewn on from some other, much
lectible treasure. Several stores in and removed undamaged. older garment.
Gettysburg cater to the millions of
tourists that make the town prosper. “Most minie balls are about eight The man was probably treated
inches deep. Some are only four for his wounds on the farm then left
Some of the antique firearms they inches. I found the Union eagle belt to recover outside with the other
carry are in perfect condition. In plate here in five inches,” Mick wounded. He may have left his coat
addition they sell farm-hospital dug added. behind in the hot July sun.
medicine bottles for big bucks. One
had a $125 price tag. He detected a nice Union eagle I took a walk through the woods
breast plate in our front pasture. after one fierce thunder storm. The
Opiate bottles command an even rain had softened the ground and
higher price from collectors. Opiates, The eagle symbol on a round huge trees were uprooted.
like laudanum, had no requirement brass plate was usually on a leather
for doctor’s prescriptions in the old sling. Union patch box covers may In one spot a gigantic tree, I
days. have had smaller eagle ornaments. assumed was well over 200-years-
Belt buckles are rare and wonderful old, was toppled over. Its roots over-
Mercantile stores sold the stuff. finds. grew a dump site. Old hand blown
It was packaged in little bottles of bottles were wedged into the tree’s
mold blown glass. I found one with a Down behind our big barn Mick sprawling, upturned roots.
happy dog design on the glass. found several plain zinc buttons.
There is no writing on them. He took Around its base was a trove of
Certainly after consuming the them in town to a specialist at the hand blown bottles, ceramic wares
contents the person would likely detector electronics store. and metal parts.
feel its effects, if not actually prance
around like the happy dog pictured This man has been metal detect- The area was inhabited from
on the bottle. ing around the area for many years. Colonial times and had seen troops
His collection is well worth see- from George Washington’s army
Buckles, especially ones embla- ing displayed inside his store on pass through.
zoned with the letters C.S., go for Chambersburg Street.
hundreds of dollars. Condition is all Dump sites can afford lots of fun
important. “He thought they were likely searching for artifacts from another
Confederate buttons. They are old. age.
“I take it as matter of pride not The South did not have the luxury of
to scar even a minie ball that I dig,” manufacturing. Many soldiers wore Wear protective clothing, sturdy
Mick McGlaughlin said. what clothing they had. Uniforms boots and leather gloves to protect
may have been issued by states,” from broken glass and sharp objects.
He uses a Garrett Propointer once Mick explained.
a find is detected and the first large Remember that bullets and artil-
hole dug around it. That way, when a His collection of buttons found lery shells, bombs of all kinds, even
old ones that have been buried since
the Civil War, may contain live pow-
der. They are dangerous.

If a live artillery shell is found and
it appears to be explosive ordnance
leave it alone. If you are unsure do
not touch it. Certainly do not hit it
with a shovel or hammer.

Search where people would have
found it convenient to dump their
unwanted trash.

Figure that no one wanted gar-
bage near their house where it would
be unsightly and attract pests.

When you find a good site you too
may exclaim: “What a dump!”

Metal detecting on the author’s
private land, interviews with local
detectorists and research.

180 LOST TREASURE NDeewcselmetbteerr52-01157-18

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The gold armlet dating from 4,000 years ago.

Metal Detector Strikes Gold found in the UK. The armlet was distorted, prob-
A metal detectorist literally struck Coroner Prof Paul Marks declared ably by soil pressure and one side
gold when he unearthed a 4,000-year- was damaged by plough action. Prof
old gold armlet in a Yorkshire potato the bracelet treasure at an inquest in Marks said its composition - gold
field recently. Hull last week. is a very soft metal - could have
Trevor Sherwood, who had previ- explained its “sad degradation.”
ously only ever found a few Roman Mr. Watson said he and Mr
coins and bits of farming equipment Sherwood had a gentleman’s agree- Courtesy of https://www.york-
on the land, stumbled across the hid- ment, and would share whatever the
den treasure buried over a foot deep piece fetches. tor-strikes-gold-finding-4-000-year-
in the field in East Yorkshire. old-buried-treasure-in-yorkshire-
The gold armlet, dating from He hopes it will go on display field-1-9159376
1900BC to 2100BC sadly had been in a local museum. He said Mr.
damaged by ploughing. Farmer Andy Sherwood would spend a week Workers Find Pot of
Watson said: “I couldn’t believe it searching his land after harvest and Gold From 15th Century 
when he knocked on the door with find bits and pieces he had lost - keys Water company workers have
it. It’s as light as a feather. and tractor parts. stumbled on a hoard of hundreds of
“It had been about 18 inches deep centuries-old gold and silver coins,
in a field that had been potatoes He said: "Trevor is over the moon. broadcaster NOS reported recently.
which we cultivated a bit deeper than He said he’d been doing it all his life The workers were laying pipes
normal. and never found anything really. I at a building site between Vianen
“His girlfriend put it on - it was am pleased for him." and Hagestein in the province of
4,000 years since the last person Utrecht when they found a glazed
wore it. The inquest heard that the armlet, earthenware cooking pot containing
“It was distorted by soil pressure which was found on August 28 2016, 500 coins which archaeologists think
and damaged by ploughing. weighed 13.85 grammes. It is made date from the 15th century.
“I think it was for a woman - she up of 82 - 84 per cent gold, 14 - 16 Twelve of the coins were found to
wouldn’t be dancing around with per cent silver and 1.5 - 2 per cent be solid gold, the rest are silver. 
just one so I’ve told him to go and copper. According to archaeologist Peter
find the other one with the earrings de Boer, the time frame for the
to match.” It is similar to one found when a coins is the late 15th century when
Experts at the British Museum say barrow was excavated in Lockington, parts of what is now the Netherlands
the piece of early Bronze Age jewel- Leicestershire, in 1996, while another and Belgium were ruled by the
ry, which is decorated by embossed was found in Cuxwold, Lincolnshire. Burgundian dukes.
ribs and rows of very precise dots Gold artifacts were prestige items The coins were probably used for
or pointillé, is one of only five ever reflecting the high status of those trading purposes. The hoard may
who wore, or were buried with them shed some light on the developments

Prof Marks said: “What is note-
worthy is that it contains between
82 to 84 percent gold and 18 carat
gold the most pure form is 75 per
cent gold.”

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

THers' News continued...
lovTehr eClfeinodpahtraas ianttEragcytpetdalnodcaelxspaenrtds tMheikwe.oDodaedn-ohfu-olln, ethMeyikken, eawfitshheeyrmhadn
asarcidhaaeofilnodgiosftsthaisliksiezeaasnditvaarpiepteyaris foroumndPsloymeotuhtihn,gDsepveocnia,l.said:
tvoeryberarien. well-preserved condition
andThspeocrotiinngs awniclilebnet nhuamndeerdalsovoenr itos “WIt ewawsailnkcerdedaibnlde, cahtercukeeodnicte-oinu-t
btheeamcos.roner for valuation and then knew it was a his-
likeAlys thsoelmd ottohear amndusseounma,ppwroitahchtehde tor“icIahl apdiecaegoofoadrtidfaecat,a”bTouurtnewrhsaatidit.
tphreofi4t8s-sfopolit b(1e4tw.6e-emnethere) fsaermctieornanodf waBs u- tI hthaed aclroecakdyisfotuicnkdinognefor ttwhoe
sRhoimpwanredcekn. aTrhiiethsuatrgminogrnoincega. n appar-

Photo courtesy of http://www.dutch- SECURITY WARNING DECALS
Protect Yourself and
from-15th-century/ Your Belongings!

in the medieval town of Hagestein Protect Your Detectors
after its destruction in 1405. and Your Property!

“We now have a pot full of sto- • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
ries. That makes archaeologists very, property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
very happy,” De Boer told NOS. ALARM SYSTEM.
HuTnhdreedpsoot faRlsoomcaonndtaeinnasrisiohmavee rbeemen- • Frighten burglars away.
nafonutsndobf yteMxitkileeS, cparloebdaubrliyngthaemceltaolth • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
tdheatetcotonrcseehveenldt (tIhmeargoel:lsSoWfNcoSi)nPsh. oTthoes • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
tocohaocwuelomdtnuh.epcro-rtoamwes.nsuanyyokn,e/of-rntffshietnhhewdtoestsppf/-pr:h2/olo0/tywjhm0aeew0rcod0twu0p.dtap-hiceerl-yoevcnmieenetlowshou-osep5t/feh5pwr3lhyl2eaaam4rtnn-e9-ddr house, equipment, store or boats.
where the hoard was found. • Great low-cost security system.
BriAtish saorochnaeaoslogthye.” archaeologists • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
havTehienveexsatcigt altoecdatihoenmoafntdhethdeisccooinvs- • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
herayveisbneoetnbevianlgueddi, owners
wilCl oduerctiedseywhoaft isPthoobtoe docnoeurwteisthy Click on this ad to order OnLine
tohfem, NwOwSws.atihde.
encCeo/2u0r1te7s/ysepo/2f 7/hmttepta:/l/-wdewtewc.tdouritscths- or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
warhteefraecst-st#hime-gra-1inbow-workers-find- wwwwww.L.LoostsTtTrereaasusurere.c.ocommNNeewwslselettteter r152-159-187 2119

Submitted by Len Myers.
Plymouth Man Finds
‘£H20o0ly,0G00raoifl’CoofiSnhs iIpnwrecks
CAoFmaersmAersh’soFreie2ld00 Years Later
haunfadrrmedesr’soffiyeeladrshafstetrolmdeehtoinwg ihtes
dfoouonmd abeonnecaeth-int-hae-lifwetaivmees, haoarsdhipo-f
w2,r0e0c0k-yfienaar-lloyldmRakoemsaintsswilvaeyr bcaociknsto-
twhoersthourpe,ttoo£th2e00s, of beachgo-
ersM. ike Smale, 35, found the hoard
of 6A0s0odradreendsehniaprwiiriencka tfhaartmiserth’sofuigehldt
tion Bdaritdepotort bwehtwileehnunthtieng17w0i0th’s htios
scalunbd.s of Ponte Vedra Beach, St.
JohAnssCinogulentyo,nFelocraidnasreelclenfotlry.up to
£90A0ctisoon tNhewfsisJhaexrmreapnortwsatshaat satfotner-
wishasehdinwghaesnhohree ouvnecronviegrhetd, thoenewpatreisr-
ltoingegceodi,npaafrtteiralansoktehleertodnationfg tbhaeckoltdo
s3h2iBpCw. Saosmdeisocfotvheeremdetianl dtihskes ewaerlrye
moinrtneidngdubryingJutlhie eTruarnReormaannd ghener-
8er-ayleMar-aorlkdAsnotno,nPyawtriacska. llied with his

THers' News continued...

The well-preserved remains of a ship-
wreck on a Florida beach. Photo cour-
tesy of


22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

TTHHeerrss'' NNeewwss ccoonnttiinnuueedd......
ently pushed the wrecked hull high According to the Florida The discoveries on such a wreck are

up onto the shore. I Times-Union, researchers from said to be very unique.

f the historical find isn’t protected the St. Augustine Lighthouse Wooden pegs secure the beams

soon, though, the high tide could pull Archaeological Maritime Program and the planks of the hull. (Image:

it back out to the depths, hiding it for (LAMP) quickly began studying the

many more centuries. remarkably well-preserved hull. Maritime historian Brendan

The waters off the coast of Florida LAMP’s director of maritime Burke smiled at the find. He told

hide centuries-worth of treasures and research, Chuck Meide told the reporters, “It’s really amazing to see

amazing archaeological finds . Florida Times-Union, “This is amaz- somebody’s writing that been buried

The ship has not been identi- ing. It’s a section from a big sailing in the ocean for well more than a

fied, and it’s unknown what could ship, I’ll tell you that.” century.”

have brought it to this fate, but The wreck did not necessarily “This is what we were born for,”

Mark Anthony, a treasure hunter and sink off Ponte Vedra Beach, how- he added.

sAanlCvtioaqgiuneesrsfoiwnunhSdoZt.eiAneruuuthnwgesus swmtSrianeprceaik,tniwmiosfhehtomheMcuaRZamEoineoEsuwmijcek/Pva.nAePr,h. owStoohgmirleaephsuu:nndkeernwPaweteworot,edrseshnpiofvtoenshssuefnolsu- ndLodaugurirWsientnsigthcHeaxupncrhalcoevrytaeo/taPsitoAeonfawt3ohDrekh.muPolhld,oetalorgocrfhaawpehho:al-t
down to see the ship’s remains, said dreds of miles before being pushed it looked like and how the wreck was

essful colsiwiATcTsiteenokH’hnaansemeTet“isbtthsrehThuhoeeaasxioroendtsuytansrGpeatbsttye1htouhhvcohmo0eintetoiaruodnd0eeherraeleeh,,orwpstlvvoahhwroiefeeivtrrprhcee.yekiv1qcnasrex8kagnsardtnisr7yhtt,ekeod”--.2/7tiwko“pcn/hmnar2ernriiono0leprOTtbRsodt1cwosh)rfbe2k.urthen”emtthtdaahhsetsesnsaea1oWhiercstft1bi2keerhhep:oehon5a.ao1oeemi0bvb7rsdncleleedDaeyt.aAlchrn,bonMuavieetcuteoecapwRsdtfnhtoePefeoagagiidwEtmcngseeoiatertaraafohesln(lnotcec1ldtiygkrIahtngselteplnlhddeierukiwdi,hdosameiotwosiesnsetotnhcorolrdauttyioraehpienidlldacensss-. sbppftsmssiihtuirearoatoeicstruTnfRttaettaeteaehniuetrtcnoheotestnstigouefdeesmeband,xedatnrtethchcseeo,tlsaehheretwcievsaeettidrhaevrscmaesrtdenhiaineenyuotiimmdpinpgaenfewreiasshcewtiuitraaitonlieshgatslmswtyclsehgoyckboeafjhrsf,ousieeyraaitetrdxrn-innas.nbgcasdgntgualeohidevdfntadfhxlagotseuoiatpnnserntoatttgdgiirlshedn.tteiehhkanaaaidsseeetl--


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

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LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 Newsletter 5-15-18 23

ers' News cToHntienrsu'eNd.e.w. s continued...
sohloguilsdt aadtmHireisttohreicarEtifnagcltan(ads, lsoanigd ogurarkdnioanw.lceodmge/sacniedncoeu/r2i0n1f7o/ramuagt/i1o8n/, wreck, however, is not the usual.
aits iwt aresmianindsioscnutshseiobnesacwh)ithfroDmoavfearr, wtrheatsuwree’-raenddo-ciunmtreigntuineg-srciigehnttnisotws-, As the day wore on, the tide

and nthoot utoguhchthiet;Rwohoislewitjkrelsitessosnotmhe wunitrhavoeflf-isctiaolrsy-aonfd-1i7t’4s0-ukpentot-stheipm- threatened to reclaim the ship.
bdeisatcahnciet isfrvoumlnethraeblper.oposed dredg- whreactkt.o do next.” reports:

ingToarneyaa, iCt rweaomuledr boef mSto.nAitourgiunsgtinites OSuvbemr itttheed bdyeLcaedneMs, yerress.earchers “[Salvager] Marc Anthony was

LcoignhdtihtioounseanadndthMe aroitthimere pMroutseecutemd have investigated dozens of ship- dismayed as he watched the ocean
twelrlesckAsJ. “This is state land, wreMckestailnDSet.tJeochtonrsisatnsd nearby coun- threaten the ship again. He’d been
staCteoubretaecshy aroefa, shottpwse://jwuwstws.hthaere- tiesUinneaFrltohridUan. iSqouewell preserved a there most of the day and said that
already waves had broken off part of

the main section of the wreck. 

‘That’s what I’m worried about,

right there,’ he said as a wave rushed

up the sand, covering his shoes and

- bouncing off the old hull. 

al- He vowed to stay with the wreck
-of- as the water rose. ‘If people care so

much about history, let’s do what we

can to preserve it.”

e to Julie Turner and her son, hav-

ing stumbled across a piece of his-

ven tory, recognize their lucky encoun-

hest. ter. Turner says, “Being able to see

on’t something like this is probably a

eted once in a lifetime thing.”

Courtesy of http://www.ancient-


s to ogy/holy-grail-shipwrecks-comes-

s to ashore-200-years-later-inscribed-

hey ancient-021856

ople Submitted by Len Myers.


Amateur Treasure Hunter

ible Hits the Jackpot With Find

ying The Ringlemere Cup is a highly

in it valuable artifact that was discov-

ven ered by a lucky treasure hunter in

the Ringlemere barrow, an archaeo-

win logical site in the southeast English

hae- county of Kent.

Dating to the Bronze Age, the

over Ringlemere Gold Cup is arguably

y to the site’s most famous find.

ping On the 4th of November 2001,

and a metal detectorist by the name of

ork. Cliff Bradsahw made the find of

last a lifetime when his metal detector

attle signaled gold while scanning the

st in fields of Ringlemere Farm, near the

historic town of Sandwich in Kent.

d in In accordance to the Treasure Act

kirk, 1996, Bradshaw reported his discov-

ect- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the ery to the local Portable Antiquities

hae- Treasure Hunter’s Logbook finds liaison officer.
The Portable Antiquities Scheme,
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2
24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 12-19-17 17

THers' News continued...
incidentally, was established in
1997, a year after the Treasure Act A photograph of the Ringlemere Gold Cup. ( Portable Antiquities Scheme / flickr
1996 was passed. This scheme is ). Photo courtesy of
aimed at recording the small finds of
archaeological interest that are made teur-treasure-hunter-hit-jackpot-ringlemere-cup-find-009876
by the public. Thus, the Ringlemere
Gold Cup was recorded, and in 2002, that we may have an idea of how the this type off vessel that makes the
was declared a treasure. cup would have looked like origi- Ringlemere Gold Cup such a notable
nally. find. This rarity has also, unfortu-
Due to its archaeological sig- nately, contributed to the lack of
nificance, the Ringlemere Cup was The cup has been dated to knowledge we currently have about
purchased by the British Museum between 1700 and 1500 BC, which these precious objects.
for £270,000. The sum required to corresponds with the Bronze Age in
buy this artifact was raised through Britain. It has been suggested that The Ringlemere Cup has, for the
donations by the Heritage Lottery the Ringlemere Cup may have origi- majority of the time, been on display
Fund, the National Art Collections nally been placed in a barrow as a in the British Museum since its pur-
Fund and The British Museum grave offering. chase. Nevertheless, it has been tem-
Friends, and the money was then porarily exhibited in various British
split between Bradshaw and the Whilst some parallels have been museums over the years.
Smith family, who owns Ringlemere found in graves, there are also cases
Farm. in which such objects were found Between 2004 and 2006, for
in burial sites, but not in the graves example, the Ringlemere Cup was
The cup, which dates to between themselves. It is unclear whether displayed in several museums as part
1700 and 1500 BC, resembles a the cup belongs to the former or the of the ‘Buried Treasure: Finding Our
late Neolithic (2300 BC) ceramic latter. Past’ exhibit, whilst between 2006
beaker with Corded Ware decoration and 2007, the cup was displayed in
(named after cord-like impressions), In Britain, there is only one other the Dover Museum, which is not too
and may have drawn inspiration known vessel that is stylistically far from the place where the it was
from this older style. related to the Riglemere Gold Cup – originally found.
the Rillaton Cup.
According to researchers, the Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
Ringlemere Gold Cup was created The others, five in total, are
from a single ingot of gold, which from other parts of Europe, namely amateur-treasure-hunter-hit-jackpot-
was beaten into the desired shape. Brittany in France, the northwest- ringlemere-cup-find-009876
The British Museum’s description of ern part of Germany, and north-
the cup is as follows: ern Switzerland. It is the rarity of Submitted by Len Myers.

“With sub-conical body tapering
to an omphalos base; the rim is flar-
ing; the single rivetted strap handle
links the rim to the mid carination.
The rivet plates are lozenge shaped
and the handle has decorative ridges
parallel with its hour-glass shaped
sides. Most of the body, both the
neck and lower, is corrugated with
continuous horizontal ribs. Above
and below are plain zones, but just
before the rim there is a single row
of pointille punched from the outer

Unfortunately, the Ringlemere
Gold Cup has lost its original shape,
as it has been badly crushed at some
point of time, presumably by recent
plowing activity.

Nevertheless, 3D reconstructions
of this vessel have been made, so Newsletter 5-15-18 25

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

MAY Road. This event includes two 9th – 10th – New Stanton,
19th – 20th – Ocean City, New Coin Hunts and one optional Silver Pennsylvania. The 6th Annual
Jersey. The East Coast Research and Hunt with many prizes, including Silver Seekers Open Treasure Hunt
Discovery Association’s 9th Annual detectors, assorted gear and cash. at the Fox Den Acres Campground
Open Hunt, “On Cloud Nine,” at the Concession stand and camping with four hunts Saturday and three
Music Pier. Registration is limited available. For info, contact Marilyn hunts Sunday. Contact Don Hayes at
to 180 attendees. For more info, call Epperly at (540) 342-0153 or Ernie [email protected] or phone
Joe at (973) 839-8031 or log onto Arnett at (540) 420-2866 or e-mail (740) 252-1322 or Ed Burke at poto- [email protected] You can also [email protected] or phone (570)
visit them on Facebook. 310-1530. for more info
25th – 27th – Stanwood,
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure 2nd – 3rd – Springfield, 12th – 17th – Nebo, North
Hunting Club’s 37th Annual Hunt Missouri. Springfield’s Annual Carolina. Common Dig “Dirt Party”
– Mayfest – at the Stanwood Rock & Gem Fair at 2327 W. Farm hosted by the Gold Prospectors
Fairgrounds, 6431 Pioneer Hwy. Road 190, hosted by Springfield’s Association of America (GPAA)
This kid friendly three-day event Annual Gem Fair and the Ozark and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining
opens on Friday at 6 p.m. for camp- Mountain Gem & Mineral Society. Association (LDMA) at the LDMA
ing, raffles, and registrations, and Rocks, gems, fossils, geodes, unique Vein Mountain Camp, 3216 Vein
will close at 9. Raffles: Main, Metal jewelry, free rock & cut gem ID, fam- Mountain Rd. Open to all that want to
Detector, Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and ily fun, books and more, including a find gold. Register by calling GPAA
Silver Dollar all weekend. Saturday public rock auction Saturday at 5:30 headquarters at (800) 551-9707 no
- Registrations open at 7:30 a.m. p.m. For more info, log onto www. later than 06/07/18. All participants
Opening Ceremonies at 8:30 before or their Facebook will work for their gold split at the
the day’s hunts. There will also be pages – Ozark Mountain Gem & end of the outing. All participants
a Silent Auction (bring an item) Mineral Society or Springfield’s receive a vial with a picker or two
and a Potluck Lunch (bring a dish). Annual Gem Fair. in it as well as a PayDirt bag that
Sunday - Big Breakfast Fundraiser has their split of the gold recovered.
and hunts. Closing Ceremonies at 3 2nd – 3rd – Grand Rapids, There will be both hands on training
p.m. Check www.pilchucktreasure- North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact and a “classroom” setting. Subjects for info or call (425) 308- Recovery Group’s 19th Annual include: basic prospecting, geology,
2255 Lora, or (425) 446-9232 Tracy, Treasure Hunt at Memorial Park panning, GPS, and detecting. There
or e-mail [email protected] rain or shine. Cost of Hunts all 5 will also be daily fun activities that
hunts (adult age 16+) $130. 100% of help benefit the camps. For more
26th – 27th – Sapulpa, hunt fees are planted as coins and/ info, log onto https://www.facebook.
Oklahoma. The 47th Annual Indian or tokens. Friday Night Social and com/events/173558333231940/ or
Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek Bingo at 6:30 p.m. for those arriv- call (800) 551-9707.
County Fairgrounds. For info or a ing early. Saturday 3 hunts; Sunday
hunt flyer contact: I.T.T.H.C.  Inc., 2 hunts; Junior Hunters’ Total entry 16th – 17th – Hastings, Nebraska.
P. O. Box 580961, Tulsa, OK 74158- fee - all 5 hunts - 15 & under $65, The Nebraskaland Treasure Hunters’
0961 or e-mail [email protected]. You 10 & under $30. Saturday - MARG’s 44th Annual Treasure Hunt at Dyer
can also log onto the club’s website dinner (roast beef, mashed potatoes, Park south of Hastings. There will
at vegetable, dessert) provided for $5/ be Gold and Silver buried as well
adult, $3/10 and under (payable at as Gold and Silver raffles. For more
JUNE registration). Prize distributions and information, contact Roy Richters,
2nd – Shawsville, Virginia. The announcements Sunday at 2:15. For P.O Box 194, Utica, NE 68456, or
Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s info, contact Corey Staloch (701) call (402) 534-2019.
27th Annual Open Hunt at Camp 320-7107 or email coreystaloch@
Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs 22nd – 23rd – Sweet Home,

26 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

Calendar Cont'd
Oregon. The East Linn Treasure horse races, and auctions sponsored or call (770) 362-8671, or Mark at
Seekers’ Silver Hunt 2018 at 42250 by many manufacturers. Minutes (716) 574-0465.
Ames Creek Rd., Chapel Grounds. from motels and restaurants and only
Overnight camping with water & 2 miles from the PA Turnpike and AUGUST
power. Friday Night Hunt w/ Pot I70. Stay for the week or attend a day 4th – Kent, Washington. The
Luck at 6 p.m., hunt starts at dark. or two. For more information, con- Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club’s
Saturday: Check in time - 9 a.m. 1st tact Ed Davis at [email protected] “Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt” at
Common Hunt (field heavily seed- or phone (317) 908-8165 or Don Reber Ranch, 28606 132nd Ave. SE.
ed), 2nd Silver Hunt (up to $1,000 Hayes at [email protected] Features 3 main hunts (senior hunt
in silver value buried). Helping local or (740) 252-1322. included) and a youth hunt. The
children with easy to prepare foods main raffle prizes are a XP Deus
for the weekends through the local 21st – Palmer, Alaska. The Metal Detector and a Treasure Chest.
Kids Food Pak Program. Questions: Alaska Treasure Seekers Society’s Silver dollar raffles throughout the
call Rita at (541) 401-3197 or log 42nd Annual Metal Detecting day. A potluck lunch is included.
onto The cost of the day’s hunts and lunch
eltsdetector Hunt at the Alaska State is $90. Bring the family for a day
Fairgrounds, France Equestrian of fun. For more info, contact Jim
24th – Tacoma, Washington. 5th Center, 2075 Glenn Highway. This Ratcliff at scouthobby@comcast.
Annual Outlaws Round Up Picnic. all-day event will feature 4 hunts for net or (360) 556-3914.  
There will be a hunt from 8 to adults and includes a potluck lunch.
11 a.m. followed by a potluck pic- Approximately 30 to 45 participants 11th – Tunkhannock,
nic and hotdogs. Family fun, games per hunt are anticipated. For more Pennsylvania. The Black Diamond
and prizes throughout. Free draw- information, e-mail aktreasureseek- Treasure Hunters Club’s 34th Annual
ings will be held for prizes. Come [email protected] Black Diamond Treasure Hunt at the
out have fun and enjoy! 6500 S. Lazy Brook Park on Rt. 6. For info
Sheridan Ave., Wapato Park Main 22nd – 28th – Vallonia, Indiana. send a SASE to B.D.T.H.C., P.O.
Shelter, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. For more Southern Indiana 10th Annual Box 1523, Kingston, PA 18704, or
information, contact Scott Hoover at Treasure Fest at the Starve Hollow go to to download
[email protected] State Recreation Area, camping the flier or e-mail treasure1@com-
available, just south of Brownstown, or phone Byard Derr (215)
JULY Indiana, off Hwy. 135. Non-Profit 536-0796, George Walko (570) 287-
6th – 8th – Black Hawk, Clubs and metal detecting related 3602, or Ron Denman (570) 288-
Colorado. Rush To The Rockies businesses. Numerous sponsors, 7787.
2018, a national open metal detect- hundreds of prizes. 100% of entries
ing event, at the Pickle Gulch go back into the ground. Seven days 18th – 19th – New Concord,
Campground in Black Hawk, of Silver, Token, Beach, and Kids’ Ohio. The 39th Annual Buckeye
Colorado. 100% of hunt fees go in Hunts. Deadline for entries is July Championship Treasure Hunt spon-
the ground! Hunts held rain or shine. 1st. After the cutoff a $10 per day sored by Don & Bill Hayes. Two
Natural forest setting that includes late fee is added. For full flyer or all silver main hunts each day. On a
uneven ground, rocks and downed more information, visit Southern separate entry fee is the Big Silver
trees. Coin Drawings. Early Bird Indiana Treasure Fest on Facebook Bonanza Hunt with nothing but sil-
Drawing. Two days, five spectacu- or contact Rick Trout, (574) 848- ver quarters and half dollars. Fun
lar hunts, one price. For more info, 9345 or e-mail treasurerick@com- hunts each day plus a night hunt
visit, or send e-mail to  on Saturday. Contact Don Hayes at
[email protected] [email protected] or phone
28th – 29th – East Ridge, 740) 252-1322.
14th – 21st – New Stanton, Tennessee. FirstAnnual Chattanooga
Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2018 Civil War & Artifact Show at the 28th – September 2nd –
at the Fox Den Acres Campground. Camp Jordan Arena, 323 Camp Cleveland, Georgia. Common Dig
Eight days of treasure hunting and Jordan Parkway, only minutes from “Dirt Party Experience” Outing at the
crafts, free kid’s hunts and novice downtown Chattanooga. Vendor LDMA Loud Mine Camp, 575 ABB
hunts, as well as activities like bingo, table space available. For more info, Helton Road, hosted by the GPAA.
contact [email protected] Newsletter 5-15-18 27

Calendar Cont'd
Open to anyone that wants to find This one-day event, rain or shine, 6th – Cullman, Alabama. 45th
gold. Register by calling headquar- will include four hunts; all fees go in Annual Deep South Treasure Hunt,
ters at (800) 551-9707 no later than the ground or for prizes. Sponsored sponsored by the Warrior Basin
08/21/18. All participants work for by the Mo-Kan Search and Recovery Treasure Hunters Association
their gold and receive a vial with a Club of Kansas City, Missouri. Last (WBTHA) at Smith Lake Park, 416
picker or two in it as well as a PayDirt year had a total 16 2-peso gold, 8 County Road 385. Hunts will include
bag that has their split of the gold detectors and 3,200 silver dimes in Silver Bonanza Hunt, Dollar Bill
recovered. Both hands on training the Main Hunt. Visit the club website Hunt, Relic Hunt, and Main Hunt.
and a “classroom” setting. Subjects at to down- Between hunts there will be raffles,
include: basic prospecting, geology, load the hunt flyer (work in prog- etc. The Hunt Flyer, including pric-
panning, GPS, and detecting. There ress). For more info, contact Mark ing, and a map can be obtained
will also be fun activities that benefit Bryant (816) 809-6794 or mbry- online at For more
the camps. For more information, [email protected] information call David Scales (205)
log onto 529-8955, or e-mail Ds5584@aol.
events/1975187296082001/ 22nd – 23rd – Java Center, New com
York. The 20th Annual International
SEPTEMBER Hunt Extravaganza sponsored by the 27th – Irving Texas. The 44th
1st – 2nd – Chaffee, New York. Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers Annual Open Hunt hosted by the
The Federation of Metal Detector at the Beaver Meadow Family Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club,
and Archaeological Clubs’ Northern Campground. There will be plenty rain or shine. One busy day! Last
Region Hunt at the former Earl’s of silver and tokens planted for each year they awarded 21 metal detec-
Country Park behind the former hunt and prizes include detectors, tors, 55 gold coins, 7 pin pointers, 54
Earl’s Restaurant (across from gold coins, silver coins and many silver dollars, and many other great
Pioneer Motorsport), 12139 Olean other items of interest to metal detec- prizes. Over 5,000 silver coins were
Road (Rt. 16). This is an open hunt torists. In addition, there will be seeded in the Hunt Fields. Contact
and membership in the FMDAC is raffles, drawings and a gift basket Robert Jordan (972) 839-6647 or at
not required. Four hunts each day and merchandise auction. The hunt [email protected] or visit the
plus a night hunt. 100% of entry application is available for download Club’s website at www.lonestartrea-
fees go in the ground. Free on site at or you may contact for information.
camping for self-contained units, no John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane,
hookups available. For the flyer, Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@ NOVEMBER
go to or the FMDAC 10th – Round Rock, Texas. The
Facebook page, or contact Northern Austin Metal Detecting Club’s Open
Region Director Debbie Buxton at 29th – Annapolis, Maryland. Hunt at Old Settlers RV Park, 3300
[email protected] Silver Frenzy V Open Hunt, spon- E. Palm Valley Blvd. This event
sored by the Maryland Artifact will have 5 separate hunts with
7th – 8th – Penticton, British Recovery Society at Sandy Point many prizes, including detectors
Columbia. The Okanagan Treasure State Park. Contact Tim Streaker at and assorted gear. For a hunt flyer,
Hunters Club’s 10th Annual Hunt (410) 241 9480 or trstreak@gmail. please visit
at Sudbury Beach. Friday Fun Hunt com or log onto For more information, contact Jim
in the dark and Saturday will have for more information. Lawhon at [email protected]
three hunts. There will also be a
special hunt with many prizes - sil- 30th – Annapolis, Maryland. E-mail
ver, detectors, pin pointers - and a Treasure 2018 Open Hunt, spon- upcoming events
fantastic Silent Auction. For more sored by the Maryland Free State
info, e-mail Jo-Anne Birch, Hunt Treasure Club at Sandy Point to managing
Chairman, at okanagantreasurehunt- State Park. For information, con- editor@
[email protected]  tact Gary Pennington at (410) 440-
2881 or [email protected] or
16th – Lathrop, Missouri. The log onto
Mo-Kan Search and Recovery
Club’s 42nd Annual Open Hunt. OCTOBER

28 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-15-18

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