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Online Newsletter - 21 March 2017

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Online Newsletter - 21 March 2017

Newsletter – March 21, 2017

Lost Treasure The Roanoke
Valley Coin &
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Lost Treasure

Online Newsletter

March 21, 2017


Feature Club — page 4


pages 6 & 12 — Favorite Finds


3 The Coined Phrase
8 Special Bonus Feature From

Lost Treasure Magazine
14 Good Hunting
16 THers' News

24 Tips From the Pros
25 Calendar of Events

2 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

LostTreasure The Coined Phrase

CELEBRATING OUR 50th YEAR By Carla Nielsen

PUBLISHER Lee Harris The Legacy of Mel
ADVERTISING [email protected] Fisher Is Contagious!
(918) 786-2182, ext. 0
[email protected]
WEBMASTER webmaster@
ART DIRECTOR/ Becki Harris
PRODUCTION [email protected]
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Coy Harris (1964-1996)
Kevin Harris (1965-2013)

Photo courtesy of

PRINT MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: One Tom Williams of Lacey’s Spring, ment in the search believes each hole
year (12 issues) $33.95, S & H included, two Alabama, contributed this guest edi- or site will be the next big one.
years (24 issues) $59.95, S & H included: torial:
Canada, add $15 per year (U.S. funds only). I am proud to have known three
Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of your first I wanted to respond to your article generations of Fishers and, if you
issue. (Printed in the USA.) from the April 2016 edition of Lost ever get to Key West, a tour of the
SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES: Toll- Treasure about Mel Fisher. museum is a must.
free 1-866-469-6224 Please send address
change or correction (enclosing latest Nineteen years ago I was fortu- The legacy of Mel Fisher is con-
address label) eight weeks in advance to nate to not only have known Mel tagious!
our subscription department: Lost Treasure, Fisher, but was personally recruited
Box 469091, Escondido, CA 92046-9091. by him to be an investor in the sal- I just got a new metal detector;
E-mail [email protected] vage operation of the Atocha and the my old one was a gift from my father
Margarita. many years ago and was ready to be
Lost Treasure, Inc., 25100 N. Hwy. 59, Grove, OK handed down.
74344. (918) 786-2182 • FAX (918) 786-2192. Direct My wife and I have been proud
and very involved investors ever Now I am out every week look-
all advertising, manuscripts, and general information to: Lost since. ing and searching to uncover history
right where I live.
Treasure, P.O. Box 451589, Grove, OK 74345. All content in this Over the years we have received
our share of booty and treasure, and Keep up the good work and good
publication is copyrighted. All rights are reserved on the entire have even been there to work one of hunting!
the salvage boats looking for emer-
contents: nothing may be reprinted in whole or in part without the alds and other artifacts. [email protected]

expressed written permission of the publisher. The greatest thing about treasure
hunting is that you never know what
© 2016 Lost Treasure, Inc.® you’ll find and your faith and excite-

LostTreasure OnLine

http://www.lost Newsletter 3-21-17 3

Feature Club

The Roanoke Valley
Coin & Relic Club

The Roanoke Valley Coin & and clad coins and the amount is cash prizes, another is for a 50/50
Relic Club of Roanoke, Virginia, has determined by the number of par- cash prize, and a third is a nicely
monthly meetings that consist of: ticipants Then a short break when encased new coin or coin set of some
they usually have raffles for silver type.
Displays of members’ finds of dollars. Then another hunt for par-
the month in the categories of coins, ticipants. The second hunt is also for There is an on-site campground
jewelry, artifacts, overall business silver and clad coins, and also tokens that many hunters enjoy using for
meeting to discuss upcoming events, for prizes. the weekend.
a door prize, and refreshments.
There is also a third hunt which is Some also travel to local restau-
Yearly activities include the Open optional and costs an extra fee. The rants for a nice meal as well. During
Hunt the first Saturday in June, a optional hunt only has silver coins the hunt a concession stand is open.
Club Members Only Hunt in the fall, as targets.
a cook-out and club hunt in August, Officers:
and an annual Christmas Dinner Prizes are a big part of the Open President: John Barnes
Hunt. For hunters who uncover Sec/Treas: Marilyn Epperly
The Open Hunt is the biggest tokens in the hunt, there are several For more information about join-
project of the year and this is its 27th new high-quality metal detectors and ing the Roanoke Valley Coin and
consecutive year. The hunt schedule lots of hunting gear. There are three Relic Club or participating in the
consists of a hunt beginning at 9 in raffles at the door. One is for three Open Hunt this June, call (540) 342-
the morning. This hunt is for silver 0153.

4 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

Feature Club cont'd... Newsletter 3-21-17 5

Favorite Finds

Reader Bill Eggleton of When I could I grabbed my Garrett multiply and a set of keys was also
Huntington Beach, California, shares 250 Ace, installed new batteries, and retrieved.
some finds he has made. walked to the small grassy area from
our cottage to begin my hunt. None of these holes went deeper
In his own words, Bill shares: than 3-4 inches and in some areas
Do you remember the 50’s motels With one swing my detector had the soil was so moist it plugged nice
along Route 66? Well I found a sounded and I dug up a Wheat stick. and smoothly.
motel that was far from Route 66. The coin was black (as was the soil)
My wife’s mother was ill in so I could not verify the year, but I spent roughly six hours just in
Georgia and we knew we were going was most certain it was a Wheat that area before it was time to call it
to be there for a while so we wanted stick. a night…even though I continued to
to find a place to stay that wasn’t too receive signals from my detector.
expensive. After retrieving that first coin I
We found these pink cottages that continued to dig and did not get back I had dug up over 120 coins and
were cozy and the rates were out- on my feet for at least 30 minutes. had given all the findings to the man-
standing. There was a large pool sur- aging couple as a token of my appre-
rounded by a lawn. I knew it would be a matter of ciation for allowing me to enjoy my
They were managed by a married time before I started finding sil- hobby.
couple and I asked the husband if ver and, when I did, it was a 1951
anyone had ever metal detected on Roosevelt Dime. This just goes to show that you
the grassy area and responded that don’t have to be on Route 66 to find
he was not aware of anyone that had. The Wheat sticks kept coming good places to treasure hunt. These
Several days passed before I actu- along with other modern coins whose places could be several miles away
ally got to hunt because my time was colors had also dramatically changed and this is just proof that the 50’s are
primarily dedicated to my wife and because of the soil conditions. still around us, but that they may just
her mother. be a little harder to find!
I continued to dig and from one
hole retrieved a Mercury and a I enjoy my “Lost Treasure.” It’s
Roosevelt. the best. Lots of good stories, tips,
The Wheat sticks continued to

6 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

LT Get March 2013 Largest CirCuLation of
any treasure PubLiCation-
$5.50 the treasure hunter’s
Magazine of ChoiCe

color Digital

Encrusted California

today!!Treasure Gold Rush!
Found! James Marshall’s chance discovery of

Proof that persistence
can pay off.

$ave time &Page14
GOLD in 1848 radically altered the lives of
hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Page 16


money...Mine For Diamonds
in New York?

Page 56




Click this adPage11

Colonial Finds
Are They From the

UK or US?

Page 8

SGTteeaTxoMthaergseaTigraseataozsriunyreeoanTnatldehsie:s folGFlraoererwe!tting aSpWwPseIaEaeNgnpe!agtset3rae3kbess oins ufrsopmreLvoieswt Torfewashuarte
inAcTlGuoldd ed
Hawaii you can expecSt waseaepLsotsatkTerseasure subscriber.

CaHcohwe HTuon:tingByBillGallagher

I am as expe- been metal detect-

rienced in cache ing for casually

hunting as anyone. lost single coins –

As far as cache coinshooting - and

finding is con- I happened across

cerned, that’s quite my hoards because

another story. of that.

I have found The first cache

two caches in my I found took place

treasure hunting when I was fair-

career and, though ly young, in my

I liked them a lot, twenties… a long

they were not truly An AU 1920 Standing Liberty Quarter from a child’s cache found in Tampa, time ago.
lucrative, not sud- Florida.
There is a place

den wealth. in Tampa, Florida,

They did serve to motivate me in at least be looking for something called Hyde Park just south of down-

further searching and, yes, I do keep (anything) in order to find cached town along Bayshore Boulevard.

looking. Avidly. money, though the more specific you Even though it was exclusive

That in fact is the first rule about are in your purpose, the better suc- housing early on, in the 1890’s,

cache hunting. You cannot find cess you can attain. and became exclusive housing again

hoards if you do not look for them. Both caches I’ve found were by later, as it is today, when I was first

In the strictest sense, you should accident, to tell the honest truth. I’d hunting there it was going through

68 LOST TREASURE NNeowvselmetbteerr 32-02116-17

An reverse of the AU 1920 Standing Liberty Quarter from a child's cache..

what can only be called urban sometimes masks and obscures bet- day how many metal detectorists
renewal. ter finds in the immediate area, I dug thought that was an aluminum can
the trash. before me and failed to dig it.
The city had taken many proper-
ties and demolished the old houses Imagine my surprise when the The other cache found by me
because their decrepit conditions first shovel full of dirt revealed three occurred much later when I was in
were causing hazards. really old coins, with more in the my 50’s.
These empty lots were hunted It was over 500 wheat cents that
enthusiastically by the metal detect- A total of seven nice early coins had been put in a can and buried near
ing clubs of Tampa/St. Petersburg, - two quarters (one 1899 Barber and an old oak tree.
and by the casual hunters like myself. one 1920 Standing Liberty) and five
Indian Head nickels (plus my first The tree had been removed and
I was hunting one lot that was vintage brass lock) - were recovered the bulldozer had spread the rusty
wiped out; I mean there was noth- from that front porch child’s cache can and its contents across a 50-foot
ing there, not even much trash, and I had thought just HAD to be a can. square.
that’s saying a lot, as I am sure you
well know. This turned out to be my best I am sure there are still some
cache so far. I had never really coins out there for tomorrow’s trea-
I did find a 1940’s wheat cent in seen Indian head nickels before that sure hunters.
the backyard, but nothing else except find, and these were uncirculated -
a few deep flip tops. 2x1916D and 3x1917D; all the hair- These wheat cents were mostly in
lines and other details were there, great shape, except for the dirty ver-
Coming around to the front yard unlike the highly worn versions I had digris we are all familiar with.
I did my diligent grid search start- always seen before that.
ing at the sidewalk and walking in Some had blossomed in minor
overlapping rows toward the house The 1920 Standing Liberty bronze canchre, and a few were time
footprint. Quarter was so fine I have never welded together, but for the most
found another in better shape. part the coins were good because of
When I got in the area where the the medium they had been buried in
front porch had been I received a The Barber quarter was the only - well drained sand.
loud and large signal, which had to coin worn, and it was well worn,
be a can. It HAD to be a can. nearly flat. Go figure. I think many coins are buried or
saved then secreted because they
Because I had nothing better to I’ve always wondered since that catch the eye of the person putting
do, and because I know large trash them away, being new or almost so. e3r-2210-1167 97

Six V nickels found as a casual hoard in a
backyard in St. Petersburg, Florida.

These wheats came from a car reasons nefarious. and shot only blanks, but it was
repair business that had been on For the record, and from a source obvious to me these were holdup
the premises for decades, but was tools and they were pretty old by the
demolished to make way for more much more knowledgeable than I, time I got to them.
modern buildings. Again, I happened the majority of caches are found
across it because I was coinshooting within 30 feet of a back door. I really hunted that house site well
the lot for individual finds. and may still have missed something
That is something to be impressed good, but not for lack of trying.
The operative information in both on your gray matter forever.
these experiences, at least for people Sometimes people distrusted
wishing to locate cached money, is Some of the best caches are the banks, or did not want anyone to
the location. result of criminal activities. Sudden know about their money.
wealth that had to be hidden quickly
The first was a front porch and the often times got left behind and even- I have a personal acquaintance
second was the base of an old tree. tually forgotten because of death due in Tampa, Mr. Gary “Sonar” Bonar,
Pretty good places to look. There are to disease, famine, or war. who once located a good stash of
others, too. money in a fencepost “bank” in Ohio
Places to search for these caches at a defunct pig farm.
In order to find more caches, one are areas or landmarks that stay
must try to figure out why the people pretty much the same over long peri- He also assisted in locating two of
put the money there in the first place. ods of time, like monumental stone three PVC tubes full of Krugerands
outcrops, hilltops, overpasses, rest for a man whose mother had stashed
Children did cache some money, areas, and the like. them in her backyard before she
but most kids were more interested died.
in candy bars and sodas, so these are A great book concerning stashed
relatively few. money is real hard to find, but worth Being ultra-paranoid, and suffer-
its weight in gold if you can locate ing from dementia, she had then
They are usually found around a copy. thrown all her garbage in her back-
places kids would play in the sand, yard for years after.
like the backyard and around porch- A DEA publication called “The
es. Psychology of Stash” will open your It took metal detectors and a back-
mind like a key turning in a lock. hoe to get the two tubes found, and
More common are the house- there is still one there somewhere.
wives’ stashes, kind of epitomized Thinking back now, I can say I
by Loweezy in the Little Abner did find a third kind of cache once. Fence lines are great places to
comic strips of my youth. It was not really worth anything, but search, and Mr. Charles Garrett him-
interesting and a result of criminal self details some of his adventures
Loweezy always had a hidden activity. along these lines in a couple of his
stash of cash she called her butter ‘n publications.
egg money. In a very old part of Tampa, under
some concrete front porch steps left Somewhat akin to fence lines are
Her husband, Snuffy Smith, was behind after a demolition, I located pathways of stepping stones leading
always trying to locate that cached a small metal box with two switch- to and from a door, particularly in a
hoard himself for purposes of an blades and a pistol in it. backyard.
unwholesome nature, perhaps even
The pistol was a starting pistol I have seen people stash every-

810 LOLOSSTTT TRREEAASSUURREENNoevwesmlebteterr230-1261-17

thing from cash to spare house keys I asked her once what was the best Old railroad lines should also
like this. Always search stone walls thing she ever found in a trash pile. always be explored with cached
and stone cellar linings, too. She told me there was an old house money in mind.
sold by kids up north after their last
One type of cache that should parent passed away and they hired So there you have it…some more
never be overlooked, and is actu- someone to come in and clean. information on cache hunting to add
ally easier to find, is the casually to your personal experiences and
lost hoard. This results from people Those cleaners just grabbed most knowledge. I sincerely hope you find
meeting over years in a certain place of the household goods and threw it useful.
and losing things. them in a huge pile in front of the
house for city pick up. Good luck and I’ll look for you in
The more the merrier, as they the field.
say, and places where carnivals or Rolled up in an old carpet she
circuses were held year after year found a cigar box with gold and sil- Sources:
will literally contain cans and cans ver coins collected over many years. “The Uncommon Sense,” Earl
of coins, spread out a little, but there True story. Webb
will also be rings and other jewelry Author’s personal experience.
there, too. I have also found cool things this
way, though not quite that nice.
Some good places to find casually Lost Treasure
lost hoards are under clotheslines, if There have been some crazy fun
one can discern where the clothes- stories of people finding incredible OnLine
line once was around old house sites. things by dumpster diving, and that’s
always an interesting search term to www.lost
Once upon a time, again in Tampa, use on the Internet search engines.
Florida, I met an elderly lady who Give it a search; you will probably
rode her three-wheeled bike around be surprised.
my neighborhood collecting alumi-
num cans and other scrap metals. Dumps are also excellent places
to find cached money or casually lost
I many times saw her going hoards. My best metal detecting has
through trash piled out in front of always been in old dumps.
houses waiting for city pick up.
Consider that a lot of the things
I started saving my cans for her made from plastic and aluminum
and took the opportunity to question today used to be made with brass,
her about some of her treasure hunt- copper and even silver, and you can
ing endeavors. begin to see the possibilities.

wwwww.Lwo.sLtoTsretTarseuarseu.creo.mcoNmewNsolevtetemrb3e-r212-01176 119

More Favorite Finds

Lost Treasure duringacoldmorn- three cents.
subscriber John ing when the tem- John said he had
Thornton Hilleary peratures clocked been thinking of
of Bunker Hill, in at 17 degrees coinshooting the
West Virginia, Fahrenheit. yard whenever
shared one of his The cent had a the temperatures
discoveries – a date of 1966 and became tolerable,
Lincoln cent that was minted in but that Mother
had been heaved Philadelphia; its Nature beat him to
up to land surface intrinsic value is the draw!

E-mail Your Favorite Finds
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12 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

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14 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

THers' News

Retired Doctor Unearths and on the verso, notes and diagrams The back of the drawing
Lost Leonardo Da Vinci about light and shadow, which relate shows two scientific sketches
Drawing Worth Millions to Leonardo’s study of optics,” the as well as notes written from
A French auction house has statement read. right to left, as Leonardo was
announced the discovery of a known to write.
never-before-seen sketch by
Italian master Leonardo da Thaddée Prate, director of
Vinci. The drawing, pictured, Old Master pictures at Tajan,
depicts Saint Sebastian. told the Times that the myste-
A French auction house rious drawing, which the auc-
announced the discovery tion house valued at around
of what is believed to be a $15.8 million, was presented
long-lost sketch by Italian to him by a retired doctor
Renaissance master Leonardo among 14 unframed drawings
da Vinci. that had been collected by the
The drawing of Saint man’s father.
Sebastian was presented to
Paris’ Tajan auction house in “I had a sense that it was
March by a private family, but an interesting 16th-century
it was only recently authen- drawing that required more
ticated by several experts, work,” Prate told the paper of
including a curator from New the sketch that measures 7.5
York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, inches by 5 inches.
The New York Times reported.
In a statement, the Met called He went on to get a second
the work an “exciting new opinion from Patrick de Bayser, who
discovery”after its is an independent dealer and adviser
review by their Italian in old master drawings.
and Spanish drawings
curator, Dr. Carmen It was through de Bayser’s added
C. Bambach, who is expertise that they
also a world-renowned reportedly noticed the
Leonardo expert. drawing had been done
“This is an exciting by a left-handed artist ―
new discovery of an like Leonardo.
authentic double-sided On the back, they also
sheet by the master found two smaller scien-
(1452-1519), represent- tific sketches, as well as
ing on the recto the full notes written from right
figure of the martyred to left, as Leonardo was
Saint Sebastian tied to known to do.
a tree in a landscape, Leonardo’s Codex
Atlantic, which con-
tains over 1,000 pages
of his work, mentions
him creating eight Saint

The back of the drawing reveals notes that were written from right to left, as Leonardo was known to do. Photos courtesy of

16 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

THers' News continued...

Sebastian drawings, Tajan reports. just a year and a half, says the Daily He detected metal underneath
Back in 2003, Dr. Mail. his wand just 20 minutes into his
recent session in Sherwood Forest in
Bambach presented an exhibition that The ring may net him a small for- Nottinghamshire.
reconstructed these drawings to tune if it truly is worth its estimated
show how they’d be part of a lost maximum value of $87,000 (70,000 The British Museum is examin-
or unexecuted votive painting by the British pounds). ing the ring with the expectation of
legendary artist.

Upon seeing this recently
discovered sketch, she told the
Times: “My eyes jumped out of their

She described the drawing as
complementing one of the other
Saint Sebastian sketches.

In addition to depicting the saint
tied to a tree, there are sketches on
the other side and matching hand-
writing. “The attribution is quite
incontestable,” she said.

Exactly how the sketch ended up
in the hands of the retired doctor
remains unknown.

Its last owner, who has not been
identified by name, said that it had
remained in his family since the first
part of the 20th century.

The last time a Leonardo sketch
was discovered was in 2000. That
drawing depicts Hercules holding a
club. It is owned by the Met.

Courtesy of http://www.huff-

Submitted by Len Myers.

Medieval Ring Found in Robin
Hood’s Forest Hideout May
Net Finder a Small Fortune
An amateur treasure hunter with a
metal detector turned up a Medieval,
gold ring that was set with a sapphire
stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of
the legendary (or real) Robin Hood.
Experts have examined the ring and
believe it may date to the 14th cen-
The amateur, Mark Thompson,
34, had been using an inexpensive
detector that he bought on the online
auction website Ebay.
He is a painter of fork-lifts and
had been searching for treasure for Newsletter 3-21-17 17

THers' News continued...

Experts have valued the ring between $25,000 (20,000 British pounds) and $87,000 (70,000 pounds). The man who detected
it, Mark Thompson, will collect any reward associated with the gold ring set with a sapphire stone. (Mark Thompson photo)
Courtesy of


18 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

THers' News continued...

formally declaring it treasure. the rich and gave to the poor. legends, were supposed to have been
Online news accounts of the find One thing all three of these rob- the kings’ private lands where they
could hunt.
said Mr. Thompson expected to find bers and other fugitives have in com-
scrap metal of no value or coins of mon was that they used the king’s Historians think there may have
little value, but when he turned up private forest reserves for refuge. been two historical figures from
the soil he saw the glint of gold. whom the legend of Robin Hood
The forests of Sherwood and derives.
One side of the ring depicts a Barnsdale, which are rife with old
baby, possibly the Christ child, and
the other side depicts a female saint, SECURITY
both engraved into the gold of the WARNING DECALS
Protect Yourself and
Mr. Thompson reported the find Your Belongings!
to the proper authorities.
Protect Your Detectors
“I called my friend who came and Your Property!
down to take a look and help see
whether there was anything else • Heavy duty vinyl self-adhesive decal’s warn that your
related nearby,” Thompson told property is protected by ELECTRONIC AUTOMATIC
British news outlets. ALARM SYSTEM.
• Frighten burglars away.
“If it does prove to be as valuable • Apply easily to glass, metal, plastic or wood.
as we think it might be, it would • Ideal for home, apartment, car, truck, factory, ware-
completely change my life. I’m rent- house, equipment, store or boats.
ing at the moment and I’d love to • Great low-cost security system.
be able to buy a house or move into • Color decal’s 2 3/4” x 1 3/4”
somewhere more comfortable.” • 1 pkg = 4 decal’s for only $3.00 includes s&h

A regional finds liaison officer, Click on this ad to order OnLine
Dot Boughton, said the ring is being
examined by the coroner. or call 800-423-0029 Ext 2

The coroner may confirm the ring
as treasure at an inquest, after which
museums will have a chance to dis-
play the ring. Mr. Thompson would
collect any reward.

Ms. Boughton has written a
report, says the Sun, that compares
the stone to another that adorns the
tomb of William Wylesey, who died
in 1374 and who was the archbishop
of Canterbury.

The ring is not believed to be
contemporaneous with Robin Hood,
who, according to legend, operat-
ed with his gang out of Sherwood
Forest in the 13th century, around
the time of King John.

It is unknown who Robin Hood
truly was or even if he was more
than just a legend but a real histori-
cal figure.

He differs from other robbers of
the time, including Fulk Fitzwarin
and Eustace the Monk, who were
real people and not just legendary.
Legends say Robin Hood stole from Newsletter 3-21-17 19

THers' News continued...

cessful THers Guide BW 1_2pg The Celtic harness found buried with a Viking woman in Norway
(Photo: Åge Hojem / NTNU Museum of Natural History and

Archaeology) Courtesy of

Other outlaws also possibly took Courtesy of http://www.ancient- s-forest-hideout-may-net-finder-

the name, which further confuses the small-021127

historical record. gy/medieval-ring-found-robin-hood- Submitted by Len Myers.


This collection of vital treasure
hunting material includes:

- “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Guide”, a book filled with great how-
to information;
- A dozen research forms, which give you a specific plan for research;
- A dozen entry-search agreements, which help you make an agreement to
search with the land owner.
- A dozen treasure inventory forms, which help you keep track of your
finds for future hunts on the site.

Click on this ad to $24.95
order OnLine

Call today 800-423-0029 Ext 2
or send your order to:

LTI Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 451589
Grove, OK 74345 (Please include tel # for mail in orders)

20 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

THers' News continued...

Stunning Celtic Horse Harness series shows, “A housewife in Mid- made it back alive, gave these objects
Became Treasured Brooch Norway probably received the fitting to female family members not just as
of Norwegian Viking Woman as a gift from a family member who gifts but also as trophies that gave
During the summer of 2016, a took part in one or more Viking raids them a prestigious status within the
beautiful bronze brooch was found to Ireland or Great Britain. When she Viking societies.
opportunely at Agdenes farm, at the died, the jewelry was given to her
outermost part of the Trondheim as a burial gift. It has stayed under- The fittings were then transformed
Fjord in mid-Norway, buried as a ground until it was found by chance into pieces of jewelry, and were
status symbol in the grave of a this summer.” worn on traditional Norse clothing
Viking woman.   as brooches, pendants or belt fittings.
An analysis of the precious arti- She also adds that this is not
fact revealed that it is a 9th century the first time they have found such Heen Pettersen says about this
ornament that was originally a Celtic pieces of jewelry from that era in a common practice that became a tra-
horse harness and was likely stolen woman’s grave, and speculates that dition, “As a result, it became clear
during Viking raids in Ireland.   this was a way for Vikings to show to everyone that those women had
The Decorations Imply that the their love to their women after they family members who had taken part
Jewelry Was Designed in Ireland returned from their conquests to the in successful expeditions far away.
The well-maintained piece of jew- British Isles. There are traces of gold on the sur-
elry is an ornament with a bird figure face of the jewelry, so it was origi-
that has fish or dolphin like patterns The Visual and Cultural nally covered in gold. It therefore
on both sides. Significance of the Symbols: appeared to be more valuable than it
The decorations suggest that it actually was. In addition, each piece
was probably created in a Celtic It looks like love and affection of jewelry was unique, so the owner
workshop, probably in Ireland, weren’t the only reason Vikings did not risk having the housewife
between the 8th and 9th century. handed such objects to their women, next door turn up with the same
What’s more surprising though, or other female family members. piece of jewelry.”
it’s the fact that it was originally
used as a fitting for a horse’s har- The Vikings who participated in The Grave Has Been Disturbed:
ness. the early raids to the British Isles and
The holes at the bottom and traces
of rust from a needle on the back, STANDARD DIGGING TOOL
reveal that it had probably been TREASURE HUNTERS DON’T MISS A DEAL LIKE THIS!!!
turned into a brooch at a later stage.
Some of you might wonder now UMa.Sde.Ain
how a fitting from an Irish horse’s
harness ended up being brooch for Click this ad This Fine Digging
a Norwegian Viking but those who to order Tool is Made of
are familiar with Vikings, a success- Aircraft Quality
ful historical drama television series * Cuts through any roots Steel, Heat Treated
written and created by Michael Hirst * Digs through and Tempered.
for the channel History, shouldn’t be
surprised. any type of ground
As the show clearly shows, * Ideally suited for Metal
Norwegian Vikings took part in
relentless raids of the British Isles. Detecting, Camping,
According to Heritage Daily, Aina Nursery and Landscaping
Margrethe Heen Pettersen, a doctoral
student at the Norwegian University Plus you get a handy Cadorra Belt Holder with
of Science and Technology’s plastic insert to carry the standard digging tool.
(NTNU) Department of Historical
Studies, works with finds brought The belt loop is 3 1/2”
to Norway during the Viking age
and verifies what the popular TV Newsletter 3-21-17 21

THers' News continued...

Photos courtesy of

Heen Pettersen claims that the Submitted by Len Myers. declaration of war on China in
impressive jewelry was discovered December 1937.
by a civilian with a metal detector Enormous War Treasure
so it can’t be considered a find from Hoard Remains Elusive This organization is said to be
an archaeological site that was offi- Yamashita’s Gold (known also as headed by Prince Chichibu, the
cially excavated. Yamashita’s Treasure) is the name younger brother of Emperor Hirohito,
given to the alleged war loot accu- and its sole purpose was the looting
Additionally, the fact that the mulated by the Japanese armed of occupied territories.
bronze brooch was not found in the forces in Southeast Asia during the
original grave, clearly shows that the Second World War. In the case of Southeast Asia, the
grave was disturbed at some point. This alleged war loot is named war booty would then be transported
after General Yamashita Tomoyuki, back to Japan, with the Philippines
Regardless these misfortunes, who was nicknamed the ‘Tiger of as a layover spot, where they were
Heen Pettersen is pretty satisfied Malaya’. Yamashita’s Gold is often supposed to have been loaded onto
with the finding and says to Heritage said to be hidden somewhere in the ships for the last part of the journey.
Daily that its cultural and historical Philippines, and many treasure hunt-
value is undeniable, “The new find ers have attempted to find it. On the 7th of December 1941,
from Agdenes farm shows that the Until today, however, this elusive Pearl Harbor was attacked by the
area was populated in the first part treasure has yet to be found, and Japanese, leading to the entry of the
of the Viking Age. Even though it is some have even dismissed its very United States into the Second World
a random find, it is a nice reminder existence. War.
that Mid-Norway was involved in During the Second World War, the
the early contact with the British Empire of Japan had succeeded in Although the Japanese were mili-
Isles.” occupying much of Southeast Asia. tarily successful during the early part
It has been claimed that a secret of the war, they were beginning to
Courtesy of http://www.ancient- organization known as the ‘Golden suffer defeats by May 1942, which Lily’ was created following Japan’s meant that they were beginning to
ogy/stunning-celtic-horse-harness- lose ground to the Americans.
gian-viking-021126 Additionally, the Americans also
began sinking a number of Japanese
ships, thus making any transfer of

22 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

THers' News continued...

war booty back to Japan a risky under suspicious circumstances. Jim H, 2016. Yamashita’s
business. There are others, on the other Gold: The Philippine
Treasure Caves.[Online]
It is claimed that, as a result hand, are less certain about the exis- Available at: http://www.his-
of these factors, the decision tence of Yamashita’s Gold, or at least
was made to have the war that the amount is not as great as the tas-gold/
booty hidden, so as to ensure stories claim.
that it did not fall into the hands Kelly, P., 2016. Yamashita’s
of the approaching Americans. Another interpretation of gold has been found and it’s
Yamashita’s Gold, as well as other not what you think. [Online]
Tunnels began to be dug treasure stories from the Philippines, Available at: http://www.
by both Japanese soldiers and is that it is a story that ought to be
prisoners of war, and the caves taken literally, but figuratively. leaders/142197-general-
at the end of them filled with yamashita-treasure
valuable objects. For example, such stories may
be taken to mean that the nation has Seagrave, S. & Seagrave,
Once this was done, the much potential / talent that has yet P., 2016. Yamashita’s
entrances were covered up by been discovered, and is waiting to be Gold - Eyewitness Reveals
exploding bombs at the open- found and utilized. Truth Of Fabulous WWII
ings, leaving the diggers to die Hidden Treasure. [Online]
inside. Thus, in a way, such stories serve Available at:
to boost the morale of the nation. general13/treasure.htm
This was to ensure that the
treasures’ locations remained a References:,
secret, and that only very few Cabreza, V., 2015.  ‹Yamashita 2016. The Legend of
people had knowledge of them. treasure’ 70 years after. [Online] Golden Lily: Yamashita’s
Available at: http://newsinfo.inquir- Gold. [Online]
Over the decades, many Available at: https://theun-
treasure hunters have attempted 70-years-after
to find Yamashita’s Gold, and golden-lily-yamashitas-gold/
there are various speculations
as to its fate. Tiffany, J., 2012. The
Secret WWII Gold Hoard
For example, one theory That Changed the World. [Online]
claims that the treasure was Available at: http://americanfree-
gathered by Severino Diaz Garcia
Santa Romana, an Office of changed-the-world/
Strategic Services (OSS) and Central Courtesy of http://www.ancient-
Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent.
It has been alleged that this war war-treasure-hoard-remains-elu-
booty was combined with stolen sive-007246
Nazi treasure to form a slush fund Submitted by Len Myers.
called the ‘Black Eagle Trust’.
Lost Treasure
Others, however, are still hope-
ful that the treasure remains hidden OnLine
somewhere in the Philippines.
Perhaps one of the best known
stories to keep this flame of hope
burning is that of Rogelio Roxas,
locksmith / poor farmer / head of
a treasure hunting expedition, who
found a solid gold statue of the

The precious artefact was confis-
cated by the late Ferdinand Marcos,
a former President of the Philippines.
A lawsuit was filed in the US, which
was won by Roxas, though, he,
unfortunately, was tortured and died Newsletter 3-21-17 23

Tip From the Pros

Hunted Out?

By Jay Pastor

Coinshooters who feel they as for roads and highways), My THing colleagues and
live in hunted-out areas would are among the best friends a I regularly find 100-year-
old coins, antique jewelry,
do well to investigate farm- coinshooter can have. and other interesting vintage
land that is plowed every year Treat them respectfully; objects, usually without hav-
or two, and sites where new ask for permission; don’t get ing to do much work to locate
construction is about to begin, in their way, and you’ll be
rewarded with acre-upon-acre them.
because farmers and large- of freshly-exposed territory Searches like these often
scale gardeners who regu- containing items you wouldn’t wind-up being among the
larly plow or till their land, have believed in your wildest most enjoyable and profitable
and contractors who remove dreams were still there for the outings we’ve experienced in
old buildings or prepare the taking in your neighborhood.
ground for new ones (as well a long time.

24 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

Calendar of Events
This section is provided by Lost Treasure magazine as a
free service for non-profit treasure clubs and organizations.

APRIL throughout the day. For more infor- April 28 - All you can eat roast pork
1st – Orlando, Florida. Central mation visit or con- get together sponsored by Streeters
Florida Sunshine Shootout and Relic tact Michael Heim (President) at & Minelab. April 29 - Hobby Show
Hunt at 12091 Moss Park Road. (903) 241-4723 or Bobby Sullivan - booths, contests, workshops, and
This hunt is a pre-paid registra- (Huntmaster) at (903) 576-2707. Chinese Auction with a Minelab
tion event designed to bring together Excalibur II for St. Jude’s Children’s
200 – 250 metal detecting enthu- 22nd – 23rd – Blacksburg, South Research Hospital. April 29 - Hall
siasts from across the country to Carolina. 15th Annual Treasure of Fame prime rib banquet. April
compete for cash, silver and other Hunt of the Carolinas at Ed Brown’s 30 - Meet for $6,000 hunt with
valuable prizes. Guest speakers, ven- Rodeo Grounds, sponsored by Joyce a $1,000 treasure chest drawing.
dors, meal included, relics, raffles, and Randy Gatchel. For more infor- Natural Hunts $60 each, Thur. & Fri.
and silver coins. Winning prizes mation, contact Randy Gatchel, meals $25 each, Prime Rib banquet
will include Minelab CTX 3030, 1536 W. Cherokee St., Blacksburg, $30, Hobby Show & workshops $10
Excalibur II, Go Find 20, 2 Go Find SC 29702. Please send a large SASE each, $6,000 seeded hunt $125, or all
40s, 2 GoPro Cameras, Civil War or call (864) 839-3598 or (864) 812- events $360. For more info, contact
buckle, Civil War breastplate, cash 0475, or e-mail [email protected] George Streeter at gfs41@yahoo.
and prizes. For more information, for more information. com or log onto
log onto
sunshine.html, e-mail thecfmdc. 22nd – 23rd – Cashmere, 29th – 30th – Sapulpa,
[email protected], or call (386) 717- Washington. The North Central Oklahoma. The Three Forks
5775. Washington Prospectors’ Gold Treasure Hunters Club’s 30th
Treasure and More Show at the National Open Treasure Hunt at the
8th – Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Cashmere Fairgrounds, 5700 Creek County Fairgrounds, 4 miles
The Lancaster Research and Westcott Drive. Bigger metal detect- west of Sapulpa on HW 66. Eight
Recovery Club’s Open Hunt. For ing hunt this year. Haystack hunt different hunts available. Reduced
more information, contact Ted for kids. Lots of vendors. Pay dirt entry fee for main hunt this year. All
Baker, President and Hunt Master, for sale. Jewelry, rocks, gems, entry fees go back into the hunt as
at [email protected] or log onto the metal detectors, and dredge equip- coins and prizes. One metal detec-
club’s website at ment. Tons of raffles. Great food. tor will be given for each 25 main
Admission $5, children under 12 entries plus additional prizes. We
21st – 23rd – Temple, Texas. The free. Contact Tom Little at (509) gave away eight metal detectors
TMADC “Texas Treasure Show” at 884-3269 or e-mail telittle1@hot- last year. Concession stand will be
the Mayburn Convention & Activity open. RV hookups available. For
Center, 3303 North 3rd Street. Metal entry form, check www.threefork-
Detecting, Artifacts, Relics & Coin 26th – 30th – New Hampshire. or contact Larry
Show. Admission: $3 at the door Best O’ North East (BONE) Treasure Koch at (918) 348-6780 or Gary
/Kids 12 & under free, TAMDC Week #24. Five days sponsored by Young at (918) 869-5778.
members ($2 if prepaid). Door fees the Professional Treasure Hunters
will be donated to Kerrville Lions Historical Society, Treasure Hunter’s MAY
Club and a local charity. Show will Gazette, and Streeter’s Treasure 5th – 7th – Cortez, Colorado.
be open to the public Saturday & Hunting. April 26 - Natural Hunt at WWATS’ (World Wide Association
Sunday for viewing interesting trea- Dublin Christian Academy cospon- of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) first
sures including coins, jewelry, rel- sored byWhite’s of New England with Ultimate Treasure and Gold Show at
ics, bottles, and more. See the lat- free chili and dogs. April 27 - Hunt the Montezuma Fairgrounds, 30100
est metal detectors and visit with on 1700 settlement land cosponsored US Hwy. 160. A fun-filled weekend
the manufacturers, exhibitors, and by Garrett Metal Detectors. April of treasure and equipment viewing,
dealers. Admission includes your 28 - Natural Hunt and Friday night speakers, a banquet, and seminars
choice of educational seminars held banquet cosponsored by Minelab. daily for the entire family! With both Newsletter 3-21-17 25

Calendar Cont'd
inside and outside booths this will Treasure Wheel, 50/50 and Silver or phone (740)252-1322 or Ed Burke
be the “Largest Show of Its Kind In Dollars Raffles all weekend. There at [email protected] or phone
the Four Corners.” General admis- will be a silent auction table set up (570) 310-1530.
sion is $5/day. Vendor, manufacturer, and a display area to show your
distributor and dealer booth space finds. The hall will close at 9 p.m. 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado.
available. Also this weekend will Registrations open up, Sat. at 8 a.m. WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the
be the Ultimate Outdoor & Gun Coffee, Tea, Donuts and Pastries, Four Corners Christian Camp with
Show in another building. Historical etc. Opening Ceremonies at 8:45 beautiful mountain surroundings on
Attractions nearby include: Mesa a.m. Potluck Lunch Sat. 12:15-1:15 a lake. For more information, log
Verde, Durango, & Telluride, p.m., bring a dish or two to share. onto
Colorado, including the Durango Silent Auction: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Silverton Train Ride! For more info, Saturday - bring in an item or two to 17th – 18th – Hastings,
log onto or con- sell. Auction will close at 6:30 p.m. Nebraska. Nebraskaland Treasure
tact Keith Wills, V.P. WWATS, via Big Breakfast Fundraiser Sunday Hunters’ 43rd Treasure Hunt, one
e-mail at [email protected] 8 – 8:45 a.m., $5 donations or while free and seven paid entry hunts with
supplies last. Closing Ceremonies 100% plus payback, gold and silver
6th – Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sunday at 2 p.m. Cleanup party prizes for entrants. There will also
30th Annual Open Hunt sponsored afterwards. Check www.pilchuck- be gold and silver raffles. Treasure
by the Tidewater Coin and Relic for updates, or call hunting suppliers, demonstrators and
Club at the oceanfront. Information (425) 308-2255 or e-mail lorahet- flea markets are welcome. For more
will be posted on or [email protected] information, contact Roy Richters
e-mail [email protected] for at (402) 534-2019 or mail P.O. Box
info. 27th – 28th – Sapulpa, 194, Utica, NE 68456.
Oklahoma. The 46th Annual Indian
20th – 21st – Grand Rapids, Territory Treasure Hunt at the Creek 17th – 18th – North Idaho.
North Dakota. Minnkota Artifact County Fairgrounds. For more The Northwest Treasure Hunters
Recovery Group’s 18th Annual Hunt information or a hunt flyer, contact Club’s 45th Annual Hunt at beauti-
at Memorial Park. Five large hunt I.T.T.H.C.  Inc., P. O. Box 580961, ful Farragut State Park! This year’s
over two days. This year’s theme is Tulsa, OK 74158-0961, or e-mail Idaho Outback Hunt will have two
Las Vegas. All hunts and activities [email protected] days of hunting and fun for the whole
will be Vegas themed. Buffett din- family. Friday night welcome social
ner served on Saturday and lunch JUNE with punch and cookies and Dingo
provided on Sunday. For more info, 3rd – Shawsville, Virginia. Bingo! Hunts begin on Saturday
contact Jeff Kehl at jkehl1963@ Roanoke Valley Coin & Relic Club’s – all are planted and include Old or (320) 845-7814. 26th Annual Open Hunt at Camp and Gold, Kids, Boomerang and
Alta Mons, 2842 Crockett Springs the Night Hunt! For information,
26th – 28th – Stanwood, Road. One day event includes two call Clay Soliday at (509) 999-0692,
Washington. The Pilchuck Treasure Coin Hunts and one Optional Silver e-mail [email protected] or
Hunting Club’s (PTHC) 36th Hunt. Many great prizes, includ- Sherry Bell at (208) 660-1053. A
Annual Hunt “Mayfest 2017” at ing high-quality detectors, assorted flyer is available on the club website
the Stanwood Fair Grounds, 6431 gear and cash. Concession stand and at
Pioneer Hwy. The PTHC is hosting camping will be available. For regis-
Casino Royale Themed Treasured tration information contact Marilyn JULY
Hunts (kid friendly). This three-day Epperly at (540) 342-0153. 8th – 15th – New Stanton,
event will open on Friday for camp- Pennsylvania. Treasure Week 2017
ing and registrations. Dry camping 16th – 18th – Mancos, Colorado. at the Fox Den Acres Campground.
with limited power $10 a night with The 5th Annual Silver Seekers Open Eight fun filled days of treasure
funds going to the club to cover Treasure Hunt will be held at Fox hunting and crafts, free kid’s hunts,
costs. No cash machines on site. Hall Den Acres Campground with three and novice hunts, as well as evening
will open Friday at 6 p.m. for all raf- hunts each day and other fun activi- activities like bingo, horse races,
fles and registrations, cookies & cof- ties for everyone. Contact Don and auctions. Just minutes from
fee. Raffles: Main, Metal Detector, Hayes at [email protected] motels and restaurants and only 2

26 LOST TREASURE Newsletter 3-21-17

Calendar Cont'd
miles from the PA Turnpike and I70. clubs and metal detecting related Ohio. The 38th Annual Buckeye
This fun filled week is sponsored by businesses, numerous sponsors, hun- Championship Treasure Hunt
many manufacturers. Come and stay dreds of prizes. 100% of entries go Sponsored by Don and Bill
for the week or attend for a day or back into the ground. Deadline for Hayes. Two all silver main hunts
two. For more information, contact entries is July 1, 2017. After that a each day. On a separate entry fee is
Ed Davis at [email protected]  or $10 per day fee is added. For full flyer the Big Silver Bonanza Hunt with
phone (317) 908-8165 or Don Hayes or info, contact Terry  Rittenhouse at nothing but silver quarters and larger
at [email protected] or (765) 857-2400 or tlcorona@fron- coins. Fun hunts each day plus a
phone (740) 252-1322., or Rick Trout at (574) 848- night hunt on Saturday. Contact Don
9345 or [email protected] Hayes at [email protected]
15th – Palmer, Alaska. The or phone (740) 252-1322.
Alaska Treasure Seekers Society’s 29th – Renton, Washington. The
41st Annual Metal Detecting Hunt Cascade Treasure Club’s 27th annual OCTOBER
at the Alaska State Fairgrounds, $ilver $hoot sponsored by KellyCo 14th – 15th –Antlers, Oklahoma.
France Equestrian Center, 2075 on the property of New Life Church, WWATS Rendezvous Hunt at the K
Glenn Highway. For more informa- 15711 152nd Ave SE. A full day River Camp Grounds on the river
tion, e-mail AKTreasureSeekers@ with three hunts and a BBQ lunch under tall, beautiful trees. For more or log onto http://www. included. 1,600+ silver coins in the information, log onto www.wwats. hunts and over $8,000 in clad coins. org
Hundreds of special tokens for coins
10th – 11th – Stanton, and prizes. A gold coin in each hunt. E-mail upcoming events to manag
Pennsylvania. The Colorado Raffles galore with top prizes being [email protected]
Treasure Hunt & Prospecting’s a treasure box full of silver and gold,
Three Day Open Hunt sponsored by a vintage $5 gold coin, metal detec- Only available in digital format
WWATS (World Wide Association tors in each hunt, as well as in the
of Treasure Seekers, Inc.) at the Four raffles. Visit www.cascadetreasure- GOLD ANTHOLOGY:
Corners Christian Camp. Open to the website for an event flyer This Anthology is a collection
public and all treasure hunters. Daily to register. For more information, of treasure, adventure and mys-
seminars, metal detecting, gold pros- contact Mark Kulseth at (206) 730- tery short stories, by multiple
pecting, gold panning, coin hunting, 2694 or e-mail mkulseth@gmail.
and hidden treasure hunting. Special com or Mark Jenkins at (425) 223- authors, in a book format. It
activities and lots of fun. Beautiful 2985 or e-mail markjenkins375@ was compiled from the
location in the mountains on the 
lake. Lots of historic area to see, Archives of one or more of our
and a country train ride just south AUGUST six publications:
of Durango, Colorado. You don’t 12th – Tunkhannock,
need to be a member of WWATS to Pennsylvania. The Black Diamond –Lost Treasure–
participate in this event! No charge Treasure Hunters Club will be spon- –Treasure Cache–
for kids under the age of 11 years; soring their 34th Annual Black –Treasure Facts–
half price for 11-15. Good discount Diamond Treasure Hunt at the Lazy –Treasure World–
for paid WWATS memberships! For Brook Park, Rt. 6, sponsored by the –True Treasure–
more information, e-mail nugget- Black Diamond Treasure Hunters
[email protected] or call (970) 946- Club. For information, send a SASE – Rockhound–
3735. to B.D.T.H.C., P.O. Box 1523,
Kingston, PA. 18704, go to bdthc. SAVE!!
23rd – 29th – Vallonia, Indiana. org to download the flier, or e-mail
Southern Indiana 9th Annual [email protected] or phone Books for less!
Treasure Fest at Starve Hollow Byard Derr at (215) 536-0796, Instant Delivery!
State Recreation Area just south George Walko at (570) 287-3602, or
of Brownstown off of HW 135. Ron Denman at (570) 288-7787. Easy to Read!
Camping available. Silver, Token, Books Last Forever!
Beach, and Kids Hunts. Non-profit 19th – 20th – New Concord,
Click Here Newsletter 3-21-17 27

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