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Online Newsletter - 21 February 2017

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Online Newsletter - 21 February 2017

Newsletter–February 21, 2017

CHOICE Florida Metal
DIGGER Detecting Club

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Lost TreasureCentral Florida Metal Detec
OnlCinleubNs’e2w01sl6eFttienrds of the Ye
Made by members:

February 21, 2017 Jim Tippitt
Cristine Merriam

Chuck Hosbien
Bill Green
Feature Club — page 4 Ken Arrington

Matt Kochis

Carolyn Harwick

Patricia Chin

Gary Dover

Mike Grace

Patti Fielding

Jerry Hitson

Brent Petherick

Richard Balkham

Danny Case

Kathy Waters

page 6 — Favorite Finds


Hunters of the Year

CarolOynTHHarEwiRck FanEdARTichUarRdEBSalkham

2nd pla3ceThHe uCnotineerdsPohfratsehe Year

Christine M1e5rrTiaHmerasn'dNBerwesnt Petherick

3r2d2 pSlLapoecscetiaTHlreBuaonsnutureesrMFseaaogtfuazrteinhFeeroYmear

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2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

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Feature Club

The Central Florida Metal Detecting Club


Hunters of the Year

Carolyn Harwick and Richard Balkham

2nd place Hunters of the Year

Christine Merriam and Brent Petherick

3rd place Hunters of the Year

Patricia Chin and Bill Green

The Central Florida Metal and Claude Rainey, both who The Central Florida Metal
Detecting Club (CFMDC) is served as long time presidents of Detecting Club meets the second
Florida’s oldest metal detecting the club. Friday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at
club as well as one of the largest the Community United Methodist
with over 100 members. The CFMDC is dedicated to Church  41 W Highbanks Rd,
the preservation of Florida his- DeBary, Florida. Visitors are
Founded in 1972, the CFMDC tory and community service. always welcome at all the club's
celebrated its 40th year in 2012. meetings.
As a club, they have returned
The CFMDC was cre- lost items, recovered evidence for For more information or to
ated with the efforts of Stuart local authorities, assisted in miss- contact the club, log onto http://
Auerbach (CEO of Kellyco Metal ing persons, and have donated to
Detector Superstore), Ray Leist many different charities.

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

Feature Club cont'd...

201 6 Finds of the Year Winners

Brent Petherick
Richard Balkham

Patricia Chin
Carolyn Harwick
Christine Merriam

Bill Green
Carolyn Harwick Newsletter 2-21-17 5

Favorite Finds

CeCnetnrtaral lFFlloorriiddaaMMeteatlaDl eDteecttiencgting
CClulubb'ss’ 22001166FFinidnsdosf othfetYheeaYr ear

Made by members:
Jim Tippitt

Cristine Merriam
Jim Hooks

Chuck Hosbien
Bill Green

Ken Arrington
Matt Kochis
Carolyn Harwick
Patricia Chin
Gary Dover
Mike Grace
Patti Fielding
Jerry Hitson
Brent Petherick
Richard Balkham
Danny Case
Dave Gascoyne
Kathy Waters

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

More Favorite Finds Newsletter 2-21-17 7

More Favorite Finds

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

More Favorite Finds Newsletter 2-21-17 9

More Favorite Finds

10 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

More Favorite Finds Newsletter 2-21-17 11

More Favorite Finds

12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

More Favorite Finds Newsletter 2-21-17 13

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THers' News

A treasure hunter on a southeast Texas beach made an unusual discovery - a stash
of foreign coins. Robert Hodsdon was scanning the sand with a metal detector

when it went off near the seawall on Galveston Beach. Photos courtesy of http://m.


Texas Man Uses Detector To later identified the coins as having scientists selected by the FBI to look
Make A Stunning Discovery been taken from his apartment. He for clues in the world’s most infa-
A treasure hunter on a southeast believes someone he knows took the mous skyjacking may have found
Texas beach made an unusual dis- items and said they weren’t worth new evidence in the 45-year-old
covery - a stash of foreign coins. much. case.
Robert Hodsdon was scanning the
sand in January with a metal detector Hodsdon usually keeps any for- They’re asking for the public’s
when it went off near the seawall on eign coins that he recovers, but in help because of potential leads
Galveston Beach. this case, he said he’s happy to return that could link the hijacker known
Robert Hodsdon is a beachcomber them to Grasso. as D.B. Cooper to the Puget Sound
with a metal detector. He spends aerospace industry in the early
time wandering near the seawall in Courtesy of 1970’s.
Galveston, searching for lost trea- news/houston-texas/texas/article/
sures. Texas-man-uses-metal-detector- The scientific team has been ana-
As his metal detector went off makes-stunning-10857871.php lyzing particles removed from the
repeatedly, Hodsdon knew there was clip-on tie left behind by Cooper after
quite the haul beneath the sand. Scientists May Have he hijacked a Northwest Orient pas-
“It was beeping everywhere I New Evidence In senger jet in November 1971.
put my metal detector,” Hodsdon D.B. Cooper Case
told The Galveston County Daily SEATTLE - A band of amateur A powerful electron microscope
News. “I said, ‘Well, lookie here. I found more than 100,000 particles
found a coin spill’.” Robert Hodsdon found a stash of on old the JCPennytie, including
As the 62-year-old Texas City foreign coins on Galveston Beach. It cerium, strontium sulfide and pure
man spent more than an hour dig- turned out the coins had been stolen titanium.
ging in the sand, other treasure hunt- from disabled military veteran Peter
ers began to notice. What Hodsdon Grasso. Hodsdon returned the coins to “These are what they call rare
found was a stash of foreign coins. earth elements. They’re used in
Another treasure hunter made a Grasso. very narrow fields, for very spe-
connection between the find and a cific things,” said Tom Kaye, lead
Facebook post about stolen coins researcher for the group that calls
and other items recently. itself Citizen Sleuths.
Peter Grasso, 64, of Galveston,
Kaye said the elements were rare-
ly used in 1971, during the time
of Cooper’s daring leap with a para-
chute from the passenger jet.

One place they were being used Newsletter 2-21-17 15

THers' News continued...

was for Boeing’s high-tech super- (Photo: Associated Press) Courtesy of The scientists would like to hear
sonic transport plane, which was theories from the public on what
being developed with government nation-now/2017/01/13/scientists-say- those materials could have been used
funding in the 1960s and 1970s. they-may-have-new-evidence-db-coo- for. They hope the information can
help build a profile of Cooper.
Kaye wonders if Cooper could per-case/96575858/
have been a Boeing employee or a “Someone may be able to look at
contractor who wore the tie to work. those particles and say ‘Oh my gosh.
I know what that means having those
“The tie went with him into these particles on the tie,” Kaye said.
manufacturing environments, for
sure, so he was not one of the Tipsters can reach the group
people running these (manufactur- through the “contact” tab on
ing machines). He was either an the Citizen Sleuth website.
engineer or a manager in one of the
plants,” Kaye said. On Thanksgiving Eve 1971, a
man aboard a Portland to Seattle
Kaye says Boeing was develop- flight told the flight attendant he had
ing cutting edge monitors, like radar a bomb in his suitcase. He demanded
screens, that used some of the ele- $200,000 and four parachutes, which
ments found on the tie. the FBI delivered when the plane
landed at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle.
Kaye says the public’s help is
needed, particularly from old-timers When the plane was airborne
with experience in the aerospace again, headed south, the man who
industry in the Pacific Northwest. became known as D.B. Cooper

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16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

THers' News continued...

jumped from the back staircase of A non-utilitarian bow, entirely made tered remains. Archaeologists
the Boeing 727 with a parachute of copper bronze. Source: Guillaume believe that this area was an ancient
on his back into the frigid night sky religious building at one point.
and vanished. Gernez/Mission archeologique
francaise en Oman central] Photos The most interesting part about
The FBI closed the case last year courtesy of https://m.thevintagenews. those weapons is that they are all
unsolved. com/2016/05/12/mini-bronze-replicas- small-scale models made from metal.
Courtesy of http://www.usa- They are thought to just be orna- peninsula/ mental, most likely intended to be an
now/2017/01/13/scientists-say-they- offering to a god of war.
case/96575858/ The small weapons were found
inside the ruins of an Iron Age build-
An Incredible Cache of ing which was discovered back in
Ancient Bronze Weapons 2009. The building was in Adam, in
Has Been Unearthed the Sultanate of Oman.
A recent discovery in the Arabian
Peninsula has led archaeologists to a The experts who worked on the
new site. site believe the weapons date to 900
At the site, a cache of bronze to 600 BC and were once displayed
weapons were found and have been on shelves, furniture, or even hung
dated to almost 3,000 years ago. on walls before they fell off and
In the cache were bows, arrows, were discovered alongside the ritual-
daggers, and axes, along with scat- istic objects.

The bows are made of flat, curved
staves which are bent at both ends Newsletter 2-21-17 17

THers' News continued...
Lost Treasure and connected by a string made of
OnLine bronze. The size of the small bows is
about 28 inches long. This indicates
SECURITY that they were actually imitations of
WARNING DECALS the real objects, which were made of
perishable materials such as wood
Protect Yourself and and tendons.
Your Belongings!
French archaeologists first dis-
Protect Your Detectors covered the site near Adam, which
and Your Property! had been unexplored before the
French mission.
• Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC The project was headed by Dr.
ALARM SYSTEM. Guillaume Gernez of Pantheon-
• Frighten burglars away. Sorbonne University in 2011.
• Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware- The site is also known as Mudhmar
house, equipment, store or boats. East and consists of two main build-
• Great low-cost security system. ings that are located near one of the
• Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4” largest valleys in Oman.
• 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
Oman lays at the crossroads
Click on this ad to order OnLine between several trading routes.
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
The larger building measures to
18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17 about 49 feet in and is located on the
slope of Jabal Mudhmar. It’s made
of sandstone blocks and earth bricks.

In this building, there was a small
door-less room where Dr. Gernez
discovered the bronze weapons.

Gernez said that the discovery
provides him with new informa-
tion about weaponry during the Iron
Age, especially in eastern Arabian

It also tells him about the social
practices of the people at that time.

He added that the non-utilitarian
nature of those weapons might indi-
cate that they were designed to be
offered to a deity of war and could
be the key to social practices that are
not understood.

He also explained that his first
hypothesis is to reinforce the pres-
ence in the site’s second building
of several fragments of the ceramic
incense burners and small bronze

These objects have indicated ritu-
alistic practices.

Gernez said that the cache of
weapons was made at a time when
metallurgical production was on the
rise in that area.

This technical development went

THers' News continued...

essful THers Guide BW 1_2pg color.qxd 2/7/2012 11:17 AM Page 1

An Unfinished axe made of copper bronze.


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders) Newsletter 2-21-17 19

THers' News continued...
hand-in-hand with a complex soci- There are two small collections
ety. that archaeologists are most inter-
ested in.
However, one of the more diffi-
cult tasks to figure out is the peoples’ They are small quivers which are
political system and social structure, entirely made of bronze, each con-
especially since it was pre-literate, taining six arrows, and other metal
resulting in their being no documen- weapons.
tation available about the people.
The other weapons measure

Click the blue ad above & order your copy of the Two quivers made of copper bronze,
during the excavation.
Treasure Hunter’s Logbook
about 14 inches tall, which makes
or call 800-423-0029 ext. 2 them small-scale replicas of the real
20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17
The real quivers would have been
made of leather and are not usually
found in archaeological excavations
since they degrade over time.

Archaeologists found five bows
which are all of a similar scale.

They were made of metal and
included bronze strings.

Another interesting fact was that
the quivers are made of metal sup-
ports, giving the archaeologists an
indication that they were simply
made for ornamental reasons.

Quivers such as these have never
been found in the Arabian Peninsula
and the Middle East. They are also
quite rare in other areas as well.

The experts were also interested in
the other metal weapons, which were
non-utilitarian given their smaller
size, the material they were made
from, and their unfinished state.

They included five battle axes,
five daggers with crescent-shaped
pommels, almost 50 arrowheads,
and five complete bows.

Courtesy of https://m.thevintage-

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Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

Sunken Treasure -
The Great Adventure

By John Christopher Fine

Coins and jewelry found by John and Judy Halas
underwater on the remains of the wrecked Spanish
1715 treasure fleet.

“It was a great adventure. How water treasure hunting. Key Largo is the diving capitol of
many people get to do these things?” Their two boats, “Pandion II” and the world, or so it seems. Thousands
Judy Halas sat on the dock behind of divers flock to the Florida Keys
their two-story home on a canal in “Diversion,” were tied in a cut in every year to explore the Atlantic
Key Largo, Florida. back of their house. Ocean’s underwater wilderness only
a few miles offshore where reefs
The sun was unrelenting and there “It’s just down this canal a short break the surface and divers need
was only a slight breeze. way to get out into the ocean,” go no deeper than 20 to 30 feet to
John Halas said. He pointed east. explore them.
She sat under a buttonwood tree The canal was crowded with homes;
opposite John, her husband of 43 almost everybody had boats tied to John McSherry’s treasure hunting
years. John is also a legend in under- their docks or on lifts.

212 LOST TREASURE NOecwtosblertte2r0126-21-17

Field. “In the military Dad traveled a That was in May 1966 when the
lot. I started first grade and got into war in Vietnam was building. John
third in San Antonio, Texas.” had been exempt from the draft
while in school, but knew he would
John finished high school in be drafted sooner or later, so sought
Panama City, Florida, then attended to get into either Navy or Air Force
Florida State University where he officer training school.
received a BS in biology.
“I tried the U.S. Navy. They had
When he graduated he joined his their pick of engineers. Their offi-
father, who had moved to Key West cer training program was flooded,
and was in the process of relocating as was the Air Force. My time ran
his mother, brother and one of his out and I was drafted into the Army.
two sisters.

John and Judy Halas with a photo of WIQNuAesNtiEonWs ADbEoTuEt YCoTuOr R!
the jewelry they found underwater on Digital Subscription?Enter Lost Treasure’s September Hunt Sweepstakes for a chance at
the Ft. Pierce site. The site was dubbed
“Jewelry Flat.” It was a lucky day the X-TERRA 705 Metal Detector from Minelab.
E-mail webmaster
boat “Tailhook” was tied alongside @losttreasure.comA versatile all-purpose detector
the dock facing out of the canal. John
and Judy are boat-sitting for their capable of all types of
friend. A treasure hunting blower, or detecting, from coin &
mailbox, lay on Tailhook’s deck. treasure to relics, beach
and even gold prospecting
A large iguana lizard enjoyed the
sun on its rail. STANDARD DIGGING TOOL
“Look,” John pointed. A manatee
swam by in the canal heading toward UMa.Sde.Ain
the ocean.
Click this ad This Fine Digging
“In the old days, before it was to order Tool is Made of
prohibited, we used to open a hose ··GCoAolidnirp&crrToarsefpatesQcutriunegamlmiotodydee
and give them fresh water. They ·SAtceceul,raHteePaitnpTorinetaintegd
must have fresh water to survive,” www*F.MCoinruemtlasobt.rcheormionufoorgrCmhaalal:tni8o8yn8r-9ov4ios9itt-:6s522 · Chan· gLeigachnotiwdl etTiogehcmtha&pnRgeeuregfrgdee.qduency
he said. Ibfyyo*muaDadinloiingyngsotatythphpaorevsoetoucaafcgrcgdhersoosr ut3o”ntxhde5L” opsitecTereoafspuarepeOrninLianne
web site, you may enter
Judy served cranberry lemonade, envelope no larger than
cheese and chips wearing the rings
that tell of their success exploring a9n.5sw”*exrI4dt.o5e”tahwlelsiyethqsyuuoeiusttreiondnasmf:oeHraonMwd defuotlalylaodudcrhesasn,giencthluedXin-gTEziRpRcoAd7e0, 5al’osnfgrewquitehncthye?
sunken Spanish galleons wrecked in (GA-rnSosvewpee,NDterOmuecKabtrenes7rceb43tre3i0yn4tfho5gau-a,n1nn5Cddd8a9miLn.muaEtshnnptetbdirneiasedgrsce,aamcbpeuioivsvnteehdg.aMbvyeaOialcptotoo:sbMtemrIaN3rrkEdLb, e2At0wB1e,6eP.n.YOSo.ueBpmotexamy4b5een1rt5e18rs9t,
shallow water off the beaches from as often as once per day, either by mail or the internet, but not both. Multiple
Fort Pierce to Sebastian.
daily entries will be discarded. No purchase necessary to enter sweepstakes
The interaction between John and
Judy, as each described the same void wPhelurespryoohisubwitgeeedep.tsCtaaokmehspalpenatgederyualte:Cswaawnddwo.aLrloirssattToBfreweailsntunrHeer.scooclmadnebre fwouintdhon the
events, revealed their close relation- plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool.Lost Treasure respects your right to privacy. As part of the registration process, you will be added to our
ship not only as husband and wife,
and dive buddies, but as stalwart list to receive special Lost Treasure mailings & special offers from other companies in the industry.
friends that lived that great adven-
ture searching for sunken treasure. The belt loop is 3 1/2”Congratulations: William Laffoon of San Diego, CA winner of the
Garrett ACE 300 metal detector in the (July LTOL Hunt Sweepstakes)
John Halas’ father was in the U.S.
Air Force stationed at Hendricks

wwww.Lwows.tLToresatTsrueraes.cuorem.cNoemwsOlecttoebr e2r-2210-1167 2133

A legendary Spanish piece of eight. This is the first coin found by spoil that was reported to be killing
John Halas on the Spanish treasure fleet site off Ft. Pierce, Florida. the reefs.

With a college degree, I was encour- back five times. I have photos from “Raleigh Stapleton built a boat
aged to apply for and was then my service in the village of kids in later renamed “Pandion II” as a
accepted and given a date for Army my arms. I found one little girl in research boat for the Harbor Brach
Infantry Officer Candidate School. the picture. She now has two kids of field station. The field station dis-
her own.” banded in less than a year and
"I did my Basic Training at Fort Pandion II was moved to the Harbor
Dix, New Jersey. That was in the When John left service he got a Branch main headquarters in Ft.
fall of 1966. I was sent to Fort job in Marathon in the Keys doing Pierce to continue scientific work in
McClellan, Alabama, for eight weeks mariculture, first raising shrimp lar- that area.
of Advanced Infantry Training then I vae and then with a second company
applied to get into the Chemical raising pompano larvae. “Judy was teaching school so we
Biological and Radiological Warfare stayed in the Keys. I bought a similar
Section while in OCS. He innovated by feeding the Stapleton dive boat, ‘Pandion I,’ to
hatchlings zooplankton he’d seine begin independent charter work.”
"I was a biology major and chem- off bridges.
istry minor, but I was not selected. Here John’s story takes a detour.
My eyesight was good enough for He started living permanently in “Joe Clark, a Key Largo dive shop
the infantry and, after 23 weeks of the Keys in 1969. He was able to owner, caught me sanding the bot-
OCS, I graduated as an Infantry attend a summer state university tom of my dive charter boat in the
Second Lieutenant." graduate program called Scientist in fall of 1977. He asked, ‘Ever think
the Sea where he learned scientific of being a dive shop owner?’ He was
John knew exactly his time in diving techniques utilizing a vari- looking for someone to take over the
service, “Two years, nine months ety of Navy and commercial rigs, building lease for his small satellite
and 20 days. My last 11-and-a-half including a three-day saturation in dive store, since he was expanding
months I served in Vietnam.” Hydro Lab. into a new location and needed to
liquidate his small store.
He was a rifle platoon leader, a When he returned he got a job “I agreed to take the lease and
mortar platoon leader, and then an with the Harbor Branch Foundation’s took on a partner, Gary Rinn, a
advisor. field station based in Pennekamp dive instructor, to complement me
State Park. as an ocean operator captain. With
“We were a five-man Mobile Pandion I we opened Sun Divers
Advisory Team picked to train the He was hired as a biological tech- Station in early 1978. By spring we
rag-tag Vietnamese village defense. nician to run the field study that bought a 34-foot Crusader dive boat
We lived in a village…I’ve been reported on the effects of dredge that was certified for 20 divers. That
meant 40 tanks which was quite a
load. Two of us ran that shop along
with Judy on the weekends and even-
tually with additional employees.”
This began a renewed relation-
ship with Richard MacAllaster, John
and Judy’s duplex neighbor-friend
from their Marathon mariculture
days. MacAllaster had worked the
Spanish galleon “Angustias” under
state contract off Long Key in the
Florida Keys, which John had par-
ticipated in.
“Richard decided he wanted to go
up and work the wrecks of the 1715
fleet off Fort Pierce,” John related.
“He invited me to participate, as
time allowed, if he could secure a
stare contract lease.
“Larry Murphy, now a retired
PhD underwater archaeologist, was
hired by the State of Florida in the
early ‘70’s as a State Agent for State
contracted treasure hunting boats.
“Murphy had an overlay of the

214 LOST TREASURE NOectwosblertte2r0126-21-17

map created from Mel’s work in Ft. called “Señor de la Popa.” that MacAllaster and his Peninsular
Pierce. Mel Fisher abandoned the The fleets were struck by the fury Exploration and Salvage Corporation
site off what is now called Frederick secured a state contract lease.
Douglas Park to go look for the of a hurricane off the coast of Florida
‘Atocha.’ Mel made big hits on that just a couple of days out of Cuba. Larry Murphy was present to
site. assist with his notes, overlay, and
The ships were wrecked with the three arm protractor.
"Later, Rex Stocker, Kip Wagner’s loss of hundreds of lives. Those
nephew, worked it along with others that survived attempted salvage and The first year was worked without
before it was once again abandoned. made camps on the beach. a metal detector, conducting some
magnetometer surveys and generally
"Mel Fisher jumped around. Ubilla’s Nuestra Señora de las becoming familiar with the site.
When Mel got a feeling he followed Nieves y las Animas was wrecked
his sense of where he wanted to opposite what is now Frederick “I still have the first coin I found,”
search. He left gaps. Douglas Park in Fort Pierce. John Halas said. The smile on his
face made it clear he was reliving the
"Larry Murphy, after state employ- The loss was one of the worst in great adventure and felt the thrill of
ment and graduate school, showed history. The combined convoy of the his first discovery.
Richard MacAllaster his notes and two fleets left Havana with 14 mil-
the map. MacAllaster was convinced lion pesos of gold, silver and jewels The same day Judy Halas found
there was more work to be done on loaded into their holds. a four reale coin. She swam over
that site," John said. to John underwater and showed the
John and Judy Halas began work coin to him.
The fury of a hurricane that on the 1715 treasure fleet in 1978,
stormed offshore of what is now Fort as time away from the dive shop “She wasn’t sure it was a coin. It
Pierce on July 29, 1715, ravaged allowed. was corroded,” John said.
King Philip V’s treasure fleet.
They worked on MacAllaster’s “John took the coin and swam
The convoy was led by Captain- boat, “Bamboo Bay,” the first year away. A little while later he came
General Don Juan Esteban de
Ubilla’s five ships of the “Nueva Judy Halas’ hand with rings. The coin was recovered from the Douglas Beach
Espana” fleet. site and mounted in a gold setting. John bought an emerald for the gold ring that
was found without a stone. The wedding band was molded from the original found
He was joined in Havana, Cuba, underwater. Photos by John Christopher Fine.
by General Antonio Echeverz y
Zubiza’s six vessels of the “Tierra wwww.Lwows.tLToresatTsrueraes.cuorem.cNoemwsOlecttoebr e2r-2210-1167 2155
Firma” fleet.

The French vessel “Grifon” was
allowed to join them for protection.

The “Nueva Espana” fleet had
sailed to Havana from Veracruz,

The “Tierra Firma” fleet carried
gold, silver and jewels from Panama.
The two fleets joined together in
Havana for the trip back to Spain.

Ubilla’s fleet consisted of the
ships “Nuestra Señora de la Regala,”
which was the “Capitana” or lead
vessel of the fleet, the “Santo Cristo
de San Roman,” which was the
“Almiranta” or vessel carrying the
admiral of the fleet, the “Urca de
Lima” and a “patache,” or smaller
vessel, the “Nuestra Señora de las
Nieves y las Animas.” The convoy
was joined by a small “frigatilla”
made in Cuba.

Echeverz’ Tierra Firme fleet
consisted of “Nuestra Señora del
Carmen,” his “Capitana,” “Nuestra
Señora del Rosario,” his “Almiranta,”
the merchant ships “Concepcion”
and “San Miguel,” and a captured
Dutch prize ship “Holandesa,” also

Coins of silver and gold. The 8 reale coin is the first coin John Halas found diving We would stand in the same place
for treasure. behind the blower to take our read-
ings to be accurate.
back with his camera and began tak- uncovered by the propeller’s down-
ing pictures. Then I knew I’d found ward wash. "This chart and our dedication to
a coin,” Judy added. taking careful readings and accurate-
“There was moderate success, ly recording them each time a move
“I had to go up to the boat to get enough to make plans for the next was made, sometimes 40 of more
my camera,” John said. season,” John said. a day, created an accurate record
of where we had been and conse-
As Judy tells it, “I found my coin During the 1978-1979 off season quently where we needed to go over
first. It was all encrusted. I showed it it was not possible to work inshore in the course of 10 years working the
to John. When he came back with his winter when the ocean is too rough; wreck site."
camera, that’s when I knew it was a MacAllaster added two things to his
coin. Then he found his coin second. operation that made a huge differ- The second important thing that
His is bigger than mine, but doesn’t ence in the success of all subsequent came in that off season was a home-
have a date,” Judy bragged. salvage seasons. made metal detector developed
by Richard MacAllaster and Lee
“This was our first year. It was He obtained a special metal detec- Harding.
1978 and we were working with tor and also made a chart.
MacAllaster’s boat called ‘Bamboo “It was made with our required
Bay.’ We always worked under the “He was meticulous. He started sensitivity. It was made to hold up
blower. The ship’s engine ran at slow out as a surveyor with Florida’s to the rigors of working under the
speed,” John explained. Department of Transportation. He blower with the engine running,”
said his chart was simple high school John explained.
The blower or mailbox is a device math using ‘a family of circles’ in
shaped like an elbow. The tube is injunction with three fixed shore For the 1979 season, MacAllaster
lowered down over the ship’s propel- markers,” John explained. asked John to join his summer opera-
ler and fixed in place. tion.
There were three surveyed mark-
With the dive vessel secured with ers on shore consisting of big orange That would include moving
three or four anchors, two forward signs on pine trees. “Pandion I” up there. Pandion I had
and two out from the stern, the ship’s a shallow draft and could work in
engine is engaged and the propeller "We’d take two sextant readings. water as shallow as five feet deep.
wash is directed down through the I never shot star angles before, but
elbow tube. here there were shore marker angles “We would be able to work under
to take. We’d hold the sextant hori- the blower in very shallow water,
This serves to blow away sand or zontally and shoot two angles. whereas the ‘Bamboo Bay’ could
other overburden and dig a hole. not get shallower than nine feet of
"There is only one place where water,” John and Judy explained.
Divers working under the propel- those angles come together facing
ler wash usually enjoy fairly good shore. They had to juggle dive shop
visibility and can pick up objects business with their partner. Since
"We would mark it on the chart. he was included in the treasure hunt
9H0F5uLOiwn-n3tdT4LMw6on-no2grwe6Le!8r,S8.ilotnosrete The two angles become a point plans he agreed to the proposal.
where the angles intersect. MacAllaster spearheaded the con-
Our modern production methods and dedicated version of Pandion I from a dive boat
"If we could get a boat pulled in to a dive salvage boat.
treasure.comteam set us apart from others in the industry tight, and it’s calm enough, I was
able to get Judy to pull in or slack off For John and Judy Halas, this
our anchor ropes so that we’d move began an odyssey that became the
maybe two feet. adventure of their lives they had to
juggle it with their full time jobs.
"It was more accurate than GPS.
Judy continued teaching high
school full time and later devel-
oped Environmental Moorings
International, Inc.

John become a NOAA/Sanctuaries
employee in the fall of 1980.

They were joined by Bob
“Frogfoot” Weller.

“Bob Weller considered Pandion
I a lucky boat and years later he
wanted to buy it. In the mid-1980’s
the diesel powered Harbor Branch
Stapleton boat went up for bid and I
got it. We renamed it ‘Pandion II,’ so

216 LOST TREASURE NOecwtosblertte2r0126-21-17

I sold Bob Weller Pandion I,” John both sides,” John added. Lost Treasure
Halas explained. Then John and Judy described a
“In the 1979 second year season, I special lucky day on the Douglas
found a gold ring close to shore with Beach wreck site, not far from the www.lost
Pandion I. The stone was missing. two escudo find.
After acquiring the ring in the divi-
sion, I went to a jeweler in Miami “We were shut down. We left a Subscription
and traded a Spanish coin for an buoy on the site,” Judy said. Questions?
emerald,” John said.
“Everybody left. It was blowing Call
He gave the ring to Judy, now hard,” John remembered. Toll-free
with an emerald, and it is one she
always wears. “So we went in and had a spaghet- (866)
ti dinner with wine.” Judy added, 469-6224
That and a gold wedding-type
ring that Judy also found on the “The next day John said we could or e-mail
Douglas Beach offshore site. go out. We were still under from the lost
night before. We were wined out.”
Bob Frogfoot Weller had a cast- treasure@
ing made and gold replicas of the “We went out,” John said. pcspublink
ring were given to Judy Halas and "We were on hookah. We would
Margaret Weller. Bob then destroyed stay underwater for hours. That day .com
the mold. John went in one direction and I
went in another.
“We worked the 1715 fleet for "After a time I decided to check
10 years. I don’t think there was a on John. When I got to him he made
day that we didn’t find something. a gesture that said ‘Hold out your
We even found coins on the ballast hand.’ He dropped a sailor’s ring into
pile. Bob Weller called the site the my hand. It was 10-carat gold. Then
‘Nieves.’ It was State Lease 8 SL 17 he dropped the rest of it in my hand.
off Douglas Beach,” Judy added. There was jewelry and a large gold
ring with a 10-carat emerald in it,”
Judy held up a one reale silver Judy said.
coin set in gold that she wore on her “The emerald was cracked across
finger. She took it off so the obverse the middle,” John interrupted. “We
could be seen. called it the angel ring.”
“It’s a gorgeous setting. It looks
The date 1704 was visible. When like angel wings holding up the
asked if she was the one that found stone. One angel face is happy; the
it, Judy replied, “Probably. We just other one is sad. The State of Florida
threw them in piles. It’s a Lima mint. did not take it in the division. I think
We got it in the division. This site they thought it was glass,” Judy
was Mel Fisher’s gold wreck. related.
MacAllaster’s PE&S Corp.
“There was a gentleman’s agree- retained the gold and emerald ring
ment. In the first round of the divi- for further dividing as their share of
sion divers could spend their points the season’s division.
on what they first found,” John They were not sure that the stone
explained. was an emerald.
“We took it to Wally Minto in
Then he laughed, “Spencer Slate Sarasota. Wally invented the machine
worked with us. One day he looked that tells cubic zirconium from real
at a coin and said, ‘That’s a coin? diamonds. He is a well-known gem-
I’ve been throwing them back. I ologist.
thought they were tar balls.’ The "Wally examined the stone and
one reale in Judy’s ring is nice and said he couldn’t tell if it was an
round. I thought it would make a emerald or glass. He said he could
beautiful ring.” take a sliver from the crack and
examine it under a microscope.
“This coin, this gold ring, the one "We told Wally that is why we
that did not have a stone, the gold were there. When he took a sliver
wedding ring, all were found off and put it under a microscope he
what was then called Colored Beach. exclaimed, ‘My God it’s an emerald.’
We could work close to shore with Wally was surprised," John related.
Pandion I on a calm day,” Judy said.

“The first gold coin I found I do
not have. It was a 1712 two escudo
Lima mint. The date was stamped on

wwww.Lwows.tLToresatTsrueraes.cuorem.cNoemwsOlecttoebr e2r-2210-1167 2177

John and Judy Halas with rings and coins they discovered underwater on the Mel said yes.
remains of the Spanish 1715 treasure fleet. MacAllaster said, “Then we want
100% of what we find, after any fed-
"We worked this ‘jewelry’ site divers Ric Gillmore and Craig Boyd erally required donation to the State
for three days. When John dropped crew Pandion II on the site for one of Florida.” Mel agreed.
this gold and emerald ring in my month. “The U.S. judge accepted Mel’s
hand I looked down. Right there admiralty claims, but rejected
was a small pierced earring. Three "After the state’s 25%, the rest his request to get back what the
days later I found the mate to it 20 was split equally between Ric Craig, state had taken for the museum in
feet away.” Judy’s enthusiasm was MacAllaster and Pandion II. They Tallahassee.”
apparent. found 19 gold coins that season, as John settled back in his deck chair,
well as silver coins. sipped cranberry lemonade and
“At the end of the day I went reflected on their great adventure
down to get the anchor and caught "The next year they found only a diving for treasure in shallow water
three lobsters. It was the first day of few silver coins during the few good just off the beach in Fort Pierce.
lobster season. It was a good day. weather days, and then they left the "Mo Molinar came in and worked
We got all that jewelry and three project," John said. the site adjacent to our claim. He
lobsters,” John said. found 200 gold coins that had been
A sub-plot to the story occurred scattered northward toward the inlet.
Judy brought out photographs of when Mel Fisher was successful "We worked a lot slower, more
the jewelry collection. with his admiralty claim against the methodically."
State of Florida in litigation involv- Judy also reflected on the halcyon
“This is a broach that had a pin ing the Atocha and Santa Margarita days where every day resulted in
on the back and 13 dangling dete- shipwrecks he located 40 miles south their discovery of treasure from the
riorated pearls. The last piece we of Key West. deep.
found was a small lost wax process Sources:
cast gold Madonna with settings for As a result Mel Fisher filed admi- Archive research, diving on
six emeralds, although only three ralty claims on the 1715 shipwrecks. Spanish colonial shipwrecks and
were left. It is in the state museum interviews with subjects.
in Tallahassee. The state selected the "We could have objected to Mel’s
Madonna and a couple of rings in the admiralty claim. He worked the site Judy Halas with sunken treasure rings
division. It was a great adventure,” then abandoned it. Mel said he was on her fingers.
Judy concluded. not interested in working the site. He
wanted to sue the State of Florida for
“Other people had been out taking 25% of his finds.
and pounded that place…” John
added. "He worked a deal: if we would
not object to his admiralty claim
John and Judy decided to travel we could be his sub-contractor. He
and put more time into their develop- would take 20%."
ing mooring buoy business.
Richard MacAllaster asked him,
For the last two seasons they let “You only want what they took from
you and have in Tallahassee?”

128 LOST TREASURE NOectwosblertte2r0126-21-17

Tip From the Pros

It Don't Mean a Thing – If it Ain't Got That Swing
(Duke Ellington, 1943)

By Jay Pastor

An engineered commercial professional sling.

A home-brewed bungee loop for experiments.

A large variety of detector slings
are currently in use.

Even a ping pong paddle starts to get heavy if you keep it in motion continually for four or more
hours at a time. And that's true even if you're in top physical condition. Yet, we do the same thing

with our detectors. Not only are we supporting the weight of the detector, but also the weight
of the arm that's holding it.

This is a real strain, and the resultant loss of fine control causes us to miss good targets that we would
otherwise yank easily out of the ground. Luckily the cure is a simple device – a detector harness or sling

that transfers the burden to your shoulder and neck muscles, which are better equipped to handle it.
Devices like these are not expensive – about $25, or so.

But before you buy one, you may want to experiment to see if it will do you any good.
Make a loop of a 4-foot bungee cord (or, tape two utility 2-foot cords together, then tape the loose
ends). Drape the upper part of the loop over your neck, like a necklace. Insert the handle of your detector

through the lower part of the loop, and rest the detector on the loop just below the hand-grip.
With a few obvious adjustments in position, the detector will feel like it's floating on air, and
you'll be able to scan normally with almost no effort.

If you have no bungee cord, try rope, a cloth sling, an Ace bandage, suspenders (if you're old enough)
or any other obvious substitute.

Chances are that you'll want to buy a more professional model that offers comfortable padding,
position-adjustment hardware, and surfaces that can be readily cleaned.
Once you get the hang of it, you'll thank yourself for doing so. Newsletter 2-21-17 29

Calendar of Events
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MARCH throughout the day. For more infor- April 28 - All you can eat roast pork
11th – 12th – Turlock, California. mation visit or con- get together sponsored by Streeters
51st Annual Rock & Gem show at tact Michael Heim (President) at & Minelab. April 29 - Hobby Show
the Stanislaus Fairgrounds, 900 N. (903) 241-4723 or Bobby Sullivan - booths, contests, workshops, and
Broadway. 10 a.m. -5 p.m. daily. (Huntmaster) at (903) 576-2707. Chinese Auction with a Minelab
This family event will include rocks, Excalibur II for St. Jude’s Children’s
minerals, fossils, jewelry, beads, 22nd – 23rd – Blacksburg, South Research Hospital. April 29 - Hall
fluorescents and more! Learn to Carolina. 15th Annual Treasure of Fame prime rib banquet. April
make jewelry out of natural rocks Hunt of the Carolinas at Ed Brown’s 30 - Meet for $6,000 hunt with
and gemstones from demonstra- Rodeo Grounds, sponsored by Joyce a $1,000 treasure chest drawing.
tors. Children’s Activities include and Randy Gatchel. For more infor- Natural Hunts $60 each, Thur. & Fri.
making your own bracelet, and carv- mation, contact Randy Gatchel, meals $25 each, Prime Rib banquet
ing soapstone. Will also have a newly 1536 W. Cherokee St., Blacksburg, $30, Hobby Show & workshops $10
expanded huge fluorescent display SC 29702. Please send a large SASE each, $6,000 seeded hunt $125, or all
room. There will be over 40 dealers. or call (864) 839-3598 or (864) 812- events $360. For more info, contact
For more info, contact Bud & Terry 0475, or e-mail [email protected] George Streeter at gfs41@yahoo.
McMillin at (209) 524 3494, e-mail  for more information. com or log onto
[email protected]
or log onto www.turlockgemshow. 22nd – 23rd – Cashmere, 29th – 30th – Sapulpa,
com Washington. The North Central Oklahoma. The Three Forks
Washington Prospectors’ Gold Treasure Hunters Club’s 30th
APRIL Treasure and More Show at the National Open Treasure Hunt at the
8th – Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Cashmere Fairgrounds, 5700 Creek County Fairgrounds, 4 miles
The Lancaster Research and Westcott Drive. Bigger metal detect- west of Sapulpa on HW 66. Eight
Recovery Club’s Open Hunt. For ing hunt this year. Haystack hunt different hunts available. Reduced
more information, contact Ted for kids. Lots of vendors. Pay dirt entry fee for main hunt this year. All
Baker, President and Hunt Master, for sale. Jewelry, rocks, gems, entry fees go back into the hunt as
at [email protected] or log onto the metal detectors, and dredge equip- coins and prizes. One metal detec-
club’s website at ment. Tons of raffles. Great food. tor will be given for each 25 main
Admission $5, children under 12 entries plus additional prizes. We
21st – 23rd – Temple, Texas. The free. Contact Tom Little at (509) gave away eight metal detectors
TMADC “Texas Treasure Show” at 884-3269 or e-mail telittle1@hot- last year. Concession stand will be
the Mayburn Convention & Activity open. RV hookups available. For
Center, 3303 North 3rd Street. Metal entry form, check www.threefork-
Detecting, Artifacts, Relics & Coin 26th – 30th – New Hampshire. or contact Larry
Show. Admission: $3 at the door Best O’ North East (BONE) Treasure Koch at (918) 348-6780 or Gary
/Kids 12 & under free, TAMDC Week #24. Five days sponsored by Young at (918) 869-5778.
members ($2 if prepaid). Door fees the Professional Treasure Hunters
will be donated to Kerrville Lions Historical Society, Treasure Hunter’s MAY
Club and a local charity. Show will Gazette, and Streeter’s Treasure 5th – 7th – Cortez, Colorado.
be open to the public Saturday & Hunting. April 26 - Natural Hunt at WWATS’ (World Wide Association
Sunday for viewing interesting trea- Dublin Christian Academy cospon- of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) first
sures including coins, jewelry, rel- sored byWhite’s of New England with Ultimate Treasure and Gold Show at
ics, bottles, and more. See the lat- free chili and dogs. April 27 - Hunt the Montezuma Fairgrounds, 30100
est metal detectors and visit with on 1700 settlement land cosponsored US Hwy. 160. A fun-filled weekend
the manufacturers, exhibitors, and by Garrett Metal Detectors. April of treasure and equipment viewing,
dealers. Admission includes your 28 - Natural Hunt and Friday night speakers, a banquet, and seminars
choice of educational seminars held banquet cosponsored by Minelab. daily for the entire family! With

30 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 2-21-17

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both inside and outside booths this fee. Raffles: Main, Metal Detector, ties for everyone. Contact Don
will be the “Largest Show of Its Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and Silver Hayes at [email protected]
Kind In the Four Corners.” General Dollars Raffles all weekend. There or phone (740)252-1322 or Ed Burke
admission is $5/day. Vendor, manu- will be a silent auction table set up at [email protected] or phone
facturer, distributor and dealer booth and a display area to show your (570) 310-1530.
space available. Also this weekend finds. The hall will close at 9 p.m.
will be the Ultimate Outdoor & Gun Registrations open up, Sat. at 8 a.m. 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado.
Show in another building. Historical Coffee, Tea, Donuts and Pastries, WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the
Attractions nearby include: Mesa etc. Opening Ceremonies at 8:45 Four Corners Christian Camp with
Verde, Durango, & Telluride, a.m. Potluck Lunch Sat. 12:15-1:15 beautiful mountain surroundings on
Colorado, including the Durango p.m., bring a dish or two to share. a lake. For more information, log
Silverton Train Ride! For more info, Silent Auction: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. onto
log onto or con- Saturday - bring in an item or two to
tact Keith Wills, V.P. WWATS, via sell. Auction will close at 6:30 p.m. 17th – 18th – Hastings,
e-mail at [email protected] Big Breakfast Fundraiser Sunday Nebraska. Nebraskaland Treasure
8 – 8:45 a.m., $5 donations or while Hunters’ 43rd Treasure Hunt, one
6th – Virginia Beach, Virginia. supplies last. Closing Ceremonies free and seven paid entry hunts with
30th Annual Open Hunt sponsored Sunday at 2 p.m. Cleanup party 100% plus payback, gold and silver
by the Tidewater Coin and Relic afterwards. Check www.pilchuck- prizes for entrants. There will also
Club at the oceanfront. Information for updates, or call be gold and silver raffles. Treasure
will be posted on or (425) 308-2255 or e-mail lorahet- hunting suppliers, demonstrators and
e-mail [email protected] for [email protected] flea markets are welcome. For more
info. information, contact Roy Richters
27th – 28th – Sapulpa, at (402) 534-2019 or mail P.O. Box
20th – 21st – Grand Rapids, Oklahoma. The 46th Annual Indian 194, Utica, NE 68456.
North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek
Recovery Group’s 18th Annual Hunt County Fairgrounds. For more 17th – 18th – North Idaho.
at Memorial Park. Five large hunt information or a hunt flyer, contact The Northwest Treasure Hunters
over two days. This year’s theme is I.T.T.H.C.  Inc., P. O. Box 580961, Club’s 45th Annual Hunt at beauti-
Las Vegas. All hunts and activities Tulsa, OK 74158-0961, or e-mail ful Farragut State Park! This year’s
will be Vegas themed. Buffett din- [email protected] Idaho Outback Hunt will have two
ner served on Saturday and lunch days of hunting and fun for the whole
provided on Sunday. For more info, JUNE family. Friday night welcome social
contact Jeff Kehl at jkehl1963@ 3rd – Shawsville, Virginia. with punch and cookies and Dingo or (320) 845-7814. Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s Bingo! Hunts begin on Saturday
26th Annual Open Hunt at Camp – all are planted and include Old
26th – 28th – Stanwood, Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs and Gold, Kids, Boomerang and
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure Road. One day event includes two the Night Hunt! For information,
Hunting Club’s (PTHC) 36th Coin Hunts and one Optional Silver call Clay Soliday at (509) 999-0692,
Annual Hunt “Mayfest 2017” at Hunt. Many great prizes, includ- e-mail [email protected] or
the Stanwood Fair Grounds, 6431 ing high-quality detectors, assorted Sherry Bell at (208) 660-1053. A
Pioneer Hwy. The PTHC is hosting gear and cash. Concession stand and flyer is available on the club website
Casino Royale Themed Treasured camping will be available. For regis- at
Hunts (kid friendly). This three-day tration information contact Marilyn
event will open on Friday for camp- Epperly at (540) 342-0153. JULY
ing and registrations. Dry camping 8th – 15th – New Stanton,
with limited power $10 a night with 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado. Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2017
funds going to the club to cover The 5th Annual Silver Seekers Open at the Fox Den Acres Campground.
costs. No cash machines on site. Hall Treasure Hunt will be held at Fox Eight fun filled days of treasure
will open Friday at 6 p.m. for all raf- Den Acres Campground with three hunting and crafts, free kid’s hunts,
fles and registrations, cookies & cof- hunts each day and other fun activi- and novice hunts, as well as evening Newsletter 2-21-17 31

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activities like bingo, horse races, half price for 11-15. Good discount 2694 or e-mail mkulseth@gmail.
and auctions. Just minutes from for paid WWATS memberships! For com or Mark Jenkins at (425) 223-
motels and restaurants and only 2 more information, e-mail nugget- 2985 or e-mail markjenkins375@
miles from the PA Turnpike and I70. [email protected] or call (970) 946- 
This fun filled week is sponsored by 3735.
many manufacturers. Come and stay AUGUST
for the week or attend for a day or 23rd – 29th – Vallonia, Indiana. 12th – Tunkhannock,
two. For more information, contact Southern Indiana 9th Annual Pennsylvania. The Black Diamond
Ed Davis at [email protected]  or Treasure Fest at Starve Hollow Treasure Hunters Club will be spon-
phone (317) 908-8165 or Don Hayes State Recreation Area just south soring their 34th Annual Black
at [email protected] or of Brownstown off of HW 135. Diamond Treasure Hunt at the Lazy
phone (740) 252-1322. Camping available. Silver, Token, Brook Park, Rt. 6, sponsored by the
Beach, and Kids Hunts. Non-profit Black Diamond Treasure Hunters
15th – Palmer, Alaska. The clubs and metal detecting related Club. For information, send a SASE
Alaska Treasure Seekers Society’s businesses, numerous sponsors, hun- to B.D.T.H.C., P.O. Box 1523,
41st Annual Metal Detecting Hunt dreds of prizes. 100% of entries go Kingston, PA. 18704, go to bdthc.
at the Alaska State Fairgrounds, back into the ground. Deadline for org to download the flier, or e-mail
France Equestrian Center, 2075 entries is July 1, 2017. After that a [email protected] or phone
Glenn Highway. For more informa- $10 per day fee is added. For full flyer Byard Derr at (215) 536-0796,
tion, e-mail AKTreasureSeekers@ or info, contact Terry  Rittenhouse at George Walko at (570) 287-3602, or or log onto http://www. (765) 857-2400 or tlcorona@fron- Ron Denman at (570) 288-7787., or Rick Trout at (574) 848-
9345 or [email protected] 19th – 20th – New Concord,
10th – 11th – Stanton, Ohio. The 38th Annual Buckeye
Pennsylvania. The Colorado 29th – Renton, Washington. The Championship Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt & Prospecting’s Cascade Treasure Club’s 27th annual Sponsored by Don and Bill
Three Day Open Hunt sponsored by $ilver $hoot sponsored by KellyCo Hayes. Two all silver main hunts
WWATS (World Wide Association on the property of New Life Church, each day. On a separate entry fee is
of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) at the Four 15711 152nd Ave SE. A full day the Big Silver Bonanza Hunt with
Corners Christian Camp. Open to the with three hunts and a BBQ lunch nothing but silver quarters and larger
public and all treasure hunters. Daily included. 1,600+ silver coins in the coins. Fun hunts each day plus a
seminars, metal detecting, gold pros- hunts and over $8,000 in clad coins. night hunt on Saturday. Contact Don
pecting, gold panning, coin hunting, Hundreds of special tokens for coins Hayes at [email protected]
and hidden treasure hunting. Special and prizes. A gold coin in each hunt. or phone (740) 252-1322.
activities and lots of fun. Beautiful Raffles galore with top prizes being
location in the mountains on the a treasure box full of silver and gold, OCTOBER
lake. Lots of historic area to see, a vintage $5 gold coin, metal detec- 14th – 15th –Antlers, Oklahoma.
and a country train ride just south tors in each hunt, as well as in the WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the K
of Durango, Colorado. You don’t raffles. Visit www.cascadetreasure- River Camp Grounds on the river
need to be a member of WWATS to website for an event flyer under tall, beautiful trees. For more
participate in this event! No charge to register. For more information, information, log onto www.wwats.
for kids under the age of 11 years; contact Mark Kulseth at (206) 730- org

E-mail upcoming events to
[email protected]

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