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Online Newsletter - 16 May 2017

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Online Newsletter - 16 May 2017


Only available in digital format The Outlaws
This Anthology is a collection Detecting Group
of treasure, adventure and mys-
tery short stories, by multiple
authors, in a book format. It

was compiled from the
Archives of one or more of our

six publications:

–Lost Treasure–
–Treasure Cache–
–Treasure Facts–
–Treasure World–
–True Treasure–

– Rockhound–


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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

May 16, 2017


Feature Club — page 4


page 7 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Tips From the Pros
10 Special Bonus Feature From
Lost Treasure Magazine

16 THers' News
23 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

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Coy Harris (1964-1996)
Kevin Harris (1965-2013)

Guest Editorial

PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One The following is a guest editorial rect in that it was a heavy gold
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two submitted by reader Franz Olson of “specimen!” When he asked the stu-
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: Rockford, Illinois. dent where she found it, she replied,
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). “In a pile of rocks in our back-
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first Franz wrote, “While attending a yard.” Apparently, her family had
issue. (Printed in the USA.) church luncheon and Christmas pro- purchased an older home. One of
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- gram, my wife and I were introduced the previous owners was rumored to
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address to a retired former outdoor education winter in Arizona and prospect for
change or correction (enclosing latest teacher and his wife. While sharing gold.
address label) eight weeks in advance to stories concerning past careers, the
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, outdoors, rocks and gold prospecting “Apparently, when that person
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. in particular, he relayed an interest- passed away, whoever cleaned out
E-mail [email protected] ing story that occurred during his the house likely decided the box of
early career as a teacher. rocks were best suited for landscap-
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK ing and dumped them out in the
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct “For an assignment he asked his backyard!
young students to find a “pretty”
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost rock and bring it to class. As part of “The young student said she’d
the assignment the students would split the proceeds with the teacher
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this try to identify their rock. A young since he had it tested, which he
girl brought in a rock that caught the turned down. Last he heard the fam-
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire teacher’s attention. ily retained the gold specimen as an
heirloom. Whoever said there’s no
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the “The rock was heavy and had gold to be found in Illinois?”
shiny metallic areas protruding. The
expressed written permission of the publisher. outdoor instructor had a good idea [email protected]
what it might be and asked if he
© 2016 Lost Treasure, Inc.® could take the rock to a local jeweler
to have it tested (assaye”).
LostTreasure OnLine
“The teacher’s intuition was cor-
http://www.lost Newsletter 5-16-17 3

Feature Club

The Outlaws Metal
Detecting Group of
Tacoma and South
Sound, Washington

The Outlaws Metal Detecting join. This keeps the atmosphere South Sound Chapter of the Outlaws.
Group is a group of people who love relaxed and non-competitive. There will be a hunt from 8 to 11
the hobby of detecting, founded on
July 12, 2013. The weekend after the regular a.m., followed by a potluck picnic
meeting they get together and have and hotdogs with family fun, games
They are a group that adheres to a group hunt, and have detectorists and prizes throughout. Free draw-
the code of ethics of detecting and from beginners to those with 30+ ings will be held for prizes. Come
loves the hobby. years of experience. So check them out, have fun and enjoy!
They meet the 2nd Tuesday of For more about the groups,
each month at I Hop, 7445 S Hosmer, The group’s 4th Annual Hunt is log onto https://www.facebook.
Tacoma, Washington, to have dinner, June 24th at Fort Steilacoom Park in com/Outlaws-Metal-Detecting-
show off finds, laugh and have a Lakewood, Washington, from 8 a.m. Group-682338455110491/ or
good time. – 2 p.m., 8717 87th Ave. W.
There is no membership fee to This year they welcome their new

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 5-16-17 5

Treasure Facts

Back Issues
Treasure Cache Treasure Facts

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Favorite Finds

Featuring Reader Ronny Barber

Reader Ronny Barber shared this “DD” coil finding a mule shoe, rail away the crusty dirt and brought
recent find. road spike, etc...nothing that excit- light upon an object that had been
ing until I received a broken high hidden in the earth for decades. 
In his own words, “I found and tone with a visual ID of 69 to 72
unearthed this nice piece of history at 6 inches deep. I hurriedly raked “I saw the beauty of the coin, its
recently while detecting around an back the leaves and dug a plug, greenish turquoise patina inlaid with
old, square hole, dug well I locat- lifting a large clump of dark soil the brownish tint of the old coin!
ed out in the woods along an old matted with roots out of the ground. Very nice indeed. Just another reason
logging road. A 1901 Indian Head “On the very bottom of the mass I why I love this hobby so!” 
penny in a place where I had been saw roundness and, from the pic-
dozens of times.  tures, you can see it was a coin! I Happy Hunting!
was very excited as I slowly washed Ronny Barber
“I had been out all afternoon with Via e-mail
my Garrett AT PRO and the small Newsletter 5-16-17 7

Tip From the Pros

Places To Hunt

By Jay Pastor

Keep a record of the sites Perhaps you do that, too. have such a separate listing
where you have previously Other treasure hunters keep a available when the sun returns.
found good coins (e.g., coins
minted before 1964, coins over record in a notebook or All you have to do is scan
in a computer file. through your collection,
a century old, rare dates).
Such a record will supply you But whatever method such coin your notebook, or your
with promising leads when you hunters use, they typically memory, and list your finds
are looking for places to hunt organize their coins or their
and have no current sites in by their discovery sites.
written notes by the dates they You can then judge which
mind worth exploring. were found or, more likely,
Many coin shooters who keep by the coin mintage dates. sites would be most
their finds in 2X2 protectors Rarely is this information promising to re-explore.
mark the dates and sites of their clustered by discovery site. I’ve found out that returning
to the scenes of my prior suc-
discoveries on the margins of But it’s easy enough to extract cesses usually leads me to new
these cardboard holders. such information from your successes, sometimes many more
than I felt I had a right to expect.
records when you’re ready to do
so; and it makes a good project

for a rainy or snowy day to

8 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds

Are They From the
UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:sfionlAGFclTraoelGreurwoe!tlddtiendg aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

The Greatest

Still Unfound

By J.C. Fine

“It is the greatest treasure, Treasure recovered from the deep - gold, silver and pre- was number seven and the
on land or sea that has not cious artifacts. The stuff dreams are made of. Central America number
been found.” eight.”

The late Commander Spain kept meticu-
Robert “Frogfoot” Weller was lous records of cargo put
not given to exaggeration. aboard ships trading with
the New World.
He sat in a leather swivel
chair in his office, a place he Archive records in
dubbed the “Treasure Room.” Bob’s possession revealed
His hands were clasped behind that the San Jose carried
his head, contemplating out 55,000 eight escudo gold
loud. coins, along with silver
bars and silver coins. The
“And I know where it is.” personal wealth of some
Bob had been diligently 600 passengers was also
working on research about the aboard.
fabled Spanish treasure ship
the San Jose sunk outside At the time of his tell-
Cartagena Harbor in 1708. ing the tale, a Spanish
If his words needed more eight escudo gold coin was
emphasis, this former U.S. worth $7,500.
Navy UDT Commander with
service in World War II and “By today’s value there
Korea, added: is an estimated $7 billion
“When Life Magazine came on the bottom making it
out with an article some years the largest treasure trove,
ago about the 10 richest unre- land or sea, still unrecov-
covered treasures of the world ered,” in Bob Weller’s
on land or sea, the San Jose own words.
was number one. The Atocha
If the claim that “I know
where it is” came from

610 LLOOSSTTTTRREEAASSUURREEJNaenwuasrleytt2e0r157-16-17

Commodore Wager was left with-

out treasure save for 13 bars of silver

aboard his captured prize. On the

bottom remains a fortune in gold and

silver yet to be found.

There have been rumors and news

stories about treasure salvors tempt-

ing the vagaries of Colombian poli-

tics and upheaval to seek the sunken


As to our hoped for expedition

to Cartagena with Bob Weller, all

was forsaken when turmoil and open

conflict turned the nation into a

drug war. Politicians came and went.

Laws were imposed about maritime

salvage and Colombia’s Congress

The fort at the entrance to Cartagena Harbor offers austere testimony to the embargoed salvage licenses.
impregnable batteries ready to fire on enemy ships. With remorse we boarded the

Striker one last time. One of the

engines could not be started. There
Rosario, and Big Baru is now Isla “As the English were approach- were some minor structural issues
Grande also called Isla Tesoro. ing her the Nietto exploded. I know required to be made to the aluminum

The next day the English realized where she blew up,” Weller said. hull.

that the winds were wrong for the The battle off Cartagena Harbor Bob Weller decided to make nec-
Spanish ships thus they could not was over. Spain suffered astounding essary repairs to his ship then sell it.
make it into Cartagena Harbor. loss of men and treasure.
There was no hope that he could field
Commodore Wager engaged the

Capitana San Jose, while Kingston

engaged the Almirante. The line of

battle was about a half-mile or more


Here Bob Weller picked up the

battle: “A cannon shot from the

Expedition hit the San Jose and she

blew up. The San Jose did not blow

up in the air; she blew out her sides

and sank with everything inside the


What went down with the San

Jose on May 29, 1708, was the great-

est treasure lost at sea.

The Urca de Nietto foundered on

land, disabled. It was set on fire by

her crew where it grounded on an

island. The prize ship Gobierno was


The Almiranta with treasure

aboard was pursued by Kingston and

Portland. The two British warships

gave up the chase at Boca Chica pas-

sage into Cartagena Harbor, letting

it escape.

The rest of the ships of the Spanish

fleet also made it to safety inside

Cartagena Harbor.

The Gobierno, although badly

damaged in battle, was towed into The Gold Museum in Cartagena is interesting and informative. This indigenous
Jamaica as a prize.
gold artifact on display is priceless.


Bob Weller with legendary treasure diver Bert Kilbride (hat) with 9.4 pound gold a salvage operation in the tumult that
disk found underwater on a Spanish galleon site off Florida. wracked Colombia. It would have
been unsafe in the extreme even if
Questions About Your required permits would have been
Digital Subscription? granted.
E-mail webmaster Bob Weller always cherished the
idea of returning to Cartagena one
1104 LLOOSSTT TTRREEAASSUURREE NJaenwusalerytte2r051-716-17 day to complete his dream of discov-
ery. Of finding the greatest treasure,
land or sea, yet unrecovered. Bob
died before that dream could be real-

The San Jose is enmeshed in legal
turmoil by claimants that produce
contracts and assert rights to sal-
vage. Some claim to have found her

I never asked Bob Weller the loca-
tion of the San Jose. I have no doubt
that he knew her position and where
to look. He confided in me that the
wreckage was not in extreme depth,
rather within working range where
conventional diving means could
exploit it.

Cartagena remains an amazing
city on the border of the sea. Its
forts and ancient city walls present
a grand portrayal of life as it was in
colonial America.

The flag atop the city’s thick
walled fort furls and unfurls in the
wind. The glory of what was once
Spain’s colony in the New World can
only be imagined.

As I navigated through Boca
Chica pass aboard a modern cruise
ship into Cartagena Harbor, many
years after Bob Weller’s death, a
dense fog filled the early morning.
Fog over the water blocked out the
islands until our ship was almost
upon them.

Modern navigation expedited pas-
sage, yet, in a way, through dark of
early morning, dense fog and mist off
the sea, the scene of the momentous
naval engagement that took place so
many years ago came to life.

Perhaps one day intrepid salvors
will discover the remains of the San
Jose and recover gold doubloons
from her cargo. The stuff dreams are
made of.

Interviews with Robert Weller,
archive research, logs of the British
ships and personal knowledge.

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THers' News

The newly-discovered jewel with 30 hieroglyphs on its back, a pri-
vate message seen mostly by the king who wore it. Credit: University
of California - San Diego. Photo courtesy of http://www.ancient-ori-


Large Jade Pendant like it in one of the big cities of the is currently examining closely the
With Unique Maya world. Instead, here it was, far inscription on the pendant.
Inscription Discovered from the center,” Braswell said as
A group of archaeologists have Phys Org reports. According to Prager and Braswell,
discovered in Belize a large, carved the jewel was possibly made for the
jade pendant that once belonged to The 7.4-inch-wide, 4.1-inch-long king Janaab’ Ohl K’inich and the
an ancient Maya king, inscribed with pendant is just 0.3 inches thick, and hieroglyphs describe the king’s par-
a historical text delineating its first researchers claim that sawing it into entage.
owner. this slim shape would have been
The newly found object is carved a feat in itself. Its sculptors would The text, according to Braswell,
in a T shape, which experts suggest have used just string, fat, and jade also describes the accession rites of
that signifies “wind and breath,” and dust. the king in the year 647, and ends
would have been worn on the king’s with a passage that could link the
chest during ceremonies. However, what makes this pedant king to the powerful city of Caracol
The finds also include a vessel truly significant from an archaeolog- in modern day Belize.
with a beaked face believed to depict ical point of view is that it is the only
a Maya god of wind. known jewel to be inscribed with a The researchers don’t think the
The jewel was first uncovered historical text, with 30 hieroglyphs pendent was stolen, but may instead
in 2015, in Nim Li Punit in south- describing its first owner carved into indicate the arrival of royalty at Nim
ern Belize. The T-shaped pendant is the back. Li Punit, revealing the founding of a
considered of extraordinary archaeo- new dynasty.
logical value for being the second “It literally speaks to us. The
largest Maya jade artifact found in story it tells is a short but important No solid conclusions can be made
Belize to date. one.” Braswell said and added that at this point, due to the fact that
Geoffrey Braswell, director of this discovery could even change Mayan script itself is not yet fully
the excavations and professor at what we know about the Mayan civi- deciphered. Many scientists have
University of California, San Diego, lization. Braswell also explained that intensely disagreed before regarding
suggests in a paper he recently pub- fortunately the pendant was not torn Mayan culture and scripts.
lished in the Cambridge University out of history by looters, “To find
journal Ancient Mesoamerica it on a legal expedition, in context, The team of researchers discov-
that, “It was like finding the Hope gives us information about the site ered the jewel during an excavation
Diamond in Peoria instead of New and the jewel that we couldn’t have of a palace built around the year 400
York. We would expect something otherwise had or maybe even imag- AD. Inside a tomb, which dates to
ined,” he said. about 800, they found twenty-five
pottery vessels, a large stone that
Christian Prager of the University had been flaked into the shape of a
of Bonn, a co-author on the paper, deity, and the jade pectoral. With the
exception of some teeth, there were

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

THers' News continued...

no human remains. the 640 acres of land where the find simply magical and we look forward
The T-shaped pendent also has a T was made. to sharing the secrets and story they
hold in the years to come.
carved on the front the Mayan glyph Staffordshire County Council
‘ik,’ which according to the experts Leader, Philip Atkins, said: Experts have been assessing the
stands for “wind and breath.” find:
This amazing find of gold torcs
Wind was important in Maya cul- in the North of the county is quite This unique find is of interna-
ture, as it brought monsoon rains that
favored crops to thrive, “A recent
theory is that climate change caused
droughts that led to the widespread
failure of agriculture and the col-
lapse of Maya civilization.

The dedication of this tomb at that
time of crisis to the wind god who
brings the annual rains lends support
to this theory, and should remind
us all about the danger of climate
change,” Braswell told Phys Org.

Despite the fact that we may never
learn all the details we need to know
about this rare pendant, Braswell
reassures that he and his team plan
to return to the site during the spring
of this year and do further research
which may help us to understand
better the usage and significance of
this unique jewel.

Courtesy of http://www.ancient-

Submitted by Len Myers.

‘Oldest’ Iron Age
Gold Discovered
The collection, which was
unveiled recently, has been named
the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs. It was
discovered by two treasure hunters
with metal detectors.
Experts say the unique find could
date back as far as 400BC and is of
huge international importance.
The four torcs, made up of three
neck torcs and one bracelet, and are
thought to be from the continent,
possibly Germany or France.
They were found by lifelong
friends Mark Hambleton and Joe
Kania in December. The pair have
said they plan to split any proceeds
with the farming family which owns Newsletter 5-16-17 17

THers' News continued...

tional importance. It dates to around Staffordshire and a coroner will rule
if the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs are
400–250 BC, and is probably the treasure.

earliest Iron Age gold work ever dis- Courtesy of
covered in Britain. oldest-iron-age-gold-discovered-on-
The torcs were probably worn
Submitted by Len Myers.
by wealthy and powerful women,
More Orichalcum, the
perhaps people from the continent Atlantis Alloy, Turns
Up at a Shipwreck
who had married into the local com- The searchers have recovered yet
more ingots, possibly of the fabled
munity. Piecing together how these metal orichalcum, from a ship that
sank off the coast of Sicily around
objects came to be carefully buried 2,600 years ago.
The find has led some to pon-
in a Staffordshire field will give us der whether the mythical island of
Atlantis, where the legendary alloy
an invaluable insight into life in Iron was supposed to have been created,
was real. The shipwreck, however,
Age Britain.

The treasure was found about 45

miles north of Hammerwich, near The unique find is probably the
Lichfield, the site of the 2009 dis- earliest Iron Age gold work ever
covery of the Staffordshire Hoard.
cessfulTThHaetriss GtuhiedelarBgWes1t_2hpogardcoolfoAr.nqgxldo- discovered in Britain. Credit:
2/7S/2ta0f1f2ords1h1i:r1e7CAoMuntPyaCgoeu1ncil. Photos
Saxon gold ever found and perhaps courtesy of
the most famous discovery made by central/2017-02-28/oldest-iron-age-
a metal detectorist.

An inquest will be held in North farmland/


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

THers' News continued...

dates to about seven millennia later ing at the same past conclusions. with the story) and ignoring the fact
than the legend of Atlantis. Nothing new! As for the particular that according to Plato, the story of
freight, most reporters connected it Atlantis took place around 9,600
In 2015, researchers diving near to Atlantis, as if Atlantis was around BC.”
the shipwreck found 39 ingots of a during the Bronze Age (thus, mis-
copper, zinc, and charcoal alloy that leading everyone not so familiar Djonis writes that the orichalcum
resembles brass. They believe it may cargo likely originated on Cyprus,
be the ancient metal orichalcum. The
new cache of the same metal consists SECURITY
of 47 ingots. WARNING DECALS

While the metal is rare, it is not Protect Yourself and
as precious as researchers expected Your Belongings!
from reading ancient Greek philos-
opher Plato’s description of it in Protect Your Detectors
the Critias dialogue. Plato said only and Your Property!
gold was a more precious substance
than orichalcum. • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
PSeveral ancient thinkers mention ALARM SYSTEM.
the alloy in writings - as far back as • Frighten burglars away.
Hesiod in the 8th century BC. • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
• Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
Until 2015, the metal had never house, equipment, store or boats.
been found in any appreciable quan- • Great low-cost security system.
tities, says an articleabout the find • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
on Scholars have debat- • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h
ed the origin and composition of
orichalcum for a long time. Click on this ad to order OnLine
or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2
The shipwreck was found near
two others about 1,000 feet (305 Newsletter 5-16-17 19
meters) off the coast of the Sicilian
city of Gela. The wrecks were sub-
merged in about 10 feet (3 meters)
of water. Researchers think the ship
went down in a storm, while close to
the port.

“The waters there are a price-
less mine of archaeological finds,”
Adriana Fresina told
She works with archaeologist
Sebastiano Tusa, Sicily’s superinten-
dent of the seas.

Greek myth says Cadmus, a
Phoenician and the first king of
Thebes, invented orichalcum.

Christos Djonis wrote an article
for Ancient Origins in 2015 about
the find of the 39 ingots and said of
a news reports at that time:

“… unfortunately, none of the
stories exposed anything new on
Atlantis, or on the ‘mystical’ ore, as
one reporter called it. Essentially,
every editorial capitalized on repeat-
ing the same familiar story, raising
the usual questions, and sadly arriv-

THers' News continued...

another island in the Mediterranean. A Roman sarcophagus that was once only metal that surpassed it in value
Every known alloy containing cop- used as a garden ornament is now was gold.
per has been produced, including restored and displayed in Blenheim
orichalcum, on Cyprus since the 4th Palace. Source: Blenheim Palace. "The outermost wall was coated
millennium BC. with brass, the second with tin, and
Photos courtesy of http://www.ancient- the third, which was the wall of the
Plato wrote that orichalcum cov- citadel, flashed with the red light of
ered the walls, columns and floors could-be-most-expensive-flowerpot- orichalcum," Plato wrote. Poseidon’s
of Poseidon’s temple. He wrote the england-364000-roman-sarcophagus- laws were also inscribed onto a pillar


20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

THers' News continued...

A grapnel anchor found in Acre harbor by marine archaeologists. (Ehud Galili) Gold coin issued
by John III, Holy Emperor of Nicaea III (1222-1254 AD), found in Acre. (Zinman Institute of
the University of Haifa and the Deutsche Orden) And Glazed Crusader bowl and horseshoe,
imported from Europe. (Michal Artzy) Photo courtesy of

of orichalcum, according to Plato. turns-helmets-sicilian-shipwreck- of antiquities.
The city of Gela on Sicily was what-was-021254 Palace officials decided to bet-

rich and had many workshops that Submitted by Len Myers. ter examine the almost two meters
produced fine objects.  Could This Be the Most (6’6ft) long artifact at the sugges-
Expensive Flowerpot? tion of an antiques expert, who was
Researchers believe the orichal- An ancient Roman sarcophagus impressed by the object’s ornate
cum pieces were en route to those worth up to 345,000 Euros ($364,000) carvings. Ironically, his visit was
workshops for use in decorations and has been found in England. The unrelated to the Roman marble cof-
fashion objects. precious marble coffin was discov- fin, which he noticed coincidentally.
ered on the grounds of Blenheim
Altogether, the researchers have Palace, a monumental country house Kate Ballenger, house manager at
discovered 47 new ingots of varying situated in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, the palace, told Daily Mail:
sizes and shapes. (Sebastiano Tusa, where it was used as a flowerpot for
Soprintendenza del Mare-Regione almost a century. “We were alerted to the sarcoph-
Sicilia) What could be described as an agus’ importance by an antiques
unfortunate case of mistaken iden- expert who was visiting the estate.
Apart from this metal, the ship- tity, the newly acknowledged Roman We always thought it was a beautiful
wreck also yielded two bronze artifact of immense archaeological sculpture but we were not aware of
Corinthian helmets. and historical significance, served the fact is was a Roman sarcopha-
as a humble flowerpot for the past gus dating back to 300 AD. First an
“The presence of helmets and 100 years in the rock garden of Sir elaborate water feature and then a
weapons aboard ships is rather com- Winston Churchill’s birthplace in planter for flowers, it has now been
mon. They were used against pirate Oxfordshire. conserved and relocated inside the
incursions,” Tusa told Before that, the valuable sarcoph- palace. We are delighted to have
“Another hypothesis is that they agus was obtained and used during it back and the restoration work
were meant to be an offer to the the 19th century as a garden orna- is very impressive. Now it is in a
gods.” ment (a type of fountain) by the consistent indoor climate away from
fifth Duke of Marlborough, who was the natural elements we are hoping
Tusa and his colleagues are still at famous for his impressive collection it will remain in good condition and
work on the shipwreck and expect to survive for many more centuries to
recover more cargo. come.”

Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
gy/more-orichalcum-atlantis-alloy- Newsletter 5-16-17 21

THers' News continued...

After conservators removed positioned on public display in an The Military Orders drove back
the front marble section, which is underground room in Blenheim the Mamluks but three days later
the genuine part, and carried out Palace. the inner wall was breached. King
a detailed examination they were Henry escaped, but the bulk of the
shocked to identify the basin as a Courtesy of http://www.ancient- defenders and most of the citizens
white marble sarcophagus portray- perished or were sold into slavery.
ing lively and noisy Dionysian fes- gy/could-be-most-expensive-flow-
tivities, dating back to 300 AD. erpot-england-364000-roman-sar- The surviving knights fell back to
cophagus-was-021260 their fortress, resisting for ten days,
To be more specific, the impres- until the Mamluks broke through,
sive carvings depict a dissipated Submitted by Len Myers. killing them. Western Christianity
Dionysus, leaning on an equally would never again establish a firm
intoxicated woodland satyr. Shipwreck Yields foothold in the Middle East.
Coins & Artifacts
The pair are surrounded by other Marine archaeologists have dis- Marine archaeologists from Haifa
partygoers including Heracles and covered some intriguing artifacts in University, Prof. Michal Artzy and
Ariadne, as well as two large lion the wreck of a ship belonging to the Dr. Ehud Galili, led the exploration
heads. Crusaders in Acre, Israel. of the Crusader shipwreck.
It dates to the time of the val-
Fortunately, the sarcophagus iant last stand by the few remaining The ship was severely damaged
appears to be in great shape, despite knights and mercenaries who died during the construction of the mod-
being exposed to natural elements for heroically defending the walls of the ern harbor of Acre, while the surviv-
nearly 200 years. Nicholas Banfield, last powerful Christian fortress in the ing wreckage includes ballast-cov-
of Cliveden Conservation of Taplow, Holy Land. ered wooden planks, the ship’s keel,
Berks, who has supervised the resto- The Crusader kingdom in the Holy and a few sections of its hull.
ration, told Daily Mail: “The piece Land began to collapse in the 13th
is actually in remarkable condition century. The fall of Jaffa and Antioch Carbon dating showed that the
considering it has withstood seem- in 1268 to the Muslims forced Louis wood used to construct the hull dates
ingly aggressive environments, par- IX to undertake the Eighth Crusade to between 1062 AD and 1250 AD.
ticularly that of a fountain recep- (1270), which was cut short by his Among the keel and planks that
tacle.” death. The Ninth Crusade (1271– remain, thirty impressive golden
72), was led by Prince Edward, who coins were also found.
This is not the first time such a landed at Acre but retired after con-
valuable and historic artifact was cluding a truce. In 1289, Tripoli fell Robert Kool of Israel Antiquities
used as a flowerpot. In 2013, auc- to the Muslims, leaving Acre as the Authority identified the coins as “flo-
tioneer Guy Schwinge sold a simi- only remaining Christian fortress in rins,” which were used in Florence
lar sarcophagus for 115,000 Euros the Holy Land. during the 1200’s.
($121k) after finding it being used Capturing Acre was extreme-
as a plant trough. He claims that this ly crucial from a geopolitical and Historical firsthand sources from
sarcophagus could be worth three strategical point of view for the the Siege of Acre recorded that
times that price and apparently, Mr. Mamluks, as Western European forc- nobles and merchants used such
Schwinge, of Duke’s Auctioneers of es had used the site for a very long coins to bribe the owners of the boats
Dorchester, Dorset, seems to agree time as a landing point for European in order to buy their fleet.
with Schwinge’s predictions.   soldiers, knights, and horses, as well
as an international commercial spot In addition to the golden coins
He tells Daily Mail, “The quality for the export of sugar, spices, glass, found near the wreckage, marine
of this sarcophagus panel suggests it and textiles back to Europe. archaeologists also found imported
was made in Rome for a high status During the spring of 1291, the ceramic bowls and jugs from south-
member of the patrician elite. The Egyptian sultan Al-Ashraf Khalil ern Italy, Syria, and Cyprus; cor-
overall form and Dionysian carving with his immense forces (over roded pieces of iron, mostly nails,
suggest a date late in the late 2nd 100,000 cavalry and foot soldiers) and anchors.
century and the lion’s masks are a attacked the fortress in Acre and
clear expression of Roman Imperial for six weeks the siege dragged on Excavation work in the area began
power. At auction a panel of this - until the Mamluks took the outer last year and the impressive new
sophistication could easily realize wall. finds are now coming to light.
£300,000 or more with the Blenheim
Palace provenance.” Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
The sarcophagus has now been gy/crusader-shipwreck-yields-coins-

Submitted by Len Myers.

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 5-16-17

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MAY (425) 308-2255 or e-mail lorahet- 100% plus payback, gold and silver
20th – 21st – Grand Rapids, [email protected] prizes for entrants. There will also
North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact be gold and silver raffles. Treasure
Recovery Group’s 18th Annual Hunt 27th – 28th – Sapulpa, hunting suppliers, demonstrators and
at Memorial Park. Five large hunt Oklahoma. The 46th Annual Indian flea markets are welcome. For more
over two days. This year’s theme is Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek information, contact Roy Richters
Las Vegas. All hunts and activities County Fairgrounds. For more at (402) 534-2019 or mail P.O. Box
will be Vegas themed. Buffett din- information or a hunt flyer, contact 194, Utica, NE 68456.
ner served on Saturday and lunch I.T.T.H.C. Inc., P. O. Box 580961,
provided on Sunday. For more info, Tulsa, OK 74158-0961, or e-mail 17th – 18th – North Idaho.
contact Jeff Kehl at jkehl1963@ [email protected] The Northwest Treasure Hunters or (320) 845-7814. Club’s 45th Annual Hunt at beauti-
JUNE ful Farragut State Park! This year’s
26th – 28th – Stanwood, 3rd – Shawsville, Virginia. Idaho Outback Hunt will have two
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s days of hunting and fun for the whole
Hunting Club’s (PTHC) 36th 26th Annual Open Hunt at Camp family. Friday night welcome social
Annual Hunt “Mayfest 2017” at Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs with punch and cookies and Dingo
the Stanwood Fair Grounds, 6431 Road. One day event includes two Bingo! Hunts begin on Saturday
Pioneer Hwy. The PTHC is hosting Coin Hunts and one Optional Silver – all are planted and include Old
Casino Royale Themed Treasured Hunt. Many great prizes, includ- and Gold, Kids, Boomerang and
Hunts (kid friendly). This three-day ing high-quality detectors, assorted the Night Hunt! For information,
event will open on Friday for camp- gear and cash. Concession stand and call Clay Soliday at (509) 999-0692,
ing and registrations. Dry camping camping will be available. For regis- e-mail [email protected] or
with limited power $10 a night with tration information contact Marilyn Sherry Bell at (208) 660-1053. A
funds going to the club to cover Epperly at (540) 342-0153. flyer is available on the club website
costs. No cash machines on site. Hall at
will open Friday at 6 p.m. for all raf- 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado.
fles and registrations, cookies & cof- The 5th Annual Silver Seekers Open 24th – Lakewood, Washington.
fee. Raffles: Main, Metal Detector, Treasure Hunt will be held at Fox The Outlaws Metal Detecting Group
Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and Silver Den Acres Campground with three of Tacoma’s 4th Annual Hunt at Fort
Dollars Raffles all weekend. There hunts each day and other fun activi- Steilacoom Park 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.,
will be a silent auction table set up ties for everyone. Contact Don 8717 87th Ave. W. This year they
and a display area to show your Hayes at [email protected] welcome their new South Sound
finds. The hall will close at 9 p.m. or phone (740)252-1322 or Ed Burke Chapter of the Outlaws. There will
Registrations open up, Sat. at 8 a.m. at [email protected] or phone be a hunt from 8 to 11 a.m., fol-
Coffee, Tea, Donuts and Pastries, (570) 310-1530. lowed by a potluck picnic and hot-
etc. Opening Ceremonies at 8:45 dogs. Family fun, games and prizes
a.m. Potluck Lunch Sat. 12:15-1:15 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado. throughout. Free drawings will be
p.m., bring a dish or two to share. WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the held for prizes. Come out have fun
Silent Auction: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Four Corners Christian Camp with and enjoy! For more about the groups,
Saturday - bring in an item or two to beautiful mountain surroundings on log onto https://www.facebook.
sell. Auction will close at 6:30 p.m. a lake. For more information, log com/Outlaws-Metal-Detecting-
Big Breakfast Fundraiser Sunday onto Group-682338455110491/ or
8 – 8:45 a.m., $5 donations or while
supplies last. Closing Ceremonies 17th – 18th – Hastings, soundmetaldetecting/
Sunday at 2 p.m. Cleanup party Nebraska. Nebraskaland Treasure
afterwards. Check www.pilchuck- Hunters’ 43rd Treasure Hunt, one E-mail upcoming events to manag for updates, or call free and seven paid entry hunts with [email protected] Newsletter 5-16-17 23

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