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Kelly's Directory of Devonshire & Cornwall - 1893
Part 2 - Devon: Court & Trades

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DEVONSHIRE - 1893 (2)

Kelly's Directory of Devonshire & Cornwall - 1893
Part 2 - Devon: Court & Trades



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182, 183 & 184, HIGH .HOLBORN, W.C•









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THE Proprietors, in submitting to their Subscribers and the Public the present
may be found equal in accuracy to the previous issues.

Every effort has been made to render it as perfect as possible. Lists of
Hundreds and Poor Law Unions are included in the Topography of each
County ; it is stated under each Parish in _what Division of the County it
is situated, pursuant to the " Redistribution· of. Seats Act, 1885," also the


• Hundred, Union and County Court District, as well as the Diocese, Arch-
deaconry and Rural Deanery, withill th~~-Dmceses of Exeter and of Truro; and
the College and University of every Beneficed Clergyman have been given,.
as far as they can be ascertained; the Post Office Savings Bank and Telegraph
Offices, Annuity and Insuran~e Offices have been noticed; the names of the
Parish Clerks are given under each Parish; lists of Farm Bailiffs of Gentlemen
farming their own land have been added.

The County Councils, formed under the "Local Government Act, 1888,'"

have been inserted; and the populations for 1891 are duly recorded.

A New Map of each county has been expressly prepared.


The Street lists for Exeter and Plymouth will, it is to be hoped, increase·
the usefulness of the D1rectory.

A sketch of the Geological features of each County is included, prepared

by Mr. W. J. Harrison, of the School Board, Birmingham.


The Proprietors have to thank those Clergymen and other Gentlemen
who have given the work the benefit of their local knowledge, and also the
Clerks of the Peace who have supplied the lists of Magistrates.

*** The Letters 8.0. and R.S.O. at the end of addresges in various parts of the book are abbrevia-

tions adopted by H.M. Post Office to represent Sub-Office and Railway Sub-Office; and if these initials, with
the Name of the County, are added to the addresses of letters in lieu of the usual name of Post Town, the
delivery of such letters will be accelerated.



182, 183 & 184, HIGH HoLBORN, W.C.
Bept., 1893•




• In order to afford space for the addresses, the abbreviation "esq." for esquire, has no longer been appended to eacb
name in the" Court Directory." It should be understood that such should ba added to the name of every gentleman in

the following pages to which no inconsistent addition is affixed.

.Abel Mrs. Brook bank, Black Torrington, Adams Benjamin, Walmer villa, Tavi- Adams Wm• .Alswere, South Mo1ton

Highampton R.S.O stock road, Mannamead, Plymouth Adams William, Ellesmere, Mount

.Abel Thomas, Wonnacott, Thrushelton, AdamsC.EastLeigh,Harbertonfrd.R.S.O Pleasant road, Exeter

Lew Down R.S.O AdamsC.4Powderham ter.NewtonAbbot Adams William,17 Mulgrave st.Plymth.

.Abel Wm.P.Bocombe,Parkham,Bideford AdamsEdwd.21Kentrd.Ford,Devonport Adams William, 4 Revelstoke terrace~

.AbellJ.J.6sPalmerston st.Stoke,Devnprt Adams E. H. Hillerton cross, Bow R.S.O Beaumont road, Plymouth

.Abell Miss, 7 Plymouth road, Totnes Adams E. R. 4 St.Lawrence rd. Plymouth Adams William, Summerland cottage,.

.Abell Mrs. 10 Friars walk, Exeter AdamsGeorge,2 Adelaide ter.Ilfracombe Church rd. St.Mary Church,Torquay

.AbbotThomas,24 Mildmay st.Plymouth Adams G. Alpha ho.Dartmth.rd.Paigntn Adams William, Cumberland lodge,

.Abbott Abraham, 'l'rescoe Avenue road, Adams George, Belgrave cottage, West Park road, St.Mary Church, Torquay

Torquay hill, Budleigh Salterton 8.0 Adams William, 5 Yelverton Park vils.

.Abbott Alex. 32 Culverland road, Exeter Adams George, 8 Ladywell pl. Plymouth Bucklnd.Monachorum,Yelvrtn.R.S. 0

Abbott Chas. Montpeliercot.Sth.Molton AdamsH.2Albertvls.Forest.Kingsbridge Adams William Charles, Oulver lodge~

Abbott Henry,Allhalland street.Bideford AdamsHenry,3 Connaught av.Plymouth Mount Pleasant road, Newton Abbot

.Abbott John, 14 Westcrot\, Bideford Adams Henry Middleton, 13 Dundonald Adams Wm.Cobley, East st. Chulmleigh

.Abbott John W. 4 Carlton hill, Exmouth street, Morice town, Devonport Adams William Hy. 39 High st.Crediton

Abbott Joshua, 119 Sidwell street,Exeter Adams J. Albert ho. Fore st.Kingsbridge Adamson-HillT. Maristowe,Newtn.Abbo1o

.Abbott Miss, Green house, Ivybridge AdamsJ. Landscoye ho.AshburtonR.S. 0 Adcock Albt. Summerland st. Barnstaple

AbbottMiss, 7 Louisa terrace, Exmouth Adams James, jun. Western Knowle,. Adt.!ock Mrs. Parsonage, Style cottage,

Abbott Mrs. 13 Park st.Stoke,Devonport Fore street, Kingsbridge Lympstone, Exeter

Abbott Mrs. Piercefield,St.Mary Church AdamsJ.E.Bellfield,Fore st.Kingsbridge Adcock William, 4 Westcroft, Bideford

road, Torquay Adams James Evans,Church street,Dod- Addems Jn. Rod cot.. Christow, Exeter

Abbott Mrs. 23 The Quay, Bideford brooke, Kingsbridge Addems Nicholas, Pitt,Christow, Exeter

.AbbottW. S.Solsbro'rd. Cockingtn. Torqy Adams John, Harton villa,Gt. Torrington Adderley Frederic, Grove park, Mod-

.Abrahall-Hoskyns Rev. Bennett,Bruton, AdamsJohn,NorthLew,BeaworthyR.S.O bury, Ivybridge

Central avenue, Paignton Adams Jn. 14 St. Lawrence rd.Plymouth AddingtonMisses,45St. Leonard rd.Exetr-

.Abraham R. G.East st.Ashburton R.S.O AdamsMiss,Cintra, Up.Braddon hl. Trqy AddiscottRobt.9 Pennsylvania rd.Exeter

.AbrahamsMiss,Greencroft villa,Colyton, Adams Miss, I North Hill terrace, Tavi- Addiscott William Herbert, 10 Green-

Axminster stock road, Plymouth bank avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth

.Ackerley Richard M.A., M. B. East street, AdamsMiss,Rydon,StokeGabriel,Totnes Addiscott William James, 24 Greenbank

.Ashburton R.S.O Adams Miss, 8 Trafalgar terrace, St. avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth

.Ackland CbarlesKingsley M.H. Stowford Mary Church road, Torquay Adkins George D. P. u.camb., F. R.lii.s.

house, Strand, Bideford Adams Miss, 9 Washington terrace, The Elms, Totnes road, Paignton

.AcklandJ.McK.24We.Southernhy.Exetr Alexandra road, Plymouth . Adkins Hy.Danl. 3 Vine ter. Kingsbridge

.Acldand Misses, I Rochester terrace, Adams Mrs. Althorpe, Park road, St. Adkins Joshua Edward, Elm Tree house,

Victoria park, Plymouth Mary Church, Torquay Yealmpton, Plymouth

.AcklandW.H Bdefrd Adams Mrs. Barton cot. Barton,Torquay Agate EdwinS.g High.Belmont rd. Exeter

.Ackland W. G. 21 Hobart st. Stonehouse Adams Mrs.2 Chingswell street,Bideford AgnewA.Colwell cot. BlackBoy rd.Exeter

AcklandWilliamJas.2Alma pi. Plymouth Adams Mrs. 4 Cliff terrace, Budleigh AingerW.D.xElm dale,Totnes rd.Paigntn

.Ackland-Allcn Charles,I Hoe villas,Elliot Salterton S.O Ainslie Miss, Hylands, Teignnwuth

street, Plymouth Adams Mrs. Croyde ho. Braunton R.S.O Ainslie W.Highstd.Bronshillrd.Torquay

Acland Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Dyke hart. Adams Mrs. Duncombe st. Kingsbridge Airey William Henry, Tawvale terrace,

P.c., D.C.L., F.R.o.s., F.L.s., F.c.s., Adams Mrs. Fore street, Kingsbridge Exeter road, Crediton

D.L., J.P.Killerton,Broadclyst,Exeter; Adams Mrs. 5 Higher St. Paul's road, Airy Rev. Basil Reginald 1\I.A. The

& Athenamm club, London s w Newton Abbot Braddons, Babbacombe road, Torquay

Acland Rev. Peter Leopold Dyke M. A.. AdamsMrs. 5 Hoefield terrace, Plymouth .AitkenW.Craigievar,Warren rd.Torquay
Adams Mrs. Leat, Werrin~ton, Launcestn' AkasterA.E. S. 17Wyndham sq. Plymouth
Vicarage, BroadclyEt, Exeter

Acland Charles Thomas Dyke M. A., D.L., Adams Mrs. 6 Pentamar terrace, Morice AkedJ. B. go St.Brannock's rrl.Ilfracombe

.J.P. Killerton, Broadclyst, Exeter town, Devonport, Plymouth Akers Misses, 2 Alpha cottages, High-

Acland John,7 Linden ter.NewtonAbbot Adams Mrs. 9 Queen Anne terrace, week, Newton Abbot

Acland John,Rumleigh,Budleigh .Salter- Tavistock road, Plymouth Alabaster AlfredWilliam,8Hil1sborough,

ton S.O AdamsMrs.7Seaton aven.Mutley,Plymth College road, Mannamead, Plymouth

.AclandJohn,I3 Springfield,Old Tiverton Adams Mrs. 2 Vine t.errace,:Kingsbridge Alban Mrs. 4 Horsdon terrace, Tiverton

road, Exeter Adams Mrs. 2 Waterloo place, Dod- A.lcock Rev. Percy Christovher B.A.

Acock Chas. Geo. S. Bridgetown,Totnes brooke, Kingsbridge . Clergy house, Harwell st. Plymouth

.Acock Waiter M.A. The Engadine, Park Adams Mrs. Witheridge, Morchard Alcombe .Albert Field, 6 Bradninch place,

Hill road~ Torquay Bishop R.S.O Gandy street, Exeter

.Acraman Misses, The Grove, Sidmouth Adams Richard, Ioo High st. Crediton Aldham 1\lrs. Hermosa lodge, Landscore

.Acton Col. William Molesworth Cole, Adams S. N. Rumsam, Barnst.aple road, 'l'eignmouth

Summerfld.St.Mary Church rd.Torqy Adams S.P.Park hl.Lit.Hempstn.Totnes Aldous Rev. John Clement Primrose

.AdairAllanS.Bank of England, Plymouth Adams Samuel William, Beaworthy :r.r.A. Townstal house, Dartmouth

.Adams Col. Henry Cranstoun, Lion house, Beaworthy R.S.O Aldous GeorgeFrederick,Charlton house,

house, Exmouth Adams .Samuel Wise,7 Boringdon villas, Tavistock rd. Mannamead, Plymouth

.Adams Major Herbert Cranstoun, Grey- Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary .Aldridge Rev. James, 23 Seatonavenue,

stoke, Claremont grove, Exmouth Adams Sheldon Burrows, Chestwood Motley, Plymouth

AdamsA.3HydePark rd.Mutley,Plymth hill, Bishop's Tawton, Barnstaple Aldridge Charles M. D. Plympton house,

.Adams .Arthur, Seaway court, Seaway .AdamsThos.IFellowes pl.Stke.Devonprt Plympton St Maurice, Plympton

lane, Cockington, Torquay Adams Thomas,33Gerston rd. Paig-nton Aidwell T.D.1o Claremont ter. Exmouth

Adams Arthur John, Restormel house, Adams Thomas, ProVIdence villa. Thel- Alexander Rev. Harvey George, Rectory,.

Restormel terrace, Plymouth bridge, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Stoke Rivers, Barnstapla


AIP.xll.nder A.S. M.D.6 Sussex ter.Plymth Allinson Alfd. Rd. M.A. The Close, Exeter AndrewsMrs.4Headland park, Plymouth

Alexander George, Ailsa house, Tiverton Allnatt Miss, 34- St. Brannock's road, Andrews Mrs. 6 Seymour terrace, Lip-

AlexanderGeo.Ashbury,BeaworthyR.S.O Ilfracombe son road, Plymouth

Alexander J.B.A.,M.D. Bishops pl.Paigntn Allured Wm. Willoughby, Sidmouth Andrews P.L.M.A. Park wood pl.Tavistck

AlexanderMiss,Ednclff. Holcmbe. Dawlsh All ward Mrs. Chester cot.Hoxtn.rd.Torqy AndrewsR. 7 Polsloe rd. Heavitree,Exeter

Alexander Mrs. 72 St. Brannock'sroad, Almond Hy. 18 Portland sq. Plymouth Andrews Rd. 'l'raine,Modbury,Ivybridge

llfracombe Almy Rev. John Thom!l.S, Vectis villa, AndrewsR.J.Hmefld.ho.Heavitree,Exetr

Alexander Philip P. Laywell, Higher Burton street, Brixham R.S.O AndrewsSamuel Henry,Presslandhouse,

Brixbam, Brixham R.S.O Alsop George, 5 Higher Park View ter- Hatherleigh R.S.O

Alexander William Frederick R.N. Reeves rac.:e, Hea.vitree, Exeter Andrews Thus. so Emma pl. Stonehouse

villa, Greenway road, St.Mary Church, Alsop John, 17 Devon sq. Newton Abbot Andrews Thomas An drew, Sunnyside,

Torquay Alsop Miss, 12 Devon sq. Newton Abbot Old Tiverton road, Exeter

.Alford Rev.D.P.M.A. Vicara\Se, Tavistock Alsop Robert, 7 Bank street,Teigmnouth AndrewsThomasNewton,M.I.E.E.

Alford Rev. Henry Powell M. A. Vicarage, Alston Mrs. 33 Victoria park, Plymouth 4 Gordon terrace, Plymouth

Woodbury Salterton, Exeter Alstone Spencer CharJes, Broadclose,,Exetr

Alford Rev. William Henry, I6 Spring- Rackenford, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Andrews William Knockmain,Alexandra

field road, Ilfracombe Althaus Fritz, 2 East view, Ide, Exeter terrace, Vansittart road, 'forquay

Alford Rev. William Powell M. A. 6 AlvesHy.N.Grenofen,Sands rd.Paignton Andrews William,7 St.Matthias terrace,

Raleigh villas, Exmouth Am.brose Frederick Charles, 10 Alderney llsham road, Torquay

Alford Henry, Nether Exe, Exeter terrace, Beaumont road, Plymouth Andt·ews William H. 32 Church street,

Alford Henry Lewis, Dinnaton, Swym- Ambrose Joseph, 'l'acket wood, West Modbury, lvybridge

bridge, Barnstaple Alvington, Kingsbridge Angear William, Polvellyn, Buckland

Alford Lewis, Caen st. .Braunton R.S.O Ambrose William Henry, II Alderney Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

Alford Mrs. West Hill ho. BrauntonR.S.O terrace, Beaumont road, Plymouth Angel Rev. Jn. C. Silverleigh, Axminster

Alford Mrs. H. Caen st. Braunton R.S.O AmeryJ.End~leigh,lpplepn.Newtn.Abbt Angel Albert, Leewillow house, Polsloe

Algar Edwin J oseph, 26 Staddon terrace, Am.ery J n S.Druid ho.Ashburton R. S.O ruad, Heavitree, Exeter

North road, Plymouth Amery Jos•ph, 6 Lansdowne terrace, Angel Harry, Belmoor, Park road, Pol.

AlgarFredc.3Penview ter. York st.Exeter Alphin·~ton road, bt. Thomas, Exeter sloe road, Heavitree, Exeter

Alger William Henry, Manor house, Am.ery Mrs. Mapstone, Lustleigh, New- Angel Jn.Castle gro. AshHill rd.Torquay

facing Tr<tfalgar pl. Stoke, Devonport ton Abbot AngelMrs.2Furneaux,Fisherst.Paignton
AlgerMiss,~·'ord park,Mutley, Plymouth Amery Peter Fabyan Sparke J.P. Druid Angel Thomas, 5 Hillsboro' rd. Exeter

Alington Miss, I3 St. Hilary terrace, house, Ashburton R.S.O Angel Thomas,Carylo. Carypl. Torquay

Stoke, Devonport Am.ery Thomas tiawdye, I Princes street AngelW.H.Columba,Above-twn.Drtmth

Allams Samuel James, 8 St. Matthias south, St. Thomas, Exeter Angier Miss, 7 G-reenbank ter. Plymouth

terrace, Ilsham road, Torquay Am.ery William, Corscombe, Sampford Angle William, West st.AshburtonR.S.O

Allanson A.St.Mary's ldg.Cary rd.Torqy Courtenay R.S. 0 AngwinRev.Chas. IHill's view,Brnstaple

Allard Johll Hillary Commander R.N. 7 Amery William,2 Hoefield ter. Plymouth AnnearF.4Beatrice av. Lipson rd. Plymth

St. Michael's ter.Saltash r.:l.Plymouth Am.m Miss, I Avenue terrace, Paignton Annersley Misses,l:{ydal mount,Hunsdon

Allday James, Goronwy, York road, Am.os AlbertAifred,2 Toronto rd.Exeter road, Torquay

Babbacombe, Torquay Am.os Mrs. 5 Wyndham sq. Plymouth Annesley Maj.-Gen. William Richard,

.Alldridge Captain George Manley R.N. Anderson Lieut.-Gen. Harry Cortlandt, Stoneleigh, Northam, Bideford

Montana, Belle Vue road, Paignton Fairfield,Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Annesley Major O.F.'f. R.A.Otago house,

All en Rev. Edwd. West Exe vil. Ti\·erton AndersonSurg.-Lt.-Col.Alexander,Royal 'fopsbam road, Exeter ·

Alien Rev. Edwin Thomas B.A. Zeal Military hospital, Stoke, Devonport Anning H.34Radford rd.Lrkbeare.Exetr

Monachorum, Bow R.S.O Anderson Fleet-Sarg.Isaac H. M. D. Royal Anning Mu;s, The White house, High

Allen.ilfd.G.4Portlaud pl.east,Plymouth Naval hospital,High street,Stonehoase street, Uullompton

Alien Allan, Villa Messina, 'l'ivertou AndersonMaj .J. W. 5 Sussex pl.Plymoath Anning Mrs. 7 Alexandra ter. Exmouth

Allen Arscott, Fort street, Barnstaple Andeeson Rev. Irvine Kempt, Hectory, Anning Mrs. William, Starcross R.S.O

Alien C. Emerleigh, Erme rd. Ivybridge Ma.ry 'favy, Tavistock Anning Thos. 39 Tavistock pi. Plymouth

Allen Edwd. J.P. Stowford lo. Ivybridge Anderson Rev. William Dyer, Rectory, Anniss E.19Victoria ter.Ferry rd.Exmth

Alien Francis, Hartland, Bideford .Milton Damerel,Brandis Corner R.S.O Anniss Silas, Plymstock, Plymouth

Allen F.2 St. Hilary ter.Stoke, Devonport· Anderson Arthur,4 Hills borough, College AnsonCol.G.Elliot lo. Leigham st.Plymth

Allen G-eorge Edmund, Wickeridge, road, Mannamead, Plymouth AnsonH. V.2CollegePk.ter.Mtley.Plymth

Woodland, Ashburt.on R. S. 0 AndersonU. W.Ringlee, Primly. pk.Pgntn AnsonMiss,23 Bartholomew st. we. Exeter

Allen Henry, Penrhyn, Park road, Pol- AndersonH.Myrtlegro.Warrn.rd.Trquay Anson WalterJas.34 Prospectpk.Exeter

sloe road, Heavitree, Exeter .Anderson J. U. P. Uolfstone, Westward Anson-Cartwright Miss, Hevers1 Mont.-

Allen James Thom:J.s, 3 Fairpark road, Ho! Bideford le-G-rand, He:witree, Exeter

St. Lennard's, Exeter Anderson Jas. 5 Hill Park cres.Plymouth Anstey Thomas,St. Peter street, Tiverton

Allen John, Stowford lodge, Ivybridge Anderson'l'gnmth AnstissRev.G. W.B.A.Station rd.Ivybdge

AllenJ.H.sS Wilton st. Stoke,Devonport AndersoniR.6St.Hilary ter.Stke.Devnprt Anthony Rev. I<'rederick Evans M.A. 13

Allen Joseph, 5 Addison rd. Plymouth Anderson-Morshead John Yonge J.P. Woodland terrace, Plymouth

Alien Malcolm Chas. 50 Paris st. j~xeter Salcombe l~egis, Sidmouth Anthony Frank, Yealmbury cottage,

AllenMiss,27Church rd.St.Thomas,Exetr Anderson-Morshead Misses, Wiverton, Yealmpton, Plymouth

.Alien Miss, Trescoe, Courtenay park, Brixton, Plymouth Anthony Misses, The Cottage, Devon

.Newton Abbot Anderton Edward, Trimstone Barton, square, Newton Abbot

Alien Miss, 7 West terrace, Uudleigh West down, Ilfracombe Anthony Mrs. 2 Charles place, Plymouth

Salterton S.O Andras Mrs. 4 St. Matthias terrace, Anthony Nathl.24 Athenreum st.Plymth

Alien ~lrs. Beer, Axminster Ilsham road, Torquay Anthony R.Merrytield,Buckfstlgh.H..S.O

Alien Mrs. Huish lo. Cyprus rd.Exmouth. Andrew George JU.D. Andersey, St. Mary AnthonyWm. Hy. 7Hobart st. Stonehouse

Alien T. W.Highfield, Northam, Bideford Church road, Torquay Antony Mrs. !<'ern villa, Buckland Mon-

Ailen William Clement, I Fieldmount, Andrew George Hy. MarKet p1. Bideford achorum, Yelverton R.S. 0

Blackali road, Exeter Andrew Henry,Davon & Exeter hospital, Aplin James, 45 Haddington rd. Morice

Alien W. H. The HilL house, Chulmleigh Ktst Southernhay, Exeter town, Devonport

Alien Wdham Henry, 23 St. Sidwell's AndrewJohn,Ridgeway lodge,Plympton Aplin John Wm. Victoria pi. Axminster

avenue, Well street, Exeter St. Manrice, Plympton Aplin Mrs. Rose vil. Colyton, Axminster

Allgood Lieut. Adrian G. R.N. H. MS. Andrew Mrs. Claremont, Dawlish Aplin Phillip,Fawsley,Thurlow rd.Torqy

Britannia, Dartmouth Andrew Thos. 1 Lansdowne ter.Bideford Aplin Thomas, Beer, Axminster

Allhusen Wilton,Cievelands,Lyme Regis Andrew 'l'homas F.G.s., F.C.A. I8 West Apperley Mrs. Woodlands, Lower War~

Allin Rev. Alfred Thomas B.S. Vicarage, Southernhay, Exeter • berry road, Torquay

Holbeton, Ivybridge Andrews Rev.Wm.G.Eastst.Chulmleigh Applebee Mrs. I Adelphi ter. Paignton
Allin Rev. Sml. 27 Richmond rd. Exeter 1Andrews George, 2 Dundonald street, Appleton E.LeChalet,Kingswear,Drtmth

Allin ReY. William Harold John B. A. 30! Morice town, Devonport Appleton Edward, Maplestead, Babba-

Exeter road, Teignmouth AndrewsG. rl<'itzroyter.Stoke,Devonport coml!Je road, 'forquay

Allin Rev. Williarn Henry B.D. St. Andrews Henry, Stelvio, Westbill road, Applewhaite Rev.Frederick A.B.A.Luck·

Mary's vicarage, 33 Ker st. Devonport: St. Mary Church, 'forquay now villa, Dartmottth

AllinMrs.Coleshill,Portland S:}.Plymouth' Andrews J n. Traine, Modbury,Ivybridge Apter J. 1 Alton rd. Victoria pk.Plymouth

Allin .Mrs. 1 Widows' house, 'forquay AndrewsJn.Geo.23Exeter rd. Tgnmouth Apter N. J. 25 Bolton st. Brixham R.S.O

road, Newton Abbot AndrewsJn.J.uSt.Lawrence rd.Plymth Apter Samuel Henry, IS Washington

Allingham John Thomas, Lifton cottage, Andrews Joseph Richard, 2 'fhe Oak- terrace, Alexandra road, Plymouth

Alma rd. Milehouse, Stoke, Devonport lands, Abbey road, Torquay Apthorp Rev. Charles Preotyman M.A•

..Allington Daniel, 52 Gloucester street, IAnMdruetwlesy,MPrlsy.m2o5uthErmington terrace, Lindum, Hartley road, Exmouth
Morice town, Devonport Apthorp Mrs.Orwelllo.Grafton Td.Torqy


Arbeiter Lieut. Charles, 12 Norman avn. Ash Joseph Henry, 12 Toronto :rd.Exeter Austin George, St. Peter st. Tiverton

Stoke, Devonport Ash T. E. 29 Portland rd.Stoke,Devonprt Austin John, Io Belmont road, Exeter

Arbuthnott Hon. David, Primley mount, Ash Thomas Linnington J.P. Penroses, Austin Josiah, 14 'frematon terrace,

Primley park, Paignton Holsworthy Mutley, Plymouth

Arch Samuel, 9 Twyford place, Tiverton Ashburton La:ly, Seaforth lodge, Sea- Austin Miss, 7 Headland park, Plymth

Archer Rev. John, Bridge st. Bideford ton, Axminster Austm Miss, I Upton Vale terrace, St.

Archer Rev. Saml. Harward M•.A.. Evers- Ashby Mrs. Cambria, Park road, Cock- Mary Church road, Torquay

ley, Highweek, Newton Abhot ington, Torquay Austin Mrs. Cbillworth, Lincomb Hill

.Archer Staff-Surg. Archibald L. M. D. 2 Ashby Richard Baugha.n, Matford house, road, Torquay

Donegal terrace, Molesworth road, Wonford road, Exeter Austin Mrs. 8 Wyndham sq. Plymouth

Stoke, Devonport AshbyW.H.6Mt.Pleasnt.rd. Nwtn.Abbot Austin W. I7 Haldon rd.St.David's,Exetr

Archer Mrs. 9 Chats worth terrace,Higher Ashcombe Lord P c., 111. P., M•.A.., D. L., Austin WilliamJonathan,57 Haddington

Wellesley road, Torquay J.P. Lyncourt, Torquay; & 17 Prince's road, Morice town, Devonport

.Archer Mrs. Vue Charmante, Old Mill ga.te & Carlton club, London s w Avant Mrs. 3 Lansdowne pl. Dawlish

road, Cocking-ton, Torquay Ashcraft Miss, IS Barton cres. Dawlish Averill He~. John, Lauriston, Coombe

.Archer Wm. Thos.Royal dockyd.Devonpt Ashford A1.ron Reynolds, Raymond ho. road, Teignmonth

Archer-Hind Thos. Hodgson 'M:.A., J. P. Clyst Honiton, Exeter Avery Charles John, 8 Alton terrace,

Combe Fishacre house, Newton Abbot Ashford Charles, 3 Raleigh road, Exeter Tavistock road, Plymouth

ArdenG. H.Southamlo.Heavitree,Exetr Ashford Harry, 12 Hillsboro' rd. Exeter Avery Charles John, I Bickley View ter.

Argall Henry K.The Priory, Whitchnrch, Ashford Jn. 15 Salisbury rd. Plymouth BucklandMonachorum,YelvertnR.S.O

'favistock Ashford Miss, Leigh, Loxbeare, Tiverton Avery Edwin Joseph, 3 Nottmgham pl.

Aris Charles Douglas, r. Venice villa, Ashford Mrs. 27 Prospect park, Exeter Mutley plain, Plymouth

Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter A~hford Mrs. M. 6 Alfred place, Citadel Avery J. Y.22 St.James' pl.we.Plymouth

Arliss Mrs. West Oakfield, Buckland road, Plymouth Avery Joshua, 4 Revelstoke place, .Beau-

~lonachorum, Yelverton R. S. 0 Ashford S. H. J. Owley, Ugboro',Ivybridge moot road, Plymouth

Arbss Mrs. 32 Westwell st. Plymoufh AshfordS.H.J.tCrosswayvls.~wtn.Abbt Avery M. 30 Seymour aven. ea. Plymth

.ArmitageF. South Wembury ho.Plymth Ashford William, Aylwood, Fore street, A\·ery Miss, I Torrington place, North

Armitage James, Alta-vista,Higher War- Heavitree, Exeter road, Plymouth

berry road, Torqnay Ashley Miss, East street, Okehampton Avery Mrs. Beach grove, Honiton

Armstrong Lieut.-Col. William Gage AshplantW.Kingford ho.Winkleighl~.S.O Avery Mrs. Kennett, Lower Lincombe

R.M.L.I. Royal Marine barracks, Dum- Ashplant Wm. Palmer ho. Gt.Torrington road, Torquay

ford st.reet, Stonehouse Ash ton Harry, Newport road, Barnstaple Avery Mrs. Paou Shun, Hostle park,

Armstrong Miss, South avenue, Polsloe AshtonJ.28TheGreen,Shaldon,Teig-nmth Ilfracombe

road, Heavitree, Exeter AshtonJohn,Gunsdown vil.SouthMolton Avery Mrs. 14 Tavistock road, Stoke,

Armstrong Mrs.8 Hillsbro' ter.Ilfracmbe Ashton Richard, The Square, Barnstaple Devonport

Arnold Lt.-Col. William J.P. Nethercott, Ashton Richd. Waiter, Lake villa, Brad- Avery Mrs. Ware Barton, Bishop'sTeign-

Iddesleigb, Winkleigh R.S.O worthy, Holsworthy ton, Teignmouth

Arnold A.Hyde hill, South town,Dartmth Ashworth Ed ward, I7 Dix's field, Exeter Avery Thos.24 Sussex rd.Ford,Devonprt

ArnoldE.3Woodland ter.North rd.Bidefd Ashworth John, 9 Paradise place, Stoke, Avery T.9 'l'avistock rd.Stoke,Devonport

Arnold George J. Princetown R.S.O Devonport Avery 'rhos. B. St. Leonards, Honiton

Arnold Miss,13May pl.Lipson rd.Plymth Ashworth Miss, 4 St. A.nne's road, Heavi- Avery William, Boutport st. Barnstaple

Arnold Miss, 4 Woburn tar. Tavistock tree, Exeter Avery William, Cbelston lea, Higher

Arnold Misses, The Cottage,Dolton R.S. 0 Askin Augustus L. Rock cot. Sidmouth Walnut road, Cockington, Torquay

Arnold Mrs. I Fair pk.Magdalen rd.Exetr Aslett - , Edgington, Warkleigb,S.Moltn Avery William, Church Park cottage,

Arnold Mrs. 33 Greenclose rd.Ilfracombe AspinallAlfred,Waterloo ho. Holsworthy West Putford, Brandis Corner R.S.O

.Arnold Mrs. I2 Knighton rd. Plymouth Astbury Rev. Fredk. Poughill, Crediton Avery Wm.H.8IDurnford st.Stonehouse

Arnold Richard Edwin, 3 Elm terrace, Aston Charles R. Westhome, Palermo Avis Thomas, Fir mount, Kingswear,

Lipson road, Mannamead, Plymouth road, Babbacombe, Torquay Dartmouth

ArnoldT.Sea lawn,Southfield rd.Paigntn Aston Jsph. I Ann's pi. Stoke, Devonprt Axford Thomas, to Valletort road, Stoke,

Arnott Miss, The Laurels, Babbacombe Aston Mrs. 7 Oxford park, Ilfracombe Devonport

road, Babbacombe, Torquay Aston W.G.Woodland$,S~aton,Axmmstr Axworthy William, 20 Cheltenham pl.

Arscott John Strode, Plympton St. Atcherley Miss, 22 Hill's view,Barnstaple Greenbank road, Plymouth

Maurice, Plympton Atherton Rev. Canon Charles Isaac M. A. Aylard Rev. Chas. Primley pk.Paignton

Arscott Mrs. 3 Hampden place, St. The Close, Exeter Aylen Commander Charles G. W. R.N.

Thomas, Exeter Atherton Rev. Edward Ernest B.A. Brad- 50 Durnford street; Stonehouse

Arscott Wm. South Zeal, Okehampton ninch, Cullomptou Aylen Capt. John Frau.klin Robins R.N.

Arthur Capt. Edward, Oneida, Portland Atherton Rev. Ernest Charles M •.A.. St. Io Woodland terrace, Plymouth

avenue, Exmouth Hilary lo. St. Hilary ter.Stoke,Devonpt Ayling George, 26 Belmont rd. Exeter

.Arthur Rev. Thomas Freke B.A. Hawley Atherton Rev. Ernest Charles M •.A.. Holy Aylmer Capt. Charles W.B. Alpha house,

house, Barnstaple Trinity vicarage, Barbacan,Barnstaple Mutley road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Arthur Rev. William Wills B.A. Ather- AtkinsMajorJn.H.7Albion ter.Exmouth Ayre Rev.Hel'bert Edward B.A.Rectory,

ington, Barnstaple Atkins Lieut.-Col. Charles, 2 Clarendon Brendon, Barnstaple

Arthur Harrison Emanuel, Sparkwell terrace, Stoke, Devonport Ayre Richard, Fort street, Barnstaple

lodge, Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary Atkins Bde.-Surg. Lt.-Col. Chas. Alfred, Ayre Robert, Fort street, Barnstaple

ArthurJ.Fortter.Alexandrard.Barnstple Roy. Military hospital, Stoke, Devonpt Ayre William, West Welland, Bishop's

Arthur Miss, 43 Black Boy road, Exeter Atkins Rev. Joseph J. The Presbytery, Nympton, South Mol1on

Arthur Miss, ro Dix's field, Exeter Queen street, Newton Abbot Ayres Misses, 7 Queen's terrace, St.

Arthur Mrs. 2 Chapel street, Tavistock Atkins Rev. Richd. White 1\I•.A.. Rectory, David's, Exeter

Arthur Mrs.Slade ho.Charletn.Kingsbdg Romansleigh, South Molton . Ayres Misses, 2 Southernhay, Newton

Arthur Mrs. Wellsbourne, HarLley aven. Atkins Rev. Samuel Hastings B.A. Rec- Abbot

Higher Compton, Plymouth tory, Shillingforu St. George, Exeter Ayshford Mrs. Lake, Broadclyst, Exeter

Arthur Ralph, Rectory, Torbryan, New- Atkins E. Dun Esk,Dawlish rd.Teignmth Ayshford Thomas Blake, Victoria cot-

ton Abbot Atkins George 0. The Lawn, Chudleigh, tage, Whimple, Ex:eter

ArthurWm.Coulson,rs Raleighrd.Exetr Newton Abbot Babb Hy. Rd. 2I Portland sq.Plymouth

Arthur William Ernest, Kingsnympton Atkins William Stanley, Castle view, Babb J.B.23 Stuart ter.Stoke, Devonport

park, Chulmleigh Above town, Dartmouth Babb J.37A, Waterloo st.Stoke,Devonport

Artignan Rev. Eugene, Novitiate house, Atkinson John Ruston, Horwood, Van- Babb Mrs. 22 East st. Newton Abbot

St. Mary's hill, Paignton sittart road, 'forquay Babb Mrs. I Herbert street, Morice

Arundel Mrs. St. Leonards, Slapton, Atkinson S.Glencaim,Sands rd.Paignton town, Devonport

Kingsbridge Atkinson Thos. 6 St. Matthias terrace, Babb William, 2 Balmoral place, Citadel

Arnndel Mrs. Sylfaen,Falkland rd.Torqy Ilsbam road, Torquat road, Plymouth

Arundell Rev. William Henry M ..A.. Rec- Atkyns Mrs. Lowick, Highweek, Newton Babb William Harry, 2 Balmoral place,

tory, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Crediton Abbot Citadel road, Plymouth

Arundell Rev. William Reinfred Harris Atthowe Mrs. Beer, Axminster BabbageEdwd.Jn.A.3Lisson gro.Plymth

M. A. Rectory, South Pool, Kingsbridge Attwell Robt. 13 Salisbury rd. Plymouth Ba.bbage George, St. Peter st. Tiverton

AscottThos.6Jubileerd.Heavitree,Exetr Attwill Robert Frederick, 2 Queen's ter- Babbage Gilbert, Ashleigh villa, Whit-

Ascott Wm. I8 Huttgarden st. Bideford race, New street, Great 'forrington church, Tavistock

Ash Alexander, 32 Ker street,Devonport Auber L E. S. Bank ho. High st.Creditn Babbage John, 62 Haddington :road,

Ash George, 3 La.nsdowne terrace, Alph- AuldjoMrs Neuchatel,Chesnut av.Torqy Morice town, Devonport

ington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Aureille Rev. Edward, Beaconfield col- Babbage John, jun. Crelake, Tavistock

Ash Jobn, Sunnyside, Kingsteignton, lege, Weston Peverel, Plymouth Babbage Mrs.8 Pavilion place,Magdalen
Austin G.s Ilsham cots. Ilsham rd.Torqy road, Exeter
Newton Abbot



Babbag~ Miss,x8 Barnstaple st.S.Molton Baird John, Leeville,Bellevue rd.Paigntn Baker Samuel, Clarence st. Dartmouth

Babbage Mrs. Mary, Coddon, Bishop's Bairstow Thomas, St. Anne's, Church BakerSl.17Waterloo st.Stoke,Devonport

'fawton, Barnstaple road, Babbacombe, 'forquay BakerT.J. 7Glyn ter.Greenbnk.av.Plymh

Babbage Thomas, Wisteria, Kingsteign- Baker Lady, Wood house, Uplyme, BakerThos.2Alexandrard.Ford,Devnprt

ton, Newton Abbot Lyme Regis Baker Thos. 4 Sutherland ter.Plymoutb

Babeaglehole Mrs. 13 George s1. Devonpt· Baker Sir SamuelWhite(Pasha),F.R.G.s., Baker ThomasS.38Gibbons st.Plyruouth

Baber Mrs. Devonshire house, Fore st. F.R.A.s., F.R.s., D.L., J.P. Sandford Baker Thomas Slope, I St. Alban's ter-

Heavitree~ Exeter Orleigh, Newton Abbot race, Castle road, Turquay

Babington Mrs. xo Bay View terrace, Baker Lieut.-Col. R. Barrington, Royal BakerWm.Becroft,Bradninch,Cullomptn

Northam, Bideford William Victualling yard, Cremyll BakerWm.3Radnor ter.Dartngtn. Totnes

Back Edwin Herbt. New rd. Dartmouth street. Stonebouse BakerWm. C. xsWhitefield ter.Plymoutb

Back Josias, 6 Headland park,Plymouth Baker Capt. John, Clarendon house, Bakewell Misses, Clovelly, Bideford

Back Mrs. Park terrace, Barlow's cause- Ipplepen, Newton Abbot Baldock Mrs. Cauleston, Withycomte

-way. Tiverton Baker Capt. Joseph, Hurston house, Raleigh, Exmouth

Back Stephen Harvard,4 Ebrington ter. Whitestone, Exeter Baldon FrancisWilliam R.N.TheCottage.

Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Baker Capt. Robert George R.N. Broom Mutton cove, Devonport

Backhouse Thomas, 6,:; High st.Bideford house,NymetSt.George,South Molton BaleHy.Adolphus,xoLeigham st.Plymth

Back way John, East-the-Water,Bideford Baker Rev. Abel Frank B. A. 4 Woodland HaleJas.24Champernowne ter.Ilfracmbe

Bacon Mrs.IWingfield vils Stoke,Devnpt terrace, Babbacombe, Torquay Bale J.V.Camden ho.Camden st.Plymth

Badcock Rev.L.T.g Spring hill, Tavistock Baker Rev.E. B. A. TheVicar.1ge,Tiverton Bale Mrs. 15 Newport ter. Barnstaple

Badcock Edward, Palace villa, Crediton Baker Albt. The Laurels, Pinhoe,Exeter Bale Wm. 3 Park Hill cottages,Torquay

Badcock Miss, Blagdon terrace,Crediton Baker Albt.deWinter,zLawn ter.Dawlsh Bale William, Waketield cottage, Wt~­

Badcock Misses,The Cottage, Ide,Exeter Baker Arthur Snow Clatworthy, Cham- land, Cullompton

Badcock Mrs. Exeter road, Crediton berlains, Halberton, Tiverton Bale Wm. Hy. Newport rd. Bunstap!e

Badcock Mrs. Lower Compton road, Baker Chas.E.gBartholomew ter.Exeter Balfour Capt. John Edmond Hough J.P.

Compton Gifford, Plymouth Baker Edmnd. Io Abbey mead,Tavistock Manor house, Sidmouth

Badcock Mrs. 5 Richmond villas, North Baker Frederick, Ebberley terrace, Bear Balfour Mrs. Cht>.shunt house, Budleigb

avenue, Heavitree, Exeter street, Barnstaple Salterton S.O

Badcock T. Tophill, Ashford, Barnstaple Baker Frederick O.A. 3 Bradley terrace, Balgay Capt. R.A.Old Abbey,HJ~tvitre~,

Badcock W. Tophill, Ashford,Ba1•nstaple Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot Exeter

Baddeley Mrs. 16 New rd.BriXhamR.S.O Baker George, Tawstock ho. Ilfracombe Balhatchet Thomas, Grove park, Lisson

Baddeley Mrs.22 ~ew rd.BrixhamR.S.O Baker Geo. F. 26 Exeter rd.Teignmouth grove, Plymouth

Baddeley Mrs. Samuel, 4 Rockland ter- Baker Henry, 3 Elm terrace, Honiton Balkwill Alfd. P. 2 Lipson ter. Plymth

race, Hrixham R.S.O Baker Henry, Havelock house, Lutton, Balkwill Chas. Hy.Quay ho. Dodbraoke

Badeley P. 9 Belvidere ter. Paignton Cornwood, Ivybridge Balk will Fras.H.3 Prim~ess sq.Plymoutll

Badger Rev. William Arthur, 19 Home Baker Henry, High street, Cullompton Balkwill George, 14Collings park,Highe~

Park villas, Stoke, Devonport Baker Henry, Mariansleigh, Sth.Molton Compton, Plymouth

Bacca Demetrius S. Ford cottage, Alph-1 Baker Henry Goldney, The Lawn, Bud- Balkwill George,South Huish,Kingsbrdg

ington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Jeigh Salterton S.O Balkwill HancockBenjamin,Bank house,.

Bagg William, Western road, Crediton Baker Hy.John,4Henrietta pl.Exmouth1 Fore street, Kingsbridge

Bagley Rev. William Henry Morris M.A. Baker James, 4 Austwick terrace,! Balk will Hy. 17 Culverland road, Exeter

Vicarage, Pilton, Barnstaple Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Balkwill Miss, 3 Colaba terrace, 8!11-

.Ba~lole Miss, Orchard hill, Northam, BakerJas.21 Brunswick pl.Stoke,Devnprt cornbe, Kingsbridge

Bideford Baker Jas.7Lower Summerlands,Exeter Balk will Hobert Coad, Coleridge, Chil-

Bagnall Miss, Fairlea, Chudleigh, New- Baker James, Penn inn, Newton Abbot lington, Kingsbridge

ton Abbot Baker James,8 SJymour terrace, Lipson Ball.H.ev.G.W.2 Okement ter.Okehmptn

"Bagshaw Mrs. The Whitelea, Dawlish ro1d, Plymouth Ball Frederick Samuel, I Arundel ter-

Bagshawe Col.Samuel Lawrence,xApsley B<1kerJoel,jun.54 Pennsylvania rd.Exetr race, Morice town, Devonport

terrace, llfracombe Baker John, II Greenbank avenue, Ball Geo.24 Higher Market st. Tavistock

Bailey Rev. M. B.A.25 Belmont rd.Exetr Lipson road, Plymouth jBall Hy. Jas.28 Powderham cres.Exeter

BaileyA.2 Premier pl.Mt.Radford,Exeter Baker John, I4 Rockingham ter.Plymth Hall Jehu,IO Buckingham pl.Stonehonse

Bailey Charles Frederick J.P. Lee abbey, Baker John Cook, Brunswick ho.Bidefrd Hall John, 10 Durnford st. Stonehouse

Lynton, Barnstaple Baker John Russell, 1 Park Hill villas, Ball MarkWhiteway, Walmer house, S~.

Bailey Eclwd. Cross st-.Seaton,Axminster Highweek, Newton Abbot Mary Church road, Torquay

Bailey Frank, 25 Union road, Exeter Baker John Wyatt, Ford house, Church- Ball Miss, 47 Fore street, Totnes

Bailey Heaton, 4 Clarendon park, Tor ingford, Honiton Ball Miss, Ulenside, Raleigh, Northam~

vale, Torquay BakerJspb.Fitz, West st.AshburtonR.~.O Bideford

Bailey Hy.zMt.Pleasant rd.NewtonAbbt Baker Miss, I Greenway villas, High- Ball Miss, Manaton villas, South Brent,

Bailey Hy.Jas. 63 Emma pl. Stonehouse week road, Newton Abbot Ivybridge

Bailey J n. T.Tower ho.Fisher st.Paignton Baker Miss, 51 High street, Barnstaple Ball Mrs. Glenside, Ringmore;reignmth

Bailey Joseph, Albany terrace, Kings- Baker Miss, 13 Mont-le-Grand, Heavi- Ball Mrs. 23 Sanford crescent, Cocking-

kerswell, Newton Abbot tree, Exeter ton, Torquay

Bailey Joseph, 12 Emma pi. Stonehouse Baker Miss, 1 Plantation ter. Dawlish Ball Mrs. Victoria pl.Salcombe,Kingsbdg

Bailey Miss, Rolle cot. Sidbury, Sidmth Baker Miss, South street, Axminster Ball SI. 21 Alexandra rd. Ford,Devonprt

Bailey Miss, 8 Wonford road, Exeter BakerMiss,2Springtield cot.InstowR.S.O Ball Samuel, 3 ZzLland place, Plymouth

Bailey Mrs.Axe view,Colyford,Axminstr Baker Miss, Sunnyside, Witheridge, Ball Samuel, jun. Beer Alston R.S.O

Bailey William, 4 Cavendish terrace, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Hall Sami.Wm. 57 Mount st. Devonport

Higher Wellesley road, Torquay Baker Miss. 9 York buildings, Oxford Ball 'rhos. G. 16Seaton av. Mutley,Plymtb

Bailey William,9 Clarence pl.Stonehouse road, Exeter .Ball William, 51 Ker street, Devonport

Bailey William, 72 Tavistock road, Baker The Misses, Brunswick ho.Bidefrd Ball W.13 Molesworth rd.Stoke,Uevnprt

Stoke, Devonport Baker Mrs. 7 Abbey mead, 'favistock Ball William, sen. Walmer ho. Ash Hill

Bailey William Henry, Newport house, Baker Mrs. Burrington, Chulmleigh road, Torquay

Countess Wear, Exeter Baker Mrs. 20 Elmside, Exeter Ball William, jun. Maycliff, St. Luke's

Bailie Mrs. 15 Brookdale av. llfracombe Baker Mrs. 5 Fore street, Teignmouth road north, Torquay

Baillie Evan, Filleigh, Chudleigh, New- Baker Mrs. 2 Glyn terrace, Greenbank Ball Wm. Hy. 16 Walker ter. Plymouth

ton Abbot avenue, Plymouth Ball William Joseph, Fern cottage, Fore

Baillie Mrs. Brynderwen, Lincombe Hill Baker Mrs. Leytonstone,Castle rd. Torqy street, Heavitree, Exeter

road, Torquay Baker Mrs. Park terrace,Barlow's cause- Ballack Miss, 3 Leigham terrace,Citadel

Baillie Mrs. Clifton cottage, Dartmouth way, Tiverton road, Plymouth

Baillie-Hamilton Misses, Swilley house, BakerMrs. TheLawn,Budlgh.Saltrtn.S.O Ballack Wm.Hy.4 Chester pi. Plymouth

Stoke, Devonport Bakedlrs. Rose:.e,Woodland pk. Paigntn BallanT. M.6 Haldon rd.St. Davids, Exetr

Bailward F. Manor cot.Seaton,Axminstr Baker Mrs. Sentrys, Exminster, J<~xeter Balle Geo. P. 5 Bartholomew ter.Exe~r

Bain David Wise J. P. Gatcombe house, Baker Mrs. Summerland &t. Barnstaple Ballhatchet Thomas, Endsleigh, Ipple-

Little Hempston, Totnes BakerMrs.8Ternple rd. Larkbeare,Exeter pen, Newton Abhot

Bainbr1gge Col. Arthur, Southcourt, Baker Mrs. 1 Wonford road, Exeter Ballinger Hy.I Larkstone vils.Ilfracmbe

Middle Lincombe road, Torquay Baker Nathaniel J.P. Butts hill, Kings- Ballinger Mrs. Newport, Barnstaple

Bainbridge Capt. John Hugb R.N. Beech- wear, Dartmouth Balls Mrs.n Luscombe terrace,Dawlish

wood, Sparkwell, Plympton St. Mary Baker RobertHughoMontagu, Roseneath, Balmanno Mrs. 5 Prospect pl. El(mouth

Bainbridge W. 3 Adelaide ter. Ilfracmbe Courtenay park, Newton Abbot Balsdon James, Eastleigh \"'ilia, East-

Baines W. E. I3 Portland viis. Plymouth Baker Robert Nesbitt Gollop,9 Salutary leigh, Bideford

Baird Nathaniel Hughes John, The mount, Heavitree, Exeter Balsdon Joseph, 8 Higher Par:k: View

Retreat, Holcombe, Dawlish , Baker Samuel, Bridestowe R.S.O · terrace, Heavitree, Exeter


B!R 685

BalsdonJohn, 6 :Milton place, Bideford JBarley Johnson Gray, Norbury, Van- Barron Mrs. I6 Townsend crescent,

Balsdon Mrs. 6 Grosvenor terrace, Rear sittart road, Torquay Mannamead, Plymouth

street, lldrnstaple Barlow Capt. N. B. Hillsdon, Weston BarronsFrank,3xPowderham cres.E:x:etr

lldlsdon Mrs. Wear Barton,WearGiffard Peverel, Plymouth BarronsW.xWeir view,Dartington.Totns

Balsdon Richard P. Wear Barton, Wear Barlow Miss, West hill,Budlei~h Salter- Barrow James, Chester ter. Barnstaple

Giffard, Bideford ton S.O Barrow Misses, South st. Gt. Torringtn

Balsam John James, x The Ferns, St. Barlow Mrs. Casterton, York road, Bab- Barrow Robert, Torridge house, East-

Luke's road, Torquay bacombe, Torquay the-Water, Bideford

Baly Mrs. 48 Magdalen street, Exeter . Barlow Mrs. 2 'l'hurlow park, Torquay Barrow Valentine Evelyn, Brook house,

Hamberger Louis, 'l'empleton cottage, Barnard Commander H. H. R.N. Willow Uffculme, Cullompton

Esplanade, Exmouth bank, Lower Polsham road, Paignton Barrow William, Hallow mead, Bishop's

RamfieldLt.-Gen.A.H.Brockhrst.Exmth Barnard Douglas Vincent, 2 Radcliffe Teignton, 'l'eignmouth

Bamfield Mrs.6 Albion terrace,Exmouth terrace, Salisbury road, Plymouth Barry James C.E. 27 Lower St. Paul's

Bamford Rev. Rt.M..A..Gordon vil. Manor Barnard Edward King, Yondercott, road, Newton Abbot

road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Uffculme, Cullompton Barry James R.N. II Pasley street,

Bamford Mrs. Sea View terrace, Braun- Barnard E. A. W. Royal dockyard, Morice town, Devonport

ton R.S.O Devonport Barry Miss, 2I Lower St. Paul's road,

Bampfylde Charles Henry, 21 Bartholo- Barnard Mrs. 13 Barnpark ter. Teignmth Newton Abbot

mew street west, Exeter Barnasconi Francis, 7 Washington ter- BarryWilliam James Henderson,n Pas-

Bamsey :Mrs. I Oxford terrace, Oke- race, Alexandra road, Plymouth ley street, Morice town, Devonport

hampton rd. St. Thomas, Exeter Barnard Thos. J. Spring hill, Tavistock Barstow G.S.34 Ea.Southernhay,Exeter

Banbery J.C.88A,Queen st.NewtonAbbt Barne Miss, St. Peter street, Tiverton Barstow John Cole, Wallaford, Buck-

B.l.nbury James, Prospect cottage, North Barnes Capt. Richard R.N. 4 Haldon fastleigh R.S.O

Furzeham road, Brixham R.S.O View terrace, Exmouth Barter Rev. Jn. 48 Regent st. Plymouth

B.mbury Lewis, South Devon place, Barnes Rev.F. M. A. 24 Hoe st. Plymouth BarterCharles,s Torrington place, North

Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary Barnes Rev. Hanbury, SS. Philip & road, Plymouth

BanburyW.J.B.4o Bitton st.Teignmouth James' vicaraze, llfracombe Barter Frank C. 4 Boon's pl. Plymouth

• Bandinell Mrs. Hulham, Exmouth Barnes George,Castle Hill ho.Axminster Barter Mrs. Fora street, Moreton Hamp-

Bane 1\frs. 54 Holloway street, Exeter Barnes James, Hampton street, Tiverton stead, Newton Abbot

l3anfield Edwin, 3 Princes street north, Barnes John, West Blackdown, M:ary Barter Robt. Chudleigh, Newton Abbot

St. Thomas, Exeter Tavy, Tavistock Bartlett J. H. Alexandra cot. Dodbrooke

13anfield Hy.Jsph.9 l\1ildmay st. Plymth Barnes John Richard R.N. 8 St. George's Bartholomew Rev. Arthur Henry M.A.

Banfield Jas.S. 31 Mildmay st.Plymouth terrace, Durnford street, Stonehouse Vicarage, Harbartonford, Totnes

Bc~nfield Thomas, Rockvale, New road, Barnes Joseph, 5 Avenue ter. Paignton Bartholomew Rev.Robert B.A. Vicarage,

Brixham R. S. 0 Barnes Miss, 6 Midway terrace, Heavi- Harberton, Totnes

BanfieldThos. H.. 36Hil!Park cres. Plymth tree, Exeter Bartholomew Rev.William Herbert M.A.

lJanfield Wm. Hy. Oaklands, Honiton Barnes Miss, Tresillian, :Forde park, Vicarage, Landkey, Barnstaple

]{angham Mrs. New st. Gt. Torrington Newton Abbot Bartholomew Mrs. Trangweath, Wood-

HankartJ.M.B.IgWe.Southernhay,Exetr Barnes .Misses, Valetta, Yealm bridge, land park, Paignton

Banks Rev. John Waters jun. M.A. Plymouth Bartlet Rev. John Moysey de Ludbroke

Vicarage, Hatherleigh R.S.O Barnes Mrs. 3 Belmont road, Exeter B.A. Ludbrooke Manor house, Er-

Banks David, Queen Anne's battery, Barnes Mrs. 26 Gerston road, Paignton mington, Ivybridge

Sutton road, Plymouth Barnes Mrs. Redcliffe, Denmark road, Bartlett Rev. John M.A. Vicarage, Tops-

Banks J. The Warren, Gt. Torrington Barnfield, Exeter ham, Exeter

llanks Maurice L. M.A. I Redlands, Barnes Mrs.St.James' villas, Ilfracombe Bartlett A Parkham, Brixham R.S.O

Halberton road, Tive: ton Barnes Mrs. 'fhe Grove, St. Leonard .6artlett Charles, 7 Arundel terrace,

Banks Mrs. 4 Montpelier rd. Ilfracombe road, Exeter 'Morice town, Devonport

Banks Waiter Fk. Brunswick pl.Dawlish Barnes Reuben, Richmond VIlla, Penny- Bartlett Chri~topher, 7 Brandreth ter-

£annermanJ.H.rEgertonrd.nth.Plymth comeguick, Stoke, Devonport race, Morice town, Devonport

Eannerman Miss, Cloudlands, St. Agnes Barne;; Thomas, 7 Westcroft, Bideford Bartlett C. E. Ashleigh, Brixham R.S.O

lane, Coekington, Torquay Barnett C. G. Palmerston house, 'forrs Bartlett Edwin, 1 Holborn pl. Plymouth

llannister F. n Ferndale, Teignmouth park, Ilfracombe 1Bartlett Edwin Thomas, Naval bank,

:Bannister Henry, Shaldon, Teignmouth Barnett Edward, 9 Alexandra terrace, Whimple street, Plymouth

Bannister Mrs. 12 Alexandra terrace, Black Boy road, Exeter Bartlett E. W. 2 South View ter. llideford

Black Boy road, Exeter llarnett Henry Augustus G. Palmerston Bartlet.t Geo. Forest. Brixham R.S.O

Eaple Wm. 16 Exeter rd. Teignmouth house, Torrs park, Ilfracombe Bartlett James, 8 Hobart st. Stonehouse

Barber James John, Mission house, Barnett Miss, The Laurels, Babbacombe Bartlett Jas. S. Ilsham manor, Torquay

Bayard's co,·e, Dartmouth road, Babbacombe, Torquay Bartlett Jasper,I<'rogwell,MountPieasant

Barber Miss, I2 Richmond road, Exeter BarnettW. H.B.Higi- er Market st.Tvstck road, llrixham R. S. 0

Barber Mrs. I2 Barton cres. Dawhsh Barney Thomas, 51 Palmerston street, Bartlett John, IA, Boon's place, North

JJarber Robert Wm. Crawl, 2 Avondale Stoke, Devonport road, Plymouth

terrace, Beaumont road, Plymouth Barns N. 25 Champernowne ter.Ilfrcmb Bartlett Michael Humphrey, I<'rogwell,

BarderJ.'f.r6 Brunswick pl.Stoke,Dvnpt Baron Alexander Lovel, Finedon, West- Mount Pleasant road, Brixham R.S.O

!Bardin Mrs. 6 Napier ter. Plymouth hill road, St. Mary Church, 'forquay Bartlett Miss,46 Coomberd.Teignmouth

Bargery George Thomas, I7 Verney pl. Baron Josiah, I Wyndham sq. Plymouth Bartlett Misses, New park, Central

Sidwell street, Baron Wm. L. Ashleigh rd. Barnstaple · avenue, Paigntou

:Barham A. J. 30 Headland pk. Plymth Barr H.B.Elm wood,Colyford, Axminstr Bartlett Mrs. 5 Beacon, Exmouth

Earham Mrs.. Broxmore, Dawlish Barr Mrs. Ea. Butterleigh ho. Cullmptn Bartlett Mrs. Colyton, Axminster

:Haring-Gould Rev. S. M •.A•• J.P. Lew Barran Charles, Berry house, Berry Bartlett Mrs. 7 Ermington terrace,

ho. Lew Trenchard, Lew Down R.S.O Pomeroy, Totnes Mutley, Plymouth

lBaring-Gonld Mrs. Edward, Ardock lo. Barratt Mrs. 5 The Esplanade, Plymouth Bartlett Mrs. 21 Haddington road,Morice

Lew Trenchard, Lew Down R.S.O Barratt Rt. 24 Greenclose rd. Ilfracombe town, Devonport

J~arkell E. 63 Bannawell st. Tavistock Barrett Chas.G.9<}aroline pl.Stonebouse Bartlett Mrs. 2 Rose villas, Polsloe road,

.Harkell Thomas, Elford house, Black- Barrett E. 37 S~ymour av. ea. Plymth Heavitree, Exeter

down, Mary Tavy, Tavistock Barrett Edward, 28 Washington ter- Bartlett Mrs. 8 Ross street, Morice town,

lmrker Col. Henry Andrews, 2 Belmont race, Alexandra road, Plymouth Devonport ·

place, Stoke, Devonport Barrett G. R. 26 Portland sq. Plymouth Bartlett Mrs. Temple street, Sidmouth

Earker Lt.-Col.Hy.A.R.A.Penleecottage, Barrett John, 10 Chaddlewood avenue, Bartlett 0. S. Laburnam ho. Paignton

Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport. Lipson road, Plymouth llartlett Ralph Clarke, Teignmouth
.Barker Capt. William Charle~ R.N. Barrett John, 4 Seymour terrace, Lip- Infirmary, Dawlish road, Teignmouth

'rardeo, Avenue road, Torquay son road, Plymouth Bartlett Richard, Buttsford, Colebrooke,

Barker Lt. W. H. Tramore, Dartmouth Barrett Matthew, 4 Lansdowne terrace, Coplestone R.S.O

Rarker Rev. Thomas William Johnson Holloway street, Exeter Bartlett R.7 Kirkbypl.North rd. Plymth

B.A., t.L.B.LOnd.Kentisbeare,Culmptn Barrett R. Far view, Watts rd.Tavistock Bartlett Robert, 14 Grosvenor terrace,

Earker Rev. Wilham, South l<'uneham Barrett William Alfred, 22 South Devon Warren road, Torqnay

road, Brixham R.S. 0 place, Embankment road, Plymouth Bartlett Samuel Richard, Trewidden,

JJarkerEdwd.Chas.42Portlandsq.Plymth Barrie Mrs. 5 Elm terrace, Lipson road, Mount Pleasant road, Brixham R.S.O

.Barker William, 2 St. Ann's place, Old Mannamead, 11lymouth Bartlett Thos. I Hill Park cres.Plymouth

Tiverton road, Exeter BarringtonA.E.Tora.oyl.Princtwn.R.S.O Bartlett William, 2 Gros\·enor villas,

JJ.uker William Henry, 127 Alexandta llarrington Chas. 4 Oakleigh vls. Thorn Dartmouth road, Paignton

road, Ford, Devonport Park road, Mann::tmead, Plymouth · Bartlett William .Frank 4 Knollys ter-

.Earkley Mrs. P. Park Hill rd. Torquay BarringtonC.TorRoyai,Princetwn.R.S.O race,Pennycomequicl{,Stoke,Devonprt


Bartlett W. S. 36 Black Boy rd. Exeter · Batson Thomas l.l'. Ebberley house, Bealy Tbos.4York bldgs.Oxford rd.Exetr

BartleyD.H.Lee cot.Broadhmpstn.Totns Roborough R.S.O Beamish de Couray, Hay ford hall,

Barton Maj.-Gen.Robert R.Jo:.,J.P.Welby Batstone R. H. 2 Salisbury rd. Plymouth Buckfastleigh R.S.O

house, Weston Pm·erel, Plymouth Batt A. W. 6 Higher Belmont rd. Exeter Bean Charles Edward, 5 Buckland ter-

Barton Capt. F. D. Little Silver, High Batt Henry, I7 Clifton hill, Exeter race, Millbay road, Plymouth

Bickington, Chulmleigh Batt M. Orchard ter.Newport,Barnstaple Bear James, 15 Zion street, Plymouth

Barton Alfred Thomas, Southcombe, Batt Miss, 5 Orchard grdns.Teignmouth Beara Alexander, Appledore R.S.O

Oldway road, Paignton Battams Geo.Kilworth:v house,Tavi.stock Bearblock Mrs. I4 Stoke terrace, Stoke,

Barton Augustus, Hawthorn vrlla, Bat.tenA.C.22Brunswick pl.Stoke,Ovnprt . Devonport

Glanville road, Tavistock Batten John B. Trewyn, Holsworthy Beard J. 3 St.John's rd.Heavitree,Exeter

Barton Charles, Station road, Sidmouth Batten J.C.78Alexandra rd.Ford,Dvnprt Beard Miss, 47 Fore street, Totnes

Barton Francis A. Paschoe house, Cole- Batten Mrs. 2 Fore street, Totnes Beard Robert, Angel hill, Tiverton

brooke, Coplestone R.S.O Batten Mrs.36Portland rd.Stoke,DYnprt Beardsley Henry, 5 Princes street south,

Barton G. A. H. Morchard Bishop R.S.O Batten Mrs. I2 St. Margaret.'s terrace, St. Thomas, Exeter

Barton G. P. Varnes, Lympstone, Exeter St. Mary church, Torquay Beare Henry, Albion, Solsbro' ro!l.d,

Barton Miss, Rose Allen cottage, Batten Thos. Yonder st.Ottery St. Mary Cockington, Torquay

Northam, Bideford Batten William Hy. Brmtor, Tavistock Beare John Henry Sandhurst, Court-

Barton Mrs. 10 Queen's terrace, St. Batti rshill Henry Wes.lake, 6 Mont-le- enay park, Newton Abbot

David's, Exeter Grand, HeavitreE', Exeter Beare Miss, Bridgeland street, Bideford

Barton Richard, Bridge cottage, Culm- Battiscombe Miss, Barluw's causeway, Beare Miss, Ugborough, Ivybridge

stock, Cullompton Tiverton Be'lre Thomas Lawrence, St. Heleu's,

Barttelot Brian Barttelot, Ditton, BattishalUliss.Bush,Spreyton,BowR.S.O St. Paul's road, Newton Abbot

Lower Warberry road, Torquay Battishill William J. St. Loyes, East Bearne Edwin, 2 Lansdowne terrace,

Barwis John C. 8o Old Town st.Plymouth Wonford, Exeter Holloway street, Exeter

Basanquet Rev."Frederick Charles Tindal Baugh Rev. William Joseph M.A. Vicar- Bearne James Snclling, Linden house-, •

B.A.TheHermitge. Uplyme,LymeRegis age, Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth Wolborough street, Newton Abbot

Basden-Smith Philip, 6 Hillsborough, Baugh Mrs. 5 Oxford park, llfracombe Betrne Lewis, Brookhill house, High-

College road, Mannamead, Plymouth Baughen Mrs. Strand, Topsham, Exeter week street, Newton Abbot

Baskerville C. II Prospect park, Exeter BawdenJ.F.36St.Brannock's rd.Ilfrcmbe Bearne L. Pinewood,Parkhill rd. Torquay

Basset Chas. Hy. J.l'.Watermouth castle, Bawden Moses, Tamar view, Tavistock Bcarne Lewis, St. Bcrnards, Wolboro'

Ilfracombe & Westaway, Barnstaple Hawden Mrs. 28 South st. South Molton hill; Newton Abbot

Bassetl\lrs.Watermouth castle,llfracmbe Bawden Thos. 5 New rd. Okehampton Bearne Lewis Edward, Briarstowe,

Bassett Rev. Henry Howard Tilney, Cod- Bawden William Thomas, 5 Glenside, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot

rington villa, Westward Ho! Bideford Collrge rnad, Mannamead, Plymouth Bearne Miss, Wolboro' villa, Torquay

Bassett J. 6 Rutger pl. Stoke, Devonport Bawden-Johns Thomas, 9 St. George's road, Newton Abbot

BasseLt Miss, Colleton house, Melbourne terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth Bearne Mrs. 47 Fore street, Totncs

place, Exeter Bawdon Thomas, The Priory, Dawlish Bearns John, Willoughby cot. Totnes

Bassett Mrs. Rosecot.Northam,Bideford Bawdon William Satterley, Green hill, Bcarns William, Leechwell cot. Totnes

Bassett Thomas Bailey, Jubilee house, Kingsteignton, ~ewton Abbot Beasley Mrs. Witheridge, Morehard

Bri<h:{erule, Holswortby Baxter Fredk. B.A. York cot. Bideford Bishop R.S.O

Bastable Rev. R. Kilmington, Axminster Baxter Thomas Henry, Green end, BeatsonMiss, TheLimes,East st. Crediton

Bastard Baldwin John Pollexfen J.l'., Plymtree, Cullompton Beattie J. C. B.A. Devon County school,

D.L. Kitley, Yealmpton, Plymouth; & Bayldon Edwd.Herbt. Oaklands,Dawlish West Buckl>1nd, South Molton

Buckland court, Ashburton Bayley Chas. 4 Powderham cres. Exeter Beattie Mrs. St. Michacl's, St. .Michael's

Bastard Misses, Slapton, Kingsbridge Bayley Mrs. Cotford, Sidbury, :SidrnouLh ro,td, Torquay

Bastard Mrs. Oakhill ho.Slaptn.Kirigsbge Bayley Mrs. 6 South Devon place, Em- BeattyW. IRtdnor ter. Dartington,Totncs

BastardS.Maryland,Barnfield rd. Exeter bankment road, I'lvmouth BcauchantMiss,SGreenclosc rd.llfracmbe

Bastard S. 31 St. Leonard road,' Exeter Bayley Robt. 18 Summerland st. Exeter Bcaumont Mrs. Fairfield, Chudleigh,

Bastard William Edward Pollexfen l.l'. Baylcy William, 54 Albert road, Morice Newton Abbot

Lyneham house, Yealmpton, Ply- town, Devonport Beavan John, 9 Arundel terrace, Morice

mouth Bayley William 1Vanscy, I Bicton ter- town, Devonport

Bastick William Fawkes, The Firs, race, Exmouth Beaven Misses, Simcoe house, Budleigh

Queen's terrace, St. David's, Exeter Bayliy Augustus Kcppel, I Woodland Salterton S.O

Bastin E. M. 3 Bicton ter. Exmouth terrace, Cockington, 'forquay BeavisGeo. TheCedars,Alpbington,Exetr

Bastin Mrs. 3 Bicton terrace, Exmouth Baylis Mrs. Bellair, Pilton, Barnstaple Bewis Mrs. Coburg road, Sidmouth

• Bastone Mrs. 5 St. Ann's terrace, Old Bayly Capt. H.E.2oRalcigh ter.Exmouth Rcavis Wm.Sorrento, Holcombe, Dawlish

Tiverton road, Exeter Bayly Barric D. 36 Wonford rd. Exeter Beazley John, 86 Portland st. Exeter

Bastow William Powley, Lower Brimley, Bayly J. 5 Victoria pl. Stoke, Devonport Bcazley Mrs. Fosseway, St. Agnes lane,

Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot ' Bayly John, Seven Trees, Lipson road, Cockington, Torquay

Batchelor Miss, 4 Napierter. Plymouth Plymouth & Yelverton hGuse, Buck- Beazley Mrs. Wolborough villa, Torquay

Batchelor Reginald Lewis, 3 St. James' land Monachorum road, Newton Abbot

terrace, Citadel road, Plymouth Bayly Robert J.l'. Torr grove, Weston Bebrouth John, Anchor vilia, Dart-

Bate Arthur, Guildhall square,Tavistock Peverel, Plymouth mouth road, Paignton

Bate Edwd. 24 Woodland ter. Plymouth Bayne Miss, Church hill, Honiton Beck Rev. William M.A. Rectory, Clan-

Bate R. IS Home park, Stoke, Devonport Bayne William Thirlwall LL.M., F.c.s., m.borongh, Bow RS.O

Bate William, 2I George st. Devonport l.P. Brockhill, Broadclyst, Exeter Beck.J.Prospect ho.Lynmouth,Barnstaple

Bateman Rev. G. C. T.A.C.K.L. Rectory, Baynes Waiter Francis, Braganza, Beck Miss, Bowater, St. Agnes lane,

Jacobstowe, Exbourne R.S.O Braddon Hill read east, Torquay Cockington, Torquay ·

Bateman J.Lynhurst,Lynton,Barnstaple Baynton Miss, The l\iount, St. Mark's Beck Miss, ~ewport street, Tiverton

Bateman Mrs.gAcre pl.Stoke, Devonport road, Torqnay Beck Mrs. I3 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter

BatemanMrs. 17l'ortlnd. rd. Stoke, Dvnprt Bazalgette Col. William J oseph, Ke\·erel BeckSamuel William,Lodge ter.Tiverton

Eater Rev.Alfred B. B. A. Training college house, Witbycombe Raleigh, Exrnouth BeckettMrs.3LowerSummerlands,Exetr

& 20 Wonford road, Exeter Bazeley Rev. Frank Ley llf.A. 6 Colleton Heckles Samuel Husbands, Abergeldie,

Eater Mrs. Manor house, Chittleham- crescent, Exeter Cleveland road, Torquay

Holt, Chulmleigh BazeleyH.M.Belvoir,Nth,Down rd.Bidfrd Beckley Misses, Pmehurst, Lonsdlle

Eater Thomas,Manor house,Chittleham- Bazeley Mrs.Milverton,Northam,Bidefrd road, Newton Abbot

Holt, Chulmleigh Bazeley Mrs. I8 Townsend crescent, Beddek Mrs. Stoneleigh, Forde park,

Bates Rev. Percival WalkerM.A.Rectory, Manname1d, Plymouth Newton Abbot

Charles, South Molton Bazley Charles, High street., Cullompton Beddoes Miss, 4 Black Boy road, Exeter

Bates Henry George, 7 Hyde Park ter- Bazley Charles, 2 Wmdsor ter. Exmouth Bedford His Grace the Duke of, Ends-

race, Mutley, Plymouth Bazley Joseph, 3 College road, Exeter leigh, Milton Abbot, Tavistock; & 8x

Bates Miss, I7 Caprera terrace, North Beachey Richard William, Finder house, Eaton square, London

road, Plymouth Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot BedfordG.~hrublnd.ho.TorHill rd.Torqy

BatesMiss,3Saltram pl.Citadel rd.Plymth Beach Alfred, I8 Albany ter. Exmonth Bedford Henry, I Milber view, High-

Bates W.H.Fordville,New rd.Dartmouth Beadon Miss, 4 Coburg ter. Sidmouth week, Newton Abbot

Bateson John William, II Trematon Beal James, 54 Queen street, Exeter BedfordMrs.Fairlwn.Oldway rd.Paigntn

terrace, Mutley, Plymouth BealeRev.J.2Manor ter.Seaton,Axminstr Bedford William, Colyton, Axminster

Batey Mrs. Ashleil!h road, Barnstaple Beale Charles Hcmy, ¥ore street, Bovey Beebee Rev. George, 6 Portland phH.'C,

Bath Chas. Jn. Ashleig·h rd. Barnstaple Tracey, Newton Abbot Abbey road, Torquay

Bath Mrs. 46 Granby street, Devonport Beale Daniel,2I Stu'lrt pt Stoke, Dcvonprt Beedell Geo. Knigbt,Brooklands,Tiverton

BatheCap•.J.I.Cionmore,Northm.Bidfrd Beale Harry, 9 St. Paul's st. Tiverton BeedellH. Woodslea,Bramfrdspeke.Exetr

Bathe Richard, 25 Raleigh ter. E1;.mouth Beale Mr~. Castle street, Tivcrton Beedell Jo~ n, St. Andrew st. Tiverton


Beedle James Hole, 6 Nottingham Bennett Major-Gen. Wm. Hy. Worthy, Bernard Arthur Francis J.P. Abbots,

place, Motley plain, Plymouth Hillsden, Forde p'lrk, Newton Abbot Combe Rale1gb, Honiton

BeerRev.Jsph.ILongfield ter.Ilfracombe Bennett Surgeon-Lieut.-Col. Richard Bernard Joseph Bowen, Springfield

BeerCharles,?Strllnd,Sh<tldon,Teignmth D'l.wson, 25 Leif!ham st. Plymouth house, Northam, Bideford

BeerH.Rbt.Meadlo.Meadfoot la.Torquay Bennett Major John, Sandhi!ls, Sal- Bernard Mrs. Henry, ,Amroth, Oltl

BeerJ.2 Pavilion pl. Magdalen rd.Exeter combe, Kingsbridge Torwood road, Torquay

Beer James, Bradford cottage, Buckland Bennett Rev. Stephen M. A. Grantlands, Bernays Sidney A. Fort st. B-:unstaple

Monachorum, Yelvert(ln R.S.O Uffculme, Cullompton Berriman .Albert Nicholas, 42 Durnford

BeerJames,6Home park,Stoke, Devonprt Bennett Bertram, Montpelier, Gros- street, Stonehouse

BeerJ.roHerbertst.Morice town,Devonpt venor road, Paignton Berriman Arthur, 3 Wolseley terrace,

BeerJ.B. 1Pasley st.Morice town,Devonpt Bennett C.Rose-Duryard,Cowley rd.Extr Huntiscombe road, Plymouth

Beer John Jeffery B.A. 5 Beatrice aven. Bennett Charles John, 12 Torrington Berry Rev. George Benton B.A. Wilder-

Lipson road, Plymouth . place, North ro!l.d, Plymouth ness road, Mannamead, Plymouth

BeerMrs. IAlbion vls. OldTivertn. rd.Extr Bennett E.J. IOSeatona\'. Mutley,Plymth Berry Rev. John Harcourt M. A. H. M. S.

Beer Mrs. Alexandra road, Barnstaple Bennett Ellery Arthur, 2 Windsor villas, Britannia, Dartmouth

Beer Mrs.s Elstow ter. Hatfield rd. Torqy Lockyer street, Plymouth Berry John, 92 East st. South Molton

BeerMrs.2Keppel ter.Moricetn.Devonpt Bennett Fredk. II St. Jude's rd.Plymth Berry John Linley, I Revelstoke place,

Beer Mrs. 13 St. Jude's rd. Plymouth BennettFras. Wm. 17 Sivell pl.Hearitree Beaumont road, Plymouth

Beer Mrs. &luth view, Church street, BennettHy.J1s.6Brunswick sq.Exmouth Berry HarryMark,Maitlands, lpplepen,

Brixham R.S.O BennettJ-tmes Warley, 7 Wellst. Exeter Newton Abbot

Beer Mrs. IS Stoke ter. Stoke, Devonport Bennett John, Littleford cotf,age, Brad- Berry Henry, High l!treet, Cullompton

Beer Mrs. Town Hall place, Bovey worthy, Holsworthy Berry Miss, 18 Belgrave terrace,Belgrave

Tracey, Newton Abbot Bennett John, 3 St. Mark's pl. Torquay road, Torquay

Beer T.4 Avenue vls.Avenue rd. Torquay BennettJ.B Whitleigh ter.CrownHillR.S.O Berry Miss, 6 Citadel terrace, Citadel

Beer 'fhomas, I Lipson ter. Plymouth Bennctt Jn.G.38 St. Leonard's rd.Exeter road, Plymouth

Beer William, Fort street, Barnstaple Bennett John Gould, 12 Ebrington ter- Berry Miss, Cross street, Barnstaple

BeerW.IOrchard ter.Newprt.Barnstaple race, Alphington rd.St. Thomas,Exeter Berry Miss, Fort street, Barnstaple

Beer Wm. Rendall, Buttville, Dodbrooke Bennett John N. Archerton, Post bridge, Berry Miss, Spring gardens, Bolton st.

Beer Wm.jun.B.A. Victoria pl.Dodbrooke Princetown R. S.O BrixhamR.S.O

BeerWm.Burner,Week,Dartingtn.Totnes Bennett John Nichohs, 2 Windsor viilas, Berry Misses~ East st. Ashburton R.S.O

Beetham AlbertWm. 3West cliff,DawIish Lock yer street, Plymouth Berry Mrs. Ba~tards ho. Blagdon,Paigntn

Beeton Mrs. Woodlands, St. Hilary ter- BennettJsph.T.I8Mulgravest.Plymouth Berry Mrs. 7 Church road, Ilfracombe

race, Stoke, Devonport Bennett Miss, Cobur~ cottage, Chud- Berry Mrs. John, Kenwyn, Ashburton

Beetty John George, Roseville, Princes ]eigh, Newton Abbot R.S.O

street south, St. Thomas, Exeter BennettMiss,23 Hill Park cres.Plymouth Berry SI. Beach hill, Fort st. Barnstaple

Beever Horace, St. Leonards villa, Bennett :Miss, Palermo house, Seaton Berry S. Waverley hall,AshburtonR.S. 0

Topsham road, Exeter terr':lce, Mutley, Plymouth Berry Wm. Boddy, Church st. Crediton

Begbie Mrs. 10 Chambercombe terrace, Bennett Miss,16Victoria pl.Stoke,Dvnprt Berryman William, Fort st. Barnstaple

Ilfracombe Bennett Misses, 4 Clarence rd. Exmouth Bertram Mrs. Lee wood, Ilfracombe

BelcherJn. W. Whitestock, Hooe,Plymth Bennett Mrs. 3 Clarence place, Newport, .Bertram William, 2 Bath pl. Ilfracombe

Belfield Herbert, Palace, Crediton Barnstaple Berwick Robert S. Royal hotel, West-

Bel1Adam,3Devon ter.Hridgetown,Tot.nes Bennett Mrs. 4 Evelyn place, Plymouth ward Ho! Bideford

Be!IA.J.Easton ct.Chagford,Nwtn.Abbot Bennett Mrs. High street, Honiton Besant E. Royal dockyard, Def"onport

Bell Chas.E. W. 17We.Southernhay,Exetr Bennett Mrs. Langstone, Whitcburch, Besley Frederick Banks, Io St. George's

Bell Francis King~n M.D. Archbrook, Tad-;tock terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth

Budleigh Salterton S.O Bennett Mrs. 13 St. George's terrace, Besley Hy. Thos. :r8 High st. Ilfracomba

BellJ.sMeliora cots.Meadfoot la. Torquay Durnford street, Stonehouse Besley Jn Wm. Moorside, Okehampton

Bell Miss, Myrtle cott'lge, East terrace, BennettMrs. 19Seaton av.Mutley,Plymth Besley Miss, 1 I Ladywell pl. Plymouth

Budleigh Salterton S.O Bennett Mrs. 1.'1 Woodland ter.Plymouth Besley Mrs. North st. Braunton R.S.O

Bell Mrs. 3 Dundonald street, Morice Bennett Richard Jar,·is, 25 Caprera ter- Besley Mrs.Valleta, Watcombe, Torquay

town, Devonport race, North road, Plymouth Beslcy Robert Henry, I4 Carlton terrace,

Bell Mrs. St. Paul's square, Tiverton Bennett SI. Commercial wharf, Bideford New North road, Exeter

Bell William, so Chapel st. Devonporo BennettSotml.Gosford ho.OtterySt. Mary Besley Waiter, 71 Black Boy rd. Exeter

Bell W. K.Clifford ho.Sh'lldon,Teignmth Bennett Sidney, I Weirfield rd. Exeter Besly J. South st. Newport, Barnstaple

Beli-Ayers Robert, 7 Melville road, Ford, Bennett Thomas Angel!, Melrose, Pow- Best Capt. the Hon. Robert Rainy, The

Stoke, Devonport derh':l.m road, Newton Abbott Rowdens, Bampfylde road, Torquay

Hellamy George David, Burrow lodge, Bennett Willi<tm, Heausite villa~ Hilles- Hest Rev. John Humphries, I Radcliffe

Lipson road, Plymouth . don road, Torquay terrace, Salisbury road, Plymouth

Belhlmy Joseph Arthur, Hilsborough, Bennett William Hr. Elm gro. Bideford Best Fredk. A. Torrs park, Ilfracombe

Buckland Monachorum,Yelvrtn.R.S.O Bennitt Pynson Wilmot, Pomeroy lodge, Best Mrs. Ashton Lee, Ash Hill road,

Bellamy Miss, 12 Seymour ter. Plymouth Berry Pomeroy, Totnes Torquay
soBellamy Mrs. 17 Connaugbt av. Plymouth Bensou Rev. John Peter M.A. Witheridge, Best Mrs. Queen street, Exeter·
Bellasis Mrs. 3 Townsend crescent, Man- Morcha.rd Bishop R.S.O Best William, 18 Charles pi. Plymouth

n~me':l.d, Plymouth Benson - , Patchole manor, Barnstaple Best W. R. 10 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter
BellewMiss, TheCot..Brampfrdspeke.Extr Benson C. Richmond, Lew Down R.S.O Beswick William Henry c.E. Moss side,

Bellew Mrs. II College road, Exeter Benson George Ja.mes, 13 Higher Cross Withycombe road, Exmouth

Bellew Patrick Franci~ Colley house, Park terrace, Heavitree, Exeter Bethune Rev. George Cuddington l!.D.

Tedburn St. Mary, Exeter Benson Mrs. J: Matford terrace, Mount Rectory, Chulmleigh

Bellew William Legassick, Henspark, Radford, Exeter Bettington Mrs. St. Ethelberts, West-

East Anstey, Dulverton R.S.O Benson Mrs. Tbe Laurels, Woodland ward Ho! Bideford

Bellewes. Rev. Cecil Tait B.A. ,Bishop's park, Paignton · BettsRev.R.A.Withycomberd.Exmont.h

Tawton, Barnstaple Benson R. Brixham rd. Kingswr. Dartmth Betts Mrs. 19 Orchard gdns. Teignmouth

BellewesRev.G.C.Bisbop'sTwtn.Brnstple Benson Robert B. Hacqueville, Upper Betts Nathaniel P. Sunnyside, Yealmp-

Bellingham Geo. TheElms,Lee,llfracmbe Western rd. St. Mary Church,Torquay ton, Plymouth •

Belson Mr11. u Beacon, E:xmouth Bent Miss, Fort street, Barnstaple Betty S.G.Bowood,Abbotsham,Hideford

BelvinMra.Rock cot. Western rd.Ivybrdg Bent The Misses, 4 Regent's terrace, Bevan Rev. Harri, Victoria terrace,Ferry

BenbowMrs.Edencliff,Holcombe,Dawlsh Polsloe ro.Ml, Heavitree, Exeter road, Exmouth

Henbow Vernon, Kempsford, Middle Benthall Rev. Charles Francis M. A. Cock- Bevan Mrs. I Helgrave road, Plymouth

Warlaerry road, Torqug.y wood, St.ncross R.S.O Bevan Mrs. Venn house, Ugborough,

Bencraft Mrs. Highfield ho. Barnstaple Bentinck Mrs. lndio, Bovey Tracey, lvybridge

BencraftR.I.TheCot.SunnyBnk.Brustple Newton Abbot Bevan Willia.m, Glen Lyn, Lynmoutb,

Bendle Rev. J'lmes, Forest. Chulmleigh Bentley Mrs. H1zelmere, Elmsleigh Barnstaple
Bene~t. Cha.s. H. I a Morice sq. Devonport road, Paignton
Bevan William, 9 Molesworth terrace,

Benge William Goring M.c.P. Samp- Bentley W.J.H. Menlo,Avenue rd. Torqy Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport

ford Peverell, Tiverton BenweU Miss, Hollinwood, Middle War- BevanW.J.&.N.gAthenreumst.Plymouth

Benmore Geo. P. Budleigh lo. Exmouth berry road, Torquay Bevans Mrs. Portman villa, St.. James's

Bennallack William, Dashper house, Benyon Robert W. Hollacombe,Paignton road, Exeter

Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O BergmaD John, Higher green, Bishop's Bevans Mrs. T. P. Cerro Alegre, High-

Bennee A. Home Park vil. Stoke,Devonprt Teignton, Teignmouth fiP.ld villas~ Exmouth .

BenneeEdward,60rdnance st.Devonport Berkeley Rev.Sackville H. H.A. Heavitree Beveridge Mrs.Coombe villa, Dartmouth ·

Bennee George, 34 Ker l!t. Devonport. Berkeley Rev. Wilham M. Maytield, Or- road, Paignton

Bennett Alex.45 Headland pk. Plymouth j chard hill, Nortbam, Bideford }Jewes Rev. T.C.B.A. 8 Raleigh rd.E.xeter


688 BEW • 7


Bewes Cecil Edward J.P. Hill side & 8 Bingham Rev. William Philip Strong BlackW.J.25 St. Hilary ter.Sloke,Devnpt

Leigbam ter. Plymouth & Ridgeway, M.A. [vicar], Kenton, Exeter BlackallE.28Portland rd. Stoke,Devonprt

Plympton Bingham William Scott, 18 South Devon BlackallThomas,Maryfield,Pennsylvania

Bewes Charles, Inceworth, Tavistock rd place, Embankment road, Plymouth road, Exeter

Mannamead, Plymouth Bingley Miss, 9 Toronto road, Exeter Blackall Thomas, Spitchwick, Leusden,

Bewes Charles Theodore, Home lodge, Binmore Henry Colmer, Springbank, Ashburton R.S. 0

Seymour avenue,Mannamead,Plymth Kingswear, DarLmouth Blackburn Arthur, Haine, Stowford,

Bewes Harry Davis, Garston, Ford Park Binmore Mrs. 8 Ker street, Devonport Lew Down R.S. 0

road, Mutley, Plymouth Binney Rev. John Erskine M •.A. Vicar- Blackburn Edward Brooking, Stowford

Bewes Mrs. Beaumont,Forde park,New- age, Morebath, Tiverton cottage, Lew Down R.S.O

ton Abbot Binns Rev. William, I Caer Badden ter- Blackburn Harold Bellas, Townleigb,

Bewes Mrs. Braeside, Wilderness road, race, North road, Plymouth Stowford, Lew Down R. S. 0

Mannamead, Plymouth Binyon Rev. Frederick, I Westbourne Blacker Jas. R. 13 Radnor st. Plymouth

Beynon William Benjamin, 2 Chelston terrace, Newton Abbot Blackett Jeremiah, 4 Knighton terrace,

grove, Cockington, Torquay BirbeckHolland,Cbal'lwood,Babbacombe Greenbank avenue, Plymouth

Bibbings George, Acqua villa, Wolboro' road, Babbacombe, Torquay Blackford Charles, 88 Alexandra road,

hill, Newton Abbot Birch Col. Charles B•.A., J.P. Lympstone Ford, Stoke, Devonport

13ibbings Wm. 21 Mildmayst. Plymouth grange, Exeter Blackford John,1South st.South Molton

Bickel Robt.Church st.Heavitree,Exeter Birch Rev. Wick ham Montgomery M. A. BlackfordMiss,8Barnstaple st.Sth.Moltn

Bickel W. I2 West ter. Heavitree, Exeter Vicarage, Ashburton R.S.O Blacking Mrs. 24 Richmond rd. Exeter

Bickell Jabez, 4 Compton Park villas, Birch Arthqr J.P. Belstone, Okehamptn Blackler Edward Adams, 26 Victoria

Mannamead, Plymouth Birch Fdk. Geo. I Barton cres. Dawlish place, Stoke, Devonport

Bickell John Panter, 7 Woodford villas, Birch Mrs. Charlcote, Forde park, New- Blackler Francis Harris, Marian villa,

Mannamead, Plymouth ton Abbot Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Bickell William, 6 Dundonald st. Morice Birch Mrs. Coombecote, Dartmouth BlacklerG.Belsford,HarbertonfordR.S.O

town, Devonport Bircham E. C. 42 Headland pk.Plymouth BlacklerJ.2Victoria vils.Abbey rd.Torqy

Bickerstaffe-Drew Very Rev. Francis B. Bird Lieut. -Col. Fredc. Vincent Godfrey, BlacklerJ.2Weir view, Dartington,Totnes

5 Hol)rood place, Plymouth R.M.L.I. Royal Marine barracks,Durn- Blackler Miss, Old town, Bideford

Bickersteth Right Rev. Edward Henry ford street, Stonehousc Blackler Mrs. Brownston street, Mod-

D.D. (Bishop of Exeter), The Palace, Bird Rev. Benwell, Wychbury, Fcrnleigh bury, Ivybridge

Palace gate, Exeter road, Mannamead, Plymouth Blackler Mrs. Hampton place, St. Mary

J3ickersteth Rev. Henry Venn M •.A. The Bird Rev. Samuel William Elderfit-ld church, Torquay

Palace, Palace gate, Exeter M. A. 6 Dix's field, Exeter Blackler Thomas Andrew, Hampton pl.

Bickford Col. William, Dunsland, Brad- Bird Edward Charles,Greenover, Higher St. Mary church, Torquay

ford, Brandis Corner R.S.O Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Blackman John, Elm Grove house,

Bickford John, West st.AshburtonR.S.O Bird G.Brookbank, Reed vale, Teignmth Mount Pleasant road, Exeter

Bickford Misses,Prince cottage, Bicking- Bird Henry, 95 Durnford st. Stonehouse BlackmoreRev.J.C.MorchardBishopRSO

ton, Newton Abbot Bird John, I9 Hobart street, Stonehouse Blackmore Charles, Cross Laurel house,

Bickford Mrs. South view, Watts road, BirdJ.L. Seaview,Abovetown,Dartmth Paracombe, Barnstaple

Tavistock Bird John S. 38 Boutport st. Barnstaple Blackmore John R.N. 20 Alcester street,

Bickle C. W. 1 Mary pl. Stoke, Devonport BirdW.M.Dacre ho.Ringmore,Teignmth Morice town, Devonport

Bickle John W.u Hobart terrace,Lipson Bird-Davis Charles, 3 Victoria terrace, Blackmore Jn.71 Summerland st.Exeter ·

road, Plymouth Victoria park, Plymouth Blackmore Jn. F. I6 Bedford pk. Plymth

13ickle Mrs. 5 Donegal terrace, Moles- Birkett Ernest Wilkinson, 2 Claremont Blackmore Mrs.39 Gibbons st.Plymouth

worth road, Stoke, Devonport grove, St. Leonard road, Exeter Blackmore Mrs. I4 Lime grove, Bideford

Bickle Thomas. I Belgrave terrace, Mut- Birkett Mrs. 8 Higher Summerlands, Blackmore Robert, Cooper st. Bideford

ley plain, Plymouth Heavitree road, Exeter Blackmore Robert, 12Townsend crescent,

Bickle William, 57 Alcester st. Morice Birkett William Henry, I 1 Victoria ter- Mannamead, Plymouth

town, Devonport race, Mount Radford, Exeter Blackmore Samuel,2 Priory ter.Dawlish

Bickle W. Roborough(~ot. Roboro'R.S.O BirkmyerJ.B. 26St. Leonard rd.Exeter Blackmore Saml.J. 8 Prospect pl.Exmth

Eickley Rev. Edward William, 2 Have- Birley William Henry, Shillingford Blackmore William Henry, 40 St. Bran-

lock terrace, Stoke, Devonport lodge, Alpbington, Exeter nock's road, Ilfracombe

Bickley William, :Fort st. Barnstaple BirminghamT.70xford grove,Ilfracmbe Blackwell Fdk.7Newport ter.Barnstaple

,Bickley William, 8 Prospect park, St. Birmingham W.Church view,Kenn,Extr Blagden Rev. Richd.Thos.M.A.Vicarage,

James's, Exeter Biscombe Wm.IsSt.Jude's pl.Plymouth Broadwood Widger, Lifton R.S.O

.Bicknell G. S.S. 33 Richmond rd. Exeter Bishop Rev. Hugh John Elston, Withe- Blagdon Mrs. Blagdon house, Crediton

Eicknell Misses, Rothenfels, Bridge road, ridge, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Blagdon Wm. 43 Tavistock pl.Plymouth

Torquay Bishop Jn. Gay, I02 North rd.Plymouth Blair Edward, Cator court, Widecombe·

BiddellMrs.Duryard ho.St.David's,Exetr Bishop Misses, Hillsboro' cot.Ilfracombe in-the-Moor, Ashburton R.S.O

.Bidder Miss, Stoke house,Stoke Flcming, BishopMrs.Elm bank,Abbey rd. Torquay Blake Cot B. W.Bellair,Heavitree, Exetr

Dartmouth Bishop Mrs. H:tyne, Croft rd. Torquay Blake Charles, Woodside,Brixham R.S. 0

13iddick George, 17 Haddington road, Bishop Mrs. High street, Honiton Blake Charles Davey, Highwood, Wol-

Morice town, Devonport Bishop Mrs. I Molesworth road, Stoke, borough hill, Newton Abbot

Tiiddick Thos. C. 45 Prospect pk. Exeter Devonport Blake Charles Paget M. D., R.N. Alver-

iBiddle IJapt.Waring Alex. Manor house, Bishop Mrs. 48 Mount st. Devonport stoke vale, Petitor road, St. Mary

Seaton, Axminster BishopMrsgTrematon ter.Mutly.Plymth church, Torquay

.Ridgood John, Bradninch, Cullompton Bishop N. The Hamlet,Gittisham,Honitn Blake Francis George, 4 Brandreth ter-

Bidgood Miss, 6 St. Paul's st. Tiverton Bishop Richard, I Argyle ter. Plymouth race, Morice town, Devonport

13idgood Nicholas, 14 Hobart terrace, Bishop Richard Preston,Parford, Draws- BlakeG.7Keppel ter.Morice twn.Devnprt

Lipson road, Plymouth teignton, Newton Abbot Blake George, Woodhouse nlla, Thel-

l~idwell Jas. Ralei!lh ho. Ottery St. Mary BishopR.P.Tbe Cottage,Starcross R.S.O bridge, Morchard Bishop R.S.O

}Jigge F.E. Hennapyn,Cockington, Torqy Bishop Samuel John, 29 Elmside, Exeter Blake George P. Brocklehurst,Rathmore

J3iggs G.2WestHomefld.Heavitree,Exet.r Bishop William, 6 Collings park, Higher road, Cockington, Torquay

Biggs John, Eveleigh, Higher Brixham, Compton, Plymouth Blake Henry Carstensen, 4 Saltram viis.

Brixham R.S.O Biss Mrs. I I Clifton hill, Exeter Laira, Egg Buckland, Plymouth

Biggs Mrs. Forest hill, Bideford Biss Mrs. 25 Toronto road, Exeter Blake J. Sunny lo.Lymington rd.Torqy

Bignold Rev.Reginald Augustus,Church Bissell Jas. B. Elm court,Rtarcross R.S.O Blake Jn.Robt.2Marlborough rd.Plymtb

sshouse, Ottery St. Mary Bittleston Major George Hastings R•.A. Blake Joseph, Park villa, Tiverton

Eilling Henry Samuel, 5 Regent terrace, llurnford street, Stonehouse Blake Miss, I! Fortfield ter. Sidmouth

Ridgeway, Pylmpton St. Mary Blackford Lady, Woodhouse, Chudleigh Blake Miss, Glentor, Torrs pk.Ilfracmbe

Billing Misses, ISCaroline pl. Stonebouse Knighton, Chudleigh Blake Mrs. 8 Chelston grove,Cockington,

Billing Mrs. 2 Torriano place, Colebrook, Black Alfred, Horsdon·villa, Tiverton Torquay

Plympton St. Mary Black Caleb,5 Wilton st.Stoke,Devonprt BlakeMrs.Prospect ho.Landkey,Barnstpl

13illson Alfred M.P. Newton house, New- Black .E.18Brunswick pl.Stoke,Devonprt Blake Richard, II4 Albert road, Morice

ton Tracey, Barnstaple; Devonshire & Black George, Newhaven, Higher Wal- town, Devonport

Nat10nal Liberal clubs, London nut road, Cockington, Torquay Blake Samuel, 8 Elmsleigh terrace,

'Billson Charles, Torbay hospital, Higher Black George M. B., c. M. Swiss villa, Clovelly road, Bideford

Union street, 'forquay Orchard road, Cockington, Torquay Blake William, 9 Sussex st. Plymouth

BindingE.R.N.93Durnfordst.Stonehouse Black John, 3 Acre pl. Stoke, Devonport Blake William Henry, Belmont house,

BindonRev. R.H.2 Vaughan ter.Dawlish Black Miss, Mead wool v1lla1 St. Mark's Duncombe street, Kingsbridge
Bingham Rev. Thos. M..A. Sub-warden's road, Torquay Blake-Aughton Edwin, Lent hill, Ash-

lodge, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot BlackW.S.Chascha.yas,~tockland,Honitn burton R.S.O



Blakeney W.Hillsboro',Northam,Bidefrd Boden Miss, Shrublands, Ringmore,'Boon Mrs.Monnthill pl.Beer,Axminster

Blakeway WarwickC.9 Haldon rd.Exetr Teignmouth Boon Mrs. Springfield villas, South

Blakiston Rev. Chas. D. Exwick, Exeter Boden Thomas William, Nantrelew, St.. Brent, Ivybridge

Blampey John, 72 Alexandra road, Mary Church road, Torquay Boon Wm. George,ISt.Jude'spl.Piymth

Ford, Oevonport Bodley Mrs. Parkston, Park road, St. Booth Mrs. I03 North road, Plymouth

Blanc Eugene A.I8 Longbrook st.Exeter Mary Church, Torquay Border J. I7 Brunswick place, Stoke,

Blanchard Frederick Thomas, I Cleve- Bodley Owen A. Mount Vernon, Mag· Devonport

land terrace, Victoria park, Plymouth dalen road, Exeter Boreham Alfred,2o Gerston rd.Paignton

Blanchard J.s St.Lawrencerd.Plymouth Bodley T. Rockville,,Halberton,Tiverton Boreham Miss, Hillside, South .Brent,

Blanchford Hy. C.I4 Belmqnt rd.Exeter Body Alfred C. 9 Evelyn pl. Plymouth Ivybridge

Blanchford Mrs. 6 Alexandra terrace, Body Charles Edwd. Fore st. Tiverton Boreham William Todman M. D. Syden·

Black Boy road, Exeter Body Henry Marten, Trenavian,Crediton ham, Babbacombe road, Torquay

Bland Maj.-Gen. Edward Loftus R.E. Body John Bond, 17 Ermington terrace, Borel The Countess Marie, 3 Prospect

Wellesbourne, Northam, Bidefurd Mutley, Plymouth terrace, Babbacombe, Torquay

Bland Charles Cook Swinton M. A. Devon Boger Misses, I Penlee villas, Stoke, Borlase Mrs. 9 Albany place, Plymouth

County school,We.Buckland,S.Molton Devonport, Plymouth Borlase Mrs. George, Combe Royal,

Bland Mrs. Lympstone, Exeter Boggis Rev.Robert James Edmund M.A. Churchstow, Kingsbridge

Blatcbford Hy. I Bedford pi. Tavistock The Close, Exeter Born Christopber,I Albion ter.Exmouth

Blatchford J. 5 St. Hilary terrace, Stoke, BoggisRev.T.M.A.2Bedford viis. Tavistck !Born W. J. W. Salisbury ter. Teignmth

De\•onport Boileau Miss, Eventide, Mid. Warberry Borrow.J. I Auckland rd.Ford, Devonport

Blatcbford Mrs.I8 Lisson gro.Plymouth road, Torquay Borwell Miss, 2 Greenway villas, High·

Blatchford Mrs. J.I Spring hill,Tavistck BolchJ.3Mildmaypl.Mildrnayst.Plymth week road, Newton Abbot

Blatchford William Henry, 4 Aylesbury Bolitho Thomas Bedford M.P., D.L., J.P. BosanquetFrdk.B.Watcombe hl.Torquay

terrace, Exeter road, Exmouth Green way house, Galmpton, Brix- Bosanquet Theodore J.P. West Down

Bleayrnire Lieut.-Col. Joseph, Alvanley, ham R.S.O. ; Haldon house, Kenn, house, Bradworthy, Holsworthy

Croft road, Torquay Exeter; & Union club, London s w Boscawen Hon. Mrs. Silverlands, Alph·

Bleaymire Miss, Pallanza, Seaway lane, Bollard Rev. Henry, High st. Crediton ington, Exeter

Cockington, Torquay Bollen John, II Culverland rd. Exeter Bossom James, Victoria rd. Barnstaple

Bleazby Major Francis Bernard, 25 Hyde Bolt C. H. I r Austin pi. Hele, Torquay Boswarva F. M.6 Gordon ter. Plymouth

Park road, Mutley, Plymouth BoltE.J.Carisbrooke ho.AppledoreR.S.O Boswell John, 44 Bitton st. Teignmouth

Blencowe Misses, Granton, St. Luke's Bolt John P. r Crapstone villas, Buck· Bosworth Sergt.-Major George, Landkey

road north, Torquay land Monachorurn, Yelverton R.S.O road, Barnstaple

Blenkiron Mrs. Trelawne, Forde park, Bolton Mrs. 22 Woodland ter. Plymouth Bosworthick Wm. Hy. Springfield villa,

Newton Abbot Bond Rev. Edward Copleston M.A.Beach St. Hilary terrace, Stoke, Devonport

Bles J. The Laboratory, Plymouth house, Starcross R.S.O BotherasRev.J.South st.GreatTorringtn

Blewett Samuel Brokenshaw, 12 Hill Bond Rev. Richard James, Keyham rd. Bott T. Negbeena, Falkland pk.Torquay

crescent, Manuamead, Plymouth Morice town, Devonport Bottrell Mrs. I I Hillsboro' road, Exeter

Blewett Samuel John, Seaton villa, Sea- Bond Elias, 14 Sanford crescent, Cock- Boucher Rev. Jarnes M.A.3 East terrace,

ton avenue, Mntley, Plymouth ington, Torquay Budleigh Salterton S.O

Bligh F. 4 Marine par. Appledore R.S.O Bond G.P. Cyprus ho.Cyprus rd.Exmth Boucher Charles J.P. Eaglemont, Kilm-

BiightG. rAlbemarle pLNorth rd.Plymth Bond James Hy. Milverton lo. 'fiverton ington, Axminster

Blight George,5 Durnford st.Stonehouse Bond John, Dowell street, Honiton Boucher Mrs. Rockleaze,Lee,Ilfracombe

Blight Mrs. r6 Chapel st. Devonport Bond John Kinton B.A., I3 The Boughton Fredsrick St. John, n Mar·

Blight Bichd. I8 Gascoyne pl. Plymouth Crescent, Plymouth tin terrace, Mm·ice town, Devonport

BlightS.6Windsor ter.Citadel rd.Plymth Bond Jn. Thos. 5 Woodland ter.Plymth Boulden Thomas George,44 Haddington

Blight T.Kilwinning,Avenuerd.Torquay Bond Misses, 4 Colleton cres. Exeter road, Morice town, Devonport

Blight Thomas Richard, I St. Michael's Bond Mrs. I6 Carlton terrace,New North Boultbee Rev. Thomas Francis M.A.

terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth road, Exeter Vicarage, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge

Blight Wm. ~ummerland ter.Barnstaple Bond Mrs. 22 Haddington road, Morice Boultbee Miss, 14 Barton vils. Dawlish

BlightW. H. rPremier pl.Mt.Radfrd.Extr town, Devonport BoulterSaml.sLairaBridge pl. Plymoutb.

BlightWm.Thos.I6Hobartst.8tonehouse Bond Mrs. Hill view, Powderham road, Boulton Henry Alfred, 8 Claremont ter-

Bliss Mrs. IO Holyrood terrace,Plymouth Newton Abbot race, Exmouth

Blofield C. 4 South hill,Stoke,Devonport Bond Mra. Myrtlecot.BlackawtonR.S.O Boulton Mrs. 98 Hig-h street,Ilfracombe

Blomefield Rev. George Pinchin Allan Bond Mrs. Riverside, Dodbrooke Boundy Geo. L. I2 Friars walk, Exeter

M.A. Abbots Bickington, Brandis Cor- Bond Mrs. Southbrook, West road, Bud- Bourchier Col. HenryS. Caton cottage,

ner R.S.O leigh Salterton S.O Ermington, Ivybridge

BlomfieldA.G.M.D 34We.Sthernhay.Extr Bond Mrs. Station street, Cullompton Bonrke Miss, St. Leonards, Woodway

BlowS.2Tremorvah ter.Fishcr st.Pagntn Bond R.6Norman aven.Stoke,Devonport lane, Teignmouth

Blowey John, 26 St.James pl. we.Plymth Bond T. View house, Dartington,Totnes Bourke Wm. Jn. Radnor cottage, "'on-

Blowey Thomas,14Herbert street,Morice Bond Thomas C. Chard st. Axminster . ford road, Mount Radford, Exeter

town, Devonport Bond Thomas Robert, 3 Cleveland ter- Bourn Mr;;. S. A. Villa Palmieri, Station

Blowey William Henry, 28 Greenbank race, Victoria park, Plymouth road, Ilfracombe .

avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Bond William, 1 Collings park, Higher Bourne John M. 4 Westbourne terrace,

Bloxsome Oswald,I Louisa ter.Exmouth Compton, Plymouth Budleigh Salterton S.O

Bloye Waiter, 2 Russell place, Penny- Bond William, Riverside, Dodbrooke Bourne Mrs. 3 Albemarle villas, Stoke,

comequick, Stoke, Devonport BondWm.Rose cot.Meadfoot la.Torquay Devonport

Bluett Col. Charles Edward Lane .J.P. Bond Wm.8 South hill,Stoke,Devonport Bourne Mrs. 8 Plymouth road, Totneg

Hok'Ombe, Moreton Hampstead, New- .BondWm.Geo.uLinden ter.NewtuAbbt Bourne R.E.Elwell,Plymouth rd.Totnes

tou Abbot Bone J.C.R. Kingsnympton,Chulmleigh Bourne William S. High street, Eideford

Bluett Major William, 2 Southfield, BonettoE.2Bystock cots.St.David's,Extr Bovell B.Kendall vil.Meadfoot rd.Torqy

Southfield road, Paignton Bonham-Bax Mrs. 8 St. Michael's ter- Bovett Miss, Feniton, Honiton

BluettF.W.D.Grenham,Totnesrd.Pgntn race, Stoke, Devonport Eovey Caleb, 9 Alexandra pl. Plymouth

Bluett Miss, 56 St. Leonard rd. Exeter Boning Miss, Broadlands, Bronshill ro1.d, Bovey Edward Paul, 2 Clifton grove,

Blundell Henry, 2 Higher Park View Torquay Old Torwood parade, Torquay

terrace, Heavitree, Exeter Bonney Jacob,Waverley vls.St.Budeaux Bovey JabezE. 3 Wellswood pi. Torquay

Blundell Misses, Fernleigh. Ottery-St.· BonnorW.J.8oSt.Branncks.rd.IIfracmbe Rovey James 1\1.2 Park mount,Meadfoot

Mary Bonsall Rev. Isaac, Rectory, Morchard road, Torquay

Blundun Rev.T.Brampfordspeke,Exeter Bishop R.S.O Rm·ey Jn. 55 Bolton st. Brixham R.S.O

Blyth Augustus Henry Garston, BonterR.W.Rock av.Newport,Barnstple BoveyJn.H.II Bolton st.Brixham R.S.O

Knowles hill, Newton Abbot Bonus Rev. A. Alphington villa, Alph- B~vey Mrs. Hurley, Greenway road, St.

Blythe John, Rose cottage, Ide, Exeter ington, Exeter Mary Church, Torquay

Board Miss, 33 Elmside, Exeter Boolas Cornelius Charles, Sea View Bovey Thomas, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot

Board William White, 2 Ebrington ter- house, Lipson, Plymouth Bowcher Benjamin, Sunny view,

race, AIphington rd. St.Thomas,Exetr BooldsE. A. 8Albemarle vis. Stk. Devonprt Pleasant road, Exeter

Boose Colonel. George, IO College road, Boolds J.sParadise pi. Stoke, Devonport Bowcher Mrs. 20 Prospect park, Exeter

Mannamead, Plymouth Boolds Miss,sTamar ter.Stoke,Devonprt Bowden Rev. William Hugh, Bow R.S.O

Boase Samuel S. Inver Torre, Priory Boon GeorgeWm.44BlackBoy rd.Exeter Bowden Alfred, I Haldon road, Exeter

road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Boon Mrs. Brookdale lodge, Brookdale Bowden E. A. 3 Powderbam cres.Exeter

Bode Capt.L. W.MountWise barracks,D. avenue, Ilfracombe Bowdel! E. J. Goulds, St.averton, Totnes

Plymouth BoonMrs.s Marypl.Lipson rd.Plymouth Bowden Fras. 49 Regent st. Plymout~

• D.EV. & COR..."f. 44



BowdenF.H.4Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exetr Boxhall William Richard, 30 Stuart ter- Brakspear'Mhs,High st.Topsbam,Exeter

Bowden Frank William, 3 Regent ter- race, Stoke, Devonport Bramley Rev. Prebendary Henry M.A.

race, Regent street, Plymouth Boyce John William, Avalon villa, Dart- Vicarage, Offculme, Cullompton

Bowden Frederick, 7 Torrington place, mouth roa.d, Paignton Brand Elihu E. N orthcotts, Teignmouth

North road, Plymouth BoyceMrs.Monmouth st.'fopsham,Exetr Brander Rev. James B. D. Somerset cot-

BowdenFrederick,Victoria st.Barnstaple Boyce Wilham Edmund,24 Belgra\•e ter- tage, Dartington, Totnes

Bowden Fredk. Edmund, I Sutherland race, Victoria road, Exmouth Brandreth Lieut.-Col. Ashton Milnes,

villas, Sutherland terrace, Plymouth Boyd Capt. Mossom Archibald R.E. 3 Fishleigh, Hatherleigh R.S.O

Bowc!en James, Ringmore, Teignmouth Esplanade, Plymouth Brandt Rev. Henry, I Walnut villas,

Bowden J.Charford,Avonwick,lvybrdge Boyd Archibald, Belle vue, Buckleigh, Cockington, Torquay

Bowden John, Fenny bndges, Escot, Westward Ho! Bideford Brandt Rev.ll:erbert, Uplands, Heavitree

Ottery St. Mary Boyd Colin Edward, Webbery house, road, Exeter

Bowden John, Providence house, Samp- Alverdiscott, Bideford Brandt Miss, San Roque, Woodend road,

ford Peverell, Tivertou Boyes John, 6 Gainsboro' pl. l'lymouth Torquay

Bowden John Evans, New Park villa, Boyes-Fowler 'Mrs.66 Emrna pl.Stonehse Brannen Miss, Bolham cottage,Tiverton

Forde park, Newton Abbot Boyle Rev. Wm. Skinner M.A. Glen Branscombe Geo. Herbert, Appledore,

Bowden 'Martin, 27 St. Leonard's ter- l<'riars, St.Luke's road north,Torquay Burlescombe, Wellington (Somerset)

race, Newton Abbot Boyle George, 5 Queen street, Bideford Branscombe Miss, 4 Halcyon villas,

.Bowden Melville, 7 Victoria terrace, BoyleJn.Dulford ho.Dulford,Cullompton Highweek, Newton Abbot

Victoria park, Plymouth Boyle Vernon, 3 Queen street, Bideford Branscombe Miss, 9 Mount Pleasant

Bowden Miss, Strand, Topsham, Exeter Boyle William, 7 Hill's view, Barnstaple road, Newton Abbot

Bowden Miss, 24 Trafalgar place, Stoke, Boyles Capt. Henry, Mount Sandford, Branton Mrs.Summerland pl. Barnstaple

Devonport Bishop's Tawton, Barnstaple · Brash Edward Alexander, 35 West

Bowden Miss, Vennleigh, Bradninch, BrackenArth. 20 Mildmay st. Plymouth Southernhay, Exeter

Cullompton Brackenbury Rev. Robert Alien M.A. Bratchell Miss, Clarence villa, Lynton,

Bowden Mrs. 25 Barton eras. Dawlish Beyrout villa, Seaton, Axminster Barnstaple

Bowden Mrs. Bear street, Barnstaple Brackney Mrs. Kenton, Exeter BrattersbyMiss.Swymbridge,Barnstaple

Bowden Mrs.Chains,Sampford Peverell, Bradbeer George, 5 Dinham rd. Exeter Braund Rev. Ebenezer, The Rectory,

TiV"erton Bradbeer Wm. Robt. 2 Lansdowne viis. Bittadon, Barnstaple

Bowden Mrs. t Charlton terrace, Mutley Queen's road, S~. Thomas, Exeter Braund Rev. Thomas, Thuborough,

road, Mannamead, Plymouth Bradbridge Philip, 4 Lansdowne place, Sutcombe, Holsworthy

.Bowden Mrs. Claremont, Shaldon, Vansittart road, Torquay RraundHerbert,IIOxford pk.Ilfracombe

Teignmonth BradburyS.37Portland rd.Stoke,Dvnprt Braund James, Che11ter ter. Barnstaple

Bowden Mrs. 29 Clarence place, Morice Bradden John, Albinia villa, South Braund James, Sunnyside, Laira, Egg

town, Devonport Furzeham road, Brixham R.S.O Buckland, Plymouth

Bowden Mrs. Combmartin, Ilfracombe Bradden J.J.Springwood,Brixhm.R.S.O BraundJoseph,I90xfordgro.IIfracombe

Bowden Mrs. Middle Leigh, Morchard Braddon Maj. Wm.C.St.Peter st.Tivertn Braund Misses, 6 Baring place,Heavitree,

Bishop R.S.O Bradford James, Lyme road, Axminster Exeter

Bowden Mrs. 19 Pinhoe road, Heavitree, Bradford J.Devonia,Bellevue rd.Paigntn Braund Misses, IO Clifton hill, Exeter

Exeter Bradford John Dennis, Hankford, Manor Braund Mrs. Buck's mills, Bideford

Bowden Philip, Appledore R.S.O road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Brawn Miss, 7 Princess sq. Plymouth

Bowden Samuel,38 Princes st.Devonport Bradford Mrs.6oPennysylvania rd.Exetr Bray Alfred Richard, 6 Glyn terrace,

Bowden Thomas, Pellew, Lower Brons- Bradford Thomas, 6 Union road, Exeter Greenbank avenue, Plymouth

hill road, Torquay Bradford 'fhomas Coombe, 9 Spring- Bray Ed win, Flora cottage, Latra, Egg

BowdenW.2Fitzroy ter.Stoke,Devonport field, Old Tiverton road, Exeter Bnckland, Plymouth

Bowden William, 8 St. David's terrace, Bradford Thomas Henry R.N. 10 College Bray George, 35 Ha.ddington road,

St. David's hill, Exeter Park terrace, Mutley, Plymouth Morice town, Devonport

Bowden William Delf, Iddesleigh, Union Bradley George F. Lower Woodlands, Bray Mrs. 5 Bayswater terrace, Albert

Toad, Babbacombe, 'forquay Station road, Okehampton road, Plymouth

Bowden Wm.H. Strand, Topsham,Exetr Bradley John, 26 Dix's field, Exeter Bray Mrs. 3 Bedford place, Tavistock

Bowden William Herbert, I2 Culme Bradley Mrs.Summer hl.Strete,Dartmth Bray Mrs. Victoria terrace, St. Aubyn's

terrace, Tothill road, Plymouth Bradley William McKenzie, The Elms, park, Tiverton

Bowden Misses, 12 Queen's terrace, St. Cranford, Exmouth BrayRd.BCollege rdMannamead,Plymth

David's, Exeter Bradridge Henry, Ellbridge, Broad- Bray William, 14 Lockyer st. Plymouth

· Bowdige Miss, Western road,Axminster hempston, Totnes Brayley George, Orchard Hill house,

£oweWaltr.2Laira Bridge ter.Plymouth Bradridge Miss, 6 Westbury terrace, Northam, Bideford

_.Bowen David, 59 Baring st. Plymouth North road, Plymouth )3rayley Miss, Powderham, Exeter

..Bowen Miss, 63 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter Bradridge Misses, SouthBreut,Ivybridge Brayley Mrs. Braunton, Croyde R. S.O

Bowen Thos. 46 Victoria park, Plymouth Bradridge Thomas, Southern house, Brayley Mrs. 77 East st. South Molton

.Bower Capt. James Bower, Claremont, North Huish, Ivybridge Brayley William,5 New rd.South Molton

Dawlish road, Teignmouth Bradridge William, Springfield villas, Brealey Waiter John Henry, Clayhidon,

'Bower Rev. Edward James M.A. Tor South Brent, Ivybridge Wellington (Somerset)

tower, Barton road, Torquay Bradshaw F . .J.P.Lifton park,LiftonRSO Brealy Robert, 7 Park villas, Station

Bowerbank E. W. 4 RoUe viis. Ex mouth Bradshaw J.B.J.P.Lifton pk.LiftonR.S.O road, Okehampton

Bowering Robert, 1I Gordon ter. Plymth Bradshaw Mrs. Oa.tlands, Woodland Breay Miss, 5 Portland villas, Plymouth

:Bowermg Saml. II Gordon ter.Plymouth park, Paignton Brebuer Miss,Clarence vil. Westward Ho !

Bowerman James, Hemyock,Cullomptn Bradshaw Mrs. Rowden, Weston Peverel, Brede Fredk. 23 Oxford gro. Ilfracombe

Rowerman Waltr.J.Do,·ercourt,Dawlish Plymouth Breedon J.Elmscot,Bampfylde rd. Torqy

Bowers Albert,26 St.Sidwell's av.Exeter Bradshaw Octavius D.L., J. P. Powder- Brely William, South Zeal, Okehampton

Bowes Miss, I Connaught terrace, Union ham castle, Powderham, Exeter Brely William Curzon, jun. Hillside,

road, Exeter Brady Jas. 4 Barbacan ter. Barnstaple South Zeal, Okehampton

Bowhay William John, Blackdown, Brady John, The Square, Barnstaple Bremridge Rev. Henry M.A. Vicarage,

Mary Tavy, Tavistock BradyK.J.Bickington,FremingtonR.S.O Winkleigh R.S.O

Bowlby Col. Harry Russell, Ye Crib, Bragg George Augustns, Forder house, Bremridge Miss, Penrose villa, Heavi-

Rickham, Kingsbridge Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot tree, Exeter

Bowler Horace, 27 Raleigh road, Exeter Bragg Miss, 2 Lansdowne place,Dawlish BremridgeMrs.Spring gardns.Sidmouth

Bowles Col. Henry Oldfield, St. Helen's, Bragg Miss, Weston lodge, Seymour Bremridge P.Lindonho. WinkleighR.S.O

Northam, Bideford avenue, Mannamead, l'lymouLh Bremridge Thomas Julius, The Vine-

Bowling James, 64 Charlotte st. Morice Bragg Mrs. Furlong house, Sandy park, yard, Castle st.reet, Exeter

town, Dcvonport Drewsteignton, NewLon Abbot Brenan Miss, Penrose, Wolborough hill,

Bown William James, I Claremont,Tor- Bragg Mrs. 4 Lisson grove, Plymouth Newton Abbot .

quay ro!ld, Newton Abbot Bragg William, Furlong house, Sandy Brendon Edwin, 21 Clarendon place,

Bowring Lady, 7 Baring cres. Heavitree park, Drewsteignton, Newton Abbot Citadel road, Plymouth

J3owring Lewi'l B. c.s.I., J.P. Lavrock- Brailey John, Addiscott house, South Brendon l\lrs.3 Bedford Park vils.Plymth

bere, St. Luke's road south, Torquay Tawton, Okehampton Brendon Wm. 2 Sussex place, Plymouth

.Box Daniel, IO Clarendon place, Citadel Brailey Miss, Coleridge, Wembworthy Brendon William Turner, 2 Queen's

road, Plymouth R.S. 0 gate, Lipson road, Plymouth

13ox Mrs.88 Queen street,Newton Abbot BraileyT.Rockaven.Newport,Barnstaple Brent Fras. 6 Tothill avenue, Plymouth

Boxer Mrs. 4 Pentamar terrace, Morice Brailey William, Chester ter. Barnstaple Brent Misseg, 1 Riversmeet terrace,

town, Devonport Braine Rev. Albert, 23 Trafalgar place, Topsham, Exeter

Boxhall Richard, 47 Palmerston street, Stoke, De\"onport Brenton Rev. Henry Wheeler B.A. The

Stoke, Devonport Braithwaite T. H. Deyman's hill,Tiverton Hollies, St. L~onard road, Exeter



BrentonMrs. xJubilee rd.Heavitree,Exetr Bright Richard, 90 North rd. Plymouth Brook Miss, Manor row,Exbourne R.S.O

Erenton Mrs. Weston house, Higher Bright Robt. 7 Alexandra pl. Plymouth Brook Mrs. 4 Hillsden villas, .Bronshill

Brixham, Brixham R.S.O BrightThos.North Molton,SouthMolton road, Torquay

.Brenton William, Pencarrow, Lower Bright William B. A. 24 Union rd. Exeter Brook Thomas Iddesleigh, Beaumont
Brill Abraham, Halberton, Tiverton I villas, Huntiscombe road, Plymouth
Bronshill road, Torquay

.BrentonWm.Hore,44Cobourg st.Plymth Brimacombe Chas. 6 Croft ter. Paignton Brook-SmiLh William, Parkfield house,

BrettRev.A. E.soKing gardens,Plymouth Brimacombe H.6 Clarence pl.Stonehouse Topsham, Exeter

Brewer James, 46 Princes st. Devonport Brimacombe John, 7 Caprera terrace, Brooke Edgar, Haroldene, Yannon park,

Erewer John, 3 Union ter. Barnstaple North road, Plymouth Teignmouth

BrewerJn.Jas.R.s7HillPark cres.Plymth Brimacombe Matt. North rd.Holsworthy Brooke Edward George, I Park road,

Brewer Mrs. Albert villas, .Barnstaple Brimblecombe William, 15 Beatrice Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exeter

.Brewer Mrs. 6 Jubilee terrace,Sidmouth avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Brooke Miss, Haddon Lees, Tor Park

Brewer Mrs. 6 Lifton villas, Cattedown Brine Colonel John Jones, 'fhe Ness, road, Torquay

road, Plymouth Shaldon, •reignmouth BrookeW.J.4Playmoor vils.Pinhoe,Exetr

Brewer Mrs. 4 Raleigh road, Exeter Brine Major Richard Anson R.M. I6 Brookes Thomas, Hingston view, Whit-

Brewer Richard, Wylie house, Alphing- Barnpark terrace, Teignmouth church, Tavistock

ton roacl, St. Thomas, Exeter Bristow Henry, Exeter road, Crediton BrookingA. 8Regent's pk.Heavitree,Exetr

Brewer Stephen Pascoe, 3 Redworth BristoweA.Redlands,Halberton rd.Tivrtn Brooking A.Fort vJl.Sth. Wonford,Exeter

terrace, Dartington, Totnes BrittainEdwin,22Caroline pi.Stonehouse Brooking G. F. Ye Nook, Teignmouth

Brewer Thomas James, II Culme ter- Brittain Thomas Bosher, Crossdoney, Brooking J. T. 25 Richmond rd. Exeter

race, Tothill road, Plymouth Palermo road, Babbacombe, Torquay Brooking Misses, Wistaria, New road,

Brewster Henry Lewis, Wrentham, Old Brittan A. K. 8 Westwell st. Plymouth Brixham R.S.O

Tiverton road, Exeter BrittanJn.St. Helens, Avenue rd. Torquay BrookingMrs. 7Lindn.vale,Howll.rd. Extr

Breyley Mrs. Brittons hay, North Lew, llrittanMiss,3r Athenreumst.Plymouth BrookingMrs.2sPortind.rd.Stoke,Devnpt

Beaworthy R.S.O Brittan .Mrs. 2 Hobart terrace, Lipson llrookingR.TheMount,Kingswr.Dartmth

Brian Mrs. 17 Woodford villas, Manna- road, Plymouth Brooks Lieut. Thomas R.N.R. Grosvenor

mead, Plymouth Britton Rev. Arthur Panl M.A. Black- house, GrosYenor road, Paignton

Brice Hy.g Church rd.St. Thomas,Exeter borough honse, Cullompton BrooksRev.E.A.Combmartin,Ilfra.combe

Brice John, n Powderham cres. Exeter BrittonRev.P.F.M.A.Cadeleigh, Tiverton Brooks Charles, Addington villa, Egg

Ericknell Matthias, 3I Palmerston street, Britton Humphrey, Pllton, Barnstaple Buckland, Plymouth

Stoke, Devonport Britton Miss, 9 Orchard terrace, New- Brooks Chas. I 1 Osborne pl. Plymouth

Bricknell Richard, Broadclyst, Exeter port, Barnstaple Brooks Chas. J. 3 Sussex st. Plymouth

EricknellS.G.6Radrord rd.Larkbear,Extr BrittonMrs.Taw vale,Parade,Barnstaple Brooks Daniel Spencer, Elm band,Trum-

Bridge Major Franklin Sealy J.P. Cran- Britton Mrs. C. M. 3 Orchard terrace, lands rd. St. ·Mary church, Torquay

ford, Exmouth Newport, Barnstaple BrooksF.T.r2Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exetr

Bridges Colonel Charles, Heathfield Broad Rev. John Nanscawen, I St. Brooks J. Preston cot. Preston, Paignton

house, Kilmington, Axminster Elmo, New road, Brixham R.S.O BrooksJn.3Brixton ter.Exeterrd.Exmth

BridgesJ.H.New rd.Kingswear,Dartmth Broad John Freeman,sAlbermarle villas, BrooksJ.gWestmnstr.ter.Mutley,Plymth

EridgesMiss,Eilangowan,Beer, Axminstr Stoke, Devonport Brooks J. C. I9Waterloo st. Stoke,Devnprt

Bridgett Very Rev. Thomas Edward, Broad Samuel, ro Herbert place, Morice Brooks Mrs. 56 Gibbons st. Plymouth

St. Joseph's, West Teignmouth town, Devonport Brooks Samuel, Eastmoor view, Cole-

Bridgman Rev. John M.A. Frognel, Broad Willi'1m, Milton place, Bideford brook, Plympton St. Mary

Middle Woodfield road, Torquay BroadbentMrs.s Kobe terrace,Plymouth Brooks Thos. 3 Belvidere ter. Paignton

Bridgman Christopher, The Cot, Dart- BroadbentS.Elbry.Esplanade rd.Paigntn Brooks T.'for.cot.Dartmouth rd.Paigntn

meet, Princetown R.S.O Broadhead E. S.g Tothillaven.Plymouth BroomE.Combe-in-Teignhead,Teignmth

Bridgman George Soudon C.E. Conrt- Broadhead John, 14 Kobe ter. Plymouth Broom John, Cornhill, Ottery St. M'l.ry

lands, Court! and road, Paignton Bro~dway William, 2 Seymour villas, Broom Micbael, Jesu st. Ottery St. Mary

Bridgman Jesse, IS Townsend crescent, Bridgetown, Totnes Broom Mrs. West end, Honiton

Mannamead, Plymouth Brock Henry, 2 Millbrook villas, Cock- Brooman Mrs. Elmsleigh, Solsbro' road,

Bridgman Lewis William, Dalkeith, ington, Torquay Cockington, Torquay

Cleveland road, Torquay Brock John,I7 Sussex rd Ford,Devonport BroomeMrs.Parkfield ter.Topshm.Exet:r

BridgmanMarcus,IGarfield ter.Paignton Brock Mrs. Coombe villa, Teignmouth Hroomfield C. G. 2 St. Mark's pl.Torquay

Bridgman Miss, 1 Belgrave villas, Bel- Brock Mrs. 3 Market st. Stonehouse Broomhead Miss, Dalserf, Cleveland

grave road, Torquay Brock William, Parker's Well house, road, Paignton

Bridgman Mrs. Gleniffer, Cleveland Topsham road, Exeter Brooming Samuel, 87 Albert road,

road, Torquay Brockman Col. John Arthur, Pinewood, Morice town, Devonport

BridgmanS.Shebbear,HighamptonR.S.0 Primley park, Paignton Broster:VIiss,Erstwick cot.Topshm. Exetr

Bridgman Wm. 30 Wyndham sq.Plymth Brockman Wm. 52 East st.ea.Stonehouse Brothers G. Stoke cot. Stoke hill, Exeter

Bridgman William Thomas, 25 Sanford Broderick Edwd. r Morice st. Devonport Broughton Robert David, Vincent ~odge,

crescent, Cockington, Torquay Brodhurst Rev. Charles Cecil B. A. 8 Bishop's Teignton, Teignmouth

.Bridle Alfred Carter, 16 Camperdown Lansdowne ter. Holloway st. Exeter Brown Col. 1<'.6 St.Aubyn's viis. Tiverton

street, Morice town, Devonport Brodie Mrs. 6 Elm terrace, Honiton Brown Col. William Thomas, Warboro'

Bridle Miss,gPinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exeter Brodie Mrs. 34 Headland pk. Plymouth house, Kenton, Exeter

Eridson Major Thomas Ridgway, Rock- Brodrick Charles, Cumberland, Lyn- Brown Maj. Michael Lewis J.P. Keittos,

end, Park Hill road, Torquay bridge house, Tavistock Bishop's Teignton, Teignmonth

Bridson A. H. .J. P. Rookville, Dartmouth Brokenshire Rev. Mark, 7 Elmsleigh Brown Rev. Michael M. A. Rectory, High

HrierleyGeo.Henry, 12Thurlow pk. Torqy terrace, Bideford Hampton R. S. 0

Briggs Colonel John Archer Julian, Brokenshire A. Sunflower rd. Barnstaple Brown Rev. Tom Lumsden L.Th. 6 Wes'"!

Fursdon, Egg Buckland, Plymouth Brokenshire F. Sunflower rd. Barnstaple tern ter. St. Mary church, Torquay

Briggs Captain Frederick Clifton, Cot- Brokenshire Fredk. Reardon, 24 Oxford Brown Rev. Thomas Ward M.~. Samp·

field, Exminster, Exeter terrace, Oxford road, Exetet• ford Courtenay, Okehampton

Briggs F. Hoseneath, Vansittart rd.Torqy Bromage Mrs. I r Woodside, Plymouth Brown Alfd. 9 St. Lawrence rd.Plym.;mth

.llriggsF.H.Roseneath,Vansittart rd.Trqy Brome Captain William Edward S. 4 Brown Arthur, Station road, Ivybridge

Br1ggs .Miss, Clarendon house, Ipplepen, Regent's park, Heavitree, Exeter Brown Charles, 7 Albany terrace, Vie-

Newton Abbot Brome The Misses, 4 Regent's park, toria road, Exmouth

Briggs Miss, Down house, Tamerton Heavitree, Exeter Brown Chas. II George st. Devonport

Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O Bromfield Mrs. Glenville cot. HoniLon Brown Chas. ·r. II Alfred st. Plymouth

Briggs Miss, Pentwyn, Higher Lincombe Bromham J. F. 5 Park vils. Barnstaple Brown Ed ward, Boutport st. Barnstaple

road, Torquay Bromham Wm. Shorton ho. Paignton Brown Edwd. 56 Mount st. Devonport

Rnggs William Rawdon, The Poplars, Bromley Rev. Henry William, Nunna- Brown G. 4 Wellington ter. Exmouth

Wolborough hill, Newton Abbot cleave road, Ilfracombe BrownG.Roborough ho.Pilton,Barnstapl

Bright Arscott, 2 Herbert street, Morice Bromley George Frederick, I3 Beatrice Brown George, Rock cottage, Galmpton,

town, Devonport avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Brixham R.S.O .

BrightF.u Sidneyrd.St.Thomas, Exeter Bromley H. E. 73 Black Boy rd. Exeter BrownG.S.8Seaton aven.Mutiey,Plymth
Bright Henry Charles A. c. P. Polsloe Brook Charles, Fordton cot. Crediton Brown Geo. Thos. Market pl. Dodbrooke

road, Heavitree, Exeter · Brook George, Roseneath, Landscore BrownHy. 10ChannelView ter.Plymouth

Bright Mrs. Adelaide cottage, Bradford, road, Teigumouth Brown Hy. Aug. 20 Pier st. Plymouth

Brandis Corner RS.O Brook Isaac M.C.P., c.M. North Down Brown Henry Charles, 1'1orence court,

Bright Mrs. Church hill, Honiton lane, llideford Kent's road, •rorquay

!!right Richard, 20 Chapel st. TavisLock Brook Jas. Hollacombe, Winkleigh B.S.O Brown H.Clenrock,Thurlowrd.Torquay

DEV. & COR~•


Erown Hercules Edwin J.P. Barton hall, Browne Rev. Langford Sotheby Robert, ·Buchan William Augustus M. B. 5 Athen-

Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot South town, Dartmouth reum terrace, Millbay rd. Plymouth

Brown James, 20 George st. Devonport BrowneRev.Rt.M.A.3Barton cres.Dawlsh Buchanan D. W. R. Broomhills, Honiton.

Brown James, St. Lawrence, Higher Browne Rev. W.B. Vicarage, Kingsbridge Buchanan Mrs. 43 Emma pi. Stonehouse

Brixham R.S.O Browne Rev. Wm. Jas. Caulfeild M.A. Buchanan Mrs. Downrew hiil,Barnstaple

BrownJ.A. 2Regent's pk.Heavitree,Exetr Seafield house, Seaton, Axminster Buchanan T.A.2Seatn. ter.Mutly.Plymtn

Brown John, 23 Camperdown street, Browne A. G. IS Headland pk. Plymouth Buckingham Rev. Frederick Finney B. A.

Morice town, Devonport Browne Edwin Saunders, Nadder water, Rectory, Doddiscombsleigb, Exetf'r

Brown John, (.,uthayes, Axminster Whitestone, Exeter Buckingham Rev. Mortimer Drury M. A.

Erown John, I I Dix's field, Exeter Brow ne George Osborne, Col!inwood, Vicarage, Burrington, Chulmleigh

Brown John, Highland st. Ivybridge Wolborough hill, Newton Abbot Buckingham ArthurWilliam B.A.cantab.

Brown J.8Queen's gate,Lipsn.rd.Plymth Browne James, SI Queen street, Exeter Langton, Polsloe road, Exeter

Brown John, Yealmpton, Plymouth Browne Miss, 10 Elm Grove rd. Exeter BuckinghamF.A.Littletown cot.Honiton.

Brown John Cowling, 6 Townsend cres- Browne Miss, The Glen, Milton, Buck- Buckingham John, Fort st. Barnstaple

cent, Mannamead, Plymouth land Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O BuckinghamMiss,69Southst.Sth.Molton.

Brown J. D.Reydon, Vansittart rd. Torqy BrowneMrs.Elm bnk.Shaldon,Teignmth Buckingham Mrs.4 Carlton pl.Teignmth

Brown John Edward M.A. 3 Redlands, Browne Mrs. Osborne villa, Watts road, Buckingham Mrs. Kingsnympton,.

Halberton road, Tiverton Tavistock Chulmleigh .

BrownJohnHenry,Holmbush,Ide,Exeter Browne Mrs. 8 Richmond road, Exeter Buckingham William, Northcote·manor,.

Brown John Lewis M. B., c.M. West Browne Mrs. I3 Seymour terrace, Lip- Burrington, Chulmleigh

street, Ashburton R.S.O son road, Plymouth Buckingham William, 12 Verney• place,.

Brown Joseph, 5 Ilbert street, Plymouth Browne William JamesJ.P.Buckland ho. Sidwell street, Exeter

Brown Joseph Pearce,2 Beaumont villas, Buckland Filleigh,Highampton R. S. 0 B!lckinghamW. 12We.Southernhay,Extr

Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Browne Wm.J.Chudleigh,Newton Abbot Buckland Rev. Samuel M.A. Vicarag~,.

Brown M. L. M.D. 84 Sidwell st. Exeter Browne-Mason J.T.Belmont ho Crediton Great 'forrington

Brown M. G. J.P. Stanmore bo. Dawlish Browne-Mason John Thomas L.n.s.Eng. Buckland The Misses, Homefield,..
Brown Miss, s Clifton grove, Old Tor- 6 West Southernbay, Exeter
'fhurlestone, Kingsbridge

wood road, Torquay Browning C. 9 Fortescue rd. Ilfracombe Buckle Lieut. Claud R.N. 3 Outram

Brown Miss, The Abbey, Finewell street, Browning Colin, Irene, Dawlish villas, Stoke, Devonport

Plymouth Browning Harry, 12 Radnor pl.Plymouth Buckle Frederick B. A. Exmouth house,.

BrownMiss, Winthorpe,Gloucester road, Browni1.g James, Plymouth road, Buck- Exmouth rd. Morice town, Devonport.

Newton Abbot fastleigh R. S. 0 Buckler Alfred, Pembroke house, Fore

Brown Miss, SI Wonford road, Exeter Browning J. W.Belford,AshburtonR.S.O street, Heavitree, Exeter

Brown Misses, Goodrington ho. Paignton Browning John Bodley Townsend, I Buckler John, 7 Friars walk, Exeter

Brown Mrs. 6 Albert road, Morice town, Regents park, Heavitree, Exeter Buckley Rev. Charles Faulkner B. A.
Browning Miss, .s Compton Park villas, Rectory, Southleigh, Axminster
Devonport ·

Brown Mrs. Blythswood, St. Mary Mannamead, Plymouth Buckley William Frederick, 6 Windsor-

Church road, Torquay Browning Mrs. Rutland lodge, Babba- ter. Lower Bronshill road, Torquay

Brown Mrs. 1Buckingbam pl.Stonehouse combe road, Torquay Bucknall Rev. Marc Antony, zl\Ioorland

Brown Mrs. _so Clarence place, Morice Brownlow Very Rev. Canon William R. terrace, Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary

town, Devonport B. Bishop's house, Cecil st. Plymot1th Buckpitt Sl.E.South Ford ho. Dartmoutb.

Brown Mrs. Fore street, Kingsbridge Brownlow James, Vicarage, Ivybridge Bucksey Mrs. Pine cottage, Alphingtoa

Brown Mrs. 52 Haddington road, Morice Brownlow Mrs.Exe view,Alphingtn.Extr road, St. Thomas, Exeter

town, Devonport Brownscombe Mrs. Bellevue, Bratton Buckthought George, Dunlewey, Sey-

Brown Mrs. 4 Haldon terrace, Dawlish Fleming, Barnstaple mour avenue, Mannamead, rlymouth

BrownMrs.2HigherSummerland pl.Extr Browse Maj.G.4Woodland ter.Plymouth Buckton Mrs. Rievaulx, Torquay road.

Brown Mrs. Hollycott, Totnes road, BrowseA.8Beatrice av.Lipson rd.Plymth St. Mary Church, Torquay

Newton Abbot Browse George Henry, Rodbourne, Buckworth Rev. Thos. Holford, Rectory,

Brown Mrs. Jubilee terrace, South Ford Dartmouth road, Paignton Ea. Worlington,MorchardBishopR.S.O

road, Dartmouth Browse Miss, 6 Brunswick place, Stoke, Budd Rev. W. Kernplay rd. Okehampton

Brown Mrs. Norton house, Milton street, Devonport Budd Francis Nonus J.P. Batworthy,

Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Browse Miss, Rose lawn, Bnrton street, Gidleigh, Newton Abbot

Brown Mrs. 25 Pasley street, Morice Brixham R.S.O BuddFrancis N.J. P.NorthTawton R.S.O

town, Devonport Browse Mrs. Westerland, Teignmouth BuddJ.W.Coombepk.Lynton,Barnstple

BrPwn Mrs. 31 Tavistock pl. Plymouth Bruce Robert, 10 Dundonald street, Budd Miss, Esperanza, Lower Eritll

Brown Mrs. Tower house, Courtenay Morice town, Devonport road, 'forquay

park, Newton Abbot Bruford Jn. 6 St. Lawrence rd.Plymoutb Budd Mrs. Brunswick house, Exmouth

Brown Mrs. 5 York builrlings, Oxford Brunei Paul, French villa, Dartmouth BuddRichardM.n.Boutportst.Barnstaple

road, Exeter Brushfield Thomas Nadauld M.D. The BuddW.A.M.D.20WestSouthernhy.Exetr

Brown Mrs. Felix, 6 Matlock terrace, Cliff, Budleigh Salterton S.O Buddicom Rev. Robt. Jsph. M.A. Redlap,

St. Luke's road, Torquay Brutton E. J. Broad st. Ottery St. Mary Stoke Fleming, Dartmouth

BrownR.2Providcnce pl.Stoke,Devonprt Bryan Charles, 6 St. Leonard's terrace, Budge Henry, Sussex house, N.:>rtb

Brown Richard L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. 6I West Mount Radford, Exeter avenue, Heavitree, Exeter

street, Tavistock; & 7 Queen Anne BryanGuy,Lion ho.BudleighSaltrtn.S.O Budge The Misses, Sussex house, NorLb

terrace, Plymouth Bryan Miss, Pilton, Barnstaple avenue, Heavitree, Exeter

Brown Saml. 28 West st. South Molton BryanMiss,Townsend ho.Halbrtn. 'fivrtn Budge Mrs. Hill brow,Exeter rd.Crediton

BrownThos.3Park pi. Wonford rd.Exeter BryanRichd.S.Grilston cot.SouthMolton Budge Mrs. 8 Woodbine terrace, Elm

Brown Thomas, 3 Revelstoke place, Bryan Robt. Geo. 3 Chapel st.Devonport Grove road, Exeter

Beaumont road, Plymouth BryansA. Peppercornbe, Parkham, Bidfrd BudgettJohn Arthur, Bridge, Burrington,

Brown Thomas, jun. B. A. I9 Hyde Park Bryant Rev.F.J.D.n.Petertavy,Tavistock Cb.ulmleigh

road, Mntley, Plymouth Bryant Rev. Thos. 6 Danbyter.Exmouth Bufferne Rev. Vincent A. BeaconfielJ

Brown Vincent Cattermole, 3 Gerston Bryant Alfred, 122 North rd. Plymouth college, Weston Peverel, Plymouth

road, Paignton BryantAlfred Wm. 49 North st. Plymth BuistSurg.-Capt.Robt.NapierM.B., c.M.

Brown Warwick William, 52 Portland Bryant George Charles, 31 Staddon ter- RoyalMilitaryhospital,1::3toke,Devnprt

road, Stoke, Devonport race, North road, Plymouth BulfordMiss,4Berkeley cots.Stoke,Dvnpt

Brown William, 2I Camperdown street, Bryant Jamefl, Wisteria, Kingsteignton, Bul!5in Charles, 21 South Lawn terrace,

Morice town, Devonport Newton Abbot Heavitree, Exeter

Brown William,17 Chaddlewood avenue, Bryant John, Fort street, Barnstaple Bulgin Geo.J. I Manor ter. BrixhamR. S.O

Lipson road, Plymouth Bryant Miss, Lympstone house, Lymp- Bull Rev. William Thomas B.A. 2 Gor-

Brown William, 84 Sidwell st. Exeter stone, Exeter don terrace, Exmouth

Brown William R.N. 12 Sussex: road, Bryant Mrs. Keaton road, Ivybridge Bull Ebenezer, 10 Queen Anne terrace,

Ford, St.oke, Devonport Bryce John Pablo J.P. Bystock, Withy- Tavistock road, Plymouth

Brown Wm. B. 2Greenbank ter.Plymouth combe Raleigh, Exmouth Bull G. Westonia cot. Abbey rd. Torquay

BrownWm.J. R.N. 7Albany pi. Plymouth Bryett Rev. James Theodore Sheldon Bull J.2Collingwood vils.Stoke,Devonprt

Brown William Linford, Isis house, Ox- M.A. Vicarage, lde, Exeter Bull Jn.IsTavistock rd.Stoke,Devonport

ford terrace, Oxford road, Exeter Buchan Col. Henry Philip, Hyperion, Bull Mrs. Stafford house, Dolton R.S.O

Brown William Robertson, 3 Rochester Seymouraven.Mannamead,Piymouth Bullen Edward L. 9 St. Jude's terrace,

terrace, Victoria park, Plymouth Buchan Alex:. 42 Culverland rd. Exeter Tothill road, Plymouth

Brown William Thomas, 2 South Devon Buchan Mrs. 7 Devonshire villas, Penny- Bullen Mrs. I8 Wonford road, Exeter

place, Embankment roarl, Plymouth comequick, Stoke, Devonport Huller Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Redvers

Browne Rev. Charles Gurdon M. A. The Buchan Samuel,· 22 Alcester street, Henry P.C., v.c., K.C.B., K.C.M.G., J.P.

Rectory, Lympstone, Exet~r Morice town, Devonport Downes, Crediton


BullerVice·AdmiralAlex. c.B., J.P. Erle Burgess Miss, Swymbridge, Barnstaple Burton Miss, 4 Walnut villas, Cocking·

hall, Plympton St. Maurice, Plympton Burgess William, Prior's cottage, Lyn- ton, Torquay

Buller George F. Pound, Buckland mouth, Barnstaple BurtonMrs.IMajor ter.Seaton,Axminstr

Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O Burgon :Miss, 3 Albion cottages, Heavi- Burton Samuel, Arlington house, Lower

.Bulley Charles, 5 Cheltenham place, tree, Exeter Union street, Torquay

Greenbank road, Plymouth Burgoyne Mrs. 4 Matlock terrace, St. BurtonS.Sandgate vil.Sands rd.Paigntn

Rulley Harry, 8 Charles place,Plymouth Luke's road, Torquay Bury Mrs. Firs, Alverdiscott, Bideford

.Bulley Miss, 33 Bitton st. Teignmouth Burke Frederick John, I2 St. Michael's Buscombe Richard Edward, 3 Wilder•

.Bulley Miss, Ringmore road, Sheldon, terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth ness road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Teignmouth Burlace Mrs. M. New rd.Brixham R.S.O Buse G.I2Trafalgar pl. Stoke, Devonport

EulleyRichd.24Victoria pl.Stoke,Devnpt BurleighMrs.22Acre pl.Stoke,Devonport Bush Dudley John Campbell c.E., .J.P.

.Bulley Wilbam Henry, I2 Park road, Burleigh Mrs. .24 Emma pl. Stonehouse Fort house, East street, South .Molton

Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exeter Burnard C. F. J. P. Chatsworth ldg. Sey- Bushby Mrs. Glan-y-mor, Warren road,

.Bulley William Henry, 9 Sanford cres· monr avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth Torquay

cent, Cockingford, 'forquay Bnrnard Charles F. J.P. Huccaby house, Bushby Percival White, Torwood, Old

lBullied Samuel, 17 Greenbank avenue, Princetown R.S.O Torwood road, Torquay

Lipson road, Plymouth BurnardJohnE.24Bridgeland st.Bideford Bushen Mrs. Castle street, Barnstaple

.Bullied Samuel, Hillside, Old Mill road, Bnrnard Miss, High street, Cnllompton Bushill Wm. W. 29 Queen st. Plymouth

Cockington, Torquay Bnrnard Miss, 24 The Quay, Bideford Bnssell Rev. Frederick William B.D•

.Boiling Miss, 47 Headland pk.Plymouth Burnard Mrs. Higher st. Cullompton Manor house, Exbourne R.S.O

Bullock Rev. Frederick B.A. Vicarage, Burnard Mrs. IO Washington terrace, Bussell Frank C. t8 Friars walk, Exeter

Colaton Raleigh, Ottery St. Mary Alexandra road, Plymouth Bussell W. G. 30 Hobart st. Stonehouse

flullock Rev. John M.A. The Manse, Burnard Robert, 3 Hillsborough, College Buswell Wm. 8 Thurlow park, Torquay

Greenwayrd.St.MaryChnrch,'forquay road, Mannamead, Plymouth Butcher Harry, 14 Coryton terrace,Ford

Bullock Francis, 2 Prospect pk. Exeter Bnrnard Thomas Edward, 20 Chaddle- Park road, Motley, Plymouth

flullockMrs.1Brimley villas,Teignmouth wood avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Butcher John, 34 George st. Devonport

Bulteel Rev. Courtenay John B.A. Burnard Wm.J.54 George st.Devonport Butcher Mrs. 4 Alexandra ter. Exmouth

Vicarage, Christow, Exeter • HurnellMrs.Bonn hill,Lynton.Barnstaple Butcher Mrs. 3 Alma place, Sidmouth

Bulteel Christphr. 10 Ailsa ter. Tiverton Burnell Mrs. 22r New st. Gt.Torrington Butcher Mrs. Palermo house,Seaton ter-

Bulteel Jas. Courtenay M.D. Looseleigh, Burnell William, Fort st. Barnstaple race, Motley, Plymouth

Tamerton Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O Burnett Capt. William Gordon, Little ButcherR.H.Littabourne,Pilton,Brnstpl

HulteelJ.J.P.Pamfiete,Holbeton,Ivybrdg Silver, Great Torrington Butcher Thomas Bendy, 5 Greenbank

Bulteel M. H. 84 Durnford st.Stonehoilse Burnett Mrs. I Midway terrace, Heavi- avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth

Bulteel Mrs. Thorn cottage, West Hooe, tree, Exeter Butland Benj. 3 Addison rd. Plymouth

Hooe, Plymoxth Burn-Murdoch Major John R.E. Born- Butland Joseph, 9 Kobe ter. Plymouth

Bulteel Percy F. Retreat, P1ymstock, hill, Brampfordspeke, Exeter Butland Miss, 12 South slj. Torre,Torquay

Plymouth Burnley Miss, 8 Gascoyne pl. Plymouth Butlana Misses, 4 Prospect park, Exeter

Rulteel PercyHy.Higher Hooe,Plymouth Burns Rev. J. S. The Presbytery, North Butland Mrs. 22 Barrack st. Devonport

Bnlteel Thomas J.P. Radford, Plym- road, Bideford Butland Robert, Preston ho. Paignton

.stock, Plymouth Burns John Francis, 5 Argaum villas, Butland Robert, Rock road, Torquay

Eunclark William, Chapel street, Buck- Stoke, Devonport Butler D.4 Stuart ter. Stoke, Devonport

fastleigh R.S.O Burns Mrs. 31 Raleigh road, Exeter Butler James Finley, 5 Alma place,Alma

~unclark William, IS Oxford terrace, Burridge A. G. I8 Toronto rd. Exeter villas, Stoke, Devonport

Oxford road, Exeter Burridge Charles, Worthy house,'fhurle· Butler John, Vict.oria cottage, Hicking-

Bundock Alexander Frederick, The stone, Kingsbridge ton, Fremington R.S.O

Hove, Furze Hill road, Torquay Burridge Charles H. White hall,Church- Butler:Mrs.Bickington,Fremingtn.R.S.O

Bunker Henry, Longbridge, .Egg Buck- stow, Kingsbridge Butler Mrs. Bodmin street, Holsworthy

land, Plymouth Burridge Mrs. Exbourne R.S.O Butler Mrs. Fitzgerald, Cambrian, Daw-

Bunker Wm. Keaton road, Ivybridge Hurridge Mrs. 2 Summerland terrace, lish road, Teignmouth

Bunn Charles, Magdala house, Bicking- Church rd. St. Mary Church,Torquay Butler William, 22 Pasley street, Morice

ton, Fremington R.S.O Burridge Robert R.N. 18 Valletort place, town, Devonport

Bunney Mrs. 2 Oxford st. Plymouth Stoke, Devonport Butt Mrs. The Lawn, Exmouth

Bunt Wm. B. 28 Mildmay st. Plymouth Burridge Samuel,25 Stuart place, Stoke, Butter Mrs. Salcombe road, Sidmouth

BunterSaml.I3 Durnford st. Stonehouse Devonport Butteris Mrs. Albert place, Dartmouth

Bnnting James, Earlham, Babbacombe Burridge William Henry, Madeira cot- Butteris Isaiah Train, 24 Ermington ter-

road, Torquay tage, Upper Polsham rd. Paignton race, Motley, Plymouth

:Burch A. 5 Baring pl. Heavitree, Exeter Burrington Mrs. The Cottage, Ex- Buttrum Aarun, Elim vale, Decoy road,

Burch Horace Ralph B.A. 5 Baring place, minster, Exeter Newton Abbot

Heavitree, Exeter . Burrough Rev. Fredk. Courtenay, Vie- Bwye Mrs. I Milber view, College road,

Burch Mrs. 7 Roundham ter. Paignton arage, Woolfardisworthy west, Bidefrd Newton Abbot

Jlurch William, 44 Albert road, Morice Burrough John, Ivy grove, Sampford Byam Col.Edward Willoughby Grenville

town, Devonport Peverell, Tiverton (2nd cc.mmandant R.M.L.I.), Royal

Blll"chell W. W. Combe head,' The Burrough Josepb, High street, Honiton Marine barracks, Durnford street,

Downs, Babbacombe, Torquay Bnrrough Robert, The Cottage, Samp- Stonehouse

Burcllell W.H.F.3 Apsley ter.Ilfracombe ford Peverell, Tiverton Byfield Thomas, 105 Alexandra road,

Bnrd George V. East st. Okehampton BurrowAlfd Paradise house,Cullompton Ford, Stoke, Devonport

iBur<i John Savory, Cresswell villa, BurrowF.LL.D.TheWalronds,Cullomptn Byford G.310xford ter.Oxford rd.Exetr

Hartley av.HigherCompton,Plymouth Burrow J. 14Verney pl.Sidwell st.Exeter Bykur W. The Arg, Seaton, Axminster

Burd Mrs. East street, Okehampton Burrow Samuel Edward James, I9 Byles Misses, White Cliff glen, Seaton,

Hnrdell Miss, 2 Western terrace, St. Jubilee road, Heavitree, Exeter Axminster

Mary Church, Torquay Burrowes Mrs. 'frobrid!4e, Crediton Byne Rev. M. H. M. M.A. Chuhnleigh

Burden G.P.N. 42 Bittou st.Teignmouth Burrows James, I Camperdown street, Byne Frederick, 65 Bitton st. Teignmth

Burden Mrs. 8 Myrtle hill, Teignmouth Morice town, Devonport Byne Henry, 5 Brunswick st. Teignmth

Hurdett Rev. Henry Marshall M.A. Burrows Mrs. Olivet,llridge rd.Torquay Byrde Rev. Richard Augustus M.A.Gram-

Vicarage, North Molton,South Molton Burrows Mrs. 10 Rea View terrace, mar school, Honiton

Burdett Rev. Henry Plantagenet B.A. I3 Seaton, Axminster Byres-Leake John, Rockside, Belstone,

Church road, St. Thomas, Exeter Burrows Thomas, 6 Bayswater terrace, Okehampton

Burdick Wm. J. Hanestone st. Bideford Albert road, Plymouth Byrne Thomas Edward,5 Bedford place,

BurdwoodW.P. I 1Caroline pl.Stonehouse Burt Albert William, 4 Milne place, Armada street, Plymouth

Burge Johu, !''era bank, Torquay road, Morice town, Devonport Byrnes Henry Balfour, Villa. Mentone,

Newton Abbgt BurtJ.25Herbert pl.Morice twn.Devnpt Tor vale, Torquay

.Burges Mrs. 7 Restormel ter. Plymouth Hurt J .22Herbert pl.Morice twn. Devnpt ByromAt.herton,Culver house,Holcombe

Bnrgess Rev. Cbarles, Wembury cot- Hurt Mrs. 9 Belle Vue place, Cobourg Bnrnell, Exeter

tage, Wembury, Plymoutlt street, Plymonth Byrom Edward D.L. Culver house, Hol-

Burgess Alfd.gPortland rd.Stoke,Devnpt Burt N. I Stopford pl. Stoke, Devonport combe Bnrnell, Exeter

Burgess Charles William R.N. n8 Albert Bnrt R.H.27Victorm pi.Stoke, Devonport B)Tt Mrs. Belmont villa, Tiverton

road, Morice town, Devonport Burton Gen. Fowler c.B.,.J.P. 2 Osborne Cabell Mrs. Buckleigh, Westward Hot

Burgess Jas. 5 Mansard ter. Dartmouth villas, Stoke, Devonport Bideford

Burgess James, I Omega villas, Alphing- Burton Edward F. 2 South st. Exeter Cadbury Miss, Halberton, Tiverton

ton road, St. Thomas, Exeter Burton John, 3 Bicton place, Exmouth Cade Rev. Joseph, The Manse, St. Peter

llnrgess Jn. 15Cambridge gro.Ilfracombe Burton Miss, St. David's, Huxtable's street, Tiverton

Burgess Julm, Swymbridge, Barnstaple bit~ Cockington, Torquay Cade Frank, Alphington, Exeter



Cadel Nevil Pottow, Clare ho. Tiverton Cann Rev. John Ponsford B. A., J.P. Carpenter CharlesS.East st.Okehampton

Cadell Lieut.-Gen. Alexander R. E. Stone Dunterton, Tavistock Carpenter H. Forest. Shaldon, Teignmtb

hall, Emma place, Stonehouse Cann Francis Mark, Sefton ho. Dawlish Carpenter Hendley James M.A., LL.M.

Cadman Joseph,IoGordon ter.Exmouth Cann F.2Madeira vls.HorrabridgeR.S.O Pen mead, Tiverton

Cadogan Ernest Isaac,4 Tweedsideplace, Cann George Dunning M.A., L.M.M. Carpenter James, 23 Richmond road,St.

High street, Stonehouse cantab. 6 Northernhay place, Exeter David's, Exeter

Cahill W.J.R.2:2Seaton av.Mutly.Plymth Cann H.P.5Alton rd.Victoria pk.Plymth Carpenter John, Pen mead, Tiverloo

Cain John,21 Stuart ter. Stoke,Devonprt Cann Jas. Alfd. 2 Baring st. Plymouth CarpenterJ.S.Duncombe st.Kingsbridge

CairdThos. W.40WestSouthernhay, Exetr Cann John, Chawleigh, Chulmleigh Carpenter John S. jun. Duncombe street,.

Caistor William Yates, Waterside, Port- Cann John, jun. J.P. Symon's Down Kingsbridge

land avenue, Exmouth house, Axminster Carpenter Miss, Park Hill house,Dawlish

Caldecott Rev. A. Gabwell, •reignmouth Cann Mark, .South Zeal, Okehampton Carpenter Misses,Barrington st.Tivertoa

Call 1\lrs. Fernleigh lodge, Fernleigh rd. Cann Mark, 20 Tavistock pl. Plymouth Carpenter Misses, 7 Pinhoe road, Heavi-

Mannamead, Plymouth Cann Mrs. 5 Cavendish terrace, Wellesley tree, Exeter

Callaghan James L. Colyton, Axminster road, Torquay Carpenter Mrs. Hrickfield ter. Tiverton

Callander J ames, Oak bill,East Budleigh, Cann Mrs. Courtenay villa, Petitor road, Carpenter Mrs. Park Bill lodge, Dawlisll

Budleigh Salterton S.O · St. Mary Church, Torquay Carpenter Richard,r7Hobart st.Stoneh()

Callar William Henry, Castle Dyke cot- Cann Mrs. Fairbrook cottage, North CarpenterSydney,r8Danbyter.Exmouth

tage, Highweek, Newton Abbot Bovey, Newton Abbot CarpenterThos. 15 St.Paul'sst.Tivertou

Callard 'fhoma~, 4 Ilsham cottages, Cann Stephen, Saxons, Lapford, Mor- Carpenter William, Angel hill, 'riverton

Ilsham road, •rorquay chard Bishop R.S.O Carr Rev.C.R.M.A. ro Louisa ter.Exmth

Callaway George, 21 Elmside, Exeter Cannicott Mrs. 7 Belgrave ter. Exmouth Carr Fredk. Ralph, Lympstone, Exeter

Callaway 'rhos. 84 North rd. Plymouth Canniford 'f. 26 St. Aubyn st. Devonport Carr Hy. F. Oakfield, Cowley rd.Exeter.

Callender Mrs. Romaine, Moor croft, Canniford W.3Marypl.Stoke,Devonport Carr Miss,Greenwood,Torwood gardens~

Great Knowle S.O Canning Mrs.g Woodland ter. Plymouth 'forquay

Calley Miss, Drew st. Higher Hrixham Cannon Joseph, 10 Donegal terrace, Carr Mrs. 51 Pennsylvania road, Exeter-

Calley Miss, Ambrook, Rousdown road, Molesworth road, l;toke, Devonport Carr Mrs. The Quinta, Warborough rd.

Cockington, Torquay Capel Edward C. A. Roval William . Babbacombe, Torquay

Calley Mrs. 6 St. Kilda terrace, Higher Victualling yard, Cremyll st. Stonehse Carrington Edward Eveleigh,Hazledean,.

Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Capel-Cure Mrs. Borghese villa, Upper Avenue road, Torquay

Callicut Mrs. 4 Sydney terrace, Oxford Lincombe road, Torquay Carrington Wm. Mason,s Penrose villas,.

street, Plymouth Capenhurst Mrs. 17 Springfield road, Lipson road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Callow Jabez,3 Northumberland terrace, llfracombe Carroll Mrs. Clanleigh, Bamfylde road,.

Radford road, Plymouth Capern E. Wrafton rd. Braunton R.S.O Torqnay

Callway Miss, 136 Cowick st.St.Thomas, Capps William Frederick R.N. 9 Norman Carroll R Loricea, Thurlow rd.'rorquay

Exeter . avenue, Stoke, Devonport CarslakeMiss, Orchard cottage,Rumsam~

Calmady Mrs. Holystreet, Chagford, Capron .James, 6 Victoria terrace, Heavi- Barnstaple

Newton Abbot tree, Exeter Carslake Mrs. Villa Capri,ParkHill road,..

CalmadyMiss,Knighton villa,Wembury, Capron •r.W.Ward ho.Beer Alston R.S.O Torquay

Plymouth Carden Mrs. Melville lodge, Tor Church Carson Mrs. Baythorpe, Livermead hill,.

Calmady Vincent Pollexfen J.P. Tetcott, road, Torquay Cockington, Torquay

Holsworthy Carder W. M. 19 Hill's view, BarnstaplP Carswell Misses, 9 Moor View terrace~

Calthrop Mrs. Lauderdale, Cockington Cardew Misses, 15 St. Leonard rd.Exeter Mutley, Plymouth .

road, Cockington, Torquay Cardu s T. Stowford,Swym bridge, Brnstpl Carter E. I I Victoria pl.Stoke,Devonport

Came William, 2 St. Mary's terrace, Carew Sir Henry Palk bart. Woolhanger CarterFrank Edwrd. Ryil crest,Exmouth

Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O manor, Lynton, Barnstaple · Carter George 57 Parr street, Exeter

Cameron D.x Sylvan rd. Union rd.Exeter Carew Major Robert Hallowell, Elms- Carter Harry, Awlescombe rd. Honiton

CameronHugh,Efford cottage,Egg Buck- leigh, Cyprus road, Exmouth Carter H.Sea view, Above town,Dartmtb

land, Plymouth Carew Rev. Gerald, Hillside, South Carter Henry John F. R.s. The Cottage,.

CameronMrs. Varase,Hunsdon rd.Torqy Brent, Ivybridge Budleigh Salterton S.O

Camozzi Joseph James, Abbey mount, Carew Rev. Robert Baker 1\I.A., J.P. Carter Isidore James, Baddesley, Cleve-

Glanville road, Tavistock Recrory, Bickleigh, Tiverton land road, Torquay

CampbellMaj.-Gen.Archibald E. Poltair, Carew Rev. William Henry B. A. Vicarage, Carter J.Conington,Heavitree rd. Exeter-

Seymour avenue, Mannamead,Plymth Rattery, Buckfastleigh R.S. 0 Carter John, Whilboroug-h,NewtonAbbot.

Campbell Rev. D. Oakford, Bampton Carew C. R. S. Collipriest cot. Tiverton Carter John A. Ashleigh rd. Barnstaple

Campbell Rev. Frank Gordon B.A. II Carew Miss, West Exe south, Tiverton Carter John Stephen~, 5 Bouvcrie plac<',.

Elstow terrace, Hatfield rd. Torquay Carew The Misses, Haccombe house, · Magdalen road, Exeter

Campbell Alexander,7'frematon terrace, Newton Abbot CarterJoseph,I6Connaughtav.Plymoutb

Mutley, Plymouth CarewThe Misses.Marley house,Rattery, Carter Miss, 9 Gene\·a cottages,Torquay

Campbell J. R.N. 3 Leigham st. Plymth Buckfastleigh R.S.O Carter Miss, Hartland, Bideford

Campbell Miss, 7 Trematon terrace, Carey Rev. Adolphus Frederick M.A. Carter Miss, Home Living, Brampford-

Mutley, Plymouth . Vicarage,HigherBrxhm.Drxhm.R.S.O speke, Exeter

Campbcll Miss, 5 Woodland grove, Brad- Carey Mrs. Castle street, Tiverton Carter Mrs.9 Auckland road,Ford,Stoke,.

don Hill road east, Torquay Carey Mrs. J. L. M. Stone Cross cottage, Devonport

Campbell Misses, I4 Belgrave terrace, Bradford, Brandis Corner R.S.O Carter Mrs. I Brunswick sq. Exmouth

Victoria road, Exmout.h Carige Misses, 4 Park villas, Pol~:oloe rd. Carter Mrs. Hartland, Bidcford

CampbellMisses,Singleton,Middle Wood- Heavitree, Exeter Carter Mrs. Harton vi!. Great Torringtol)

field road, Torquay Carkcet John, I Whitefield ter. Plymouth Carter Mrs. Lower street., Dartmouth

Campbell Mrs. Bramleigh, Asheldon rd. CarletonMaj.W.H.QueenAnn vil.Tivrtn Carter Mrs. Verbenacot.Ottery St.Mary

Ilsham, Torquay Carlile Lieut.-Col. William 0. R.A. Carter Mrs.Elias, Hayne cottage, Tiptoa

Campbell Mrs. 17 Higher Park View ter- Earley cottage, Little Knowle S.O St. John's, Ottery St. Mary

race, Heavitree, Exeter Carlisle Charles, School house, Mount Carter Stephen Salter, Noland park,.

Campbell Mrs.g Seymour terrace,Lipson Pleasant road, Bri"xham R.S. 0 South Brent, Ivybridge

road, Plymouth Carlyle Mrs. Campana, College road, Carter Wm. Brand, 26 Union rd.Exetcr

Campbell Mrs. 20 Trafalgar place, Stoke, Newton Abbot Carthew -, 3 Clifton terrace, Exmouto

Devonport Carlyon Horatio,Cadwell house,Shiphay- Cartwright Rev. Anson William Henry

Campbell Robert, Bantham, Kingsbrdge Collaton, Torquay M.A. Brnnley house, 'I'eignmouth

Campbell Waiter Scott, Hill view,Union Carmichael Miss, 27 Belmont rd.Exeter Cartwright Rev. John Henry, Church

terrace, Crediton Carne Mrs. 6o Chapel street,tDevonport street, Salcombe, Kingsbridge

Campfield John, Cambria villa,Alphing· Carne Mrs. Prospect mount,Dartmouth Cartwright Miss, The Glen, Stoke

ton road, St. Thomas, Exeter Carne Mrs.9Stopford pl.Stoke,Devonprt Fleming, Dartmouth

Campion Henry, 3 Baring pl. Heavitree, Carnegie Claud Cathcart Strachan, CarverCapt.WilliamEdward, Altnacbree,

Euter Clevelands, Northam, Bideford Westward Ho! Bideford

Campion Miss,3 Baring place,Heavitree, Carnell Arthur Ashton, Bedford villa, Carver Miss, The Square, Uffculme,

Exeter Bedford terrace, Plymouth Cullompton

Campion Robert Taylor, 3 Baring place, Carnell John, Willowby house, Buck- Carwithen Col. G. T. L. Ashprington

Heavitree, Exeter land Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O house, Totnes

Candy John M.D.'fhe Hermitage, Church Carnell Mrs. 8 Clarence road, Exmouth Carwithen Rev. William Henry M.A.

road, St. Mary Chnrch, Torquay Carnochan John, Dart villa, Dittisham, Manaton, Newton Abbot

Canham Thomas, 5 Hill crest, Manna- Dartmouth Carwitben Miss, I Donegal terrace,

· mead, Plymouth Carpenter Charles Frenerick, Huntly, Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport

Cann Edwin N. 8 Marine par. Dawlish Bishop's 'feignton, Teignmouth CaryMissS.TheRowan, Abbeyrd.Torqy



Cary Rev. Ofley Henry M.A. Trusham, Challice John, I Park side, Crediton Chapman Miss, Villa Lugano, Vane

Newton Abbot Challice Mrs. r3 Wonford road, Exeter hill, Torquay

Cary Mise:;, 29 Lower St. Paul's road, Challice R. M. 25 Pennsylvania rd. Exetr Chapman Mrs. 3 Cooper st. Bideford

Newton Abbot Chalmers John Henry, Tormohun Chapman Richard Sands, Park villa,

Cary Robert S. S. Tor Ab~ey, Torquay house, Newton road, Torquay Slade road, llfracombe

Cary StanleyE.G.J.P.Follaton ho.Totnes Chamber-Hodgetts Mrs. Rowancroft, Chapman RobertJohn, Walpole, Ha.ldon

Cary-Elwes Richard James J. P. Walland Heavitree, Exeter road, St. David's, Exeter

Cary, Buck's mills, Bideford Chamberlain Rev. Frederick Townshend Chapman Thomas, 24 Pasley street~

Case Samuel, Church st. Chulmleigh M. A. Vicarage, Broadhempston,Totnes Morice town, Devonport

CaseWilliam,rChurch view,Babbacombe Chamberlain Chas. Basham d'Eyncourt Chapman Thomas, Sunbury dell, St..

road, Babbacombe, Torquay R.N. Royal dockyard, Devonport Michaels, Paignton

Caseley Henry Arthur,3Queen's terrace, Chamberlain Frank William, Abbotts Chappell George, 47 Albert road~

St. David's, Exeter hill, Beaford R.S.O Morice town, Devonport

Caseley Mrs. 2 Alma ter. Newton Abbot Chamberlain James, Bellevue house, Chappell Mrs. Little Knowle, Budleigb

CaseleyR.J.4Jubileerd.Heavitree,Exeter Church street, Dodbrooke Salterton S.O

Casely Mrs.John,9 High street, Budleigh Chamberlain James, Kennicotts, Broad- Chapple Abraham, I2 Warbro' terrace~

Saltcrton S.O clyst, Exeter St. Mary Church, Torquay

Cash Alfred Midgley M.D. Limefield, ChamberlainJn.6IConnaught av.Plymth Chapple Ed win, Clarence st. Dartmouth

Falkland road, Torquay ChamberlainMiss,I Rougemnt.ter.Exmth Chapple Edwin, New st. Gt. 'forrington

Cash Miss, Barton cottage, Sidmouth Chamberlain Miss,Silverton,Cullompton Chapple E. The Shrubbery, Axminster

Cash Mrs. Birstwith, Chelston road, Chamberlain Mrs. Church st. Dodbrooke Chapple George, New st. Gt. Torrington

Cockington, Torquay Chamberlain Mrs. 33 Fore street, Sal- Chapple Jethro, The Shrubbery, Horra-

Casley Waiter Henry, 6 Springfield, Old combe, Kingsbridge bridge R S.O

'fiverton road, Exeter Chamberlayne Gen. William John, Las Chapple Milton, New st. Gt. 'forrington

CasperzMrs.Chelston mount,Huxtable's Flores, Springfield road, Torquay Chapple Miss, New st. Gt. Torrington

hill, Cockington, Torquay Chamberlin Mrs. I Park vils. Barnstaple Chapple Mrs.19South hl.Stoke,Devonprt

CastlestuartCharlotteCountess of, Ochil- Chambers B.W. S. 7 Topsham rd. Exeter Chapple N. Well st. Great Torrington

trie,Greenwayrd. Cockingtn.Torquay Chambers Charles, Homelands, Warbro' Chapple T. 63 South st. South Molton

Castree Mrs. I 3 Albany terrace, Victoria. road, B:1bbacombe, Torquay Chapple Wm. 9 Alexandra rd. Plymouth

road, Exmouth Chambers Francis George, 6 Hill <'rest, Chapple Wm. Exe Vale house, Tiverton

Cassavetti John, The Cedars, Higher Mannamead, Plymouth CbappleW.E.P.TheShrubbery,Axminstr-

Warberry road, Torquay Chambers Hy. 8 Addison rd. Plymouth Chaplin Stanley, Elmfield, Crediton

Casson Rev. George M.A. Oldecourt, Chambers J. 16Bedford st.Ford,Devonprt Charbonnier T. Barbacan ter.Barnstaple-

Upper Lincombe road, 'forquay Chambers John E. F. Glenburnie, Chard Mrs. Barnhay, Hampton R.S.O

Cater Samuel, I North Devon place, Orchard hill, Northam, Bideford Chard Mrs. Mount Tamar, King's

Tavistock road, Plymouth Chambers Miss, St. Luke's, Alexandra Tamerton, Devonport

Cater S.2 Powderham ter.Newton Abbot terrace, Exmouth Chard S.82 Alexandra.rd. Ford,Devonprt.

CatesMisses,Rosebnk.Ringmore,Tgnmth Chambers R. H. 2 Dagmar rd. Exmouth Charles G. 6 Lower Summerlands,Exetr

CathcartChas.A.Adelaidecot.llfracombe Chamen Mrs. 9 Western terrace, St. Charles John A. Weston, Kingskerswell,

CathreyMiss,3 Mount Vernon,Magdalen Mary Church, Torquay Newton Abbot

road, Exeter Chamier Edwin Francis, Syon house, Charlesworth H.L. 3 Ferndale,Teignmtb

CannserG.Tawvale ter.Exeler rd.Creditn East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton S.O Charleton Thomas William,Colleton Hill

Caunter Edward, Princetown R.S.O Chamings Mrs. Court ho. Dolton R.S.O twn.Witheridge,MorchardBishp.R.S.O

Caunter Mrs. 51 Albert road, Morice Chamings Thos. 7 Hillsboro' rd. Exeter CharleyMiss,Henley vl.Northam,Bidefrd

town, Levonport Champernowne Arthur Melville, Dar- Charley Mrs. KirkElla,Cyprus rd.Exmth

Caunter Mrs. 8 Hoe Park terrace,Citadel tington hall, Totnes Charley Richard, 3 Laira villas, Em-

road, Plymouth Champernowne Mrs. Dartington hall, bankment road, Plymouth

Gaunter Mrs. gA,Beauland gardens, or Totnes Charlton George, Oak Dene, Solsbro'

square, Torquay Champernowne Mrs. I Marlborough road, Cockington, Torquay

Gaunter Mrs. Pondsworthy, Leusden, road, Plymouth Charlton Miss, 49 Hill Pk. cres. Plymth

Ashburton R. S.O Champernowne Mrs. Oldway house, Char\ton Mrs. Endwood, Falklaud road,

CaunterW.G.Clifton ho.Clifton hl.Exeter Oldway road, Paignton Torquay

Cavanagh Rev. John B. A., R.N. 6 Moles- Champneys Mrs. Rose hill, Slapton, Charman Miss, 21 Gerston rd. Paignton

worth ter.Molesworth rd.Stoke,Dvnprt Kingsbridge Charteris Mrs. 7 Emma pl. Stonehoose

CaveC.D.J.P.,D.L.Sidbury manor,Sdmth Champion J.Felixwell,St.Thomas,Exeter Charters William Henry, 107 Wilton

Cave Frank Evans, 3 Birklands, Babba- Champion John, 6 Pavilion place, Mag- street, Stoke, Devonport

combe road, Torquay dalen road, Exeter Chase Rev. Charles Rose, Clergy house,

Cave Miss, Witheby, Sidmouth Chandler Alfred, South Hill, Kingskers- Harwell street, Plymouth

CaveW.J.7Madeira vls.Horrabrdg.R.S.O well, Newton Abbot Chase Hy. Paul, St. Peter st. Tiverton

CavelB. 112Albert rd.Morice twn.Dvnprt Channer Mrs.Stanmre.Northam,Bidefrd Chase Robert, Well cottage, Dodbrooke

Cawley Rev. Thomas, Octagon house, Channon Miss, II St. George's terrace, Chaster Albert Wm. West hill, Totnes

The Strand, Bideford Saltash road, Plymouth Chaster Mrs.6Haldon View ter.Exmouth

Cawley George John, 22 Lockyer road, Channon Mrs. Fort street, Barnstaple· Chataigner Very Rev. John Bar,tist, St.

Mannamead, Plymouth Chant E. M. IO Bank st. Teignmouth Mary's hill, Paignton

Cawley Mrs. 17 Dundonald street,Morice Chant Frdk. C. 79 Black Boy rd. Exeter Chatterton Mrs. Harlesdon, Cary ores-

town, Devonport Chanter Rev. John Frederick lii.A. cent, Torquay

Cawse Capt. Thomas, 2 Culver villas, Paracombe, Barnstaple Chatto Dennis Potts, The Daison, l:lare-

Torquay road, Newton Abbot Chanter Char~es, 2 Killerton villas, North well road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

Cawse John Henry Melbourne, Morley avenue, Polsloe rd. Heavitree, Exeter Chatton Waiter, 49 Abbey rd. Torquay

villa, Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary 1CChbaanntteerr Chas. Edward R. Barnstaple Chave Mrs.Morrells, Sampford Peverell,
Caw Croft W. Rose cottage, lvybridge Jn. Roberts, Fort hl. Barnstap Tiverton

Cay Mrs. I7 East Southernhay, Exeter Chanter 'fhe Misses, Millslade,Brendon, Cheales Mis3, Partney cot.Pinhoe,Exeter

CecilMrs. xLaburnum pl. Seatn. Axmnstr Bamstaple Cheeke Geo. A. Stoodleigh crt. Tivrton

Ceely Mrs.23 Pasley street,Morice town, Chapell P. B. 25 Prospect st. Plymouth Cheese Jas. 31 East Southernhay, Exetr

Devonport Chapell Richard Eddy, 9 St. George's Cheeseman Miss, Asherton, Babbacombe

Cerutty Richard, 36 Tavistock road, terrace, Durnford street, Stonehouse road, Babbacombe, Torquay

Stoke, Devonport Chapell Richard Henry, Plympton St. Cheeseworth Charles, 10 Sidney road,

Chadwycke Harry, Yarner, Bovey Maurice, Plympton St. Thomas, Exeter

Tracey, Newton Abbot Chapman Rev. Charles M A., LL.D. Cheesman Miss, St. Florence, Tor vale,

Chaff Edward, 5 Eton terrace, Plymouth Western college, Tavistock road, Torquay

Chaff Robert, South view, Lower Mannamead, Plymouth CheesmanWm. Parry,Templest. Sidmth

Polsham road, Paignton Chapman Rev. Robert C. 6 New build- Cheffers Ernest Arthur, 3 Camperdown

Chaff W. E. 12 Headland plc Plymouth ings, Barnstaple street, Morice town, Devonport

Ch1ffe Jn. Barne ho. Christow, Exeter Chapman Charles Henry, 16 Jubilee Chegwidden Misses, Old town, Bideford

Chalker Mrs. 9 Crescent place, Mul- road, Heavitree, Exeter Chegwidden Mrs. Station rd. Ashburton

grave street, Plymouth Chapman E. 9 Hobart st. Stonehouse Chenoweth Mrs. Elsinore lodge, Belle

Chalice Thoodore Jn. Roberts, 3 Hemer- Chapman H. 1 May pl. Lipson rd.Plymth Vue crescent, Cockington, Torquay

don viis. Colebrook,Plym pton St. Mary Chapman J ames, Woodleigh, Forde Chenhall James Warne, Dart vils.Totnes

Challacombe Missos, 2 Gordon villas, park, Newton Abbot Cheriton Miss, Middle down, Down St.

St. Brannock's road, Ilfracombe ChapmanJohn, 24 Sydneyst. Plymouth Mary, Bow R.S.O

Challen J.B.B.A.Grammar schl.Crediton Chapman John, The Lawn, Ilsham Chesnntt F.Bronteho. Lympstone,Exetr
Challen L. B. Grammar schl. Crediton road, 'forquay
CheshireH.G.Elmtree,Totnes rd.Paigntn


Cheshire Rev. James Webb, Elmtree, Chubb Miss, 2 Sea View villas, Pentyre Clark Capt. Richard, Weaver villa,

Totnes road, raignton terrace, Plymouth Abbotsham road, Bideford

Chesshyre Miss, Asheldon copsA, Ashel- Chubb Miss, 29 Torrington place, North Clark Capt. Robert Lever R.A.. 8 :::!t.

don road, Ilsham, Torquay road, Plymouth Hilary terrace, Stoke, Devonport

Chesterfield William John, I Sanford Chubb Samuel, Princetown R.S.O Clark Rev. Abraham, Beautborn, Park

crescent, Cockington, Torquay Christian Thomas James, Lansdown road, Cocking-ton, Torquay

Chetwynd Viscountess Mary H1ghcliffe, villa, Great Knowle S.O Clark Archibald,Beaumont lodge,Wood-

Lympstone, Exeter Cbristie Angustus Langbam, Tapeley land park, Paignton

Chew J<'. 25 Greenclose rd. Ilfracombe park, Westleigh, Bideford Clark Audus Richard, The Larches,

Chichester Col. Sir Arthur bart.D.I..,J.P. Christoe Mrs. John, 2 Cambridge grove, Middle Warberry road, Torquay

Youlston park, Sherwell, Barnstaple Ilfracombe Clark Edwd. 12Stuart ter.Stoke,Devonpt

Chichester Lady, Arlington court, Christopher Miss, East Budleigh, Bud- Clark Fredk. 105 Black Boy rd. Exeter

Harnstaple leigh Salterton S.O Clark George, 45 Albert road, Morice

Chichester Lady, Baggy view, Woola- Chudleigh Miss, Elm cottage, Exeter town, Devonport

combe, Morthoe R.S.O road, Newton Abbot Clark Henry, Carlton house, Exmouth

Chichester Maj.-Gen. Hugh R.A., J.P. Chudley James, 4 Elmfield terrace, St. Clark Henry J.P. Efford manor, Egg

Pilton house, Barnstaple Mary church, Torqua.y Buckland, Plymouth

Chichester Capt. Edward R.N. Rose Chugg George, 82 St. Brannock's road, Clark Isaac, 9 Elm terrace, Honiton

cottage, Instow R.S.O Ilfracombe Clark James, 27 Devon sq NewtonAbbot

Chichester Capt.Nugent J.P.Calverleigh Chugg John, The Pines, Ilfracombe Clark James, 14 Toronto road, Exeter

court, Tiverton Church Col. William James, 5 Regent's Clark John, 37 Haddington road, Morice

Chichester Rev. Jas. John B.A.Sherwell, park, Heavitree, Exeter town, Devonport

Barnstaple Church Mrs. 5 Barton terrace, Dawlish Clark John, Leigh road, Chulmleigh

ChichesterRev.Richardlii.A.Drewsteign- Churcher Arthur Ernest, Tawvale ter- Clark John Francis, West end, Honiton

ton, Newton Abbot race, Exeter road, Crediton Clark Josiah, High street, Honiton

Chichester Charles D.L., J.P. Hall, Churcher Henry,Tawvaleterrace,Exeter ClarkJ. 9 Valletort pl. Stoke,Devonport

Bishop's Tawton, Barnstaple road, Crediton Clark Miss, 1 Torriano place, Colebrook,

Chichester C.A.W.Rectory,Kenn,Exeter Churchill Rev. Reginald, Berry Narbor, Plympton St. Mary

Chichester Henry, Tree, Swymbridge, Ilfracombe Clark Mrl'. 21 Belmont road, Exeter

Barnstaple Churchill Herbert Richard, Warren view, Clark Mrs. Gwydir pl. Strand, Exmouth

ChichesterMiss,Arlington ct.Barnstaple 'fhurlow road, Torquay ClarkMrs.6Hood st.Morice twn.Devonpt

Chichester Miss, Lawell hou~e, Chud- Churchill Miss, Drayton, Upper Lin- Clark Mrs. 2 Mutley Park terrace,

leigh, Newton Abbot combe road, Torquay Tavistock road. Mannamead, Plymth

Chichester Miss,Skircot.BrauntonR.S.O Churchill Miss, Mount Vernon, Bridge- Clark Mrs. 13Portland rd.Stoke,Devonpt

Chichester Mrs. Church style, Bovey town, Totnes Clark Mrs. The Lodge, Strand,'fopsbam,

Tracey, Newton Abbot Churchill Miss, 7 Woburn ter.lfavistock Exeter

Chichester Wm. Henry J.P. Grenofen, Churchill Mrs. Cairnvilla, St.Brannock"s Clark Mrs. 12 Lyndhurst road, Mount

Wbitchurch, Tavistock road, Ilfracombe Radford, Exeter

Chick Edward, High street, Sidmouth Churchill Thos.C.31Exeter rd.Teignmtb ClarkMrs.Russell ho.Plymstock,Plymth

Chick Thomas, High street,Cullompton Churchward Edwin, 30 Temple road, Clark Mrs. 2 Saltram terrace, Ridgway,

Ohignell Rev. Thns. Wm. East Wonford Larkbeare, Exeter Plyrnpton

Chilcote Miss, Hill house, Higher Brix- Churchward Gilbert, Fore street,Buck- Clark R. S. A. 21 Chapel st. Devonport

ham, Brixbam R.S.O fastleigh R.S.O ClarkR.43Torringtn.pi.North rd.Fiymth

Chilcote Miss, 3 York terrace, Babba- Churchward Jas. 7 Bedford pk. Plymth Clark Robert, 30 George st. Devonport

combe, Torqtay Churchward Mrs. 23 Devon square, Clark T. Black cot. Kingswear,Dartmth

Chilcote Mrs. Ash, Stoke Fleming, Newton Abbot · Clark Wm.17Valletort pl.Stoke,Devnprt

Dartmouth Churchward Robert Edward, Hill side, Cl ark Wm. A. 19 Portland viis. Plymouth

Chilcote RobErt Comyn, Laywell villa, Buckfastleigh R.S.O Clark Wm.Hy.280xford gro. Ilfracombe

Higher, Brixham R.S.O Churchward Samuel Lane, r The Hey- Clark-OnrryMrs.rFerndale,Teignmouth

Chilcott Edward, Chollacott, Whit- woods, Teignmouth Clarke Rev.Hugh BernardB.A. 9 Bexley

church, Tadstock Churston Lord J.P. Lupton house,Chur· terrace, Bampfylde road, Torquay

C.1ilcottMrs.Neeves vil.Crofi rd.Torquay ston Ferrers R.S.O. ; & Guards' club, Clarke Rev. John :Foulkes B.A. South

Chilcott Thomas, Leat street, Tiverton London s w Tawton, Okehampton

Cbild Rev. Peter, Bow R.S.O Churton Misses, Rock house, Wolboro', ClarkeRev.Jn.W.87East st.SouthMolton

Child Rev. William Humphrey III.A. 12 Newton Abbot Clarke Rev. Samuel Childs M.A. Thor-

Clarendon pi. Citadel rd. Plymouth Churton Thomas, Rock house;Wolboro', verton R.S.O

Childs Jn. W.15 Pennsylvania rd.Exeter Newton Abbot Clarke Rev. Walrond Whitter li£.A. Rec-

Chillingworth James Giesman, Torbay Clack Rev. William Courtenay B. A. tory,Clayhidon, Wellington(Somerset)

hall, Cockington, Torquay Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Clarke A.H.Shebbear,HighamptonR.S.O

Ching Mrs. Alexandra road, Barnstaple Clack James, Gordon lodge, Chudleigh, Clarke Chas. 19 Headland pk. Plymouth

Ching Mrs. Byron villa, Admiral's bard, Newton Abbot Clarke Edward, 6 Sussex st. Plymouth

Stone house Clamp C.St. Vincent, Avenue rd. Torquay Clarke E. D. 1Southernhay,NewtonAbbot

Cbing 'fhos. 18 The Crescent, Plymouth Clampitt Richard Vooght, Coombe, ClarkeE.F.Childs,OldBlundells,Tiverton

Ching Thomas J.P. Mount Tamar, Beer Chagford, Newton Abboj Clarke Ueorge, Western rd. Ivybridge

Alston R.S.O Clancey James, Belmont,Chelston place, Clarke George James Bennett, '27 San-

Ching Wm.2rPark st. Stoke, Devonport Cockington, Torquay ford crescent, Cockington, 'forquay

Ching W.H. 15Park st.. Stoke,Devonport Clance,\·John, Westbourne,Westhill road, Clarke George 'fhomas Ward, q. Albany

Lhirgwin William,I4Hemerdon terrace, St. Mary church, Torquay terrace, Victoria road, Exmonth

Alexandra road, Plymouth Clapp Rev. William John M.A.3 Fortfield Clarke Henry, Kanawha, Knowles hill,

Chisholm David John, Stanley cottage, place, Sidmouth Newton Abbot

'for Hill road, Torquay Clapp Cecil Robert Mainwaring lii.A., Clarke Henry, 8 Raleigh road, Exeter

Chislett John,23 Caroline pl.Stonehouse LL.ll. 54 St. Leonard road, Exeter Clarkel.2Mont-le-Grand,Heavitree,Extr

Chiswell John R.N. Beer, Axminster Clapp George Tucker :i\1.B. 14 West Clarke Miss, 2 Berkeley cottages, Stoke,

Chitty Rev. James Charles Martyn, Southernhay, Exeter Devonport

Brent Tor Blick, Lew Trenchard,Lew Clapp John Tucker, Fairlawn, Moreton Clarke Miss, Drayton, Upper Lincombe

Down R.S.O Hampstead, Newton Abbot road, Torquay

Chope Rev. Clement Robert B.A. Pro- Clapp Miss, St. Andrew street, Tiverton Clarke Misses, 2 Claremont, Kingskers-

spect house, Axminster Clapp Miss, The Shrubbery, Topsham, well, Newton Abbot

Chope Rev. T. H.B.A. Hartland,Bideford Exeter Clarke Misses,4St.James pl.ea.Plymonth

Chope Mrs. Down vil.Northam,Bideford Clapp Mrs. Roseneath, St.James's road, Clarke Mrs. Bellevue, New road, Brix-

Chupe Mrs. Meddon street, Bideford Exeter ham R.S.O

Chope Thomas, Hartland, Bideford Clapp Robert, Devon County .Lunatic Clarke Mrs. 3 George terrace, Plympton

Chorley Frank, 43 Haldon road, Exeter asylum, Exminster, Exeter St. Maurice, Plympton

Chowen John, Tor side, Brentor Clapp William Sharland, Brook lea, Clarke Mrs. Glenalwn, Old Torwood

Chown Joseph,Rose cottage,Kilmington, Exeter road, Exmouth road, Torquay

Axminster Clare Waiter, 7 St. John's road, Heavi- Clarke Mrs. 24 Haddington road,Morice

Chown Mrs. Elm Dene, Rathmore road, tree, Exeter town, Devonport

Cockingtcn, Torquay Clare William Leigh, The Cottage, Clarke Mrs. Hunter's lodge, Fore street,

Chown Mrs.Sidmouth junction,Feniton, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter Sheldon, 'feignmouth

Ottery St. Mary Clark Lady, Willesleigh, Landkey, Clarke Mrs. 6 Newport ter. Barnstaple

Chown M1s. Oaklands,Devonshire place, Barnstaple ClarkeMrs.North bank,North rd.Bidefrd
Clark Cha~. W.Searle,Edgell vii.Crediton ClarkeMrs.BSomerset pl.Stoke,Devonprt


Clarke Mrs. 20 Trematon terrace, Mut- Clifton Mrs. 5 Sea Lawn ter. Dawlish Cocks W. L.5 May ter.Lipson rd.Plymth

ley, Plymouth Clinch John Alexander, Cable villa, Cocks-Irwin Mrs. 12 St. James terrace,

Clarke Mrs. West dene, Higher Walnut Dartmouth road, Paignton Citadel road, Plymouth

road, Cockington, Torquay Cline Mrs. 2 Discombe villas, Polsloe Cockwell Thomas, North Tawton R.S.O

Clarke P. J. 29 Wyndham SC:J.. Plymouth road, Heavitree, Exeter Codd Miss, South Brent, Ivybridge

ClarkeRichd.2BarnstapJest.8outhMolton Clinton Rt. Hon. Lord M.A. (lord- Codd Mrs. 1St. Clair's ter. Dartmouth

Clarke Richard Hall D.L., J.P. Bridwell, Iieut.), Heanton Satchville, Huish, Codner John, 18 Haddington road,

Uffculme, Cullompton Beaford R.S.O. ; & 32 Bruton street Morice town, Devonport

Clarke ~.Vine cot.Teignmouth rd. Torqy w & Carlton club, London s w Codner Miss, Hill crescent, Warberry

Clarke S.P.Green ho.Erme rd.Ivybridge Clinton-Parry Mrs. I Chollacott villas, road west, Torquay

Clarke S. n Pennsylvania road, Exeter Whitchurch, Tavistock Codner Miss, Tor Hill house, Kingskers-

Clarke Thomas, 23 Herbert street, Clist George, Hemyock, Cullompton well, Newton Abbot

Morice town, Devonport Clist Miss, IO Exe Vale terrace, Tiverton Codner Mrs. Rose Hill house,Kingskers-

Clarke Thomas, St. Peter st. Tivcrton Clitherall Mrs. IS Wellswood pk. Torquay well, Newton Abbot

Clarke Thomas P. Glen Elms, Orchard Clode C. H.Ad well, Teignmouth rd. Torqy Codner Thomas, Bessmount, Kingskers-

hill, Northam, Bideford Clode Thomas Jn. Shute ho. Axminster well, Newton Abbot

Clarke William, The College, Lapford, Clogg Robert, Purzebrook, Axminster Coffen Misses, 5 Windsor st. Plymouth

l\lorchard Bishop R.S.O Cloid Mrs. Abbey mount, Tavistock Cogan Sidney .Francis Bampfield, Hen-

Clarke Wm.H.3Ford pk.Mutley,Plymth Glooke Mrs. 5 Desborough rd. Plymouth bury, Bronshill road, Torquay

Clarke-Jervoisf'Alan, ExE"leigh, Tiverton Close Maj.-Gen. Frederick R.A. Merley, Coham-Fleming John Blyth D.L., J.P.

Clarkson Rev. John Mayhew M.A. 25 Westward Ho! Bideford Coham, Black Torrington, Highamp-

Trafalgar place, Stoke, Devonport Close Douglas R. St. Peter st. Tiverton ton R.S.O

Cla~e Miss, I4Trafalgar p! .Stoke, Devnprt Close J ohnDouglas,Thedden ho.Exmouth Cohen Israel, 2Manor ter. Brixham R.S. 0

Classey Rev. Hampden Garibaldi, Nor- Clotworthy Wm. Bodmin st. Holsworthy Cohen Joseph, 5 College road, Manna-

man's green, Plymtree, Cullompton CJough Edward, Thorpe Stapleton, mead, Plymouth

Clatworthy Miss,8 Alexandra pi.Plymth A.sheldon road, Ilsham, Torquay Colborne Mrs. Hembury fort, Buckerell,

Clatworthy Mrs. I4 Torringtou place, Clough Mrs. 6 Hartley road, Exmouth Honiton

North road, Plymouth Clutsom F.R.D.3 Blundell's cres.Tivertn Coldridge Rev. Samuel Powning B.A.

Clatworthy William Francis, Plym villa, Clynick Mrs. 7 Beatrice avenue, Lipson The Lodge, Alphington, Exeter

Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary road, Plymouth Coldridge Charles S. 13 Queen's terrace,

Clay Mrs. S. Comyn Hill ho. Ilfracombe Clymo Williani Henry, 3 Woodland Hele road, Exeter

ClayRobt.H.M.D. Wembury ho.Plymouth terrace, Cockington, Torquay Coldridge Rd.28 Union st.Newton Abbot

Clay Robert Hogarth 1\I.D. 4 Windsor Coad l''rederick Charles, 21 Green Bank Cole Capt. Samuel, 3 John's villas,

villas, Lockyer street, Plymouth avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Heavitree, Exeter

Claydon Augustus, Hyde rd. Paignton Goad J.H.35 ~tuart ter.Stoke,Devonport Cole Capt. William, Eagle house, Crab

Claydon Leonard, Hyde road, Paignton Coaker Brook Watson, Old Newnham, tree, Egg Buckland, Plymouth

Clayfield-Ireland Arthur J.P. Dowrich Plympton St. Mary Cole Rev. T. Vicarage, Shute, Axminstr

house, Sandford, Crediton Coaker John, 90 Alexandra road, Ford, Cole Rev. William Alston M.A. 2r

Cleave B. C. J.P. Newcombes, Crediton Stoke, Devonport Moreton crescent, Exmouth

Cleave John, Clarence villa, Charlotte Coaker The Misses, Westerland, West Cole Rev. W.Speare,Sth.Brent,Ivybrdge

street, Crediton Alvington, Kingsbridge Cote Arthur, Io Ebrington terrace,

Cleave John, 19 Exeter rd. Teignmouth Coaker Mrs. 2 Regent terrace,Ridgeway, Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Cleave William Cornish, The Sanctuary, Plympton St. Mary Cole Charles, 3 Bouverie place,Magdalen

Shobrooke, Crediton Coaker Richard, Broadhempston, Totnes road, Exeter

Cleeve R. F. West Exe south, Tiverton Coate J. Lea Combe,Lyme rd.Axminster Cole Charles, 74 Summerland st. Exeter

Clegg James, 32 Victoria pk. Plymouth Coates Rev. W.H.I6 Portland vls.Plymth Cole Edward, I Lee mount, Salcombe,

Clegg John, u Sanford crescent, Cock- Coates Thomas, 35 Charlotte street, Kingsbridge

ington, Torquay Morice town, Devonport Cole Edward Campbell Stuart J.P.

Cleland H.. B. Penlee,Strete, Dartmouth Coath Waiter, Somerville, Thorn Park Stoke Lyne, Withycombe Raleigh,

Clemas Wm. R. 9 Headland pk. Plymth avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth Exmouth

Clemence Edward W. 33 Haddington Coats Jas. sen. West down, Ilfracombe Cole Edwin John, 65 Alexandra road,

road, Morice town, Devonport Coats John, West down, Ilfracombe Ford, Devonport

Clemens Albert H. 15 May place, Coats Miss C. West down, Ilfracombe Cole Elias, 24 'favistockplace, Plymouth

Lipson road, Plymouth Coats Mrs. West down, Ilfracombe Cole George, 7 Oxford street, Plymouth

c:emensE.G.63A,Bannawellst.Tavistock Cobb Miss, 23 Endsleigh place, Plymth Cole H. Hillands, Station rd. Ilfracombe

Clemens Philip, 5 Caer Badden terrace, Cobbildick J. 8 Stuart pl. ::ltoke,Devonpt Cole Hy. Turney, I9 Howell rd. Exeter

North road, Plymouth Cobham Capt. John Liunel, The Elms, Cole James, 4 Parkwood vills. Tavistock

Clemens William, I May terrace, Lip- South Wonford, Exeter Cole John, Oak villa, Bickleigh R.S.O

son road, Plymouth Cobley John, Bealy court, Chulmleigh Cole John, Park street, Ivybridge

Clement R. P. 2 Belmont ter. Tiverton Cobley MonLie Toniu Albert James, Cole John Bennett, 29Toronto rd.Exeter

Clements Capt. John Phi!ip Carey R.N. Arlesey dene, Old Mill lane, Torquay Cole John James, 2 Alderney terrace,

8 Ermington terrace, Mutley, Plymth Cochrane BlairOnslow,Slade ho.Bideford Beaumont rd. Plymouth

ClementsRev.GeorgeHartridge-r.A.K.C.L. Cochrane Samuel, 13 St. Aubyn street, Cole Miss, I2 Barnpark ter. Teignmouth

Vicarage, Blackawton R.S.O Devonport Cole Miss, Bishop's Teignton, Teignmth

Clements Rev. Henry George John M. A. Cock Arthur Dunn, Woodville, South Cole Miss, Mount Dart, Bridgetown,

Sidmouth, Devon street, South Molton 'fotnes

Clements Mrs. 12 St. George's terrace, Cock Charles, Station road, Ivybridge Cole Misses, I2 Clifton hill, Exeter

Durnford street, Stonehouse Cock Frederick, 7 St. Hilary terrace, Cole Misses, 10 Osborne pl. Plymouth

ClementsS.Plymptn.St.Mauric<>,Plymptn Stoke, Devonport . Cole Mrs. 3 Argyle terrace, Plymouth

ClementsWm.Rock av.Newpt.Barnstple Cock John, Alexandra road, Barnstaple Cole Mrs. 10 Bedford terrace, Plymouth

Clemes Harry, 12 Chatsworth terrace, Cock John, Church walk, Bitleford Cole Mrs. 28 East Southernhay, Exeter

Higher Wellesley road, Torquay Cock John, 17 Morton cres. Exmouth Cole MI"s. 2 Endsleigh place, Plymouth

Clemo John, 4 ~outh View terrace, Cock J. Woodvi11e, South st.Sth. Molton Cole Mrs. Fell et. St.Mark'srd. Torquay

Hartley av. Higher Compton, Plymth Cock Mrs. Montpelier cot. South Molton Cole Mrs. Lower square, Holsworthy

Clemow Frank, 19 Trematon terrace, Cock l\'lr!!. 8 Kobe terrace, Plymouth Cole Mrs. Puddington, Morchard Bishop

1\futley, Plymouth Cock Robert, Appledore R.S.O R.S.O

Clems John Henry, Cheriton, Orchard Cockburn James, I Whitstone villas, Cole Mrs. IO Radnor place, Plymouth

road, Cockington, Torquay · Sands road, Paignton Cole Mrs. St. Bria,·els, Belle Vue road,
Clerk Rev. Henry •r. R. N. Eldin,Exmouth Cockerell Mrs. Maplestead, Babbacombe Paignton

Clevel'ton J. H. I2 Gordon ter.Plymouth road, Torquay Cole Mrs. I3 St. Paul's street, Tiverton

Clibborn Mrs.74 Durnford st.Stonehouse Cockey Miss, East st. Ashburton R.S.O Cole Mrs. 5 The Crescent, Mount Rad-

Cliffo>rd of Chudleigh Lord D.L., J.P. Cocking Jn. A. 4 Connaught av. Plymth ford. Exeter

Ugbrooke, Chudleigh, NewtonAbbot; Cockram Charles R.N. 114 Alexandra Cole Mrs. 6 Victoria pl. Stoke, Devonpt

& Brooks' club, London s w road, Ford, Stoke, Devonport Cole Mrs. I Yellands cottages, Upper

Clifford George William, Hadleigh, 95 Cockram George Edward, Holly lodge, Polsham road, Pa.ignton

S1dwell street, Exeter St. Andrew st. 'fiverton Cole Reginald Alfred lii:.A. Royal Naval

Clifford Mrs. Queen's Oak house, Cockram Henry, I9 Belmont rd. Exeter Engineer Students' col!ege, Keyham

Heavitree, Exeter Cockram Mrs. Belle vue, Tirerton road, Devonport

Clift Miss, New road, Dartmouth Cocks Frederick, 5 ZeLland pl.Plymouth Cole Richard Charles, 3I Wonford road,

Clift Mrs. 4 Carlton terrace, Plymouth Cocks John Waiter, l"urzebeam,St.Mary :Mount Radford, Exeter

Clifton George, Wentworth, Compton Church road, Torquay Cole Samuel Tarr, Penrose, Torquay

Park road, Mannamead, Plymouth Cocks Mrs. Elm cot. Beer, Axminster road, Newton Abbot


ColeT. 8 Mayter. Lipson rd. Plymouth Collings PeLer Charles, 18 Waterloo st. ColwellC.roSt.Hilaryter.Stoke,Devonprt

Cole William, 17Larkstone rd.Ilfracombe Stoke, Devonport Colwell Fredk. H. B:tth phce, Ilfracombe

Cole William, 47 New st. Gt. Torringtn Collings William Henry, 32 Stuart ter- Colwell Geo. So North ro'1d, Plymouth

Coleby Henry, I Elm Grove rd. Exeter race, Stoke, Devonport Colwill James, 89 Albert road, Morice

Coleman Rev. W. B. A. King's rd.Honiton Collings William James, 13 South Lawn town, Devonport

Coleman John, 13 Paradise place, Stoke, terrace, Heavitree, Exeter ColwiU Simon H. 8Bedford ter.Plymouth

Devonport Collins Charles M. 10 York buildings, Colwill Thos. 3 King street, Devonport

Coleman Mrs.62HillPark cres. Plymouth Oxford road, Exeter Colwill Wm.3Somerset pl.Stoke,Devnprt

Coleman Mrs. 83 James st. Devonport Collins Charles Robert J.P.Strath Cnlm, ColvileLieut.-Genl.FiennesMiddletonc.B.

Coleman N.Spurwell, Wembury,Piymth Hele, Cullompton & Courtenay house, Boveen, Asheldon rd. Ilsh1m, Torquay

Coleridge Right Hon. Lord Pc., D.C.L., Teignmouth Colvile Misses, St. Andrew's, Lustleigh,

J.P. (Lord Chief Justice of England), Collins Edwd. ro York street, Plymouth Newton Abbot

Heaths court, Ottery St. Mary; & r Collins Frederick George, 4 Premier pl. Colville Rev. William, Branscombe,

Sussex square w; & Reform, Devon- Mount Radford, Exeter Avenue road, Torquay

shire & Athemeum clubs, London s w Colins George, 32 Clarence place, ~iorice Combe Mrs. 2 St. George's terrace,

Coleridge Rev.F.J.M.A.Cadbury, Tivertn town, Devouport Durnford street, Stonehouse

Coleridge :Francis Randolph Cyril, Collins George, 4 Windsor terrace, Comber Rear-Admiral Hy. Wandesford,

Mount Wear, Countess Wear, Exeter Citadel road, Plymouth Goodmans, Membury, Chard

ColeridgeMiss,Cheyne Bridge rd.'frquay Collins George Henry, Eastney, Kings- Combes Henry James, 3 Omeg1 villas,

Coleridge Miss, Clovelly, Belgrave cres- wear, Dartmouth Alphington rd. St. Thomas, Exeter

cent, 'forquay Collins Henry M. D. Hazlewood, Totnes Comerford Fredk. 62 East st. Stonehouse

Coleridge Miss Elizabeth, Sand rock, road, Paignton Commeline Capt. Charles E. R.E. Under-

Ottery St. Mary Collins H. J.74 Wilton st.Stoke,Devonpt wood, Ide, Exeter

Coleridge Mrs. 3 Oakleigh terrace, CollinsJ.4St.Hilary ter.Stoke,Devonport Commin Fredk. Jas. 28 Union I"d. Exeter

Mannamead, Plymouth Collins J. 2 Tamar ter. Stoke, Devonprt Commin J. G ..J.4 Pennsylvanh rd.Exeter

Coleridge William, Fern bank, Lower Collins John Ballard, 19 Torrington pi. Compton Lieut. John R.N. 14 West-

Bronshill I"oad, Torquay North road, Plymouth minster termce, Mutley, Plymouth

ColeridgeW.H.s8Pennsylvania rd.Exeter Collins Miss, Colyton, Axminster Compton Rev. Arthur William Henry

Coleridge William Rennell D.L., J.P. Collins Miss,roCambridgegro.Ilfracmbe B.A. 22 .K1st Southernhay, Exeter

SalsLon, Ottery St. Mary Collins Miss, Ham, Weston Peverel, Compton Arthur, The Chase, St. Mary

Coles Rev. Edward Norman, 8 West Devonport Church road, 'forquay

Cliff terrace, Seaton, Axminster Collins Mrs. 'Willow ·bank, Above town, Compton Charles Edward, 5 St. James•

Coles Rev.Jas. 40 East st. South Molton Dartmouth terrace, Citadel road, Plymoath

ColesRev.Jn.School ho.CoplestoneR.S.O Collins Mrs. 29 Caroline pl. Stonehouse Compton John, 13 Richmond road, St.

Coles Albert N. The Octagon, 70 Union CollinsMrs.Frostleigh,Grendon rd.Exetr David's, Exeter

street, Plymouth Collins Mrs.79 Gainsboro' ter. Plymouth Compton .Mrs. Strand, Topsham, Exeter

ColesC.Kensham lodge, Upton hill,Torqy Collins Mrs. 70 George st. Devonport Compton Thomas Armstrong, Summer-

Cotes John, Efford, Top. am, Exeter Collins Mrs. High street, Honiton land, Ferndale, Teignmouth

Coles Joseph, Honey villa, Holsworthy Collins Mrs. Northernhay house, North- Comrie Alex. 35 Cobourg st. Plymouth

Coles Miss, North st. Ottery St. Mary ernbay place, Exeter Comyns Rev. Georg-e Thomas B ..,.

Coles Miss, 20 Radnor street, Plymouth Collins Mrs. 49 St. David's hill, Exeter Vicarage, Sidbury, Sidmouth

Coles Miss, Summerland pl. Barnstaple Collins Richard, 83 Union st. Plymouth Comyns Rev. George Yonge B.A. Lyve-

Coles Mrs. 31 Black Boy road, Exeter Collins Rd. G. Melbourn ho. Cullomptn don, Forde park, Newton Abbot

ColesMrs.4Devonshire vls.Stoke,Devonpt CollinsW.RoyalAlbert hospital,Devonprt Condy John, High street, Cullompton

Coles Mrs. 43 Durnford st. Stonehouse Collins William Louis, Ringmore tower, Condy:\Irs.1sTrem<ttn.ter.Mutley,Plmth

Coles Mrs.Glenside,High.Erith rd. Torqy Shaldon, Teignmouth Condy William, 35 Fore street, 'fotnes

ColesMrs.West cot. Western rd .Axminstr CollinsR. J. Bickingtn. Fremington R.S. 0 Coneybeare John, South Hill villas,

Coles R.r3 Colleton bldngs.Friars,Exetr Collins Wm. 13 Borne road, llfracombe Galmpton, Brixharn R.S.O

Coles Robt. Chas. 10 Raleigh rd. Exeter Collins-Splatt H. Brixton ho. Plymouth Congdon Mrs. HarLland, Bideford

Coles Thomas, 4 Floriston villas, South Collins-SplattMisses,Brixton ldg.Plymtb Congdon William, 22 Herbert street,

avenue,Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exetr Collinson Rev. Thomas Harrison M.A. Morice town, Devonport

Coles Waiter B. 31 Black Boy rd. Exeter Marland, Torrington Congdon W. West Whiteleigh, Devonprt

ColhounMrs. T.Higher Erith rd. Torquay Collis Major Augustus Randolph, Brick Congreve Rev. John, Merven, Asheldon

Collacott F. R.5 Parkwood vils. Tavistck house, 'fhorverton R.S.O road, Ilsham, Torquay

Collacott James, Church st. Dodbrooke Collis Major G. W. B. Sheepwash, Coniam 'fhomas Taylor, Waye house~

Collacott J.R.N.27Kent rd.Ford,DevonpL Highampton R.S.O Chagford, Newton Abbot

Oollacott Wm 31 St. Sidwell's av. Exetr Collis Maj. G. W.B.3 Barton ter. Dawlish Connett Mrs. Feniton, Honiton

Collander Mrs.4 Newport ter.Runstaple Coli is Edward, Jasemine cottage, New- Connor Ernest, 2 King st. Devonport

Collard E.Moor view, Watts rd. Tavistck ton Ferrers, Plymouth Connor Mrs. Roseville, Teignmouth

Collard Joseph, South street, Axminster CollomMiss,r West pk.HorrabridgeS.O road, Torquay

Collett Mrs. Highclere,Higher Warberry Collyns Rev. Charles Bayly B.A. 2 Tra- Conran Capt. Gerald MarcellJ.P. Brad-

road, 'forquay falgar place, Stoke, Devon port ridge house, Diptford, lvybridge

Colley Mrs. Staplake, Starcross R.S.O Collyns Rev. John Edward T.A K.C.L. Conran Capt. William AdamJ.P. Black-

Collier Capt. James, Nicholashayne, 4 Hampden place, St. Thomas, Exeter lands, Sparkwell, Plympton St. Mary

Wellington (Somerset) Collyns Bayly Moore, Plurnley, Bovey Conran Charles, Balmoral villa, Sout.h

Collier Charles Calmady, Brook, Samp- Tracey, Newton Abbot Brent, Ivybridge

ford Spiney, Horrabridge R.S.O Collyns George Nelson, Hillsley, More- Conran Miss, Elm cottage, Ridgeway,

Collier F.M.Brampton,Cary rd.Torquay ton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Plympton St. Mary

Collier M.J.Foxhams,HorrabridgeR.R.O Colman Charles, Castle street, Tiverton ConranMiss,Roseber,;, Upton hl.Torqu'l.y

Collier Mrs. 22 Chapel street, Devonport Cohnan Mrs. 9 Ailsa terrace, Tiverton Conran William Adam, 4 Regent terrace,

Collier Percy Douglas, South Yeo, In- ColmanW.wHobartter.Lip~onrd.Phnth Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary

stow R.S.O Colquhoun Col. Humphrey, Daisy ConstantC.Seabt·eeze,Marldon, Paignton

Collier William Fredk. J.P. Woodtown, mount, Polsloe road, Exeter ConwayJohn, rg Highfield rd.Ilfracombe

Sampford Spiney, Horrabridge R.S.O Colquhoun Mrs. 6 Addhon rd. Plymouth Conway Mrs. 7 Connaughtaven. Plymth

Collier W.F.J.g New rd.Brixbam R.S. 0 ColridgeW.6o Fairfield ter.NewtonAbbot Conway Mrs. 48 Torrington place, North

Collier W. P. The Camp, Ha! well R.S.O Colson C. Royal dockyard, Devonp0rt road, Plymouth

Collier William Pook, Hillmoor, Cnlm- Colson Francis Henry M.A. 16 Coryton Coode Gen. John Penrose,. 13 Penlee

stock, Cullompton terrace; Ford Park rd. Mutley,Plymth villas, Stoke, Devonport

Collihole Richard, Hill crest, Warberry Colson George, 25 Wonford road, Exeter Coode Vict>-Adm. 'frevenen Penrose,

road west, 'forquay Colson Misses, 18 Belgrave terrace, 15 The Crescent, Plymouth

Collin Mrs. Cadhay, Ottery St. Mary Victoria road, Exmouth Coode Capt. Richard f'arlyon J.P. Pola-

Colling W. T. 15 Radnor st. Plymouth Colston Chas. K. 4 Cross park, Teignmth pit Tamar, Werrington, L':tunceston

Collings Alequis Charles, 5 Herbert pl. Colston Miss, Harlesden Cary crescent, Coode Edward J.P. Polapit Tamar, Wer-

Morice town, Devonport 'forquay rington, Launce'!ton

Collings Joseph A. Heavitree rd. Exeter Colston Mrs. 3 Bolton st. Brixharn R.S.O Coode T. Lyne, 12 Princess sq. Plymouth

Collings Chas. 1 Restormel ter.Plymouth Colt Rev, Sir Edward H·•rry Dutton bart. CookRev.T. W. 3oDevon sq. XewtonAbbot

Collings Miss, Fore street, Chudleigh, M.A. Monkokehamptn. WinkleighR.S.O C()(Jk Albert, 43 Clifton place, Plymouth

Newton Abbot ColtMisses,Rock ho. Watcombe,'forquay Cook Enoch, Poplar cottage, Ide, Exetet

Collings Mrs. 18 Coombe rd.'fei.g-nmouth Colt Misses, Rock villa, Maidencombe, Cook Ernest Chandler, 2 Greenbank

Collings Mrs. Rock bank east, Brixham 'feignmouth aYenue, Lipson road, Plymouth

R.S.O Colthurst George, 6 Coryton terrace, Cook Geo. W. 43 Coburg st. Plymouth

CollingsMrs.12Seaton ter.Mutly.Plymth Ford Park road, Mutley, Plymouth Cook John, L!l.ndkey, B.unstaple


Cook Henry, 49 Clarence place, Morice CooperRev.T.27Connaughtav.Plymouth CornishJ.Stancombe,Sherfrd.Kingsbdge

town, Devonport Cooper :Francis Pitt, Devon & Cornwall Cornish Jn. Wm. I Prospect st. Plymouth

Cook J. Plympton St. Maurice, Plymptn Bank, Rolle street, Exmouth Cornish Miss, 34 Bitton st. Teignmouth

CookJ.St.Andrew's pl. Colyton,Axminstr Cooper G.East cot.Branscmbe. Axminstr CornishMiss,St. Budeaux,OtterySt.Mary

Cook John Angus R.N. 13 Pahnerston Cooper Hy. Robt. 57 Union st.Plymouth Cornish Miss,Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth

street, Stoke, Devonport Cooper Jas. C. Paignton school, Paignton Cornish Misses, I Seymour teJ:race,

Cook Mrs. Court place, Harpford, Ottery Cooper John, 3 Victoria st. Exmouth Bridgetown, Totnes

St. Mary CooperJ.G.TheHill, WearGiffard,Bidefrd Cornish Mrs. High street, Crediton

CookMrs.Merrimeade,S:J.mpfordPeverell, CooperMi~s,Down,Monkleigh,Torrington Cornish Mrs. 7 Molesworth road, Stoke,

Tiverton Cooper Misses, 5 Alexandra terrace, Devonport

Cook Mrs. Park cot. Plymtree,Cullomptn Vansittart road, Torquay Cornish Mrs. 2 St. Ann's terrace, Old

CookMrs.Rolestone,Tawstock,BarnsLaple Cooper Mrs. St. Edmunds, Colyford, Tiverton road, Exeter

Cook Nathl. Bampton street, Tiverton Axminster Cornish Philip Alfred, Caton house, Ug-

Cook Nathaniel, jun. Castle st. Tiverton Cooper Waiter, Square, Barnstaple borough, Ivybridge

Cook Robert Jn. 7 Braidwood terrace, Cooper Mrs. Hountor, York road,Babba- Cornish Rt. c~dar ho.South st.Axminstr

Tavistock road, Plymouth combe, Torquay CornishS.Broomficld,Sherford,Kngsbrdg

Cook.Robert Thomas, 5Wolseleyterrace, Cooper Spencer, 3 Megla villas, War- Cornish Thomas Rowell, 5 St. James•

Huntiscombe road, Plymouth berry road west, Torquay place, Old Tiverton road, Exeter

CookS:lml. Pode, 51 Baring st. Plymth Cooper William, Raby villa, Alphington Cornish-Bowden Admiral William J,P.

Cook Thomas DIXon :r.t.B. Glendon, road, St. Thomas, Exeter Oak lawn, Wolborough hl.NewtonAbbt

Castle road, Torquay Copinger Col.Hy.tzGarfield ter.Paigntn Cornish-Bowden Frederic James J.P.

Cook William Josepb, Grange villas, CoplestonRev.J.G.Y.A.Offwell ho.Offwll Black hall, Avonwick, Ivybridge

East-the-Water, .Bideford Copleston Rev. John Henry M.A. Offwell Cornthwaite Chas.Yealmpton,Plymouth

Cooke Col. T. V. 19 Leigh'i.m st. Plymth Copleston Rev. William Chester M.A. Cornwall Andrew, Paternoster row,

Cooke Commander Charles Henry R.N. Willand, Cullompton Ottery St. Mary

IO Spencer terrace, Lipson rd. Plymth CoplestoneHrbt.Keyberry,NewtonAbbot Corsellis Misses, Layer-Marney,Chelston

Cooke Rev. Robert Duins B. A. 13 Tor- CopnerArth.Lewis,Capstone }Q.IIfracmb road, Cockington, 'forquay

wood terrace, Babbacombe rd.'forquay Copner Chas.Jas. Quayfield ho.Ilfracmbe Corwyn Mrs. Netherton, Drewsteignton,

Cooke Rev. William John, 3 Woodland Copp George,New street, Gt.'forrington Newton Abbot

grove, Braddon's ID. rd. east, Torquay Copp John, Burnside villa, East Brook Cory Henry, Foghanger, Milton Abbot,

Cooke Chas. J. I Princess pl. Plymouth road, Teignmouth Tavistock

Cooke C M. Taw Vale p:trade,Blrnstaple Copp John David, Calf st.Gt; Torrington Cory J. 17 Trematon ter.Mutley,Plymth

Cooke :Francis Thomas, Southmoor, Copp Mrs. 21 Albion street, Exmouth Cory Miss, Park villa, Holsworthy

Buckleigh, Westward Ho! Bideford Copp Mrs. 31 Dean st.Larkbeare, Exeter Cory Mrs. 7 Colleton crescent, Exeter

Cooke Geo. 43 Victoria park, Plymouth Copp Mrs. Mill street, Great Torrington Cory Richard J. P. Langdon court,Wem-

Cooke Harry, 78 Black Boy road, Exeter Coppard Miss, Plympton St. Maurice, bury, Plymth. & 3 Elliot ter. Plymth

CookeHy. 27 Trafalgar pl.Stoke, Devnprt Plympton Coryton William, Highlands, lv}·bridge ;

Cooke Jas.Wood, The Square, Barnstaple Coppin Edmund, Coningsby,Wilderness & Pentille castle, Pillaton, St. Mellion

Cooke Miss, 14 Claremont ter.Exmouth road, Mannamead, Plymouth R.S.O. Cornwall

Cooke Mrs. 1 Grendon villas, Coombe Coppin Edmund, Holly bank, Whit- CoseChs.H.sPowderham rd.Newtn.Abbt.

road, Teignmouth church, Tavistock Cossins Richd.B.4 St.Leonard's pl.Exetr

CookeOtho,High pk.Littleham,BidP-ford CoppinE.Osborneho.Wattsrd.Tavistock Coster Alfd. 11 Headland pk. Plymouth

Cooke Thos. D. West hl. Ottery St. Mary Copplestone Mrs. I Tavistock road, Stoke, Cosway Richd. Phi lip, Lime cot. Tiverton

Cooke Thomas Owen Preston, Elmhurst, Devonport Cosway William, Withey cot. 'fiverton

Thornpark road, Teignmouth - Copplestone Mrs. Momnouth street, Cottier Chas. 65 Hill Park cres. Plymth

Cooksley James, 7 Whitleigh terrace, Topsham, Exeter Cottier William, 3 CharlLon terrace.

Crown Hill R.S.O CoramH.4Lamorna pl.Moricetn.Dmprt Mutley road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Cooksley Mrs.23 Winner street, Paignton CoramJ.28Clarence pl.Morice tn.Dvnprt Cattle Misses, 8 Holyrood pl. Plymouth

Cooksley Robt.Sl.4Palace aven.Paignton CorbettWm.E.I Durnford st.Stonehouse Cottle Mrs. I Bridge place, Ridgeway,

Cookson Hy. Regent ho. Starcross RS.O Corbyn Miss,44 Powderham cres. Exeter Plympton St. Mary

CooksonMiss,sgDurnford st.Stonehouse Corcoran Rev.Jas.St.Mary's hl.Paigntor. Cottle Thomas, Bridge house,Ridgeway,

CooksonMiss,Powis vil.Kent's rd. Trquay Cordes Capt. Albert,West hill,Reed vale, Plympton St. Mary

Coom Claude S. The Retreat, Yealmpton, Teignmonth Cotton Henry, IO Westminster terrace,

Plymouth Cordes Capt. Ernest, Northam house, Mutley, Plymouth

Coom William Henry Slecman, Laira Northam, Bideford CoLton Hugh Powell, SMway, Seaway

villa, Egg Huckland, Plymouth Cordes Mrs. Summerlands, Dawlish lane, Cockington, Torquay

Coombe Lieut. John R.N. 9 Seaton ter- Cordner Major-Gen. James Edward R.A. Cotton Mrs. 6 Ailsa terrace, Tiverton

race, Mutley, Plymouth Torbay mount, Castle lane, Cocking- Cotton Mrs. I6 Pro!!pect park, Exeter

Coombe Georg-e, Mountstephen house, ton, Torquay Cotton Richard, 12 Beatrice avenue,

Uffculme, Cullompton Cordwent Henry James,sB Queen street, Lipson road, Plymouth

CoombeJohn, zllsham cottages, Ilsham Newton Abbot CottonR. W.'fhe'Red house,NewtonAbbot.

road, Torquay Coren Thomas, illgh street, Honiton CottonW.2Manston ter.Heavitree,Exeter

Coombe Joseph, 5 Blackall road, Exeter CorenWin.B Sidneyrd.St.'l'homas,Exetr Cottrell Mrs. Elm grove, Tiverton

Coombe Joseph, Friernhay street,Exeter Cortield Mrs. Berachah,HigherWellesley Cottrell Mrs. Sunbank, Lymington rd.

Coombe Misses, Blagdon ter. Crediton road, Torquay Torquay

Coombe Mrs. 2IB, Camperdown street, CorfieldSaml.A.3rVictoria pk.Plymouth Couch John, 25 Egcrton rd.sth. Plymth

Morice town, Devonport Cork Rev.Daniel,Marengo villa,Budleigh Couch Sampson, 14 George st.Devonprt

Coombe Mrs. 55 Queen street, Exeter Saltertou S.O Couch William,4 Gascoyne pl.Plymouth

CoombeMrs.xRegent Corlett Miss, Norcliffe, The Downs, Couch William, 19 Herbert street,Morice

Coombe Russell :M.A., F.R.c.s. 37 \Vest Babbacombe, Torquay town, Devonport

Southernhay, Exeter Cornbill Dr. John, 2 Gordon villas, St. Couch W1lliam Jn. Cathedral yd.Exeter

Coombe William, 2 Summerland place, Brannock's road, Ilfracombe Couche Arthur John, I6 Higher Park

Topsham road, Exeter Cornelius Edwd.17 Chapel st. Tavistock View terrace, Heav1tree, Exeter

CoombeWm.T.roBucklandst.Plymouth Cornelius Joseph, Ashton, Gloucester CoucheO.Lyndale,BudleighSaltertcmS.O

CoombesJ.St.Anne's rd.Heavitree,Exetr road, Newton Abbot Couche Mrs. rs Higher Park View ter-

CoombesJohn,\\'est st.Ashburton R.S.O Cornelius Richard Bussell, Oak cottage, race, Heavitree, Exeter

Coombes Samuel R.N. 3 Ash villas, Higher East Brook road, Teignmouth Coulborn Edward Rushton,The Lindens,

Compton, Plymouth CorneliusW.Stoke-in-Teignhd.Teignmth Highweek, Newton Abbot

Coombes Thomas Ball, Fe:rndean, War- CorneliusW.F.290rchrd.gdns.Teignmth Coulles Thos.H.23 St.Aubyn st.Devonpt

berry road west, Torquay CornellGeorge,Lonsdale,York rd.Exeter CoulsonCapt.Fk.Cha&.B.R.N., .J.P.Mount.

Coombs Mrs. Loughton, Old Mill road, CornishRev.S.E.4Highfield vls.Ilfracmb Tryon, Higher Warberry rd. Torquay

Cockington, Torquay Cornish Elisha, 15 Hemerdon terrace, Coulson Henry John Wastell, Lythe-

Coome Rev.E.A. Bodmin st. Holsworthy Alexandra road, Plymouth court, Bolham. Tiverton

Cooper Major Lewis Loftus Astley, 7 St. Cornish Francis Shath,Stoke lodge,Stoke Coulthard Mrs. I6 Whitefiejd ter.Plymth

James' terrace, Citadel rd. Plymouth Fleming, Dartmouth Coulton Mrs. Cornworthy, Totnes

Cooper CaptainAlbert BeauchampAstley CornishFk.J. 15 Powderham cres.Exeter Coulton William Richard, Dean court~

.J.P. Temple hill, East Budleigh, Bud- Cornish ·Frederick W. Chough's nest, Buckfastleigh R.S.O

leigh Salterton S.O Lynton, Barnstaple Counebear Rev. A. J. Fort st.Barnstple

Cooper Capt. Joseph McKenzie, Caber- CornishG.23St.Brannock's rd.Ilfracmbe Counsell EdgarSeptimus,Nymett house,

Fedih, Elmsleigh road, Paignton CornishG.S.r2 :Fitzroy ter.Stke.Devnprt Nymet Rowland

Cooper Fleet-Surgeon Astley R.N. Mut- Cornish James William, Miller's court, CounterW.Coombecot.Halberton,Tivrtn
ley Park ho.Westo:o Peverel, Plymouth Fore street, Kingsbridge
Coursens Fredk. C. South town, Dartmth


Court Archibald R.N. II St. Hillary ter- Cox Jas.36 Stewart ter. Stoke,Devonport Creed William, Manor house, Abbots

race, Stoke, Devonport Cox Jas. B. Shelton,Newton rd. Torquay Kerswell, Newton Abbot

Court Irwin A. 29 Tavistock pl. Plymth Cox J.I3 Cavendish rd.Heavitree,Exeter Greedy Wm. 2 Exe View ter. Exmouth

Courtenay Lord D.L., J.P. High house, CoxMiss,Abbey tower, Watts rd.Tavistck Greedy WiJliam, Sidford, Sidmouth

Kenton,Exeter; & Carlton club,Londn Cox Miss, Elsen ho. Chard st.Axminster Creemer John Hatch, 4 Sea View ter-

Courtenay the Rev. Canon the Hon. C. Cox Miss,7 Fellowes pl. Stoke, Devonprt race, Lipson road, Plymouth

L. M.A. Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Cox Miss, Fore Street hill, Kingsbridge Creighton Andrew, 7 College avenue,

Courtenay Major George Henry, South- Cox Miss, High street, Honiton Mannamead, Plymouth

town house, Kenton, Exeter Cox Miss, Lowood, Asheldon rd. Ilsham, Cress well Rev. Saekville George, Hol-

Courtenay Rev. Thos.Peregrine,Shaugh Torquay combe Burnell, Exeter

Prior, Roborough R.~.O Cox Miss, 6 Saltram viilas, Laira, Egg Cresswell Mrs. L. Bitton rd.Teignmouth

Courtenay Thomas Henry, Dalkeith, Buckland, Plymouth Cresswell Mrs. 26 South st. Sth. Molton

York road, Babbacombe, Torquay Cox :M:iss, I Sydenham terrace, Babba- Crewes F.Gilberton,Regentst.Plymouth

Courtier Stephen, 2 Chebucto villas, combe, Torquay Crews Frederick R. H. 7 Queen's gate,

Bronshill road lower, Torquay Cox Mrs. 7 Lion terrace, Alphington rd. Lipson road, Plymouth

Courtier Stephen, jun. I Hillsden villas, St. Thomas, Exeter Crews Michael, 27 Manor st. Stonehouse

Bronshill road lower, Torquay Coxl\'Irs.Paternoster row,OtterySt.Mary Crews Thos. E. 3 Bedford pk. Plymouth

Courtis Mrs.7 Nottingham place, Mutley Cox Mrs. 3 St. Margaret's terrace, St. Crews Wait. Hy. Hamilton, Woodcote

plain, Plymouth Mary Church, Torquay villa, Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary

Courtis Mrs.7 South Devon place,Ridge- Cox Mrs. South st. Great Torrington Crichton Mrs. Beaconside, Monkleigh,

way, Plympton St. Mary Cox Mrs.I2 Waterloo st. Stoke, Devonpt Great Torrington

Courtney Miss, 55 Hill Park cres.Plymth Cox Mrs. Jasper, Montpelier terrace, Crichton Mrs. I6 Milton place, Bideford

Courtney Mrs. Castle Park cot.Exmouth Braddon's Hill road, Torquay Griddle Mrs. Fairmead, York rd. Exeter

Cousen James, Elmbrae, Seaway lane, Cox Richard, 3 Tweedside place, High Cridge Jn. Richd. Newport, Barnstaple

Cockington, Torquay street, Stonehouse Cridland Edmund Francis, 2 Boringdon

Cousins Oennis Charles, Parnacott, Cox Spencer Murch,High street,Honiton villas, Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary

Pyworthy, Holsworthy Cox Thomas,8 Brunswick ter. Exmouth Cridland John Carter,2 Pentillie avenue,

Cousins Jas.B. IQ Prospect st.Plymouth Cox Thomas Wm. Bampton st. Tiverton Mutley, Plymouth

Cousins J.33 Pinhoe rd. Heavitree,Exetr Cox William, 37 St. David's hill, Exeter Crimp Garland, 5 Salisbury rd. Plymth

Cove Fredk.G. Loretto, Warren rd.Torqy Coxon Jas. Park view, Vane hill, Torquay Crimp Harris, Colmore house, Mod bury,

Cove John, I Washington terrace, Alex- Coysh Robert,l<'ore st Shaldon,Teignmtb Ivy bridge

andra road, Plymouth Coyte Chas. I4 Wellington st. Teignmth CrimpJ.Hillside cot.Ringmore,Kngsbdg

Cove Mrs. 7 Market street, Salcombe, CoyLe Edmund J. 23 Church street, Crimp Miss, 7 York street, Plymouth

Kingsbridge Modbury, Ivybridge Crimp Miss Mary, Forest. Kingsbridge

Cowan John Joseph, Pynes cottage, Cozens Henry Douch, 3 Portland place, Crimp Wm. Adams, Mill st. Kingsbrdg

Brampfordspeke, Exeter Abbey road, Torquay Cripps Rev. J. M. M.A. Belle vue,Exmth

Cowan Mrs. Richard, St. Kilda, Sal- Crabb Miss, Branscombe house, York CrispMrs Londerzeal,Bridge rd.Torquay

combe Regis, Sidmouth road, Exeter Crispin Alex. Ball, Boxhill, Dodbrooke

Coward Lieut. Blanchard R.N. Walton Crabb Mrs. 5 Richmond road, Exeter Crispin Mrs. 4 Carlton villas, Grosvenor

Leigh, Devon rd.Salcombe,Kingsbrdg Crabb Richard Groves, Egypt house, road, Paignton

Coward J.H.IS Athemeum st.Plymouth Moreton Hamp-.tead, Newton Abbot Crispin Mrs. Sth. Molton st.Chulmleigh

Coward Mrs. St. Peter street, T1verton Crabb W. H. I3 Mulgrave st. Plymouth Crispin Mrs. Stoneyland, 'fawstock,

Cowdell Alfred William, Fairholme,Bur- Crabbe Geo. 32 Prospect park, Exeter Barnstaple

ridge road, Cockington, 'forquay Crabbe Mrs. 34 Bartholomew street Critchett H.Slewton ho. Whimple,Exeter

Cowdry Nathaniel, Woodbeer villa, Bud- west, Exeter Critchley Mark, Newport rd. Barnstaple

leig-h Salterton S.O Crabtree Mrs. St. Norbets, St. Michael's Critchley-Salmonson Bernard J.P, Rose-

Cowell Edward J ames Elliott, Ringmore road, 'forquay nau, Chesnut avenue, Torquay

house, Shaldon, Teignmouth Cracroft Mrs. 23 Barton cres. Dawlish Crocker Anthony Loveland, Muddle-

Cowell Elliott, The Grove, Sidmouth Craddock Thomas, St. Cyprian, Thur- bridge house, I<'remington R.S.O

Cowell John, Drumcraig, Knowles hill, low road, Torquay Crocker Emanuel, Stafford lodge, New-

Newton Abbot Cragg Misses, I Molesworth terrace, ton road, Torquay

Cowie Very Rev. Dean Benjamin Mor- Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport Crocker Geo. Royal dockyard, Devonprt

gan D.D. The Deanery, Exeter Craig William Maxwell M. B., R.N. Long Cracker Geo. Hy. I East st. Sth. Molton

Cowie Herbert M.A. I Osborne villas, Room hill, Stonehouse Crocker Hy. 23 Headland pk. Plymouth

Stoke, Devonport Craigie John M.D. The Knoll,Stocklands, Crocker Jas. F. R.J.B.A. 46 Pennsylvania

Cowie William, Ashleigh rd. Barnstaple Honiton road, Exeter

Cowlard Miss, St. John's cottages,Bovey Craigie Mrs. Marshford,:N"orthm.Bidefrd Crocker John, 4 Cheltenham place,

Tracey, Newton Abbot CramerJ.8 Vallertortrd.Stoke,Devonprt Greenbank road, Plymouth

Cowles Richard Eliott, 8 Connaught ter- CranchJ.P.Ingleside,Salcombe,Kngsbdg Crocker J,23 Jubilee rd.Heavitree,Exeter

race, Mutley plain, Plymouth Cranch Thomas Henry, 2 Chollacott CrockerJ.rNewcmbe.ter.Heavitree,Extr

Cowles Wm. C. 12 Croft ter. Paignton villas, Whitchurch, Tavistock Cracker John, Royal Naval Engineer

Cowley Mrs. I5 Kobe terrace, Plymouth Cranford C. 8 Carlton ter. Dartmouth Students' college, Morice town, Devon-

Cowling James, Mill st. Kingsbridge Cranford Robt. Harbour view, Dartmth port

Cowling William, I Windsor terrace, Crang Geo. Goodleigh road, Barnstaple Crocker Jn. S. South Zeal, Okehampton

Bronshill road lower, Torquay CrangJohn, 2 Newport ter. Barnstaple CrockerJ.S.35Waterloost.Stoke,Dvnprt

Cowlyn Henry, 4 Wellington street, Crang Miss, I2 Boutport st. Barnstaple Cracker Josias, Ambleside, Powderham

Stoke, Devonport Crang Miss, Trafalgar lawn, Barnstaple road, Newton Abbot

Cox Gen. Edmund Henry R.M.A. Crad- Crang Mrs. Kimmacott, Martinhoe, Cracker Mrs. IO Charles pi. Plymouth

dock cleve, Cullompton Barnstaple Cracker Mrs. Little St. Catherine's,

Cox: Rev. Edward Hayter B.A. Chivel- Crang Richard, Jubilee terrace, Comb- Bovey 'fracey, Newton Abbot

stone, King-sbridge martin, Ilfracombe Cracker Mrs. 5 Whitleigh terrace,

Cox Rev. J. M. M.A. Stockland, Honiton CrangWalter,3 Rupertswood,Ilfracombe Crown Hill R.S.O

Cox Rev. Joseph Mercer M.A.Colebrook, CrangW.H.6 Keppel pl.Stoke,Devonport Cracker Samuel Richard, Glenburnie,

Plympton St. :Mary Crang William John, Byecross, George- Powderham road, .Newton Abbot

Cox Rev. W. E. M.A.Lynton, Barnstaple ham, Braunton R.S.O Crocker Thomas, I24 Albert road,

Cox Albert, 26 Herbert street, Morice Crankenthorpe Miss, Asherton, Babba- Morice town, Devonport

town, Devonport eombe road, Babbacombe, Torquay Cracker William, 5 Chapel st. Tavistock

Cox Cary Stanley Bell, San Remo, Sols- Crapp John, 73 Cobourg st. Plymouth Cracker William, I St. Matthias terrace,

bro' road, Cockington, 'forquay Cratllern Rev. William Luke, 8 Alpha Ilsham road, 'forquay

Cox Cecil, The Firs, Exeter hill,Tiverton place, Appledore R.S.O Crocker William Henry, IQ Caprera tar-

Cox Charles Every, High st. Honiton Crawford Rev. John William, 30 James race, North road, Plymouth

Cox Christr. Chas. Castle st. Barnstaple street, Dcvonport Crockford Rev. Henry James B. A.

Cox E. H. Cambria, Park road,Cocking- Crawford Mrs. Meadow lea, Holcombe, Broadwood-Kelly, Winkleigh R.S.O

ton, Torquay Dawlish · CrockwellG.Starston ho. Warren rd.'frqy

Cox F. Larkbeare ho.Roberts rd. Exeter Crawlcy T.8Franklin st.Larkbeare,Exetr CrockwellH. Warren ho. Warren rd.Trqy

Cox George, Manor office, Emma place, Craze John, IO Chapel street, Tavistock Crockwell Philip, Arundale, Bampfylde

Stonehouse Crealack John James, 45 Torrington road, Torquay

Cox Hy.Pilot's rest, Uplyme,Lyme Re~is place, North road, Plymouth Crocombe Miss, 4 Lee villas, Lynton,

Cox Henry, 2 Rosewood villas, North Crealock Miss, 4 Huntiscombe place, Barnstaple

ayenue, Polsloe road,Heavitree,Exeter North road, Plymouth Croft Capt. Frederick John, Moor cot-

(iox Henry Hill, Eglantine, Sidmouth Ureed John, Whiddon house, Abbots tage, Payhembury, Ottery St. Mary

Cox Jas.72Radford rd.Larkbeare,Exeter Kerswell, Newton Abbot CroftC.E.Burleigh,Vansittrt.rd.Torquay


Croft Ernest, IO Sussex pl. Plymouth Crump Charles, 13 Magdalen st. Exeter Cuninghame Alexander Kennedy, Buck-

Croft Mrs. I Rolle villas, Exmoutb Crump Miss, Dart vale,Ashburton R.S.O land house, Braunton R.S.O

Croft Silas Woodley, Rumleigh house, Crump Robert William, Wray Barton, Cure Rev. Edwd. Capel M.A. Bradninch,

Beer Alston R.S.O Moreton Hampstead, ~ewton Abbot Cul1ompton

Croft Thomas, 5 Homer terraca, War- Cruse Edwd. West st. Ashburton R.S.O CureMrs.Fort ter.Alexandra rd.Barnstpl

boro' road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Crutch W. The Laurels,Compton,Paigntn Curgenven Rev. John M. A. St. Leonard's

Crofton Maj. Richd. Martin R.A. Heavi- CruLchett Mrs. 7 Knollys terrace, Penny- villa, Uplyme, Lyme Regis

tree bo. Church st. Heavitree, Exeter comequick, Stoke, Devonport Curgenven Wm. Brendon, Davon County

Crofts John, 3 Topsham road, Exeter Crute Mrs. 3 Hillsden villas, Lower Lunatic asylum, Exminster, Exeter

Croker Misses, Cross cottage, Bovey Bronshill road, Torquay Curgoo.ven William Paynter, Radnor vil.

Tracey, Newton Abbot Cruwys Rev. Arthur Henry, Cruwys Radnor place, Plymouth

Croker Sidney, 6 Chester pl. Plymouth Morchard, Tiverton Curling Mrs. Fairlight, 3 Landscore \•ils_

CrokerW.H.Aylescott,Kent'srd.Torquy Cruwys Edwin, 12 East st.SouthMolton Teignmouth

Crompt.on Cuthbt. 9 Colleton Exetr Cruwys George James J.P. Cruwys Mor- Curnow J.Carthew,Decoy rd.Nwtn.Abbt.

Crompton Isaac Horman, Milan, Dart- chard house, 'fiverton Curnow Mrs.3 Tremorvah terrace,Fisher

mouth road, Paignton Cruwys John,South street,South Molton street, Paignton

Crompton R. 9 Colleton crescent,Exeter Cruze William Henry R.N. 1 Providence CurreyW.3Bedford pl.Armada st.Plymth

Crook Fras. Rose hill, Pilton, Barnstple place, Stoke, Devonport Currie Col. John Robert, Grey's lo1ge,

CrookJ.Lynwood ho.Lynton, Barnstaple Cruze William Henry, 22 Portland road, Braddon's Hill road upper, Torquay

Crook J. r4 Portland rd.Stoke, Devon por Stoke, Devonport Curry G.P.22 Polsloe rd.Heavitree,Exetr

CrookMrs.76 Wilton st.Stoke,Devonport Cubitt Mrs. Fallapit, Allington East, Curry The Misses, 26 Trafalgar place,

CrookW.13Ross st.Moricetown,Devnprt Mounts R.S.O Stoke, Devonport

Crook William, Temple hill, Tiverton Cuddeford Mrs. Holly bank, Buckland CurryMrs.3 Brunswick cots.Stoke,Dvnpt

Crooke R:w. Cornelius Hargreave M.A. Monachorum, Yelverton .K.S.O Curry Mrs. Livonia, Sidford, Sidmouth

Sheepstor, Horrabridge R.S.O Cuddeford Robert, Thornwood house, CurryWm.E.15 South hl.Stoke,Devonprt

Croot Mrs. Ashleigh road, Barnstaple Tedburn St. Mary, Exeter Curson Mrs. Brownston street, Modbury,

CrootW.29 Church rd.St.Thomas,Exetr Cuddeford Thos. Higher Cornpton villa, Ivybridge

Croote William Sweete, Ellieslaw, Pol- Higher Compton, Plymouth Curtis Arthur, 5 Carlton hill, Exmouth

sloe road, Heavitree, Exeter Cudlip Rev. Pender Hodge M. A. Vicar- Curtis Geo. E. 27 'feign st. Teignmouth

CrosbyJ.s Portland rd.Stoke,Devonport age, Sparkwell, Plympton St. Mary Curtis John, I Desborough rd.Plymouth

Crnsby Mrs. 'forqhatton, The Downs, Cuer Stephen, 32 Alcester street, Morice Curtis Miss, Fore street, Kin~sbridge

Babbacombe, Torquay town, Devonport Curtis Miss, 2 Torrington place, North

Croscombe Miss, Hartland, Bideford Cull J ames Robert, 46 Queen street, road, Plymouth

Cross Capt. A. B. Lyndhurst, Towerpk. Newton Abbot CurtisMrs.Sunbank,Lymin~tn.rd.Torqy

Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Cull Mrs. 44 Queen st. Newton Abbot Curtis Wm. Church ter.Bampton R.S.O

Cross Benjamin Cracker, High view, Cullin Richd.Blair, Bampton st.Tiverton Curtis Wm. J.P. Lichdon ter.Barnstaple

Wilderness, :Mannamead, Plymouth Cul\is William, Wellfield villas, Turn- Curwain Miss, Simla, Hartley rd.Exmth

Cross Danl. 56 Durnford st. Stonehouse chapel, Hooe, Plymouth Curwood David, 2 Unley villas, North

Cross Frederick James, I Holly villas, Cullum John, Rackwood, Higher Welles- avenue, Heavitree, Exeter

Church street, Heavitree, Exeter ley road, Torquay Curzon John Meir, Foxlands, York road,

Cross H. High.Ashearne,Strete,Dartmth Culross James M.A., M.B., c.M. 66 Queen Babbacombe, Torquay

Cross Hy. Ju. 44 Longbrook st. Exeter street, Newton Abbot Curzon Miss, Culm Jeigh, Stoke Canon,

. Cross James, Fernleigh villa, Sea View Cumberland Wm 18 The Quay, Bidefrd Exeter

terrace, Lipson road, Plymouth Cumbers Hy. I Greenbank ter.PJymouth Cutcliffe Chas. Bernard Mervyn Drake,

Cross Joseph John 1\LA. Newton hall, Curnine Mrs. Westbourne villa, West- Manor house, Lee, Ilfracombe

College road, Newton Abbot ward Ho! B1deford Cutcliffe George J. P. Coombe house,

Cross Miss, 39 Powderham cres. Exeter Cuming Major George Lewis F.R.G.S. Witheridge, Morchard Bishop R.S.O

Cross Mrs. Manormead, Greenway road, Hightield lodge, Exmouth Cutcliffe Miss,5 Taw Vale par.Barnstaple

Cockington, 'forqnay Cuming Albert Philip, Linscott, Moreton Cutcliffe Montagu, Devon & Exeter

CrossW.13Hobart ter.Lipsonrd.Plymth Hampstead, Newton Abbot hospital, East Southernhay, Exeter

Cross William Laugee, Rock close, St. Cuming Charles, Linscott, Moreton Cuthbertson Rev.WilliamJohn,g5 Durn-

Andrew street, Tiverton Hampstead, Newton Abbot ford street, Stonehouse

Crosse Lieut.-Col. Charles R. Hillcote, Coming Chas. Hy. M.B. Sussex st. Plymth Cut.hbertson Mrs. 184 Sidwell st. Exeter

Raleigh, Northam, Bideford Coming Charles Thomas, Parklands, Cutler Geo. Octavius F.R.S.L. The Pines,

Crosse Mrs. Broad street, South Molton Bradninch, Cullompton Middle Warberry road, Torquay

Crosse R. S. w East st. South Molton Cuming Edwiri John, Linscott, Moreton CutlerJ.P.rsSussex rd.Ford,Stoke,Dvnpt

CrossfieldA.K.Broadstone ho.Dartmouth Hampstead, Newton Abbot Cutliffe Juhn, 123 North rd. Plymouth

Crossing J. C.3 Tamar ter.Stoke,Dvnprt Cuming Miss, 3 Mansard ter. Dartmouth Dacie Capt.Geo. 19 St.David's hill, Exeter

CrossingW. I r Hill Park cres. Plymouth Cuming Mrs. 3 Hill Park cres. Plymouth Dadds Mrs. F. 18 Borne rd. Ilfracombe -

Crossing W. Splatton, Sth. Brent,lvybrdg Cnming S.Ranscombe ho. BrixhamR. S. 0 D'Aeth Mrs.Newstead,Falkland rd.Torqy

Crossman Albt. E. 24Abbeyrd. Torquay Cuming WalterJohn, 9 Howell road, St. Daffen Rev. Thomas Frederick M.A. 10

Crossman J. 41 Cambridge st.Plymouth David's, Exeter Dawlish road, Teignmouth

Crossman Mrs 24. Abbey road, Torquay Cumming ArthurJames F.R.c.s.Eng. I2 Dagin Mrs. IO Whitefield ter, Plymouth

Crossman Thomas John, I Megla villas, East Southernhay, Exeter Daintree John Osborne, Norwood cot-

Warberry road west, 'Torquay Cumming George William Hamilton, tage, Dawlish street, 'feignmouth

Crouch Francis, 4 Gollings park, Higher Annandale, Torwood gardens,Torquay Daintree Mrs. 2 Lodge ter. Tiverton

Compton, Plymoath Cumming Hugh Gordon, Warberry crt. Dalby Misses,Belvedere house,Braddon's

Crowdy Francis Demainbray M. A., M.D. Lower Warberry road, Torquay Hill road west, Torquay

I Higher terrace, Torquay Cumming Jn. 13 Radford rd. Plymouth Dale Rev. John, North rd. Holsworthy

Crowe Frederick Joseph Williarn, Mars CummingJohnHy.6 Sussex pl.Plymouth DaleG.4Ash vls.HigherCompton,Plymth

den, Thurlow road, Torquay Cummings Rev. Charles Edward M.A. Dale Mrs. Seacombe. Cockington road,

Crowl Wm. 19 Clarence pl. Stonehouse Wembworthy R.S.O Cockington, Torquay

Crowle Arthur Gray, ro Townsend cres- Cummings Mrs. Aberdare, Babbacombe DaleMrs.Hatherley,Barnpfylde rd.Torqy

cent, 1.\Iannamead, Plymouth road, Babbacombe, Torquay Dalgleish Henry John, 7 Park place,

Crowther Rev. J ames Herbert Lea B.A. Cummings Richd. Henry, Leyton house, Longbrook street, Exeter

70 High street, Bideford Topsham, Exeter Dalgleish Williarn Hulway, 5 Park place,

Crowther1lnj.6 May pl.Lipson rJ.Plymth Cummings Rbt. 21 Radnor st. Plymouth Longbrook street, Exeter

Crowther Mrs. Byrntirion, Seymour Cummings Rt. 53 St. David's hill, Exeter Dallas Francis Henry, Wistaria cottage,

avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth Cummings Samuel, Paternostel.' row, Lympstone, Exeter

Crowson Mrs. Homefield place, Heavi- Ottery St. Mary Dallas James F.L.S. Cantralees, Lymp-

tree, Exeter Cummins Mrs. 14Dnrnford st.Stonehouse stone, Exeter

Croxton Rev. William Richard, Glen- Cumper Mrs. 2 Holme lea, Hatfield road, Dallaway Henry, 6 Belgrave terrace,

ravon, Walnut rd. Cockington,Torquay Torqnay Belgrave road, 'forquay

Croydon Geo.Hy.Marine vil.'feignmouth Cundy 0. Sussex ho. Sussex st. Plymth DalleyW.H.Monmouth st.Topshm.Exetr

Croydon Miss, Heathfield, Middle War- Cunnin;ham Charles Lenox, Downford Dallin Thomas, 8 Quay place, llfracmbe

berry road, Torquay house, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot Dallin William C. 2 Coronation terrace,

Crnddas Rev. George M.A. Huntsham, Cunningham John Kirk Caldy, Secktor Ilfracombe

Bampton R.S.O house, Axminster Dalling Wm. 5S Hi~h street, Barnstapb

Crudge Miss, 5 Bicton place, Exmonth Cunningham J. T. I Sussex pl.Plymouth Dalphin Jn. Fernside,Dagmarrd.Ex:mth

Crudge Mrs. 12 Clinton ter. Exmouth C~nningham Misses. Fairv1ew, Dartmth DalphinMrs.Fernside,Dagmarrd.Exmth

Crni<'e William, 4 Higher Park View ter- Cunningham Wm. Allison M.A. Gram- Dalwood Robt. 12 Hobart st. Stonehouse
race, Heavitree, Exeter
mar school, Exeter Daly Mrs. Winscott, Beer, Axminster


Damerel Thomas,6 Herbert place,Morice Davey Mrs. 1 Compton place, St. Mary DavisMiss,Apsley ho.Meadfoot rd.Torqy

town, Devonport Church, Torquay Davis Miss, 3 Culver villas, Torquayrd.

Damerell Hy. J. 26 Princes st. Devonprt Davey Mrs. Centre ho.Winkleigh RS.O Newton Abbot

Damerell J.31Waterloost.Stoke,Devonpt Davey Mrs. 9 Molesworth terrace,Moles- Davis Miss, 6 Herbert street, Morice

Dames Mrs. Glen Andred, Lower Lin- worth road, Stoke, Devonport town, Devonport

cornbe road, Torquay Davey Mrs. 20 Raleigh road, Exeter Davis Miss, 16 Mount street, Devonport

Da.mpier William, Axmouth, Axminster Davey Mrs. 99 Sidwell street, Exeter Davis The Misses, Eastbrook, Burles-

Dampney John Brake, Lansdowne, Davey Robert, 10 Twyford pl. Tiverton combe, Wellington (Som)

Elliot street, Plymouth Davey Samuel, 62 Chapel st. Devonport Davis Mrs. Fort terrace, Alexandra rd.

Dampney Mrs. Lansdowne, Elliot street, Davey Samuel, Chester ter. Barnstaple Barnstaple

Plymouth Davey Samuel, Gold street, Tiverton Davis Mrs. 14 Mulgrave st. Plymouth

Dan Hy.29 Portland pl.Morice tn.Dvnprt Davey Samuel, Mount Pleasant house, Davis Mrs.Netherleigh,Torrs pk.Ilfrcmb

Danby William, Elmfield house, St. Mount Plea• ant road, Exeter Da,·is Mrs. Ringmore road, Shaldon,

David's hill, Exeter Davey Samuel, 8 'fotbill av. Plymouth Teignmonth

Dance Miss, South view, York road, Davey Wm. Alexandra road, Barnstaple Da.vis Mrs. Summerland st. Barnstaple

Babbacombe, 'forquay Davey William George, 22 Champer- Davis Mrs.mVictoria pl.Stoke,Devonprt

Dance Mrs. Stanmore, Babbacombe rd. nowne terrace, Ilfracombe Davis Orlando J. H. 5 Tothill av.Plymth

Torquay Davey William Henry, 4 Herbert place, Davis Samuel, 5 Summerfield terrace,

Dangar Rev. J ames George D.D. Training Morice town, Devonport Bronshill road lower, Torquay

college, Exeter Davey William Henry, 2 Knollys ter- Davis 'f. F. I Linden ter.Newton Abbot

Dangar John, 20 Clarence pi. Stonehouse race,Pennycomequick,Stoke,Devonprt Davis W.76Gainsborough ter. Plymouth

Daniel Maj.-Gen. Jn. Gussiford lo.Exmth 1DaveyW.H.Myrtle vil. Warren rd. Torqy Davis William, 20 Hills Yiew, llarnsta.ple
Daniel Jabez,BrattonFleming,Barnstaple' David Rev. Geo.St.Mary's hill, Paignton Davis William John, Ford, Chulmleigh

Daniel Thomas Carew D.L., J.P. Easter- David Rev.W.11LA.3 Colleton cres.Exeter Davis William Robert, 27 Staddon ter-

lands, Washfield, Tiverton David Rev. William Hermann M.A. race, North road, Plymouth

DanielW.J.Smeatonlo.Sussexpl.Plymth Kelly college, Tavistock Davis William Viney, 4 Westbury ter-

Daniell Lt.-Col. Edward Staines, Queen, Davidson Capt. Stuart R.E. I8 St. Hilary race, North road, Plymouth ·

Anne's ho11Se, Cyprus road, Exmouth terrace, Devonport Davison Robt.A.72 George st.Plymouth

DaniellA. W.B.Kenbury,Alpbingtn.Exetr ·Davidson H.J. I6Seymour av. we.l'lymth DavsonF.A.M.D. Westbourne,Dartmouth

Daniels Rev. C. A. South town, Dartmth DavidsonJn.R.M.15Emma pl.Stonehouse Davy A.J.Abbeyfld.Bampfylde rd.Torqy

Dann William, 6o St. David's hill, Exeter Davidson John, Stanley villa, Alpbing- Davy F. Riversmeet, Topsbam, Exeter

Darbyshire Charles J.P. Riversdale, ton road, St. Thomas, Exeter Davy George, 15 Walker ter. Plymouth

Torrs park, Ilfracombe Davidson Mrs. 3 Lower St. Paul's road, Davy Harry, 3 St. Jude's rd. Plymouth

Darch Edwin, Strand, Barnstaple Newton Abbot Davy Henry, 9 St. Aubyn st. Plymouth

D'Arcy-Irvine Miss,2gWonford rd.Exetr Davie Capt. Geo. C. F.R.G.s., J.P. The Da\'Y Henry, 20 South Devon place,

Dare Rev.H.M.Cottymead vils.S1dmouth Elms, Bishop's Tawton, Barnstaple Embankment road, Plymouth

Dark James, Market place, Bideford DavieJ. H.Sunnyside,~ewport,Barnstple Davy Henry M.D. Soutbernhay house,

Dark John, Honestone street, Bideford Davie ~L4Victoriapl.BudleighSltrtn.S.O East Southernhay, Exeter

Darke Arthur J. 43 Strand, Exmouth Davie Misses, 8 Sea View terrace, Sea- Davy Miss, Silver st. Ottery St. Mary

Darke G. 8 Channel View ter.Plymouth ton, Axminster Davy Misses, 3 Brooklet villas, Cocking-

Darke J n. Market st. Hatherleigh R.S. 0 Davie M. I4 St.Brannock's rd. Ilfracombe ton, Torqnay

Darke John Robert, I Beatnce aven Je, Davie Philip, Ashleigh, Winkleigh R.S.O Davy Mrs. John Tanner, Manor house,

Lipson road, Plymouth Davies Col. Johnstone, St. Bede's,Cleve- Rose Ash, South Molton

Darlington Frederick, 43 Palmerston st. bonses, Northam, Bideford DavyMrs.IArgyll ter.Victoria rd.Exmth

Stoke, Devonport DaviesMaj.-Gen.F.J.Asbleigh,Teignmth Davy Mrs. 2 Clarence place, Barnstaple

Darmer Miss,66 Magdalen street,Exeter DaviesRev.Davd.East st.BrauntonR.S.O DavyMrs.6 HydePrk.ter.Mutley,Plymth

Darnell Lieut.-Col. Thomas Charles J.P. Davies Rev.W.R. I l<'urd ter.Dartmouth Davy Mrs. 5 Lyndburstroad, Exeter

Stanhope, Sidford, Sidmouth Davies Alfred, 6o Haddington road, Davy Richd. M.B.Burstone ho.Bow R.S.O

Darracoit:Mrs.Odun ho.AppledoreR.S.O Morice town, Devonport Davy Robert Manning J.P. Grove hill,

Dart Jn. 2 May ter. Lipson rd.Plymouth Davies Edward, Millbay house, Claren- Topsham, Exeter & Oxenway lodge,

Dart Misses, 3 Manor ter.BrixhamR.S.O don place, Citadel road, Plymouth Membury, Chard

Dart Mrs. Albert place,AppledoreRS.O, Davies G. Water Park ho.Pinboe,Exeter Davy Walter Shirley, Brewery house,

Dart Mrs. Bude street, Appledore R.S.O Davies H. 12 Montpellier ter. Ilfracombe Church street, Heavitree, Exeter

Dart Thomas, I7 Church rd. Ilfracombe 1 Davies Henry, Kitteshayes, Colaton Daw John Edward, Spurbarne, Mag-

Dart William John, Searle st. Crediton Raleigh, Ottery St. Mary dalen road, Exeter

Darton James William, 7 May terrace, Davies H.A.B.St.Paul'srd.Newtn.Abbot DawJn.Jarrett,7Endsleigh ter.Tavistock

Lipson road, Plymouth Davies James, St. Kilda, Higher Brix- Daw Joshua, Claremont, Alphington

Dat.e Joseph, Butham house, Brampford ham, Brixham RS.O road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Speke, Exeter Davies Joseph, 2 Modena terrace, Brad- Daw Miss, 19 Richmond road, Exeter

Date William, New quay, Dodbrooke don's Hill road east, Torquay Daw Miss, 44 St. Leonard road, Exeter

Date Wm.Horton, Culmstock,Cullomptn DaviesMrs. IoArcher ter.North rdPlymth Daw Mrs. GIanville road, Tavistock

Daubeney W.A. J.P. Clevelands,Dawlish Davies Mrs. 2 Gerston house, Dart- Daw Mrs. West street, Ashhurton R.S.O

Daubeny Lieut.-Col. St. John Edward mouth road, Paignton DawR.H.Marsh mills,Plympton St.Mary

J.P. The Beacon, Kingswear,Oartmth Davies Mrs. 3 Higher Summerlands, Daw Richard John, 14 Chaddlewood

Daubeny Henry Graham, Drewston ho. Heavitree road, Exeter avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth

Drewsteignton, Newton Abbot Davies Owen Ash, 2 Caprera terrace, Daw Richard Rendle Meller, Spurbarne,

Daunt George Digby, 7 Mount Edg- North road, Plymouth Magdalen road, Exeter

cumbe terrace, Stoke, Devonport Davies W. Bellfield,Fore st.Kingsbridge DawSI.Elmsleigh,Victoria rd.Barnst.aple

Daunteesy Robert, Lisworny, Lower Davies William, 10 Camperdown street, Daw William, 6 Homefield place, Fore

Lincombe road, Torquay Morice town, Devonport street, Heavitree, Exeter

Davenhill Frederick Albert, The Her- Davies William George, Geneva house, Daw Wm. B. Hele bo. Ashburton R.S.O

mitage, Bingmore, Teignmouth Hartley road, E.x:mouth Dawe Argus, I Russell place, Penny-

Davenport Arthur, Larkbere, Talaton, Davies Wm.Hy. 32 Chapel st.De,·onport comequick, Stoke, Devonport

Ottery St. Mary Davis Capt. Strand, Topsbam, Exeter DaweE.7MountPleasant rd.NewtonAbbt

Davey Chas.O. 4Endsleigh pl.Plymouth Davis Rev. Edward,Chevithorne,Tivertn Dawe Fk. Wm. I Gordon ter. Plymouth

DaveyGeo.Plaistow ho,Pilton,Barnstaple Davis Re,•.H.Prospect pl.OtterySt.Mary Dawe Henry, High street, Bideford

Davey George, Starcross R.S.O Davis Alfred, I4 Haddington road, Dawe Henry, 5 Pentamar terrace,

Davey Geo. G. Brookfield pl.Ilfracombe Morice town, Devonport Morice town, Devonport

Dav-eyGeo. G. 13 HillPark cres.Plymonth Davis A.9 St. John's rd.Heavitree,Exeter Dawe Hy. H. I Melbourne pl.Friars,Exetr

Davey Henry, 8 Alfred street,Plymouth Davis C. W. H. Devon County school, DaweJ. IOTaVIstock rd.Stoke,Devonport

DaveyJn. Everilda, Avenuerd. Torquay West Buckland, South Molton Dawe Joseph, 9 Prospect st. Plymouth

Davey John, 3 Powderham ter.Exmouth Davis Charles, 13 Hobart st. Stonehouse Dawe Miss, Yealmbury villa, Yealmp-

Davey John Hearle, 9 Brandreth terrace, Davis Edward, II9 Albert road, Morice ton, Pl~·mouth

:Morice town, Devonport town, Devonport Dawe Philip,4Rose hill,Stoke,Devonport

Davey John Henry R.N. 25 Sussex road, DavisFred,2Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exeter Dawe Ricbd. Hy. Io Buckland ter. Ply-

J<'ord, Devonport Davis Geo. 3 Woodland ter. Plymouth mouth & Estover bo. Egg Buckland
Davey John William Neame, I Elizabeth Davis James, 48 High street, Totnes Dawe Thomas, ss a, Albert road, Morice
place, North road, Plymouth DavisJas.2gSussex rd.Ford,Stke.Devnprt town, Devonport

Davey Joseph, ~4 Herbert street, Morice DaYis Jame~. WYnnard house, East DaweWm. 3 Melbournepl.Friars, Exeter

town, Devon port. Budleigh, Budleigh S tlterton S. 0 Dawe W1lliam Henry Tremlett, 10 Buck-

Davey Misses, 5 Citadel terrace, Citadel Davis John, I26 Alaxandra road, Ford, land terrace, Plymouth & Estover
'Stoke Dei"Lmpor~
road, Plymouth . h::mse, Egg Duc!;;!aml




Dawe Wm. Hy. 17 Clifton pl. Plymouth De Lisle Mrs. La Casita, Hermosa road, Dent Mrs.Speculation,Yealmptn.Plymth

Dawes Rev. George B.A. Beaconsfield, Teignmouth Deuton John, 9 Gerston road, Paignton

Budleigh Salterton S.O Dellafield Danl. Jas. Hyde rd. Paignton Denys Rev. M. o.s.B.BuckfastleighR.S.O

DawkinsRear-Adm.Rd.J.P.l\Iaisonette, Del:bridge Miss, 23 Sidwell st. Exeter De PorreMiss,ElmTreecottage,Newton

Stoke Gabriel, Totnes 'Deller Arthur, 17 Gerston rd. Paignton Ferrers, Plymouth

Dawkins Edward C. Rhyll manor, East Deller Mrs. Edwin, WoodviUe, New Depree Fredk.T. 6Lyndhurstrd. Exeter

Anstey, Dulverton R.S.O street, Paignton de Putron Rev. Godfrey Pierre M.A. The

Dawes George Augustus, Florence villa, DelvesMrs.r7Polsloe rd.Heavitree,Exetr Vicarage, Withycombe,Raleigh,E.x:mth

Petitor road,St.MaryChurch, Torquay De Lyon Frederick, 35 Portland place, DeRaymond Gustave l:iamuel M. D.

Dawson The Hon. Richard Maitland Morice town, Devonport Plympton St. Maurice, Plympton

Westenra J.P. Holne park, .Ash- de Montmorency M. Park hill, Park Dermody Mrs. 53 Bitton st. Teignmth

burton R.S.O Hill road, Torqnay Derrick James, 32 Emma pl. Stonehouse

Dawson Rev. William, The Presbytery, DeMorel Count Charles Carew, Sydney, Derry Ge01ge, 6 Keppel terrace, Morice

Dawlish road, Teignmouth Plympton St. Maurice, Plympton town, Devonport

Dawson Charles, I Church House villas, Dem[.>ster John Henry, Oakford house, Derry George W. 5 Rochester ter.Plymth

Highweek, Newton Abbot Kingsteignton, Newton .Abbot Derry Mrs. Chas.28 Westwellst.Plymth

Dawson George Henry, The Bartons, Dempster Mrs. 7Hill Park cres. Plymth Derry Myles S. 3 Kingswood terrace,

lpplepen, Newton .Abbot Denbow Robert, Asbley, Old Mill road, Holsworthy

Da\\son Henry Thomas, Rockside, Cliff Cockington, Torquay Derry Samuel Ebenezer R.N. Far view,

road, Salcombe, Kingsbridge Denbow Robt. Penn Inn, Newton Abbot St. Budeaux, Devonport

DawsonJ.Greenland cot.Fisherst.Pgntn Denbow William, 5 Oxford terrace, Derry T. L. I6 Powderham cres. Exeter

Dawson John, I6 Beacon hill, Exmouth Oxford street, Plymouth Derry William, Houndiscombe house,

DawsonJ.uHomepark,Stoke,Devonport Denby Mrs. Fore street, Siumouth North road, Plymouth

Dawson John, Northbrook park, Coun- Dendle George, New road, Barnstaple Derwin Mrs. 8 \Vestminster terrace,

tess Wear, Exeter Dendle John, Madeira villa, Tor Hill Mutley, Plymouth

Dawson The Misses, The Bartons, Ipple- road, Torquay De Salis Lieut. William R.N. 24 Portland

pen, Newton Abbot Dene Rev. Jn. B.A.Horwood ho. Bideford road, Stoke, Devonport

Dawson The Misses, Highclose, Knowlcs DeneMrs.Summer cot. Ashford, Barnstpl Desborough :\iaj.-Gen. John c. B., R.A.

bill, Newton Abbot Denham Jn. Wm. 27 Blackall rd. Exeter Cross house, Northam, Bideford

Dawson Mrs. 76 Black Boy road, Exeter DeNiceville Miss, 92 Sidwell st. Exeter Desborough Mrs. Garion, Old 'forwood

Dawson :Mrs. Scotleigh, Chudleigh Dening Miss, The Cottage, 'fipton St. road, Torquay

Day E. 2 Prospect vil. Heavitree, Exeter John's, Ottery St.. Mary Desborough Edward Brandram, Litta-

Day Fredc.F.R.G.s.Ellenslea,Sth.Molton Dening Richard, Waxway, Tipton St. borne, Pilton, Barnstaple

Day Geo. Hill,Manor bo. BrauntonR.S.O John's, Ottery St. Mary Desborough Mrs. 3 Montpelier terrace,

Day Hy. Littleton ho. Hele, Ilfracombe Denis Right Rev. Stephen o.s.B. Buck- Ilfracombe

Day Henry, Pendennis, Seaway lane, fastleigh R.S.O de Schmid Capt. H. Burwood, Honiton

Cockington, Torqu<ty Denison Ed ward F. Ridley house, Kings- De Schmid Charles, Chewley house,

Day Henry, Wrafton R.S.O wear, Dartmouth .Ashburton R.S.O

Day Hugh, 5 Grenville road, Plymouth Denmead Thomas, 2 Sydney place, Des Voeux Maj.-Gen. .Alfred .Anthony,

Day Jas. West Hill ho. Braunton R.S.O Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter 6 Leigham villas, Elliot st. Plymouth

Day Jn. H. 27 East Southernhay, Exeter DenneLt Rev. Richard D. C. L • .Ashton, Deubler Wm. Ashleigh road, Barnstaple

Day :Mrs. 12 Oxford park, Ilfracombe Newton Abbot Devenish William, 2 Penview terrace,

Dayman Fras. S. Ashley court, Tiverton Denniford Wm.T. 25 Portland sq.Plymth Oxford road, Exete~

Dayman Miss, Mambury, East Putford, Denning Ralph, Kingsbridge Deverell Louis Keene, Bertha, Buckland

Brandis CornerR.S.O Denning Wm. 6 Carlton ter. Plymouth Monachorum, Yelyerton R.S.O

Dayman Miss, I6A, The Quay, Bideford Dennis Alfd. I Montpelier ter. Dartmth De Virte Baroness, Sandridge house,

Deacon Charles Thomas, Io L<1ira. ter- Dennis Charles, 39 Elm grove, Bideford Stoke Gabriel, Totnes

race, Embankment road, Plymouth Dennis Edwd. Litchdon st. Barnstaple Devitte Captain Patrick R.E. 3 Hewer's

DeaconJ.P.J.P.Homeavy,YelvertonR.S.O Dennis Geo. Beauchamp Gore M.A., J.P. row, NorLh street, Plymouth

Deacon J osiuh,9Durnford st. Stonehouse Newacott, Bridgerule, Holsworthy Devon Rev. 'I'he Earl of M.A. Powderham

Deacon William Henry G. I5 Gordon Dennis Jas. .Alfd. 76 West st. Tavistock rectory, Powderham, Exeter

terrace, Plymouth Dennis John, I Endsleigh ter. Tavistock Devon Henry Charles J.P. Cruwyshaye,

Deagon S. 3 Mayter. Lipson rd. Plymth Dennis John Crockford, Alma. villa., Rackenford, Morchard Bishop R.S.O

Dean Charles Percy, Ford hill, Dartmth Wildersmouth, llfracombe Devonahl Geo. 9 Horne rd. Ilfracombe

Dean Robt. 6 Mount Pleasant rd. Exeter Dennis Miss, 4 Alexandra. rd. Plymouth Devonshire Fleet-Surgeon CharlesJames

Dean Wm. T. 20 Culverland rd. Exeter DennisMiss,Blackborough ho.Cullomptn R.N., B..A., M.B. Alwington house,

Dean-Trotter John, II Pinhoe road, Dennis Miss, I Mill st. Gt. Torrington Cremyll street, Stonehouse

He'lvitree, Exeter Dennis Miss,Rock av.Newport,Barnstple Dewar Capt. Jas. Cumming, Park hill,

Deane Hy.GlenFern,Colyton,Axminster Dennis Miss, Wildersmouth, llfracombe Tavistock rd. Mannamead, Plymouth

Deane ~orton, Litchdon st. Barnstaple Dennis Mrs. Blackborough ho.Cullomptn Dewar Miss, 2 Seymour terrace, Lipson

Deans Rev. J. l.ll.A. Exminster, Exeter Denni!'l Mrs. Croyle, Kentisbeare, road, Plymouth

Deans George Cecil, 8 Belgrave terrace, Cullompton Dewar William, Carvean, Lonsdale road,

Victoria road, Exmouth Dennis Mrs. ·west Worth, North Lew, Newton Abbot

Deuman Arthur William, Haldon, 3 Beaworthy R.S.O • Dewdney Daniel, Cleveland house, New

Prospect park, Exeter Dennis :Mrs. W. C. I9 Springfield road, road, Brixham R.S. 0

De<~s Peter Maury M.B., M.s. Wonford Ilfracombe Dewdney George, Belmont place, Ridge-

House hospital,South Wonford,Exeter Dennis Thomas, 3 Havelock terrace, way, Plympton St. Mary

DeBehr Theo. L. 38 High street, Exeter Stoke, Devonport Dewdney John, Rock villa, King street,

Debell Henry, 34 Princes st. Devonport Dennis Thomas John J.P. Bradiford Brixham R.S.O

DeBlaquire Mrs. 32 St. Br-annock's road, house, Pilton, Barnstaple Dewdney Mrs. Grove vi11a, Bittaford

llfracombe Dennis Thomas John .J.P. Croyde bay, bridge, Ugborough, Ivybridge

DebnamA. R. 5 ~!arlboro· rd. Plymouth Braunton R.S.O Dewer Miss, I2 Albany piace, Plymouth

Uebnam A. W. 3 Blenheim rd.Plymouth Dmnis William, Keaton road, I vybridge Dewes Mrs. Maer vale, Cyprus rd.Exmth

DeBoinvil:e W. C.4 Marlboro' rd. Plymth Dennison Mrs. Tor cottage, Dartmouth Dibble William, Greenhill house, More~

De Brett Miss, Clanage house, Bishop's road, Paignton ton Hampstead, Newton Abbot

Teignton, Teignmouth Dennistone Misses, .Ardfin, Meadfoot Dibben Edgar Harry, Wilts & Dorse•

De Custro Captain James A. Glengyle, road, Torquay Bank house, Fore street, Kingsbridge

Hesketh road, Torquay Denperier Mrs. 2 San Remo, Dawlish Dibble William, Sutherland villa, Shir4

Decent Mrs. J. W. Brook Clift, New Densham John, Buxton cottage, Upton burn road, Torquay

road, Hrixham R.S.O Helions, Crediton Dick Commander Lennard E. R.N,

DecentWm.IoManor ter.Brixham R.S.O Densham Mrs. Fort street, Barnstaple Pendower, Thorn Park a.venue,Mann~

De Gex Rev. Alexander Frederick, The Densham Rd. 4 Luke st. Da.mptonR.S.O mead, Plymouth

Rectory, Meshaw, South Molton Densham William, The Cedars, Queen's Dick Misses, Brook house, Dawlish

deGuerin F. C. 3 Exe View ter.Exmouth road, St. Thomas, Exeter DickMrs.TheCottage,Lympstone,Exeter

deGuerin T. R.Muddiford ho.Barnstaple Densham Miss, I4 Palace gate, Exeter Dickens Henry, Cornwall villa., Queen's

Delaney Rev. John, Bishop's house, Denston Mrs. Thorndale, Vine rd. Torqy road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Cecil street, Plymouth Densumbe Isaac, u Hutger place,Stoke, DickensonRev.Jn.Broomhill.ho.Tiverton

de Las Casas Mrs. Collipriest ho. Tiverton Devonport Dickinson Mrs. Garden reach, Bishop's

lJelbos LeonE. M..A. H. M. S. Britannia, Densumbe John, 33 Waterloo street, Teig-nton, Teignmouth

Hillside, Dartmouth Stoke, Devonport Dicker Chas. Augustus,Shute,Axminster

DeLisle Maj.-Gen. .Alfred R.E. The Dent Lieut. Frank Wilkinson R.A. 2 Acre Dicker JohnWm. r8Culverland rd.Exeter

Priory, Ipp!epen, Xewton Abbot phce, Stoke, Devonport Dicker Mrs. 39. Hill Park cres. Plymouth


Dicker Mrs. 2 Chaddlewood avenue, rnobell Charles H. I Elm view, Torquay Doveton Frederick Bazett, 8 Lyndhurst

Lipson road, Plymouth road, Newton Abbot road, Mount Radford, Exeter

Dicker Richard, Oakcottage,Warbrough Dobell Fredk. 'feignmonth rd. Torquay Dowall Major Aylmer G. P. 71 l'ennsyl-

road, St. Mary Church, 'forquay DobellJn.Pearse,6 Portland vils.Plymth vania road, Exeter

Dickers Mrs. 16 Blackall road, Exeter Dobell Samuel, 3 Sea Lawn ter. Dawlish 1Dowglass Rev. William Prideaux B. A.

Dickerson Frederick Poulton, Down side, Dobell Samuel, Morgan Laskey, South- Fore street, Salcombe, Kingsbridge

Whitchurch, 'favistock town, Kenton, Exeter Dowker Robert Henry, II Park road,

Dickinson Rev. Frederick Hinley M.A. DobellWm.Hy.'fraine,Modbnry,lYybrdg Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exeter

Manor house, Ottery St. Mary Doble E. 26Alexandra rd. Ford, Devonport Down Rev.H.Shebbear,Highmptn. R.S. 0

Dickinson Rev. George Lowes M. A. Prior Doble Henry Tregallas, Trevaunance, DownArthnrR.Briton st.BamptonR.S.O

('OUrt, Broad Clyst, Exeter vVhitchurch, Ta\·istock Down Edwin Alfred,I"Testbury terrace,

Dickinson Charles Hammond J.P. The Doble Rohert, 2 Brixton villas, Exmouth North road, Plymouth

Elms, Torrs park, Ilfracombe Dobson William, Treverbyn, Forde Down J. Bickington, Fremington R.S.O

Dickinson Henry William, Pendarren park, Newton Abbot DownMiss, Langleigh,Torrs pk.Ilfracmb

house, Watts road, 'l'avistock DockerillJoseph,Butterleigh,Cullompton Down Mrs. 6 Bedford place, Tavistock

Dickinson Mrs. Marwood hill, Barnstaple: Dockings Wm. Ashleigh rd. Barnstaple Down Mrs. Burrow house, llfracombe

Dickinson Mrs. Prospect place, Uffculme, Dockray Miss, Chelston bank, Old Mill Down Mrs. Commercial "t"d. Barnstaple

Cullompton road, Cockington, Torqnay Down Mrs. Fern lodge, Sunbury hill,

Dickinson Mrs. The Tower, Highm· Docwra Richard, n Washington ter- Thurlow road, 'forquay

Compton, Plymouth race, Alexandra road, Plymouth Down Philip Paton, St. Vincent, Torrs

Dickson Edward, 10 Saltram terrace, Dodd Geo.2rPinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exeter park, Ilfracombe

Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary Dodd Thos. Highcliff,Warren rd.Torquy Down Phillip Paton, Trelawne, Westhill

Dickson J.Rockdiffe,Torrs pk. Ilfracomb Doddridge William, Union ter. Crediton road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

Didham Commander Charles John R.N. Dodge Henry, Titchmarsh, Decoy road, Down Richard Henry, Bohemia, More-

Middleton house, Bideford Newton Abbot ton Hampstead, Newton Abbot

Didham Miss, 'fhe Quay, Instow R.S.O Dodridge George, 40 Alcester street, Down Rt. 3 Newton sq. Bampton~R S.O

Digby Lady Emily, Belle vue, Southfield Morice town, Devonport Down William, Fort street, Barnstaple

road, Paignton Dodridge George John, ro Waterloo Downard George, Southwell house,Cita-

Digby Edward, Mill st. Ottery St. Mary stret>t, Stoke, Devonport del road, Plymouth

Digby Yirs. Hine street, Ottery St. Mary Dodridge R.4Fellowes pl.Stoke,Devonprt Downer George Bartholomew,Lucknow,

Digby William Henry, Belmont villa, Dodridge William, I St. James place, St. Mary's hill, Paignton

2 Brunswick terrace, Exmouth Morice town, Devonport Dowues Daniel George, Stillinghayes,

Diggle Mrs. 7 Wellswood park, 'forquay DoeChas.Robt.Harton vil.Gt.Torrington Upper Ottery, Honiton

Dilleigh Geo. S. I Endsleigh pi. Plymouth Doe Geo. Mark, Enfield, Gt. Torrington Downes Edward,4 CnlverlanJ rd.Exeter

Dillon Commander Charles Henry R.N. DoeRobt.Martin,South st.Gt.'forrington Downes Henry, Springfield ho. Tiverton

Glen villa, Plympton St. Mary Doidge Fredk. St. Peter street, 'fiverton Downes Watkin Lloyd, Highweek villa,

Dillon Mrs. I Boringdon villas, Cole- DoidgeJamesWoolfe,74North rd.Plymth Highweek, Newton Abbot

brook, Plympton St. Mary Doidge John, Middle Woodley, Lamer- Downey Horace Charles, 4 Park place,

Dimbleby Walter M. 6 Orchard place, ton, Tavistock Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport

Newport, Barnstaple Doidge Mrs. 4 Bedford place, Tavistock Downey John, Alma terrace, Barnstaple

Diment Thomas, 8 Brunswick terrace, D01dge Samuel, South st. Gt. Torrington Downie Mrs. IORaleigh terrace,Exmouth

Exeter street, Plymouth Dolbear Arthur, Petworth, Chesnu DowningMrs.Prospect lo.Brauntn.R.S.O

DimesWm.S.Olclstone,BlackawtonR.S.O avenue, Torquay DowningRt.Southford ho.Stavrtn.'fotnes

DimondHenryClash,6Friar's walk,Exetr Dolley George, 40 Ker street, Devonport Downing William, 20 Seaton avenue,

Dimond-Churchward Rev. Prebendary Dollmg Misses, Plympton St. Maurice, Mutley, Plymouth

Marcus Dimond M.A.Northam,Bidefrd l'lymptou Downs William James, 15 Knollys ter-

Dineley Wm. G .H.9 Thurlow park,Torqy Dolling Mrs. Western cottage, Kilming- race, Pennycomequick,Stoke, Devonpt

Dingle Rev. John, Duke st. South Molton ton, Axminster Downton Rev. Hugh Maldon B. A. Port-

Dingle Daniel,g CastlePark ter.Exmouth Dommett E. Tipton hall, Ottery St.Mary land house, .Abbey road, Torquay

Dingle Daniel, 4 Courtenay terrace, Dommett J. Haddon cot.Shute,Axminstr Downton J. Tregothnan, RoUe rd.Exm1 h

Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Dommett Stephen John R.N. 9 Ann's Downton William, 2 Sea View terrace,

Dingle Edward, 3 Fernleigh villas, Fern- place, Stoke, Devonport Pier street, Plymouth

leigh road, Mannamead, Plymouth Dommett William, Hillside house, Coly- Dowrack Mrs. 16 New street, Paignton

Dingle Edward, 19 King st. Tavistock ford, Axminster Doxat Com. Charles John R.N. Peak

Dingle George, 32 Baring st. Plymouth Dommville Colonel Edmund Charles, house, Holcombe, Dawlish

Dingle Henry, Meddon street, Bideford Penlee, Belvidere terrace, Paignton Doyle John, 3 Jubilee terrace,Sidmouth

Dingle Josepb, 5 Huntiscombe place, DomvilleE.J.44WestSouthernhay,Exetr Doyle Miss, North End villa, Ipplepen,

North road, Plymouth Done Rev. W. Rock Park vils. Barnstaple Newton Abbot

Ding;e Mrs. Meddon street, Bideford DonneB.J.M.Millmead,Axmth.Axmnstr Drake Augnstus, 3 Louisa ter. Exmouth

Dingle Richard, I Wedgwood villas, DonneJamesR.N.Lynherpark,Riverside, Drake Staff-Surgeon Cecil R.N. Crelake,

Ford park, Motley, Plymouth Devonport 'favistock

Dinnick Mrs. 70 Albert road, Morice Donne Mrs. Windsor lodge, Lower Drake Edward,4 Richmond villas,North

town, Devonport Warberry road, Torquay avenue, Heavitree, Exeter

Dinnick Stephen, 29 Pasley street, Donnison Miss, 9 Lower Snmmerlands, Drake Francis,24 East st.Newton Abbot

Morice town, Devonport Exeter Drake Frank Amos George, Park road~

DinnisJohnGeo.4 Wyndhamsq.Plymth Donovan Charles J. Ermington villa, Heavitree, Exeter

Dinnis Mrs. 7 Evelyn place, Plymouth Ermington terrace, Mutley,Plymoutb Drake George, Hay Tor view, Warberry

Disbery James, 7 Zetland pl. Plymouth Donovan J.R. 18 Portland viis. Plymouth road west, Torquay

Disney Mrs. Buckleigh, Westward Ho! Donovan Miss, Atherstone lodge, Van- Drake Geo. A. C. 16 Hillsbro' rd.Exeter

Bideford sittart road, •rorquay Drake Henry, Winswood, Crediton

Distin Rev. John William, Brookfield Door Chas.6Fellowes pl.Stoke,Devonport Drake John,32 Cambridge st. Plymouth

cottage, Preston, Paignton Dore Mrs. 2 Rooklands, Wolborough Drake Miss,Gwydir pl.Strand,Exmouth

DistinE.zRedworthter.Dartingtn.Totnes street, Newton Abbot Drake Mis~, Silver st. Braunton R.S.O

Distin Gilbert, Grove lodge, Dartmouth Dorsett Mrs. 10 St. Matthias terrae~, Drake Miss, Tulchan, Ellesmere road,

road, Paignton llsham road, Torquay Ilsham, Torquay

Distin Henry Thornton,6oHigh st.'rotnes DouchMiss,3Portland pl. Abbey rd.Torqy Drake Mrs. 71 Alcester street, Morice

DitchamWm.Philip,South twn.Dartmth Doudney E.7 Forde park,Mutley,Plymth town, Devonport

Divett George Ross, Chapple, Bovey Douglas Lady, Busledon house, Dawlish Drake Mrs. Canonsleigh, Totnes road,

Tracey, Newton Abbot Douglas Capt. Archibald Lucius R.N., Paignton

Divett John Ross, Eisleben, Tavistock A.D.C. 6 Nelson vils. Stoke, Devonport Drake Mrs.2Lower Summerlands,Exetr

Divett Miss, Riverside, Bovey Tracey, Douglas Charles N. Myrtle cottage, Slap- Drake Mrs. 10 Pavilion pi ace, Magdalen

Newton Abbot ton, Kingsbridge road, Exeter

Dixon Charles, II Croft ter. Paignton Douglas Mrs. Halswell cottage, Totnes Drake MTs.s6St.Brannock's rd.Ilfracmb

Dixon Miss, Park rd. Hatherleigh R.S.O road, Paignton Drake Thomas Walter, 4 Grenville ter-

Dixon Mrs. 15 Dundonald street, Morice Doulton Capt. Edward Hawton, Clevis- race, Grenville road, Plymouth

town, Devonport ton, Brixham R.S.O Drake vVm.Hy.East town,Kenton,Exetr

Dixon William Arthur, Ashton, Babba- Dove-, Westacott villas, Bishop's Taw- Drake-Cutliffe Mrs. Nelson terrace,

combe road, Torquay ton, Barnstaple Newport road, Barnstaple

Dobbie Mrs. 4 Bicton terrace, Exmouth Dovell Mrs. William, Ebberly terrace, Drane Mrs. Mornay lodge, Springfield

Dobbs John, 5 Culverland road, Exeter Bear sLreet, Barnstaple · road, Torquay

Dobbyn Fleet-Surgeon John Stephen Dovell Waiter John, Jubilee terrace, Draper Rev.Jsph.Merton,Beaford R.S.O

-M.D., R.N. Royal dockygrd, Devonport Combmartin, Ilfracombe Draper Edward, Castle~~ Barnstaple


Draper Mrs. II Hillsboro' ter. Ilfracmbe Duder Mrs. Whitstone house, Sands Du Pre John, 9 Braidwood terrace,

Drawer Mrs. 18 Victoria terrace, Ferry road, Paignton 'favistock road, Plymouth

road, Exmouth Dudgeon The Misses, Pilton, Barnstaple DupuisRev.E .J.G.M..a..Alpbington,Exetr

Drayton Rev.Philip Thomas B.A. Edge- Dudley Miss, Goodleigh, Barnstaple Durance Rev. Ernest W. A. South Ford

hill, Rolle road, Exmouth Duff Hubert D. I9S Union st. Plymouth road, Dartmouth

J>raytonHarryG.3Devonshirepl.Exeter Duff Samuel Hugh, 2 Beaumont villas, Durand Very Rev. E. A. B.A.,

DraytonJ. I6TheGreen,Shaldon,'fgnmth Greenbank avenue, Plymouth Beaconfield col. WestonPeverel,Piymth

Dreaper George A. Royal Naval hos- Duff William Francis, 16 Beatrice aven. Durant Geo. W. 9 Prospect pk. Exeter

pital, High street, Stonehouse Lipson road, Plymouth Durant L. W. High street, Bideford

DredgeRev.J.I. BucklandBrewer,Bidefrd Outfield Mrs. Avonleigh, .Acadia road, DurantMiss,Sbarphm.Ashpmgtn.Totnes

DresserC.L.2 Manor cres.Newton Abbot Torquay !Jurant Misses, 5 Elmfield terrace, St.

Drew Frederick Codner, Westwoods, Dufty Bryan, Park villas, Okehampton Mary Church, Torquay

East Ogwell, Newton Abbot Dugard Misses,Kintor,Bridge rd. Torquy Durant Mrs. I6 Richmond rd.St.David's,

Drew George, 14 Gerston rd. Paignton Dugdall Mrs. 32 New rd. Brixham R.S.O Exeter

[)rew George Edwin, Plympton St. Duke Stphn. M.D. Victoria rd.Barnstaple Durant 'fhM. 16 Regent st. Plymouth

Maurice, Plympton Dullam Robert, Fort street, Barnstaple D'Urban William Stewart Mitchell,

Drew H.Peamore cot.Alphington,Exeter Dulling Mrs. Winkleigh R.S.O Moorlands, Cyprus road, Exmouth

Drew Henry Alban, Hillsborough lodge, Dumbleton Rev. Edgar Norris M.A. Old Durham Canon Thomas Charles M.A.

Pennsylvania road, Exeter Tiverton road, Exeter Oak Park house, Dawlish

Drew John, 3 Frqgmarsh, Teignmouth DummelowRev.J.R.M.A.Membry.Chard Durham Charles, 2 Broad Park villas,

DrewJohn,gHigherWellesleyrd.Torquay DummettMisses,7Brimley vls.Teignmth Whitchurch, Tavistock

Drew John Gould B.A. Northbrook du Mouchel Rev. A. S. Beaconfield col- Durham Mrs 5 Oxford street, Plymouth

house, Starcross R.S.O lege, Weston Peverel, Plymouth Durman George, 6 Emma pl.Stonehouse

Drew Miss, Arthog, Palermo road, Dunbar Mrs. I Highfield, Buckleigh, Durrant Misses, Southover, Bror.shill

Babbacombe, Torquay Westward Ho! Bideford road, Torquay

l>rew Miss, Hidna, Northam, Bideford Dunboyne Lord D.L., J.P. Greendale Dutton Edward George, I3 Spencer ter-

Drew Mit<S, Brookdale, Higher Brixham, house, Clyst St. Mary, Exeter race, Lipson road, Plymouth

• Brixham R.S. 0 DuncalfMrs. 10St. Lawrnce. rd. Plymouth Dyer A. 61 Hill Park crescent, Plymouth

J)rew Miss, Castle lane, Okehampton Duncan Alex. G. South bank, Bideford Dyer Charles, 12 Granby st. Devonport

Drew Miss, Castle street, Tiverton Duncan Jn. M. B. IS The Quay, Bidefrd Dyer C. 12 Staddon ter.:North rd.Plymth

DrewMiss,College,Br-adninch,Cullomptn Duncan Mrs. IO Bayswater terrace, Dyer Ernest, 2 The Plains, Totnes

Drew Miss, \-\olboro' villa, Torquay Albert road, Plymouth Dyer Harry, 4 Glyn terrace, Greenbank

road, Newton Abbot Duncan William Aver, Glendorgal, Or- avenue, Plymouth

Drew Misses, Park villa, Kenton, Exeter chard road, Cockington, 'forquay Dyer HenryS: 4 Koba ter. Plymouth

Drew Mrs. Challise house, Bradninch, Duncombe Sydney Stanhope, Hilton, Dyer Henry Thomas, Cadleigh,lvybridge

Cullompton Keyberry park, Newton Abbot Dyer John, Newcomenroad, Dartmouth

Drew Mrs. Kensham, Bradninch, Dundas Mrs. Duddingstoun, Vane Hill DyerJ.S.33Staddon ter.North rd.Plymth

Cullompton road, Torquay DyerJoseph,giHobart street,Stonehouse
• Drew Mrs. rs New rd. Brixham R.S.O Dunhill Mrs. Ennore house, The Quay, DyerMiss,13Ermingtn. ter.Mutly.Plymth

IJrewMrs.Rosemont,Heavitree rd.Exeter Bideford Dyer Miss, I Hill terrace, Exmouth

Drew Mrs. Woodvale, New road, Brix- DunkG.2Lee mount,Salcombe,Kingsbdg DyerMiss,Tavydale,MaryTavy,Tavistck

ham R.S.O Dunk Mrs. I7South hill, Stoke, Devonport Dver Mrs. Bella '"ista, The Downs,Babba-

DrewR.Meadfootldg.Meadfootrd.Torqy Dunlop Capt.. MarLin J. R.N. Royal 'combe, Torquav
DyerS.Webb,Newstead,Totnes rd.Pgntn
Drew Richard Geo. R.N. ss Haddington dockyard, Devonport
road, Morice town, Devonport Dunn Rev. Henry Ellis, Coffinswell, Dyer William, 2 Brunswick sq. Exmouth

DrewS.Sth.Furzeham rd.BrixhamR.S.O Newton Abbot Dykes Mrs. Silverhill house, Lower

l)rew W.z Bradninch pl. Gandy st.Exeter Dunn Alfred J ames, 7 Knighton terrace, Woodfield road, Torquay

Drew William, Hillstead, Kingskerswell, GrePnbank avenue, Plymouth Dykes William Forbes, Glenview, Inner-

Newton Abbot Dunn F. 17 Jubilee rd. Heavitree, Exeter brook road, Cockington, Torquay

DreweMrs.Eastburn,Dawlish rd.Tgnmth Dunn Fdk. Sl. 20 New North rd. Exeter DymockMrs.D<~.rnly.ho.Sladerd.Ilfrcmbe

Drewe Wm. Henry, Radway, Sidmouth Dunn Herbert., Oldwooda, Tavistock D~·mondA.H.34We.Southernhay,Exeter

Drinkwater Peter Bourne J. P. Lyn- Dunn John, 3 Keppel terrace, Morice DymondC.H.9St.Hilary ter.Stke.Devnpt

combe, Upper Lincombe rd. Torquay town, De,·onport Dymond Francis Williams, 3 Manston

Driscoll Mrs. 39 Palmerston street, Dunn Miss,FrogLanevil.BrauntonR.S.O terrace, Heavitree, Exeter

Stoke, Devonport Dunn Miss, 3 St. Leonard's pl. Exeter Dymond G. P.B.A.6Lockyer st.Plymouth

Driver Sergt.-Maj. George, 27 Pinhoe Dunn Mrs. 38 Baring street, Plymouth Dymond Lflwis Marwood, 24 Culverland.

road, Heavitree, Exeter Dunn Philip John,83 North rd.Plymouth road, St. James, Exeter

Driver George, West end, Honiton Dunn Rt. W1gton vil.Watts rd.TavisLock Dymond Miss, 7 Higher Park View tar-

Driver Mrs. 47 Clifton place, Plymouth Dnnn Samuel, East street, Okehampton race, Heavitree, Exeter

Driver Mrs. Summerland st. Bamstaple Dunn William, Alma terrace, Sidmouth IDymond Mrs. I St. Leonard rd. Exeter

Drogheda Rt. Hon. Earl of J.P. Dela- Dunn William Henry, 4 Wonford road, Dymond Robert, The Mount, Bideford

more, Exmouth; & Moore Abbey, Mount Radford, Exeter Dymond Thomas, 8 Lansdowne terrace,

Monasterevan, Ireland; & Carlton & Dunn William Herbert, Withycombe Holloway street, Exeter

Conservative clubs, London cot. Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth Dymond William, 4 Mont-le-Grand,

Drought Mrs. 8 Mont-le-Grand, Heavi- Dunning Maj. Richards J. Horwood J.P. Heavitree, Exeter

tree, Exeter Lapford wood,Morchard Bishop R.S.O Dysart Mrs. Salcombe road, Sidmouth

Drower E.Coly bank,Colyton,Axminster Dunning Alfred Jn. Elmfield, Honiton EadieJ.R.TheBank ho.Cathedrl.yd.Exetr

Drower George, 3 St. Matthias terrace, DunningJ.F.LowerCoombe ho.Teignmth Eady Miss, Combe Royal, Churchstow,

lisham road, Torquay Dunning Misses, Townsend cottage, Kingsbridge

Druce DecimusNix,Pennhome,Exmouth Winkleigh R.S.O Eady-Borlase Mrs.CombeRoyal,Church-

Drummond Alexander Peters M. D., c. M. Dunning Mrs. Battenbury, Moreton stow, Kingsbridge

Hilliers, Dolton R.S.O Hampstead, Newton Abbot Eagles Thomas Albert, St. John's, Oke-

Drury Maj.-Gen. George B.M. Manor DunningMrs.2Bradleyview,Nwtn.Abbot hampton road, St. Thomas, Exeter

hous'3, North Huish, Ivybridge Dunning Mrs. Hilliers, Winkleigh R.S. 0 Ealer Richard, East st. Ashburton R.S.O

Drury Lieut.-Gen. Chas. C. Kenilworth, DunningR.Townsend ho. Winklgh.R.S. 0 EalesG. Y.7Portland pl.Abbey rd.Trquay
'forquayrd. St.Mary Church,'forquay Dunning Saml. I Brixton viis. Exmouth Eales T Min~o cot. Slapton, Kingsbridge

Drury)lisses,Heathcourt,Bartonrd.Trqy Dunsford Frank Bear, Ashley, Tiverton EalesT. W.tMansard ter.New rd.Drtmth

Drury Mrs. 7 Barbacan ter. Barnstaple Dunsford Geo. L. 17Wonford rd. Exeter Earl John, 8 Albany place, Plymouth

Drury William R.N. 5 Osborne villas, Dunsford Matt. J. 96 Sid well st. Exeter Earl John, I Chatsworth terrace, Higher

Stoke, Devonport Dunsford Mrs. u Belgrave terrace, Wellesley road, Torquay

Dryden Mrs. West Hill lodge, Budleigh Victoria road, Exmouth Earl Mrs. 8 Coombe road, Teignmonth

Salterton S.O Dunsford Richard, 15 Belgrave terrace, Earl William, 7 Durnford st. Stonehouse

Vuckwnrth Lady, Knightley's, St. Victoria road, Exmouth EarlandE.I2HydePk.rd.Mutley,Piymth

David's hill, Exeter Dunsford Rt. Pincourt, Pinhoe, Exeter Earle Geo. Rocklands, Warren rd. Trquay

Duckworth-King Sir D. G. A. hart. J.P. Dunsford William E. Buckleigh house, Earle John, 9I Dnrnford st. Stonehouse

Wear house, Countess Wear, Exeter Westward Ho! Bideford Earle Mr:z. Dittisham, Dartmouth

Dudden Henry, Lansaune, Teignmouth Dunstan Frederick, 132 Albert road, Earle Mrs. Lovacott, Shebbear, High·

road, Torquay Morice town, Devonport ampton R.S.O

Dudeney James Henry, 9 Cavendish Dunsterville Charles l!'rederick, Fairfield Earle Richard Coul,I Coromandel villas,

road, Heavitree, Exeter ho. Seaton avenue, Mutley, Plymouth Oldway road, Paignton

DEV. & CORY. 45



· arle Xathaniel, The Plains, Totnes Edmond Edward, Rockville, Lower EllacottJ.H.ILandscorevls.Teignmouth

Earle Robert, Fascadale, Livermead hill, Polsham road, Paignton Ed" ards Mrs. 18 Bridgeland st. Bideford

Cockington, Torquay Edmonds Mrs. l<'rederick Ezekiel, Cloo- Elia Julius, Tor Hill house, Kingskers-

EarwakerE. 2 BedfordPark vls. Plymouth neavin, Lynmouth, Barnstaple well, Newton Abbot

Easley Rev. Geo. West Down,Ilfracombe Edmonds Thomas, t Pomeroy villa.s, Ellen John Baker,12 Beacon hLExmoutb

Easlick Harry J oseph, I2 Grimstone ter- Bridgetown, Totnes Ellery John, 2 Sutherland ter. Plymouth

race, Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Edmonds Thomas Hunt, 4 Pomeroy Elley Richard, St Mary's hill, Ridge-

East Mrs. 40 Elm grove, Bideford villas, Bridget-own, Totnes way, Plympton St. Mary

EastMrs.TheCot.Swymbrdge.Barnstaple Edmonds Tobias George, 55 Albert road, Ellett Edwin,2 Mamhead view,Exmouth

East Mrs. Vine cot. Heavitree rd. Exeter Morice town, Devonport Ellett George, I Gertrude ter. Exmouth

East Saml.Rocbelle,Magdalen rd.Exeter Edmonds William J.P. Wiscombe park, Ellicombe Captain George John, Beech

Eastabrook t-iamuel,37 Ker st.Devonport Southleigh, Axminster park, Newton Abbot

EastcottH.J.98Wilton st.Stoke,Devonprt EdmundsMrs.6Portland pLea. Plymouth Ellicombe Miss, 8 Abbey crescent, Tor-

Eastcott William, Spring hill, Tavistock EdmundsWm.'l'hs.7Baringst. Plymouth bay road, Torqnay

Easterbrook C.sSomet· Edser Rev. Dwid, St. Giles-in-the- Ellicombe Misses, Rocklands, Chudleigh~

Easterbrook SamueiHerbert,26Sandford Heath, Launceston Newton Abbot

crescent, Cockington, Torquay Edwards Staff-Commander John R.N. Elliot Lieut.-Col. George Henry, 8()

EasterbrookThs.21Emma pl.Stonebouse 61 Durnford street,Stonehouse Durnford street, Stonehouse

Easterbrook William, 24 Sandford cres- Edwards Rev. E. R. Saltash st.Plymouth Elliot Edmund Arthur S.J.vage, Albert

cent, Cockington, To:quay Edwards Rev. Evan, Spr:ngleton, Thur- villa, Fore street, Kingsbridge

Eastlalte Mrs. 23 Ermington terrace, low road, Torquay Elliot Henry Elliot Tracey, Leigham.

Mutley, Plymouth Edwards Rev. :'iathaniel William B.A. Egg Buckland, Plymouth

Eastley Capt. Thomas Beckley, Uplands, Dowland, Dolton R.S.O Elliot John, Tresillian house, Fore street.

Dartmouth road, Paignton Edwards Rev. William Gamul Arthur Kingsbridge

Eastley C.H.Bowrmna,Totnes rd. Pgnton M.A. Galmpton, Kingsbridge Elliot J. 42 Haldon rd. St. David's,Exeter

Eastley John Beckley, Capodimonte, Edwards Chas. 22 New North rd. Exeter Elliot Misses, Elmshurst, Totnes road,

Dartmouth road, Paignton Edwards E. Westeria cottage, Crediton Paignton

EastmanCapt. William Inglefield R.M.A. Edwards Edward Thomas, Allan bank, ElliotMrs.Ciiff pk.Goodrington,Paigntn

42 Powderham crescent, Exeter Keyberry park, Newton Abbot Elliot Mrs. 'l'resillian house, Fore street~

Eastman John, Elm grove, Bideford Edwards Edwin R.N. :1 Martin terrace, Kingsbridge

Eastlnond Robt. Castle st.Gt. Torrington Morice town, Devonport Elliot Mrs. G. Paxford ho. O~terySt. Mary

Easton Arthur, 29 Longbrook st. Exeter Edwards Fraucis, 28 Prospect pk. Exeter Elliot SamL N. 9 Gordon ter. l'iymouth

Easton .Arthur Reed, . Penrose villa, Edwards George, Walnut lodge, Walnut Elliott Waiter R. Bay view, South town.

Victoria road, Barnstaple road, Cockington, Torquay Dartmouth

Easton Ernest Hiram, 39 Northernhay Edwards H. Furzeham hl.BrixhamR.S.O Elliott Lieut.-Col. 8 Montpelier terrace.

street, Exeter Edwards Henry John 1\ms. Doe. Oxon. 3 Ilfracombe

Easton Miss, 42 Northernhayst. Exeter Taw Vale parade,Rtrnstaple Rlliott Rev. Thomas Henry M.A. Totnes

EastonMrs.Rockwood,Castlerd.'forquay EdwardsJeffry.Rill,Buckfastleigh R.S.O Elliott Rev. William, 13 Ashley terrace.

Easton William,s6St.David's hill,Exeter EdwardsJohn,3TawValepH.Barmtaple North road, Plymouth

EastyJ.P.Pleasance,Bronshill rd. Trquay Edwards Miss, Elburton, Plymstock Elliott Byron, 87 North road, Plymouth

Eaton Oliver, Chillington, Kingsbridge Edwards Miss, uMontpelier ter. Ilfracmb Elliott Charles, I Victoria terrace, Nortb

Eaves Lieut. Charles R.N. 4 Molesworth EdwardsMiss,Pretorhouse,Drewstreet,, road, Plymouth

ter. Molesworth rd. St.oke, Devonport Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O El!iottEdward,12Caroline pl.Stonehouse

Eaves Rev. James M. A. 2 Biekton place, Edwards The Misses, Laurels, Rack Elliott E. Church st.Modbury,Ivybridge

Heavitree, Exeter park, Dodbrooke Elliott Ezra, King's road, Honiton

Ebrington Viscount D.L., J.P. Bydown, Edwards Misses, 9 St. James' place, Old ElliottGeo. 7 Clarapl. Topsham, Exeter

Swymbridge,Barnstaple; &Travellers' Tiverton road, Exeter Elliott Geo. 8.4 Bolton st. Brixham R S. 0

club, London s w Edwards Mrs. 13 Belgrave terrace, ElliottJ.C.3Powderham ter.Teignmouth

Eccles George Henry, Sherwell house, Victoria road, Exmouth Elliott John, ro Clarence pl. Stonehouse

Tavistock road, Plymouth EdwardsMrs.Knowlevil.Lit.Knowle S.O Elliott Miss, I Albemarle villas, Stoke,

EcclesJ.A.Stentwood,Dunkesweli,Hnitn Edwards Mrs. 7 Lyndhurst road, Exeter Devonport

Eccles JohnHenry,r Sussex st.Plymouth Edwards Mrs. Pilton, Barnstaple Elliott Miss, Glen, Torquayroad,Newton

EcclesW.39Regent st.St. Thomas,Exeter Edwards Mrs. 22 The Quay, Bideford Abbot

EckettRev.C.J. Vinecott,Brdclyst.Exetr Edwards Mrs. Upton villa, Higher Elliott Miss, Station street, Cullompton

Eddy George, Kennford, Exeter Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Elliott Mrs. Barramore, Solsbro' road,

Eddy John, Kennford, Exeter Edwards Mrs. John, Sea View terrace, Cockington, •rorquay

Eddy J. Plympton St.Maurice,Plymyton Braunton R.S.O Elliott Mrs. 2 Galheta villas, St. Efride's

Eddy Mrs. Alpha house, Cliff road, Sal- Edwards Ralph, N orthcote, Abbotsham road, 'forquay

combe, Kingsbridge road, Bideford Elliott Mrs. 11 Hyde Park road, Mutley,

EddyRichard,43Suntlower st.Barnstaple Edwards Robert, Ferndale, Decoy road, Plymouth

Eddy Richard James R.N. 82 Alcester Newton Abbot Elliott Mrs. 29 Newrd. Brixham R.S.O

street, Morice town, Devonport Edwards Thomas, Colston cottage, Elliott Mrs. Offendene, Westhill road,

Ede Henry, 29 Park street, Plymouth Buckfastleigh R.S.O St. Mary Church, 'forquay

Ede Henry, jun. 9 Brunswick terrace, Edwards Thomas Gillarrl, Clovis court, Elliott Mrs. St. Luke's lodge, St. Luke's

Exeter s1.reet, Plymouth Thurlow road, Torquay road, Tc-rquay

Ede Mrs. 31 Headland park, Plymouth EdwardsW.Danes vl.Dalwood,Axminstr ElliottMrs. Westcott ho.Rockbeare,Exetr

Eden Maj.Fredk.M.Beacon ho.lvybridge EdwardsWilliam,MorchardBishopRS.O Elliott Mrs. r6 Woodland ter. Plymouth

Eden Lieut. W.G.R.N.Stanhope, Bideford Edwards Wm.sRockPark ter.Barnstaple Elliott Mrs. Broad st. Ottery St. Mary

EdeQ.T. H. 3ElmTree crs. TorHI. rd. Trquy Edwards William Richard, Blenheim, Elliott T. 1 Hill view,Warreu rd.'forquay

Edevean John, 83 Cobonrg st. Plymouth Dartmouth road, Paignton Elliott William, 2 Cliftou terrace, Brad-

EdgcombeBenj. 65 George st.Devonport Edye Captain Adolphus George R.N. 8 don's Hill road east, 'forquay

· Edgcombe Isaac, 7 North Hill terrace, Penlee villas, Stoke, Devonport Elliott Wm. 47 Ebrington st. Plymouth
w.Edye Captain Murray J. A.S.C. 23 Elliott William Ernest Lloyd JI{.B. Yealm
ravistock road, Plymouth

EdgcumbeJn.L.39Cobourgst.Plymouth St. Hilary terrace, Stoke, Devonport cottage, Yealmpton, Plymouth

Edgecombe Rd.:East st.AshburtonR. S.0 EganC.E.48St. Brannock's rd.IIfracombe Elliott Wm. H. Stoke Canon, Exeter

EdgecombeRS.6Lindn ter.Newtn.Abbt Egbert Wm.4Stuart pl.Stoke,Devonport Ellis Lieut. Samuel Henry R.N. 10 Col-

Edgecombe William Kingwill, 12 Elstow Egg Richd. W.Ridgewaycot. Dartmouth lings park, Higher Compton, Plymth

terrace, Hatfield road, Torquay Eggbeer Richd. West st. AshburtonR.S.O Ellis Rev .J.9Chambercombe ter.Ilfrcmb

EdgelowWilliamFordM.D.,C.M.Braddon- EggbeerRt.Hy.Eastst.Ashburton R.S.O Ellis Albert Edward, 2 Lyndhurst road,

field, Braddon's Hillroad east,Torquay Eland Hy. S. 58 St. David's hill, Exeter Mount Radford, Exeter

Edger Edward, Pilton, Barnstaple Eland John Leete, The Lodge, Pudding- Ellis A. r8 The Green,Shaldon,Teignmth

Edger Wm. Newton Tracey, Barnstaple ton, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Ellis Andrew, 2 Whitstone villas, Sands

Edis John, Fort street, BarnstaplP. Elderton Major- General Arthur, 54 road, Paignton

EdisT.Summerville,South twn.Dartmth Durnrord street, Stonehouse Ellis E. Poleion,NewtonSt.Cyres,Exeter

EdmondRev.B.o.s.B.Buckfastlgh.R.S.O ElfordJ.Hazelwood,Abovetwn.Dartmth Ellis Francis Lilley, The Warren, West

Edmondes Lieut.-Col. Francis Q.Bagtor, Elgie Misses, North park west,Magdalen hill, Ottery St. Mary

Ilsington, Newton Abbot road, Exeter Ellis Frank, 9 Woodford villas, Manna-

Edmonds Rev. Canon Walter John B.D. Ellacott George, 3 Grosvenor pl. Exeter mead, Plymouth

The Close, Exeter Ellacott Jas. 20 Melbourne st. Plymouth Ellis Frederick, Red house, Rousdown

Edmonds Courtenay Harry, Mote lodge, Ellacott Jn. Hermitage, Exwick, Exeter road, Cockin~ton, Torquay

Fore street, Heavitree, Exeter Ellacott Robert Henry, 14 Leigham Ellis George, Moorland cottage, Dre'>"s-

Edmonds James, 37 Clifton pi.Plymouth terrace, Citadel road, Plymouth teignton, Newton Abbot


Ellis Henry, 12 Prospect park, Exeter Emmett Mrs. 3 Westcroft, Bideford EvansMiss, nTrafalgar pl.Stoke,Devnpt

Ellis Henry Pitts, Prospect house, North Empson Rev. Chappell May, Rectory, Evans Miss,15West Southernhay,Exeter

Furzeham road, Brixham R.S.O Kennerleigh, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Evans Misses, Heath cottage, Highweek

Ellis J. 8 Victoria p1. Stoke, De,·onport Empson Mrs. The Cottage, Dawlish road, Newton Abbot

Ellis John, Leat st1·eet, Tiverton Emtage Edmund Waiter, Cleverdon, EvansMrs.Bickington,FremingtonR.S.O

EllisJn.2Princes st.sth.St.'fhomas,Extr Bradworthy,Holsworthy Evans Mrs. 5 Gerston terrae~, Paignton

Ellis John Archer, Montpelier lodge, Endacott Mrs.28Devon sq.NewtonAbbot Evans Mrs. Lansdownelodge, Vansittart

Furzeham hill, Brixham R.S.O EndacotoMrs. William,, Throwleigh, road, Torquay

Ellis John Frederick, Fern hill, Tavistock Okehampton EvansMrs.Lindenlo.Reed vale,Teignmth

road, Mannamead, Plymouth Endacott Wm. Westst. Ashburto1:1R.S.O Evans Mrs. 16 New street, Paignton

EllisJohn Gill, 18 Collingspark, Higher Engelbach Frederick Geo. Cookshayes, Evans Mrs. 45 Victoria park, Plymouth

Compton, Plymouth Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Evans Mrs. Whiddon park, Chagford,

Ellis John Henry, Woodland house, England Rev. John, 20 Portland road, ~ewton Abbot

Greenbank rQad, Plymouth Stoke, Devonport Evans Richard, The Firs, Buckland

Ellis Joseph,s Lansdowneterrace, Alph- EnglandHy.4Melbourne pl.Friars,Exetr Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

ington road, St. Thomas, Exeter England Mrs. Adrienne house, Lyme Evans R. Fairham, Adelphi rd. Paignton

Ellis Mathew We11ington R.N. 136 Alex- road, .Axminster Evans SJbastian, Venu ho. Kingsbridge

andra road, Ford, Stoke, Devonport England Mrs. Ashleigh road, Barnstaple Evans Tnomas, 25 Greenbank avenue,

EllisMisses, 9 Barnpark ter.Teignmouth England Mra. Thistledown villa, Clovelly Lipson road, Plymouth

Ellis Misses, 4 Greenway terrace, Priory road, Bideford Evans Thos...J. Higher Belmont rd. Exeter

road, St. Mary Church, Torquay England Robert, 30 The Green, Shaldon, Evans Thomas George Cann, 4 \Vest ter-

EllisMrs.Hillshay,Lustleigh,Newtn.Abbt 'Teignmouth race, Budleigh Salterton S.O

Ellis Mrs. 16 Raleigh road, Exeter England Wilham Charles, Summerhill, Evans William Edwd. M. D. Trevean, St.

:EllisMrs.TheElms,ChudJ'eigh,Nwtn.Abt Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot Margaret's rd. St. Mary Church,Torqy

Ellis Mrs.The Laurels,Ipplepen, Newton EnockA. H.Dimora,High.Erith rd. Torqy EvansW.H. Coly bank,Colyton,Axminstr

Abbot Ensor Captain Edmund H. Poonaville, Eve HarryT. Pullabrook, Bovey Tracey,

Ellis Mrs. Morebath, Tiverton Vicarage road, Cockington, Torquay Newton Abbot

Ellis Mrs. The Ridge,Ridgeway, Plymp- Ensor Mrs. The Rectory, Lustleigh, Er-ea P. H.Pomphlett.Plymstock,Plymth

ton St. Mary Newton Abbot Eveleigh F. Sunny land, Ottery St.Mary

Ellis Mrs. Carclew, Hesketh rd.Torquay EnstoneJ.38 Temple rd.Larkbeare,Exetr Eveleigh Miss, Plympten St. Maurice,

Ellis T. 12 Home park,Stoke, Devonport Ermen Godfrey, Derncleugh, Holcombe, Plympton

Ellis 'l'. E. E. 63 Chapel st. Devonport Dawlish Evenden Mrs. 35 George st. Devonport

Ellis William, Church lane, Tavistock ErmenMiss, Yannon,Exeterrd.'feignmth Evens J.Stoke cliff,South town,Dartmth

Ellis William, 36 Parr street, Exeter Erridge F.B.Bank ho.Lynton,Barnstaple Evens John, 13 Ebrington st. Plymouth

Ellis Wm 19Victoria pl.Stoke,Devonport Erskine Hugh, Mapleton, St. Luke's rd. Evens Mrs. 40 Prospect st. Plymouth

Ellis Wm. Ackland, High st. Honiton north, Torquay Evens William, Mount Lipson cotta~e,

Ellis Wm. Hy. 5+ York st. Plymouth Escot"Mrs.Waterside,Uplyme,LymeRegs Lipso:t hill, Plymouth

Ellis William Horton, Ottermouth, Esdaile Miss, 2 Cleveland place,Dawlish Everard Rev. Arundel Nugent M.A.

Budleigh Salterton S.O Essery A. Market st. Hatherleigh R.S.O Silverstone, Dawlish

Ellison Charles, Collingwood, Braddon's Essery Mrs.2 York bldgs.York rd.Exetr E1•erardMiss,9Baringcres.Heavtree.Extr

Hill road east, Torquay. Esworthy Frederick, Exminster, Exeter Everest Capt. Henry Bryan B.N. 4 Rad-

Elliston Mrs.42Portlnd.rd.Stoke, Dvnprt Esworthy Mrs. Cornhill, Ottery St. Mary nor terrace, Dartington, Totnes

Elmes Col. Jonathan, Compton Park ho. Esworthy Mrs. 10 Haldon road, St. Everest Rev. Canon Willfam I<'rederick

Tavistock rd. Mannamead, Plymouth David's, Exeter B.A. 76 Durnford street, Stonehouse

Elms John Peakman, 13 St. Michael's Etherington Rev. William Duke M.A. 1 Everett Rev Arthur Joseph 1\I.A. Berry

terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth Belgrave terrace,Belgrave rd.Torquay Pomeroy, Totnes

Elms Miss, 3 Alma villas, Earls acre, Etherington L. II Hel~rave rd.Plymouth Everitt Rev. William B. A. Budleigh Park

Stoke, Devonport Eustace Rev. Jn. Mellabone M. A. 2 Edge- house, St. Thomas, Exeter

Elphick Mrs. Moor view, Ipplepen, hill, Buckleigh,Westward Ho! Bidefrd Everitt Harry Stephen, 8 · Knighton ter-

Newton Abbot Eva E.3Hoe gardens,Hoegc\te st.Plymth race, Greenbank avenue, Plymouth

Elphinstone-Holloway Major Cuthbert Eva Thomas, 2 Yelverton Park villas, Every Rev. Georga,Elm grove, Exmouth

William, 8 Raleigh villas, Exmouth BucklandMonachorum,YelvertonRSO Every Rev. Henry, Moor view, Torquay

Elphinstone-Stone Capt. Wflbb Elphin- Evans Rev.A.W.8 Castle ter.Ilfracombe road, Newton Abbot

stone R.N. 7 Brunswick ter. Exmouth Evans Rev.Geo.David,gDart vils.Totnes Every James, 32 Princes st. Devonport

& Westbeer, Cheriton Bishop, Exeter Evans Rev. Howard Heber B.A. Fair- EveryMiss,IOFitzroyter.Stoke,Devonprt

Else Wm.Mead cliff,Meadfootla.Torquy leigh, Inwardleigh, Exbourne R.S.O Every Mrs. 23 St. James' pl.we. Plymth

Elson G. 24 Bolton st. Brixham R.S.O Evans Rev. John Amphlett M.A. 2 High- Every William, Holyshute, Honiton

Elson J.3 Archer pl. North rd. Plymouth week road, Newton Abbot Every Miss, I York bldgs.York rd.Exeter

Elson Jn. Thos. Waterloo house, Totnes Evans Rev. William Justin, 44 Haldon EwartMrs. West vw.Gertrude ter.Exm~h

Elson Thomas, Twyford place, Tiverton road, St. David's, Exeter Ewens Rev. William, The Manse,Combe-

Elson William Alexander Blake, 13 Evans Charles Anthony, n Benbow st. martin, Ilfracombe
a.Channel View terrace, Plymouth
Morice town, Devonport Ewens Chas. Court house, Cullompton

Elston Fred, Union road, Crediton Evans Charles Edward, Ponsford house, Ewenii Mrs.Shaptons,High st.Cullomptn

Elston H. 1Sea.rle villa, Searlest. Crediton Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot E wens Thomas, 3 Hillsboro' rd. 1Exeter
Elsion Henry, 26 Toronto road, Exeter E vansCommander Edward Seymour R.N. Ewens William Withey, 3 Manor terrace,

Elson Mrs. Rose cottage, S..>wton, Exeter Whiddon prk. Chagford,NewtonAbbot Sea.ton, Axminster .....

Elston Mrs.Searle villa,Searle st,Creditn Evans Frank, Isca,Devonshire pl.Exeter Ewing Mis;;, Kemps, Tamerton Foliot,

Elston Hrs. West end, Honiton EvansFrankHelms,Lit.Hempston,Totns Crown Hill R.S.O

Elston Wm. 25 Hobart st. Stonehouse Evans FrankRidout, Clevelands, Church Ewing Mrs. 3 Wentworth villas, Tavi-

Elton H.6Fitzroy ter.Stoke, Devonport Ioad, Babbacombe, Torquay stock road,. Plymouth

Elton Misses,Road grn.Colytn.Axminstr Evans Geo. Kildare, Avenue rd. Torquay Exell Rev.J.S.M.A. StokeFlmng. Dartmth

Elwes Lieut. Arthur Cary R.N. 17 Leigh- E\'ans G.Nether Hayes,Saaton,Axminstr ·Exeter Bishop of (Rt. Rev. Edward

am street, Plymouth Evans George, 10 Queen st. Plymbuth Henry Bickersteth D. D.), The Palace,

Elworthy Mrs. West st. South 1\folton Evans George Edward Alfred, Nether Palace gate, Exeter

Elworthy Richard, Mill park, Witheridge, Hayes, Seaton, Axminster Exeter Very Rev. Dean of (Benj. Mor-

Morchard Bishop R.S.O Evans Godfrey Hodge, 4 Rochester ter- j.!an Cowie D n ..), The Deanery,

EmanMisses,2Albion pl.Heavitree,Exetr race, Victoria park, Plymouth Deanery square, Exeter

Embery Mrs. Strawberry cottage, Med- Evans Henry, 6 Croft Park ter.Paignton Exmouth Viscount J.P. Canonteign

don street, Bideford Evans Henry Montague, 4 South Devon house, Christow, ExeLer ; & Carlton

EmbreyGeo.R3.dnor,A\·enue rd.Torquay place, Embankment road, Ply!llouth club, London s w

Embry Rev. James B. A. 20 St. Jam&.' Evans Herbert Arthnr M.A. Codrington Eyre Lady, Wybellenna, Dawlish road,

place, Citadel road, Plymouth villas, Westward Ho! Bideford 'fei;rnmouth

Emerson Thos. 4 Lips•"Jn ter. Plymouth Evans J.4Brunswick cotts.Stoke, Dvnprt Eyrs Capt. Thomas Vincent, Bute court,

EmerstonM.24Stuart ter.Stoke,Devnprt Evans Jn.I6 Hotham pl.Stoke,De\·onprt B~lgrave road, Torquay

EmeryRev. W.Rowton,Torvale,Torquay EvansJ.S.St.Kilda,'feignmouthrd.Torqy Eyre Rev. Canon John Rashdall M.A.

Emett Mrs.6Furzeham ter.BrixhamRSO Evans Joseph, 1 Cross Hill villas, 1.\lorice Tidcombe rectory, Tiverton

Emmans R. 10 Napier st.Stoke,Devonprt town, Devonport Eyre Geor~e Lewis Pbipps, Seaton villa,

EmmensMrs. 13 Polsloe road, Exeter Evans J. C. Elmside ho. Elmside,Exeter Seaton, Axminster

Emmett Charles, Beaconsfield cottage, Evans Miss, E.ockleigh, Old Torwood!Eyre Gea.Wm.27 Portland sq.Plymouth

Above to .vn, Dart-mouth road, Torquay Eyre Mrs. Victoria. ter. Instow R.S.O

l>EV. & COR.."i. 45 •


E~·re Thomas, 30 Rtaddon terrace, North FaulknerMrs.Keevill,Bridge rd. Torquay Frewins Mrs. 13 May terrace, Lipson rd.

road, Plymouth Faull ArthurCharles, I Caprera tet·race, Plymouth

EyresJohnM.12 Powderham cres.Exeter North road, Plymouth Fey Mrs. 4 Verney pl. Sidwell st. Exeter

Eyres William, 9 Emma pi. Stonehouse Fausset Mrs. 4 Brooklet villas, Salcombe Fey W. H. 12 May ter.Lipson rd.Piymth

Eyton Miss, Elm cottage, Middle Wood- Regis, Sidmouth Ffinch John P. Tyspane,Braunton R.S.O

field road, Torquay Favell Mrs. Cotmaton cottage, Sidmouth Fiddian Mrs. Winthorpe house, Shaldon,

Ezekiel Lionel, Plymouth road, Buckfast- Fawcett Mrs. 3 Barnpark ter. Teignmth Teignmouth

leigh R.S.O Fawcett Mrs. 3 Chelstongrove, Cocking- Field Rev. Ernest Waiter M.A. l'etrock-

Faber Misses, 2 Belmont villas, Slade ton, Torquay stowe, Beaford R.S.O

road, Ilfracombe Fawcett Mrs. I Valletort road, Stoke, Field A. K. Templetown lodge,Exmouth

Facer John, 53 Coombe rd. Teignmouth Devonport Field H. IS Buckingham pi. Stonehouse

Facey Chas. York viL Oxford rd. Exeter Fawkes Waiter Henry, 28 St. Leonard's FieldJohnWm. Wooda,Northam, Bidefrd
Facey Thos. W. so Baring st. Plymouth terrace, Newton Abbot
Field Thomas, 3 Albert viis. Harnstaple

Fackrell Fredk. 62 Barinf{ st. Plymouth Fear Herbert G. Ashley rd. llarnstaple Field Thos. G. Harrington st. Tiverton

Fagan Rev. Geo. Hickson Feltum M.A. Featherston Miss, Bon Vista, Cleveland Field William George Goading, 5 West-

Vicarage,Kingskersweli,NewtonAbbot road, Torquay minster terrace, Mutley, Plymouth

Fagan Mrs. Horsdon house, Tiverton Featherstone Rev. Samuel William B.A. Fierville Mrs. Southern house, New rd.

Fag-an Mrs.6 Woodland grove, Braddons Whitchurch, Tavistock Bideford

Htll road east, 'forqnay FeatherstoneE.I7Powderham cres.Exetr Fi\dew G. 6 Park pl. Wonford rd. Exeter

Fairbairn Rev. William Murray B.A. Featherstone \-\'illiam, The Dene,Higher Filmer Miss, 9 Charles place, Plymouth

Loxbeare, 'fiverton Erith road, Torquay FinchRev.E.S.llt.A.7llarton cres.Ddw!ish

Fairbank Miss, I Victoria rd. Barnstaple Featherstonehaugh Rev. Thomas, Salt- Finch Chas. 7 IIigherBelmont rd.Exeter

Fairchild Edward, Laburnum cottage, ash street, Plymouth Finch C.45Tavistock rd.Stnke,Devonprt

Highweek, Newton Abbot Feeney P. Croyde, llraunton R.S.O FinehC.M. Lucerne,Olc.J.Tiverton rd.Extr

FairchildJoshua,Castle st.Gt.Torrington Fegan Hagh, 'fhurlow road, Torqnay Finch George, I Greenbank avenue,Lip-

Fairfoot William, 9 St. Michael's ter- Feild Rev..J.M.B.A.Ashwater,Beaworthy son road, Plymouth

race, Stoke, Devonport Felderman Jn. 4 Zetland pi. Plymouth FinchG. P. TheBriars, Alphington ,Exeter

Fairweather James, Ringmore house, Felix Francis, West Blackdown, l\Iary Finch Jas. B. 15 Exeter rd. 'fei~nmouth

Courtenay st. Salcombe,Kingsbridge Tavy, 'favistock Finch Jas. Wm.21 Dawlish rd.Teignmth

FairweatherMrs.Duncombest.Kingsbdg Fellew Mrs. South Ford rd. Dartmouth Finch John,r2Ebberleylawn,Barnstaple

Falcon William Harrison, 7 Greenbank Fellowes Col. C. M. N. The Croft, t:!outh Fmch Martin Luther, 7 Westminster

avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Milton, Kingsbridge terrace, Mutley, Plymouth

l''alconer E.Conway ho.Cliff rd.Paignton Fellowes W. 4 Napier st. Stoke, Devonprt Finch T. jun. B. A., M. B. Watcombe view,

Falshaw Misses, Hardwicke, Braddons Felton Chas. 4 Brixton villas, Exmouth 'fhe Downs, Babbacombe, 'Torquay

Hill road east, 'forquay Felvus Rev. J osiah,3 Morice sq. Devonprt Finch 'fhomas M. D., F. R.A.s. Westville,

Faning John, 5 Endsleigh pl. Plymouth Fenn Rev. Charles L.M., B.A.Postbridge, Park road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

Faremouth W. H. The Rock.Dartmouth Princetown R.S.O Finch Waiter D. I Avenue ter.Teignmth

Farleigh Henry, Oak vilia, Torquay rd. Fenn R. J. IO Rockingham ter. Plymth Finch Wm. G. Parliament st. Crediton

Newton Abbot Fenton George, Pennix moor, 'fiverton FindeisenA.Strand ho.Shaldon,Tegnmth

Farleigh John, 11 Newport terrace, New- FentonJ.Langley ldge. Watcombe,Torqy Findlay J ames, I Avondale terrace,

port, Barnstaple Fenton Roger Cunliffe, Langley lodge, Reaumont road, Plymouth

Farleigh Mrs. Brent mill, South Brent, Maidencombe, Teignmouth Finkler George, 3 Alton ter. 'favistock

Ivybridge Fenwick Charles, East Hill house, Duns- road, Plymouth

Farley George, 30 Lower St. Paul's rd. ford, Exeter Finlay Misses, The Avenue, Bramp-

Newton Abbot Fenwick :Mrs. Hillside, Bovey Tracey, fordspeke, Exeter

Farley Misses, Greenbank, Reed vale, Newton Abbot Finlay Mrs. IO New street, Paignton

Teignmouth Fenwick P.G.N. 83 Black Boy rd. Exeter Finney Rev. William Henry B. A. 46

Farley Mrs. I Tremorvah terrace, Fisher Fenwick William H. 6 Clinton terrace, Magdalen street, Exeter

street, Paignton Great Torrington Finzel Rev. Conrad William Curling

Farley William Henry, Newnham villa, Ferguson Dep.-Surgeon-General Austin M.A. Stokenham, Kingsbridge

Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary J onas, Romerdon, Sidmouth Finzel George H. Moor town, Whit-

I~armar Mrs. 8 Hyde Park road, Mutley, Ferguson l<'ras. 0. c.E. 4 Longfield ter- church, 'favistocl{

Plymouth race, Ilfracombe Firks George John, 22 Clarendon place,

Farmer Miss, I College road, Exeter Ferguson Henry Tanner M.mst.c.E. Cita.del road, Plymouth

Farmer William, Colyton, Axminster Wolleigh ho. BoveyTracy.Newtn.Abbt Firth Isaac, 24 Hyde Park road, Nutley,

I•'arquharson Mrs. The Larches, Tivertn Ferguson Jas. 4 Ann's pl.Stoke,Devonprt Plymouth

Farr Rev. Charles James M.A. Cl}st St. Ferguson Mrs. I8 Caroline pi. Stonehse Firmin Chas. Mark, Thorverton R.S.O

George, Exeter Ferguson W.Wrafton ho.WraftonR.S.O Firth Frederic Hand J.P. Place, Ash-

Farrant Henry, Culmstock, Cullompton Ferguson-Davie Lieut.-Col.Sir J.D. hart. burton R.S.O

Farrant Mark, Beaufort house, Cowick D. L., J. P.Creedy pk.Sandford,Crediton Firth Henry Branson, Rosenthal, Higher

street, St. Thomas, Exeter Ferguson-Davie William Augustus J.P. Erith road, 'forquay

Farrant Mark, Nicholls Nymet, North Creedy park, Sandford, Crediton Firth Hy. M. Knowle, Ashburton R.S.O

'fawton R.S.O . Ferneley John William, 2 Campbellville, Firth Sam Pullan, 11 Albany terrace,

Farrant Miss, 11 Church road, St. Torquay road, Newton Abbot Victoria road, Exmouth

Thomas, Exeter Fernie Thomas, Weal" Gifford, Bideford Fisher Lt.-Col. George Battye, Round·

I~arrant Miss, 5 Woodbine terrace, Elm Ferraro John, 7I Alexandra road, ham view, Bellevue road, Paignton

Grove road, Exeter Devor.port Fisher Capt. William, Fairlie lodge,

I~arrant Mrs. 10 Belmont place,Belmont Ferrell W.ILowerBrimleyvils.Teignmth Torwoocl gardens, 'forquay

road, Exeter Ferrers lit. Hon. Earl, Longwood, Vane Fisher Rev. Wilfred M.A. Parkland~,

Farrant Mrs. Clyst Honiton, Exeter hill, Torquay Lustleigh, Newton Abbot

Farrant Robert, Growen, Cullompton Ferrers Miss,Estella, Bridge rd. Torquay Fisher Alexander, 7 St. l'\largaret's ter.

Farrant W.Loggs,Hemyock,Cullompton Ferrers Misses, 5 Castle terrace, St.Margaret's rd.St.MaryChrch.'forqy

Farrington Rev. Edward Holmes B. A. Torquay Fisher Arthur, St. Peter st. Tiverton

Landcross, Bideford Ferrier-Kerr William, Puddicomb,Drew- Fisher Benj.Jas. 39 Longbrook st.Exetr

Farthing F. W. 3 Buckland st. Plymouth steignton, Newton Abbot Fisher Ed wd.Abbotsbury, Newton Abbot

Farthing Thomas, 12 Alexandra road, Ferriers Miss, 22 Boutport st. Barnstaple Fisher Jas.2o St. Brannock's rd.llfrcmbe

Ford, Devonport FerriggiC.W.8Playmoor vils.Pinhoe,Extr Fisher John, Whitchnrch villa, Seymour

Farwell Mrs. 30 Cobourg st. Plymouth Ferris John, Sandridge house, Belgrave avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth

I<'asken Edward Robert Drummond R.N. road, Torquay FisherMiss,Blacbford cot.Seatn,Axmnstr

14 St. Hilary ter. Stoke, Devonport Ferris Mrs. <..:layhanger,Bampton R.S.O Fisher Miss, 45 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter

I<'atheringham Mrs. Elm cot. Sidmouth Ferris Mrs. Norton cottage, Dartmouth Fisher Miss, St. Paul's square, 'fiverton

Faulconer Mrs. The Mount, Tavistock Ferris Richard, I Redworth terrace, Fisher Misses, Longstone house, Pilton,

road, Mannamead, Plymouth Dartington, Totnes Barnstaple

Faulkner Rev. Frederick John M.A. Ferris Richard B. 5 West cliff, Dawlish FisherMrs.TheLindens,St.Peter st. Tvrtn

Chudleigh house, High st. Bideford Ferris Thomas, Myrtle cottage, South Fisher Mrs. Northam, Bideford

Faulkner Rev. John B.A, Rectory, Wool- Ford road, Dartmonth Fisher Mrs. Shenly,Ash Hill rd.Torquay

lardisworthy, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Ferris W. S. 6 Yannon Hill ter.Teignmth Fisher Ponsford, 7 Coryton terrace, Ford

Faulkner Frank, High street, Sidmouth I<'erris Wm. F. 5 Luscombe ter. Dawlish Park road, Motley, Plymouth

l''aulkner James R.N. 3 Home park, Fewin Mrs. Sticklepath, Okehampton Fisher P.Park cot.Sonth Brent,Ivybrdge

Stoke, Devonport Fewing Mrs. 7 Clifton terrace, Brdddons Fisher Saml. Frithelstock,Gt. Torrin~ton

Faulkner Mrs. Chelston Dene, Chelston Hill road east, Torquay Fisher Thomas M.D. Walreddon man 1r.

r ud, Cockington, 'forqu 'Y Frewins Henry, 24 Toronto rd. E):eter Whitchurch, Tavistock


Fisher Stephen Hy. Bampton st. Tivertn Foa]e William, Rockville, Seymour Ford Mrs. Branscombe, Axminster

Fisher William, 21 Albert road, Morice avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth l<'ord Richard, Glendale, Tower park,

town, Devonport Foale William, jun. 3 Meadfoot terrace, Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot

FisherW.Bridge ho.Cuhnstock,Cullmptn College road, Mannamead, Plymouth Ford Robert, Highland villa, Ivybridge

Fisher William B. 5 Clarence place, Foale William, Tremlett house, Stoke Ford Saml. Litchdon street, Barnstaple

Newport, Barnstaple Fleming, Dartmouth Ford Thomas, The Elms, Tiverton

Fisher William Henry, 17 Cheltenham Foden Harcourt,92Durnford st.Stonehse Ford Thomas, jun. Fore street, Tiverton

place, Greenbank road, Plymouth Fogaty Hooper, IO Westcroft, Bideford Ford Wiiliam, Rock moor, Buckland

Fisher William Henry P. 4 Mauston ter- Fogaty Thomas Archibald, II Westcroft Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

race, Victoria road, Exmouth terrace, Clovelly road, Bideford Ford W. 11 Somerset pl. Stoke.Devonprt

Fisher William Thomas Jasper, Wood- Fogwell Richard, 4 Bellevue terrace, Ford W. B. Gays,Branscombe,Axminstr

· stock, Abbey road, Torquay Cavern road, Brixham R.S.O Ford William Chas. South st. Axminster

Fishwick Jn. Hy. Ashleigh rd Barnstple Fogwell Mrs. S. W. 4 St. Elmo, New Forder Alid. M. I6 Alfred st.. Plymouth

Fiske Thomas, IO Barton tils. Dawlish road, Brixham R.S.O Fordyce Mrs. Hayford, Middle Warberry

Fitcb Rev. T. H. St. Mary's hi.Paignton Folds Miss. 8 Greenbank avenue, Lipson road, Torquay

Fittock Charles, Tamar villa, Abbotts- road, Plymouth Foreman Charles Stewart, I2 Oxford

ham road, Bideford Folland Mrs. Witheridge, Morchard terrace, Oxford road, Exeter

Fittock William, 7 Pasley street, Morice Bishop R.S.O Foreman Mrs. 62 Sidwell street, Exeter

town, Devonport Follett Frederick,Undercliffe,Dartmouth Foreman Nelson, 83 Alexandra rd. Ford,

FitzMrs.Carey cot.Chillington,Kingsbrdg Follett Samuel, r8 Dundonald street, Devonport

Fitzgerald Lady, Fryston lodge, Mead- Morice town, Devenport Forest-, Station road, Okehampton

foot road, 'forquay Follett SI. I6 Tamar ter. Stoke, Devnprt Formby Miles L.Fairfield, 'forquay road,

FitzGerald Major John Gore, Furzehat Folley Mrs. Island house, Plympton St. Newton Abbot

house, Plymstock, Plymouth Maurice, Plympton Forord Miss, Chelston cottage, Old Mill

Fitzgerald Miss, Uplands, Grendon road, FooksH.Southville,Elmsleigh rd.Paigntn road, Cockington, Torquay

Exeter Fooks William, I Chelston place, Cock- Forrest Edward Stewart, 2 Woodbine

Fitzgerald Mrs.Newcomen ldg.Dartmth ington. Torquay terrace, Elm Grove road, Exeter

FitzgeraldMrs.St.Mary's,Barton rd.Trqy Foot Alfred George, Cairnscleuse, Forrest Henry Vaugban, Coromandel,

Fitzherbert Francis, Ratclyffe house, Roundham Hill road, Paignton Ford Park road, Mutley, Plymnuth

Clyst Hydon, Exeter Foot Charles, 40 Baring st. Plymouth Forrester Rev. George B. A. Cullompton

Fitzherbert Samuel Wyndham, Lans· Foot Edward, Morley villa, Fernleigh Forrester Miss, 5 t:lt. Jude's terrace,

combe, Cockington, Torquay road, Mannamead, Plymouth Tothill road, Plymouth

Fitzmaurice Mrs. West Down,llfracombe Foot George Conway, Orley house, Ash· Forrester Mrs. H. 46 High st. Barnstaple

FitzmorrisG.Wrafton rd.BrauntonR.S.O burton R.S.O Forse Mrs. 6o Regent street, Plymouth

Fitzroy Francis, 3 Park place, Moles- Foot Isaac, 25 Woodland ter. Plymouth Forster Lieut.-Col. James Edward,East-

worth road, Stoke, Devonport I<'oot James, Fairfield, Kingsteignton, nor, RoUe road, Exmouth

Fleetwood Sl. 58 Chapel st. Devonport Newton Abbot Forster Rev. Charles M.A. Holne chase,

Fleetwood Thomas James Richardson FootJames N.IGreenbankaven.Plymth Ashburton R.S.O

R.N. 42 Cobourg street, Plymouth . Foot Jn. 3 Rockingbam ter. Plymouth Forster Rev. HerbertM.A.I Rockingham

Flaming Surg.-Lieut.Chas.C. M.B., c. M. Foot Mrs. Higher street, Cullompton terrace, Plymouth

Royal Military hospital,Stoke,Devnprt Foot Peter, West st. Ashburton H..S.O Forster Misses, Salcombe Hill house,

Fleming Rev. Richard M.A. Glencoe, FootWm.StonePark ter.AshburtonR.S.O Salcombe Regis, Sidmouth

Park road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Foote Col. F. B. I Holyrood ter. Plymth ForsterW. Park vil. Temple st. Sidmouth

Fleming Georg-e c. B., LL.D., F.R.c. v.s. Foote Albert, 5 Black Boy road, Exeter Forsyth :Mrs. 67 Hill Park cres. Plymth

Higher Leigb, Combmartin,IIfracmbe Foote Wi!liam,3I Caroline pi.Stonehouse ForsythMrs.Newcourt,Falklnd.rd.'l'orqy

Flaming John J.P. Bigadon, Buckfast- Foquett Hy.R. 5 Portland st.Ilfracombe Forte Harcourt Greenlaw,6 Cliff terrace,

leigh R.S.O Forbes Capt. John, Hemerdon villas, Budleigh Salterton S.O

FlemmichGeo.Frdk.Strand vl. Teignmth Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary Fortescue Earl D.L., J.P. Castle hill, Fil-

FlemmichMrs.4South vw.Den, Teignmth Forbes C. TheLaurels,Lyme rd.Axmnstr leigh, South Molton; & 48 Grosvenor

Flemyng Rev. Francis Patrick, Cumber- Forbes Hy. Bank, High st.Gt.Torringtn gardens & Travellers', Brooks' &

nauld, Higher Erith road, Torquay Forbes John, Marley lodge, Withycombe Athenreum clubs, London s w

Fletcher Maj.-Gen. Henry Clyde, Ash- Raleigh, Exmouth Fortescue Capt. Hon. Arthur Grenville,

ford house, Barnstaple ForbesMrs.Bellevue,Ringmore,Kngsbdg Hudscott, Chittlehampton, Sth.Moltn

Fletcher Major Jn. L. The Lodge, Tivertn Forbes Mrs. Redcliffe, Exmouth Fortescue Rev. Henry Heymundo B.A.

Fletcber Rev. Arthur, Lyvedon, Forde Force W. Enfield vi. Devonshire pl.Exetr Allington east, Mounts R.S.O

park, Newton Abbot Ford Rev.A.Wm.A.K.C.L.Buckrll.Honitn Fortescue Rev.Robert Henry M. A. 5 Elm

Fletcher Rev. Edward Sumner Becknell Ford Rev. Gerard John· M.A. Ideford, Grove road, Exeter

M.A. 62 Pennsylvania road, Exeter Newton Abbot Fortescue John l<'aitbful J.P. I Crescent

Fleteher John, 19 Sanford crescent, Ford BruttonJn.CountessWeir ho.Exeter :villas, Athenreum street, Plymouth

Cockington, Torquay Ford Cephas, 5 Chatsworth terrace, Fortescue Matthew J.P. The Grange,

FletcherJ.Trelana Old'fiverton rd.Exetr Higher Wellesley road, Torquay lpplepen, Newton Abbot

Fletcber Miss, Trafalgar lawn,Barnstple Ford Charles Thomas, Oakhay, Stoke Fortescue Misses, 6 Plantation terrace,

1<1etcher William, I Bellevue terrace, Canon, Exeter Dawlish

Cavern road, Brixham R.S.O Ford E. Kenwyn, St.Mary's hl.Paignton Fortescue William Blundell D.L., J.P.

Fletcher Wm. Trafalgar lawn,Barnstple Ford George, 24 Caroline pl. Stonehouse Octon, St. Michael's road, Torquay

Flexman John, I Penrose villas, Lipson Ford George Mortimer, 2 Holly villas, Forward Capt. Edward CharlesJ.P. The

road, Mannamead, Plvmouth Chnrch street, Heavitree, Exeter Coombes, Axminster

Fley Miss, Lympstone, Exeter FordHy.J.P.Lower ho.Brnscmb.Axmnstr Forward William, The Elms, Axminster

Flint Robert M. 9 Belmont rd. Exeter FordHy.M.A.25WestSonthernhay,Exeter Forward William, Exeter rd. Crediton

·Flood Miss, Craig-y-Barnes, Salcombe Ford Henry Albert, 3 Elmfield terrace, Forward W. Zion ho. Zion st. Plymouth

Regis, Sidmouth St. Mary Church, Torquay Fosbery Percy Vincent,Hopbine cottage,

Flood Miss, 22 Dix's field, Exeter Ford H. G. 26 Egerton rd. sth. Plymth Lapford, :Morchard Bishop R.S.O

I<'lorin Mrs. St. Scholastica's abbey, Ford H.J. Westfield Slade rd.IIfracombe Foss John, Castle dyke, Highweek,

Dawlish road, Teignmouth Ford Hugh Harris,Horwill down,Newton Newton Abbot

Floud Miss, 6 Queen's terrace, Mount St. Cyres, Exeter Foss Miss, Hrockhalldg.Strete,Dartmth

Radford, Exeter Ford James, I Bedford ter. Plymouth Fosse Harry, Shrublands, Knowles hill,

Flower Harry, 2 Richmond villas, North Ford James, 40George street,Devonport Newton Abbot

avenue, Heavitree, Exeter Ford James, 2 Greenway terrace,Priory Foster Rev. Charles James M.A. North

Floyd H. A. 4 Denmark road, Barnfield, road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Huisb, lvybridge

Exetar Ford James, Talaton, Ottery St. Mary Foster Ernest, 47 Baring st. Plymouth

I<'loyd William Murray, 3 Brooklet villas, Ford John, I Somerleyton terrace, Cur- Foster G.H.Westwell-on-Tor,Ilfracombe

Salcomhe Regis, Sidmouth ledge street, Paignton Foster James Prince,6 Sea View terrace,

Flynn Dvd. 26 Stuart ter.Stoke,Devnprt Ford J. S. 5 Seymour aven. west,Plymth Lipson road, Plymouth

Foaden Jn. H. West st.Ashbnrton R.S.O Ford Miss, Fore street, Chulmleigh Foster J. W. 30 Caroline pl. Stonehouse

Foal.~.IBelmont,Duncombe st.Kngsbdg Ford Miss, Heath cot. Winkleigh R.S.O Foster John A. Tawstock, Barnstaple

Foale Mrs. Chnrcb st.Modbury,lvybrdg Ford The Misses, Clarence bili,Dartmth Foster Joseph B. 6 James st. Plymouth

Foale 1\'Irs. Tozerton, East Leigh, Har- Ford The Misses, 53 High st. Bideford l'"oster Miss, The Moult, Salcombe,

bertonford R.S.O Ford Mrs. 3 Clarendon place, Bartholo- Kingsbridge

Foale Mrs. Victoria villa, Dodbrooke mew street eas~. Exeter Foster Misses, 5 Cambridge st. P1Jmth

Foale P. The Ter.Loddiswell,Kingsb-ridg Ford Mrs. Claremont, South town, Foster Mrs. 9 Powderham cres. Exeter

Foale Richard, Frogmore, Kingsbridge Dartmouth Foster Mrs. 14 St. J ude's terrace,Tothill

Foale 81. Hillfield cot. Bugford,Dartmth Ford 1\'Ir.s. 3 Geneva cot~ages, Torquay road, Plymouth _


Foster William Lea, Redclyffe, Dawlish Francis John,4 Polsloe Park villas,NorthTFriend Joseph, Court ho. Dolton R.S.O

road, Teignmouth . avenue, Heavitree, Exeter Friend Robert Wm. Kersbrook cottage,

Foulkes Rev. Thomas Henry M.A. 43 Francis A. L. M.A.Blundell's schl. Tivrtn East Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton S.O

Portland road, Stoke, Devonport Francis Misses, Haven road, St.Thomas, Fripp Herbel'tl.31Portland sq.Plymouth

Fouracres Mrs. 7 Bouverie place, Mag- Exeter Fripp Miss, The Grove, Woodway lane,

dalen road, Exeter Francis Misses Medina, Middle War- Teignmouth

Fouracre William,4 Princes street north, berry road, Torquay Frith Rev. Jas. M.A. Alwington,Bideford

St. Thomas, Exeter Francis Misses, 2 Sydenham terrace, Frith Mrs. 7 Saltram terrace, Ridgeway,

J<'ouraker Miss, Kentisbeartl,Cullompton Babbacombe, Torquay Plympton St. Mary

l''<>well Joseph, 37 George st. Devonport Francis Mr6. 14 Napier ter. Plymouth Frodsbam Rev. Thomas EdwardColyton

Fowell Mrs. Cornhill, Ottery St. Mary Francis Mrs. Strand, Topsham, Exeter M.A. Ingatestone, Warren rd. Torquay

Fowell Mrs. 10 Cambridge ter. Sidmth l''rancis William, Exe Lawn house, Ok'l- Frodsham "\Yilliam, Uplyme,LymeRegis

Foweraker Rev. Edmund Thomas M.A. hampton street, St.. Thomas, Exeter FroodHenryBate,36Clifton pl.Plymouth

J3arnfield road, Exeter FrankChas. 15Paradise pl.Stoke,Devnprt FroodJ.N.Broadway ho. Topsham,Exeter

Fowle Mrs. The Plains, Totnes Franklin Frederick, 10 Higher Summer- Frood Mrs. Shapter st. Topsham, Exeter

Fowle William John Henry, Vine cot- land place, Exeter . Frost Alfred. South street, Axminster

tage, Lower Church street, Paignton Franklin Fk.2Marine vils.Den,Teignmth Frost Chas. 13Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exetr

Fowler Rev. J. B.A. Templeton, Tivertn Franklin George, 2 College road, Exeter Frost Dennis Tregrosse, Movrside,

Fowler "Frederic Shepheard, Plymleigh, J<'ranklin James Strickland, Lansdowne, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot

Laira, Egg Buckland, Plymouth Totnes road, Paignton Frost Frederic Cornish F.S.I. 8 Triangle

Fowler George .Henry, 8 St.Anne's road, Franklin Mrs. 2 Meadow viis. Tavistock place, Teignmouth

Heavitree, Exeter Franklyn Miss, 33 Torrington place, Frost James John R.N. II Napier street,

Fowler Misses, 1 Nottingham cottages, North road, Plymouth Stoke, Devonpol't

Chester place, Plymouth Franks Jas. Furzebam hl.BrixhamR.S.O Frost John, Fairfield, Cullompton

Fowler Mrs. l>ulcigno, Elmsleigh road, Fraser Lieut. Robel't G. R.N. H.l\LS. Frost John, Houndhead,Broadhempston,

Paignton Britannia, Dartmouth Totnes

Fowler Mrs. Elm terrace, Plympton Fraser Maj.-Gen. Simon R.M. 12 Tamar Frost Jsph.2 High gro. Thurlow rd. Torqy

Fowler Mrs. High street, Honiton terrace, Stoke, Devonport Frost Mrs. St. Paul's square. Tiverton

Fowler William, North Clarence villa, Fraser DonaldAlex. M.D. Pomeroy house, Frost Richard, Church st. Cullompton

Charlotte st. Morice town, Devonport Bridgetown, Totnes FrostSamue!Thomas, roWoodford villas,

Fowler William John, Hillmoor, Culm- Fraser Miss, Glen ferns, Orchard hill, Mannamead, Plymouth

stock, Cullompton Northam, Bideford Froude John Anthony, Woodcot, Sal-

Fox Com. Cornelius R.N. 4 College road, Fraser Mrs. I Pennsylvania pk. Exeter cornbe, Kingsbridge

Mannamead, Plymouth Fraser Patk.Hy.Little hill,Instow H.S.O Froude Richd. H. 'fheKeep,Dartmouth

Fox Rev. Wm. R. Clyst Honiton, Exeter Freake Sir Thomas George bart. War- J<'ry Frederick, 38 tllack Boy rd. Exeter

Fox .Albert, 64 Emma place, Stonehouse fleet house, Dartmouth Fry Henry Palin,Exeter rd.Teignmouth

:Fox Charles Alfred, Widey court, Egg Frean George Moore, Woodspring, Shir- Fry John, New street, Great Torrington

Buckland, Plymouth burn road, Torquay Fry Mrs. Dolton R.S.O

Fox Charles James Pitt, Springfield, Frear John, ro Trafalgar terrace, St. FryMrs.Sonthlwn.Hermosa rd.Teignmth

Cleavehouses, Northam, Bideford Mary Church road, Torquay l<'ry T. Mill ho. Wear Giffard, Bideford

Fox C. B. lii.D. Ivy bank, Lee, Ilfracmbe Frecker Mrs. 2 Laira Bridge place, Laira Fuge Hy. B.4West pk.HorrabridgeR.S.O

Fox Edward, Cintra house, South Furze- road, Plymouth Fugel\irs. 3Alma pl.Alma vls.Stk.Dvnprt

ham road, Brixham R.S.O Frederickson Capt. .Abraham, Melita Fugler Joseph,26 Caroline pl.Stonehouse

Fox E. 9 Leigham vils.Elliotst.Plymouth villa, Decoy road, Newton Abbot Fulford Rev. John Lovcband M.A. Wood-

Fox E.L. M.A.,M.D.19Lockyerst.Plymth Freeman Capt. Reginald Charles, 2 Hoe bury, Exeter

Fox Francis,9Athenreum terrace,Millbay villas, Elliot street, Plymouth Fulford Rev. Robert Medley, The

road, Plymouth Freeman Rev. Edward Vere M.A. West Metheralls, Lympstone, Exeter

Fox Fras. E. B.A., F.R.G.S., J.P. Uplands, Anstey, Dulverton R.S.O Fulford c.3Powderham ter.Newton.Abbt

Tamerton Foliot, Crown Hill R.S. 0 FreemanFras.Ford,.Abbotsfield,Tavistock FulfordC. H. 6Belmnt. pl. Belmnt. rd. Extr

Fox G. C. Turnchapel, Hooe, Plymouth Freeman George, 17 Howell rd. Exeter Fulford Fras. Algcrnon J.P. Great Ful-

J<'ox George Edward, Hillside, Seymour Freeman Mrs. St. John's cottage, Castle ford, Dunsford, Exeter; & Board of

avanue, Mannamead," P,ymoutb terrace, Ilfracombe Agriculture, 4 Whitehall pl. London

Fox John, 82 North road, Plymouth Freeman Mrs. 20 The Quay, Bideford Fulford Francis Drummond D.L., J.P.

Fox Mark, Summerland, Dartmouth Freeman Mrs. 39 West Southernbay, Great Fulford, Dunsford, Exeter

Fox Miss, 63 Hill Park cres. Plymouth Exeter FulfordMrs.Cross st.Northam, Bideford

Fox Miss, 14 Woodland ter. Plymouth FI·eemanRd.Newlands,Lympstone,Exetr FulfordMrs.27Poh;loerd.Heavitree,Extr

Fox The Misses, 2 Anglesey villas, Ford Freeman Vernon Richard Harcourt, Fulford Mrs. TbePriory,Woodbury,Extr

park, Mntley, Plymouth .Berridon hall,Bradworthy,Holsworthy l<'ulfordMrs.Holmes, NortbTawtonR.S. 0

Fox Misses, Heatheredge, Bovey'fracey, Freer Miss, 2 Polsham cottages, Lower Fulford Wm.Jn. 66 Magdalen st.Exeter

Newton Abbot Polsham road, Paignton . Full Hy.2I Strand,Shaldon,Teignmouth

Fox Mrs. Balmoral house, Dartmouth Freer Wm. H. M.A.The Lodge, Sidmouth Fuller Surg.-Gen. Samuel, Woodlands,

Fox Mrs. Church st.Modbury,Ivybridge Freeth Gen. Jas. 8 Hartley viis. Hartley Northam, Bideford

Fox: Mrs. 17 Danby terrace, Exmouth avenue, Higher Compton, Plymouth Fuller Rev. Joseph Francis M.A. Perch-

Fox: Mrs. 6 Gerston terrace, Paignton Freme Miss, Fair oaks, Dawlish road, wood, Tuckenhay, Totnes

Fox Mrs. 2-1-St. Brannock's rd.Ilfracmbe Teignmouth Fuller EdwardRossmoyne,Mount Pleas~

Fox Mrs. Wingtield vils. Stoke,Devonprt French Rev. Cyril John Valpy M.A. ant., Brentor, Bridestowe R.S.O

FoxRichardReynolds,Westbrook,Tamer- Escot, Ottery St. Mary Fuller George, 23 Clarendon place,

ton Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O French Rev. Wm. Bampton st. Tiverton Citadel road, Plymouth

Fox Sylvanus B. 3 Dix's field, Exeter French Albert, Oldway cottage, South- Fuller Miss, Lydford, .Bridestowe R.S.O

Fox Thomas, Above town, Dartmouth field road, Paignton Fuller Mrs. 133 East st. Newton Abbot

Fox Thomas Were, 8 Hobart terrace, French Frank Samuel, Kings!ey house, Fuller W.3Grendon viis. Polsloe rd.Extr

Lipson road, Plymouth Cliff road, Paignton Fuller Eliot-Drake Sir Francis George

Fox W.2 Hyde Park ter. Mutley,Plymth French George, III Black Boy rd.Exeter Augustus bart. Nutwell court,Lymp-

Fox-Strangways Mrs. Front house, French Misses, 3 Southernhay, Newton stone, Exeter

.Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Abbot Funnell Sidney David, 6 Glenside, Col-

Fradd George, 9 Belgrave terrace, Bel- French Mrs. Lea villa,Dalwood,Axminstr lege road, Mannamead, Plymouth

grave road, Torquay French William, 2 Church House villas, Furler George, Stoke cottage, Land-

Fragall Edwin Swainson Lyne,4 Lauris- Hig-hweek, Newton Abbot score road, Teignmouth

ton place, St. Efride's road, Torquay French William, Colyton, .Axminster Furneaux Geo. Zuanroff, Wolboro' bil1,

Fraley Thomas, Melbourne villa, Devon- Frere Miss, Highfield, Budleigh Salter- Newton Abbot

shire place, Exeter tonS 0 FurneauxJ.Hill crst.BuckfastleighR.S.O

Frampton Mrs. Oak Hayes, Woodbury, FretheyBenj.3Ann'spl.Stoke,Devonport Furneaux John Mitchell R.N. 3 Herbert

Exeter Frew Wm. S.M.n.,c.M.Princetown R.S.O street, Morice town, Devonport

Frampton 1fhomas,45 Palmerstonstreet, Friend Capt. John,4 South pi. Dodbrooke Furneaux John Mudge, Oaklands, Buck-

Stoke, Devonport Friend George Pearson, Greystone, East fastleigh L.S.O

France Jn. Church yd. Bampton R.S.O Brook road, Teignmouth Furneaux Mrs. New Park villa, Forde

Francis Rev.John Loveband B. A. Rectory, Friend H.L.3Priory ter.High st.Daw!ish park, Newton Abbot

Bridestowe R.S.O Friend John, 8 Caroline pl. Stonehouse Furneaux Thomas, Belvoir, Powderham

Francis Charles, Perranville, St. Bran- Friend Mrs. Rock view, Budleigh Salter- road, Newton Abbot

nock's road, Ilfrac,lmbe ton S. 0 BuckfastleighR.S.O

Francis H. 1 Belmont vls.Stoke,Devonprt Friend Mrs. 3 Summerland place, Tops- Furnival!H. W.Southcroft,Woodbry.Extr
Francis H ..A.M.A. The Coll.Newtn.Atbot road, Exeter
l''ursden Mrs. 9 Hamilton ter. Exmontt>


Farsdon Charles I.P. Fursdon, Tiverton Gardner Ernest Frederick,Northfield ho. Gaud H.H. Tavy view,Whitchrch.Tvstck

Fursdon Mrs. 2 Barnfield cres. Exeter Northfield road, llfracombe GaudMrs.2gTrafalgarpl.Stoke,De\"onprt

Furse Rev. Canon Charles Wellington Gardner Frederick, I Belmont villas, Gaud T.P.P.2Union ter. Union st.Plymth

M.A., I.P. Halsdon ho. Dolton R.S.O Slade road, llfracombe GaantlettG.7Haldon rd.St.Davd's.Exetr

Furse Arthur R.N. 9 Alcester street, GardnerFrederickGeorge,Moorlandview, Gauntlett Thomas H.5 Elm ter.Honiton

Morice town, Devonport Shirburn road, Torquay Gauvry Louis, I4 Culme terrace, Tothill

l''urse Edward, Bloden hill, Chittle- Gardner Frederick John.Osmond house, road, Plymouth

hampton, South Molton Stoke Canon, Exeter Gavin Mrs. 20 Beatrice avenue, Lipson

FurseJ.Sparkeville,Blck.Torrngtn.R.S.O Gardner Henry John, Bella vista, Slade road, Plymouth 1

Furse Misses, 33 East st. South Molton road, Ilfracombe Gawden Abraham John, 2I Portland pl.

Furse Mrs. Elm house, York rd. Exeter GardnerHenryMawdsley,Brooklands,St, Morice town, Devonport

Fursman Capt. Nicholas, IO Stmut Brannock's road, Ilfracombe Gawler Mrs. Barton cot.Topsham,Exetr

place, Stoke, Devonport Gardner Jas. Io Baker's pl. Devonport Gawthorp Mrs. Hyefield, Uffculme,Cul-

FurzeJ. H. Radway ho. Uffclme. Cullmptn Gardner J ames R. Royal Naval hospital, lompton

Furze:Mrs.Mount vw. Uffculme,Cullmptn High street, Stonehouse Gay Miss, 3I Wyndham sq. Plymouth

Furze T. 5 Laira Bridge ter. Plyi]louth Gardner John Twiname, Northfield ho. Gay Mrs. Park villas, Barnstaple

FurzeW.H.Lower vw.Uffclme.Cullmptn Northfield road, Ilfracombe Gay Mrs. I6o Sidwell street, Exeter

Fussell Mrs.Barlow's causeway,Tiverton Gardner Miss, Roselawn, Sidmouth Gay J>hilip, Fort street, Barnstaple

.lt'utcherC.J.Fairfld.Station rd.Okehmptn Gardner The :Misses, Witheridge, Mor- Gay Thomas, 3 Hill's view, Barnstaple

FyfeMiss,Devon lo. Warrn.Starcrss.R.S.O chard Bishop R.S.O Gay Thomas Easterway, 8 Brandreth

Fyffe Rev. Chas. Fredk. WestBuckland, Gardnfr Mrs. 8 Washington terrace, terrace, Morice town, Devonport

South Molton Alexandra road, Plymouth Gay Wm. Richd. Hill side, Kingsbridge

FynnR. t5 Carlton ter.NewNrth.rd.Extr Gardner Mrs. 17 Belmont road, Exeter Gaydon Alex. Swymbridge, Barnstaple

Gace Rev. Frederic Arthur Jeudwine GardnerMrs.Exe view,Lympstone,Exetr Gaydon John, The Cottage, Newport

B. A., R.N. 8 Napier st.Stoke,Devonport Gardner Percy Herbert, I Matlock ter. road, Barnstaple

Gadd Henry, 25 St. David's hill, Exeter 8t. Luke's road, Torquay Gaydon Mrs. 18 Castle st. Barnstaple

GadenW.sProvidence p l. Stke. Devonprt GardnerRd. Hy.8Acre pl. Stoke,Devonprt Gaydon Saml. I7 Clarence pi.Stonehouse

Gage Benjamin, Alma trilla, Axminster Gardner William, 4 Richmond terrace, Gaye Henry Searle M. D., J.P. II Devon

Gage John, Fawnsmoor, Axminster Bear street, Barnstaple square, Newton Abbot

-Gage Saml. I7 Highfield rd. Ilfracombe Gariador Rev. Benedict o.s.B. Buckfast- Gaye Major-General Douglas R.A. Um-

Gaines Miss,Tiverton cottage, Silverton, leigh R.S.O berleigh ho. Atherington, Barnstaple

Cullompton Garland Ed.Q"ar Waiter J.P. Walcot, St. Gayer Mrs. 8 Ferndale, Teignmouth

Gains William, Southwood, Dartmouth Mark's road, Torquay Gaylard John Samuel, 11 Cheltenham

road, Paignton Garland George, 23 Lower St. Paul's rd. place, Greenbank road, Plymouth

GaisfordMaj. T.Langleigh copse,Ilfracmb Newton Abbot Geach J osepb, 110 North rd. Plymouth

Gaisford Misses, Hydrina, Cleveland Garland John, Chillington, Kingsbridge GeakeThos.Hy. I4Leigham st.Plymouth

road, Torquay Garland John, Oddicombe, Sherford, Gear Charles, 82 Howell road, Exeter

Gaitskell Maj.-Gen. Frederick f'.B. Lis- Kingsbridge GeareRev.E.M.A.2oSt.Leonard rd.Exetr

burn, Lower Warberry road, Torquay Garland Lewis,s Matford terrace,Mount Geare John, 75 South street, Exeter

Gale C.3IIsham cots.Ilsham rd.Torquay Radford, Exeter Geare Miss, Cathedral close, Exeter

Gale Mrs. Town's End cottage, Round- Garland Miss, Foothill, Matford terrace, Geare Waiter F. 2 The Crescent, Mount

ham Hill road, Paignton Mount Radford, Exeter Radford, Exeter .

GaleS. Greenfield, Thurlow rd.Torquay Garland Mrs. 23 Hyde Park road, Mut- Geaton George Thomas, u Valletort

GaleW. H.R.N.3 Valletort rd.Stk.Devnprt ley, Plymouth road, Stoke, Devonport

Galley Mrs. I9 Market street, Devonport Garland Mrs. II Leigbam terrace, Cita- Geddes Surg.-Capt Robert James M. B.,

Gallichan Waiter Matthew, Rock vale, del road, Plymouth c.M. Royal Military hospital, Stoke,

Bridfrd.MoretonHampstd. Nwtn. Abbt GarlandMrs. I Stafford villas, Fore street, Devonport

GallifordJas.Edwd. I8Eastst.Str~ 'lolton Heavitree, Exeter GeddesJas.Linden,Falkland rd.Torquay

Galliford John, I8 East st. Sth. Molton Garland 'fheodore Garbett Teage, 2 Geddes John, 52 Chapel st. Devonport

Gait James Fletcher, 23 Park road, Stafford villas, Heavitree, Exeter GedyeMrs. Villa cot.Bridgetown, 'fotnes

Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exeter Garland Thomas, 6 Hamilton terrace, Geen Charles, Station rd. Okehampton

Gamble Chas. H.6 Union ter.Barnstaple Durnford street, Stonehouse Gegg Rev. Waiter Buchanan M.A. West

Gamble Mrs. Normount, Lower War- Garner Surg.-Capt.Cathcart M.B., Putford, Brandis Corner R.S.O

berry road, Torquay RoyalMilitaryhospital,Stoke,Devonpt Geils Jn. E. Waye ho. Ashburton R.S.O

Gamble Mrs. Ullacombe, Bovey Tracey, Garnier Rev. John Baptist o.s.B. Buck- Geldard Jn.2r Seaton av.Mutley,Plymth

Newton Abbot fastleigh R.S.O Geldard Richard Henry, 6 Buckland

Garneson J. H.24 Portland sq.Plymoutb Garnish George, Pilton, Barnstaple terrace, Millbay road, Plymouth

Gamlen Mis~. 7 Marine parade, Dawlish Garnsworthy Mrs. Starcross R.S.O Geldart Rev. Richard William B.A. Clyst

Gamlen Mrs. Brampford house, Bramp- Garnsworthy Thomas, Elsinore, Devon- St. Lawrence, Exeter

fordspeke, Exeter shire place, Exeter Gemmel C. A. Bank ho.High st. Ilfracmbe

GammonJ.Shebbear,HighamptonR.S.O Garr David,Beer Haven,Beer,Axminster GendersRev.J.W.180xford gro.Ilfracmb

Gammon W. 4 Durnford st. Stonehouse Garrad Mrs. I6 St. Paul's st. 'fiverton Gendle Samuel, 2 Jubilee terrace, South

Gammon W, I6 Ebberley lwn.Barnstple Garratt Lieut.-Col.JohnArthr.Tbos.J.P., Ford road, Dartmouth

GammonW.Nth. Bucklnd. BrauntnR.S.O M.F. H. Bishop's court, Sowton, Exeter GenowerMrs. 2Napier st.Stoke, Devonprt

Gaudy Rev. Charles E. Bishops' house, Garratt Mrs. Plainmoor house, Westbill GentMrs.Radnorlo.Radnorpl.Plymouth

Cecil street, Plymouth road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Gent W1lliam, jun. Old town, Bideford

Gane Frederick James, Albert villa, Garratt Mrs. Edlington, Braddon's Hill GentW.6IPalmerstonst.Stoke,Devonprt

Powderham road, Newton Abbot road east, Torquay Gentle Philip,31Hill Park cres.Plymouth

Gauge Mrs. 3 Gloucester villas, :Newton Garrett John A. Victoria rd. Barnstaple George Ed wd.Monson,4Lodge ter. Tivrtn

Abbot Garrett Hy.A.FernLea,OldMillla.'forqy George Henry, 9 Glanville rd. Tavistock

GardAlbert,sr Haddington rd.Devonprt Garrett Miss, 5 Belmont place, Belmont George Hy. Aug. 43 Black Boyrd.Exeter

Gard Edward, 3 Braidwood terrace, road, Exeter George ~lrs. Fairholme,Haldon rd.Torqy

Tavistock road, Plymouth Garrett Miss, Exbourne R.S.O George Marry 'l'horne, The Hutt, West

GardJn.1 I Paradise pl.Stoke,Devonport Garside Firth M.A. 'forbay college, Old Buckland, South Molton

Gard Mrs. 7 Mount street, Devonport Mill road, Cockington, Torquay 1 George Thomas Eray, 20 Camperdowu
Gard Thos. 17 Athena:Jum st. Plymouth Garton Mrs. 30 Belmont road, Exeter street, Morice town, Devonport

Gard William John,soHaddington road, Gartrell George Fitz, 8 Camperdown .st. German .fn. 25 Clarence pl. Stonehouse

Morire town, Devonport Morice town, Devonport German J obn Bird, r Broad Park terrace,

GardenJohn, r4Dundonald street,Morice GascoinMiss,Elburton,Plymstck.Plymth Whitchurch, Tavistock

town, Devonport Gaskell Mrs. Kingston lodge, Dartmouth Germon Col. Rd.C.J.P. Gortlee, Dawlish

Gardener George, 3 Premier place, Gasking Mrs. I Undercliffe,Bolton street, Germon Rev. Nicholas M.A. Glenburnie,

Mount Radford, Exeter Brixham R.S.O Forde park, Newton Abbot

Gardiner Gen.Percy Fortescue,TheSyca- Gasking 'f. Riverside, Shaldon,Teignmth Germon Rev. NICholas M.A. jun. Ash-

ID()res, High Bickington, Chulmleigil Gataker :Mrs. Mornay lodge, Springfield field, 'forquay road, Newton Abbot

Gardiner Rev.John SamuelJephsonM..A. road, 'forquay Germon Rev. Richard Medland M.A.

B'laek Torrington, Highampton R.S.O GatensburyMiss,Wrafton road,Braunt.n. Withleigh, Tiverton

Gar( Alexander, 5 Townsend cres- R.S.O German Miss, Plainmoor house, West-

cent, Mannamead, Plymouth Gater Ambrose Edwd. I Carlton villas, hill road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

Ga.rdiner Miss, Charleton, Kingsbridge Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter Germon R.M. Forde park,Newton Abbot

Gardiner Misses, Ellacombe, Budleigh Gathercole Re\·. Charles William Aug. Gerrans Sampson, I I Blackall rd. Exeter

Salterton S 0 B.A. CoTnworthy, Totnes Gerrard Mrs. 7 Dagmar road, Exmouth

Gardiner Richard,6o East st.Stonehouse GaudRev.Jn. Wm.sJDnrnfordst.Stoneho ~errettCils.J.Monl_ltGalpine,Dartmou~h



GerrettMrs.2Major ter.Seaton,Axminstr'Gilberli Noah, Abbotsbam, Bideford Given Rev. A. M.A. DunkesweU, Honiton

Gerrish John, Bank house, Axminster Gilbert Otho, 52 Connaught av. Plymth GladeW.gtChurch rd.St. Thomas, Exeter

GerryJ.Cross lanes,Ashwater,Beaworthy Gilbert Richd. Carlisle cot. Holsworthy GlanfieldJ.TheRiffel,Thurlow rd.Torquy

Gibbens Miss,8 Belle Vue place, Cobourg Gilbert Richd. 36 Prospect park, Exeter Glanfield Thomas Robert, 22 Church

street, Plymouth Gilbert T.P.I York cots.York rd.Exeter road, St. Thomas, Exeter

GibbingsG. F. 34WestSouthernhay, Exetr Gilbert Walt. R. The Mount, Ilfracombe Glanville Major-Gen. Francis Robert R. A.

<.hbbings J. W. 22 Longbrook st. Exeter Gilbertson E.Carr ho.Tors pk.Ilfracmbo 7 Leigham street, Plymouth

Gibbings Miss, 29 New North rd. Exeter Gilchrist W. G. I Princess pl. Plymouth Glanville Rev. Owen Fanshawe B. A. Tha

Gibbings Mrs. 20 Victoria terrace, Ferry Gilder Jn. II St. Aubyn st. Devonport Cedars, Ferndale, Teignmouth

road, Exmouth Giles Rev. E.'rhe Elms, New rd.Bidefrd Glanville Jas. I Tavistock pi. Plymouth

Gibbings Rd. 40 Coombe rd. Teignmouth Giles Rev. Robert Harris B.A. East GlanvilleMiss,Langham cotts.lvybridge

Gibbins Thos. 25 Prospect park, Exeter down, Barnstaple Glanville Miss, Payhembury, Ottery St~

Gibbon Rev.H.B.A.25.l:lelmont rd Exeter Giles Hy. A. 20 Napier ter. Plymouth Mary

Gibbons Rev. William Henry M. A. Upton Giles John, rr Chapel street, Tavistock Glanville Mrs. Chester ter. BarnstqpJe

Pyne, Exeter GilesMiss,Park view,Compton,Paignton Glanville Mrs. Mount Howe, Topsham,.

Gibbons David, Dartmoor lodge, Chag- Giles Mrs.4 Caer Badden terrace, North Exeter

ford, Newton Abbot road, Plymouth Glanville Richard, 4 Alchester street,.

Gibbons George R.N. Mounthill place, Giles Mrs. 40 Torrington place, North Morice town, Devonport

Beer, Ax"!llinster road, Plymouth Glanville Richard, Horrabridge R.S.O

Gibbons J n.H. IA,Tavistock pl. Plymouth Gill Rev. Alfd. B.A. Farringdon, Exeter Glanville Stephen Henry Burt, 8 Brad-

Gibbons Miss, Wallingford, Victoria Gill Rev. Anthony Charles, Sinkat, ninch place, Gandy street, Exeter

place, Budleigh Salterton ~.0 Thurlow road, Torquay Glanville Thomas, 20 Ross street.

Gibbons Mrs. Lustleigh, Newton Abbot Gill Rev.J.M.A. Holne,Ashburton R.S.O Morice town, Devonport

Gibbons Thomas, 26 Ermington tel'l'ace, Gill Rev. William T. 23 Alexandra rd. Glasby Robert, 22 Belgrave terrace, Bel-

Mutley, Plymouth Ford, Devonport grave road, Torquay

Gibbons Thomas Hugh, 2 Wedgwood Gill George Wadman, Meadow croft, Glasse Mrs. Billacombevilla, Plymstock~

villas, Ford park, Mutley, Plymouth Colyton, Axminster Plymouth

Gibbons William, Cole cottage, Chag- Gill Henry Richard, I Alexandra villas, Glazbrook Mrs. 7 Sea View terrace, Sea-

ford, Newton Abbot Alexandra road, Plymouth ton, .Axminster

Gibbs Col. James Ruddle,Priory cottage, Gill John, 6 Grenville road, Plymouth Gledhill George, 28 Herbert street,.

Kingswear, Dartmouth Gill John Maunder, Edgemoor cottage, Morice town, Devonport

GibbsRev.J.L.M.A.ClystSt.George,Exetr Whitchurch, Tavistock Gledstane;; Misses, West cottage, West

Gibbs Rev. Reginald B.A. Church house, Gill Jn. Robt. I03 Forest. Kingsbridge road, Budleigh Salterton S.O

Jesu street, Ottery St. Mary Gill John Robert, Torcross, Kingsbridge Glennie Lieut. George :Frederick R.N~

Gibbs Edwin, I2 Westminster terrace, Gill Miss, Churchyard, Sonth Molton 2 Nelson villas, Stoke, Devonport

Mutley, Plymouth Gill Miss, St. Peter s~reet, Tiverton Glennie Misses, 2 Nelson villas, Stoke,.

Gibbs Hy.Tyte, 2I New North rd.Exeter Gill Mrs. 2 Nottingham place, Mutley Devonport

Gibbs Miss, Ridge hill, Dartmouth plain, Plymouth Glenville Miss, 7 Fernd'lle, Teignmoutb

Gibbs Mrs. S. 9 Haldon terrace, Dawlish Gill Mrs. 6 Twyford place, Tiverton Gliddon E.J.2StuarL pl.St.oke,Devonport.

Gibbs fiamuel Gould, Princetown R.S. 0 Gill Mrs. West park, Ivybridge Gliddon Mrs. 7 Atbenreum st. Plymouth

Gibbs Wm. J.Lion villa, Beer,Axminster Gill Reginald Butler Edgcumbe, Bick- Glinn C. F. Park rd. Hatherleigh R.S.o-

Gibney Major Robert Dwarris, Yarrow ham, Buckland Monachorum, Ro- GlinnMrs.SPortland rd.Stoke,Devonport

bank, Kingswear, Dartmouth borough R.S.O (S. De\•on) Glinn Mrs. gStoketer.Stoke, Devonport.

GibsonRev.J.St.Joseph's,WestTeignmth Gill Rd.5Hyde Park ter.Mut.ley,Plymth Glover William, Abbotsham, Bideford

Gibson AluredEdwd.Castella,Kingswear Gill Robert Hy. South Brent, Ivybridge Gloyan John Evan, 4 Victoria terrace..

Gibson Charles Ward, Dunsmore house, Gill Samuel, 23 George st. Devonport North road, Plymouth

Station road, Okehampton Gill •r.H. 6 Havelock ter.Stoke,Devonprt Gloyn John Watkins. Bolland, North

GibsonE.Glenblme.Stationrd.Ilfracmbe Gill Thomas, jun. Rose villa, Churston Lew, Beaworthy R.S.O

Gibson George John M.D., St. I<'errers R.S.O Gloyn Richard, 13 Napierter. Plymouth

Maur, Bridgetown, Totnes Gill Thomas Richards,I Furzeleigh viis. Glubb William, 63 West st. 'favistock

Gibson Henry Alves, Bank house, West Alexandra road, Plymouth Glubb Wm. F.Potacre st. Gt.Torrington

street, 'favistock Gill William, 3 South Devon place, Em- Glyde Edwin Edsall F.M.s. Kirkham..

Gibson Mrs. 14 Endsleigh pi. Plymouth bankment road, Plymouth Babbacombe, Torquay

Gibson Mrs. 3 Medina tenace, Babba- Gill Wm. Sunnyside, Ford st. Tavistock Glyde George, Glen Croft,St.Brannock's

combe, 'l'orquay Gillard Capt. Jas. 24 St. Hilary terrace, road, Tlfracombe

Gibson Mrs. Mill street, Kingsbridge Stoke, Devouport Glynn Mrs.2 Brentwood terrace,Warren

Gibson Mrs. Monnt Lebanon, Warren Gillard Rev. William, The Square, Uff- road, 'forquay

road, Torquay culme, Cullompton Gmelin Rev. Frederick Edwin B.A. 9'

Gibson William, 5 Fairpark road, St. Gillard Henry, Culmstock, Cullompton Caroline place, Stonehouse

Leonard's, Exeter Gillard John, 3 Connaught terrace, GoadJ.Stanley vil.Queen's rd.Plymouth

Gichard Michael John, 8 Martin terrace, Union road, Exeter Goad John, 5 Tavistock pl. Plymouth

Mortce town, Devonport Gillard Mrs. Barnfield, Queen street, Goaman SI. Elmscot,Hartland, Bidefor<t

Giddie William, New road, Bideford Newton Abbot Goaman Thos. Buttgarden st. Bideford

GiddingsWm.Agra,Grosvenorp!.Exeter Gillard Mrs. Black house, Higher Brix- Goaman William Thomas, Buttgarden

Giddy Jn. Lyle, I Lime grove, Bideford ham, Brixham R.S.O . street, Bideford

Giddy Mrs. 42 St. Leonard road, Exeter Gillard Mrs. I Highbury villas, Brons- Goard Thomas, 2 Portland sq. Plymouth

GidleyH.rrKirkby pl.North rd.Plymoutb hill road loiVer, Torquay Godbeer James, 9 Blackall road, Exeter-

Gidley Geo. Beach ho. Ashburton R.S.O Gillard Mrs. Well house, Dodbrooke Godby Miss, 5 St. Matthhs terrace.

Gidley Gustave, 2 St. Michael's terrace, Gillard Richard, I Beaconsfield vtllas, Ilsham road, Torquay

Saltash road, Plymouth Fisher street, Paignton Goddard Edwin,Trevanion,College road,.

GidleyGustavusG.Church st.Cnllompton Gillard Robert, Seaton, Axminster Newton Abbot

Gidley John, Hoopern house, Exeter Gillet Walter, Grosvenor st. Barnstaple Goddard Mrs. Collingwood house,.

Gidley Mrs. Hoopern house, Pennsyl- Gillett Mrs. I West Cliff terrace, Seaton, Adelphi road, Paignton

vania road, Exeter Axminster Goddard William Henry Willoughby,.

GidleyT. C. 25 St. Sidwell's av. Exeter Gillett Mrs. Western road, Axminster Collingwoodhouse,Adelphird.Paigntn

Gidley Wm. G. 4 Argyle ter. Plymouth Gilley Tom Henry, Aylwood, Newton Godtiing Mrs. 64 Albert road, Morice

Giffard Mrs. 'fhe Cottage, Pinhoe,Exetr road, Torqnay · town, Devonport

Gifford Rev. Henry George B. A. Rectory, Gillham Charles, 3 West Homefield, Godefroi Hy. Harpford, Ottery St. Mary

Rackenford, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Heavitree, Exeter Godfery Charles, Shallowford, Filleigh,.

Gilardone Mrs. 42 Ebrington st. Plymth GillsonC.Elm bank,Shirburn rd.Torquay South Molton

Gilbert George Ralph, Dunolly,Barring- Gilmore Mrs. 3 West Hoe terrace, West GodfreeH.s~idway ter.Heavitree,Exetel"

ton road, Ilsham, Torquay Hoe road, Plymouth Godfrey Lieut.Cornelius Benjamin R.E~

Gilbert J.2Pasley st.Morice twn.Devonpt Gilpin Staff Commander George R.N. 2 6 Prospect park, Exeter

Gilbert Miss, Black Torrington, High- Cothele terrace, Stoke, Devonport Godfrey Edward, rGordon ter.Exmoutn

ampton R.S.O Gilpin Mrs. 2 Thurlow park, 'fhurlow Godfrey Herbert,6Prospectpl.Exmouth

Gilbert Miss, New st. Great Torrington road, •rorquay GodfreyJ.DeanPrior,BuckfastleighR.S.O

Gilbert Mrs. 44 Headland park, Plymth Gimblett S. R. H. 48 Prospect pk.Exeter Godfrey John, 27 Paisley street, Morice-

Gilbert Mrs.Clontarf,Centralav.Paigntn Gissing George, 1St. Leonard's terrace, town, Devonport

Gilbert Mrs. Oakleigb, West hill, .Hud- Mount Radford, Exeter Godfrey Joseph, St. James' house,Mount.

leigh So~.lterton S. 0 Gitsbam }Iiss,Cairnbrea,Tor vale,Torqy Pleasant place, Plymouth

Gilbert Mrs. Parkhill house, Colley End Gitsham Mrs. Fernleigh, Devonshire Godfrey Miss, Orchard lea, Abbey road,.

road, Paignton place, :Exeter Torquay


Godfrey:Mrs. I Fern cottages, Vansittart Goodwin Thos. York vil.Beer,Axminster Gould Mrs. 40 High street, Exeter

road, Torquay Goodwin Waiter Frederick, 9 Spencer Gould Mrs. I4 Springfield, Old Tiverton

Godfrey Mrs. 2 Ri'dgway villas, Babba- terrace, Lipson road, Plymouth road, Exeter

combe road, Torquay Goodwyn Capt. Julius Henry, Stone- Gould Mrs. M. E. 8 St. James' placer

Godfrey Mrs. Ruckhill, Thurlestone, borough, Budleigh Salterton S.O Old Tiverton road, Exeter

Kingsbridge Goodwyn Henry, Rowardennan, Bovey Gould Richd. 28 St. Sidwell's av.Exetel"'

Godsland Arthur,2B Robertsroad, Lark- Tracey, Newton Abbot Gould Rd. D. Commercial rd. Barnstple

beare, Exeter Goodyear Mis~,7 Adelaide pl.Stonehouse Gould S. G. 4 Cothele ter.Stoke,Dvnprt

GodsonMrs.Clifton cot.Clifton hill,Exetr Goodyear Mrs. 2 Laira terrace,Embank- Gould S. R. 9 Fitzroy ter. Stk.Devonprt-

GodsonR.S.Hele ho.Esplanade,Paignton ment road, Plymouth Gould William, 26 Catherine st. Exeter

Golding Elijah, I6 Dundonald street, Gorddard Mrs. 26 Cheltenham place, Gould Wm. New st. Great 'f'orrington

Morice town, Devonport Greenbank road, Plymouth Gould Wm. Pilton abbey, Barnstaple

Goldney Mrs. Chippenham lo. Exmouth Gordon Lieut.-General William C. I.E. Gould Wm.Hy.Collingwood, Ilfracombe

Goldsmith John Philip, I St. Michael's Bouchiers hill, North Tawton R.S.O Gould William Ridd, Sevenhills, Torrs

terrace, Stoke, Devonport Gordon Rev. Charles Leicester, High park, Ilfracombe

Goldsmith Mrs. Blagdon ter. Crediton street, Hatherleigh R.S.O Goulding Frank Harry, 2 Thorn Park

Goldsmith Oliver, 'famar cottage, Gordon David Tyre, Orchard leigh, Cen- avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth

King's 'famerton, Devonport tral avenue, Paignton Goulding Mrs. Albion street, Exmouth

Goldsworthy John, Bella vista,Tavistock Gordon Francis, 5 Victoria terrace, Gouldsworthy Rich d. Buckerell,Honiton

Goldsworthy Mrs. Hartland, Bideford Esplanade, Paignton Goullet Misses, 7 Cliff terrace, Budleigb

GoldsworthyMrs.80xford gro.Ilfracmbe Gordon Henry Laing M.B. Lawn cottage, Salterton 8.0

Goldsworthy Wm. 8 Chapel st.'favistock Witheridge, Morchard Bishop R.S.O Goulston Arthur M.A. Homefield place~

Goldsworthy William Henry, 7 West- Gordon John, Miramar, Exmouth Heavitree, Exeter

bury terrace, North road, Plymouth Gordon Miss, Exbury, Old 'forwood Gover John, Park Place house, Gibbon;;.

Gollop Michael, 3Martin terrace, Morice road, Torquay street, Plymouth

town, Devonport Gordon Mrs. 13 Brookdale av.Ilfracombe Gover Richard, I23 High st. Crerliton

Gollop Mrs. New street, Honiton Gordon Mrs. 5 Hartley villas, Hartley Govett Rev. Clement M.A. Rectory~

Gooby Rev. Melancthon Lewis, The aver.ue, Higher Compton, Plymouth Washfield, Tiverton

Manse, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Gordon Robert, I Marine pi. Sidmouth Govett Elias Alfd. 3 Lipson ter. Plymth

Gooch Miss,Enderlie,Croft road,Torqmy Gordon William M.A., M.B. Barnfield GovettMrs.4Alton rd.Victoria pk.Plymth

Gooch Mrs. White Cliff glen, Seaton, lodge, Barnfield crescent, Exeter Govier Robert Ernest, 14 Alcester street~

Axminster Gordon Wllliam, Cairn villa, St. Bran- Morice town, Devonport

GoodSl.Worcestereot.Seaton,Axminster nock's road, Ilfracombe Gowan Mrs. Tronto, Bridge rd.Torquay

Good Mrs. Napier cottage, Budleigh Gore Mrs. Cotmaton house, Sidmouth Gowan Philip Hamilton, Hinderbarrow

Salterton S.O Gorle Miss, Hillside, Lustleigh, Newton house, Halwill, Beaworthy RS.O

GoodacreRev. W. W.2Hostle pk.Ilfrcmbe Abbot Gower Richard, Rock cot. Dartmouth

Goodale William Robert, Oatlands, Gorley John, 1 Woodville, Queen's road, Gowings Wm. Royal dockyard, Devnprt

Woodland park, Paignton St. Thomas, Exeter Goyen Captain William, Endean priors,

Goodall Miss, 6 Godolphin terrace, Gorley Mrs. 7 Bolton st. Brixham R.S.O Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot

Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport Gormully Mrs. 71 Durnford st.Stonehse Goyen Miss, Endean priors, KinJskers-

Goodall'l'homas, Woodview, lnnerbrook Gorton G.Grenville ho.TheQuay,Bidefd well, Newton Abbot

road, Cockington, Torquay GorwellWm.I3Montpellier rd.Exmouth Grace Edwin, Strand, Starcross R.S.O

GoodbodyCharlesArth.3 ~outhView ter Gorwyn Albert John, 3 Clevedon villas, Grace Miss, Powisland villa, 'famerton

Hartley av. Higher Compton Plymth Lower Bronshill road, Torquay Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O

GoodenoughMrs.57Eastst.NewtonAbbot Goslett Mrs. Linden, Babbacombe road, Gracey Mrs. 36 Powderham eres.Exeter

Goodenough William Henry,Abergeldie, Bahbacombe, Torqnay Gracy Rt.zDenmark rd.Barnfield,Exek

Old Tiverton road, Exeter Gosling Charles, West st. Axminster Grady Miss, 10 Cambridge gro.Ilfrcmbe

Goodfellow Gen. William West C.B., R.E. Gosling J. W. zo South h\.Stk... Devnprt Grreme Lt.-Col. Lawrence A. M. J.P.

Belvoir, St. Mark's road, Torquay Gosnell Thomas, South View terrace, Fonthill, Shaldon, Teignmouth

Goodfellow Jn. 69 Durnford st. titoneho Korth Down lane, Bideford Graham :Major Fergus, Elmhurst, Peti-

Goodfellow John Gage, I South View Goss George, 8 Lisson grove, Plymouth tor road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

terrace,Hartley avenue, Higher Comp- Goss Henry Charles, 4 Summerfield ter- Graham Major George,Parkhurst, Cleve-

ton, Plymouth race, Bronshill road lower, Torquay land road, 'forquay

Goodfellow Stephen Jennings M.D. Goss J.G. 20 Oxford ter.Oxford rd.Extr Graham Right Rev. Chas. [bishop coad-

Adelphi road, Paignton Goss Miss, 17 Hill's view, Barnstaple jutor], Bishop's ho. Cecil st. Plymth

Gooding Ambrose, 12 Jubilee road, Goss Mrs. Mill street, Great Torrington Graham Henry, 2 Bedford place,

Heavitree, Exeter Goss Mrs. 3 Thurlow park, Thurlow Armada street, Plymouth

Gooding Hy. Boutport st. Barnstaple road, Torquay Graham Joseph Q..c., .J.P. Manor cottage,

Gooding Matt. R. 7 .Hridgeland bt. Bidefrd Goss Philip, 27 Cobourg st. Plymouth Thornbury, Brandis Corner R.S. 0

Goodin~Mrs.HigherChurch st.Barnstple Goss Wm. Hy. 5 Geneva cots. Torquay Graham Miss, 7 Union ter. Barnstaple

Goodlad Misses,Heaumont house,Ottery Goss William Henry, 8 Hyde Park ter- GrahamWm.Hy.6St.Muk's pl.Torquay

St. Mary race, Mutley, Plymouth Grainger Very Rev. Monsignor John,

Goodland Henry, Great Beauchamp, Gosse Mrs. Sandhurst, Torquay road, The Presbytery, Exmonth

Washfield, Tiverton St. Mary Ch.urch, Torquay GraingerMrs.IYannon Hill ter.Tgnmtb

Goodland Miss, I Regent's Park road, Gosset Mrs. The Priory, Westward Ho! GraingerRd.gSidney rd.St.Thomas,Extr

Heavitree, Exeter Bideford Granger Misses, 5 Higher Summerland

Goodman A.8pringbank,New rd.Drtmth Gotbed Miss, The Elms, lpplepen, New· place, Exeter

Goodman Cbades, 4 Collingwood villas, ton Abbot Granger Rchd. Alexandra rd. Barnstaple-

Stoke, Devonport Gotto Rev. E. R. M.A. Braunton R.S.O Gransmore Commander Fredk. R. R.N.

Goodman J.3 Fitzroy ter.Stoke,Devnptf Gottwaltz John Francis, Culworth, Greenwood, Western road, Ivybridge-

Goodman James, 10 Whitleigh terrace, North Down road, Bideford Grant Vice-Adm. William Hurley, 7

Crown Hill R.S.O Goucher Rev. John Wheelock, Portle- Elliot terrace, The Hoe, Plymouth

Goodman Jas.A.I Carlton ter.Plymontb mouth, Kingsbridge Grant Col. A. 14 Uothele vils.Stk.Dvnprt.

Goodman Mrs. Mont-le-Grand road, Gough Rev.J.M.A. Virginstowe,Launcstn Grant Rev. Rd. P. Manse, Holsworthy

Heavitree, Exeter Gough John Harley, 1 Walkham villa, Grant Alaistair, Rampenstein, Lew

Goodman Mrs. Swilley lodge, Swilley, Horrabridge R.S.O Trenchard, Lew Down R.S.O

Stoke, Devonport Gough Misses, 37 Fore street, Budleigh Grant Arthur, Cromartie, LivermeaJ"

Goodman Thomas, 8 Moor View terrace, Salterton S.O hill, Cockington, 'forquay

Mutley, Plymouth ·' Gould Rev. James Aubrey B.C.L. Newton Grant Francis. Pembroke villa, Penny-

Goodman Wm. Jsph.I6 Palace gte.Exetr St. Ayres, Exeter comequick, Stoke, Devonport

Goodridge Alan, Sunnybank,Dartmouth Gould C.Aima cot. Whitchurch, 'favistck Grant Fredk. Augustus, 70 Alexandra.

Goodridge John T. Elm bank, 'fotnes GouldH. W.'fheCypresses, Whimple,Extr road, Ford, Stoke, Devonport

road, .J:.>aignton Gould John,Oaktield,Hatherleigh R.S.O Grant F. W. Avenue ho.Lympstone,Extr

Goodridge Miss,Roselle,Woodland park, Gould John B. 14 Clifton hill, Exeter Grant George l''rancis M. Abbeville

Paignton Gonld J. 35 Cowick st.St.'fhomas,Exetr house, 'fopsham road, Exeter

Goodrids-e Mrs. I Powderham cres.Exetr Gould Miss, Rock ho. Membury, Chard Grant Henry, Ivy cottage, Dodbrooke

Goodridge Mrs. Townsend villa, Pres- Gould Misses, 62 Black Boy rd. Exeter Grant Hy. 42 South st. Gt. 'forrington

ton, Paignton Gould Mrs. Hayes cot.Poltimore,Exeter Grant Henry, jun. Ivy cot. Dodbrooke

Goodridge Wm. H.Sunny bank,Danmth Gould Mrs. Little Hele, Nymet St. GrantJ. n6Alexandra rd.Ford,Devonprt;

Goodwin A. 7 Montpelier ter.Ilfraeombe George, South Molton Grant John, Prospect villa, Above town,

Goodwin John, I Halcyon villas, High- Gonld Mrs. Nutcombe, Knowle house, Dartmouth

week, Newton Abbo~ .BoYey Tra.cey, Newton Abbot Grant. Jn. B. 8 Clarence pl. StonehQuse


Grant Joseph, 9 Grafton terrace, St. Green Henry, 23 Dix's field, Exeter Grenfell Mrs. 22 St. Hilary terrace,

Mary Church road, Torquay Green Henry, 2 Mansard ter.Dartmouth Stoke, Devonport

Grant J. 8 t:ituart ter. Stoke, Devonport Green Lewis Charles, :z Blumenthal ter- Grenfell S.S. J.Castle Park ho.Exmouth

Grant Miss, Berry L'own cottage, Gid- race, Topsham, Exeter Grenside Mrs. Laira villa., Courtenay

leigh, Newton Abbot Green Mrs. Burton st. Hrixham R.S.O road, Newton Abbot

Grant Miss, 4 Hyde Park road, Mutley, GreenMrs.Stafford vil.Sands rd.Paigntn Greswell Mrs. Hi!:{hfield house,Exmouth

Plymouth GreenMrs. M. 12Montpelier ter.Ilfracmbe Grey Mrs. 17 Durford st. Stonelwuse

Grant Mrs. I6 Carlton terrace, Dartmth GreenS.N.4Victoria ter.Heavitree,E::.::etr Grey Mrs. Park terrace, Barlow's cause-

Grant Mrs. 17 Grimstone ter. Huntis- Green Thomas, Egmore house, Ford way, Tiverton

combe road, Plymouth Park road, Motley, Plymouth . Grey Mrs. Penton cottage, Crediton

Grant Mrs. Hurstleigh, Lockyer road, Green Thomas R.N. 26 St. Hilary terrace, Gribbell Benjamin John Hatch, 1 Beau-

Mannamead, Plymouth Stoke, Devonport mont villas, Greenbank av. Plymouth

Grant Rd. Monckton, Abbey rd.Torquay Green William, Burton villa, Higher Gribble Henry James, Clarence villa,

GrantT. Wressing,Kentisbeare,Cullmptn Brixham, Brixham R.S. 0 Avenue road, Torquay

Grant Wm. Calf st. Great Torrington Green Wm. 5 New rd. .Brixham R.S.O Gribble J.Lisarda, Tor Hill rd. Torquay

Grant W. 3 Castle ter.Castle rd.Torq uay Green William, 21 Richmond road, St. Gribble Miss, Pi!ton, Barnstaple

GrantW. Watcombe pl. Watcombe,Torqy David's, Exeter Gribble The Misses, Riverside, Lichdon

Grant William John Alexander J.P. GreenW.C.M.A.Chudleigh,NewtonAbbot terrace, Barnstaple

Hillersdon house, Cullompton Green W. H. 48 Powderham cres. Exeter GribbleMrs.Strand,8haldon,Teignmouth

Grant-Morris John, jun.Kincora, Higher Green William Henry n.N. 3 Trafalgar Gribble Robt. 15 Addison rd. flymouth

Warberry road, 'Iorquay place, Stoke, Devonport Grier Mrs. Brixton, Plymouth

GrantbamJ.Paradise,Yealmptn.Plymth Greenaway William,St.Leonards,Station Griffin Co.mmander .John R.N. St.

Granville Rev. Roger M.A. Bideford road, Ilfracombe · Rumons, Reed vale, Teignmouth

Granv1lle Mrs. High street, Bideford GreentieldHasil Edward, Woolloomooloo, Griffin Arthur, Tintagel, Park road,

Granville Mrs. 4 Polsloe villas, South St. Luke's road north, Torquay Cockington, Torquay

avenue, Polsloe rd. Headtree, Exeter Greenfield John, 31 Duke st. Devonport GriffinJ.23Caprera ter.North rd.Plymtb.

Grattan John, 12 Wonford road, Exeter Greenfield Mrs. Brondesbury, Thurlow Griffin Misses,2 Millbrook viis. 'l'avistock

Gratten Miss, 13 Hi!lsboro' road, ExetAr road, Torquay Griffin Mrs. 6 Ilbert street, Plymouth

Gratwicke George Fredk. Raleigh lodge, Greenfield Thomas Williams, Ingledene, Griffin R. M. M.B. Plympton ho.Honiton

Princes st. ea:;;t, St. Thomas, Exeter Glanville rd. 'favistock Griffith Rev. Wm. 'fhos. Griffith B.A.

Gratwicke William Fras. 5 Comrie cres. Greenhow Miss, 4 Rhine villas, Bridge- Parsonage,DunkeswellAbby.Cullmptn

Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter town, Totnes Griffith Mrs. 6 Brunswick cottages,

Graves Capt.Geo. Sawle R.N., J.P. Wood- Greening Hev. F. J. New rd. Dartmouth Stoke, Devonport

bine hill, Combe Raleigh, Honiton Greenlaw William, 1 Rtmilton terrace, Griffiths Ed,yin Jas. Church hl. Honiton

Graves H. I Tamar ter. Stoke, Devonprt Purnford street, Stonehouse Griffiths Leonard Frederick, Wellington

Graves John,3 Buckland terrace,Millbay Greenshields 1\liss, The Gables, Knowles vil. Seymour av. Mannamead, Plymth

road, Plymouth hill, Newton Abbot Griffiths Mrs. Merledene, Hartley road,

Graves Jn. 53 St. Aubyn st. Devonport Greenslade John, 13 St. Anne's road, Exmouth

Graves Jn. C. Richmond walk, DevonprL Heavitree, Exeter Griffiths Mrs. 3 St. Anne's road., Heavi-

Graves J oseph, Markham, Hemyock, Greenslade John, Weedon villa, Alphing- tree, Exeter

Cullompton ton road, St. Thomas, Exeter GriffithsWm.Summerland pl.Barnstaple

Graves l\1rs. 14 Clarence road, Exmouth Greenslade Miss, Groveleigh, Cleveland Grigg E. B. 3 Wilton st. Stoke, Devonpt

Graves Mrs. Fox down, Parkham,Bidefrd road, Torquay GriggJ.H.T.2Altn.rd. Victoria pk.Plymth

Graves-Sawle·Thomas, Ro.,emont, Alph- GreP.nslade Wm. Shobrooke, Crediton Grigg Mark Edward, Cann house, 'l'amer-

ing:on, Exeter Greenway Henry, 22 Ham st. Plymouth ton Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O

Gray Capt. Philip E. R •.A. Lyndhurst, Greenway Henry, Moor view, Buckland GriggMiss,6Somerset. pl.Stoke,Devonprt

Queen's road, Plymouth Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O Grigg:Vlrs.xYork ter.Babbacombe,Torqy

Gray Rev. William Arthur Gordon M..A. Greenway John, 2 Shaftesbury villas, Grigg Nathaniel Batt, Timewells, Hol·

Meavy, Yelverton R.S.O Ford park, Motley, Plymouth combe Rogus, Wellington (Somerset)

Gray Albert Charles, Sidcliffe, Salcombe Greenway Misses, 32 Wonfield rd. Exetr Grills Thomas Millman, 3 Greenbank

Regis, Sidmouth GreenwoodJ.Croft pl.Lynton,Barnstaple avepue, Lipson road, Plymouth

Gray Henry Lee, 4 Mvnt-le-Grand, Greenwood Thomas, 73 Albert rd.Morice Grimaldi Rev. Henry Beaufort A.K.C.L.

Heavitree, Exeter town, Devonport 13 Belmont road, Exeter

Gray John, 33 St. David'!l hill, Exeter Greenwood Wm. 46 Mountst. Devonprt GrimaldiMiss,2Brimleyvls.'feignmouth

Gray J. S.2oVictoria pl.Stoke,Devonport Greepe Mrs. I West cliffe, Dawlish Grimbly Richard Henry, 56 Wolborough

• Gray Miss, 79 Durnford st. Stonehouse Greet Joseph Hen. 21 St. Hilary ter- street, Newton Abbot

Gray Miss, 14 St. Leonard road, Exeter race, Stoke, Devonport Grimes Edward, The Quay, Bideford

Gray Miss, Victoria lodge, Warberry rd. Greet Mrs. East End house, Bradninch, Grimwade Miss, Shrublands, Dartmouth

west, Torquay Cullompton road, Paignton

G-ray Mrs. Amen court, Ottery St. Mary Greeves Rev. Francis W. I Oakleigb viis. GristRev. Wm.A.3 rLongbrook st.Ex:eter

Gray Mrs. Baymount, Southfield road, ThornPark rd.Mannamead,Plymouth Gritten John, 6 Athenreum st.Plymouth

Paignton Gregg Rev. Edward Pease,Sterborough, Gritton Fredk. 5 San Remo, Dawlish

Gray Mrs. I7 Elmside, Exeter Springfield road, Torquay Grogan Wltr. Kingsley, Castle rd.Torqy

Gray Mrs. Elmsleigh, Eastterrace,Bud- Gregory Col.Geo.7St.Leonard rd.Exeter GroganWatts,Kingsley,Castle rd.Torqy

leigh Salterton S.O Gregory Rev. Prebendary Edmnndlron- Grose Jsph. May, 8Argyle ter.Plymouth

Gray Mrs. Mount Stone, Cremyll street, side M. A. Halberton, Tiverton Grose Misses, 33 St. Leonard rd. Exeter

Stonehouse Gregory Alfd. Bank st. Newton Abbot Grose Mrs. 4 Ermington terrace, Mut-

Gray Thomas William,4Mont-le-Grand, Gregory Alfred, Hillside, Ti.verton ley, Plymouth

Heavitree, Exeter Gregory Edwd 26Summerland st.Exeter Groser Albert, North Hill villa, Tavistock

Gray Waiter G. North road, Holsworthy GregoryF.D.Rock cot.Not·th rd.Bideford road, Plymouth

Gray William, I Barton villas, Dawlish Gregory Frederick George, 28 Polsloe Grossard ,Mrs. 2 Woodland terrace,

Gray W.2oJubileerd. Heavitree,Exeter road, Heavitree, Exeter North road, Bideford

Gray WilliamEdward, 4 Mont-le-Grand, Gregory Miss, •4Hi11Park cres. Plymouth Grouhe Cul.Thos. OldBlundell's,Tiverton

Heavitree, Exeter · Gregory Misses, Montserrat, Tiverton Groube Miss, High st. Topsham, Exeter

Greatwood Lieut.-Col. Henry Frederick, Gregory Mrs. Bampton st. Tiverton Grove Chas. B. Littleham ho. Exmouth

The Castle, Tiverton GregoryMrs.Clyde vls.Cyprus rd.Ex:mth Grove Harry, 6 Lion terrace,Alphington

Greaves Rev. Talbot Aden Ley M.A. Gregory Mrs. Culver cottage, Chud- road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Syracusa, Parkhill road, Torquay leigh, Newton Abbot Grove Mrs. 4 Acre pl. Stoke, Devonport

GreavesMiss,Syracusa,Parkhill rd.Torqy GregoryMrs.Eden vil.Exminster,Exeter Groves Rev. H.ichard, Wesley house,

Greek Jn. L. Taw Vale par. Barnstaple Gregory Mrs. 8 Geneva cots. Torquay Duke street, South Molton

Green Major-General John William, 4 Gregory Mrs. Greenclose rd. Ilfracombe Growdon Mrs. 14 Pasley street, Morice

Holyrood terrace, Plymouth Gregory Mrs. 4 Union ter. Barnstaple town, Devonport

Green Rev.G.C.M.A.Modbury,Ivybridgo Gregory Mrs. 5 Western terrace, St. Grute Chas. I Austin pl. Hele, Torquay

Green Rev. William .l<'rederick M. A. East Mary Church, Torquay Gruzelier Frederick Benjamin,3 Beyrou~

Budleigh, Budleigh Salterton S.O Gre~ory Robert. 2 Trafalgar lawn, place, Stoke, Devonport

Green Rev. W. L. St. Budeaux, Devonport Newport, Barnstaple Gruzelier J as.A. 9 "Windsor pi.Plymouth

Green-, Whitmore, ChitLleham Holt, Gregory Wm. 9 Newport ter.Barnstaple Gruzelier Wm.Hy.12Alfredst.Plymouth

Chumleigh Greig Octavius, Thuborough house, Grylls Rev.Henry Borlase M. A. Vicarage,

• GreenA.Fordcot.Churchingford,Honitn Sutcombe, Holsworthy Marystowe, Lew Down R.S.O

Green l<'rederick,-29 Albert road, Morice Grendon Jn. St. James st. Okehampton Grylls Mrs. 37 Torrington place, North

town, Devonport Grentell Mrs. Castle park, Exmouth road, Plymouth

G.5 Saltram pl. Citadel rd. Plymth GrenfellMrs. 2Park pl. Wonford rd. Exetr Guard Richard, Sunflower st.Barnstaple


Gubbin J.6College rd.Mannamd.Plymth Haggarty Thomas Henry R.N. 6 Had- Hallett Mrs. 3 Haldon View ter. Exmth

Gubbin John Henry, Willestrew park, dington road, Morice town, Devonprt Hallett Mrs. 43 High street, Budleigh

La.merton, Tavist.ock Hagger John, Clyst St. George, Exeter Salterton S.O

Gubbins Lieut.-Col. John Egerton, Ros- Hagley John, New st. Torrington Hallett Mrs. 4 St. George's terrace,

lyn, Westward Ho! Bideford Haime Rev. Fredk. l'ark house, Dawlish Saltash ro1d, Plymouth

GubbinsCapt. J .8. Bllutport st. Barnstaple HaimeRev. Hrbt. Wesley, Park ho. DawIsh Hallett 'f. 1 Mt.Pleasant rd.Newton Abbt

uuerin Col. Edmund Arthur,Delamore, Haine Robt. Ashcombe house, Sidmouth H,lllett William, West Exe sth. Ti¥erton

Bishop's Teignton, Teignmouth Haines Rev. Samuel Cbas. 111.A. Lutfin- HallidayWilliam Halliday M.A.,D.L.,;r.P.

GueritzHev.J.F.L.Swymbridge,Brnstple cott, Launceston Glentborne, Countisbury, Exeter

Gueritz Rev. M. B.A.Colyton,Axminster Raining Miss, I8 Trematon terrace, Hallifax Capt. Albert Praed, Halwell

Guest John, 37 Tavistock pl. Plymouth Mutley, Plymouth • house, South Pool, Kingsbridge

Guest John, The Green, Crediton Hains Sta:ff-CommanderWilliam Palmar Hailing Mrs. Plympton St. Maurice,

Guest John Callaway, I Rockside villas, R.N. Alton ho. Tavistock rd. Plymtb Plympton

Bonhay road, Exeter Hains Capt. 5 Buckland terra(){', Buck- Halloran Miss, 8 Endsleigh pl. Plymth

Guest Wm. By. 6 Dinham rd. Exeter land Monachorum, Yelverton Halloran Mrs. Edgerton house, Pennsyl-

Guilding Duncan,6.Market st.Ilfracombe Hains L. John C. 2r Forest. Totnes vania ro·1d, Exeter

Guiilaume Wm. 74 Black Boy rd.Exeter Hains Miss, 11 Charles place, Plymouth Hallowell-Carew Robert George, Beacon

Guille Rev. George De Carteret 1\I.A. Hainsworth Miss, 7 Ailsa ter. Tiverton hill,. Pinhoe, Exeter

Rectory, Little Torrington, Torrington Hainsselin Mrs. 8 Rochester terrace, Halls Samuel, 4 Grosvenor pl. Exeter

Guinness 'f.A.Castle st. BamptonR.S.O Victoria park, Plymouth Halse Henry, Balle Vue cot. Gittisham,

Guise John, 35 Portland sq. Plymouth Hainworth Miss, Searle street, Crediton Honiton

GuiseMrs.Strathallan,Hartleyrd.Exmth Haison Cbas. J.89 Cobourg st.Plymouth Halse Mrs. :1: Beaconsfield, Rolle road,

Gullett James, Littleham house,Holborn Haite John, Seymour villa, Courtenay Exmouth

place, Plymouth park, Newton Abbot Haly C. G. 21 Acre pl. Stoke, Devonport

Gullett James, 3 'fothill plac~, Beau- Hake Edward, 14 Howell road, Exeter Ham Charles, 2 Colleton cres. Exeter

mont road, Plymouth Hake Geo. Rock ho. Northam, Bideford He1m Hy. I2 Connaught avn. Plymouth

Gullett Miss, 4 Tothill place, Beaumont Hake Miss, 9 New buildings, Barnstaple Ham James, Morwenna house, Fortescue

road, Plymouth Haldane Mrs.3 Restormel ter.Plymouth ro:td, St. Thomas, Exeter

Gullett William, 66 Alexandra road, Haldon Dow. Lady, Manor ho. 'forquay Ham Jethro N. 23 Tavistock pl. Plymth

Ford, Stoke, Devonport Hale Rev. Thomas M.A. Ilsington, New- Ham John, Exeter road, Cullompton

Gully Misses, I Regent's terrace, Polsloe ton Abbot Ham John, 8 Portland sq. Plymouth

road, Heavitree, Exeter Hale G. W. Glen wood, Sands rd. Pai~ntn Ham Misses, Culm view, Exeter road,

Gulson John, Gorway, Teignmouth HalesT H.7 Church rd. St. Thomas,Exetr Cullompton
Gulston GeorgeStephany,~omerset villa, Halford Mrs. Luchana, Wood way lane, Ham Mrs. 8o Gainsborough ter. Plymth

SalcombP, Kingsbridge Teignmouth H1m Mrs. 39 Park street, Plymouth

Gumbleton Miss, Connemara, Middle Halkett Col. Craigie, 3 The Crescent, Ham Mrs. 10 Portland pl. ea. Plymouth

Warberry road, Torquay Mount Radford, Exeter Ham William, 1 Elm terrace, Lipson

Gundry Mrs. 2 Carlton villas, Queen's Hall Major William, xo Victoria terrace, road, Mannamead, Plymouth

road, St. Thomas, Exeter Mount Radford, Exeter Hambly Capt. William Tucker Wheare

Gundry Mrs. Church hill, Honiton Hall Rev. E. J. lii.A. Langtree, Torringtn R.N. Coombside, Ridgeway, Plympton

Gunn George, New st. Great Torrington Hall Rev. George J. M.A. Bovey Tracey, St. Mary

Gunn Miss, Rosemount, Chelston place, Newton Abbot Hambly Alfred George, 8 Sussex ter-

Cockinglon, Torquay Hall Rev. By. A. M.A. School ho. Totnes race, Plymouth

Gunn Mrs.Witheridge, Morchard Bishop Hall Rev. Richd. Tinhay, Lifton R.S.O Hambly Mrs. 4 Rt. George's terrace,

R.S.O Hall Rev. Richard, The Lodge, Milton Durnford street, Stonehouse

Gunning Rev. Peter, Inwardleigh, Ex- st. Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Hambly Mrs. 8 Victori1 terrace, Victoria

bourne R.S.O Hall Rev. Stuart L.Th. 10 Norman ay-en. park, Plymouth
soGunning Misses, St. John's cottage, Stoke, Devonport
Hambly Robert, Courtenay street,

Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Hall Charles, Poona villa, Decoy road, Newton Abbot

Guppy H. C. Trafalgar lawn,Barnstaple Newton Abbot Hame Jas. Select villa, Beer, Axminster

Guppy Mrs. Newport, Barnstaple Hall Francis, 4 Clifton hill, Exeter Hamilton Major Peter Fisher Percival

Gurney Rev. Frederick M.A. Heathfield Hall George, 8 Arundel terrace, Morice R.A. Rockleigh, Matford ter. Mount

house, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot town, Devonport Radford, Exeter

Gurney Rev. Waiter Burne LL.M. Hall Harry, Cavern rd. Brixh•tm R.S.O Hamilton Rev. Adam o.s.B. Buckfast-

Poughill, Crediton H':lll John, 36 Mildmay street, Plymouth leigb R. S. 0 ·

Guscott Mrs. Colyton, Axminster Hall John,4 Summerfield terrace, Lower Hamilton Rev. Arthur Hayne B. A. Col- Bronshill road, Torquay leton Crescent house, Exeter

GushG.2Laburnum pl.S~aton,Axminstr Hall John, Sydney lodge, Alphington Hamilton Rev. Charles James M.A.

Guswell Mrs. 32 Clifton pl. Plymouth road, St, Thomas, Exeter Claremont villa, Cyprus rd. Exmouth

Gutteres Rev. Frederick Emanuel s.c. L. Hall Miss, 9 Belmont place, Exeter Hamilton Alexander Henry Abercromby

NymetRowland,MorchardBishp.R.S.O Hall Miss, 4 Prospect terrace, Babba- J.P., D.L. Fairfield lodge, Countess

Gutteres Rev. George Gilbert M.A. combe, 'forqu~y Wear, Exeter

Plymtree, Cullompton Hall Misses, Cricket cottage, 1\forchard Hamilton Alexander Kelso- D.L., J.P.

Gutteres Mrs. Cottington, Sidmouth Bishop R.S.O The Retre•1t, Topsh:\m, Exeter •

Gutteridge Peter Hamond, 'fre\'order, Hall Misses, 33 Wonford road, Exeter Hamilton Chas. 20 Clinton ter.Exmouth

• Cockington, Torquay Hall Mrs. 27 Belgrave terrace, Belgrave Hamilton E. T. High st. Gt. Torrington

Guy ·Thoma!l, Pasgwyn, York road, road, Torqu'ly Hamilton Jn. K. St. Rumons, Tavistock

Babbacomb.', Torquay Hall Mrs. II Ermington terrace, Mut- Hamilton John de Courcy, Woodlands,

Guyer Rev. Brett M.A. 1\'rentham, ley, Plymouth Claremont grove, Exmouth

Higher Erith road, Torquay Hall Mrs. 13 Greenbank a\·enue, Lipson Hamilton .Mrs. 49 Connaught av.Plymth

Guyer James Brett, Wrentham, Higher road, Plymouth Hamilton Mrs. 2 Highfield, Buckleigh,

Erith road, Torquay HallMrs.Kingshurst,Oldway rd.Paigntn Westward Ho! Bideford

Gwynne Rev. Daniel Wilson Geare M.D. Hall Robert, East street, Crediton Hamilton Mrs. Oakfield, Meadfoot road,

3 Clarendon pl. Citadel rd. Plymouth Hall Rbt. Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot 'forquay

Gwynne-PhillipsA.A.Beccott,Barnstaple HallTownshendMonckton F.G.s.Orchard Hamilton Mrs. D. 2 Trefusis ter. Exmth

HackerS. Penshurst, Newton Abbot house, Pilton, Barnstaple Hamilton William S. River Knowla,
Haddon Mrs. cChelston grove, Cocking- HallW.Myrtle cot. Bradniuch,Cullomptn Cleavehouses, Northam, Bideford

tDn, Torquay HallWilliam,South Hill villas,Galmpton, Hamiltun-Gell Rev. Arthur Wolfe M. A.,

Haddy Miss, 2 Chelston place, Cocking- Brixham R.S.O Mus. Bac. Winslade, Clyst St. Mary,

ton, Torquay Hallahan Edward James, 6 Greenbank Exeter

soHaddy Miss, 43 Headland pk.Plymouth avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Hamley Mrs. I5 Torrington place,
Haddy William, 2 North Devon place, Hallahan James, Alexandra road, North road, PI~ mouth

Tavistock road, Plymouth Ford, Devonport Hamley William, 2 College road, Man-

Haddy William, 35 Torrington place, Hallam Miss, St. Peter street, Tiverton namead, Plymouth

North road. Plymouth Hallet Thos. 4 Mansard ter. Dartmouth Ha.mlin Albert James, Holmeland,Barn-

Hadow Rev. Edwd.M.Fort st.Barnstaple Hallett Col. Clements, Haven cliff, Ax- field road, Exeter ·

Haffner Martin, Wrayton, Gloucester mouth, Axminster Hamlin Charles, Gothic cottage, Par..

road, ~ewton Abbot Hallett Charles, Castle house, Axminster liament street, Crediton

Baffner Thomas Pittman, Moor view, Hallett Chas. H. Bradninch, Cullompton Hamlin Edgar Mear, West Exe south,

Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot Hallett Frank, 1 Bath terrace, Pinhoe Tiverton

Ha!!gard Rev. Christopher M.A.Filleigh, road, Heavi!oree, Exeter Ha.mlin Frederick Pitt, 49 Wonford
Hallett Hy. Curveacre, Braunton R.S.O road, Mount Radford, Exeter
South Molton


Hamlin Hubert Palmer Osborne, 4 Hancock W. sen. West Down, Ilfracmbe Harding Mrs. Constitution hili,Ilfracml:e

Queen's ter. Mount Radford, Exeter Hancorn Mrs. 2 Clairville, Brunswick Harding Mrs. I Ebberley lawn,Barnstple

Hamlin Thomas Peter, Sylvan cottage, square, Torquay Harding Nott Frederick Richard, Tor-

Premier place, Mount Radford,Exeter Handcock Mrs. 20 Hill Pk. cres. Plymth down, Swymbridge, Barnstaple

Hamlin W.Traceyville,Barnfield rd.Extr Handford Ed win, High st. Gt. Torringtn Harding Richard, Springfield, Honit'ln

Hamling Joseph G. 4 Prospect place, Handford Jsph. New st. Gt. Torrington HardingTbos.Darracott,BrauntonR.S.O

Newport, Barnstaple Hands Rev. Robert Henry B.A. Nymet Harding T. L. l'loriston,Bridge rd.Trqy

Hamlyn Rev. Andrew John, 7 Ordnance St. George, South Molton Harding William, Alma ter. .Barnstaple

street, Devonport Hankin Capt. 6 South View ter.Bideford Harding William, Botany house, Al-

Hamlyn Chas.B. 7 Chester pl.Plymouth Hann Charles, 6 New street, Paignton phington road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Hamlyn Francis Wills,3o High st.Totnes HannJn.Geo.Coly ho.Colyton,Axminster Hardinge Lieut.-Col. Herbert, 9 Victoria

Hamlyn Fredk. J.P. Clovelly crt.Bidefrd Hannaford A. 2 South pl. Dodbrooke terrace, Mount Radford, Exeter

HamlynJ.Bossellpk.BuckfastleigbR.S.O Hannaford Charles John, The Mock- Hardinge Commander John T. 3 Salt-

Hamlyn James, 9 St. David's terrace, lands, Chulmleigh ram ter.Ridgeway,Plympton St.Mary

St. David's hill, Exeter HannafordJackson,Knowle ter.Kingsbdg Hardwich Miss, Roseneath, Sidmoutb

Hamlyn John, Fullaford, Buckfast- Hannaford John, 3 College Park terrace, Hardwick Miss, .Brunswick house, Fore

leigh R.S. 0 Mutley, Plymouth street, Heavitree, Exeter

liamlyn John Henley, J ordanville, Hannaford Miss, Crescent place, Park Hardwick Mrs. St. Agnes, Park road,

Buckfastleigh R.S.O road, St. :Mary Church, Torquay Cockington, Torquay

HamlynJ.Bilberry hl.Buckfastlgh.R.S.O Hannaford Miss, Stone house, Tops- Hardy Rev.Hy.B..A.. Ordnance st.Dvnprt

Hamlyn Mrs. 3 Carlton hill, Exmouth ham, Exeter HardyAlfd. 16May ter. Lipson rd.Piymtl1

Hamlyn Mrs. Clovelly court, Bideford Hannaford Mrs. 2 Bradley terrace, Hardy Chas.The Cot.Gittisham,Honiton

Hamlyn Mrs. Cleavehurst, Huckfast- King-skerswell, Newton Abbot Hardy Edward, Lamorna Yilla, Fern-

leigb R.S.O Hannaford Mrs. Lympstone, Exeter leigh road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Hamlyn Mrs. Lower Aish, Leusden, Hannaford Mrs. 29 Prospect terrace, HardyMiss,Winsor cot.Gittisham,Honitn

Ashburton R.S.O Newton Abbot Hare Jas Honeylands, Whipton, Exeter

Hamlyn Mrs. South Zeal, Okehampton Hannaford Mrs. I Seymour villas, Hare Misses, Ashwood, St. l\largaret's

HamlynS.N. Wrafton rd.BrauntonR.S.O Bridgetown, Totnes road, St. Mary Church, Torquay

Hamlyn Thomas, Appledore R.S.O Hannaford Mrs. The Hill, Cbulm1eigh Hare Misses, Scotleigh, Chudleigh, New-

Hamlyn Thomas, Leigh grange, South Hannaford P. 12 Portland sq. Plymouth ton Abbot

Hent, Ivybridge _ Hannaford S. East st. AshburtonR.S.O Hare Mrs. Court grange, Abbotskers-

Hamlyn Thomas, 8 Sih·er st. Bideford Hannaford William, Colaba, Decoy road, well, Newton Abbot

Hamlyn Thomas, 20 Townsend crescent, Newton Abbot Hare Mrs. 2 St. Leonard's place, Exeter

Mannamead, Plymouth HannafordWm.B.4 ElmGrove rd.Exeter Hare Mrs. St. Pcttriek, Manor road, St.

Hamlyn Thos. 12 Walker ter. Plymouth Hannaford William Henry, 4 Paradise Mary Church, Torquay

Hamlyn Vincent Waldo Calmady :M:.A., place, Stoke, Devonport Hargood-Ash William L. A. Ehrenberg

J.P. Leawood, Bridestowe R.S.O Hannaford V\'illiam Jarvis, I Broad Park hall, Chesnut avenue, Torquay

HamlynW .Hapstead, Buckfastlgh.R.S. 0 villas, Whitchurcb, Tavistock Hargrave J ames, Beulah cattage, Har-

Hamlyn Wm. Bussell, Widecombe cot. Hannaford William Richard, 10 Paradise eo mbe valley, Uplyme, Lyme R~gis

Barrington road, Ilsham, Torquay place, Stoke, Devonport Hargreave ~Iajor George, Shirley, Falk-

Hamlyn W. H. 4 Parkhill cot. Torquay Hannaford William Samuel, Fair view, land road, Torquay

Hamm Maj. W.4Montpelier ter.IIfrcmbe Salcombe, Kingsbridge Hargreaves Alfred Lydford, Bridge

Hamm Miss, Bella Vista, Slade road, Hannam Miss, u May place, Lipson house, North Brentor, Tavistock

Ilfracombe road, Plymouth Hargreaves George Harrison, Sowdon

Hammett Edward Henry, I Hill crest, Hannant Jn. 2c; Granby st. Dm-onport lodge, Lympstone, Exeter

Mannahead, Plymouth Hannen The Rig 1t Hon. Lord F.R.s., Hargreaves Mrs. 2 Connaught villas.

Hammett John, Purzebrook, Axminster P.C., D.C.L.Ho.necot.AshburtonR.S.O Connaught avenue, Plymouth

Hammett Mrs. l<'ort street, Barnstaple Hansford R. W. 27 Victoria pk. Plymth Harker Rev. Samuel, Cheriton Fitz-

Hammick Lady, Kilmaurs, Asbeldon HansonMaj.-Gen. G. W.Highfield,Tivrtn paine, Crediton

road, llsbam, Torquay Hanson ELl, ar R. Forest. Chulmlehh Harker W.I6 Haldon rd.St.David's,Extr

Hammick James, II Clifton terrace, Hanson:Yfrs.Itfield gro.North rd.Bideford Harkins J. 14 Seaton av.Mutley,Plymth

Braddon Hill road east, 'forquay Hanson William Day J.P., D.L. White- Harley Jame:;, 4 Wolseley terrace, Hun-

Hammick Stephen, Cample Haye, hill, Abbotsham road, Bideford tiscombe road, Plymouth

Lamert-on, Tav1stock Harbottle Edward Hall F.R.I.B..A..Bridge Hariey Mrs. 5 Victoria terrace, Vfctoria.

Hammond John, Prixford cottage, Mar- hill, Topsham, Exeter park, Plymouth

wood, Barnstaple Harbottle Mrs. Meadowside, Victoria Harlowe-Turner Major John J.P. Cliff

Hammond Mrs.I3Belvidere ter.Paigntn place, Budleigh Salterton S.O house, Paignton

Hammond Mrs. 9 Codrington st. Exeter Harcourt Mrs. St. Mary's lodge, Exmth Harmer Mrs. 5 St. Aubyn's vils.Tivertn

Hammond Mrs. Franklincottage,Braun- Hardie Major Henry Robert, Penquit, HarndenE.lsland ter.Salcombe,Kngsbdg

ton R.S.O Woodend road, Torquay Harnden Henry, 27 Island street, Sal-

Hammond-Spencer Harry, Glendaragh, Hardiman Joshua James, Savernake combe, Kingsbridge

Teignmouth house, Falkland road, Torquay Harold Alfred, Higbtield house,Lapford,

Hammond-SpencerMiss,43Pennsylvania Harding Capt. John, Vellore, Priory Morchard Bishop R.S.O

road, Exeter road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Harper George, 27 Park st. Plymouth

Hampshire Rev. William Knowlton M.A. Harding Rev. Richard, The Priory, The Harper John R. Bear street, .Ba.rnstaple

Grafton villa, Grafton road, Torquay Mint, Exeter Harper J os.:~ph J. P. Bear st. Barnstaple

Hamson Edwd. 2 Jubilee ter. Sidmouth Harding Charles, High street, Honiton Harper Robt. 49 Prospect park, Exeter

Hanbury Sampson I.P. Bisbopstowe, Harding George, 2 St. German's villas, Harper Thomas, 7 ToLhill av. Plymouth

Babbacombe, Torquay Pennsylvania road, Exeter Harper Wm. Burton st. Hrixham R.S.O

Hancock A. I Rock Park ter. Rarnst.aple Harding George Leach, Mayfield, Tor- Harper William, .Brimridge, 'forbryan,

Hancock Alfred, I4 Townsend mescent, quay road, Newton Abbot Newton Abbot ·

Mannamead, Plymouth Harding Henry, 7 Lansdowne terrace, Harper Wm.5Westbourne ter.Teignmth

Hancock Charles, Court green, Bishop's Holloway street, Exeter Harper William Henry, I Revelstoke

Nympton, South Molton Harding Henry John, II South Lawn terrace, Beaumont road, Plymouth

Hancock Edward Newton, 3 South View terrace, Heavitree, Exeter Harpley Rev. William M.A., F.C.P.s.

cottage, Ilfracombe Harding Mrs. James, Bevan house, Clayhanger, Hampton R.S.O

Hancock Francis Barnard, 4 Culme ter- Pilton, Barnstaple Harris Capt.Robt. R.N.Tbe Bre1k, Buck-

race, Tothill road, Plymouth Harding John, Alma ter. Barnstaple land Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

Hancock G. I Acre pl. Stoke, Devonport Harding J. T. 2 Brookdale av.Ilfracombe Harris Surg.-Capt. Fredk. Wm. Hy.

Hancock Henry, 74 Albert road, Morice Harding Josepb, I Higher Summer- Uavey, 4 Outram ter. Stoke,Dt!vonprt

town, Devonport lands, Heavitree road, Exeter Harries Surg. By. R. M. L.I. R Jyal 1\rhriue

Hancock John, 51 Abbey road, Torquay Harding Miss, Marwell villa~, South barracks, Durnford st. Stonehouse

Hancock John, I8 Clifton bill, Exeter Brent, Ivybridge Harris ~hjor Samuel Keith, 4 Elstow,

HancockMiss,Rosecot.Horrabrdg.R.S.O Harding Miss, Musbury, Axminster Old Tiverton road, Exeter

Hancock Miss, Rock cottage, Kingskers- Harding Miss, St. Catherine's, Priory Harr1s Rw. Samuel George M.A. High-

well, Newton Abbot road, St.. Mary Church, 'forquay week, Newton Abbot

Hancock Mrs. 47 High st. Barnstaple Harding Miss, 5 Sanford crescent, Harris Rev. W.G.Manor ho.Holsworthy

Hancock Mrs. 55 Regent st. Plymouth Cocking-ton, Torquay Harris Albert James, 1 Alex-andra ter-

Hancock Mrs. IS St. Margaret's ter- Harding Miss,Swisscot.Alphington,Extr race, Black Boy road, Exeter

race, St. Mary Church, 'forquay Harding Mrs. 39 Alcester street, Morice Harris Alfd. N. 91 Cobourg st Plymtb

Hancock Richard, u Toronto rd.Exeter town, Devonport Harris Alfd. Wm. I9 Toronto rd.Exeter

Hancock Robert, rs (.)lifton hill, Exeter Harding Mrs. Colyton, Axminster Harris AndrewS. 5 Uascoyne pl.Plymth.


Harris .Arthur, Brinning, Moreton Harris William, go Elmside, Exeter Harvey J.D'Arcy,7o North rd. Plymouth

Hampstead, Newton Abbot Harris Wm. Globe hill, Woodbury,Exetr Harvey John, 35 Princes st. Devonport

HaiTis Chas. 3 Endsleigh ter. •ravistock Harris William, 2 Ker street, Devonport Harvey John B.8 St.Jude's rd.Plymouth

Harris Charles, 39 Fore st. Kingsbridge Harris Wm. 2 Montpelier ter. Ilfracmbe Harvey JohnC.sAthemeum st.Plymouth

Harris Charles James, 3 Pentyre terrace, Harris William, Plymouth road, Totnes Harvey John Francis, Earlham, Trum-

Lipson road, Plymouth Harris W.B. Woodlands, Ea. Teignmouth lands road, St.Mary Church, Torquay

Harris E. Albany ho. Bridgetown,Totnes Harris William Charles, I4 Seymour Harvey Miss, Musbury, Axminster

Harris Edward, Endsleigh, Old Tiver- place, Lipson road, Plymouth HarveyMrs.Ashley priors,Maidencombe,

ton road, Exeter HarrisW.H.42St.Brannock'srd.llfrcmbe Te;gnmouth

Harris Edwin John, II Union rd.Exeter Harris William Henry, Devonia villa, Harvey Mrs. Ashley priors, Watcombe,

Harris Fitz Geo. Forest. Kingsbridge Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter Torquay

HarrisFras.Wm.IoWoodland ter.Plymth Harris Wm. Hy. 7 Gascoyne pl. Plymth Har\·eyMrs.Billacombe villas,Plymstock,

HarrisF.L.Sefton,Dartmouth rd.Paigntn Harris William James J.P. Halwill Plymouth

Harris Frederick, 6 Camperdown street, manor, Beaworthy R.S.O Harvey Mrs. Exminster, Exeter

Morice town, Devonport Harris W.J. 5 Jubilee rd.Heavitree, Extr HarveyMrs.Elburton,Plymstock,Plymth

Harris Geo.4Kin~wood ter.Holsworthy Harris William Venning, Westbonrne, HarveyMrs.nGainsborough ter.Plymth

Harris Geo. 66 Wilton st. Stoke,Dvnprt Fore street, Kingsbridge Harvey Mrs. 6 King street, Tavistock

Harris Geo. C. 75 Cobourg st. Plymouth Harris-Arundell William Reinfred Harvey Mrs. Parkhill house, Colley End

Harris Geo. E. 3 Mill st. Gt. Torrington Arundell, Lifton cot. Lifton R.S.O road, Paignton

Harris Geo. H. Woodway la. Teignmth Harrison Lieut-Gen. Sir Richard K.C.B., Harvey Mrs. Aberfeldie, Upper Braddon

Harris H. 7 Silver ter.Richmond rd.Extr c.M.G. Government house, Mount Hill road, Torquay

Harris Hy. M. I4 Alfred st. Plymouth Wise, Devonport HarveyMrs.2Victoriapl.Stoke,Devonprt

Harris Hy. Vigurs, 3 Eton pi. Plymouth Harrison Rev. William, Craig cottage, HarveyN.Tormount,Bartonrd.Torquay

Harris Henry William John, 33 Haldon Queen street, Newton Abbot HarveyOliverR.I2Prospectst.Plymouth

road, St. David's, Exeter HarrisonRev.Wm.M.A.Clovelly,Bideford Harvey Richard,7 Carlton ter.Plymouth

Harris Herbert Howard, 1 Melville, Harrison Deputy Insp.-Gen. Garland Harvey Richd.J.36Emma pl.Stonehouse

Tavistock road, Mannamead, Plymth W. L. Royal Naval hospital, High HarveyRt.l.P.Dundridg.Harbertn.Totns

Harris Hubert de Burgh, Huntingdon street, Stonehouse Harvey Samuel Bool,I I Spencer terrace,

warren, Princetown R.S.O HarrisonArthur,52Coombe rd. Teignmth Lipson road, Plymouth

Harris James, 51 Alcester street, Morice Harrison Hy. B. 21 Magdalen st. Exeter Harvey T.Belle ho. Church st.Dodbrooke

town, Devonport Harrison James, 20 Ker st. Devonport Harvey Thomas Henry, Gordon villa,

Harris Jas. 2S Trafalgar pi. Stk. Dvnprt Harris'on James, Torleigh, Petitor road, Wilderness rd. Mannamead,Plymouth

Harris John, Cowley, Exeter ~t. Mary Church, Torquay Harvey T.J.s Ann's pl. Stoke,Devonport

Harris John, 21 New rd.Brixham R.S.O HarrisonJohn,Hill side,Chri~tow.Exeter HarveyWm.xg Athenreumst. Plymouth

Harris John, 4 St. Sidwell's av. lt~xeter Harrison Miss, Rosebank cot. Sidmouth Harvey William, Gestridge, Kingst.eign-

Harris John, 34 Toronto road, Exeter Harrison Miss, I Woodland terrace, ton, Newton Abbot

Harris J. D. 45 West Southernhay,Extr Babbacombe, Torquay Harvey W.Oak hill, Oak Hill rd.Torquay

Harris John Fletcher, Upcott house, Harrison Mrs.Pelly,Thurlow rd.Torquay Harvey Wiiliam F.R.c.s. St. Eweste,

Halwill, Beaworthy R.S.O Harrison Samuel, 35 Elmside, Exeter Wolborough hill, Newton Abbot

Harris John Harry de Burgh, Hunting- Harrison Thomas, Queen's hotel, Har\"eyW.E.35Trafalgar pl.Stoke, Dvnpt

don warren, Princetown R.S.O Victoria parade, Torquay Harvey William Phillips, Cross Tree ho.

Harris Joseph, Lower Coombe, Bovey Harrison T.F. 1Cothele ter.Stoke,Dvnprt Moreton Hampstead, Newton Abbot

Tracey, Newton Abbot Harrison Thomas Henry, Homeleigh, Harvey Wm. Sharp, Cedar cot. Dawlish

Harris J. F. 10 Carolina pi. Stonehouse Dartmouth road, Paignton Harvie Rev. Arthur, 86 Alcester street,

HarrisMiss,wiAlexandra rd.Ford,Dvnpt Harrison Wm.12 Endsleigh pi. Plymouth Morice town, Devonport

Harris Miss, 18 Clarence pi. Stonehouse Harrison Wm. 4 Gertrude ter. Exmouth Harwood Staff-Corn. Frank John R.N. 22

Harris Miss, Forest. Shaldon, Teignmth Harrod Charles D.Morebath ho.Tiverton Athenreum street, Plymouth

Harris Miss, 10 Gordon ter. Plymouth Harry Edward, Courtenay st. Salcombe, Haskins Mrs. Rackenford, Morchard

HarrisMiss,Hollacombe,WinkleighR.S. 0 Kingsbridge Bishop R. S. 0

Harris Miss, 9 Parade, Exmouth Harry Mrs. 14 Hyde Park road, Mu~ley, HaslerW.Rock "iew,Warren rd.Torquay

Harris Miss, Sunningdale, Portland Plymouth Haslett Surgeon-Capt. John Courtenay

avenue, Exmouth Hart Jas.L. 29 Greencloserd. Ilfracombe M.D., 1 Lyndhurst road, Mount

Harris Miss, The Haven, York road, Hart Mrs. n Princess street, Plymouth Radford, Exeter

Babbacombe, Torquay Harte David Baker B.A.Dunn's Endowed Haslett Thomas, 18 Staddon terrace,

Harris Misses, Cross house, Bishop's school, High street, Crediton North road, Plymouth

Teignton, Teignmouth Hartley Miss, 104 North road, Plymouth HassallMrs.Fernhm.ho.Fernhm.Paigntn

Harris Mrs.TheAvenue,Seaton,Axmnstr Hartley Mrs. 3 Belle Vue crescent, Hastings William Hardinge, Kenandy,

Harris Mrs. Buckingham lodge, Van- Cockington, Torquay Redlands road, Sidmouth

sittart road, Torquay Hartnell John, Fort street, Barnstaple Haswell Mrs. 5 Belvidere ter. Paignton

Harris Mrs. Forest. Shaldon, Teignmth Hartnoll E.N.3 Westbourne Dartmth HaswellPaymasterWm.Hy.R.N.Valletort

Harris Mrs.Glenfamie,Avenue rd. Torqy Hartnoll George Frederick, Mont Yille, villa, Valletort pl. Stoke, Devonport

Harris Mrs. 2 Jubilee rd. Heavitree,Extr Westhill rd. St.MaryChurch,'forquay Hatch Alfd.2Courtenay st.NewtonAbbot

Harris Mrs. Park pi. Winkleigh R.S.O Hartnoll H.'f.35 EastSouthernhy.Exeter HatchJ.sen.Rattery,BuckfastleighR.S.O

Harris Mrs. 37 Park street, Plymouth Hartnoll John, 21 Bedfordcircus,Exeter Hatch John V.4 Caroline pi. Stonehouse

Harris Mrs. 13 Pavilion place, Mag- Hartnoll Misses (The), Marsh, Swym- HatchT.rsTrafalgar pi.Stoke,Devonport

dalen road, Exeter . bridge, Barnstaple Hatchard Mrs. tPentillie avenue,Mutley,

Harris Mrs. Rose cot. Broadclyst,Exeter Hartnoll Misses, 16 Wonford road, Mount Plymouth

Harris Mrs. Sorel, Croft road, Torquay Radford, Exeter Hatcher William, Portland cot. Dawlish

HaiTis Mrs. WQOdhaye, Ivybridge Hartnoll Wm. Geo. High st. Barnstaple Hatchley Josepb, Belmont cottage,

Harris N _82 Radford rd. Larkbeare,Extr Harty E.Jas.Craiglands, Castle rd.Torqy Station road, Ilfracombe

Harris Richard R.N. I Havelock terrace, Harvest Misses, 19 Barton cres. Dawlish Hatfielrl R. 16 Milton st.Stoke,Devonport

Stoke, Devonport Harvey Rev.J.M.A.9 Sussex pi.Plymouth Hatherley Miss,9 Bridgeland st. Bideford

Harris Robert Thornhill, Halwill lodge, Harvey Rev. Samuel Holmdene B. A. Hatherly Hy. 32 Pennyslvania rd.Exeter

Halwill, Beaworthy R.S.O Greenway rd. St. Mary Church,Torqy Hatherly Narcissus Collios R.N., M.D.,

Harris Russell, 25 Cheltenham place, Harvey Rev.T.C. 13 Friars walk, Exeter J.P. I23 East street, South Molton

Greenbank road, Plymouth Harvey Albert Ellis, 66 Okehampton st. HaughtonBenj.Alfd.Houndpool,Dawlish

Harris Stephen, St. Mary's lodge, Gros- St. Thomas, Exeter Havelock lieorge,Waterside ho.Dartmth

venor road, l'aignton HarveyC.sBrunswick pl.Stoke,Devonprt Haverfield Thomas Wylde, Clifton villa,

Harris Thomas, Church cottage, Wel- HarveyC. Upland villa, Watts rd. Tavistck Watts road, Tavistock

combe, Stratton R.S.O Harvey Chas. J. Forest.Brixham R.S.O Havill F.34 Polsloerd. Heavitree,Exeter

HaiTis Thos. 1 Connaught av.Plymouth HarveyDaniel, xoButtgarden st.Bideford Havill J.sSt.Anne's rd.Heavitree, Exeter

HaiTIS Thos.Riverford,~taverton,Totnes Harvey Edward, 8 Donegal terrace, Havill John,12 St. Sidwell'saven.Exeter

HaiTis Thos. 7Verney pl.Sidwell st.Extr Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport Hawke A.R. 18 Dumford st. Stonehouse

Harris Thos. Jn. 1 Greenbank, Plymth Harvey Edward, 14 St. George'sterrace, HawkeJ.Bolden,9Gascoynepl.Plymouth

HarrisThos.Snow, 15Leigham st.Plymth Durnford street, Stonehouse HawkeJohn, Alma villa, Tavistockroad,

Harris William, Beer, Axminster Harvey Edward Leigh, Cross cottage, Mannamead, Plymouth

Harris William, Brampford wood, Bishop's Teignton, Teignmouth Ha.wkeMiss,Sefton,Dartmth. rd.Paigntn

Brampfordspeke, Exeter Harvey G.A.23 Acre pl.Stoke,Devonport Hawke Mrs. 53 East street, Stonehouse

HaiTis William, II Dundonald street, Harvey J .Edwd.36Pennsylvania rd. Extr HawkeRichard,Billacot,NorthPetherwin,

Morice town, Devonport Harvey J. Emlyn, Melbourne house, 13 Egloskerry R.S.O

Harris William, Elm ville, Courtenay Friars walk, Exeter Ha.wke William Henry, Higher Mount

park., Newton Abbot Harvey Jas.M .s.A. 33Baring st.Plymout.h Galpine, Dartmouth


Bawke William A. Foss st. Dartmoutb Haydou Mrs. Loupe house, Lyme ro::~.d, Hearder George Henry, Burleigb, Pow-

Hawken George,73 George st. Plymouth Axminster derham road, Newton Ahbot

Hawken James, 13 Grimstone terrace, Haydon 'fbos. C. St. Peter st. Tiverton Hearder William, Rocombe, Woodland

Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Haydon William, Fern bank, Torquay park, Paignton

Hawken John Frederick, 14 Grimstone road, Newton Abbot He>trder William, Ph.n., F.S.A. 23

terrace, Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Haydon W. R. M.D. St. Peter st.Tivertn Athenreum street, Plymouth

HawkenSidneyllerbert,2Henrietta villas, Hayes Alfd. 2 Connaught aven. Plymth Hearl William John, 9 Silver terrd.ce,

Lower Compton road, Plymouth Hayes F.27St.Hilary ter.Stoke,Devonprt H.ichmond road, Exeter

Hawken Silas, 3 Queen Anne terrace, Hayes SI. 7 Keppel pl. Stoke, Devnnprt Hearle ~Iajor Parkins, Royal Marine

'favistock road, Plymouth Hayes W. ID Hyde Pk. rd. Mutley, Plymth barraeks, Durnford street, Stonehouse

Hawker Rev. Cecil M. A. Gross Park road, Haygarth Mrs. Plympton St. Ma urice, Hearle Samuel Jn. I Hoe st. Plymouth

Ilfracombe Plympton Hearn F. Gulliford, Lympstone, Exeter

Hawker Rev. Isaac, Trusham villa, Hayman Alfred W.Harbour view,Above Hearn Frederick Richard, Ford house,

Lipson road, Plymouth town, Dartmouth Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter

Hawker Re''· John M.A.Cotleigh, Honiton Hayman Ernest 'Villiam, 4 Red worth Hearn James, 67 Albert road, Morice

Hawker E.W.PlymptonSt.Mrice.Plymth terrace, Dartington, Totnes / town, Devonport

Hawker Francis Feodor Wynne, Hele Hayrnan J. tioro' ho. Colyford,Axminstr Hearn James, 7 Seymour terrdce,Lipson

house, Bickleigh, R:~borough R.S. 0 Hayman J.34 Higher Brookst.'feignmth road, Plymouth

Hawker Hy. Gore, II Lockyerst. Plymth Hayman J.G.3 Ebberley lawn,Barnstple Hearn Jas. E. I Brookdale ter. Dawlish

Hawker John Charles, Barton house, Hayman J. rStafford vls.Heavitree,Exetr' Hearn John, 9 Barton villas, Da wlish

East Anstey, I>ulverton R.S.O Hayman Richard, 8 Springtield, Old Ti- Hearn John G. r6Emma pl. Stonehouse

Hawker John Samuel.B.A., J.P. J'vlutley verton road, Exeter Hearn 1\Jrs. 4 Cambridge ter. Sdmouth

ho.ThornPark av.Mannamead,Plymth Hayman Misses, 3 Linden vale, Howell Hearson Chas. 20 Oxfordgro.Ilfracombe

Hawker Mrs. Burleigh, Weston Peverel, road, Exeter Hearson .1\Iiss, 20 Oxford gro. Ilfracombe

Plymouth Hayne Rev.Richard James M.A.Buckland Heath Benj. II St. Sidwell's aven.Exeter

HawkerMrs.TheFirs,Plymstock,Plymth Monachorum, Yelverton R.S 0 Heath George, I Bedford circus, Exeter

Hawker Mrs. SeaSeld, Sidmouth Hayne H. G. I Exe View ter. Exmouth Heath Geo.Owen,I Bedford circus, Exetr

Hawker .Mrs. Teignlawn, Chudleigh Hayne Mrs. Sidney, I Claremont grove, Heath H. B. 6 Green Bank ter. Plymouth

Knighton, Newton Abbot St. Leonard road, Exeter jHeath John, 4 Bath terrace, Teignmth

HawkerThos.52 St.AubJn st.Devonport Haynes Charles Henry, 17 Beatrice Heath J. P. 47 West Southernhay,Exetr

HawkesC.Pinewood,Torrs pk.Ilfracombe avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth Heath~lark,Avon vil.Avonwick,Ivybridg

HawkesFrank,IB Pavilion place,:Magda- Haynes George, 2 Raleigh road, Exeter Heath Miss, l\lachon bank, Bampfylde

len road, Exeter Haynes Henry, 4I Palmerston street, road, Torquay

llawkesl\Iiss,6Park villas, Station road, Stoke, Devonport,Extr

Okehampton Haynes J. L. Blagdon, Hartland, Bideford HeathMrs. Scorriton, HuckfastleighR.S. 0

Hawkes Mrs. 17 Wellington st. Teignrnth Haynes J. H. Southtown, Kenton,Exet(;lr lle'lth Mrs. 6 Trafalgar terrace, StMary

HawkesW.9Penlee ¥ils.Htoke,Devonport Haynes Mrs.Milford ho.Hartland,Bidefd Church road, Torquay

Hawkey Thomas Richard, 9 Higher Haynes 'rhos Bo Cobourg st. Plymouth Heath Mrs. 8 Woodford villas, Manna-

Park View terrace, Heavitree, Exeter Hayter-Hames Colvile George M.A., J.P. mead, Plymouth

Hawkin Chas. 14 Addison rd. Plymouth Chagford house, Newton Abbot Heath Mrs. II .Zion street, Plymouth

Hawking Mrs. George, I9 Tavistock rd. Hayter-Hames Mrs. Chagford house, Heath Semuel J. Blackawton H..S.O

Stoke, Devonport Newton Abbot Heath Stanley, I6 Gerston rd. Paignton

HawkingN.8oAlexandra rd.Ford,Devnpt Haythorn Mrs. Bridge view, Laira, Egg Heath Thos. 40 St. Aubyn st. Plymouth

HawkingT.4 Stopford pl.Stoke,De\·onprt lluckland, Plymouth Heath Willi:1m, Craven cot. Dartmouth

Hawkings E. Portland square, Plymouth Hayward Arthur Ernest,West Hill villas, Heath William, Furzecroft, Bucklaml

HawkinsRev.B.R.J.B.A.Brooking,Totnes Brixham RS.O Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

Hawkins Arthur Leonard, 7 Oak villas, Hayward Charles Allington Gardner, 1 Heath William,North Down rd. Bideford

Okehampton rd. St. Thomas, Exeter Allington cottage, Awliscombe,Honitn' Heathcoat-Amory Sir John H. hart. D.L.,

Hawkms E. Stewart, Alston, Colebrook, Hayward Frederit;k Albert, I Ebrington J.P. Knightshayes court, Tiverton

Plyrnpton St. Mary ter. Alphmgton rd. St. Thomas,Exetr Heathcoat-Amory Ian .Murray J. P.

Hawkins Charles, t)andgate, York road, Hayward George, West Dale, Higher Hensleigh house, Tivarton

Babbacombe, Torquay Walnut road, Cockington, Torquay HeathcoteRev. Ernest Edward Egremont

Hawkins E. V. 42 Pennsylvania rd.Exetr Hayward J. 8 Connaught aven. Plym th B. A. Re we, Exeter

Hawkins Frank, 4 Chats worth terrace, Hayward Miss,2Brooklet villas,Salcombe Heathcote Rev. Samuel Sidney B. A.

Higher Wellesley road, Torquay Hegis, Sidmouth Bondleigh, North 'fawton R.S. 0

Hawkins F. Fernbank, Avenue rd. Torqy Hayward Misses,Windsor house,Seaton, Heathcote C. D.4 Bradninch place,Gandy

Hawkins H.Furzeham hl.Brixhm.R.S.O Axminster street, Exeter

HawkinsJ.F.Netley,Eampfylderd.Torqy Hayward Saml. Burrow ldg. Ilfracombe Heathcote Misses, Ringmore cottage,

Hawkins Miss, 7 Cavendish terrace, Hayward William,Kirkthorpe,Rousdown Ringmore, Kingsbridge
Heathcote Misses, a Union ter.Barnstaple
Higher Wellesley road, 'forquay road, Cockington, Torquay

Hawkins Miss,37 Pennsylvania rd.Exetr Hayward Winstone John, Rock cottage, Heathfield Mrs. 94 Sidwell st. Exeter

Hawkins Mrs. Colyton, Axminster Abbotsham road, Bideford Heathman Mrs. North Beer, ~preyton,

Hawkins Mrs. 5 Park place, Wonford Haywood Rev. Joseph Hirste M.A. 7 Bow R.S.O

road, Exeter Lisson grove, Plymouth Heaton Mrs. I Belgrave terrace,Torquay

Hawkins Mrs. 6 Westbourne terrace, Haywood Rev. Henry Trefry,Cassington road, Newton Abbot

Teignmouth ldg. Fernleigh rd.Mannamead,Plymth Heaven Rev. H. G. III.A. Lnndy Ishnd,

Hawkins Thos. 85 North rd. Plymouth Ha:.:eldine John, Silverton, Cullompton Instow R.S.O

Hawkins 'fhos. 3 Northernhay pl.Exeter Hazleton Edward Benjamin M.D.Clovelly Heaven James C. Kil~orthy, "\Yesthill

Ha wkins William, 8 Belmont rd. Exeter Head Rev. A. T. 54 Hill Pk. cres. Plymth road, St. l\Iary Church, Torquay

Hawton !''rank, 15 Herbert place, MJrice Head A.J.Holly mnt.Avonwick, Ivybrdg Heaviside Chas. 27 Torwood st.Torquay

town, Devonport HeadJ.J.47 Alexandra rd.Ford,Devonprt Heawood Charles, The B1·ake, Teign-

Hawton N. L. I St. Jude's ter. Plymth Head Mrs.14Brunswick pl.Stk. De\·onprt mouth road, Torquay

HawtonW.H.92Wiltonst.Stoke,Devnprt Head Mrs. The Wessiters, Seaton, Heawood Miss M. H. The, Teign-

. Hay Chas. E. I St.Aubyn·s ,·ils.Tiverton Axminster mouth road, Torquay

Hay George William F.R.S.E. Vi'hiterigg Head Philip, The Castle, Paignton Heayel John, Newport road, Barnstaple

bank, Warren, Star Cross R.S 0 Head Samuel, Fore street, Ivybridg-e Heddon Henry, 7 Chaddlewood avenue,

• Haycroft Charles Henry, Bow R.S.O Head W. H. I Westbourne t&r. Dartmth Lipson road. Plymouth ·

Haycroft F. T. 13 Clinton ter. Exmouth Heal Saml. xo St. Sidwell's aven. Exeter Heddon Mrs. 12 Bayswater terrace7
Haycroft Mrs. 13 Clinton ter. Exmouth Heale Misses, 8 Ham street, Plymouth Albert road, Plymouth

Haycroft Mrs. Strand, T<lpsham, Exeter Heale William, 19 Culverland rd. Exeter Heddon Mrs. 4 The Myrtles, Sidmouth

Haydon Edgar M.n.'l'he Laurels, Powder- Healey W.L. H.M.S. Britannia,Dartmth Hedgeland S. 38 Low. North st. Exeter

ham road, Newton Abbot Hean C.s Premierpl Mnt.H.adford,Exetr Hedges Edwin John, 8 Ru.ssell place,

Haydon Jas. B. 56 Regent st. Plymouth Heard Albert, Vpton, Cullompton Pennycomequick, Stoke, Devonport

Haydon Josiah John, Crawford villa, tiea HeardG.4o Palmerston st.Stoke, Devnprt Hedges George Richard, 35 Ak-ester

• View terrace, Lipson road, Plymouth Heard Hy. E. 19 New North rd. Exeter street, Morice town. Devonport

Haydon Lancelot •r. Aranmore, Wolboro' Heard Jn.4 Belmont vis. Stoke, Devonprt Hegenbottom Mrs. The Hollies, Lark-

hill, Newton Abbot Heard Peter, Hartland, Bideford stone fields, Ilfracombe

Haydon Miss, Castle street, Tiverton Heard Uichard, sen. 4 Argaum villas, HeinemierMrs. uEndsleigh pi. Plymouth

Haydon Miss, 3 South View terrace, Stoke, Devonport Hele George, I Mount Edgcumbe

North Down road, B1deford HeardR.W.3Clarendon ter.Stke.Devnprt terrace, Stoke, Devonport

Haydon Mr!!. Littlemoor, Decoy road, Heard Rt. Trafalgarcot. Well st. Exeter Hele John, 5 MoontEdgcumbeterrace,

~e" ton Abbot Heard Stanley, Royal hotel, Bideford_ Stoke, De\ onport


Hele John, 8 Windsor place, Plymouth Hepburn ·rhomas Henry J.P. Dunmore Heywood Joshua~ Hawthorn house, Ab·

Hellard Joseph Augustus, Ea~t view, housE>, Bradninch, Cullompton bot.sham road, Bideford

Fernleigh rd. Mannamead, Plymouth Heppell William, Exminster, Exeter Heywood Mrs. Parkham, Bidefvrd

Helier Robt. 10 Alexandra rd. Plymouth Herbert Commander Charles W. R.N. Heywood Mrs. Springtield terrace,

Hellier Edwd. Wm. Wet;t end, Honiton The Gran~e, Salcombe, Kingsbridge East-the-Water, Bideford

Hellier George, 6:) Black Boy rd. Exeter Herbert C. J. J. Rosemount, Sidemouth Heywood Wi.liam, Parkham, Bideford

Hellier Henry Thomas, II Carlton HerbertS. 2Hill crst.Mannamead,Plymth HeywoodW.2Rockside vl~.HJnhy.rd.Extr

terrace, New North road, Exeter Herbert William James, IO Beatrice Hibberd Wdliam, Homefielu lodge,

Hellier John Denslow, Hillside, Old avenue, Lipson road, Plymouth HeM•itree, Exeter

'fiverton road, Exeter Herd William, I Zetland pl. Plymouth Hibbert Col. Hugh Robert D.L., .J. P.

Hellier Miss, 2 Summerland pi. Honitun Heriot R. Cliff ho. Sa.lcombe,Kingsbridge Broadgate house, Pilton, Barnstaple

HellierWm.Geo.Newcomenrd.Da.rtmth Hermann Mrs. Bonniecott vtlla, Lyn- Hickey Miss, Calabria, Newcon Abbot

HellierWm J.Radford,West end,Honiton mouth, Ba.rnstaple Hicks Rev. Thomas Nash M. A. Upton

HellingsHy.gRocklnd.ter. Brixhm. R.S.O Hern Hy. Shiels cot. Colyford,Axminster grove, Thurlow road, Torquay

Hellins Mrs. Cathedral close, Exeter Hern John, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot Hicks Alfred, 8 Ger.ston road, Paignton

Hellyer John Copplestone, Rose c-ottage, Hern Jn. Staverton ho. Ashburton R.S.O Hicks!<'. xSeymour ter.Lipson rd.Piymth

Cockwood, btarcross R.S.O Hern Saml. Genibta, New rd. Dartmouth Hicks George, Harton house, Wilderness

Hellyer Misses, I South Devon place, Hernaman Miss, Broadmead, Forde road, Mannamead, Plymou~h

Embankment road, Plymouth park, Newton Abbot Hicks H. 19Staddon tr.North rd.Plymth

Hellyer Mrs. Winkleigh R.S.O Hernaman Mrs. Somerset villa, Church HicksJ. W.Leworthy,Clawtn.Holdswthy

Hellyer Thos. I2 Charles pl. Plymouth road, Ilrracombe Hick~John, I8St.James' pl. we. Plymouth

Hellyer William, Fir Tree cottage, HerneW.Delamer. Babbacombe rd. Torqy Hicks J. Glen vw.Teignmouth rd. Torquy

Ipplepeu, Newton Abbot Herring C.3Paradise pl.Stoke, Devonport Hicks Miss, Bellevue ho. Ho JB,Plymou~h

Helmore Waiter John, 6 Hampden place, Herring Frank 1\I.A. 6 Redlands, Hal- Hicks Mrs. 9 Queen ~treet, Dawli3h

St. Thomas, Exeter berton road, Tiverton Hicks Mrs. The Marino, ::Sidmouth

Helpman Mrs. 4 St. Michael's terrace, Herring Miss, 11 Tamar terrace, Stoke, HtcksSl.Leworthy,Cltwton,Holdswrthy

Stflke, Devonport Devonport Hicks 8amuel, The Wildi'rness, Wllder-

Helsen Rev. 'f. ::St. Joseph's,Teignmouth HerringMisses,Halsdon rd.Gt.Torringtn ness road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Helson George, 54 Regent st. Plymouth Herriot Mrs. Penlee, Portland avenue, HicksWm.James,uoBiacklloy rd.Exetr

HelsonRichard,Yeoford,CoplestoneR.S.O Exmouth Hiern Willhm Philip M.A., F.L.s., J.P.

Helyar Col. Edwd. H. Bridge ho.Dawlish Herron Fredk.52 Headland pk.Plymouth Castle house, Barnstaple

Helyar Albert L.D.S.R.c.s.Eng. 23 Bel- HerveyLieut.-Gen. C.R.W.a.B.Arundel, Hifiey John M. u Cb.ester pl. Plymouth

grave terrace, Helgrave road, Torquay Up. Western rd. St. MaryChurch, Torqy Higgins Joseph R.N. 5 Hacldington road,

Helyar Mrs. Halsdon, Lupl i ~. Homton Herrin Eli John, 6 Grosvenor pl. Exeter Morice town, Devonport

Hemans Rev. Phillip W. M.A. 4 Thurlow HeseltonMiss,Row<~.ns,Torrs pk.Ilfracmb Higgins Wm. 25 Caroline pl. Stonehous~

park, Torquay Rester George, 1 Brandreth terrace, Higginson Mrs. Hunsdon lodg~, Fore

Hemer Miss, 9 Clara pl. Topsham,Exeter Morice town, Devonport street, Heavitree, Exeter

Hemmings Mrs. 4 Clift terrace,Budleigh Hetzler Miss, 9 West terrace, Budleigh Higgs Capt. H. C. King's close, Xewport,

Salterton S.O Salterton S.O Barnstaple

HemphillCapt. CharlesWilliam,Victoria Hewetson Lieut. Wm. R.N. 2 Godolphin Higgs Horatio, Station rd. Holsworthy

terrace, Ferry road, Exmouth ter. Moles worth rd. Stoke, Devonport HiggsJames J.P.ElmTree ho.Holsworthy

HemsHarry,Fair pk.Longbrook st.Exetr Hewetson Rev. Arthur M. A. The College, Higgs Misses, 7 Devon sq. Newton Abbot

Heuder William, go Pasley street, Newton Abbot· Higham William Henry, Belgrave hall,

Morice town, De\ronport Hewetson Thomas, Ware house, Lands- Falkland road, Torquay

Henderson Capt. Robert, Colaba, Pow- cove, Buckfa.stleigb R.S.O Highmore Rev. Phihp Alderton B.A.

derham road, Newton Abbot Hewett Rev. James, The Beeches, Rack Sheepwash, Highampton R.S.O

Henderson John, Wear hall, Bideford park, Dodbrooke HighmoreJ.H.Woodcockswell,Cullmptn

Henderson J. Westbourne terrace, West- HewettRev.J.M.A.Babbaaombe,Torquay Higman Wm. 16 Marlboro' st.Devonport

ward Ho! Bideford HewettJ.34'femple rd.L'l.rkbeare,Exeter Higston Richard, 9 Glyn terrace ,Green-

Henderson Mrs. Pine cliff, Vane hl. Torqy Hewett Mrs. S. Redlands, Halberton bank avenue, Plymouth

Henderson William M. D. 18 East road, Tiverton Hill Gen. Jn. T. .Milton ho.NewtonAbbot

Southernhay, Exeter HewettR.Hillside,SouthBrent,Ivybridge Hill Rev. Horace Ayton B.A. We'>t Wor-

Hendry Alexander Simpson, 7 Saltram HewishA.Fortter.Alexandrard.Barnstpl lington, Morchard Bisb.op R.S.O

place, Citadel ro:td, Plymouth HewishR.'r.4Haldon rd.St. David's,Exetr Hill Rev. John Seymour li-ranville lii.A.

Bendy Artbur John, 3 Bath terrace, Hewish William, Trinity st. Barnstaple Trafalgar lawn, Barnstaple

Pinhoe road, Heavitree, Exeter Hewitt Miss, 6 Wes~ Hoe terrace, West Hill Rev. William Holman, Bridge

HendyHy.14Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exeter Hoe road, Plymouth · street, Hatherleigh R.S.O

Henery Madame, Orealla villa, Cleve- Hewitt Mrs. Rose cottage, Kentisbeare, H~ll Abraham, I Mill brook vis. Tavistock

land road, Torquay Cullompton Hill Amos, 3 Hobart street, Stonehouse

Herring F.27Champernoune ter.Ilfracmb Hewitt 'rhos. TheHoe,Lynton,Barnstaple Hill C.2oWellington st.Stoke,Devonport

HenleyA.E.22St.Brannock's rd.Ilfracmb Hewlett Ebenezer, The Priory, Totnes Hill Charles, 36 Gran by st. Devonport

HenleyH.R. 1Afford ter. Lynton,Barnstpl Hewlett Misses, 23 Danby ter. Exmouth Hill Charles,45 Powderham cres.Exeter

Henley Miss, ro •rorwood terrace, Hewlett Mrs. Old Blundells, Tiverton Hill Kiward 0. Thorverton R. ~. 0

Babbacombe road, Torquay HewsRobertWinter,St.Paul's sq.Tivertn Hill Edward, Streamlat, Old Mill road,

Henley Robert, Lyme honse, Axminster Hex Frederick Samuel, 1 Lan11downe Cockington, Torqnay

HenleyWilliam Codner,Mallands,Abbots villas, Vansittart :road, Torqnay Hilll<'rank, 41 Haddington ro~d, Morica

Kerswell, Newton Abbot HextDaniel,MiddleWesterland,Paignton town, Devonport

Henn-GennysJ.(J. Whitleigb hl.Devonprt Hext George Hawkins, Kingstone, Hill Frederick Norman, Braemar, Wil-

Henn-Gennys Mrs. Little Fancy, Tamer- College road, Newton Abbot derness road, Mannamead, Plymou~h

ton I<'oliot, Crown Hill R. S.O Hext Mrs. 10Penlee vils.Stoke,Devonport Hill Frederick William, Courtenay

Henning Rev. James. Dnncombe house, Hext Mrs. St. Benet's, College road, street, Salcombe, Kingsbridge

Duncombe street, Kingsbridge Newton Abbot Hill Geo. B. Ews, Shirburn rd. Torquay

Henning Jn. Summerland pl. Barnstaple Hex.t Mrs. 17 Torrington place, North Hill Geo. Thus. 27~ Oxford st. Plymouth

Henning Thomas Parr, 8 Church road, road, Plymouth Hill Henry, II Grimston terrace,Hunlis-

St. Thomas, Exeter Hexter W.Powderham rd.Newton Abbot combe road, Plymouth

Henning Walter F. London & South Hey William, 4 Saltram terrace, Ridge- Hill Henry, North Molton, South Molton

WesternBank,Broadst.OtterySt.Mary way, Plympton St. Mary Hill Henry Richard, I3 Park road,l'ols-

Henry Col. George Cecil R.A. Rostrevor, Heydon Jas. 92 North road, Plymouth loe road, Heavitree, Exeter

Meadfoot road, Torquay · Heyla.nd General Alfred Thomas c.B. Hill H.G.Hillesdon,Hillesdn.rd.Torquay

Henry Rev.James B.A.Sampford Spiney, Redwalls, Dartmouth Hill James, 16 Grenville road,Plymouth

Horrabridge R.S.O Heys Miss, St. Bridget's abbey, Cbud- Hil1Jas.I4Somerset pl.Stoke,Devonport

Henry Mrs. Silvermead, Castle rd. Torqy leigb, Newton Abbo5 Hill John, 2 Blnndell's cres. Tiverton

Henry 'l'homas Shuldham, Moorland Heyward Miss, Battenbury, Moreton Hill John, 40 George street, Devonport

ter. Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary 1 Hampstead, Newton Abbot Hill John, 2 Portland pl. east, Plymouth

HensloweFras.Boyle,Syndal,Da.rtmontb 1Heyward Mrs. Glena.rt, Powderham H11l John, 32 Sussex rd.Ford,Devonport

Henson F.R. Viltbams,Morebath, Tivertn road, Newton Abbot Hill John, 4 Toronto road, Exeter

HensonMisses,South st. Newprt.Barnstpl HeywardSparke,75Queen st.Nwtn.Abbt Hill Jn.Fk.Rock av.Newport,Harnstaple

HenwoodM.3Alberl ter.Morly .st.Plymt.h Heywood Frederick, Westcroft terrace, Hill Joseph Henry Luca.~, 2 Victoria

Henwood Mrs. I Pearson terrace, Town- Clovelly road, Bideford • ' terrace, Victoria park, Plyu10uth

send hill, Mannamead, Plymouth Heywood John, Valley of Rocks hotel, Hill Miss, Prospect place, Cullompton

Henwood Mrs. 2 Ross street, Moride Lynton, Barn~taple Hill Miss, 29 West Southernbay, Exeter

town, Devonport , HeywoodJsp:1.Bowden,Parkham,Bidefrd Hill Misses, Chudleigh, Kewton Abbot


Hill Misses, Laurels, Zeal Monachorum, Hipwell Lieut.-Col. Alfred GeorgeA.s.c. Hockley Rev. Albert Richard~, Lyn-

Bow R.S.O 2I Connaught avenue, Plymouth mouth, Barnstaple

Hill Mrs. Bedford ho.Cadeleigh,Tiverton Hirst Miss,4 Bridge rd. Shaldon,Tgnmth Hockley Mrs.Rose cot.Seaton,Axminster

Hill Mrs. Bratton Fleming, Barnstaple Hirtzel George, I Sea Lawn ter. Dawlish Hockridge George, Hill Side cottag-e,

Hill Mrs.Brimhill vl.Maidncmb. Tgnmth HirtzeJMrs. 11St. Brannock's rd.Ilfracmb Westleigh, Bideford

Hill Mrs. Carlton ho.TheQuay, Bideford Hiscox John Francis, 2 Amherst villas, Hockridge J.42 Suntlower st.Barnstaple

Hill Mrs. II5 East street, South Molton North avenue, Heavitree, Exeter Hodder Hy. James, Priory cot. Totnes

Hill Mrs. East street, Ashburton R.S.O Hiscmr John William, 4 Alexandra ter- Hodder John, Lower Bowcombe, Ug·

Hill Mrs. Fort street, Barnstaple race, Black Boy road, Exeter borough, Ivybridge

Hilll\Irs. 5 Gertrude terrace, Exmouth Hislop Patrick Wood M.B., c. M. Essing- Hodder Misses, Forest.Topsham, Exeter

Hill Mrs. 16 Gibbons street, Plymouth ton park, North Tawton R.S.O Hodder R.C. H.M.S.Britannia,Dartmth

Hill Mrs.Hasledene,Cyprus rd.Exmouth HitchcockA.220xford ter.Oxfrd.rd.Extr Hodge Capt. Thomas Horatio R.N., J.P.

.Hill Mrs. 21 Hill Park cres. Plymouth HitchcockH 190xford ter.Oxfrd.rd. Extr Moorlands, Totnes road, Paignton

HillMrs.Roadcliffe,WearGiffard,Bidefrd Hitchcock John Sl. P.25Elmside,Exeter Hodge Rev. John Mackey M.A. 38 Tavi-

Hill Mrs. 7 Ht.James' pl. east,Plymouth Hitchcock Miss, Park ho. South Molton stock place, Plymouth

Hill Mrs. Strand, Topsham, Exeter Hitchcock Misses, II Chatsworth terrace, Hodge Albert, 16 Saltram terrace,Ridge-

HillMrs.TheWillows,Belmont tr. Tivertn Higher Wellesley road, Torquay way, Plympton St. Mary

Hill Mrs. 7 Townsend crescent, Manna- Hitchcock Misses, St. Clement's, Belle- Hodge Chapell William J.P. Pounds,

mead, Plymouth vue road, Paignton Weston Peverel, Plymouth

Hill Hiehard, 3 Hill Park villas, Hill Hitchcock Mrs. 40 South st. ~th. Molton Hod geE. IgBeatrice av.Lipson rd. Plymth

Park crescent, Plymouth Hitchens Geo. 4 Sussex ter. Plymouth Hodge Francis Surridge, rsr Union st.

Hill Rowland, Beer Alston R.S.O Hitchens Samuel, Lamerton, Tavistock Plymouth

Hill Thomas, I Knollys terrace, Penny- Hitchings Rev. Edmund John B.A. 9 Hodge John Lakeman C.E. 5 Victoria

comequick, Stoke, Devonport West Hoe terrace, West Hoe road, place, Stonehouse, Plymouth

Hill Thomas,4Millbrook villas,Tavistock Plymouth Hodge M1ss, Erinville,Sands rd.Paigntn

Hill William, 1 East view, Ide, Exeter Hitchins Jn. I2 Wyndham sq. Plymouth Hodge Miss, Myrtle cottage, Stoke

Hill Wm. 9 Verney pi. Sidwell st.Exeter Hitchins Mrs. 5 Glanville rd. Tavistock Gabriel, Totnes

HillW.A.4Avondle.vls.Avenue rd. Torqy Hitchens W. H.2 Parkwood rd. Tavistck Hodge Miss, 2 Princess place, Plymouth

Hill W.G. 24Jubilee rd.Heavitree, Exeter Hitt Henry, 40 Powderham cres. Exeter Hodge Nicbolas, Rockbeare, Exeter

Hillacre William, Spenseboroughs, Uff- Hitt Henry Herbert, Kingsholme, Coly- Hodge Miss, 2 Westbourne villas, New-

culme, Cullompton ford, Axminster ton Abbot

HillierE.4Florence ter.Warren rd.Torqy Hitt Henry Jn. R. Magdalen rd. Exeter Hodge Mrs. Gage, Glazebrook houst',

Hillier Esau, 69 North road, Plymouth Hitt Miss,3Mildmay ter.Heavitree,Exetr South Brent, Ivybridge

Hillman T. IoVerney pl.Sidwell st.Exetr Hitt Mrs. High street, Cullompton Hodge Mrd. 46 South st. Gt. Torrington

Hills James, I Knighton terrace, Green- Hitt Mrs. 57 Pennsylvama road, Exeter Hodge R. H. 4 Laira Bridge ter.Plymth

bank avenue, Plymouth Hitt Wm. Geo. 4 Ford ter. Dartmonth Hodge S'lmpson, 3 Saltram view,

HillsSamuelJas.53Emma pl.Stonehouse Road C.rg Valletort rd. Stoke,Devonport Laira, Egg Buckland, Plymouth

Hillyar Admiral Henry Schank C.B. 3 Roar Wm. Edwd. 2 Albany pi. Plymth Hodge Thomas, Carr Lane house, Slap-

Boringdon villas, Colebrook,Plympton HoareChs Rockville,BuckfastleighR.S.O ton, Kingsbridge

St. Mary Hoare Christopher, Beera, Rattery, Hodge W.3 Providence pi.Stoke,Devnprt

Hillyar Cecil B. Springhill, Tavistock Buckfastleigh R.S.O Hodge Wm. 2 Sandquay ter.Dartmouth

Hillyard Rev. Arthur M.A. Stoodleigh, Hoare E.V.g Rutger pl.Stok(',Devonport Hodge William, Redlands, Weston

'fiverton Hoare Henry Hugh Arthur J. P. Oxen- Peverel, Plymouth

HimdonCapt.C.2YannonHl.ter.Tgnmth ham manor,8th.Tawton,Okehampton Hodge Wm. Geo. 3 Hoetield ter.Plymtb

RinchC.R.N.sHome pk.Stoke,Devonport HoareJn. Hy. 6 Whitefield ter.Plymouth Hodges Britton, Dalwood, Axminster

Hinchcliffe Mrs. Worlington house, In- HoareMiss, 1Ashley ter. North rd. Plymth Hodges George L. Southill, Chagford,

stow R.S.O Hoare Mjss, 24 Cheltenham place, Green- Newton Abbot

HindAlbert, 14&15South st.SouthMolton bank road, Plymouth Hodges Miss, Church cot. Cullompton

Hind Mrs. I Oakleigh terrace, Manna- Hoarel\Irs.Blagdon, Clevelandrd Torqy Hodges Misses, 4 Abbotsham rd.Bidefrd

mead, Plymouth Hoare Peter M. J.P. Luscombe, Dawlish HodgkinRev. Wm.R.M.A.Huxbam,Exetr

Hinde Mrs. Crosby lo. Sheddon rd. Torqy Hoare Robert, Friary street, Plymouth Hodgkinson Frederick, Albert cottage,

HindleMrs.BlantyreReed vale,Teignmth Hobart- Hampden Lady Charlotte Western road, Ivybridge

Hindom Hy. 12Low.Brimley ter.Tgnmth Augusta, Hampden lodge, Sidmosth HodgkinsonH.G.gPlantation ter.Dawlish

Hine Rev. Vesey Germain B.A. Abbots Hobart-Hampden Lady Louisa Selina, Hodgson Rev. A.l\lanaton,NewtonAbbot

Kerswell, Newton Abbot Hampden lodge, Sidmouth HodgsonH.J.M.A.St.Peter's schl.Exmth

HineBenjamin, 19 Chapel st. Devonport HobbsF.D.R.N.Royaldockyard,Devonpt Hodgson Joseph Willoughby M.D. Chal-

Hine George Templer, Vicarage, Abbots Hobbs Jas. Ley, Newport rd. Barnstaple grave, Rolle road, Exmouth

Kerswell, Newton Abbot Hobbs Samuel, 28 Emma pl. Stonehouse Hodgson Mrs. Templenoe, Westward

Hine James, 23 Lockyer st. Plymouth Hobbs William, 10 Alexandra terrace, Ho! Bideford

Hine John, 1 Athenreum st. Plymouth Black Boy road, Exeter Hodson Surgeon-Major Robert Doveton,

Hine John, 10 Carlisle aven. Plymouth Hobson Very Rev. Canon GeorgeFrancis, RoyalMilital'y hospital,Stoke,Devnprt

Hine John William, High st. Honiton Presbytery, South street, Exeter Hody Capt.R. Pomeroy,Gittishm.Honitn

Hine Mrs. Hemyock, Cullompton Hobson John Henry, Redcliff, Dawlish HoggE. 10Ermington ter.Mutley,Plymth

Bine Mrs. 4 Hamilton terrace, Exmouth Hobson Miss, 5 Oak park, Dawli:.h Hogg Misses, Berryhead house, Brix-

Hine-Haycock Wm. Belmont, Sidmouth Hobson Miss, Penlee house, Molesworth ham R.S.O .

Hingeston-Randolph Rev. Preb. Francis road, Stoke, Devonport Hogg T.H. D.J .P.Newport ter.Barnstaple

Charles M.A. Ringmore, Kingsbridge Hockaday John, Woodleigh, Cheriton HolbertonG.R.0.3Athenreum st.Piymth

Hingston Arthur,Crase cottage,Chilling- Bishop, Exeter Holberton Percy Beavis, Higher Wester-

ton, Kingsbridge Hockaday Rd. 3 Chapel st. Stonehouse land, Westerland, Paignton

HingstonA.Beaumont,Bridgetwn.Totnes Hockaday Wm. 70Emma pl.Stonehonse Holcombe John James, The Fawns,

Hingston Charles Albert M.D., 3 HockadayWm.T.51Emmapl.Stonehouse Ermington, Ivybridge

Sussex terrace, Plymouth Hocken Mrs. 17 Richmond road, St. Holden Henry Jn.34 Wonford rd.Exeter
Holdship ~is~, Holmer, Babbacombe
Hingston Geo. Balmoral ho. Dartmouth David's, Exeter

HingstonJ.2Culmeter.Tothill rd.Plymth Hocken Thomas, 37 Alcester street, road, Torqnay

HingstonJ.4Beach ter.Esplanade,Paigntn Morice town, Devonport Holdsworth Arthur Frederick J.P.

Hingston Mrs. 4 Bishop's pi. Paignton Hocker Mrs. Bridgecottage,Kentisbeare, Widdicombe, Stokenham,Kingsbridge

Hingston Mrs. I Keppel cottages, Morice Cullompton Hole Col. Frederick, Elm court, Church

town, Devonport Hockin Admiral Charles Luxmoore, road, Babbacombe, Torquay

Hingston Mrs. 7 Lockyer st. Plymouth Glorat, 'feignmouth road, Torquay HoleMaj.Alfd.Rt.J.P.Beam,Gt.Torrngtn

Hingston Mrs. Mill street, Kingsbridge Hockin J.7Brunswick pl.Stoke,Devonprt Hole Rev. Henry Tubal M.A. Plympton

Ringston Mrs. Ridgeway, Plympton Hockin Leonard, Goodman School house; St. Maurice, Plympton

St. Mary Above town, Dartmouth Hole Rev.R. B.A.,J.P.NorthTawton R.S.O

Hingston Richard, 11 Hyde Park ter- Hockin Philip Roe, Southfield, Stoke Hole Rev. William Henry George Fras.

race, Mutley, Plymouth Fleming, l>artmouth Georgeham, Braunton R.S.O

Hinshelwood George Fredk. Thorncliff, HockingE.IBrunswick pl.Stoke,Devonpt Hole Charles M. St. Peter st. Tiverton

Ashe!don road, Ilsham, Torquay Hocking John, II Seymourterrace, Lip- Hole Chas.Wm. NorthView ho.Bideford

Hinton Thomas A. Lamberhurst, Cleve- son road, Plymouth Hole F. R.Fairfield ho.Woodbnry,Exeter

land road, Torquay Hocking Miss, St. Bernard's, Wolboro' Hole John, so St. David's hill, Exeter

Hinvest E. J. 54 ~t.Aubyn st.Devonport hill, Newton Abbot Hole John C. 19 Brunswick sq. Torquay

Hinxmau Major Henry Charles, 3 West- Hocking Thomas, 6 Wolseley terrace, HoleJn.K.Ridgeway ho.Seaton,Axmnstr

bourne ter. Budleigh Saltarton S.O HuntisPombe Nad, Hymouth Hole Mrs.PlymptonSt.Maurice,Plymptn

Hippasley Henry, Cas~:e st. Tiverton Hockley John, 7 Holyrood pi. Plymouth Hole Miss, 8 Lnscombe terrace, Dawlish


Hole Miss, 14 SL. Paul's st. Tiverton Holmes Miss, Elmside, Higher Walnut Hooper Waiter, Melbury,Fernleigh road,

Hole Mrs. Coplestoue, South street, road, Cockington, Torquay Mannamead, Plymouth

Great Torrington Holmes Miss, 3 Raleigh villas, Exmouth Hooper William, I Belmont villas, Watts

Hole Mrs. Parke view, Bovey Tracey, Holmes Miss, Rose vale, Lonsdale road, road, Tavistock

Newton Abbot Newton Abbot Hooper Willhm, 15 St. Jude's terrace,

Hole Mrs. Riversdale,Dartington,Totnes Holmes Misses, Baring Crescent villa Tothill road, Plymoutll

Hole Richd. 6 Parkwood viis. Tavistock Heavitree, Exeter Hooper William John, 13 Haddington

Hole R. A. Harbreck, Lower Warberry Holmes Mrs. Bernstein, Wolboro' hill, road, Morice town, Devonport

road, Torquay Newton Abbot Hope Rev. William, 3 Park villas, Pols-

Hole Richard Lewis, Hannaford, Holmes Mrs. 26 Granby st. Devonport loe road, Heavitree, Exeter

Swymbridge, B<lrnstaple Holmes:.Vlrs.I Higbweek rd.NewtonAbbt Hope Andrew, 75 Howell road, Exeter

Hole Waiter, 24 Pennsylvania rd.Exeter Holmes Mrs. 2I Orchard gdns.Teignmth Hope Lewis, 6 Carlton hill, Exmouth

Hole William, IO Westbury terrace, Holmes Mrs. Summerfield, Fernleigh Hope Mrs. II St. Michael's terrace~

North road, Plymouth road, Mannamead, Plymouth Stoke, Devonport

Hole W. Winbam,Bradninch, Cullomptn Holmes Richard Henry, The Octagon, Hopewell Geo. Forest. Topsham, Exeter

Hole William Robert J.P. Parke, Bovey 71 Union street, Plymouth Hopewell T.E.Riverdale,Topsham,Exetr

Tracey, Newton Abbot Holmes William, Devonia, Higher Wal- Hopkins Major,Dormie house,Westward

Holl Miss,Clevedon,Meadford rd.Trquay nut road, Cockington, Torquay Ho! Bideford

HollandRev.A.M.A.Huish,BeafordR.fl.O Holmes William, 4 Omega villas, AI- Hopkins Hy. Heard, 4Limegro.Bidefrd

Holland Alex. B.6 Sea Lawn ter.Dawlish phington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Hopkins Miss, Calabria, Newton abbot

Holland Angustus, St. Mary, Uplyme, Holmyard Edward, Colyton, Axminster Hopkins Richard, Mount Auburn, Shir-

Lyme Regis Holt Miss, Vue Charmante, Old :Mill burn road, Torquay

HollandG.5 Playmoor vils.Pinhoe,Exetr road, Cockington, Torquay Hopkins Richard, 29 Oxford terrace,

Holland Jn.C.39 Headland pk.Plymouth Holwill Henry, South st. Gt. Torrington Oxford Toad, Exewr

HollandMiss,4rPortland rd.Stke.Dvnprt Holwill Miss,South st.Great Torrington Hopkins Wm.4 Bellevue ter.Cullompton

Hollands Richard, Little Pill, Bishop's Homan Dep.-Surg.-Gen.Saml.Adamson, Hopkinson Frederick T. Kingswood,

Tawton, Barnstaple Rose bank, Westward Ho! Bideford Western road, Ivybridge

Holley Mrs. I Bicton place, Exmouth Homfray Mrs. I2 Ferndale, Teignmouth Hopley Miss Catherine C. Sunnyvale,

HolleyW.H.B.A.,J.P.Oaklnds.Okehmptn Hone Daniel, IB Barton cres. Dawlish Dartmouth road, Paignton

Holliday Mrs. 2 St. Kilda terrace, Honey Albert Louis, 6 York buildings, Hopper Chas.Cottel,TheStrand,Bidefrd

Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O Oxford road, Exeter Hopper James Henry, Tor view, Higher-

Hollins C. Clinton, Newton rd. Torquay Honey James, 9 Bayswater terrace, Compton, Plymouth

Hollins Mrs. Midhurst, Landscore road, Albert road, Plymouth Hopper Thomas, Goodleigh, Barnstaple

Teignmouth Honey Jas.17 'farnar ter.Stoke,Devnprt Hopping John J. 76 Howell rd. Exeter

Hollond John Robert J.P. Wonham HoneyJn. 3Verneypl.Sidwellst.Exeter HoppinsThos. W.9Lambhayhl Plymth.

house, Bampton R.S.O HoneyJ.J.1Seaton ter.Mutley,Plymouth Hopwood Surg.-Genl. E. J. The Lodge,

Holloway Frederick, 3 Elizabeth place, Honey Misses, 2 Fairpark road, St. Plympton St. Maurice, Plympton

North road, Plymouth Leonard's, Exeter Bore Misses, Donerail, College road,

Holloway John, I St. Mary's terrace, Honey Mrs. 3 Beatrice avenue, Lipson Newton Abbot

Higher Brixham, Brixham R.S.O road, Plymouth Hore Richard John Turner, 3 Henrietta.

Holloway Miss Elphinstone, Belair, Honey Mrs. 3 Molesworth terrace, place, Brunswick square, Exmouth

Weston Peverel, Plymouth Molesworth road, Stoke, Devonport Horlock Rev. Holled Darrell Cave Smith

Holloway Mrs. Thornfield villa, Tavi- Honey William, Russell st. Tavistock D.D.NewtonPoppleford,OtterySt.Mary

stock road, Mannamead, Plymouth Honeywell Mrs.Chillington,Kingsbridge Horn Emmanuel, Brook cottage, Black

Holloway William,r8 Milton pl.Bideford Honeywill George,g Lansdowne terrace, Torrington, Highampton R.S.O

Holman Hy. Fras. Knowle, Cullompton Holloway street, Exeter Horn James, Upcott, Black Torrington,

Holm-m Hy. J.41 Hill Park cres.Plymth Honeywill Mrs. East st.Ashburton R.S.O Highampton R.S.O

Holman Hy. T. 7 Mansard ter.Dartmth Hood Samuel, ~trand, Topsham, Exeter Horn Richard, 41 Georgest. Devonporli

Holman John, 31 Longbrook st. Exeter Hook Miss, Blandford villa, Tavistock HornbrookWilliam,Garfield villa,Stuart

Holman John, Strand, Topsham, Exeter road, Mannamead, Plymouth terrace, Stoke, Devonport

Holman Miss, 8 Mount Pleasant road, Hook Mrs. 8 Brunswick st. Teignmouth Hornbrook William Pascoe, 76 Albert

Newton Abbot · Hook Mrs. I Oxford ter.Oxford rd.Exeter road, Morice town, Devonport

Holman Misses, 3 Riversmeet terrace, Hook Wm. Burrough,West end,Honiton HornbySir Edmund Grimani J.P. Leus-

Topsham, Exeter HookerMiss,2Rocklnd.ter.Brixhm.R.S.O den house, Ashburton R.S.O. & xo

Holman Mrs. II Ashley terrace, North Hooker Mrs. 26 Culverland rd. Exeter We!lswood pk. Babbacombe rd. Torqy

road, Plymouth Hookway Frank, 2 St.James's villas, St. Horndon Mrs. 3 Leigham villas, Elliot

Holman Mrs. 3 Church terrace, Bridge- James's road, Exeter street, Plymouth

town, Totnes Hook.way Mrs. Richmond ter. Bideford HorneRev.John,High street,Cullompton

Holman Mrs. 2 Beaconsfield villas, Hookway Robert 'f. Bath ho. Bideford Borne A. Driver, Devon villa, St. Paul's

Fisher street, Paignton Hooper A.H.G.9 J...ongfield trr.llfracmbe road, Newton Abbot

Holman Mrs. 8 Grosvenor terrace, HooperA.F.Ridgeway,PlymptonSt.Mary HorneJas.B. Bridge st.HatherleighR.S.O

Warren road, Torquay HooperBriscoe,Bournbrook,Babbacombe Horne Mrs. Leaholme, St. Mary Church

Holman Mrs. 3 Napier ter. Plymouth road, Torquay road, Torquay

HolmanMrs.Woodlands, Topsham,Exetr Hooper Chas. I6 ~ndslP.igh pl. Plymouth Horner Capt. John, Bonnicliff, Dawlish

Holman Rd. Grove ho.Topsbam, Exeter HooperC.I4 Vale ter.Lymington rd. Trqy road, 'feignmouth

Holman Richard Coates, 10 Torrington Hooper Harry Dundee M.A. Airdvar, HornerFk.Station view,AshburtonR.S.O

place, North road, Plymouth Higher Warberry road, Torquay Horner Henry Peter,4Southfield, South-

Holman Robt. Strand, Topsham, Exeter Hooper H. T.6 Springfield rd.Ilfracombe field road, Paignton

Holman Thomas, 45 Clarence place, Hooper J.g7Palmerston st.Stoke,Dvnprt HornerW.29Polsloe rd.Heavitree,Exeter

Morice town, Devonport Booper J. I Lamorna pl.Morice tn. Dvnpt Horniman William Henry, Hollinwood,

Holman William, Bridgetown, Totnes Hooper John, 15 Saltram terrace, Ridge- Middle Warberry road, Torquay

Holman William W. 2 Elm view, Tor- way, Plympton St. Mary Hornsby Richard, 20 Haddington road,

quay road, Newton Abbot Hooper J. Blegberry, Hartland,Bideford .Morice town, Devonport

Holmes Lieut.-Col. William Prescot, Hooper Miss, 5 Adelaide ter. Ilfracombe Hornsey John, Gravel walk, Cullompton

Elmfield, Bridgetown, Totnes Hooper Miss, Spring cottage, Sidmouth Ho1'rellS.24Church 'rd.St. Thomas,Exetr

Holmes Capt. Thomas Mundy, Abbot's Hooper Misses, 2 Albert pl. Ilfracombe Horrick Miss, 13 King street, Dawlish

leigh, I<'erndale, Teignmouth Hooper Mrs. 6 Charles place, Plymouth Horsford Mrs. Plympton St. :Maurice,

Holmes Capt. Thomas, The Lawn, Hooper Mrs. Greenwood cottage, High Plympton

Church road, llfracombe street, Topsham, Exeter Horsham John,24Eaststreet,Stonehouse

Holmes Rev. Geo. Twyford pi. Tiverton Hooper Mrs. 3 Prospect place, Exmouth Horsley C. C. Haven bnk.St.Thomas,Extr

Holmes Rev. Henry F. Bampton R.S.O Hooper Mrs. St. Andrew st. Tiverton Horsman Charles,r2 Belmont rd. Exeter

Holmes Rev. Howard Emery, Swiss cot- Hooper Mrs. 3 St. James' place, Morice Horspool Frederick, 40 Elmside, Exeter

tage, Orchard hill, Northam,Bideford town, Devonport HorswellElisha,62 Regent st. Plymouth

Holmes Rev. WilliamHenry B.A.Kemplay Hooper Mrs. I St. Leonard's pl. Exeter Horswell Miss,2Fell side, Glanville road,

road, Okehampton HooperMrs. H.Chagford,Newton Abbot 'favistock

Holmes C. 26 St.Brannock's rd. Ilfracmbe Hooper Reginald, Southbrook house, HorswillRev.Jas.Queen st.NewtonAbbot

Holmes John, Swindonia, Chagford, Starcross R.S.O · Horswill Edmund Gerald, I Cheltenham

Newton Abbot Hooper SamJ.Reed ho.HatherleighR.S.O place, Greenbank road, Plymouth

Holmes John, 8 Weirfield place, Weir- Hooper Thos. H. S. 7Raleigh ter.Exmth HorswillGeo.nStuartter.Stoke,Devnprt

field road, Exeter Booper W.gBeyrout pl.Stoke,Devonport HortopJ.I<'ort ter.Alexandra rd.Brnstp1e

DEV. & CultN. 46


Horton H.N.gConnaught avn.Plymouth Howard H.C.Culm Leigh, Stoke Canon, Hughes Hugh Albert, 3 Cha.tsworLh ter-

HortonMiss,4Stoke ter.Stoke,Devonport Exeter race, Higher Wellesley road,Torquay

llJrton Miss, The Grove, Westward Ho! Howard Mrs. Richmond ter. Bideford Hughes Miss, Marden ash, Teignmouth

Bideford Howard Richard, West End cottage, road, Torquay

Horwill George Henry, 3 St..Ann's place, Georgeham, Braunton R.S.O Hu~hes Misses, Woodhayes, Whimple,

Old Tiverton road, Exeter Howard William, West Do1m,Ilfracombe Ex:eter

HorwillJas.2 Homepk.Stoke,Devonport HowardW.C.28 Seatn.av.Mutly.Plymth Hughes Mrs. I Abbey towers, Tavistock

Horwill Miss, 76 Sidwell street, .I!;xeter Howden Miss, 8 Lyndhurst road, Mount HughesRichard,EastRussell ho. Tavistck

HorwoodFras.C.gBrookdale av.Ilfrcmbe Radford, Exeter Hughes Robert Harry M.A., M. B. cantab.

Horwood T. B. Chapel st. Braunton R.S.O Howe Henry, 14 St. Jude's rd. Plymouth I2 Lockyer street, Plymouth & Down

Hosegood Rev. John Hill M.A. Rectory, Howe Henry Charles, Mutley,Braddon's house, Whitchurch, Tavistock

Thelbridge. Morchard Bishop R.S.O Hill road east, Torquay HugoFrederickWilliam,Lexden,Hartley

Hosgood John W.63 Black Boy rd.Exeter Howe John R. St. Andrew st. Tiverton avenue, Higher Compton, Plymouth

Hosgood Miss, 2 Oxford terrace, Oxford HoweMrs.I3 Carlton terrace,New North Hugo Misses, Littleham, near Bideford

road, Exeter road, Exeter Hugo Waiter, Ebford, Topsham, Exeter

HoskenJ.H.68Alexandra rd.Stke. Dvnprt Howe Mrs. I4 Raleigh terrace, Exmouth Huish William, Bradninch, Cullompton

Hosken Mrs. 9 Apsley ter. llfracombe HowellA.6 Franklin st.Larkbeare,Exeter Halbert Waher Stanley, Rectory house,

Hosken Mrs. Elm cottage, East Bud- Howell A.lfred Oram, St. John's Hospital Ashprin!Ston, Totnes

leigh, Budleigh Salterton S.O school, High street, Exeter Hul!Mrs.Rhodecot.Uplyme,LymeRegis

HoskinA.2Brookletvls.Cockington,Trqy Howell Mrs. 2 Friars walk, Exeter Hullah Mrs. 5 Woburn ter. Tavistock

Hoskin John R.N. 52 Palmerston street, Howell R.Firmount,Ash Hill rd.Torquay Hulme Henry J. P. Burnworthy, Church

Stoke, Devonport . Howell William Henry,. r8 Torrington Stanton, Honiton

Hoskin Miss, 48 Clarence place, Morice place, North road, Plymouth Hulton Mrs. Instow R.S.O

town, Devonport Ho wells Rev. Joseph Charles,The Manse, Hulton Mrs. Frank, Instow R.S.O

HoskinThs Mundy,Bank st.NewtonAbbt rr Bartholomew terrace, Exeter Humber Edwin,Wrentham,Old Tiverton

Hoskin William Edward Richards, I3 HowesMiss,Rock ho.Halberton,Tiverton road, Exeter

Iiemerdon ter.Alexandra rd.Plymouth Howland Charles, Enderley, Woola- Hume Lieut.-Cul. Waiter Francis, Tor-

B.osking Miss, Laurel cottage, Kingston, combe, Morthoe R.S.O ville, Westleigh, Bideford

Kingsbridge Howland H.J.2The Esplanade,Plymouth HumeCapt. W.Rock lo.Lynton,Barnstple

Hosking Mrs. 6 Clowance st. Devonport HowlandJ.Glanfernho.Score,llfracombe Hume-Long Mrs. Dolforgan house,

Hosking Mrs. Woodbine cot. Tavistock Hoyle George Hy.2 Evelyn pl.Plymout h Louisa terrace, Exmouth

Hosking William, 2 Hewer's row, North HoyleJ.Wentworth,Devonshirepl.Exetr Humfrey Lieut.-Col. Benjamin George,

street, Plymouth Hoyle Mrs. West Down, Ilfracombe Edgemoor,BoveyTracey,NewtonAbbot

HoskingWilliamEd wardWood, 14 Higher HoylesJohnSparkes, I Croft ter.Paignton Humm:Mrs. Lilly vil.Salcombe,Kingsbdg

Cross Park terrace, Heavitree, Exeter Ho)les Miss, Yellands, Upper Polsham Hummel Mrs. Solsbro' house, Solsbro'

HoskingWilliamHy.Pevensey,Courtenay road, Paignton road, Cocking-ton, Torquay

park, Newton Abbot Hubbard Daniel Lovett M.B. Lyn cot- Humpherson William, Powderham road,

Hosking WilliamOiiver,4 Bayswater ter- tage, Lynton, Barnstaple Newton Abbot

race, Albert road, Plymouth Hucker Thomas, East st. Okehampton Humphreys Henry M. A., M.n.St.Aubins,

Hoskins Rev. Charles, rr Lyndhurst Huckett Henry, 5 Raleigh ter. E.x:mouth St. Mary Church road, Torquay

road, Mount Radford, Exeter Hucklebridge John Eames, Albuera, St. Humphreys Miss,Cuurt Prior,St.,Lnke's

HoskinsRev.Henry, Loughton, Old Mill Leonard road, Exeter road south, Torquay

roa.d, Cockington, Torquay HucklebridgeMiss,g4St.Leonard rd.Extr Humphries Enoch, 2 Carlton ter.Plymth

Hoskins Edwin, 9 South View terrace, Hudd Mrs East street, Okehampton Humphry William James,r2HigherPark

Hartley aven.HigherCompton,Plymth Hudder Misses, Chelston cottage, Old View terrace, Heavitree, Exeter

Hoskins Joseph Paul, Springtield villa, Mill road, Uockington, Torquay Hunt Lieut.-Col. Tnomas Rochfort, 2

B~lmont road, Exeter HuddlestonMisses,g West Southernhay, Leigham street., Plymouth

HoskinsWm.I7Park st.Stoke,Devonport Exeter Hunt Major-Gen. Court hall, Sidbury,

.Hoskins Thomas, ro Elm ter. Honiton Hudleston Col. Joseph, Crofthaven, Sidmouth

HoskynsMaj. Chandos R.E. Beauchamp, College road, Newton Abbot Hunt Rev. Percy Lancelot M.A. 6 Red-

Weston Peverel, Plymouth Hudson Rev. Thomas William M.A. lands, Halberton road, Tiverton

HoskynMrs.Knighton,OldTorwood road, Teigngrace, Newton Abbot Hunt Albert Dunning, Millbrook house,

Torquay Hudson Charles Thomas LL.D., F.R.s. 2 Chagford, Newton Abbot

Hossell Harry, 6 Princes street south,St. Barton terrace, Dawlish HuntAlfred,Albion ho.Tor Hill rd.Torqy

Thomas, Exeter Hudson Joseph K. B.A. The College, Hunt Arthur Roope, Fox:worthy, Lust-

Hossell Thomas, Warkworth house, Newton Abbot leigh, Moreton Hampstead

Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter Hudson Miss, I Gordon villas, St. Bran- Hunt Arthur Roope M. A., F.G.S. South-

Haste Miss, IO Athenooum st. Plymouth nock's road, Iliracombe wood,Middle Warberry road,Torquay

.Hotham Hon. Lady, Southlands, Heavi- Hudson Miss, Cross Park house, Weston Hunt Frank Holmes, Homelands, Wol-

tree, Exeter Peverel, Plymouth borough hill, Newton Abbot

Rotten Henry, 32 Cobourg st. Plymouth Hudson Mrs. 7 Woodside, Plymouth Hunt Frederick. Joy st. Barnstaple

Hotton Mrs. Salem street, Barnstaple HudsonNathan Woolcox, 7 Spencer ter- Hunt Frc)man William, ro6 Old Town

Houghton Rev. Prebendary Chas.Adams race, Lipson road, Plymouth street, Plymouth

M.A. West Alviugton, Kingsbridge Hudson William George, 9 Providence Hunt Harry Rochfort, Beaufort lodge,

l:loulditch Capt. Henry, 8 Elliot terrace, place, Stoke, Devonport . Cowick street, St.. Thomas, Exeter

The Hoe, Plymouth Huggins Jas. Landscore ho. Crediton Hunt Miss, Holmhurst, Orchard hill,

HoulditchE.H.TheElms,Alphingtn.Extr Huggins John William, Camden villa, Northam, Bideford

Houlditch Edward H. Bounsalls,Merton, Devonshire place, Exeter HuntMiss,Lauristn l'a.lsham pk.Paigntn

Beaford R.S.O Huggins Mrs. Carlton villa, Devonshire Hunt Miss, New street, Cnulmleigh

Houldsworth Edward W. H. Lucerne, place, Exeter Hunt Miss, Quintella, St. Luke'.s road

Soutil town, Dartmouth Huggins Richard, Glasshouse cottage, south, 'l'orquay

Honldswortil Hy. Pilmuir,Tor, Torquay Countess Wear, Exeter Hunt Miss, 'forbay mount, Southfield

Hounsell Frederick Claude Wright B.A. HugginsWm.n Gloucesterrd.Teignmth road, Paignton

The Fernery,Chudleigh,NewtonAbbot Hughan Samuel Cbisholm, 15 Woodford Hunt Miss, Woodbine cottage, Upper

Hounsell Mrs. Coly bank, Axminster villas, Mannamead, Plymout-h Polsham road, Paignton

Hounsell Mrs. Glenfield, Old Torwood HughanW.J.7Castle ter.Castlerd.Torqy Hunt Mrs. Ba.rns Hill house, Colley End

road, Torquay HughesGenl.Sir William TemplerK.C.B., road, Paignton'

Housman Rev. J oseph Brettell M. A. J. P. Dunley,BoveyTracey, Ne wtn.Abbot Hunt Mrs. sClaremont terrace,Exmouth

· .Cheriton Bishop, Exeter Hughes Rev.A.lii.A.Buck's mil!s,Bideford Hunt Mrs. Redcliffe, Sidmouth

Houssaye La Comtessede la, 3 Mansard Hughes Rev.DavidM.ClvstHydon,Exeter Hunt Nicholas, WQodland villa, Central

terrace, Dartmoutil Hugbes Rev. Jn.B.M.A.Staverton,Totnes avenue, Paignton

· HovellL.Hawthorn cot.Meadfoot la.Trqy Hughes Rev. Thomas Evans B. A. Chal- Hunt Samut!l, Halberton, Tiverton

How Sl.Lynwood, Cleveland rd.Torquay lacombe, Barnstaple Hunt S:lmuel George, 8 Saltram terrace,

· HowT. W. 12 Edgcumbest. Stonehouse Hughes Arthur John, Marden ash, Ridgeway,PlymptonSt. Mary

. HowardCol.Frederick,St.Michael's ldge. Teignmouth road, Torquay Hunt T.g8 Roberts rd.Larkbeare,Exeter

. St. Michael's terrace, Stoke,Devonport Hughes Arthur Sanders, Compton knoll, Hunt '1'.24 Temple rd. Larkbeare,Exeter

HowardRev.A.lfd.M.A.Harford,Ivybridge Hartley aven.HigherCompton,Plymth Hunt Thomas Henry, Carew, Under·

Howard Rev. Thomas Henry M.A. St. HughesCrayton Wolfe, Woodbine villa, cleave, LustlPigh, Newton Abbot

Jude'slodge, Lipson road, Plymouth Broadhempston, Totnes HuntWm.86Alexandra rd.Ford,Devnprt

Howard Rev. William Wilberforce M. A. Hughes DavidGeo.27Caroline p1.Stoneho Hunt William,6 Taw Vale par.Barnstaple

4 Baring place, Heavitree, Exeter Hughes Hy. 15 Wyndham sq. Plymouth Hunt William Coles, Laurel cottage,

HowardChas. W.LowerParade,Exmouth Hughes Mrs. Cornhill, Ottery St. Mary Black Boy road, Exeter


•Hunt-Leaman Mrs. Torbay mount, Hutcbison Mrs. 17 Leigham terrace, Inglis John, John terrace, Tivertori

Southfield road, Paignton Citadel road, Plymouth Ingram Rev. John, Westwood, Lynton,.

HunterJohn,8 Loui~a terrace, Exmouth HuU Miss, ro College road, Exeter Barnstaple
llunter Miss, 4 Park place, Longbrook Hutton Mrs. Old Blundell's, Tiverton Ingram A.gSt.Anne's rd.Heavitre~,Extr

street, Exeter Huxham Fk. Wm. 6 Toronto rd. Exeter Ingram Charles, Glenholme, Cleveland

Hunter Mrs 2 Hill's view, Barnstaple Huxham H.,Bideford road, Torquay

lfunterThomas,rRadway vils.Sidmouth Huxham John, Church street,Salcombe, Ingram John, Courtenay street, Sa.l-

llunter Thos.C.24Connaught av.Plymth Kingsbridge crmbe, Kingsbridge

H11nter W1lliam J. Shanghai, Higher Huxham Jn. Wm.33Longbrookst.Exeter Ingram Thomas, xo Staddon terraee,..

Walnut road, Cockington, Torquay Huxham Miss, 2 Claremont, Torqu!l.y North road, Plymouth

1Iunton Henry E. Laburnum cottage, road, Newton Abbot Inman Thomas, 34.A, Haddington road,

Sa.mpford Peverell, Tiverton Huxham Mrs. 6 Wonford road, Mount Morice town, Devonport

Hunton 'fhomas B.A.Bronshill,Bronshill Radford, Exeter lnnes John, 26 East street, Stonehouse

road, 'forquay Huxham Samuel, Swannaton, Dartmth InnesSaml.Rockav.Newport,Barnstaple

1Iurford John, 4 Pavilion place, Magda- Huxham 'rhomas, Rose viUa, Queen's Inniss Mrs. 3 Lyndhnrst road, Mount

len road, Exeter road, St Thomas, Exeter Radford, Exeter

iHurley Rev. Joseph R. Presbytery, Huxham William Henry, Great White- Inskip Capt.Geo.Hastings F.R.G.s., R.N.

South street, Exeter stone, Chittlehampton, South Molton 22 Torrington pi North rd. Plymouth

Hurman Thomas Smerdon,Eblana villa, Huxley Jas.U.M n.9 Higher ter.Torquay Ion Mrs. Ringrose, H1llstead, St. Mary

Dartmoath road, Paignton HuxtableRev.Preb.Edgar M.A.19Mont- Church road, Torquay

.Hurrell Henry, Peverel Park villa, pelier terrace, Ilfracombe Iredale Andrew, Edgerton, Rnusdown

Weston Peverel, Plymouth Huxtable John, Fort street, Barnstaple road, Cockington, Torquay

Hurrell Jas.Hexton cot.Hooe, Plymouth Huxtable Jn.Prospect pi.O~terySt.i\lary Ireland Rev. Geo. Wm. Rossiter, High

Hurrell Jn.S.The Manor ho.Kingsbridge Huxtable Jn. We. Buckland, Sth.Molton Cross ho. Sl.mpford reverell, Tiverton

HurreiiJ.rTweedside pl.High st.Stoneho Huxtable Miss, The Bridge, Ilfracombe Ireland W.ProspecL cot. Barton,Torqnay

Hurrell Mrs. Wm. I Ker st. Devonport Huxtable Miss, The Priory, Mint,Excter IrishW.Buckland view,AshburtonR.S.O

Hurrell William, Garfield lodge, Stuart Huxtable Mrs. New st. Great Torrington lrvine Col. John, Southover, Roundham

terrace, Stoke, Devonport Huxtable Mrs. 3 North road, Bideford Hill road, Paignton

Hurrell William,Newmans, Chillington, Huxtable Mrs. 10 Oxford pk. Ilfracombe Irvine Fleet-Surgeon Gerard J. R.N.

, Kingsbridge Huxtable Mrs. H. C. 8 Newport terrace, Alladale, Dartmouth

Burst John William, Homedale, Sidney Barnstaple Ir\·ing Major J. B. Bickington lodge,

road, St. Thomas, Exeter Huxtable R. G. Swymbridge, Barnstapl~ Fremington R.S.O

Husband Charles Reynolds, 68 Albert HuxtableW.Summerland ter.Barnstaple Irving Charles John C.lii.G. Hilland.s,

road, Morice town, Devonport William Henry, Enderley, Tidcombe, Tiverton

HusbandJas.B.7 Carlton ter.Dartmouth Woolacombe, Morthoe R.S.O Irving Misses, Belvedire, Stoke Flaming,

Husband Mrs. Irene cottage, Budleigb HuxtableWm.Hy.7St.Paul'sst.Tiverton Dartmouth

Salterton 8.0 HuxtableW.H.Simla,GrosV"enorpl.Ex:etr Irwin James, 'frackham, Combmartin,

Husband Reuben, 4 Hobart street, Huxtable Wm. R. 2 York ter. Sidmouth llfracombe

Morice town, Devonport Hyde Mrs. Rosehill, Kingskerswell, Irwin Mrs. Buckland Manor house,

HurreiiA.A.Ridgeway,PlymptonSt.Mary Newton Abbot Buckland Tout Saints, Mounts R.S.Q

llussellMrs.Gardencot.Highst.Ilfrcmbe Hyett Edward John, 1 Sidney villas, Isaac Edmund James, The Clotworthy,

Hussey Col. Thomas, Highcliffe, Lymp- Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter Winkleigh R. S. 0

stone, Exeter . Hyne Miss, 78 Gainsboro'ter. Plymouth Isaac John R.N. 108 North rd.Plymouth

Hussey Edward Barlc;)\v, 3 Bea!lland Hyne Mrs_ 46 Queen street, Exeter Isaac Jn. 5 Temple,Exeter

gardens, Tor square, Torquay Hyne Mrs. Lauriston, New road, Brix- IsaacMrs.Tennis crt.NorthTawtonR.S.O

Hussey Jn. R. 41 t;t. Dav1d's hill, Exeter ham R.~.O Isaac Thoma~ Sebastian.Tapley, Bishop's

Hussey John Walton, Crema cottage, Hynes Mrs.6 May ter.Lipson rd.Plymth 'feignton, Teignmouth

lllack Boy road, Exeter I'Anson Mrs. Geo. 16Barton cres. Dawlish Isaacs G. Thesher,Westbourne,Sidmouth

Hussey Miss, 4 Nelson ter. Barnstaple Icely Mrs. 2- Compton Park villas, Isaacs M=ss, r6 Athenaeum st. Plymouth

Hussey Mrs. Uffculme, Cullompton Mannamead, Plymouth Isaacs Miss, Cottymead villas, Sidmouth

Hnssey T.W.28 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter Iddesleigh Earl of C.B.Pynes, Exeter; & Isabell J.gEdgcumbe pl.Stoke,Devonprt

Hussey-Williams C.Oakley,Teignmouth 23 Manchester square, London w !slip Miss, :ror view, Rousdown road,

Husson John, 8 Howell road, Exeter Igglesden Rev. Marten Th.A.K.C.L. •ror- Cockington, Torquay

Hussou Mrs. ,1 Connaught vmas, Con- wood villa, Torwood gardens, Torquay lvey Augustus Florence, Spencer house,

naught !!.venue, Plymouth . Ikin Rev. William Derrington, 5 Hills- 5 Sp3ncer ter. Lipson rd. Plymouth

Hustler Thomas, Sladnor park, Maiden- den villas, Bronshill rd.lower,Torquay hey'!'. 102 Wilton st. Stoke, Devonport

combe, Teignmoutll Ikin Miss, 7 Marine parade, Budleigh Izdebski Mrs. 8 Laira Bridge t3r. Plymth

Hutchens Henry, 5 Moor View terrace, Salterton S.O Jackman Jolln, Eversleigh, 'favistock

Mutley, Plymouth IlbertRev.P.A..M.A.Thurlestne.Kingsbdg Ja.ckman Mis.;;, 'l'he Elms, Devon road,

Hutchings Ernest Lee, New rd. Bideford Ilbert The Misses, Norden, West Alving- Salcombe, King'lbridge

1Iutchings !"rank, 4 Penview terrace, ton~ Kingsbridge J ackman Mrs. 14 Somerset pl. Teignmth

York street, Exeter libert William Roope .J.P. Bowringsleigh, Jackman William, Berry house, Ta.mer-

Hutchings Frank Lee, Strand, Bideford West Alvington, Kingsbridge ton Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O

HutchingsFrankS. Uffculme,Cullompton ilea Mrs. 64 George street, Devonport Jackman William, u Caprera terrace,

Hutchings G.H. South town,Dartmoutb Im 'I'burn Mrs. Firs leigh, Higher War- North road, Plymouth

Hntchin.zs James, 13Lansdowne terrace, berry road, Torquay JackmanWm. toMansard ter. Dartmouth

.Alphington road, St, lhomas, Exeter Imbert-Terry HenryMachu.r.P.,F.R.S.L. Ja.ckson Col. George, Ebford Bartoq,

Hutchings John, Bear street, .13arnstaple Strete Raleizh, Whimple. Exeter 'fopsham, Exeter

Hutchings John, Court street. Moreton Imeson Mrs. 16 Lyndhurst road.,Mount JacksonMaj.G.W.C.TheMalll'.ho.Dawlsh

Hampstead. Newton Abbot Radford, Exeter Jackson Capt. John, I3 Rongemont tet:-

Hutchings John, 6 Martin terrace, Impey :Mrs. Westacott cottages,Bishop•s race, Exmouth

Morice town, Devonport 'fawton, Barnstaple . Jackson Rev. Percival :M•.A.. Kingsteign-

Hutchings Jn.Hy.43 Bitton st.Teignmth Inch John Steer, 5 Hollywood terrace, ton, Newton Abbot

Hutchings Misses, The Cottage, East Wyndham street west, Plymouth Jackson Rev. William, x Cyprus villas,

. Cornworthy. Totnes InchW.W.Marian vil.Stb.Brent,Ivybrdg South av. Polsloe rd.Heavitree,Exeter

Hutchings Mrs. Qhard street,Axminster Inchbald Mrs. Woodsome, Totnes road, Jackson Daniel,4 Clarence pl.Stonehouse

Hutchings Samuel, St. John's road, Paignton Jackson Edwd. I4 Ferndale,Teig-nmouth

Heavitree, Exeter lncledon-Webber Edward Chichester,St. Jackson Geo.w Portland vils. PJymouth

HutchingsSI.W.5Barnpark ter.Teignmth Bannocks, Braunton R.S.O JacksonG.F.4Salisbury rd.Lipsn.Pl) mth

Hut-;:hing& T.W.B.Carlton ho. Teignmth Ingersent Wilham, Tbe Close, Exeter Jackson James J. Western rd.Ivybridge

IIutchings William Farr, Otago cott;;tge, Ingham Mrs. ~erton lodge, Middle Lin- Jackson John, Ingoldsbyj Chelston road,

Di~tisham, Dll-rtmouth . combe road, Torquay Cockington, •rorquay ,

Hutchins Rev_ Henry B.A. The Clintons, Ingle Rev. John Jd.A. St. Bartholomew Jackson John, l"'riory, Dartmouth

Teignmouth house, Exeter Jackson John, Torre villa,Gt.Torrington

.Hutcbins Mrs.E.Budleigh SaltertonS.O Ingles Rev. Charles William Chamber- Jackson Mark M.D. Bear st. Barnstaple

Hntchinson Major, San Clare, Totnes layne B.A. 17 Eaton place, Exeter Jackson Miss, 9 t-it. Matthias terrace,

road,. Paignton In~Ies John Chamberlayne, The Wold, Ilsham road, Torquay

Hutchinson Mrs. 5 Pavilion place~ l\lag- Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot Jackson Mrs. Aish, Totnes

dalen road, Exeter · jlnglis George, 7 Princes streetsouth,St. Jackson Mrs. 4 Brunswick sq. Exmout\w

HutchillS()n P. O.Old chancel, Sidmouth ~ T.homas, Exeter Jackson Mrs. Sticklepath, Okehampton

• DEV. & CORN. 46*


Jackson Mrs. Sorley, Park Hill road, James Mrs.Ellerton, Portland av.Exmth JefferyMrs. I I Stoke ter.Stoke,Devonport.

Torquay James Mrs. Hillside, Courtenay road, Jeffery Mrs. ~s Twyford pl. Tiverton

Jackson Mrs. Redcliffe, Petitor road, St. Newton Abbot Jeffery Thos.C.n Carlton ter.PlymoutlP

Mary Church, Torquay James Mrs. Rockbeare house, Exeter Jeffery William, 2 Sutherland villas,..

Jackson Mrs.2 Trematon terrace,Mutley, James Mrs. 8 Scarborough ter. Torquay Sutherland terrace, Plymouth

Plymouth James Richard Boucher, Hallsannery, Jeffery Wm.Thos.73 High st.Ilfracombe-

Jackson Mrs. The Retreat, Fisher st. Bideford Jefford John William, 7 Chatsworth

Paignton J ames S. T. 35Polsloe rd.Heavitree,Exetr terrace, Higher Wellesley rd. Torquay·

Jackson Mrs. Union ter. Barnstaple JamesT.Highleigh,Dawlish rd.Teignmth Jeffrey Fred B. Crelake, Tavistock

Jackson Mrs. George, Clareen, Higher James T.J.6Temple rd.Larkbeare,Exetr Jeffrey William Reed, I5 Bath terrace,.

Warberry road, Torquay James William R.N. 3 Keyham terrace, Bampfylde road, Torquay

Jackson Thos.32 Castle st.Gt.Torringtn Keyham rd. Morice town, Devonport Jeffries Rev. Peter William, Claremont.

Jacob Col. Wm. Brooklands, Tavistock James Wm. C. 2 Woodside, Plymouth Tower park, Moreton Hampstead,

Jacob Rev. George AndrewD.D. 2 Grove JamesW.J.IsNorman av.Stke.Devonprt Newton Abbot ·

villas, Landscore road, Teignmouth James W11liam S. 3 Mont-le-Grand, Jeffries Mrs. 2 Queen street, Dawlrsh

Jacob James B. M. B. Plymstock, Plymth Heavitree, Exeter Jeffs Mrs. 7 Laira terrace, Embankment

Jacobs Henry, East End cottage, Tor- James Wm. 42 Summerland st. Exeter road, Plymouth

quay road, Newton Abbot James William A. F.R.A.s. Compass JellardMiss,sPortland pl.Abbeyrd.Trqy-

JacobsonMrs. nClaremQnt ter.Exmouth cottage, Stoke hill, Exeter Jellard Mrs. Galmpton, Kingsbridge

Jacomb Hy.VillaSt.Clare,Exwick,Exeter Jameson Mrs. Lympstone house, Exeter Jellett James Wm.Hy.M.D.,,B.A.L.

Jago Charles, 26 George st. Devonport Jamieson James, 2 Twyford pl.Tiverton 8 Salutary mount, Heavitree, Exeter

Jago Charles Samuel, Furzdon, Buck- Jamieson John A. Stuckeridge, Oak- Jellicoe Palmer, Loventor house, Berry

land Monachorum, Yelverton RS.O ford, Bampton R.S.O Pomeroy, Totnes

Jago Charles Samuel F.R.G.s. School Jamieson Mrs. 3 Keppel street, Morice Jemmett Charles F. Sea view,Sidmoutb

house, Rowe street, Plymouth town, Devonport Jenkin Mrs. 77 Union st. Stonehouse

Jago Edward Richard, 9 Grimstone ter- Jamieson Mrs.Yealm lodge, Yealmpton, Jenkin Thos. Cann, 47 High st. Bidefordi

race, Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Plymouth Jenkins Insp.-Gen. Sir James K c.B.,

JagoFrederick WilliamPearceM.B.Lond. Jamieson Mrs. Wood view, Wolborough M.D.,R.N.Nevinston, Seymouravenue,.

I3 Ham street, Plymouth hill, Newton Abbot Mannamead, Plymouth

Jago Fredk. William, 4 Lower St. Paul's Jamieson R.Smalls,Portlemth.Kingsbdg Jenkins Rev. Wm. Tnrber\'ille Llewellin,.

road, Newton Abbot Jane Rev. John, Up. Ottery, Honiton Lansdowne terrace, Bideford

Jago G.Halwell ho.Halwell st. Plymouth Jane David, 40 Gibbons st. Plymouth Jenkins Charles, 6 Beatrice avenue,.

Jago Jas. 29 Stuart ter. Stoke,Devonport Jane Stephen John, 55c, Albert road, Lipson road, Plymouth

Jago Mrs. 13 Collings park, Higher Morice town, Devonport Jenkins G.H.n Seaton tr.Mutly.Plymt!l

Compton, Plymouth Jane Warren, Sarre ville, Courtenay Jenkins Henry Lionel, Clannacombe,.

Jago R. 7 Archer ter.North rd.Plymouth park, Newton Abbot Thurlestone, Kingsbridge

J ago Robartes, The Bank, Cullompton J anson Mrs. 6 Pennsylvania park, Exeter J enkins John, 20 Dawlish st.Teignmoutlb .

J ago Samuel, 3 Charles place, Plymouth Japp Frank Wood,2 Ferndale,Teignmth Jenkins Richard, 8 Lamorna place,.

Jago William, 9 Chapel st. Tavistock Jarman Henry Plumbridge, Wingfield, Morice town, Devonport

Jago WilliamHy.nCarlisle av.Plymouth Sands road, Paignton Jenkins Samuel, 6 Devonshire villas;

Jago-Trelawny Major-General John J.P. Jarman Miss, St. Peter street, Tiverton Pennycomequick, Stoke, Devonport

6 Athenooum terrace, Plymouth JarmanRd.Monk'shood,Topshm.Exeter Jenkins Thos. J. 55 Baringst. Plymouth

James Staff-Capt. William Henry R.N. JarmanW.2IHydePk.rd.Mutley,Plymth Jenkins William Hy. Forest. Tiverton

2 Keyham terrace, Keyham road, Jarman William, Excelsior villa, Mount Jenkinson Rev. Thomas Barge B.A-

Morice town, Devonport Pleasant road, Exeter Rectory, Farway, Honiton

JamesCapt.Henry,4 Alfred st.Plymouth Jarratt Rev. l<'dk. Goodleigh, Barnstaple Jenkyns Rev.David Melbourne,Oakford.,.

James Capt. Henry, Spriddlestone, Jarrett Miss,2oValletortpl.Stk.Devnprt Bampton R.S.O
• Brixton, Plymouth
JarronJas.4Trafalgar pl.Stoke,Devonprt Jenner Hugh, St. Michael's lodge, Daw-

James Rev. Charles Lister M.A. Broad- Jarvie Mrs. Fulwood, Vansittart road, lish road, Teignmouth

hembnry, Honiton Torquay Jennings Geo. n Garfield ter. Paignton

JamesRev.H.F.G.Weston rd.Ivybridge Jarvis Albert Wm. 2 Powderhamvillas, Jennings George, Valletort house, Val-

James Rev. John William, New house, Devon road, Salcombe, Kingsbridge letort road, Stoke, Devonport

Up-Ottery, Honiton Jarvis Frank W. Galmpton,Kingsbridge Jennings Jsph. 8r Gainsboro' ter.Plymth

James Albert., 3 Chaddlewood avenue, Jarvis Mrs. Alexandra road, Barnstaple Jennings Mrs. 106 North rd. Plymouth

Lipson road, Plymouth Jarvis Mrs. Victoria place, Dodbrooke Jennings Richard, 5 Union rd. Crediton

James BeaumontT. Union ter.Barnstaple Jarvis Philip Henry, I Gainsboro' villas, Jennings William, 15 Greenbank avenue,

James Charles, Ingleside, Wilderness rd. Alexandra road, Plymouth Lipson road, Plymouth

Plymouth Jarvis SI. Fulford, Mt.Pieasant,Dartmth Jennings W. H.5B Emma pl. Stonehouse

James Edward, jun. Cleeve villa, Ford Jarvis Thos. L. I Park Hill cots.Torquay Jenour Rev. Henry Courtney B.A. Kent-

park, Mutley, Plymouth JarvisW.F.BSt.James' pl.east,Plymouth isbury, BarD9taple

James Edward, Greenbank house, Jarvis W.H. 3 Victoria pl.Stke.Devonprt Jephson John Henry, B Vicarage road,

Lipson road, Plymouth JasperE.3SeaView ter.Lipson rd.Plymth Cocki~ton, Torquay

James Kdward, 3 Whitstone villas, Jauncey George Mundy J.P. Broomford Jephson Lorenzo George, Casey town,

Sands road, Pa1gnton manor, Jacobstowe, Exbourne R.S.O Whitchurch, Tavistock

James Edward Hamilton, Woodside cot- JeanR.C.23Staddon tr.North rd. Plymth JermanHy.8Haldon rd.St.David's,Exetr

tage, Woodside, Plymouth Jebb Rev. Heneage Horsley B.A. Vicar- Jerman James, 32 Black Boy rd. Exeter

James Edwin George, 7 Bayswater ter- age, Awliscombe, Honiton Jerman James, I6 Clinton ter. Exmoutb

race, Albert road, Plymouth Jeboult Hy.P.Brookfield, York rd.Exeter JermanRichard,22St. David's hill,Exeter

J ames George, 75 Black Boy rd. Exeter J eeves Anthony,Rouge cottage,Lydford, Jermyn Rev. Edmund II.A. Beech house,

James Hy.W.Tregear, Spicer rd. Exeter Bridestowe R.S.O Uffculme, Cullompton

JamesHy.D.I4 Linden ter.NewtonAbbot Jeeves A. 47 St. David's hill, Exeter JerrardMiss, Bryanston,Seaton,Axmnstr

JamesJ. 135Cowick st.St.Thomas,Exeter Jefferd Frederick Henry, Rock, Egg Jerrard Mrs. Fairfield, Honiton

James John Bright, Holland house, Buckland, Plymouth JerrardS.Westwood,Torrs pk.Ilfracombe

Weston Pevert>l, Plymouth Jefferd Wm.John, The Bank,Axminster Jerred Saml. 49 Pennsylvania rd. Exetr

James John Brown, Tamerton Foliot Jefferey John, 2 Petitor terrace, St. Jervis Mrs. Swynfen, 16 Belgrave ter-

honse, Crown Hill R.S.O. Mary Church, Torquay race, Belgrave road, Torquay

James John K. Chettiscombe, Tiverton Jefferies Rev. William, Hollacombe, Jervis Samuel John,Castle st. Barnstaple

James Jn.M.37Stuartter.Stoke,Devnprt Winkleigh R.S.O Jervoise Arthur T. E. 'fimewell house,

James John Somers, 5 Thorn Park Jefferies J. I7 Victoria pl.Stke.Devonprt Morebath, Tiverton

avenue, Mannamead, Plymouth Jefferis Rev.James LL.D. St. Leonards, Jervoise Mrs. Erdsleigh house, St.

JamesL.4oWaterloo st.Stoke,Devonport Newton road, Torquay Luke's road south, Torquay

James L. 2Victoriater.Heavitree,Exeter Jeffery Rev. Edward John M.A. Vicar- JessopEdwd.Hy.IBathtel'.lnstowR.S.O

James Miss, 10 Chatsworth terrace, age, Frithestock, Torrington Jessop Mrs. High street, Crediton

Higher Wellesley road, Torquay Jeffery Chas.J.East st.Ashburton R.S.O Jessopp H.3Alamode vls.Cockingtn.Trqy

JamesMiss,Tawton rd.Newprt.Barnstple JefferyE.J.I Home park,Stoke,Devonprt Jetter Mrs. Endsleigh house, Bridge-

James The Misses, Belstone,Okehamptn Jeffery John, I33 Albert road, Morice town, Totnes

James Misses, 6 College road, Exeter town, Devonport Jeune Evan Bidwell J.P. Manor house,

JamesMisses, Southedeigh, Lympstone, Jeffery John, Down, Hartland, Bideford Countisbury, Barnstaple

Exeter Jeffery Mrs. Alexandra road,Barnstaple Jew Samuel, 3 Caroline pl. Stonehouse

James Mrs. 85 Alcester street, Morice Jeffery Mrs. 4 Henrietta villas, Lower Jewell Capt. William, Clovelly, Bideford

town, Devonport Compton road, Plymouth Jewell Frank, Newport, Barnstaple

James Mrs. Bramble hill, Honiton Jeffery Mrs. Silver s.t. Ottery St. Mary Jewell Jn. 18 Ann's pl. :::ltoke, Devonport


Jewell :Miss,3Meunt Pleasant,Ilfracombe Johnson Walter Frederick, II Fellowes Jones Mrs. Roseleigh, Park road, Polsloe

Jewell Mrs. Catherine, Jasmine cottage, place, Stoke, Devonport road, Heavitree, Exeter

Clovelly, Bideford Johnson William, 21 Whitleigh terrace, Jones Mrs. II Springfield rd. Ilfracombe

Jewell Mrs. Park villas, Barnstaple Crown Hill R.S 0 Jones Oswald, Baynard villa, 'favistock

Jewell Wm. 135 East st. Newton Abbot Johnson William Curtis, I3 Sidney road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Jewell William Hy. Market pl. Bideford road, St. Thomas, Exeter Jones Samuel J.P.r2Longbrook st.Exeter

,Jewers Ernest Edwin, 3 Athenooum JohnstonMiss,Bay fort, Warren rd.Torqy JonesSamuelThos.43Baring st.Plymouth

terraee, Millbay road, Plymouth Johnston Mrs. 2 Carolina pl. Stonehouse Jones Sydney, 67 High street, Bidefor•i

,Jewill Jehn Robert, I6 Sussex road, Johnston Mrs. I56 Cowick street, St. JonesThomasEvan,2Westernrd.Creditn

Ford, Stoke, Devonport Thomas, Exeter Jones Tom Rudd, Fort st. Barnstaple

.Jewill Mark. I7 Herbert streat, Morice Johnston Mrs. I Hartley villas, Hartley Jones Wesley Rowland, 6 St. Margaret's

town, Devonport avenue, Higher Compton, Plymouth terrace, St. Mary Church, Torquay

.Jinkin Thos. 13 Endsleigh pl. Plymouth Johnston Mrs. Old BlundeUs, Tiverton Jones William, r Elm terrace, Honiton

Jinkin W. T.gKirkby pl. North rd.Plymth J ohnston Mrs. 20 Richmond rd. Exeter J on~s William, Elstow villa, Crediton

J"-ob W. 12 Polsloe rd. Heavitree, Exeter JohnstonTbos.76A,Cobourg st.Plymouth Jones William, 12 Hemerdon terrace,

J'.oce Giles, II Springfield rd. llfracombe JohnstonT. Woodvlle.Torrs pk.Ilfracmbe Alexandra road, Plymouth

,Joce Miss, Grenville stt·eet, Bideford J ohnst.oneJ. D.Hill side, Watts rd. Tavistk Jones William, 2 Hillsden villas, Brons-

.Joce Peter, I5 Ebberley lawn, Barnstaple Joint Frank, South::\Iolton st. Chulmleigh hill road lower, Torquay

Joce 'rhos. 56 Boutport st. Barm:;taple Joint William, Fort street, Ba.rnstaple JonesWm.mJubileerd.Heavitree,Exeter

J-oce William, II The Strand, Bideford Joliffe Rev. Ebenezer, The Manse, Jones William Henry, 2 Park villas,

J-oce William, Burdon,Pilton,Barnsta.ple Western road, Ivybridge Polsloe road, Heavitree, Exeter

Johns Rev. Jas. B.A. 'fheManse, Tot.nes Joll Harry, 4 Osborne place, Plymouth JonesWm.V.24St.James'pl.west,Plymth

.Johns Rev. Joseph, High st. Cu!lompton Joll John Lamble, West Teign view, Jope William, II Clarence pl. Stonehouse

JohnsRev. W.R.Chudleigh,NewtonAbbot Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot Jordain Mrs.sChrch.ter.Brdgetwn.Totns

J-obns Arthur John R.N. II2 Wilton Joll W.Stke.ho.Tavistock rd.Stke.Devnpt Jordan Chs.2Fieldmont,Blackall rd.Extr

street, Stoke, Devonport J olliffeAndrew,Belmont pl.Stoke, Devnpt JordanJas.2Castle ter.Castle rd.Torquay

.Johns John Daw, 6 Windsor pi. Plymth JolliffeJas.6Ciarendon ter.Stoke,Devonpt Jordan John, Newport, Barnstaple

Johns Miss, 20 Martin terrace, Morice JolliffeSamuelV.gSt.James pl.ea.Plymth Jordan Martin, 8 George st. Devonport

town, Devonport Jolliffe 'rhos. A. Hoe view, Pier st.Plymth Jordan Mrs. 44 Regent st. Plymouth

JtOhns Miss, 8 Restormel ter. Plymouth Jollow William, 5 Princess pl. Plymouth JordanMrs.Stafford vl.Sands rd.Paigntn

Johns Miss, 8 Woodland ter. Plymouth Jolly Miss,'forwoodlee,Newton rd.Torqy JordanW.soAlcesterst.Moricetn.Devnpt

Johns Misses, Priory terrace, Under- Jones Capt. Henry Paget, Russell house, Jordan Willi~m Rtsdon Hall, 4 Brimley

wood, Plympton St. Mary Plymstock, Plymouth villa!'&, Teignmouth

.Johns Mrs. 2I Hoe street, Plymouth Jones Commander Francis Gilbert R.N. Jorrlan William Ernest, 3 Sydney ter-

,Johns Richard Braginton, 8 Leigham 7 Brunswick cottages, Stoke, Devonpt race, Oxford street, Plymouth

villas, Elliot street, Plymouth Jones Rev. Benjamin B. A. Colebrooke, JordanWm.F.C.39Bitton st.Teignmouth

.Johns Thom~s, Bodman st. Holsworthy Coplestone R.S.O Jorey Michael Edward, South Clarence

Johns William B. Sydenham place, Jones Rev. Clifford George, 8 Smeaton villa,Charlottest.Moricetwn.Devonpt

Honestone streat, Bideford terrace, Great Western rd. Plymouth Jo-ry W.3 Pasley st.Morice town,Devonpt

.J-ohns Wm. Chas. 9 Addison rd. Plymth JonesRev.J.B.A.Otterton,Budlgh.Saltrtn Josland Waiter, Rose cot. Kenn, Exeter

,Johnson Col. Achison, Hemsworth, JonesRev.J.7Citadel ter.Citadl.rd.Plmth Jowitt 'f. Woodlands, Lynton,Barnstaple

Burton road, Torquay JonesA.Underwood,Braddon'shill,Torqy Joy John William, 2 Yellands cottages,

J"ohnson Capt. Frank, PrincetownR.S.O Jones Arthur William L.Ottery St.Mary Upper Polsham road, Paignton

.Johnson Rev. Cecil, Fort hill, Barnstaple Jones Beaumont Hill, 8 Haddington Joy Miss, Newport, Barnstaple

.Johnson Rev. George B. St. Bernards, road, Morice town, Devonport JoyceA.g Ermington ter.Mutley,Plymtb

Newton road, Torquay JonesBob,Oakland vl.Lynton,Barnstaple Joyce John,Gunsdown vils.SouthMolton

.Johnson Rev. Pitt B. A. St. Aubyn's Jones C.'f. Rack Park cot.Gt. 'forrington Joyce William, 37 Emma pl. Stonehouse

vicarage, Ker street, Devonport Jones Charles 'f. 9 Church rd.Ilfracombe J udd Frederick, Penn inn, Newton Abbot

Johnson A. C. M.A. Briersfield, Dartmth Jo:Qes Paymaster Cyril Harper R.N, 16 Judge Mrs. 10 Clinton ter. Exmouth

Johnson Alfred Robert M. A., F.R.A.s. 13 St. Hilary terrace, Stoke. Devonpor~ Jukes Rev. Worthington M. A. Shobrooke,

Victoria ter. Mount Radford, Exeter Jones David, I2 Kobe ter. Plymouth Crediton

.Johnson Benjamin, 8 Pentamar terrace, Jones Edgar Richard, Rushford, Tor- Jukes-BrownA.J.35St.Leonard rd.Exetr

Morice town, Devonport quay road, Newton Abbot Jukes-Hughes Mrs. Cromarty, College

Johnson Charles Malcolm R.N. I I Con- JonesE.R.2Leigham vls.Elliot st.Plymth road, Newton Abbot

naught terrace, Mutley plain, Plymth Jones Fredk.ICambridgegro.Ilfracombe Julian Capt.T.A.IO Woodside,Plymouth

.Johnson Curtis, Hayesleigh, Tavistock JonesGeo.6Church rd.St.Thomas,Exeter Julian B.S.2St.James' pl.east,Piymouth

road, Mannamead, Plymouth Jones George Hamilton, I Culme ter- Julian Harry, 25 Culverland rd. Exeter

1ohnson Edwd.J.P. Farringdon ho.Exetr race, Tothill road, Plymouth Julian John R.N. 6-t- Haddington road,

..'Tohnson Edwd. W.Ivycott.South Molton Jones Henry, Chilsworthy, Hulsworthy Morice town, Devonport

lohnsonF.Bifrous,Babbacombe rd.Torqy JonesH.5Qneen's gt.Lipson rd.Plymouth Julian Miss, 2 Prospect villas, 'famerton

Johnson Fredk. 87 Cobourg st. Plymth Jones Henry Stevens, Royal Naval Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O

Johnson G. H. 7 Den cres. Teignmouth hospital, High street, Stonehouse Julian Mrs. Southdown lawn, Tamerton

J"ohnson Henry, 3 Knighton terrace, Jones Hugh Beaver, Glyn-garth, Vicar- Foliot, Crown Hill R.S.O

Greenbank a\·enue, Plymouth age road, Cockington, Torquay JulianRobt.Prospectcot.BrauntonR.S.O

.Tohnson Henry San<!rord, Rockfield, tn.Devnpt Jullyan I:<'. H. 10 Powderham cres.Exeter

Buckfastleigh R.S.O JonesJas.3 Queen'sgt.Lipson rd.Plymth Julyan Sir Penrose G. K.C.H.G., C.B.

l ohnsonHenryT. I I Alexandra rd. Plymth J ones J ohn,so Headland park, Plymouth Stadacona, Upper Braddon's Hill

.Johnson John, 3 Haddington road, Jones John, rr Hobart st. Stonehouse road, 'forquay •

Morice town, Davonport Jones John, I7 Lyndhurst road, Exeter Julyan Rev. William, 26 Polsloe road,

.Johnson John George M.A., D.L., J.P. Jones John 0. II Hill's view, Barnstaple Hea,·itree, Exeter·

Winkleigh court, Winkleigh R.S.O Jones J. R. 6 Pinhoe rd.Heavitree,Exeter Jury Alfred John, New street, Honiton

.Sohnson John Richard, Royal Naval JonesL.4Lw.CrossPk.ter.Heavitree,Extr Jury Thomas, 4 Petitor terrace, St.

hospital, High street, Stonehouse Jones M. Alexandra road, Barnstaple Mary Church, Torquay

.Sohnson J. R. 7 Acre pl. Stoke,Devonport Jones MauriceEvan, IHillsboro' rd.Exetr JusthamMrs.2Somerset pl.Stoke,IJvnprti

.lohnson John W. 24 Forest. Devonport Jones Miss, ro Coryton terrace, Ford Jutsum Fredk.ElmBank cot.Sth.Molton

.Johnson Joseph, South Furzeham road, Park road, Mutley, Plymouth Kane Joseph George Auriol H.D. 3

Brixham R.S.O Jones Miss, II Montpelier ter.Ilfracombe . Parker's place, Exmouth

.Johnson Miss, Rose moor, St. Giles-in- Jones Miss, West cliff, Teignmouth Karkeek Paul Q.Isca, Abbey rd.Torquay

the-Wood, Great Torrington Jones Mrs. 3 Avenue ter. Teignmouth Karslake Rev. Henry J. W. B.A. 3

.lohnsonMisses, LittleBroomboro',Totnes J onesMrs. 5Blumenthl.ter.Topshm.Exetr Woburn terrace, Tavistock

.Johnson Mrs. I Alma villas, Earls acre, Jones Mrs. Cedars, Brixham R.S.O Karslake Miss, 6 Bath ter. Instow R.S.O

Stoke, Devonport Jones Mrs. I Church view, Babbacombe Karslake Mrs. Grendon house, Grendou

.JohnsonMrs.I9EastSouthernhay,Exeter road, Babbacombe, Torquay road. Exeter

.lohnson R. Portview, Heavitree, Exeter Jones Mrs.Clarence pl.Newpt.Barnstaple KavanaghRev.J.D.58Magdalen st.Exetr

Sohnson Robert., 12 Belmont place, Bel- Jones Mrs. I8 Connaught av. Plymouth Kavanagh Patrick Ralph, 7 Alton road.

mont road, Exeter Jones Mrs. Horn lane, Dartmouth Victoria park, Plymouth

.TohnsonRt.M.A.TheCollege,NewtonAbbt Jones Mrs. I Modena terrace, Braddon's Kay Charles Beachey, Monte Carlo,

lohnson Samuel, 31 Abbey rd. 'forquay Hill road east, Torquay lHoocester road, Newton Abbot

.lohnson Thomas, Ben Venue, Middle Jones Mrs. Powderham villa, Courtenay Kay Mrs. 7 St. George's terrace, Durn•

Warberry road, Torquay park, Newton Abbot ford street, Stonehouse

.lohnson Thomas, 35 Fleet st. Torquay Jones Mrs. Rack Park cot. Gt. Torrington Kay Quinton, Merton villa, Princes

.lohnsonTQm.Ciifton vil.Warren rd.Trqy Jones Mrs. Roscoe, Palace aven Paignton square, St. Thomas, Exeter


Kay Robert Arthur, Cambridge villa, Kelly Reginald D.L., J.P. Kelly house, Keppel George Thomas, t Prospec1 ter-

Queen's road, St. Thomas, Exeter Lifton R.S.O race, Babbacombe, Torquay

KayW.H. I Citadel ter.Citadel rd.Plymth Kelly Thomas, Marwood, Barnstaple Ker James, 19 Clinton terrace,Exm&utb

Keall-ParkhouseW.9Sth. View ter .Bidfrd Kelly Tim, Thistledown villas, Clovelly Kerby Geo. Sinai, Lynton, .Barnstaple

Keast John, 49 Haddington road, road, Bideford Kerkin Mrs. I7 Washington terrace,.

Morice town, Devonport KellyWm.Saml.nWalker ter.Piymouth Alexandra road, Plymouth

Keate Thomas, g8 Toronto road, Exeter Kelsall Capt. Theophilus R.N. Younga- Kerle John, 13 Queen street, Dawlish

Keates Alfd.E. Marine gardens,Bideford ton, Westward Ho ! Bideford Kerle Mrs. 5 Clinton terrace, Exmouth-

Keates Wm. Hy. Meddon st. Bideford Kelsey Lieut.-Col. Edward F. Duart Kerly Fk.J qMontpelierter.Ilfracombe-

Keating Lieut.-Col. Patrick Arthur R.A. lodge,Orchard hill,NQrtham,Biderord Kerr Rev. John Alexander LL.D. Clyst.

Westbrook, Teignmonth KelseyMrs. D. Southst.BrauntonR.S.O St. Mary, Exeter

Keates James Henry, 10 Stafford terrace, Kemball Cuthbert Alfred, I Alma place, Kerr Thomas, High street, Honiton

Huntiscombe road, Plymouth Alma villas, Stoke, Devonport Kerslake George, 7 Herbert place,.

Keays Thomas M. A. Hartland, Bideford Kemble Samuel, St. Vincent, Tedburn, Morice town, Del"onport

Keele Misses, Summerlands, Church St. Mary, Exeter Kerslake T. Woodbury, Salterton,Exeter

road, St. Mary Church, Torquay Kemeys-Tynte Mrs. Balnageith, Stit- Kerswell Alfd. Jn. 21 Ham st. Plymouth.

Keeling Rev. William Thomas M. A. chill road, Torquay Kerswell Frank, The Parade, Crediton

Malborough, Kingsbridge Kemmis Capt. William H. 0. R.A. 5 Kerswell Samuel, Elmside, Tavistock

Keen Edwd.2 St.Lawrence rd.Plymouth Stoke terrace, Stoke, Devonport road, Mannamead, Plymouth

Keen Miss, I St. James' terrace, Citadel Kemp J.Fort ter.Alexandra ter.Barnstpl Kerswill C. E.rEgerton rd.sth.Plymoutllo

road, Plymouth Kemp John, 3 Magdalen road, Exeter Kerswill Frederick John, 15 Portland'

KeenMrs.Clovelly rd.Oid tol'n,Bideford Kemp Mrs. IO Victoria terrace, l<'erry villas, North road, I'lymouth

Keen Mrs. 8g North road, Plymouth road, Exmouth Kerswill Thomas, 5 South Devon place,.

Keen Richd. r2 Carlton ter. Plymouth Kemp Thomas, 24 Belmont rd. Exeter Ridgeway, Plympton St. Mary

Keen Thomas Richard, 4 Hoe Park place, Kempe Rev. Prebendary James Cory Keslake Fras. D. 5 Hamilton ter. Exmtho

Windsor lane, PJ:ymouth M. A. Merton, Beaford R.S. 0 Kessell Michael,24 Granby st. Devonport

KeenanE.PlymptonSt.l\laurice,Piymptn KempeRev.J.H.Meeth,Hatberlgh.R.S.O Ketheren Miss, Ardvoulan, Vansittart..

K&enor Mrs. New street~ Chulmleigh Kempe A.llf.D.J4Ea.Southernhay,Exeter road, Torquay

Keenor Mrs. Park pi. Winkleigh R.S.O Kempe Fredk. Albert,Fort st.Barnstaple KettleE.Germans,Combmartin,IlfracmlJ.

Keeping Charles, I Clinton ter. Exmouth Kendal Mrs. 12 Trematon terrace, Kettlewell Thos.66 HillP~rk cres.Plymtll.

Keeping Herbert, 7 Dinham rd. Exeter Motley, Plymouth KevernJn.G.8Ford pk.)Iutley,Pl~·mouth

Keey George Edward Mulliner, I6 Gor- Kendall A.3 Highr. Wellesley rd. Torquay Key William, IO Ladywell pi. Plymouth

don terrace, Plymouth Kendall Edwin Joseph, Port view,Withy- Keys E. 2 Townsend cres. Mannamead

Keily Rev. John, Holy cross Presbytery, cornbe Raleigh, Exmouth Keys Elias L. 24 Tavistock rd.Plymouth

Beaumont road, Plymouth Kendall Miss, I Windsor villas, Lockyer Keys Elias L. I St. Andrew's pi. Plymouth.

Keily Michael Dominic, 9 Caprera ter- street, Plymouth Keyworth Col. Walter, The Green,.

race, North road, Plymouth Kendall Mrs. The Glen, Leusden, Ash- Bishop's Teignton, Teignmouth

Kekewich Trehawke M.A., D.L., J.P. burton R.S.O Kiddle J. Nelson, Denbury house, Den-

Peamore, Alphington, Exeter Kendall N.25 Jubileerd. Heavitree,Exetr bury, Newton Abbot

Kelgh James W. D. 3 Victoria terrace, KendallW:B.Greenheys,Kmgswr.Drtmth Kidman Mrs. 21 Champernowne ter-

Heavitree, Exeter Kendell Benj. 3 Belgrave rd. Plymouth race, Ilfracombe

Kelham Mrs. Mortimer house, South KendleF. W.Hawthornden,South Molton Kieft D.J. 8 Jubilee rd. Heavitree,Exeter-

Brent, Ivybridge KendrickAlfd.roNewrd.BrixhamR..S.O Kiell John, Fort street, Barnstaple

Kelk Mrs. 22 Baring street, Plymouth Kendrick Charles, I Devonshire place, Kimber Jabez William, Tracey, Seaway

Kell Miss, Balsters, 8idmouth Union road, Exeter lane, Cockington, Torquay

Kelland John, Greenhill, Dodbrooke Kendrick Mrs. Hill Side house, Higher Kimber Miss, Daylesford, Bampfyld&

Kelland John, 3 Pentamar terrace, Manor road, Brixham R.S.O road, Torquay

Morice town, Devonport Kendrick. Mrs.4 1 New rd.Brixham R S. 0 Kinderley John, The Gap, West hill,

Kelland John, 5 Terra Nova terrace, Kennaway Sir John Henry bart lii.P., Ottery St. Mary

The Esplanade, Paignton M, A., D.L., J.P. Escot house, Talaton, Kindersley Mrs. 32 St. David's hi.Exeter

Kelland Miss,3 Longfield ter. Ilfracombe Ottery St. Mary; & I4 Hyde Park King Maj.U.H.R.M. 67 Emma pl.Stoneh0o

Kelland Mrs. 12 Higher Cross, Park square w & Carlton & Athemeum King Rev. Frederick M.A. South Molton

terrace, Heavitree, Exeter clubs, London s w King Rev. Henry, Point-in-View, Lymp-

Kelland Mrs. 6 Horsdon ter. Tiverton Kennaway Lawrence James, Home- stone, Exeter

KellandMrs.Newvl.Victoria rd.Barnstpl field, Pennsylvania road, Exeter King Rev. Walker, Heavitreepk. Exeter·

Kelland Mrs.Geo.I 19A,High st. Crediton Kennedy Rev. Daniel, Bishops house, King Berkeley William Santry, Chels-

Kelland Richard, Town place, Lapford, Cecil street, Plymouth ton road, Cockington, Torquay

Morch·ud Bishop R.S.O Kennedy Edward Shirley M.A. 2 Clare- King Charles, Meavy vale, Buckland

Kelland Robert, Underdown, Sampford mont terrace, Exmouth Monachorum, Yelverton R.S.O

Courtenay R.S.O Kennedy Joseph, Chester ter. Barnstaple King Hy.J.B.S.'fhe Coombes, Axminster

Kelland Waiter George, Lapford, Mor- Kennedy Miss, Garion, Old Torwood King James, r6 Radnor st. Plymouth

chard Bishop R.S.O road, Torquay KingJn.8Westbury ter.North rd.Plymtb

Jrelland W. sen. Ebrington street., Dod- Kennedy Miss, Peak house, Sidmouth KingJn.G.Belle vue,Magdalen rd.Exeter

' brooke, Kingsbridge Kennedy Mrs. The Lawn, Roundham KingJosiah,Hill side,ToiTS pk.IIfracombe

KellandW.4Fieldmont,Blackall rd.Exetr Hill road, Paignton KingMiss,Brook ho.Axmouth,Axminster

KellandWm.Hy.Ebrington st. Dodbrooke Kennedy William, I Glyn terrace, Green- King Miss, 2Furneaux,Fisher st. Paignton

.Kellett Miss,ISouthfld.Sthfld.rd.Paigntn bank avenue, Plymouth KingMiss,Church st.Modbury,lvybridge:

Kelley James, Odlehill cottage, Abbots Kennet-Dawson B. W. Powys, Sidmouth King Miss, Union road, Crediton

Kerswell, Newton Abbot Kennet-WereThos J".P.Cotlands,Sidmth King:Mrs.8r.Albertrd.Moricetwn.Dvnprt.

Kelly J.A.rLinden vale,Howell rd.Exeter Kenshole Jn.Church st.Heavitree,Exeter King Mrs. Beach house, Sidmouth

KellyMrs. Elmwood, OldTorwd.rd.Trquy KensholeRobert,3oCulverland rd.Exeter KingMrs. Uordon vil. Salcombe,Kingsbdg

Kellock Frederick, The Plains, Totnes IKenshole William James, 79 Howell King Mrs. 2 The Heywoods,Teignmoutll

Kellock George F. Highfield, Totnes road, St. David's, Exeter King Mrs. 5 Linden ter. Newton Abbot

Kellock Thomas C. Highfield, Totnes Kensington Rev. A.S. Priorycot.Dawlish KingMrs.Rosenheim,Lodgeestate,Tvrtn.

Kellock Thomas H. Highfield, Totnes KensingtonMiss,BeaconHill ho. Exmouth King Mrs.M.S.r Blundell's cres.TJ.verton

Kelly Capt. John R.A. 8 Hill crest, IKensington Mrs. Sherbrook villas, Bud- King Thomas Dummer, 2 Brunswick

Mannamead, Plymouth leigh Salterton S.O villas, Highweek road, Newton Abbot

Kelly Rev. Maitland M. A. Vicarage, Kent Rev. Patrick A.James st.DeYonport King Thomas Kippax, The K11owle,.

Ottery St. Mary Kent Rev. Thos. P. James st. Devonport Knowles hill, Newton Abbot

Kelly Edward Brown, 25 St. James',Kent Edmund Ford, 2 Charlton terrace, K~ngW::W.averley vls.St.Budeaux,Dvnpt.

place west, Plymouth Mutley road, Mannamead, Plymouth Kmg \\1lham, 63 East st. Stonehouse

KellyFelix, 8 Alexandra road, Plymouth Kent Harry Ebenezer, 22 Camperdown King William, 9 Hoe Park terracep

Ke1lyMiss,95Albert rd.Morice tn.Devnpt street, Morice town, Devonport Citadel road, Plymouth

Kelly Miss, 5 Alexandra place, Plymouth Kent Misses, Sherwill cross, Barnstaple King Wm. 208t uart ter. Stoke,Devonport.

Kelly Miss, 37 Chapel street, Devonport 1KentMrs.Brentml.SouthBrent,Ivybrdge King William George, Coryton park,

Kelly Misses, Lorenzo lodge, Comb- Kent Mrs. H. B. 5 Caroline pi.Stonehouse Kilrnington, Axminster

martin, Iliracombe tKent Mrs. & Miss, 22 Queen st. Plymth King Wm. Kendall, Forest. Tiverton

Kel1y Mrs. 4 Alpha pi. Appledore R.S.O IKent Wm. 10Beyrout pl.Stoke, Devonport KingcombeHy.sen.Revelstoke.Plymouth

Kelly Mrs. 2 Headland park, Plvmouth Kenting Joseph, Plym cottage, Plymp- Kingcome W.H.27 Emma pl.Stonehouse

Kelly Mrs. 48 Hill Park cres. Plymouth ton St. :Maurice, Plympton Kingdom G. Dart vw.Kingswear,Urtmth

Kelly Mrs. John, 3 Windsor villas, Kenwood William, 2 Weirfield place, Kingdom Thomas John, 5 Seymour ter~

Lo(!kyer street, Plymouth . j Weirfield road, Exeter race, Lipson road, Plymouth


Kingdon Rev. Frank Hawker A.K.C.L. Knapp Wm. T.17 NewBridgest.Exeter Lack Mrs. 3 Osborneplace, Plymouth

Bridgerule, Holsworthy Knapton Rev. Henry Pearce M. A. Sprey- Lackey Capt. Daniel, 15 Valletort place,

Kingdon Edwin 0. North rd. Holsworthy ton, Bow R.S.O Stoke, Devonport

KingdonF.DownHayne,Sandford,Crditn Kneebone John, 2 Gainsboro' villas, Ladell Mrs. 1 Prospect park, Exeter

Kingdon Fk. Wm. W. Colyton,Axminster Alexandra road, Plymouth Ladner William Charles, Vine cottagel

Kingdon Harry de Spencer, Wilhayne Kneebone Jn. 34Wyndham sq.Plymouth Teignmouth road, Torquay

house, Colyton, Axminster Kneebone Mrs. 15 Ebrington terrace, Lafosse Augustus .Frederick,Abbotsford,. ·

Kingdon Jn. A. 104 East st. Sth. Molton Alphington road, St. Thomas, Exeter St. Brannock's road, Ilfracombe

Kingdon Joseph, l<'ort street, Barnstaple Knibbs Rev. Charles F.R.H.s. & Fellow Lahive Mrs. 48 Haddington road,Moric&.

Kingclon J. 46 West st. South Molton of the Society of Science, Letters & town, Devanport

KingdonMiss,Castlest.GreatTorrington Art, London, Heatherdon, Tor vale, Laidlay Rev. Hy. W. B.A. Lifton R.S.Ot

Kingdon Miss, 3 Higher Cross Park ter- Torquay Laidman Misses, 4 The Lawn, Budleigh..

race, Heavitree, Exeter Knight Rev. Richard M.A. The Shrub- Salterton S.O

Kingdon Miss, 1 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter beries, South Molton Laing Mrs. 7 Beacon hil1, Exmouth

Kingdon Miss, 2 West terrace, Budleig~ Knight Alfred, 65 Chapelst. Devonport Laing Mrs. 15 Connaught nven. Plymtb

Salterton S.O KnightA.R.21Fairfield ter.NewtonAbbot Laing Wi1liam Alexander Gordon llf.D.,.

Kingdon Misses, Honey villa, Holsworthy Knight Alex. J n. 12 Ho well rd. Exeter c.M. Boutport street, Barnstaple

Kingdon R. wRutger pi.Stoke, Devonport Knight Fredk.G. 124 North rd.Plymouth Lait William, New st. Great Torrington.

Kingdon Wm. Laurel cot. South Molton Knight Geo. 34 Penrose st. Plymouth Laity James Congdon,3 Pearson terrace,.

Kingdon William Dashwood M.D. Heavi- Knight Henry, Cloakham house & Ter- 'fownsend hill, Mannamead,Piymout~

tree house, Forest. Heavitree, Exeter race lodge, Axminster Laity William Geo. 35 Ker st.De\·onport

Kingsland Miss, 19South st.SouthMolton Knight Henry, 5 Parkwood pi. Tavistock Lake Edwin, Newport, Barnstaple

Kingwell Fredertck, 2 Polsloe villas, KnightJas. Yintage ho.Seaton,Axminster Lake James E. Highland st. lvybridge

South aven. Polsloe rd.Heavitree, Extr Knight JohnBurton,25Friars walk,Exetr Lake Jn. Palmers,Bradninch,Cul1omptn

Kingwell Henry T. Whetcombe, North Knight Miss, Lauretta cot. Axminster Lake John Cox, 1 Rose villas, Polsloe rd.

Huish, lvybridge Kmght Miss, Plympton St. Maurice, Heavitree, Exeter

Kingwell John Richard 'foms, Great Plympton Lake John Ellett, 3 St. German's villas,...

.Aish, South Brent, Ivybridge Knight Misses, 2 Aylesbury terrace, Pennsylvania road, Exeter

Kingwell Miss,r6Gascoyne pl.Plvmouth Exeter road, Exmouth Lake Joseph, Showls farm, Axminster

Kingwell Miss, 21 Prospect pk. Exeter KnightMrs.Broadhayes,Stocklnd.Honitn Lake Misses, 12 Townsend hill, Manna-

Kingwell Miss, 6 Raleigh road, Exeter Kmght Mrs. Chapel house,Combmartin, mead, Plymouth

Kingwel1 Mrs. 9 George st. Devonport Ilfracombe T.ake Mrs. Coombe villa, Da.rtmouth

KingwiiiM:-s.Dunmore,Sands rd.Paigntn KnightMrs.2Fellowes pl.Stoke,Devonprt Lake Richard, Victoria road, Barnstaple·

Kin~will Mrs. East st. Ashburton R.S. 0 KnigbtMrs.IOHome pk.Stoke,Devonport Lake William, Poplars, Ide, Exeter

Kinloch Cha"!. W. ro Albany pi. Plymouth Knight Mrs. St. A.ndrew street, Tiverton Lake Wm. C. M.D. 38 Bitton st. Teignmtb.

Kinsey Hy. Jn.5 Pennsylv~tnia pk.Exeter Knight Samuel, r6 Herbert street, Lake William Hy. Fort st. Barnstaple

Kinsman John Guyse, 3 St. George's Mqrice town, Devonport LakemanNicbolas,gEndsleigh pl.Plymtll<

terrace, Saltash road, Plymouth Knight SI. 8 Rutger pl. Stoke, Devonport Lakeman Thomas, 29 Church street,.

Kinsman Mrs. ro Sanford crescent, Knight Thomas, 25A, Haddington road, Modbury, lvybridge

Cockington, Torquay Morice town, Devonport Lakeman 'fhomas, 30 Church street,

Kirby Edmund Thomas Henry, 6 West Knight Thomas, 8 Northumberland ter- Modbury, lvybridge

Cliff terrace, Seaton, Axminster race, Radford road, Plymouth Lakeman Thomas, sen. Springdale,New

Kirby Mrs. 22 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter KnightT.6 Waterloost.Stoke,Devonport road, Brixham R.S.O

KirkMiss,sWingfield vls.Stoke,Devonprt Knight Wm. 8 Bedford park, Plymouth Lakeman Thomas, jun. Lindthorpe,

Kirk Mrs. 3 Brougham terrace,Exmouth Knight William, Prospect cottage, Uff- Brixham R.S.O ·

Kirkpatrick Miss, x Glouc~ter villas, culme, Cullompton Lakes Misses, Braemar, Castle terrace,

Newton Abhot Knight William Henry Barnes,Cloakham Castle road, 'l'orquay

Kirkpatrick Mrs. 23 Brookdale avenue, house &Terrace lodge, Axminster Lama Madame, II York buildings, Ox-·

Illracombe . Knight William S. 16 Greenbank avenue, ford road, Exeter

Kirkwood Major James Morrison J.P. Lipson road, Plymouth . L3macraft Mrs. Colebrook, Plympton.

Yeo vale, Alwington, Bideford Knight-Revel John, Arosa, Teig-nmoutb St. Mary

Kirton Martin A.inger, 7 Clarendon ter- Knighton Mrs. 18 Beacon, Exmouth . Lamacraft N.rHigher rd.Exetr-
race, S~oke, Devonport
Knill George, 3 Church rd. Ilfracombe Lamason William Mortimer, 7 Sidney

Kitcber Fras. S. Ashleigh rd. Barnstaple KnillJ.Stokeleigh,OldTi,•erton rd.Exeter road, St. 'fhomaP, Exeter

Kitcbin Rev. Joseph Laxton M. A. 6 8alu- Knill Miss, Kingskerswell,NewtonAbbot Lamb Rev. Chas.E. M.A. Wrafton R.S.O

tary mount, Heavitree, Exeter Knill SI. I. Bicton ho. Bear st. Barnstaple Lamb E. A. Slade vil. Slade, Ilfracombe-

Kite Mrs. Stockland, Honiton Knott Albert E. 4 Bank st.NewtonAbbot Lamb John, 4 Home park, Stoke,Devnpt

Kitson MajorEdwardPaynsford,Kncwles Knot.t John, 4 Bank st. Newton Abbot Lamb Miss, 10Somerset pl.Stoke,Devnpt.

hill, Newton Abbot Knott Mrs. Mount View villa, Budleigh Lamb Robt.Edwd.Jas.73 Fore st.Devnpt;.

Kitson Charles William, Dunboyne, Tor· Salterton S.O Lambdon John,23 Franklin street,Lark-

quay rd. St. Mary Church, Torquay Knott Sl. D.Bartletts,Alphington,Exeter beare, Exeter

KitsonJn. Fairfield,Teignmth. rd. Trquay Knowles Rev. James, Boutfiower, Buck- Lambe Jn. 5 Mt.Pleasant,Stoke,Devonpl>

Kitson John, Heatree house, Manaton, land Monacborum, Yelverton R.S.O Lambert Maj.-Gen. Walter Rathbone,

Newton Abbot Knowles Albert Richmond, 8 Knollys Ringmore house, Teignmouth

Kitson John, Hawthorn Dene, West ter. Pennycomequick, Stoke, Devonpt Lambert C.E.Duncombe st.Kingsbridge

hill, Ottery St. Mary Knowles Fredk. J. Tracey mill, Honiton Lambert Charles James,6 The Crescent,

Kitson Misses, Bradley, Church road, KnowlesMiss,46 WestSouthernhay, Exe1 r Mount Radford, Exeter

St. Mary Church, Torquay KnowlesMrs.Oaklands,Plymstck.Plymth Lambert George M.P. Coffins, Spreyton,

Kitson Mrs. Redcliffe, Denmark road, Knowles Mrs. 2 Park Hill villas, High- Bow R.S. 0.; & National Liberal club,

Barnfield, Exeter week, Newton Abbot Whitehall place, London s w

Kitson Mrs. Charles, Collaton, Old Tor- Knowles 0.14 Home pk.Stoke,Devonport Lamb]e Mrs. Harberton, Totnes

wood road, Torquay Knowl,ing Miss, 46 BlackBoyrd. Exeter Lambshead Mrs.Roscoe,Palace av.Pgntn

Kitson Mrs. Hengrave,Shiphay-Collaton, Knowling Mrs. 5 Oxford terrace, Oxford Lambshead Samuel,SoutherulH..y,Kings..

Torquay road, Exeter kerswell, Newton Abbot ~
Kitson Wm.Hy.J.P. Shiphay ho, Torquay Knowlman John Collier, Thornbank, Lambshead William, Portland villa, n..

Kitt Mrs.3MoorViewter.Mutley,Plymth Culmstock, Cullompton sington, Newton Abbot

Kittle Richard, Colyton, Axminster Knox George, 13 Saltram terrace, Ridge- L:).mburn Alfred Thomas, 9 Cheltenham

Kitts Ernest, 63 Victoria park, Plymouth way, Plympton ::)t. Mary place, Greenba.nk road, Plymouth

Klitzing Otto von, Rosenheim, Lodge Knox Mrs. 18 Howell road, Exeter Lamerton Jn. J ~ 14 Milton pL Birieford

estate, Tiverton Kortright Mrs. 21 Ermington terrace, Lamoureux George Henry, 6 Boringdon

Knapman Edward, Mount Radford Mutley, Plymouth villas, Colebrook, Plympton St. Mary

house, Topsham road, Exeter Kubne Carl Theodor, 4 Wentworth Lampen John, 6 Alton terrace,Tavistock

Knapman Henry, Park street, I vybridge villas, Tavistock road, Plymouth road, Plymouth

Knapman John, 9Elm Groverd. Exeter KnschkeR.A.I6St.Brnnck's.rd.Ilfrcmbe Lampen Misses, 3 Portland sq. Plymth

KnapmanMiss,2oOrcbard gdns.Tgnmtb Kynaston Alfred, 27 Toronto rd. Exeter Lancaster Henry William, 7 Pentamar

Knapman Miss, x6 Queen's terrace, St. Labbett George Henry, 3 Park place, terrace, Moricetown, Devonport ·

David's, Exeter Longbrook street, Exeter _ Lantaster TomB.12 Mu!grave st. Plymth

Knapman :Miss, Trevilla, Beaford R.S.O Labdon Geo. 7 Culverland road, Exeter Lancelett Richd.W.24 George st.Devnpt

Knapp Mrs. Ashleigh, Dartmouth Labers Wm. 43 George st. Devonport. I.ancey Richd. 4 Park viis. Barnstaple

Knapp Mrs. Barton house, Sidmouth Lacey Mrs. 2 Whitleigh terrace, Crown Land Miss, Joy street, Ba.rnstaple

Rnapman Theophilus, Denny's mead, Hil R. S. 0 , Land Miss, South stl'eet, South Molton

St. David's, Exeter Lacey Waiter George, Cliff ho. Exmouth Land Mrs. Bart{)n, 19 Dix's field, Exeter



Land Sebastian Henry,7Playmoor villas,! Langdon Mrs. 3 GrosT"enor terrace, Bear, Laskey John, Tedburn St. Mary. Exeter

Pinhoe, Exeter street, Barnstaple Laskey William, 12 Dnndonald street,

LanrJ.ells William, 9 Ashley terrace, Langdon Mrs. Heasley house. North Morice town, Devonport

North road, Plymouth Molton, South Molton Last-Smith Edward, Mayfield, St. Mary

Landen Misses, Enfield, Thurlow road, Langdon Samuel,7 Gerston rd.Paignton Church road, Torquay

'forquay Lar.gdon Wm. E. 7 Apsley ter.Ilfracombe Latham Miss, Enderlie,Croftrd.Torquay

V.tnder Henry, 12 Collingwood villas, Langford Edward, Shillingford cottage, Latham Miss, Florence villa, Warren r?.

Stoke, Devonport Alphington, Exeter 'forquay

Lander John R.N. 8 Pasley street,Morice Langford Emanuel,7 Thurlow pk. Torqy Latimer Alfrd. 9 Portland sq. Plymouth

town, Devonport Langford Francis Heuben, 13 Salem pi. Latimer Hugh, 26 New North rd.Exeter

L"l.nder Mrs. 12 Vale terrace, Lymingtun lllack Boy ro:1d, Exeter Latimer Isaac, Glen view, Jt'ernleigh rd.

road, Torquay Langford Miss, Grosvenor villa, Penny- Mannamead, Plymouth

Lander Wm.Edwd.nNapierter.Plymth comequick, Stoke, Devonport Latimer Mrs. J. P. 18 Polsloe road,

Landick Alfred, Church st.Okehampton Langford Mrs. 16 Woodford villas, Man- Heavitree, Exeter

Landick Frank, West st. Okehampton namead, Plymouth La Touche Rev. Charles Jas. Digges M.A.

Landick Samuel, Church st.Okehamptn Langford-S'tlter 'Thomas, 8 Brookdale Werrington, Launceston

Landon Col. Aslabie, Heavitree park, avenue, Ilfracombe Lauder Alex. Bridge bldngs. Harnstaple

Heavitree, Exeter Langler Edward John, West End terrace, LaurenceMrs.2Lauriston pl.Torre,Torqy

Landon Rev.C. W. Victoria rd. Barnstaple Ashburton R.S. 0 Laurence Robert, Castle st. Harnstaple

Landon Harry Whittington Lidd ard, Langler Misses, 25 Winner st. Paignton Lavercombe William, Clarence cottage,

'fedstone, Lympstone, Exeter Langley Francis Edmund, Coburg, Newport, Barnstaple

L:J.ndon Misses, 1 Chamberlains, Bramp- Chudleigh, Newton Abbot Lavers J.'f. so Portland rd. Stoke, Devnpt

fordspeke, Exeter Langley John Thos.19 Beacon,Exmonth Lavers RTChd.34 Tavistock pi. Plymouth

Landon Misses, Laurel cottage, Uplyme, Langley Miss, Chudleigh,Newton Abbot Lavers William Alexander, 5 Tothill pl.

Lyme ReQ"is Langley Misses, Shnte hill, Teignmouth Beaumont road, Plymouth

Lane Re'l". Samuel, 30 Haddington rd. Langley Mrs. 37 Black Boy rd. Exeter Lavers William, Upton leigh, Teign-

Morice town, Devonport Langley Mrs. Sunnycroft, Hartley road, mouth road, Torquay

Lane C. 12 Stopford pl.Stoke,Devonport Exmouth LavisRd.25 Strand,Shaldon,Teignmouth

Lane Edward Hy. 56 Queen st. Exeter Langley Mrs. The Retreat, Chudleigh, Law Channel!, Ilsham dene, Ellesmere

Lane Edward William, 2 Belle Vue, Newton .Abbot road, Ilsh1m, Torquay

Higher Union street, Torquay La~gley William John, 13 Washington Law Friink Bacon, 4 Elmfield, Knowles

Lane Francis Cecil, 8 West Hoe terrace, terrace, Alexandra road, Plymouth hill, Newton .Abbot

West Hoe road, Plymouth Langmaid C.s Heyrout pl.Stoke,Devonpt Law John, The Downs, Alverdiscott,

Lane Fras. Thos. 3 Raduor pi. Plymth Langman William Henry, 4 Kirkby pl. Barnstaple

Lane Frank, 2 Meliora cottages, Mead- North road, Plymouth Law Misses, 4 Western terrace, St. Mary

foot lane, Torquay Langmead Edwin, I Trematon terrace, Church, Torquay

Lane John F.C.A. 2 Hannercross, Abbey Mutley, Plymout,h Law Mrs. 9 Claremont ter. Exmouth

road, Torquay Langran William, Belle vue, Axminster[Law Mri. Newark lodge, Lower War-

Lane Jsph. Bridge st.Hatherleigh R.S 0 LangridgeFrankW.Croftside,Ilfracmbe berry road, Torquay

Lane Mi!~s, 5 Belle Vue place, Cobourg Vtngsford Mrs. 6 Belle Vue place, Co-[Law Mrs. Riversvale, Harnstaple

street, Plymouth bourg street, Plymouth Law William, Carhullen, Tavistock rd.

Lane Miss, Manadon villa, Tavistock Lang-ton Charles Augustus J.P. The Mannamead, Plymouth

road, Plymouth Gables, Claremont grove, Exmouth Law\\'m.Edwd. EbbeTly lawn,Barnstple

Lane 1\Iisses, 6 Leigham terrace, Citadel Langton Miss, Hillside, Bridge rd.Torqy Lawday C. J. R.Seacroft,Strete,Dartmth

road, Plymouth Lan~worthy Frederick, Hrooke house, Lawday Wm. Hy. 7 Toronto rd. Exeter

Lane Mrs.Dyrons,Exeter rd.Nwtn.Abbt Modbury, Ivybridge Lawford Douglas, Southfield mount,

Lane Mrs. 7 Hemerdon terrace, Alexan- Langworthy George Vincent, Brooke Southfield road, Paignton

dra road, Plymouth house, Modbury, Ivybridg-e Lawford Mrs. Middle park, Esplanade

Lane Mrs. 49 Holloway street, Exeter Langworthy Miss, 15 ~t. George's ter- road, Paignton

Lane Mrs. I Rose villas,Powderham road, race, Durnford street, Stonehouse LawlessJ.TheCottage,Topsham rd.Exetr

Newton Abbot Lanzworthy Mrs. 3 Bellevue terrace, Lawless John, 23 St. Leonard rd. Exetr

Lane Mrs. 18 St.Anne's road,Heavitree, Dodbrooke Lawless Misses, 23 St.Leonard rd.Exetr

Exeter Langworthy Robert, Underhill, Church- LawleyRev. the Hon.StephenWilloughby

Lane Mrs. St. Peter street, Tiverton stow, Kingsbridge M.A. Spurtield, Exminster, Exeter

Lane S. 0. Hill's court, Braunton H..S.O Langworthy William Froude, Church Lawman Arthur John, Athol house,

soLane William, Gratton ho. Bow R.S.O street, Modbury, Ivybridge Castle street, Great Torrington

Lane William, Holloway st. Exeter Lansdale George Bo~ers, 30 Oxford ter- Lawman Miss,Athol house, Castle street,

Lane Wm.Woolsgrove,Sandford,Creditn · race, Oxford road, Exeter Great Tarring-ton

Lane William Waiter, ~eabourne, The Lansdown Charles Richard, Southwood Lawman l\lrs. .Athol house,Castle street,

J<:~planade, Paignton . house, Strete, Dartmouth 1L Great T orrington
awrence F. Newby
Lane William W. B.A. H.M.S.Britannia, Lansdown Mrs. Colestocks, Fe nit o n, , A v enue r d . To rqu a y

Dartmouth Ottery St. Mary Lawrence Frederick, Lethbridge villas,

Lane William Henry, 4 Beatrice avenue, Lansdowne Miss, Fenny bridges, Escot, Fort street, Barnstaple

Lipson road, Plymouth O~tery St. Mary Lawrence Miss, 4 Alma place, A.lma

Lanewright George,Braundsworthy cot Laportre Very R\Jv.Canon Jean Stanislas, villas, Stoke, Devonport

Black Torrington, Highampton R.S.O The Fresbytery, Priory road, Ht.Mary Lawrence Mrs. I8 Alcester ~treet,Morice

Lang Lt.-Col. James Wolcot, Elmcroft, Church, Torquay town, Dcwonpor~

Knowles hill, Newton .Abbot Lapsley Mrs. 'frescoe, Courtenay park, Lawrence Mrs. 17 Barton eres. Dawlish

Lang Rev. William Francis Dashwood Newton Abbot Lawrence Mrs. Pencross villa, Hemyoek,

M A Rectory, Instow R.S.O Lapthorne Edward, Brownston street, Cullompton ·

Lang George, 19 Townsend crescent, Modbury, lvybridge Lawrence William, Oxleigh house, Ash·

Mannamead, Plymouth Lardeau James Kinsman, I2 Collings f01·d, Barnstaple

Lang Geo. 2 Whitefield ter. Plymouth park, Higher Compton, Plymouth Lawrence William, 2 Tweedside place,

Lang John Dashwood, Knowle, Sal- Larden Waiter· M. A. Royal Naval En- High street, Stonebouse

combe Regis, Sidmouth gineer Students' college, Keyham rd. Lawrie Mrs. I2 Durnford st. Stonehouse Mrs. Fair Home, Dartmouth road, Morice town, Devonport Lawry Henry,I Stafford tert·dce,Huntis-

Paignton Large G. 25 Portland pi.Morice tn. Dvnpt combe road, Plymouth

V:mg Richard Yabsley,Elmfield,Combe- Large Miss, Hillside, Northam, Bideford Lawson Mrs. Kersbrook, East Budleigh,

in-Teignhead, Teignmouth Larkins H. P. Yondercott, Uffculme, Budleigh Salterton S.O

Lang R.6 Spencer ter.Lipson rd.Plymth Cullompton " Lawton George, I Friars hill, Exeter

Lang S. 12 Benbow st. Morice tn. Devonpt I ,arkins John Buhon, Sheridan, Knowles Lawton H. F R.G.s. Oxford prk.Ilfracmbe

Lang William, Elm Field house, BtCk- hill, Newton Abbot Lawton William, Marland, Torrington

ington, Fremington R. 8.0 LarkworthyWm.J. I3Bit,ton st. Teignmth Lay Miss, East street, Ashburton R.S.O

Lang Wm.23Tavistock rd.Stoke, Devnpt Lark worthy William Steere Whitcombe, Layard Rev. Ernest Brownlow M.A. I

La.ngdon Rev. Frederic Edward Whitter St. Leonard's, 'fopsham, Exeter Montpellier terrace & Walton lodge,

M. A. Clayhidon, Wellington (Som) Larter Misses, Bay view, Combmartin, Middle Warberry road, 'forquay

Langdon Jeremiah,6 Huntiscombe place, Ilfracombe Layard Edgar Leopold D.M.G. Otter-

North roar!, Plymouth Larter Thomas, Bay view, Combmartin, bourne, Budleigh Salterton S.O

LangdonJn Woodgate, Wellington(Som) Ilfracombe Layard Mn. Walton lodge, Middle War-

Langdon Mrs. I Devonshire villas, Penny- Lash Jeffrey Goodridg-e, Oldland, Upper berry road, Torquay

comequick, Stoke, Devonport Polsham road, Paignton Laycock William, St. Michael's, Wolboro'

Langdon Mrs. 15 Oxford pk.llfracorube Lash:\iiss,Oliland,Up.Polshamrd.Pgntn hill, NOJwton Abbot

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