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Kiwi Auctions absentee auction catalogue - November 2018

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Published by Colin Savage, 2018-10-27 11:11:48

Kiwi Auctions

Kiwi Auctions absentee auction catalogue - November 2018

Presents an Absentee Auction of

Antique Bottles,
Advertising, Collectables,
Whisky & Brewery Advertising

Saturday, 10th November 2018


106B Harpers Road RD 2 Kaiapoi 7692 New Zealand
Telephone (NZ only) 0800 782 584 Telephone: (intl) +64 21 944 759

Web Email: [email protected]


1. This is a minimum bid Absentee Auction, all bids will be handled as if you were present at the Auction, you can submit
your bids by telephone, email or by post using the bidding form enclosed. The Auction will be conducted under the terms and
conditions below.
2. Guarantee, we guarantee the descriptions of all items in this catalogue. Any item found to have damage or faults not described
may be returned for a full refund within 45 days of the close of the sale. However, any manufacturing flaw that does not
significantly detract monetarily from the value of the item being sold will not be considered for a refund.
3. Bidding, you may submit your bids using any of the above methods any time after receipt of this catalogue. You may also
contact us any time during the auction to check on your bid or find out what the current high bid is on any item. At this time, you
may raise your bid if you wish. The following scenario is how our absentee system works:
Suppose you wish to bid on lot 123 and advise us your bid of $300 on this lot. At the same time another collector who also desires
lot 123 bids $200, then we will post the high bid at $220. This will be your bid, i.e. 10% higher than the other bid of $200. If no
other bids are received on lot 123 then you will be the successful bidder at $220 not the $300 you were prepared to pay.
The highest bidder shall be determined by Kiwi Auctions, in the case of any disputes Kiwi Auctions shall have the final discretion
in determining the successful purchaser.
At no time will Kiwi Auctions or its agents divulge the amount of the maximum bid we have received that may be higher than the
current posted high bid.
The following are how each bid will be raised:
Simply a 10% increment on the bid received below your bid, or in the case of you being the only bidder on a lot then your bid will
be successful at the reserve price.
4. Call Back Service; you can request this service by filling in the appropriate box on the bidding form or by verbal agreement
by telephone. However, this service is only available on lots with an opening bid value of NZ$300 or more. The same bidding
conditions as described in clause 3 above will apply. All “Call Back” telephone calls are paid for by Kiwi Auctions Ltd. Given the
diverse time zones of our customers it may take several days for all “Call Back” bids to be completed. Please note that you will
never be told what your competitors high bid is during the bidding. Where possible please provide us with home, work or mobile
numbers and the best time to contact you.

5. Closing the Auction: all bids must be in our hands by Telephone, post, or email by closing time of 9.00pm Saturday November
10th 2018 (New Zealand Time). We anticipate many calls on the last day so please place your bids early. In the case of a tied bid
the successful purchaser will be the bidder whose bid was received first.
6. Reserves: these are the amount on the left-hand side of each lot, no bids will be accepted below these levels.
7. Terms: After the sale we PACK all successful purchases and THEN WE WILL NOTIFY YOU of the total cost including
POSTAGE & PACKAGING. Because this sale is totally absentee we ask for your patience for approx. 14 days. Once notified you
will have only one account to pay.
8. Buyer’s Premium: There is a 12% buyer’s premium which is added to the purchase price, plus NZ GST (currently 15%) on the
premium only
9. Prices realised: Will be posted on our Website after the sale
10. Payment: once notified of your successful purchases payment in NEW ZEALAND DOLLARS or in your currency (after
obtaining an amount from Kiwi Auctions) must be received within 21 days. Late payment will incur additional charges. Payment
by Visa or MasterCard will incur a 3% surcharge to cover bank costs.
11. Foreign Exchange: We can convert into local currencies (USD AUD & GBP) for payment into our bank accounts in those
Countries, please enquire after the auction has ended for the amount due in your currency.

WB Whisky Galore, Blakeman Bloomfield
GB Collecting NZ Ginger Beers, Bruce Baldwin
CB Collecting New Zealand Codd Bottles, Bruce Baldwin
DS A Pictorial Guide New Zealand Syphons, Dave Smithson
CH Antique Bottles & Containers of Christchurch, Donaldson, Hume, Costello
TH NZ Beer Bottles, Tom Hartill
HP NZ Hamilton’s Tom Hartill
PP Preserving the Past, Brian Holden
Bottles & Containers of Wanganui Rangitikei Districts, Francis Wilson
Capital Thirst, Peter Fisher
A History of Nelson’s Early Manufacturers, Rob Packer

12 3 456

78 9 10 11 12

200mm tall, with handle, 100mm tall, smaller version, 130mm tall 2 tone green top
Buchanan’s Special Red Seal Buchanan’s Black & White stoneware jug with handle,
Whisky, coloured picture of Whisky, Dogs Running to one Dewar’s Whisky, Royal Doulton
Master of the Hunt at doorway, side and Sitting to other, James pm, minor rim repairs, Good 6/10
distillers’ marks to base, VG Green Nephew pm, VG, 9/10 R$40
8.5/10, a really nice clean example
R$800 6. BEGG 10. DEWAR
140mm tall, early water jug for 135mm tall 2 tone green top
2. BEGGING DOGS John Begg’s Scotch Whisky, stoneware jug with handle, John
120mm tall, Black & White elaborate picture of the Distillery Dewar & Sons Distillers to
Scotch Whisky Ask For It, to front, Royal Warrants for 60 His Majesty the King, Doulton
Begging dogs to both sides, years to one side and All the Lambeth, minor rim edge nick,
Shelley pm, minor paint loss to Royal Palaces supplied for 60 VG 8/10
handle, VG 8/10 years, Feilding pm, best example R$60
R$100 I’ve seen, original gold gilding,
just out of the box! Mint 10/10 11. DEWAR’S
3. 1940 EXHIBITION R$900 130mm tall, white body with
120mm tall, Black & White Black & Red print Dewar’s
Scotch Whisky under spout, to 7. BURROUGH’S Imperial Whisky, Maddock pm,
sides picture of the Exhibition 145mm tall, 2 tone stoneware, light wear to print, crazing, Good,
Building in Wellington New Cobalt blue top, Burroughs’s 8/10
Zealand 1840 – 1940, Shelley pm, London Gin in relief to front, to R$75
VG 9/10 sides also in relief a Cat to one
R$600 side & a Rooster to other, Royal 12. GAELIC
Doulton pm, Mint, 10/10 175mm tall, heavy 2 tone
4. DOGS & BOTTLE R$300 stoneware, Old Smuggler Whisky
120mm tall, It’s the Scotch Black to one side, Ask for Gaelic
& White, picture of 2 dogs & a 8. DEWAR Whisky Oldest Best to other with
bottle of Buchanan’s Whisky, 160mm tall 2 tone green top bust of Queen Victoria to both
Shelley pm, fine crazing, VG, 8/10 stoneware jug with handle, sides, Port Dundas pm, minor
R$60 Dewar’s Whisky, Royal Doulton glaze wear to base edge, VG, 9/10
pm, VG 9/10 R$75 R$125


13 13A 14 15 16 17 18

19 20 21 22 23

145mm tall recessed handle, 220mm tall, 2 tone stone Porter Used pack cards, no box or
Gilbey’s Spey-Royal Whisky to style bottle, Moerleins Old Jug Jokers, Catto’s Aberdeen Whisky
one side & Gilbey’s London Gin Lager, Port Dundas maker, light Can Be Trusted, Highland Terrier
to other, Shelley pm, light wear, wear, 8.5/10 tm, 7/10
VG 8/10 R$30 R$25
13A. STRONACHIE 125mm square ashtray, Black & 165mm tall Royal Doulton
185mm tall, copper lustre jug, White Scotch Whisky/New Kingsware Whisky Flask, picture
Stronachie Distillery Perthshire Zealand Centennial Exhibition of John Barleycorn, VG, 9/10
Scotland with very detailed 1840 -1940, Shelley maker, R$150
picture of the Distillery, to rear Mint 10/10
The Real Sandy MacDonald R$100 22. UNCLE SAM
Scotch Whisky, Royal Doulton 185mm tall Royal Doulton
maker, crazing to body, VG 9/10 18. SHIELD Kingsware Flask, depicting Uncle
R$900 125mm square ashtray, Black Sam, Dewars White Label marks
& White Scotch Whisky, MIE to base, original stopper, fine
14. WHYTE & MACKAY maker, light wear, 9/10 crazing, VG, 9/10
165mm tall 2 tone green topped R$30 R$200
stoneware jug, Whyte &
Mackay’s Special Whisky 19. KGIV 23. TAVERN SCENE
Glasgow, Port Dundas pm, rim 110mm tall x 140mm wide, King 140mm tall 2 handled Royal
edge chips, Good, 6/10 George 1V Top Notch Scotch Doulton Kingsware flask,
R$75 Whisky. Red Crown tm, depicting Elizabethan Scenes to
RD599183 to base, fine crazing, front & rear, VG, 9/10
15. HIGGINBOTTOM VG, 9/10 R$150
WB264, 205mm tall, 2 tone R$50
stoneware Ginger Beer style
bottle, A H Higginbottom Club
Whisky Newcastle on Tyne,
Buchan maker, minor rear edge
nick, VG 9/10


24 25 26 26A 27 28 29

30 31 32 33 34 35

150mm tall Green glaze Royal Unlisted version, 225mm tall 2 WB65, 200mm tall, 2 tone
Doulton Kingsware Flask, tone stoneware Whisky Jug, stoneware Whisky Jug, Auld
depicting Pirate scene, tiny standard Auld Lang Syne but with Lang Syne Pure Old Barley Malt
underside base edge nick, VG, T W B & CO Wm Hay Fairman Whiskey, The Weideman
9/10 & Co Glasgow to rear, research Company Cleveland O, no maker,
R$600 shows this firm went bankrupt fine crazing, VG, 8/10
in 1874, Kennedy maker, Mint, R$175
25. WATCHMAN 10/10
275mm tall Royal Doulton R$250 33. CAMBELL & McGREGOR
Kingsware Flask, depicting the WB86, 180mm tall, 2 tone
Watchman, large letters to rear 29. HOUSE COMMONS stoneware Whisky Jug, Blue
Dewar’s Scotch, WB72, 200mm tall 2 tone print Campbell & McGregor Old
prof lip repair, 7/10 stoneware Whisky Jug, James Scotch Whiskey Aberdeen
R$50 Buchanan & Co Special Scotch Scotland, Kennedy maker,
Whisky, fantastic pictorial of the Mint 10/10
26. MEMORIES House of Commons, Port Dundas R$750
240mm tall Royal Doulton maker, Mint 10/10, The ultimate
Kingsware Flask in rare Air must have for Whisky Jug 34. CRAYTHUR
Brushed colouring, depicting collectors! WB581, 200mm tall, all over
Memories, original silver plate R$1200 cream stoneware Whisky Jug,
stopper, Mint 10/10 Green print, The Craythur Erin-
R$250 30. ALLMAN G0-Bragh Dew Thom & Cameron
WB5, 205mm tall 2 tone Limited, Port Dundas maker, lip
26A. PIED PIPER stoneware Whisky Jug, Allman & flake to front rim edge, Good,
190mm tall, Royal Doulton Co Old Irish Malt Whisky, no 7/10
Kingsware Flask depicting the maker, Mint 10/10 R$150
Pied Piper, prof repair to minor R$275
nick off rim edge, Good 8/10 35. CATTO’S
R$300 31. BRAEMAR
WB87, 190mm tall, 2 tone WB100, 210mm tall, 2 tone
27. SPIRIT FRIENDSHIP stoneware Whisky Jug, Finest
230m tall Royal Doulton Flask, Old Scotch Whisky Braemar The stoneware Whisky Jug, no
scenes of 3 gents from England, Famous Highland Blend, Port
Scotland & America, Dewars Dundas maker, VG 9/10 handle, Catto’s Highland Whisky
White Label marks to base, fine R$175
crazing, VG, 9/10 Aberdeen, medals for Paris 1878
& London 1884 Exhibitions, no

maker, Mint 10/10

R$125 5

36 37 38 39 40 41

42 43 44 45 46

WB31, 205mm tall, 2 tone WB156, 180mm tall, Doulton WB276, 190mm tall, 2 tone
stoneware Whisky Jug, large Silicon Glazed Whisky Jug, DCL stoneware Whisky Jug, Blue Print,
handle, Burns verse to front with Scotch Whisky The Distillers Glen Lossie Old Highland Whisky
picture of 3 seated Gents, to rear Co Limited London Edinburgh Glen-Lossie Distillery Elgin
The Barley Bree, Kennedy maker, 2 Glasgow, Medals for Edinburgh Scotland, Port Dundas maker,
tiny rim edge nibbles, 1886, Egyptian Scenes, minor Mint 10/10
VG, 8.5/10 nick off base of handle, VG 9/10 R$1500
R$200 R$175
37. DAWSON 41. INDIAN WB250, 190mm tall, 2 tone
WB115, 185mm tall, sepia print, Unlisted, 180mm tall twin stoneware Whisky Jug, The
Dawson’s Perfection Old Scotch handled Stoneware Whisky Jug, Kintore rare Old Matured Scotch
Whisky, Port Dundas pm, rim edge all over mottled brown, in relief Whisky Cream of Glenlivet
chip, VG, 7/10 a picture of an Indian Head AC District, crazing to body, no
R$125 1908, to base impressed Greenlees maker, Good 8/10
Brothers Claymore Scotch R$75
38. DEWAR’S Whisky Distillers, Royal Doulton
WB132, 240mm tall, 2 tone green maker, Mint 10/10 45. MY QUEEN
top salt glazed body stoneware R$200 WB583, 185mm tall, all over
Whisky Jug, Dewar’s Perth Whisky cream stoneware Whisky Jug,
By Royal Warrant to His Majesty 42. GALLEY LORNE Sepia print, The Cream of
the King, Royal Doulton maker, WB238, 235mm tall, (The Largest Highland Whisky My Queen
tiny flea bite to ring edge at top, Size), 2 tone stoneware Whisky Jubilee Blend, picture of Queen
VG, 9/10 Jug, Galley of Lorne with full Victoria, Port Dundas maker,
R$250 Viking Ship pictorial, Boars Head minor rim edge nibble, VG 9/10
tm to sails, Port Dundas maker, R$125
39. THISTLE Mint 10/10, A rarity!
WB133, 230mm tall to top of R$950 46. MONARCH
original stopper, thistle shaped Not listed, 190mm tall, later issue,
green top purple bottom, Royal The Monarch Old Scotch Whisky,
Doulton & Dewars White Label to colourful pictorial, Bron maker,
base, Mint 10/10 Mint 10/10
R$150 R$125


47 48 49 50 51 52

53 54 55 56 57

WB413, 180mm tall, Black print WB527, 190mm tall, 2 tone WB458, 230mm tall stoneware
2 tone stoneware Whisky Jug, stoneware Whisky Jug, Bottled Whisky Jug, Rare Green Print,
Heather Dew Whiskey Mitchell When Seven Years Old Finest Shamrock T W B & Co St J,
Bros Glasgow to front, The Irish Malt Whiskey Royal Shamrocks & Flag with Angel &
Greybeard to rear, Port Dundas Distilling Co Limited Belfast, Harp tm, Kennedy pm, Mint 10/10
maker, minor flea bite off rim Harp tm, Kennedy maker, A R$2200
edge, VG 9/10 Very Rare Irish Whisky Jug, tiny 55. THORNES
R$100 fleabite to rim edge, WB604, 220mm tall, no handle,
VG, 9.5/10 stoneware Whisky Bottle, Thorne’s
48. MITCHELL’S R$2500 Whisky Greenock & London,
WB426, 185mm tall, 2 tone Rampant Lion tm, Port Dundas, Mint
stoneware Whisky Jug, Mitchell’s 51. ROB ROY 10/10
Old Irish Whisky Belfast WB386, 165mm tall, all white R$500
Cruiskeen Lawn, Port Dundas stoneware Whisky Jug, Rob
maker, Roy Old Highland Whisky K 56. WICKLOW
VG 9.5/10 McGregor & Co Glasgow, Port WB663, 200mm tall stoneware
R$100 Dundas maker, VG 9/10 Whisky Jug, Wicklow Distillery Old
R$200 Irish Whiskey, Owl on branch tm, no
49. RABBIE BURNS maker, Mint 10/10
WB671, 195mm tall, 2 tone 52. ROSSLYN R$250
stoneware Whisky Jug, The WB525, 185mm tall Blue Print
Rabbie Burns Whisky Jar Charles stoneware Whisky Jug, Rosslyn 57. ROBERTSON
Wilkinson & Co Glasgow, Distillery Old Scotch Malt 220mm tall to top of stopper, Blue
fantastic pictorial of farmer Whiskey, great pictorial of 2 Glass decanter, original stopper,
stopping ploughing for a Dram!, Stags & a barrel of scotch, no ground pontil, etched words John
Kennedy pm, Mint 10/10, So maker, Mint, 10/10 Robertson & Son Dundee Fine Old
very hard to get an undamaged R$175 Scotch Whisky, JRD tm, light wear
example! to wording, VG 9/10
R$1000 53. ROYAL BLEND R$250
WB599, 180mm tall 2 tone
stoneware Whisky Jug, Jeroboam 7
to shoulder The Royal Blend
Whisky A G Thomson & Co
Glasgow, Kennedy maker, great
pictorial all around tropical
scenes, minor rim edge nick,

58 59 61 62 63 64

65 66 67 68 69

58. DCL 63. STEWART 67. HOLE
220mm tall to top of stopper, 1 Gal Stone Jar, impressed to 2 Gal Stone Jar, impressed to
Amber Glass decanter, original shoulder J & A Stewart Centre shoulder Hole & Co Timaru 422 2
stopper, ground pontil, enamelled Bush, research shows them Gals Liquor, research shows them
words, Very Old Special Scotch operating around 1915, no maker operating in Timaru as Timaru
Whisky DCL, VG 9/10 but most likely Lambert Dunedin, Brewery in 1891, no maker but
R$250 side rim edge wear (caused by the most likely Lambert Dunedin,
wire handle), rear base edge chip, minor rim edge wear, VG 8/10
59. ROBERTSON one of a few great Store jars on R$150
220mm tall to top of stopper, offer, VG 8/10
Amber Glass decanter, original R$150 68. ALEXANDER
stopper, ground pontil, etched 1 Gal Stone Jar, print to front
words John Robertson & Son 64. CORONATION ALE Alexander & Co Cordial Makers
Dundee Fine Old Scotch Whisky, 3 Gal stone jar, impressed to Kaiapoi, Stourware maker, light
JRD tm, light wear to wording, shoulder 103 NCB Coronation wear, VG 9/10
VG 9/10 Ale, NCB is North Canterbury R$150
R$250 Brewery Rangiora, Stourware
maker, 69. WHITE SWAN
60. no lot VG 10/10 1 Gal Stone Jar, tan top impressed
R$350 White Swan Hotel 82, research
61. BEN NEVIS shows this as Christchurch Hotel,
135mm tall early glass water jug, 65. MATHESON’S Stourware maker, VG, 9/10
etched words, Dew of Ben Nevis 1 Gal Stone Jar, impressed R$100
Scotch Whisky Don McDonald to shoulder, Matheson’s Ltd
Distiller Fort William Scotland, Invercargill, no maker but most
applied handle, VG 9/10 likely Lambert Dunedin, minor
R$100 glaze imperfections, VG 9/10
2 Gal stone jar, impressed to 66. AUSTRAL
shoulder Hardy Stores Rakaia, 1 Gal Stone Jar, impressed to
Blue Print, Stourware maker, shoulder, Austral Cordial Co,
inmanufacture glaze miss to research shows them operating
shoulder, VG 9/10 in Dunedin, no maker but most
R$60 likely Lambert Dunedin, minor
rim edge wear, VG 9/10
8 R$150

70 71 72 73 75 76

77 78 79 80 81

2 Gal Stone Jar, tan top printed BOWLING 1 Gal Stone Jar with Spigot, tan
words Dunedin Brewery Co Ltd 2 Gal Stone Jar, top printed words to body T F
Dunedin, no maker, light wear, printed words This Quilter Cordial Manufacturer
VG 9/10 Jar is the property Mataura, Pearson maker, wire
R$75 of Park Bowling handle, light wear, minor chip off
Club Timaru, spigot
71. EMPIRE HOTEL Stourware maker, VG 8/10
1 Gal Stone Jar, tan top impressed Rare only known R$100
Empire Hotel Timaru, no maker example,
(looks like Stourware), 6 small Mint 10/10 79. KEMP
potstone holes have been filled in R$200 1 Gal Stone Jar with Spigot, tan
(not painted), Good, 7/10 top, printed words to shoulder
R$100 75. ROOPE & body A E Kemp Gore, great
2 Gal Stone Jar, printed Roope pictorial of Elephant & Rider,
72. McATEER & Co Awarua 2 Gallons Liquor, minor chip off spigot, VG 8/10
2 Gal Stone Jar, tan top impressed Awarua is near Invercargill, no R$500
P A McAteer Gladstone Hotel, maker, minor glaze faults,
Stourware maker, no handle, Good 8/10 80. CREASE
research shows McAteer R$75 PPCj01, 2lb applied top roll top
operating the Gladstone Hotel in Jam, Crease’s A1 Wellington, M
Fairlie in 1938, Mint 10/10 76. QUILTER to base, light wear, surface marks,
R$175 1 Gal Stone Jar, tan top printed Good, 7/10
words to shoulder T F Quilter R$25
73. CLUB HOTEL Cordial Manufacturer Mataura,
2 Gal Stone Jar, tan top impressed Pearson maker, wire handle, light 81. LION
Club Hotel, Stourware maker, wear, VG 9/10 PPLbj01, 2lb applied top roll top
with handle, light wear, minor R$100 jam, Lawrence Bros Jams The
inner rim nick, VG 9/10 Lion Brand, M to base, VG, 9/10
R$125 77. QUILTER R$45
1 Gal Stone Jar, tan top printed
words to body When Empty 9
Return to T F Quilter Cordial
Manufacturer Mataura, Mauri
Bros maker, wire handle, light
wear, VG 9/10

82 83 84 85 86

87 88 89 90 91 92

82. LION 86. RAINBOW 90. Mac EWANS
PPLbj03, 2lb applied top roll top PPRj01, 1lb aqua applied top Jam, ½ Pint clear glass (tinge of
jam, Lawrence Bros Jams 2lb Rainbow & Sons Christchurch amethyst) Mac Ewans LTD (New
Net, The Lion Brand, GG 2066 to NZ, 688 to base, minor top edge Plymouth), VG 9/10
base, small underside base edge chip, VG 8/10 R$45
chip, Good, 7/10 R$60
R$30 91. WILKINS
87. TYER 165mm tall, clear glass 50mm dia,
83. LION PPTSj08, 1lb machine made clear Wilkins Ltd Invercargill, maybe a
PPLbj06, 2lb, clear glass, machine glass Jam, Tyer & Sons Jams to egg whisk, U723 to base, unusual,
made roll top jam, Lawrence Bros shoulder, Mountain T Brand to minor flea bite to base edge, 9/10
Jams, The Lion Brand, 3 dots to front, no maker, Mint 10/10 R$25
base, underside base edge chip R$50
resin filled, Good, 7/10 92. CHOW CHOW
R$20 88. THOMSON 115mm tall 2 tone stoneware,
PPTp01, 195mm tall, clear glass Young’s Mfg Company YCC
84. St GEORGE applied top, Thomson & Co Brand Chow Chow, Best English
PPISj02, 2lb aqua applied top roll Purity Registered Trade Mark Make to rear, Mint 10/10
top jam, Irvine & Stevenson’s Invercargill, M to base, VG 9/10 R$120
Jams 2lb Net, ST George R$25
Preserving Works Dunedin, St
George & Dragon pictorial, M to 89. WILKIN’S
base, minor base edge roughness, 1 Pint clear glass Milk, Wilkin’s
Good, 8/10 Limited Dairy Specialists
R$20 Invercargill, VG 9/10
PPLBk07, 2lb clear glass jam,
Lawrence Bros The Lion Brand,
Lion tm, Trident & 6401 to base,
ding/crack to front base edge,
Good 7/10


93 94 95 96 97 98

99 100 101 102 103

Mort524, 95mm tall, mottled 260mm tall bottle embossed Pair light blue pharmacy bottles,
effect to neck, colourful picture STOCK to lower base, Mint, 190mm & 160mm (minor base edge
of 3 gents sitting around table plus 220mm lidded Apothecary ding), with labels for Grants Chemist
smoking, light crazing/stains, VG, jar, glass label affixed to front Gore, Parrish’s Chemical Food &
8/10 (cracked) TAMARIND, Whittall Tasteless Castor Oil (yeah right!),
R$150 Tatum makers, VG 7/10 (2) 9/10 (2)
R$50 R$60
94. ALMA
Mort 508, 95mm tall, Pratt Pot, 98. QUICK COOKER 102. HATCH’S
multi-coloured print titled The Rare smaller 51/2-inch version, 135mm tall, ice blue colour,
Battle of Alma, chip to rim, base Grimwade’s Quick Cooker, loads Hatch’s Pectoral Balsam of Linseed
edge chip, light stains, Good, 6/10 of advertising for their various Invercargill, no damage but sick all
R$75 products, fine hairline off base over, A very rare one only known
edge, Good 7/10 quack cure, 7/10
Mort 510, 82mm tall, flat base,
Pratt Pot scene titles The Dragoon 99. APOTHECARY 103. THOMSON
Charge Balaklava, rim & base 265mm tall, top becomes dose 2 early ceramic toothbrush holders,
edge chips poorly repaired, wear measure (stuck on!), amber glass, 170mm tall, Use Nervol Toothpaste
to rim edge, Good, 6/10 early has ground pontil, partial old for cleaning & preserving the Teeth
R$75 label, some remaining contents, A W Thomson Chemist Gore, all the
VG 9/10 holder section broken off, 3/10, plus
96. SCOTCH GREYS R$75 170mm tall Balsam of White Pine
Mort 509, 95mm tall, multi- and Tar for all affections of the Chest
coloured Pratt Pot with highly 100. WARNER’S and Throat A W Thomson Chemist
decorative scene titled Charge of 1 Pint Warners Amber Safe Cure Gore, holder section restored but
the Scotch Greys at Balaklava, Melbourne, wear/dull patches, paint is peeling, 7/10, both Made in
old rim repair & base edge repair fine hairline in neck, fair 5/10, Germany (2)
(poor repairs), internal hairline to plus ½ Pint Warners Safe Cure R$100
neck, light staining, dirty crazing, London, light wear, rear dull
Good, 5/10 patch, Good 8/10 (2)
R$50 R$35


104 105 106 107 108 109

110 111 112 113

195mm tall character style jug 265mm tall, clear glass 1950’s 17 Wallace Chemist ChCh, 5 John
of Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl bottle with label for Old Hokonui Castle Wellington Chemist, 3 St
Baldwin of Bewdley, KG, PC, with Skull & Crossbones tm, George Jam, 3 Peacocks Jams
PC (Can), JP, FRS (3 August “Passed all tests except the Police, (28) VH 8/10
1867 – 14 December 1947) Bottled by me for you Produce of R$25
was a British statesman of Southland Supplied to all Snake
the Conservative Party who Charmers”, label is a bit dirty/ 112. DUNEDIN HOTELS
dominated the government in his stained, some damage. Rare item Paper back 230mm x 145mm,
country between the world wars. of Southland history, 7/10, same Hotels of Dunedin Historical
Three times Prime Minister, he is label just sold on TM for over Record with compliments of
the only British premier to have $300! R Powley & Co, signed inside
served under three monarchs R$125 G M Powley, printed in 1937
(George V, Edward VIII and in Dunedin, 12 black & white
George VI). 108. LIDDED BOX pictures of the founders of Powley
Made by Ashtead Potteries, 70mm square by 40mm tall, and images inside the Brewery,
limited edition of 1000 jugs, Chinese/Japanese? colourful comprehensive listing of all
309/1000, minor base edge chip pictures of birds on a tree branch, Hotels that ever traded in Dunedin
and 20mm fine hairline off rim, VG 9/10 from 1861 – 1937, showing the
7/10 R$75 various owners of each Hotel and
R$45 the date they changed over. A rare
109. CODD OPENERS early item of Dunedin Brewery
105. STOURWARE 3 wooden Codd bottle openers, History, VG 8/10
Mini tapered pot (no lid) 80mm one impressed T & Co has a split R$50
tall, marked Stourware, VH 8/10 and wee chip, another W J Bush
R$45 Co Ltd London & Melbourne, the 113. KEMP
other plain, VG (3) 8/10 Chrome plate tray, 305mm dia,
106. VOSS R$50 Kemp’s Cordials J Holland
125mm pottery tankard, green proprietor, Hop Beer, Ginger Beer,
blue glaze, marked GV (Graham 110. CROWN CAPS Dry Ginger Ale, Phone 153 Gore
Voss Potter Palmerston North), 11 metal Crown Caps, 5 for Collie NZ, some light rust marks and
Mint 10/10 (Blenheim) 4 different, one for minor damage to plate at top tray,
R$35 Lanes (Dunedin), one for Van VG, 7/10
Kist, 4 for Marlborough Cordials R$45
12 2 different (11) some wear, 7/10

114 115 116 117 118

119 120 121

114. TAURANGA 118. HALL (1) 120. HALL (3)
8 versions of aqua chemists for A 10oz aqua mm Crown Top, T H 6oz aqua mm CT, This Bottle is
J Mirrielees MPS DO Chemist & Hall Aerated Water Manufacturer the Sole Property of T H Hall
Optician Tauranga NZ, 165mm, Tauranga, no maker 9/10, 10oz Tauranga, NZ to base, VG 9/10,
160mm, 155mm, 135mm, 125mm, aqua mm CT, This Bottle is 10oz aqua mm CT, T H Hall
115mm, 115mm, 110mm, some the Sole Property of T H Hall Cordial Manufacturer Tauranga,
damages and sickness to glass, plus Tauranga, NZ to base, large base UGB maker, light wear, 7/10,
labelled 1950’s clear glass with edge chip 6/10, 6oz clear mm 10oz amber squat CT, Hall’s
label for Robert H Hay The Strand CT T H Hall Tauranga, mint plus Stone Ginger Beer Tauranga,
Pharmacy Tauranga Phone 55, amber version of same, mint (4) VG 9/10, 10oz aqua mm CT, T
stains, 6/10, (9) R$25 H Hall Cordial Manufacturer
R$30 Tauranga, UGB maker, 9/10, 10oz
119. HALL (2) mm CT, T H Hall Aerated Water
115. TAURANGA 10oz mm CT, T H Hall Aerated Manufacturer Tauranga, ZGB
150mm tall aqua, Robt J Alley Water Manufacturer Tauranga, maker, 9/10 (5)
Pharmacist Tauranga NZ, S to base, ZGB maker, base edge ding, R$30
rim edge fleabite, 9/10, 155mm 6/10, 10oz aqua mm CT, This
(S to base) & 95mm tall, aqua, A Bottle is the Sole Property of T H 121. HALL (4)
J Mirrielees MPS DO Chemist & Hall Tauranga, NZ to base, light 10oz aqua mm CT, This Bottle
Optician Tauranga NZ, both VG, wear, 9/10, 10oz aqua mm CT, is the Sole Property of T H Hall
10/10 (3) T H Hall Cordial Manufacturer Tauranga, NZ to base, base edge
R$30 Tauranga, UGB maker, light ding 6/10, 10oz amber squat
wear, 8/10, 10oz amber squat CT, Hall’s Stone Ginger Beer
116. FOOTWARMER CT, Hall’s Stone Ginger Beer Tauranga, crate wear, 7/10,
235mm long, stoneware hot water Tauranga, VG 9/10 (4) 10oz aqua mm CT, This Bottle
bottle, Doulton’s Improved Foot R$25 is the Sole Property of T H Hall
Warmer, original stopper, VG 9/10 Tauranga, NZ to base, inner rim
R$45 edge chips, 7/10, 6oz amber mm
CT T H Hall Tauranga, Mint (4)
130mm tall, early plain mini
Hamilton patent, light wear, VG,


122 123 124 125 126

127 128 129 129A 130 131

10oz Codd Hurley Newport, 3 clear glass 10oz mm Crown 26oz spun top Crown Top,
elaborate decoration of a Tops with labels, Buckhams Malmanche Timaru MZ MMH
Cathedral, Mint 10/10 plus Wakatip Cordial Co Ltd tm, AGM maker, VG 8/10, plus
150mm tall green blob top soda, Queenstown Invercargill (on a T 10oz mm CT, Malmanche & Co
Fleets Mineral Waters Exposition West Dunedin bottle), small tear Timaru, UGB maker, light wear
Medal Paris 1867, wear & dull in label, 7/10, D W Campbell 7/10 (2)
patches 6/10, plus 6oz Hamilton, J Cordial Manufacturer Winton R$60
Schweppe & Co, VG 9/10 (3) (on a Kemp bottle), small section
R$30 missing, 7/10, Moffett & Co 129A. McGAVIN
Invercargill Lime Crush, bit tatty TH182, 26oz Pale Olive-Green
123. DOYLE 6/10 (3) Crown Top, machine made,
26oz aqua mm Crown Top, D H $45 McGavin & Co Ltd Brewers and
Doyle Fairlie, Mount Cook tm, no Bottlers Dunedin NZ, no maker,
maker, 127. MOFFETT VG, 9/10
VG, 9/10 2 6oz mm Crown Top’s, clear & R$50
R$40 amber glass, Moffett & Co Ltd
Invercargill Anchor tm, A to base, 130. QUILTER BEER
124. GORE BREWERY light wear 7/10, (2) TH284 & TH285, 26oz & 12oz
TH112, 26oz mm amber Crown R$15 mm Crown Top’s, T F Quilter
Top, Gore Brewery, A to base, Cordial Maker Mataura, AGM NZ
VG 9/10 128. MOFFETT makers, both have lip chipping,
R$20 TH219, A Rated, 26oz, Moffett light wear, Good 7/10 (2)
& Co Invercargill 1923, Anchor R$70
125. KEMP tm, NZ maker, tiny fleabite on rim
3 26oz mm Crown Top’s, The edge, needs a good clean, minor 131. QUILTER SOFT
Property of Kemp’s Cordial marks, 9/10 10oz mm Crown Top, T F Quilter
Factory Gore, pictorial with Rider R$125 Cordial Maker Mataura, entwined
on Elephant, Forster London letters maker, unusual colour
maker, VG 9/10, unusual colour glass, VG 9/10, 26oz clear glass
(Flint Glass) The Property of A E mm CT, no maker, needs a clean,
Kemp Gore, NZ maker, 2 small 9/10, 10oz aqua mm CT, entwined
fractures in the neck, Good 6/10, letters maker, ding to shoulder,
same as first one but AGM NZ light wear, 7/10 (3)
maker, VG 9/10 (3) R$50


132 133 134 135 136 137A

26oz & 10oz clear mm Crown Top’s, T F Quilter Cordial Maker Mataura, AGM NZ makers, large VG 9/10,
10oz needs clean, light wear 8/10, (2)

26oz aqua mm Crown Top, J Shannon & Co Ltd Timaru, entwined letters JS& CO tm, no maker, tiny
fleabite on rim edge, light wear VG 7/10

134. ROOPE
TH304, 26oz amber Crown Top, Roope & Co Southland Brewery, NZ maker, 10mm crack in top section,
displays well, 6/10

135. WATTS
26oz mm aqua Crown Top, George Watts Timaru NZ, large glass tm, 1914 & 2030 to base, all over wear/
dull patches, heavy embossing, would polish well, VG 6/10

136. WERE
6oz green glass mm Crown Top, Were Bros Trade Mark Registered Christchurch, Tower tm, BLL to base,
VG, 9/10

CH82/5 26oz Aqua mm Crown Top, Wright & Co Christchurch/Kodo Regd Beverage, Sail Boat tm, AGM
maker, VG 9/10


137 138 139 140 141 142

143 144 145 146 147 148

DS12, Rarity A4, 40oz clear round, DS270, Rarity E, 40oz clear St James, DS388, Rarity B, 30oz clear round,
ALVA Registered, has a Grey & Menzies Grey & Menzies Auckland, original top, Kortegast Bros Hokitika, blue stem,
top, VG, 8/10 VG 8/10 original top, VG 8/10
R$50 R$20 R$30

DS62, Rarity B, Lime Green Pyramid, DS287, Rarity A4, 30oz clear Regent, T DS392 Rarity B, 30oz blue Pyramid,
Blackmores Greymouth, original top H Hall Tauranga, original top, VG 9/10 Kortegast Bros Hokitika, Crown tm,
(pitted), internal haze, 7/10 R$75 original top (light pitting), VG 8/10
R$100 R$200
143. HALL
139. DOYLE DS282, Rarity B9, 30oz Blue Pyramid, T 147. KORTEGAST
DS184, Rarity D, 30oz clear round, D H Hall Tauranga, original top, VG light DS395, Rarity B, 30oz blue Pyramid, H
H Doyle Fairlie, Mount Cook pictorial, wear, minor base edge marks, VG 8/10 Kortegast Hokitika, original top (pitting/
original top, green stem, VG 9/10 R$150 rough), VG 8/10
R$30 R$200
144. HALL
140. FOSTER DS280 rarity C, 30oz clear round, T H 148. QUILTER
DS198, Rarity C, 30oz clear round, Hall Tauranga, original top, (plate worn), DS589 Rarity C, 30oz clear round, T
D Foster Waimate Swan pictorial tm, VG 8/10 F Quilter Mataura, original top (plate
original top, VG 9/10 R$30 wear), VG 9/10
R$30 R$30


149 150 151 152 153 154

155 156 157 158 159 160

DS605, Rarity C, 30oz clear round, J GB93, all white Blue print, J R Dodson GB112, tan top champagne style,
Robinson Christchurch, Bicycle tm, & Son Nelson Ye Old Fashioned Goodwin Davy & Co Brewed Ginger
original top (plate wear), VG 8/10 Fermented Ginger Beer, HMS Victory Beer Hawera, Mauri Bros maker, top
R$40 pictorial tm, Doulton Lambeth, original section repaired (average) showing
stopper, front edge chip repaired shrinkage, Poor 4/10
150. SHANNON (average), VG 7/10 R$40
DS623, Rarity C, 30oz clear round, J R$100
Shannon & Co Timaru, has a Doyle 158. GOODWIN DAVY
Fairlie top, VG 9/10 155. DODSON GB112, tan top champagne style,
R$30 GB96, tan top blob top, Dodson & Son Goodwin Davy & Co Brewed Ginger
Nelson, Ye Old Fashioned Fermented Beer Hawera, Mauri Bros maker, light
151. BRAY Ginger Beer, Picture of Lord Nelson tm, wear, VG 8.5/10
GB46, tan top CT, Alf Bray Ashburton, Bourne 16, rim edge fracture, VG 8/10 R$75
Govancroft 1, VG 9/10 R$100
156. GRIFFITHS GB135, orange/tan crown top, Grey &
152. BLOCKLEY GB139, tan top blob top, Griffiths & Co Menzies New Zealand, Govancroft 4
GB41, all white crown top, G Blockley Christchurch NZ, Tree tm, Riley maker, maker, minor rim edge glaze nick,
Otahuhu, Fowler pm, prof rim repair, original chisel stopper, minor rim edge VG 8.5/10
VG, 8/10 chip, VG 8/10 R$30
R$250 R$100

153. BRODIE 160. HALL 17
GB49, tan top cork stopper, C W Brodie GB142, blue top blob top, T H Hall
Ginger Beer Wellington, no maker, lip Tauranga, Bourne 24 Denby maker,
edge wear, VG, 9/10 original top, shoulder edge glaze nick,
R$50 minor marks, VG 8/10

161 162 163 164 165 166

167 168 169 170 171 172

161. HALL 165. HANDLEY 169. KEMP
GB142, blue top blob top, T H Hall GB147, tan top blob top, Wm Handley GB179, tan top blob top, The Property
Tauranga, Bourne 25 Denby maker, Auckland Ginger Beer, Cannon tm, of A E Kemp Gore, pictorial tm of rider
original top, shoulder edge glaze nick & original top, top section has been on elephant, Bourne Denby maker, dirty
tiny base edge nick, minor marks, VG repainted/repaired, wrong colour & paint crazing, rear base edge chip, shoulder &
8/10 is flaking off, maybe a minor fault? 5/10 rim edge flea bites, 6.5/10
R$45 R$40 R$200

162. HALL 166. HEMSLEY 170. KEMP
GB144, tan top crown top, T H Hall GB150, green top crown top, Hemsley GB179, tan top blob top, The Property of
Tauranga, Price Bristol maker, rim edge Bros Dunedin Ginger Beer, Govancroft 2 A E Kemp Gore, pictorial tm of rider on
chip, VG 7/10 maker, VG 9/10 elephant, Bourne 11 mark, professional
R$50 R$100 repair to top section, glaze hairlines to
lhs, 6/10
163. HALL 167. INNES R$75
GB143, tan top crown top, T H Hall GB176, orangey crown top, C L Innes &
Tauranga, Bourne 35 Denby, in- Co Ltd Auckland & Hamilton Genuine 171. KINKADE
manufacture glaze faults, 9/10 Brewed Ginger Beer, Govancroft 1 GB183, large size blob top, Kinkade &
R$75 maker, light wear, minor marks, 7/10 Harkness Glasgow St Wanganui Ginger
R$30 Beer, Port Dundas maker, heavy wear, lip
164. HALL & shoulder flea bites, 6/10
GB143, tan top crown top, T H Hall 168. KEMP R$30
Tauranga, Bourne 35 Denby, Mint, 10/10 Version of GB179, tan top blob top, The
R$125 Property of A E Kemp Gore, pictorial tm 172. LANES
of rider on elephant, no makers mark, GB195, tan top crown top, Lanes Ltd
18 professional repair to top section, 7/10 Dunedin Ginger Beer, Bourne 38 maker,
R$125 VG 9/10

173 174 175 176 177 178

179 180 181 182 183 184

GB195, tan top crown top, Lanes Ltd GB227, tan top blob top, Marlborough GB251, blue top blob top, Nicholls’ Ye
Dunedin Ginger Beer, impressed Bourne Brewery Coy Ltd Blenheim Home Olde Englishe Ginger Beer Ponsonby
Denby England marks, VG 9/10 Brewed Ginger Beer, Mauri Bros maker, Road Auckland, Masonic symbol tm,
R$50 rim edge chip, (touched up), light wear Bourne 8 Denby maker, original ceramic
6/10 stopper, base edge chipping, light wear,
174. LEES EVANS R$30 6.5/10
GB200, all white blob top, Lees & Evans R$50
Christchurch Reliance, Anchor tm, no 178. MARLBOROUGH
maker, rim edge & shoulder wear, light GB228, tan top blob top, Marlborough 182. PLOWMAN
wear, 7/10 Brewery Coy Ltd Blenheim Home GB272, all white blob top, This Bottle
R$50 Brewed Ginger Beer, Pearson maker, is the Property of W Plowman & Sons
base edge chip, light wear 6.5/10 Napier NZ to rear & Coat of Arms
175. LEES & EVANS R$30 Napier NZ to front, Bourne Denby
GB204, blue blob top, white body, Lees makers, Light wear, VG 9/10
& Evans Christchurch Reliance, Anchor 179. MARTIN R$75
tm, Bourne 07 maker, original stopper, GB236, orangey crown top, H Martin
VG 9/10, so hard to get a good example Gisborne Stone Ginger Beer, Govancroft 183. PHOENIX
R$75 1 maker, VG 9/10 GB261, lightning stopper (original)
R$100 tan top, The Phoenix Aerated Water Co
176. LONG & BARDEN Wellington & Petone, Bourne 26 Denby
GB210, all white blob top, Long & 180. MENZIES maker, Mint 10/10
Barden New Zealand, Maui Bros GB 237, all white blob top, Menzies & R$30
Pinnacle maker, original stopper, rear rim Co Ginger Beer, entwined letters tm, no
edge nick, rust marks, light wear, 7/10 maker, rim edge chips, staining to rhs, 184. QUILL MORRIS
R$50 wear, 6/10
R$40 GB277, orangey crown top, Quill Morris

(1936) Ltd Christchurch, Coronet Brand,

Crown tm, Govancroft maker, VG 9/10

R$100 19

185 186 187 188 189 190

191 192 193 194 195 196

GB288, tan top crown top, Saunders GB339, blue top crown top, Timaru GB330, tan top blob top, Thomson
& Co Christchurch NZ, entwined Aerated Cordial Factory, Glass tm, Lewis & Coy Wellington & Wanganui,
letters tm, Bourne Denby maker, D maker, top has been repaired glaze Home Brewed Ginger Beer Steam
glazing to neck has bubbled (too hot hairlines to body, average, 5/10 Works, Gold Medals, Port Dundas pm,
in finishing), VG 8/10 R$50 minor inner rim ding, VG 8/10
R$75 R$40
186. SMITH GB336, tan top swing stopper, 194. WAI WAI
GB305, tan top blob top, Smith Bros Thomson Lewis & Co Ltd GB341 blob top cork stopper, Wai Wai
Gisborne Makers Pure Home Brewed Wellington Wanganui & Petone, Mineral Water Stanley St, Bendigo
Drinks, Pearson maker, shoulder Bourne 30 maker, ceramic stopper pm, rim edge chip, Good, 7/10
nicks, scuff to letter M in Smith, light chipped, bottle VG, 8/10 R$40
wear, 6/10 R$30
R$20 195. WATTS
191. THOMSON LEWIS GB346, tan top blob top, G Watts
187. SMITH GB336, tan top swing stopper, Timaru, foaming glass tm, Bourne
GB305, tan top blob top, Smith Bros Thomson Lewis & Co Ltd maker, original stopper, rear base edge
Gisborne Makers Pure Home Brewed Wellington Wanganui & Petone, chip, VG8.5/10
Drinks, Pearson maker, wear, 6/10 Bourne 30 maker, no swing stopper, R$150
R$25 8/10
R$20 196. WERE
188. STEFFENSEN GB351, tan top crown top, Were Bros
GB310, tan top cork stopper, C O 192. THOMSON LEWIS Christchurch, Tower tm, Bourne 22
Steffensen New Plymouth Ye Olde GB336, tan top swing stopper, maker, VG 9/10
English Brewed Ginger Beer, Bourne Thomson Lewis & Co Ltd R$50
38 maker, Vg 9/10 Wellington Wanganui & Petone,
R$50 Bourne 34 maker, no swing stopper,
20 R$20

197 198 199 200 201 202

203 204 205 206 207 208

GB356, tan top crown top Westbury GBI42, all brown salt glaze, cork GBI75, brown salt glaze, internal
Limited Stone Ginger Auckland, stopper, James Hamilton Nelson, thread blob top, Thomson & Co
Bourne 30, VG, 9.5/10 entwined letters tm, light wear, minor Invercargill, light wear, VG, 8.5/10
R$75 roughness to base edge, VG 8/10 R$50
GB372, blue top crown top, Wright 202. MURDOCH GBI75, darker brown salt glaze,
& Co Christchurch Kodo Carbonated GBI57, mottled tan salt glaze cork internal thread blob top, Thomson &
Stone Ginger, Bourne 38 maker, light stopper, Murdoch Bros Invercargill, Co Invercargill, light wear, VG, 9/10
shoulder mark, 9/10 light wear, VG 8/10 R$50
R$150 R$50
199. WRIGHT 203. MOFFET GBI68, salt glaze internal thread blob
GB375, tan top crown top, Kodo GBI55, light tan glossy glaze, cork top, J Robinson & Sons Linwood
Carbonated Stone Ginger bottled stopper, W J Moffet Invercargill, Christchurch NZ, Lovatt 07 maker,
by Wright & Co Ch Ch, Stourware (note spelling error in Moffett), VG, base edge chips, 7/10
pottery, top section repaired & 9/10 R$40
repainted (average), rear hairlines, R$150
Very Rare, 4/10 208. WRIGHT
R$75 204. MOFFETT GBI88, salt glazed internal thread
GBI53, creamy grey cork stopper, N blob top, Wright & Co impressed to
200. WRIGHT J Moffett Invercargill, rough glaze shoulder and to opposite side at rear
GB369, blue top crown top, Kodo around rim, 8/10 Wright & Co Christchurch, steam/
Carbonated Stone Ginger Wright & R$50 sail boat tm, Bourne 14 maker, VG
Co Christchurch, steam/sail boat tm, R$50
Mauri Bros maker, base edge chip,
shoulder chip/rub?, 7/10 21

209 210 211 212 213 214

215 216 217 218 219 220

209. BACON 213. BRAY 217. DIXON
CB70, 10oz 4T, Bacon’s Celebrated CB234, 6oz 4D, Alfd Bray CB405, 6oz Reliance Patent, George
Aerated Waters Wellington, JLB tm, Ashburton, entwined letters tm, Dixon Wellington to one side & Lion
Dobson & Nall maker, minor rim Cannington Shaw, minor nibbles to Trade Mark to rear, Rylands maker,
edge nick (rear), Rarity A2, VG 8/10 base of collar at neck, light wear, crate wear, rust marks, Rarity C 7/10,
R$125 Rarity B, 7/10 R$40
210. BACON 218. DIXON’S
CB73, 10oz 4 T, Bacon’s Celebrated 214. BRODIE CB444, 10oz 4T, Dixon’s Palmerston
Aerated Waters Wellington, JLB tm, CB252, 10oz 2T, C W Brodie North, Anchor tm to front & base,
5525 to base, Rarity B, VG 9/10 Wellington, Crossed Keys tm, Patent JK&S maker, underside edge chip to
R$100 Safe Groove 4 Rylands, Rarity B/C, rear, light wear, Rarity C, 7/10
VG 9/10 R$40
211. BACON R$60
CB73, 10oz 4 T, Bacon’s Celebrated 219. DIXON’S
Aerated Waters Wellington, JLB tm, 215. CARSON CB446, 10oz 4T, Dixon’s Palmerston
no maker, light wear to rear of bottle, CB308, 10oz 4T, Carson & Co North, Crown tm to front & base, no
Rarity B, 8/10 Palmerston North, Maltese Cross tm maker, light wear, VG, Rarity A/B,
R$80 to front & base, JK&S maker, dull/ 8/10
wear patch to rear, VG, Rarity B, R$100
212. BECK 8.5/10
CB148, 10oz Acme Reliance Patent, R$60 220. DIXON’S
W Beck Palmerston N, Rylands CB448, 10oz 4T, Dixon’s Palmerston
maker, top is wonky inmanufacture, 216. DIXON North, Crown tm to front & base, no
VG, Rarity B, 8/10 CB400, 10oz 2T, George Dixon maker, light wear, VG, Rarity A/B,
R$60 Cuba St Wellington, Codd Patent 4 9/10
Barnett & Foster, chip to rim edge R$100
22 at rear, an early rare Dixon bottle,
Rarity A, 8/10

221 222 223 224 225 226

227 228 (2) 229 230 231 232

221. DODSON 225. GIBBONS 229. HALL
CB470, 10oz 2T, F W Dodson CB571, 6oz 4T, A N Gibbons CB769, 10oz 4T, T H Hall Tauranga,
Blenheim, Rylands maker, dull/wear/ Palmerston North, Anchor tm, M maker, minor top edge chip, light
rust patch to rear, light crate wear, Cannington Shaw, VG Rarity B, 9/10 wear, Rarity B, 8/10
Rarity B, 6/10 R$100 R$75
222. DODSON CB573, 6oz 2T, A E Gibbons Marton CB806, 10oz 2T, Wm Handley
CB472, 6oz 4T, F W Dodson Horse Head tm, Rylands maker, Auckland, Cannon tm, NGCo ANZ
Blenheim, no maker, small scuff crack to collar & 2 inmanufacture maker, light wear, Rarity A, 8/10
mark to front, VG, Rarity B, 8/10 lines that look like cracks, Rarity R$125
R$75 B/C, 6/10
R$40 231. KEMP
223. FULLER CB966, 6oz 4T, A E Kemp Gore,
CB560, 10oz 2T, John T Fuller 227. GROGAN Elephant tm, Cannington Shaw 2666
Cordial Maker Greytown, CB766, 6oz allways, Grogans maker, light dull/wear to top collar,
Cannington Shaw, light wear, internal Greymouth, WB&S 250C to base, Good,
haze, Rarity C, 7/10 spun top, VG, Rarity B/C VG 9/10 Rarity B, 7/10
R$50 R$40 R$125

224. FULLER 228. HALL 232. KEMP
CB562, 10oz 2T, J Fuller Greytown, CB767, 10oz 4T, T H Hall Aerated CB972, 6oz 4T, A E Kemp Gore,
Cannington Shaw, crack to collar, Water Manufacturer Tauranga, KBL Elephant tm, Cannington Shaw
light wear Rarity C, 7/10 makers, rear base edge ding 8/10, maker, 1908 to base, minor base edge
R$50 plus same Codd with rim edge & ding, Rarity B, 7.5/10
base edge chips, Rarity C, 5/10 (2) R$125

233 234 235 236 237 238

240 241 242 243 244 245

CB978, 6oz 4T, A E Kemp Gore, CB1059, 10oz 4D, This Bottle is the CB1143, 10oz 4D, Wm Marshall
Elephant tm, Kilner Bros 1913, light Property of J Levien Timaru NZ, Balclutha, entwined letters tm,
internal haze, Good, Rarity B, 7/10 BGW maker, Star of David tm to Barnard maker, Mint, Rarity D, 10/10
R$75 rear, light wear to outside and some R$45
inside haze, very heavy embossing,
234. KEMP Rarity B/C, VG 9/10 243. MILSOM
CB981, 6oz 4T, A E Kemp Gore, R$60 CB1199, 6oz 4D, Hy Milsom
Elephant tm, Alexander 1034, minor Ashburton, entwined letters tm,
fleabite nick off rear rim edge, Rarity 238. LEWIS Cannington Shaw, VG, Rarity B,
B, 7/10 CB1067, 6oz 2T, Walter Lewis 9/10
R$75 Wanganui, Moa Bird tm, Dobson & R$60
Nall maker, VG, Rarity B, 9.5/10
235. LEVIEN R$100 244. MITCHELL
CB1057, 10oz 4T, This Bottle is the CB1223, 10oz 4T, Mitchell & Co
Property of J Levien Timaru NZ, 240. LUDECKE Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works
BGW maker, double border Star of CB1096, 10oz 4D, slug plate mould, Invercargill to front & Trade Mark
David tm to rear, Rarity A, VG 9/10 Ludecke & Co Woodville, unusual Purity Registered in a Cross to rear,
R$250 patent, no maker, minor base edge 1896 to base, minor rim edge nibbles,
ding to rear, VG, Rarity B, 9/10 needs an internal clean, VG, Rarity
236. LEVIEN R$100 B, 7/10
CB1059, 10oz 4D, This Bottle is the R$75
Property of J Levien Timaru NZ, 241. MALONE
BGW maker, Star of David tm to CB1122, 10oz 2T, D J Malone 245. MITCHELL
rear, minor burst bubble on top rim, Stratford, running Greyhound tm, CB1225, 6oz 4T, Mitchell & Co
very heavy embossing, Rarity B/C, Kilner maker, light wear, VG, Rarity Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works
VG 9/10 C, 8/10 Invercargill to front & Trade Mark
R$60 R$75 Purity Registered in a Cross to rear,
1899 to base, VG,
24 Rarity B, 9.5/10

246 247 248 249 250 251

252 253 254 255 256 257

CB1230, 6oz 4T, Mitchell & Co CB1247, 10oz Acme Reliance Patent, CB1273, 6oz 4T, Moffett & Co
Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works Blue Top, Moffett & Co Invercargill Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm,
Invercargill to front & Trade Mark NZ, Anchor tm, Rylands maker, 1895 Alexander maker, 1915 to base,
Purity Registered in a Cross to rear, to base, impact fracture to neck above Rarity B/C, 9/10
1902 to base, Barnard maker, minor chamber, large crack through the base R$45
base edge ding/fracture, VG, Rarity into the body, light wear, Rarity A,
B/C, 7/10 6/10 254. MOFFETT
R$45 R$200 CB1274, 6oz 4T, Moffett & Co
Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, Bagley
247. MITCHELL 250. MOFFETT maker, 1915 to base, Rarity C, 10/10
CB1234, 10oz 4T, Mitchell & Co CB1250, 6oz Acme Reliance Patent, R$45
Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works Moffett & Co Invercargill NZ,
Invercargill to front & Trade Mark Anchor tm, Rylands maker, 1897 to 255. MOFFETT
Purity Registered in a Cross to rear, base, light wear, Rarity C, 8/10 CB1275, 6oz 2T, Moffett & Co
1902 to base, Cannington Shaw R$45 Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm,
maker, needs an internal clean, VG, Alexander maker, 1916 to base,
Rarity B/C, 9/10 251. MOFFETT Rarity B/C, 9/10
R$45 CB1254, 10oz Acme Reliance Patent, R$60
Moffett & Co Invercargill NZ,
248. MITCHELL Anchor tm, Rylands maker, 1899 to 256. MOFFETT
CB1238, 6oz 4D, Mitchell & Co base, light wear, Rarity A/B, 8/10 CB1278, 10oz 4T, Moffett & Co
Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works R$125 Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, JK&S
Invercargill to front & Trade Mark maker, no date, Rarity A/B, 10/10
Purity Registered in a Cross to rear, 252. MOFFETT R$125
1904 to base, 2 tiny rim edge nibbles, CB1258, 6oz 4T, Moffett & Co
VG, Rarity A, 9/10 Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, 257. MOFFETT 25
R$175 Cannington Shaw maker, 1901 to CB1279, 6oz 4T, Moffett & Co
base, Rarity B/C, 9/10 Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, JK&S
R$50 maker, no date, Rarity B/C, 9/10

258 259 260 261 262 263

264 265 266 267 268 269

CB1284, 6oz 4T, Moffett & Co CB1368, 10oz 2T, Flint glass, CB1789, 10oz 4T, dark Green
Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, M Fred O’Neill Gore, This bottle is Marble, Thomson & Co Crystal
maker, no date, Rarity A/B, 10/10 the Property of Must be Returned, Springs Mineral Water Works
R$60 entwined FO tm, no maker, ding to Dunedin, Purity Cross to rear,
rim edge & base edge, Rarity A, 7/10 Cannington Shaw maker, 1902 to
259. MOFFETT R$150 base, VG, Rarity B/C, 9/10
CB1288, 10oz 4T, Moffett & Co R$125
Invercargill NZ, Anchor tm, AGM 264. POSWILLO’S
maker, no date, Rarity A/B, 9/10 CB1534, 10oz 4D, Poswillo’s 268. THOMSON
R$100 Property Petone, no maker, light CB1820, 6oz 4T, Thomson & Co
wear, tiny underside base edge nick, Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works
260. NEILSON VG, Rarity B, 8/10 Invercargill, Purity Cross to rear,
CB1307, 10oz 4T, A Neilson Gore in R$60 Kilner maker, 1907 to base, tiny
vertical writing, KBC maker, Mint, fleabite to rim edge, VG,
Rarity B, 10/10 265. PAIN Rarity C, 8/10
R$150 CB1385, 6oz 2T, H Pain Westport, R$45
great pictorial of Knight on
261. NICHOLS Horseback, Cannington Shaw maker, 269. THOMSON
CB1349, 6oz 4D Amber Marble, J T tiny front rim edge chip, Rarity C, CB1823, 10oz 4T, & Co Crystal
Nichols Lawrence, no maker, light VG, 9/10 Springs Mineral Water Works
wear, light internal haze, VG, Rarity R$60 Invercargill, Purity Cross to rear,
C/D, 8/10 Kilner maker, 1908 to base, VG,
R$60 266. SAUNDERS Rarity C, 8/10
CB1595, 10oz 2T, A G Saunders R$60
262. O’NEILL Wellington & Petone, Crossed Keys
CB1367, 10oz 4D, Fred O’Neill tm, Barnard maker, AGS to base,
Gore, This bottle is the Property of Rarity D, VG 8.5/10
Must be Returned, entwined FO tm, R$40
Cannington Shaw maker, minor scuff
on shoulder, VG, Rarity C, 8/10

270 271 272 273 274 275

276 277 278 279 280 281

Unlisted, 10oz 4D, G Watts Timarn, CB2011, 6oz 4T, G Watts Timaru, 10oz aqua Blob Top, Mitchell & Co
note spelling error for Timaru, J W Glass tm, 5084 & 1909 to base, light Crystal Springs Mineral Water Works
Dobsons Patent Barnsley maker, wear, Rarity? 7/10 Invercargill, Purity Cross to rear,
top broken & restuck, section of R$60 Cannington Shaw maker, 1899 to
rear neck missing, this is the only base, inner rim edge ding, light wear,
example known 275. WATTS VG 8/10
R$50 CB2012, 10oz 4T, G Watts Timaru, R$60
Glass tm, Kilner maker, 1909 to base,
271. WATTS Rarity? 9/10 280. THOMSON
CB1992, 10oz 2T, G Watts Timaru, R$60 10oz greeny aqua Blob Top,
no maker, top collar has been horizontal words, Thomson & Co
restuck, all over dull/sick, internal 276. WELLINGTON Dunedin Wellington Napier &
haze, Rarity A, 5/10 CB2027, 10oz 2T, Wellington Aerated Invercargill Crystal Mineral Waters,
R$40 Water Co Wellington, entwined WAW large Cross tm with word Purity
tm, Barnard maker, Rarity A/B, VG inside, no maker, light wear,
272. WATTS 9/10 VG 8/10
CB1997, 10oz 4T, G Watts Timaru, R$125 R$75
Cannington Shaw maker, minor scuff
to front, Rarity B, 8.5/10 277. PURDIE 281. THOMSON & MITCHELL 27
R$75 HP78, 10oz Hamilton, Purdie & Co 10oz aqua Collar top, Thomson &
Dunedin Maltese Cross tm, minor Mitchell Crystal Springs Mineral
273. WATTS marks, VG, 8/10 Water Works trade mark Purity
CB2010, 10oz 4T, G Watts Timaru, R$75 registered, Cross tm, 1295 to base,
Glass tm, Kilner maker, 1908 to base, inner rim edge chipping, light wear,
tiny fleabite on rim edge, Rarity? 278. THOMSON Rare Item, 7/10
8/10 HP104A, 10oz Hamilton, Thomson R$300
R$75 & Co Crystal Springs Mineral Water
Works Dunedin, Purity Cross to rear,
1898 to base, crate wear/dull patches,
Good, 7/10

282 283 284 285 286 287

288 289 290 291 292 293

282. MOFFETT 286. BRAY 290. BARRY
10oz Hogben Patent, W J Moffett CH29/2, 10oz Dark Green Internal 10oz Dark Green Internal Thread, D
Manufacturer Invercargill NZ, Lumb Thread, Alf Bray Ashburton, J Barry Aberdeen Road Gisborne, no
maker, minor underside base edge entwined letters tm, no maker, nice maker, original wooden stopper, VG,
nick, light crate wear, VG, 7/10 whittling, Rarity C, 9/10
R$75 VG, 8/10 R$75
CH25/1, 10oz Dk Green Internal 287. BRAY 10oz Dark Green Internal Thread,
Thread, W Barcock Jubilee Hop Beer CH29/1, 10oz Yellow Amber Joseph Dixon Masterton, Shamrock
London Street Richmond, no maker, Internal Thread, Alf Bray Ashburton, with J D M inside, VG, 9/10
Rarity D, VG, 9/10 entwined letters tm, A217 maker, R$50
R$30 Rarity B, VG, 10/10
R$100 292. DIXON’S
284. BARCOCK 10oz Yellow Amber Internal Thread,
CH25/2, 10oz Dk Green Internal 288. BACON Dixon’s Palmerston North, Anchor
Thread, W Barcock Jubilee Ginger 10oz Aqua Internal Thread, H Bacon pictorial, K&S maker, Anchor to
Beer London Street Richmond, no Invercargill, Barnard maker, Rarity base, light wear, VG, 7/10
maker, Rarity C, 2 nicks off base of B, VG, 9/10 R$125
collar at rear, 8/10 R$75
R$30 293. DIXON’S
289. BARRY 10oz Bright Green Internal Thread,
285. BRAY 10oz Cobalt Blue Internal Thread, Dixon’s Palmerston North, Anchor
CH29/4, 10oz Bright Amber Internal D Barry Aberdeen Road Gisborne, pictorial, 4 maker, original wooden
Thread, Alf Bray Ashburton, Kilner maker, 1907 to base, inner rim stopper, light wear, VG, 7/10
entwined letters tm, AGM maker, at rear has a ding, intact, VG, 8/10 R$75
Rarity B, light wear, VG 8/10 R$250


294 295 296 297 298

299 300 301 302 303 304

12oz Dark Green Internal Thread, Pair 10oz Aqua Internal Threads, CH47/6, 10oz Aqua Internal Thread,
large kick up, J R Dodson Nelson, Griffiths & Co Springfield Road J E Lister Opawa Christchurch, Coat
original stopper, nice whittling, VG, Christchurch NZ, Tree tm, one made of Arms tm, KBL maker, Rarity A,
9/10 by Riley, the other the Rare version large chip off lh shoulder, Good, 6/10
R$125 by Alexander, both R$100
VG, 9/10 (2)
295. DODSON R$200 302. McLACHLAN
10oz Dark Green Internal Thread, J WR27/13, 15oz Bright Green
R Dodson Nelson, original stopper, 299. HANCOCK Internal Thread, J McLachlan
VG, 9/10 12oz Dark Green Internal Thread, Wanganui, 4 to base, original stopper,
R$45 This bottle is the Property of VG, 9/10
Hancock & Co Brewers Auckland, R$50
296. DODSON large kick up, original stopper,
20oz Green Internal Thread, J average resin repairs to rim edge 303. MOFFETT
R Dodson Nelson, Lord Nelson chips, Good, 7/10 12oz Dark Green Internal Thread,
pictorial, original stopper, VG, 9/10 R$75 Moffett & Co Invercargill, Anchor
R$25 tm, average rim edge resin repair to
300. HANCOCK chipping otherwise VG, 7/10
297. GRANVILLE 26oz Dark Green Internal Thread, R$75
10oz Aqua Internal Thread, This bottle is the Property of
Manufactured by J Granville Cordial Hancock & Co Brewers Auckland, 304. MOFFETT
Maker Wanganui, lucky horseshoe large kick up, original stopper, VG, 26oz Dark Green Internal Thread,
tm, Barnett & Foster maker, VG, 9/10 Moffett & Co Invercargill, Anchor
9/10 R$125 tm, average rim edge resin repair to
R$75 chipping otherwise VG, 7/10

305 306 307 308 309 310

CH65/4, 10oz Apple Green Internal Thread, J Robinson Christchurch, pictorial Bicycle tm, KBL makers, original stopper, light
wear, Rarity C, 7.5/10
CH73/4, 12oz Yellow Amber Internal Thread, N C Schumacher Lyttleton established 1859, Soldier in Arms tm, NCS to base, base
edge to rhs,
Rarity B, 6/10
CH81/3, 10oz Aqua Internal Thread, Wright & Co Christchurch, early steam/sail boat trade mark, A to base,
Rarity B, VG 8/10
CH81/1, 10oz Dark Green Internal Thread, Wright & Co Tuam St Linwood, early steam/sail boat trade mark, A to base, original
stopper, Rarity B, tiny rim edge fleabite, VG 8/10
CH81/2, 12oz Dark Green Internal Thread, Wright & Co Tuam St Linwood, early steam/sail boat trade mark, no maker, Rarity C,
light wear, VG 8/10
CH83/8, 10oz Dark Green Internal Thread, R Wright Rangiora, Zeppelin Airship pictorial tm, 2 base edge chips, rim edge ding,
Good 7/10



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