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Online Newsletter - 18 September 2018

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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-10-01 21:02:39


Online Newsletter - 18 September 2018

Newsletter–September 18, 2018

Only available in digital format The Lone Star Treasure
Hunters Club’s
GOLD ANTHOLOGY: Hunt Is A Success!
This Anthology is a collection
of treasure, adventure and mys-
tery short stories, by multiple
authors, in a book format. It

was compiled from the
Archives of one or more of our

six publications:

–Lost Treasure–
–Treasure Cache–
–Treasure Facts–
–Treasure World–
–True Treasure–

– Rockhound–


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

September 18, 2018


Feature Club — page 4


page 24 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Tips From the Pros
10 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

15 THers' News
22 Good Hunting!
26 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

ADVERTISING [email protected]
(918) 786-2182, ext. 0 Guest Editorial
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
[email protected] I am 67-years-old, and have been My wife and I play historic music
detecting on and off for about three from the 1600 to early 1800’s and
IN MEMORIAM years (with the last year off for heart we perform at French and Indian
Coy Harris (1964-1996) problems and surgery). War, Revolutionary War, and War
Kevin Harris (1965-2013) of 1812 reenactments throughout
I am a loyal subscriber to Lost the Midwest, and we spend a great
PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One Treasure and enjoy every article in deal of time researching the country
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two every issue! Thank you for all your dance tunes played for dancers dur-
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: hard work putting together every ing those time periods.
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). issue! Metal detecting does my heart
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first good. Not surprisingly, metal detecting
issue. (Printed in the USA.) is a natural extension of this respect
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- Reading issues of Lost Treasure, and passion for history and making
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address studying assorted books about connections with the people who
change or correction (enclosing latest detecting, and watching YouTube danced and owned relics and coins
address label) eight weeks in advance to videos of the experts in the sport now waiting to be discovered and
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, all were an important part of heal- displayed so that future generations
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. ing and recovery from several heart will understand what life was like
E-mail [email protected] attacks and eventual open heart sur- during the time periods.
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK This is in no way a prescription
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct Before the surgery, my wife for those people with chronic ill-
bought a Garrett AT Pro detector for nesses. However, I have found that
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost me (after using an ACE 400 for a by slowing down and connecting
couple of years) that sat in the box with our ancestors, by researching
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this and gave encouragement and a goal the history we have inherited from
to strive for during those times. them, I have been able to regain a
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire healthy perspective on life itself.
Even though my detecting has
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the been limited to our yard, a friend’s I have recently joined The Dayton
farm and an adjacent farm, I began Diggers (Ohio) and am excited to
expressed written permission of the publisher. to apply some of the valuable infor- learn more about detecting from
mation I have learned from each the knowledgeable and experienced
© 2018 Lost Treasure, Inc.® issue of Lost Treasure, and I have experts in the club and, in the pro-
started slowing down and enjoying cess, make new friends!
LostTreasure OnLine my time digging. In addition, blood
pressure lowers and the exercise is So, thanks Lost Treasure, for
http://www.lost invaluable. being there with exciting articles that
entertain and inform your readers!
The modern coins, foil, and pull-
tabs may not be the finds I imagine I can’t speak for all your readers,
digging; however, I have learned to but you have done my heart good!
reframe any disappointments into an
optimistic hopefulness of targets yet Rick Wagner
to be found. Centerville, Ohio
Via e-mail
My finds may not be first (or
even as much as last place) on a [email protected]
finds table, but each continues to be
rewarding. The time digging is time
well spent for an improved state of
mind. Newsletter 9-18-18 3

Feature Club

HLuoAnnteeBrSisgt aCSrluuTcbrce’seasHssu!urnet

Robert Jordan, Hunt Master, said $100 bill (donated), two $50 bills, prise with a little something extra
this about the Lone Star Treasure three Silver Eagles, and six Peace above last year. I like doing that.
Hunters Club’s (LSTHC) recent suc- Dollars.
cessful hunt: Over 100 pictures are posted on
Talk about lucky, Dee Reynolds our Lone Star Group Facebook page.
It was a perfect day with freshly won the $100 for the second year in
mowed grass at Samuel Farm Park. a row. Check them out at https://
Our intrepid Coin Committee scat-
tered silver dimes over a large Hunt The fundraiser was played heavi- groups/323296294711455/
field. ly. Fundraiser prizes were five Silver
eagles, five Morgan Dollars, and five Mission
Thirty-seven eager hunters Peace Dollars. The mission of the Lone Star
searched frantically for their share Treasure Hunters Club is to promote
of 40 dimes per hunter. Seems like the big winners: Rusty, friendship, fun, greater knowledge,
Ellen, and Bob, were smiling ear to and expertise through organized
Door Prizes were drawn for a ear. metal detecting activities, special
lucky dozen; those prizes were one
Yes, I did try to give a little sur-

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

Feature Club cont'd...

events, and sharing treasure hunting Mike Reiter, President Last year they awarded 21 metal
experiences. Bill Stanford, Vice-President detectors, 55 gold coins, 7 pin point-
Sherrie Lopez, Secretary ers, 54 silver dollars, and many other
Meetings Robert Jordan, Treasurer great prizes. Over 5,000 silver coins
Meetings of the club are held the were seeded in the Hunt Fields. 
last Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Upcoming Hunt:
at the Garden & Arts Center at 906 October 27th – Irving Texas. Contact Robert Jordan at (972)
Senter St., Irving, Texas. The 44th Annual Open Hunt hosted 839-6647 or at [email protected].
by the Lone Star Treasure Hunters com or visit the Club’s website at
Executive Officers Club, rain or shine. One busy day! for more
information. Newsletter 9-18-18 5

Feature Club cont'd...

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 9-18-18 7

Tip From the Pros

A Sensible

By Jay Pastor

Make up a list of pre- (e.g., hay fever, latex. Although metal
scription medications peanuts, lactose, peni- detecting is not a dan-
you’re currently tak- cillin), and whatever gerous activity, a list
ing. Include purpose, like this, carried with
protective inocula- you in a wallet or but-
dosage, frequency, tions (tetanus, influ- ton-down pocket is a
and the name(s) of enza, pneumonia, etc.), simple form of impor-
the doctor(s) prescrib- including an approxi- tant insurance that can
ing them. Also list any mate date you have had be a life-saver in an
significant allergies during the past five
you are susceptible to emergency.

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!gatset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Making Your
Metal Detector
Pay For Itself

By William Grochowalski

At the park looking for property stakes.

I was talking to Mike, a friend of I was telling Mike how I spent a waiting and asked if I would help
mine, and discussing the cost of a recent morning. I got a phone call to find the stake.
metal detector, treasure hunting, and ask if I still had my metal detector;
how you can make it pay for itself. naturally I said yes! Then I asked After gathering all of my detect-
who wanted to know. ing equipment, including a long han-
When we thought about it we dle shovel, I started out to help them.
decided it was a big expense and that It was a person I knew that was
it could pay for itself if we did just a working at a park that I frequently After 10 minutes my friend got a
few things differently. hunt and he informed me that they call and had to leave. Two hours later
needed to find a property line stake I found the stake after I had dug over
Going places for our personal so they could cut a ditch. They did 150 holes. As a rule I do not dig the
pleasure and finding booty with our not want to have any problems with holes on these kinds of jobs; who-
metal detector is one thing, but when the farmer’s property next to the ever wants their stakes found does
we start enriching others and strang- park. the digging.
ers’ lives with our detectors it is
another call. I was told they had equipment Mike told me that he charges for
finding stakes, $50 minimum, which

160 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEMNaerwchsle2t0te1r89-18-18

An old estate sale house. her watch and to please be patient. Later I saw a video on the Internet
When I got over there a few min- that another guy had posted from the
helps pay for his time and pays for same park telling how he had found
the use of his metal detector. utes later her friend explained where that same Rolex watch, which had a
her lost watch might be and apolo- bad clasp.
He said for a surveyor to come gized for her friend’s rudeness.
out starts at $500 and that he used Now before I search for lost prop-
to go out for free, but had a few bad I began my search and within a erty I will discuss what they will be
experiences when he was done find- few minutes I picked up the watch willing to pay for my time and the
ing the stakes. and, as I held it in my hand to look use of my detector.
at it, the owner snatched it out of my
He asked if it would be alright if hand and walked away, not even say- I do not always charge for my
he detected the rest of property and ing thank you. services, but it depends a lot on their
the answer was no, as they laughed. attitude. This is just another way to
They would say that they did not let your metal detector pay for itself
want their lawns dug up or ruined. - searching for lost items at a beach
or park.
We talked about how cheap it
would be for them to just buy an Mike has another way he uses to
inexpensive metal detector to do the pay for his time and detector. People
job or just pay us for the help of our are always losing their keys and they
machines and time. get desperate to locate them.

We also talked about the attitude He tells me his finder fee is 50
of whom ever we are dealing with. cents for every key on the key ring,
as he said it will cost them $80 for an
People sometimes feel that you electronic car key to be made, plus
should do this for them for free the inconvenience of finding a way
because you will go out and spend home if the keys are not found.
your day at a park looking for pen-
nies and stuff anyway. That’s wrong, Scrapping is another way to make
because your time and equipment a few extra dollars. Instead of throw-
have great value to you. ing all those brass or copper fitting
and lead sinkers that you find away,
After all, you purchased it for put them into the trash buckets and
your pleasure - not to solve their save them.
A scratch tester for precious metals.
As we were talking about differ- www.LowswtTwre.LaossutrTer.ecaosmurNe.ecwosmletMtear r9c-h182-01188 117
ent hunts we had been on and peo-
ple approaching us during them, I
thought back and told him about the
time I was detecting along a beach
front I was on.

There was this young lady that
demanded that I stop and go look for
her watch that she had lost. I told her
when I got there I might search for

A diamond tester.

Aluminum cans are also worth metal detecting, especially silver the amount of postage to charge for
collecting. Scrap yards will pay so coins and jewelry. shipping items to the buyers.
much a pound and there is no limit to
what you can take in. We are always You can start up your own store, The second option is to find a
looking at what to do with the trash as they call it, which is the way to person in your area who has an
we find and scrapping is the answer. make the most money, but you will e-Bay store that serves the public.
have to put in additional time. For a small fee they will do all the
You can even save all the pull- work and assume all the headaches.
tabs from the cans for Veterans asso- You need to set up an eBay account Always look at e-Bay listings to get
ciations or the Ronald McDonald and take a picture of the items that a good idea on where to start your
house; it’s a win-win solution. you want to put on, and then decide pricing.
what is the least amount of money
eBay is another way to get rid that you will be willing to accept. You can also hire yourself and
of stuff that you have found while Also you will have to determine your detector out to look for lost

A house getting ready for an estate sale.
812 LLOOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREEMNaerwchsle2t0te1r89-18-18

items for people and make your Just remember that, in most plac- I was out metal detecting and how I
own deals for your services. Find a es, if you find a lost item it does am looking for places to detect and
simple contract on the Internet and belong by law to its original owner, or hunt.
include information on it, including so do not argue; just make sure it is
what you will be looking for, how theirs by description and give it back Sometimes they will give you
much you will charge, and what to them. permission to search the property.
will happens to any other items you Usually they do not mind if you hunt
find while searching for their item. I always say I am a treasure hunt- on the property because they will be
Always make sure both parties sign er, not a pirate, when it comes to disposing of the estate anyway.
the contract and have two copies - returning property.
one for you and one for your client. Some older properties that
Do not feel guilty if and when belonged to their deceased family
Placing your information or busi- you find lost items; most people will member have never been detected
ness cards on local store bulletin never come back to retrieve them. and usually produce a lot of treasure.
boards is a simple advertisement and
at no cost to you. Here is an example: I was at a ball I will try to make a point to go
park and there were three new fold- back when the sale is over. Be sure
Use bright colors to draw atten- ing chairs on the far field left behind to get the name of the person who
tion to your information and create
the tear off tabs that include your A gold tester and scale. Photos by the author.
phone number, etc. Local newspa-
pers will sometimes post free ads, or for over a week and nobody came gave you permission, because if you
Craigslist will post wanted ads that back for them. When I told the park are approached you can explain what
are also free. care taker he said that this happens is going on. Neighbors will often
all the time. watch over properties and get curi-
After you find jewelry you may ous.
want to sell it. Jewelry stores will Treasure hunting can be done not
sometimes buy it at a reduced rate, only when you are out metal detect- Learning the value of the items
which is not the best place to sell it. ing, but also stopping at estate sales. that you find can be done by look-
As a rule they will go in their back It is sometimes a good way to find ing them up on eBay or other sites
room to weigh and test what you the treasures that you have an inter- on the Internet. Knowing what you
brought in so you will not know est in, along with getting into places have and getting the best price for it
what the true appraisal is. to metal detect. is what making your treasure hunting
pay for itself is all about.
Gold testers and digital scales are When people ask if there is any-
inexpensive items for you to have thing in particular that you are look- Sources:
when you are selling your precious ing for I will start up a conversation Author’s personal experiences.
metals. You can also get a fair price in which I always let them know that
at a coin shop if you know what you

If you happen to go to flea mar-
kets they will often buy coins and
jewelry, but you will have to bargain
or barter for the best price and it’s
best to know what you have and
what it’s worth ahead of time.

When you are out metal detecting
you will find items other than metal.
These are items that are left behind,
such as sporting items like balls,
bats, gloves, Frisbees, tennis rackets
and even golf clubs.

You might want take them with
you to sell them to places like “Play
it Again Sports.” I find a lot of balls
that I usually leave in an open area
by home plate.

I have found expensive items,
such as cameras and watches, etc.
Always look at the lost and found
listings in your local newspapers ads
because rewards are always profit-

www.LowswtTwre.LaossutrTer.ecaosmurNee.cwosmletMtear r9c-h182-01188 139


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yourself, you will enjoy tecting more profitable and
the interesting stories enjoyable.
for their historical value

THers' News

A 303-year-old cannon from the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet was recovered and brought to the sur-
face of the Atlantic Ocean on Aug. 13, 2018, at Fisherman’s Wharf in Fort Pierce. The cannon
will be restored, a process that takes about three years, and placed on display at Melody Lane
Fishing Pier. PATRICK DOVE/TCPALM, courtesy of


Spanish Cannon From operation that owns the exclusive covers their Wooddale Avenue home
1715 Fleet Recovered rights to the remains of the 1715 had been broken into by the Ninja
Off Fort Pierce Coast Fleet. burglar.
Aug. 13, 2018 - FORT PIERCE
- Loud cheers and applause erupted The recent cannon recovery is The police were summoned, and
from the crowd as a cannon - one significant. a report was taken documenting over
that’s been sitting at the bottom of $50,000 in loss. Sadly, this by no
the Atlantic Ocean for more than 300 “(It) doesn’t happen often,” means was an isolated incident.
years - was lifted out of the water Brandon said. “The last cannon that
in August at the Fisherman’s Wharf was brought up from the 1715 Fleet Over the last decade, the Ninja
Marina. was about 30, 35 years ago. ... This had plundered hundreds of homes
The cannon, recovered from the one might be the last one for several and vanishing with over four million
Sandy Point shipwreck just north of generations.” dollars in cash and other valuables.
Fort Pierce, is part of the Spanish
Fleet that sank off the coast during a Courtesy of https://www. In 2017, the authorities finally
violent hurricane in 1715. nabbed the forty-six-year-old thief
The ships, carrying significant lucie-county/2018/08/13/cannon- that committed these crimes start-
amounts of gold and silver coins 1715-fleet-recovered-off-fort- ing in 2005 and ending in 2015, but
along with jewels, were destined for pierce/975935002/ they could only charge him on three
the king and queen of Spain. counts of burglary due to the statute
“It’s a very cool piece,” said Capt. Bamboo Bob Uncovers of limitations.
John Brandon, operations manag- Ninja Burglar’s Spoils
er for 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels Submitted by John Minges A 22-year prison sentence was
LLC, a historic shipwreck salvage Our story unfolds in 2011 in handed down followed by a seven-
Staten Island, New York on the day year post-release requirement. Now,
after Christmas when a family dis- this is where most stories end, but
not so for Lost Treasure readers!

About four years ago a financial Newsletter 9-18-18 15

THers' News continued...

Matthew Emanuel and his family dis-
covered recently (at left) that what they

thought was an electricity box was a
locked safe that held a stash of money,

gold and jewels. Credit Matthew
Emanuel, courtesy of https://www.


Safe found seven years after bur-
glary (at right). Courtesy of https://


advisor named Matthew Emanuel winter, coupled with numerous deer was contacted named Touch the
moved to the Todt Hill neighborhood with a never-ending appetite, had Earth Inc. that is owned by Robert
in Staten Island. taken its toll on their arborvitae Foley, aka Bamboo Bob. Everyone
trees, so a landscaping project was knows he is the area’s go-to guy
He and his wife loved the area and in order. when it comes to bamboo privacy
their home and enjoyed spending hedges and ornamental gardens.
time on their back deck overlooking Since deer are not fond of bam-
their yard. However, a recent fierce boo, a New Jersey-based company Bamboo Bob surveyed the dam-

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16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

THers' News continued...
lover Cleopatra in Egypt and experts Mike. Dad-of-one Mike, a fisherman
age and spied a slightly buried rusty esvaeidr amfairnkdinogf thies asriezea ansdavpalraiectey oisf fcrloamimPltyhmeyouhthad, Dterevaosnu,rseaidb:uried in
box measuring two feet wide and gvoeoryd rlaurcek.. the“irItbwacaksyianrcdr?edible, a true once-in-
one a half inches deep. It was jutting a-lifetime find.
up behind the ruined trees. MThaenycoailnrseawdyillkbneewhanthdaetdboavmebr oto
itshecocnosridoenreerdflourckvyalaunadtioansyamndbothl eonf “SIouhracdeas:good idea about what it
He inquired with the homeown- aliksetrloynsgolldifetofiallemd uwseituhmp, rwosiptheritthye. waSs a-fIehadcoalnrteaaidnyinfgoundsmonaellor tfworo-
er of its origin. Emanuel said he Hproowfitms asnpylitpbeeotpwleednotyhoeufakrnmoewr acnand Rtuonme anfoduennadrii itnhat nmeoigrnhibnogr. ’s yard
thought had something to do with the
electricity and over the years he had SECURITY
just been tossing mulch over it, since WARNING DECALS
it was rather unsightly and only 20
feet from his back door. Protect Yourself and
Your Belongings!
Not wanting to get electrocuted,
Bob further investigated to discover Protect Your Detectors
it was actually a sealed box. and Your Property!

He removed it and rolled it on its • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
side to reveal a dial. The safe was property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
thHeunnrdorcekdsedo,f bRuotmnaonsdoeunnadriwi haasvheebaeredn. ALARM SYSTEM.
• Frighten burglars away.
fTouhnindkbinygMitkewSacsalperdoubraibnlgyaemmeptatyl , • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
thdetehcutonrdsreevdenpto(uInmdagbeo:xSWwNasS)hPohisotetods • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
tocothuertedsyecokf hwttph:i/l/ewwthwe.pllyamnoduscthahpeinr-g house, equipment, store or boats.,ennwudhsse/o-pd2wl.0ym0e0vo0eu0rt,-hc-okniinecwsk-s5e/5pd3ly2mi4n9-, • Great low-cost security system.
with Bamboo Bob offering up a • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
pBicrkitaisxhe atorcsheaeeowlohgayt .w” as inside. • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h

TTohetheexascutrploricsaetioonf oBfotbheadnidsctohve- Click on this ad to order OnLine
heormy eisownontebr,etihnegsdmisaclllossaefde. contained
bagCs ooufrtgeosyld aonfd oPthoertojewceolurryteassy or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
woefll as mwuwltwip.tlehezgipupaerrdeidanb.acgosm. /sci-
enIcnes/i2d0e17th/soespe/2b7a/mgsetwale-dreeteloctsoriasntsd- 29--1198--1178 1197
caorntesfisatcitnsg#immogs-t1ly of $100 bills.

LSautebrmitthtaetd bdyayL, eEnmMayneuresl.’s wife,
Maria Colonna, sorted and cleaned
the Pmloymneoyu, twhhMichantoFtailnedds$16,300.

I£n2si0d0e,00a0 foefwCooifnsthIne bags also
wasAaFaclrumeetrh’astF, ibeelding a Brooklyn
addArenss,amwaatseuqruihciksltyoridaentedrmigigniendg tion
bae faarmneeirg’hsbofireldthehyasontolyld khnoew ihne
pfaosusnindg.a once-in-a-lifetime hoard of
kwnocrtkhedupotno t£h2e00d, the address
andMsaiikde hSemhaalde,a3s5tr, afnoguendqutehsetihoonatrod
aosfk.6H00adratrheedyeenvareiri bineeanfarrombbeer’ds?field
inTBheridwpoormt awnhiwlehohunatninswg ewreidth thies
dpoaolrs wfraosmstuthneneSdo,ubthuet rannsDweetreecdtoyriesst,s
scelvuebn. years ago!

SAo ysionuglperoobnaeblcyanalrseealdl yfogrueuspsetdo
b£y9n0o0wsothatht eindfiesehdertmheanprowpaesrtyaswtoans-
giisvheendbwachkentohiets uringchotvfuelreodwonneres,pbriust-
thtianteisconiontaafltlermaynofrtiheenrddsa.ting back to
32IBnCt.hSeopmlaecoef wthheemreettahledilsoksst wsaefree
smatinfoterdsodumrianngy tyheearesranoRwomstandgteanll-
bearmalbMooaraknAd natocneryawmaics aelleipehdawnti,thfohri-s

THers' News continued...

seven years after burglary notation of a chest of gold and dia- monds buried on a faraway island.

news/2018/05/safe_containing_ However, many don’t keep in

small_fortune.html mind that treasures may reside with-

A Staten Island Man Found a in your own home.

Safe of Cash in His Backyard. A blessed family has shown that

Then Things Got Weird. luck really does come around when

https://www.nytimes. you look hard enough for it, by

com/2018/05/19/nyregion/ uncovering one of the 18th century’s

safe-gold-staten-island.html most valuable pieces in their own

Ninja burglar sentenced to 22 years attic… 

in prison for raiding dozens of A family in Paris had an attic

homes in Staten Island over a decade that they rarely went up to. It’s been
hytotrpCk:o///iswntsawtfeowun.nn-idyZsdeilnaaeunitlhwdyes-nnwemiwrnaersjcia.ktci-moobfmeutrmh/gneuelRaZwroE--oEsuwmijk/P. APhotograph: Pewter spoons foundLdpdaeluauccrraieednn.egsHexuscrialnevcyae/tPioAannwyoonrke. Prhoaomtogerdapthh:e

sentenced-22-years-prison-arti- Anyone who walked by the attic’s
csleea-b1e.3d161000089meters from the 18th- The ship is an officially protected efnirtsrtantocebewsocuieldnnti’fticgailvlye eixtcaavsaetceodn. d
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LTuhcekeyviFdaenmcielyfrFoimndthse wreck site importance. tsihoinf.ting now due to changing tidal
is AthtatticthTerehaesauvrielyWlaodrethn ship sank Of the 250 Dutch East India ships paTttehrensf,amleilayv,incguritoiumsbetors seeexpwohseadt

lik1e9aMstiollnieo,nwDitohlltahres loss of every- known to have been wrecked, only a
onTe hoen wbooardrd“. treasure” has the con- thirdCohuarstebseyeonf lwowcawt.esdothanebdytsh.ciosmis the


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

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andBMUsuneotetmaalreintDJhaepUttheanecniiteqrosureieesaytrstews,orkths.e  fam-

Photo courtesy of www.theguard- Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the
detectorists-unearth-unique-hoard-of- Treasure Hunter’s Logbook

roman-artefacts#img-1 or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2

and decaying – and vulnerable to wwwwww.L.LoosstTtTrereaassuurere.c.coommNNeewwsslelettteter r192-189-187 197
treasure hunters.

It may never be possible, or even
desirable, to open the mystery chest.
Conventional x-rays often don’t
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mfuol satndofintsheensbitoixves. , they started to

THers' News continued...

Photos courtesy of artifact that ended up being sold for
sure-worth-19-million and a jaw-dropping $19 million!

ily thought it wasn’t a very special begin to describe how much this At this point, the family marveled
vase. They couldn’t have been more vase would sell for… at whether or not they were having
wrong… a dream.
The family and auctioneer were
It portrays birds, deer, and other blown away at the response of the They couldn’t believe their eyes
animals in a forest, and includes gold consumers. One bidded $850k, as they saw the long string of num-
embroidery around the neck. The another one bidded $900k, and then bers displayed on the screen. They
vase takes a mark of the Qianlong the prices started rocketing into couldn’t believe that those numbers
Emperor who ruled China from 1736 the millions. belonged to them now…
to 1796.
Whenever they weren’t bidding, The porcelain vessel was made
They decided to sell it at an auc- they were shouting at each other, try- for an emperor of the Qing Dynasty,
tion, and see how much money peo- ing to argue about who deserved the which was the last dynasty before
ple would bid for the vase… vase. The family was shocked when it was replaced by the Republic of
they witnessed the price climbing China.
Sotheby’s Paris was a popular higher and higher…
place for holding auctions and was As a vase made during the 18th
the destination for this rare vase. “$1.25 million!” one of the bidders century, it had a long and top-notch
shouted. “$1.5 million!” screamed history. Sotheby’s Paris exclaimed
When the family brought it inside, another person. “$2 million!” and that, “The vase is of exceptional
the auctioneer opened the box to then “3 million!” yelled another. rarity: the only known example of
look at what they were selling. She its kind. Famille Rose porcelains of
wasn’t prepared for the reaction she The family was overwhelmed by the period are extremely rare on the
was going to get. the demand that their seemingly stan- market, with most examples cur-
dard vase was getting. Then, the bids rently housed in the National Palace
She was blown away by the qual- went even higher, up to eight  dig- Museum in Taipei and other muse-
ity of the art. It was miles  ahead of its… ums around the world.”
the objects she auctions for her job
every day. She knew right away that The extended history along with The vase ended up breaking the
this auction was going to be one of its prestigious standings at the time record for a piece sold at Sotheby’s
the most extreme she’s ever held… gave the vase a final bidding value Paris, and the record for a Chinese
that the family couldn’t believe. porcelain sale in France.
They set an auction estimate of
$590,000 to $825,000, expecting to Archaeologists and historians Also groundbreaking is the fact
get a great amount out of it. have spent decades searching every that the auction lasted over 20 min-
corner of the world for this type of utes, which is a long time for auc-
However, “great” couldn’t even tions to last.

To this day, the buyer of the
vase remains a mystery. They didn’t
want their nationality or name to be

The  only thing the public knows
about this buyer is that he/she is
Asian. That is the only known piece
of information on the person who
paid tens of millions of dollars on a
single vase.

Sotheby’s said “Chinese art has
been admired and collected across
Europe for centuries, but the impor-
tance of certain pieces is occasion-
ally lost over time...”

Courtesy of https://www.lifedaily.

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

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Kelley Rea was with George Lesche, Relic Bob, Rafael Eledge,
Ken Hamilton, Joe Mooney and Ina Finn at the recent Richmond

Civil War Show. Photos courtesy of Kelley Rea via Facebook. Newsletter 9-18-18 21

Good Hunting!

Southern Indiana Annual
Treasure Fest Recap!

The group made it back in time for a pic with Smokey.

Week-long Poker hunt winners.

The Southern Indiana 10th Annual The event included numerous For more information about next
Treasure Fest was held recently at the sponsors and hundreds of prizes, year's event, visit Southern Indiana
Starve Hollow State Recreation Area and all entry fees went back into the Treasure Fest on Facebook or con-
just south of Brownstown, Indiana, ground for the seven days of Silver, tact Rick Trout, (574) 848-9345, or
off Hwy. 135. Token, Beach, and Kids’ Hunts. e-mail [email protected] 

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

More Good Hunting!

Flat and shady hunt fields. Registration and prize tables.

Terry Rittenhouse & Rick Trout help put The winner from California.
the event on and sponsor days. 

Helping out on White’s Day. Ready for the Chinese Auction, an evening event. Newsletter 9-18-18 23

Favorite Finds

Shown are some Favorite Finds
made by Chuck Milligan of Mobile,
Alabama, one of the Administrators
of the DownSouth Diggers’
Facebook page.

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

More Favorite Finds

Shown are some Favorite Finds
made by Buzz Wilson that he shared
on Facebook.

Buzz said, “So I thought I would
post some of my latest finds hunting.
As far as silver, a 1953 Rose, brace-
let, and a baby spoon.

“The thing with the pour spout
and handle - I think it is made out of
pewter, but could be silver. I haven’t
cleaned the bottom of it yet to see if
it has any markings.

“Also an 1880 coin, not sure what
country. Oh yeah, and a 5-cent token.

“Happy hunting everybody!” Newsletter 9-18-18 25

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

SEPTEMBER etc. The Hunt Flyer, including pric- 1st. Free Kids hunt under 11 years
22nd – 23rd – Java Center, New ing, and a map can be obtained - half price 11 to 17. For more infor-
York. The 20th Annual International online at For more mation, contact Keith Wills at (903)
Hunt Extravaganza sponsored by the information call David Scales (205) 734-7773 or [email protected]
Genesee Valley Treasure Seekers 529-8955, or e-mail Ds5584@aol.
at the Beaver Meadow Family com 27th – Irving Texas. The 44th
Campground. There will be plenty Annual Open Hunt hosted by the
of silver and tokens planted for each 6th – Waynesville, Ohio. The Lone Star Treasure Hunters Club,
hunt and prizes include detectors, Ohio Detectorists Association rain or shine. One busy day! Last
gold coins, silver coins and many (ODA), one of the largest metal year they awarded 21 metal detec-
other items of interest to metal detec- detecting organizations in Ohio with tors, 55 gold coins, 7 pin pointers, 54
torists. In addition, there will be over 110 members and growing at silver dollars, and many other great
raffles, drawings and a gift basket a phenomenal rate, will hold their prizes. Over 5,000 silver coins were
and merchandise auction. The hunt Fall Treasure Hunt where members seeded in the Hunt Fields. Contact
application is available for download and non-members can participate in Robert Jordan at (972) 839-6647 or
at or you may contact metal detecting activities. All activi- at [email protected] or visit
John Howard at 34 Bayberry Lane, ties involve using metal detectors the Club’s website at www.lonestar-
Rochester, NY 14616 or jwhoward@ in competition and will be held at for information. Camp Lebanon, 4464 Emmons Rd.,
Oregonia, Ohio. They have invit- NOVEMBER
29th – Annapolis, Maryland. ed a couple of bordering clubs in 10th – Round Rock, Texas. The
Silver Frenzy V Open Hunt, spon- Indiana and Kentucky to this year’s Austin Metal Detecting Club’s Open
sored by the Maryland Artifact event and expect it to draw 120 to Hunt at Old Settlers RV Park, 3300
Recovery Society at Sandy Point 150 detectorists. For more, log onto E. Palm Valley Blvd. This event
State Park. Contact Tim Streaker at the club’s website at www.odam- will have 5 separate hunts with
(410) 241 9480 or trstreak@gmail. or contact Jeff many prizes, including detectors
com or log onto Filaseta, President, (937)716-7160), and assorted gear. For a hunt flyer,
for more information. e-mail: [email protected] please visit
For more information, contact Jim
30th – Annapolis, Maryland. 13th –14th - Antlers, Oklahoma. Lawhon at [email protected]
Treasure 2018 Open Hunt, spon- 2018 Rendezvous, Two-day Open
sored by the Maryland Free State Hunt To Benefit the Handicap FEBRUARY 2019
Treasure Club at Sandy Point Children of the Texas Lions Camp 8th – 10th – Quartzsite, Arizona.
State Park. For information, con- In Kerrville, Texas, at the K River The Quartzsite AZ Gold Show at the
tact Gary Pennington at (410) 440- Campgrounds ( - QIA Bldg., 235 N Ironwood, Friday
2881 or [email protected] or camping/primitive/all size campers/ – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Sunday
log onto some full hook-ups and few cabins). 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. $5 Admission is
Open to the public rain or shine - good for all three days. Vendors
OCTOBER Gold and Silver and more prizes to inside and out selling & demon-
6th – Cullman, Alabama. 45th give away. Enjoy and Learn Metal strating gold prospecting equipment,
Annual Deep South Treasure Hunt, Detecting, Dredging, Panning, Coin nuggets, jewelry, coins and more.
sponsored by the Warrior Basin Hunting, Nugget Shooting, and Gold Speakers demonstrations, questions
Treasure Hunters Association Prospecting. The Northeast, Texas and answers for metal detectors and
(WBTHA) at Smith Lake Park, 416 GPAA Chapter of Gold Prospectors other prospecting equipment. Door
County Road 385. Hunts will include will be there to give hands-on Prizes including gold nuggets, metal
Silver Bonanza Hunt, Dollar Bill experience from the professionals detectors and more. Contact Richard
Hunt, Relic Hunt, and Main Hunt. in the field! WWATS Membership Trusty at QuartzsiteAZGoldShow@
Between hunts there will be raffles, Discount! No Discount after October or phone (651) 587-6136

26 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 9-18-18

Calendar Cont'd
or (928) 927-5479 for vendor info, the DGMS Rock Club. Contact Bill ing requires additional fee). Hunters
or log onto QuartzsiteAZGoldshow. Gallagher, [email protected], can search the park grounds for coins
com (575) 313-6660 for more informa- and relics to enter in the Best Finds
tion and entry forms. http://www. contest, and special prize tokens and
MARCH caches will be seeded throughout.
9th – Deming, New Mexico. The Excavate fresh areas of the historic
Deming Gem and Mineral Society’s 29th – 31st – Jefferson, Texas. town dump site. Ironclad boat rep-
(DGMS) first annual Metal Detector The Charles Garrett Memorial lica and cannon firing demonstra-
Competition Hunt at 10 a.m. at the Hunt III, Diggin’ Texas 2019, rain tions Saturday (weather permitting).
Luna County Fairgrounds. This or shine, at Diamond Don Empire, All prizes will be awarded. Special
event will be held in conjunction 1602 Highway 49 East. Basic Hunt guests, more to be announced! For
with the 54th annual Deming Gem Package: Participation in Best Finds hunt rules, entry form, prices and
and Mineral Show, a four-day event Hunt, Lights Out Hunt, Free Range more, log onto https://www.garrett.
from March 7-10. There will be Hunt, and Free Kids Hunt (for those com/hobbysite/hbby_garrett2019_
many prizes awarded during the 12 and under). Optional Silver Hunt cg_hunt.aspx If you need more
metal detecting competition, includ- and Relic Hunt also available. One info after visiting the hunt website,
ing gold coins, meteorite specimens, Charles Garrett Memorial/Diggin’ e-mail [email protected] 
hand crafted jewelry, cash prizes Texas Hunt T-shirt (if hunt fee is
and more. Entry fee is $20 per metal paid before February 1). Free park E-mail upcoming events to manag
detectorist. All proceeds support admission and camping (RV camp- [email protected]

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